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Giants Offense Without Saquon Barkley Is Uninteresting

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 5, 2024 3:09 pm

Giants Offense Without Saquon Barkley Is Uninteresting

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 5, 2024 3:09 pm

3/5/24 - Hour 3

Rich comments in on a possible extension for Cowboys QB Dak Prescott, and in ‘Overreaction Tuesday’ Rich weighs in on Michael Penix Jr’s NFL Draft stock, Dak Prescott’s Dallas Cowboys future, Russell Wilson’s disappointing two seasons with the Denver Broncos, Saquon Barkley’s free agency, and more.

Emmy-winning actor Beau Bridges joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new ‘Neon Highway’ film and dishes the dirt on growing up with his famous brother and father Lloyd and Jeff Bridges, making ‘The Fabulous Baker Boys’ with Michelle Pfeifer, and more in a round of ‘Celebrity True or False.’

Rich reacts to the New York Giants allowing Saquon Barkley to test free agency.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Broncos country, let's rock. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

I've been pleased with his progress and where he's at. Quarterback Russell Wilson, he will be released after the league year begins on March 13th. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah, Fox Sports college football insider Bruce Feldman, Texas wide receiver Xavier Worthy.

Still to come, Emmy award-winning actor Beau Bridges. And now, it's Rich Eisen. All right, our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Fun show so far. We last hour had Bruce Feldman in studio. Xavier Worthy, the fastest man in the history of the scouting combine, zoomed in and he was delightful, right guys?

It was a total delight, wasn't he? Yep. Somebody to root for right there.

Absolutely. Our number one, Daniel Jeremiah, helped run through the combine. One of the things we talked about with Bruce Feldman, Caleb Williams and whether, you know, who he is and what plans he has to try and manipulate the draft in any way shape or form. He started talking about his father, Caleb Williams' dad.

Well, Matt Cushman is in the green room right now. The dad of the top prospect in Jerry Maguire. Jerry O'Connell's dad, right? One of the many, many, many roles of our third hour in studio guest Beau Bridges' career. He's coming out here on the Rich Eisen Show in support of his new film, The Neon Highway, available in theaters next week on March 15th and we've got a great celebrity, true or false, to run down with him because there's lots that we need to have clearing up.

We may or may not have a photograph of his dad from Airplane All. We did that with Jeff too, didn't we, when he came in here? So basically by the end of this hour, we'll have both fabulous Baker boys in the Rich Eisen Show guest archives. We're thrilled to have Beau Bridges here.

I'm a big fan and I can't wait to have him out here shortly. Your phone call is 844-204-rich. It is a number to dial as well. Every year I come back from the Combine and I do a top five list of the hottest rumors, the craziest rumors I've heard at the Combine, and I take my Medill School of Journalism graduate degree off the wall and I just place it up against the wall. Just turn it backwards. Just turn it backwards because my professors are not happy with me because it's all rumors, although I do want to make sure I hear it from multiple people before I say that into this microphone.

Yeah, you teased us over text with the Cowboys one. You're like, I'm hearing something. I just heard something. I need one or two more people to say the same thing. And then I heard it, you know, and then many in this world of aggregation then throw it out like I'm reporting, which I appreciate in a way because that means I have a certain standard that I normally do events in 364 other days of the year. Giants sites are having a field day with me saying I heard multiple times that the Giants are done with Daniel Jones and have buyer's remorse.

Done. But as I pointed out, though, they may have to use him this year. So we'll see what they do with that top pick in the draft. And if they choose a quarterback, then I'll have this rumor proven correct, I think.

That said, the one that again, that jumped out at me that I heard the first time was the Dallas Cowboys, the Jerry Jones all in concept is not getting a whole bunch of free agents in to boost up a team that was so terrific in the regular season and might have needed this boost in the playoffs against Green Bay. And that they were going to go all in this season with a bunch of players, as Jerry Jones said, we're going to go all in on players that we normally don't go all in on. And again, I thought that meant because they normally they draft and they pay their own and they really don't go free agent shopping like crazy. I thought that meant they're going to go free agent shopping. Screw the salary cap, credit card charges for later on. We'll have enough to pay CD and pay Micah and they just have to extend DAC first because he's on the cap charge this year. 59 million and change. 59 million and change.

And I heard at the combine, the concept of all in was I'll make them play it out because they're going to go all in this year, meaning they're not going to extend DAC and give him more years after he's only delivered what, a couple of playoff wins so far? I'm tired Tom Brady. No, I know.

Father Time might have done that. Well, I'm just saying anyone else. You hear, you do hear the conversation about the Cowboys that they haven't won playoff games at all under Mike McCarthy. People forget. Right. That they haven't won, that they haven't advanced the divisional round by winning a wildcard game, which they did, you know, two years ago. Right.

So, I mean, how can you shake your shoulders? He's got two playoff wins. Like, come on, what are we doing? That's the point.

Settle down just a little bit. That's the point. Brock Purdy got two playoff wins this year. Right?

Mark Purdy has more playoff career wins than DAC. So, that's where you're hearing that the all in is they're going to make them play it out. They're not going to extend them.

They're not going to make more room to try and bring in reinforcements, star reinforcements. DAC was at a local charity making an appearance yesterday and was asked about what his thoughts are on what Jerry Jones means by going all in. Jerry says all in. What does that mean to you as far as next year?

He says all in on next year? Yeah. Have you heard that?

Yeah, I've heard that one. Yeah, I'm excited to see it, honestly. I don't know. I can't say I've had talks with them about what is all in and how you plan on making those moves. But yeah, let's see. I'm excited for it. How hopeful are you that you can get a deal done? Say again?

How hopeful are you that you can get a deal done? Yeah, I'm definitely confident. Obviously, it helps the team.

It's important for the numbers. So, I think it's Jerry, I've heard Jerry said that. It's kind of happened over here and told me that part, right? That is a process. Both sides understand that. Everything's great.

It'll happen. Doesn't know what all in means because I don't know either. But it's kind of wild where he's... Because, by the way, this just in. Extending Dak, that it's better for the team and it's better for the cap and it's better to get more players in.

That's a fact. But if Jerry's like done with the losing in the playoffs and he thinks the best way to win in the playoffs this year is to tell Dak, what you see is what you're going to get mostly with the exception of a draft and the exception of some free agents that aren't of the level of, say, Derrick Henry or DeAndre Hopkins, the two players we constantly keep mentioning here, because you add D-Hop, you add the diminisher to what they had last year and look out. Or, say, Saquon, who might hit the market. Or, say, Josh Jacobs, who looks like he's hitting the market. Or fill in the blank with one dynamic superstar player that can be added to Dak and also CeeDee Lamb and off you go.

But he's saying it'll get done. Like I said, what I heard at the Combine, and it could be total posturing and it may absolutely be getting done as we even speak, but I heard at the Combine that is not the concept of All-In. The concept of All-In is we're going to make everybody play for the right to stay for the Dallas Cowboys as coach or player. And that includes Dak Prescott. And they're willing to pay $59 million bucks to play for them this year.

And because they're unable to franchise tag him next year, look at Dak and say, hey, great season. We love you. How about you stay here and the floor is less than the amount of a cap charge that we paid for you last year.

How would that go over? It's a wild approach and concept of All-In. I'll tell you that. Overeaction Monday podcast is out there for everybody to listen to. We react to everything that happened at the Combine and set the stage for free agency. That's wherever you get your pods, thanks to the Cumulus Podcast Network, which means today is an Overeaction Monday on a Tuesday segment day on the Rich Eisen Show. All right, guys, here we go.

Some leftover thoughts from the weekend that was after impressive NFL Combine, Michael Pennix, going to be drafted in the top 15. I can't argue with it. I can't argue with it.

Can't sit here and say that's out of the realm. Like that's a total overreaction. Wow, you upgraded it because our podcast starts with five quarterbacks in the top 20. Now you just went, now you just pushed it to the limits. I saw some mocks last night upgraded. It's like one of those re-entry scenes in a space movie. Like it's now we're shaking.

We're pushing everything to the limits that the nuts and the bolts are coming loose. I mean, Vikings, Broncos, Raiders, not everybody's going to figure out in free agency, right? I don't think so. Okay. Let's just say Vikings keep Kirk. Okay. Falcons get Justin Fields. Okay. That leaves Bears, Commanders, Patriots slash Giants.

Yep. Or Patriots and Giants. And then it leaves the Broncos needing one and the Raiders needing one. All right.

That's not an overreaction. I think, I think I just mapped it out where we can get five in the first 15 right there. And the free agent pieces land. Baker stays put. Right. And the Steelers do what we all expect them to do, you know, which is Kenny Pickett and maybe Russ. If that happens, I hear you. I hear you. Not an overreaction.

I think that's, that's entirely possible. What else, Chris? How about this one? Yes. Zero defensive players. In the top 10?

Draft in the top 10. I will say that's still an overreaction. How about that? It's been a while.

I think that's happened. Because again, if the Falcons get like Justin Fields or get cousins, that might be a spot where Raheem Morris is like, let's go get Dallas Turner. Let's go get one of those corners. You know, let's go get one of those corners. Terry Arnold, by the way, Terry Arnold from Alabama is really good and a delight. Like that's the guy that you want to put out in the community too.

And on an island. So I'll, I'll call this an overreaction for at the moment. Cause it's rare. That's a rarity to just have one side of the football represent the first, almost the first third of an NFL draft.

And it'll be three positions, quarterback, tackle, and wide receiver. I'm with you. I hear you. So I'll call that an overreaction for the moment. What else?

Let's turn up the heat. Okay. TJ. 2024 will be Dak's final year.

It's Cowboys quarterback. You want to answer this one? Nope. Come on.

Wait. No, you're not answering or I don't want to answer this. This is overreaction. No, it's not. No, it's not. No, it's not.

I don't use, but it's not. I only chime in when your head is in the, in the trash bag thrown up. That's the only time. Oh, wow. He really went there.

And with Bo Bridges in the green room, he doesn't know that I vomited in this trash can a couple of weeks. They have Mack together. That's right. So you don't want to answer it. You have to answer it now. Okay.

2024 will not be that. I agree. I agree. Here is the Cowboys. I agree.

Quarterback. I agree. I don't know, man.

I agree with you Brockman. How old is Jerry Jones? Two things, two things, two things. One, despite me saying I heard this rumor because it's a rumor. I'm not reporting it. I'm telling you what I heard.

You took some joy. I do not care. No, no, I do not. I do not care if it's proven wrong.

And people were like, rich, you were wrong. And I'll be, I, this is not my facts or anything like that, that I am reporting. It's what everyone is talking about because this is what they heard. And it's been told quite frankly, by, by members of the Cowboys organization, you know?

So again, it could be posturing. I think at the end of the day, they're going to extend that. They, they have to, it's just madness.

Otherwise I think madness, I'm not ready for Cooper rush to take over as a starting quarter or, or that will do what I'm talking about or what I heard play it out and then be held over another barrel by DAC and sign them to an insane contract again and figure out, all right, we just paid from 50 something million on the cap this year. We'll do something similar next. Figure it out. Keep kicking the can down the road.

We love DAC. But that's a best guess. I got Joe Flacco scenario. Like I'm going to make you play it out. You win a Superbowl then great. We'll pay you now.

So I think that's why I don't think that's an overreaction. What else? Chris? What else? What else?

All right. We talked about it off the top. The Broncos brought up the fact I vomited in the trash can. It was a secret because I asked you a question to try and answer it was a secret. Chris told everybody about it. When it happened Broncos deal for Russell Wilson, worse trade in NFL history.

I don't know. The Herschel one's pretty damn bad too. That was great though. But this one also involves they signed, they signed him to a contract extension, 254 million dollars, 124 million of it. Yeah, they did 124 million guaranteed. And he won't play it down on the contract and it's going to cost him 85 million in dead cap.

So you put it all together. That is not an overreaction. I am sorry. And I hate that Russell Wilson's name is associated with that, but that's a fact.

I mean, no matter what Herschel was, it didn't, it didn't chew up the cap like that. No, my goodness gracious. What else Chris?

Last one. Saquon Barkley looked like he's going to be a free agent. He's going to win more playoff games next year. Then the Giants? Then the NFC East. Wow. The disrespect is real. Wow.

Can we put a pin in this one? And while I find out where he goes, if he does leave the Giants. Oh, he's leaving rich.

I'm pretty sure of that. I think even if he goes to the bears, he's going to win more playoff games. Can we just put it in this? What if he returns to the Giants?

What if they figure it out? And then, so then he'll win more playoff games in the NFC East last year means that God was an Eagles. I mean, no, then, then, then the NFC East, he would be in the NFC East that would blow this thing up.

So let's put a pin in it. Like I normally need to answer the question, but I need to see where he goes. If he goes to the chargers, I'll say yes.

Yeah. For instance, for instance, what if he goes to their chiefs? Then I'll be, obviously I wouldn't be shocked at that, but that's not, that's not, that's not their move. Not on the table.

That's not your jam. Not with Pacheco there. Well, just, that's not what they do. Yeah. They're the ones who proved you don't have to, they just beat the guy with the biggest salary at the position or the team with the guy. Cause that guy was pretty amazing in the game.

He was. So put a pin in it, please. The day that Saquon does sign somewhere, bring it back probably next week. We'll figure it out. We'll bring it back.

I'd imagine a week from now, but put a pin in it. You, you had me at hello. Speaking of which a man in Jerry Maguire in Jerry Maguire is coming out of our green room right now, the great actor and Emmy award winner, Bo Bridges will be here in studio next in support of his film, the neon highway.

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I could see how much my raise was. Make sure you click on the links that are in there too. Oh, absolutely. I can't wait. This is I'm excited. Find out more by searching the stacking Benjamin's podcast, wherever you listen. The neon highway is in theaters near you next week, March 15th, and our radio audience just joined us.

We just showed to our Roku channel audience, a clip with Bo bridges who's here on the rich eyes and show. And again, it's just, it is great to see you here. Is it true in this film that all the performance scenes were recorded live in this film? Yeah.

Which again made me nervous because I hadn't been out there. You know, music has always been a hobby of mine. I got my first guitar when I was age 16, I got an old Dan electro kind of garage, guitar, very inexpensive, but then I got into sports.

I love playing sports. And so I handed my guitar off to my little brother, Jeff, when he was about eight. And he, he just took it over and got really good on it. And, uh, and then he sold my guitar to one of his friends, you know, when he was just a young guy. And if he hadn't done that, that guitar would probably be worth thousands of dollars. I imagine so. How much did you make for his guitar back in the day?

Do we remember? I don't know, though, but, uh, yeah, but I've always loved playing music and, uh, do a little composing, but this was but this was really exciting to be in here with these guys. What did you like about the role? Again, you're playing a country music star who's past his prime, but then there's a young, younger star who has an accident and needs to find his, light his flame for his passion for music again.

So what, what did you enjoy about this? I think, uh, uh, what's important to me when I first read the script was, uh, this idea that as you get older, uh, it's important to find a purpose for being, I mean, it's important at any age to have a purpose, but especially when you're older, it tends to sometimes lose that, that flame you're talking about. And this is about a guy who gets it back.

He loses it and gets it back. And it's in theaters near you again. Uh, next week, March 15th, you play Claude Allen in this film with Rob Mays and TJ power and some serious, uh, talents at music. And you're, you're holding your own in it, man. You're doing your, we're going to go, uh, to Nashville on the 13th that has its premiere.

And that'll be fun. That's a great city. You're going to go to lower Broadway and just start performing. Absolutely. Not before I'm going to walk up and down and listen to all the other great people.

Yeah. The NFL draft was a few years, uh, was there a few years ago and they turned lower Broadway into essentially the draft hall and just walk. It really was. It really was just walking up and down and just going in all of these places. And I remember one night I'm like, all right, I'm going to do some karaoke in here. And then I saw like the, these are like some real musicians that were getting up there.

These are real deal people that are strolling around that city for sure. Beau bridges here on the rich eyes and show. We have a segment here, sir, where we like to go through somebody's career and their life based on what we see, uh, on the, uh, on the internet to see what's true or what's false.

And we ask you, okay, so let's do it right now. And as always, we have some terrific, um, some terrific production value along with the Beau bridges, celebrity, true or false. Hit it right here.

Go ahead and hit it. Celebrity true or false. You can't handle the truth. There you go. That's our, that's our production. There you go. All right. First up a celebrity, true or false with Beau bridges, true or false in your youth, you would act out intense film scenes, a top, a flatbed truck in front of a supermarket. And it drew the ire of local law enforcement.

True or false. What was the last part that a local law enforcement was not happy that you were doing this, that they, they had to take you down off the truck. Oh, okay.

That's good. When you're talking about it is, uh, I would take my brother along with me when he was young, about 16 years old, get on the back of flatbed truck. And then to get an audience, we'd stage a fight. We'd fight each other because our dad taught us how to, uh, stage fight and, and street fight. So we do that. And then, uh, people would come around and, and then we'd jump up on the back of the truck and perform scenes from, uh, you know, some show or something. But we always check out the police before we did it because we didn't want to get arrested. So, so wait a minute, you draw a crowd by stage fight, like acting like you're fighting, then the crowd would come around, come around, then we'd jump up on the, on the thing.

So it'd be like getting the attention by fighting while we have your attention. Here's a scene. You gotta bring them in any way you can. Wow. Okay. And so you checked in with law enforcement beforehand first. Oh, absolutely. Like I said, this is fake.

Don't break it up. We're just trying to get a crowd. Oh yeah. So what would you perform on the flatbed truck? Just well, I remember Jeff and I once did scenes from come blow your horn. Okay.

That's what you would do back in the day. Funky, uh, you know, microphone set up there and everything. Okay.

The second one here, we're fascinated about this story and we're wondering if it is in fact true, true or false bow bridges. You got into a scuffle with Gary Cooper on the set of High Noon. Well, uh, it got into a what? Scuffle. No, no, no. My dad got into a scuffle with him. Not you?

No. When I was a kid, my dad used to take me on location. So we went to Sonora where he's filming High Noon and he said, you know, you can come out to the set this morning. I'm going to be in a fight scene with Gary Cooper, which turned out to be a real, one of the classic fight scenes in movie westerns, if you remember. And, and, uh, he said, you can come, but you got to keep your mouth shut.

Mr. Cooper is not feeling really a hundred percent. Uh, I'm gonna find a nice place for you where you can be up and watch it. Just be quiet. And, uh, he said, it's all, you know, choreographed. It's going to look pretty rough, but no one's getting hurt. So just relax up there and you can watch it. So we go, they found me a spot up in a hayloft and I'm looking down and, uh, they get into it and it goes off and it's, it's a wild fight. I mean, these guys, no stunt guys, just my dad and Mr. Cooper and they're rolling around underneath horses and it was crazy. And, but I knew my dad said, no, one's going to get hurt. So I was okay with it and watching, but he did not prepare me for the last thing, which was he started to get on his horse and Cooper hits him with a straight right and knocks him cold. He goes to the ground and I'm thinking, okay, that's all right. He's all right.

It's all planned. But then Cooper goes over, fills up a pail of water and goes over and throws the water on top of my dad. And I cracked up, uh, busted out laughing and just ruined the take. And then now we're going back to the hotel and my dad is pissed. He says, you know, I told you to keep your mouth shut.

I could get fired over this. Mr. Cooper is not feeling well. I'll get back to the hotel. Now we're waiting to go up in the elevator to get something to eat. I'm just feeling terrible. And who walks up to get into the elevator, but Mr. Cooper and my dad says, you know, how are you doing coop? You're feeling okay.

He says, yeah, I'm okay. And I'm thinking, Oh God, here it goes. And then Mr. Cooper said, how would you folks like to join me for dinner? Hey, see now that's a great story. Believe it or not the story that you got into a scuffle with Gary Cooper on the set of high noon is on the website of the Oscars, is where we pulled that one from.

So we've got to update that information. Let them know that while we're on the subject of your dad, let's just hit a timeout button here. So, um, for people my age, you know, obviously I have seen your dad and I know who he is and his legend, but for people my age, the w w the first time I was introduced to him was when he was sniffing glue on airplane. Oh yeah.

Oh, that's the first way I got introduced to your dad. What was your perspective of watching him do this? Was a real straight arrow.

Yeah. And he was very concerned. My brother and I were, you know, not dabbling in any of the drugs that were coming around at that time. And he would question us all the time. So when that movie came out and we saw it, we gave him so much trouble. I said, I said, you know what? I said, you are a hero to so many young people.

How could you in your role, advertise sniffing glue, what a terrible thing to do. And he, you know, we worked a pretty good over that. That's the way I was introduced to him, you know, and my parents had to basically say, no, let me tell you about Lloyd bridges.

Okay. And I'm, I'm like, wow, the guy who sniffed glue and airplane was a real deal, you know, and Leslie Nielsen pretty much as well, you know, he was a straight actor from, from his, his filmography. And he did that. Leslie, he was quite a character, you know, he, you know, about his whoopee cushion, right? Yeah.

Did you ever, were you ever in elevators, you know, let's say we go in there with a straight face, the people in the elevator, look at it with the hell. I love that. And then of course your dad had a great run on Seinfeld as well as, as made us nervous. Why? Because he, he was probably about my age.

He was in his 80s and he was doing like, uh, Pratt falls and stuff on the barbells. Right. Yeah. There he is. Yeah.

That kind of stuff. And, uh, but he pulled it off. He did. Well, I mean, that was his character.

He wasn't, he wasn't going to be told that he couldn't be lifting his, uh, lift down to ask you and your listeners. Yes. You don't have to tell, he probably won't know the answer to this, but if you were a fan of my father, what was the name of his boat on Sea Hunt? Oh my goodness. Mikey, you want to help out with that one? Oh, I know. What was, what was, what was the name of his boat?

Maybe if I give you the theme song, it'll help you. Was it Rawhide? No. It starts with an A. I'll give you the first syllable. What are you on? Oh, Argonaut.

Look at us. Very good. Thank you. My producers are very, very, very good.

Got Beau Bridges here on, uh, on The Rich Eyes. Okay. Continuing celebrity, true or false, true or false, uh, you played basketball for John Wooden at UCLA and were able to draw on that experience when you portrayed him in a one-man show?

Yes, a lot of that is true. Okay. Not so much playing for John Wooden. Okay. I sat.

Okay. So you sat for John Wooden? Yeah. I was on the freshman team at UCLA back in the day when, you know, you couldn't play varsity when you were a freshman.

Yes. And, uh, oh, it was, it was a great experience, um, because he, he was, you know, we maintained a friendship, uh, up until he died, you know, almost at a hundred. And what an incredible man. I did a lot of his, his voice on his books and I would introduce him at different, uh, events when he was awarded things. He would say, uh, we were a dog and pony show, you know, uh, but he, you're familiar with his pyramid of success probably, aren't you? For those who have never heard of this, I would recommend you look, Google up, uh, coach Wooden's pyramid of success. It's incredible. And you know, the guy won almost 10 straight national championships in a row.

No one will ever come close to that. We have it on our set. As a matter of fact, Mike, why don't you just go grab it and hold it up? We, yeah, we, we are very well familiar with this. The whole idea is the blocks of characters, you know, things that you need to find success. We believe it's signed by Wooden, is it not? That's what we have. Yeah.

I found this at a, uh, at a food market. Success had nothing to do with winning. It had to do with finding peace of mind. And how do you find peace of mind by leaving the task, knowing that you've done your very best and the two cornerstones of the pyramid, one enthusiasm, joy, and the other one industriousness, hard work.

Cause coach said, anybody can come to the task with a hard work, but when you bring it in combination with joy, that's when great things happen. I think we have a photo of you playing high school hoops. As a matter of fact, there you are.

Well, there I am. How many points a game, Bo, what do you got? I averaged a 1.5 points a game. Come on.

Yes. And I think I got one or two rebounds or something. Looks like a good defensive posture though. At least it looks like you're here.

Looks like you're what a great, what a great time. And, and, um, you know, the, the, I guess the year, uh, maybe a couple of, I can't remember when Kareem came in there, but do you remember that, uh, his freshman team beat the varsity that had won the whole, the whole thing. Makes sense. So I guess that was my follow up before I have one more for you is while you were sitting for coach, wouldn't who was playing for him? Who are your teammates? People usually think that coach won all his championships with big, tall centers, but our center, Fred Slaughter was six foot six, but he was, you know, built like a brick house. He was, he was a force.

And, um, let's see who else? Larry Gower was on the team. He went up and played a little varsity.

Yeah. But that was it for me. I went out for track because they had a, uh, they had a race in tennis shoes for the freshman team. And I won the race.

And so everyone was excited. They said, you got to go out for track. And I said, Oh, okay, I'll try it.

I'd never had. So I went out there and I trained for like a couple of months learning how to come out of the blocks. And this young kid from Jefferson High School, I can't remember his name. He'd run like, uh, just under 900.

I mean, just under 10. And, uh, so after I worked out a little bit, they had a, uh, a match race for us. First time I'd been timed at a gun and everything, you know, I'm in the blocks to come out of the blocks and running in the skies right there. And I was told, you know, you never turn your head. You got to keep straight ahead. So I'm doing that. And I beat him by about like this.

And I'm thinking, man, this is a whole new career for me opening up. And I ran over to the coaches and they're all laughing at me. And I said, what's going on? What was my time? I said, your time was 11-2. And I said 11-2, but I beat him.

He says, yeah, he fell. That's funny. Track is tough. No doubt.

Last one for you, Beau Bridges. True or false, your brother Jeff convinced you your fabulous Baker boys character should have thinning here and offered to shave it himself. Is that true? Yeah.

Unfortunately, that's true. Yeah. We were having a couple of glasses of wine one night before we did the thing. And he said, you know, you're supposed to your hair is supposed to be thinning and you don't want to have to have a ball paint, you know. And he was right about that, you know, where I've had that done before, where they put a thing on you and a big makeup deal on the chair. And I said, OK, but not too much, please. And he just screwed me up, man. He just saved me so bad.

And then, you know, when it grows out, it grows out like a little corkscrew. Sure. Yeah, it was bad. Oh, OK.

So that is true. I love that movie. That movie is just an absolute classic. I had the soundtrack and everything in college. I played the hell out of it and it was awesome. That movie, you know, they wanted my career has been kind of a roller coaster ride.

And at that particular time, I was kind of dipping down in, you know, in my, you know, different options I had. And he got the script first. He was cast and they wanted to cast as his brother, someone that was, you know, riding high.

One of the new actors coming out and not new, the ones who were established. And my brother said, no, I want my brother to play young Steve Clovis was directing. Right. And so I went and had lunch with Steve and I brought a little Polaroid photograph of Jeff and I on the back of that. How about the back of that truck? And I think that's what helped me get that job.

Well, it's a good thing you staged the fight to begin with, right? Yeah. Get you on the truck. Fantastic. Bo, what a, what a pleasure.

Everybody check out the Neon Highway in theaters next week from Mountain Movies. Bo Bridges here on the Rich Eyes Show. What a pleasure having you on. Anytime you want to come back, love to chit chat more.

We barely scratched the surface on your career so we can keep going. Good to see you. Thank you for having me on. You bet.

That's Bo Bridges again. Everyone check out the Neon Highway in theaters near you next week. We're back to wrap up the show in a moment. on any of the past seasons of Talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen. to follow so you never miss the next episode.

And thanks for listening wherever you listen. Let's get to it with The Big Lebowski. How were you introduced to that film? I ran to the Coen brothers a couple of years before that, I guess. Had a party and they said, we're writing something for you.

I say, Oh, great. Cause I was a big fan of Blood Simple and some other early film. And then I got the script and I said, what?

This is not like anything I've done. Were you, were you spying? Did you crash some of my high school parties and you were going to, I mean, where, where did this guy come from? Was it a character based on anybody that you know? Yeah, it was based on a guy named Jeff Dowd for them. They used him quite a bit. I met him, he came on the script.

I didn't use him too much. I really referenced myself and the script. When did you realize that this film would become in many ways, you can't even call it a cult. It's it's a classic. It's just a flat out classic now. Yeah.

Yeah. I was surprised because we had a great time making it and we were all, you know, laughing and, you know, figuring out, you know, this was a fun movie. We didn't think it was going to be anything like it was today, but I was surprised when it first came out and did nothing.

It was like, you know, kind of a bomb. And then it played in Europe and they got it. And then it splashed back over on our shores and, you know, he grew to become One of our colleagues on this show has a friend who went to a Lebowski bar in Iceland.

Oh yeah. And we got these, we have a Lebowski Fest. I've been to, I played with my band at a Lebowski Fest. That was my Beatle moment. Can you imagine playing to a sea of dudes and bowling pins and moths. It was just totally surreal. Oh my God. Oh man.

So Jeff has been on the show as well. Back here on our program, 844-204-RICH is the number to dial back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. I gotta be honest with you again, Fabulous Baker Boys was one of my favorite movies in the eighties from college. I would just listen to the soundtrack. Obviously I was head over heels for Michelle Pfeiffer. And so that film was outstanding. And just to share the fact that I'm now sitting on a show with my name on it, which would have been a dream of mine in college that both Baker Boys have now appeared on.

Jeff Burgess in 2017 and Beau today. So now just going to talk to Liz through the camera. There is one missing individual we need to book, you know, to complete the circle. It's all I'm saying. It makes sense to me.

I'm just glad you love the movie and color. That's all. Oh my goodness gracious. You know, it's slander. It's slander.

Such a nice moment. You know what it is? You know what it is too?

You know what it is? It's ignorant. It's ignorant. You're an ignorant person when it comes to movies.

Ignorant. Just because it's made in black and white. There are classics in black and white. Absolutely classics.

Living Technicolor in that movie. You're off the point. The point is he's ignorant. You still haven't finished the Manchurian candidate, have you? Oh no. It's still sitting there on your DVR three years later.

Pause on his DVR. Because I haven't seen the Wolf of Wall Street, but they haven't seen he hasn't seen classic. I mean, Wolf of Wall Street and Manchurian candidate though. Come on. Get out of there. Stop it.

We shouldn't even spend another second on that slanderous statement. Franchise tags, right? Franchise tags, franchise tags.

What do we have? Who's been franchise? Bears tagging Jalen Johnson. Jaguars. That's not a surprise. Jaguars tagging Josh Allen. Yep. Bucks tagging Antoine Winfield Jr. That's not a surprise either.

Which means, by the way, Baker can walk. By the way. Yes.

Okay. What else? Ravens tagging Justin Amatibuke.

Yep. Panthers tagging Brian Burns. Patriots transition tag Kyle Duggar. No tag for Saquon and a bunch of these other. Or any other running backs. Every running back can walk.

Every running back. Dalton Schultz got a three-year deal from Houston. Okay, so somebody actually struck a deal.

Yep. Couple guys getting cut. Bunch of guys getting cut. Quadrate Diggs and Jamal Adams on Seattle and Will Disley. Freeze up about 30 million in change for Seattle.

A lot going on right now. Let me just say this. Do you think the Panthers would trade Brian Burns to the Rams for the million draft choices that apparently the Rams offered him?

Seems like they should have taken the deal back in the day. One last thing here. I've been offering a lot of unsolicited sense to the Giants. A lot.

Okay. And I'm thrilled that Joe Shane called in the show after what I was talking about. Their handling of the Saquon thing.

And, you know, I hope next time I see him he still talks to me. You know, but this team without Saquon Barkley would be on the offensive end thoroughly uninteresting to Giants fans. That's with all due respect and I know that's disrespectful to the other talented players that they have.

Skilled position players. But this guy is a star. And I'm sure they're going to be like, listen, we love you.

He was their Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee this year. And they're going to let them see what the market looks like. I guess that's what they're planning on doing and saying, if you want something that's like 13, 14, 15, 16 million dollars, go find it.

I don't understand it. Certainly when your plan is X and now you find out that the salary cap is probably going up double what you expected. We can't figure out how to give a slice of that to this guy and keep them there. And I'm not saying that they're going to lose him.

I mean, the next day have eight more days. But the fact that they're willing to let him walk is kind of blowing my mind right now. And I know he's got an injury history.

I get it. And I guess they could find somebody in the draft. Man, this is going to be wild. Derrick Henry's going to be on the free agent market. He's on the free agent market. Austin Eckler's on the free agent market. Josh Jacobs is on the free agent market.

They're all out there. And I guess everyone's going to take the chief's approach. But the chief's approach works because they got the right quarterback.

I guess that's the approach. You got the dominant quarterback. You don't need to spend 15, 16 million bucks on your running back. And all I keep saying is, look at the San Francisco 49ers. Do you think they would have made the NFC championship game without McCaffrey?

Well, he literally scored a touchdown in every game but one. That's what I'm saying. But I guess Saquon doesn't have the same production.

I'm trying to give pushback to my own initial gut thoughts. But the Giants offense is just sometimes very difficult to watch. And certainly because Daniel Jones has not been playing as well as he did in the year they made the playoffs.

Certainly in that playoff game. And I believe that they, from what I heard, again, I don't believe that this is the case 100% because it's all rumor. All this stuff I don't hear directly from a team. And then I call it a rumor to cover my tracks. It's literally what everyone's talking about at the combine. That's why I have a top five rumors I overheard at the combine segment.

And I bring it here. But it looks like their decision that they made at the quarterback position last year is something that they would like to undo. Saquon is additive, man.

I just don't get it. But I hope that they do make this deal because he's great for New York. He's great for the Giants.

Giants fans deserve a star player like that. And I think you need that pizzazz in New York. You got to do it. I'm going to say this over and over and over again for the next eight days.

So rinse and repeat. And if I'm the Chargers, I say, hey, man, you like Southern California? And Jim goes and uses him as the battering ram.

Get out of here. Sir, that wraps up this show. We'll set up the rest of the week on the Roku Channel in a moment. Movies, TV shows, books, podcasts and more. It's what women binge with Melissa Joan Hart and her friend Amanda Lee. We have Lauren Bosworth with us. The Hills. So what is like your number one question from fans? The primary question I still get asked was what is it real? In 2024 to me is a surprising question to get because I feel like everybody has been through the reality TV gauntlet at this point. What women binge wherever you listen.
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