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Brad Holmes: Want To Keep Getting Better

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 13, 2024 2:43 pm

Brad Holmes: Want To Keep Getting Better

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 13, 2024 2:43 pm

5/13/24 - Hour 1

Rich and the guys react to the Nuggets roaring back to even their series against the Timberwolves and the Pacers knotting up their series against the Knicks at two games apiece.

Lions GM Brad Holmes and Rich discuss the infectious confidence of 1st round pick Terrion Arnold, year-two expectations for RB Jahmyr Gibbs, paying WR Amon-Ra St. Brown, and expectations for the upcoming year after falling short of the Super Bowl last season.

Rich and the guys debate who comes out on top of the NFC North next season.

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See This is the Rich Eisen Show. Come on man, we're waiting. I love this guy, but let's go bro. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. We know we got a good team, we're not perfect, and we know we gotta be better.

I've been making excuses for Tatum for the last five years. Put your stamp on it because Anthony Edwards is taking all your shine. Today's guests, Lions General Manager Brad Holmes, voice of the NBA on ESPN, Mike Breen.

From CBS's CSI Vegas, actor Paula Newsome. And now it's Rich Eisen. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. We've got NFL football to talk about, NBA playoffs to talk about, NHL playoffs to talk about, and then there's a phone line for you to connect with us to tell us what you'd like to talk about.

It's a beautiful thing here on this Monday. Rich Eisen Show, live on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM, Odyssey, and more. All of our social media feeds are available to you at Rich Eisen Show.

For the TikTokers, it's at The Rich Eisen Show. Our YouTube page is white hot to the touch. We're so thrilled to be churning out content for you all three hours. Our podcast is another way to follow us.

All three hours available on the Cumulus Podcast Network. We're still basking in the glow of Nikki Glaser's dynamite appearance on Friday's edition of our program. It was one week ago today.

The whole country was talking about what she had to say. The Brady roast is already a week old and it still feels like it was last night. Tony Hinchcliffe's on tomorrow's program in terms of that. We just can't quit the Brady roast, quite frankly. Tom Brady is apparently showing up at the Fox up front today.

Oh, really? Things are clicking. I'm sure they'll announce a game or two on their schedule. Is he wearing a Raiders jersey?

No, no, no. It'll be a Fox mic flag, I'm sure. And you know, the NBC's already announced what the opening kickoff game is 100 something days from today. Ravens and Chiefs, we'll talk about that later.

I've got a top five list of the top five games I'd also like to see in week one straight out of the gate. We've got an overreaction Monday. It's all good. Good to see you over there. Christopher Brockman, how are you? I'm great, man. What's up?

I am so thrilled that Mike Del Tufo was here today because Fox is having an up front and they were able to spare you today. I did one of them years ago, but that was it. That was it. Yep. One and done. Mike Del Tufo.

I mixed one years ago. Good to see you, Mikey. How are you? I am so happy to be back, Rich.

TJ Jefferson. Oh man, I was Nicky Glaser. I'm very upset. And you should, you should. I'm very upset.

But hey, those UFL games I didn't watch were great. I actually made a big game on Saturday. Good to see you over there, TJ Jefferson. What's up, man? How are you?

It's a lot up, man. How are you guys doing? I am great. What's down is apparently you're, you're, you're, uh, you're back right tire. Is that what I saw today that you were? Got in the car today, hit the garage, went to turn the car on.

I pulled out and I hear a thump, thump, thump, and I look and tire was flatter than flat. Okay. Very good. Going for me, which was nice. Which is nice. Oh, look at this guy, flatter than the Knicks yesterday.

All of a sudden he's feeling good. They lost by 50. What are you talking about? Here's the thing. We are through. I told you I'm through handling the NBA playoffs like, like it's the NFL.

Honestly, it's just like this team stinks. It's over. For instance, last time we convened on this program, the Western conference finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Minnesota Timberwolves is all set. Game one was all set for Oklahoma City.

It was all done right. Uh, I'm even seeing, you know, lower, lower third graphics on, on all of our competition basically say, is it a done deal? Are the Oklahoma City Thunder and Minnesota Timberwolves going to play one another for the right to, to go to the NBA finals? Plural. It's Stanley cup final singular. We'll, we'll keep reminding you, but listen, that was it.

Now look, now look what we got. Two nuggets blowout wins in Minnesota. Okay.

Two decisive, we'll call it that nuggets wins in Minnesota. And I guess I don't know what, what do you say? Two things. One, uh, Kilborn's a cooler. Two, uh, another thing. Did you christen that over the weekend? Nah, I didn't. I let him alone.

That would have been brutal. But, but in all honesty, let's ask this question about the Denver Broncos, the Denver Nuggets. Let's, let's ask this question about the Denver Nuggets. I have football in the brain. Why, why don't we ascribe to them they are the heart, they've got the heart of the champions. Why don't we ascribe to them that they're defending champions? If this, if instead of the word Denver across their chest or 52-80 by the way, which is very helpful tool for kids out there to know how many feet there is in one single mile. It's a great educational tool for kids.

I learned about it. If they had Boston across their chest, New York across their chest, Los Angeles across their chest, would we be saying, well, that's a three-time MVP now. This guy is as great as they come. He's an all-time great and they are going to be unbeatable. Why don't we ascribe to the Nuggets what we ascribe to defending champs that are in an 0-2 hole that come back and go to a spot like Minnesota with a, a rampaging team that had yet to lose in the playoffs with a kid that people are saying reminds them of Michael Jordan.

And, and they go and they do what they did. And I don't see many people today saying, well, that's a heart of a champion. Instead it's like, well, maybe it's just not Anthony Edwards' time yet.

Or, well, you know, they had to come down to earth. Well, I don't know why we don't ascribe to the Nuggets what we would ascribe even to Golden State. When you say we though, what do you mean?

I say national media writ large. Because like, and look, you got on a Jalen Brunson video, right? Where you didn't think he was going to be worth what the Knicks paid him. Brockman, you were pounding the table that this series was over. Like the T-Wolves were going to sweep the Nuggets. I mean, it felt like I wasn't alone.

And, but the thing is, I don't want to be the next contestant on the Summer Jam scream. So I'm not going to like write the Nuggets off. As a matter of fact, I think this is over. I think the T-Wolves had their shot. And now because of the three-time MVP, because of the fact they are the defending champions, I just can't see them losing this series now. Well, and again, we've got to stop handling the NBA playoffs like it's an NFL season, where we have an entire week to sit on a narrative and either tear it down or cement it.

These games are all, it appears, stand alone. And momentum can change at any moment, whether it's a long respite in between games, as you'll hear Anthony Edwards ascribe to the Timberwolves dip in fortune, or it's OG Ananobi driving to the basket in a career best playoff night and coming down with an injury that has hobbled an already hobbled Knicks team even more, or it's Jason Tatum staring in the mirror or listening to Chris Brockman light them up on the Rich Eisen show. I'll even give you that.

Thank you. You know, is it seeming, you know, do you have Luka Doncic go ahead and stare himself down in the mirror? Is their second win in a row in this series based on potentially the momentum swing of a member of the press conference room turning off their Bluetooth? I have no idea.

We don't know. We have no earthly idea how fickle this beast called NBA playoffs momentum is and how it can switch. I can't even sit here and say, oh, the Nuggets have this thing wrapped.

Who the hell knows? And Jamal Murray took the opportunity to actually play in game three and score 24 points. And Jokic is doing Jokic things. And here's what I mean by ascribing to the Nuggets something that something that we would normally ascribe to every other defending champ, which is all time great player leading the way for everybody else to raise their game and everybody to believe in him and thus believe in themselves and have a terrific coach and have an opportunity to win it all again. Aaron Gordon last night turned into, I believe, what the the love child of Robert Horry and Naomi and Ray Allen. And then they went ahead and added in a little late game Derek Fisher. And honestly, he couldn't miss last night.

11 for 12. And everybody, you know, was wondering that what's up with him and how does he continue to, I guess, be the team player that he is? Listen to this great question and answer from last night's press conference.

A lot of times in this league, that's a hard thing to do when you're on a team like this. Where did you learn to be selfless? It was a great transition, Katie. You saw a big fella step in the room, huh? That guy, man. That's where I learned to be selfless.

I learned it from him, man. He's the best basketball player in the world. Three-time MVP. And he's the most selfless, humble dude that you'll ever meet.

So if a three-time MVP can do it, I can do it, too. Yeah, I think it's just they're not sexy. They're not high-flying. Well, Jokic can't jump over a phone book. They're in Denver, which isn't... Denver is not the hub of, you know, sports, you know, media excitement. Very cool city, though. But Jokic isn't on every commercial on Planet Earth.

Yeah, yeah. So he does have a few, which is kind of shocking for a guy so reserved. Like, he does have a couple commercials. But it just seems like he'd rather be doing anything other than playing basketball.

Like, he'd rather be doing the horses thing or just being out of the limelight all together. Guess what? You know? Those were two incredibly impressive victories. And now they go home for game five. They got home court advantage back, if that means anything.

Who the hell knows? The home court has yet to yield a win for the home team in this series. Which is weird. Meanwhile, you know, Anthony Edwards was taking it. Hey, listen, when you give, when you dish it, you got to take it. And Jamal Murray was barking at him, hitting half-court shots, staring down Kevin Harlan as Harlan's getting out of his seat, barking out his call at Jamal Murray. I mean, and that was insane. That was a ridiculous close to the half, just as the Timberwolves had cut it to single digits.

And then suddenly, boom, two turnovers leads to five points in the last 10 seconds of that half. And so Anthony Edwards was asked about receiving it. Anthony, did you have any words with Jamal or any of the nuggets at the end of the game there? Oh, yeah, yeah. I just told his ass, that's what we love at.

Keep talking that. That's what we like. Well, I love it, you know? So, you know, he ain't say nothing back, but I'm pretty sure you heard me. They heard me.

Yeah, we live for that. All right. So now, now hold on a second. This is what he had to say about the momentum swing. You said, essentially, you think this is it for the nuggets. Like, this is it.

It just kind of feels that way. So this is what he said about the momentum swing. I think the three days hurt us, actually. Yeah, I think having those after those two days, after those two wins, they gave us like three days off or three days before we play again.

And I don't really like that at all. But I think that's why we came out sluggish game three. But I don't think they got any momentum. I mean, we won two games. They won two games.

At this point, it's just whoever wins two games. So I don't know how people look at it, but I look at it like I'm happy. We're competing at the highest level. And I'm smiling about it because I'm happy. I'm ready to go play.

If we play tomorrow, I'll be ready. So it's going to be fun. Okay. So here's how you can interpret this.

You can interpret this. He's young. He doesn't know. Let's put that aside. Or he's cocky.

All right. Well, he's earned it. He's earned it. He's 22. He's earned it. Or he knows this, which I didn't know. And I saw it on my Twitter feed last night. Put it up on the screen, please.

This is fantastic. This is from the reporter from the athletic who covers the Minnesota Timberwolves, John Krasinski. I believe I'm pronouncing his last name correctly.

I apologize, John, if not. Anthony Edwards had 44.5 and five. He played 45 minutes and 20 seconds. The Wolves won those minutes by five.

They lost the two minutes and 40 seconds. He sat by 13 points. What a stat.

Like if this was Dan Patrick, we'd play stat of the day right here. That's it. Right.

Look at that. He sat for 240 and the Nuggets just blitzed him. Blitzed him. He can't sit out in game five. He's got to find his inner Josh Hart.

I don't know. Yeah, he's got to make a comment about him being on the bench. Those last seconds and minutes of the first half were absurd. Yeah. I mean, that was the difference in the game. An 8-0 run to end the first half and the Nuggets won by eight. Well, it turned out to be that way. It kind of felt like the Timberwolves were never really going to do it.

I don't know. No, it felt like the Nuggets were kind of in control the whole game. But I'm saying the final score being an eight-point difference in that 8-0 run at the end of the half, including the 55-foot heave. What a highly entertaining series. Yeah. Maybe I jumped the gun in saying that, Phil, it's over.

It's been clipped off and shared already. It's just yesterday, man, it just seemed like this team was the defending champions. They do have the best player and it feels like now they've, it's clicking now for them. That's what it felt like. Hey, the Cavaliers looked overmatched, thoroughly overmatched. That wasn't even a game for a split second. I didn't feel, you know, in Cleveland. After they lose by 25, then win by 24, and then the Celtics, the Jason Tatum game you were looking for arrived.

Okay. Big time. And they were doing everything right. And tonight could game four beat Cleveland's night? 1 million percent. 1 million percent. After two games in a row of the Mavericks taking care of business against Oklahoma City, can that thing be two apiece tonight?

A million percent. So we're done with that. And I'm not looking at the Knicks getting blown out yesterday like, okay, that's it. The dam is completely broken and this thing is over and Indiana is going to take this series. Well, there's just more glaring issues facing the Knicks than any other of the playoff teams. That's more apparent.

It's not just, you know, a fickle beast of momentum. It's Oji Ananobi's hamstring on top of Bogdanovich's ankle, on top of Mitchell Robinson's injury, on top of the shoulder injury that knocked Julius Randle out for the season. On top of Tibbs not wanting to play anybody on the bench. He has to. He's literally playing everybody. Again, we've got Mike Breen on an hour number two. I'll ask him, can Clyde Frazier give us any minutes? Seriously.

It's absurd. I told you the ghost of Alan Houston's going to have to come and suit up. Yeah. I mean, I know the bench got some run yesterday because they had to, but Brent's in to play 31. That game was over early. Yeah, I know. He should have yanked everybody out of there. I get it.

That's what I'm saying. I hear you. 844-204 Rich, number to dial on the program. The actress Paula Newsom, who we loved in Barry, as the love interest and investigator of, respectively, Professor Cusineau and Barry. Henry Winkler's love interest. Paula Newsom is in studio.

The series finale, say adios to CSI Vegas, airs this Sunday on CBS, which you can watch on Paramount Plus, which is right here on Roku. And the aforementioned Mike Breen, who called games three and four of Nick's at-pasers. He's on our Zoom screen in hour number two. We also have a top five list of the best games that I'd like to see in week number one. Now that we know it's Ravens Chiefs to kick off the season, we'll discuss that. An update on all the rookie quarterbacks from the top of the draft as they go through their first minicamp drills. Got that going on. And let's take a break and talk to an actual newsmaker in this league, general manager of your Detroit Lions.

Brad Holmes is going to be Zooming in next. So we're off and running on this Monday program right here on The Rich Eyes and Show on the Roku channel and more. It's that time of year, people.

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Power 2023 award information visit slash awards only at the Sleep Number store or sleep We're having a conversation in the break about what the Timberwolves need to do and you know and how Rudy Gobert should probably play less maybe should play less and he's the defensive player of the year which is a crazy and I keep saying I said to you and I'll say it here in this microphone whatever here we go the number of western conference centers that Nikola Jokic has undressed be clowned whatever you want to say in his ascent all of them it's all of them right everybody in the west right in the west DeAndre Ayton was the guy for the Suns and he was going to be one of the difference makers and then Jokic is like you know and and now he's doing this to the defensive player of the year again right what is Kat is Kat the answer I don't know what are you gonna throw at him I mean check you think Chet Holmgren's gonna have him quaking in his boots 130 pound Chet Holmgren remember when the Suns were up 2-0 in the finals against the Bucks dude Embiid's out I mean you're gonna need Porzingis pal if this happens oh and well yeah we have no chance Cornett's Cornett ain't gonna walk through ain't gonna cut it yeah you know Al Horford's not cutting it can Big Perk come back I don't know can he give me minutes I don't know I can feel it seriously the Knicks what are they gonna run Hartenschnein at him she'd Shaq Shaq had a cup of coffee with us Shaq I mean that's all that is he around Boston everybody better root for the Timberwolves yeah I mean it the guy like I said he's doing this without seemingly an inch of that an ounce of athleticism which obviously he does right but it doesn't look like his game isn't predicated on being athletic at all it's just he's so smart it's kind of fitting he was drafted during a McDonald's commercial right Taco Bell by the way betting odds they were 20-1 to win the title down 2-0 now they're second betting second favorite 3-1 behind the Celtics yeah back on the Rich Eisen show radio network sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by the general manager of the Detroit Lions Brad Holmes is about to join us on the program we're just talking about who's the answer to Jokic right now who's the answer I don't know Anthony Edwards is the answer right just let him blitz and Nas Reed can blitz and just just blitz him from three keep blitzing him I don't know I don't right you got two you got two very capable seven footers on that t-wool's team yeah that's but that's the idea that's what you're supposed to do right that you have you're more than cape cape that's like an understatement for these guys but I just don't you got a three-point champ and you got a defensive player of the year and that's just you know well I mean currently Anthony Towns is more than just the three-point champ too number one pick you know all-star he he had an off game he he definitely did he's gotta he's gotta be getting 20 to 25 a night for them to win this dude the Nuggets is solid not giving him three days off not and not suspending Jamal Murray well there's no question about that I thought throughout the entire game three when Murray was booed every time he touched the ball that it was just an absolute shame that he was out there playing and this has nothing to do nothing to do with him as a human being or a person or a Canadian or anything like that he lost his mind and there should have been more than a hundred thousand dollar fine because somebody could have turned an ankle on that heat pack and somebody's like if he hit it if he had hit the ref it could have been more than a game the towel was right next to cat dude I think that's the whole thing we're doing it's in almost the fact is but he made a decision not happen behave that way though if you look at the history of the league okay these guys even in the playoffs get suspended for the dumb crap they do draymond well you know physically assault the player so that's worth it he actually did connect with somebody he actually connected rob how he actually hit steve nash into the table but he didn't get suspended for that the guys who took one inch off the off the bench got suspended oh tell me about it the next players five guys get suspended for taking a just one little are you saying david stern would have sat jamal murray david stern would have 1000 suspended jamal murray probably for two games no guys let me ask you this do we feel like this is where your reputation comes into play because jamal murray maybe doesn't have the reputation maybe he's also we don't want the defending champs and the mvp getting swept i i'd rather feel that it's something like all right this is so out of character for him maybe that's why by the way no i would love for the nicks to have tyrese halliburton snap and throw something on the floor or get three games off three days off yeah that'd be great well that'd be great right now the spacers are going every other every other day like no matter what and the nicks are losing somebody every other day right i'm telling you man get mellow on the 10-day that's the only option mellow on a 10-day okay can you do that by the way we should do it probably i don't know if we didn't have our guest next guest waiting i would love to do a segment on which nick could you pull out from the first row and give a 10-day too and think that they could actually turn the series starberry the general manager of the detroit lions brad holmes is back here on the rich eyes and showing it it's good to see him here on this program good to see you brad how are you i'm good thanks for having me rich how you doing i am great i i listen i expected to see a lion on the screen but not like the one over your right shoulder my goodness what is that what do we have behind you is that simba who is that what is that what do you got yeah i don't i don't have a name for him yet but it's just uh him or her yet uh but i don't know just i had an idea and a thought of why don't we just have like a real line in here and just kind of fill up the whole whole serendipity of my entire office and uh i like it yeah i do too is that the lion dan campbell wanted on the sidelines brad is that oh i i think if he was allowed to have it it would look very similar to oh my gosh now he said he didn't really ask for it right did he ever ask for no it's you know he you know he kind of made as a saying of if he could you know but uh it wasn't official like confirmed asked but did you think for a split second is he gonna ask me to call the lead as the general manager and executive vice president of the detroit lines see if we can have a live line on the sideline for a split second i mean i would i would be all for it if we were allowed to do it but uh i think uh we're not gonna be able to get that one push through i love it yeah you can't we we don't we don't need that line doing a hip drop tackle of some sort you know it's somebody you know what i mean so um i love it uh so let's just jump right into it and and i can help if if you need help um how can we uh make sure taryon arnold is a confident young man can we help him on that front brad what do you think can we help him on that and you know it um i tell you what every every exposure that we had with him all through the entire process i mean not only in his play which i actually would say the confidence level of his play i thought increased uh as the season went on we look at from the beginning of the season all the way till how it ended but um but that that was but you know just at the combine and you know just bring him in as a top 30 and going to his pro day and just you know everything is just he's got that personality and that's a trait that you just have to have at that position um and we we we've seen uh i think all of us have seen times where you know um you know the confidence would waver or you didn't feel as confident or you know uh something unfortunate happens where wherever the confidence just may get shot but that that's one thing that he is not lacking which i think is very very important uh for the position and uh his response after he was chosen uh just it did not surprise me at all i was going to ask you about that brad because i said on the air actually on nfl networks draft coverage that with all due respect to all the other individuals in the green room that if i had to choose one player to be drafted by your team to be introduced in front of that crowd that was that size and that lit for this moment i would have chosen tarion arnold brad yes yes yes i would have well that uh i believe that that that shot right there that you're showing because i was about to go to that um i i saw that shot someone sent it to me the next morning or that morning i don't know how many hours of sleep i got but when i got up that morning uh late morning i guess i saw that and it literally it gave me chills like it made my hair stand up just just the the excitement that it brought just how well our city did the way our fans showed out um you know the league did a great job of hosting the draft but then i do think the the excitement that was wrapped up with the trade-off because they thought they were probably waiting till 29 or you know possibly the fear of actually trading out of the first round and then also um you know the who the player was which obviously i've said that had been a record uh i did not think that we would get in striking range of that player but it just it worked out and we're able to get striking range um it was it was an awesome feeling yeah what was your that moment for sure yeah no doubt right i i i his first interception of his career was of my colleague kaley hartung's microphone literally took it out of her hand and and then addressed the crowd addressed the 200 000 people there what were what were you thinking and with dan i guess you were all watching from the uh from the the draft room brad yeah we were we were all in the draft room um it's it's a lot it's a lot going on we we try to after we make all the calls and you know the player talks to dan and you know talks to sheila and everybody um you know we we get all the logistics in line afterwards we we try to um turn up and listen to the uh commissioner you know actually going to the podium and then making the pick and then just kind of seeing the reaction and all that but um you know um when he started going we were kind of cheering in the room and clapping and all that so i didn't hear everything that he said i didn't really hear all the you know hey you guys got a star and i'm home and all that stuff but uh i didn't really hear all the audio till the next day but seeing it i thought was pretty cool brad holmes right here on the rich eisen show general manager of the detroit lions so why do you think there were a few first round trades as they were brad what's your assessment now that you're a couple weeks removed from this draft um you say a few were yeah there were just five in the first and you know i i'm and and six quarterbacks going in the first you know dozen picks 13 picks is just crazy it's nuts brad yeah i don't you know i don't have a true answer i just i think it was just it just happened to be one of those drafts where and it goes in waves and it goes in waves uh every couple years and it goes in ways for a lot of different reasons where the strengths and the weaknesses at certain positions are are spiked um i i do think though this year and you look at last year the because of how the college football landscape is set up right now um that you're just getting less and less players uh just even coming out you know the underclassmen would be the meat of the first two rounds um in the past where it was spiking up to you have 100 130 getting up to 150 underclassmen where now you know this this past draft you know we were done at like it was at 58 or something so i i think that that that's not an effect but these offensive players that went that high they didn't get pushed up i mean sometimes like these guys are getting pushed up no like i've always said first of all it's an offensive heavy draft and i've always thought man if you're picking in the top 15 you're you're going to get like a really good player and it just happened to be this one of those drafts for those offensive heavy but um the ones that were kind of had those defensive players kind of starred it helped them as well well you certainly found one last year in terms of an offensive player that high and jamir gibbs it how many more carries do you think i mean more touches can he have this year not to have you tell any tales out of school but what a special player he is obviously turning into brad so what's your plan for him year two yeah i i definitely would uh expect him to see more of a load um but you know it's you know david mcgumrey will still be here too and i just we we love dan i love that one-two punch um of of him and david so but just speaking him specifically you know him being a rookie last year you know even when he kind of had some pops in that kc game in that opener um you know he was i i was watching i was like you know he's still trying to get the feel of the game like he was he was playing very fast and he actually kind of needed to slow down a little bit and um and he openly admitted that you know like i just had to slow it down a little bit i was kind of going too fast which he was but once he got that sweet spot and it was about right right there he kind of saw it a little bit in the ravens game which was unfortunately uh we we didn't show up very well for that game but that's when he started seeing some glimpses of i think it's coming i think it's coming and then obviously that raider's game uh where i believe you know everybody would say it was a breakout i think that's when you kind of saw okay the game is slowing down for him you know now you're seeing exactly what you saw at alabama but i think he's got much more to offer in the passing game um you know so you most likely you'll see an increase in that as well brad holmes here on the rich eyes and show gm and executive vice president of the detroit lions so you made aman ra saint brown the best paid receiver for about 24 hours brad you know and it's just crazy the world in which we live i'd love to lift up the hood and get your two cents on on signing players before other teams signed their players at the same position and you know there's one in your division that's looking for his bag in minnesota how much does that play into your thinking when you're signing your own yeah you're definitely aware of it for sure and um you know that's part of the like we always talk about both sides working very very hard in terms of uh uh getting some something done um we're aware of it their their camps are aware of it of you know what's what's looming what's what's coming down the pipe and uh but the bottom line is from our standpoint we just want to do what's right by the player and we want to make sure like okay you know you know saint brown has earned this and you know whatever we we can't control what happens after that but we wanted to make sure that we did what we're supposed to do and uh you know no paying him appropriately um but you try to do as best you can um but you know just you just can't control the future and a lot of times you know those other things that are looming they're they're waiting for the first person to strike um but you know we shouldn't really uh punish you know the player that we're trying to reward because of what we can't control so um we just felt like you know he's an elite player um he's he's truly earned it he represents and embodies everything that we're about in the franchise so um just just really happened for him but it's always going to be something uh coming behind no i know my question does kind of is kind of infused with the possibility of you looking at somebody else's player and saying i don't want to pay mine more so i need to strike now i understand that that is the undercurrent of what i just asked but you also want to pay more players of your own than just saint brown there is a salary cap here right so you so you need to strike at the right time and i again i i'd love to get your philosophy on when signing players sooner rather than later and and and how that all works is a puzzle piece for somebody like yourself for a young team on the rise if not super bowl ready this coming season brad yeah so we try to obviously there's a market for for everyone and we try to um make sure that our players are paid appropriately within where we are forecasting what that market is going to be the other component that about the win part is not only the win and where when the deal is going to happen with how we forecasted the market but we got to look at it for the future as well so um that's the part that yeah you can do this and i think we do an excellent job of we can pay this player this uh at this time and it's advantageous for us but at the same time um you know is this going to limit us for what we want to do next year and in the year after and another one of our own players that are going to be due for an extension and how much cash you're going to have available for free agency for the the upcoming year so all of that uh there's a lot of moving parts but all of that comes into play and what can you tell me how uh coach is talking about the level of expectation here based on last season where technically you know from the outside looking in uh it could be said you arrived earlier than than expected but you arrived you have um and now you're a division winner and uh an nfc championship game participant leader at half i mean this is serious business now and i i turned around the number of times i turned around from my seat as a as a michigan grad and seeing the number of honolulu blue jerseys was just overwhelming to me so it's there you've arrived how are you all handling that and coach in particular brad yeah you know we just want to continue on our same plan of just keep getting better every single year and one of the things that we definitely don't want is to to uh feel that yeah if the outside world feels there's an arrival then that's what the and we appreciate that and and and it's it's appreciated but at the same time we still got to roll our sleeves up and earn every single thing um it's a whole new season nothing's going to be given to us um you know and and you know nobody around here is going to be complacent or resting on their laurels of oh well we did this last year so we were definitely going to be this the only thing that we expected we expect to be better than we were the the previous year but we know that you got to earn it and you know we came up short last year but it just fueled us to to to do more this upcoming year and uh the the message is clear the the guys are already aware about that in the locker room that we have to do more than than we did last year in order to get to where we want to go so um that is that is evident and um that that's our goal right now all right brad listen uh i i say things on the air sometimes and uh it sticks and sometimes it doesn't but uh charles davis was kind enough to reach out to you during the draft you guys uh in the draft room were wearing what dan campbell's jersey is that what you're wearing all dan campbell's jerseys in the draft room yes and i can tell you that the signed versions of those black jerseys are in route thank you sir yes and we're going to auction them off for saint jude children's research hospital it was you and it was dan and uh chris bielman offering to sign these and we're going to option them off and all the money is going to go to a great cause you're a good man for that thank you absolutely thank you i thought it was a great idea thank you when i gave me the word and i said no problem absolutely and um yeah they they should be in route see i appreciate that and it just it just it delights me to see somebody like chris bielman uh making people uh in the state of michigan happy about football i think it's terrific that uh yeah somebody with his background um is comfortable doing that brad you know certainly over the last three years drafting aden hutchinson it's all about winning he's a pro you know i was waiting for this fieldman jab to come that's not a jab it's a compliment it's not a jab but i mean it was it's a compliment it was subtle it's a compliment you know it's a it's a compliment please send him my best as making people in the state of michigan happy about football and how it's a sign of his true professionalism yeah no chris does a great job and he wears a lot of different hats but he is all about uh you know making us better and do whatever he can to to make the lines better but he does represent state of michigan well he's detroit line through and through i love it and my compliments to the artist again over your shoulder it really is uh beautiful i appreciate it yeah no it's uh it's a company that we have used um that that does a lot of um a lot of the graphics around the building but i didn't know if they were actually going to be able to pull it off but i will say it did exceed my expectations when i just said you know just a more of a life-like real line and um not only for the line but the rest of the office is more you you think you're actually actually walking the planes with a serenade you are definitely generally managing man if you're on top of the art and the roster and the team very impressive brad but uh you knew that already thanks for the time greatly appreciate it thanks for having me on rich thank you no and thanks again for the signed jerseys it should uh raise a ton of money for saint jude greatly appreciate it absolutely that is brad holmes the general manager and evp of the detroit lines here on the rich isin show that is for the radio and it's a that's unbelievable great picture of the line you know dan campbell wants a line on the sidelines so does he just let him do it like what is the harm yeah i mean those are what cages are for right crowd gets a little loud you don't have to leave them there the whole game i didn't ask him a question about the schedule because it's a waste of time i have to sign an nda to get a copy of it he knows really yeah did you sign it yet no well here's the deal are you going to i have to i gotta be on the air wednesday everybody has to sign ndas but yet it still gets leaked yeah so i don't know someone's not honoring that well it's because it's it's in so many different people's hands like as as you know oh well we'll talk about it uh let's talk about that next let's do it schedule show on wednesday see how that happens okay we'll talk about that uh and so much more to discuss eight four four two oh four rich mike breen in overreaction monday coming up an hour two let's talk game time boy do we love using game time tickets at the rich isin show and every single time i've been watching the basketball playoffs on tv i've been wondering what it would be like to be at these games and when you choose your tickets on game time you can see the view from your seat where the court is where you are in relation to it and then the all-in prices that's my favorite feature the all-in prices make sure that you see the lowest price guarantee and also know exactly how much everything costs all in before you purchase so all the guesswork is removed when you buy playoff tickets with game time download the game time app create an account and use my code rich for twenty dollars off your first purchase terms apply visit for restrictions again create an account redeem my code rich for twenty dollars off your first purchase download game time today last minute tickets lowest price guaranteed check out our new nba show beyond the ark part of the cbs sports podcast network where you can find me john gonzalez nba insider bill writer and ashley nicole moss five days a week talking all things nba whether you're looking for insightful discussions upbeat commentary breaking news interviews or coverage of all the biggest stories in the nba our new show is the place to be five days a week download and follow beyond the ark on apple podcast spotify and wherever you get your favorite podcasts are you still playing fantasy football you still doing it um i i not really no i i i i'm in a league but i don't i don't control it all my buddies control it for me well because i know we've had conversations about this before and that there are some interesting um uh i guess tasks that the loser of this league must undertake so are you if you lose even though you're not part of the day-to-day oh yeah they'll hold me to it absolutely i don't even know if i could tell you who's on my team right now but um if i were to lose they would they would absolutely hold me to it and uh we'd have to go take care of business what are some of the um fails that i guess that you have to put some of the the responsibilities of the losers of your league what is uh last year the loser uh had to go to alaska for a day what do you mean like for it for a day yeah okay we went to a place called gnome alaska that's where the i did a rod it goes through there i think so so regardless of the geographic spot in the united states would have to for a day get on a plane and and prove per proof of purchase of the ticket and then take a photo like how do you yeah i mean there's there was tasks involved it was i think he went in march um okay but it was it was yeah it was the whole thing and that was just one year that was just last year this year it'll be entirely different what other previous uh years any other examples because that's amazing you have to go to gnome alaska the year before the loser you know uh parcel sports does the rough and rowdy the boxing deal he fought in that at the super bowl the year we were there he was he was fighting in the in the boxing on friday night uh before the game there oh my gosh this is you do not want to lose your fantasy league no no no that's why i i try to i try to put a lot of faith in in my body back here on our program eight four four two oh four rich number two doll here on this monday show so the detroit lions everybody great chat with the general manager of the team brad homes just now kind of wonder do they win the north do they win the north yeah i see i was thinking rich best division in football this year i think um best division in football so last year's worst team okay last year's worst team was the chicago bears they drafted ninth overall not last year's worst team in that division oh in that division yeah they drafted ninth overall the vikings drafted 11th overall moved up to 10 because they got a little nervous you know and then the packers made the playoffs won a playoff game yeah and the lions made the playoffs won two playoff games so right the only other division to have to win more playoff games last year is the afc west because the chiefs won all four of theirs one team that's correct true this one has two teams winning it so you can make this case i think both north divisions could make a case for being the best division in the nfl the nfc west i think it's gonna be sneaky good okay that's sneaky good you're talking about best division in the in the league i think the cardinals are going to be much better than people i would think so too and the rams and the seahawks and obviously the 49ers taking the super bowl overtime before losing probably should have won super bowl so who wins this division when we finally make this choice in about a hundred days from now right three and a half months when we're like i don't know i said go pack go last year i'm going to stick with it i like detroit do you like detroit or you like the expectation i kind of think detroit i like detroit it's going to be one of the two of them i think it's a obviously safe to say um but this division is going to be wide open it seems like for the next few years right well certainly since the vikings just drafted themselves a huge winner they got rich's son in minnesota you know they got as good as we all yeah only gets better so a packer's stock owner thinks the lions are going to win this division come on what are you doing yes only because i hope you don't go to the the stockholders meeting i actually just got a letter i got to bring those in what do you mean you got a letter i get the letters like maybe two or three times a year i am going for one just like they like give you saying hi kind of stuff yeah yeah for you to go along with your pet rock exactly i have a letter have you fed the pet right here's why i asked brad holmes about jamir gibbs two things one i want fantasy people to go crazy too i really do believe jamir gibbs is gonna flip the number of carries uh you know i know that david montgomery is still there he's a beast too i know that but i just think it's a great problem you have to give jamir gibbs more touches you just simply have to yeah because when he does touch it he can go to the house every single damn time and um i i'm just wondering if they flip that how many how many uh carries did david montgomery have to last year 18 to 19 and how many carries did jimmy gibbs have last year gibbs had 182 okay 13 touchdowns from montgomery that's more than you'd probably thought right in terms of just straight carries yeah yeah how many catches did he have jamir gibbs must have had at least 50 50 70 or 52 uh for 316 he only had one receiving touchdown believe it or not though 50 catches though that's 50 catches that's 230 touches we need to get that and how many and how many how many how many catches did david montgomery have like 10 yeah montgomery did not really uh what do you see here i just probably had nothing so we had more touches than montgomery last year right i i just think that that's gonna have to the disparity is gonna have to i really do believe that 300 touches for montgomery you mean for for gibbs you're talking for gibbs yeah we had 16 catches so okay yeah gibbs needs 300 touches it was pretty much total but he was a rookie last year so i understand in terms of grasping what you have to do right to stay on the field um for pass pro sure or you have to do to you know i don't know if rookie wall is even a thing anymore since you know that running back if you play in alabama you're going to be playing 16 games a year it seems anyway not a running back so um yeah i i just have a feeling like this guy is he top five in in fantasy draft conversations right now being drafted good question i you know i had him last year in fantasy was great but i feel like with the presence of montgomery i just have a feeling montgomery's there get his manka he might he might get a touchdown or two vultured from the one or two yard line yeah so i don't think that i just that's the thing that's keeping gibbs out of being tough i mean this is a difference maker at the position i mean you were seeing that in the playoffs as well i yeah i'm a big fan which is he's one of the main reasons why i'm i'm leaning towards sticking with the lions to win this division again for real mike breen coming up to talk hoops uh pro football focus i released some fantasy rankings last week yes big bore top 400 jamir gibbs hold on a minute is he top five is he top five uh running back four okay 11th overall player so who's running the three running backs in front of him let me guess mccaffrey saquon and bijan not saquon why would saquon are you kidding me no no no not saquon saquon's running back seven that's crazy talk breeze hall running back three bijan robinson running back two so running back christian mccaffrey running back one where's zeeke uh where's rico okay rico dowdle running back 34 that's freeman as well what's royce freeman rico dow running back 50. so royce freeman he's available running back 95 so you get them on the cheap and then they'll carry you to the title so that's what i'm saying okay breeze halls in front of uh jamir gibbs yeah a lot of expectations of all the fantasy people matthew barry big time great i would love it that would be spectacular hall of fame tackle on this squad so it's going to help open up some holes yeah yeah jets are all in on that i'm on rod st brown talking lions wide receiver four who's one jj cd lan of course i knew the receiver one yeah by the way just don't don't pay him let everyone else start paying there's then he'll he'll just be the most expensive when you know you're going to keep him see the thing is rich what you don't understand about uncle jerry he wants cd to be the highest paid so let everyone else get paid then he's gonna go over the top what his last five or you do what the lions did which is like hey we'll make you the best paid player and then if you have it for 24 hours it's not our fault welcome to talkville the ultimate smallville rewatch podcast guest star sarah carter as alicia baker although i didn't really work with her a lot but tom did and they had some real big smoochy scenes yeah should we talk about that could there be any more sex what was a three-page makeout scene that just kept going good lord we get it they have chemistry jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on youtube or wherever you listen
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