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Do The Lakers Or Warriors Last Longer In The Playoffs?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 16, 2024 3:38 pm

Do The Lakers Or Warriors Last Longer In The Playoffs?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 16, 2024 3:38 pm

4/16/24 - Hour 3

Jets fan Rich makes the case for New York to select Georgia TE Brock Bowers with the #10 pick in the NFL Draft, and the guys preview the NBA Playoffs by picking which teams among the Lakers, Warriors, 76ers, Clippers, Knicks, and Thunder will last longer.

Comedian Neal Brennan joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new ‘Crazy Good’ Netflix special, that time he witnessed someone mistake Michael Jordan for former Bulls F Orlando Woolridge, his longtime friendship with Dave Chappelle and the origins of Comedy Central’s ‘Chappelle Show,’ and more.

The guys react to Mike Tyson’s latest training video as he preps for his upcoming match against Jake Paul.

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A witch's brew of incompetence and arrogance. Earlier on the show co-host of Good Morning Football, Peter Schrager. Coming up, writer and comedian, Neil Brennan.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air by proven, by seeing me on the Roku channel and hearing me on this Rich Eisen Show.

Terrestrial Radio affiliate Sirius XM, Odyssey or more. He's had a nice chat backstage with Neil Brennan. His new comedy special on Netflix, Crazy Good, is now available for streaming. And this is his third Netflix special. Crazy Good on Netflix can be seen right here through the Roku portal.

That's one of the many reasons why I love doing this show. You know, everything we talk about pretty much you can see right here because Roku's got everything. Including the NFL draft next week. You can watch me do the draft right here on the Roku portal through NFL Network, NFL Plus. And then during the day, just watch us on the Roku channel because we're going to be in Detroit.

And our guest list is filling up very, very nicely. JJ McCarthy is going to be on the set with us the Wednesday of draft week in the state of Michigan. He'll be very popular there. I don't think he's going to buy. I don't think he'll have to pay for a meal when he's in that state, you know, when he's drafted. I did not see him on the list of players, though, who's going to be there on draft night. I don't think he's going.

I think he's just showing up, making some appearances and then heading out. Did I not see his name? That's going to be in the green room. I saw Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels and Drake May.

I saw them. So, yeah, Marvin Harrison is going to be there. Malik Nabors will be there. Roma Dunze, Darius Robinson, Brian Thomas Jr., Dallas Turner. Dallas Turner is going to be the first defensive player taken. I think Dallas Turner should start looking for real estate in Atlanta. I think that's exactly where he's winding up.

Seems like it, yeah. I haven't seen a mock draft that doesn't have that. Because Atlanta took care of their quarterback business. That's why you've seen Brock Bowers all over the place for the Jets is because they took care of their offensive line business. And then in terms of losing Bryce Huff, they go and get Hassan Riddick from Philadelphia. I mean, they're all in right now. And I don't blame them for doing what they're doing with the minute they went in Aaron Rodgers direction.

They had to just cater to every single possible need that this guy would have on the field and whatever they're doing off the field to make him comfortable. I mean, honestly, the minute you go for a guy who's age 39, you got to just go all in. That's the concept of all in that I'm familiar with. And I'm not doing that.

Just I'm not honestly, it's not a troll job. Well, kind of. It's not.

It's not. All in is just like, OK, we'll get your buddies Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb. Like that's all in, you know, and I know Diana Rossini got in some hot water in New York City when she was with ESPN at the time, saying that there was a wish list for Aaron Rodgers. And of course, they harped on the concept that there was an actual written down list, like it was filling out gifts for Santa Claus and sticking it next to some cookies next to the Jets chimney. But honestly, they're definitely asked him at the time, I'm sure.

Who do you who do you what do you want? And all those guys ended up on the team? I know pretty much so, except for Devante Adams, because I'm sure he did say something along the lines of, let's see if we can get him.

I'm shocked Bakhtieri hasn't ended up in New York. Not yet. There's still time. I mean, geez, we're nine days from the draft.

There's a whole summer coming. OK, so can you remember that when you're wondering why Jerry won't get his business done? Well, no, the reason why it's no, no, no, no. I said this.

No, no, no. Just to repeat again, you're referring to kind of what I said at the end of the first hour is I don't understand why you don't go faster. I don't understand why you don't go early, because it only gets more expensive the longer you wait. And the Dak Prescott contract that is proving to be a bit of a conundrum right now is an example of that. If they had gone sooner, they wouldn't have been in the position of giving him the contract that leads to them not being able to franchise tag him.

This is true. And leads them not being able to trade him. And only leads to a cap hit next year that's apparently dead, dead insane as opposed to right now, what it what it costs on their cap to have him, which, you know, they're going to want to keep him.

I that's what I'm saying is going earlier. But in terms of going all in, it makes complete sense for the Jets to say, all right, what happened last year with his Achilles was insanely remarkably mind bogglingly unfortunate, but also something not that you could see coming, but you could definitely see coming. Their inability to protect him would be front and center or the concern over that.

So what did they do? They hit the hell out of the offensive line and free agency and and hopefully rectified some problems. They're going to take Elijah Vera Tucker and stick him in one position and end that story and rip the knob off. And they went and they got your left tackle after all these years with a potential Hall of Fame resume. And hopefully he's going to have some miles left on his odometer and and and he will hopefully protect Aaron Rodgers. And so you hit all those concerns, which allows you a tenth overall pick to go anywhere you want. And Brock Bowers is the guy.

I will keep saying that over and over again from this scene. He is the guy and he can be the guy who can prevent, you know, a pass rush from getting to Rodgers as well with the running game and also his ability to present himself as a target immediately. I don't think he's going to be tenth overall because of his blocking ability.

But you can learn that sort of stuff. That's all in. That's my concept of all in is we're going to go all in and start making decisions in the draft and free agency to make sure he's protected and that we can win games with him. Certainly, if you think a window of opportunity is open with New England not being able to muster enough to start winning the division again. And if you think the Bills have one year of rebuilding for an opportunity right now to go sneak in there and take out the team that's won it year in and year out. Even after you beat him in game one at home and had an ability to potentially make a run that they couldn't do because everything fell to crap.

Then there's the Dolphins. I don't know. So that's my two cents on that subject matter. Going all in on Aaron Rodgers makes total and complete sense, even though two years from now you might be staring at like now what? Right?

One year from now. You have no idea. But you got to do it. You got to do it.

And, you know, I'd love to get psyched up by the video of him looking like he just strolled off the set of Top Gun Maverick walking into the building. But, you know, I went down that road last year and I got four snaps out of him. So I'm just not going to go there.

But Brock Bowers, that's the guy. That's it. Oh, baby. All right. NBA tonight. NBA tonight. NBA tonight.

We kind of discussed this prior to the show. You want to do. Do you have a few of these things?

I got four. What do you want to do here? Explain what we're explain what we're about to do. I'm just going to throw out two teams. And I think you need to be participating in this as well.

Sure, I will. I'll throw out two teams. So we got four. Four matchups here. They're not playing each other. They might not even have anything to do with each other.

I just thought they were interesting. Understood. And your basketball music. Very good. Thank you. And we're just going to go.

Who who lasts longer in the NBA playoffs? All right. And you've just chosen these names just out of. They have sort of something to do with each other.

Sort of in a way. Weird one. Let's just start off the bat. These two teams are in the West. They're playing in the play in who lasts longer Lakers or Warriors.

I'll go Lakers. I think that they are. They are. Do you believe they can win a playoff?

I think they can win. I can think that. Well, I just don't know if the Warriors are getting out of the plane. OK, there you go. OK.

This is what is where I'm going with it. Lakers win tonight. I think the Lakers do win tonight. I think they win tonight. And if they don't, I think that they they might actually beat the Warriors if they face them. Yeah. I mean, the Warriors, the Warriors have got to win two in a row here against some teams that are really, really good. I think.

Yeah. I thought the Kings are going to like to be an hour ago. We're winning. And then I checked the NBA officiating assignments tonight. Oh, I want to take a wild guess at who's refereeing. Scott Foster.

Pelicans Lakers. Scott Foster. That's your guy. Oh, boy.

You don't think he got the memo from up top? Dude, you need this team to advance. You say that all the time. And then when Foster is officiating tonight.

OK, so then it's impaired. OK, prepare yourselves. So what's your answer to this question? I think the Lakers and the Warriors both win tonight. So then who but who last? I know last playoff win. I think it's going to be the Lakers.

What about you, Chris? Oh, yeah, I think I don't think the Warriors beat the Kings. And by the way, out tonight, by the way, if the Lakers let's just say the Warriors and Lakers do get out and the Warriors take on take on Oklahoma City and the Lakers take on the Nuggets, then then damn straight.

If the Lakers lose in six and the Warriors lose in five, then then they technically. Yes, that's what I'm saying. Oh, yeah.

Let me take which matters. Let me take that back. I forgot about that. Yeah.

The Lakers would have to play Denver, wouldn't it? Oh, man. How about neither? I know you hate. No, no, no, no, no, no. You can't sit. Somebody's going to win maybe in Florida. Meadow kind of.

I think they win tonight. OK. OK. Yeah. OK. All right.

That was fun. All right. Now, T.J., this is for you. Who lasts longer?

76ers or Clippers? Oh, come on, Chris. Oh, bro. Why are you doing this to me?

Oh, because it's fun. T.J., you know what? You know what you're going to say when you move. You know what you're going to say. You know what you're going to say. You might as well say it. I should be an easy.

I actually don't know what I want to say. Come on. We'll say it first.

Ready? One, two, three, Clippers. Look, here's the deal. If Joel Embiid and no one's 100 percent healthy at this point of the year, right? Right. If he was 90 percent healthy, then there'd be no doubt.

First of all, the Sixers wouldn't be in the predicament. This is like who wants to be a millionaire talking about talking it out. Now it's time for your final answer. Do you want to keep going? Keep going.

T.J., 50-50 because the choice is 50-50. Yeah, the choice is. So that's it. Talk it out. Keep going. Talk it out.

Say it. I'm going to say the Clippers. There you go. You think the Sixers beat the Heat tomorrow? I do think the Sixers beat the Heat. And then take on the Knicks. And then walk into the Knicks. And then they lock the Knicks. That's the thing.

I'm not sure. That'll be so much fun. I think the Clippers are going to beat the Mavs, despite what Vegas thinks. I want the Knicks and the Sixers to play each other just because I'm going to start really rooting hard for the Knicks. Like I never had a period of a Dolan wormhole.

And that's going to really infuriate him. That I'm back. That I'm back. I never quit. I never quit the team. I quit the owner. I never quit the team. I quit the owner.

What's the difference? He's part of the team. Jaylen Bronson's brought me back. He's given me the Christmas spirit again. I feel like it's Scrooge. I got Dolan. I got Dolan. All right. What else, Chris?

You got two more? I hated that one, Chris. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry, TJ.

Well, this one's kind of for Rich. These two teams, both surprising where they ended up seed wise. Who lasts longer, Knicks or Thunder?

Oh. Thunder one seed in the West. Surprising. Knicks two seed in the East.

Surprising. I would go. I will go. I'll go next.

I'll go next. I believe in the power of get upset. I don't know. I just think I just think I just think. And again, I know what I'm about to say doesn't make much sense when I'm saying.

No, no, no. I know what I'm about to say doesn't make much sense when I'm saying the Thunder haven't been there, done that yet. Right. They haven't had the losing experience that normally championship runs are born out of. And look, look at me with same with the Knicks. But they did make the playoffs last year. So I'll go with the Knicks there. They've got more experience even with the coach, too. But Richard, you're a fan of saying sometimes you don't know what you don't know. I know that.

Yeah, that's a good point. OK, so I'm going Knicks because I believe in the power of the Brunson. I kind of I kind of think next to what about you, TJ? I'm going to go with the Thunder. OK, now we've got one more very last one to kind of a lot of hype on these teams coming into the year. Disappointing how they finish.

I think they both would agree. Kind of just kind of kind of stumbling into the playoffs. The Celtics.

Who last longer? Bucks or Suns? Oh, I'll go.

I'll go. Bucks. I just think I think Giannis will come back and maybe really I don't think Giannis plays at all this playoff. This reeks of Kevin Durant in twenty. Well, heaven forbid, because that wound up with him having.

I mean, and it started as a calf and it kind of just worked its way. So, yeah, you don't think you don't think the team will polish the Suns off and the Bucks might get some something going on against the the Pacers anyway. This might be a technical situation where it could be out where one makes it six games and the others out in five. OK, I'm going to go Bucks.

I believe in the power of Doc, too. Don't you, T.J.? I'm going to go Suns on this one. OK, you're going to go Suns on it, too. Suns go a little longer. No, I'm going to say Bucks, too. Just maybe the Bucks push it to seven without the Suns are out in six.

Maybe without Johnny eight. I know, but I believe in the T. Wolfs, I think more than that. All right.

But why the T. Wolfs? Yeah, I mean, they got it, baby. I mean, that's back.

But you want to talk about someone who hasn't done it. That's good, guys. That was good. A very, very good maiden voyage of who lasts longer.

I like all those except for one. Did you notice, though, one particular team was missing that your both your teams got hit? Yeah.

In fact, against each other. He did. I mean, he put you in a bind. He did. With the Clippers and the Sixers. And then he mentioned the Knicks. Right.

My team that I'm a brand new team because you're a new fan. Did you notice you even made reference to a team that limped in? Oh, yep. Right. Limped in?

They've been the best team all season. OK, well, stumbled in. You know, did you notice? He immediately didn't mention him. Did you notice he didn't mention himself? Historically great.

Am I kidding? We need one more. OK. All right, we'll get one more. I got it. Give me the music. Give me the music. Are you ever being on live TV?

No, I know what he's doing. Just say it. Who lasts longer? Nuggets? Nuggets to the Celtics.

Who lasts longer? The Celtics. It's Banner 18, baby. This season has only been about one thing. It's Banner 18. I know what it's been about.

The question is, will it come about? The best team, historically great, won more games than any team in Celtics history this year. Historically great offense. One of the best starting fives of all time.

Celtics will raise a banner 18. Of all time? Like in history of all time? That starting five?

Yeah. That's five Hall of Famers. On the Celtics. Starting five right now. Right now.

Derek White's a Hall of Famer? Oh, baby. When it's all said and done.

Well, when Derek White plays the Sixers, he turns into Derek Havlicek. That's a fact. When it's all said and done. OK. That's all.

Zero stuttering. So your answer to this question is not only will the Celtics last longer than the Nuggets, but eventually one day, knock on wood, we'll be here on Roku and the Roku channel. And that day, all five starters, all five starters. Yes. Porzingis, Jalen Brown, Tatum, Derek White and Drew Holiday, who is getting signed. They just signed his monster contract. Yeah.

All five of them will be in Springfield, Massachusetts. No doubt. Not just as a paying customer.

No, not a patron. But having orange jackets and their rings. No doubt about it. Without question.

We can go home now. So you know what I attribute that to, Rich? So do you want to answer the question right here?

Well, I think he was hitting that team. OK, so you want to say it on the count of three at the same time? I'm not OK. I'm not sure where we're going with. I'm just about the last.

The Celtics are Nuggets. Ready? Right. One, two, three. See, he screwed it up. Right.

Thanks. Well, I'm going to drop my nuggets. You hit a drop while we were given an answer, though.

They heard it. Nuggets. Nuggets.

I don't like to sell it. So you expect me to say. No, I know. You're not supposed to like them.

Well, she's not supposed to like them either. No, I think the Nuggets repeat. You don't? I don't know if I agree with that. No. No.

OK. This year has been all about this. I have no idea who's going to win this. I don't know what the year has been about.

What do you mean? You keep saying that. The whole year has been about how great this team is.

So what does that mean? They didn't they didn't let down. Oh, man, this team could have stumbled at any point. There were no major injuries.

This team was just dominant from beginning to end. By the way, if you think his five Hall of Famers take is insane. Wait till he finally. Yeah, he's been sitting on this.

He's been sitting on for the last couple. When you do that, when you do that, you only have, by the way, he only has about three more shows left in which to say it. I don't think that is coming out. I have a different take. Oh, that I'm going to wait till after we win the championship. I think you should at some point over the next three shows deliver what you've been saying.

And you've been holding back for whatever reason. You believe it. If they had won 70 games, you better believe I would have said that already. OK.

The way they stumbled into the playoffs is not great. We can't tease something he's not going to say. He'll say it eventually.

We've got three shows. He will say it. And it's our job.

TJ, you and I. Yes. To get it out of him and make sure when he says it, Del two photos and stomp on it with a drop. That makes no sense.

He plays. OK, I see. I'm not here. So you're not here the next three days. No, I'm not here Friday. Oh, OK. Because you've got to set up.

You could do it Friday. You've got to set up. Michigan, you have felt like you've got to go out there and get in the manhole cover out there by Pico and climb underneath the Fox studio and plug something in. He's laying wire.

He's laying cable, Rich. She put me down. We're not putting you down. You do.

You do. This is why he's more happier about getting nominated than us. Exactly. All right. Let's bring it. Let's bring Neil Brennan out here.

All right. Let's take a break when we come out here. He's got a new comedy special on Netflix.

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Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. We just showed you a clip of Crazy Good available on Netflix right now of Neil Brennan right here on the program. Are you a Jordan fan, a Michael Jordan fan? Yeah, and I'm quite old. So how how old are you now?

Well, I'm so old. I once saw Michael Jordan mistaken for Orlando Woolbridge. That's a true story.

It was 1985. I got Michael Jordan's autograph and a little white girl goes, are you Orlando Woolbridge? And his face fell like, no, I'm Michael Jordan. And I feel like it probably never happened again. Like I saw the last time someone mistook Michael Jordan for somebody else. You know, it also might not happen again is hopefully this show is a long history. Another mention of Orlando Woolridge.

I mean, you're the first and it could. So you witnessed this in person, huh? I literally saw it with my own eyes. Where was this? The old Chicago Stadium. My brother was an usher at the Chicago Stadium. My brother, Tommy, and he was an usher at Wrigley Field in the press box. So I used to like deal with Harry Carey. Oh, my God.

Give me a good one. What do you mean you used to deal with him? Well, I can think it's just Will Ferrell going like, where's the sombrero? That's that's his is Harry. I don't have any good stories about him, but like. But yeah, I got to see I used to go to the Bulls games before Michael Jordan. I was very young, but like that had to be.

That would be a desolate experience. Yeah, it was like I mean, there were picketers. It was a bleak time. There was a there was a player named Quentin Daly. He had some charges. You don't need to look it up. You I'm sure you remember.

I remember that name sounds to me. Sure. Yeah.

So so I saw it like early. I was I was an original Bulls fan. Dave Corzine. Dave Corzine. I think I had him in Strat-O-Matic. You remember that old dice game with the cards. Dave Corzine.

I used to have him. I'm old. I'm not that old. I'm not Strat-O-Matic. I'm Strat-O-Matic old. Speaking of old. Yes, sir. I we saw each other at about a month and a half ago at the U2 show.

And in the sphere owned by Jim Dolan. Don't worry about it. It's OK.

It's your face got scanned and you got swabbed. You're never going back. But but I it was I saw you backstage at a U2 show, which 30 years ago would have been the coolest thing on earth. And now it's a bit like it's like, you know, a reserved sort of cool a lot of nice white wines and chill. By the way, I was very pleased with the wine selection backwards. So you were that that, by the way, Susie, my wife and I went there.

We will never forget that experience. I mean, the edge just strolling in. Yeah.

You know, I thought you knew them. Why did you take your shirt off if you didn't know? Great question.

Why would a guy take his shirt off backstage and have the edge sign it? His your right breast. You'll never, you'll never forget.

I never wash it off. I know. But I didn't realize I realized what basis Adam was back there. And he was just he was just as nice as possible.

Could be. And he's just like looking at us right in the eye. And my wife and I are like, don't you have like like just chit chatting? We'd never like I don't I don't know these people. Also, it was like the 38th show. They're like phoning it in this point.

We're just like, don't you have to go out there and give some sort of psychedelic performance. Been in U2 for a while. That was.

And you were there with I was there with my friend Jimmy Carr, who also has a Netflix special that just dropped today called Natural Born Killer. Yeah, he's he's that he is that he's very, very he's very wrong. I'm pretty he's a naughty boy. He's he's a naughty.

A lot of the things he says are yes, are inappropriate. But that's the point of comedy. So I saw you there and it was great. And and it was it I didn't really I you know, you kind of think you're and then I looked around. I was like, oh, you two is the Beach Boys for four.

You know what I mean? Yeah. It's like when you'd hear people go to Beach Boys concerts 30 years ago, you'd be like Beach Boys. That's what U2 is now. Well, again, they're incredible. And I went paid for tickets and went to the show. Yeah. But I I got a sense of like aging.

OK. They're just walking, just looking around the crowd. The crowd.

It was like a lot of it was like it was like a Viagra commercial. Well, you should have been at the Springsteen concert the other night. How old was it? How old was that? You know, were you the youngest person there?

I don't think I brought down the median age more than 10, 20 years. I don't know. But he's he's he's he's unbelievable. Yeah. They're all great. They're all I mean, again, like fame in the 80s is a very durable thing.

Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Tom Cruise, Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, Orlando. There's a callback. There you go. He's getting it, folks. He's had ninety nine comedians on.

He's picking up some players. Neil Brennan here, everybody on the Rich Isinger. I did stand up in college. Is that true?

I did. Indeed. At where?

At the university club on the campus of the University of Michigan. Oh, by the way, for the guests or for the people watching. Yes. You have your diplomas on the wall in the green room, which is like, has anyone questioned your your your your qualifications? Where I just I don't know why they're up there. Yes. Why?

Who is he to have a talk show? You're the first. Well, I have two degrees. I'm one doctor, driving doctor television.

And exactly. I don't know why I have him up there. Did you go in the men's room? Did you see Belichick back there? I didn't. OK. Literally, Bill Belichick back there. Well, there's a photograph of him and it says do your job. It's all over the toilet. Great.

See, not to give not to give anybody the right in the middle of trying to know if I need those kind of eyeballs. OK. When did you first meet Dave Chappelle? When did that happen? I met him in nineteen ninety one. I was I was 18. We were both 18.

Right. And I was a doorman at a comedy club. I was going to M.Y.E. film school and I was a doorman at a comedy club. And he and I were like the only people that were 18. That's it?

On Earth. No, we were like it was an older, not older, but mid to mid to late 20s. So that's how you connected. And he and I like were like, hey.

Yeah. OK. And then we started writing stuff together a little bit. And then we wrote Half Baked, the movie Half Baked. And then we wrote and then we did Chappelle Show and we wrote it and I directed it. Yeah, by the way, that's a great yada, yada, yada.

There was a Chappelle show and I wrote and I directed and all that sort of business. It seems braggy to be like braggy you heard. But I brought it up. No, you sure did. I brought it up because obviously I'm I'm fascinated by something.

How could you not? Yeah, it is objectively fascinating. It is objectively fascinating and completely iconic to be part of something like that.

I only wrote one of the greatest shows of all time. That's part of something. You guys brought it up.

I know. So who came up with the idea of doing that? Well, he called me and was he said, hey, man, I want we should do like Playboy After Dark, which was it was like a talk show. I think he just said Playboy After Dark because Hugh Hefner smoked a lot on it.

OK. And I think he just wanted to smoke. And then we were talking about it and then we just came up with a bunch of sketches. He had a bunch.

I had a bunch. And we just sort of like we could do that. We could do that.

We could do that. I think the original ones were like what became like the Kinko sketch. It was like a Kinko's parody, the bloopers from Roots and and reparations like the reparations day. So we shot all that stuff and and and then we and it we pitched it HBO and they passed. Oh, yeah. They literally said, why do we need you?

We already have Chris Rock. Oh, my word. Yes. OK. Yeah.

It's because back then there could only be one famous black person, whereas now there could be three. So so so we did Comedy Central and it just kind of clicked. It was the Chris Rock talk show at the time. Yeah. Great show. Of course. I remember nothing away.

I do remember that significantly. Right. Yeah. Bloopers from Roots.

That's right. What's your favorite sketch, Neil, that you guys did? There's like Rick James, obviously, like changed my life, like literally like I directed it, got nominated for an Emmy for like and and and our contracts were up at the end of that year. Wow. Got, you know, like big, you know, good contracts and which Dave immediately tore up and left. But before he did. Yes.

They had to give me some of the money. So. Yeah.

So I would say Rick James and then my face, it's just because it's not as popular. There was one more. Dave is doing like jury selection. Yeah.

For a bunch of different famous celebrity trials. Oh, Beretta did that. Did that. Yeah. Yeah. Nicole.

Nicole Simpson can't rap. I can go on in the corner taking notes. Yeah, that's a guy. Right. So the so that one means more because we were. Screwed like we had no more sketches like we the 11th episode of that season, I think we just did a garbage show.

We literally just like here's scraps. We're just so we needed a sketch so badly. And there was a Michael Jackson article in Vanity Fair, like the first big, hard hitting one of like this guy. And I was like, hey, and I talked to him. We were like in we had to we're like in a writing like place.

I was like, hey, and then he and then we just started arguing. He just didn't believe any black celebrity was guilty of anything. So so I would argue I would argue the prosecution.

And so then what was born out of that? This this this sketch, it was called Jury Selection, where he defend. He was like the sketch was he was. A prospective jury on like the O.J.

trial, the Michael Jackson trial, the Robert Blake trial, the just R. Kelly. It's good sketch. And so that's the sketch. Well, I mean, sorry, everybody.

No, no, no, no. But that's that's the edgy clearly. What's funny about that? No, but that that's what made, you know, your writing and directing along with Dave Chappelle.

Just it it it clicked in a way that maybe these days it would not. You know, the thing of like these days, you know, it's Dave's doing arenas. No, I know.

I don't like I don't see it as all this, like, but all the careers are one thing. Yeah. But putting it on television is a totally I think it's on Netflix.

It does well. You know, I mean, like there's no I think it's a it's a kind of a fake narrative, like you can't say anything anymore. I think you can in the right venue because because Comedy Central was sort of fringy at that point.

Yes. And the other thing about Comedy Central is they've only made money on very contrarian things. They've really they made most of their money on South Park and The Daily Show. So they want it to be, you know, inappropriate or boundary pushing. Makes sense.

Yeah, makes sense. I got Neil Brennan here on the Rich Eisen Show. Your blocks with Neil Brennan podcast, very popular and, you know, adapted from your one man show as well. Do you do you how do you come up with ideas for your your part? I mean, what do you what do you I just have basically the premise of the pot is it's people come on and tell me things that makes them feel like something's wrong with them. Like the ways they don't fit in.

So I've had some really good ones. Letterman did it. Leno did it.

Bill Burr, Jim Jeffries, Tom Segura, like and they're more revealing than normal. Letterman hated it. Why? But because he doesn't like being really revealing. He's it's just not his thing.

It's just not his bag. But he was he was very his friend. Tom Dreeson said that's the only good interview he's ever done, because I know him a little bit. So I could like ask him questions about like parenting and stuff.

You'll it's blocks on YouTube. Tom Dreeson has been in this chair and he's coming back this summer. Fantastic. Maybe he's as old school as they get. I have a lot of money on him referencing Orlando Woolridge. Well, he's another Chicago guy.

It's entirely possible he had a similar situation. Anything can happen. Anything can happen right here on the program. Neil, thanks for coming on. Oh, my pleasure.

Really appreciate it. Terrific. Well, you know, this video that you you provided to our producers, what is this again?

Silly people are. This is a live shot from the YouTube concert that we were at. This is steering at I wasn't as sweet. I was just I was I was I for one was with the people. What a spot.

This was where the streets have no name panning over. Yeah. And what's a guy to my right doing? What's this? What's Apple Vision Pro, ladies and gentlemen?

What is the entire show? He's wearing one of those Apple Vision pros, meaning the whole show. He can't see.

I don't know what he can see. Jimmy Carr said he was watching a Coldplay concert. So.

So, yeah, he didn't like because the whole show he had that obviously to see you two anywhere. Yeah. Something for those who are fans.

We'll go ahead and do 50 plus crowd to see him in the sphere. There's a reason because of the striking visual. I mean, you can't even describe how cutting edge it is unless you've seen it in person. And this dude is purposefully not seen. Try to take it to the next level. It's like when you I won't say it's like when you're doing one drug and then you add another one, I won't get not this.

So did did you were you at least curious to go over and say, what are you doing? I could I don't know what that guy could choke me. And, you know, that guy's capable of anything with his device. That is unbelievable.

Yes. Oh, my gosh. It's these people who also have them on in the self-driving Teslas. And you're just like, what are you doing? They're trying to they're trying to pop it off, man. They're trying to get really truly lit.

Maybe he's wearing that in his self-driving Tesla. Yes. That could be the next level. Absolutely. Oh, my God. Well, thanks for bringing this to our attention. It's my pleasure.

I appreciate that. At Neil Brennan on both Twitter and Instagram blocks with Neil Brennan podcast. Check it out wherever you get your podcasts and crazy good is available on Netflix right now.

And you can see that right here on Roku. Crazy good. Good to see you, Neil Brennan. Thank you. Thank you.

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Lowest price guaranteed. Our house is a mess. Come on in. I'm Amber Wallin, Internet comedian and host of your new favorite podcast. Fly on the Wall. That's pretty presumptuous to assume that this is going to be their favorite podcast, by the way. Anyway, that wasp that you just heard interrupt me is my husband and co-host Benjamin Wallin. Listen in as we discuss relationships and keeping our sweet baby kid alive.

Fly on the wall and wherever you listen. Is it true that you met Lorne Michaels as a vendor at Yankee Stadium, the SNL founder? Is that true? Gate four. And I was a kid and he was my friend. So that's Lorne Michaels.

That's Lorne Michaels. He came out of the players gate. And I overcharged him for like three bats and some shirt, some Yankee shirt. And then when I became a cast member, I gave him back like fourteen dollars and some cents. And he said, what's this for? I said, because I overcharge you for some items. He started laughing.

He started dying. This is when you said game four, like what, the 96 World Series? Is that what that was?

Tracy, what do you think? It was, it was a, it was a Derek Jeter. No, no, no.

Manningley, I think Manningley was playing. OK, so that was probably like ninety five or something like that. OK, so. So you're. So what were you doing out there? You were selling stuff. So you got the ticket, a scalp ticket, a sold souvenirs and a sold cocaine. And that's when it was twenty one dollars a gram. I'm getting forty five dollars an hour go down for me.

So this is true because I live right up to hell. So I think it's cocaine. You got it all.

So you're saying back in the day, twenty dollars, twenty one dollars a gram. And so you sold the hats and bats and stuff like that. And that's how you met. Amazing.

Don't forget to go. You got some in there. Tracy really was hustle man from Martin back in the day. He really was hustle man. I was I was I worked over there and I was Tony Montana on his side.

Oh, baby. Fun stuff on our YouTube feed back here on the rich eyes and show game time tickets. It is the official authorized ticket marketplace of Major League Baseball. It's an authorized ticket marketplace which makes game getting tickets even faster and easier. And prices on the game time app actually go down the closer it gets to the first pitch. Last minute killer deals all in prices, which means the guesswork is totally removed when you buy tickets with game time because there's a feature all in that shows the total up front. No surprise fees at checkout. You get views from your seats.

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Lowest price guaranteed. OK, guys, last time we saw Mike Tyson, he was hitting somebody saying, I can't wait to see if this is Jake Paul. Yep. Now he's running. You see this one? Yep. He's running. I don't know.

I don't know what that means. And trust me, he's running in front of like some piping and draping and running on a carpet and he's making noises. And the only thing that that would be beneficial for is to run away from Jake.

Well, I think a message for you. He was running a 40 there. I we got to get him on it. We get a timer on that. What's the clock run? Rich run is what he was doing. There he goes.

That's about I don't think it's 40 yards, but you think 30. Can we reach out to Tyson and get him to run a 40? I bet you.

What do you think? Just send him a DM. I'm sure he follows. We can we can get we can get to Tyson.

Anything for the kids. For sure. Let's get him running a 40 yard dash. He's already doing it and say he's halfway there. That looked like a good 20 yards, right?

Oh, he can do 40, no doubt. Don't you think? Yeah, absolutely. The problem is, is like I just don't want him to pull anything and all of a sudden the fights off. I want to fight. You know, we need to fight to happen because we need Jake Paul to get his. By the way, the two weeks from yesterday, the Monday after the draft, Chris Maddox is back here on the show. We will show him this video and everything else. Everything and every single time we say something to him about it just rolls his eyes. He thinks Tyson's going to get waxed. He thinks Netflix is paying us to.

But he's like, I'm coming for you was the tweet to Jake Paul. And I appreciate the promotion. But how does running what does that mean? He's in condition.

Well, you've got to be in. By the way, that noise, that noise would keep me up at night. Hearing Mike Tyson make that noise that he's coming for. I mean, like that, that right there is, isn't that? Yeah, he's 57. I don't know what a 57 year old runs that fast.

Well, dude, you we talk about. You're going to see me run. I'm not 57. I'm three years away from that. I'm close.

You don't run that fast. Not a chance. OK. All right. By the way, Rick, something interesting. You know, we just had Neil Brennan.

Yeah. And as we, you know, went to break, I started talking to him about half baked because I've watched that movie about 150 times. And he revealed that they he and Dave, when they wrote the movie, they wanted to cast Jack Black in the role of Brian, which went to Jim Brewer. So that would have been kind of an interesting casting. There would have been a little bit different. But I thought Jim Brewer did a great job as Brian. But OK, just a little tidbit there.

Jack Black was kind of almost half baked, but they weren't allowed to have him for some. I got some TV history. We just walked out the door.

Looks like Brockman's. What is what is what's he planning? He's planning a caper over there. What's going on? Something's happening.

We got a latest Magic Johnson tweet. Oh, we just just popped up. We're going to try to get OK here before we go off the air. All right. That's it's it's it's about the plans tonight.

So can I guess what do we what do what do what are you calling a chat EMJ chat EMJ? Urban Magic Johnson. Derek in Missouri has been hanging on. What's up, Derek?

What's on your mind? Oh, my God. Oh, no. Dude was on literally for two and a half hours.

No, no, no, no. I was drinking. I saw you.

Some people usually have us on speaker. And then when it's time to hit it, I think he and then he hung up on himself. I think we call a fat finger. He dealt two for himself. Yes, I never want to tell you for yourself that finger.

You never want to do that to yourself. We're working on this magic tweet in the meantime. Can I guess what the tweet is, Chris, having not seen it playing? To guess on the Urban Magic Johnson tweet, it's wow. He usually doesn't preview events.

He usually reviews something that you don't already know. Yeah. Magic's a pro. The Lakers are taking on this. I mean, Anthony Davis tonight, a big night tonight. Brandon Ingram could knock the Lakers down a peg, right? I mean, Lonzo, who was Magic's draft choice.

He's he he's he's he's gone. But Brandon Ingram's there. Right.

Yeah. And he could be. And he's he's like the main piece that they acquired for Anthony Davis going to Los Angeles. And there's LeBron coming in. So all Laker eyes are on New Orleans tonight.

And to, I guess, help preview that urban Magic Johnson chat, MJ with I want the Lakers to beat the Pelicans tonight to secure the seventh seed and face the Nuggets. Even though the Lakers lost their four matchups against the Nuggets, game two, three and four were all close. He's talking about last year's Western Conference Finals, correct?

So he's referring to or I think you might mean this season. Oh, OK. It's ridiculous that I've been hearing people think they should intentionally lose to face the winner of the Kings versus Warriors and eventually the Thunder.

As a true competitor, you should always want to win to be the best. You have to beat the best Urban Magic Johnson. Hold on a second. Hold on a minute. Is that what you thought, TJ? One second. It was essentially. Well, one one one second. I know you thought that was a a famous Ric Flair reference right there. To the man.

But did we just see Magic take to Twitter? To have a take. Oh, yeah, it's a little different. It's actually a take.

Is there a wrinkle in the chat EMJ algorithm? I guess so. That's a take. Yeah, a little different than and maybe just maybe he's responding to something he heard Chris Bronkman say. Right. Well, if he did, he would have cursed it.

I'm like Spike Lee did all those years ago. That's true. But I don't think that Magic doesn't usually work.

Blue, that's a take. And by the way, Magic, you are correct, sir. You do not play with fire. You don't just say, you know what, we're going to pull the plug tonight. We're going to roll over in the most competitive situation possible because we want to face the Thunder. OK. And and how do you think the Thunder would handle that? Right.

Knowing that. Oh, and by the way, you know, would also have to play into that is whoever plays into that by winning tonight between the Warriors and the Kings. They would have to say, oh, so you run the risk of losing your entire season because you want to face us so you can eventually face the Thunder. This is part and parcel of the NBA conspiracy tinfoil hat thing that's been going on ever since Patrick Ewing got drafted.

All right. The reason why you're sitting here and you're saying the Scott Foster's officiating tonight. So even if the Lakers wanted a tank, it's too bad. He's there to make sure ensure that LeBron makes a seven game first round series.

Yeah, absolutely. What happens if the if the Pelicans win tonight, you come in tonight and say there must have been some malfunction. Well, we'll see who's refereeing the Laker or your king's game. Angel Hernandez apparently has an assignment. Wouldn't be surprising. Chris, that would be a more weight if Scott Foster were doing the Warriors game, then, you know. Oh, I guess. Yeah, because Chris Paul would be losing because you knew what time that would be. Now, there's there's a there there with Chris Paul and Scott Foster.

There's a hard data that suggests what happened. All right. Thank you to Neil Brennan and Howard Beck and also to Peter Schreger. Fun mock draft conversation. Bria, he's going to be on our Wednesday show. Albert Brier will be coming in joining us to see if there is any smoke to any potential draft trade fire.

Nine days until Detroit, folks. And we're excited about that. Thanks to everybody for taking in this Tuesday edition of the Rich Eisen Show. We'll finish up on the Roku for those watching.

But everyone else will chat Wednesday. Mike Carruthers shares little pieces of Intel and interviews you can use to improve your life on the Something You Should Know podcast. The next time you're looking for a job and have to write a cover letter, here's some advice from Skip Freeman, author of a book called Headhunters Hiring Secrets. Add a P.S. to the bottom of that cover letter that can actually increase the chances of that letter being read by up to 75 percent. Some people actually glance down and read the P.S. first.

Something you should know. Search on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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