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Which Team Has The Best Chance To Unseat The Chiefs?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 12, 2024 3:08 pm

Which Team Has The Best Chance To Unseat The Chiefs?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 12, 2024 3:08 pm

3/12/24 - Hour 3

Rich weighs in on LB Patrick Queen bolting the Baltimore Ravens for AFC North rival Pittsburgh Steelers, to the New York Giants signing QB Drew Lock, and breaks down the shrinking landing spots for Justin Fields if he’s traded by the Chicago Bears.

Actor Liam Cunningham joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new Netflix sci-fi series ‘3 Body Problem,’ his memorable portrayal of Ser Davos Seaworth on ‘Game of Thrones,’ his love of Formula 1 racing and more.

Rich and the guy's debate which NFL teams made the most impactful move(s) in free agency that would allow them to unseat the Chiefs as Super Bowl champions.

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See terms at slash credit card. Senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer, actor Liam Cunningham, plus latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Alright, our number three of the Rich Eisen show is on the air.

Some really great television is coming your way on Netflix, which you can check out right here on the Roku platform portal. It's called Three Body Problem. It is from the executive producers of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B.

Weiss. They're the showrunners and EPs, and they're writers alongside Alexander Wu. These are all folks that made some incredibly intense television for quite some time.

It's called Three Body Problem. It's coming out on March 21st, and one of the stars of the show is sitting in our green room right now. And you know him as Sir Davos from Game of Thrones. Liam Cunningham is in this cast. So is, by the way, John Bradley, who played Samuel Tarly back in the day.

So they're getting some of the band back together, but it's science fiction. Anyway, he's coming out in about 19 minutes time to talk about this. And we've just been nonstop football news for a day and a half now.

Two days, two shows, pretty much, because news keeps on breaking and breaking and breaking. And that's how we start our number three. Hit it, please. Here it comes. And Maria, I see breaking news. There you go. Mixing the Al Pacino best picture reveal from this past week's Oscars with the breaking news that we have right now.

Chris, what do your eyes see? Rich making me look smart. Future AFC North champion Pittsburgh Steelers are signing Patrick Queen.

Oh, three years, 41 million dollars. Now that is the move, man. OK, that's a nice move.

Why does it make you look smarter on stone? I said the Steelers were going to win the North. OK, I mean, he did say that. He said that in an overreaction Monday segment, not ascribing Patrick Queen's arrival, but saying Russell Wilson's arrival assured it. No, I didn't say assured.

What did you say? I said assured for Chris Jones. Oh, I'm sorry. Chris Jones is resigning, assured the chiefs of a seventh straight AFC championship game appearance. Against the Steelers now, obviously.

That's what we tell you, man. I mean, we tell you, we tell you, man, I'll tell you about Patrick Taylor, man. The middle linebacker spot, the middle linebacker spot was an issue. If you remember, they were playing Miles Jack fresh off the couch.

Yeah. In in must win games. So here we quit twice. And this guy, Patrick Queen, is a loss for the Ravens and an addition for the Steelers. And Hugh, any loss for the Ravens, that's an addition for the Steelers or vice versa, kind of doesn't matter. The name that's in that proper noun line and that Madlib of loss for the Ravens addition for the Steelers. That's good news for the Steelers. Any Steelers fan, any Steelers organization, anybody in it will go, yeah, absolutely. We'll take one of your best and put on our team. That's a pretty that's that's a nice addition. Steeler fans better be jumping for joy. They should be. That is a great move.

That is a superb. Here it comes. I see breaking news. What happened now?

Giants quarterback news. Let me guess. Let me guess. Let me guess.

Let me guess. This is going to be somebody. That isn't a big name. Not a big lock to the Giants.

Per Tom Pilacero and Mike Garofalo. OK, there's your week one starter. That's it. I don't know that that was big enough to upstage the Patrick Queen.

No, I mean, I kind of ran its course. It's a big loss for the Ravens, a great addition for the Steelers who needed somebody like him. I think I think that's a great move. I want Giants fans to get like sort of excited. And and and it's it's a a a wild situation that if we had told all Ravens fans. Just back in January, that Patrick Queen would be wearing black and gold trying to stop Derek Henry running the ball for the Ravens.

They'd be like, what are you talking about? But that's the case twice a year. He's going to be the one hopefully for the Steelers meeting Derek Henry in the hole. Joe Manganiello and Billy Gardel are going nuts because it's a smart move. It's in the same way that Derek Henry's on brand for the Ravens. This is on brand for the Steelers. But Queen was also on brand for the Ravens. So you take something that's on brand for the Ravens and add it. That's on brand for you. That's a W plus.

They become like T.J. plus some better. And I mean, like it's plus or plus and everything up. You're plus and everything up. That's well done. T.J. Watt and Patrick. I like it. Well, I mean, and don't forget your Walter Payton man of the year. You're a reigning Walter Payton man of the year. Cam Hayward up front, too. That's me and Brockman's best friend. We kicked it with him.

Man, paying Daniel Jones forty one million dollars to back up Drew Auk. Well, again. No, let's let's let's let's hit on that. Let's hit on that.

Let's hit on that. Because everything the Giants did yesterday, I'm going to repeat myself, is exactly set up for somebody to come in and be a new quarterback of the New York Giants. It's line of scrimmage. You're set up.

You've seen what's the first. What is the first thing the Carolina Panthers did for their free agency with Bryce Young? This time around, they hit their offensive line like crazy. OK, they got two offensive linemen yesterday to go along with their two young offensive linemen. They've drafted over the last couple of years.

They're remaking that. They're going to have to try and protect and go hunt on the other side of the line of scrimmage and try and win games. Ten to seven, three to nothing right now. You know, with a bunch of wide receivers that are sitting there on your waiver wire for you to pick up in your fantasy leagues. And running backs, Devin Singletary and whoever they pick up in the draft. And what is Matt Breida still on the team?

You know what I mean? Like, that's the way that they're going to go about it. And that's the way that they're going to bring in a guy like Drew Locke, because they lost Harad Taylor to the Jets yesterday. So they needed somebody to back up. And that's a week one starter. He's going to be a week one starter while Daniel Jones comes back. And I think they're going to draft one, too. But everything I told you is that they are finished with Daniel Jones.

That's what I heard at the combine. They want no part of him anymore. They might have to have part of him this year.

I might be wrong, might be off on that. Everything that they say is they believe in him. But he's not going to be ready for week one. They needed somebody who was ready for week one.

They're not going to. If they trade up for Drake May, everything that I hear about him is that he's going to need some seasoning. And it definitely needs some time to get ready, which the Patriots have no problem doing. That's why they put Jacoby Prisette in a uniform yesterday.

So. Smart move. Harad Taylor's out. Whoever they draft, and I think they're going to draft one, that guy is not going to be your week one starter while Daniel Jones comes back. And if Drew Locke doesn't perform well enough and they're two and four when Daniel Jones is ready to return, then they'll stick Daniel Jones in there.

And Giants fans will just have to suck it up. One year up to five million for Drew Locke. It's a it's a it's a good move. Yeah.

It's a good move. Was that that Monday night game that he won in the rain? Who did he beat? Was that one where he had a he had an amazing right. He beat the Eagles, right? Yeah. An amazing postgame chat with Lisa Salters. The rain coming down.

He's talking about believing in yourself. Yeah. Good kid. One to root for kid. Fun.

You know, tough. And all he's got to do if the you know, in the inevitable opener against the Cowboys is score a single point. They're ahead of the game. I don't mean to be facetious, but honestly, the Giants are resetting and I know Giants fans don't want to hear it because they were supposed to take that playoff season where Brian Dables coach of the year, Daniel Jones looks totally redeemed. He looks like the quarterback, the two way threat, Kaepernick 2.0 that they all hoped he could be that Gettleman thought he could be that nobody else thought he could be.

But he finally was. And Saquon looked great, too. And they get boat raced by the Eagles.

And that is the end of that. Now, Saquon's on the Eagles. Daniel Jones is hurt. Drew Locke is being brought in and Giants fans are wondering what's going on. Well, what's going on is they're resetting. And for the sake of the general manager and the coach, I hope for them that the owners are all in and they're going to let them do their thing, because if it doesn't work out, that's the way you get got in the National Football League.

So. And then the other thing we just heard from Albert Perrier, I mean, I said to him, where's Justin Fields going to go? He said, what I always want to hear is the host of the show is.

That's a really good question, Rich. Because for Justin Fields to go somewhere. He's got to go somewhere where a team that needs a quarterback says we're not going to draft one. We'll take you. That means Raiders, commanders, Patriots. Steelers, Falcons. Every one of them have filled a spot with a quarterback over the last twenty four to forty eight hours.

Every one of them. The Vikings, on top of it, having lost Kirk Cousins, who went to the Falcons. Bears aren't sending him to Minnesota. Minnesota says, we'll take Sam Darnold. We'll beat out the Broncos who Mark Schlereth was on yesterday.

I'm like, what do you think they're going to do? A quarterback. He goes, Sam Darnold. Well, the Vikings clearly knew that. Offered Sam ten million bucks.

Sold. He's coming in. OK, Raiders. I didn't think that was a landing spot for Justin Fields anyway, because the offensive coordinator who he once famously said during last season had him playing like a robot or robotic. That's the offensive coordinator that's there.

Doesn't sound like a fit. Raiders decide to go and pay Gardner Minshew two years. Twenty five million bucks.

Fifteen of it guaranteed. So Justin's not going there. Unless Minshew was signed to back up Justin Fields there. How about the commanders?

Is it entirely possible that commanders say, well, we're number two overall. We're not going to take Jayden Daniels. We'll take Justin Fields instead. We will not reset the quarterback clock with a rookie deal starting from snap one with the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. And all it does is just cost us the second round, the second overall pick that we so earned. And we're new owners of the NFL franchise in D.C. And we're not going to start with a fresh new rookie quarterback and match him up to our new coach. What we'll do is we'll get Justin Fields instead. It'll cost us some draft compensation. And then he'll be just two years removed from having a second year contract or franchise contract franchise tag situation. That ain't happening. That ain't happening. They signed Marcus Mariota, who, by the way, sounds like a great backup for Jayden Daniels.

Wouldn't you say I would say that when you say like he'd be the prototype. Good guy, veteran, can move and throw. The odds have now switched. Daniels is now the favorite to go second.

OK. The Patriots, would the Patriots go ahead? And again, when you get Justin Fields, it costs you draft compensation. And the decision you have to make pretty much as he walks in the door, a fifth year option picked up.

And then comes the clock starting about. Do we franchise tag him? Do we sign him to a long term market deal?

What is the market deal? Or do you go ahead and sign an old friend, Jacoby Brissett, and third overall choose Drake May? Sure sounds like that. Steelers, that was an option, right? If they were going to go Justin Fields and decide on that whole business of using draft compensation, picking up a fifth year option, deciding on the quarterback, needing to have a new deal. They're already kind of one step behind it with Kenny Pickett. So you might as well maybe bring in another quarterback who's won just one year ahead.

That kind of makes sense. Instead, they go and get Russ for an absolute song. Would the Bucks have done it? We checked that box last week.

Would the Bucks do it? They signed Baker Mayfield. Where's he going? There's Denver as an option for a starter. And that's it.

I just named the other spots. Unless, as Albert Breer just said, as I said to him, that the Bears might actually hold on to him now. See who doesn't get their quarterback in the first round of the draft and then decides to send second night or third day compensation their way. And then you trade Justin Fields.

Do you go through the draft and into the summer and see who needs one because of an injury? But then at that point, you already have Caleb Williams in your house in your quarterback room. You've got to spend a couple months with Justin Fields in the quarterback room. You could garoppolo him.

Hey Justin, just stay away. And then ask him at the end of the training camp season to stick around and he winds up being the starter anyway. Maybe not the second half of that. So I said, name me a team that could take him now. And Albert said the Eagles.

And he's like, why not? So are we in the situation where Justin's not the starting quarterback of the next team that he's going to? Is that where we're at? That he's going to have to hope for a Sam Darnold play where he goes and he goes to a quarterback friendly coaching staff? And when he gets a chance to get in there, is he on the Trey Lance plan?

Right? Like, is that what's happening right now? Because again, I don't believe the Bears are going to look at, well, we're not getting the proper compensation back for Justin Fields. Or we're not sending him to a spot where he's a starter. So we're not going to do Justin like that. Let's just run it back with Justin and trade the first overall pick. That's not happening.

This is where we're at. Day two of the free agency window being open. Name me another team. Give me another team.

Panthers not doing it. Seattle? Seattle?

Would Seattle do it? Where Seattle's just lost Drulock. They need to back up to Gino. Gino's cheap this year. He's on the hook for like 12 million or something.

That's not a bad spot. The Saints just lost Jamis. But these are not starting options.

None of them. Jets aren't doing it. Vikings are, again, they're not an option. They're in division.

Colts lost Minshew. Do you have Justin Fields back up? Anthony Richardson? Or have Anthony Richardson insurance if he's not somehow ready with his shoulder?

That's a good idea too. Bengals, as we all know, have Joe Burrow's backup. Because he lit it up for my fantasy team last year. Jacksonville's backup is Mac. The Rams aren't doing it. Would they?

No, I shouldn't say that. Rams are always thinking outside of the box. I saw Stetson Bennett workout videos yesterday, so maybe he'll be back. Dolphins? Dallas already has Trey Lance. Packers are obviously not an option. Texans?

That's absurd. Bills aren't doing it. They've got Trubisky. Lions aren't doing it. Would the Lions do it?

No, they've got Hendon Hooker sitting there, right? Ravens? They're not doing it. Niners aren't doing it. Chiefs? I mean, there are...

I mean, wow. What about Titans? Have we mentioned them? We have not. We have not, but I just don't... I wouldn't want my guy that we just drafted looking over his shoulder.

Yeah, I mean, that's not the idea. Will Levis played, you know, admirably. Guys, there's not many options. I think we just gave you the real deal here. So, it's wild.

If you're on hold, stay on hold. We're going to pause our free agency frenzy and talk about a terrific new television show you're going to love called Three Body Problem from the creators of Game of Thrones. The man who, back in the day, played the role of Davos Seaworth. Sir Davos. Liam Cunningham is in studio next.

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Or visit Back here on the Rich Eisen Show. But don't let me tell you that we're back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio.

Go ahead and hit it. Welcome back to the Rich Eisen Show. That's the dulcet tones. That's you. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show. The great Liam Cunningham right back here on the program on three-body problem.

Which is, again, available starting next week for streaming on Netflix. Good to see you again. You too, sir.

Pleasure. You did that for us last time you were here. That's right. I've completely forgotten, yeah, when I was here. Yeah, we got free extra work out of you. You did, yes.

I forgot to invoice you. We play that often, as a matter of fact. That's rather cool. You still have my touch with the show. Come on.

It's really cool for us to have you back here. We just saw a clip again of this show, which is created by David Benioff and DB Weiss, the long-time EPs and showrunners of Game of Thrones. I know, yeah. And so when they call you up and say, we got another idea, you're like, OK, right?

Pretty much? Well, I wish I was that professional at the time, but what actually happened was I was in discussions to do another big show, and they were reasonably advanced. I hadn't said yes, because I wouldn't do that to anybody. And I get a call from DB and David, and they said, you're not going with them.

You're coming with us. And I went, OK. Literally.

Literally, that's what I did. And then when I hung up, my professional brain kicked in and went, you don't even know what the part is. You haven't even seen the scripts. It could have been a week's work. You had no idea? No. That's the amount of faith I have.

And then the scripts came along, and I went, oh, thank God for that. Yeah, because you have a significant role in this. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

You won't miss this guy. Yeah. It's nothing like the character I played in Game of Thrones. Well, this show is nothing like Game of Thrones.

100%. Although, you know, these guys are, as we say, buggered for punishment. When they did Game of Thrones, they took on what George R.R. Martin wrote was an unfilmable series of books. That's why he wrote them.

He wanted to let his imagination run. Right. And they didn't make it easy for themselves. And then they went on to this thing, which deals with quantum entanglement, theoretical physics, and a story that starts, as I say, in the mid 60s, last century, and goes until the end of time.

So you couldn't exactly call them resting on their laurels. But this is based on a trilogy as well, though, correct? Is it not?

100%, yeah. A very successful trilogy of science fiction books. And a lot of people, you know, it's strange, a lot of people go, well, science fiction's not my bag.

It's not what they do. If you look at Game of Thrones, that was a fantasy. And a lot of people, I was one of them, would have gone fantasy. It's not really my thing. My wife as well. Honestly, she's not into the fantasy, the Dungeons and Dragons, that sort of, if you will, world. And I started watching Game of Thrones first and sat her down.

I'm like, this is, no, no, you have to see this. So I totally get what you're saying on that front. And then, of course, we were locked in together as a couple. And then suddenly we're at dinner parties and suddenly we're at watch parties and things of that nature.

And so I totally understand that. So what is this about, what you can explain to people? Well, essentially, the title comes in three-body, I'll try to be as quick as I can with this.

Take your time. We have one body, the sun, and we go around the sun like this. A three-body problem is a theoretical physics anomaly that drives physicists mad. Three bodies, three suns. You've got an Earth between three suns, it's impossible to predict the gravitational forces. And what we have on the show is a planet that is under that influence of the three-body problem. And they're looking, without giving too much away, for a safe planet to, so their civilization can exist. And that's where we get into trouble.

And you get into what? The ability, you're trying to save the? I'm saving the world, dude. Damn. I'm in charge of saving the world. You're lucky I even showed up here. I'm a busy man.

Busy, busy man. And so where are the dragons in this? There are no dragons. I think these ones are up in the sky and they're much more trouble than just your big old dragon. Again, this is a totally different ball of wax.

A hundred percent different. But obviously, when you're in the hands of some brilliant television makers and producers and writers. Don't forget Alexander Wu is in there as well.

Right, exactly. And so, Liam Cunningham, the man known as Sir Davos from Game of Thrones and now as Thomas Wade in Three-Body Problem, available on Netflix right here on Roku, here on The Rich Eisen Show. Some Game of Thrones fellow alums are in this as well. John Bradley plays him. Jack, he plays in this and he's hilarious in this. Okay. And he's really good. He's a guy who was a brain box at Oxford University and decided to cash in his chips. Right. And start selling Jack's snacks. He moved his knowledge of chemistry and whatever to the entrepreneurial world.

Okay. You'll see he's got a very lovely lifestyle. The high sparrow himself, the brilliant Jonathan Pryce. Incredible actor. Man, what a resume that guy has from Bond villains to Miss Saigon to this. He's one of those, like John Hort, he's just one of those people that you just, quality arrives when he arrives. No question about that. I'll give you one that's deep from his filmography. And he's, that's right.

It's a deep cut for him. That's right. He's brilliant in that as well. You know, so I remember that De Niro, isn't it?

De Niro. Yeah. Yeah.

Natasha McElhone was in it as well. Look at you. Look at you. She's gorgeous looking. I'm with you. I'm with you. You and I are, we're, we're, we're like that. So, um, what do you get the most from Game of Thrones fans when you see them?

Liam? Oh, it's fair. You know what? And I used to say this to the younger, younger people on the set, when we were, when we were inundated with people, everybody wanting a piece of you and all that, when it became the cultural phenomenon it was, uh, and it can get, it can get tiresome as I'm sure you're well used to it. You know, you're trying to do your day's work and fans come up and all that sort of thing. It's great. What I used to say to them was, I said, if you worked in a bank and a four o'clock, five o'clock in the evening, we're locking the door and you turned around and there's a group of people outside doing that, that they applauded you for your day's work, that would be the best thing in the world. Wouldn't it? I suppose the other said, well, you're getting it now.

So enjoy it because it is going to disappear. People we do a day's work and people applaud us and put us on red carpets and, and, and sometimes sometimes raise too much money and all that. It's wonderful. Did they give you any grief about your character's decision making as if you did it personally?

Anything like that? Oh, 100%. They, they go, you know, they, they, they, they are so taken in by the story that they want to know. They, you have to remember, they invite you into their living room. So you've, you've in a weird way, you've become a friend of theirs and they're on a journey and you've broken their hearts. You made them laugh or whatever.

So when they meet you, they're saying hello because they've had you in their house on many, many occasions. But you have no idea who the hell they are. Plus you're one of the good guys. Yes. You're one of the good guys.

Like you, you, you were not one of those character mites shattered that delusion. Oh no. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. You can't be able to dine out on this guy, I don't think.

Well, as long as the dining isn't a red wedding. Hey now, you like that one? Yeah. Very quick.

Well, he's quick. I appreciate that. Um, okay. Fantastic.

And I can't, honestly, I can't wait for everybody to see this. Um, so formula one is yours, but what's your game? That's your game. Yeah. Okay.

Madhouse this season. Right. Insane. It's catching fire here in the United States. You know, like more than, more than ever. I've had a big thing. You had three races here. A few years ago, there wasn't any formula one race. Right.

Now there's three. Why, why do you like it so much? What is so great about it for you?

I do like the whole engine thing, the car thing and the engineering and the design, but also they kind of do what we do. It's a circus. It hits town and with, with, uh, you know, huge amounts of personnel and large planes arriving and they're there for four or five days and then they up sticks and go to another place and they do that 23 times a year. So the circus thing is really interesting and as well as that, I mean, if you take a step back, it's, it's people with too much money playing with the largest train set on the planet. I mean, it is, that's what it is. That's pretty good. Yeah. That's what it is.

So these guys that can make fortunes playing with a train set, same as when I do, I make a reasonable living playing dress up. It's wonderful. Who's your favorite driver? Who are you root for? Oh, it's always going to be Kimi Raikkonen. I think he was the next Ferrari Formula One champion and an extraordinary driver from Finland that the media love because he hates the media and doesn't play the game or anything.

And they kind of love it. He was, he's always been ornery, I suppose the phrase over here, but an incredibly, incredibly talented driver. So why? He's retired now.

Okay. So that's your, so who's the current, who's currently, well, you can't, you can't deny Max Verstappen at the, at the front. He won, I think every race bar two last year, and he's already won two races of the two this year in an extraordinary car that's designed by Adrian Newey. Fernando Alonso is driving for, you know, he's in his forties now. He's driving for Aston Martin has come back and is hungrier than a lot of the kids that are on the track.

He's got like serious ambition. Have you ever wanted to get behind the wheel? I did get behind the wheel in the garage and then they threw me out of the car, but I did at Monza in Italy, they, I did a two seater. They have a two seater Formula One car and I was taken out in the back. I talked Kit Harrington into getting into the car when we were doing Game of Thrones. He was very well behaved the previous night and went to bed with a burger and fries from room service.

I didn't, I stayed out at seeing some friends I have at Milan and stayed out till about four. We got three laps in the car and when we got out of the car, Kit took his helmet off and his hair bounced into this beauty. And when I got out of the car, I was literally almost getting sick in my mouth because I was severely hungover. That's after three laps. These guys do 80 laps and I was just a passenger.

But you wouldn't do it any differently, right? I mean, in retrospect is a wonderful thing, hindsight is great, but you took, you put, you took Kit in it. Who was the one driving you around?

He was an ex Formula One driver, the old steel race, was a bound guard and I think he might have been a Dutch guy, I think, yeah, but he was a proper F1 driver. We once upon a time, both of us, Chris and I had Mario Andretti take us around the Grand Precourse in Long Beach here. Oh my God. And it was, do you know how lucky you were that he did that for you?

Oh yes, but I'll be straight up with you. I was just, you know, wondering, you know, how Mario was doing, you know, what he did the night before, whether he had a hamburger and fries, or he might've taken it to your approach. Well, his son may be coming into Formula One in two years time with the Cadillac, I think, isn't it? So Mario just, he was spot on, he was pitch perfect, thank goodness.

I couldn't believe how close these cars actually get to the wall, to everything else. But it was great. Yeah.

It's a lifetime memory. That's for sure. This is how precise they are. There's a guy, he was one of the designers of Benetton and he was the head of sporting when Senna was racing and Senna during qualifying, this is a true story. He hit the wall in the car because you were talking about how tight they get there. And when he got out of the car, he'd said to the guy, the guy who was giving the interviews, Senna said to him, I wouldn't have hit that, they must have moved the wall, right? So the guy did that, but he said, I went out with my tape measure just to make sure they had moved the wall. And that's the reason he hit the bike half an inch and he hit the wall because no one told him they'd moved the wall.

That's how precise of a driver Senna was. See, by the way, just hearing you say the word, the wall just brings back so many great memories of Sunday night, just a definitely different type of wall, no doubt about it. Congrats in advance of Three Body Problem on Netflix, available on Roku. Is there any shot at all of the gang getting back together and doing more Game of Thrones any way, shape or form on planet earth? I know, I know that there's another version of it right now, a prequel that's going on that has nothing to do with you or anything else. And I hear talk there is, I mean, they haven't laid it to rest and there was some talk of Kit Harrington taking over. I don't know what's happened to that and maybe stuck in as what do they call it in Hollywood, development hell. Yes, I know. And so I don't know whether that's going to going to happen. I thought it was a great idea.

Let's take off exactly the moment he leaves when we left Game of Thrones and see what his life goes from there. Great, great concept, I think they and I did I did send a text when I heard about the snow thing. I did send a text to Kit Harington saying, better call Davos. Yes. Yeah.

He never replied. That's right. Come on. Because in all seriousness, I mean, you're one of the few spoiler alert who got through unscathed. You know, I'm the only character in it that was in all four battles that were in the whole series.

I'm the only character. And you never saw me. You saw me pulling out a sword. You never saw me killing anyone. I was in the full battle. No wonder I lived. I never thought. But I was there. That's all that matters.

Having a cappuccino on the side of the bottle. So it's possible, right? I mean, like it's really nothing else. As a friend of mine says, I consider I won't. I won't consider that role until I read the check. I like that.

That's funny. Great to see you, Liam. Congrats again against a three body problem available for streaming next week, March twenty first only on Netflix.

Make sure you are there for it and great to have you anytime. You got it. Liam Cunningham right here on the Rich Eisen Show.

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Cherish all of life's moments and save up to thirty percent at Blue Nile dot com. Very well known for the evil Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones for which we are huge fans. Great to see you Lena Headey here on the Rich Eisen Show.

Hello. I'm a big fan. I'll just start off the interview that way. I don't care.

Just throw it out there. When you first got the gig, you knew that you were going to live to the walk because of the books. Is that what you're saying? No, no. David and Dan were like, this is what we have for her.

Like, this is where she goes. They had the walk of shame planned out all the way from Jump Street? Yes. No kidding.

I mean, those boys are very clever. They had a plan all along for all of us and it was slow, you know, the reveals were slow and that's what makes it so exciting. So then season six script comes, you're flipping through the pages to see if you've met your maker. Right.

Then what about the final season? When you got the script, what did you do with that? Same thing. I think all of us were like. OK, I'm still in. OK, so which one was happiest by the end?

I can't tell you that. That was a sneaky way of doing that. That was nice. That was so smooth. That was creative.

Who are you most concerned from the cast that is actually going to give something away? OK, but that's good. He's passed the test. What do you mean? You can just bar him up with a bit of booze.

I didn't know that. Oh, man. We've got so much around here, too. We've got to book him again and just, you know, that's just water in our mugs.

Get him sozzled and I'll tell you everything. I have met the Mountain in person. Yes. He's the hugest individual I've ever met.

It's bonkers. Yeah. The amount of food he consumes. Well, it's like we have to cut because Halfthor has to have his seventh chicken of the day. He dominates craft service. Yes. He does. He's out there.

I mean, they literally bring him like a feast every hour so he doesn't faint. Where are you going to watch the finale? I'm going to watch it with some mates, with some booze. OK. Just toast off Cersei. Yeah. What an amazing, amazing nine years. OK.

I think Lannister will be in the finale of Game of Thrones. I think I've just learned that. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Let's take a couple of phone calls. Chris in San Bernardino has been hanging on a long time. What's up, Chris?

Hey, Rich. It's an honor to talk to you. Oh, thanks for saying that.

Thanks for holding on as long as you did. What's on your mind? So your guest, Albert, had mentioned Justin Fields being a possibility of going to Philadelphia backing up Carson Jaylen Hertz. Yes. Now, I don't think this is a completely out of the world possibility.

I think it makes more sense than anything. Pick it. It may not make any sense to fans or mean anything to fans, but to me, as an Eagles fan means a lot to me for my quarterback to hold these values. Can you pick it? Dad was an Eagles fan.

Can you pick it? Grew up an Eagles fan. Can you pick it hometown 81 miles away from the Lincoln Financial Field? It would only make sense for Kenny Pickett to come to Philadelphia.

And if anything happens to Hertz, he continues his regression or he gets hurt. It only makes sense for Kenny Pickett to come to Philadelphia. Hey, listen, man, Chris, Saquon is from Lehigh Valley and he went to Penn State, so it makes sense to him to be Philadelphia. But his dad was such a diehard Jets fan that he got a tattoo of the Jets logo.

But Saquon's not a Jet. You know what I mean? As much as his family history might mean something, the Steelers value Kenny Pickett. And thanks for the call, Chris, and thanks for saying what you said at the very top of our conversation. I don't take that sort of stuff lightly. You know, it's just the Steelers value Kenny Pickett.

It's kind of crazy how quickly things turn for people and how you just discard. Listen, the guy comes in, he doesn't get the starting gig right away. They finally turn to him after it's clear Trubisky ain't it.

They finally turn to him. He's a rookie. He performs well for a rookie. And the last month of his rookie season, he had like this knack of having Pickett time hit in the fourth quarter. I saw it with my own two eyes.

It was kind of wild. And then last year had an incredible preseason. And then the first several weeks was terrible. Then he gets hurt and he's done. And now he's not the future, 100% not the future. And I know he doesn't have the skill set of Mahomes, and I think that's kind of what's ruining everybody these days, right? And the same way that we're looking at Caleb Williams, got to draft him. He could be the next Mahomes. You're looking at all these other quarterbacks.

They're not some crazy way threat. They're not Lamar MVP. They're not Jalen Hurts who almost was an MVP. Brock Purdy almost won a Super Bowl guys, ladies. Brock Purdy was one fourth down stop of the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime away from being a Super Bowl champion. You know what I mean? So just build a team around and maybe it can happen. And I know Steeler fans are like, you're crazy.

But now suddenly you're looking at a 35 year old veteran who surveyed the landscape and goes, okay, I'll just play for the league minimum because I'm making a ton of money over there and compete with a third year guy. I'll do that. That's going to be your savior too? I hope so.

I mean, listen, if Russell Wilson wants to make the hall of fame, winning a championship with the Pittsburgh Steelers would crown it. That would be the end of it. That would be it.

That's it. It's over. He's in the hall of fame. He's got that in front of him. Can he take this young offense and this defense that just added Patrick Queen? Can he do that? Can he start cooking like the old Russ who made the right decisions and threw some beautiful deep balls? He can find George Pickens with those and make the smart choices and ride a run game and a great defense and an uncanny ability to keep a play alive that makes the defense totally freaked out because you can't stop him.

That's how good he was back in the day. That's that guy. That guy shows up and takes Mike Tomlin's Pittsburgh Steelers to the Super Bowl. Even just that alone might be good enough to make the hall. Can he do it?

Did I just name some sort of crazy ass fairytale? But the idea like pick it, they should trade him or whatever, that ain't happening. They're going to let him figure it out with Russ there and if he beats out Russ, see how long that goes and then see if Russ can have some sort of Flacco-like run at the end of a season and go kill it and go into the Super Bowl run. Or Pickett doesn't beat out Russ and they have their answer that Pickett ain't it.

And he becomes another Desmond Ritter, to be honest. Terzo in Iowa, you're here on the Rich What is the length of flight by which it's not okay to take out? I think anything over four hours. So three and a half hour flight? No? I'm going here to Chicago, probably not. Here to Boston, yeah. Yeah, you got to get comfortable.

I don't recline my seat so I got to do something to get comfortable. I don't understand that either. So Rich, I was kind of in agreement with Brockman with the Justin Fields going to Seattle. I was kind of thinking about it last night as just kind of a somewhat of a landing spot for him because as you've said all day long, I just don't see a starting role for him.

And Seattle, for whatever reason, just kind of made sense to me. I don't really want to see him in my division, but given kind of where Geno Smith is in his career, I think it lends itself to that. But you still have that fifth year option, which I think is just lowering his value just completely.

And it's kind of crazy, Terzo. One week ago, we're saying, okay, which place is going to have him as his starter? Will Atlanta start him? You know, will the Patriots start him? The Steelers, you know, will they just bring him in and start him over Kenny Pickett, right? If the Bucks don't sign Baker, will the Bucks start him? And now, here we are one, you know, 24, like we're 26 hours into free agency right now.

And we're wondering where might he be a good place to back up? It's kind of nuts. It really is. And I love the signing of Henry to Baltimore, just hoping that somebody can stop the Chiefs from going to the Super Bowl, because obviously we have a tough time beating them in the Super Bowl. So maybe if it's somebody else, we might stand a chance. Thanks for the call, Terzo.

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Last minute tickets, lowest price, guaranteed. I'm going to ask a sports talk radio question. Yes. Yeah?

Let's go. I'm going to ask a sports talk radio question because it's absurd what I'm about to ask. These things drive me crazy for the past- 26, almost 27 hours into the new league year opening. Which team has the best shot to unseat the Kansas City Chiefs? Their bowl?

Yeah. Based solely on the moves they've made so far? Based solely on the moves that they've made so far.

I can tell you who it ain't. Your Dallas Cowboys? Yeah, they have no chance. But like I said, long snapper, position of need.

Still it? Are they going to go through the entire negotiating window, resigning their long snapper and doing nothing else and saying that's all in? Wow. You know you want that. I'm nodding my head up and down.

The entire sports talk world wants to do this. We're halfway home. We better put some respect on Trent's name. We're halfway home. At this point tomorrow, at this point Wednesday, we will be one hour away from the new league year beginning and everybody's got to get their cap house in order. That's we're that close and right now you just got a long snapper. That's it.

We got the best kicker in the league so a long snapper is essential. I'm trying to explain this to you. Answer me the question. Is it Philadelphia? Based on the moves that they made that they were close enough- Philadelphia. So they added Bryce Huff.

We didn't talk about that yesterday. Right. I should mention that they took one of the best players from both the Jets and the Giants.

They rated MetLife. That's true. Now before you say Philly, can I ask you two a question?

We spent the previous two weeks waxing philosophical about how great Jason Kelce is. Yes. Oh yeah. We got to see how they figure that. So now we're going to remove him from the line and then we're going to go they're going to be just as good.

You've lost. Fletcher Cox too. They're not. I haven't gotten to that side of the ball yet.

So they're not going to be as good because you're not going to be able to just post a whole gamer in there. Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh. Here we go Steelers. Pittsburgh.

Here we go. Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has done the most to improve their situation over the year before. Adding Derrick Henry, losing Patrick Queen, that's kind of a wash. Is that a wash?

Baltimore. Patrick Queen is probably better than Derrick Henry at this point. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Nobody's done it. Steelers fans have got to be thrilled that they took Patrick Queen from the Ravens and put him behind that stout defensive line with a Walter Payton Man of the Year and a bonafide defensive player of the year named TJ Watt.

They'll still find something to complain about though. I don't think anybody has made a significant push to... Free agency hasn't changed the equation is what we've determined. No. The dynamic, the rubric has not changed. Rubric. Nice word. That's a big word.

Let me just check the odds real quick. Stanley Kubrick? Stanley, what you said? Right?

Anybody else sign more than the long snapper that made the playoffs last year? You're being real disrespectful. This is great.

This is so good. You're real disrespectful. The funny part about all of this is that the 49ers are the betting favorite for the Super Bowl. Which is crazy. But the Chiefs as good as the Chiefs are. Well, I mean, the 49ers are... Chiefs second, Ravens third. But the 49ers are losing Eric Armstead. That's not easy. Seems that way, right? Yeah.

To absorb. What if the Cowboys sign Eric Armstead? So Niners are 11-2, Chiefs 6-1, Ravens 9-1, Bills 10-1. Plus the Niners have got to feel good about themselves.

That's your topic. Certainly since Nick Bose is over the moon right now. He's so happy. He met his... He met his idol. His boo.

That's your song. My boo. The fights. Wow.

Dana White making dreams come true. That's a metric nobody's thinking. I didn't see that in the free agent tracker.

Look, Rich, when you meet your idols, you get happy. I don't know. So this hasn't changed. The Chiefs are... The Chiefs re-signed Chris Jones.

Yeah, and it is... And at this point, Legerious' need is gonna be a Chief, man. So far. Is Patrick Mahomes still playing football?

Yes, he is. Okay, then three-peat time. All right, so nothing's changed. They're gonna win again.

But hey, we're just rearranging deck chairs, and it's been fun doing that over the last two days. Chat again on Wednesday. Wrap it up on Roku in a sec. Movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, and more. It's What Women Binge with Melissa Joan Hart and her friend Amanda Lee. We have Lauren Bosworth with us.

Yay! The Hills. So what is your number one question from fans? The primary question I still get asked was, is it real? In 2024, to me, is a surprising question to get because I feel like everybody has been through the reality TV gauntlet at this point. What Women Binge, wherever you listen.
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