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Christian Laettner: Take The High Percentage Play

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 19, 2024 3:40 pm

Christian Laettner: Take The High Percentage Play

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 19, 2024 3:40 pm

3/19/24 - Hour 3

2X NCAA Champion, 13 year NBA Veteran Christian Laettner joins the show to talk March Madness!

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But I'll tell you what Bears fans. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. DJ Moore and Keenan Allen may just be the best tandem of wide receivers a rookie quarterback is inheriting. The Rich Eisen Show. As a first overall pick. Earlier on the show, Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner. Comedian preacher Lawson.

Still to come. Two-time NCAA champion and 13-year NBA veteran Christian Laettner. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

That's right. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. March Madness begins in earnest this week. As we all know, men's and women's brackets and I've got my bracket right here and I'm holding it up real briefly so people can't steal it. Because my information is proprietary and I know what I'm talking about.

If I say it that way, maybe people will believe me. Fun show so far. Preacher Lawson, the comedian was here in studio on hour number two. Kurt Warner, my Hall of Fame friend and hour number one to discuss all the craziness going down in the NFL quarterback world.

Certainly with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Bears being front and center on all that. If you missed the first two hours, don't worry. We've got you covered here on the Rich Eisen Show on the Roku Channel. We re-air on Channel 210. There is our podcast version of the show. All three hours for you to listen to whenever you want.

It is your God-given right to listen to things or watch things whenever you want. There's our YouTube stream as well. slash Rich Eisen Show. We put most of the show in clip form right there. There's the video on demand service as well as part of the Roku Channel relationship with this show. As soon as we are done, What the Football, the latest edition of that podcast with Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask. They're gonna record a show reviewing all of the NFL news that's been going down with Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. Also for those here in studio, Amy also brought some baked goods. They're available around the corner for you.

You've already sampled that, Chris. It's Mike Del Tufo's birthday as well, so that's the way that Mike Del Tufo is celebrating is with us. And we're happy to have back here on the program a man who knows all about March Madness and the sport of basketball, to say the least.

Two-time NCAA champion, 13-year NBA veteran, courtesy of Draft Kings, Christian Laitner back here on the program. How are you, Christian? What's going on? Hey, Rich. How you doing?

I'm good. Good to see you. Once a year I get to see you.

That's right. Just look at us. I'm happy to have you on more often, Christian. Whenever you want. Come on now. I'm happy to have you.

March Madness is fine. It is? Okay. Very good. Is that your artwork behind you, on your wall? What is that?

What do we got here? That is my kids. Definitely not mine, but my daughter.

My one daughter is a very good artist, so it might be some of her stuff. Okay, very good. Well, it's good to see you. What memories come back to you on a week like this one, Christian? Well, I'm 54 now, Rich, so the memories are fading, that's for sure. But, you know, when I think about it, it's all about, you know, that I stayed there for four years and, like, we had so much senior leadership and we had some upperclassmen. And nowadays, when you watch college basketball, there's just so many young kids and they transfer, they move, they change schools, and it just seems like the schools that are doing the best are the schools that they have some senior leadership, they have some older kids. Look at what NC State did in the ACC tournament this past weekend. Look what UConn is doing because they got some seniors, they got some kids that stay around.

So, nowadays, when I think of, you know, what we did at Duke, it was about, man, we all stayed together and we learned under Coach K's system and we got three or four years under our belt of running the same system and it just seemed to help and seemed to make our basketball very, very high quality. Well, it's funny, we're the same age, Christian. I'm a Michigan guy and I wish my memories would fade, you know what I mean?

Like, at the same age, I'd like to not remember what I remember, you know what I'm saying, Christian? The last 15 years? No, no, no. You know what I'm talking about.

You're a smart man. You went to Duke. You know exactly what I'm referring to, you know what I mean? Like, I wish I would forget that. You want to forget about 92, the championship game? Yes, that's the one in particular.

Yeah, yeah. What do you remember about that, Christian? That's just another example of they were all freshmen and it makes such a huge difference to have, you know, juniors and seniors on your team. So that was a big reason why we won. We played them two times that year and, you know, we beat them one time in Michigan in December and then, you know, the second time in the championship game and they were so good even though they were only freshmen and I'm saying the only reason we won is because we had some seniors and juniors on that team.

I've got Christian Laitner here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's your favorite Coach K speech that he gave you, Christian? Well, there's too many to recall and to tell you the stories about right now, but my favorite Coach K times were when he barged into the locker room, he slammed the door behind him and he kicked everyone out of the locker room, all the managers, any other of the supporting staff and he said coaches and players only and then he would just lay into us and drill into us about how he's gonna demand for us to play a certain way and whenever we had those type of closed door locker room meetings with him yelling at us, I always loved it because I knew we were gonna play basketball great for like the next four or five games and then he might need to do it again like a month later, but whenever he did that it seemed like we played our best basketball. What was he like in that huddle in the 92 East Regional final against Kentucky, drawing off that?

Did he draw up the play for you? What was that moment like for the famed shot, Christian? He was so composed and he was so positive and he was so trying to get us to believe and to buy in and if you remember, I made a shot that sent us to the Final Four two years prior to that against UConn, so I thought everyone was on board. I thought Bobby and Grant Hill and everyone on the team were all thinking to themselves, you know, we've been here before, we got lucky, we made a shot and we've done it in the past, but over the last 30 years, Rich, I've learned through the, you know, 30 for 30, I hate Christian later show that Grant Hill and Bobby Hurley were maybe thinking like our season is over, which I can't believe, but Coach K was so positive and so composed and he said we can do this and he said, Grant, can you make a pass and Christian, can you catch the ball?

So he was brilliant in those minutes and during our timeout of the Kentucky game. Did you think the inbounds pass was going to be defended? Did you have that conversation?

I don't remember that. I just remember Coach K asking Grant, can you make the pass? And Grant said yes and then Coach K turned to me and said, Christian, can you make the catch? And I said, of course, Coach, if he throws a good pass, you're hoping that they don't defend the pass, you know, they don't put someone on the ball and then you're hoping that you can just get the ball in your hands. Whenever I, you know, think back on that play, I think of Ocho Cinco's book, you know, the football player where he wrote a book, it said just get the ball in my hands and that's what I was thinking before that play.

Like, I just got to catch the ball and get it in my hands and and see what happens after that. Christian Laitner here on the Rich Eisen Show. I don't know if you met the whole Hurley family when you went to college together, but do you remember meeting Dan, who's now sitting astride the college basketball world right now as the coach of the defending champion UConn Huskies who are coming in as the number one overall seed to repeat again, Christian? Yes, and I did meet Danny Hurley for sure and it didn't go really well the first time.

What happened, Christian? Well, I think Bobby was, I don't know if Bobby was a freshman or a sophomore, but Danny came to visit him. I don't know if it was an official visit, like in terms of basketball, for Danny to come to school at Duke, but I think he just visited his older brother and it was my sophomore year or my junior year and Danny came down for the weekend and he just had way, way too much bravado and way too much swagger and I might have put him in his place a little bit. What do you mean?

Come on now. What happened? Well, you know, I think Bobby brought him to like our team dinner after practice one night.

It might have been like a Friday night. We had practice and then right after practice we went to dinner over at our team dinner facility and when Danny walked in, I just teased him and he didn't pick up my sarcasm and I said something to Danny like, you're not welcome here and it didn't go over real well, but I was just teasing him. Wow, so did he come at you?

Did you go chest to chest or something or I guess nose to chest? Christian? He might have walked up to me and I just said, I'm just teasing you and he didn't believe me and then he went and told Bobby and Bobby came out in the hallway and was like, stop being a jerk, but you know, I'm impressed with the job Danny Hurley does. Honestly, the thing I'm impressed with the most is that he gets some of his kids to stay at UConn.

He has some junior-senior leadership and man, that Hurley family, starting with Bobby Sr., they're very, very good coaches, very good basketball family. I'm mandated to ask you since you've made a few references now to, you know, staying and things of that nature and there's now name, image, and likeness. Do you have a figure, do you think, of what you could have made if name, image, and likeness was available to you as a Duke Blue Devil back in the day, Christian? No, I try not to think about it. You know, people bring it up to me all the time, but honestly, I don't like it for the game. It makes people move around too much. You know, you hear what's saving for the Alabama football team, you hear what he says, you hear what, you know, the UConn women's coach Gino says, and it just hurts the game and the players are more interested in how much money they can make now and how much the coaches are gonna pay them and all this other stuff and it's just crazy. To me, the transfer portal is a little crazy.

To me, the NIL stuff is a little crazy. That's what you work so hard for, that's why you put in all the blood, sweat, and tears and the extra work to get as good as you can so you can make it to the pro level and start getting paid there. So I don't necessarily agree personally with all that stuff, but it's part of the game now. I don't know if they can walk it back, but there has to be some type of limits and restrictions on it.

If not, it's just gonna continue to be everyone transfers and everyone tries to get paid, which is crazy to me. And I'm with you, Christian, in terms of needing to have some sort of codification here, to get some sort of guardrails, to get some sort of rules in place. It just seems like the adults did not see it coming or understand the power of what name, image, and likeness is, and there needs to be some sort of uniformity, I think. But in terms of the players getting theirs, I have no problem with that. And when I hear coaches complain about it, aren't the coaches the ones who just get up and tell you, thanks for committing to the institution of higher learning that you're at, enjoy getting an education, I'm gonna go take a higher paying job somewhere else? Aren't they the ones that go and leave their own portal? You know what I'm saying?

That's what I'm hearing when I hear some of that, Christian. Yeah, that happens for sure, but you have to realize that, in my opinion, the only way good basketball happens is if people stay together for more than one year. A system has to be created.

There has to be organization. I mean, when I think about how much better I was as a junior and senior at Duke under Coach K's system that I'd learned for two, three, four years, it's just incredible how much better I was and our whole team was under the same system for like an extended period of time. That's the only way really, really good basketball happens, in my opinion. If you just keep jumping around and moving around and changing coaches and changing players, to me it's a little like playground basketball where you're just throwing stuff together for one year, seeing if it works.

If it doesn't work, go somewhere else and see if you can make it all happen in a year, and to me that's tough, so that's why I don't love it. Christian Laitner here on The Rich Eyes Show, courtesy of DraftKings. Do you have a Final Four you want to let everyone know about? Have you chosen one? I did. I did my bracket today. I'm not gonna go through the whole thing, but I got UConn, Houston, UNC, and Purdue making the Final Four. So you won all top seeds, huh? You won all one seed, Christian? Is that what it worked out to be? Well, if it's UConn, North Carolina, Purdue, and Houston, yes sir, yes sir.

Yes it is. I mean, you know, take the high percentage play. In the earlier rounds I do have some upsets going on there, but last year I really liked Houston and they didn't make it, but I think Houston's gonna be a little more upset, you know, compared to how they played last weekend. They got beat last weekend. So I think Houston's gonna have a good run. As I already told you, I'm impressed with UConn. Purdue bailed out early last year and Zach Eddy's a year older or a year better, so I did pick, you know, the all number one seeds. UNC, I just, I got to go with them.

They have a lot of senior leadership. I think they're gonna do well, so those are my four, and we'll see what happens. I'll be at the Final Four again this year, enjoying it, working, making appearances, and I'm taking my son again, and I just love it. That's awesome. Do you have UConn winning at all?

What'd you choose? I picked Houston winning at all. Okay, and you think there is some value in getting thumped in your conference tournament to get you pissed, like is what you're saying?

There is some value in that? Yes, because it happened to me my junior year at Duke. We got thumped by 20 points by Carolina my junior year, and then we won six in a row and won a championship my junior year, so I think there's something about that.

Okay, last one for you here, Christian. When you walked into the locker room for the first time as a member of the Dream Team, did you say anything? What was that like for you? Of course I didn't say anything. I just followed directions, and if they told me to pick up the towels, that's what I did, and I kept to myself and tried to figure out my little space that I could, you know, not step on any toes, but what an experience, and there's so many pictures I've seen, you know, in books and photo albums where I'm sitting next to Jordan talking to him or he's teasing me about the Duke-Carolina rivalry, so what memories, and I wish, man, I wish I could do it again.

I bet. Did they haze you? Did you get any hazing at all? I got a little hazing before the first practice, so I think we were together maybe like one dinner, one evening before the first practice, but after the first practice, once they realized that I wasn't gonna complain, I wasn't gonna cry, I could take an elbow to the chin, they all were great to me after that, so once they saw that I was, that I could handle them on the practice court and not complain and not cry and not act like a prima donna, they all treated me great. So that was your reputation, you think, walking in the room to them?

Well, there, you know, there is a preconceived notion where they're like, oh, here comes this Dookie and, you know, he just won two championships and he better not act like a prima donna, and once they saw that I wasn't acting like that and I knew my place, I realized that I was a rookie or a freshman and I was willing to get their donuts and their cigars and pick up their dirty laundry after practice, they treated me just fine. So who told you to pick up a towel? Which one of them told you? Which one led that charge, Christian?

Every one of them did, but especially Barkley and Jordan. Jordan loved telling me what to do, you know, calling me a Dookie, so they were all having fun with me at my expense and I loved every second of it. I bet you did. Christian, I appreciate you joining. I'd love to do it more than once a year, so look out for more of my calls. I appreciate whenever you connect.

Thank you. Okay, okay, Rich, I'll see you next year in March. Okay, sounds good, Christian.

Late night, everybody, courtesy of DraftKings right here on the Rich Isaac Show. So we'll see you in a year. That's great. That's what he's gonna do. That's what he's sticking to it. It's awesome. Jordan called him a Dookie and said, pick up my stuff.

Yes, sir, thank you, sir. Danny Hurley, don't tell him. I think that tracks what Danny Hurley's up to these days. Don't tell him he doesn't belong, huh? I think he's still a fiery individual.

He's still a little shoulder chippy? Yep. Oh, that was fun. That's great. That was fun.

It's funny. He's like, I'm 54, memories fade, but I do remember playing Michigan twice and beating him twice. Once in Ann Arbor, once in the tournament final.

What else you want to talk about, Rich? Where were you for those games? Were you out of school? I was. I was a staff writer for the Staten Island Advance, living in Staten Island, and yep, there was that. So the brackets were on the wall there, me and my roommates back in that day, and here's my bracket here.

You haven't filled yours out yet. Boy, you went chalk. It's not gonna happen.

You don't have to be an expert sitting there working faders for Creighton versus Iowa State. Like Mike, you know, rolling in the round ball rock. Oh yeah. Only three times in 38 years has all the one seeds made it. When was the last time? Do you know? 2008. Jeez.

It's hard. And look, I don't blame Christian for saying what he's saying, that, you know, giving players the transfer. By the way, did you see the transfer portal that Christian's saying is an issue? Because he says name, image, and likeness is an issue because it's players focused on wanting to get paid rather than sticking around a program. And then there's the transfer portal. It's all part and parcel. That the transfer portal that he says is an issue because players need to stick around more than just once a one year to be in a system, right?

It's basically what he said. Did you see the transfer portal in college basketball? Went nuts yesterday. Opened yesterday?

Yeah. A couple Syracuse guys. Why would the NCAA open the transfer portal the Monday of NCAA tournament week? Why would they do that?

Like, what is the possible purpose of doing that? Gotta do that the Tuesday after the championship. Don't you think? Like, hold it off another three weeks. So, basically, you're getting ready for the NCAA tournament and you've got to keep an eye on the portal.

I'm sure you've got people for that, but come on. That's like basically the NFL opening free agency the day after the regular season ends. Everything that we just saw go off the wall from last Monday to this day would happen the Monday after the regular season ends.

It's nuts. Could you imagine? Has anybody entered the portal who that's in the NCAA tournament? There has to be. Is somebody about to lose a kid in the portal because the kid has been told he's not in the rotation for the NCAA tournament? Some kids don't play. Yeah, I mean, the 10th, 11th, 12th guys, maybe.

Some guys just don't play, but... It's nuts. I saw that.

I thought it was a misprint. I'm like, are you seeing the transfer portal is opening the Monday of NCAA tournament week? Crazy.

844-204-rich number to dial. There's a mock draft from Daniel Jeremiah and it's off the rails. And if this happens on the night of the NFL draft itself? Yes. Most watched first hour ever. It would be.

That's next. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Looking for an assist with your credit card but can't get a hold of anyone? Luckily with 24-7 US-based live customer service from Discover, everyone has the option to talk to a real person any time, day or night.

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Yep. Looking right at Mr. Wonderful of Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank. Go for it Mike Del Tufo. What happens if like something happens to me and 2,500 miles away my family's there and they don't know I could be sitting in the apartment alone dead for days. So I came up with an idea for an app called Just in Case that would be basically you download it and you could check in with this app and other people could see that a you're alive still you could basically be tracked with it. Just to get the whole story before I completely eviscerate you.

Go ahead. How would you make money doing this? A subscription per month. People are gonna pay per month. 99 cents per month very cheap. If your mom calls you for two days and doesn't get an answer she's probably gonna call the super and say go check on his corpse.

Like think about it they don't need 99 cents a month for that. But in theory if it's something you don't have to do, other people can check in. Mike when you're dead you're dead.

Like who cares? How does the app know you're dead? The app doesn't know you're dead.

What happens is the app would tell you that you're not checking in every time you unlock your phone it would ping and you put people on a list that know that if like your your mother's in Florida she could be sitting in the house you know that at least she's checked in on her phone if you're their kid you don't have to talk to him on the phone you don't have to call him and if it's a kid you know the kid. If you think you're if you're if you're worried your mother's dead why don't you call her? Call your mother Mike. People don't call their mother and father they live 2,500 miles away. Mom I just want to make sure you're not dead. Like are you kidding you should call your mother every day.

No no no I'm talking about like all day. You don't know. Oh you want to know the exact moment your mother died. That moment will never not hit.

Never. This is completely BS. This is shame.

Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger has the right product for you call or just stop by. In honor of Mike Del Tufo's birthday today Mike Hoskins our coordinating producer just rolled back truly one of my favorite Mike Del Tufo moments in the history of this show when we forced him to pitch an idea that he swore was a winner to Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank to Mr. Wonderful when he was here we set up an actual Shark Tank type of delivery of idea to Shark. Amazing. And and Kevin O'Leary as he said I just want to ask a couple more questions before I completely eviscerate you it is truly my favorite Mike Del Tufo moment. Del Tufo.

So I'm at home on the couch alone with all my friends. I know and then you didn't want to do it we're like you have to do it. This is before I learned. Oh yeah before you.

This is the polished Mike Del Tufo. TJ did you not? TJ taught me. I tried to help him a little bit. Yeah I sucked.

Oh for that day? No no this is before I got a hold of him. I wasn't good. Nick the old camera operator and TJ.

I would try to like film stuff with him when I was doing the social media all the time and I'd be like Mike just. I wasn't very I was like. That was 2017 so you're saying you're saying that was the turd and now this is the polish. This is the polished turd. Okay very good. And it's very good it has a cherry on top it's whipped cream. Very good.

It's a clean smell and turd. You're killing it Mike. Listen listen listen I work with Daniel Jeremiah. I adored Daniel Jeremiah. A longtime scout in the National Football League.

I want to talk about being in a difficult spot. Taking the seat of Mike Mayock after Mayock vacates it to go take the job as the general manager of the Raiders. That's not an easy spot to be in and he has been nothing short of pitch perfect spectacular in that spot. The way he does his job is outstanding and the way he does his mock drafts I love them. Where he does three of them before the final one on the night before the draft and the night before the draft is the only one in which he includes trades until today. He tweeted out last night that he's thinking about his mock draft 3.0 to choose chaos is what he said. He's thinking of choosing chaos for that mock draft which means and I speak fluent DJ. What it means is he's heard so much stuff so much crazy off-the-wall stuff that he is going to create a mock draft to let us know what he's hearing.

I believe I'm putting words in his mouth but I'm fluent in Daniel Jeremiah. There's no other reason for him to finally choose a mock draft in March to reflect some of the craziness he's hearing about. Now I'm not saying this is exactly what's going to happen all I'm saying is in the mock draft last year prior to the draft night before the draft he included as a trade the Houston Texans moving up to choose the third overall pick after choosing CJ Stroud second overall and he said they were gonna move up to get Willie Anderson of Alabama and you know what happened?

That. He called on it? He called it. Night before the draft he's like Texans are gonna move up to choose back-to-back second and third overall and what they wound up doing was that and those two players they chose wound up being the offensive and defensive rookies of the year. Second year in a row those players were from the same organization. It was Sauce and Garrett Wilson for the Jets the year before I just only hope for Texans fans.

The follow-up year doesn't turn out to be very jet-like for you. So when Daniel Jeremiah says this draft is in my mock I think it means he knows what he's talking about but he calls it chaos meaning I don't know how grounded in predictive reality this really is. I'm just saying this is the history of Daniel Jeremiah in mock drafts as I present to you his mock draft 3.0 in which not one not two not three but four quarterbacks start the draft to be selected including the Vikings trading up from 11 to go to four with Arizona to get JJ McCarthy leaving every other non-quarterback on the board for the Chargers to choose from and the Chargers choose to trade out of that spot for the Jets to move up from ten to go to five to take Marvin Harrison Jr. Now then. That cannot happen TJ. Well as much as you are using your Patriots not good for me inside Patriot mass holishness to say such a thing right now at least the other twist is of the first three quarterbacks to go he thinks it's Drake May going to Washington and if you want Jayden Daniels in New England which you have been saying Chris forever since the calendar turned this year he says that's gonna happen that the Patriots stick and stay to choose the Heisman Trophy winner out of LSU who is everybody's about in every evaluation and again we've got Mel Kuiper on tomorrow's program and the real Mel not the angry one from McAfee show I think I don't know wouldn't that be amazing actually yes if Mad Mel showed up here tomorrow by the way earmuffs you'd have to be on that dump button Mike if that happens but in all seriousness here everybody's saying and you heard Kurt Warner say an hour one the most pro ready right now it was really based on the look on on who had the best year last year out of all the quarterback Lofsky they would take him number one that's what Lewis Riddick said yesterday yeah and Dan's been saying that for a while so yeah I mean Jayden Daniels goes three of the Pats so if that happens for you why can't I have Marvin Harrison jr. showing up in New York City for the Jets because here's the thing rich like we like Marvin and like oh god good players go to the Jets and then their careers just like what we don't hear from them again I don't I mean they see ghosts listen not all of us I feel bad I want Chris not all NFL teams can stroll into a 2024 stadium and start k.j. Osborne and Kendrick Bourne at wide receiver not all of us can do it work for you let me tell you something pal I once it didn't work for Vernon Golston hey pal you know what I mean listen tough guy I once rooted cried like a baby cheering my head off for Wade Boggs on a horseback in 1996 you shouldn't have done that okay you should not have done that and by the way that's not a metaphor for his chicken-eating days he was on a New York City police horse celebrating yes a Yankee World Championship in pinstripes which at the moment was glorious for me because it was equally as difficult for you to swallow because this was way before the big poppy Dave Roberts years when you were still thinking it was it ever gonna happen for you so yeah I can be very happy with Garrett Wilson and Marvin Harrison jr. in green to Ohio State guys yes sir very no problem very happy with it Tyrod Taylor's okay I know Aaron will be off the campaign trail by at least week 12 and we were hoping for him to come back at week 12 this past year so it's kind of all the same Toronto's got to do better than Zach that's all so yeah happy with that would that be insane if this in fact happens and again that first Daniels not just Daniel I'm sure I shouldn't be doing this but I'll just describe to him what I believe because I'm fluent in Daniel Jeremiah he must be hearing that the Vikings love JJ McCarthy and the Vikings also are the team that you would have to choose to do this because they made a trade already to get a second first round selection so you package those two first rounders together and suddenly yeah you've got Arizona instead of giving Marvin Harrison jr. to Kyla Kyla Murray they'll give them to Aaron Rodgers for the rights to get more draft choices in the building one more thing if you wouldn't mind popping that up there just to finish up the rest of the mock draft because all those trades and names at the top are bright shiny objects but Malik neighbors winding up in New York for Drew Locke to enjoy while Daniel Jones comes back means the Giants would not take in his mind Michael panics there and the Giants would have to figure out the post Daniel Jones quarterback situation another day Joe alt would be a terrific choice for the Tennessee Titans and the reason why the Chargers wouldn't choose Joe alt is again Joe alt is a left tackle Rashawn Slater is the left tackle in Los Angeles and you're not I don't think draft and Joe alt to stick him in right tackle you're just not I mentioned this the other day that by getting Kirk Cousins in the fold Atlanta can stick it eight and essentially have the pick of the defensive draft group Dallas Turner being the edge rusher from Alabama would be a very nice addition for Atlanta the Chargers moving down to ten and taking Telise FUAGA out of Oregon State is exactly what the Chargers want because the Chargers would get the right tackle they need I believe he would start at right guard at first and then this guy FUAGA as the bookend to Slater is exactly the protection and the road grading Harbaugh wants to lead with Greg Roman as his OC for Justin Herbert but number nine folks if the Bears wind up with Roma Dunsing to go with Keenan Allen and DJ Moore for Caleb Williams who they would choose first overall then folks send the send whatever thank you basket cookies you know breakfast burritos or sandwiches or whatever they're sending apparently to New Jersey the Jets facility fans are sending to Mike Williams saying please run senator Ryan polls because if this kid from Washington winds up being the third receiver with two stud thousand-yard vets in DJ Moore and Keenan Allen for Caleb Williams I I'm telling you that's the best setup for any rookie you can have what did I say yesterday and then you hit more of the line if you want they also have a 60 million in cat room I hear your top five offense you still have to play the games and and be as expert at it to be top five in the NFL you still have to assume there's gonna be some bumps in the road for a rookie quarterback no matter how studly they are and you have to wonder about the protection up front and things of that nature well wow that top ten right there for a mock draft for Daniel Jeremiah had me at hello and if that happens in Detroit I mean they'll be they'll be having an issue in the NFL Network truck and when to roll your first commercial break cuz how the hell are you just gonna not sit there and want to watch that uninterrupted for an hour an hour and a half well my good last year's number five offense was Dallas you telling me that wouldn't be better than the Cowboys come on man I'm telling you that that wouldn't be better than the Cowboys because it would take some time for a rookie quarterback to all have to play together come on man number five number five scoring last year was the Lions 27 points a game that's that offense isn't scoring point maybe but maybe by the end of the year but consistently week one through week 18 you still have to figure that's a rookie quarterback but it would get you excited what CJ Stroud fired up it would get you fired up no doubt and yes I would be very very happy with two Buckeyes playing for the Jets catching footballs yes no problems at all yeah sure why not you okay nah nah let him go let him do it eight four four two oh four rich number to dial back with phone calls and so much more to set up the rest of the week we got a huge in studio guest on Thursday and we'll tell you how to get started with our fantasy our partnering our brackets and get involved welcome to talk about all the ultimate smallville rewatch podcast title transference aired October 27 2004 director James Marshall writers Todd Slavkin Darren swimmer I really like this episode and I'm surprised that you don't like it as much as you thought you did I actually respect your opinion more than I respect my own in general when you say things are good and I check them out they are jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen named one of the best personal finance podcasts the stacking Benjamin show with Joe and his friends makes financial literacy fun I got an email today from the Len panzo comm HR department I find really interesting I'm an employee of one and at this company so but somebody from the HR department sent me an email telling me that I had a raise if I just open the attachment I could see how much my raise was make sure you click on the links that are in there too oh absolutely yeah I can't wait this is I'm excited find out more by searching the stacking Benjamin's podcast wherever you listen it was at this point yesterday if I'm not mistaken that John Collins and Austin Reeves were still alive Wow pastor preaching he was a good man they met their basketball demises Anthony Edwards Duncan on John Collins was something else look at that like John Collins is cute I mean on the other on the other shot of it the other side of it he's like wincing there it is like he's doing the jump man logo like it's incredible he win milled that thing down from there by the way and then that picture sick well at least John Collins was had his eyes closed but if his eyes were open he'd be able to see the rest of the world I'm assuming Austin Reeves had his eyes closed I hope so you don't see that coming you know when Jalen Johnson came through and I think well Jalen his last name was more more applicable because that's what was right at Austin Reeves is that the way to describe it I mean it's the safest way cuz I got stuff in my head I can't say so yeah let me handle this one be certainly that I don't need that that's what she said guy to be chiming in here John Jones situation I mean that one was something else yeah did what did Austin Reeves say afterwards Moses what was it quote something like was it a good day or something wasn't his best day yeah for Austin Reeves well on your tonsils you think that the the new NBA logo should be Anthony Edwards Duncan yeah there it is by the way I mean that's for our radio audience we're showing Jalen Johnson Johnson's you don't want my view that's what he said you want my view everyone saw what happened you don't need that a block or a charge yeah careful just you be quiet yeah that was last night in the NBA that was the last night in the association we need a patreon Chris so we could say these things yeah my goodness those dunks were violent yeah both of them got the got a I got an alert on my phone for both of them those two of the same both of them saying that many dunks in a year and I guess dislocated his finger he was screaming he you could hear I thought it was one of them like ah but no he was like in the face when he went up he hit him in the face with his left hand I think then threw it in with his right and as soon as he landed you could see him grabbing his hand I know I mean you know this was a Blake Griffin type on I think on Kendrick Perkins or one of those guys where he didn't actually the hand didn't actually hit the rim it's just more like a throw through yeah but it's still so violent but like the disrespect of thinking oh I'm gonna jump over you from half court way out here and then doing I was remembering Griffin dunked on Timothée Moskoff yeah Moscow I haven't heard that name in forever I haven't heard that name in forever obviously the Vince Carter Olympic dunk I mean it's just yeah so um hey everybody you know what we're gonna do we're gonna take our our in studio bracket group public let's do it go to the ESPN website pop in rich eyes and show in it and find our group and let's go let's have at it yeah I'll tweet that out so you guys yeah the link you're gonna tweet out the link yeah and what we're playing for here here's what you know we're gonna play for a rich eyes and show mug set we'll send it to you that's a traditional mug right here and then the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl one with me running in my the running man in the Elvis thank you very much you'll pop a photograph of it up on photos up after just join the group and the link and join the group against us and you are gonna fill out a bracket I'm gonna fill one out Mike Del Tufo is the resident rich eyes and show college basketball experts like you're you're like the Joe lap chick of the rich eyes and show over there Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike yeah Brockman doesn't know you never think it was just us that did this it's luck so I'm ready to see if we go I'm by my and and this kid tread lightly my children are in this bracket competition you can keep the names of PG yeah please do that please do that I don't need my ten-year-old daughter saying things that you sometimes see in these brackets is Mikey D's nuts is that safe oh my god I mean my children make these nuts jokes though who's gonna name their team Jalen's Johnson's oh that's Austin Reeves view clear-eyed view Austin oh my god you guys understand that's the ultimate D's nuts joke right there me while you're at it Jimmy in San Antonio finish this up sir what's up Jimmy how do I follow this you can't God you can't but try well Austin Reeves may know Johnson's religion we all should applaud him for that was that was excellent that was excellent all right all right Miguel ito happy birthday Feliz cumbre años thank you thank you I just got back from the barbershop okay and turned it on saw the Christian interview and Leitner just like the great Duke player that he is nailed it the sport is compromised because of NIL and what he said about the kids looking for the bag makes total sense think of your favorite band and what if they rotated members every other year and a half two years and they wouldn't be as solid and you know playing well together I think he nailed it let me hear your thoughts on that well again I think players deserve to be paid what they want and and the transfer portal is is definitely not conducive to cohesiveness in terms of basketball and having players stick around three four years but you know Michigan I'm hoping Dusty may becomes the next head coach right just thinking about and thanks for the call Jimmy let's just hope but so what do I tell the FAU kids right see ya yeah I'm going to Michigan oh so he can do that but I can't go transfer portal honestly just come up with better rules everybody understands the rules and and there's more of a guardrail come up with the rules honestly but I give give Saban a position to figure that out in college football as opposed to just you know having to go to Capitol Hill and give give a bunch of testimony to people who aren't gonna do anything because they're too busy podcasting when they're not sitting next to him for instance interesting thought how about that hey you know who's on the show on Thursday in studio Larry David tomorrow's Wednesday I'm giving people people two days notice movies TV shows books podcasts and more it's what women binge with Melissa Joan Hart and her friend Amanda Lee we have Lauren Bosworth with us the hills so what is like your number one question from fans the primary question I still get asked was what is it real in 2024 to me is a surprising question to get because I feel like everybody has been through the reality TV gauntlet at this point what women binge wherever you listen
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