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Tom Pelissero: Drake Maye And Patriots A Good Fit

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 19, 2024 3:27 pm

Tom Pelissero: Drake Maye And Patriots A Good Fit

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 19, 2024 3:27 pm

04/19/24 - Hour 2

Rich breaks down Jim Harbaugh and the Chargers’ options with the #5 pick in the NFL Draft.

NFL Insider Tom Pelissero tells Rich how Caleb Williams and the Chicago Bears’ contract negotiations could go, why Jayden Daniels is likely to be the Commanders’ pick at #2 overall, why the Patriots are the perfect fit for Drake Maye, what J.J. McCarthy has done to skyrocket his draft stock, why scouts are divided on the NFL prospects for Michael Penix Jr., and which team among the Broncos, Vikings and Giants is more likely to miss out on drafting a quarterback this year.

Rich and the guys react to Rays pitcher Pete Fairbanks serving up the soundbite of the year after serving up a far less than stellar outing for Tampa this week.

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Out of the pocket McCarthy keeps the play alive. This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Long throw across the field. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Chris Jenkins Jr. you want to chime in on the conversation that JJ McCarthy might not be top five worthy? I don't know who's saying that.

Respectfully the trip is he's obviously 100 percent a top five quarterback. Earlier on the show, Colts General Manager Chris Ballard. Coming up NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. Actor and host Dulé Hill. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We're sifting our way through draft preview coverage and conversation and also parsing all the lyrics and Taylor Swift's new double album to see if she referenced us in any way. Nothing yet. I've heard a lot about Travis.

Heard a lot about Kim Kardashian. Oh really? Yes. Apparently.

Not good? Apparently T-Swift did a number on Kim. Oh interesting. Nothing about us yet though. That would be shocking.

I mean why why why why would there be? Because we've talked quite a bit about Taylor and caped for Taylor Swift in a way that few others have. I don't know. So you're looking for a shout out?

No I'm not. Oh just sound like just keeping my ear to the ground. Okay now would you ask Xander? I'm sure he's listened to it twice already.

Oh there's no doubt. Although not the not the second album that dropped two hours after he went to sleep. What do you think he's been doing at school today Rich? Yeah I mean like you say this like he's not wearing headphones right now. What do you think he's doing at school today? You know back in the day you know once we let once we went to school we were out of the mix. There was no way like the rest of the world like if the only way we'd find out anything that was going on outside of the school is if there was a fire drill. Yeah.

You know if we actually stood outside. Not no more. Not anymore.

Not anymore. I almost was thinking of texting to say did you hear that she dropped the other album and I'd get two things back. One which is like yeah of course I heard that dad and the other one would be like an influx of texts from him that I'm like oh damn it he should be like I'm the one who now took him out of his schoolwork. It's Friday.

The phone should be away. Dude you you got time. It's Friday. You gotta buckle down. You gotta start buckling down for cage man. Buckle down what? I'm gonna be like Caleb Williams dad.

Is that right? We're getting ready for the first round selection. We're getting ready for the first round. In which sport? Probably baseball at this point.

Really? Maybe some golf. Do you have any idea of the travel ball schedule? Your guy Matt Leinart had a very very funny Instagram reel about about learning a travel ball schedule like his off camera you could hear the voice of somebody through zoom because a parent is listening to the coach through the zoom and he's just like yeah we just made a tournament in Cuba you know and if we advance oh no we're we're taking off tomorrow for Honduras and if we advance you know we're gonna go to Cuba and then if we win that then we get a first round buy into Croatia which is because you're you're driving get ready pal travel ball no bueno like play play other sports sir for cage to make this sort of stuff you don't have to play travel ball okay i don't know that's okay you don't want to burnt out at eight like what are we doing parents are part of the problem and travel ball is part of the cage was not born in san pedro de Encino okay all right you gotta work at it he's not gonna hit his way off the island just because he's a natural talent just because he's crushing and t-ball right now he's bigger than everybody else okay hey i was once literal or smaller than everybody else smaller so that can even out in something there you go look at you now yeah big in japan is that what you are b i j i thought you go g a m your grown ass man you know as i referred to chris jenkins yesterday they know me up in south korea that's what i'm saying hey guys hey rich guys guys guys guys um you know again and we'll play some of this stuff that uh susie and amy tras got out of daniel jeremiah on the what the football podcast later on in this hour but daniel jeremiah said the draft starts with the arizona cardinals at four and what they're going to do no which means i believe he believes what i believe it's going to be quarterback quarterback quarterback and nobody's trading out bears are going to take caleb bears washington's taking jaden daniels and then drake mays going to be a new england patriot oh guy sounds like philip river's going to go there with his ostrich boots from north carolina and start going at the davios no bolo ties no bolo ties right bolo ties were hitting in the late 90s no bolo ties less kids take the bolo but what's he gonna do about that is that the north shore you go to the the the what do you take the bolo tie where do you take the bolo tie quincy quincy bolo ties and quincy chinese place by the way that's a that's a great taylor swift drop bolo ties and quincy at any rate maybe not just uh the the arizona cardinals as an inflection point because i think the cardinals have 11 picks and what are you going to do what are you going to take take that's right you take one of those picks and you take marvin harrison and then that leaves the los angeles chargers on the clock and you know tom uh you know uh tom pelosero is going to be joining us shortly uh and it's spoken to tons of executives about all of these quarterbacks and it sure sounds like the first three are going to be quarterbacks and then i i don't know i don't know man is jj mccarthy going to be fourth overall and jim harbaugh's been saying he should be first overall and part of that is is because he's jim you know jim's his spirit animal and part of that also be like hey chargers would love to have the fifth overall pick and it's quarterback quarterback quarterback quarterback i just we just hung up on a zoom or hit end on a zoom with the gm of the indianapolis colts chris ballard uh he said if you can make that happen five quarterbacks in the top you know 11 12 or 13 he goes i'll come on your show anytime because he he wants as many quarterbacks taken because that means every push them down yeah every prospect that's not a quarterback gets pushed down closer to his 15th overall and closer for him to trade up for so you got the chargers sitting there thinking bring it on first overall pick not as a quarterback in this draft we can have marvin harrison or malik neighbors or roma dunes a or brock bowers or any of the offensive linemen bring it on and joe hortiz the general manager new to the los angeles chargers basically said this team that i heard in the combine couldn't wait to trade out of the pick is now thinking you better come correct otherwise we're choosing the benchmark as far as return that you need to get in order to pass on sure there's there's there's certainly it's too good of a deal because of what you're getting back yeah there there are there are they they have to make it attractive for us to move away from those players you know the whole it's a fair trade it's a wash i don't think that's a trade that we're interested in i used air quotes for it's a fair trade and what i think what that means is you know the old jimmy johnson chart yeah there's a chart that jimmy made up years ago that a lot of general managers and scouts apparently use that all right the fifth overall pick is equivalent to this pick and that pick and that pick and everybody agrees that that's what it means on the chart i i that's what they consider a fair trade and he used air quotes like you better punch it up if you want the charges fifth overall pick certainly if it's four quarterbacks going in a row right or three quarterbacks in marvin harrison you better come correct now i don't think they're going to choose joe alt everybody a lot of people are saying because jim loves offensive linemen rashawn slater's a left tackle that's the guy he's an all pro you don't need a left tackle and that's what joe alt is i mean we were even talking about daniel jeremiah again who's on what the football with suzy and amy we were talking about this with him at the combine that all as he's going through his offensive lineman drills whenever he was asked to have his feet as if he was a right tackle he looked way different yeah you're not doing that and did you did you see they added jk dobbins to the mix of gus edwards as well i saw that so and the whole concept that oh yeah jim's not gonna take an ohio state guy in marvin harrison he just signed jk dobbins who by the way scored six touchdowns on michigan in one game against jim harbaugh wow i'm looking at that that these signings from the justin herbert perspective where do you think he's wondering like what are we doing you know we got these ravens running backs who have been hurt recently uh we got rid of my favorite wide receiver and my favorite tight end and we let my other favorite wide receiver go and now we're talking about trading the pick and and taking a lineman like you just paid me i'm an mvp candidate every single year all right what are we doing all right two things first of all jk dobbins it felt like it was six touchdowns it was four touchdowns and 211 yards and 31 carries in his last game against michigan how many years 2019 2019 last time the ohio state beat michigan um that was that was healthy knees ago and number two number two um is let me just say this i totally understand what you're saying i totally get what you're saying and i understand a lot of chargers fans are saying that about what's happening two things let's get through the draft first okay obviously fair but let's get through the draft wondering like okay what are we doing no if i'm if i'm justin herbert i would be like okay you know i know my my my last coach was a quarterback in college too but this guy's a different story about being a quarterback in college and being a quarterback in the pros and being a guy who coached andrew luck and then looked alex smith in the face and say sorry we're going with capernick and then did what he's done with jj mccarthy now and i understand that there was some fallow points in between but i would if i'm justin herbert trust jim's way of doing things that maybe just maybe the run game can be supportive that the run game can actually grind stuff out that the run game can actually lead to an easier way for him to find his targets down the field that he could possibly part of be part of the run game if they so choose and then just one other thing this may be unfair but i'll say it anyway how's it worked out otherwise for justin how's it worked out i mean how's it worked out otherwise worked out in in what for him personally and professionally he's put up a lot of big numbers enough to get paid and he's gotten paid but what up so he's been paid which which shown him he's the franchise what next what next what next let's try it a different way try a different way of what just handing it off 40 times no that keenan allen terrific sublime can maybe go to the hall of fame one day get it mike williams really good can stretch the field as a jet fan now i'm hoping he stays healthy i get it yeah yeah for sure let's try a different way how about a different way where most likely because of this coach the crazy charging stuff ain't going to happen all right and the fourth round at the fourth down decisions that are placed in front aren't going to be some whacked out scenario and that those things will get removed a run game will be the one of the reasons why it's removed because you can actually move the ball on the ground and let's see what happens with jim bringing in a full back and doing the jim harbaugh thing and see how that works out for justin herbert i totally get what you're saying i totally understand why chargers fans might be like well we didn't we didn't sign up for that i mean we signed up for everything else with jim coming and everything else we didn't sign up for 90 smash mouth like maybe it's not today's game well the ravens took it to the one seed last year and then when it came down to it ran into mahomes and their problem is they run into mahomes twice and they can't stop and they can't stop travis kelsey i bet you that would change too i bet you jim's going to do a better job of covering travis kelsey put it all together try something different you know you keep bashing your head against the charging wall as much as you do let's try something different and see how it works before it's criticized and also let's see how they do in the draft before you criticize but i i think it's valid what you said let's take a break what do all the unnamed general managers and scouts and coordinators and coaches think about the quarterback class tom pelosaro knows he spoke to them all let's talk o'reilly auto parts people or as you might know from their jingle oh oh oh o'reilly auto parts they're in the business of keeping your car on the road o'reilly auto parts offers friendly helpful service and the parts knowledge you need for all your maintenance and repairs because you know and you need your car fixed you need somebody who knows what they're talking about and it's helpful has a smile on their face and gets you back on the road they've got thousands of parts and accessories in stock either in store or online so you never have to worry if you're in a jam the team at o'reilly auto parts can test your battery for free in or out of your car if it needs to be replaced 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show tom pelissaro tommy p's about to join us right here i mean it's it's uh unnamed uh coaching um scouts season right here unnamed that's why we we get them named daniel jeremiah on with uh what the football and uh chris ballad on with us that's we we name them we name them otherwise you know what and we i guess you get the truth out of these guys but when they're on yeah but when you're unnamed you could say oh i would definitely take jaden daniels over caleb williams all right well except that dan orofsky and louis riddick have been saying that for months no i understand that and and that may be the evaluation but and and we have both scheduled to appear with us hopefully next week in detroit i mean one of them louis will be before um the pick and then dan afterwards i mean i cannot i mean ryan pulls after caleb does what he's done and looks the way that he looks and has the comp the way that he's been comped he takes jaden daniels instead you can't i mean after you've you took your organization it's not him but they took chubisky instead and mahomes has become mahomes for real that's that's factored in we have to factor it in shocking draft moments number one oh yeah like name me another one oh i'm trying to think mario williams going number one no but that we knew was mario williams was and shefter's joining us next week too he's the one who broke that he and i were talking about that the other day about the day before the draft he said it was it was it was kind of done a few days before mario williams instead of reggie bush but but taking a but taking a defensive lineman over a running back is or vince young who's a hometown kid i get it but you have to factor all this stuff in back on the rich eisen show radio network sitting at the rich eisen show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by tom pelosero and once again 13 000 words i believe talking to a bunch of unnamed general managers and coaches and coordinators and scouts about this year's quarterback class on and on his twitter feed the link is sitting right there for you to take it in joining us here on the rich eisen show how are you tom rich i get one tome a year uh it is the pad time consuming including through the editorial process making sure that uh no naughty words slip through i'm told one very briefly it's very close to getting out there on the internet but they caught it the last second our guys uh ollie bonpourri and jennaro felice and those guys do a great job editing the thing down so it's always fascinating talking to as many teams coaches executive scouts as i possibly can and this is a really unique quarterback class where you know there's certain guys who have fans and you know those same players some people don't believe in them but there's five six seven guys that people see as potential starting quarterbacks in the nfl history would tell you we're not going to get five six seven starting quarterbacks in all likelihood but certainly there's going to be a lot of interesting potential movement in those top 40 picks or so and we'll see how many guys come off the board all right so let's walk walk through it here uh i did my best to get through most of the 13 000 words tom and obviously you found a consensus that caleb williams is worthy of being the first overall pick in this draft um and in terms of that section there was one piece that jumped out at me and it had nothing to do with the tape it had to do with the contract for caleb williams and that that is potentially going to take some doing because of the way he's approached the draft being totally unconventional and how that might actually leak into the contract tom let's let's uh zoom out here for a second here so caleb williams from the time that he was like 10 years old and his dad carl who's a successful businessman he's worked in the athletic training space they've had a singular goal let's get this guy in a position where he's gonna be the number one pick in the nfl draft they have done that by doing it their own way and they haven't been concerned about well this isn't how other people would do things you look selfish they don't care they're gonna make the right decisions for caleb williams so through the course of this process you've seen caleb has not had a traditional agent he's had the team of advisors and attorneys and other people who have guided this process for him he paused his pre-draft training went to tokyo with his girlfriend on a vacation for a while he didn't do the medical testing that is standardized and 99.999 percent of guys have gone through uh through the years he only took one visit and that was to the bears and so there's every reason to believe based upon the history here that things might end up being interesting in the contract process as well it's been reported that his dad carl williams has in the past expressed to people that potentially equity and team would be something that they would be interested in the nfl a year or so ago passed a bylaw in which it says you can't have a player or any other employee owning equity in a team which i can't tell you what the origins of that rule were rich but certainly it seemed like it was a preemptive type of a thing for people like caleb williams or other players coming into the league might make those types of demands the bottom line is this contracts have been slotted for rookies since 2011 there's not a lot of wiggle room we know that there have been contracts they've gotten hung up on offset language bonus payment structure and things like that but if you just go through everything that caleb and his team have done here you'd say nothing is just going to happen the normal cause of business it's not just going to be they're going to work out the offset language and get the thing done a few days before training camp i'm not saying there's a holdout or anything else it's just every part of this process has been a little bit different for caleb i think if you go back to the start of the process i know the bears would not have been the team that they were targeting to go to here but chicago owned that number one pick they've had a lot of very frank and honest and positive discussions between caleb williams team and the bears what caleb and his people want to make sure is that you've got the infrastructure the resources the investment to let him go out there and chase the next goal which is win a whole bunch of super bowls be the greatest of all time one of the bears done in this off season they went out and got an offensive quarter that they think is a fit in shane waldron has worked with different styles of quarterbacks they retain chris morgan who's one of the top offensive line coaches i think can help the run game they signed yandere swift they traded for kean and allen they really signaled to caleb you're our guy we're all in by training justin fields for a sixth round pick when they did my understanding is besides you're in a good place right now when he came in for the visit they had him go out to dinner with some of the veteran players those guys i'm told were really impressed with caleb as well all indications are barring something going totally haywire here he's going to be the quarterback of the chicago bears what takes place really not just through this off season again a contract done but in his career he's going to do things his own way it's worked for him to this point he's about to check the box as the number one overall pick and now it's on to the next goal and uh in terms of moving on let's move on to the next uh gentleman uh on your list and the consensus and talking to all of the scouts and coaches and and executives how many people did you speak to by the way the grand total you got one a number i would fairly say dozens i've got a spreadsheet somewhere where i was tracking this for myself i would say well over half the teams are represented through the quotes in the story and certainly tried to have a variety of whether it's coordinators position coaches head coaches gms area scouts personnel directors right the full gamut okay and you found a couple that would have taken jayden daniels over caleb williams if they had the choice you found some yeah and of course it's easier to say when you're you know a scout or you're a personnel person and well i would take this guy because you're not the one putting your name on it if you do something that out of the box i mean if ryan poles tomorrow walks into the room and says hey i think we're going to take jayden daniels there'll be a lot of people taking it back to say nothing to what we would think to say nothing to what the public would think actually asked some general managers about this rich it was really interesting about do you have a choice here if you were ryan poles would you even have the option to do the other thing and that you know the general um response i got was well you have to do the right thing like there's an argument there are people in several different buildings i can tell you who would say jayden daniels the complete product the thrower the productivity the run element they would lean in that direction it's a different thing to actually turn in that card they're also drake may fans some people would put him as the number two quarterback in this draft jay McCarthy certainly has fans as well but i would say the majority and the way that i had it ranked was jayden daniels at number two somebody who if you go back to where he was at you know at arizona state and the way the things ended there people were going to have like a day two type of a grade like third round pick on jayden daniels but he really remember when i talked to put in the time and made himself a better quarterback they do a lot of virtual reality training at lsu he really embraced that he studied he did put on weight there's still you know the most common thing that you hear in terms of the critiques or the concerns with jayden daniels are you know two years ago he weighed in this was verified a buck 90 and he takes hellacious hits if you've seen the edit that's been going around social media rich of the hits on jayden daniels set to the looney tunes music it's pretty good i have not seen that however however the quote uh on this particular red flag involving jayden daniels that jumped out at me from your 13 000 words as you quoted an NFL executive talking about his uh his skinny body quote he has a borderline merton hanks neck that one jumped out at me i was just glad i got that one through the editors rich you never know if a reference is too obscure like 30 years ago but you and i were both on the same page as soon as that was said i was like i know exactly what that looks like listen he's you know yeah he's a he's a narrow framed type of an individual i mean you talk to people at arizona state i know you know one of the issues was why can't he put on weight is it you know there were there was talk about this he need you know his own nutrition program there's people who thought you know it was a commitment thing but you know listen he did bulk up he showed up at pro day at 210 which was something that um you know was positive um in scouts minds but it's still he's not the biggest guy you're gonna have to make adjustments to your play style and one coordinator i talked to said you know look at anthony richardson jayden daniels takes hits like anthony richardson and anthony richardson is a huge guy he's six five and like 235 pounds and he got hurt three times in four games last season cam newton was the mvp in 2015 he was out of the league five years later because just the hits add up those are much larger individuals and so yeah i mean you're going to need him to get down you're going to need him to you'll be able to curb it there's always lamar jackson comparisons a little bit to jayden daniels even though for what scouts coaches say he's a little bit more straight line but lamar has had this remarkable knack through his career he's never really taken the big hit kyler murray has the same thing where russell wilson these guys have figured out how to get down at the right moment how to not take yards off the table but to get down don't take that hit jane daniels is going to be getting hit by bigger faster stronger people in the nfl you're going to have to work with them on that and emphasize it but that's a big part of his game he's also a really really talented passer and some people think just in terms of pure passing ability not arm strength rich some people put jane daniels as the most talented passer in the strap tom pelissero here on the rich isin show and speaking to these dozens of unnamed executives and scouts and coaches it does appear once again the consensus on drake may is huge upside but if you can sit him in 2024 you should and and and that's why you found which team to be the perfect fit for him consensus wise then tom new england was the team that kept coming up because you know when you're playing in the afc east you look through the course time whether it's tom brady josh allen you probably want a bigger stronger type of a quarterback who in the elements when it gets tough is going to be able to withstand you know playing in that division also they got jacobi bersett they're not a team that's sitting there going we got a chance to win right now you're maybe going to have a little bit less pressure on drake may to get onto the field i talked to one person who's very close to drake may who said to me listen this is the same guy who you know he grew up with older brothers one of them won a basketball national title at north carolina won one a baseball national title at florida his dad was an athlete like this is a guy who is used to being the young kid in the family and he gets beat a hundred times in a row at ping pong or pickleball or whatever and it's like all right serve it up let's go one more time so it's not that getting out there too soon is going to break him mentally or there's concerns about that everybody says in terms of like the makeup and who he is the person you're getting the lineage with the athletic family all that stuff's good it's just we've seen a lot of talented passers who they go into the wrong situation and it just can set them back you saw that last year with bryce young frankly going into carolina where he didn't have the best group around him he didn't necessarily have the right fit from a schematic perspective a coaching perspective around him and i would fully anticipate bryce young's another guy who's going to bounce back this year mentally and is going to come back and do it but he did not look like the same guy he looked like he was shell shocked through the course last season that's what you don't want to have and set somebody's development behind i have one head coach who knows quarterbacks really well he said drake may is jordan love you've got to sit him for two three years when you do when he learns all this stuff because he's also coming from that north carolina offense that does not prepare guys for the nfl we've seen it with you know the transition for sam howell a couple of years ago every quarterback who comes out of that system they just don't have a lot of nfl stuff that they can lean on here so giving him that time letting him develop not putting the pressure on we all know rich that you start out one and four and the fans in the media start clamoring and there's pressure on everybody but at least go into a place where jacoby resets a known commodity he's been there before he's probably your starter in 2024 that would make sense and part of the drama of this draft is what does washington do at number two i think after that group visit that they had there's a lot of people within the league who think jayden daniels will be the pick but if it were drake may what does new england do at that point because there would be teams looking to come up the board and go get jayden daniels and what's your reporting on what happened there at the prospect of palooza for at washington did it is it really going to come down to whether drake may out drove jayden daniels at top golf is that the way it's going to come down to it there's different teams that have always done these these group visits i know the vikings under rick spielman for years brought in all their 30 visits at once 49ers done group visits and that's where adam peters the general manager comes from so that's an idea he kind of took and applied there i don't remember a time though that for the guys there are quarterbacks crazy and you're sitting on the number two overall pick you also have to remember you know these guys had time at the combine they've obviously reviewed all the tape some of the players um you know like michael penix was at the senior bowl you have dinners around the pro days you have you have a lot of different ways that you can be able to get yeah it's not it's not like they don't know each other tom it's just it's just that you got one last swing at it you know and i i found it interesting that the prospects were willing to play along that they that that um that perhaps they didn't sit down and go you know or maybe they did have a confab these prospects with their agents and the representatives they sit there and go well you can maybe schedule a one-on-one straight up conventional top 30 visit is your last with a team that might not really be interested in you or might not have the firepower to come up to draft you might not be there or do you go along with what the commanders want to do and you got to be in it to win it you got it you got to buy that powerball ticket uh by going into this mosh pit with the rest of the guys you know well i think this too rich if this were a situation let's say chicago tried to do this hey jaden daniels drake may and j.j mccarthy and michael panics come on in we're gonna have all you guys are killed there at once you're probably gonna have a bunch of guys going well what are we really doing here you're taking caleb williams with washington part of the dynamic is there really is uncertainty at minimum within the league and i know adam peters said internally they're getting close you've got a lot of voices involved in that process from josh harris the new owner bob myers has been a part of this process magic johnson's in the process obviously dan quinn cliff kingsbury you're trying to work toward finalizing what you're going to do but i do know this there are fans of drake may and have been through the course of the process certainly jaden daniels is so dynamic he's the heisman trophy winner he's got fans there and there were people coming out of the washington pro day and i believe we talked about this rich on the show who were really intrigued by jj mccarthy i know we haven't gotten to jj yet rich and you watched as much of him as anybody in the world i thought it was really interesting having done these stories for years and talking to everybody we can all laugh about the pro day thing and what are you really going to learn you didn't already know from somebody throwing 70 routes on air with no defense out there but jj mccarthy the response to that pro day is as strong as i can remember for anyone since maybe like sam bradford it was that good and i think that there were two factors in this one of them was people had not seen jj throw live in a lot of cases because michigan had so many players they've got you know whatever 20 plus draft eligible guys their head coaches were there coordinators were there position coaches were there a bunch of people who probably hadn't studied a ton of jj mccarthy on tape they all walked away going man his arm is a lot better i won coach head coach say to me like i didn't know jj could roll like that i mean he really impressed people in person but also because the tape because he didn't throw as much you didn't see him make all the throws some of the critiques of mccarthy are well you're running this run dominant type of an offense it's a lot of play action there's guys who are wide open it seems like at times he locks in onto that one guy and he gets away with it a little bit because you're you know you're facing big 10 teams and you may not be facing the same types of dbs that you will be in the nfl so to get him in that space and actually just see him make those throws there were things that they saw their deep shots too you really hadn't seen on tape so there were people who walked away and certainly washington people who walked away too thinking at minimum we really got to think hard about this everybody's been talking about caleb drake may and jaden daniels forever jj is the guy who i think realistically if you had polled people within the league going to this season there's no way people would have thought we were talking about him as a potential if not certain top 10 maybe top five pick in the nfl he's done enough through the course of the process you know obviously on the field the winner the moxie the competitor all that stuff's good but the way that he interviewed i was told he was brilliant when they got him in there he really crushed the pre-draft process that included the pro day and at least if you're washington or any team drafting up at the top i had one head coach but really trust to again those quarterbacks and told me if i were chicago this week i'd be bringing in caleb and jj and grinding the bleep out of both of them because there's not enough evidence to say caleb's clearly the guy that's how much of an impression jj made on a lot of people within the league and that's why in all likelihood he's going to go sooner than anybody would have thought if he had to line up these quarterbacks back in september yeah i screen grabbed that very quote i was going to bring it up but you led yourself right to it a head coach with a strong track record on quarterbacks so clearly it's not a jets head coach listen um michael penix jr sir what do you think about the consensus here it was the first second grade you you have him listed in your pieces one dash two rounds one dash two and peter schrager our colleague on good morning football and his mock had him falling completely out of the first round what what's your what's your sense speaking to all these folks and you're ear to the ground about what's going to happen with penix one week from today is he still on the board you think michael penix might be the most polarizing quarterback prospect rich i'd say jj is polarizing to a certain degree but penix i had and you can find that first quote on michael panics it's another good one i'd love to hear your dramatic read of it but there are people who will say he's the number two quarterback in this class and i had other people who ranked him seven several people behind spencer rattler huh with michael penix he's unbelievable when he's playing on time and we all saw that through the course of last season assuming he stayed up late enough to see some of those washington games when it's a clean pocket and he is in rhythm he's really really good and everybody says he's really smart he picks up on offense i had one i think it was a coach who told me like he can find guys he's one of those quarterbacks who when somebody pops open he can find them with his eyes which might sound like the dumbest thing ever but there are guys who are just strictly going on progression penix is also instinctive he does get through the progressions he can process but also he has the instincts to kind of figure out where that open guy is going to be the concern with penix is when it's not clean in the pocket when he has to make plays off schedule you're not entirely certain what's going to happen he had a grand total of eight rushing yards last season um his testing numbers were pretty good which leads you to believe is part of it not an inability to be mobile but a lack of want to be to be mobile because listen the guy had four consecutive season-ending injuries he's had two acls he's had a shoulder the knee got checked out i would anticipate on a lot of boards he has a lower medical grade because two acls just creates a lot of you know a higher risk factor and he's had the other injuries but he's been healthy over the last two years here um it's nothing from what i've been told and i've spoken to gms i've spoken to others about it there's nothing in penix's report that's going to cause him to fail a physical but there's 32 teams 32 doctors 32 degrees of risk tolerance and penix is certainly going to be in that category which brings us to the quote that i was going to have you read there rich but the coaches are less concerned about that this is much more from a coaching perspective with penix about fit if i had to guess to answer your question rich i'd say yes he comes off the board in round one but if he slides into round two that wouldn't stun me at all and you have bow nicks rounds one and two being projected there as well so let's just brass tacks it here since i'm kind enough to have you here for 20 minutes chopping this thing up you've got the top three teams right and then you got the basically top three teams in the second tier from 11 to 20 you got 11 12 and 13 you got vikings broncos raiders those are all the quarterback needy teams that you pretty much can peg as quarterback needy teams unless you throw the giants in there so which one of these teams is going to be left without a quarterback do you think in the first round give me give me the final number of it because you can take three of them out you know we're going to go quarterback quarterback quarterback and then it's somebody you know either somebody's going to trade up for mccarthy or the giants will have him drop there and then that'll be a big moment at six to see if he goes there which one do you think winds up out of those which one do you think winds up out of those seven teams without a quarterback could be the giants you heard joe shane say on thursday they don't need to take one so what do you think what do you think the primary trade-up teams when other teams have been projecting it because you're going to get a lot of information obviously rich from teams like i do about players and where people see them what other teams are going to do no one's going to give you a really direct answer what they're going to do themselves so i would say other teams through the process have believed the two main threats to trade up are the giants and the vikings the raiders also would be on that list but that's going to be more targeted and the feeling within the league is the only way they would trade up as if jayden daniels is still on the board at number three which a lot of people right now think he's going to be gone at number two you mentioned the broncos my personal opinion just knowing where they're at from a roster perspective knowing kind of what people within the league think i would think that they're a bigger threat to trade back than to trade up they could certainly surprise me sean payton has traded up in the first round or into the first round in the past year but if i'm guessing i'd say they're more likely to trade back a lot of people think bo nix potentially would be a fit there and you don't need to go up and get them for the vikings they certainly have analyzed every different scenario and i thought you actually got a little bit of truth serum from uh quasio dofo mensa the gm the other day when he said you know there's several guys that they really like up at the top and there's a couple other guys that they really like at certain value points and i think that that's a reflection of listen if you asked everybody the quarterbacks their agents where do you want your guy to go you know chicago's built a really nice situation there for caleb williams he's stepping into a really good situation but a lot of people would say i'd love my guy to go to minnesota and play with justin jefferson and jordan adison and have kevin o'connell calling the plays and brian flores running the defense that's a pretty good spot to be in here and they may think based on kevin o'connell's history here that they can play with different types of guys i mean you just heard the the breakdown i gave you on michael penix a guy who when it's clean when he's in rhythm he's really really good when it breaks down you don't totally know what's going to happen that kind of sounds like kirk cousins who's been playing for the viking for the past seven years they won a bunch of games just got 45 million dollars a year from the atlanta falcons so you could play with the panics in minnesota you could play with the bow nicks who you know with nicks it's really about what's the upside because you know he was on the full-on van wilder plan he started 61 college games at several different places you know a lot of his passes two-thirds of his completions almost last year within five yards of the line of scrimmage so yeah he set the completion percentage record but he was influenced by this quick hit rpo type of a passing game but everybody says if you get him around really good weapons he could be a caretaker type of guy he's regarded by a lot of people within the league is maybe a two maybe upside to like a mid-tier type of a starter but if you're in minnesota you're going well we got jefferson adison and kevin o'connell they'll elevate the level of the quarterback i can see that being a fit i certainly can see jj being a fit drake may make sense you can make the argument jayden daniels he plays a little bit different style in terms of the run element but we saw josh dobbs running around for a few games there before the the pastronaut train ran out of gas um so i think the minnesota's got a lot of different options here trading up absolutely is an option but washington even before adam peters said it publicly yesterday washington been putting out signals since going back to the combine that listen we're probably going to stay put and take a guy new england has been much more open but to the extent that anybody's expecting that okay new england's definitely moving i would guess rich i would make an educated guess here nothing's firm different things can happen but i would bet that if new england makes a trade from number three it happens on the clock thursday night in detroit because until they know who goes at number two number one they don't know who's going to trade in to number three and number two they don't know if their guy potentially might be the one who's sitting for them to take so which of those teams walks away your best guess i know you're not usually in the crystal ball business but which one comes away with no quarterbacks uh after thursday night you could say i think the which one i would think based on the fact that there are other teams such as minnesota that are willing to trade up and get ahead of the giants i would say the giants unless they make a move up will be the team that most likely gets beat it's going to be a matter of what's the value point at which the vikings would make a move up if it's not for a jayden daniels or drake may if it's for jay mccarthy are they willing to go up to number four or perhaps number five where jim harbaugh might love the idea of somebody trading up and taking mccarthy number five and he gets more picks to build that thing out there in la it's certainly a possibility or they might feel like you know what we'll roll the dice and let's see if jay jay comes to us at number 11 all those options are on the table but if i had to guess to answer your question i'd say all right tom uh for everybody everyone should read this go to tom's uh twitter feed at tom palacero or to check out this and since we just dove straight into it i guess we should say goodbye the way we normally bring him in guys should we do that yeah all right tommy we'll see you in detroit take care tom oh yeah baby all right we'll take a quick break soundbite of the year in sports we come back this is not and this is not an oversell it's not soundbite of the year in sports that's next hour three doula helen studio taking a break back in a sec so our house is a mess come on in i'm amber wallin internet comedian and host of your new favorite podcast fly on the wall that's pretty presumptuous to assume that this is going to be their favorite podcast by the way anyway that wasp that you just heard interrupt me is my husband and co-host benjamin wallin listening as we discuss relationships and keeping our sweet baby kid alive fly on the wallin wherever you listen man so much to talk about from what tom just said um and it just confirms what everybody's been saying and i think what we're going to see is is is williams daniels may mccarthy panics that's the five in order unless bo nix pops above pax wouldn't that be the only one that's that's different in the order yeah panics drops out nix goes fifth yeah the only question is where does mccarthy go because the first three go go three i think we're we're seeing the solve here to the puzzle yeah i know peter shrager left panics out of his mock draft but did someone move back up to get that extra year control like the ravens did with lamar a few years ago because if you don't have that extra year of control and the kid bursts right look at jail and hurts yeah exactly he got paid yeah that's basically the way it's going to look i think for qbs yeah i think so and then just how many wide receivers end up going in the first round correct is it five six you know we don't know right so and did the cowboys take spencer rattler when it's time to start exactly just want to make sure you're there he's just like stewing nope nope dj only wants memes in the first round that's all you that's it that's all you want well i'd like to be proven right you know that it'll be great it'll be a great show one week from today oh baby let's there we go six two new i don't know but you guys four resigned six i read that and i see championship i gotta be honest with you that's what i see this might be the funniest photoshop of all time smith's really outdid himself on this one my see cherry lewis jerry jones just late at night late night jerry so you guys see that six is an indicator of the players we've seen rings yeah i get it back on the rich eisen show hey everybody headline headline headline tampa florida soundbite of the year pete fairbanks blows the save two nights ago against the los angeles angels soon to be the california angels once again really three hits two walks two runs two in the ninth the rays lose and it leads to honestly i cannot imagine a better soundbite nothing's going to get topped quite like this soundbite from the closer of the race is it just a matter of command location selection anything specific no i thought it generally stuck i didn't think it was a specific suck i thought it was like an all-encompassing type of suck so you know we're gonna try and rectify that but for right now i'm gonna be pretty pissed about it did where do you kind of go from here is it looking at tape is it going through mechanics where do you kind of go you tell me i've tried that if you got an answer i'd love to hear just you know not gonna let it beat me up for uh you know maybe give it till 10 it's 9 44 right now we'll give it 16 minutes of of salt and then we'll you know get back on the bump and figure it out fantastic my new favorite baseball player in major league baseball well done i like that all encompassing let me tell you something that any fantasy team that does not do well write that down real quick after a month's time in fantasy doesn't matter the sport it doesn't matter the sport that's got to be your new name you got to change it up to all-encompassing suck what a great i mean is that the greatest or what pete fairbanks i salute you sir rich isin consulting needs you on board right a plus a plus it was also the eyes it was a thousand yards there he had like he was also you generally feel like he's not bs-ing you right there he is he is really distraught he's perplexed and he doesn't know what's wrong but he also knows he also knows as a closer you gotta you gotta turn the page you gotta back out by the way that's another one 16 minutes of sulk it's 9 44 now right now that's that's that's a band name or an album that is a band name that is a 90s 16 minutes of salt something or other is that what is yeah yeah yeah jason would you agree 16 minutes of sulk would be an album or a band or something like that or what a great album actually that was enough that was an album by the offspring back in 1994 yep blank 182 or is that the tour name 16 minutes of silk good one there it is i've just this guy man is he looking right now into the epics that's what he's looking at he's got the thousand yard all-encompassing suck stare i mean the hair is perfect the eyes are perfect everything about it honestly from soup to nut all-encompassing greatest soundbite of the year we have it it's not even the nfl draft yet there's a whole bunch of time the rest of the year 100 percent this is your clubhouse leader for soundbite of the year presentation syntax delivery heart soul meaning all of it all of it this is what you're looking for no cliches no and the follow-up question like is it film or you what are you watching he's like yeah man tell me i wish i knew you tell me yeah 16 more minutes of sulk and then uh we'll get back on the bump fantastic all of it well done pete we hardly hopefully you bounce back we hardly have seen your work but your work sir is is just top notch top notch new fans here on the rich isin show go buy his baseball card dulay hill coming up in hour number three i mean not great he's got a nine era on the year so yeah he's he's got to be searching well i mean an all-encompassing suck unbelievable so that was awesome i mean that was really great from the heart from the heart send that one to mike mcdaniel and see if he can all right punch up the script a little bit that's how funny it was i mean no notes drop that in a post gamer he spoke from the heart yankee's getting back at it after having lost this year oh he's next up against the yanks yeah yeah they're playing the race okay yeah i can't wait to see him tonight yeah let's see well i don't want to see him tonight that means they've got the lead in yankee stadium right you don't want to see him but you do want to see him just to see how he responds how are your mets doing answers they're hot they're hot during a hot stream hot yeah hot ten and eight hey the polar bear p alonzo was a p o w last week player of the week is that right yeah buddy okay let's go very good oh and five start turn to the round okay so here's our agenda for our number three okay dulay hill have a great conversation with him what's more likely have a great what's more likely that finishes with chris brockman delivering the hot take he's had about his celtics he's been cultivating this for a month he's got to do it we got to get it and then an update on yesterday's cookie conundrum careful i almost got a spit take from tj careful oh we got we got a lot of housekeeping to do and almost literal by cleaning up your workspace the rolling stone music now podcast gets inside the biggest stories with rolling stone senior writer brian hyatt now here is my conversation with jacob null your story is is an amazing one and obviously you lost your dad when you're only one year old it was definitely a screwy way to grow up i think that a lot of people never heard of who i am and then they see me joining this band and they must think this kid must have just abandoned everything or nepotism kid it's a gift that i have an opportunity to sing in such a big band like my father and my uncle's band sublime rolling stone music now wherever you listen
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