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Will Jayden Daniels Or Drake Maye Be The Second Pick In The NFL Draft?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 19, 2024 3:29 pm

Will Jayden Daniels Or Drake Maye Be The Second Pick In The NFL Draft?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 19, 2024 3:29 pm

4/19/24 - Hour 3

Rich and the guys discuss the rookie year expectations for Caleb Williams.

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on Drake Maye vs Jayden Daniels to the Washington Commanders, if the Arizona Cardinals should trade the #4 pick in the NFL Draft, Bill Belichick’s return to coaching in 2025, Caleb Williams and Caitlin Clark’s rookie season outlooks, the NBA Playoffs, and more.

Actor Dulé Hill joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new PBS series ‘The Express Way with Dulé Hill,’ landing his roles on ‘The West Wing,’ HBO’s ‘Ballers,’ and ‘Suits,’ and the surge of ‘Suits’ popularity after its run on Netflix.

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Out of the pocket McCarthy keeps the play alive. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Long throw across the field.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Chris Jenkins Jr. you want to chime in on the conversation that JJ McCarthy might not be top five worthy. I don't know who you're saying that.

Respectfully the trip is he's obviously 100% a top five quarterback. Earlier on the show, Colts General Manager Chris Ballard. NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. Coming up actor and host Dulé Hill.

And now it's Rich Eisen. Indeed our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Lots to talk about and draft intrigue here. Six days before the National Football League draft. Next Tuesday after our show we are hopping a flight to Detroit and doing three hours every day.

Three days. Nine hours from the draft and it's our residency in the Motor City. I'll be doing the show with the rest of you guys there and then NFL Network's draft coverage Thursday night. First round Friday night. Second and third rounds all day Saturday and then we'll be back here to I guess one week from Monday to sift through all the picks and see how it all goes down. Chris Ballard the General Manager of the Indianapolis Colts.

Our number one. Great chat with him. He basically said his board won't be set till the night before the draft and that's the way it goes in the NFL and anybody who says otherwise is full of it. He also said that yeah General Managers already reach out to one another and have conversations about trades in advance hypothetically.

If this person is on if you're on the clock and our guy is still available we might call you up for this sort of thing that sort of thing. He said he's already reached out to General Managers and have these hypothetical trades and put them in place to see if you just need to pull the lever on it when it's time. If you missed any the rest of the conversation he was very honest about how many quarterbacks he hopes gets taken atop the draft and Anthony Richardson update. And then also Tom Pelissero talking to a bunch of unnamed scouts and coaches and General Managers and things of that nature.

Talking about all the quarterbacks available. Great 27 minute long conversation I think the final tally was right there. We re-air right after this hour. We're about to play What's More Likely, a pre-draft edition of it.

That'll be a lot of fun. Dulé Hill is in our green room right now. The actor very well known for his time on the west wing.

A little bit of ballers. Played the Dolphins General Manager back in the day on the world famous Suits program as well. He's coming in in advance of hosting a new PBS show called The Expressway with Dulé Hill. We'll explain about all that when he joins us in studio right here in just a matter of moments.

844-204 Rich is the number to dial. Interesting again the reverberations of the Washington commanders having 22 prospects in all at once including all the top quarterbacks not named Caleb Williams. You see here what Adam Schefter had to say on the Worldwide Leader. He is slated to be our first guest in Detroit next week. Nice. He said that Jayden Daniels showed up to this thinking it was just gonna be him. What? No.

No way. He said that Jayden Daniels appeared to think it was just gonna be the the two of them. All right if I'm Jayden Daniels now no way I'd play it for Washington. His agent Ron Butler had what's the emoji of them with the hand is it? He retweeted a video of Florio and Chris Sims talking about how this is just a weird way to bring all the prospects together like why would you dilute your time with four top prospects by bringing them all together oh man and Ron Butler retweeted it with a hmm interesting wow and then Schefter on get up today it said essentially it looks like Daniels thought it was just gonna be him so they told these guys individually hey come to this thing and then they all show up like what are you doing? I like I said I don't know this reporting on this I need more of it because it's just to me it's just weird it's just weird getting everyone together and that's why I said to Pelicero I'm like you know you're sitting there and you're like you know uh do I want to go one on one with another team and or do I just want to throw myself in the mosh pit with everyone else because you know you got to be in it to win it as they said back in the day when those lotto commercials would come out when I was a kid it's like lotto you got to be you got to be in it to win it and you want to be the second overall pick of the Washington commanders you don't say no to their invitation of your top 30 visit but apparently it seems I got to drill down deep on this that Daniels didn't know he just shows up and like I'm sharing or I'm sharing a car with JJ like imagine you get into the car right and all of a sudden Drake Mays like hey and you're kind of like why are we not moving and then the door pops open and JJ pops and you're like what the hey I haven't seen you since the combine what you've been up to hell going on I thought Dan Snyder sold the team and that all this like weird dysfunctional stuff was over Chris it's like you you're your agent told you that you you get a final call this show was put more bold you basically have it you know the audition and then those guys are other dudes it's like wait a minute wait what what are we doing so there's that did you say four bald guys yeah there's four Vin Diesel and just the question is is the only question is right now is is is how fast is Caleb Williams going to get up to speed once the the games start to be played for the Chicago Bears that's that's basically the question and the expectation level to be set and the hype train that that we're hearing how valid will it be and you just listen you just got to listen to people that you trust and and Daniel Jeremiah I trust and um to uh spend a ton of time with Susie Schuster and Amy Trask on what the football which is uh available wherever you get your podcast it's also on the Rich Eisen show YouTube page this is Daniel Jeremiah on the comp for Caleb Williams listen to this hybrid yeah coming out of college to me he he's he's built like Russell and he plays more similarly to Patrick which is wow the best way that I can describe it and I think one of the things with Caleb you know first of all Patrick then is not what Patrick is now like Patrick sat for a year under Andy Reid with Alex Smith and he's blossomed into the best player maybe of all time but he played on a team with a crappy defense at Texas Tech every game was a shootout and he made he made some wild plays in every single game and I don't think people it's difficult for them to get their mind to the fact that that's what USC was the last two years but they were more like Texas Tech Patrick Mahomes level teams than they were like Matt Leinart USC teams the good news is you know I think Caleb in terms of you know refinement I think he's a little further along than Patrick was at that point in time there's a reason why Patrick wasn't you know the first quarterback and the first pick in that draft was because okay there was the understanding there we gotta be patient um and obviously he went to the the right place to maximize his incredible talents could you imagine if the way everybody's viewing Caleb Williams was the way that everyone was viewing Patrick Mahomes going into that draft in Philadelphia how different everything would be right now especially even Patrick Mahomes his career the Bears wouldn't be in this predicament well would Patrick again that's the crazy part about all this and that's why Daniel said it's important where where Mahomes wound up it's Reed moving up for him Andy Reed being a quarterback whisperer or guru now he has that obvious reputation earned but he had McNabb for a long time as we all know and he went he goes up to get him and they don't have a pressure to start him they have a veteran in Alex Smith and a playoff team that Alex Smith went to again I will always come back to this let's not forget Travis Kelcey at the Super Bowl in Minneapolis prior to his brother winning his ring for the Eagles against the Patriots was on our show the day Alex Smith was traded away to Washington and he lamented it saying he's my guy and was essentially like you know I hope Patrick's the guy and and now look well I'm well he's the guy and he's going they're going to the Hall of Fame together right but would it have happened for Mahomes if he went to the Bears right honestly I'm not seeing it but he could have you never know but he would have started right away just like you know Trubisky right who by the way is pretty good his first year right uh-huh well and it well then Matt Nagy came in afterwards yeah and the reason why he was brought in was because Nagy was part of the Kansas City system right right and the the the importance is is who you're drafted by and the Bears don't have a history of doing very well by their young quarterbacks which is why RG3 a guest on Monday initially said during this entire process if I'm Caleb Williams I want no piece of them well Ryan polls has set everything up everything's set up that's Keenan Moore that we we had at your pro day sir I mean uh part of Keenan Allen that we had at your pro day and DJ Moore I just mashed them all together you made them one super wide receiver right I'm just wondering if if Mahomes was the guy that we all thought he was though if Mahomes was the guy that we all think Caleb Williams is right now would the Browns have taken him first overall instead of Miles Garrett and the Bears would have had Miles Garrett or actually would have been the Niners had Miles Garrett because don't forget they traded down well swap spots with the Bears I thought the I thought the Browns were going to take Deshaun Watson coming off that net well we all thought we all thought that's who we certainly on that draft said all thought that's who jeser how Andy Reid was trading up for yeah but then so it's just a risky monkey wrench it's a fascinating conversation that you know that's why he said it's important that where Mahomes was drafted it's important where you are drafted it really is which is why you know uh the Mannings told the Chargers don't even just you know don't don't even look at us they went full they went full uh Nick Saban quit asking we ain't coming and so again that that's and how about him saying Caleb's a combo of Russ and uh and Mahomes Russ body the way Patrick plays there you go sold at least the Bears are all right it's time for What's More Likely before Dulay Hill comes out let's do What's More Likely presented by T. Rowe Price hit it what's more likely never say never but never all right Christopher what do you have out there sir everybody happy Friday how's everybody doing we're doing great always great to see you you know what I'm looking for I'm we're basically just biding our time to get to the end of this but I'm excited to hear what you've got all cooked up way to way to couch that no no no what I'm telling you stay tuned to the end it's a big finish maybe we'll see how it goes oh my god uh look the odds have changed on this a lot it was way Jayden Daniels with the second pick now it's basically even so who's more likely to be the second pick on Thursday Jayden Daniels or Drake May Jayden Daniels I heard at the combine I believe it right now and all this kerfuffle over Daniels maybe not knowing that it was him plus 21 at the last Washington commanders uh top 30 visit thought it was one-on-one it turned out to be him plus 21 so I don't I don't buy it this thing will all get ironed out certainly when they draft him and they're like welcome that's that's uh Terry McLaurin that's Brian Robinson Jr that's your new offensive coordinator Cliff Kingsbury uh welcome to Washington DC that's Magic Johnson Jayden you want to meet Magic there you go it'll all be it'll all be copacetic and you'll get Drake May in New England and off we go to the fourth overall pick I believe that's what shocked on the gambling movement on this that's all okay what else you got uh who's more likely to make the fourth overall selection the Arizona Cardinals or anybody else I'll take Arizona Cardinals I I'm I'm just thinking here how insanely talented Marvin Harrison Jr is and the Arizona Cardinals have 11 draft choices in this year's draft I mean what do they what do they need 12 13 of them I mean that makes no sense to trade out trade back get more picks um unless you can use them I guess to get back up to get somebody that you want at five that the Chargers would then move down a spot because somebody's move the Chargers don't move out if if the Cardinals move out and somebody takes a quarterback the Chargers stay put I I just don't see Arizona moving all the way down to 11 unless they get a ton of capital in next year's draft and you turn down Marvin Harrison Jr for Kyler Murray after all of that what if it's six and then they can take Malik Nabors I guess and maybe you get a pick in next year's draft for it yeah I'll I'll buy that but just right now I'll I'll say Arizona makes this pick and then we'll see and then we'll see what happens after that Chris yeah it's gonna be wild okay all right uh what's more likely to be the higher total teams trading into the top 10 or defensive players selected in the top 10 I'm gonna say there it's even I think one team trades into the top 10 and one guy gets chosen in the top 10 I think it's Dallas Turner to Atlanta and somebody trades into the top 10 if I have to go answer the question what's more likely I'll say defensive players get taken how about that no trades would definitely be shocking well there could be a trade but it's within the top 10 giants moving up true so nobody trades into the top 10 but Dallas Turner gets taken haters right Broncos correct because all the quarterbacks get taken at the top because the Giants move up or the Giants stay at six and get their guy six and get their guy so there's my answer to that Jay this one's for you what's more likely to happen first this coming NFL season this fall more likely to happen first oh boy Cowboys fans start clamoring for Bill Belichick or Patriots fans want him back um you're you're gonna want them back you're gonna yeah I know buyers or sellers were sellers remorse is what you're gonna be feeling we can't really wish upon something we've never had so I don't think but I I don't think if that the Patriots struggle this year would be late at the feet of Gerard Mayo I think it would be late at the feet of Bill Belichick and as you know a lot's been laid at the feet of Bill Belichick as you've heard if you read an ESPN you saw on Apple TV yeah I watched the doc all right so graphic is amazing so I'm giving the thumbs up I think yeah everybody's giving the thumbs up here Jerry and Bill and and Rob and nice wink by Jerry I'll go Cowboys fans clamoring come on you don't believe that dog if you've got to say what's more likely you really think Patriots fans are gonna be like bring Bill back what's the scenario in which it it falls apart because why because Gerard Mayo doesn't know when to call time out that they're suddenly looked so more way more sloppy than they than they did and performing so poorly last year I'll go Cowboys clamoring for Belichick what else you got over there if you won't if you won't answer honestly okay well I just gave it it's like do you not believe me I'm not putting this up I'm telling you what I feel did he give an answer don't ask yeah what was it what's your answer not the Dallas Cowboys rich I said the Patriots sellers remorse they're gonna miss what they had okay Chris who's more likely to finish their rookie season with a higher winning percentage Caleb Williams or Kaitlyn Clark ah look at you I'll go Kaitlyn Clark how about that so I again I know the Indiana Fever drafted first overall she's so she's I mean did you see Tim McGraw wore her jersey that's pretty cool um I think it was the whole kit too he wore right I just saw the jersey no it's just the jersey I was just joking he had his jeans on uh and and his cowboy hat I'll go Kaitlyn Clark because I don't know I think she's at least going to be above 500 I don't know what the the Bears are going to look like now the Fever won 13 games last year they went 13 27. I'm going to say so what do you don't think they improve by seven games if they improve by seven games that's 500 I'm saying I'm saying they won 13 I think Bears go 10 and 7 huh Bears go 10 and 7 I'll go Kaitlyn Clark we're all rent paying in her world what else Chris that was a nice one I like that one all right all right well we're gonna have to wait months to see who's right a little NBA here the last couple of them but what else a little NBA here this is for you guys seven seed more likely to score the first round upset Lakers like 76ers obviously come on obviously it's the Lakers what I guess the nugs what is come on what honestly you're just like what what's more likely uh the Lakers suddenly dethroned they dethroned the they dethroned the champs with their center playing like the MVP uh or or the Philadelphia six 76ers who get their MVP back just in time for the playoffs to not really be the seven seed against the two-seeded Knicks team that is banged up okay what's more likely trust me as much as I'd love to cape for Brunson and you know the big ragu and everyone else no of course you take the Sixers in this what's more likely good one Chris once again not involving you Celtics let's go let's give it give me give me what I want give me what I want give me what I want you're not gonna get it all right here we go what's more likely all right here we go what's more likely please the dream New England fan scenario here we go to take place this is great this is not it this is close the Celtics go 16 and 0 in the NBA playoffs there you go or the Patriots draft Marvin Harrison Jr trade for AJ Brown whose new avatar is Tom Brady and did you see the video yesterday Tom running play the video of Tom Brady running Brady comes back and the Super Bowl's back on yeah AJ Brown Marvin Harrison Ramondre the great defense TB12 back you want to know why he's back yeah Bill is gone oh Bill is gone Robert Kraft brings his favorite son home look at Tom running look how beautiful this man looks there's not an ounce of fat on this guy just running 40s up and down the beach in Miami look at this okay the Patriots go 17 and 0 and we're back in the Super Bowl Marvin Harrison Jr at three Marvin hold on a second Marvin Harrison Jr is a cardinal AJ Brown is an eagle yeah and Tom Brady is a Fox analyst yeah I'd take the Celtics going 16 and 0 so you're finally putting it out there huh you're finally putting it out there I just asked you guys you're finally putting it out there it's more likely what's more likely so ridiculous that it couldn't possibly happen that the Celtics AJ Brown being a patriot AJ Brown wants to be a patriot AJ Brown crazy that's great the Eagles will keep him as an eagle they will also watch Marvin Harrison Jr become something other than a patriot probably a cardinal or a charger those are the 50 50 coin flip Tom Brady said he'd take the call if the Pats bring them that's out of respect though okay Bill is gone okay Tom wants to come home great but you you finally said it though you finally said it the Celtics are going 16 and 0 that's not that's not that's not all of what I asked you I asked you what was more likely what was the what was the rest of his prediction oh I one day he'll say there's more to it than just that by the way in mid-June I will tell you what I did it's more outrageous than what it is not outrageous it's that was what's more likely presented by Tiro Price when you invest directly with Tiro Price you get an experienced partner who empowers you to invest your way so you can meet your financial goals visit Tiro to start your personal investment journey let's take a break and back with Dulé Hill in studio in a moment let's talk O'Reilly Auto Parts people or as you might know from their jingle oh oh oh O'Reilly Auto Parts they're in the business of keeping your car on the road O'Reilly Auto Parts offers friendly helpful service and the parts knowledge you need for all your maintenance and repairs because you 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assume that this is going to be their favorite podcast by the way anyway that wasp that you just heard interrupt me is my husband and co-host Benjamin Wallin listen in as we discuss relationships and keeping our sweet baby kid alive fly on the wall and wherever you listen sweet baby kid alive fly on the wall and wherever you listen Dulé Hill here on the Rich Eisen Show our radio just returned we just showed a clip of PBS's The Expressway with Dulé Hill here on the Rich Eisen Show new four-part series new episodes air Tuesday through May 14th on PBS which we all get and it's a pleasure seeing you here so what did you find on going to places like we just saw a clip from San Francisco Appalachia is another place you went to Texas and the city of Chicago just exploring the arts world in in each place what did you learn I learned that like we don't all need to be Dwayne Johnson or George Clooney or Angelina Jolie someone with this huge footprint to make a difference if we really tap into our individual expressions that thing that's burning inside of us to to let itself out if we give it space it really can make a profound difference on our world on our community on our neighbors and even on ourselves I mean I went to Appalachia and met a luthier who is teaching recovering addicts how to make stringed instruments and those aren't really things you would put together yes uh you meet I meet a blind painter down in Texas I meet a deaf dancer here in Los Angeles I meet incarcerated playwrights out there in Chicago it really is it is was a truly an inspiring journey for me that I think will be inspiring for the viewers as well I gotta tell you rich yes sir so this whole thing started because uh somebody who I know by the name of Chris Howard and his partner Josh Jacob came to me and my wife Jasmine Simon with the idea that eventually we connected with Danny Lee who was the director of this of this piece and that's how it all came together but I said the name Chris Howard and I thought that would have ring a bell in your ear but maybe you don't have context well I mean what's the context of well with you I do know that you went to the University of Michigan yes and I do know that Michigan recently you know uh was there in the national championship yes won it all yes and I do know it's been a long time since they've won it before yes it's been a it's been a long time since they went up before Chris Howard is that is that Chris Howard of the University of Michigan football yes is that Chris who played with Charles Woodson and the rest of the group Tom Brady and that's right that Chris Howard Chris Howard honestly I'm like my first thought was like wait a minute did I go to what class did I go with him you know huh yeah so tell him go blue tell him I said hi that's right this is his idea like the nugget of it is his idea that's how this whole thing started coming together okay and I said you know what the original idea was why do we dance why do we dance you know and I'm I'm a tap dancer so he knew that I am passionate about that and as we connected with Danny Lee Danny had the idea of express of widening the lens to really tap into all forms of expression and that's when we feel like we really struck gold at that point interesting cool I assume did you and Chris talk about the 1989 NCAA men's basketball tournament final between Michigan and Seton hall or you didn't talk about that sort of stuff well no but no I mean uh because over the years I've known Chris a long time so probably over the years we have I probably more would have talked to Pookie Wiginton though who is Leland Wiginton okay who uh Pookie used to play played for the pirates uh when did you when did you when did you go to Seton hall I went to I went to Seton hall in 93 93 a few years after that but you know that's why I went to Seton hall though really because my grandmother used to live right down the street on ward place so growing up you know I was younger and I it was all they were going to the finals and this and that sure actually the year before I went Terry DeHare nice got to the sweet 16 yes that year and then when I came it just didn't poof I thought you became an actor and I'm not saying anything wrong you know it's not because of you Adrian Griffin it's not because of you you know I like it Terry DeHare that's a name I have not heard in a minute yeah how did you get into acting I've gotten to ask acting by going to dance school when I was a kid okay and then at the age of nine the show called the tap dance kid came looking for kids who can dance I remember that I auditioned and the next thing I know I understudied Savion Glover on Broadway and then I did the lead role on the national tour no kidding and actually was that Gregory Hines no that was a hit in battle who actually recently passed away pardon me for mixing that one up yeah I mean both dynamic triple threats and both were my heroes sure and my inspirations for being an actor singer and dancer but uh it's funny because then years later I was at Seton hall you know and then Savion was doing a show he needed one more dancer so he reached out to me and he said what you're doing I said man I'm over here in Jersey you know trying to get my degree he said come through I'm doing a show called bring noise bring the funk I need one more dancer audition and then you got it and then there I was you know doing bringing noise and then at that point though it started to really I needed to really decide whether I want to pursue the arts or pursue my business finance degree and I decided to pursue the arts but I loved going to Seton hall when I was there had a great time met a lot of wonderful friends you know I got I said before I got a shout out to Adrian Griffin he was one of my classmates there during during this time he's obviously gone off and done quite well for him yeah and so uh Dulay Hill here on the Rich Eisen show how did you wind up on the west wing radar how did that happen after I left noise funk I came to LA yes trying to create space for myself I did do one movie named she's all that I've heard of that you know and then I and then about a year or so went by and I didn't work and my money was getting really low and I said to my friend Freddie Prinners Jr I said Freddie if I don't get a job these next few months I'm either coming to live with you I'm going back home to New Jersey uh thankfully though during that time uh a casting director had remembered me from an audition a year before and a role came up he said I know the perfect actor for this he searched me out because I'd just been dropped by my agent and was at a new agency he searched me out and called me in his name was Kevin Scott and the role that he called me in for was Charlie Young on the west wing I read for Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme uh once and then I got called back and I read for Aaron Sorkin Tommy Schlamme and John Wells and next thing I know I was on a sound stage with Martin Sheen and Rob Lowe walking around it was I was like this is insane because then a few months later you know the show came out and it was a hit oh yeah and then we were invited to DC so I'm next thing I know I'm here seeing the President of the United States and Martin Sheen's right there and Rob Lowe and there goes Ted Kennedy and it's like this is just like four months ago I was just about broke and now here I am actually that first season two we actually filmed on Pennsylvania Avenue we filmed a basketball with Juwan Howard because he was probably playing for the Wizards at the time at the time and we worked we wrote him into the show where he was a secret service man and he was like I missed that episode yep damn so I mean it was so surreal for me just to be able to how quickly things can change to soon like almost having to go back home or moving with Freddie to now being on Pennsylvania Avenue and playing basketball with Juwan Howard yeah pretty and then being on a set with Martin Sheen exactly I mean you were still you know early enough in your career I imagine did you pick his brain about anything or what was it like with Martin Sheen on the side of the West Wing Martin really taught me how to honor the moment and honor the gift that you have honor the experience that you have to make sure that everyone is seen and everyone matters which really kind of resonates going back to the expressway because that still is something that rings true inside of me just of we all have a gift we all have purpose and we all come together to make a difference and Martin would not let anyone be disrespected on our set he would not even if we were out there filming in public he made sure he spent time with everyone and really engaged with everyone who wanted to have a connection with him because everyone and everything matters and that that really stayed with me throughout the course of my journey so far Dulay Hill here on the Rich Eyes Show the expressway you just mentioned with you on PBS check it out every Tuesday four part series ballers who was who was the who were some of the cameos that uh when you were on the set there any sports stars that you were oh my gosh don't get oh my gosh pretty much well you mentioned Dwayne Johnson so I imagine yeah there were there were a whole bunch but here's the thing like my storyline I didn't interact with a lot of those cats yeah you know so that's you pulled that one out on me I could have had to have done my research the main thing I was focused on was uh was Jasmine Simon who played Julie Greene you know I got Julie Greene she ended up becoming my wife so you know and also my co-producer on this project so it's like so that's so that's where my focus was the ultimate baller I was the ultimate baller yes I have I have won at the balling yes I have he was laser focused you see what I'm saying he took the expressway everybody I took the expressway right that's right that's what I know what I'm trying to do the cameo happened to be two children is what you're saying exactly okay I'm gonna give you one more connection sure because I was in the room waiting to come out here and I saw that you got your masters from Northwestern yes sir my daughter Kennedy Hill where does she go Northwestern yep she she plays volleyball there great awesome it's a great spot it really is a great school magnificent school yeah for sure so we're staying connected Rich that's how we're doing it okay very good you see and uh are you surprised at how Suits got a I mean you I don't even call what is a third wind a fourth wind a 19th wind I mean did you like did somebody basically like call you up this past summer and say you have no idea what the hell's going on right now I don't even know how I found out about it I mean uh the residual check you know you know what I mean no I don't know I might have been sitting you know sitting back you know uh having a drink with Aaron Kors or having a cigar with Aaron Kors he was the creator of the show and he might have been the one telling me he might have gotten the big residual check being that I hear you I guess I should know that that's the way the business goes but but did I does it surprise you like what uh it did surprise me I mean I that the Netflix effect was I mean it was phenomenal how that happened I think it was just the right place in the right time in the right project but I had no idea that the show would find that wind like that again it's it's really it blew my mind away and it just kept going and going and going and going and the fan base has gotten that much bigger ever since last summer right people coming to me all the time talking about Alex Williams and really I was on the last three seasons of the show right so any thoughts about doing more because of the insane success of what we just saw I know they're doing a spin-off right they're doing a spin-off Suits LA which they're doing the pilot right now now I'm fairly confident probably we will be coming to NBC this fall right why not that's my plan not to have anything to do with it not that I run the network or anything but that right that's would be my thought but uh I think that's the main thing that's gonna happen right now and then they'll go from there I'm sure you probably will see the characters show up here and there throughout the seasons will you be involved in this I mean you know if Aaron writes in Aaron you're gonna write me a role okay you know sure you know what I'm saying it's so rare I mean yeah it is a Netflix I don't know if it's a royal you know family thing too that that might be just a whole group of people that are just tuning in to see you know what Meghan Markle was I mean new new viewers or something like that who knows when lightning strikes in the bottle why why it happens I think more because uh it's a really well done procedural it's very dynamic the stakes are high there's people really being really slick and really cool and really strong both men and women are very powerful and own themselves and I think that is attractive to folks and you don't need to necessarily watch every episode to know what's going on so I think that it was just the right place in the right time Netflix brought it onto their platform and all these other streaming platforms are popping up but really Netflix still has right I think the lion's share of of viewers I just maybe think it would be more popular if there was more innuendo on the program you know what I'm saying do you know I mean just there's you know I don't know if there's enough there's not enough innuendo on suits not enough oh my goodness I think Charles Brockley was on was on his suits though he he came through well yeah I I must have missed that one too you see you see what I'm saying were you on the set when he came through or not I was not I wasn't even a part of the cast at that point okay I was not but I do know he came through well everyone kept talking about even when I got there what do you get the most of when you're when people see you I think I probably still get the most of psych yeah the psych fan base is really huge and really wonderful and I'm always and a similar thing with streaming I'm really impressed with how it is the fan base has grown we left eight seasons eight seasons but we left the air in 2014 or 2014 yeah we did three movies since then but you would think that a decade later the show would kind of wane off but the fan base is there and I love it I love how they're so passionate and people who grew up watching the show now have their children watching the show and they love the show so it just it's multi-generational it's a magnificent thing I don't know how many children are watching suits though you know or ballers or ballers yeah no definitely not ballers well it's fun for the whole family to watch The Expressway with Dulé Hill on PBS new episodes air Tuesday through May 14th that four-part series pleasure to have you on here and come back anytime you want to promote anything you got to be here appreciate that right back at you everybody check out again The Expressway with Dulé Hill on Instagram at Dulé Hill to check out this man's social media whereabouts and doings we're back to wrap up the show and take you to the rest of your weekend in a moment right here on The Rich Austin Show all right America starts the day with America in the morning first of three pushes of storminess hi I'm John Trout your host for the latest news politics entertainment business and weather speech with political overtones our staff of correspondents provide a fast-paced look at the world with specialized reports from where news happens decision was based on finding there is a far the central bank appears to be threading that concise accurate and fresh each day America in the morning the podcast available wherever you listen I've got my residuals and if you don't mind I'd like to crow about my career through my residual checks to you sitting right here I've got four envelopes which uh one through four you choose which one do you think let's let's pick number two first number two first here we go here we go Billy Bob Thornton what's the oldest residual checks that you have probably from like knots landing and matlock stuff oh yeah I get them for like 13 cents all the time yeah from matlock oh yeah it's like one scene or something in the early 80s okay well this one is from let's see right here this one is from CSI Miami caged nice I can't believe this is insane Billy this is nuts this is a real one this is a real one from syndication 153 dollars wow nice job nice job this is a record Billy wow I gotta open these up more in front of you I'm telling you you can actually afford to send this one into to do cash sir usually that there must be a decimal point off it's usually a dollar 53 wow I know right what's Caruso making if I'm making a hundred exactly here we go Billy Bob Thornton you're my good luck charm man I got a bad feeling about this this is for CSI Miami deep freeze oh deep okay the other episode caged was for 153 bucks deep freeze appropriately named three dollars and nine cents everybody and how ironic that your name is rich not landing huh that's the oldest one you get yeah I was like a friendly rancher or something on there I had my scene with uh with Ted Shackelford you yes that's right you were officially called the timberman the timberman yeah you were a timber on matlock you are a pawn shop clerk yeah pawn shop clerk I remember that man I love all of the Billy Bob Thornton appearances here on the program the Rich Eisen show radio network back on the air I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by John in San Diego has been hanging on for quite some time what's up John sincere greetings and salutations to you and to you sincere greetings and salutations thank you sir Chris Mikey and T.J. T.J.I.M. hey brother uh the reason I was calling was um you were talking a few weeks ago or maybe a month ago about a new bit you were thinking about you were in a call with the utmost respect kind of like the over-exaggeration or not or yeah sure yeah yeah the high register sure yeah with all the respect my own little bit of what do you got I'd like to do okay and uh drum roll please oh I don't know for hold on a minute let's see do you got the timpani right there okay thank you John there we go and here it is what do you got with the utmost respect Mr. Kraft it takes a certain sort of bankless vindictive human being to trash and torpedo another man's dreams one who toiled for you for over 24 years won 17 AFC east division championships won six out of nine super bowl appearances and pretty much single-handedly took your patriot fan franchise that you bought in 1994 for 172 million and now your franchises were today over seven billion dollars and sir if that's not bad enough already after you already humiliated a defensive genius once again you kick a man when he's already down and out spouting about trust talk about considering prior accusations against you for soliciting hookers okay hold on a minute John appreciate that John in San Diego here I was a call back when you call back uh another time John um listen when it comes to this story okay when it comes to this story here I I'm I go back and forth about how if Arthur Blank is calling up Robert Kraft and saying I'm thinking of hiring Belichick what what what happened what can you tell me does he not give him his unvarnished opinion right does he basically say oh you should hire him go for it when things went down and Arthur is potentially asking you point blank if you will no pun intended what happened because you want him hired so you don't pay him the full money and by the way you know I know disrespect all that sort of stuff that that John just just um was describing to Kraft if he's paying him 25 million dollars a year that is wouldn't you like that to be 10 no but what I'm saying if he's paying him 25 million dollars a year that that's uh the ultimate sign of respect don't you think now everything else that's happened with the Apple TV documentary and all the other stuff I can't ascribe to I'm not in these phone conversations but at the end of the day you know and he's a fellow owner is asking him and apparently they're very tight what happened what did you not tell him the full deal and I know that you're warm you're you're you like to have the warm and fuzzies with your your head coach you're not going to get that with him is that wrong to do again if that I'm just putting it in just that box right now because then blank calls up Kraft and goes did you tell me otherwise you didn't tell me this stuff because you wanted me to pay your offset to this guy I mean it's it's it's kind of crazy that everyone's just like Kraft totally kneecapped Belichick hasn't been a good few months for the craft I understand that I'm just trying to put everybody I'm just trying to put myself in everybody's shoes here yeah and Bill yeah there's only 31 of them right 31 I mean one of the theories that I've heard is that look Robert watched Tom go somewhere else and be really successful yeah and if Bill were to do the exact same thing what if he Bill went to Atlanta and they won a Super Bowl in two years I know now you let both guys go that makes you know some why can't things be just fine with Gerard Mayo things can be I know that so like just everyone just watch the two all-time greats and the pillars of the franchise last 20 years go elsewhere all things go all things come to an end pretty much yeah but they don't go somewhere else and win again unless they're Peyton Manning I mean that's the way it most always ends up Broncos didn't win a Super Bowl because of Peyton Manning it's the way it most always ends up is somebody goes somewhere else to finish up yeah but these guys don't think like that I guess so I don't know man that in the same way the Cowboys didn't hire Jerry these owners taught there's only I don't know man they're like you said this is a very small group they're very chatty I would imagine they all share info it's just all I know is this at some point hopefully we all live long enough to see it Belichick's gonna wear a red jacket and he's gonna be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame and everything's gonna be happily ever after all I know is well that that's on Jerry that's on Jerry that how long it took with Jimmy Johnson nothing was uglier in the departure of anybody departing anywhere that thought they were going to be in one spot forever than Brett Favre in Green Bay and Favre came back and there were maybe some financial considerations involved in that but who knows but you know at any rate it's weird it's all game time app put it on your phone right now and start buying tickets to anything you want in your area pretty much every single event is sitting right there on the game time app for you to check out where to sit and how much it costs because you get the views from your seat every single time you click on the seat that you want and you also find out exactly how much the seat that you want costs with the all-in pricing feature there's no surprise fees at checkout game time's now also an authorized ticket marketplace of major league baseball so the time's perfect right here in April to start using game time by downloading the app creating an account and using the code rich for twenty dollars off your first purchase restrictions apply visit for terms again create an account redeem the code rich and get twenty dollars off download the game time app today last minute tickets lowest price guaranteed hey everybody um just some housekeeping seattle fans are pissed at us oh really or at least you and me they're not wait i don't want to be lumped into this thinking that we were just dredging up a whole bunch of stuff yesterday about how weird i find it that mike mcdonald the new head coach there just took all the photographs down that were up there of pete and you know paul allen and and uh german so i got we got a whole bunch of stuff from seattle fans saying you know way to waste your time you're bored waiting for the draft it's a big non-story and then and then i heard somebody said that john schneider the gm said that there is actually one spot where there's digital photographs that are going to have all those photographs that are going to be oh shoot that are going to be that's all right that are going to be um aired over and over and over again okay so it's not like it's going to be completely erased so they're mad at us we have well because i'm making something up out of nothing apparently i don't know uh but also hey you know interestingly enough mccaffee went on his show told a fascinating story pat told a you know i was riveted throughout the entire three-minute clip of how when grigson and pagano came in when they came in they painted over a mural of everybody manning and dallas clark and all of them whoa did the same thing and you know who hated it mccaffee the veterans there were all like what is up with that oh interesting so there's all of that well some have beef with seattle but you know isn't it interesting though i'm telling a story about how seattle people are pissed at me and i spilled of all things coffee on that you spilled tea on your oh god it's a total it's it's it's a it's a hellscape back here is it hot uh no it's not hot all right it's not hot but it's it's just it's it's it's it's it's not a specific kind of suck it is an all-encompassing suck back here right now hey luckily it's friday we really we really need the nfl draft to get here rich is spilling stuff spilling coffee oh it's it is a holy heck of a mess back here other people say if we only had rj rj's cookies to help us stop it up we'll have an update on that coming up to finish up the show the rolling stone music now podcast gets inside the biggest stories with rolling stone senior writer brian hyatt now here is my conversation with jacob knoll your story is is an amazing one and obviously you lost your dad when you're only one year old it was definitely a screwy way to grow up i think that a lot of people never heard of who i am and then they see me joining this band and they must think this kid must have just abandoned everything or nepotism kid there's a gift that i have an opportunity to sing in such a big way and i think it's a great way to hand it everything or nepotism kid there's a gift that i have an opportunity to sing in such a big band like my father and my uncle's band sublime rolling stone music now wherever you listen
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