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NFL Combine Takeaways: The Overreaction Monday Podcast with Rich Eisen & Chris Brockman

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 4, 2024 4:18 pm

NFL Combine Takeaways: The Overreaction Monday Podcast with Rich Eisen & Chris Brockman

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 4, 2024 4:18 pm

A weekly staple on ‘The Rich Eisen Show’ since 2018, ‘Overreaction Monday’ is now also an extended podcast with Rich and Chris Brockman debating the latest in the NFL. Today’s topics:

 3:15 - Five QBs will be drafted in the top 20

6:00 - Xavier Worthy is a 1st Round lock after his Combine record 40

8:00 - Marvin Harrison Jr. won’t be the first WR drafted

12:30 - Caleb/Rome Odunze could be a top 5 QB/WR combo next season

17:15 - Kirk Cousins won’t be a Viking next season

21:00 - Steelers would be insane to run it back with Pickett/Rudolph next season

24:45 - The Onside Kick should be a 4th & Whatever play

29:00 - It would be a mistake to expand to 18 regular season games




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Ah, yes, it is another edition of overreaction Monday, but the first we've ever done without games being played. It's the scouting combine edition of overreaction Monday.

Rich Eisen along with Chris Brockman. Good to see you, sir. How are you going? How was Indy? It was that it was great. Looked awesome.

I will say this was phenomenal. I know they've already announced that the combine is in Indianapolis next year, but it seems to be going on a year-to-year basis because the league is trying to figure out do they want to take it on the road like it's the draft. I say no. I say no to.

Yeah, keep it there. I understand the league's thought process and I know personally the commissioner does not like to let grass grow underneath something just because it's the way it's always been done. Like Roger Goodell always, since he took over the commissionership all those many moons ago, put everything up for grabs in terms of being reimagined or rethought, recast.

Honestly, he's always up for trying to see if anything can be improved or changed. That the idea of like, well, this is the way it's always been done is immediately makes them probably want to change something. But that said, just the mere convenience of the stadium in proximity to the hotel where the players are, in proximity to where other hotels are for everyone to stay there from coaches to scouts, to media, to agents, to the proximity to restaurants and how you can walk around. It's a connected city.

You don't have to go outside. And apparently it's also a connected city from, I didn't know this until this year, that prior to building Lucas Oil Stadium, they connected the stadium fiber optically to the hospitals in the area. So if somebody takes an MRI in the stadium, it immediately goes to the hospitals and something can be looked at fast. And so I just would, the general sense I got from people were that if they changed it to go somewhere else, there would be less participation for coaches and whatnot. I think that adding the fans and creating atmosphere and just more energy in the building. I thought that was a great fix.

I agree. It was a great week. So that's my long-winded answer to how it was this overreaction Monday, as always is brought to you by our friends at game time, the fast and easy way to buy tickets for all the sports, music, comedy and theater events near you.

Download the game time app, create an account, use our code overreaction, and you get $20 off your first purchase. Are you ready? Chris Brockman, you got a whole bunch of stuff coming off of the scouting combine around the corner. There's lots to talk about next week. Hit it, hit it. That was crap. That was garbage.

All right, Christopher, what do you have rich? It's all about the quarterbacks. It's always been about the quarterbacks. DJ has four in the top eight. I'm going to say five go in the top 20 this year. Oh, that's, that's a, that's a given. I think that is not an overreaction a given.

Yeah. The first three quarterbacks may go off the board in the first three picks. And if Drake may doesn't go third overall and suddenly Marvin Harrison juniors off the board and then Drake may drops to four and there's Arizona sitting there. Does somebody swap spots with Arizona there?

Do they not take Malik neighbors? Do they get more picks and keep on dropping down? Cause I would say the chargers would love to get out of five if they could. So that would be a spot and you'd want to leapfrog in front of the chargers, which is my point of saying, if it's not the first three picks, it's definitely the first four or five picks that three goes. And then I think JJ McCarthy gets pushed up into the top 10 by somebody at 11, 12 or 13, Minnesota Denver Raiders popping back in because it's not too far to go at seven for the Titans might want to trade out eight. The Falcons may just take McCarthy or Pennax. I think top 25 quarterbacks going, that is not an overreaction right now, even though there's a ton of receivers and tackles 20 now. Yes. I think after what he did over the weekend, I think it's not just what he did over the weekend. I just think that there's no doubt in my mind. Quarterbacks get pushed up, that they get pushed up the closer we get to the draft.

Right. And then the fascinating one would be if the Steelers stand pat on picket and stand pat on picket by also just bringing Mason Rudolph back. And they're sitting there at 20 and Pennax is sitting out there. Did the Steelers make me a profit or they just make me silly for saying this is not an overreaction right now.

I don't have it, but I saw a mock that had Pennax to the Seattle Seahawks. What number are they? That's again, I don't know, but I was like, okay, okay. Well, I would, I'd proffer to say that this is not an overreaction. Okay.

I'm kind of shocked to hear you thought you'd start with me calling something, you know, I did actually. Okay. No, maybe in a couple of, maybe in a month, I'll have six in the first round.

We'll see how that goes. Well, I've got the draft order right here for the national football league draft and the Seattle Seahawks are drafting 16. Okay. So you've just basically said right there, you saw my first, okay.

All right. Let's new Orleans 14 also. I mean, they might be looking at Pat, you know, post Derek Carr. I don't think that's an overreaction.

What else you got over there? The story of the weekend at the combine Xavier worthy rich. That was incredible. What a moment four to one. He's a lock to go in the first round. Now I'm just setting the combine record. I don't think so.

I don't think so. Lock in the first round. That's an overreaction there. Chiefs at 32.

Why not? Because I would take say lad McConkie to go to the chiefs over Xavier worthy. He had a good combine.

Yeah, he did. You know, like if the chiefs are looking for a wide receiver, it's funny. Daniel Jeremiah was saying during the broadcast and you'll hear him on Tuesday's edition of our flagship show. Yeah. That the, the chiefs are now in the realm of the Patriots of back in the day, everyone's just like, Oh God, that guy looks like a Patriot. That guy is the last guy that you want to go to the Patriots because he's going to go kill it. The chiefs are now in that position.

Absolutely. And lad McConkie being 32nd overall and being the guy that can go. And now with Rashid rice and Kelsey and what we expect to be maybe his final year, that's the way you go to work unless some left tackles are available.

Yeah. And that's my point as well to try and answer this question is that there are so many talented tackles. There are so many talented wide receivers that I don't even think Xavier worthy, despite how fast he is, he's going to beat out a bunch of guys that are top 32 for sure. Then you've got those tackles and those receivers in the quarterbacks that we're choosing that then you've got about three corners. I'd imagine two, if not three front seven guys. Yeah. I don't think Xavier worthy is going to be a first round draft choice just because he ran a four to one.

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See terms at slash credit card. Let's stick to wide receivers. Rich Marvin Harrison famously did not work out. Didn't even show no showed for his interview portion. He's not going to be the first wide receiver taken in Detroit.

So who would be Roma Dunze over him? I got to say he, uh, kind of showed out over the weekend, right? I know he did. He didn't seem to do much, but we'll see his pro day coming up. Listen, I was told Marvin Harrison Jr did everything he needed to do with the meetings.

Okay. Um, he met with the teams that wanted to meet with him and that he was just, um, he was just so good on the field that he asked everybody in the meetings room like, do I need to do anything else here for you? And they essentially all said no, no. Do we know what teams he met with? I don't know which teams he met with, but apparently he showed up, he did what he needed to do in terms of the meetings rooms and asked everybody, what else do you need to see from me?

Is there anything else I need to do? And that's why he did his workout weight and reps with the defensive lineman who did it first. So he, I think, had it pegged to just get out of Dodge as soon as he was done with the meeting rooms and just, this is the way it's going to go now, man. You know, I totally agree with Mike Florio, our friend from pro football talk. He put out a post, he wrote a post to say that he thinks one day we're, we're nearing the point where a player will just say, I'm not going to the combine, which is going to be, I think at a, um, an annoyance.

Yeah. Um, this player really better be the surefire first overall pick of the draft if he chooses to take that approach. But do you really think the new England Patriots, if they want to take him because they've already gotten the quarterback position filled through free agency, that they wouldn't take him third overall because he decided to leave. And there was some miscommunication apparently with the combine that they didn't know he'd left already and held his podium to say he's coming. It wouldn't dissuade me from taking him, but so that's the point. I'm not running, running a team or, you know, in charge of personnel and Marvin Harrison senior. Wasn't the biggest talker, right? So it kind of made me pass it down to his son.

I, I, I would be really stunned. Although Roma dunes, a was really good and really terrific and a bigger, faster Davante Adams and kind of, well, I mean, kind of did the opposite of what, how Marvin Harrison handled the combine, where he spoke, uh, he was engaging with everybody and he wouldn't leave and he, he, he just would not stop running. He did the three cone drill when everyone was gone. He kept clipping the one cone, right? And I saw video DJ showed me Daniel Jeremiah of the final drill. One of the final runs at the, the three cone drill that he did, the, um, he had, there's a shot of the timers that were there that were so surprised by the numbers that they saw on the stopwatch that even though he did do the drill without touching the cones, they made him do it one more time because they thought there was a malfunction. That's how good he is.

But I don't think it's still gonna prevent Marvin Harrison from hearing his name first in the wide receiver class. He's going to have a real short night in Detroit. He doesn't last past four, right? He doesn't last past three, pal.

Oh, I, I don't, well, wait a minute. Past four because the Patriots have traded down or the patients who made the quarterback or they trade down. I mean, Arizona will make him first off the board. If it's the quarterbacks in a row, right.

They'll take Marvin Harrison jr. In introducing the Kyla Murray and yeah. By the way, I saw him at the, uh, at the combine and we had a nice chat. Okay. I told him congratulations. I told him, I said, I said, you had a good season to Jonathan Gannon. He goes, we only won four games. I'm like, yeah, but you were in every single game. The same approach as we have had talking about him. You tell him he was solid.

Hey, I did not tell him he was solid. I didn't tell him there were fireworks in our conversation. Great. Well done.

Thank you. Uh, I think this is kind of spicy. Rich speaking of Roma Doon say if the bears take Caleb and Rome, yes. They're going to have a top five quarterback wide receiver trio this year. Um, man, it really does depend on how fast Caleb gets it, that there's going to be some one would think, um, I think he's going to be awesome. Some, some form of getting used to it unless, do you really think he comes out like cam, like first game comes out 300 yards. It's possible. I think it's really possible. Cause I mean, Patrick Mahone's first few starts in the NFL, I mean his first full season of being the quarterback 50 touchdowns I hear, dude, he was insane.

Yeah. He had a six touchdown game. I think at one point going to be possible that it's just unbelievable. Caleb, a dunes, a and DJ Moore. Now I'm talking is a significant trio. And of course you'll also have a run game that we imagine will be improved. Uh, and then Cole, Cole, Cole commit coming on last year. That's why the bears fans should be so jacked up. And I was my number one rumor I heard at the combine is this thing's toast that as much as Jayden Daniels had a better final year than Caleb did.

And they're both Heisman trophy winners that the bears are still taking the Heisman trophy winner from two years ago over the reigning Heisman trophy winner. I think that that thing's done. I think it is. And so I don't think that's a top five trio top five. So wide receiver, wide receiver, wide receiver, wide receivers, quarterback, I think to a waddle and Tyreke are still top, right? I'm assuming Burroughs back healthy. And we've got Jamar chase and T Higgins has been franchised as the, as a part of this conversation.

He might get traded, but that you have to include that there. Sure. Um, Eagles Eagles hurts and AJ Brown and Devontae Smith and Devontae Smith. Yeah.

Um, Hmm. We don't know about cousins and who else is going to be there with Justin Jefferson. No, I mean, good Addison obviously, but Niners. You want to put Purdy and Deebo Purdy and Deebo in there. I mean, they're in the conversation, right?

Or dude Stafford cup in the cool. Okay. Top five. Okay. That's top five, right?

That's nice. So we're sounding it out. And this makes me think this is more of an overreaction is now my first reaction was you got it.

You're onto something here, but now that I'm sounding it out, dude, now we're sounding it out. We're just talking. I mean, what about, uh, I mean, Stroud, Nico and tank Dell. They're in the conversation. You have to based on what we just saw this year from, from that group and Lamar Odell.

I don't think he's going to be back in Baltimore. Okay. I'm already hearing that. Okay. Um, so I don't know who they're going to add, but, uh, but by the way, Stafford cup and Nicole is top five. Great poll. All right. So I'll call this an overreaction. Now that is, that was like a, who wants to be a millionaire answer? I sounded it out Regis.

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When you say things are good and I check them out, they are jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talk Ville on YouTube or wherever you listen. All right. Second half. Hit it. Chris, what do you have in half? Rich more quarterback talk Kirk cousins.

He's going to be somewhere else other than Minnesota in 2024. We had Kevin O'Connell in the booth during our combine coverage. Okay. We had him sit there with Daniel Jeremiah and yours truly. And the day before he was coming around, making the rounds and said, it was funny. He goes, you get one Kirk cousins question. You're like, pre pre what'd he say?

Wow. You get one. I'm like, well, what if the over under is one and a half? Because maybe we get a push because I might need, I might need, I might need a follow up, but I won't be all in on following up.

I'm not going to grill you. I said, what if it's one and a half and you take the under and he goes, okay. Okay.

It was kind of like a curve moment. Okay. So, um, so I asked him like, what, what, uh, is the status between you and Kirk cousins? And his answer was quite fascinating where he said, Kirk's a process guy. So he knows he's going to go through the process of being a free agent. And he hopes that, you know, that at the end of the day, they'll figure all something out. And he comes back that he didn't say that those words, but the indication was the indication was there's ways of looking at it.

One that he's sharing that he's a process guy that he's going to hit free agency to kind of prep the Vikings fans that he's going to hit free agents. Okay. Two is that they're not going to franchise tag him.

Oh, they might not have been able to anyway. Three. All right. The other indication to me is it's kind of setting it up that if we don't sign them, not my fault or four, this is his way of saying he's not coming back. I don't know what it is.

I honestly don't know what it is. Kind of one of the sneaky big storylines as we get ready for free agency, pay 40 to $50 million for a quarterback team that thinks that they can win right now. Well, take a look at him. I mean, uh, the Ravens appear to be that team, right? I think they think that they can win right now. And they also didn't want to spend that sort of money on a quarterback, which is why they didn't want to go for Lamar and to give up two firsts as well as sign a contract that the Ravens might just match. Right. So it's a different sort of free agency, but the money's there. I mean, the slot is there. One would think because they don't already have somebody that's insanely expensive. Um, the Raiders have moved on from Jimmy G Jimmy G getting popped for, for, uh, for what PDs or whatever, something helped save the Raiders some money, but we're not really talking about Kirk cousins for that team. Nobody is. I mean, I think Ian Rappaport on Monday show even called that unlikely.

Yeah. I don't think the Steelers are, are, are going to do that. I mean, new England has the cap space, but that's an older guy, right? And they're not ready for them. They're not ready to win with them.

It's not going to make the playoffs next year. It makes sense for him to return. But there is a, there is a sense where I, I, I don't, I think he's going back there. I think he's going back there for a hometown discount. I don't know, but I can't call this an overreaction.

I can't say that you're out of your mind. So I'll, I'll, I'll call that just because again, the fact that I heard he's hitting free agency is what, at least that's what Kevin O'Connell said, uh, on the weekend, two weekends before this actually happening window. Yes. Yeah. What else? Okay. We're going to, we've talked about this a lot. We had some phone calls on the Monday show about it.

I think the Steelers would be insane to run it back with picket and Rudolph this year. That is insane. But what are the alternatives? There's lots. Give them to me. Justin Fields.

I liked that one. Russell Wilson, Kirk cousins, the draft. There's, there's six guys who have first round ability. Well, they're 20th overall, right? So they are in what if they, what if they want another receiver? What if one of these studly receivers are sitting out there?

Oh, I mean, the Steelers could really add another nice new weapon. But the issue is I think getting the weapon, the ball really like Kenny and feel like, because they they've won with gritty guys before and always not big Ben, but he's a Pittsburgh guy. They love his work ethic.

They love everything about him, man for real. So I kind of, I mean, I guess it's not for me to get, but I don't get it. Well, here's why. Okay. Is, and I understand it.

We just saw again, what you need to have, who you need to have to win it all in this league. We've seen it. Yeah.

Okay. We've seen it three of the last four years, right? But you've now also seen somebody with some significant moxie heart, guts, heads, ability to run pass in Brock Purdy surrounded with the right people in the right system. You can win a Superbowl with Brock Purdy.

We just saw that Brock Purdy took a lead in overtime of a Superbowl. Okay. So their thoughts are, we got Pickens right now, Deontay Johnson. There's a rumor, I guess they're wanting to show him.

Well, it's because they don't want to pay him. Right. And there's so many talented kids in the draft.

Just get another one. Well, that didn't work out for the Titans. I understand, but I think AJ Brown's a little bit better than, than Deontay Johnson. Sure. Significantly, but I understand your point.

Yeah. So this is the thought process behind the Steelers that all we got to do is surround them with the right people. And we've already got some good people and Arthur Smith's the coordinator. Now let's go to work with him as opposed to trading a night to pick for Justin Fields, who we will have to hire and make a 50 year option decision on within two months of hiring him. And then you've got Pickett on his first contract too.

And then what are we going to do here? You know what I'm saying? Like, cause Pickett's sitting there. What are you going to have Justin Fields look over his shoulder? Because the, the, the favorite son from two years ago is on a rookie contract too. I don't know if that's what I'm saying. I don't know if the fans are behind picket.

Insane is a tough word. It's a tough word, but I understand why fans are going to be like, we, we need our own Mahomes and he ain't it. So, but what if he's the Purdy, right?

Purdy did in his first two years, first two years picket has 13 touchdowns, but he also didn't, he didn't have McCaffrey or Kittle or come on now. Yeah. The weaponry there is really impressive. Yeah. And of course the guys and the headset is the one calling the plays. They finally seem to have gotten that right too.

That's their thought process. So, no, I feel like we're going to be talking about this. I understand it though, but I'll call that an overreaction at the moment.

All right. A couple of things we, uh, we didn't get to that. Haven't been too talked about much. All the new rules changes. I'm sure you've heard a lot about this, the onsite kick, all the kickoff stuff.

It was so confusing to me. The onsite kick should be a fourth and whatever play any other tweak is pointless, pointless, but that's too much for the league. The league thinks that's a gimmick play fourth and whatever, you know, what is it? Fourth and 15 from where fourth and 18, whatever the problem with that is and why wouldn't the ball and why wouldn't somebody constantly just keep on a pass, you know, interfering with a pass. Why wouldn't they just blow somebody up? Why would you play that straight up? Well, if the defense commits a penalty, then it's, then it's an automatic first down.

You're going to really have that happen. Like you're going to put it in the vagaries of somebody just grabbing a Jersey. Now suddenly you you've lost possession of a football treated like a hail Mary then, which is what you never call the penalty never, but it has to be insanely agreed.

But it's, but that's just one launch into the end zone. But what they're explaining now and all this different, like the XFL rule or something, it was so confusing. I know that it can get explained a little bit better. It can get codified a little bit better.

I, I, I need to, I need to read this. I do love this idea, but every single time we talk about it with Pereira or Blandino or, or Starator, any buddy who's been on our show, they're like, well, where do you place the ball? And what happens if there's a penalty on it? You can't just, it can't just be an automatic first down where suddenly the defense gets a bad call on them or somebody gets, you know, toasted and they pull on somebody.

And now, now you've lost possession of the football and your entire game that you've been up by two scores and it flips because of one defensive penalty. Why don't we just try it for a year and see what happens, but what's the, it again, where do you put it? Where do you want to put it? Put it where they kick up, put it at the 30, the 30. So your first downs on the 45 yard line, the 48 or whatever, it's a fourth and 18 play or something.

Let's just try it. And then the, it is what, what if there's a penalty on it? Let's just see how many times it happens. Well, I mean, I guess it would be, I'd rather instead of it being a fresh set of downs, it's a five yard penalty or 10 yard or a 10 yard penalty. Or if it's, you know, if it's a holding, it's not an automatic first down. Now it's fourth and 13. What if it's pass interference though? Five yards, fourth and third, you got to complete the pass. But that's what I'm saying is like anybody that goes past the 18 yard. So then you get, you're, you're giving a free reign to the defense to just keep on messing with your receiver and blowing them up.

Like I'd rather, I'd rather just keep on hitting somebody. I guess my point is the onsite kick used to be something that was super exciting and it actually happened. And now it's down to like 2%. Well, it's what they ended up doing is they came up with a rule for kickoffs about having a certain number of people on either side of the kicker, right? To try and make it safer. And now this play is become now it's been, it's been totally destroyed because of it. So let's come up with a better way for the onsite kick to work. But I mean, I need, I need to read the, I'll just push back and call this an overreaction.

I do love that. I do love the idea of like fourth and 18, but you've got to figure out the, the problem of what happened. Like the defense cannot be given free reign to just blast a receiver. And also the, the, one of the things was you have to announce that you're doing it.

So that eliminates the surprise on site. I know, I know on the pro football talk post of that, they had the moment at the top of the second half of the Superbowl between the saints and the cold. That was the picture.

Yeah. So I'm with you on that front too, but I'll call that an overreaction until we can figure out how the defense can be held to account. So they don't have to continuously, um, be allowed to grab and pull and then the off.

And, and thus the defense though, isn't now subject to one penalty flips their entire fortune of a game that they've been dominating. I got to figure that out. And I placed it, I think that's too gimmicky for a lot of old school owners. So let's hear what the, the other ideas they can come up with something. All right.

Last one. And maybe you heard some more about this over the weekend. I'd be curious your thoughts there. It'd be a mistake to add an 18th game to the regular season schedule. Here's what I think needs to be done. Cause I think it is inevitable.

I've heard it over and over and over and over again. You've heard it from fans over and over and over again, boy, would it be great to have a national holiday the day after the super bowl and thus pushing the season another week into the future, or you could just have the super bowl on Saturday. It would in fact have a president's day weekend, the super bowl every year, the NBA wouldn't like having the 18th game, but the 18th game would eventually shove the season deep enough where the super bowl is on president's day weekend every year. Now the issue with that is everything else would have to be pushed back. You're already hearing some complaints at the combine of how quickly the combine happens and how fast the new league year comes around after that.

Okay. But I understand player safety issues are significant here. The one thing that I also heard from a coach at the combine that is of interest is what's with the inactive. What's what's with the making you cut your roster down on game day by announcing people as inactive. Why can't everybody be active?

Yeah. Why do we, because it's eight guys, it's 53 to 45, right? Why don't you add more players?

I mean, it's more of a, of a salary that you're paying a game day bonus. Why don't I have it like college where it's just like 80 people are up on a Sunday. 70 people are up on a Sunday. Well, you have a 53 plus your practice squad.

Everybody's up. What's with the practice squads up. You're not elevating anybody from your practice squad.

And you're not deactivating somebody who's been practicing all week. Like what gives like, why not? Like what, what, what's the big deal? Like why are you making that's interesting. Yeah. People inactive. So I heard that.

Okay. So maybe the give and take because the coaches are also flipping out in the fact that the give from the league in the last collective bargaining agreement to the players. And I'm sure some players are like, we shouldn't have just given it up because there's a lot of money at stake here is the practice schedule, right? There's a bunch of coaches that want to get their hands on players right now and get a new playbook in their hands. And they can until the off season workout program happens in the middle of April, I pushed back and told the, uh, the coach who was talking to me about this, I'm like, well, I just remember when stuff happened, when the very beginning of NFL network, everything that was supposedly voluntary for a player was considered mandatory by the coach.

And that got out of hand, right? Where suddenly, well, you're not here in early March. Well, you're not here for the team. Wait a minute. I can't, I can't have you, you know, and tell you, you need to be at the facility in late, late February. Hey, this, this OTA that's voluntary, you're not here. Huh?

Guess what? We're going to consider this mandatory, even though it's technically voluntary got out of hand. So they had to actually put some guard rails up. So when you say to making a mistake, to add an 18th regular season game to the schedule, um, I understand you're talking about player safety. You're also talking about diluting a product. I'm also talking about load management. What's going to stop guys from just sitting out 15, 16, 17, 18. What if you already have your plan spot locked up? Why would Patrick Holmes play in the last three weeks?

No. And I, I understand that because you also need to get, um, a rhythm going. I mean, how many of those top seeds that sat all sat out, you know, it took them. It took the Ravens and the, and the, uh, Niners, um, a bit to get started their divisional playoff victories. And the Niners had to pull that one out of the fire.

The Ravens just like got all fired up at halftime and just destroyed the Texans, I guess. But that's why I'm saying like, if you do it, why not get more jobs and just keep people up? You know what I mean? What are you, what's with the five and actives. That's what the coach is saying. We're like, what are we doing? Why can't we have them active?

I think, so, so I'll push back and call that an overreaction, but you'll have to do it in conjunction with some other moves, like make more players available. When is it coming? Give me a, give me a year. I don't know. Next, next collective bargaining room. And when that, well, that is so four or five years, probably whatever, how, I don't know how much is left, but, but I think it is inevitable. Uh, that's it for this edition of overreaction Monday, we are back next week on a Wednesday because the new league year begins on the Wednesday that we're going to be broadcasting, uh, coming to you with another podcast, but that'll be after the two day window where everybody's already talking tampering.

No, no, no, no, no. It's apparently not tampering. You know, you're, you're legally able to start talking dollars and cents for people who are not franchise tech, who are free agents. So by the next time we're going to be talking to this microphone, we'll know who's pretty much going where, and it'll just become official when the new league year hits. That's our next edition of overreaction Monday. But for the moment, thanks for taking in this show right here, Chris Brockman, along with rich Eisen. Hope you enjoyed this post NFL scouting combine edition, movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, and more. It's what women binge with Melissa Joan Hart and her friend, Amanda Lee. We have Lauren Bosworth with the Hills. So what is like your number one question from fans? The primary question I still get asked was what is it real in 2024 to me is a surprising question to get because I feel like everybody has been through the reality TV gauntlet at this point. What women binge wherever you listen.
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