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Noomi Rapace felt ‘Constellation’ was written for her

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 15, 2024 3:08 pm

Noomi Rapace felt ‘Constellation’ was written for her

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 15, 2024 3:08 pm

5/15/24 - Hour 3

Rich breaks out his Power Rankings to list the top ten “Revenge Games” for the upcoming season including 49ers-Chiefs, Eagles-Giants, Bills-Texans, Falcons-Vikings, and more.

Actress Noomi Rapace joins Rich in-studio to discuss her Apple TV series ‘Constellation’ co-staring Jonathan Banks of ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul’ fame, ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ and more.

Rich and the guys react to the news that the New York Giants will be featured in the first-ever offseason version of ‘Hard Knocks.’

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This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Drop a beat, a beat, a beat. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Have not heard from Kirk Cousins' sit-down interview yet. Guess who got him?

Bussing with the boys pod. Kirk Cousins, the Falcons, there's no beef involved. No, I don't think there can be.

I don't think it's helpful. Like, we're trying to win a Super Bowl and... Earlier on the show, Texans head coach D'Amico Ryans, legendary Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Coming up, from Apple TV's constellation, actor Noomi Raphaas. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, it is. Our number three of the Rich Eisen shows on the air. Great fun chat with Jerry Bruckheimer, the legendary producer of films and television and so much more. We've enjoyed binge watching and seeing on a big screen. We're streaming right here on Roku.

That was in our number two. Great chat with D'Amico Ryans, Houston Texans head coach, who's going to soon learn what his schedule is. All of us learning together tonight on NFL Network at 8 Eastern Time. Three hours of an NFL Network reveal of the NFL schedule.

I'm chatting with Torico, Al, Joe Buck, Nance. Tomorrow's show, Nance is on because it's a tradition unlike any other. Where he joins us the day after the schedule release because he loves the schedule.

He loves looking at it. Where is he going to go? Who's he calling? We know his first game of the year already, it's Bengals and Chiefs in week two on CBS.

I guess his first exclusive late window. I'm sure he'll be calling a first week matchup with Romo. One Eastern game and I'm sure there'll be tons of good ones that the NFL still has on the table after announcing. The Thursday opener is Ravens and Chiefs. We already know it's Packers and Eagles in Brazil the Friday. And then we know on Sunday that it's going to be Browns hosting the Cowboys for Tom Brady's first game in the exclusive doubleheader late window on Fox.

That makes sense to me. We know that. And we also know the Monday nighter. The Jets at the 49ers. So that'll be great. Nice. You know, we'll see how that looks.

And I gave my two cents on that. Listen, we know the Niners are going to have to play host the Jets. Jets are going to have to go out there at some point and just didn't think it would be week one.

But that's the beauty of this is the order of everything. When do they play these games? Ravens and the Chiefs, Bengals and the Chiefs. We knew that was going to have to happen.

But back to back to start the three peat campaign, I didn't see that one coming. And then what's game three? And, you know, and how often are we going to see the Chiefs on national television? A lot. I think they're going to see the full max. Yeah, a lot.

The full max. So in the spirit of knowing these games are going to be played, we're just can't wait to find out when they're going to be played and on what network. So we can figure out, is it a Thursday? Is it a Monday?

How do I need to change my schedule that it's already, you know, vacation time or. Confirmation and bar mitzvahs and weddings and all that. Who the hell gets married during football season? You know what I mean? Is that wrong to ask? No, I mean, you get you get that invite. You're like, well, I'm not going. I know, right? Yeah, you just look like we have no football season. Exactly. Thank you. Please think of your friends.

But we also know Mrs. Butger didn't have a say. So it's time for power rankings. I've got my power rankings of the top revenge games of the twenty twenty four NFL season. Hit it, hit it, hit it. All right, everybody, here we go. My power rankings of the revenge games.

Revenge game number 10. He used to run for one team. Now he runs for the other. They said thank you for all your service in Aaron Rodgers's final years here. You helped his MVP campaigns.

We we liked having you here, but we like Josh Jacobs better. Oh, and Aaron Jones is like, fine, I'll go play for the Vikings. How many times have we heard this story before of a packer wanting to get back at the Packers through the Vikings?

That guy was almost MVP that year. Aaron Jones, when are the Vikings going to visit the Packers and how many times will they dial up a play for Showtime? In Lambeau Field, when that happens, kind of dig it. You know, obviously it's not the biggest revenge game involving a running back. We'll get to that.

Put a pin in that for later on in my power rankings. Number nine, however, is the moment that Derek Carr will be able to tell the Las Vegas Raiders not today. In the same way they told him once upon a time that they were done, even though it was Josh McDaniels who is basically sending him home after Christmas Eve. Totally different coaching. I mean, totally different front office.

Same owner, same haircut, different setup. But still, I don't believe that will matter to Derek Carr when the Raiders stroll into the Superdome. Don't know when. Don't know how we're going to see it. Don't know if that's going to be a nationally televised game, but Derek Carr taking on the Raiders and seeing Devante Adams as an opponent again on the same field. That's number nine.

Number eight. I have a feeling this is going to be a good one and maybe just maybe again, I've seen the schedule, but I haven't seen everything yet. I will just proffer to say I bet you it's going to be early because if the league is going to make sure that Steelers at Broncos has Russell Wilson as the quarterback. Kind of have it in that six weeks. Yeah.

Just in case. Here we go. But I mean, it's not like this guy changes teams a lot in his career. He was in Seattle forever. And the league basically said the gods basically said, you know, even though you switch conferences, for some reason, it just calls for your new team to go visit your old team. And the Steelers and the Broncos just happen to have been scheduled to play each other this year. And he goes from the Broncos to the Steelers because the Broncos say we're done. We're going to eat the largest dead cap ever. Russell Wilson is on the Steelers, TJ. So we will see Russ in Denver. That's going to be a good one. I might even I might have had it a little too low on the list here, but could be Justin Fields in Denver. And that's a totally different story.

Number seven on the list. This is technically a revenge game, but it was the best wild card game of last year. And the Rams are slated to visit the Lions again. And, you know, it's going to be Stafford visiting the Lions again. And Goff now making an APY that I'm sure Stafford's like P.A.

Why me in the same APY, you know, and and no Aaron Donald this time around. I just kind of dig Rams at Lions again and put them number seven on the list just because of this number six. I'm going to go another playoff rematch when the Chiefs go visit Western New York again. It's just going to be another big time game.

And I can't wait to see it because this was the best divisional playoff game of last year. Correct. Right. This was right down to the wire.

Yeah. And this is when, you know, you're supposed to get Mahomes. You're finally home in Buffalo. And the Chiefs are playing their first ever road playoff game in the Mahomes era. And he goes into western New York and takes care of the Bills. One and done them, as a matter of fact.

So actually, that's not true. Chiefs and Bills. Chiefs at Bills is just going to be a great replay of last year's playoff game. And it's always great when these two teams play each other. Chiefs and Bills.

Certainly when they traded me to trade for one another in the with one another. And could you imagine if Xavier Xavier worthy goes ahead and scores a touchdown in this game? Sorry, Hopkins. Hoskins.

Sorry. Number five on this list. Kirk Cousins in Minnesota. That's all Kirk Cousins in Minnesota. When they're going to put him in Minnesota. How soon are they going to make that happen? They're going to they're going to go mid-season just in case he has an Achilles.

I got to wait till he's fully healthy. Yeah. Will it be Pennock's versus Pennock? Well, it could it could technically be Pennock's versus J.J. McCarthy instead of instead of. There you go. That's a revenge game. National Championship rematch.

OK, except this time it's it's it's J.J. in purple. Right. Right. So either way, it's a revenge game, pretty much. OK, so that's number five.

Number four. When are the Buffalo Bills going to be sent to Houston for Stefan Diggs to get the football multiple times? That will be a week. We just had D'Amico Ryans earlier on. And like, hey, he's just one guy on a on a very talented, in a very talented wide receiver room. How are you going to split the footballs up in this one? I think Stefan Diggs will say, I don't care how you split the footballs up, as long as it just stays intact. And I get it.

That's it. Stefan Diggs and the Texans taking on the Buffalo Bills. And by the way, that will be a huge football game amongst two teams that have aspirations of telling the Chiefs, finally, not your year in the AFC going on.

Number three. Just cause. Just cause. Cowboys at Niners. Hey, this is one of the best games of the year.

For interest, for a whole bunch of reasons, because going all in means I want different results. Here we go. And the team that has beaten the Dallas Cowboys in the twenty twenty one playoffs and the twenty twenty two playoffs last year told them, good luck when you make the playoffs with a team that comes in our house and loses forty two to ten. And sure enough, despite an excellent regular season after that boat race.

That was essentially a narrative like, you know, good luck in the playoffs. And they got one and done by the Packers. Can't wait for this game. Number two, in terms of revenge games on the schedule, when is Saquon Barkley going to show up in MetLife to take on the Giants? When is Eagles at Giants? I can't recall another. Can you guys recall another division? Opponent taking away the heart and soul of another team's roster and putting them in their uniform and playing them the next year.

Heart and soul and playing them. Yeah. That's Saquon for many Giants fans, heart and soul of the team.

And he's like, yeah, I'm leaving. I'm going to the most geographically close hated rival down the turnpike. And the only one that comes to mind is Bobby Wagner. Right. The Rams. Right. And then played the Seahawks next year, I guess.

But it wasn't like an hour and a half drive right next door in the state. There's a ton of those fans already. Right.

It's kind of crazy. I think it's a rarity and Saquon is going to want to hit them hard. That's number two. Number one. Here it comes.

Number one revenge game on the NFL schedule is the Super Bowl rematch. When are the Chiefs visiting San Francisco? When is that happening?

Who gets it? Is that going to be Sunday night? You think it's a Sunday night?

Yeah. Why not? I don't know. I think CBS would say we've got a pretty damn big audience. Sixty minutes is next. You know, except on the West Coast. You know what I mean?

Like, I don't know. ESPN will be like, we'll take another home game. Good Monday nighter with the Manning cast and Belichick side by side. The Chiefs at 49ers? Either Dallas, one of those is going to be 49ers, Dallas or this one.

They did put the Super Bowl rematch from last year on ESPN. So, yeah, that's true. So I don't know. That is my, those are my power rankings of revenge games. You know, there are a couple other options.

I don't know. Revenge games. I like that Rams-Lions one. That was a really fun playoff game last year. It was the best wildcard game. Yeah. Really fun game last year. Oh, yeah. And the place was lit. And now you've got the backdrop of, like you said, Goff getting paid and Stafford's like, hey, I'm still here.

I won a Super Bowl. Right. You know, yeah.

Back in his old place. I, you know, and I think Stafford would like a, an adjustment to his contract. Didn't Les Snead talk about that when he was on the show here too?

Yeah, they're, they're, they're, these are the best options. I mean, Diggs going from one team to the other and they play each other. Saquon going from one team to the other, they play each other. Cousins going from one team to the other, they play each other. Russ going from one team to the other, they play each other. It took a year for Derek Carr to finally get his.

Aaron Jones went, stayed in division. Yeah. Those are the ones. And then the Chiefs and Bills play each other. It's always great.

And your Cowboys, bro. Oh, yeah. Every time they take the field this year. Every time. I'm going to win. That's what's going to happen. Okay. So when tomorrow, when I have you do the win loss game and you say no, and you say no, cause it's too soon.

Why can't I be like you? Wait till the team gets assembled. Make it through training camp. What do you mean wait till the team gets assembled? They hardly did. They hardly did a thing when it was time to assemble. People get disassembled. People don't get cut during training camp.

Am I am I missing something? I'm not like surprises. There's no one.

No one. What? I don't know.

You're expecting a surprise cut on your team of significance. No, I don't know. But I'm saying you always try to make me do it too early. You volunteer, Tolson. No, no, no.

Blatantly false. I'll do it because I'm not afraid. It's interesting, though, that you. I'm conveniently not here.

You're conveniently not here. He's got to give it. He wants to do the Jets. He's got to do the Dallas. Suzy could do.

She could do the win loss game for the Patriots. Well, last year I did it. Remember, I did it with Edelman right before the season started.

That's fine. You know what? Should we do that again as another tradition? That was pretty fun. Yeah.

We were both way off. Suzy will do the Patriots win loss game tomorrow. Or should we get Coop out of class to call in? Now you're talking. There we go. Now you're talking.

No, no, no. I'm like bonkers. I ain't never scared. We got to educate him. T.J.'s going to be dead on or within a game. Thank you, Mike. I usually am.

And he usually is. What are you complaining about? Did you say 11 and 6 last year or 12 and 5? What did you say for the Cowboys? I think I said 11 and 6. Yeah, he was like one off. You're one off and they're 12 and 5.

T.J.'s pretty good at that. I've been either on or one off every year I've done this. But of course people will comment about it. Oh, bro. In the beginning of the year when I do it, YouTube just destroys me. I'm a little optimistic. They eat you alive. Why do you care what YouTube says?

Because sometimes people say nice stuff. Yeah, I tossed last year's schedule. You know what I'm going to do?

I'm going to get the schedule tonight. The color-coded one, I'm going to laminate it. Because you know I always destroy it. Oh yeah, it gets to be red.

Yeah. I'm going to get it laminated. Boy, I've got nothing to do with my life. Laminate NFL schedule. You're at the lamination part of your life. I'm at the lamination part of my life. I'll take it to Kinko's for you tomorrow after work. I'll make us all copies of the lamination. By the way, I can't come soon enough.

You're not getting the schedule early. Come on. Well, give it to me tonight, Rich.

I see what you were doing. Yeah, I'll give it with the rest of America. I'll give it to you tonight. Well, you know you like stuff printed. Email it to me.

I won't look at it until tonight. Listen, everybody laughs. Everybody laughs about how I'm taking my status of being mission critical so critically when Jerry Bruckheimer creates a new television show called Mission Critical.

Which I had to deal with it for you. It does sound like something he would create. He didn't like the paper aspect, but he liked the name. You didn't like that.

The mission is involving the dissemination of information and paperwork. Terrible idea. But Mission Critical is great. David Caruso is coming out of retirement. He stars in Mission Critical. I think maybe since we seem like we're in good with Mr. Jerry, we should come up with a pitch and hit him with it.

Let's get a little cameo. Stranger things have happened. My setup days are mission critical. No, they're not. They're not mission critical. They're not.

Memphis versus Michigan does not need you to take off Friday to make sure it goes off fine on Saturday. That's mission critical right there. By the way, I thought that was Caruso at first, but it is. That's me. That's you. By the way, they did a great job.

That day was amazing. That guy's jackhammering behind. I know that. Can we make sure that that's mission? You know, uncritical. Can we uncritical that mission? Numi Rapace is about to come out here talking about constellation. My God. All right. That's next.

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And that is obviously available right here on the Roku platform. What a wild show this is when you first read a script. What was your first thought when you when you first read the idea of Constellation? I felt that Peter Harness had been studying me. So Peter Harness is a British writer who lives in Sweden with three kids and a Norwegian wife on a farm that is like.

30 minutes from the farm where I grew up, which is so weird, like the coincidence is like strange. And you are Swedish. I'm Swedish Spanish.

OK. My father was Spanish, my stepdad Icelandic. So I've been moving around, but I just felt like this was kind of written for me. And it was too many things that were so close to home. And I fell in love with the story and the character. And also I was kind of frightened by the aspects of different dimensions of life and what what is true, what is truth. And it's tough to figure out when you're watching the show. Yeah, quite a bit.

It keeps you alert to pay attention. Exactly. And again, as I mentioned, it's it's available on Apple TV, available on Roku. And, you know, talking a little bit further about this in a minute, but I want to thank you for being here. Normally I say that at the end of an interview. But, guys, I don't know if you recall, but Numi was supposed to be here a few weeks ago. And I think were you were you on your way to the studio? I was in the car. Yeah. Yeah. I've been in the car for like 45 minutes when I got the call. Oh, my God. And the call was, well, listen, a manhole cover exploded outside of our studio and knocked out power to all of El Segundo.

And we couldn't do the interview. Yeah. Now, straight up again, we just met, but I feel like I know you. Yeah. Did you think that I was trying to get out of doing it or did you believe like a manhole cover had exploded or what?

No, it just felt really unreal. And then I was like, wait, what? I'm like, I can go there. I mean, sure, it's going to be on in like half hour. And they're like, no, they'd be like, it's dead.

There's no lights anywhere. So I was like, OK. And I left the next day. I went back to Europe. So I was like, but I really love your show. I really do. And I appreciate that. So I really wanted to come.

And now I'm here. And because again, you know, I would say you could ask the L.A. Lakers if I was lying because their their offices are down the street and they the whole area just went out. Yeah. You know, yeah. I don't know.

There's something like I don't know if there's been like higher powers trying to stop us to do this. But like when I was flying in from New York a couple of days ago, I had to emergency land twice in St. Louis, Missouri. Twice. One second. So you had to you had to make an emergency landing twice in the same city?

Yes. Different aircraft flew from New York after two and a half hours up in the air. They're like, we have a situation.

We need to emergency land in St. Louis, Missouri. Went down, spent like a good eight, nine hours there. They flew in a new aircraft from Houston. We boarded the aircraft, went up after 10 minutes is like, oh, we have a situation on this one, too. Yeah.

I had to turn around and I had to spend the night in St. Louis. So you being up in the air and then having life different on the ground is not just your television show. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, OK. A little bit of a special. We got through it, but we got through it here. Yeah. Because it's kind of just to say, hey, listen, we can't do the interview because a manhole cover exploded.

It does sound too wildly specific to sound. Yeah. Real.

Yeah. You know, I appreciate you accepting. Now I know it was the truth. It's the truth is out there in a manhole. But that actually did happen. You know, witnesses. It was it's funny back in the day.

I don't know about this is oversharing. You know, I was in high school and I wanted to take a particular classmate of mine out on a date. And she said, I can't make it because my family and I are going to Sarajevo this weekend.

And I thought that was too oddly specific of a country outside of the United States to be real. I'm like, if you don't want to go out, just tell me. Just tell me. Yeah. You know, did she go to Sarajevo?

She apparently did. And then we never went out. So now the fact that we've gotten through the manhole covers. We healed an old trauma in you. And we are now here finally getting to meet one another and talking about your show again, Constellation on Apple TV. We've had Jonathan Banks on this program, a huge fan of his. He's a co-star on this program of yours. What was it like working with somebody who's been a legend in this business? A lot of people obviously know him from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. What what was it like for you? I mean, watching him.

It's just a masterclass. I got lost sometimes just like looking at him. I remember we're shooting a scene and the coverage was on me and he was, you know, kind of going in describing something, talking about like, you know, angels up in space. And I was just like looking at him and then it's like goes quiet.

And I was like, oh, it's me. I completely lost myself in him and forgot that I had to answer him. I mean, he's just incredible. There's some some mystery going on. Like it's like this weird, strange balance or it's a contradiction. He's like has like tenderness and violence mixed. And you kind of want to lean in and just be like, you know, you kind of want to be on his side and be protected by him. But he's also slightly scary. So he's like, he's just an incredible like, I don't know. I don't know what he do and how he does it, but I want to learn. No, I felt the same way getting to meet him as well.

And then I think he set the record for cursing the most on radio and TV as well. We've been doing press junkets together. Oh, my goodness gracious. Yeah.

Oh, my God. So what was more, I guess, disconcerting for you working with him like that or zero gravity? Oh, zero gravity was a lot. I was alone up in that aircraft. Basically, like the ISS, we recreated the ISS. So it's just it's a replica of the International Space Station that's in this show. Yeah.

OK. So the conditions I worked in was really kind of it was narrow. It was hard work. We had a whole team and there was no floors to be because in the in the space station, you know, you float. You're not supposed to walk.

Well, I mean, there's no reason to have a floor. Yeah, exactly. So it was really it was intense. It was long days. It was very physical. So how did you how did you mimic zero gravity? I was on wires. I think I had like three months of preparation. Wow.

Just like strengthening my core muscles, my neck muscles, because I need to like hold myself up. You know, it's like standing in plank for hours. OK. So and it was very exhausting.

And, you know, in the end of the day, my body was just shaking. No kidding. Yeah. So I would say that, you know, working with Johnny or floating, floating is harder.

Johnny, like Jonathan Banks is one of those actors that you just every takes is is different. And it's he's mesmerizing. And so. Wow. So did you work with astronauts? Did you speak with astronauts?

Yeah. Scott Kelly, who's quite famous American astronaut. He was our man on set like he he was there doing rehearsals.

He was there when we were shooting. And it was extremely important for us. Michelle McLaren, the director of the first block, who I absolutely love and adore.

She's a very stubborn, passionate director. And she really wanted to get it right. And so did I. So we really kind of worked hard to make it feel credible and realistic. And Scott was, you know, our truth teller. You know, I was terrified when he wasn't. Why? If he would come in and say, like, I don't believe in the floating.

That's not how we do it. You know, it's like I work so hard to make it look real. Yeah.

But I've been working on my abs and my neck muscles. Give me a break. Yeah. But it was really a dance, you know, because it's like me and the whole team, you know, camera, amazing camera department. And they had to we had to time everything perfect. And there's a guy sitting with a remote control up in that corner looking at my movements, giving cues to someone else who's giving cues to the to the to the and I kind of did the camera team. So everything had to be synchronized and be perfectly timed. So it was it was a big machinery. Fantastic.

And again, that's available on Apple TV constellation, which is available right here on the Roku platform. I have a new me riposte here on the Rich Eisen Show. How'd you get in acting? How did that happen? So you're growing up in Sweden and Iceland, Iceland, Iceland, Iceland. Iceland. Yeah.

I grew up my I've been sharing a lot about my high school life with you. Yeah. Yeah. Bring it on.

No, no. But I grew up in Staten Island. My neighbors were Icelandic and they were just wonderful people.

They are. They were great. So I moved to Iceland when I was four and a half. And strangely enough, it just felt like coming home. I loved something about the nature, the country. It's very powerful. And I have a strong energy.

And I always felt a little bit like an outsider in Sweden. OK. I was too loud. I was too emotional. I was too just said things straight up.

And they were sex. We just like, can she just be a little bit less? And Icelandic people just like, yeah, come on. Just you were too intense for Sweden.

Is that what you're saying? I felt so. I always kind of felt like I needed to.

I didn't really fit in the lane how to behave. And Icelandic people are a bit louder, a bit more. OK. It just, I don't know, island people, they're very honest and straightforward. So I moved there and then I ended up being an extra in an Icelandic Viking film. And you know. By the way, Numi, I've been fortunate to do this show almost 10 years.

And when I ask people, how do you get started? So I just wound up being an extra Viking in an Icelandic movie. And that's one of the first things that it was like running out of a building on fire. And I was seven years old and I had like dust in my head. Seven years old on fire, running out of a building in an Icelandic. I was not fired.

The building was on fire. OK. My bad. Goodness. All right.

All right. Could have happened. But I was you know, I loved it. It was like I felt like I entered a safe place of possibilities. I remember just I didn't want to go home. I said to my mom, no, I'm not taking the clothes off. I'm kicking them. And she was like, they belong to the costume department.

Nice. I was like, no, like I am this character. And, you know, dirt in my hair. I was just like kind of, you know, kid in the crowd who was dancing around the fire. And, you know, it was a big kind of wedding party.

And I think it was like two a.m. in the morning. And the director, everyone wanted to take a break because we were working like 17 hours or something ridiculous. And and I kind of asked for a break and the director was furious and said, like, what? We're working, don't you see?

We're making art. And he was like, how old are you? I was like seven. You know, like seven. And he was like, see, she's not complaining.

That's a real actress. And I was like, oh, nice. OK, fantastic.

Yeah. And it sounds like it's listen, you can't just be a wallflower of thin skin if you play the lead of the girl with the dragon tattoo, which you did for the Swedish version of the film. Now, that is some hardcore material for you to have to.

I think I would think to have to internalize and execute the role. Yeah, I would imagine that's the toughest one of the toughest things you've ever had to do. Yeah, it was like a year and a half of my life. And she grabbed she was it felt like Lisbeth Salander was like holding my soul in a firm grip. And when I came out of that shoot, I remember like we wrapped and everyone was like euphoric and opening popping champagne. And I was like, just went to the toilet and I was like throwing up and my whole body was just like, really? It was so strange. It was like exorcism. It felt like I was like my body had to throw Lisbeth out of her system, out of my system. And I came home and I remember we like felt really lost for a couple of weeks and not really knowing who I was and what this character had done to me.

So it was an intense a year and a half of of someone else living in my system, a troubled person living in my my goodness, a troubled person. My goodness, yes. That's what I'm saying.

Like when you when you play a role like that and that person becomes part of you, that could kind of mess with you pretty much. It does. Yeah, it does. Yeah. Right.

So that's why I wanted to mention that, because obviously terrific. But what do you get? Mostly people run into you to say, hey, I enjoyed you in that or I enjoyed you in this.

Weirdly enough, different in different countries. OK, but I did a movie called Now It's Constellation because a lot of people kind of are watching it. But before that, What Happened to Monday? It's a movie where I play seven sisters. It's on Netflix and I play Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I play seven sisters.

Yes. And that that movie has a very strong following. And a lot of times, like I was like in this club in Paris, dancing, sweating, doing fashion week. And there's like hip hop and like three different random people, big dudes come up to me like, you're Monday, you're Monday, right? I love that movie. So it's like that one is strangely enough, a movie that a lot of people have seen and a lot of people love and watch over and over. So of all the days you get Monday, more than any of the other days?

Because the movie is called What Happened to Monday. I see. But everyone seems to have a favorite of the differences. Your favorite day? Yeah.

What is your favorite day? I like it. So congratulations again on Constellation. The Emmy conversation is red hot surrounding this, not just you, but the show itself. Congratulations. Thank you so much. And thank you for being here.

I love being here. And I think we've made it through in one piece. The lights are on.

The lights are on. Can you guys check on all the manhole covers around the community here to make sure that we're good? Yeah. Yeah, we're good.

We haven't heard from the Lakers. No, everything's. No emergency landing. All systems go.

All systems go. Thanks for coming on. Thank you. You got to check out again Constellation on Apple TV, which is available right here on Roku. Don't miss it. We'll figure out the rest of this show when we come back.

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Afford anything wherever you listen. All giants was asked if the Giants were to participate in hard knocks. We get the exact quote here. He said at the time, he said at the time that announcement will come when I'm next to my father in the gates of Heaven Cemetery. Wow. Well, he's he's alive and well, thank goodness.

John Mara is a good man. The Giants and HBO and NFL films and the folks at Skydance announced that there is a first ever off season hard knocks, that they have been embedded with the New York Giants the second the two thousand twenty three season ended and they have had access and starting July 2nd. So this will be summer viewing prior to. The actual hard knocks, which is yet to be announced, and if it's not the Chicago Bears, what do we have to do it like they are there on the there's three. They're on the list of teams that can't say no to it.

Right. They're on the clock. It's like Broncos, Saints and I mean, just I think this is who the Broncos. It's Broncos. I think there's no there's no there's no way it can't be the has to be the Bears. You're right. Because the Bears, if I'm not mistaken, are they're in the Hall of Fame game as well.

I mean, yeah, it'd be perfect. So you've got you've got locations of of Illinois and Canton and wherever they're playing their preseason games. That gets announced tonight, too, by the way. And I would say for sure it's a it's a lot to be the Bears. And you've got the Caleb Williams, like this quarterback, but, you know, coming into the league in quite some time.

Well, we'll find out just how much access there is, because. Since the end of the season, you know, there was an overhaul in the Giants defensive staff, Wink Martindale, Adios. There was also Brian Burns acquired. From the Carolina Panthers, which was a huge, huge new league year maneuver that has been completely under the radar. This guy, Brian Burns, has become one of the best in the business in Carolina, where, as we all know, few people are locked in on Carolina Panthers football.

And he's going to now come to New York. That is a huge maneuver, certainly as the Giants loading up more on the defensive side of the ball, as they appear to still be offensively challenged with with the with the departure of Saquon. Yeah, I'm excited for that episode of the negotiations with Saquon. I don't know if we'll see all that.

A bunch of crickets. Will we? We didn't offer him anything. But just will there be meetings in Joe Shane's office that we're privy to to hear them talk about this sort of stuff? Or the decision to draft Malik Nabors instead of taking a quarterback? Right. The the the pro days.

Yeah. The the top 30 visits with J.J. McCarthy and with, I assume, Pennock's and any of the conversations that turned out to be fruitless with the Patriots to try and trade up for Drake May. And anything that that all those conversations and grinding of the quarterbacks. Does any of it reveal anything to do with Daniel Jones's future? The acquisition of you talking about rumors. That'd be awesome.

I don't know. Again, it was just rumors. That's all I heard at the combine was how the Giants are going to go for a quarterback in this year's draft because they are done with Daniel Jones. And even with them being done with Daniel Jones, they knew everybody who was again, when I come back from the combine, it's multiple people telling me the same thing. And all of that still was predicated on Jones's coming back this year and they're going to use him. It's not like they're going to cut him and he's done like done, done. Like he's still even if they did pull off the trade for Drake May, he'd still be there with Drew Locke in the quarterback room.

It really would have been probably Tommy Cutlets who'd be eating it or he'd still be there because there's no reason to cut anybody right now. One would think. I'm fascinated.

I think this is a really cool, great, innovative idea. This is going to be really fun to watch. Unless I don't know. I mean, you do have to be privy to a lot of private conversations for this to work. Otherwise, what is it like watching the coach pack his bags for for a pro day? You know, like is there are we miked up for having a what? You know, J.J. McCarthy put him on the board like McCarthy said he threw with the Giants twice.

Did he say that it's the first time he's ever thrown on Easter? Yeah. And so do we see that like that? We better. We better. Like you just said, what's the point if we're if we're not kind of seeing all this stuff? We're not going to get 100 percent behind.

One would think not because this is a lot of confidential information. Give me 65 percent at least to make this show kind of worth watching. It's got a huge potential. Because I would prefer I would prefer a training camp version than an offseason. An offseason version if. Again, if we're going to get all this stuff, then, yeah, it's going to be a huge hit. You think we're going to get all that stuff?

You just can't. Because their private conversations about going for Drake May absolutely washes over on their opinion of Daniel Jones. Don't you think? Which needs to remain completely intact because he's going to play some meaningful games from them this year. Unless Drew Locke balls out. Drew Locke is going to be a week one starter for the Giants, I would think.

I would think so. Because Daniel Jones got hurt waiting the season, pretty much, right? I do believe it was in October, wasn't it? Or early November?

All these dates bleed together. So that's an interesting new twist that there's an offseason hard knock. So now you get an offseason hard knock. You get an in-season hard knock. You get an offseason hard knock. You've got a training camp hard knock. When are we not going to have a hard knock? A bi-week hard knock? Is it a bi-week hard knock? Just a hard knock on a bi-week? Just following everyone around? The bi-week hard knocks. Following people around on their bi-weeks. That's not bad.

That's pretty fun. That's kind of like the birthday party top ten. Who would you want to follow on their bi-week?

It's the same thing. Top ten followers on bi-weeks. Mission critical.

We've got a hard knock. Mission critical. You could follow me around where I refuse. The number of times that I'm tempted to break my NDA to give away the schedule that I know. I've known the schedule almost 24 hours now.

You would be trending right now all day. I'm just like leaks, leaks, leaks. I won't break my NDA for anybody.

Mike, just go ahead and hit that screen real quick. I can't. We don't have to post it. Yeah, we do. We post everything. We don't have to post it. Don't do it, Mike.

Just don't do it. You're mission critical. You've got to act like you're part of. Again, I don't know who in the NFL office. I've got to meet that individual. Who's the one who decides to refer to everybody working on the schedule release as if we're launching some sort of satellite into space? Give that person a raise. Mission critical, right? Great phrasing.

Certainly if it's going to wind up being a new Jerry Bruckheimer hit. That means it was probably a Harvard grad like he said. He said actually he deuced all over that unnamed individual. Again, great point by you. Who says no to that guy?

Jerry walks in their office. Good idea. They're like, yeah. Not everything. Not everything of yours is a hit. Well, wait a minute. Remember, though, remember, just puts down the Jerry stacks on the table.

Remember when we when Bill Belichick was looking for a job? And that's true, too. That's true. Opens up the Halliburton rings.

Doesn't work. So maybe now and then. That's true. You guys get told no. Is there any Harvard grad in the Falcons front office?

Or did Rich McKay go to college? Me and Captain Jack Sparrow on the amazing race. That's all I'm saying. And again, I'm taking Nick Cage, the national treasurer. He's an amazing race. I'm taking literally is an amazing race.

Bruce Willis Armageddon. He was a good leader. Like all of you were going to beat us. But me and Jackie had the most fun. Let's be honest here.

But it'll get me to the end. Let's be honest here. Oh, I keep the money myself. Rich McCain went to Princeton. Oh, close thing. Oh, Ivy League. Ivy League. Oh, that's what I'm saying. Rich.

Pop that sketch up on your laptop and walk away, bro. Come on. Who would be the best person here to have as a teammate of the Aries? Not me.

Probably RJ. Oh, that's true. I actually would.

Because I could get in any place. He's young. He's got the energy.

Yeah. And he's able to do many things. He was able to pretty much do everything. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jack of all trades. He believes that he can do anything, even if he can't. Right, exactly.

Exactly. He's got to believe. Is RJ the Rich Eisen Show MacGyver? I think he is, bro.

Irrational confidence plus MacGyver. That's him laughing in the background. Is that him laughing? CC's back there. Not Chudwin?

Not our call screener? Oh, no. Adam's not listening. He's not listening.

He's listening. Stop doing this. If they rename the show The Amazing Sid on your ass.

Adam David Strauss. I'm done. Oh, no. That's great. I'm done.

I don't think CBS would green light that one. Hey, Jerry. What if we come up with The Amazing Sid on your ass and see all the amazing things you can do while sitting on your ass? He has a message for you in the box. You can't read it. I can't say that, Adam.

I can't say that. Adam, you're mission critical to The Rich Eisen Show, okay? He's the first line of defense.

Very much so. He's on the front lines. He does very well. He's on the front lines. Technically, all of us are sitting behind him. We are. We're great at it.

We're super. My cheeks hurt. My cheeks hurt. I can't breathe.

I will not break my NDA. Alright, I'm calling in for Florida tomorrow. Alright, tonight's scheduled release on NFL Network 8 Eastern Time. Back to wrap up on Roku in a sec. Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of Talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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