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Joe Montana: Brock Purdy Playing Good Football

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 8, 2024 3:43 pm

Joe Montana: Brock Purdy Playing Good Football

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 8, 2024 3:43 pm

2/8/24 - Hour 1

Rich previews Super Bowl LVIII and breaks down the top 5 on-the-field moves that got the Chiefs and 49ers to Super Sunday.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Joe Montana tells Rich what Super Bowl week is like for players in the game, what 49ers QB Brock Purdy and Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes have that other quarterbacks don’t, how he sees Super Bowl LVIII playing out, and what it was like playing for legendary coach Bill Walsh.

Raiders All-Pro DE Maxx Crosby and Rich discuss Antonio Pierce being named Las Vegas’ permanent head coach and who wins Super Bowl LVIII.

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Limitations apply. Get ready right now. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Live from Las Vegas, home of Super Bowl 58.

You know, the game manager stuff, it's that's crazy. Well, again, Rich, it's a compliment that people need to stop using it as a slur. The Rich Eisen Show covering the biggest game with the biggest guest, pro football Hall of Famer and four time Super Bowl champion Joe Montana, Raiders defensive end Max Crosby. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Ah, yes. Day number two of our residency here at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, Nevada. Welcome to the Rich Eisen Show. Live on the Roku channel from Las Vegas at the Turbo Tax Studio. We have got a great show in store for you over the next three hours from the Super Bowl experience. I'm your humble host. We are thrilled to be here now.

What, four days before toe meets ball between the Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. I'd like to say hello to my buddies that are here with me, Chris Brockman. Good to see you, brother.

T. J. Jefferson. Good to see you. What's up, Rich? What's up, guys?

Good to see you, Rich. DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts. Yeah.

Spinning wheels. Second resident. Second night of the residence. Very good. Good to see you guys here.

Our guest list. We're so fired up today. First up is Joe Montana. It's the San Francisco 49ers back in the Super Bowl.

Of course, we got to speak to Joe. And then he gets up. Max Crosby of the Las Vegas Raiders sit down.

Then it's our number two. Deion Sanders kicks off the second hour. He gets up and two of his former Cowboy teammates sit in there. You ready for this one? T. J. Jefferson, Emmett and Irv together. Two thirds of the triplets together. And then Charles Woodson shows up in our number three.

Kurt Warner in our number three as well. And then throughout the entire show, I'd like you to meet a friend of mine. Oh, I met this friend 20 years ago because it's my 21st Super Bowl here with the NFL Network. Our 10th with the Rich Eisen show.

Yeah, man. And he frequently hangs with us during our Super Bowl shows whenever we get a chance to say hello. Say hello to my friend Vince, who's right here on our program on our set. There he is right there. Can we get a nice tight shot of Vince? Because this is the real thing.

That's the real thing. Will Chief's hands touch that or Niner's hands touch that on Sunday? That is the Vince Lombardi trophy. This is why we lift all them scripts and the television and sports TV business right here.

The best, if you will, set dressing in all of sports television. It's something I don't take for granted, my relationship with the NFL, which I've loved since 2003. And now here we are. It's going to be so great to just say to Joe Montana, you know, instead of what's it feel like to win the Super Bowl? I feel like to touch that trophy four times. Let me tell you a real quick story, because the NFL Network, when we did total access at the Super Bowl year after year after year, when we launched NFL Network, it was Super Bowl, our second Super Bowl. And I bring this up not only because it involves a Vince Lombardi trophy, but it was the Super Bowl in Jacksonville between New England and the Eagles. And it was Andy Reid's first Super Bowl. And it was also the last time we saw a repeat champion crowned.

That was the last time and we could see that. And Andy Reid could be that guy on Sunday to be the head coach of a repeat champion Kansas City Chiefs team. And we had that Vince Lombardi trophy on our set live. Howie Long showed up with Terry Bradshaw because Fox was broadcast in Super Bowl. As a matter of fact, it was Joe Buck's first ever Super Bowl that he called. And he was in the booth with Troy Aikman and Chris Collinsworth, a three-man booth for that Super Bowl.

That's how long ago all this stuff was. And we had the trophy on our set. And I asked Terry Bradshaw the question that I am planning on asking Joe Montana, what's it like to touch that trophy? And four times.

How many other guys can you ask that to, right? At the time, there's only two, Montana and Bradshaw. I had no idea that Brady was about to win his third, second in a row on the way to getting seven. So I asked that of Bradshaw.

He says, well, you know, it was great. And he got up and he went to grab it. Now you're only allowed to touch the trophy if you've won it on the day you've won it, or if you're the commissioner of the NFL handing it off. The only way you're allowed to touch the trophy otherwise, if you put on these white gloves that comes with the trophy.

And Bradshaw, it doesn't matter that he's won it four times before. He didn't have gloves on. And he went to touch it. And somebody who guards the trophy in a yellow slicker jacket jumped on the set like she was a member of the secret service, intercepting a bullet. And this is the president of the United States. Stopped him on the air and told him to put it down. So whenever you might like look at me, TJ, like you're looking at me right now and say, sometimes you're wondering how I'm not phased sometimes by what happens on live TV, like say, Keegan-Michael Key wanting to play cornhole at the drop of a hat to start our show yesterday. It's because I've lived through moments like that.

You're like, do you know who he is? We told her. It's like, it's okay.

It's all right. Like honestly, everyone had to go back to their corners and back down. I'll never forget that moment.

Now he was just like shaking his head like that's what Terry's, you know, that's what Terry's like. So at any rate, we've got the Vince Lombardi trophy here and it's so sweet. I could see myself, my reflection in it right now. I could see you guys all the way over there from the football. So we've got the Vince Lombardi trophy here, as I mentioned, for all three hours. If you're listening, we'll put all of this stuff on our YouTube feed, slash richison show. Same thing to those who are listening to this show on our podcast. Every single day, all three hours are available through the Cumulus podcast network. Cumulus is also our radio partner. So we say hello to our terrestrial radio listeners. We say hello to Sirius XM Odyssey and of course to our Roku channel streaming live audience as well as those who watch us back every single day when we're done on channel 210 on the Roku channel and stay tuned all weekend long. We've got a Rich Eisen show, big game, big bonus special. Brent Musburger is going to be on that.

Sam Hartman of Notre Dame football. Tough two-shot Rich. Just trying to get you, it's going to be tough. Tough two-shot. I know, it is. But again, I'm not fazed by it because I've had two shots with Tom Brady. Of course.

When I showed up in my finest Xenia threads for that one and it looked like I was wearing a burlap sack. And then Puka Nakua is going to stop that. That's my guy. The only one missing is like Troy Polamalu for the all-hair special. Oh yeah, good one.

So we're going to balance out Puka and Sam Hartman on that one. The best we can. All right, so before Joe Montana arrives, I want to get to how both of these teams got here based on what happened on the field during the playoffs.

Yes, but on the way to making themselves either the one seed in San Francisco or a team that could beat the top seeds in the playoffs, even though Kansas City used to being a one seed was not this year. And that's how I'm going to get to my top five impactful on the field moves presented by TurboTax here on the Rich Isaac Show. So I've got a top five hit it. All right, Mike, give me my music, which is even better now that I've got the Vince Lombardi trophy on my left. No, no, give me the real deal, Mike. The real deal.

What's going on here? We didn't have this conversation pre-show. And plus you didn't say, give me my theme music. Give me my theme music.

All right. Top five impactful on the field moves. I'm going to start number five is the 49ers vengeful return to Philadelphia in week 13. Let's not forget the NFC championship game in which Brock Purdy blew out his arm. And then there was a lot of lip flap and there was a lot of, a lot of talking from the, from the San Francisco locker room, certainly indeed from Deebo Samuel's point of view. Remember we said Hassan Redick of the Eagles on during the, during the training camp season. Well, bottom line is Hassan Redick had this game circled because the Niners had this game circled and the Eagles had this game circled and the 49ers went into this game and just absolutely blew the doors off of Philadelphia in the rematch and Philadelphia was, was coming into this game on a five game win streak that actually happened. The Eagles were 10 and one in this game and the Niners came in and Brock Purdy had a heck of a day, 314 yards passing four touchdowns.

McCaffrey had a touchdown on the ground in 93 yards and Deebo backed up his talk with a three touchdown day, 116 yards in the air and two scores there and one rushing touchdown all in the second half. San Francisco fell down six nothing after one then scored the next 21 and after the game, if you remember Nick Bosa said, I think we're showing everyone we have a blueprint to beat Philadelphia and then Philadelphia lost that game and wound up losing six of their last seven, including the playoffs. So that was an impactful on the field move, not just for the Niners, but to maybe show everyone that the defending NFC champs could be beaten and a lot of other teams did. Number four on the list is Chris Jones shoves Josh Allen's pass protection into Josh Allen. The divisional round game in Buffalo, Kansas City was up by three.

Buffalo was driving off of the two minute warning, second and nine from the Kansas City 26. Chris Jones shoves Deion Dawkins into Josh Allen's foot space and Khalil Shakir who was wide open in the end zone. Allen couldn't step through on his throw, an incomplete pass, next down an incomplete pass, next down was a miss field goal wide right and we all know what happened after that. Kansas City took over the game, took some knees and that was the end of that. Chris Jones that on-field move from by the way the end position, normally he's positioned inside the middle of that defensive line, that was a crucial move to place him right there on the edge and then obviously him moving Deion Dawkins into Josh Allen's space created a moment where Allen couldn't give Buffalo the lead and Kansas City took the lead all the way to the AFC championship game. Number three on my top five impactful off the season moves is the week 10 visit for San Francisco to Jacksonville. Let's not forget San Francisco lost three games in a row and then sat on that three-game losing streak in a bye week and came off the bye and visited North Florida, visited Duval County, coming into this game it was also an early window game it's one of those games where the west coast teams usually might have an issue certainly again if you hadn't won a game in a month and San Francisco went in there and beat the brakes as Deion Sanders our second hour guest might say off of Jacksonville which was coming into this game six and two San Francisco at five and three and this one play in particular is number three it's a 66 yarder from Brock Purdy to George Kittle the second snap of the second half go and take a look at this play on the old uh internet tubes if you wish Purdy is in the pocket he pump fakes and when he pump fakes he knows the Jacksonville pass rush is going to hit him in the chops he takes the lick he throws it perfect dime to Kittle who goes 66 yards for the touchdown and that started the boat race in Jacksonville Florida that's number three on my top five most impactful on the field moves list number two is Patrick Mahomes' nine second scramble and Travis Kelce's diving catch in Baltimore in the AFC Championship game that had just been freshly tied by Baltimore it's 7-7 the ball is on Baltimore's 27 third and five just when the Ravens think this long drive this is the 11th play of the Kansas City drive they might actually stop Kansas City and get Mahomes off the field instead he runs around for nine seconds flips the ball up in the air and Kelce makes a diving catch going away from the pocket towards the end zone with two hands it's an unbelievable play potentially the greatest play we have seen in the playoffs right now that's number two on the list number one is the entire second half of the San Francisco 49ers NFC Championship game makes sense victory I can't even choose I mean if you want to choose one play obviously it's the Kendall Vildor trying to make an interception of Brock Purdy instead the ball goes off of his helmet winds up in the hands of Brandon Ayuk we're calling it the Ayuk Oop here but the 21 um the 21-7 deficit that they had at one point 24 it was a 17 point deficit that the 49ers were facing it was the largest comeback tied the largest comeback in the history of the NFC Championship game and they made those 17 points up all in an eight minute span in the third quarter Brock Purdy at 48 yards rushing he was stupendous and that was my most impactful on the field move of the entire season to take these two teams here to Las Vegas Nevada and sure why not George all right we'll get one more I'll go with one more I'll give you two more all in one Marquez Valdez Scantling's playoff catches both of them will start the division round in the AFC divisional round victory over Buffalo Kansas City was trailing this game late in the third quarter with a minute to go in the third from the Buffalo 48 Mahomes found Valdez Scantling for 32 yards it set them up for what wound up being three snaps later into the fourth quarter the go-ahead touchdown 27-24 as we all know that wound up being the final score and we all know Valdez Scantling had one bounce off his hands against Green Bay it was emblematic of the entire uh seasons woes that Kansas City had offensively and this catch helped give Kansas City a lead get them to the AFC championship game which was wrapped up with 2 17 to go from the Kansas City fourth and sixth third and nine just when you thought that the Chiefs might just run the ball to try and get the ball to get the clock to the two-minute warning try and run this clock out or force Baltimore to take its remaining timeouts they go up top to who else Valdez Scantling for guess what 32 yards the same number of yards he got in that catch in Buffalo that helped seal the deal it was victory formation from there and those are my top five impactful off the field moves with two extra presented by Turbo Tax like football life is all about making moves and when you file with Turbo Tax you've got the tools experts and services needed to make your moves count did I miss anything gents did I miss anything right there those those last two you hit it all I think yeah yeah the idea with the the second half of the NFC championship game I think you nailed that um I can't think of anything else yeah I mean I I looked at San Francisco's um I looked at San Francisco's regular season because there the the playoffs haven't been great for them right with the exception of those those other what I mentioned they finish strong the big finish Kansas City's regular season I really couldn't pick anything out you couldn't you couldn't I guess the scoop and score in London was pretty big pardon me in Germany that I called it was pretty big that was one in particular but I felt like that was a little but they were already up in that game yeah although you know Miami was driving to make it you know make it much closer at halftime instead of them getting at least three out of it Kansas City got seven and that was their final scoring of the day but I I don't I don't um I don't quite grasp you can't say that they're they're weak um 17 victory over the Chargers where they they got in the winning column and they haven't lost since that Christmas Day game because of that win I couldn't pick that one out as a move I mean maybe losing to the Raiders on Christmas Day was kind of the kick in the pants that they needed to right the ship just before the postseason I guess but how many how many pants kicks could this team take before they finally found this great I mean like that that was my problem is like I couldn't pinpoint the flip switch yeah moment certainly not in the regular season it happened I guess in the cold against Miami in the uh in the um wild card round but at any rate let's take a break Joe Montana is making his way to our set then we have Max Crosby with Deion Sanders following him we're off and running here on our Thursday show live from Las Vegas Nevada on the bigger pockets real estate podcast co-host David Green and Rob Abasolo interview real estate investors and entrepreneurs about successes failures and hard-earned lessons joined by author Dave Meyer who wrote a book I did write a book it seems like you're coming out with a book every four minutes you're one to talk you've released two books this year I've done half as many as you it is more about strategy than it is about just finding whatever the new buzzword happens to be bigger pockets real estate podcast on youtube or wherever you listen America starts the day with America in the morning hi I'm John Trout your host for the latest news politics entertainment business and weather our staff of correspondents provide a fast-paced look at the world with specialized reports from where news happens in New York I'm Sue Allard I'm Charles Dilettesma Sagarmagani Washington I'm Jennifer King I'm Clayton I'm Kevin Carr I'm Archie Zaraleta concise accurate and fresh each day America in the morning the podcast available wherever you listen back here on the show um Joe Montana is making his way to the convention center and then he'll join us live in the middle of our uh of our segment when the radio audience returns and um and then Max Crosby will join us Dion Dion hasn't seen you in a while Mike no and I got my blenders with me this time oh you do have your blenders with you he said that's so creepy yeah well that was creepy didn't didn't Levitard once call him out for that oh yeah yeah because well I forget what it was it was years ago oh yeah and Mike was making all these weird noises in the background that's what I do and they make a video of it well they played a clip from our show in there and they were like who's that guy making the noises in the background all right it was pretty funny I mean am I creepy no you didn't say it creepy like that oh would I get but he hasn't seen you since you've uh you've dropped a few lbs no no knowing him he'll point that out of course he's my guy I love Dion right nobody loves Del Tufo everybody Kevin Burkhardt was on on Monday he walked out to the set first thing he says where's Del Tufo didn't even say hi to anyone hey where's Mike I'm that guy I'm that guy you are that guy Mike we love I don't mind being that guy yeah that Vince Lombardi trophy is a cool I love that thing I just can't stop staring at that thing every time it never gets old yeah I know it never does it is it's so cool that Stanley Cup is beautiful that I just Stanley Cup's big man yeah because there's only one have you ever you yeah you drunk drank you know I didn't drink I held it you you have to have it um I I did drink well someone has to do it yeah yeah I believe Kopitar um yeah the only what what you have to in order to win it you have to who's only people who can win it who have won it can lift it over their head right right and if they're doing the drink around thing someone is one that has to pour it in your mouth right that's yeah this one I guess what Kelsey could shock on a beer off it I mean Gronk was hitting baseballs yeah oh my god oh god welcome back to the Rich Eisen Show radio network I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger has the right product for you call or just stop by Joe Montana is making his way to our set right now again the Vince Lombardi trophy is here to my left in between the guests I guess it's a good thing this isn't here on our Friday show when Gronk is here oh because Gronk actually dented the well Edelman pitched it to him yeah yeah they were doing uh the opening day thing at Fenway right yep and they were just kind of running up in the background because of the you know Edelman didn't want to you know durn it yeah and they threw it and Gronk took the trophy out there and kind of like bun it he's bunning it what a huge dent in it and I think they left it yeah so a good thing it's not here when Gronk and Edelman are here together on Friday show you know who's handing this out on um well you know it's interesting years ago um I believe it was uh an executive with the league named Frank Sapovitz who came from the NHL yes and wanted to um add some sort of a mystique and to the presentation of the Vince Lombardi that's when it's got its own song with that so that was all so what they ended up doing is they ended up creating a moment where a past winner that has a connection to either the the Super Bowl city or there's some sort of anniversary to them winning brings the trophy to the podium and you know walks through like a gauntlet of of the winners and they reach out and they touch it right so cool so they added that to the presentation how long ago was that great question I think I think it might have been um I think it was the one in Tampa because they had Joe Namath do it and I the reason why I wouldn't I know name it did I think it was the first to bring it in um is because he was on the set with us in Tampa at that Super Bowl beforehand and I hugged him on live tv and I'll never forget that but this year it's Larry Zonko oh I was doing it because he this is unbelievable he was the MVP of Super Bowl eight wow it's 50 years insane wow it's the 50th anniversary so Larry Zonko is going to be the one to first touch this trophy on Sunday and bring it in and put it up on the podium and hand it to the commissioner who they will either hand it to the chiefs of the 49ers that's pretty cool wow so pretty wild starry on all that uh you can stream the Super Bowl fresh reminder you can stream the Super Bowl uh live on Westwood One's coverage of the National Football League courtesy of AutoZone uh just want to make sure that you are a reminder you can hear every minute of Westwood One's broadcast live on the NFL app by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports on your Westwood One affiliate stations digital platforms and get in the zone with AutoZone the free AutoZone fixed finder service can help you find a fix for free get in the zone AutoZone restrictions apply um how did you guys do last night anybody up still everybody out well rich you know yesterday when I told you I was up 80 dollars yes well the quote Bradley Cooper from the hangover um I messed up oh no I messed up so that's where we're at so if you're so tomorrow if you're not here we should look for you on a mattress somewhere up on the roof on top of a hotel roof what did you do okay if we don't find you rich I think I had like I've been playing sports my whole life I've had a lot of great achievements on the field I think I had my greatest athletic achievement of my life last night oh what is that at the craps table I think I know what Tom Brady felt like in the second half of oh my god it was unbelievable I rolled for 40 minutes 40 minutes they were chanting for me the vibes were so high some of the dudes noticed I was wearing my red socks hat started chanting Jim Rice at me and we were doing it for Jimmy Rice all night it was it was unbelievable here's the deal rich and I and the thing is I can't be making this up because there was a witness it pains me to admit that yes every word he just said was true this man got he was like the human torch the fantastic four he rolled it was less than an hour but definitely more than half an hour and he was on fire at the craps table last night and he's right somehow the Jim Rice name got evoked and the entire craps table every time Brockman roll a good hand Jimmy Rice yeah and guys are jumping up and down every time we hit a point we were hugging and high vibing and I was and I sit there at one point I went you think Jim Rice is sitting somewhere right now going why are my ears burning like somebody must have hot dice honestly could have been a welcome to Las Vegas commercial with how much the vibes were high and it was like a United Colors of Benetton ad to his men of all ages ethnicities colors just grabbing each other hugging it was the greatest moment of my life running over money and gambling are you serious it was that good it was it was great yeah he did I had a different experience last night you your experience I can't well I definitely top mine as great as it mine was I hear you and I'll raise you you too at the sphere oh yeah I just have to tell everybody out there um that if you have an opportunity to see this performance in this location it's you got to do it I've never I I'll say words I haven't said into this microphone before oh I gotta give it up to James Dolan I gotta give it up to you James Dolan there's no other drop I appreciate that wow this is truly one of the most incredible experiences I have ever seen I have never seen obviously you know when when you walk into an orb and sit down and the I honestly do not understand the technology or comprehend how they can change the environment in a room from daylight to darkness to just a psychedelic background to beaming the the band members up onto the the sphere walls the sphere walls and make you feel like you're in an immersive experience and then obviously you add in the music of U2 it's amazing and Bono is as great as ever in the edge and and all of them you know um absolutely superb yeah and you you saw it what a couple of weeks ago like the second week October in October it was unbelievable it's it's amazing and the dead are gonna do it the what they the new dead I should say are gonna do uh residency and then I think fish yeah that and I think uh Harry Styles I think is also right wow Adam Clayton is phenomenal I mean they're as good as they have ever been at U2 and then one more time you go you first of all it is a perfect um addition to the Vegas skyline right oh yeah it's truly unlike anything I've ever seen and then you go in it it was just easy to find your seat you sit down and you feel like you're just in a different planet you don't it feels like you're going on a spaceship when you're walking in am I right I've never been on a spaceship um but I can only imagine Rocket Man which I know um if I did go on a spaceship you know but it you know it did feel like I was going on it on a ride yeah like a ride right and you're going on a you're going on a ride without the plane and the lights but I but there are times where they they can I guess beam this uh data on the walls of the sphere and make it seem like the ceiling's coming down yeah like you're suddenly not in an orb you're in a rectangle I honestly do not know how they do it and it is just absolutely mind-blowing and um even to the point where I normally uh I'm you know that old man of getting off my lawn type thing where I would be very upset that the individuals in front of me I can't see the stage because I'm watching their phones shoot the stage but you couldn't blame anybody yeah you can't unbelievable the pictures you were sending us last night as it was happening and then what you showed us this morning never seen anything like it incredible truly spectacular spectacular I've never seen anything quite like it before so just a weird thing like seating wise where could you recline back and like in your seats no actually the seat keeps you upright yeah really yeah the seat keeps you completely upright and oh look who's joining us right here on the show again you should see it good to see you joe how are you take a seat what a pleasure to see you how are you joe montana pro football hall of famer good to see you hanging in there yeah how about you i'm great just just hanging with your an old friend of yours yeah yeah there's one of those things i've seen those before do you have a replica of of the trophy uh no you don't no you didn't never you never you never did one of those things no i should have never thought about it though i think you know it's never too late you can get one i'm sure you probably know the right people to call for that sort of thing maybe okay it's good to see you you too what is it uh what what's going through your head in a super bowl week any memories come through at all or you're just you're ready to go as a fan what's what are you doing this week yeah i mean this week this week is like right now those guys are probably going crazy what is today wednesday thursday thursday yeah thursday i think the families all come in right the thursday or friday and then all hell breaks loose right i don't like my seats i want to go to this party i'm gonna go to that party well i don't like my room i want to you would get those calls during the super bowl week no i was lucky because jennifer handled she was the wall for me yeah she was she was great she just let me do what i needed to do this week and um you know the weeks leading up to the days leading up to this uh they're ready to go i mean they're ready to go joe montana again just sat down here he's joining us on behalf of pfizer and we'll get to that uh in a moment so uh where do you stand on the subject matter of brock purdy joe as you know that everybody keeps talking about yeah i i'm not sure what they're talking about the guys playing pretty good football and uh everybody's you know still doubting him and i i just think that um he's understands this offense he understands the people around him and the things he he doesn't force balls he doesn't have to but i you can always tell when a guy is comfortable in an offense when he's playing like brock's plan and the one thing i always say that don't second guess him second guess the draft i mean this he's proof brady's proof that the nobody they haven't figured out what the draft how to draft right what's important what isn't important because you just don't know who's going to make that transition and um i don't know why people were second guessing him i think there was a stretch there where they they struggled i don't and this is just me saying this because i don't know i don't hang around down there but he just wasn't the same person i don't know whether he was her little injury here or there or or what um but he just didn't look the same and then all of a sudden he it came back yeah he got concussed in one game i thought and and then he he he he didn't miss a start yeah but he definitely didn't not look as sharp as he normally looks yeah and he's playing well right now so when you watch him play um do do you dissect thinking what you know where he the ball should go or what he should do and and no it's hard to do that unless you know the offense and i don't i don't know kyle's offense i i know that um i try to sit i love being in the end zone up high watching games sure and so you get to see from behind kind of feel that you're used to seeing yes not from a sideline view people like the 50-yard line i like the right down the middle of that goal close so i can so you can see the offense you can see the holes open up you can see the receivers and those holes opening and uh but yeah no he's you try to watch and do it but the ball the ball comes out quick for him and uh he's making quick decisions and then you know the the other side um has a guy named patrick mahomes and uh yeah yeah no right i can give you i can give you i can give you a research packet on him if you need um i've got pages and pages and pages and it just appears that we can now confirm he has an ability to raise his level of game or his focus his awareness and you are one of the few humans on the planet that knows how that must feel so how does one do that in the playoffs joe you know you want the person who wants the ball right you want you want he has that mentality that he doesn't care what the score is he doesn't care if they're winning if they're losing he's playing on that same level and he doesn't and when they're and when they're in behind you know you would get people who go uh hope we run the ball you know he's not like that and you could just see in his demeanor like i said even when they're winning he has that same look in his eye and the feel i mean this is what it's about right here coming down this stretch and the way he's been playing and you know you keep looking around i keep going why they keep getting rid of all these guys around him the receivers and running backs and then the new groups come in and it doesn't seem to affect him at all and um i if somebody said well where do you put him in the leg i go he's he's in the whole another category he's a like a he's a freak in the way the way he plays what he does left-handed sidearm you know whatever he has to do he gets it done he's accurate with the ball even when he does it great escape ability he'll run if he has to and but most of the time he's he's looking down the field and uh just a fun fun player to watch i know but i guess it's difficult to ask somebody about the it factor you know what i mean because as you just pointed out like you blame the draft not brock purdy right how do you see the it you know how do you know if somebody has it until you see it right yeah i mean i mean i mean you can go back and look there's probably just as many busts in the first round as there is in the in the later rounds and so um how are you i just don't know how i do i don't know i don't know if there's a way honestly did you just feel calmer on on big super bowl sundays like do you just did you just go in the other direction is that what it was no you just have a i've always wanted to get hit first right just to get me back you know my mind right like otherwise you keep thinking waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting for that first hit and then then all of a sudden things seem to change in my mind differently i don't think well these guys don't get hit as much anyway so that that's probably not a big part of their game but um you just go into this you know preparation mode that you know helps you when you get on the field you're not thinking about what's going to happen because they're already ready to go and everybody you can say everybody all everybody prepares but there's a different levels of preparation and obviously these guys and when you see brock and and you see patrick and and they've prepared and you can see it because it shows up on the field and that's why they look so calm but nothing bothers them because that they've prepared themselves at a different level than everybody else what are you doing with pfizer joe oh you know i've teamed up with them we've been talking about uh this lung disease called pneumococcal pneumonia that we're out just trying to get people to understand their risk especially they they picked me because people like me who are over 65 are at higher risk and but you're still at a risk at at even younger if you have other um other issues like um yeah diabetes and asthma they put you at a higher risk also even when you're a lot younger all the way down to i think 19 they're saying but um and what we're doing is just trying to get people aware that a vaccination can help prevent that and if you want to know more about it just go to no pneumonia dot com and it's no like k-n-o-w pneumonia dot com yeah you're not spelling pneumonia no no no no p-n-e-u-m-o-n-i-a and i needed to look down at my card for that no pneumonia dot com what's your prediction for the game joe what do you have yep yeah who do you have in this game what do you got you know i can't say why i'm gonna get in trouble somewhere well i mean i i i understand you played for both i played got fans in both places well let's i'll say this okay i think it's gonna be a good game i don't know who's gonna win um obviously well otherwise i would go back to the casino it's about to say you'd be up the strip yeah right now yeah okay and uh but you know the the they've won the chiefs have won a couple here recently yeah 49ers someone just told me it's been like 30 years and so i don't know i like to see i want to see a good game but yeah at the most probably the 49ers there you go well that's i mean you got to know where you live too right yeah yeah i lived there too but i honestly i loved kansas city while we were there we had the people were awesome the fans are like ridiculous i know oh my god have you ever played in that stadium as as an opponent no you you wonder how it gets so loud but they got some great great people before i let you go uh there's a famous photograph of you throwing up a play in the dirt i guess with bill walsh where you took a knee i mean uh what what is the genesis of that photograph it looks like we're doing that but i i came to the sideline and whatever game it was i was exhausted and so i just like took a knee and i just said oh give me a second coach and i'll stand back up he goes no no no just stay there i'll come down there and so we basically talked about what we were talking about and he was just we were just playing in in the grass and he was just talking about what we were going to do when i went back out after so you were taking a knee to take a break break yeah he's just like don't worry i'll meet you i'll come down there yeah because you know everybody thinks that you're drawn up a play in the dirt like it's a backyard you know that i wouldn't have put it past him but um we i think we had enough plays in our playbook but uh you know he was that was just the way he was you know he he was he was always conscious of how you are how you feel and uh you know he would even do things to make you laugh sometimes like the first time i threw a touchdown i mean an interception in the end zone i used to go from the from the field straight to him and then and not like he yelled at me but i knew i was in trouble when i got over there and he was doing this right with this little pat on his and he was looking at me and i walked over there and he looked me dead in the eye and said what was that because it was probably a pretty bad throw and i said um i think they call that an interception coach and he said me well hey try not to let that happen again would you go i'll do my best i promise from that point on i went all the way around and i went to the phone person before i went to bill whenever you whenever you threw one yeah i love it that's so funny and you know joe uh really appreciate you coming by everybody should go to no to make sure that you are vaccinated against pneumococcal pneumonia great to see you great seeing you too always you got here we got some good roku stuff for you joe because i know you're a big roku guy i know that he got that for you thanks for coming these guys they behaving um are you behaving well he had hot dice last night i was hot dice last night joe oh nice i'm proud so he had that now but otherwise yes good to see you guys have a great week that's joe montana everybody max crosby when we come back here on the rich isin show can you tell me the story the famous story of you noticing john candy in the crowd before before that two minute drill the bangles harris parton was a a people person so we were free for dinner during the week but in practice and meetings and then come back after dinner and more meetings so when he would come back from dinner he was like a little kid he could not wait to tell you about all the celebrities he saw while he was at dinner and so i had we were just standing there and between the tight end and his shoulder was a friend john candy and in the crowd he was on sideline oh he's on the sideline and so i was and i sat there and i i looked and i go dang i don't remember harris saying he saw john candy this is what you're thinking in the super bowl with minutes to go and needing the to drive down the field okay well yeah so i walked over and said hey hey man there's there's john candy and he harris stood like this for eight minutes perfectly still he's a little bit angled that way he would not move he was like a little i didn't do it to unwind him i just thought he would appreciate seeing john candy did you ever meet candy or that was the only time yeah no i had met john a few years before that um my contract was up okay and he was you know one of the owners of the toronto argonauts okay he was trying to get me to go to canada come on yeah yeah uh they just didn't have enough money but if the price was right i might have yeah i might have been wearing an argonaut yeah you'd have a 55 yard line like i'll do that so he legitimately said you know hey you know yeah we had a couple meetings about yeah you did so this is real like it wasn't just like an old by the way no no no no wow i love that that was joe last year now we got a great story from uh from bill walsh this year roku and tcl have teamed up for an awesome sweepstakes this week folks one lucky winner will walk away from the big game with a brand new 85 inch tcl roku tv to enter head to roku's official account at roku on x formerly known as twitter and reply to their pinned tweet with who you think is going to win the game plus the hashtag tcl roku tv again it's tcl roku tv that's the hashtag you need to use between now and sunday and you could win a brand brand new 85 inch tcl roku tv rich fantastic hold on a second hold on a minute we have a guest get on here max ladies and gentlemen max max take a seat damn i just shook your hand i saw you got your gut i'm all good all good all right so i didn't just i didn't just set you back did i no i'm okay fantastic great to see max crosby a uh defensive end of not only just note but he is the defensive player of the year finalist he's here courtesy uh papa john's good to see you max how are you sir i've been doing great we've never really met in person we've only been on the phone right or on a zoom yeah we've we've done a lot of i feel like interviews maybe three a lot of chatter a lot of chatter maybe a couple phone calls but yeah great to see you finally seeing you in person congrats on you blowing up man thank you man you are killing it i appreciate it what would it mean for you to bring this trophy to your right to here to las vegas for a parade down las vegas boulevard i mean that's everything at the end of the day um all the work i put in you know i appreciate the compliments and you know getting recognized and things like that but for me um that chip on my shoulders only only growing uh i know there's another level i can get to um and as a player and and legacy you got to win um i've been to the playoffs one time in five years so for me i want to be a part of something that's that's the greatness and what the raiders used to be and uh that's what we're trying to bring back i just noticed and i don't know if this is purposeful or not usually i ask questions i only know the answer to that's that's kind of my secret sauce yeah are you not looking at the trophy i'm looking at it okay i just i just didn't know like you didn't i just didn't know if it's just like you know i'm not gonna look at it unless i actually get to hold it no we got three right when you walk in the building uh in the facility you got three in a case looking at it so by the way i love the al davis t-shirt thank you thank you yeah it was kind of last minute i was looking through my t-shirts i'm asking my wife what i should wear and then all of a sudden i see the al i'm like that's the one today did mark give it to you does he does he have like davis t-shirts just he's got his own cannon he just shoots it out he shoots him into the facility yeah no honestly i found this i don't even know i don't really remember where i got this from i think a fan or something sent it to me um but yeah this is this is legend day so uh do you get 10 of antonio pierce's salary now you get your agent cut you get that i mean max it could be negotiated no um you know it's funny everybody keeps saying i appreciate you bro you know tell it you know whatever saying the same type of things man you did your thing but at the end of the day um being a leader is doing you know and standing up for what you think is right no matter what the opinion of other people you know think so at the end of the day every but everybody in that building and facility all felt the same exact way and everyone was nervous and then you start hearing rumors and then horrible all the all this type of stuff but at the end of the day there's 31 teams and there's one one raiders and uh for me um you know i represent the raiders fully um it's a way of life for me and um you know i feel like i had the voice to say something so um like i said you know if i got to stand on the table take a little bit of heat and people take it however they want you know say you know nobody's above the shield and things like that like i you know i represent the shield to the fullest every day i got it tatted on me being a raider is not doing what everybody wants you to do it's being yourself and and stepping out when it's a little bit uncomfortable so if people don't understand that then that's not my problem at the end of the day you know i'm a raider for life i want to be here i want to win here i want mark to have a trophy al won three of them mark mark hasn't won one i haven't won one i want all of us to be on a float in vegas and that's my ultimate goal i love it max crossby here again courtesy of papa john's we're up against the end of the hour um and with a tight limited time so let's get get in some of your business here what are you what are you doing with papa john's yeah so uh papa john's they got the vegas style pizza you can go to vegas style pizza at papa john's dot com to enter he got up until february 9th um to have a chance to win 58 000 stuffed in the crust of a pizza delivered by myself so uh you're delivering the pizza i'm delivering the pizza myself it's gonna be uh it's gonna be a great deal um for a great cause and you know we're just just giving back and showing love so yeah shout out to papa john 58 000 dollars dollars stuffed in the crust wow yeah it's it's elaborate but okay yeah making it work it is well hopefully you get they tip you well at the door i mean that's the hell of a delivery yeah they they took very well fantastic uh do you have an opinion on the game who do you think's gonna win yeah i mean it's gonna be a close one i think it's gonna be a really good game it's gonna be back and forth but at the end of the day um it's hard to hard to root against the chiefs um simply because patrick mahomes i mean both have great defenses both super talented but pat mahomes is the best in the league until somebody takes him down um it's hard to hard to root you know not root obviously i don't root for anybody i hate all the teams equally um raiders to the core you know what i mean but uh yeah it's it's hard to bet against patrick mahomes you know he's he's the best in the league until somebody you know proves otherwise so i play him twice a year um i've taken him down i believe more than anybody i know exactly what it looks like and he's beaten me eight times out of ten and uh i respect him but we had you know we hate each other between the lines but it's ultimate respect at the end of the day and i think i think the teams are going to pull it out in a tight tight close game okay that's max crossby here on the rich isin show our number two is coming up with deon sanders emmett smith and michael irvin don't do you dare move we all still here on roku for another uh minute plus so um when it all comes down to it do you agree with nick bosa that the tackles on the can city chiefs hold a lot do you agree with that yeah did you hear nick's comments yes i did okay yes i did you agree with nick yeah i mean nick is one of those guys he's not gonna he's gonna be very blunt and honest i've noticed he's very blunt straightforward um and it's the truth i mean it's most tackles and linemen in general hold i mean it's just part of the game and uh for me i will say this my biggest pet peeve is when guys especially d lyman and great d lyman or really good d lyman like to complain about not getting holding calls as a d lyman you're going to get held every d line coach his biggest pet peeve is when the guy comes hey he's holding me that's your job to not let him hold you so um at the end of the day it's just part of the game and uh it is what it is so you have to find a way to win regardless well uh this has been uh too brief of a visit but hopefully i'll have you back if you're ever in los angeles i'd love to have you in studio i invite your invitation stands um anytime and i assume you're you'll be there tonight honors uh yes i'll be yeah i'll be in uh be there with my wife my agent you know we're looking forward to hope for your sake that you'll go up on stage and get some hardware that would be amazing yes sir well good luck to you tonight and obviously i just love the whole outfit for radio oh look by the way do you notice that guy who's sitting over there oh that's that's a legend right there i would agree that's the best i would agree that is the best and he's right now he's the comeback player of the year still how many years running several that's deon sanders next on the rich isin show thank you rich the rolling stone music now podcast gets inside the biggest stories with rolling stone senior writer brian hyatt and here's lil yachty with tiara wack i've never been to a fashion show i never did any pairs fashion week new york fashion week and i'll tell you why because i would always go to events and people would say to me oh man yachty man i love your music bro i should be like what's wrong i didn't even at the time i didn't love my music i always feel like i'm in a room with all these artists and they all respect each other now like no one respects me rolling stone music now wherever you listen
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