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NFL Free Agency Frenzy: The Overreaction Monday Podcast with Rich Eisen & Chris Brockman

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 13, 2024 4:39 pm

NFL Free Agency Frenzy: The Overreaction Monday Podcast with Rich Eisen & Chris Brockman

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 13, 2024 4:39 pm

A weekly staple on ‘The Rich Eisen Show’ since 2018, ‘Overreaction Monday’ is now also an extended podcast with Rich and Chris Brockman debating the latest in the NFL. Today’s topics:

2:00 - Kirk Cousins + loaded offense = Falcons serious NFC contenders

5:50 - Justin Fields will not be a starting QB next season

10:30 - AFC East will only get one playoff team next season

13:20 - Saquon will out-rush the leading RB from rest of NFC East teams combined

17:00 - Packers are the team to beat in the NFC North

20:45 - Derrick Henry will break NFL’s single season rushing record with Ravens

23:15 - The Texans will be the Chiefs’ biggest threat in the AFC

25:00 – Dak & McCarthy’s next playoff berth will be with teams other than Cowboys





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See terms at slash credit card. Yes it's another edition of Overreaction Monday. We're releasing it in the middle of a week because that's when the new league year begins in the National Football League free agent market. Rich eyes along with Chris Brockman back here on Overreaction Monday brought to you by our friends at game time as always. The fast and easy way to buy tickets for all the sports, music, comedy and theater events near you.

Make sure you download the game time app, create an account and you can use our code OVERREACTION for $20 off your first purchase. Good to see you over there Chris Brockman, how are you? How's the frenzy been? It's been, it's been, you've been sitting with me. I love it, it's been awesome. It has been.

This is one of the favorite weeks of the year. How many, like if, what was the, what was the amount of breaking news we had? Oh man, I think at least 15 over the three days. That happened on Monday, happened while we were on the air. Right.

And then a couple of moves on Tuesday, including Derrick Henry. It's been awesome. Yeah. I love it. We've been, we've been all over it. Go ahead and hit the drop, Mike.

I know you love the drop. Here it comes. And my eyes see breaking news.

Yeah, you know, we mixed up the boom from training day, right? And then, by the way, Academy Award winners Denzel Washington and Al Pacino giving out an Academy Award. Fantastic.

My eyes see. It's funny. We were going to do an overreaction Monday segment on Monday show and it included an Oscar.

I had an Oscar one and so much stuff was happening. We couldn't even get to it. We couldn't do it.

So we saved a lot of good stuff just for this because we love doing this podcast just for you. Let's do a free agency frenzy edition of overreaction Monday. That was terrible. That was crap.

That was garbage. This place sucks. Overreaction Mondays. Hi Christopher.

Hey, what's to react to man? Let's get right to it. It's always all about the quarterbacks. The biggest free agent signing Kirk cousins goes to the Falcons. Kirk plus a loaded offense equals Falcons serious NFC championship contenders. Well, you know, I think the Eagles got better with Saquon and Bryce Huff. And I think the Niners are still going to be worthy of being defending NFC champs, right? The Cowboys. I'm wondering what the hell they're up to right now.

We know what they're doing. I kind of, I kind of dig the, the, despite losing Aaron Jones, Josh Jacobs being there and Xavier McKinney being added to the Packers who are just going to get one year better. I kind of dig the Packers.

I do. I need to see what Kirk cousins looks interesting. Tony Kornheiser on Monday PTI said the Falcons were super bowl contenders. And that made me think, well, I don't want to go that far, but NFC championship contenders. I think they immediate upgrade and I love their coach to offense a good deal. So when you say NFC championship contenders, when you're forgetting about the lions being better to are they better? They're absolutely going to get better. Oh, they're going to get better and more. They're going to be better.

More on that in a sec. Okay. So do you throw Atlanta in the mix of trying to win the NFC? I think they're in the mix. Okay.

I'll just say this is not, so you're just saying they're going to be in the mix for a team to win the entire conference. I think so. Yeah. Okay. Don't you know? I don't know.

No, no, no. I'm just sounding it out before I give render my judgment. I'm this is not a knee-jerk situation. I'm trying not to overreact.

I kind of need to see what a guy looks like within a repaired Achilles. Okay. You know, same thing with the jets. Yeah.

Unless they're quarterback as the vice president candidate for the independence, the independent party possible. You know, I, I, I don't have that topic on here. That's fine. That's absolutely fine that you don't. We hit it on the flagship show.

Sure. I I'll say this. It was your number one. This is, this was a great move. The number one free agency move. I had to do it because not only, you know, do you just stop the waiting and seeing and getting a new one to wait and see quarterback, you get one that you kind of with outside of the Achilles know what you're going to get with him at 4,000 yards passing 30 plus touchdown weapons are already around him and you can add even more in free agency. I mean, you could get Roma dunes a with the eighth overall pick, or you could get Raheem Morris, the best defensive player in the draft, because every body one through seven will take an offensive player. You can have your first crack at the defensive board. I think cause you're not going to use it on a, on a quarterback, right? Eighth overall pick being the it.

Yep. So, and you also, I kind of dig that you put yourself in the relevancy conversation, which is what you're alluding to here, because they're, they're a home schedule is loaded with the Cowboys. The chiefs, the Steelers are all coming in. The chargers are coming in. Those are, you know, and as you all know, Jim Harbaugh had a choice maybe to be the Falcons head coach as well. And then they're going to Minnesota. I mean, I think the Falcons are going to max out on, on a nationally television game.

We're going to see them a lot in prime time. So sure. I think you're alluding to it, which means this is not an overreaction, but the caveat of, I need to see what the cousins of the Achilles looks like outside of doing dance moves at NFL honors, you know? Yeah. Okay, great.

All right. We've been talking with this guy nonstop and where it's going to keep going for another month or so, but I think Justin Fields will not be a starting quarterback in 2024. I think it's still a, an overreaction right now to the reality that Ryan polls, when he showed up at the combine saying, you know, our preference is to do it fast, do it early, do it, you know, even before the new league year begins the, it being trading away, Justin Fields, if they decide that they're going to go with a rookie at quarterback and Caleb Williams, or, or obviously there might even be between now and the draft of Jayden Daniels' conversation.

And it does appear that there's two ways of looking at it. One is Caleb Williams threw a wrench into all this by saying, we are not going to meet team and prospect in Chicago as a, you know, private top 50 visit or whatever you want to say that we're not going to, we're not going to do that until after my pro day that the bears thought, maybe we can get you to come in the Tuesday after the, the combine you're already in Indianapolis. We're in Chicago. You can hang out and you can go maybe look at houses.

You can go see what the area is like. And then you come in on Tuesday. And then as soon as we, we meet you, we get our hands on you. We do the medical on you. We get you in our building.

We meet you, you meet us. We're now comfortable. We're trading Justin Fields that they won't be able to do that until after his pro day, which is not until next week. So now they have to hold onto Justin Fields. That's one way to look at it, that they're not going to trade Justin Fields and now trade away Justin Fields for Jayden Daniels because they're not sold on Caleb and they haven't really done the Jayden Daniels homework yet either.

So that's one way to look at it. The other way is that they love Caleb. They're going for Caleb. They don't need to actually have Caleb in the building. They don't need to have any sort of medical on Caleb pretty much already know, or they're going to willing roll the dice that he doesn't have some sort of thing that they don't know about. And that they also love Jayden Daniels would go ahead and get him too.

If suddenly they don't like Caleb as much as they thought they did. And they try to trade Justin Fields in a bunch of teams in one, but to sit here either way, the way you're looking at it, they didn't want them for how much the bears were asking for. They might've overplayed their hand there or the fifth year option, 20 million bucks or whatever. They didn't want to have to make a decision on that right away before he even plays a snap for him.

Right. You know, Hey, welcome to the team. We're going to pick up your fifth year option because of the amount of confidence draft compensation we gave up to get you. And, uh, or, you know, instead all these teams, what they did Gardner Minshew two year deal for the Raiders, Sam Darnold one year deal for, um, for the Vikings, even though I don't think the Vikings would ever wind up with Justin Fields. Cause the bears, no matter how desperate they might be to offload them would never do it in division.

Sure. You know, and then the commanders went and got a, uh, veteran in Marcus Mariota, just in case things were sort of the Patriots. So did, you know, Pittsburgh obviously with Russell Wilson.

Yep. So you put it all together and I don't either way that you look at it the way that the bears overplay their hand, and now they can't offload them right now, or they Caleb Williams kind of screwed it up by not allowing them to evaluate fully Caleb Williams medically and, you know, professionally prior to the new league year window opening. I think all of those are like, okay, either way, you can't sit here and say, he's not going to be a starting quarterback in 2024. I mean, somebody might miss out on the draft and go ahead and pull the trigger then. But we talked about this on the flagship, like the spots, it's only a couple of teams.

Right. Um, it could be Denver, Denver might miss out on the first round pick for a quarterback. And now they're like, Oh, you know, and then they go ahead and do it Friday night, you know, the, the, the day two, the night two and day three picks haven't been used yet. So you can use them right there and get Justin Fields on the spot and fix what you couldn't do in the first round. So then there's also the whole, somebody can get injured during the summer.

So you sit here and say, he's not going to be starting quarterback in 2024. That's my sort of soup to nuts dissecting it way of saying this is an overreaction. Looking for an assist with your credit card, but can't get ahold of anyone. Luckily with 24 seven U S based live customer service from discover. Everyone has the option to talk to a real person anytime, day or night. Yep.

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See terms at slash credit card. Welcome to talk about the ultimate small rewatch podcast title transference aired October 27, 2004. Director James Marshall, writers, Todd Slapkin, Darren swimmer. I really liked this episode and I'm surprised that you don't like it as much as you thought you did. I actually respect your opinion more than I respect my own in general. When you say things are good and I check them out, they are jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talk Ville on YouTube or wherever you listen. What else you got? All right. AFC east. Let's talk about it.

Yes. They're only going to get one playoff team next year. We got the Patriots on a rebuild dolphins, lost some stuff in free agency, always 50% turnover playoffs. And you know, the jets, I don't know what you guys are doing.

Buffalo, Buffalo, I think is a lot. And then there's all these other teams in the AFC. Joe burrows coming back. The Steelers is going to be better. The Steelers just got better. Right. And no, I hear you. And I think what you're alluding to here is that the dolphins got raided and free agency to the point where I was concerned about their ability to get back to the playoffs.

I was a little like, Oh, okay. And then the jets and Patriots are clearly kind of behind. I don't know. We're going to see how Chris Greer and Mike McDaniel can pivot in a draft and figure out the rest of it. And, and again, right now we're recording this just as the new league year is beginning, just as teams have to get cap compliance, just as there's a bunch of players that just got cut. If you noticed on the flagship show today, there weren't a lot of breaking news because everybody isn't signing a free agent right now.

Cause the money just got spent on the top tier. It wasn't apparently as deep a free agent classes anybody would have liked. And also you're trying to find out who is now going to be a free agent that wasn't. And you're not going to send a draft choice for a draft.

You're going to wait until they're cut and then get them at a less rate than you would have had they been a free agent and had to pay the money over Monday and a Tuesday of a new league year negotiating window opening up. So I, I will just push back and call that an overreaction at this point in time, I am concerned about the Miami dolphins having lost Christian Wilkins and Robert hunt just as two guys on their lines, but we'll see how, how somebody, you know, there could be somebody that's ready to step in and to either one of these roles that we're, we're not familiar with how they've been balling out behind the scenes and practices and things like that. So I'll just reserve judgment on clearly a franchise that was, has been on the upswing. And again, you're just assuming Aaron Rogers is not going to be a vice presidential candidate for this election season because he comes back.

He's a 40 year old going back from an Achilles. I do like what the jets have done on offensive line, getting, getting Moses, Moses back. Yeah. Right. So more Moses Morgan, getting him back area of need.

Right. And I do like what they did there. And I will see what they do in the draft. And I think the Pats have done a good job in feed so far, but obviously I don't expect, you know, the Texans have definitely improved their lot.

The Jaguars I like what they've done so far. And, and you're right. A bunch of teams have gotten better, right? Yeah.

So, yeah, but at the moment I'll still call this an overreaction. All right. Well, uh, last one before halftime, let's talk about Saquon Barkley, uh, going to Philadelphia, a massive move.

How about this? Saquon is going to out rush the leading back from the other three NFC East teams combined next year. Oh dude, get outta here. Come on.

Who are the running backs on the other three teams? Singletary is no slouch pal. I mean, come on Devin Singletary is no slouch and we have no idea who's going to be starting for the Dallas Cowboys. You'd got to figure that the guy's going to have enough to, to, to along with, you know, the Washington commanders with Eckler. I know, but come on.

I mean, I'll do respect. We love Austin Eckler, but he was kind of a shelf and I love Saquon, but that's the, this is an outstanding topic for overreaction Monday, because this is, this is something that is completely outrageous. 1,600 yards from Saquon. You think the other three guys get 16 combined rush 16. If you want to talk all purpose scrimmage yards, now we might have a conversation, but if Eckler can just even get a, a hint of a sniff of his 2022 and you know, Cowboys go by committee, they're waiting. Rusher has like 500 yards. How dare you? Dowdle slander the Cowboys.

Who is the Cowboys running back next year? Dowdle slandering, I think is illegal in 47 States. Be careful.

That on the ballot, the Dowdle slander, by the way, that's like Beetlejuice. You say three times and something terrible happens. I just look out. I just said it three times. Come on, man. Say, come on.

I'm going to go nuts. I love Saquon. And he's never performed behind an offensive line. He's never performed in a system that's built for him like this.

I hear you. Why can't he lead the league in Russia? He can, but the other three lead running backs in the division combined don't what don't have 800 yards a piece, 700 yards a piece, 600 yards a piece.

That's 1800 yards. Brian Robinson, Brian Robinson's no slouch pal. He's nice, but echo is there now.

And they both get like six 50 each. No. All right. I like it. Don't forget it. If Blake Coram shows up as a Dallas cowboy, look out, pal.

Look out. They probably should do that on. They can say DJ said, go get Bellocca Cora, which was very funny. Game time tickets. Get it on your phone, get it on your tablet, mobile device, whatever you want to call the way that you can get game time on. You can go ahead and buy tickets to the next big event right near you.

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I could see how much my raise was. Make sure you click on the links that are in there too. Oh, absolutely. I can't wait. I'm excited.

Find out more by searching the Stacking Benjamins podcast, wherever you listen. Second half of this free agent frenzy edition. I kind of dig this. This feels like a regular season. There's so much to overreact to. So much going on.

So much going on. I liked his team last year. I love them even more this year. The Packers are the team to beat in the NFC North. I will still say the Lions. Sometimes the best teams don't make the moves in free agency.

They just resign their own. I'm not going to overreact to this right now. The Lions were just a couple of decisions and execution in the way of making the super bowl. So the Packers, I do like, you know, Josh Jacobs, but we'll see how much better than Aaron Jones.

He is. We'll see if he can, you know, stay healthy. I like Xavier McKinney is the, uh, the ad and safety. They always draft very well.

We'll see how they draft the young kids, the young wide receivers are going to be a year old sleeper pick right here for the NFC North, the bears, if Caleb Williams can come out of the gate and what be CJ Stroud. Sure. Or, or CJ, not the full, not the full or just Stroud, not CJ Stroud. Okay. Just be Stroud.

Just be C Stroud or J Stroud. 10, 10 wins next year. I don't know. I love what they're doing on defense. Yeah. A lot. Yeah.

I agree a lot. I, I, I kind of dig it. They lost, you know, Darnell Mooney obviously, but they'll probably draft someone at nine, right?

Roma dunes. They could be sitting there like neighbors at nine. I don't know if neighbors is going to last that long, but they can get a really sweet, sweet player as a receiver for Caleb Williams right on the spot. I mean, they could really do that.

I kind of dig what they're up to pal. Deandre Swift now at running back. That was a nice ad early on in free agency. I think he was the first signing. I do believe so. I do believe so. So I, I, I will just say this is an overreaction. I did like the way the Packers finished up is Jordan love the best quarterback in the North. I'll go there. Sure. I'll go there over golf.

I'll go there. I just love the way he played me too. And he looked the real deal up until unfortunately the last throw of the season for him.

That was terrible. An untimely interception channel at his inner far, but yeah, I, I, that they're the team to beat in the NFC North is an overreaction that there's, there's still the team that lasted longer last year. Who I think will get better and in the draft. And we'll see again, just because we haven't seen them active in the first two days of the negotiating window a free agency, let's see who else let's see winds up free and what do they do? But I wouldn't sleep on the bears.

If they can get the quarterback play out of Caleb Williams, that everybody thinks he can be as a, as a rookie defensively, they may only need to have 21, 24 points put up on the board. Yeah. I guess I could save this one for later on, but the North North getting three teams next year, save that one for NFC North.

That's another overreaction. Come on. Cause right now the, the NFC West is going to get two, two and two and somebody's going to give up the yeah. The NFC South gets one. Why does it just one East gets one?

Why wouldn't the bucks and the Falcons be that good? How about the East gets one? These might get just the one.

If you had to choose which division gets just one right now, when you choose these, what's more likely the AFC East gets one or the NFC North gets three East gets one, right? Yes. I would go there. Okay. What else?

All right. Here's another boy. You just riffing right now. Here's another hot one. I'm hot.

I'm on fire right now. Okay. Derek Henry. Oh, is he the perfect Raven or what?

That's so annoying. Yes. Derek. Derek Henry already has a 2000 yard season under his belt. Yeah. He's going to break the single season rushing record next year.

I want it out there now. So like in week six, when he's got 1200 yards already and he's on a pace, I'm like, see, I told you back in March, 200 yards through week six. I don't know. That's easy math. 200 yards a game.

He's going to average 200 yards a game in his first few games. Get out of here. Come on. I like when you're defending, I like your Ravens. I like how you're putting it on the record here in a March overreaction Monday, when defending the Ravens, here are your options.

Okay. Do I go after the guy who I literally can't catch and it's probably the fastest guy in the league or the guy that is literally going to run me over like a Mac truck, which what are you, who are you choosing? I choose to, here's the thing I choose. I choose to make the guy who's the fastest guy in the league, throw it. And we'll see how he does nine in the box against the Ravens next year. No, I'm not saying nine in the box. I'll say, let's see what you can do.

Throw in it, play man coverage on a bunch of guys who might not be able to beat man and see what happens. Cool. I don't know. I'm just, I'm spitballing here, pal. I'm just saying I'm spitballing here, but to say he's going to break the all time single season record. Why not?

20, 20, 150 next year. I'll just say, I don't, I don't know. But you know, it works with a power of fame.

You know, it works with them. Like hopefully Keaton Mitchell's going to come back and, and be the, the, the, the lightning guy to this thunder justice Hill is there. You know, that they're not going to give Henry the amount of carries to go ahead and do that sort of thing. You know that he's going to be 30. They're gonna, they're gonna limit his carries. He's on a, essentially a one year.

I know it was a two year, but it's come on one year. You don't get it. What are we going to do?

250 touches, 300, 300 touches, 350 touches. I do love it. I do love it.

It's called being aggressive. The Ravens being aggressive in the way that, you know, the Cowboys weren't right. I honestly, I, I just, I kind of dig it a lot, but to say he's going to break the single season rushing record.

I love it. I just want it out there overreacting like week five, he's got 900 yards already. Like I told you, okay, week five, 900 yards. Let's revisit this. Okay. All right. And I know you will like, you're gonna be psyched about revisiting it. We'll play this clip back. All right. Love the Texans.

Love CJ Stroud. Yes. They are the chief's biggest threat in the AFC.

I don't know. Let's see how borough looks with the bangles T Higgins as much as he wants to trade. I don't think he's going to get it. Nobody tells Mike Brown what to do when he wants to do whatever he wants to do and has the leverage to do whatever he wants to do. The Ravens clearly are better.

Everybody who says the Bill's window of opportunities closing has lost their freaking minds, honestly. And, and, and, and we shall see how the chargers look within the division. But you know, they were one of the final four teams from last year. And I, I really liked them adding who they added in free agency with Danielle Hunter being the most recent one and the one with the biggest impact in terms of sacking the quarterback. I like who they've resigned.

I like what they're doing. And you can make a Collins can take Dale, come back and repeat their performance last year. Is Stroud going to have a sophomore slump?

I don't think so. You look at fantasy. He's like top five quarterback rankings heading in. I know. I know. It's just tough for me to buy it when the, you know, as Chris long said on Wednesday's flagship show, like there's the, the usual drill guys with the Ravens being the one seed from last year and the bills being the two seed from last year. And you know, and the, the borough Bengals, we assume we'll be back because borough will be back, but you're not worried about any other team in the AFC South. Are you like unseating them? No Jacksonville.

We'll see what Trevor Lawrence looks like healthy coming back and pushed by Mac Jones. I said that just for you. But no, I think the Texans are, it's, they are the team to beat in the AFC South significantly. So, and I think they can turn into the chief's biggest threat in the AFC. And the fact that you're saying they will be, I can't call this as an overreaction right now. This is entirely possible. So I'll, I'll give you the check Mark on this one right now.

Oh nice. Why not? I mean, you know, we'll see how the Ravens improve. Obviously with Derek Henry's, we just mentioned, you think they're going to be, I love it. One on one hand, you're saying Derek Henry's going to break, break the rushing. If Derek Henry breaks the single season rushing record, the Texans will not be the chief's main impediment in the conference.

Neither of the two things you just said back to back can be true at the same time, at the same time, right? If Derek Henry, so which is more likely, which is more likely Henry breaking the rushing record or the Texans wind up being the chief's most formidable opponent. If Henry breaks the rushing record, the Ravens are going undefeated, but it's probably the Texans.

It is probably the Texas. Cause I don't think Derek Henry at age 30, you know, they're going to try and keep him fresh. And that will be a word to the wise for anybody who wants to pop on that, pop Derek Henry on their fantasy team. You know, the top pick in the first round, you better be, you better be wary.

I wonder if he is going to go in the first round. Interesting. Okay. Wish last one.

Last one. We've got to talk this team cause they're not doing anything. Both Dak and Mike McCarthy's next playoff birth will be with a team other than the Cowboys.

Hmm. I don't think Dak's going anywhere. I think Mike McCarthy's next playoff birth will be with a team other than the Cowboys is somebody's offensive assistant. If he leaves Dallas, I don't see him being hired as a head coach somewhere else. He has three straight 12 win seasons. I'm well aware of that.

I'm well aware of that. If they go 12 and five again and get one and done, it's not really his fault. I don't think Dak's going anywhere, which is what just makes me so mystified as to why the Cowboys have not, have not extended him and figured out a way through all this and say, Dak, I know you hold a bunch of cards, but we want you here. We love you. We, we need, we need, we need, we, we need a, some relief from ourselves, you know, and offer him 200 million.

And I don't know, I honestly don't know the dollar cents cap, all of this stuff, but there's gotta be a solution. I don't. And that's why I think, I don't think Dak is going anywhere. And if Jerry is making him play this thing out because he can't get through the negotiation to try and extend him to the point where it is, it sticks it to Dallas even worse. I don't know, but you know, Dak wants to win and he wants to win. And if he does mean he's got to come up with a construct to save the Joneses from themselves over the past several years of waiting.

And Mike Florio described it on the flagship show Wednesday that this has been years in the making of this chicken coming home to roost to use that analogy. That certainly if it means CD gets paid and he gets to throw to CD and it means Micah Parsons gets paid and Micah is the one who puts Dak back on the field and he starts looking around and he's like, okay, I'm going to hand the ball off to this guy. You know, why when I'm willing to play ball with the Joneses, I don't think Dak's going anywhere.

That's the really weird part about this. Mike McCarthy could go somewhere else. So the fact that you've put them both in the same boat causes me to push back and call this an overreaction. If you went either Dak or McCarthy's next playoffs, perfect.

That's not fun. Okay. So I'll call this an overreaction. Cowboys make the playoffs next year. I think so. I think they're still that talented.

Okay. You don't, I mean, everyone's getting better. I think Mike Zimmer being the defensive coordinator is going to be really good for him too. Yeah. That's like, like usually when somebody like Dan Quinn and the players love Dan Quinn and he loves them, he leaves and all of a sudden just like, all right, somebody else is coming in.

I mean, Zimmer's tough love might be a little bit more different than Dan Quinn. Yeah, that's true. But I mean, need to see on loves, need to see his playing, running back, need to see who the rest of their wide receivers are going to, but to sit here and say, oh, they, they didn't do a thing in free agency, which means they're going to, I saw that didn't their, their odds of winning the super bowl went got worse. Yeah. They were 15 to one before I think 17 to one now after everybody's got to see, wait and see what they do when the free agents get cheaper and more vast in terms of choices and need to see what they do in the draft. Yep.

Honestly, it's perfect. Case in point, let's, we can go back to the, that 2021 draft, right? Where they got Micah Parsons, they moved up to go get him.

I think that was the 2021 train, right? Like, was there a conversation leading in the draft is Cowboys are in trouble. Who's going to rush the passer? No, I mean, I'm just saying probably, right. Probably. You know what I mean? Like, how are they going to get the sacks? What are they going to do?

Yeah, probably. And then they got the kid who didn't even play his final year and no, he stayed. He set out right. And then they get him and he turns out to be one of the best players Dallas has ever had rushing the passer. Okay. As, as a young player, like a modern day, Lawrence Taylor. So you never know what they're going to hit in, in the draft and that's goes for every, just to wrap up the show for all 31 other teams, we don't know. Now, obviously when we're talking about it every day, we make snap judgments and we make snap takes. And we talk about what's in the moment, wondering if it does have a chance to get better or the philosophy of a way a team is building will change based on circumstances and opportunities.

But to sit here and say the Cowboys not making the playoffs next year is kind of absurd. One last bonus overreaction going out the door. There you go. Good job, brother.

Hey buddy. So I know you had to do this three times this week. I had to make some adjustments Monday. We didn't do it cause too much happened. Then we did Tuesday and you updated it from Monday stuff. And now you kept it enough good stuff for the Wednesday pod.

All right. Oh, overreaction Monday. We'll be back with you in a couple of weeks. What the football with Susie and Amy next Tuesday, they will be reviewing all of free agency by that point in time and getting ready for the owner's meeting, which is, you know, has a lot of rule changes on the docket and that is Amy Trask's forte to say the least. So that's what Susie and Amy next week for Chris, I am rich signing off for this overreaction Monday full of frenzy in the free agent front. Hey everybody, this is Dan Bespress host of fantasy NBA today, a daily fantasy basketball podcast. We cover every box score from every game every day. Plus bonus shows on by low opportunities, players to stash schedule analysis, and really anything you could need to smash your league into deliciously tiny pieces. Catch the fantasy NBA today podcast part of the believe network on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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