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Lavonte David: A Lot Of Confidence In The Team We Have

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 3, 2024 4:16 pm

Lavonte David: A Lot Of Confidence In The Team We Have

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 3, 2024 4:16 pm

5/3/24 - Hour 2

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Linebacker Lavonte David joins the show in studio and talks about Tom Brady's upcoming roast on Netflix, his time with Brady on the Buccaneers, and the chance to run it back this season with team they had last season.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show.

I met him a couple times. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Whose tickets did they buy? Were there 2,000 just un-bought? So did they go on the secondary ticket market or were there really like 2,000 seats available for Game 6? The Rich Eisen Show.

Knicks win the series at 6 and the Knicks are advancing to round number 2. Earlier on the show, Fox Sports NBA analyst Jim Jackson. Coming up, Bucs linebacker Lavonte David, actor and comedian Jim Gaffigan. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number 2 of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Yeah, Jim Gaffigan making his way to our studio.

He was at the Hollywood Bowl last night with yesterday's hour 3 guest, Jerry Seinfeld and previous Rich Eisen Show guest, Sebastian Maniscalco. We've not had Nate Bergetzi on this program. We got to rectify that problem. We'll work on that, obviously. But right now, we kick off hour number 2 with an in-studio guest. Been on this program many times before.

But finally, in-studio, in-person. A Super Bowl champion getting ready to get started on year 13 in the National Football League. The 58th overall selection of the 2012 draft, playing all his football with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Nebraska's finest, Lavonte David. How you doing, sir? Good to see you. I'm doing great. Like you said, finally getting to meet you and be in studio with you. Right back at you.

I feel the same way. And I asked you during the commercial break, so I'd love for you to say into that microphone, I said, what are you doing in Los Angeles? And you said, going to Tom Brady Roast on Sunday. Ladies and gentlemen, going to the Tom Brady Roast, Lavonte David. Have you ever been to a roast? I've never been to a roast, but I grew up watching a lot of the roasts. Which roasts did you watch? I remember I watched Justin Bieber's roast. Okay. I watched Flavor Flavor Roast before.

Okay, that's a good one. And then one while back when, you know, when Jamie Foxx and all those guys was heckling the other comedian and that one, I thought that was pretty cool. Was that a Shaq event? I think it was the Shaq one.

Yeah, I think it was. Shaq All-Star, comedy something or other. So, let me, you're perfect God asked this. Because this is a question a lot of people are asking in the comedy world, in the roast community, and also the sports world. Will Tom Brady be able to take being roasted Lavonte David? What do you think? Personally, I think he will be.

I think he will be. I had a conversation with a couple people talking about it. Like, dang, just like knowing how a roast can get, you know, you got to have some tough, tough skin to be able to be roasted, to be able to sit there and take that. I think because roasts, you've got to, you know, you got to go after the guest of honor.

Yeah, you have to. I don't for it to make it go great, but I think Tom has tough skin and knowing Tom being around him a couple of times, a couple of years. Yeah, he throw some jazz back at you.

So I know. Okay, so did Tom ever get roasted in the locker room in Tampa? No, not really. I don't think he really get roasted.

It's just like he likes the joke. Okay, so I think he's he'll be prepared for it. I believe. All right. So, yeah, because I'm just sitting here wondering because he shows up as the goat.

Yeah, so nobody nobody went at him. Right, right, right, right. But you you're the OG of the locker room. Right, right, right. Never once did you say, you know, this is my team, my house. Tom, you know, you got to do this, do that. Now that you're here, that never happened.

No, that never happened. It was a respect thing. You know, there's a respect thing, you know, and it was kind of like, you know. I threw it out there, like, welcome to the locker room, you know, stuff like that, like trying to throw it out there. But knowing that, hey, you Tom Brady, you're here to get me a subo. So this is your locker room for now that you're here.

And then, you know, he kind of did do it. So, you know, definitely welcome. How many do how many of your teammates are here? Because I was hearing that there's a ton of former Patriots are coming, right? Yeah, we'll be doing some roasting. Yeah, right. And then I heard I've heard a few Bucks guys are going to be in the audience. OK, so you're one of them. Yeah, I'm one of them.

I'm not sure. I reached out to Mike and Chris. Those guys probably won't be here.

OK, but I'm not sure who else after that. So I'll probably see him whenever I get there. Lombardi Lenny, is he supposed to be here?

Lombardi Lenny probably will be here, ain't no telling. Yeah, all right. Very good.

Yeah, yeah. Who is the best? I mean, who would be the best roaster in the NFL?

That you've seen their game on the field. You may have been a teammate, but which NFL player do you think would have the chops to roast somebody based on their game? Honestly, it would be it'll be it'll be Lombardi Lenny. It'll be Lenny for net. Really?

Yeah, just roast people? Yeah, yeah. Lenny is nonstop. He's nonstop. He's he's a guy who if if some stand out on you like and it is some that, you know, it's not really like normal. He would definitely, you know, let you know and you were hit by it the whole time.

The whole time? So, yeah. So Lenny Lenny is definitely a guy who will be a good roaster. Okay. And who and let's let's dish.

Let's do this for real. Yeah. Which teammate you've had would be the one that could not take being roasted. Could not take it? Yeah.

Would just have an issue. Ooh, ooh, ooh. Roaster too just throws out that Gerald McCoy would probably be a great roaster too. By the way, he's my colleague and now on NFL game day morning, you are not wrong. You are not wrong. Can't confirm, can't confirm. Yeah, he'll be a great roaster too as well. Oh, yes.

That can't confirm that. He's nonstop. But somebody who probably won't be able to take it.

Yeah. I'll probably go with I'll probably go with my boy Devin White. Devin White probably won't be able to take it. He couldn't take it. Nah, he won't be able to take it.

Why? Because it could be he can go out and for the horseback. Yeah, he's kind of he kind of sensitive a little sometimes. Well, that's one of my favorite lines in the history of the recent roasts. Yeah, William Shatner, the William Shatner roast. He came in, he was the guest of honor. He came in on horseback.

Yeah. And one of the best lines of the entire roast that was I think made put Betty White, if you will, back on the map was George Takei who played Sulu from Star Trek. From back in the day.

And apparently he and Shatner, they were rumored to not really get along. And he's got up there and he said the following, Bill, I finally got a chance now to say what I've always wanted to say to you. F you and the horse you rode in on. And it's one of the greatest lines in the history of the roast.

So Devin White would not be able to handle that line. It's basically he take his horses. He messes with the horses. He take that personally, too.

He takes it first. How about Sue? Couldn't Domic and Sue be roasted?

What about him? Nobody wouldn't want to roast him. Nobody would want to roast him. Nah, nobody wouldn't want to roast him.

No, he sat in this chair. I wouldn't want to roast him either. He'll have to deal with him later.

So you wouldn't want to do that. Lavonte David here in Los Angeles for the Tom Brady roast, which is going to be live on Netflix 8 Eastern Time. And that can be seen right here on the Roku portal, Lavonte David here on the Rich Isaac Show. Year 13. What if I told that kid coming out of Nebraska chosen 58th overall, 13 years in the NFL? I wouldn't listen to what Reggie said, honestly.

I wouldn't listen to what Reggie said. You know, coming in as a rookie, you don't know. Then you hear all the stories about, you know, how quick guys get out of the league and stuff like that. Two and a half years, three years and stuff like that. So that was on my mind, you know, coming in as a rookie and then not knowing how the transition would be, you know, not knowing how it would fit in the locker room.

So I definitely wouldn't want to believe you would have said I've been going to year 13 right now. Where were you on draft night? I was home with my family back in Miami.

House full of people, you know, my mom, dad, grandma, cousins, guys from the neighborhood. I remember everything like it was yesterday, honestly. I think that's one of those days that you will never forget as an athlete getting that call. And it's always funny that when you get a call from a team that you haven't had no communication with throughout the whole process. Zero.

Zero communication with throughout the whole process. Really? You know, I didn't even know what the 813 area code was when they called me. I'm like, who's this? And then I answered.

And I heard Mark Dominic and Greg Schiano. And, you know, the first thing that really came to my mind was like, I'm back in Florida. Thank you. Right. You know, coming from Nebraska.

So but going from South Florida to Nebraska. That might be an adjustment. Sure.

I got it. Definitely was definitely was an amazing moment. Amazing feeling. So when what was your welcome to the NFL moment that because you said just moments ago, if you're a rookie, when you were rookie, like you weren't going to be listening to somebody saying you got 13 years. Potentially my my welcome to the NFL moment kind of came from training camp, you know, going against, you know, we had a my rookie year. We had a great officer line, you know, obviously, when you see Doug Martin ran for like fifteen hundred yards.

So yeah, guys like the muscle. Yeah. I got like a Daven Joseph Donald Penn. Carl Nix was the one who really welcomed me.

I remember was a 907, you know, run fit drill. And I remember I had to I knew what was coming and I know I had to take on the block. So I tried to beat him there. But it was it was it was like a clip that showed on the film. And like you see, he's looking at it and like the coaches didn't even have nothing to say.

They just skipped over it. I'm like, dang, man, that's kind of like that's kind of messed up. You know, he literally like lift me on my feet and got me out of the hole. Credit lane, I'm like, this is what I got to look forward to the rest of, you know, training camp or NFL. So just that right there kind of like welcomed me to knowing like, I mean, I got to I got to be prepared to take on guys like this all the time. What about on the field on the field? Let me see on somebody meet you in the hole, somebody on the field. Not really. Yeah, not necessarily on the field. I just I just remember just like. Probably.

Getting cracked back, maybe. I remember we was playing the Vikings, my rookie. It was Thursday night. You know, Asian, the Asian piece ran for 2000 yards. And, you know, I remember I was running him.

I was about to, you know, chase him and then run the receivers. Kind of like gave me, you know, a crack back hit me just before it became illegal. That's correct. Nowadays, what you're describing could not be right.

It could not occur without flags. Right, right, right. So that was it was a really good hit and it sprung him free, broke for a touchdown. That run right there, put him over 100 yards. So we wanted like, you know, we wanted to be the first team not like get him over because he was on the roll. You know, you kind of remember.

So he was kind of like holding the check. But that run is probably like a 60 yard run. Put him over 100 yard mark.

But just remember it. And it's like every time it's a highlight, they showing his highlights. You see that hit in it. So that's something I got to see every time. I'm sorry to bring it up, but that is a welcome to the NFL moment.

Lavonte David here on the Rich Eisen show. So Brady shows up. Yes.

What what happened that you can recall? I mean, I shows up because you're this is what you're trying to do in my head here. You're nine for you, right?

Pretty much when Brady shows up in 2020. Yes, you're nine for you. Yeah.

Yeah. And you've been through nine years of kind of wondering where the consistency is going to come from, where the ring might be coming from. You're staring at maybe year 10 around the corner and what's going to happen. And then how did you find out Brady was coming? Honestly, at the exit meeting, talking to Coach B.A., you know, you know, you have a one on one with the head coach and I just remember him saying, you know, we're going to get somebody in here for you to, you know, get us over the hump.

You know, you know, previous year, the previous we were seven and nine that year. We had a solid defense and, you know, offensively, I think we weren't sure what was going to happen with, you know, James and stuff like that. So I just remember next to me, he's saying like, you know, if, you know, we don't get James back, we don't bring in somebody who's going to get us over the hump and get us to the Super Bowl. And he was like, it might be, he literally said it might be the GOAT. I'm like, what you mean it might be the GOAT? And he's like, you know, it might be, you know, 12. I'm like, nah, whatever.

You know, I ain't right about that. Whatever. And then like later on in the offseason, you just kept hearing the things coming out. The rumors popping up, popping up. And I remember the breaking news was on ESPN and I remember I was just, I was laying on the couch literally watching, you know, I like watching them get up and stuff like that. So watching it and then I seen the breaking news and it was like, I literally like got up and I'm like, what?

Tom Brady signs with, you know, plans on greasy terms with the Tom Brady Buccaneers. I'm like, I didn't believe it. I thought, you know, it's live. And I'm like, I'm still not really believing it.

Is it April 1st? Then I remember I got a call from Jason Light and he let me know that it was true. You know, and then he was like, you know, Tom want to have a conversation with you, talk with you, whatever. And that's when I knew it was real for real when I actually had a conversation with Tom. What was that like? It was cool, man. It was like, it was just like, hey, he wanted to talk to me.

Like, why you want to talk to me? You know, it's like, you know, this is Tom Brady. Like, I should be wanting to reach out to him. And, you know, he called and he was like, man, thank you. I'm glad to finally, you know, be on the team with you.

And, you know, getting tired of playing with playing you in this, et cetera, et cetera. And finally get a chance to play with you and just, I want you guys to welcome me in the locker room with open arms. And he did mention that, like, this is you guys' locker room and I'm coming in and I'm just want to fit right in and just try to, like, win football games with you guys.

And then he went to going on and saying like, you know, don't treat me no different. You know, I know you guys are competitors, so just, you know, I'm going to compete with you guys as well. So let's just have fun.

Let's win football games. And from that point on, you know, I knew it was on. And then what was it like Super Bowl Sunday? Super Bowl Sunday.

In your own building. Yeah. You know, and obviously there's cardboard cutouts in the stands around some other first responders who were in the stands because this was in the full height of COVID-19 and all the rules that were being put down. Well, I just remember, you know, the build up from, you know, throughout the whole playoff run. We practicing and we seeing like, you know, them setting up the Super Bowl stuff at the stadium is like, we got to get there.

Like, we got to get there. And then when it finally happened, you know, just, you know, at the actual game day, you're going to be walking in the stadium and all the lights are very bright. It was like, we like, dang, like, why is not this for our regular home game and stuff like that. So it was everything was just different. The grass is better and you kind of like feeling it. Everything was different. And just walking through the tunnel, you see the lights are brighter and you just like, when you walk on the field, it was just an amazing feeling, man.

Like that's the that's the feeling everybody who plays football want to be a part of, you know, just playing on Super Bowl Sunday and actually winning it in your home stadium. And, you know, just in the piggyback, what you said about Tom, it's just I just remember like Tom didn't talk all season. And, you know, what do you mean he didn't talk all like, you know, pregame speeches and stuff like that? No, not all season. And then he was in the locker room getting ready to come out.

You know, what better guy not to speak with Tom? You know, he came in the middle and I just the stuff that he said, just kind of like fired everybody up in the game was all a ton of confidence. Just like moments like this will never be forgotten. If you win this game, you know, you're going down to history, your name, your last name will be remembered forever.

You win this game, your family be remembered forever. And like just the battle you went with those guys like teammates, you have this personal connection person bond for the rest of your life. And when you think about it, you know, you build brotherhood with guys and that stuff that you want to be, you know, you want to be a part of with those guys. So, you know, just think about it. You know, it's one of the reasons why I'm here, you know, supporting Tom because, you know, I had that brotherhood when I'm winning the Super Bowl with him.

So stuff like that, you know, that what you kind of like, you know, live for and you play the game for. So he didn't speak before the game to you or your teammates in a huddle or anything like that. Right, right. Until the Super Bowl. Super Bowl. Not even in Green Bay before you went out to Green Bay for the NFC Championship game?

Not that I remember, no. OK. I mean, and so he saved it for the Super Bowl. Saved it for the Super Bowl. Come on, man. Saved it for the Super Bowl.

I mean, I don't get goosebumps now, like secondhand. I mean, of all the guys, though, to also say, listen, I'm going to choose this moment to speak and then be able to have his words carry weight. Honestly, there's only one guy in the history of the game.

It's Brady. And going into that game, I imagine the sense was go run Mahomes and make him run for his life. That was the general sense going into that game. The general sense of that game was just don't let him beat us.

You know, just try to do as much as we can to, you know, try to make them one dimensional as much as possible. And, you know, not get beat over the top because earlier that season, you know, they kind of killed us, you know, earlier that season. Well, yeah, that's the kind of crazy thing, too, Lavonte, is that that was, if I'm not mistaken, the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend.

I think Hill had what, like 200 yards in the first quarter or something like that. Yeah. And and and then you didn't lose a game the rest of the year.

Yeah. That was the last game you lost that year. It was that game. It was because we had the bye week the next week.

Right. And speaking of that, I was going to bring this up, too. I remember walking in the hallway and, you know, running to Tom. He just basically asked me, you know, how we feel, how the moral, moral of everybody, whatever might be good. Listen, I was like, OK, that's good because we know I'm going to lose another game. He said that in the bye week after losing to the Chiefs. Yeah, he said that. And what did you think of after he said that?

Oh, that's what I was thinking. I believe I'm with you. We're not going to lose another game, Tom.

And then you didn't. We didn't. Yeah. And then because I remember our pregame show, we were there on NFL Network and I'll be straight up with you.

Michael Irvin was the only one on the panel who picked the Bucks to win it. Yeah. And his thought wasn't just, you know, the way that you guys were playing or Brady. He said there is no way you can lose on your home field at the Super Bowl. Right.

That you can never allow another team to come on your stadium, on your turf in this game that you and your team, if you lost it, you would never look at your home field the same way again. Right, right, right, right. I didn't think of it like that. Oh, you didn't?

No, not like that. That's what he said. And I just, I just thought about the more, like, what would it be, the impact it would have on the guys if we had, we did like win a Super Bowl in our home. You went a little more positively. Yeah, I was more positive about it.

That's good. Lavonte David here on the Rich Eisen Show. So let's talk about the here and now. I'm where Big Baker Mayfield people are in this program.

And not just because you're sitting here or the year that he had. We've been, we've been talking about it for a while. They accused me of Baker being, I've got two boys of being one of my, one of my. He's your third son.

Well, I mean, there's other ones too. I mean, Baker's the oldest of the other ones. Brock Purdy is younger. Kyle Hamilton is younger. General Hertz is younger. General Hertz, right.

Those are, those are my other guys that I caped for from this seat. What, what was Baker like the minute he walked in the door there? You know, outside looking in, you never know what you, what you was going to get from Baker. You know, if you didn't know him personally, you know. So you did in your mind come in with a little bit of a reputation.

Yeah, of course. You know, just from like, just from what the media said about him and stuff like that. So you thinking of that stuff, but you know, when you finally get a chance to meet somebody, you never want to judge a book by its cover, what they've been through or what people say about him. So you actually like meet him and get a chance to talk to him. You understand like why he's the person he is and you do kind of like love him. Not just because he's my teammate and stuff like that. But when you actually, you know, I see him the way he works, the way he acts around the locker room, how everybody kind of like gravitate to him, you know, just kind of like open my eyes, you know, just saying like, oh, you know, man, you know, one of the guys made cool coming in, you know, one, one, everybody to accept him for who he is, man, and just watch him compete on the field.

You know, that just what you, what you love to see. And Baker is a genuinely a humble, genuinely nice guy, genuinely nice guy, man. Just seeing the way he, you know, take care of the people around him, you know, taking care of the officer line and receives and stuff like that. And the work he puts in, you know, kind of like see wise, you know, you know, he's a competitive guy the way he is. Well, I mean, you never want to be the guy after the guy in any job, anywhere on planet Earth. Certainly if the guy, the predecessor is named Tom Brady, right? So how did he handle that situation walking into your locker room?

Again, this is now you're entering your dozen for you. And, and obviously there's Evans and there's Godwin. There's a whole bunch of people that are probably looking at him for a sign here. How did he handle all that? Yeah, I think he handled it really well. You know, all we did ask for him was just to be himself. You know, we know he's a great football player.

He could be, you know, he was a pro bowler this past year. So, you know, he could be a great football player and we know he could kind of get us to where we want to be as a football team. So all we did was just tell him to be himself.

And no matter what, man, we got your back. And I just, I think that's what the kind of like the, the culture we built in the locker room. You know, I kind of, I want to say, you know, DA started that.

And then when Tom came, you know, he kind of like implemented his thing and stuff like that. So, you know, that's what we just try to keep, you know, just let everybody know, man, like everybody just do their job, everybody be themselves and we can win football games. And that's basically what we told Baker. And he got us to the second round in the playoffs. Yeah. And then, and then a drive at the end of that game in Detroit with a shot to, you know, tie it and see what was going on. Right, right, right. And a heck of a run.

Yeah. And, you know, you mentioned Jason Light beforehand. He resigned you and a whole bunch of other guys. When you're thinking Cap is going to be an issue here, Evans, you and Baker, your kicker.

I'm probably missing some people too here. The loan snappers. You're kind of getting a rare chance in the salary cap league, certainly when a quarterback is in line to get paid.

And a future Hall of Fame receiver, which Mike is, is looking to get paid. It's a rarity that you're getting a chance to run it back here. So what are your, what is your approach to this coming season? Yeah, I mean, I'm happy about it. You know, I have a lot of confidence in the team that we have.

And, you know, you get a chance to, you know, learn from what you did last year and trying to improve on up to this year. You know, we're in a division, a division that, you know, a lot of people count out, but I think it's a tough division. Well, the Falcons now have cousins. Yeah. And, you know, we expect the Saints to be the Saints tough team that they always are. Right.

And, you know, Carolina, you know, they got Dave Canales, our old OC, he's going, he's the head coach over there now. Right. And, you know, Chihi is a type of, you know, competitive atmosphere. He could bring out a guy. So definitely going to be a tough division to try to, you know, you know, get a four-peat as far as, you know, winning the division four times.

But it definitely should be fun. But I think the main thing was, you know, Jason kind of like understood that, you know, getting the main pieces, main guys back to keep the locker room intact and try to get another one. How much longer do you want to do this? I'm taking it year to year, man. You know, I didn't know where I'll be signing back this year, you know, after the division game. And there was a clip out there that got me, you know, talking to Teddy Bridgewater, one of my good friends. We played in high school. He went to the same high school as me back in Miami, you know, telling him, like, you know, I'm going to take some time to really think about, you know, what I want to do, you know, try to, you know, see where my body's at, see where my mental's at, and then go from there.

And, you know, it took a while and then decided to come back. So I'm thinking we'll try to go that same approach after this season. But, you know, I'm having fun. I'm having fun winning, you know, going from eight years of losing. Now winning four years in a row is kind of like, kind of good. Yeah.

So that's pretty cool. Definitely getting, getting fun from that. And like I said, man, just the locker room atmosphere, you know, that's something that, you know, when guys retire, that's something that they go and they guys miss the main thing that they miss.

So I'm just trying to get all that in as much as I can, just build relationships with guys, build bonds with guys to where, you know, you know, when I do hang it up, you know, I have a good rapport relationship with a lot of guys that I play with. So to use the Marshawn phrase, you take care of your mentals. Take care of your mentals. And your chicken. And your chicken. Take care of your mental and your chicken. For sure.

For sure. That's, that's, that's an underrated thing. Taking care of the chicken. You take care of your chicken. Right, right, right.

I'd never heard of that chicken being used as that for money. Yeah. I guess I was out of it. Yeah. I heard it a couple of times.

You have heard it? Okay, very good. Lavonte, what a pleasure having you here. Thank you.

Anytime. There should be more Brady Roasts in Los Angeles. That means we can get you here. And, you know, look for my calls during the season. Get you on here on a Zoom, just telling us what's going on with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that I, just as we, as we leave here. Yeah. Do you think your team's overlooked? Because we're talking about the NFC is the San Francisco's conference. Yeah. And you got the NFC East, always that, that gets the focus. Yeah. The Lions, we just came from the draft, three quarters of a million people there.

They're all going crazy there. Right, right, right, right. The Packers, as we all know, one and done to the Dallas Cowboys. And you've got the Vikings, you know, obviously always being discussed.

The Bears now have Caleb and Roma Dunze. Right. So it'll be a touch.

Are you being overlooked? We always let people overlook us and we always be in the middle of things, in the thick of things every time at the end of the year. So I think we're going to be just fine. I think we're going to be just fine.

And I think we got the guys to get us where we need to be at the end of the season. See you at the Roast. Yeah. See you.

All right. Lavonte David's going to the Roast. You can see that.

Check out Lavonte in the crowd. Are you roasting or you got any lunch? No, I'm not a good roaster. I'm not a good roaster. Okay.

All right. Maybe we'll be sitting next to each other. I'll be there for sure on Sunday night. And you can see it right here on Roku through Netflix Live. A live roast.

First live roast ever, I believe. Eight Eastern Time. Check it out right here on Roku through Netflix. Back with what's more likely in your phone calls. 844-204.

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I know y'all waiting for us to fall and waiting, waiting in it. Where have you been the last six years? I mean, what have y'all been doing over there in the East without LeBron? Nothing.

That's cool. I mean, we'll be all right. As long as y'all don't win and we win, I'm good. As long as the Celtics don't win.

That's a successful season for a Laker fan. You're not doing any winning either. Look, man. All right. We'll stay at the house with me then.

Chill out. You know what the best part about Godzilla King of the Monsters? What is it? We destroy Boston in the movie. We level it.

Just level it. I love it. It's so many references. It's a Laker fan's dream, Godzilla King of the Monsters.

Oh, my gosh. Dodger fans, too, because obviously the Celtics stand in that way. Yeah, and the Rams.

The Grits and Rams. Lakers, a golden dragon. Delusional Laker fan is my favorite Laker fan. Delusional Laker fan? Is my favorite. That's cool.

What are you guys called? You Celtics. Look, O'Shea, I'm here for your Boston 8. I'm here for it. Oh, thank you.

Speaking of somebody who's from New York City and a diehard Yankee fan, I would take it in liquid form and inject it into my veins. But you really don't have much of a position right now to carp on a Celtic fan as a Laker fan. You just really don't have a position.

I mean, are they one of the championships? No, no. I know that. But you don't have... You're out of position under the boards right now. You're reaching in. You're going over the top. I'm kind of calling the foul right now.

Look, you know what I mean? You don't have much of a position. Listen, I am a Los Angelino. I'm a Los Angeles Laker. A non-Laker fan will never see me sweat. I will die with the Golden Army. They will bury me at center court. And I will not let a Bostonian get under my skin. I miss O'Shea Jackson Jr. We got to get him back.

I miss Delusional Laker. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. You know, we're so fortunate to have the real estate, to A, have compelling guests, and B, have the time to let them tell stories, right? Yeah, 100%. And from yesterday, Seinfeld telling the story about riding the marine biologist, the sea was angry, my friend soliloquy at two in the morning the night before actually shooting it because they kind of didn't like the ending of the show that they already had. And they had a thunderbolt idea of lightning bolt, thunderstruck idea of let's connect two of the plot lines of the marine biologist gambit that Costanza was working in Kramer hitting golf balls on the beach.

Stories like that. And then honestly, next in studio guests, we have Levante David. I had no idea Tom Brady had not once addressed his teammates in a pregame huddle. Never once gave any sort of rallying cry speech prior to the games of 2020 until the Super Bowl.

I had not heard that before. And I would just love to know. I don't know if the roast on Sunday night, whatever minutes that Brady has available to just chit chat because it'll probably be like a wedding for him. It'll be pulled in 50 million different directions. But I mean, was that purposeful? I am not going to speak here until we get to the big game. And he went into the season like, I'm just not going to do it. It's a new locker room.

It's a new team. I'm going to let other people handle it. I'm just going to lead by example.

I'm going to lead by this, lead by that. The moment didn't strike until the Super Bowl. And then of all moments to have your words have the most weight. Obviously, the Super Bowl is one of them.

But for him to say, all right, now I'm going to speak to you. Let me tell you how wild that is. How many guys in that team had played in a Super Bowl? I don't think it was him and Gronk, right? I don't recall. I don't think it was many of them. It couldn't have been more than just a handful of more. Literally less than five.

I don't know. You know, Arians, obviously, he was the offensive coordinator in Super Bowl 40 for the Steelers. I mean, obviously, Arians have been around for a while. And in terms of players and of all the human beings to basically, in essence, tell his teammates, let me tell you about the Super Bowl and the legacies that can be built off it. If I may have a moment, gents. Wow. What a story.

That was awesome. Let's go to Kirk in Las Vegas, Nevada, right here on The Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Kirk?

Rich Eisen, good morning. Can you hear me? I can, Kirk. Where are you? Where are you driving around the town?

Where are you, Kirk? I'm actually in Salt Lake, Utah, at the moment. Okay. But you're from Las Vegas?

All right. Or did you start? I am from Las Vegas. Were you holding on to start in Las Vegas and you're now in Utah? Sorry it took a while to get to you, but it's been a wild shot.

That is exactly what happened. Love it? Yes, sir. Okay. So what's on your mind? A couple of things.

The NFL narrative machine wanted to see what you thought about my top five narratives. Okay. And then I had an example of The Rich Eisen Show consulting.

Kind of a cool example. Okay. The top five. Oh. You've got a top five of what?

NFL narratives? Yes. Okay. Do you want to hit it? Do we have it for Kirk?

Do you want it? High five. One, two, three, four, five.

Rich's top five. Kirk. Kirk. Okay. We're beaming Kirk up.

What do you got? Here we go. Number five.

The Steelers quarterback grew, especially with Mr. Fields now being talked about as potentially a special teams man. Okay. That's a good number five. What's number four? Number four.

The NFC North. Are you kidding me? Let's go. Okay. That's a good one.

By the way, great headline. Number three. Number three. Aaron Rodgers.

What can he do for the Jets? Okay. That's a good one.

Certainly that's high up on my list. Number two. Number two. Mr. Jim Harbaugh. Okay. Your Los Angeles Chargers.

Okay. So by the way, in Vegas, that's not a very popular opinion, but good enough. Number one on the list is what, Kirk? Number one narrative.

Can the Kansas City Chiefs three-peat? That's a good... I mean, that is without a doubt number one. All right, Kirk. Good. I like it. No, no.

Don't hang up on him yet. Just let's take the... You need the help of RES Consulting or what did you say? No, I think RES Consulting has been heard.

There is a courtroom in a little town in Nevada with a mural. And on that mural is a street sign and the name on it is... No. Mo Green. No. Mo Green.

Oh, whoa. So there is a signpost of some sort to remember Mo Green in a courthouse? Of all places?

Of all places? That is a fact, sir. All right, Kirk.

We need photo evidence of this. Next time you're off the road. Next time you're off the road. Go back. Thanks for the call, Kirk. Wow.

Thanks, brother. You bet. Wow. Hey, now.

That should be... Am I asking him to Google something? I hate you. Don't hate me. Congratulate me.

Wow. Mo Green having a plaque or a signpost. Now, that needs to happen in Las Vegas, which is the town, as you know, that he founded.

But, I don't know. We've got to look that up. We're on in Las Vegas every single day, which we love being on. You know, Raider Nation radio there. So, we've got to have people call in, let us know about this.

Where is this place? All right, we'll take a break. When we come back, what's more likely Friday, baby? Jim Gaffigan's making his way to our studio, hour number three.

That's next. It's still to come right here on this fun show. What's up, everyone? It's Reality Steve, your number one source for all things Bachelor Nation and reality TV. Every day, I'm giving you the behind-the-scenes juice and your info on all your Bachelor Nation stories and also interviewing some of your favorite reality stars.

My name has been synonymous with spoilers, but I'm so much more than that. Give me a listen. Reality Steve podcast, part of the Believe Network.

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Afford Anything, wherever you listen. My goodness, guys, remember we started the show an hour and 40 minutes ago and I sat down here and I told you that the marine biologist story reel that's on our Instagram from Seinfeld yesterday went up a million views in the two hours before the show. It's gone up another half million during the program. You can see how many times it's been shared.

It's been shared like almost 30,000. I love it. I love it.

I love it. It's just a super, superb story told by a master storyteller and one of the greatest comedians ever and just talking about how he and Larry David came up with the speech the night before and Jason Alexander learned it and then he told the story of how in the scene his eyes are all wide and his eyebrows are raised and he's not acting. He's literally stunned that Jason Alexander is nailing it word for word and then the cherry on top of Kramer asking if it's a titleist as if it could have been someone else's golf ball in the blowhole exonerating him from putting a whale in distress right and that Jerry said that he and Larry try to spend all day like white knuckling waiting to hear from Titleist to see if they could use the word Titleist if they thought that was the funniest sounding name. Well Titleist apparently posted on our Twitter. What is that a Titleist from the actual Titleist account? It's just I can't get enough of it but is that a Titleist George is just like and Kramer went higher register when he asked is that a Titleist again it's just trying to say could have been someone else's golf ball oh my gosh love it and thanks to everybody out there for watching that and sharing it back here on the Rich Eisen show are you ready Chris Brockman are you ready for what's more likely and it's not just any what's more likely Chris it's what's more likely presented by T. Rowe prize hit it hit it what's more likely never say never but never hi Christopher what do you have over there what's up guys everybody good we're great I mean I'm great just real quick before we get going Sarah just texted me from the roast writers room yes that Gronk just facetimed them shirtless from an island somewhere it's going great is this part of what's more likely because I would have said that's very likely 100% likely okay thanks for that update from the Brady roast writers room honkers shirtless on an island and at least so the the internet connections working well very good everybody good we're great I'm I've been better tonight is the promise today is the promise I'm gonna talk to you in a second all right let's do a couple football here what's more likely guys Kirk Cousins see him throwing the ball yesterday the video making the rounds like that is one throw Kirk Cousins is an MVP finalist or Michael Pennock starts eight plus games this year Kirk Cousins is an MVP finalist is more likely than Michael Pennock's junior starting eight or more games this year the only way Michael Pennock's junior starts eight or more games this year is if Kirk Cousins is significantly hurt in his comeback season get out of here so there's a chain Monte David has a new guys again blown out he is there he is there for the future that's it whatever that arise how far in the future that's I don't know the answer to that question which is the reason why you have to wonder why you drafted him because the Falcons the Falcons are like the general manager Terry Fontanel is like four to five years from now like okay four to five years from now it means Michael Pennock's is closing in on being a 30 year old without having really started in the NFL now if you've got more trophies in the case I guess that doesn't matter it certainly matters to Michael Pennock's junior weird wild stuff at the combo I mean at the at the draft but I will say what's more likely is that Cousins is healthy and if he is he will start more games than is required for Michael Pennock's juniors you know more than what's more likely theory that you have thrown here and that it's more likely that Cousins is an MVP finalist what else Chris let's talk about my quarterback what's more likely Drake may plays more games this year or the fourth pick Marvin Harrison junior has more touchdown catches this year what's the higher total oh I'll go oh I'll go absolutely Marvin Harrison junior touchdown catches is more so you're saying what's the higher total yeah Drake may games played or started yeah just games just games played I mean come on games played means he can get in he can get a cup of coffee he can wet his beak a little bit yeah they're not gonna do that start all right so then Marvin Harrison junior touchdown catches 1 million percent the likelier higher total than Drake may games appearances played what else Chris Patriots losses or Harrison touchdowns now you're talking I would go with Patriots losses with all due respect to our our two guests from yesterday the guests before Jerry Seinfeld is rod male what else let's talk bears Caleb's gonna be awesome bears more likely the Bears passing record Caleb Williams will own by the end of next year yards in a season 3008 38 or touchdowns in a season 29 Eric Kramer did it both in 95 so you're saying he's gonna have a 4,000 yard season as a rookie or touchdown 30 touchdown passes brother I don't know why you wouldn't think that okay it's gonna be awesome okay sounds great I'll go with the yards you don't think he's gonna be good next year I have no I'm not saying he's not gonna be good next year but like record-breaking record-breaking good record-breaking good record-breaking good record-breaking good a 4,000 yard rookie passing season I mean you can kind of wake up how many yards did Stroud have this year I see when I looked that one up he didn't really get cooking until halfway that's what I'm saying is cuz rookies don't take time to get cooking for me and then at 4108 oh so he did but also um Bears are gonna run the ball maybe more than Damian Pierce and Devin Singletary did last year in Houston yeah I'm gonna run the ball when you have to take touchdown passes away takes touchdown passes away I'll go with the yards instead of touchdown passes we're arguing over absolutely nothing I will say what's more than likely is neither of those he gets neither of those oh that's the likelihood I'm not putting words in my mouth there's only one quarterback he fully believes in and his last name sounds like cathartic so McCarthy I wouldn't say my JJ McCarthy would have those either it's tough to do it Stroud dead last year that's a total outlier but you do believe in JJ one million percent hush yourself you guys need to buckle up what's more likely to who is more likely to have more yards and TDs this season Stefan Diggs in Houston or his replacement in Buffalo key on key on Coleman our new favorite player what did he say about his golf game did you see that one Tiger wish I could Tiger he's not Tiger Woods he's Tiger wish I could we just have like a full hard knocks of just him like just his entire rookie year I'll go key on Coleman cuz Stefan Diggs got to share the football any yeah I mean there's a lot of chase thank goodness is okay and man that was good news by the way Nico Collins and Nico Noah Brown still there right I believe so Dalton Schultz that's a problem no Joe Mixon's running it I mean you're gonna have to you're gonna have to spread it around I'll go I'll go the rookie key on Coleman he's one of our I mean when are we gonna get him I don't know all right well let's get on it yeah we need we need post-show meeting remind me cuz you know I got a lot on my brain you know who else I want Coleman Cameron bring let's go who we can prank okay work on your house you would have met her all right leave my house guy what's more likely to make rich happier this year what would make rich happier a Knicks NBA Finals appearance or a Jets Super Bowl stop it get out of here why would you even ask that question because it forces you to make a decision you would you hate knowing in this because it's obvious by the way I'm the most decisive what's more likely player you'll ever meet okay you literally just said neither which was not an option for Caleb Williams after giving you a decisive answer this is obvious this it is of course it is what is it the Jetson Super Bowl you out of your mind I've seen the Knicks in the NBA Finals fan ever now I've seen the Knicks I've seen the Knicks in the NBA Finals in my life I've seen it how'd it go I'm twice it on that day it went better for OJ what's the Jets are in the Super Bowl with Tyrod Taylor I don't think it matters at that point in time I I will just hope Rogers is there rooting him on all right yeah because Chris it's gonna throw him off a little bit what else through the roof right now sorry this is for TJ who is more likely to be on a new team next year okay Dwellenbead or Paul George oh I'll go Paul George I don't think Embiid's walking out that door they'll never let him go I look unless he demands to go I know it's I get it in the NBA I know you you really want him to I don't I don't bring it why don't I don't like Miami at all it feels like well you don't like him either so it makes that true at all you're a Zelda clan you can't why are you doing this to TJ why is this two guys in the news I don't think guys in the news there's a lot of guys in the news following the news okay I don't think either one of them is gonna be on a different team but if I had to choose one it would be Palmdale P I there's no one more all right a couple game sixes tonight who's more likely to force game seven clippers or the Orlando match I'll go Clippers yeah just because I want to help my guy out over in the corner there and he thinks that I'm they're gonna go on the road and win yeah they did they did game four what's the matter they've done that they didn't have Kawhi in that game either just ask him no see he wants us to lose in game seven I don't I want you to go out of your house I'm not a fan like that I'm just saying we the WNBA stars are in town let's go okay understood yeah all right wow thank you Chris good one thank you sir well done guys well done that was what's more likely presented by T. Rowe Price where confidence comes from a curiosity to uncover opportunities others may miss T. Rowe Price asks smart questions to better understand risks develop insights and give clients an investment edge better questions better outcomes learn more at T. Rowe Price dot com slash curiosity can can we get a screen grab of did anybody take a screen grab of Gronk shirtless on the shirtless on the beach in Bahama at a wedding in the Bahamas that he's coming in should I ask no all right but there you go I can't believe that's what led what's more likely since that was the likeliest thing period Jim Gaffigan in studio hour number three still here so Rich about me leaving the house you don't know man lately I've been getting up at 7 38 in the morning and watching coming to work well watching eighth graders play flag football and and and ten-year-olds playing volleyball all right now you need to explain you got it you got you can't just leave that like that to explain my godson plays like football thank you shout out Barry scored his first touchdown look at Jay Feli package over there you can't just say to a microphone on a live show you know what I've been doing in the weekends as I'm getting up to watch t-ball okay well it's funny certainly if he if he drives in the back of the airport to get there the funny part about it is like I love that bear is bear is Ashton's son since you'd like to know these things Ashton hook Ashton Kutcher son of Erica so I go to watch and some I'm sitting with these moms who don't know me and they're kind of and I realized the optic of someone looking like me just sitting there and you don't know who like why is he here so they're asking me like who are you here with and I'm like oh you know yeah and so Mila goes up to one of the wives the moms and talks to her and she comes over to me and she goes do you know that um that lady you want to know if our security wanted a donut today and I was like who she's like you and I'm like I'm not secure but did you take the donut I did not actually not I would take the donut out of donut you think I'm security I'll have to see it's not like we can I'll eat you out of all your donuts lady I've got to be security out there so I'm a spectator and interested observer I'm the worst suit I'm a family friend give me a donut welcome to talkville the ultimate smallville rewatch podcast guest star Sarah Carter as Alicia Baker although I didn't really work with her a lot but Tom did and they had some real big smoochy scenes yeah should we talk about that could there be any more sex what was a three-page makeout scene that just kept going good lord we get it they have chemistry jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on youtube or wherever you listen.
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