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There's No Development Of QB's Anymore

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March 19, 2024 3:33 pm

There's No Development Of QB's Anymore

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 19, 2024 3:33 pm

3/19/24 - Hour 2

Comedian Preacher Lawson joins the show to talk his new comedy special, "My Name Is Preacher" and shares a story about how Howie Mandel pranked him.

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But I'll tell you what Bears fans. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. DJ Moore and Keenan Allen may just be the best tandem of wide receivers a rookie quarterback is inheriting. The Rich Eisen Show. As a first overall pick. Earlier on the show Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner.

Still to come. Comedian Preacher Lawson. Two-time NCAA champion and 13-year NBA veteran Christian Laettner. And now it's Rich Eisen.

That's a fact. Welcome to our number two of the Rich Eisen Show here on this Tuesday of the week leading into the March Madness in men's and women's basketball tournaments. We also have a week coming up of free agency.

Spring has arrived in the rest of the United States of America as well. Lots to talk about with you at eight four four two oh four rich number two dial phone lines are lit. We'll get to that. Also there's a new mock draft from my colleague Daniel Jeremiah and it's off the rails. If this is the bottom line is if this is the way the NFL Draft is gonna go in the first hour of the NFL Draft we might have to take a full hour of commercial breaks after the first hour on NFL Network's coverage because we wouldn't have to we would not be able to leave the draft hall if this actually happens.

And we'll hit that coming up in this second hour. And our number three Christian Laettner is gonna join us. Kurt Warner. We just you can't say we hung up with him right? I mean when he was a zoom we hit the we hit the the end button.

So Kurt Warner was on in our number one. But we turn to our right right now and welcome for the first time right here on the Rich Eisen Show in studio. His second comedy special My Name Is Preacher is available now on YouTube. He'll be part of the Netflix is a Joke comedy festival in Los Angeles which is quite something to be a part of.

Best known for his appearance in season 12 of America's Got Talent where he made it to the final round. Preacher Lawson is here on the Rich Eisen Show. Good to see you sir. How are you? I'm well man.

I'm really good. And by the way Howie Mandel hand-picked you to return for the Fantasy League? He did. He did and he didn't give me the golden buzzer which is wild. Why wouldn't you do that? That's what I'm saying.

Why wouldn't you do it Howie? No but yeah he picked me and then it was cool to be back and then he gave the golden buzzer to someone else but that's okay. It's all good. You are everything's good in your world. Everything's great man. Just found out I'm not the father God is good. Just feeling blessed right now. Okay congratulations are in order. I'm just playing I am but I'm not sticking around.

I'm joking I'm not. You got to take off running now. He said I got to take off work. I got to work more.

No I'm good man. That show is great. I mean that show is great.

It's crazy how much of the payoff it is when you lose. Well that's good. Sure. I mean well look Jennifer Hudson I think finished in sixth place in American Idol. Yeah.

So sometimes you know it's not the if you're first you're last you know you're if you're not first you're last you know so congratulations. How did you get the call to America's Got Talent? You know it's funny because they do like they have like you know you can sit in line and you know it'd be like thousands of people yeah and then sometimes they have scouts so which so they had a scout the producer find me and then. Where did they find you? On YouTube. Okay.

They went on YouTube they went on YouTube and I went to like they also would I think they just they go to comedy clubs and they're like who's the top 12 comedians and they just do you know yeah so they get it cuz it's a lot of people so they got it like find a way to yeah you know excuse me shorten the process but there's still like so they found me and but they find a bunch of people so I still got a way through a line it's not thousands yeah it's just hundreds you know maybe maybe like over a thousand and then you do an audition from that producer and then there's another one that you you know maybe get in front of you know the big the big judges. Okay and then you went you crushed it. And I went and I crushed everything yeah. You took care of business.

I did yeah. You got a good Simon Cowell story? Man Simon do I have a Simon no he's a billionaire he doesn't let me get close. I try to steal something from him though but he's awesome yeah he's very nice he's always been super sweet and I got a I mean a bunch of Howard Mandel stories. Okay give me your best one what do you got there? My best Howard Mandel story I mean one time this dude pranked me I went on a private jet with him well he asked me like hey you want to go on a private jet which I'm like who doesn't want to yeah yeah I want to go on a private jet okay I've never been on a private jet and he just pranked me all the way up leading you know to when I first met him in Jacksonville Florida was supposed to buy from Jacksonville to LA and he we couldn't find a pilot so they wouldn't pay the janitor $200 to sit because they need legally two people on the front.

Yes right. You know so it just kept like when I met the pilot he looked like he got whooped by his closet he had like a mustard stain on his shirt I'm like what his socks didn't match which shouldn't matter but I was like that is a match and you know we get on the plane and it was just like everyone was scared and it was just everyone was in on it he just he just pranked me really good he got me really good. So you thought that somebody thoroughly unqualified was about to fly you? Yeah like the guy that was supposed to the co-pilot because they couldn't they you know they couldn't find a co-pilot when we sat down the co-pilot comes up and he and I was like you get ready to fly us and then the co-pilot goes five and I was like I'm getting off the plane he said five when he asked you how you doing that's how you answer a question in any language like I don't but five yeah he said five and I'm the accent you know I'm not gonna get cancelled but you know but when he said five I was like that makes sense. Okay I like Preacher Lawson here on the Rich Eisen Show but you you have you and I I think have a similar story about a commercial plane travel where what about getting up in a seat or getting to the aisle or getting past somebody to get to the aisle that you have a choice did you want to run me through this? I think that you know when you get the plane there's not much room so somebody's somebody's about to take a booty shot to the face I just feel like you know it's not comfortable I mean some people's comfortable some people wait some people get the aisle seat on purpose yes some people I can't wait to fly to Alaska no it's a long flight no but I think that um it's just super uncomfortable man I don't like I don't like how I fall asleep on a plane immediately I already know how to I put my eye mask on I can't do that you can't fall asleep on a plane cannot are you kidding me I wish I could but this is the trick do you have eye mask headphones and a neck pillow but it doesn't matter I can't sit straight up doesn't matter what I put on my neck or anything if it doesn't work if it doesn't work I gave you three dollars I guarantee so what what's what's my guaranteed sleeping kit what do I have to do I guarantee you this will work okay you put a neck pull on the correct way because they put on their neck and it's like that you're getting your back at your neck is supported by the seat you turn around to the front so your chin is support okay yes so make sure it's supported then you put eye mask on and then you put the headphones on and you have some like sleep music okay and you are out but I do it I'm out before the plane takes off okay I sleep but on planes I do in my bed honestly it's the best way I wish I could do that yes then so you were asleep and then you're in the aisle seat now what if somebody needs to get up to get that's that's what I'm saying so I would sleep in the aisle seat mm-hmm and the plane was full and then when the I got woke it up by the flight attendant like hey you're the last one on the plane and I'm like that means two people scoot they booty past my face you know and I was so mad cuz I was sleep cuz if I was like the plane is just not that much room I mean and it's like people are silly on the plane people get up as soon as the plane lands it's like bro wait you trying to rush to your baggage I have to be the first on the plane and the first oh so you're the guy I'm the guy you're the guy well I'm the guy who gets up well if if I've got to go to the bathroom I'm gonna get up from the aisles from me from the window seat through the aisle and I just I was on a flight last Wednesday and there was an older gentleman sitting in the in the aisle seat and you know knew I had to get up cuz you know I did when I have to get up from the window seat I make a big show of it to give to give the person to my right a heads up this is coming okay so it's funny making eye contact to be like you know I don't want to say hey I've got to get up yeah I just give him a heads up so what I'll do is I'll close the iPad then I'll undo the buckle slowly and loudly then I will take the the tray table on which my iPad has been resting I will close that up I will open and I will slam it down okay it's a basically give them a heads and then I will turn and then it'll be normally and then the person will get up yeah and then I will get to the aisle yeah this guy refused to get up as a matter of fact what he did was he lifted his legs up okay like did one of those things and try to you know use his core to get him up to his knees up to his chest and it was weird because I thought he was an older gentleman he didn't have probably that sort of flexibility in here but it was one of those moments where I don't also like using the back of the seat in front of me to pull it because that's a pet peeve of mine I don't want you to use the back of my seat to get yourself up out of your chair yeah I had a choice though which way do I face going past this man I chose not violence I chose what do you say the booty booty I chose the booty way out cuz that would have been violent if you were just the way he was facing what he's like happy baby okay cuz I do it I do that I'm doing a happy baby sometimes and I'm like oh no man like it's kind of it's kind of it works though it works it does you know it does release the lower back I understand so I've been there preacher so I eventually returned to the seat it's a little five-hour flight so one more time I got to get up yeah I do the whole big move again yeah you know did that I gave him a heads up he knew I was getting up so he wound up sitting cross-legged this time cross like yes like sitting cross-legged like he moved his like crisscross applesauce in the seat and I couldn't believe he had that move in him but the seat in front of him now was reclined to the point where I had no choice and there may or may not have been a grace this happened to the point where I shot him a look it's just like dude this didn't the graze didn't have to happen you could have gotten up right maybe that was his plan it may have been but you know when I got back to the seat he could tell I was irritated he goes yeah the seat in front of me was you know reclined and I'm like I had two choices I'm like yeah that's why you should get up yeah I just said to him I don't know why I said this but I just said I understand now it's just like are you gonna get up again you know no so I mean you so I know that this is your this is one of your you know pet peeves or conversation starters and I always sit on the window seat I don't mind waking people up okay I mean I do mind right but I you know use people get up just get out there people get up especially nice yeah that's exactly what I think too so all right that's my story I can't believe I just shared that on the show dude sat you know cross-legged what are you doing tiny just that's pretty impressive honestly if someone's able I can't even do that now very can't do that I can't even do it I know I'm not gonna try I tried for a second okay huh you think that guy recognized you I have no idea at this point in time I don't care I just I just wanted to get off that tin can now you're wondering like why the hell I wanted to get the hell out of there but I did you know after but I have to also be the first on a plane you don't have to know I just need to be early enough so I can get my bag on I usually go last if I can go last I go last why I just don't like rushing to my assigned seat you know I just think cuz I'm gonna use the word assigned you better rush yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you gotta shove people out of the way I like while waiting to everyone loads up and then I'll get on but especially if I'm on a if I'm on like a aisle seat or a middle seat I don't feel like getting up to okay oh this is your scene you know you're like are you with someone and then they're like no I'm this seat and it's like okay you just yeah you just wave your finger yeah preacher Lawson here on the rich eyes and show so you do some MMA training on on YouTube you put that on YouTube as well well I mean I have a fight on YouTube yeah okay you know I lost I wish they deleted but uh you know that's yeah I did it mad I do a muay thai and and kickboxing you ever think of trying MMA like I mean I was really good man I was I made it sucks up when you look at the video it looks like I'm bad you know I was actually winning the first round pretty handling but and then he I got excited cuz when you swing you're supposed to he's supposed to breathe and I got so excited that I forgot to breathe and then like maybe 30 seconds in I was like oh I'm tired so yeah exactly and I looked at him he was like I'm not tired that's not good and then he ended up winning but he I mean he didn't finish me it was a three-round you know match but I was done first round I was like this is over you got submitted no I didn't get submitted it was just a decision all right he won the last two rows your fighter who do you who do you like watching right man you know I love watching Israel is there at a sign he's not really fighting right now but I like I like by the way he's legitimately funny so we've had him on this show was it twice we've had him on this program yeah yeah yeah he went on he went on I not a rant but it sounded like a complete bit but I think it was off the top of his head about what he wanted to do to John Jones Oh when he came here yeah but he wanted to go to the new Raiders Stadium where the Super Bowl just was and scrape his nuts on him like it's exactly that's what that's the way he was going to playing that's the way I need to go to the bathroom John I know you just in case you know you don't want to you don't want to throw out your your back right now you're definitely winning the first round I'm watching your fight right now see yeah I was definitely winning the first time I was bro I know why you gassed out though what did a lot of dancing from the time you first man it was a bunch of reasons but yeah I was so confident I was like I'm gonna destroy this it's not easy and then it went from like this is hard and then it was it was bad man but he won he was all good he's funny it reminds me of way back in the day on NFL Network I was doing a show Rod Woodson had Sean Merriman on you remember Sean Merriman of the the charges he had like this lights out dance where he had this this light switch a tattoo on his forearm and he would like turn it on and off and he would do this sort of dance move every single time he sacked somebody and Rod Woodson told him there's no way he's gonna be able to keep that out later in his career keep that up because you're out of breath he said it doesn't look he said it doesn't look like you're breathing during your sack dance so now you know you gotta you gotta actually stop dancing take your breath yeah otherwise you're gonna get your ass kicked I love that's a problem I shouldn't be I'm not a fighter anyway I'm ticklish somebody gets submitted in like UFC 300 one day and it's because he's ticklish what happened to you since Joe Rogan well I was ticklish okay treasure island theater in Vegas is next up for you that's coming up on Friday and then you're at the Hollywood improv on the 24th in LA the Egyptian theater in Boise Idaho the best day ever comedy tour you can go to preacher Lawson calm for that and your special my name is preachers now on YouTube released yesterday congratulations on so much I appreciate that absolutely and you're part of Netflix is a joke comedy festival coming up in May it's serious names in that one yeah I know I know yeah I mean it's it's it's you got every name I think congratulations thank you so much including your name yeah that'll be in the at the bourbon room you can get two tickets by going to preacher Lawson dot com that's on May the 2nd that's a Thursday night that week congratulations on everything going on with you thank you so much come on back any time you want I would love to absolutely again again I'll fly again to come up with another good story for you okay I got at preacher Lawson on both Twitter and Instagram check it out you'll be one of the three-quarters of a million who follow this man on 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how are you rich I'm doing well how you doing my friend I'm doing fine what's on your mind Willie yeah you know you would think Kurt Warner sitting in my house listen to what I was thinking or in my brain sure you guys not brought up the subject of the quarterback issue I'm a steal a pants longtime steal a fan and you know what my big Ben left retired you know we thought it was the end of the world you know trying to find another quarterback and we should have probably picked one up while he was still around so the big thing that I guess I want to talk about was you know beginning Russia Wilson probably the smartest thing the Steelers ever done especially for the price you know pick it I'm not sure what happened to him why he wouldn't stay behind Russell Wilson learn I mean you guys talked about development and that's I think that's the big thing that's missing right now in the NFL you know it's one of these quarterbacks will be quarterbacks in the front line you know they're not playing the way that they play in college because it's a different game they lose their confidence they don't you know also music like the Cleveland Browns you know how many first round pick quarterbacks they take and they ruined them all you know and I hear you Willie and and I think that's part of part and parcel of why I think maybe and thanks to the call you know as he just said the Cleveland Browns ruined all the quarterbacks that they that they drafted and and that's what part and parcel I think why RG 3 our friend is gone on his Twitter feed and said that Caleb Williams should essentially no show and pull a an Eli Manning and tell the Bears I'm not coming because the Bears have had a long history of struggling developing a quarterback you know I guess you could say what their their most successful quarterback of the last what would you say 10-15 years was Cutler who they acquired from Denver fully formed right probably their best actual quarterback right be ever I mean you could you could say Cutler's last you know in first few years there was was Ballyhooed because they thought he was gonna bring a Super Bowl there and wound up getting to an NFC Championship game and wound up on a stationary bike and that's as close as they got with Cutler and then you know they the Bears did Justin Fields no favors right and that's what he he's up until I guess tell sending him to the spot where he wanted to go and that's why RG 3 saying he shouldn't show or should threaten to not show and I you know I disagree with that take in in terms of looking at what the Bears have right now for him what the Bears have for him right now is a complete setup that fields never got and a lot of Bears fans think well this is the setup fields deserves and to the point where they should trade away Caleb Williams or the rights to choose Caleb Williams and that I will disagree with that it's a cold business as much as I'm saying to start this program that there's no development of quarterbacks anymore there's very few very little patience for the development of quarterbacks anymore the Bears I think would have been very patient developing Justin Fields if the Panthers didn't suck so badly in their first year with Bryce Young all they had to do is just win a game or two more and the Bears would be sitting there at three four or five and they'd be the ones looking to trade out so somebody could get Drake May or Jayden Daniels and they'd add more pieces for Justin Fields Justin Fields is only gone because Caleb Williams has that big of an upside that they can't turn it down I feel how about this scenario what if Carolina somehow some way didn't have to give up this year's first rounder to get last year's let's just say Ryan polls didn't do his job as expertly as he has been doing to set the table for Caleb Williams to the tune of 2,000 yard wide receivers in DJ Moore and and Keenan Allen and Cole Komet and DeAndre Swift in the running back room now and an offensive line that is getting better thanks to using last year's first round pick on an offensive lineman and the defense let's just say for some reason Ryan polls slipped up and allowed Carolina to hold on to their first round selection in this year's draft and Bryce Young and the Panthers would be first overall on the clock this year would the Panthers flip Bryce Young for Caleb Williams like have we reached the point where if you will Bryce Young gets Josh Rosen would we see a first overall pick in a draft because patience is not a virtue anymore would we see that have we reached the point once upon a time a tenth overall selection I believe that's what Josh Rosen was in that draft right yeah a tenth overall selection got flipped so you could choose the first overall quarterback would we see a day and age like what what Carolina basically just say we saw enough he's not tall enough he might be great enough neck up he might be a sweetheart to have around but we got to flip him out for Caleb Williams would they do that what do you think I would do it what would you think well okay when we were talking about Kenny Pickett you were telling me that they drafted this quarterback so they owe it to themselves to try to develop normally you do that because you're a general manager who needs to hold on to your job to prove that you didn't screw it up but to switch a one for a one you're basically first overall for first overall you got it wrong like immediately but you have the opportunity to correct it right away and not just correct it right away but with somebody who's such a supposed generational talent that he looks like my homes yeah and you save it you save a year on the clock and you save a year on the clock that's that's the thing that's one thing that's not costing you any more money you're the new you're a new GM to see okay now yeah that's a different which by the way Justin Fields wasn't Ryan Paul's his selection yeah he got the job probably based on him saying this is how I can build around Justin Fields right let's get the coach to build around Justin Fields and they they stuck with fields last year they had this very scenario and they thought fields just only two years into his career with two more years to go before you have to decide on a fifth year option or at least one more year before you have to decide prior is fourth year you had more runway is basically what I'm saying than they would have now and neither young or Stroud even though Stroud turned into a unicorn yeah but that may be the environment as I said at the top of the program of what the Texans had built around him he had some great receivers and the coaching staff I'm just saying like that's what's happening to Justin Fields and I think it is the right move I've seen enough of Caleb Williams to know that if you can get somebody who has a skill set that looks a hell of a lot like Mahomes you go you have to go get him because in this NFL world you can't even turn that opportunity down you can't no matter how many fans love Justin Fields and have fallen in love with Justin Fields and wanted him to be the guy who leads the parade like Ferris Bueller down Michigan Avenue you know what I mean like that's what you had hoped for but you you can't turn it down to the point where I'm wondering would the Panthers if they had this option because Washington also had Sam Howell built up for a year what if what if they're drafting tenth overall would they would they flip Sam Howell to Seattle to go get JJ McCarthy or Michael Pennix probably not but their second overall they've got a new coach new ownership and they want to start so from scratch they might change the damn team name yeah reset so that's why Sam Howell gets flipped to Seattle you know yeah and so that that's what we're seeing here if there if if you're struggling as a quarterback in the NFL coming into the league and you're on a team that winds up so bad that they're at the top of an NFL draft again with a highly skilled quarterback class coming out you might lose your job now the Steelers situation I I still can't wait to watch this whole thing play out cuz picket I guess what did they get the sense that he's just not the guy you're hearing that coming out that they they soured on pickets approach once they got Russell Wilson like Oh Mason Rudolph I'll compete with Russ I'm not competing with is the general narrative that's coming out of Pittsburgh right now and Pittsburgh had already soured supposedly on picket cuz he didn't dress in the final game against Seattle when they asked him to and he he declined and that's what started the souring which makes no sense because they supposedly wanted to give him that third year after all of that until Russ comes along and then Russ comes along and they're like he's gonna get the first rep in practice and can he handle that so poorly he's got to be sent to Philadelphia a tantrum or something which sounds weird I'm gonna be straight up sounds weird and picket refused to you know comment on it and then they go get Justin Fields who finishes up his Chicago career like such a house of fire that he's gonna be the backup no matter what because they they got to see what Russ has as of March like it's wild that one is weird but again if the general manager is not on the hot seat and can make moves like all right we're gonna use a first-round pick on on a quarterback not just any quarterback but a kid that the entire fan base knows because he played his entire college career here as a matter of fact we know because we share a building with that college program and this is great and he's not ready we'll have Trubisky start and then we'll sit Trubisky and then we'll throw him in there and he'll have his usual ups and downs as a rookie quarterback but it'll show some really unique ability to flip it switch in the fourth quarter and win some football games and then give him the shot to start the next year and he's up and down again more down than up gets hurt and he's done here and now he's got to go to Philadelphia and get reps whenever he can and hope for his Sam Darnold chance his Baker Mayfield chance so seems like these are the way pro careers are going for these kids coming out of college either you get a shot right out of the gate in our house of fire or you wind up like picket fields Matt Jones Zach Wilson Trey Lance who else I mean who else has been drafted of recent years Sam Darnold did I mention him you earlier okay like that's the way it's going right now also Richie crazy mention Trubisky and I've said this before that's the reason the Bears can't pass up on Caleb they passed up on Patrick Mahomes version one no doubt they could not take and risk the chance of not getting version two that is correct so they had to make this move I agree all of it none of its wrong we obviously don't know what the Steelers schedule will be but if I give you week seven for kind of the over-under of when the conversation is gonna get so loud of you know they should just go to fields now I don't know I don't know they Russ gets to start they'd have to be under 500 what week does it really if you're saying week seven they'd have to be under 500 and the rest of the division doing what you expect them to do yeah with division losses already on the ledger it would have to be just wondering I guess my question is like how how short is Russia's Russ's Lee I don't know like how quick I know I have no idea because the the stuff that you hearing coming out of Pittsburgh based on all the reporting from all the people that we have on as guests or I am colleagues with an NFL Network is this is that they're they're handing it off to us this is his gig so you'd have to figure the the runway would be long but on March 19th barring injury we would all be shocked if he starts all 17 games I don't know I I don't think so because here's here here's what they're they're clearly into him and I just maybe I'm the eternal optimist here but I just think that Russ has gotta know he's gotta know this is last chance saloon it really is it really is that that after Denver went the way it went which is they gave up so much for him and then they paid him a monster contract on which he wound up playing a grand total of zero downs two coaches with offensive if you will resumes or pedigrees one of them who is never been a head coach before and the other one is the very definition of success in the NFL with a trophy in the case and Sean Payton and both of them wound up having just one year with them one of them had less than one year because he got fired and the other one and every ounce of power in the organization to be able to say hey listen you know Walmart folks we're gonna have a sale and and you're gonna end up we're gonna 85 million dollars on on the stick over two years to the point where even if we draft a rookie quarterback we lose all the benefits of having a rookie contract because we're gonna be paying somebody else dead cat money and that is on Russ's resume whether he deserves it or not but that happened and if he had more success it wouldn't have happened he would have been sitting there in Denver on a Hall of Fame track for sure instead he's now in Pittsburgh again nothing nothing is more serious for a quarterback of his stature than flying commercial through Newark that was the key right there all right if you're a Hall of Fame quarterback with as much in the bank as someone like Russ you're flying commercial through Newark yeah maybe maybe through JFK but Newark so that's what I'm saying it's like this is it for him yeah I would never have guessed coming off of the last two years that he would have found an organization that not only that not only would have him come in but have him come in as the clear starter like this is his gig and I think he knows this and I think maybe just maybe whatever there's been some self stock taken on whatever happened in the last two years I don't know I just also just saw a sit-down with him he looks like he's cut some weight like he looks like he's ready to roll like you know what I mean like and and if he shows up and takes the Steelers to the playoffs if they win a conference championship appearance if they if they win the division if he takes the black and gold with Tomlin to a spot where we haven't seen in years after the Steelers fans are all like sick and tired of this if he does that black and gold here we go now again I know that people have their fun with that because that's the sizzle and we need to see the steak as I mentioned yesterday it doesn't even sound like he believes it because what's because he says it with the same vigor as go Hawks and Broncos country let's ride and and and you know how could he he's been there a week like it wasn't even he left he from Newark because he had just visited with the Giants so what it would be Oh Big Blue if they gave him the same opportunity as the Steelers that's and that's why it's tough for us to believe it just nation take flight that's what I mean you know like so so just fill in the blank that he would have said that with the same vigor which is why it's tough for us to believe but I believe that he does have the knowledge of like that's just that's a 25 year old kid who runs like a deer and runs faster than me and takes more sacks than me but he can run faster away from the sack than me and if I don't do what I'm supposed to do they're gonna go to him I'll be honest guys like I'm not a tape guy but when you keep hearing how Russ this is the end and this is his last chance it's like you look at last year right the guy had the night night for most touchdown passes in the end of no I know like Josh Allen and Jalen hurts and even Patrick Mahomes threw almost double the picks I know and by the way so it's by the way here like that's Mark Slaereth who is definitely not a Russ fan savings like this guy's over and his last chance it's like when you're a fan like a fit and you look at these stats you're like what are these guys yeah but some of those some of those touchdowns were just like throw it up to Courtland Sutton and Russ also beat Mahomes and Josh Allen last year so I I get it so that's why I understand what you're saying it just didn't look very efficient and pretty and it didn't look dominant it looked like it was struggling that there would be quarters upon quarters where the struggle was real it didn't help that the coach was like airing them out in front of the whole country in Detroit we learned that there was stuff going on behind the scenes and everything and it's just a lot of drama that you don't normally associate with the Steelers welcoming that into their house and it's not a lot of Russ's fault I'm just saying that Russ has gotta know that if it doesn't happen here who else is gonna say we'll take a 36 year old version of that and he's in a great spot with a team that is loaded they are and set up to run an offense that will suit him but there is also a 25 year old ready to take his job fascinating story of the year right now I think going in the NFL campaign we'll see what happens in the draft and other stuff especially since it's not the Dallas Cowboys but it's not like playing games and then get close to January then this is this the the ground will shift 844 204 rich no no cuz I know what you're saying sure ain't the Jets that's for sure eight four four two oh four rich number two tall Christian Laitner still to come as well on the program welcome to talk about all the ultimate small though rewatch podcast title transference aired October 27 2004 director James Marshall writers Todd Slavkin Darren swimmer I really like this episode and I'm surprised that you don't like it as much as you thought you did I actually respect your opinion more than I respect my own in general when you say things are good and I check them out they are jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen named one of the best personal finance podcasts the stacking Benjamin show with Joe and his friends makes financial literacy fun I got an email today from the Len panzo dot-com HR department I find really interesting I'm an employee of one at this company so but somebody from the HR department sent me an email telling me that I had a raise I just opened the attachment I could see how much my raise was make sure you click on the links that are in there too oh absolutely I can't wait this is I'm excited find out more by searching the stacking Benjamin's podcast wherever you listen back here on the rich eyes and show once again every now and then this will happen TJ Jefferson is asked to direct yes or no question by me in a conversation and he nuances his way out of actually saying yes or no at least you said yes if I asked you with Carolina yeah if they were first overall I'm the Panthers GM and I was facing this dilemma right that the Bears just decided a jettison Justin Fields would you tell Bryce young we've seen enough already yeah we're starting over okay now then yes or no well I it was a nuance because I had a question to ask you to help me inform my opinion now I have I don't even remember what the question was now but it was you guys may seem like when a quarterback gets drafted high they won't give up on them because it'll look bad on them of course unless unless they draft somebody like Brock Purdy unless you know somebody like Aaron Rodgers unless somebody like Aaron Rodgers comes along and and can prove the rest of your setup is ready for a quarterback who is ready and then unfortunately that guy then blows out his Achilles and proves that the quarterback that you thought was ready then proved to be unready is in fact as unready as you feared that said I'm very nuanced that said that's what Joe Douglas still has his gig and Sean Lynchton has his gig because you know the the Niners are set up so well it's obvious I've tapped ants long enough for you to give me an answer now that I have the information necessary to make a judgment I would say yes they say yes to I bet you they do that I bet you they do that and then Bryce Young would go for what like a four or a five or a six or something insane like that oh wow yeah yeah cuz that's the market right now for the number one overall pick from last year yeah right I'm gonna three I'm gonna put this out as a poll hold on a second I can't wait to ask this of I think Mel Kuiper's on tomorrow's program we'll talk about that with him back on the Rich Eisen show radio network sitting here at my my my desk I've got the game time app put it on your phone game time app is there for you to put on your mobile phone your mobile device anything that you've got that is mobile so you can go and get the game time app and start buying tickets to anything in your area sports music comedy theater near you easy to find and buy tickets for every kind of event in your area there's last-minute tickets there's views from all seats there's a lowest price guarantee event cancellation protection job loss protection there's so much that game time takes into account for you to take the guesswork and all the questions out of buying tickets and remove them by using game time download the game time app create an account and use our code rich $20 off your first purchase again terms apply create an account and redeem the code rich $20 off download game time today last-minute tickets lowest price guaranteed and I'm putting this out as a poll the first question if the Panthers had their own number one pick this year would they trade Bryce young to draft Caleb Williams yes or no straight up rice or no straight up I have a game time question what job loss prevention yes there's there's all sorts of stuff for you on there I've got my bracket right here Christian Leitner should I go over a game by game with Christian Leitner would that be good use of his time 60 all 63 games a lot of games that's pretty yeah yeah that's good use of his time um I have Yukon winning at all way to go out on a limb there hey listen what do you want me to do rich that's a great guess because they're really good I know Mike knows what Leitner's done it they've been the best team in the country all season right so I mean I don't know what do you want it you know that's what you want yeah that's what you want your maker in the second round Tennessee Creighton I don't know it's the only by the way that's the only one seat I have in my final four who Yukon yeah okay I will not fill this out what do you mean you won't fill it out we're having a contest Xander and Cooper and Taylor my children have already filled out brackets and they're in our group they have probably combined watch more college basketball I can I can tell you excuse me I can tell you know the only way that they in the past few years have watched college basketball in a regular season is because Michigan has been playing and playing well that didn't happen this year they haven't seen a lick of college basketball I've definitely seen the most Taylor will sometimes choose a team because she likes dogs yeah so she will she will take she goes on a run in her bracket every year I might do mascots this year mask a good way to go definitely filling out a bracket Chris the Huskies one of the best mascots so you could since the guy to your left is gonna start talking about like suddenly he is all the top team but you don't even remember the games honestly I know his mother we show his mother all the time no his mom yes mother and I know by the way this guy you can use crane their goal I know Tennessee this guy's gonna say like he's like Billy Packer reincarnation on top of you know Dick Maguire you know he's like he's suddenly the king of college basketball you were looking for the John wooden pyramid over there to start quoting things like this guy you don't need you don't you you you've got to save us from that please take him out no no I want his birthday today man happy birthday my gift is to get Brockman to fill out a bracket just go last time we had to report Yukon Purdue I'm taking Purdue you see I'm still going game by game it's an couple upsets early it's an annual tradition in our house I've Taylor filling out her bracket she went on and she kept on clicking on the videos I saw more Joe Leonardi videos last night than I thought I'd ever seen my I don't go to Ken Palm come on I don't know even know who the hell can come Ken Palmer and Ken Ken Palm knows a lot explained yes but honestly like Taylor would know who Joe Leonardi is now so you have to fill out a bracket well all right fine sailor they're good right no my god Christian laters coming up get your act together they were won the title a couple years ago right and I'm there actually they're not bad Baylor's good be a Baylor one in 20 right after the pandemic 21 all right so my other final four is the other there there the two seeds who you got in your final four got three two seeds I do Yukon Arizona Marquette I gotta see too I got Marquette versus Tennessee Marquette is Buzz Williams still the coach Marquette we know rich we have a lot of the same up to that end Mike did you fill out the bracket yeah it's on ESPN I did it yes we gotta get the photos of the mug by the way when it's a son ESPN they highlighted it on first take today's what do you mean yes that's how famous that's how good he is at knowing this they basically told what they know they showed it on here they told Seth Greenberg sit down I'll never forget I'll never ever ever forget with Dick Vitale what was there all the time and digger Phelps was the analyst on SportsCenter all the time and he had all of these you know highlighters that matched matched his tie the color is tie lighters so he had all these highlighters on the desk and he was using all of these highlighters on his note cards and I'm like so what is what is the what's your color code system like why is some fact pink and why is one yellow and why is one blue he looked at me goes I just grabbed whichever one I have analysis wasn't that deep analysis digger Phelps I mean just had highlighters just grabbed whatever at and he was just marking up his card I watched him no system to it at all that's Mike Del Tufo Notre Dame guys to the end hey everybody this is Dan Bespress host of fantasy NBA today a daily fantasy basketball podcast we cover every box score from every game every day plus bonus shows on by low opportunities players to stash schedule analysis and really anything you could need to smash your league into delicious Lee tiny pieces catch the fantasy NBA today podcast part of the Believe Network on YouTube or wherever you listen
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