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It's A Tough Gig Being The Lakers Head Coach

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 3, 2024 4:42 pm

It's A Tough Gig Being The Lakers Head Coach

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 3, 2024 4:42 pm

5/3/24 - Hour 3

Rich and the guys react to the Lakers firing Head Coach Darvin Ham and comedian Jim Gaffigan joins the show in studio to talk about the movie Unfrosted on Netflix and his show with Jerry Seinfeld at the Hollywood Bowl!

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Come celebrate Mother's Day at Whole Foods Market. This is the Rich Eisen Show. I met him a couple times. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. Whose tickets did they buy? Were there 2,000 just un-bought? So did they go on the secondary ticket market or were there really like 2,000 seats available for game six? The Rich Eisen Show.

Knicks win the series at six and the Knicks are advancing to round number two. Earlier on the show, Bucks Sports NBA analyst Jim Jackson. Bucks linebacker Lavonte David. Coming up actor and comedian Jim Gaffigan. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Lavonte David of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was in studio with us in hour number two. Great chat with him. Hour one Jim Jackson broke down last night's series sealing wins for the Pacers and the Knicks to advance into the second round and face one another for the right to take on the winner of the Celtics and soon-to-be Orlando Magic slash Cavaliers series.

If you missed any of those conversations, don't worry. We got you covered right here on the Roku channel. As soon as this hour is over, we will re-air, we wheel as they say back in the old SportsCenter days. Wheel, the wheel on the Roku channel keeps on turning. You know what I'm saying?

Careful, careful. We don't have the rights. So we've got ourselves a fun third hour though to get to in advance of us wheeling throughout the rest of the day. And then there's our YouTube feed, which is white hot right now with all the Seinfeld videos from Jerry's appearance yesterday in support of the new film Unfrosted, which is available on Netflix today.

And you can watch that through the Roku portal as we speak, but don't do it now. I mean, we've got the third hour of this show. Yeah, I mean, wait a minute. Jim Gaffigan is in this film. He plays Edsel Kellogg the third, who I don't believe is the real first name of the man who ran Kellogg's back in the sixties. You want to look that up? Well, Edsel is the name of Ford's son and they made a car, which was the worst selling car of all time.

Correct. I just, again, I don't, as I told Jerry when he was here yesterday, I don't, I don't know what in this movie to believe or not, you know, like how based on reality is truly this, this, this story of trying to be the first to a pop tart between Kellogg's and Post. And at any rate, Jim plays the guy who runs Kellogg's. Kellogg had a lot of people in their family.

I'm sure they did. No one named Edsel. So it's not true. Not true. Okay. So I don't know how Jim based his, his role. John Harvey Kellogg is the main Kellogg.

All right. Anyway, Jim's in our, in our green room right now. I think this is his third appearance in the history of this show in studio. And he was on the stage last night at the Hollywood bowl in the Netflix is a joke debut of the two week long comedy festival here in town.

He and Seinfeld and Nate Bergetzi and Sebastian Maniscalco, Susie and I went last night, absolutely side splitting, jaw hurting, hilarious power ranked the comedians last night. I will not do that. What are you talking about? Not power ranking.

Why not? They were all equally hilarious. And I loved them all. The funny thing is, is what they did though, is that they, uh, put four ping pong balls. I think they were ping pong balls in a hat and chose the order that all four of them came out to start.

Oh, that's funny. And they, and they, yes, that they, they decided that they weren't going to just choose in advance that it was going to be completely random. Okay. Um, and then whoever got to, went first was going to leave the stage and then be properly introduced by the three of them. So what was the order? So Nate Bergetzi got one.

Okay. Sebastian Maniscalco got two. Gaffigan got three and Seinfeld got four.

Nice. And my God, it was fantastic. He was fantastic. Do you think that Jerry getting four was the, the equivalent of the Knicks card for Ewing? Like, like it was frozen.

It was a fix is what you're saying? I'm asking. I don't know about that. I'll tell you. Uh, Jim is also, uh, not only here in support of his, um, barely alive tour, which you should see my God.

Um, again, we saw, it was, I think you did a 30 minute set last night. If that's even a third of what you'd see on tour, uh, you got to go to and then there's his new bourbon. Everybody's got liquor. There it is.

Father time. And, um, it's his bourbon. And I do believe he would like us to try some when he comes out shortly, even better. Last time we drank on this show was when, uh, Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura brought vodka to the set at the Superbowl. And we drank a whole bottle with Kenny Chesney, Gronk and Edelman.

But I do believe I do. But Jim has, uh, B Y O G he brought his own glasses. So we're not going to do it to the face to use the Kreischer term like gentlemen, they're going to drink like gentlemen.

Well, I always like to have a little bourbon in my tea. So this is perfect. Very good. So that's what, uh, that's what, uh, that's what's coming up here on the show. That's what they were screaming. That's what I was screaming.

And then speaking of Brady roast, I still have that bottle by the way. Oh, do you really? Yeah.

I don't know if that's what got me so violently ill three days later that I was vomiting into the bucket to my right. That happened. I saw it.

It's tough to unsee. By the way, how did I not get nominated for an Emmy off of just interviewing Dan Orlovsky and then vomiting in the middle of it? And you didn't even know. Well, that nobody will ever know could be on next year's real next year's real.

It's calendar year before it came out. Do we include, do you, uh, Mike Hoskins is our coordinator producer. Who's in charge of all this stuff. Do you put it in the notes, rich vomited in the middle of this interview. Do you put that in the notes? Yeah. Context. Oh, it's context by the way, no greater context than rich had a violently ill moment in the middle of this interview.

People got to understand why I took over. What's more likely all of a sudden now that she finished the show, by the way, she was Rivera. Mariano came in, she came around, she brought the hall of fame closer and bring it in. Normally she, she just, she can't wait till I'm out of the chair so she can get in this thing.

Cause she, she loves doing the show. Um, um, but even then she was feeling for me, hold on a second. Okay. Darvin ham fired. Oh gosh. You kind of knew that was cool. Wow. Two seasons. And wow.

How about the names are being, have you heard the rumor? Hold on a second. Let's just handle this. As we see fed here that he went nine and 12 and his playoff appearances, uh, and his first two. And that's the, um, third worst win percentage of any Lakers head coach in his first two career playoff appearances.

Dell Harris was six and eight. You know, his worst is Jerry West at five and nine. Jerry West is the frigging logo. The only Lakers head coaches below 500 in that span of the first two seasons as a Laker head coach. And so of course, everyone's going to say, well, LeBron wanted it this way.

And that's going to be a 1 million percent. The hot rumor is Toronto is tonight's Clippers coach is going to take the job. So the reason why he started a podcast with this person was to groom him to be the next head coach, JJ Reddick. That's the rumor. Oh, is that right? The hornet sort of a pair of podcasts together now. So, uh, you know, he's kind of picking his brain and making sure he's out, you know, that's crazy enough to coach. I believe that actually it's, it's the few teams apparently have reached out to, so wait a minute. So hold on a second.

Two things first. It's unfortunate that Darvin had this happen. It was 19 74. Um, he was in the Western conference finals last year. My goodness gracious. You know, complaints about rotation and in-game adjustments. That's been plagued him this year, but I, I, I hear you the guy, the guy went to the Western conference finals last game at halftime against the nuggets. It's just a brutal business, man. Which is why you'd have to wonder why JJ Reddick would want to leave a, a burgeoning television career probably for 20, I guess so.

All right, sure. And also to be, also to be LeBron's last head coach in LeBron's career, which is crazy. I think LeBron's had four head coaches since he's been a Laker.

If I'm not mistaken, like all hand chosen kind of, wow. The Lakers go to the Western conference finals last season and then this season struggle, but then dominate the in-season tournament to the point where you see, listen, I know it's people have their fun with the in-season tournament and all it really was is just winning enough regular season games to be hot and then go to Vegas and win two games. But, um, they did show in those games, how stout they can be. And then the last few weeks of the season, they played better. They played better.

And then Jamal Murray buzzer-beated him twice. The defending champs got all they could handle in many different ways from the Los Angeles Lakers. So there's just, as always, there's an iceberg and we just see the tip and down the street, there was an iceberg that we didn't see all of it. And this is just a game that we've been in. This is just, again, it's a tough gig. It is a really tough gig to be the Los Angeles Lakers head coach. So who's next?

You really, is it really the hot room? What I'm reading is, it's tonight's Lakers Clippers head coach. Cause I mean, that's the guy who LeBron won a title with.

I think those are the two biggest favorites. You know, I've read a story the other day, or actually it was early in the day that someone's like their dream scenario would be to have Lou and then have Reddick and Rajon Rondo as assistant coaches. So Reddick would be an assistant? I mean, look, that's someone writing a story. Why would he leave the main NBA broadcast when ESPN and ABC is about to re-up?

It's about challenges in life, I guess, really. Like, he's proven he can do that. Right. And so all you got to do is just take the team to the Western Conference Finals in your first year and get fired?

The next? Three hours ago, JJ Reddick was the betting favorite. Him and Ty were basically the pods. The problem with that, and I like JJ Reddick. I mean, obviously, if you've watched any of that pod with LeBron, it's almost too smart. You know, like these guys are talking basketball at the highest possible level.

And I can imagine a lot of people can't keep up with the things that they're talking about. So, you know, he's got a brilliant mind for the game. But we got to remember the Lakers did this with Steve Nash. He took a point guard, very smart, very well liked. Players were like, he's the guy. First time, wasn't that his first coaching gig? Well, then Frank Vogel and obviously Darvin Ham in the mix now, and now he's out.

And so if JJ Reddick does, in fact, take this job, let's just throw it out there since you're saying it's an odds-on favorite, right? And why all of a sudden did they have a podcast together? Then do you remember Spinal Tap, the movie Spinal Tap? Remember that? Chris, do you ever see it? You never saw it?

You got to see it. Certainly they're remaking it. The whole, they're having a continuation of it.

Yeah, they're going to do it. I think Rob Brown is directing it too. A mock documentary, right, on a band, a punk rock band, right? Or a metal band, pardon me. And so the drummer constantly had something befall him, right? I think Ed Begley was the drummer when they were in their sixties phase.

So the drummer from Spinal Tap always either imploded, like literally blew up behind the drum set or something happened to the drummer. That is the third chair of the NBA on ESPN on ABC Broadcasting right now. Or, let's just say, if you want to be a head coach in the NBA, take that job. Because Doc did.

It's a gateway. And that would be two in a row. And of course, Mark Jackson would be just, and Van Gundy would be just in time, just in time for us to leave. Wow.

So Darvin Ham, according to Woj, which means it's true, down the street, just found out that he is out in the Los Angeles Lakers, the Tiffany franchise of the association in what appears to be LeBron's final year or two of his all-time great playing career. That job is open, open for business and who's going to take it. And we just found that out live right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Everybody on hold, stay on hold. We're going to take your calls before the end of the show. But when we come back, Jim Gaffigan is here, people. Cannot wait. He was brilliant last night at the Hollywood bowl.

Cannot wait to chat with him here in support of Unfrosted, which you could see on Netflix right here on Roku. And then guys, are you ready? I think I should break the seal here. Should I break the seal now? All right. We're breaking the seal. Okay. We're breaking the seal on father time, father time, father time.

Let's do it. Which is an interesting name for a bourbon, right? Yeah. I like it. Oh, you're going to like this. You're a bourbon drinker.

You know, I'm more red wine than bourbon. Do it. Okay.

I don't know about 11, 15. What are you talking about? We did it in Vegas.

I mean, we did it in, uh, yeah, we did it. I know, but we were in Vegas. It's a little bit different. What does that mean? In Vegas and then at home.

What does that mean? In Vegas, there's no clocks. There's no time. Sarah's not watching.

She's on a zoom with the shirtless cronk. Okay, great. Good to know. That's uh, that's a Netflix is a joke. Um, uh, a gig too, right?

Fantastic. By the way, Richard, call her name real quickly. A caller named Diane called in to Adam in the back. She had tickets to the roast.

She can't go. And she gave her tickets to Adam. Oh, is that right? Yeah.

That's very nice. Adam's calling. Oh, is he really? Yeah.

What a heartwarming story. All right. Let's take a break.

That's a shame. Jim Gaffigan's here people. Let's take a break.

When we come back, let's have some fun with one of the funniest guys on the planet. Battle Creek, Michigan, 1963 Kellogg's and post sworn cereal rivals race to create a pastry that will change the face of breakfast forever. A wildly imaginative tale of ambition, betrayal, and menacing milkmen sweetened with artificial ingredients. Unfrosted stars, Jerry Seinfeld and his directorial film debut.

It features a supporting cast of comedy greats, including Melissa McCarthy, Jim Gaffigan, Hugh Grant, Amy Schumer, max Greenfield, Christian Slater, Sarah Cooper, bill Burr, and many more streaming right now on Netflix. Let's talk game time. Boy, do we love using game time tickets at the rich eyes and show.

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. Jim Gaffigan here on the rich eyes and show unfrosted. We just saw a clip of it telling my radio audience now, uh, written and directed and produced by Jerry Seinfeld, who was here in support of it yesterday.

And the man who runs the Kellogg empire in the film, Jim Gaffigan is here. You were hilarious last night, man, all for you guys at the Hollywood ball was spectacular. It's such an, you know, uh, you know, just a strange experience, but so fun. And there was last night was pretty electric because there was, it felt like there was, uh, it was hot from the beginning, right? We just walked out and people were having a good time. It was amazing. And it really was, uh, for ping pong balls and a hat. Is that what it was? I mean, the great irony. It's like, no one wants to go last and no one wants to go first, but in a way Jerry should go last because he is Jerry Seinfeld.

He is this icon. And, uh, but it was one of the things where I was convinced I was going to get first both nights, but I ended up getting third both nights, not fixed, not fixed at all. And we had talked about, um, you know, should we do this where it's easy for Jerry just to be respectful of this comedy icon. And he was like, no, no, we'll just do it. I would, how it comes out and totally random. Why don't you want to go last? Because it's too long. Some of it is you're just, and we didn't do too long of sets, but you were worried that there was going to be a fatigue with the audience. You know what I mean?

Because getting into the Hollywood bowl is like immigrating to another country. You know what I mean? So it's like, and people come in, they have dinner and then they bring blankets. It's like, they're, you know, it's like a tent city. You know what I mean?

And so you worry if like people see a couple of comics and they're like, all right, that's right. I got to go to work tomorrow. Maybe I should leave. So that's why you don't want to go last. But I feel like it, the momentum never really shifted. Not at all.

Not at all. And, and this was your first time playing Hollywood, the holiday. What does that look like when you see all these people just seemingly go all the way up to the back of the, and they have photographs back there of shows from like the 40s.

Yeah, sure. I mean, just insane, including Bugs Bunny. Bugs Bunny was at the Hollywood bowl.

That's one of my favorite Looney Tunes of all time. It's bizarre. I know, right?

Yeah. It's really amazing. And again, it was really great part of the Netflix is a joke weeks here.

And, and you could, again, on Netflix, watch Unfrosted. What's it like being directed by Jerry Seinfeld? What was that like?

It's well, I'd say it's pretty surreal. You know, I've worked with a bunch of directors, but knowing that Jerry is very precise and that he was very involved in the writing. Yeah. And, uh, so you, you, you're deferential, you know, I always want to be a good soldier when I'm on an acting project, but it was, he was, he's kind of very Aaron Sorkin ask and that like, it's, it's not garbage, it's garbage. And you're like, I didn't, I say garbage and he's like garbage. And so really he was precise, not in a ridiculous way, but you know, he is this genius. So you're like, all right, I'll do it how you want to do it. Yeah. He was deconstructing jokes with us all, you know, appearance long when he was here yesterday. So definitely.

And so then because he comes from that sitcom world where the writers are really have all the authority, it wasn't like his first, maybe it was his first official time directing, but he's, you know, very familiar with giving notes and stuff like that. Sure. It was great. Okay.

Fantastic. So who, who did you base your character on, Jim? I mean, like, did you, did you, did you research serial executives? I did. I mean, cause some of it was, there was a lot of table reads.

And so obviously you want, as a creative person, you want to add value. So there was, and the serial world is bizarre. The history, it is crazy. You really did look this up.

I totally did. Like, you know, the but of course Edsel is named after, you know, Henry Ford's, you know, and so, but yeah, no, the character I play is a little bit of, of my dad and a little bit of just that era. I mean, one of the things that I think is so interesting about this movie is you have all these comedians and you put them in the sixties and it works.

I'm talking about like Burr, Cedric, Ronnie Chang. It's like, they fit in this era, which is really an interesting thing when you consider that it was so long ago, but yeah, no, that the fact that, you know, I'm a Midwestern guy and you know, and Jerry, when he was talking about the project, I wanted to remain the good friend that didn't ask for anything. But on the inside, I was like, what's my damn part. You know what I mean? But so he offered it. He was like, yeah, it's gotta be you. You know, you're the doughy Midwestern guy.

You have to be a Midwestern CEO. So it made sense. So you took that as a compliment. You're the Midwestern guy from Jerry Seinfeld. I've seen mirrors. I'm not a fool. You know what I mean?

Although you're, you do look really good. Oh, well, thank you. Jim, you know, you talked about it last night in your act, right? Thank God for science, right? You're on the, what are you on right now?

I'm on Manjaro. And what did you call it? It's 99% Big Pharma, 1% Little Jim. It's all the drug. And you know, I don't care if I, you know what I mean? I'm in my fifties.

I don't, you know, it's like, what is the side effect? It's like my knees don't hurt. I love it. And so what, no, but you said it sounded like what you said? What was your, what was your line that Manjaro sounded like? Oh, it sounds like an Italian restaurant and welcome to Manjaro. When you hear you're not eating anything. It's so weird.

Cause I love my Italian character, but like Sebastian was there and I was like, am I, is it rude to do it in front of, I mean, by the way, how great was Sebastian? Oh my God. I mean, he is so funny. When he said last night about going to the doctor's office and that his sample is you could read the newspaper and that other people's looks like scotch.

And he said that if it ever looked like that, he would basically say, I'm just going to go home and die in my sleep. Leave the rest of it to you. Oh my gosh. And it was so fun hanging out backstage and watching each other, you know, watching Nate. I mean, Nate is just like a powerhouse. Killing it right now. Powerhouse.

Unbelievable. So you're watching everybody set. Is that what you're doing? So we would, we would go into our, you know, there's the comedian hang room and we would watch each other set and it was so fun. And like Jerry's laugh is really kind of special, you know? So it's like, ha ha, ha ha. You know what I mean?

It's like, it feels like it has a weight to it. Well, I mean, it's, you're, you're confirmed if you're making Jerry Seinfeld laughs. And I think also there's, you know, making a comedian laugh is a different task.

It's a tough thing to do. Okay. Well, listen, it was brilliant last night. Unfrosted.

You could see it right here on the Roku portal through Netflix. Let's get to, let's get to this bad boy that's right here. What, what are we, what are we looking at? So this is here, hand me in that way. So this is father time, bourbon, father time, bourbon. And by the way, each, you know, like Bert, by the way, Burton, Tom's vodka, everyone should buy that. But this is a different thing.

This is a limited batch. This is, I was approached to do a celebrity spirit a couple of times. And I was like, I was worried because sometimes the celebrity spirits aren't good. And, and I also didn't want it to appear like a cash grab.

And so I called a friend after the last time I was pitching, I was like from Louisville from college. And, and I was like, can't we just buy a couple of barrels and do our own? And he goes, yeah, we could. I mean, it might be a pain in the ass and you might lose money, but we can do it.

And I was like, what's the worst thing that could happen because I know it'll, I know I'll like the taste of it. And it's, you know, and if we don't sell all of them, then I just have extra bottles of bourbon. I mean, of course my wife's like, what are you doing? You have five children, you travel too much. Why are you going down to Kentucky and sampling?

Cause you know, that's what men do. We need to have these sampling adventures, but each bottle is, is signed. So even if you don't drink, it's kind of like, I don't know. It's like a thing where you can have a bottle right now. Okay.

It has been, uh, so authenticated. Yes. And so now if we have glasses, you brought your own.

Yes. Now these glasses to the, to the real drunks out there, they know that, uh, you know, there's you know, there's famous quotes from authors, Winston Churchill. And so I, this, this whole label is inspired about my experience as a father and how it is. And you know, like you're, you know, best dad ever.

Right. There's a certain irony behind it because we know that the mom is the hero of the story universe. There is something about being a dad that you, you know, when you become a father, you have a different perspective on your father. And then when your kids become teenagers, you have a different appreciation for alcohol. And so, and so the, the quote glasses were kind of, you know, Churchill, there's great quotes from him. And I have all these, you know, around father's day, there's always articles that have these quotes from me, uh, about being a parent. And so we just put some on some glasses. This one says most of fatherhood feels like going through customs with an outdated passport, right?

This one reads, raising kids may be a thankless job with ridiculous hours, but at least the pay sucks. So here we got to try it. Now you're not a bourbon drinker. Not particularly, but this is gonna, this is gonna change your life. Okay. And by the way, I think that, you know, there is something about, uh, you know, the parental, the relationship.

This is something that I think you can bond with your spouse because after you're married for 10 years, you're like, you look at the person and you're like, why am I even with you? Um, and it's because you need to reconnect. And that's what that's correct. This is all about reconnecting.

All right. So Jim Gaffigan is going to pour these, uh, yes. And I think you got four glasses, Chris, you want to come on over here? And if anyone is, yeah, you know, sober, don't, you know, don't worry. No, we're not going to blow up our relationships over this 25 years sober. And now Jim Gaffigan's making me drink for her. There you go.

But I am interested. You want to bring that over to cheers? TJ, come on over.

You want some? No. There you go.

TJ. Cheers. All right. So hold on a second. Cheers.

Cheers. So take a seat, take a seat, Jim. Like what, what's, what do you say? You, you're, you're the, you're the wordsmith here. So give us the toast. What's the toast here before we toast is, I think to, uh, I think to fatherhood, it's the most important job we will fail at. Right.

No question about that. And it's also, uh, you know, you know, being a man is weird. You know what I mean? It's like, we used to like in the fifties, there was a television show called father knows best.

And they would not make that show today. But try the bourbon. It's smooth. That's what I wanted.

It smells delicious. Oh yeah. Right. Oh yeah.

Jim Gaffigan. And it's like, you know, alcohol is not the answer to all problems, but to most of them, most of them. Anyway, I just, I'm so excited. And again, this is just, uh, the glasses are amazing too. So the glasses, you can get them with the, uh, with the alcohol. Yes. Okay. Yes. To set a Jim Gaffigan.

I think you can, they're separate, but okay. Very good. Wow.

It warms this warms the elementary canal, sir. It's nice. It's nice. Right down. I mean, your kids are still young. You're going to, you're going to find that this is a very important medicine. Oh my gosh.

This is good. Uh, so I have an interesting question for you. How much of your own possessions that you brought to you? How long have you been married now? Uh, 20 years. Okay. So I'm 21. Okay.

So we're right around the same, uh, right around the same time. How many possessions of yours are in your house right now that you brought to the relationship? Oh, wow. Um, gosh, I don't, I don't think much.

I don't think much. I have one chair. Really?

Yes. Oh, that's so interesting. One chair. And it sits there like it's in the Smithsonian.

Like I don't think, and it's an artful looking chair, which is why I think it has survived this long. Yeah, that's interesting. I think that there, we have, um, my family's immigration papers framed, but you know, I mean, you know, obviously my wife is very respectful, but like there is a little bit of when I bring things home, like I did this Netflix is a joke festival. They gave us, you know, uh, air Jordans and I'll bring them home.

And she'll be like, you bring them more junk in here. And I'm like, these are air Jordans. These are probably a collector's item, but also serve a function. Yes. Yes. I can wear them.

You know, we have three boys, you know, and they might want to wear these. So, um, but yeah, no, it's, but yeah, no, I would say that there's a different, it's a different experience. Right. And then, and then you have buddies that never got married and they, you go over to their place and they still have trophies from high school up and you're like, you're 50. It was great that you were the most valuable defensive lineman, but I don't know.

They don't have anybody in their lives to weed out their garbage. Yeah. Yeah. But so you don't have any, like there's no possession that's in your house right now that you brought to the relationship. There's, you know, there's some decorative stuff, but no, I think everything else has been bought since then. But you know, like I also think that the, the, the, the premise of buying a couch when I was single, yes. You know, like, like I remember initially, like we were looking at a couch and it was like $2,000.

I'm like, well, obviously we're not getting that one. That's $2,000. Do I mean like as a single guy, you're like, can't we just get a couch on the side of our road, but like when you're married, it has to be nice. Right.

And I have an 18 year old son. I'm like, Oh my God, was I like that? Cause he's like, he's a slob like next level. Oh yeah. He is like pure caveman. Yeah.

Like men have to be trained. You were like that. Yes. There's no question.

You were like that. Absolutely. There are times when I will tell my 15 year old son and my 13 year old son, you got to pick this stuff up. And I thought to myself, what a hypocrite I am right now. Yeah. I'm a total complete. I shouldn't say this in front of cameras and everything like that, that my children can actually see this.

They do have access to YouTube. I am a total complete hypocrite. Oh yeah.

My stuff was on the floor all the time. Yeah. Nonstop. It is weird how like, it's you like just getting my son to sit upright and not like sit like this at the dinner table. Right. I'm like, what, what do you go them?

What are you doing? But like, and when I bring it up, it's not like I haven't brought it up for at least 17 years of his life, but it's always the first time it's like, Oh, all right. It's so fascinating. That's why there's bourbon. That's why there's bourbon father time.

And who's on it? Your grandfather's the photo. This is my grandfather who I never met, who is this, who's this hero, you know, like I grew up and my grandfather was, uh, made dentures and I was like, Oh, that's interesting. You know, my dad went to college. He was the first one to go to college.

And, but I did that show, finding your roots. And I discovered that my grandfather, that guy on the phone and on the bottle was, he broke this cycle of my family working in coal mines. My brother would, there's nothing wrong with working in coal mines, but, but he was like, his father wanted him.

He could do anything, but not work in a coal mine. So he is this hero that kind of pushed us, our, my family after like 70 or 80 years to a position to be in the middle class. So that's why I have them there. Cause it's a tribute. Everybody go get a father time bourbon, by the way, it is a treating right now here on the Rich Eisen show.

No question about that. So, uh, I'll just, uh, I'll ask, um, what, what is your favorite joke of yours that you're telling right now that when it, when you're going out for your gig and you're like, I really enjoy telling this one, which, which is that right now? You know, I think any comedian would say it's the most recent joke, but the one that I did about the Jews and juice last night, please tell that, which is I have this whole thing about how kids are constantly embarrassing you. And some of the things they say when they're younger or scream, because they're accusing you of embarrassing them because that later on, that is the big payoff is that you're the biggest source of humiliation in their life.

But, you know, usually they'll be like, why is that man so fat? Well, um, is that woman a witch or Jews, Jews, and you're like, it's juice, please say juice. And that, that actually happened to me in the whole foods in New York city. My kids, my, these two blonde children, they were screaming for Jews. They were demanding Jews in a way that would lead you to believe they've been delivered Jews before. And so you're like, please juice.

And then you're like addressing the fellow, you know, people in the grocery store. They like juice, not Jews. I mean, they love juice. You know what I mean? They get that from me.

I'm a Jew lover. So it was just like, but I love doing that joke because there, there is something of that people, it's such a disruptive thing to just bark out. And so, and to relieve that tension is, I think we all need it.

Well, we especially need it. Speaking as one of them, Jim, I laughed very hard at that joke last night as did my wife. Oh God. Oh my gosh. That was great. But there are many other moments that you're talking about fatherhood and, um, and obviously being married to someone for two decades that, uh, that, that hit home for the two of us sitting in that, sitting in those chairs last night. Oh, it was fantastic. It really was. And, um, so you're barely alive tour dates, May 31st and June 1st, you're in Nashville, Tennessee.

And then in June, you're in both Saratoga, California, Napa. Yeah. Great.

Jim for tickets and more dates, uh, father time bourbon, the Netflix is a joke festival. That was a blast. And then on frosted. Yeah.

Bill Burr is JFK, right? And now it's amazing. Oh my God.

That was hilarious. And by the way, this is the type of movie. I know that like college kids will get stoned and watch it and it'll appreciate it on a different level, but, uh, it is one of those cause I've seen it a couple of times that you'll see it. You'll see it again.

You're, Oh my gosh. I didn't even, I mean, Kyle Donegan was unbelievable. And just the, the different little, there's so many Easter eggs in the movie that you pick up on multiple viewings. And Hugh Grant is Tony. There's the, uh, as the, uh, English actor who's losing his mind playing Tony, the tiger. My God, what a character you got to get. Have you had him on the show?

No, I have not. He is, he's a blast. Give me, give me a good one.

What's a good story. Well, he is like, you know, there are, first of all, he's this contrast of, uh, British, like he's the most British guy, meaning he is elegant and, uh, erudite and he's, but he's also, uh, you know, engages in this contrarian. He, he can be impolite. He can be, you know, like, you'd be like, Hugh, how are you doing? He goes horrible.

I'm doing absolutely horrible. And he does it too. So he's a disruptor. He reminds me of a standup. He just says things to kind of see how people will react. So he'll come into a restaurant. I was in a restaurant with them once and this woman was like, can I help you find a table?

He goes, well, I helped you. That's your job. You should be able to, and this woman's like, holy cow, but he does it, but he has this masterful charm, right? Yes, but he's a blast.

You have to have a month. So he's a, he's a double Oh seven assassin. Just trying to take you off your game. He's a mega town. And also, you know, seeing in restaurants just, you just see women melt around when he walks by. Oh yeah. I bet.

So, uh, again, that's available right now on Netflix on frosted. It's a lot of fun and thank you for this man. Thank you for signing it. We're going to have this.

Um, we're going to have this on a, on display here. Right. If that's good for you. Yeah, of course. Okay. Fantastic. So, um, we'll, we'll be drinking. Oh yeah. It's five o'clock somewhere. That's for sure. Um, thanks for coming on here.

I know you don't make it out here to Los Angeles. Jim Gaffigan, everybody. I'll check it out on Twitter and Instagram and then unfrosted father time, bourbon, and then for tickets and more dates for this man back here to wrap up the show and send you to your weekend. What's up everyone. It's reality. Steve, your number one source for all things bachelor nation and reality TV every day, I'm giving you the behind the scenes juice and your info on all your bachelor nation stories, and also interviewing some of your favorite reality stars.

My name has been synonymous with spoilers, but I'm so much more than that. Give me a listen. The reality Steve podcast part of the believe network. Just search B L E A V on YouTube or wherever you listen afford anything talks about how to avoid common pitfalls, how to refine your mental models and how to think about how to think certainly you can mess up on a million dollars a year. It is far less likely than it is on $30,000 a year. I would meet wonderful people that were struggling with a budget that was super tight.

It was a hundred percent. You need to make more money, make smarter choices and build a better life. Afford anything wherever you listen. This is a little early. I don't do a lunch martinis. You're pouring a martini now into the martini shaker. I poured just a little in.

It looked like there may have been. You won't complain. Don't send the drink back.

We just need to be old. The olives are already in the glasses. Don't bruise it. Don't bruise it.

Some people at home. What about stirring? There's a great bar called the Edmund over on Melrose. They like to stir. I like that. I like to shake a little bit. So are you more like bond shaken, not stirred or your first? I prefer actually bruising the vodka, making it ice cold. Okay.

You know what I'm saying? Sure. These are vermouth washed glasses. We have a little vermouth in there earlier. Okay. And then. Pouring it out.

Why don't you take that one? This is my friend, Rich Eisen. Are we toasting? I just want to toast you seeing you again. You want to toast the Aspen, correct? We're toasting to ESPN's 40th anniversary. There is a big event going on this weekend.

My invitation is probably where yours is right now. Yeah. So we just figured why not just do it ourselves? What a nice thought. You know what I mean? I haven't seen you in a very long time.

My arm's getting sweaty. I like to toast. I haven't seen you in a long time, Craig. And I've been cultivating this caper to try and get you come on this show. What if I only do your show?

I'd love to just do that. Cause I like, you're smooth and natural. I like Rich. I like Rich. Let me just see what this is.

Cause the water, the ice was sitting there. Cheers to you. Nice to see you. Nice to finally meet you.

Cheers. It's watered down. Don't say anything.

It's watered down, but let's pretend it's not. This is what I say at a bar or restaurant, the big four up in San Francisco and Knob Hill. I take a sip. I go like this.

I go, this is the greatest moment of my life. Craig Kilbourne's return engagement next Tuesday, back here on the Rich Eisen show. 8 4 4 2 0 4. Rich number to dial sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk. Furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click or just stop by. Allen Dallas has been hanging on forever and a day. How you been Albert? What's going on? Wonderful. We're at great, great shows last couple of days. I noticed that did Gaffigan look a little higher in his seat or no?

No, we have not adjusted the set. It's kind of difficult when Jerry Seinfeld immediately deconstructs your home in front of your face and live television and radio and then proceeds to then say, don't touch it. So I'll tell you him and he was dead on him and Larry David are not opposite.

They are the same person. No one's got a better, better, better lettuce on top. So the reason why, the reason why I was calling Richard, I wanted to take you back to 1994 when you were a well-coiffed young buck out of Staten Island. I had the wisp. And you had hair in 94, you know, like a much more, much more coiffed hair.

And you were in the foreign land of Redding, California. And there were three things on the television or making news at that time. And you stole my thunder a little bit. OJ Simpson was in the news. New York Rangers were in the news and the New York Knicks were in the news. Come to 2024, OJ's dead and the Rangers and the Knicks are hot as can be. This is a fantastic time.

I want you to embrace that, Richard. I know you're a secretly a Ranger fan and I want you to come back to the Knicks, even though you do, you do have legitimate gripes with them. This, this is the time.

This is a great time to be a New York sports fan. I'm back. Al, I am back. No, I'm back.

And Brunson brought me back. And so did the Nova Knicks and so did the, you know, Leon Rose front office. And in what they did, these moves, I mean, Bogdanovich, I don't know if he'll be able to come back for the second round series. He had surgery. It's doubtful, right?

I mean, it's entirely doubtful that we're going to see him anytime soon. But, you know, the, the Anenobi move was amazing. He's remarkable and, and everything else that they've made.

And I think the best thing that could have happened for the Knicks is the sphere, because I think that might've taken Dolan's eye off of the, one, the, the round ball in New York and let everybody do that while he's figuring out how to make the sphere as great as it is. And it's awesome. I'm not just saying that. Maybe that's it. I don't know.

They just let these. It's incredible. It's the Villanova, you said, you know, you have jokes about St. John's guys. And like I said, you know, you or I are, are, you know, say in the same wheelhouse here, St. John's fans rooting for three Villanova guys, these Villanova guys, this, this, this, this, this heart, this kid heart, this is John Starks on steroids. This guy's getting 14 rebounds a game as a guard.

He's been amazing. This team, this, this is what NBA, I know Brockman and TJ are big, you know, NBA guys. And, you know, you, you follow it and, and, and I watch it occasionally, but this is NBA. This is what we grew.

You know, this was an old wheelhouse, Rich. This is what we watched. This is what we love. The Knicks are just, it's really just, I'm watching it driving around on the freeways. I got my phone, I've got, I'm watching it on the, on my phone just cause I'm in between things.

It's got me addicted again. When you say in between things, I hope it's not bumpers, Al. I mean, my God, what the hell is happening? Did you hear this?

What the hell? I mean, Al, put the phone down, you know, just listen, listen on the Bluetooth. I told my children, Richard, do as I say, not as I do.

You were talking about fatherhood and how you were, you know, you left things all over the place and I still do to this day. So, but yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm pumped up, man. This is great. This is, this is fantastic. Thanks, Al. Appreciate it.

That's Alan Dallas. Basketball tickets. Get them right now for the playoffs in time for round two and beyond right on game time, because it's an authorized ticket marketplace for basketball making getting playoff tickets even faster and easier. Prices on the game time app actually go down the closer it gets to tip off.

So keep that in mind for game seven here in Los Angeles, TJ, if the mood strikes and things happen for you positively this evening, we'll see what happens. Last minute deals save up to 60% off buying last minutes for sports, concerts, comedy, theater, and more. There's flash deals, which means you could save even more with exclusive in app deals on select seats ahead of the game or event.

It is awesome. There's so many different ways that you can buy tickets using game time to take the guesswork straight out, especially buying playoff basketball tickets with game time, download the game time app, create an account, use our code rich for $20 off your first purchase restrictions apply. Visit game for terms again, create your account, redeem our code. R I C H $20 off download game time today. Last minute tickets, lowest price guarantee.

His name was invoked earlier. Jeff and Detroit back here on the rich eyes and show what's up Jeffrey. My true cousins. I just want to thank you guys for the love that you show Detroit. You guys did a heck of a show everybody. And at the rich eyes and show top notch, Don, James, Liz, RJ. I mean the whole crew just shows so much love and you guys made my dreams come true.

Me made in Hutchinson was probably the highlight of my weekend, the savior of Michigan and lions football. You guys are truly the best. How big is he in person, Jeff? Right? Oh my God. Listen, it's so funny because I'm sitting at the table and I look up and I'm like, who is this figure over my shoulder? I look up and he's smiling down at me like, oh, I'm like, oh my God, this guy is the awesomest person in the world. Just like that.

Yeah. It was great. It was great. And it was great to see you, Jeff.

It was great to see the city, uh, as it, as it looked and, and, uh, the red carpet rolled out, you know, and then the first person to say what up doe to us being you and the airport. It was great. That was a moment.

It was moment. That was great. It was really great for all of us to meet you. I love you guys. I love everybody there.

The rich eyes and show rocks. Right back at you. Take care of Jeff. Jeff and Detroit.

Yeah. When he came up to us, it was a celebration. Like you were so legitimately happy when you turned around, like you jumped up in the air and ran to Jeff.

It was amazing. You're like, who's your driver? What is Jeff? I'm like, is it Jeff?

Jeff? And then I read off the number. And then when I, when I call, cause we were wondering, do we meet at, uh, the downstairs, you know what I mean? Do we, do we meet at, at, at baggage claim or not?

We didn't check any bags. Right. And, um, so I'm like, it sounded like him. And that's the funny part.

You were like, well, it did sound like it sounded like Jeff. There it was. What a week. What a week.

Rich eyes and on his pad there. We had a great week right here on the Roku channel. Thanks for taking this show in. We'll be wrapped back to wrap things up on the Roku channel a moment. If not, we'll chat Monday. Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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