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Thomas Lennon: Nobody Ever Wants That Much Feedback

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 9, 2024 3:13 pm

Thomas Lennon: Nobody Ever Wants That Much Feedback

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 9, 2024 3:13 pm

5/9/24 - Hour 3

Rich weighs in on Jalen Brunson returning in the 2nd half and spurring the Knicks to a Game 2 win over the Indiana Pacers.

Thomas Lennon joins Rich in-studio to discuss his memorable role in Netflix’s ‘Unfrosted,’ the best parts from the Tom Brady Roast, and reveals what ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ star Patrick Stewart said about his legs when seeing him in his ‘Reno 911!’ costume on a Paramount+ commercial shoot.

The guys react to the $10,000 wager made between former LSU teammates Malik Nabers and Jayden Daniels in their competition for NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year honors.

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See I could take 30 players right now in the NBA and throw them in the NFL. You cannot take 30 NFL players and put them in the NBA. This is the Rich Eisen Show. All lies will be exposed. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Good luck going from your sport to the ultimate contact sport.

Good luck going to a sport where you can't get out of your contract just because you say you want to. Earlier on the show, ESPN NBA reporter Dave McMenamin, host of the Greenlight Podcast, Chris Long. Coming up from Netflix's Unfrosted, actor Thomas Lennon.

And now it's Rich Eisen. Great chat. Hour number three.

Hopefully just like hours number one and two. And I have a feeling it will because I just had a nice chat with Thomas Lennon in our commercial break. He's sitting in our green room. He's coming out. He's in Unfrosted, which is the Jerry Seinfeld written and directed and produced and acted in film on Netflix. Number one on Netflix actually for movies.

I believe the Brady Roast is still like the number one TV show that's on Netflix right now. Oh my goodness gracious. Everything's on fire.

Everything's on fire. So Thomas Lennon is going to join us in hour number three. Great chat with Chris Long in hour number two. Nice surprise call-in from Karl-Anthony Towns was the winner of the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion Award. How about that? Hey Karl, we're going to show you this video on our phone and it's Kareem saying congratulations, you've won the Social Justice Champion Award with my name on it.

That's not bad. All right, I've posted on Instagram. And we also, for those just joining us, joining us for, I don't know how we got on that subject matter. Oh yeah, that Nikki Glaser posted on our reel of Todd Bowles saying that she's, he's a big fan of hers and she's coming on our show tomorrow to talk about her appearance on the Brady Roast.

She was on Stern and Kimmel this week and that's how her week began and it will end on this program in studio. At any rate, we discussed how Del Tufo's Instagram account oddly has the same number of likes around in a, like in the old Price is Right game, the range finder, the range game, right? Was it the range game, right?

It was like this piece of red plastic, right, that would go up and if the price of the car wound up in that range you won it and if it was above or below you were out. Range game, I was right. Range game. Range game. And I remember it's like boop, boop, boop.

It would be the same music, it'd be very eerie. Yeah. So in that range and there's a certain range of the number of likes that you have which is our way of flat out accusing you of buying your likes through Russia. Like Mike, it's odd that Mike has called up our CFO and asked to be paid in rubles. I need to do some ruble transfer. Can you tell me Mike was asking about Krugerrands? Yeah, why do we need, why do we need to, why is he being, having a direct deposit to a Belarusian bank? Some Belarus bank, bank of Belarus, a little bob. Little bob, little bob.

Paying them directly there. So we decided we took a photograph, I don't want to say it anymore because I don't want to, I don't want to mess with the number of, we've all posted the same photograph on all of our respective Instagrams. Mike will wind up with the most number of likes we think and it will be the same number of somewhere between 420 and 480 likes.

Can't wait. So let's, before we bring Thomas Lennon out, let's hit the way back machine to May 8th, 1970. Game seven of the NBA Finals between the Knicks and the Lakers. Game six, Knicks center Willis Reed hurt his thigh muscle and a lot of conversation was being had. There was no 24-7, 365 sports talk at the time. There was just traffic and weather together on the 8s or the 10s or whatever there was. Walter Cronkite probably, right?

Yes, the 10s and the 8s. Whatever it was, you know, and a lot of chatter that Willis Reed couldn't play in game seven. And who came out of the tunnel to surprise all of the Knicks fans prior to the game in his home white warm-up uniform but Willis Reed, to thunderous applause and the garden crowd letting him hear it.

And who scored limping around the first two buckets of the game for the Knicks? Willis Reed. And the legend is born. The legend is born. Willis Reed is basically shorthand, certainly in New York sports lore, for somebody who is hurt, coming out of nowhere when you thought he wasn't going to play and leading the team to victory. And like many of these sports stories, there's a little bit of license. Would you care to guess how many points Willis Reed scored in that game seven that night?

I know the answer to this. The answer is those two buckets. Four points. Four points, three rebounds. But just the fact four points, three rebounds. But just the fact that he did it and was there and got the garden crowd going and he played 27 minutes that night.

Four points, three rebounds. The thing is, Clyde had 36 and 19 minutes. Yeah, Clyde is probably sitting there going, wait a minute, because of Willis Reed. Clyde had 36 and 19. He's like, which is it?

Why ain't I on your list? Well, I can only hope that Clyde still has it because the Knicks might need him in this series. Because the reason why we bring it up is on the 54-year anniversary of the Willis Reed game in Madison Square Garden, Jalen Brunson, middle of the first quarter, calls for a substitution. You look at the replay.

You're wondering, you can't even tell what is bothering him. Then you find out it's his right foot and it doesn't even seem like he puts much pressure on his right foot in that replay and then he's out for the second quarter. He's questionable to return and thus any thoughts of a magical run for the Knicks in these playoffs already without Julius Randle and without Bogdan Bogdanovic and now without Mitchell Robinson as the Knicks fans and the Knicks learned prior to tip off of game two. He's out for the playoffs after returning from a lengthy stint on the injured list in the regular season. He's gone.

You're wondering, is this going to happen? Talk about questionable. Well, who came out of the tunnel prior to the second half to warm up? On the 54-year anniversary of the Willis Reed game, it was Jalen Brunson and Isaiah Hartenstein said after the game the ovation that was coming from the Knicks fans when he came out because Brunson came out before his teammates. Hartenstein said they heard it in the locker room and it led to a third quarter in which the Knicks outscored the Pacers by 18 points. They went down from 10 up eight and we all know that Brunson was part of that fourth quarter making shots from three making shots in the paint making shots all over the place and then the Knicks were doing their offensive rebound magic in the fourth quarter again and they're up 2-0. This is what Brunson had to say after the game on a Willis Reed night.

This place has been nothing but special for me so I appreciate everything they do. That is really cool to hear but I just knew I had to get my mind in the right place to figure out how I was going to attack the second half. And so you know he did look like he was favoring, he's limping, he didn't look himself in the third quarter but he scored 24 of his 29 in the second half and that's the way he did not score 40. You have to figure that if he played at all in the second quarter he'd had at least 11.

And a guy who's been equated with Bernard King and you know the best Knicks since Patrick Ewing, he's now associated with Willis Reed. Go figure, Jalen Brunson's tenure in New York is the stuff of legend. But you gotta wonder because after Brunson comes back and part of the reason why the Knicks were even this close to have that 14-0 run that was part of that third quarter that flipped the game around is because Oji Ananobi had a career playoff high 28 points. He was ready to lay in his 30th point and going up for an easy bunny fast break lay-in he hurts his left hamstring. Now hamstrings are not something whatever the hell Brunson's got. He was out for the rest of the game.

Well I was hoping it was a cramp. So I'm just wondering right now is this the effect finally of the conversation that not only surrounded the Knicks this year but does appear to always surround the Tom Thibodeau teams. Too many minutes. Too many minutes. Josh Hart had his fourth game of these playoffs playing every minute didn't rest all 48 minutes. Do you know who the last player to have four games in a single postseason in which he's played all 48 minutes would you care to guess? I'm gonna say Wilt.

You said Wilt. You want to go you want to give a guess? It's more recent. Oh okay. For a little hint.

Oh man. More recent. Derek Rose.

Nope. Right church wrong pew. It's Jimmy Butler. And his coach was Tom Thibodeau. There it is on the screen. Look at young look at those youngsters look at the wisp. Tibbs got the wisp.

Tibbs wisp. Big face. So is this happening again? Everyone's like wondering like yeah that's what you say this is what he does. So Thibodeau was asked about all the mileage being put on these Knicks to get to this point. Yeah you know he's a great leader so I think the players all have respect for that when a guy goes out and is willing to give whatever he has and so that it says a lot about him and then you when you look at you know what Josh has given us you have great respect for that and that's it's saying a lot and to me the actions say a lot more than the words and so it says that you really care about your team and your teammates and so and we got a team full of guys like that. That's what he's talking about how the guys dig deep.

They dig deep. Yeah they're also conditioned to play like this you know so end of the season they're not entirely gassed in the fourth quarter you just wonder if the injuries will take its toll if they end up having to move on. Please all I can sit here and thinking to myself the way it is going right now. So Bogdanovic hurts his ankle in the first round. He's gone. Mitchell Robinson hurts himself in the second round. He's gone. Julius Randle already gone. They already tightened the rotation very tight. It got so crazy last night Alec Burks actually played one minute.

That's it. He took a shot by the way in that one minute. Way to shoot your shot brother.

You know way to shoot your shot sir. He played one minute okay. Oji Ananobi is now abs I would be stunned if he plays any part of of the games in Indianapolis. Of course this is the one series that goes every other night too. Right right. So it's not even one of those Wednesday Saturday deals. It's not even one of what the Timberwolves and the Nuggets which is Tuesday Friday like we're not doing that.

Yeah yeah. It's every other night and if the Knicks somehow I'd be surprised if Ananobi plays in Indianapolis and I'm just wondering if the Knicks get to play the Celtics it'll be like half a Brunson, Josh Hart with an IV bag, Dante DiVincenzo napping and somebody else is going to get hurt. Oji Ananobi with a crutch and a wrap and the ghost of Alan Houston and maybe we we have to we will look at Clyde say hey sir. I mean how many minutes can you give us?

They got all those legends. Starbury's back all of a sudden. Let's go. Spree can Spree give us a few? Spree will go out there. Can we sign these guys? I don't know 10 days.

Was that what's going on? The Knicks might just like at some point Thibodeau might just turn to them during a game and say can you help me because I don't know what the hell's going on out there. You might get 45 seconds out of Ewing. So congratulations man when the Celtics might get the Knicks. You think the NBA is insisting that it's going to be Nick Celtics. The Pacers might be the more healthy team pal and then on top of it congratulations you'll get you'll get the that's what you'll get or you get the ix that's what you get you get the ix. Half the Knicks that's what you're gonna get. I'm glad the excuses have already started. The New York Ickerbockers. That's what you'll get.

It's not an excuse it's the facts. The hell's going on right man. It's like there's like a voodoo doll happening. But Brunson still came back and by the way like I said the comparison to Willis Reed is just figuratively because Willis Reed scored four and had three rebounds. Brunson god bless this guy. 24 of his 29 in the second half. Five assists three steals in 32 minutes. He played 32 minutes.

It's king of the fourth. Hart had 48 minutes. The big ragu with 44.

39 for Hartenstein. OG had 28 minutes before his hammy gave way. I don't know. That'll be the conversation that if there was only a load manage program for the Knicks throughout the season but they wouldn't have been the two seed without it.

That's the way they do. Yeah no absolutely. I'll tell you what man.

You can't just change what you do. Hart like front rimmed at three in the fourth quarter and then Tibbs called a timeout. Come back his first three was center cut.

Yeah. Hart does not look like he's and by the way he didn't look like exhausted. He certainly had enough energy to go up to Reggie Miller and translate for him what he perhaps could not hear through the headset from the rafters. He is already Hart has made himself a Knicks legend for that. Yeah they're saying F you.

Yes by the way Reg in case you're wondering. All right so that's my take on Knicks situation. We'll take a break. Thomas Lennon is here everybody. Unfrosted is on your Netflix right here on the Roku portal. When we come back the very funny and talented Thomas Lennon is here.

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Unfrosted on Netflix available on Roku here on the Rich Eisen Show and you can obviously as I mentioned right here on this portal Jerry was on last week so was Jim Gaffigan and now we've got the very funny and talented Thomas Lennon here on the program. We're moving right down the IMDB star meters. No sir no sir.

It's a nice just gentle decline. It's funny when Jerry is here and I said to him you know uh because the clip that we showed involved Jack McBrayer playing the Steve Schwinn the bike guy. I said to him like was the bike guy really involved in the creation of the pop tart and he looked at me like I was totally insane um but your character really existed in real life. Harold von Braun has a real guy. He invented do you remember in the back of like uh uh mad magazine and like sure you know they would have the folding the folding he also invented x-ray specs you remember x-ray specs okay where you could hopefully see uh ladies undergarment through uh he invented x-ray specs he invented sea monkeys which was just disgusting dead brine shrimp that you would send children and then they'd wake up which seems like right now that's like sending somebody anthrax like you could send we used to be able to send people brine shrimp that were dead and call it sea monkeys packaging yeah it was pretty gross he invented a bunch of stuff like that but luckily it was all for a terrific cause just a bunch of guys and sheets so he had but he had nothing to do with the movies the movie's completely made up the movie is just spike and jerry just made up a bunch of stuff spike farrison spike farrison who's super funny and jerry just uh i don't think they did a ton of research i mean they looked up the names of the two cereal companies there's post and Kellogg's and after that he said he didn't do and yeah they didn't do any diligence about using anything or okay he got no permission he can just do that see so here's the funny thing about jerry so i part every day i would ride i ride my bike to set because it's very close to my house yes and jerry has a different rare Porsche that he drives to work every day so every day i'm on my like weird girl's bike with a bell and he's pulling up in the most exotic interesting cars you've ever seen one of which yes this is the one that blew my mind none of them have license plates which is interesting you know so he drives without license plates most of them don't have license plates okay they're just these gorgeous machines that should all be in a museum but one of them he's got one that's like a little police car it's a Porsche police car and it's got a blue siren light on it that any time it's going the the blue light is on that sounds like something like Bruce Wayne from the 60s Batman would have you know the TV girls bike and with my bell yeah and i really and jerry's pulling out and i'm like every time he drives his car around it's got the blue it's got no license plates it's like this vintage it should be in a museum and then it's got a blue police light going and nobody minds yeah he showed up here in a 68 like lime green Porsche yeah yeah and it was amazing did it have a police siren did it have a license plate it had a new york plate was it a funny plate though that just said i love the Mets or something very possible i think sometimes he could probably drive around with those fake license plates i think it said cesspitus on it right something like that polar bear polar bear yeah oh my gosh great job at the roast oh i just i just i was glad to see i thought you added a lot of credibility yeah you made it you made it feel like a real thing right out of the gate you have that air of like this is a real thing this is a real thing yeah it's nice to see you there it just feels makes people feel confident and then what happened after some wacky stuff happened right after that but they didn't trim you they don't have to trim you for the the later version no they don't no that wasn't booed i wasn't loudly booed that was so interesting i mean kim really heard it live was watching it live yeah yeah nobody ever wants that much feedback sometimes like i've been to a focus group of like a show that i was in but i also wrote it so you can look through the glass and see people be like i don't like that guys i don't like that guy you know but there's at least glass yeah you know it's more like an aquarium but that was that was just live live feedback the dials were turning in the wrong way on that one there uh yeah it was very loud when we're in the arena right it felt loud on the on the on the computer and brady had the line of the night with involving her that she she didn't want to she was a little nervous about being here not because of what people were going to say about her but leaving her kids at home with their dad was one of the uh one of the funniest classic lines that brady told jeff ross uh roast j simpson he got me into the friars club and i've been a i was a member of the friars a lot of weird stuff's happened at the friars the friars club friars club is the original roast organization i went to a roast once at the friars club that probably jeff i joined in 1996 here in la uh the friars club new york new york right they wanted to get some new blood uh the joke at the time was uh have you seen the friars secret handshake it's this um because everybody was it was you know like penny youngman was having a bowl of soup every day it was just the strangest sally jesse rafael was up on the bike in the gym it was just a weird little gym where you could watch sally jesse rafael work out if that if you're into that he was born in 1906 no no everybody was hanging around the friars club was people from the 1800s but you know they'd be in a towel and they're having soup it was a really a great place to hang out well i met jeff ross in 2001 in september of 2001 when when he was 50 when he was 50 right and he and he and he he he looks great um but i i went up to him um and he didn't really know who i was he wasn't that diehard of a sports guy at the time and i went up to him and told him what a fan i was of his based on his b arthur joke that he made that we cannot repeat that no about sandra burnhardt's looks blank at the jerry stiller roast with b arthur's blank right correct and b arthur was there and she she shook her bony finger at him like this you know and it was one of the funniest roast moments i've ever seen and i went up to him and i told him how how he had me at hello essentially with that and he asked me you know do you have a tuxedo in town this is in new york i'm like yeah and he goes would you like to go to a roast which one did you go to hew hefner roast the hef rose the hefner rose which is famous of the for the aristocrats joke of uh of uh may he rest in peace gilbert godfried and and so um the reason why i'm telling this story is i i wound up being he put me on the dais which was this it had to be about 80 people on it it was the new york hilton yes it was it went on forever the new york observer when they did a story on it referred to it as the b-52 wing bomber of schtick okay and and it was it was that long and so i was on the very very very end for with the podium that freddie roman was at before freddie roman was the dean of the fryer right i have my certificate was signed by frank sinatra at the time come on and freddie roman where is that piece of paper it's in my bathroom in the back it's in the back house it's also a real cheap piece of paper it's the fryer's club everybody's in towels salad jesse's up on the exercise bike it was a weird weird it was a weird but great place so i'm sitting at the end and to my left was uh the amazing kreskin oh and to my right the guy who had been spoons yes he was the very end he was the last guy i was the second to last guy and then to my right was jackie the joke man martin jackie the joke man oh he's a joke machine so that night of the roast they uh there was a prize fight in madison square garden that was going on and the dinner took forever so before the comedy central cameras were turned on they had the dinner first and a bunch of people got up to go to the fight so they needed seat fillers much closer to the podium and they moved me oh so you got a hot spot i got a hot spot and i so i wound up being in between joe pantoliano joey pants and fry this and the reason this is why i'm ultimately bringing this whole story up is you want to talk about crazy fryers club members you wouldn't think of fryer's club member patty hearst was sitting course yes the the you know of course people who were involved in 1970s simianese my she's the only person i know who was in the simianese liberation army i mean i knew you'd love maybe i know one other person in the simianese liberation i definitely know just i know one as patty um i didn't know any weddings together so that's how i watched the hefner roast in between those two people that oh wow that is a there was some great there's some great roast there was another jeff ross joke that always was amazing and he did it at many many of the roasts because he would always say i'm just so sorry that abe vagoda isn't alive to see this and then they would cut to abe who was always there and abe vagoda was just sitting down at the end well abe must have been when you were there oh my gosh that is so funny you got nikki coming in tomorrow i do and there's going to be a lot of bronzer right all around here just put a put a doily or a towel it'll be a bronzer move the camera up a little bit is it the first gentleman be a gentleman be a gentleman tilt that that camera boom up a little higher catch some of the bronzer that's okay very good great girl the roast starting right now i love it we love we love it she had one of the best jokes about one of well i'm just saying what about being with her boyfriend for 10 years but she would the lottery ticket shoot him in the face i've ever heard of my entire life she would shoot tom she would shoot a boyfriend in the face i don't know how we've been quoting that at my house all week because we're like a pretty family oriented thing but we haven't quoted that it doesn't seem sayable on earth no apparently it is okay let's say it here yeah i'm here with the father of the year thomas lenin uh on the rich eisen show um unfrosted again is available on netflix so how how does one prepare for a role of being a nazi who is helping with the uh creation of the pop talk thomas because i didn't how do we do this one of the things i pride myself on yes is that i never ask directors any questions ever i've never asked i've been in two christopher nolan movies i was in a clint eastwood movie i've been in two merchant ivory films and i i my feeling is that i should never have to ask a question okay because if i have to ask you questions i didn't do my job okay you know but i also don't do any research at all so i don't put in any work but i also don't want any feedback so for this one it just said the name it just said harold von brown had adventure of the sea monkeys and you know doing the table read and i'm like i'm just going to come in swinging i'm just going to come in like this and be like hi everybody oh this is wunderbar yeah i live i don't know these little sea monkeys so i just started doing that and it seemed to go well because there was three table reads you kept having to there's a lot of levels to get through okay to get in the final picture uh-huh and uh i just kept doing all i just kept me into this weird little guy that's always you know which is yeah i mean you've met me weird little guys is my sort of mine well i mean your your entrance that i wish was caught on camera as you came on the stage sometimes you just do stuff for the room sometimes i'm just doing stuff for the room i appreciate it a lot of jazz it's a lot of jazz hands and a lot of pointed toes these are by the way these are actually the official uh jerry seinfeld sent us all uh custom nike's kellogg's nike's are they really yeah all that is it's got the red cake on them he not only did he not get permission from kellogg's at all he just used their logo and made shoes and stuff he doesn't have to he doesn't even need license plates he's got a police siren literally who is gonna stop him and then when they do get stopped they're like oh sorry mr seinfeld this is cool this is cool that guy yeah so you're saying jerry seinfeld tacitly approved of your vision of who harold von bronhard really is that was weird because then on like the first day i started doing i was like i was coming in and doing this little guy and jumping around and everything and he's like i was like jerry do you like that i do it the way i've been doing it like sometimes in german and sometimes in english and he's like no i was like oh oh crap because i was about to say i don't recall that voice in the film no he's like yeah don't do that anymore i was like okay you just tolerated it till i got here and now yeah i think it just means he wanted you in the in the film yeah i think he did it was yeah he's you know he was actually it was actually a tremendous amount of fun i mean if you look at the people in that movie it's bonkers like it was yeah i can't imagine how you could keep a straight face during some of these scenes certainly with the way jim gaffigan was playing his role amazing dead dead serious you know as well he is the man in charge of kellogg that's true yeah his legacy his legacy it's also an interesting movie because you see it looks like a really big movie doesn't i mean it's big and colorful and it feels like it's like a very colorful the entire the entire film is shot in one room basically one very big studio room at uh across the street from paramount huh i know it's so we drive i drive my son to school every day i'm like ollie look yeah and that's where amy schumer's office from unfrosted and he's like okay cool and that doesn't land yeah that's where nicky glazer i'm like i do that's where hugh grant put on the tony the tiger outfit that's hilarious um and and again just so many of the cameos also it's an amazing yeah i don't want to do spoilers no i know i'm in the middle end that's really great that is that one's great i i will say this that one legitimately got me off the couch like i stood up when i saw these two guys reprising i knew that was in the works trying to happen yes well one thing that's interesting when you do a movie like that they uh the hair and makeup department puts up a headshot of everyone in the movie who's cast so when you walk in the trailer and it's a very very long line and you just walk down somewhere i got a video of i was like i can't show this to anybody ever but it was uh just could this really be the cast of this movie including those amazing secret cameos yes who were already up as headshots and i'm like i don't they're not gonna get those guys to be in this movie yes they are certainly playing the characters that they uh i guess we'll that's replayed bill burrs uh jfk is did you think that was gonna work on paper bill burr is jfk did you think it would work i will say this straight up i i 100 percent i i i loved it i was worried about it and then i think i said this to him the other night i was like that was way better than i expected but it was great but that's not a great compliment thomas yeah but who doesn't love to hear that you did way better than i expected i thought you were gonna really say hey listen now bill i had very low expectations for you but that's great see because that's what you want to be you want to be the guy that comes in a movie and it's like that guy was way better than i expected you know as opposed to me it's like hello i'm here hello again i'll ask this then because this is one of my pet peeves where are where do you stand on the use of the word solid as a compliment oh uh i feel like we're gonna disagree because i i like it you do oh is that not good no i mean listen we can say tight tight i've learned to start saying tight i got instead of solid i'll say this i'll say this you you you feel like it's solid because it refers to like a bowel movement or something like it could be something else there are much more complementary adjectives that could be used outstanding excellent not everyone's a wordsmith like the rich these feel you know that's what i'm saying like but they feel a little hollow that's i don't know yeah bonkers hey man saw what you did bonkers because then it's also fun because you don't know if it's good or bad i will i will say that stuff you were doing bonkers bonkers bro i will say this uh you you're the way that you use the word tight better than i expected see better than i expected didn't if i heard thomas lemons gonna use the word tight i'd be like i've got a kind of a persona when i do it a little bit too though yeah i wish jerry to let you use the uh the accent that you were using because that's that's kind of like out of the producers you know what i mean like a little bit out of the producers here i do i mean i do it a little i do it a little bit okay yeah i'm glad to be on the short list it's going to be on the short list for like genuine weirdos you know when that's going to come up you must get reno 911 all the time right you know we still do it a lot right you know yeah i know like which explains the curious mustache and the very bizarre highlights that i didn't want to mention it on film it doesn't so yeah they also don't look good in person so it's uh you're very brassy today brassy they're a little bit sometimes they trot me out to do other like just since paramount kind of owns the character the hell of a super bowl commercial thank you very much oh my gosh thank you for having me we got into that we that was superb one of my favorite commercials of the year that's great did you see the two-minute youtube version because the two-minute version is pretty amazing were you all there at the same time a lot of us were okay me and patrick stewart for sure were there at the same time because patrick stewart looked over at me i'm in the shorts and i got a real strong sense that patrick stewart has not seen reno 911 so i mean it's weird when i'm in the outfit and people know the show a delight but when patrick stewart's they're looking at you like oh man he doesn't know it he doesn't care i'm in white go-go boots and basically underwear and at a lull he looked over at me and he said may i ask uh are you are you wearing makeup on your legs or are they that scratched up and horrible looking he said i didn't use the word horrible but it was very very close to the word horrible and i was like oh yeah my legs are my leg yeah i'm like you know uh i'm always on the show and i'm like rolling around in gravel and chasing people down the street and sliding over cars so yeah they're really messed up and then i said i also i also live in this neighborhood in la that has a lot of mosquitoes he's like i live in a neighborhood with lots of mosquitoes he's like where do you live and we found out that patrick stewart and i because of our mosquito problem live a block away from each other yeah yeah it was exciting that's how you found out that your neighbors because patrick stewart my knees looked so bad so you are a sight too you look like a clown no because uh yeah oh my god at the end of the entire day i still don't know if he knew that i was like a guy from a show just a commercial like hey arnold is standing next to him and then there's like a cutout of dora the explorer and then i'm really there but am i a stand-in or am i fake wasn't there right two was not there because two is in was in florida yeah right okay and so it's like but actually getting sent to be in the super bowl if everything worked out well yeah but so like i genuinely don't know what he ever thought i was but it's great it's very humbling once in a while to be around because i'm around a lot of people they're like hey dangle oh man new boot goofing and then it's good to be around someone who's like your legs look on atrocity i hope your legs aren't atrocity sir just run into him walk walking your dog or something you can put on regular hose or something just go get some legs they sell them in an egg you get them literally anywhere maybe you get the eggs you just pop open an egg those were look those were legs right you gotta be such a fright oh my you don't remember legs i sold the next it was actually la eggs like it was an apostrophe it's very french it was french we're all dating ourselves oh my god uh creed wasn't there was creed the creed was not there but now i've become sort of casual friends with the guy from creed scott stat which wasn't wasn't on my bingo card but now we're now we're kind of casual friends what a great spot yeah that was just i watched it over and over and over again sound effect to the when he goes it's pretty amazing he just makes a little like right as the song's going he goes it's so good well sir patrick stewart you should when you bring over a cup of sugar or borrow one from him let him understand because you are you are a crucial component of uh the paramount mountain sir as nothing beats a great pair of legs you are i've got you some tights i'm lieutenant jim dangle damn it captain captain do you outrank i could do wait a minute do you outrank no captain outranks but i could really do like a christmas carol now that i know he lives around the block from me i could just show up in the outfit and be like remember me me with the itchy legs i told you i would find you again i swear i really don't know who you are now oh my god door dash i could just keep showing up in the outfit fantastic unfrosted on netflix available right here on the roku portal oh we've done a lot of laughing great to see you too come back anytime sir i love being here and i love seeing you and you're one of my favorite people and thank you um you know appreciate it and uh our old friend maddie you're just about his favorite guy in the entire world i hope you know that and uh oh my gosh you hit me at the end there man no no it's okay um i i loved if your ears were always burning it was because he was always saying a lot of really great things about thanks for you you're very sweet to say that and i've you know as you know i felt the same way about him yeah as well and those those moments where i was the howard cossell and your odd couple world sir was just i truly some of the greatest moments of my entire life it was really amazing and you were always amazing thank you you're the best thanks for saying that and congrats again on unfrost everybody check it out on netflix right here on roku tom at thomas patrick lenin on instagram follow him we'll be back in a sec or look for me and patrick stewart's yard how many um planks do you have to break to be a black belt how many do you have to is that is that is an actual metric here i don't think there's a number but i think it's when the pressure's on when the tournaments happen when the tests happen why i'll break one right now if you need one do we have one anywhere can we get a plank for this hot take plank but don't break that hot take plank i mean why not it's a two by that two by four that's right what is it now you got me i have no idea let me see it hold on standard plywood i'm guessing get ready to cancel my show at morongo tomorrow i have a broken hand i don't know about this sweatshirt we haven't taken it off in years this would be amazing if you feel that you could break this is that a proper uh i could break this i haven't done this since i was 12 okay do you want to give it a try if you think you can do it but this is what i learned at the house of empty hands in newark new jersey okay very good here we go did it break hold on hold it down did that better yeah that'd be good chris hold on the other side chris all right it's going hold it pull it pull it out a little bit more for the edges is on the box you don't even have uh any you don't have any music from uh karate kid if he gets it glory alive i'll take it here we go forget it damn it i really thought i could do it rich i really thought i could do it it's okay jeff we still love you me too all right oh my gosh the great jeffrey ross everybody here back on the rich eisen show radio network sitting at the rich eisen show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger has the right product for you call or just stop by how funny was that my uh my cheeks really hurt still right guys am i wrong oh man we have done a lot of laughing and we that netflix is a is a uh is a joke festival that's been in this town since may 1st it's just been fantastic oh good and again nikki glazier's on tomorrow tony hinchcliffe is next tuesday tuesday third hour kill tony's coming in yeah kill tony i think is doing the forum oh my god so funny so very funny these people are just so funny and thomas lennon is just as one of my favorites so oh god his patrick stewart imitation is just absolutely classic can you just imagine like this regal actor patrick stewart looking at him as just screwing around dressed as lieutenant dangle from reno 911 you know he had a sour look on his face so let's finish up with let's finish up with this one let's finish up with this one i saw this today i honestly don't know where this is from other than i saw it on twitter so i'm kind of holding my breath but i i do believe it is legit that malik neighbors and jaden gagnon's teammates of lsu football last year um easily and i say this with all due respect to everyone else the most prolific most dynamic quarterback wide receiver combination in college football last year oh yeah my hands down right sure for sure correct for sure one won the heisman trophy the other guy is a top six pick right yeah okay so they made a wager a certain amount of american harder than american dollars on it uh which one's going to be the offensive rookie of the year okay and um you know i know malik neighbors uh is a very confident young man wide receivers frequently are they have to be and uh i do believe he showed up in his first press conference with the new york giants and went third person in case anyone was curious how confident he is um del tufo you and three three pa we used to have an idea of like here having an alarm right that that would go off if anybody ever went third person i used to pay a dollar yeah that's right when we started nfl network remember i had the dollar you would say del tufo's got this covered you would say that all the time and everybody's like what the hell is happening i do remember that you used to do that all the time yeah you've grown you've you know you at least well you've evolved into other things which is paying for instagram follows and likes but we're weaving a tapestry here every day you know what i mean stuff from hour one we'll just weave it back in hour three i've been keeping track by the way okay um so i will just say this uh i can't put it past anything to do with malik neighbors anything that he wants to set his mind to sure okay but jayden daniels is a quarterback already that's a leg up two quarterbacks have the ball in their hands three wide receivers are dependent on quarterbacks to get them the football true okay so jayden daniels is a quarterback who can throw it and run it a receiver is somebody who can run it and catch it and catch it and then run it but they're very dependent they're they're they're uh they're dependent on others and his others are drew lock daniel jones oh and tommy cutlets with all due respect he's still there yep i don't think this is a fair fight okay we're gonna i honestly don't think it's a fair fight probably not looking at some odds okay caleb williams is a big favorite for offensive rookie of the year he's plus 170 uh bet a dollar win a dollar 70 jayden daniels six to one is that is that the second best second best odds six to one marvin harrison seven to one so malik neighbors these around the best odds of a wide receiver correct he's 14 to one malik neighbors what number is that fourth best best odds so he's fourth best tied with jj mccarthy also 14 i don't know man i mean and then there's going to be somebody you don't expect like say a jamir gibbs type like nobody nobody i bet you coming out of the draft three weeks after the draft jamir gibbs wasn't even top 10 in a offensive rookie of the year if you're worthy 20 to 1 roma dunes a 25 to 1 tian coleman 25 to 1 oh gosh lad is 30 to 1 brian thomas 30 to 1 oh my goodness gracious i don't think it's a fair fight yeah personally but who knows it's fun makes it interesting it does make it interesting you know you are you are correct monitor throughout the year you know something else to monitor is the instagram accounts oh at michael del tufo yep at chris brockman at tj jefferson at rich eyes oh pardon me at brock shady uh at rich eyes and show as well that photograph is on four five different pages right now and you know what let's just don't even give the update now let's let it marinate overnight sort of like overnight oats oh you know what i mean you set that in the crop let it go and marinate check on it the next morning and have a meal you know we'll see on friday welcome to talkville the ultimate smallville rewatch podcast guest star sarah carter as alicia baker although i didn't really work with her a lot but tom did and they had some real big smoochy scenes yeah should we talk about that could there be any more sex what was a three-page makeout scene that just kept going good lord we get it they have chemistry jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on youtube or wherever you listen you
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