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Fletcher Cox retires and says Nick Sirianni is the right guy for the job

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 11, 2024 2:32 pm

Fletcher Cox retires and says Nick Sirianni is the right guy for the job

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 11, 2024 2:32 pm

Rich and the guys react to All-Pro OT David Bakhtiari and the Green Bay Packers parting ways, and debate if the New York Jets should trade for disgruntled Bengals WR Tee Higgins.

Eagles All-Pro DT Fletcher Cox tells Rich why he’s calling it a career after 12 storied seasons in Philadelphia, why Nick Sirianni still deserves to be their head coach despite the disappointing end to Philly’s season after starting out 10-1, and more.

Rich reacts to WR Gabe Davis leaving the Buffalo Bills for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and to the Raiders landing DT Christian Wilkins to pair with All-Pro Maxx Crosby on their defensive line. 

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Again, that's slash deals. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Whatever you're doing, you need to take it and rip it up and throw it out. My style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. We've got to start with the fact that Jake Paul and Mike Tyson are fighting. Shocking. Where the hell did this come from?

I mean, it's been in the works for some time now. Today's guests, six-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. Plus, three-time Super Bowl champion, Mark Shleret. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Yes, our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

844204, which is the number to dial. Fletcher Cox, a frequent Pro Bowler and All-Pro and future Pro Football Hall of Famer from the Philadelphia Eagles, announced his retirement over the weekend. He is slated to join us any minute right now. In this hour, we expect to have yet more news popping.

And we even got a new drop in store for all that. Mike Del Tufo, very excited, I imagine, because you put it together during a commercial break, right? Yes. There you go, we're very excited.

I got something, you want something? Oh. Breaking news. Boom! Yes. After 11 seasons, David Bactiari is moving on from the Green Bay Packers. Wow.

He's been quite hurt the last couple of years. Yeah, posted this long message on Twitter and Instagram. Hell of a run.

It's gonna be released. Always wanted to raise a Lombardi on Lombardi Avenue, but I will never complain. Gave it his all. My 32-year-old self is so damn proud of the 21-year-old with no facial hair, bushy tail kid that wanted to do his best.

I'm so proud of you. He meant that. He wanted to thank everybody.

His family. Yeah. Only played 13 games in the last three years. So now the question is, does he go to the Jets?

I would imagine so. Now he's gonna be free. Does he go to the Jets? Jets need any offensive line help they can get. If Bactiari is in fact physically able to perform, you know Rogers is interested.

And Bactiari knows how to FaceTime him, I guess. So there you go. I mean, because the Jets have got to hit the offensive line. I'm seeing so many folks on the old X machine talking about how T Higgins has now demanded a trade. He was franchise tagged. As you know, franchise tags are either slapped on somebody or placed on somebody. Placed as if they don't mind it. Slapped as if they mind it.

T Higgins is the slap version of it. He is not happy. And he's also saying they haven't had any talks about a long-term contract extension since March of 2023. That's been a while. Look at the calendar. That's a year. It's a whole year. It's a year.

So that was the last time that he played last year. And then now he's looking for more than just a one-year deal. And it appears the Bengals have a guy who doesn't want to be there. The only issue is there's a guy who owns the team.

Who one might be, one might refer to him as stubborn. And said in his ways, don't forget folks. The Bengals did not have a stadium sponsor until somebody probably sat Mike Brown down and said we're gonna have to take dad's name off the building, sir. And we're gonna have to sell it.

And because we gotta pay Joe. So Paycor. Boom. Happened. Never happened. I don't know if there's a pay T. Gate and Paycor.

I don't know. But he wants it and I don't think he's gonna get a trade. So if I'm T Higgins I would be ready to play for the Cincinnati Bengals or not at all.

That's the way it usually goes with them. I'm hoping for his sake if not. But I'm seeing everyone in the X-machine saying the Jets should go get him. Listen, you know what the Jets need to do? They need to protect Aaron Rodgers. They need to go to the competition committee and ask if it's okay for Rodgers to play in bubble wrap this year.

Ask if Rodgers would be comfortable playing in bubble wrap because it doesn't appear to be any other extra protection up front for him. They're gonna have to hit the hell out of that. From the tenth overall pick in about six weeks from now to whatever they're hopefully doing with Joe Douglas burning up phone lines calling anybody who can block from Tyrant Smith to Robert Hunt to everybody and offering every inch of cap space to those guys. The defense is handled and the skilled positions. At some point you're gonna have to give Garrett Wilson a T Higgins contract. Get ready for that. T Higgins. Okay. What matters is, you know, what does it matter to have T Higgins if your quarterback is on his ass?

Am I wrong? God's gonna be 40 years old with a repaired Achilles. Let's protect him.

Like let's do that. Let's figure that one out and blow open the holes for Breece Hall which will also protect Aaron Rodgers. All right Jets fans stop tweeting at me that T Higgins should be a Jet. Am I wrong?

I don't think I'm wrong. No no no. I don't want T Higgins on your team. Okay but you should you should because he'll get he'll he'll be disappeared on the Jets. It's the same thing. I'd love T Higgins.

I'd love Calvin Ridley but I don't know who's throwing the ball and who's protecting the person we don't know who's throwing the ball yet. Right. Correct. So although I do believe while we're on that subject matter I do believe the Patriots are going to now draft a quarterback. I believe that's the case. I don't know if it's a given. I mean I've believed it the whole time.

Don't you? Well that's that was the thought in at the combine is they're gonna they're gonna stick and stay at three not on Marvin Harrison that's why you know Gerard Mayo said locally as soon as he was named the coach we're gonna choose the most important player at the most important position and that's clearly at the time I thought quarterback and now Max out but they were they were gonna do that anyway. I'd get ready for another Jacoby Brissett 2.0 if I were you and then Drake may can sit.

That's basically what I think the plan is gonna be. I think that's great or what if it's a fourth rounder for Justin Fields and you have Fields and either Daniels or May. Well if you get Justin Fields you're not choosing a quarterback at three. You're gonna fix him up with Marvin Harrison Jr. You think so?

Oh yeah. Yeah you you or you trade out of three somebody wants Drake May then you can then you can hit it. That's if you want Justin Fields if you want to be in the position again Justin Fields if you acquire Justin Fields you're not only acquiring for this year you're acquiring them for next year and that's a fifth year option which is still inexpensive compared to the contract we're gonna see Kirk Cousins sign or the one that Baker Mayfield signed for 30 million dollars you know this year. So it's still inexpensive if you're getting Justin Fields but you're buying them for two years essentially and if you want to get Drake May for the next ten well then you've got to restart a rookie contract in the whole business there. You might just do that. Stick and stay and just stay with the plan and go and and attach yourself at the hip of a new quarterback but it is very enticing to just flip whatever you can for Justin Fields. Hopefully it is a third day pick and then you bring Justin Fields to New England you trade out of three let somebody go up and get Drake May and then you trade not too far down. Giants would be a good spot at six.

You can get Harrison or Roma Dunze or Army League neighbors. At six? Yeah. Hell yeah. Yes you can. That's fun and then you get what two number twos the next two years and two number ones maybe something like that.

I don't know if that ever comes up you could maybe you can get a one for next year or two yeah that's what you got a half pal. Could be fun. Joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show is a recent retiree to say the least one of our favorites it's been a long time since I had a guy who I once upon a time fired up Eagles cam for back in the old NFL Total Access days. Good to see Fletcher Cox. How are you Fletcher? I'm doing good Rich. How you doing?

I am great. Congratulations are in order although Marshall Faulk once upon a time told me don't say congratulations to somebody who just retired. I don't know if it that if that's fitting for you Fletcher is it? You know it's you know it's you know it's great been a really good long successful 12 years at a high level so I figured it was time. Okay.

Yeah thank you. No you are welcome so let me get into that why did you figure it was time Fletcher? Well you know just going through like last year I went through a bunch of just ups and downs like far as physically you know with the body and especially you know honestly dumbass 17 the extra game actually it affected a few things and you know me normally I don't miss games you know I don't miss a whole lot of practices and you know I kind of feel like to myself you know I'll be lying to myself if I told myself that you know I continue to do it at a high level so you know I figured it was it was time to call it. So was it during last year that you thought this is the end? Yeah it was just some weeks I'll come home from games you know just in doing the process of trying to get prepared to go to play another time another another game on Sunday which you know during the season we all know it's a long season right you know we all get physically beat up and you know just some sometimes it's you know sometimes I found myself asking myself why and I always told myself whenever I still that way I know it's time I enjoyed it I still feel like I played at a really high level last year you know even with the ups and downs and missed some games and missing some time but uh but uh yeah. And then I imagine was there anybody in your life talking you out of it or or at all Fletcher? A few people was trying they you know they they said maybe what why you know you still playing at a really high level I think get two more years out of this game and I was like yeah you know but then again when it comes to week 10 or 11 you know you know when that when that when it really comes to grind time you know your body's going through the same amount of stuff that you went through the year before and you know I didn't want to be that guy you know I know it's you know could I play yes you know but you know it was it's one of them things were it was it was time to call it Rich.

Yeah I mean five sacks seven QB 17 QB hits 36 pressures in 15 games you've had 188 games played that's the third most in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles so obviously there's tons of mileage and you said the 17th game you felt it you you you absolutely feel it you can you can feel that you can feel that that last game when the star gets to that that last game later in the season you like how many more games we got like we got four more in that 17 game I mean you can you can actually feel it. So what would you you know say to people who wished you stuck with it Fletcher? Just you know I mean a lot of a lot of people in the building you know friends family you know they they all I tell them all hey like you know it's your opinion but it's my I have to live through the the pain right and and I think when I told my loved ones that the people that I'm close to they was like man you know what you're right you know I could sit here and say hey you know keep going you know but it's not my body's going through is your body going through it and once I explain that to them then that's when they you know they actually understood you know where I was coming from. Fletcher Cox here after 12 Hall of Fame NFL seasons deciding to hang him up right here on the Rich Eisen show any sense of not wanting to hang him up because the season your last season didn't go as well? No no sir that had nothing to do with it you know that the season that the way I was in the season ended last year had nothing to do with you know with my decision you know my decision and that was one of them things where it was you know it was made and and I was I wasn't going back um you know anything like that and a lot of people asking me hey what if a team call you week 10 or 11 I'll like well they'll just be calling because you know you know when I'm done with something I'm done with it. Okay so that was gonna be another question is of what if they what if what if the Eagles called you but that that's for another time what I was what I was inferring is that that season didn't go very well so you didn't want to end your career off of that like maybe play one more time you want to run it back like that was the sense like for that for you. Yeah but you know you you want to run it back right you want to do things like that to try to make up for you know not end the way that it ended but then again it goes back to what we talked about and opening up with because going back to you know just put my body back through you know just just everything and you know I just you know do I wish you know our season would have ended better and I would have retired on a higher note yes but did it no and you know just that's part of the part of it part of being a pro and playing in the field. Fletcher Cox here on the Rich Eisen Show what what did happen this past season that you can share with us Fletcher what happened? I don't I don't know I really I really don't know I still think about that on what happened to the to the team in our season these the last six or whatever seven weeks you know we come out to buy a week we go on the road and we win a tough game and then it kind of like it's kind of trickle from there and you know we won that game and Dennis I really don't know I still can't put my hands on it I still can't grasp my head around what we know because our team had so much talent it was so special we were so close and you know for us to end it that way was you know not the way that you know obviously the city wanted that season and especially you know what happened us the season before and you know even at the coaches you know in this support staff and you know just the organization. So again I the general sense and you know respond however you wish Fletcher is that there had to have been something going on behind the scenes that there was some sort of internal discord that had to have torn the team down Fletcher. I still like you said Rich I mean if I knew I would you know I'm honestly brutally I'm brutally honest with anybody you know you know if I knew I would definitely would have respectfully you know put it out there with if it was something that need to be addressed you know especially being a leader on the team got has been in locker room for a long time I would you know would have tried to address the situation myself from a leader standpoint and then try to work things out. So the sense as well was that the the head coach Nick Ceriani might not be brought back which by the way led to one of our favorite sound bites here at the Rich Eisen show to the point where we have a we've made it a drop.

Does that voice sound familiar to you Fletcher? Did you not really know did you not even hear the conversation surrounding your coach at the time when that was brought up? I'd be so honed in on what's going on like you know inside I really you know I don't have I don't have a bunch of time for the outside noise okay because you know that's when distractions and everything starts to come but I did learn that day you know maybe yes indeed so what do you say about Ceriani and those who are questioning whether he's the right guy for this team without a doubt you know I think that you know he had we had a bad little stint right those last those last few games we had a bad stint we had a bad run and you know listen it's the city of Philadelphia right they are our fans are tough they're hard on you no matter who you are like you said Nicky is a guy for us for the Eagles because he took us to three straight playoffs Super Bowl appearance you know so you know he's a guy he knows how to handle the guys he's a players coach but he's a coach coach obviously when it's time to get things done so you know he's a guy in Philly and you know I'm happy to see him still there. What did you say again you might not have heard this about the outside noise but there was some outside noise Fletcher that when Big Dom got the gate from the team and couldn't be on the sideline that that is what affected Ceriani's ability to comport himself with with the players and the other coaches I don't know is that what do you make of that one Fletcher? I mean Dom plays a big Dom plays a big role in you know an organization right he's been there longer than a whole lot of us I mean I think it's 22, 23, 25 years or however long he means a lot obviously to the organization and he's always a guy on the sideline that's that's keeping the coaches back always following the head coach and just trying to keep you know him you know for not getting a penalty right you know show your show your personality but you know obviously remains a pro but um you know not having Dom on the sideline was it was different right you know it was it was different I having him on the sideline because I'm used to going on the sideline to talk you know during the game going to you know say a few things to Dom but I mean a lot of guys do that so I mean it does make a difference when he when he wasn't on the sideline he's a guy that everybody look up to.

Fletcher Cox here in the Rich Eisen show okay so with you and Kelsey gone who's gonna be the leaders in that locker room Fletcher what do you have? They still got the two lone wolfs still got BG and Lane there okay yeah that's it yeah they still there they gonna hold it down and obviously you got I mean Jalen I mean he's a quarterback so you know you look at him as one of the leaders but you know the two big dogs that Lane and BG is still there and they'll hold it down. And then your what's your favorite memory give it to me from your 12 years I know I'm asking a lot for a debt for for 12 highly successful years you won a Super Bowl clearly but what do you have on that man honestly you know when the Super Bowl was very very special right but the game before the Super Bowl the NFC Championship to hear the fans roar you know during that entire game to hear them roar after the game just to just their love and support you know showing us just you know how hard we fight and then we fight they fight for us so just the NFC Championship game and it's that's one of my one of my favorite moments right there. The one against the Vikings you're referring to?

Yeah the one against the Vikings yeah the one against the Vikings was definitely one of my most memorable moments that I'll never that I'll never forget just seeing that confetti you know come down in that championship game was a was definitely one of my most memorable moments. Did you know the Philly special was coming in the Super Bowl stand on the sideline? Well not at the time you see it ran in practice obviously yes you know you know you see all the all the given key plays going on Friday so you kind of see him you kind of see him ran but I mean everybody on the sideline was just saying watch this and so and there and there and there it was. Really so you're just standing on the sideline you heard somebody say watch this is that what you're saying?

I mean you get you get a few coaches on the side, offensive guys say hey watch this you know what I'm saying and then and that's when it and that's when they ran it. Yeah did you hear Kelsey gave Foles a shout out Fletcher you heard that one the other day? Yeah. Oh my gosh yeah okay.

Kelsey is definitely legendary. We'll just leave it at that? Oh my gosh okay so what's next what are you gonna do what's your plan Fletcher what do you have? The plan is just slowly make a transition you know moving back I mean everybody know I own a decent sized farm in Texas North Texas so just slowly make that transition you know from from up here up north down down there so and I'm in no rush to make the transition just kind of still gonna soak it all in I'm sure I'll be around here you know in the Philly area so just making that transition you know I get to definitely get to spend more time you know with my family especially my nephew who's growing up on me I get to go watch him actually this weekend go throw shot puts and I'm excited about that so shot put in disc it'd be my first time ever watching him at a sporting event so really excited about that. Okay.

And then just you know just continue on with life you know just finding new things to get into besides obviously being on the ranch all the time working and just you know just enjoying life honestly. Do you any media thoughts do you want to do that? I have no not at the moment no. Okay well if you want to do that.

No media thoughts at the moment. I mean we could we could do a podcast called You Clown Bro you know what I mean like we can do one of those. Yeah we've got the we've got the drop ready to go but if whatever you whatever you were interested in Fletcher if there's anything you know I could be a part of or interested in you know where to find me I really over. Yes sir I appreciate it. I always enjoy coming on. I appreciate when you've come on and and your your play and your consistency and your brilliance at it for so long in a very difficult spot for some to play in and for you to excel in it is worthy of all the praise you've received and I just wanted to have you on to have a conversation and be able to tell you that.

Yes sir man I appreciate all like I said man I always enjoyed talking to you soon as they asked me to Rich come on I said absolutely I love going on there and it's always a pleasure. I appreciate that I guess before I let you go which of which of those footballs is the most valuable to the one behind you what are those game balls of yours what are those behind you there? So on the left side right here this probably touchdowns or strip sacks and then on the other side of game balls. Okay. On the other side over there. Some of my game balls.

Some of them my goodness wow that's about 20 if I can count but at least closer to 20. Okay is that an AJ Brown jersey in a corner 11? That is an AJ Brown jersey. Okay. He signed it for me.

Okay. After the season and gave it to me then he got my picture right there. Look at you in the draft. Look at the draft. Look at that kid holding up the jersey. Oh my gosh.

Look at that. Who was the first one to call you? Was it Roseman or Reed? Who was the one who called you that night? Who called you that night? It was Howie. Okay. And Andy jumped on.

And Andy jumped on. Yes sir. All right and the touchdowns how many how many how many did you have? I think it's touchdowns three. Okay.

If I'm counting the Pro Bowl four. Okay. That's good. I scored in the Pro Bowl. There you go.

Why not? Yeah. Fletcher thanks for the time. Thanks for the memory Lane.

Thanks for the on behalf of all the Philadelphia Eagles fans that I know for the 12 remarkable years for the 12th overall pick of the 2012 draft. Well done sir. Yes sir. Thank you. Right back at you. Appreciate it.

You're right back at you. Fletcher Cox heading off to the ranch right here on the Rich Eisen Show. That's good stuff. Awesome. Yeah.

That was great. Number five all-time in sacks with 70 for the Eagles. 188 games played. Number three in franchise history. 2010 all-decade team. Six-time Pro Bowl. Four-time all-pro.

Hey two things. One he yeah I guess he said you know he's straight-up honest there is nothing going on behind the scenes and arguments and whatever but he did kind of say that without Big Dom it was different on the sideline. Yeah he made it seem like Big Dom is a very legitimate part of this franchise. All we've heard from Eagles and former Eagles they love Big Dom and he is a factor and we just kind of heard it from a guy who was there last year. And he didn't snicker he didn't like he was serious about we kind of made a joke about Big Dom but like apparently Dom ain't no joke. He would go up to him and talk to him. The guy's been there 20-plus years. He's seen a lot of stuff.

Okay. Also as a Cowboy fan. He's glad to see him go.

He and the big guy on the other side of the football. Mr. Kelsey and Cox didn't know that they're both gone and we don't have to put up with them anymore. Whoo. Good for us. Let's take a break. Breaking news again. That's coming up. Overreaction Monday still to come.

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If I just open the attachment I could see how much my raise was. Make sure you click on the links that are in there too. Oh absolutely. I can't wait. I'm excited.

Find out more by searching the Stacking Benjamins podcast wherever you listen. Philadelphia Eagles we have that to talk about too. Yes as I'm draped in my Eagles paraphernalia. Now that's like you got the green hoodie.

Yeah I went green hoodie and then I went satin black jacket with a black eagle on it. This is subtle. I didn't want to come here and be you know blatant with it. This is a subtle. Yeah I didn't notice it.

It's sort of like a watermark sort of situation. Yeah you get up close he's like whoa he really is a Eagles fan. He's got a lot of Eagles stuff on. I'm wearing a jersey to the Super Bowl with the Jerome Brown patch.

That's what you're gonna do. Yes I got the random Cunningham jersey but my jersey has Jerome Brown patch. What will it say on the back? Will it say heart? Will it say your name?

No it's gonna say Cunningham. It's a real jersey. Okay. I can't make it say heart. I'm no longer authentic if I make it say heart. It's got to be a real jersey. This is a real moment. Understand. It's a big moment for me man.

This is it. It's a big game. What do you think? What do you mean what do I think?

The score's gonna be 83 to 6. I called it. I put my prediction out there a long time ago. Okay. I had a dream.

I saw it. And how many touchdowns then for Nick Foles then? Nick Foles is going to go for 32 touchdowns.

32. It's gonna be a grinding game. Foles is going into this game with so much confidence. After the last game he's got so much confidence. I don't care what you say you can't beat confidence. You know how much confidence I have? You can't beat my confidence.

I don't care what you tell me. I'm so confident. I'm so confident. Foles has confidence. Our defense has confidence. We are here. This is what we said we will be in the beginning of the season and we got here. That's confidence.

They're used to being here. That's cocky. That's a little nonchalant shoulder shrug.

Yeah we'll do it again. It's not the same type of confidence. It's not the same type of hunger. It's a different level of hunger and these dogs got to eat. Get it? Because they was calling us underdogs. Yes I know.

Ah Kevin Hart's appearance shortly before he was almost proven right by the Eagles in the Super Bowl. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Derek in Missouri has been hanging on for the first hour and a half of this show. You want to pop them up there DJ Mikey D's and D's nuts? All right Derek you're on. What's up sir? How you been? Hey Rich.

You caught me just had a good time. I got done doing my interview of Colin Calvert and the guy just... Nice. Good reference to our shows last week. Good stuff Derek. Good job. Oh gosh that was hysterical.

Well actually you know um you know if you were if this was last week you'd be five minutes late you know because you'd be stuck on Colin's show but it's all good. It was good. No doubt. Well done. What's on your mind?

Good one. So normally Rich I would be talking to you about the Broncos but I'm not going to open that can of worms because of what has been going on the last few days but I won't say this. People need a lay off of that Prescott period. I know this is crazy coming from a Broncos fan support and a Cowboys player but it's not his fault that this man has a two and five playoff record. The problem is it's the team that he plays for there's just so much that goes on every single year during the offseason and during the season.

It's like Tony Rumbo. Everybody puts a chip on his shoulder and this team has so many good years and then they get to the postseason they forget how to play the game period. Anything if anything Prescott if would I want him on the Broncos?

Yeah absolutely. I'm like that skipper fan I called him last week and said can he pick it? I mean yeah he said that but I'd be like 15 shots to take he lost pretty much so well Prescott is the man. I'm with you Derek. Derek you and I are lockstep on that and thanks for the call and the and the laugh um appreciate that to start. Listen back on the Broncos that that that would break the internet.

Oh my gosh. I mean that would stop our show and we'd blow off the rest of anything else we would planning to discuss over the next 90 minutes but it's not going to happen because of various things various things and that's the issue why Denver's probably not even known Kirk Cousins. Kirk might be making his free agency rounds right now and talking about this with Atlanta and that with Minnesota. I don't know who else is in on them but uh Denver Denver if Denver draft again Denver drafts a rookie the success of having a rookie deal with your quarterback on a rookie deal is that you can pay everyone else in your organization if you have to pay them like a top of the line free agent market and bring in other free agents and you build around this kid because the kid's only making a small amount of dollars compared to what everybody else is making at the position that you can pay everyone else the everyone else usually isn't somebody else's quarterback to the tune of almost 40 million bucks so that's what we're going to talk about with Schlerith later on but Dak is that's what I said Jerry extend Dak get the cap space build around him this year honestly do you think Dak playing for one more year more years with Dallas is going to be a better version of Dak this year with the same essentially roster with some bargain basement free agents and more more draft choices that's going to be better for Dallas than what I'm ascribing no I don't think like you're going to get a better version of Dak in January uh-oh if I don't win a playoff game I might not be the Dallas Cowboys quarterback anymore yeah that's not really I I don't know how that I don't know how that's a better version all right there's some breaking news and there's a couple of free agent yes signings to talk about hit it my breaking news boom okay what did you have over there Chris uh first one this happened while we were talking to Fletcher Cox Gabe Davis wide receiver going to Jacksonville all right let's discuss this one I like it I don't even know how much it is three year deal okay I mean in terms of money I don't know how much it is I haven't seen anything yet but you you get a veteran wide receiver along with Christian Kirk and the rest of the you know players 39 million with incentives could get up to 50 million bucks oh there you go yeah per Diana Russini of the athletic and it looks like they're going to lose Calvin Ridley so this replaces one veteran receiver with another we all know big game Gabe from Buffalo I like giving this target to Trevor Lawrence the other signer signing for Jacksonville that isn't going to get as much you know heat from Buffalo is they signed Mitch Morse the center now that got a center for Trevor Lawrence that's a nice signing and that's the one more than anything from Buffalo that we're talking about the cap hits and getting rid of a whole bunch of players on defense that bills fans have come to rely on and love the one that they lost over the last few days that's a great concern to me moving forward is is Mitch Morse we'll see how they replace him I believe Connor McGovern might move over from guard we'll see if they get one in the draft we'll see what Brandon Bean does there but I kind of dig the the moves the Jaguars have made I dig those moves there's a big one though that I want you to hit right now Chris in terms of leaving the state of Florida you you you hit the drop too breaking news Chris Christian Wilkins to Raider nation four years 110 million dollars earth-shattering kaboom almost 85 guaranteed Max Crosby is doing backflips now right now that's the point to get somebody who stops the run on the way to the quarterback that is going to require a significant amount of attention from the offensive line is exactly what the Chiefs have right in the middle they re-signed Chris Jones over the weekend the earth-shattering kaboom you heard over the weekend was Chris Jones getting signed by Kansas City as they start amping and ramping up for a three-peat how do you stop Kansas City by not just stopping the run on the way to the pass with somebody like Christian Wilkins who requires a ton of attention to stop he is a one-man wrecking machine but just imagine what he can do when the Condor is lined up to his left for instance not saying that's the only place that the Condor can come with all nest but Max Crosby next to Christian Wilkins sounds like an AFC Pro Bowl team not just the team that's rolling out the footballs in the AFC west oh baby I really like that move now the question is who's going to play quarterback in Las Vegas in that what do they do there what are they going to do they're sitting there 13th overall with Aiden O'Connell as their current quarterback I don't know hey listen they beat the Chiefs on Christmas day that's essentially what sealed Antonio Pierce having the interim tag removed that and Max Crosby then saying I'm out if he's not coming or staying but I love this that is gonna that's exactly you want to beat you want to have a team to try and knock off the Chiefs that's such a good deal you have somebody in the middle who is such a monster I believe on my power rankings list of free agents Christian Wilkins was four out of fourth Chris Jones being one stayed in Kansas City still waiting to hear on number two Kirk Cousins that's a big ripple what are the Vegas Raiders going to do for points what are we going to do for points what are we going to do here got to bring back Josh Jacobs right well you don't have to you don't have to and I love Josh Jacobs I know pretty good player dude I I think it would be a good idea to do it because in in the same way that Ryan polls made a nice signing of Jalen Johnson you got to tell your guys in the locker room if you ball out here you get paid if we draft you and you show you can do what we need you to do and you stay out of trouble and you keep coming back and you're also a guy who um represents our grit you get paid and I mean and that's and that's the way you would pay Josh Jacobs Josh Jacobs has more rushing yards in five years than Saquon Barkley and I know I'm I'm I'm with you 10 11 more touchdowns but when you say that you have to bring them back obviously you know we're a very running back centric team here at the Rich Eisen show we always wait for running backs like running back and I I think they deserve more than just you know if if I guess what if Tony Pollard just got nine million per what do you give him like at least 11 12 or something like that I would think he would be him and Saquon would be the two higher I I would obviously bring in Josh Jacobs back and then what do you draft 13th overall you should have a shot at panics there but is he ready to roll in the NFL this year do you get now Justin Fields to me this is not a landing spot for him unless the relationship between Justin Fields and Luke Getze in Chicago turned around significantly from Justin saying that he feels like he's playing robotic in the offense remember he did he said that in the beginning part of last year it crazed a huge stink well who was the offensive coordinator there the current OC in Elvie I don't know if that's a match yeah so they're they're they're in the rookie market Christian Wilkins next to the Condor though that is just unfair and I'll tell you what good thing they got an interior line of significance in Kansas City but they better fix the turnstiles on on the tackles or I shouldn't say that they better fortify their tackles because Crosby will keep the turnstile spinning no doubt I like the move that is aggressive yeah and smart by Vegas I like it all right let's come back take a break set up shop getting ready for Mark Schlereth what in the world is Denver going to do 12th overall Jerry Judy's a brown Justin Simmons is a free agent and Mark Schlereth is coming up with Russ in Pittsburgh Welcome to Talkville, the Ultimate Smallville Rewatch Podcast. Title Transference aired October 27, 2004.

Director James Marshall, writers Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer. I really like this episode and I'm surprised that you don't like it as much as you thought you did. I actually respect your opinion more than I respect my own in general. When you say things are good and I check them out they are. Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of Talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen.

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Whatever app you switch to. Be sure to follow so you never miss the next episode and thanks for listening wherever you listen. Okay, there's breaking Giants news. We'll get to that in a second. I just heard it.

I just heard it. Some fun we're having here. Let me ask you this question, TJ. Okay. As a Dallas Cowboy fan, Saquon going from the Giants to the Eagles, how would you handle that? Would you appreciate the Giants fan just being in total private pile world of poop or upset that Saquon might be in a better place to hurt you? I mean why not both of those things?

Because I'd be happy that the Giants got considerably stinkier but it seems like the Eagles are always improving the Giants like the Eagles are always improving their team even though like last season the record didn't show it. The Eagles and Howard Roseman always seemed to be making moves to get that team better so I'd probably sit here and go yeah that's figures and I'd probably throw some words in there that Roku Joe wouldn't want me to say on on air. Okay. You know that insert bad words. Okay.

Insert bad words. Okay. And with you know coming to my team it just seems like Dallas we rarely make that move. We'll make a move every now and then. We'll get the uh the Cooper you know we get the Herschel Walker you know. But Amari Cooper was the last time they went and got a star from another team and made a big huge splash. Well by the way for 20 million a year you got a first round pick right? Yeah.

But um yeah so I love what you're saying about Cowboys get Henry or Saquon. Yeah. I don't remember the last time we did something like that pre-season. That's not I'm just wondering as a Giants fan this is you're on the sideline watching one team fan base get gutted. Yeah. And the other team's fan base so excited and they're both in your division. Yeah I gotta say this I do like the Giants more than the Eagles so I'd rather see the Eagles suffer more than the Giants.

That's because you're more threatened by the Eagles than you are by the Giants. Yeah. You know. Yeah. Back here on the Rich Eisen show we just spent the Roku channel uh segment asking TJ if.

I forgot that was Roku I could have cursed. No no it's okay if you know as a as a Cowboy fan would you be happy that the Giants lost Saquon but then equally unhappy because he would go to the Eagles because there's red hot conversation right now that the Eagles are offering the Giants I mean star running back a mint which is very un-Eagles like remember they let my they they let Saquon's successor in Penn State walk in free agent. Free agency couple years ago last year to Carolina right Miles Sanders. Miles Sanders yeah. There's the door we're not paying you but Saquon they would pay or is this like Yankees Red Sox stuff here where you're gonna just raise the cost through the roof because you know if anything could shake the Giants off of their whatever their red line stances on Saquon Barkley and what to pay him they're not gonna they're not gonna cross it ever but they certainly will to prevent him from crossing the old uh Walt Whitman bridge from New Jersey to Pennsylvania right right or is that is that the did I get that right Del Tufo is that where the yeah the Walt Whitman bridge connects the two states yes okay the Ben Franklin bridge and the Walt Whitman okay I'm not as familiar with Eastern PA yeah Walt Winter Bridge goes across the Delaware River connecting Philadelphia yes to New Jersey there you go so I'm wondering if or and how he's just like you know hey we either get Saquon or stick the Giants with a bill they don't want to have when they have a quarterback that they can't stand allegedly well look the Giants could have paid Saquon that's a way to do it I mean wow that's the whole stuff man that's on them right right they shot they gave him an incentive-laden contract that he was never gonna oh I love this intrigue I love it let's see where Saquon lands let's see where Kirk Cousins lands we're about two hours into the window in which you can start talking to other teams free agents oh we have it we have we got bangles path catching news drew sample tight end three-year contract you know here's the deal like that's that's that's not that's not right to do to our audience like wait a minute hit the breaking news hit it hit it one more time I hit it breaking news giants free agency news wide receiver giant free agency news is a one-year deal for Gunnar Oshefsky oh chefs oh Gunnar not gonna work here anymore Oshefsky congratulations that's not cool to do it's like oh it's Giants breaking news what about Saquon no you got Gunnard all pro you've been Gunnar and by the way it's spelled like punk with an apostrophe and apostrophe d Gunnard he are yeah yeah Oshefsky okay nerd hey congratulations Giants fans all right there you go don't downplay Gunnar though they are so nervous Giants fans are so nervous so we're gonna go into the season with waiting for Daniel Jones to come back without Saquon is that we're gonna do is that we're gonna do with the sixth overall pick is that how we're gonna do it how about the Browns getting Jerry Judy for a fifth and a sixth I was and it's gonna be Jerry Judy and Amari Cooper bag of balls and David listen here's here's what and here's what the Broncos are doing okay they need assets they got nothing here's what the Broncos are doing raising it down in the ground yeah with guys that Sean Payton does not want around and Jerry Judy's one of them and he still has the capital you know Sean debate because they could have don't you think if they traded Jerry Judy in the middle of the season last year at the trade deadline they could have gotten more than a fifth and a sixth yeah thank you think maybe but at the time he had to go for a playoff run yeah if you can make the playoffs in your first year with a bunch of guys that you don't want around from your quarterback to one of your wide receivers you've done something good so you couldn't do that so you did it now he told Russ we are taking the largest dose of medicine you want to take a spoonful of sugar we need to buy entire sugar cane farm to help this medicine go down 85 million dead money and we're like Russ there's the door Jerry Judy there's the door these are just guys that and Courtland Sutton apparently is very unhappy about it if you use the 21st century metric of oh that he of looking at a Twitter feed or in this case I guess Instagram they're playing with my emotions at this point there's a photograph of him with Jerry Judy celebrating he removed um I believe I believe um all Broncos mentions from his uh Twitter bot of course okay hey Courtland so we do nowadays that kid Mims he's really good and there's a bunch of them in the draft there is a lot of Marvin Mims out there that are coming stick around man I would tell Courtland stick around stick with the plan here all right well I guess he doesn't know who's gonna toss him the rock either that I I'm sure there's a lot of anxiety there but hey you got Sean Payton and he doesn't want to come to back to coaching and then have this thing crap out completely let's see who he chooses as his quarterback let's see could be Jared sit him for a year I don't know JJ McCarthy just gonna might be sitting out there at 12. Pennock's sitting out there at 12. Pennock's will definitely be there I I'm I'm I'm fascinated by this and Mark that's exactly why I called Mark Schlereth up and said let's zoom or reached out let's zoom and he's about to zoom because he also torched Russ and Jerry Judy on his Twitter feed scorched where he's just direct to camera telling fans to pipe down I love that version I love that version of Mark Schlereth and hopefully we're gonna get that one in about five minutes time Mark Rick Dalton you know the one who put one of his Super Bowl rings to go clap back to Jets fans on his middle finger a couple years ago I recall I'm saying I mean Sean Payton I think sees a lot knows a lot and's like that's not my guy and that's not my guy that's a Cleveland Brown that's a Pittsburgh Steeler shipping them all off to the AFC North you know so we'll talk about that with Mark Schlereth our number three keeping an eye on everything going on we haven't talked about the Oscars or women's basketball in the college circuit going nuts that was a heck of a weekend so still lots more to talk about unless news keeps breaking then we'll just keep talking about that two hours in on this very busy Monday edition of the Rich Eisen show Mark Schlereth of Fox Sports is coming up and while we're on the subject matter it's it's time for Deshaun Watson right oh yeah okay like that's Cooper that's Judy that's the two-time coach of the year who dialed it up for Flacco that's in Joku we're assuming they're going to figure out what's going on with Nick Chubb and a running game is excellent because we're all talking about how terrible the Russell Wilson trade is if the worst all-time if Deshaun Watson can't stay healthy for a full season and doesn't take the Browns to the playoffs in the first three years of the deal and they're paying them all this guaranteed money is that the worst trade of all time if he doesn't make the playoffs through this five-year deal and there he's he's coming up halfway through it yeah suspended for the first 11 then Joe Flacco steps in and becomes the comeback player of the year in just a month and a half and the coach of the year is the coach of the year in part because three other quarterbacks or four others started for a team that won double-digit games even with you being out just throwing that out there Browns fans love when I carp about this so hello Cleveland you got a ton of great players and a great coach it's time to get the quarterback up to speed got a beast on defense all right Mark Schlereth come oh yes by the way defensive player of the year for some movies tv shows books podcasts and more it's what women binge with Melissa Joan Hart and her friend Amanda Lee we have Lauren Bosworth with the hills so what is like your number one question from fans the primary question I still get asked was what is it real in 2024 to me is a surprising question to get because I feel like everybody has been through the reality tv gauntlet at this point what women binge wherever you listen
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