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Dan Orlovsky: I Would Take Jayden Daniels Number 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 4, 2024 3:01 pm

Dan Orlovsky: I Would Take Jayden Daniels Number 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 4, 2024 3:01 pm

3/4/24 - Hour 2

ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky tells Rich why LSU’s Jayden Daniels, not USC’s Caleb Williams, is his top-ranked QB in this year’s NFL Draft, if the Chicago Bears should trade Justin Fields and select a quarterback #1 overall, why Drake Maye won’t be a Day One starter for New England if the Patriots draft the UNC QB, his reaction the retirement of Philadelphia Eagles C Jason Kelce and to the passing of his ESPN college Chris Mortensen.

Rich and the guys discuss how/if the Combine altered the NFL QB carousel, react to LeBron James surpassing 40,000 career points, and Iowa’s Caitlin Clark breaking Pistol Pete Maravich’s all-time NCAA scoring record.

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Again, that's slash deals. NFL Network insider Ian Rappaport. Plus, your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two, the Rich Eisen show is on the air. I'm back from Indianapolis from the NFL scouting combine. Four wild days, lots to talk about with the days ahead. And the franchise tag deadline is Tuesday. Ian Rappaport will have the latest on all of that when he joins us in hour number three. Because the new league year begins a week from Wednesday, and the window to talk to anybody else's free agents opens up one week from today.

So, stuff's about to get crackin'. And obviously, whether a team is in on a quarterback in the draft or not does depend on if they fill their need in the next ten days or so. You want to get Justin Fields instead of drafting somebody? You want to sign Kirk Cousins instead of drafting somebody? I am viewing, just like you, Chris Brockman, the Mike Evans news of signing a two-year deal back in Tampa does mean that Baker Mayfield's not going anywhere. But things, as you know, are frequently what they seem in the National Football League. To join us right now at the top of hour number two, fresh back from Indianapolis.

The addition of the Rich Eisen Show is a longtime friend of this program. And a sight to see, certainly on a day like this. Dan Orlovsky, how are you doing, Dan? I'm doing really good. I'm doing really good. Good to see you, bud.

How are you doing? I saw a lot of your NFL live crew in Indianapolis, Dan. I saw a bunch. I was getting consistent pictures from them, so it was a little FOMO, a little jealousy, but I think those two, specifically Laura and Mina, held their own. Well, I mean, it was, again, it was just great meeting, well, Mina I'd met, I'd never met Laura before. And it's just great to see the chemistry off the air is exactly what I see on the air, so really great stuff. Yeah, they're great people. Laura's tremendous. Laura, let's just jump into what you saw on the screen from the guys who spun it and what your impressions are of the quarterbacks that were active on Saturday.

Yeah, I mean, I'd start with this, Rich. I'm not a massive combine throw person and really not a massive throw day throw person. I think the tape, for me, is always what stands out, but unless a guy is so impressive throwing the football that it's such an overwhelming, positive takeaway.

I think Michael Pennix, you know, the ball just comes off of his hands differently. I think the ball jumps out of his hand and if you, you know, for Michael, it's like this journey of, well, I had two awesome seasons in a row at Washington, where I threw for almost 10,000 yards and, you know, 75 plus touchdowns, so great. And then you go through the process of, well, pro combine and, you know, two really things for him that are important are, you know, how he threw the football. Because if you do it better and differently than anybody else that's there now, those top three guys didn't throw, but he threw it better than anybody else at the combine.

And then from all things that I've heard, the medical went really well, so I think that was a really big weekend for Michael Pennix. I'll use your guy and I don't want to say your guy, but obviously Michigan alum, J.J. McCarthy, I couldn't care less that he had incompletions at the combine. I love the fact that he went out there and threw it hard, you know, shut off his arm.

I think that's one of his underrated assets and skills. So, you know, the variance of those guys, you know, it's great that Michael stood out in that regard. It doesn't make me think anything differently and or less of J.J. that he had some incompletions.

So then let's get to the guys as a group then, removing what we saw over the weekend. Are you still a Jayden Daniels is the best quarterback available in the draft guy, Dan? Yeah, I am after, you know, watching, you know, I don't like to say anything about these guys unless I've watched all of their snaps in totality. The only three that I've done in totality are Caleb, Jayden and Drake May.

After watching all that, I would take Jayden number one. I think the three things that make it stand out for me are number one, I think it's ball placement versus man coverage is the best in the draft. We see that in the NFL on a consistent basis.

We're starting to see more and more of it. When I say this is why I say, Rich, every quarterback in the NFL is accurate. It's the NFL.

There's 60 people on the planet that have those jobs. Everybody's accurate. Accuracy is throwing it to your guy. Ball placement, throwing it away from the defense.

He's got the best on tape. Number two, evaluating this this class is the hardest since I've gotten into this job for me, because it's either things are made so difficult by some of these offenses that are, you know, and I know Kurt mentioned this, it's so difficult to evaluate like what is this or they make it so easy. So the number two thing is when your offense and you as a pass game generate these explosive plays, what does it actually look like? Are you getting four or five, 20 plus yard completions in college football because you threw a bubble out to the right or you had some trick play or you ran around for nine seconds and threw a ball down wide open to a guy in the NFL. We know that's not real life or downfield.

Excuse me. So what does it look like? And he's got the most. Oh, I see you throw that post cross concept or I saw you throw poor verticals and you rip that seam. Most transferable stuff to the NFL.

And then I think the third thing is pocket piece. I think Caleb has tremendous pocket reaction and his pocket suddenness is really good. Jaden has just this calm, this piece, this subtlety movement wise that I think is is is different than the others as well.

So I would go Jaden one. I think that he plays faster both mentally and physically. So often one to three ball comes out of his hands. We know that, you know, and I think one of the things that I've learned, Richard, over the past couple of years of just doing this with the college kids and, you know, watching the NFL guys is, you know, kind of the state of the NFL quarterback wise is you really win, making a ton of pars and then occasionally dropping birdies or an eagle. That's what Patrick did this last year. And I think Jaden does that as well.

And then I would do Caleb to tremendously talented. I see some of the some of the stuff that I talked about with Jaden, the ball placement versus man isn't always perfect. Now, I don't think USC was super talented on the outside.

I thought their offensive line was poor. You don't have a lot of examples of like one, two, three ball out or one, two, three, four, five ball out and and the suddenness and the quick twitch of that. And the you know, the shortstop play of that. Not a ton of examples this year on tape.

Again, I think it's a little bit because of what's around them. Tremendous playmaker. You know, I think, Richard, I'll say this. I think he's a tremendous talent that Notre Dame game is a tough game to look at.

You know, I real NFL defenses, Al Golden dialed it up for Notre Dame and Notre Dame created some pressure. And I think that's a game where if I was Chicago or Washington or New England, I would I would want that would be the first game I would watch with them. And I would sit there and watch that with them. And I would kind of take in everything that he's regurgitating. Wow.

All right. So there's a lot of food for thought right there. Dan Orlovsky here on The Rich Eisen Show. So let's start with Jayden Daniels. Is he good enough to jettison Justin Fields? Because everybody believes that Caleb Williams sure is. So you would then say you would, if you were Ryan Polls, send off Justin Fields and draft Jayden Daniels over Caleb Williams. You would do that?

I would if I were Chicago, yes. And again, I think super highly of Caleb. I would say this. Both Caleb and Jayden are just as dynamic athletically as Justin and are both better throwers of the football. And so because of that and again, I like Justin, I still think Justin has a really bright future in the NFL.

But because of that, I would I would say Chicago. Yes. Take quarterback one. And again, I think I would go with Jayden. I still think Caleb's a tremendous talent. And, you know, the context I was actually talking with Daniel Jeremiah.

Obviously, you guys crushed it this past weekend again. And he's so good at his job that I was talking with him about it the other day. And it was great conversation because all the things I said just now to you about Caleb, he was like, you know, go back and watch last year. You know, meaning two seasons ago when they had a little bit more talent around them. And so it's for me, Rich, it's not the knock on Caleb.

It's more of when I watched Jayden, it just kept elevating and elevating for me what the opinion of what I had of him was. Well, but then this is the second part of it, too, is for Chicago, though. And this is the part where Ryan Paul's needs to clearly remove this from his thinking. But I'll throw it out there anyway, is the they traded up for Trubisky and left Mahomes on the board. And here's a guy who looks the most like Mahomes that I've seen in quite some time.

And you're going to leave him on the board for Jayden Daniels when this is clearly Mahomes' league and everybody's looking for the next Mahomes. And it sure looks like it's Caleb. Right.

Yeah. I mean, Caleb definitely has that playmaking ability, that suddenness. It's not like Jayden is, you know, Joe Flacco either now.

You know, I mean, he's no offense to Joe, but like this young man. That's one of the things, Rich, too, is, you know, five, six years ago when we were doing, you know, talking about quarterbacks, you would say, man, this guy's a great athlete and playmaker. And it would be this differentiator. It's not anymore.

They all are. You know, I honestly think the differentiator now is how much example do you have of that guy consistently playing on time and on rhythm and on balance and seeing it the right way and cutting the ball loose within the construct of a timing concept? Because I've talked about this, Rich, like the NFL is cyclical. So it's starting to look a lot like now what it did in the early 2000s quarterback play was is you're going to have to be super efficient with your pass game. You're going to have to get the ball out on time. You're going to have to play within structure on a consistent basis. Defenses are far too prepared and athletic and smart now. And so I think the it's it's flipped a little bit.

You know, I think the more examples you have of guys and you just have more I have seen more examples of this from Jaden that are. I could take that. Yep. It's going to happen on Sundays.

Yep. It's going to happen on Sundays than I can from Caleb. And I caveat that with I just I was surprised with how poor USC was on the outside this year. And so I don't know if he had a ton of examples or opportunities to do that. Dan Orlovsky here on the Rich Eisen show. Then what would you counsel New England to do at three if Drake may sit in there? And again, I know that there's puzzle pieces that might land in free agency, but I just don't know if they be the ones to go flip draft capital, which they have no really business doing these days.

They got to use it for their own engine for Justin Fields. I'm assuming they're just not going to hit the quarterback in the free agent market and will enter the first Thursday in Detroit potentially needing to draft one. What would you do if New England wants to take Drake May at three? They better have a free agent already signed. Drake May has to be on the Jordan love type of timeline.

Drake May has to sit and I'll give you the one reason why, Rich, his feet are too sloppy and too all over the place. And I know this again, kind of the conversation I just had about cyclical in nature and style of play. And I've learned this. I've adjusted the way I look at it from Sam Darnold to Mitchell Trubisky. I've watched all these high end quarterbacks in the NFL refine and work on. If you go into the NFL and mechanically your feet are sloppy and you don't fix it, you're going to struggle. You might get away with it here and there.

You're going to struggle. I've watched Josh Allen fixes or refine. I've watched Patrick Holmes do it. I've watched Lamar Jackson do it.

They all have to. And Drake May is an amazing talent. I love his Pittsburgh game. He's the difference in the game. He makes some big time plays down the field. He controls the line of scrimmage with protection. Ball comes out on time, drops that back leg and rips it. And then I see some plays like, hey man, you can get away with that against Pitt on that deep crosser versus man coverage. But that you're not going to survive a long time in the NFL like that. And I just think so often we take these young players and I say this all the time, Rich, these guys are getting drafted early because they're talented. I don't necessarily have to tell people about the talent.

Part of my job is I got to find the flaw, find the weakness, find the bad. What needs to get fixed for the talent constantly is at the top. And if New England takes him and expects him to play right away, that gives me agita thinking about it. Because I want that young man to sit for a year or two, refine that lower half and then unleash like Green Bay did. All right. So in the time I have left with you, let me just ask you then, do you put McCarthy or Pennix over May in that regard?

No. The one that I would put sniffing Drake would be JJ. I think JJ McCarthy. And this is, I haven't watched every single snap of his so far. I'm about 40, 50 percent done through it. I called his first college game ever.

So I'm a massive fan of JJ. And you could skip the second half of the Penn State game too. So you could move it along. I didn't even think about that. Can I touch on that real quick? Sure. You know, I get frustrated when I'm like, when I hear people say, well, if he's that good, why didn't they throw it?

Oh, please. I know. Right. Guys, they went 15-0. If they needed to throw more, they would have. And it's just the style of play that Jim Harbaugh wanted to play. I think two things that I love about JJ that have stood out on tape is I think he makes very difficult things look easy, very difficult things look easy. And that's a trait that is unique in the NFL. And then, you know, I always say, Rich, you got to walk the fine line between reckless and aggressive. I don't know if there's a guy in this draft more confident in what his eyes tell him to do with the football than JJ. And again, I love that trait in quarterbacks. Dan Orlovsky here on the Rich Eisen Show.

OK, before I send you off onto your good day on Monday, two things I want to hit you on. Jason Kelsey is retiring, as you and I are talking right now. He's announced his retirement. You think of what when you think of Jason Kelsey?

All-time Philadelphia sport athlete, you know, all-timer. You know, my wife called me like 20, 25 minutes ago. She texted me and she said, my wife's from Philadelphia, diehard Eagles fan. She said, hey, I'm calling you. I need to talk to you. Panic sets in. What's up? And she goes, is Kelsey retiring? And I'm like, Rich, you know, my wife, she briefly spent time with her. And I'm like, what, babe?

I thought something was wrong with you. So all-time Philadelphia sports athlete. You know, I think he's one of the greatest centers of all time. I think the athleticism stood out. Cog for one of the best offensive lines in the NFL over the last decade or so, that one in Philadelphia.

So all-timer. And the great thing for us, the lucky thing for us is we are not done seeing him. He will be a star in TV. I agree. No doubt about it. And I mean, honestly, a huge void.

I mean, 13 seasons being in all time. First Ballot Hall of Famer too, right, Dan? Like there's not even a question. Yup. Yup. Lock. Absolutely.

All right. So before I let you go, what's your favorite Chris Mortensen story? Dan. Oh, man, Rich, I think my favorite Chris Mortensen story is we both work in a world that is about us and he never made it about him. And I think that is, you know, the cliche is live a life that impacts people, that makes them want to emulate it. And we throw that around too much.

He is his life is one that I certainly want to try and emulate. And that's a kind of encapsulating. But I will never forget the multiple times that I had gone on when I was early in this career and said something on TV. And that was probably a little loose in regards to some stuff.

And he would just go out of his way to give me like the arm grab and pull me to the side and just give me like a, hey. You know, just be smart, be careful, think about it in this way or this regard and profound impact. So what, just to have a filter or think before you, you know. Yeah, I think it was a it was in totality thing, you know, hey, just so you know where.

Yeah, I think it's a little bit of filter advantage point of how it's going to be received the lens for everybody. And then also, you know, just trying to give me tidbits of how I could stand out a little bit more, how I could rephrase a little bit differently and totally unnecessary. But he did it anyway. He's one of my favorites, one of my favorites, man. And please send my regards and condolences to everybody in the building. I'm assuming that's where you are right now. Yes, sir. And I'm sure on NFL Live, it'll be quite a moment. So I'll be thinking of you and everybody else there pass along all my condolences.

Literally, I know half that building. So, yeah, let's do so. You're a good man, brother. Right back at you. Thanks for the time, Dan. You're the best.

You got it. And send my best to the missus. I mean, my goodness. That's so funny. Tough afternoon. Send my best. That's Dan Orlowski here on the Rich Eisen Show. I'm looking up right now. Seems like Kelsey might be holding back some tears.

He sat down and immediately started crying. I love this guy. He's also not wearing sleeves. I'm seeing it.

It's very on brand. I love him. Absolute man's man. All right.

Lots to unpack there. Let's talk about the quarterback market, man. Let's do it. And what the Bears decision. It all starts with them and what the quarterback market's going to look like.

And the new league years next week. Eight four four two oh four. Rich number to dial as soon as we get a soundbite from Jason Kelsey's press conference.

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Listen to on fire, the official Survivor podcast, wherever you get your podcast. Is it true your dad's a jet fan? Yes, I mean, such a Jets fan that he has a Jets tattoo right here.

Oh, my gosh. When did he get that ink? Was it was he inspired by Richard Todd's play in the 70s? Or was it Ray Lucas in the 90s that caused your dad to get that ink?

What was it? So the big thing about my dad and being a Jets fan and I was once a Jets fan. Now definitely a Giants fan. 1969. I'm sorry. I grew up a Jets fan. Go on.

Yeah. 1969. The first AFC team won a Super Bowl. The year my dad was born.

Born in New York. Growing up, everyone loved the Giants probably a little bit more. So he kind of just went the other way. Being a Giants fan, he kind of passed it on to me.

So I grew up being a fan of Curtis Martin, Thomas Jones, Chad Pennington, the Mark Sanchez era with Rex Ryan and those guys. So I think he kind of got it probably maybe like when the Mark Sanchez era was going. I don't think he did it because of that. He always had a passion. He always wanted to do it. And one day he just made up his mind. He said he's going to put a Jets tattoo on you.

I don't know what I'm freaking out about more. The fact that you could be a Jet. You were living and dying with the Jets while I was living and dying with the Jets. Or that your dad and I were born in the same year and you could be my son.

And I've got a 10, almost 8 and a 5 at home. And this is not about me. It's about you, Seguin. So was your dad disappointed that the Jets didn't take you?

No. My dad was happy that, you know, he'd seen his son live in Israel. Or didn't get a chance to take you. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. But he was happy just like I was saying. His son, he's him and my mother very fortunate to have both parents in my life. You know, I've always went to them and told them what I want to do and what I'm passionate about.

And they always give me great advice and try to show me the way of what I got to do to get to my dream and live out my dream. Yes, indeed. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Derek in Missouri has been hanging on for a while. Let's take his phone call. What's up, Derek?

Hey, Rick. So before I get to my discussion with you, while you were in Indy, did you happen to stop at St. Elmo's when you were there? No, I did not, sir.

I did not make it over there. I'm not really a shrimp cocktail guy, believe it or not. I know that surprises people.

So many people love it. I am myself and St. Elmo's is my go-to every time I go to Indy for the 500 every year. No, they're great people there. I just wasn't able to make it over there this time. What's on your mind?

So, Rich, this is between you and me, sir. I got to ask here, even my bird's eye view and my source down there at Indy for the combine. Just from your perspective, what did you see from JK McCarthy? Just because I've seen him on a few walkthroughs here and there and he's showing that Denver is next to his name. Well, I mean, I think Denver would be lucky to get him.

Thanks for the call, Derek. I think they're going to have to move up. I think Denver would be very lucky to get J.J. McCarthy 12th overall.

I don't know if he's going to be there. However, you know, there were a ton of talented tackles. And a ton of talented wide receivers. If you need a left tackle and, you know, few teams don't. Because even the Chargers, if they stick at five, if they don't trade out.

Because I don't know if there's anybody that leaps off the page at them at five. But they might want to trade down a little bit if a quarterback's out there and somebody wants to go get. Like, I think they'd be open for business, the Chargers. If Drake may falls or if somebody wants to really go get J.J. McCarthy and utilize that spot, they'd be in. But if they get Joe Ault, he'd be a right tackle because Rashawn Slater's the left.

He's the all-pro. So you keep on looking at how many quarterbacks, let's just say four go in the top ten. Three tackles go in the top ten and three receivers go in the top ten.

That's entirely possible. Let's just take that fourth quarterback out. Let's just say somebody wants Dallas Turner. So a defender goes in the top ten and pushes the quarterback down. Then the Broncos might be in business. But you also have the Vikings sitting right there.

They better leapfrog the Vikings if Kirk Cousins doesn't re-sign. Because this is the conversation coming out of the combine. And by the way, just to answer Derek's question, I mean, J.J. looked the part.

219 pounds. Everybody thought he was lanky. Well, not everybody. One unnamed executive told that to Albert Breer. And he looked the part.

And apparently blew away the meeting rooms, which shouldn't surprise you. And wants to get better at everything. He's also 21. He just turned 21, too. So he's a kid. And he can hit his second contract by the age of 25, 26.

I mean, look. That's part of the reason why he wants to leave when he did. So it all starts with the Bears. And you just heard Dan Orlovsky say if he was the Bears, if he was Ryan Polz, if he were Kevin Warren and the McCaskey family, he would take Jayden Daniels over Caleb Williams. Man, you imagine if that happens.

On draft night. No, I can't imagine. I mean, Washington is just... They're doing cartwheels.

Doing cartwheels. That they would get a kid from the mid-Atlantic area to be the Washington commander's face of the franchise. And that's the whole part of it, too.

Is they better grind that tape. And, you know, because you'd take Jayden Daniels over Caleb Williams. You would be turning down the chance to take who everybody thinks is surefire.

In the media, clearly, Dan Orlovsky would be like, I kind of know how to break down this stuff. And I kind of think that Jayden Daniels is better. Because he just had a better year.

And he thinks he's maybe, I guess, more pro-ready. But the Bears are the team that once upon a time famously left Mahomes on the draft board. And Caleb Williams is the one that looks the most like him. With off-platform throws and the stuff that he does. Just does look like Mahomes.

Really does. But to quote Chris Brockman here, something he loves to say, I think we're playing the result there. Because there was not this level of hype on Mahomes. Like, we're looking back and going, yeah, but... Well, Mahomes didn't win at Heisman. But the level of hype with Caleb is just infinitely higher than what it is. Mahomes didn't play games that were seen nationally, like USCs. Right?

No, definitely not. And Mahomes' coach didn't famously leave one place to go to another place and take him with him. So the spotlight has been on Caleb Williams so much more. And it was amazing that Spencer Rattler was on the same field as Caleb on Saturday for the same combine.

Since that's the guy who lost his gig to Caleb. And there he is up on the screen. He's available on the draft as well. He did. D.J. said he was a guy who everyone loved as a third, fourth round. And it is the one that Chris Mortensen, before his passing, texted Daniel the night before his passing about.

He was curious about Spencer Rattler. Really? Yeah.

Wow. So the Bears have to act first by trading Justin Fields by, I would say, this point next week. Because if Justin Fields' trade market is not as robust as they want it to be right now, guess what? It'll be a hell of a lot less robust if you let other teams fill up their spots. And I imagine you've got to, you got to, when everybody's in the quarterback carousel spinning for the free agency, you got to trade Justin Fields now. I guess they could hold on to him.

Rich, do you think there's a possibility, Chris, that they hold on to this pick even maybe when the draft starts and just seeing who's going to get shook enough to maybe offer them way too much for fields because the guys they wanted have been taken? No, I think they've got to, when you look at the market right now, right, New England is a Fields landing spot. Yeah. I don't think the Giants are. Atlanta clearly is, right?

Yep. Denver might be, right? Raiders. Vegas might be. Another potential landing spot for Justin Fields, Pittsburgh, I doubt that will happen as you know. I saw a really interesting one. Tampa could, if Baker Mayfield suddenly decides to go up and go to New England, does Tampa go and get Justin Fields? Maybe. I mean, that's a question mark one. I saw an interesting one. What about Cleveland?

Cleveland, come on. They've got too much scratchiness. Does Sean Watson, it's every dollar guarantee where you can just cut them? That one makes no sense to me. Everybody wants them.

I mean, it makes no sense to me. So those are the ones, I've check marked the Patriots, Falcons, Broncos, Raiders, Steelers, and got a question mark on Tampa. Let's just say you let Tampa re-sign Baker. They're off the board. You go and see Cousins is going to have to sign somewhere.

Let's just say the Broncos love him or the Raiders love him. They're off the board. Or the Vikings re-sign him. They're off the board.

You can't let these pieces land if you're Chicago. Then suddenly you're offering Justin Fields up for a song. Because you do have to offload him. He's not going to back up your first overall drafted kid. It's just not happening.

So you've got to offload him. I would think now. And then you can figure out is it Jayden Daniels or is it Caleb Williams? Then you can take your time.

You don't have to tip your hand. Certainly if Caleb Williams is telling the Bears I'm not coming this week, I'm coming after my pro day, which is the 20th of March. And you also, I'm imagining, haven't put your hands on him with a doctor yet.

Which is the most crucial part. To find out how medically ready he is to play in the NFL. I mean they found on Kool-Aid McKinstry right? They found something called a Jones fracture in his foot. Is that who it was? Somebody. Was that who it was going to be? Yeah.

They basically say, you know, your foot's broken. OK. By the way, whoever. I don't know if that was it. You want to look that up?

Make sure I'm not saying the wrong thing. Jones fracture. Whoever did that comp with Kool-Aid and the Kool-Aid man. I don't know if you saw that. It was amazing.

They just had side by side of Kool-Aid McKinstry and the Kool-Aid man. That's good. Again, the point is you've got to test guys medically.

You've got to get it done. And so but based from that decision goes everything else. Cousins has got to land somewhere. Russell Wilson is going to be out there because I didn't leave Denver hearing a single soul saying that whatever, although it's silence and silence sometimes means things are getting done behind the scenes. I don't know how he's a Denver Broncos starting quarterback next year. Although, we just did hear Dan Orlovsky say, if you draft Drake May, you need to sit him. And then he said, the only guy that's sniffing Drake May in terms of overtaking him for the third quarterback available on this year's draft is McCarthy. So, I imagine you have to sit him too would be Dan's counseling if you're sitting May.

Although, you know how I think about how he would handle his business, JJ McCarthy. But then again, one never knows. Those are the questions. Where do those pieces land in the next 10 days? Although, Russell's date where he pops free is the 17th of March, which is after the new league year begins. Nuts. So, that's your quarterback market as it stands. If Baker stands stays put, and let's just say Cousins stays put.

Too big dominoes. Right. Then does Atlanta go and get Justin Fields now or sit there and assume JJ McCarthy and Pennax will be there at the eighth overall pick? And that's the way they fill their quarterback spot. And you're rolling with the rookie. Then you roll with a rookie. Which if I'm Raheem Morris, I do.

Unless, what? Is that the landing spot for Cousins? Like, what would you rather do? Start the clock from the very beginning with a 21-year-old quarterback or a 24-year-old quarterback, McCarthy or Pennax, or a guy who's in his 30s coming off of an Achilles injury.

Give 40 million to a 35-year-old. Right. Or you start the clock again.

I would start the clock. And you're a new head coach, that means you get some time. Although, the previous guy got a couple years. Whose downfall was he picking the wrong quarterback? And then there's the Steelers. I don't think they're in the quarterback market at all. Do you see them trading draft capital for Justin Fields and then having to pick up a fifth-year option on him when you've got Kenny Pickett? Yeah. You know, like you've got Kenny Pickett in the middle of his rookie contract to see if the kid from Pitt has what he's showed you he had, which is kind of like the Kenny Pickett time sort of fourth quarter magic is what he had at the end of his rookie season and didn't show it in year two. I don't think so.

That doesn't strike me as that. I think they re-sign Mason Rudolph and go to work. And let Arthur Smith be the difference maker. Really similar to what New England just went through with Mac Jones, what Pittsburgh's doing with Kenny Pickett.

Except... In his rookie season, terrible second year. Right. And then we saw what it got in New England this year. Well, I mean, give him a real coordinator in Bill O'Brien. They're giving Pickett, you know, Arthur Smith.

Yeah. I don't think anybody thinks that Arthur Smith is a downgrade. No, but it didn't go well for what the Pats did. That's where you got to wonder, where does Justin Fields land?

And I don't know. I just saw these teams had all of these kids in their meeting room and saw them spin it, sitting there at 11, 12, and 13. Interesting times for the Chicago Bears. That's your quarterback market as things stand coming out of the combine.

844, 204-rich, number to dial. Ian Rappaport will give us his two cents on everything, including the rumor I heard at the combine and said in hour number one that Jerry's concept of going all in is letting Dak play for his next contract. That's crazy.

Isn't it? Certainly when letting him do that is a $60 million price tag to let him play just this year alone. And I imagine that would be the floor for a new contract next year. Jeez.

844, 204-rich, number to dial right here on the program. Don't go anywhere. We'll talk about milestones in basketball when we come back. Welcome to Talkville, the Ultimate Smallville Rewatch Podcast. Title Transference aired October 27, 2004.

Director James Marshall, writers Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer. I really liked this episode, and I'm surprised that you don't like it as much as you thought you did. I actually respect your opinion more than I respect my own in general. When you say things are good and I check them out, they are. Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of Talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen. Seeing some of these sound bites from the Kelsey press conference that's still going on.

45 minutes and counting. He thanked his band teacher at one point. I love this guy, man. Jason Kelsey on Nick Foles. He won't forget, quote, the biggest D on the team going up to Doug Peterson and asking for the Philly special and Doug having the biggest balls and quote. God, I love this guy.

Kevin Clark got through this out there. Do you think he's the most beloved Philly athlete ever? No. By the fans. I mean, he's in the conversation, right?

Don't you think it feels like it? Definitely the combo. Well, who else from the Eagles would be of all time? Yeah.

I mean, I'm not from the city, so it'd be very difficult. Brian Dawkins. Brian Dawkins. But he didn't win a championship there, right?

But they do. They do love Brian Dawkins. Westbrook, too, right? Brian Westbrook.

Yeah. Brooke. Who else? Who else but from old school like Jaws, Philly Jaws. I'm talking like Mike Schmidt. Harold Carmichael. No, no. You have to include that. Yeah. Schmidt.

Dr. J. Hello. Yeah, but he didn't play his whole career there. Neither did Allen. He played the majority of his. He also played for New Jersey, so he probably stayed in the same house. Neither did Barkley, right?

You just keep throwing out there. Barkley didn't play for Philly very long. How about Philly Flyers? Bobby Clark. Yeah. But Kelsey's in the conversation. Oh, yeah. There's no question. His career, when the press conference is over, we'll play Sam Biden. We'll give him his flowers and do what he deserves.

But that's maybe an hour three. Still going. I know.

I love him. Back on The Rich Eyes and show game time tickets. Get the app. Put it on your phone and start buying tickets. Susie's taking a coop to a hoops game tonight using the promo code.

Buying the tickets on game time because we're a game time family and it is so great. Like, she was actually texting me during the combine views from the sea. What do you think of this?

What do you think of that? Right. And then I would hit it and I'd see the all in prices. I'd be like, yeah, not that. Maybe this one. Why don't you go a few rows up? But honestly, she's able to like, this is where, you know, how does this look compared to that look?

It's, it's, it's awesome. It takes the guesswork right out of buying tickets with game time. And, and, and she was even considering, you know, like, let's wait to the last minute to flash deals. Last minute deals.

You could even, well, this one wasn't an option. An hour after the event starts, that's game time even has that for you. If you want to show up late, take the guesswork straight out of buying tickets with game time. Download the game time app, create an account and use code rich and you get $20 off your first purchase.

Terms apply. Again, create an account, redeem the code. D H $20 off. Download game time today.

Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. One of the things Susie was making sure before getting the tickets to take coop tonight is to make sure LeBron's plan cause we thought, okay, he got his 40,000 point. Now maybe we manage it a little bit, but they need to win basketball games, man to win games. You know?

Yes. I would also like LeBron to play tonight. I know that cause he's selfishly, cause he's in your fantasy league, right?

He's on your fantasy team. And um, so LeBron with 40,000 points, he just keeps on raising the bar, man, seems like a lot of points, raising the bar and raising the bar and raising the bar. And we're just assuming he's, he's going to play. I mean, how much longer is he gonna play two, three, four. Like if I told you, you could play the least 45, wouldn't you believe it right now? Wouldn't you believe it right now? The way he's playing. Cause he's just being dominant. I know last week while I'm at the combine, didn't he outscore his, uh, the, who did he play last week?

Right in the fourth quarter, 1916, right? I, listen, I know the old, the, the, the conversation is always him versus Jordan and whatever, but for my kids, you know, I I'll show them videos of Jordan. They'll see dad and like Mike, you know, I might, you know, might buy him a, an ice cream based on my residuals from that film. But this is the guy, I mean, for generations to come, greatest ever, 40,000 points. What's he going to get 42, 43 by the time it's all over.

What do you think? 42. If he goes to 44, 45 more years, that's, you know, that's 1200 points a year. Probably he might get 45,000, you know, 45, 46, maybe, yeah, just unbelievable. And I love the fact that the two names right now in basketball, two biggest names, this guy on the screen and Kaitlin Clark in Iowa. Could you imagine if I had told you, but I told you that pistol Pete Marovitch is division one points record for a career would get broken. You'd say it wouldn't happen because in this day and age, you know what guys who can do it, don't tap out right there in the NBA, they go to the G league there, whatever they're there for a good time, not a long time. And what if I told you it would be an Iowa Hawkeye? You'd be like, really?

Okay. And he's the, what a fifth year player? No, no, it's Kaitlin Clark. It's a dominant female basketball player. And did you guys read the letter her dad wrote her and got published?

I'm telling you as a girl, dad, I had to stop reading it midway through. It is just awesome watching what she is doing and what she represents. My daughter cannot get enough. And Susie and I can't get enough of showing her Kaitlin Clark, especially since I don't think that who shoots like her. Who shoots like her? Basketball, right?

Steph, right? Yeah, for sure. Well, I'm just talking, I'm just that's what we're talking about, Dame. That's what we're talking about.

And you know, it was really fired up. This was a conversation I heard at the combine people in Indiana. She's going number one, Indiana fever had the first overall pick in the WNBA draft. She's coming there. So when she announced last week, I'm leaving to go to the WNBA, folks in Indianapolis were fired up, like move over Tyrese.

I'm serious. That was a conversation in Indianapolis. We know they like to wear jerseys in Indianapolis. She is going to dominate that city, dominate. I imagine if I'm not mistaken, the big 10 tournaments come in there shortly.

So they'll get a nice another look, see at her. And she'll last longer than my Michigan Wolverines will when they show up. I don't know what the hell is happening with my men's basketball program.

But anyway, Kaitlin Clark, congratulations to her and what she's doing is thoroughly dominant and awesome to see. Let's go to Rich in Pensacola, Florida. You're here on the Rich Eisen show. What's up, Rich? Hey, I'd like to ask a question about Dak Prescott.

Sure. I'd like to know why everybody thinks he's such a great quarterback when he was only mediocre in college and he's only mediocre in the pros. Well, I mean, he almost was the MVP that he had. Rich, he was almost, Rich, he was almost MVP this year. And who thinks he's such a great quarterback? All I hear is Dak Slender week after week, day after day. What don't you like about him, Rich? No one's putting him up on a plateau like that.

What do you think? I don't think he would be. He would even be in an MVP category if he didn't have the receivers that he has. Well, you could say that. Great.

But he's mediocre. Could you imagine him with with a good quarterback? What the Cowboys would be like?

Man, I got to I got to I got to. So what which is your team, Rich? Just so I know. I'm a Steelers fan.

Yeah, I could hear it in your voice, actually. You wouldn't take hold on a second, Rich. Hold on a second. Hold on a second. You wouldn't take Dak. You wouldn't be the answer there either. You wouldn't take Dak right now on the Pittsburgh Steelers? No. Oh, boy.

I don't think he would do any better than than tickets going right now. And I'm not a ticket fan. Rich, I don't know where you're driving right now, but I'd pull you over and make you breathe into it, too. I'm not going to lie to you. Well, that's the way I feel. I'm sorry. I've been drinking. Okay. Thank goodness.

How are you? That Dak Prescott's as good as everybody thinks he is. Thanks for the call, Rich.

Appreciate you calling in. Keep listening to us. I obviously disagree. I know you disagree, too. I know you disagree, too. I think the Steelers would take Dak Prescott in a heartbeat.

And I stand by what I said. Most people don't view Dak as an elite quarterback for whatever reason. This is part and parcel of not winning enough playoff games. End of story.

That's it. Getting blown out in San Francisco in the playoffs last year and regular season this year and getting just absolutely blown out against the Green Bay Packers. And again, the Dallas defense did no favors. This isn't a team game.

It's 27 dot at one point. You know what I mean? He's not trying to arm tackle Aaron Jones. He's not giving Jordan love all day to throw the rich. The receivers were wide open. Guys we've never heard of. Wide open.

This is not... I'm with you. I'm with you, which is why I would absolutely extend him and make sure that not only are you not completely cap hamstrung in the future, but you're not this year.

And you go get more weapons for this guy and go... That's the way you go all in with him. Not by just saying, play out your contract because you didn't perform well enough again this year to our liking. And I don't think you're going to... You don't deserve to be around here if in a walk year I don't pay you, I put that pressure on you on the griddle and I'm going to just sit up there in the owner's suite and watch this whole thing play out where the coach is on the griddle and the quarterback's on the griddle and everybody needs to prove it in order to stick around here? That seems a little weird.

It sounds really weird. But like I said, this is the thought process that's pervasive right now in Dallas according to a lot of people I spoke to in Indianapolis. That can change over the next eight, nine days before the new league year hits and they've got to figure this thing out in terms of who you pay and how and the free agents are hitting how much you have to go get for free agents. But I'd sign him and extend him and get some cap relief for this year and use it on stars to win with him right now. That's the all in I would do if I were Dallas.

And Ian Rappaport's about to talk about it. Because to me, that's the way to do it. And I understand there just needs to be that next step up from Dak. Like I understand why Jerry's just like, where is that moment where the defense isn't doing all that well and the run game's not all performing, but let's get the cape on. Let's run around for nine seconds and flip it out to my tight end and quiet the crowd and have another 15 play drive to go up by two scores in someone else's building.

Where the hell is that? Like we saw it in Mahomes. You could say, well, there's only one Mahomes. But where's the Josh Allen type performances even in a loss?

And you sit there and go, am I going to really pay this guy another 40, 50 million bucks? And the answer is, well, who else is there? And this year, if you liked the roster last year and you're wondering what the hell happened, then tinker with it a little bit with Derek friggin' Henry, man. Go get him. I know it sounds like fantasy football, but to me, how is he not the answer? Get him, get people excited, sell his jersey, print playoff tickets, plural. I imagine. Draft wisely, Ian Rappaport coming up next. And we'll see you next time.
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