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Jimmy Garoppolo Can Still Be A Starting QB

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 19, 2024 3:44 pm

Jimmy Garoppolo Can Still Be A Starting QB

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 19, 2024 3:44 pm

2/19/24 - Hour 3

In ‘Overreaction Monday’ Rich weighs in on Jimmy Garoppolo’s 2-game PED suspension, Baker Mayfield’s impending free agency, the top quarterbacks in this year’s NFL Draft, Justin Jefferson’s looming payday, Russell Wilson’s future with the Denver Broncos, the highly noncompetitive NBA All-Star Game, LeBron James’ Lakers future, and the Dodgers win total projections after adding Shohei Ohtani and Japanese ace Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

Joe Manganiello joins Rich in-studio where he promotes NBC’s ‘Deal or No Deal Island,’ refutes Sebastian Maniscalco’s ‘how old is too old to wear Air Jordans’ hot take, discusses the state of this beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, and more. 

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See terms at slash credit card. Senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Chris Mannix. Steelers Radio Network host, Jerry Dulak. Coming up, host of NBC's Dealer No Deal Island, Joe Manganiello. And now, it's Rich Eisen. All right, hour number three of the Rich Eisen show is on the air. Last two hours have been great. Not just because it's been great content, but I didn't get sick during it.

So this show, I've lasted longer than my last one. Das boot. Or previous. Shouldn't say, das boot. I did say on that Tuesday show when I got sick during it, I used the phrase to boot. Then I looked right at TJ and I said, I guess I shouldn't use that phrase. Nobody at home probably knew what I was talking about.

But you did, which is all that matters to me. And I cracked up. I had to turn my mic off. And then the next day with Susie, we just told everybody what was happening. I saw that.

I was sitting at home watching. She started it, and then I was just like, okay. He vomited during the conversation with Orlovsky. And by the way, Bruce had a great line saying, I guess Dan didn't know that he makes people sick when you interview him. Look, Rich, I was willing to keep our secret a secret.

I know, and then he gives it up. You did, Susie first. Your wife started it. Did she really? Yes. Thank you, Jay.

Did she really? And I was like, well, then we're just cats out of the bag. Let's just talk about what happened. Look, I was going to hold you down, Rich.

I was going to be like, you know, the mic went out or something. But it bonds people together. Sure. Is what I'm saying. Yeah, me seeing what I saw is going to bond you and I together first.

Yeah, you have a perfect shot at it. You have a direct line. The fact that I didn't start recording, normally that's what I do. That's what he does.

What? Just to have it. Just to have it. I don't know why you would need some video of Rich vomiting into a bucket behind my desk.

I record everything for posterity. Do you think people are now going to go back on our YouTube page or on our Rich Eisen collection page on Roku, just trying to where's the exact moment? You'll be able to tell.

You can't hear it. It was when Dan came on and then it was in the middle of overreaction Tuesday. I know that happened. If you watch overreaction Tuesday and you hear me going, I'm going to step in here for Rich real quick. No, but you thought, you kept trying to keep it going until I pulled myself back together again. But I kept pointing at TJ saying, you take it.

So I'm looking at you and Rich is like. So he doesn't have to keep tapping. Tap, tap.

Is he going to get back okay? Hold on a second. I want it known. Okay, because this stuff doesn't get recognized. And then you went again and I was like, okay, let me look this way. I thought we did a great job.

This stuff doesn't get recognized by any, you know, awful announcements or Emmy panels. But in the midst of me getting sick, I think in the midst of doing all that, I was trying to get you to start talking like I was trying to produce. I was producing mid-yack.

I'm struggling physically. And you were, you know, trying to tap in. And I was like, you don't have to, the two of you talk.

I was just making sure. It's not like you were alone. It was just not just the two of us sitting here.

I know, I know. But I was wondering if it was just going to be a one up Chuck or it was two. It was multiple. It was a bad day. It was sort of being multiple. So I was like, okay. I was just trying to get you time to recover.

It turned out, apparently, there was some influenza going around. That's right. That's right. Did you give it to Tiger? I don't think so.

I have not been around Tiger. Okay. All right. Just checking.

I have no idea. Tiger Woods came down with yellow fever today. It's interesting. It's interesting. His press release announcing that he was withdrawing due to influenza was written by somebody named Theodore Roosevelt. It's pretty strange. Lewis and Clark.

Lewis and Clark PR. Honestly, was there nobody in his group that said they haven't called this influenza since the League of Nations was formed? I have diphtheria. Nobody pushed back saying, just call it the flu. He has influenza.

And as a matter of fact, you should send that by telegraph. Typhoid. Morse code. Mountain fever. Morse code being sent from the Pacific Palisades. I'm looking up all the diseases. Take line Riviera. An Oregon Trail.

Tiger Woods has withdrawn because he has influenza cholera. As Archduke Ferdinand marches. Archduke. You're gonna kill TJ over there. Is it too soon? Maybe.

What is happening here? Boom! Thank you. Boom. Actually, you've got our new drop. You've got our new drop that's perfect here for us. Congratulations. There you go.

See you later. Tiger Woods came down with Blackwater Fever today. Are you now googling old, old timey illnesses?

Old illnesses. Are you now googling that? Be honest.

Yes, of course I am. Last time he did it, he was dropping Taylor Swift songs. Yeah, you didn't think I knew all of those Taylor Swift songs off the dome. I don't know about you, man.

You know a lot of people. Scarlet Fever. Frank in Portland, Oregon. Let's take your call. Frank. What's up, Frank? Frank the Tank.

Hey, guys. How are you all doing? What up, Frank?

I'm better, Frank. Thanks for asking. Excellent. I'm super. I'm actually at home the week I had surgery on my hand, so we had to watch on Roku instead of working this week, which was nice. Okay. So you've gone to the off-hand for your remote? I'm sorry? You went to your off-hand to use the remote control?

Oh, it's my off-hand for the surgery, so I'm thankful for that. Oh, okay. All right, Frank. That's good? I got a couple of fixes for the NBA. Yeah. The in-season tournament was a wild success, but besides the money, I think the winner should get a playoff buy. Oh, no.

This is the same, Frank. This didn't work for the Major League Baseball All-Star game, where they said, we're going to make this competitive, so you get home field advantage. Can you believe they did that, by the way? I saw that as a suggestion for the NBA. Home field advantage for the World Series was given out for the winner of this game in the middle of July.

Come on. That was nuts. I think they do that with the finals, though. The winner of the All-Star game got home court.

I don't know about... I mean... Back in the 90s. Well, hey, listen, at least you beat Damian Lillard when he came through, right? Which might offset watching him win the MVP for the Eastern Conference All-Stars. I'll tell you what about Orlin and Dame.

He could be the governor of Oregon whenever he wants. That's how much we love him. Thanks for the call, Frank. Appreciate it. Did you see the video of him with the MVP, the Kobe Trophy, and his daughter using one of those disposable cameras to take pictures of him? Oh, really? That's adorable. It's as adorable as adorable gets. His little daughter, she looks like four or five. And she had to click in the... Yeah, she had to... And you could hear... Yeah, you could... It was wild hearing clicks and then turning the wheel to advance the film.

That's awesome. Man, kids today don't know about disposable, right? The Lillard family is raising them right. Isn't that what Wenby had at his draft day? Didn't he have a click?

Not a point. And by the way, how about Wenby doing the skills challenge? I love that. I gotta say, Wenby should have been in the game. I'm with you.

He's gonna win Defensive Player of the Year as a rookie. Come on. I'm with you.

Expand the rosters. I mean, screw it. Yeah.

All right. Let's get to overreaction Monday. Here we go. Here we go.

We're still doing it, people. Hit it. Hit it. That was terrible. That was crap.

That was garbage. This place sucks. Overreaction... Mondays. ...Monday. All right.

Before Joe Manganiello comes out of our green room, hit it, Chris. What do you have? All right, guys. Hey, guys. What's up? Thanks for asking. Ray, what'd you eat while you were...

I'm super. Thanks for asking. Soup? Lot of soup.

Lot of soup. Good. Yep.

That's how you overcome influenza. Well done. All right. So we got a few NFL and then a couple of kind of randoms. Jimmy G, we talked about him on Friday, Rich. I know.

You can see that. It got popped for... And he's... ...PEDs.'s a gift the Raiders now can cash in and not pay him 11 million bucks and just caught him.

That's a write-off. Jimmy G's days as a starting quarterback are over. Oh, I'll call this an overreaction. Let me ask you this question. No.

Chris. No. No, no, no. I'm not talking about you. Oh, okay.

I'm not talking about you. Those days are over. Belichick's gone. Do you remember a quarterback named Brian Hoyer?

I do. How many times do we say his starting days are over? Chris, wait a minute. Hold on. I'm not done.

Okay. You remember a quarterback named Ryan Fitzpatrick? You'll see him on Thursday nights. He's very good. Yeah.

Great beard. He was at our party. How many times... He did see Fitzpatrick.

How many times were we told his quarterback starting days are over? Hold on a second. Okay. Uh-huh. Remember a quarterback named Zach Wilson? Oh. Dude, he's like The Undertaker.

Just keeps popping up from the canvas. Remember... This sounds like Chris Farley's show. You remember when Jimmy Garoppolo, the quarterback in question, was told, you're so far gone, we're not even giving you a playbook at the start of training camp. And by the end of training camp, he was signed and then wound up being the starter. Yeah.

Okay. Get out of here with saying his days are over being a starter in this league. Let me tell you about Mason Peterman. Where's the spot for him? Oh, you mean for this year? Yeah. I don't know.

I don't know. Maybe he's a guy that winds up in Pittsburgh backing up Kenny Pickett. Yeah. Honestly. Or backs up Mason Rudolph because Pickett's gone, which ain't happening.

I'm just pointing out. Come on. I know the fine ladies in the Pittsburgh area would love to have Jimmy G. Hell. This guy. Come over for some pierogies. Hell. All right.

He's got a Pittsburgh version of Suits for Jerry Dulac to binge. He could be. By the way, those who might be watching this segment back on YouTube, just thinking, what's the context of that? Trust me. What else, Chris? Okay.

I was doing my best to tamper with this guy when we were in Vegas. So when he came on the set, a team, not the Bucks, are going to overpay for Baker Mayfield. Which team would that be?

I don't know. A team. A team. A team.

A team. Not the Bucks. I think he's not going anywhere. I think that this is, I don't, I'm not saying he's not worth going and getting, but honestly, I don't know who the teams, but this quarterback market, free agent market is going to be fascinating to me.

Fascinating. Because the question is, is Kirk Cousins going to be healthy enough? You'll assume he is.

Who's going to go get him? Could it be Denver? Then they've got to make moves. There's a lot of places where moves need to be made for the quarterback opening to be had. And the moves that are made might be for a rookie. And he's not going to go to a spot where suddenly he's signed and then all of a sudden he's got a shelf life. This is his team now. And I think he's staying put. And I think the Bucks would be wise to just make sure that this is a total overreaction, as I believe it is.

What else you got, Chris? Rich, CJ Stroud has set the bar very high for rookie quarterbacks. I'm going to say one of the top three drafted quarterbacks this year will make the playoffs in twenty twenty four. OK, so Caleb will take the Bears to the playoffs or whoever goes to one. Drake May or Jayden Daniels will take the commanders to the playoffs and whoever doesn't take the commanders to the playoffs will take the Patriots to the playoffs.

I'll call that an overreaction. We don't know who's trading up. What if the Giants trade up? What if Denver gets in the top three? OK. What if Atlanta goes into the top three? What if nobody moves out of the top three because they're so enamored with these quarterbacks?

So there's that. And even if even if so, here's the one way that you might be correct, is that one of these top three quarterbacks falls to like five, six or seven and winds up with one of these teams because the Bears trade down one spot. Keep Justin Fields and take Marvin Harrison for him.

And the commanders move up one spot. I'll call this an overreaction at the moment. I think C.J. Stroud's a unicorn pal, and I think we're learning that right now. Do you see him go with Fred Taylor and the pivot? Yeah, that's a little I mean, you see him basically say, where'd you go, Florida? Oh, why do we even have a conversation about national championships? I think C.J. understood that when Fred was at Florida, he won.

It was. No, I know that was Bama. But he's just talking about recency in the same way that, you know, a bunch of quarterbacks and the young quarterbacks didn't. Charlotte Murray think the Cowboys are trash because they haven't won a thing since he's been alive.

I mean, well, I mean, look, it's the way it goes. I'll tell you what, I like C.J. Stroud and Micah Parsons going head to head in the celeb game. That was fun.

That was fun. But nobody dunks like Puka, right? Yep. I'm surprised teams even let those guys play. I love it. What else?

Justin Jefferson. We'll be talking about him coming on a cousin. He should go full Kirk Cousins and demand a fully guaranteed contract. OK. Yeah. Yeah. That's not an overreaction. He should demand it.

And then exit out if he doesn't get all all well. Now that's a different story. Now that's a different story. You didn't add that to your your well, I wrote that in the car this morning.

I'm workshopping. So now you're adding you're adding if he doesn't get a fully guaranteed contract, he should sit. That's crazy. Now, that's crazy.

That's an overreaction. Not far be it for me to tell that. Sweet young man, our new BFF, what did you like? He was great.

Having him on our set. His cousin. Yeah. Is that what you said to him? Well, we figured it out. OK.

He said you're my people. So we're going to hook up at the family. Did you swab? I didn't see any swabs there. I mean, now we did.

It's 23 and me. That's right. Well, it's what you're saying. You should get twenty three million guaranteed or nothing. One hundred and twenty three million guaranteed per year.

We had the barrier just wasn't that big, by the way. I think that's what he's going to get. Hold out. Come on. Get out of here with that.

All right. What else? Russell Wilson. Did you see his house is up for sale? I did see that.

Hey, that trade Denver made and the extension worst move in NFL history. That was stupid. All right. OK. Well, it kind of looks at right now. It kind of looks at right now. Let's see.

Let's see what happens. How about Sean Payton? Yeah. More bathrooms in his house than wins with the Broncos. Look at you, Sean Payton, saying that they have a good relationship and he might still be there. All right. That's what he told us at the Super Bowl.

To quote the great urban Magic Johnson, the quote, Chris Mannix, I got a bridge in Brooklyn. I can. OK, very good. Uh, you know, I.

The story is yet to be written. All right. What else? There shouldn't be any All-Star games anymore and any. That's correct. Let's get rid of all of them, all pointless. This generation of kids don't care. They make too much money and they care about too many other things than to play in some dumb exhibition. That doesn't matter.

Correct. They should be honored as such, but not honor the game by playing it as if it should be. And the fact that the fact that, you know, kids are sitting there and 13 year old kids in my household are saying it doesn't look like they're trying very hard. And the number of kids that watched the game played that way, it is not the way the league wants to have coaches say, you know, hey, play defense like this or shoot like that or it is beyond the last best foot forward the league could association could put out there with their best feet and arms and legs and hands and everything else. There should be no All-Star games anymore unless players actually are committed to being competitive in it.

And if that means jostling someone around, yeah, that's what I, I agree. Now baseball is not very competitive, not because they don't try. It's because everybody comes out of the bullpen and throws 110 miles an hour. So the games are one, two to one, three to two, whatever. So unless you put a speed limit on, on what you can throw, I don't know. So baseball is just a different conundrum.

It's not that they don't try. Yeah, it's still fun to watch baseball, but all the other sports are done. I'm with you.

I don't think that's an overreaction at all. Two more, two more. And then Joe Manganiello is coming out.

In no way does Lebron not want a farewell tour. What are we doing? And then he, then he comes out and says, he's 50 50. I've never been comfortable with praise. You call yourself the king and the goat.

What do you mean? So let me ask you this question, TJ, you can chime in if you wish, which by the way, I shouldn't have to say that you can always chime in as you know, but this is not placed in front of me for me to comment on whether this is an overreaction or not. This subject matter in no way does Lebron not want a farewell tour is for Chris to sound off on LeBron James.

Yes or no? Chris is what I just said an overreaction or not. Chris will sit here and tell you that, Oh, I have no problem with LeBron, but it does kind of seem that he does have a problem with LeBron. He just says the dumbest things all the time when he doesn't have to, well, he's maybe really torn on, on wanting the attention for a farewell tour and every city he goes to definitely wants a farewell tour.

Let's be honest. I think so. He wants like a four year farewell tour. Yeah.

He, I mean, and also does he deserve a farewell tour? Yes. Of course. But just don't come out and be like, Hey, I'm 50 50. And if I want that, what do you, what do you, who are you fooling?

Maybe he thought he was 50 50 if he wants one next year. I'm right. Correct.

I bet he's throwing this out there for him to sign off, not for, he doesn't care what I have to think. I, in this particular occasion, we agree. Proper reaction. All right. Last one. Yes.

Last one. And this is probably just so I can get a reverse jinx out there. The Dodgers are going to set the MLB wins record this year.

Oh, I don't think that's an overreaction. Training is starting. I'm watching clips of Otani. Do you know how many times, do you know how many times, they're going to win like 140 games. Do you know how many times over the weekend, Cooper says to me, dad, Otani had another bad at practice session.

They're amazing. And he's like, he took 20 swings. Guess how many home runs? Right?

Like 20. I can't stop watching him. And then he goes, he comes into the, he comes to the other day and he says, dad, I just saw a video of Yamamoto throwing a bullpen. And I'm like, really? And he goes, yeah, uh, Mookie Betts gave him a standing ovation and I'm like, player is switching positions.

That's a stack. This team is by the way, Otani's best trait won't even do it. He's not even doing it. He's just going to hit Richard Coop's allegiance is going to switch to the hell no, no, no, you are worried. No, I'm not rich. That's an overreaction.

Not at all. Rich Otani's within driving distance, one soda is on the other side of the country. My only concern, you can't control these kids now, my only concern is that my kids are going to want to constantly go to Dodger stadium and the Dodgers won't use a single dime of the money that I will be putting in and everybody else will be putting in for them to not pay Otani until 30 years from now, they won't put a single dime into making it easier to get in and out of there or safer for people to actually cross the way that you need to go through to park, to create the traffic jams because they're constantly walking past. Hey, Dodgers, how about a little walkway either underground or overground? Let's move it. Wait, well, Frank McCourt still owns the parking lot, right? Oh, is that what it is? I think so.

Oh, that'll never happen. Hey. All right. I'm done.

There we go. And here we thought, what are we going to talk about on Overreaction Monday when there's no actual games being played? Look at you, Chris.

Super Aizen, big Dodger fan. You know what we're going to talk about? Stuff that Chris wants to get off his chest. Let's take a break. Joe Manganiello's coming out here and yes, Bubbles is with him.

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See terms at slash credit card. Joe Manganiello here on the Rich Eisen Show. We're back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. We just saw a clip of Deal or No Deal Island which premieres next Monday at 9.30 p.m. Eastern on NBC. Howie Mandel's an executive producer. You are hosting. Sir, it's available the next day on Peacock which means it's available right here on the Roku portal. It is great to see you, man. Nice to be in the family. You know what?

It's in the Roku family. Yeah, I mean it's just wild to see. Are there skills challenges as well? So is it kind of like a mixture between Deal or No Deal and Survivor in a way here? What do we got?

Yeah, and yes. And our entire crew was up from Australia who was the crew for Survivor. And the show is run by a guy named Matt Kunitz who created Fear Factor.

So there's a Fear Factor element. Then of course you have the Deal or No Deal element because they go and compete for those cases so they're working cooperatively to bring back the highest value cases. Whatever they find then goes up on the board at the jungle temple that night in a game of Deal or No Deal.

So the clip showed a helicopter where the banker's assistant is dropping suitcases with amounts that are on the suitcase into the jungle. People then must now find these cases. Yeah, what you see right after that clip is I yell at them, go get those cases and they run and find out that there is a football field sized mud pit that they have to then dive into to get those cases. And then amongst the mud in that particular challenge, there are two unmarked red cases. One has the lowest value in the competition, which would put you up for elimination potentially, and one is a steal.

So you can steal the highest value from someone else, but you won't know until you open those red cases. Okay. Now I had flashbacks watching this video to my one failed opportunity of being a reality television show host.

I thought you were going to say a flashback to your bar mitzvah. No, definitely not. There was no jungle involved with that.

No mud pit. And unless the cases were filled with checks in multiples of Chai, $18 a piece, it's different. So I did a show called The Great Escape that required an open to the show that used a helicopter to come from very far away to shoot my delivery on camera. And if I blew it, the helicopter would have to turn around and the entire crew would have to reposition their cameras.

Once again, it was a reset that cost time and definitely money. Sounds like apocalypse now. Dude, I kid you not, in my career, I pride myself on not getting nervous, but I just, as that helicopter was coming, I knew I had to nail this thing.

Did you? I've seen you on stage. You played the narrator in major league.

I was truly one stage reading a major league. Still with Brian Wilson, the closer as wild thing. But there I am trying to look mysterious in the grid.

That's in Alcatraz right there. Okay. I love those moments shooting these, you know, where you got to be mysterious in front of these people and they're shooting, the helicopters are shooting you all over the place. But I mean, you know, I, I'm a theater actor, so I like the tight rope, no net. Come on, let's go.

You know, I, I like it when the adrenaline gets pumping and you know, but, but really and truly like, like, you know, you can't help but get into it because it is a competition series and you know, you ride these ups and downs with the contestants, you know, there are times when, you know, I guess most, you see a lot of hosts that are very stoic or very kind of neutral. I was given the latitude and the agency to kind of do what I wanted as a host. Okay.

I'm out there high fiving, fist pumping, you know, I mean, we're, and then I'm also having my heart broken at the disappointments that happened. So you know, I kind of have free reign to, to ride that the way that you would a color analyst, I guess. Okay. That's cool.

Deal or No Deal Island again premieres next Monday at 9 30 PM Eastern on NBC and available on Peacock the next day right here on Roku. And there's a shot of you in the, in the forest holding a suitcase. There's another one that I saw moments ago. Can you put up the one where he's looking all kick ass and cool sitting at the table if you don't mind doing?

Yes. Uh, couldn't help but notice that's a G shot. Those are some loafers. Those are not, um, any sort of dunks or any sort of, uh, Jordans.

We know I am over 40, so I'm not supposed to wear Air Jordan. That's what I was wondering if that's what it was. All right, let's jump into it. Cause I know you've been champing at the pit a little bit here for those who may not be understanding what Joe is referring to. This is a, from our Superbowl Friday in Las Vegas. I don't know, did you bring this up TJ or did he just bring it up? He brought it up because Sean Payton was wearing 11. Oh, okay. Yeah.

And Sean Payton was on just before Sebastian Maniscalco and Sean Payton's 60 years old. This is what he had to say. Hit it. What age is too old to be wearing Jordans? This is the reason I asked.

Sebastian Maniscalco is here everybody. No, I got it. Well, you have Jordans on? Do you have Jordans on? Do you do?

Does everybody have Jordans on? No. Okay. I'm hocus cause I'm old. I got hocus.

I'm old. Well, you got hocus. Yeah.

You got the, you got the, uh, senior citizen Jordans. Exactly. Exactly.

Hocus and ons. Yeah. Right.

Yeah. 65 and over. Just slip your feet into them. I'm not saying you're 65. I'm just saying maybe you're a little early on it, but I have a pair of Jordans and I don't know if I could pull them off just because of the age, you know, we saw it, put it, put it back on. So what are your, they look good. No, these aren't your, these are just normal sneakers. I'm just saying the Jordan shoe in general.

Yeah. I'm 50. What do you think is the cutoff?

What would you do? I would, I'm going to say after 40, that's it. I think we retired a Sean Payton is 60. He's 60. Yeah. I'm not saying he looked bad in them. Right. I'm not saying that.

I'm not saying age-appropriate. All right. The floor is yours, Joe. You texted me like right away as soon as you saw that, I'm assuming on Instagram because that thing, it went wildfire over the last five days. I know I was getting hit up because I actually just did a segment where I showed off my, my shoe closet and, and so people were actually hitting me up. Okay.

Kind of like for my rebuttal. And I figured, that's why I wrote to you, I was like, Hey man, I'm coming in on Monday. I'm bringing the heat. Let's go. Call your boy. Sebastian. So what are you, what are you rocking today?

Are you today? I, you know, I brought out the one of ones, okay. These are by, uh, anybody who watches the NFL, they know that they now get to, you know, have painted cleats, you know, hand painted cleats. A lot of those are done by, or the, the really popular ones are done by Mosh, M A C H E. He was a custom shoemaker and he made these for me in 14. These are the guns and roses, air Jordan one, use your illusions, which is, this is usual illusion one and use your illusion two to commemorate the double album that was released and on the same day in 1991. So these are also hand painted.

You can see that the, the album art is on there anyway. So I want to bring the fire today. And so what is your, what's the retort? I would have put Sebastian, you know what, actually, I mean, moving aside from George's, I was just looking at him and I was thinking those new fear of God, Adidas. I think, I think Sebastian would look good in a pair of those. Okay. Sebastian, if you're out there, I'll send you a pair, man. I think you, I think you'd look good in those.

I can find out what his shoe size is. Hold on a second. I mean, we should be, this is the time to FaceTime Sebastian. This is a good time. Also, I have a movie coming out this year with Vince Vaughn, Susan Sarandon, Lorraine Brocco, Talia Shire, Drea DeMatteo, Brenda Vaccaro, Linda Carline, a lot of people with vowels at the end of their names called Nonos, which is about being Italian.

So this could be the start of some beef. This is it, this is like Biggie and Tupac now, it's me and Sebastian. Talia Shire is a serious, Talia Shire, you should hear some of her stories, Lorraine Brocco's stories about Scorsese on the set of Goodfellas, Gandolfini on the set of Sopranos, Talia's stories about Rocky, about the Godfather. It was, it was incredible. It was such a great experience.

Brenda's, Brenda was telling us about, you know, being on the pole in Midnight Cowboy. Wow. All right. Unbelievable. Do tell. I mean, that's better for her to say, I guess, but yeah.

All right. So is she wearing Jordans? She would wear Jordan. I'm sure Lorraine would wear Jordan. Listen, I mean, that's the other thing too. I mean, in that movie, I'm, I'm wearing some Jordans, I got a tracksuit on, I'm talking with my hands, you know, I mean, there's kind of a bit of, I think being Italian that lends itself to Jordans and tracksuits. Look at, but I mean, but you also don't look old.

I don't look old. Oh, thanks, Rich. Come on. It's all the preservatives. Come on, dude, preservatives.

You don't. I mean, like, I think his point is, you know, but, but Bob Kraft always wears some rocking. Bob Kraft has custom Air Force 1s all the time, yeah. I think Uncle Jerry's got some Jordans. I mean, Sean Payton was 60 and he was rocking some gold 11s. They were sick.

I don't think it was bad at all. Sean Payton works in athletics, you know, I mean, there's another side of that too. If you're an athlete, you work in athletics. I mean. And then Kenny Chesney came out.

He was the next guest. Yeah. He had a pair of 4s on. There it is. I like 4s.

I love 4s. Did you, you know, obviously you got the breads over the weekend, Joe, I'm sure. I struck out. You probably got them sent to you. How many shoes do you own?

How many? Yeah. Well, see, here's the thing. I mean, you used to come over for Game of Thrones night, right? You met my friend Jay Gordon at Bodega and he's been here and he was kind enough to host me for once.

And hopefully, you know, again, future times. Sure. Jay would show up to a Game of Thrones party on Sunday with a gift for, he'd say, oh, hey, I had these laying around in 14 and they would be like the Travis Scott Cactus Jack ones. And I'm like, these are worth thousands of dollars.

Thank you. I just put them right over here. You know, I mean, there was a time when I went to go pick up my Offway Jordan 1 Chicagos and I couldn't get downtown for like a few months. By the time I went to pick them up, they were like five grand online and I'm paying retail. So that's the beauty of it.

The beauty of it is get a friend of yours who knows your shoe size, who will hide them from all the professional athletes so you can go and buy them at retail. Well, I've got a nephew that is very, very resourceful. So bottom line, though, is you didn't answer my question. How many? Yes. Oh, gosh. Give or take. And I rotate them and I give them away sometimes.

All right. Because I have my brother is my size. My trainer, Ron, he's my size. Why are you not answering the question? Sometimes I'll have him over. I'm thinking.

I'm doing the calculation in my head. So while you think I will give you a lot of credit, because a lot of people I do this to sometimes you buy them because they're exclusive. You happen to win a lottery or what have you. And you just sit on them. They're just sitting in your closet. You get these super exclusive, super amazing shoes and you wear them, wear them, give you a lot of credit for that. Yeah, no, I wear them, take them out of the package, wear them, enjoy them.

I wear them to the gym, but gold gym in Venice is like sneakerhead paradise. Like you have, it really, it's crazy. Some of the stuff that people are lifting in. Okay.

So I wouldn't lift in these. When you put all the numbers together. Yeah. How many shoes do you have? I mean, I don't know. I'd guess, I guess around, around a hundred, maybe, maybe there's a hundred there in there now. Maybe that's more, don't you think? There's gotta be more than a hundred. I don't know.

I don't want to say false. I mean, it's not like DJ Khaled or something like that. You know what I mean? How many, how many, I mean, if you PJ Tucker, if you put together, so five, five, 20 sided die worth. So we'll roll.

Yeah. We'd have to roll. You'd have to, I'd have to watch you roll these dice and then count the numbers, Rich. And then add your charisma bonus, which is, well, I mean, that's incalculable.

I'd put you on a plus five. There's no, okay. Which is a 20, which is a max without a magical item, translating for me. I really appreciate that.

We're speaking nerd here. Okay. And so, and you all set a problem with, with our supposition that you're not allowed to wear a Jersey if somebody younger than you. Well, I was going to wear my TJ watch Jersey today, but it's at the dry cleaners, but I was going to wear also also because he's younger than me, but also because I mean, why is he not defensive player of the year?

Why are we coming up with crazy stats to show? I mean, oh, I, I honestly think it was I don't know. I thought miles Garrett was terrific.

I thought max Cross was terrific. Yeah. I said that into this microphone and some got very, very upset with me for saying something like that. I don't know. I mean, but, but I do believe it's kind of fatigue where it's just like, okay, you want it. Let's give it to somebody who's never won it.

I believe that there is a faction like that, which is not fair. I'm not going to lie. No. I mean, I would give it to somebody who had a bunch of sacks in this last seven games of the season, you know, quantifiable numbers. I mean, look, I'm just a numbers guy. I'm just a scholar.

I'm coming at it from a scholar's angle. Who do you want being the quarterback of your team? Who do I want to, uh, boy, I mean, you know, I, I really like what Mason Rudolph did towards the end of the season.

He, he, he made it, he made it click. Um, so I'd like to see him back. Um, you know, I, I wonder if we aren't in one of those, one of those spots, kind of like we were in the late nineties where, um, you know, the guy that we're going to draft is going to be a high draft pick. Are you, are you calling, wait a minute, are you calling Kenny Pickett your Bobby Brister?

Is that what you're saying? I mean, I hope that it's Kenny and I hope that he can rebound this year. I hope that, uh, with a new offensive coordinator, things are going to click. I think that was the, that was the issue with bringing back the offensive coordinator last year is that we didn't get a really great look at Kenny with a, with a great OC.

I think Arthur Smith was a genius. I hope so. Yeah.

I don't think there's any hope. I think he's, he is exactly what the doctor ordered, which is somebody not from the organization, somebody who has done it before, someone who has a track record and somebody who has a track record of coordinating an offense that doesn't look in many ways, appreciably different from what the Titans did. And I understand people are like, that's not very dynamic, but when you got a bruising running back and a quarterback who can run it and throw it, you put somebody like, I don't, did, did the Arthur Smith, I guess AJ Brown would be, Pickens would be the, the AJ Brown of this offense. I mean, if you want to continue the analogy here, so, and AJ Brown was fantastic. And Jalen Warren is, he's a number one running back.

I was wondering where the hell the points are. It's not, cause it wasn't the talent that was put out on the field, but I think it was just a predictable offense. I think it was, it was, it was a predictable offense. We could all call it from the couch what was going to happen, you know, I mean, and we talked about it before it's, I think a lot of the issue with the team over the past decade or so is the, is the lack of head coaching candidates or potential head coaching candidates as coordinators, there's no coaching tree.

So, you know, I, I just think, take the burden off of you. You know, we did really well when we had Dick LeBeau, you know, you talk about Bruce Arians, Ken Wisenhunt, you know, you've got guys in there who are potential head coaching candidates somewhere else. Yeah. I think Roethlisberger was also the through line too, and that guy's the first ballot hall of famer. You know what I mean? So you had the quarterback, right.

You nailed it when you take the kid out of Miami of Ohio in 2004, you know, like that was it stuck the landing on that one, but even on defense as well, I mean, teams have won Super Bowls that didn't necessarily have a hall of fame quarterback on the strength of a, of a strong defense. And again, I just, I liked the higher or at the Smith. I like that. And I, you know, I, I, I think that's pointing up. Very good. Look, you want to finish the show here with us? You're good.

Yeah. Joe Manganiello is here, and Deal or No Deal Island is going to be on your Roku device starting next week, NBC. We'll have it first, obviously before Peacock.

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I've done half as many as you. It is more about strategy than it is about just finding whatever the new buzzword happens to be. Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast on YouTube or wherever you listen.

All right, two minutes until our radio audience returns and we'll just finish the show up. So what is that logo on your shirt? What is that?

Well, that's like a Japanese streetwear brand I really like called Mastermind. And you know, it's in Steeler colors. That's it.

Is that what it is? Because the TJ Watt was in the shop. So I had to wear something black and yellow.

Seriously. So the Steelers jerseys you have, you own, or who? What do you have?

Oh boy. I mean present, I've got TJ home block number away. I've got Najee. I've got who else do I have?

I've got, I've got Franco. I've got, I wear Troy a lot. Even though he's younger than me, I wear Troy jersey. And then I have like, I have like Antonio Brown bumblebee jerseys. Like I have AB's first Pro Bowl jersey that he signed for me.

Oh, is that right? Yeah, I have. And I have lots of signed jerseys by lots of the guys. The bumblebee jerseys. I was never into them. I love the bumblebees. I love them. I never was into that.

Do you like the bumblebees or no? I mean, they're kind of, they're striped. I know. Yeah, but you used to wear those at the Foot Locker. Yeah, but those were vertical stripes as opposed to horizontal.

There's difference, you know. Horizontal makes you look more jacked. Horizontal, not swimming. Not swimming. No, I'm chubby.

Horizontal makes me look chubbier. Do you ever buy shoes from this man? From him? Yeah.

No. I used to be in the Foot Locker downtown on Fifth Avenue. Downtown.

Fifth Avenue. I lived on the Mount, and I didn't have a car, so I didn't want to take a bus out to Ross Park. You didn't ever go up to Red Beards? Oh, Red Beards is where I made my decision to move out here. I was at Red Beards having quarter names on a Monday. You ever get down to Donzy's on Ladies Night? Come on down there for 25 minutes. Oh, man. I don't understand anything. CJ Barney's.

This is way worse. I don't know what accent. Back here at the Rich Guys and Show Radio. Zelda's quarter draft night. Two Pittsburgh guys.

I walked in there with three bucks and walked out toasty in quarters. Do you consider Pittsburgh an East Coast city? No.

Okay. And it's not Midwest either. It's definitely not Midwest.

It's it's own bubble. It just is. It's in between. It's not. People in Pittsburgh aren't, what's the word I'm looking for, edgy the way the Philadelphia people are.

Okay. Or New York people or Boston people. It's different.

That Eastern seaboard is different. Pittsburgh's, when you meet someone there, they genuinely want to be your friend. They're nice people, which I think is more. I'm from New York.

I wanted to be your friend when we first met. Come on now. Right. Well, you're, you're, you're, you're, they're outliers. It's more, it's more Midwest and it's in the people's attitude. Yes.

Um. Than it is East Coast. But it's not Midwest.

Like it's not, I didn't grow up listening to country. You know, it wasn't, it wasn't that kind, but if you go, I think a little further into Ohio, you get in a country territory. So your rust belt, that's what you're saying.

Is that what you call it? Former rust belt. Detroit is similar. Cleveland is similar. Um, but, uh, yeah, I think Pittsburgh also has like an artistic flair to it, which, which I think kind of lends itself nice universities, good museums, you know, lends itself to like what East Coast would be.

But you know, it's a good old fashioned Midwestern horse sense, you know, that's, that's the blue collar attitude. I would be remiss if I didn't bring up what the, your pens did for Yager over the weekend, but I think we got some, uh, photographs of that. There you go. That's pretty cool. Look at the Yager lids they wear.

The mullet wigs. I love it. Yeah. Yager. Uh, I mean that, that was when I was in high school was the, the Yager Lemieux days Yager was dating this girl in the next town over upper St. Clair. So I remember that. That was big news. It was big news.

Yeah. Yager, this guy comes to the town and I was dating this high school girl in the next school over. Yager up in his IROC, you remember when Yager used to do the weather on, I think on DVE, it was like yammer, Yager weather and you know, but that's kind of genius like it's raining and that would be weather report. I would never, I will never forget when I first started at ESPN in 1996 and a friend of mine, um, took me to a Hartford Whaler game. And I'll never forget just being stunned that the, the arena was in the mall. So you go in the mall and that was a nickname for it. The mall. Like you'd go in the mall and instead of walking through the doors and it would be a movie theater or some, you know, a sharper image or, you know, food court, chess king. Good one.

Yes. It would be, you'd walk through and there's the hockey arena and they took on the penguins that night. Yager and Lemieux, I think both hat-tricked, I think the final was like eight nothing crazy. They were, yeah. Unbelievable. They were amazing. Well, and anybody who ever had, you know, NHL video hockey knows that the 93 team was the best team out of all the teams and that was the one that didn't win the championship.

Mm. 91 92. Yeah. No, those, those were great. Those were great, great, great days. Yeah. Great days. Yeah.

Yeah. Yager was the bomb. I wish we had him back. I wish he'd come back. He can give you some shifts. Isn't he still, isn't he still playing somewhere on planet earth?

He's playing in like a Russian league or something. Is that what he's doing? Yeah. Yeah. He's still playing.

Okay. I would have loved to have seen him come back. Dealer No Deal Island premieres next Monday, 9 30 Eastern on NBC. You are the host, Joe Manganiello. Everybody should check it out.

If you don't see it on NBC, it's available the next thing on Peacock, which you can stream right here on our Roku portal. So you're never too old to wear Jordans or any kick ass shoes. Like the ones that you don't call them sneakers, right?

You don't do that. There's shoes. No. Yeah.

Okay. We used to call them tennis shoes when you were younger. I'm see that soda pop. That's a midwest thing. You say you're not midwest, but that's midwest. That's total midwest soda, pop, jimmies, tennis shoes, like, you know, I call it soda shoes. You just call it a rubber band or a gum band, a rubber band.

You call it a gum band. Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh also says when you, you go to the laundromat, you wash your clothes. I know that I'm where George Washington could not tell Joe that he cannot wear a jersey of somebody younger than him. Although I'll tell you, I would have guessed that you were younger than Troy Polamalu again. You think you don't age. No, you don't age. You're frozen in time.

So try to take care of myself. Is that a spell that you put on me? Is that what it is?

Is that one of those spells? Are you going to come to Gold's Gym with me? When?

Whenever. Okay, sure. It's like, it's on your way home.

Yeah, sure. No, actually it's not, but... Is it? He said that you're in the opposite direction of Gold's Gym. Not really on your way home.

No, God, no. Not really on your way home. No, but I'm going to go...

It's north. Sure. Why not? How long would I last working out with you? Five minutes?

Come on, come on over. No. Ten minutes? Okay. It's going to be great.

We'll do it. Yeah. I'm feeling good about myself these days. I do. I live with Mike.

I hang out with Mike, yeah. Oh my God. All right.

That'll wrap up this edition. Thanks for coming on, brother. Thanks for having me. I miss you, pal. That's Joe Manganiello right here on The Rich Eisen Show.

I also want to thank Jerry Dulak of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and Chris Mannix. If you missed any of it, we are about to re-air on the Roku channel, where we come back to a wrap up this Monday show in a sec. The Rolling Stone Music Now podcast gets inside the biggest stories with Rolling Stone senior writer Brian Hyatt. And here's Lil Yachty with Tierra Whack. I've never been to a fashion show.

I never did any Paris fashion week, New York fashion week, and I'll tell you why. Because I would always go to events and people would say to me, oh man, Yachty, man, I love your music, bro. And I should be like, what song? I didn't even, at the time, I didn't love my music. I always feel like I'm in a room with all these artists and they all respect each other and I feel like no one respects me. Rolling Stone Music Now, wherever you listen.
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