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Deion Sanders: College Football Coaches Want The Game To Stay Pure

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 8, 2024 3:44 pm

Deion Sanders: College Football Coaches Want The Game To Stay Pure

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 8, 2024 3:44 pm

2/8/24 - Hour 2

Colorado head coach Deion Sanders tells Rich his favorite Super Bowl and NFL Network memories, why there should be more NIL regulations in college football, and more.

Pro Football Hall of Famers Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin join Rich to discuss Jimmy Johnson going in to the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor, how the Dallas’ 90’s dynasty teams bonded over their early trials and tribulations, what adding Deion Sanders and Charles Haley meant for those Cowboys dynasty teams, which players will play the most important roles for the 49er and Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII.

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Again, that's slash deals. Ryan Sanders, Pro Football Hall of Famers, and three-time Super Bowl champions, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Ah, yes. Hour number two of day number two of our residency here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rich Eisen Show is back on the air, live from Las Vegas at the Turbo Tax Studio. We're getting set for a big game between the Chiefs and the 49ers, obviously. On Sunday, a great hour in store for you if you're listening on Sirius XM, Odyssey, or our Westwood One Cumulus. Rich Eisen Show radio affiliate, smart enough to have us. I'll have to explain the word picture that's going on right now. My three guys to my right have put this show in a blender.

They put it in a blender? I like that, Rich. Because the head coach of Colorado football, Pro Football Hall of Famer, and one of my favorite people on the planet, Deion Sanders. How you doing, man? Those guys look really good. You like it? I mean, it's amazing how wonderful they look.

It really is. I should have put the blenders on my logo. I thought maybe they are. They look close to the originals. It's the original, right?

I like that, Rich. Yeah. Is that your... That's my running form still.

Yeah, it looks like it. Yeah, yeah. But you don't look like you. You look black.

I'm very... I'll miss you guys. You know those guys. Deion, he got me. You know what comes up every now and then is the video from the combine where you're on the turf doing your thing with the defensive backs. And I forget who... You know who it was.

No, no, no. I forget who the players in mind were, but there was a brother, a sibling, I should say, of a current NFL receiver who was working out at cornerback. And I said, has a brother ever covered a brother in the NFL before? To what you said, what did you say again? I forget what I said. Yeah. I forget what I said.

I remember the other one, though, when the kid ran a great 40 time and I was like, wow, that was fast. And you said, why would you say it like that? Oh, my God. That's right, I forgot.

You forgot about that. Let me get mine out the way so we can play, all right? I'm here today with California Almond, okay? Okay, yeah.

To declare February the 12th as the day of the big game, National Recovered Day. And for you, this handsome man is on the pack of my favorite snack. Yeah, that's why I'm staying lean and mean because I'm always ready. Look at you on a pack of California Almonds. Fantastic.

I'm smart about exercise and recovery, man, and that's how I do it. That is awesome. Okay, so National Recovered Day of California Almonds. Yeah, I love almonds. I'm actually a true advocate. Well, it's a great snack. Yeah, it really is, but it's not something I'm just endorsing. I truly believe. You know me.

Starting on Monday, that's National Recovered Day. Yeah. You're going to eat almonds daily for your exercise recovery benefits. Yeah.

How about that? Smart go-to snack. Keeps me lean and mean. You're looking good, too, by the way. Why do you say it like that? No, no, I'm just saying.

You look good. Did he go high on register? He did. Rich, tell him what you're at right now. Tell him what you're at. I'm sub 200 pounds right now. So how long have you been there?

About a week. So you're just getting there. I'm getting there.

I'm arriving. So I didn't even know and I did notice that you really look good. Thank you. I'm telling you. Thank you. I appreciate that. You can't go back. She's here in town.

Please. She's right behind you. She's right there. She's right behind you. Oh, there she is. Has she cut the mattress off her back? No, stop it.

She's standing right there. You've got to put kids out like a darn nursery. But I don't list them at least. I don't list them. But you do believe in what I believe in. Everybody ranks their kids.

They just don't say it. Everybody has that one kid that you know keeps you on your knees and take you to pre-health. Thank you, baby. I love you soon.

And I tell the truth. She is the absolute best. I agree. She's the best.

I agree. But she ranks her kids. Yes.

You may not, but she does. Don't you rank them, Susie? Yes. That's right. You know who's your favorite one and you know the ones that's going to put you in a nursery home when it's about to be over.

A nursing home, not nursery. You are the greatest, man. Deion Sanders here on the show. Do you have any Super Bowl memories at all or what? The only great Super Bowl memory I have is when Billy Musgrave got in the game. Billy got us ready, preparing us all year. I don't think he took a snap all season. And I went to Coach Seifert and I said, put Billy in. Put Billy in. And he got to go in and actually throw a pass, man. That's my fondest memory of Billy going in because he was so much of a professional and such a great guy and prepared us all season long to even get there being the scout team quarterback.

So when he got to go in, that's my best Super Bowl moment, I believe. No kidding. Yeah. How about that?

Are you of the mindset that Niners, Cowboys, NFC Championship game was the Super Bowl when you were marking Irv back in the day? Yeah, my dog. He's about to show up here, by the way, in about 10 minutes. I love him. I met you guys on Sundays and he is still the Irv I know.

And I actually missed it. I ran into LT in the hotel lobby last night. I really missed those pure, you know what I'm saying, pure NFL Network days. You remember those days?

Yeah. I missed those days. I don't know what it is now because I'm not there, but we had so much darn fun, man. We did.

I mean, they're a legend over there. It is. We had so much fun. It was amazing. Yeah. The Thursday night football games that we used to do on the road together. And how you gave everybody Gucci shoes after year one was all over. I forgot all about that. You did.

I really did. You gave everybody Gucci shoes. The first one you gave to was Steve Mariucci because his shoe game was awful. His shoe game was horrible. Like he had ROTC shoes. ROTC shoes. Yeah. Moose needed those. And you said you were giving Guccis to my moochie.

Rich, I forgot all about that, man. Wow. And then all of a sudden after a production meeting, somebody comes up to me and says, what's your shoe size? And I'm like, what do you mean, what's my shoe size? Why are you asking me? Just like, what's your shoe size? Dion wants to know. And I'm like, all right, you know, and I told him, and then the next day I opened up the door and there were these Gucci shoes. Man, I forgot all about that.

Really do. You were just out there. You were just outfitting everybody. I love you guys, man. You made life easy. It wasn't work. We were not going to work. We were going to have a good time.

Because we genuinely love each other. And I'll never forget, Prime, and I don't care, I don't think this will embarrass you or whatever, but you and me, when you, Mooch and I did the game day final highlight show, it was a party. It was a circus. It was like, I felt like I was back on the Sports Center set days. But you, they wanted to put you in the middle of the set. And Mariuchi, you were concerned that Steve had never done television before. Yeah. We didn't want to lose him.

And you didn't want to put him on the end of the set. That's hard. That's hard. Like those guys right there, that's hard. That's hard. Well, I know why you're doing that because, you know, Black Lives Matter. But I'm just saying, I know why you're doing that. But I'm saying other than that, it's hard. Oh my God.

I know why that is. Oh, man. No, but that was.

And we didn't want to put Mooch on the island. No, but it was your doing. You were the one who said something because I don't think anybody else was saying anything. And you did.

And those were, you know, magical days. You know, and then I remember, you know, whenever LeGarrette Blount scored. I probably want to hit that. You said that somebody has to hit that.

Nobody wants to hit that. Blount, that's correct. He did that. Yeah, that was good. We had some great scenes. I don't care.

I'll say all this stuff. It's when, when Najee Davenport scored a two-point conversion. He went for two. That was like a party. And then, and then it was so many, man. I mean, do you remember the tight end? Vicente Shanko. You remember him? And then he was caught on camera in the back of the locker room. And he was, you know, out there for everyone to see. And then when he got, when he got three feet down on the end zone, you said, I don't even remember this one.

He got his third leg down. Rich, we had so many good times. And then it's just like, that's what having fun on TV is about. I think the one that we never talked about, and we still can't talk about, was at the Hall of Fame. Was that?

That was the best one ever. What, what, I mean, I don't even know how we can tell that story. We can't even tell the story.

It was so good that we can't tell the story. But, but we're so connected that all of us was thinking the same thing at the same time. Me, Rich, and Marshall Faulk. Marshall knows right now what I'm talking about.

Correct. And I do as well. But it just, it was one of those moments where I knew as the host interviewing the subject who was there on his big night, that I had completely lost my two analysts for a period of time for like enough 30 to 60 seconds that I had to carry it because you and Marshall were just, you're gone.

I'm going to give you a hint, everybody. Rich always talks about my comeback. Yep.

Me and Marshall was focused on the comeback of this guest. Oh, yes. And the comeback wasn't, it just, it had injuries. It was injured.

Comeback installed? Yes. Yes. And you could see that there was injuries in the comeback. Everybody was looking eye to eye with the guests and we was looking up at the situation. I couldn't, there was no way Deon or Marshall were going to ask a question.

No. So I had to take the first couple. Rich had to take it. And the thing about Rich, what made Rich so brave and still makes him great. Professional. He could be in stitches inside and still hold it and be professional.

I don't know how he does it. He still could hold it and be professional. That's true. And that makes it funnier though because we know what he's doing on the other side. But he's Rich Eisen. He's the host for the most. The great Deon Sanders here. Oh my God. That was good. Everybody's going to be blowing you guys up like who was it and what happened? I can't wait to find out. I guess we'll inform.

So I'll ask you this question about your current situation as well. The general concept is coaches are flocking out of college to try and get to the NFL. Because there's more rules around what you can do and pay kids and what not or anything like that. Well that's not the reason. The reason they're flocking is because the sanctity of the game. They want the game to stay pure and wholesome when all the kids are getting paid. And many don't think that those kids love it. Because they're getting compensated to do what you should want to do for free.

But I absolutely love it. I think the kids should be compensated. I think we've got to put some guidelines and some rules in it. Now that's what I'm saying. In the NFL there's guidelines and rules whereas in college there isn't.

You're going to have to do something because it's getting crazy. And you're right, some of the big dogs, the greatest of all time, Coach Saban walked away from it. And I love him to life. He's the best one that has ever done it. I know that and I'm going to say that. I don't think anyone would ever eclipse what he's accomplished in college football.

And I don't think the system even allows you to be able to accomplish that anymore. But that was tough to see and understand and know him personally and see him walk away from the game. Yeah, BC's HC became the Green Bay DC. You're hearing Chip Kelly's interviewing for offensive coordinator. I love Chip Kelly, man. He's phenomenal. I love Chip Kelly. But that's the point is that I'm seeing, so I'm wondering what you think about it.

I love it. First of all, I'm a father of five so I understand kids. And I understand the nuances of today's kids. A lot of coaches are disconnected from today's kids.

They just coach and they're not involved in really learning and understanding these kids. I love my team. I love these young men. Several of them are coming here this weekend, including my two sons.

I think they're going, three sons, Bucky's here, going to the NFL Honors with me tonight. And they were calling me earlier, should I wear this, should I wear this? I said, come on, man, you're Sanders. Kill the game. You know, just kill the game. So I understand these kids and I understand what they want and need and desire and what they need to continue.

But also being able to influx them with the wisdom and understanding of life as well. Well, you've got to have the, you've got to have rules. You've got to have rules.

Because I think some kids are being promised stuff that they're not going to get. Yeah. Yeah. That's true. That's part of it too.

That's true. But also, it's some out there getting these enormous numbers that they didn't earn. We just want you to earn. I don't mind giving it to you, but I want you to earn it.

Yeah. I truly want you to earn it and have the desire to understand that that's just going to hold you. NFL is going to sustain you. But don't look at that as the sustainment.

Look at that as just something that's going to hold you and put a comma in the sentence. But you've got to work your butt off to get to the next level. We can't divert from getting to the next level, having that desire to get to the next level.

What made me who I am today is that hunger and that thirst and that focus and want to retire my mama. I mean, because I didn't have it like that in college until I started picking up a baseball bat. But I don't want those kids to lose that passion for the game.

And that's what a lot of people are scared of. Alright, Prime. You're the best, man. You're the man. I miss all you guys, man. Straight up.

It's great to see you. You know what? I got you. We've got some new styles coming out like this one. We'll make sure. Sam, we'll make sure they're straight. We'll make sure you get them.

I mean, you're talking Del Tufo's language. We want you to have options. That's all we fight for in life, right? We don't want options. That's why I checked the bag.

Rich got mad at me because I checked the suitcase. I said I needed options, Prime. You needed options.

You know, because I had to look good to feel good, you know. There you go. See? There you go. I just said it's a three-day trip to Las Vegas.

Why are you checking a bag when there's a whole group of people traveling with you? You've got to understand, black folks dress different. Thank you, Prime.

Thank you. We dress different, Rich. You could roll a pair of jeans up like marijuana and just wear them daily. We don't do that. We've got to flip. Zone! Emmitt Smith, baby. Prime, I couldn't get him to understand. Yeah.

I brought a couple bags as well on a trip, and I'm only going like three places. Oh, play old James. I love that man. I love that man. Those two got me a ring. Those two got me a ring. I was always jealous because they used to talk about the triplets like I didn't exist over there on the defense.

Like, I ain't doing nothing out here on the defense now. I was jealous. All right, I admit it.

Okay. I was jealous. You were jealous because they had – Yeah, it was triplets.

Triplets this, triplets that, triplets this. But, you know, they were already at dynasty before I got there, so I had to understand it. But those two – you got to understand, we Florida boys. So, no matter what transpires in life, we will always come back and love each other because we are Florida boys to the end.

And we have that connectivity, man. So, we grew up a certain way. We grew up with a certain fight, with a certain digger about ourselves, man. And I don't give a darn if – what I'm doing, if he calls, I'm picking up on the first ring, and then he knows I'm picking up on the first ring. That's how much we love each other. It wasn't about the football.

It was about the connectivity as kids, how we grew up, man. So, how should I feel that you pick up on the third ring? Well, I just want to make sure you're trying to reach me. I want to make sure it's not a butt-down.

That's why I wait. Am I a rolled-up genius? Yeah, you're a rolled-up genius.

Good to know. I love Susie. I love the kids. Everybody good? Do we have any Rich Isons coming? No. It's over. No, no. I'm not talking about you getting back in there. I'm talking about the kids following your footsteps, like with the microphone and – 15 and 13 and – Yeah, but still, you got to get them ready. Obviously, yeah, maybe. I don't know.

Yeah, I got a couple in the stable right now. I'm praying they get me this house. I'm praying. Love you, Prom. Love you, too, man.

Love you guys. That's Deion Sanders. That's Susie. Susie. Susie. Susie.

Joining us next, two-thirds of the triplets, Irv and Emmett, together, five on the Rokuchan. We'll be right back. I'm Kevin Carr. I'm Archie Zaraleta. Concise, accurate, and fresh each day. America in the Morning. The podcast.

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I've done half as many as you. It is more about strategy than it is about just finding whatever the new buzzword happens to be. BiggerPockets real estate podcast on YouTube or wherever you listen. All right, we're back here on the Roku channel.

The radio audience will rejoin in less than two minutes time. So the first of two times I introduce Hall of Famers together, two-thirds of the triplets, Emmett Smith and Michael Irvin. This guy. Good to see you guys.

Man, it's great seeing him being a rich, rich. I thought that was so cool, man, that Dion on right before and when Dion brought up that we're all from Florida, you know, from the three various schools, different, different schools, Florida, Florida State, Miami, middle and the top, battled all the time, battled all the time. I don't take no slight, no bottom of me trying to mess with him. The bottom is Miami. Okay.

All right. Is Miami not at the bottom? It's south.

It's south. By no, by no iteration is it bottom is just the south, even though they call it the bottom. They do call it the bottom.

They literally call Miami. No bottom. Let's hit the bottom. Right. He's just referring to a geographically lateral location. No, no, no. We all know he meant it figuratively. No, no.

We all know he meant it. That was talking Miami. No, no. Hurricanes. No.

That sounded like you got a little sensitive here right there. That's what that was. I know him. I know him. He wasn't talking about no Miami Hurricanes.

No, no, no. He was just saying the Miami is the general location and they call it the bottom. And Gainesville is in the middle and they call it the country in the middle. And Florida State is at the top.

They call it the state capital. So it is what it is. I think you think he meant it figuratively and disrespectfully, quite frankly.

Right, right, right. I think that's what you took it, but he was talking geographically. Both things can be true at the same damn time unless it's so used to say.

They can be. You know what I mean? Oh, my gosh, Emmett, we'll talk about what you're here with and, Herb, I know who you're representing. Oh, yeah. You're representing our eight and a half hour show that begins in about five minutes, which is kind of crazy. Eight and a half hours.

I know. So what are you doing on Super Sunday? What are you talking about the eight and a half hours? Eight and a half hours. Of what? Eight and a half hours. We've got a rundown meeting tomorrow to figure that out.

Of what? Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Look who has stopped by chilling with us right here on the Roku Channel and this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more. Emmett Smith, Pro Football Hall of Famer, three-time Super Bowl champion here on behalf of Emergent Bio Solutions.

We'll talk about that. And here on behalf of my colleague from NFL Network, three-time Super Bowl champion and Pro Football Hall of Famer, Michael Irvin. Good to see you guys together. It's funny because again, you know, obviously we're thrilled that we have guests of your stature who are coming on the show. You were doing an intro just being rich. But I heard that you guys were in the same time frame of potentially appearing and I'm like, see if they'll do it together. Perfect.

Too rich. It's so funny when you were just doing that intro, Emmett did, we did, we used to do this before each game, right at this, we stand at the tunnel because right before everybody goes out and getting ready to introduce us, we look at each other and say, hey, by land or by air, they must go down. You see what I'm saying? And we say double trouble, 22-88. There's going to be double trouble and we do that and by land or by air, your ass going down. They went down. They went down. They went down.

They went down. And it wasn't lost on me that on the night of Jimmy Johnson finally going into the ring of honor and you know, I knew it would be like a night at the museum where all the Cowboys would show up together, right? That when Jimmy was making his speech and you knew he was going to finish with the line, how about them Cowboys? You knew it. You see, he was winding up, making that pitch that he stopped when he was making his speech right in between the two of you and nailed it.

It wasn't lost on me. He did it with the two of you guys right there. I wonder what you thought when that happened, Emmett.

I was just like, I knew it was going to come and I was trying to determine whether or not I wanted to mess up his hair again or not. I said, Mike, should I mess his hair up? He said, no, we're too old for that right now. I did say that, did I?

I said, yeah, you know what? I might take away from his moment. So I'm not going to do it. This is his moment.

I don't want to mess with it. Right. But him ending up right there in that shot right there, Rich, I said the same thing.

Right after you saw it, people were memeing it out. It became, and I said, how about them Cowboys? I said, that's going to be the moment right there. But what makes it special is that journey.

Really, man. When we got there, we were three and 13 and one and 15, and then I got this joker coming in. The third year we get this joker coming in as my roommate and we won four games in two years. We're sitting in the room. I said, man, what you got planned, dog?

What you want to do? He said, we're going to win the Super Bowl. I'm going to win the rush title. I said, young joker, go to sleep, dog.

Hey, boy, I almost said ninja. I was so mad. I done won four games in two years, and this joker over here talking about, boy, go to sleep. But he ended up doing just that, and it was a journey. All the time we got our butts kicked and we're going to do a players only meeting, and then just go get our butts kicked some more, going through all of that. I'll tell people this, Troy, Emmett, me, we never, never had a falling out, never had an argument, never had a fight because we knew what it was like building it from the bottom. And that's the thing that made us as good as we were. We all knew what the mission was, and we all bought into the game plan of transforming an organization from 1 and 15 to a championship organization.

And Jimmy was at the helm of it. I knew once I got there what the expectation was going to be. I just did not know how difficult it was going to be to get all of that together. But through that whole entire process, we grew together, we matured together, we played at a high level together, and we lost together.

We went through a lot together. And so that team itself was built inside out, and it was built to go out and destroy whatever it was in front of. Now we competed at the highest level amongst ourselves, which made us ready for anybody and anything that was out there.

That's why we were different. So people look at us and they ask us, how about the Caring Cowboys? They ain't going through this.

Right. They haven't had to deal with the 115. They don't even know what it's like. They don't even care who won the 115.

I don't mind some of Jimmy's old tricks. You know, when we lost in Washington, we should have won the game. We lost in Washington. That poor lady was trying to feed us on the airplane. Jimmy said, you take that damn food and put it away. If they were hungry, they should have ate on the football field.

And every away game, every away game, we get late in the game. I used to come to the line and say, well, we're going to eat or not. We're going to eat or not. Cause y'all know y'all lose this game.

Ain't nobody going to serve no nothing. You know, so play for your supper. You eat five hours before the game. That's that you eat five hours before the game every day.

So now you play the game, you exhort, everything's gone. You want some food. You want some food. And if you didn't win that game, ain't no food.

Want no party in England. Well, nothing. Nothing. You got to ride the plane like this.

Play with squad. You got to say the word. I'd never forget the one time we did lose the Washington, but we was coming back. We may have been coming back from, from DC and there was a little noise on the plane. Boy, Jimmy went off. He came back there, went off. He had just got done watching the live feed. Dude.

He came back there, man. And, and, and, uh, Robert, I mean, everybody, everybody here is on the block. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know your name, but everybody, everybody here shut up and shut down.

You said another word. I'm gonna cut you before the plane lands. We sit back there like this.

Damn. So you get the four quarters like, Hey, what y'all going to do now? We talking like, you either whoop these jokers or we going to deal with that joker.

Let's go. And, and it was always easy to whoop their ass. Exactly.

You know, it's one of those things where you wear to go outside and whoop somebody behind and then come back to the house and say, mama, we did what we needed to do. Can we get something to eat now? It was funny, man. It was serious.

Yeah. And that's the problem, honestly, if you don't hate losing to that degree and sometimes you got to help instill that in people, I keep talking about Dallas Cowboys have enough skill it's about the wheel and that's what's killing them. They don't want it like they should want it and you can't win it unless you want it so badly. That's just when you want something so badly, you're willing to make whatever sacrifices you need to make personally to make it work for everybody. Because once you do that, you learn a lot about who you are and not only who you are, but what you have the potential to become. Then you see that whole process come together, then there's nothing like it. Because once you reap the rewards of it, it's like, man, this is my brother's keeper.

Like Prime said, that phone rang, he's picking up. You don't have that kind of relationship without having a true relationship with somebody that you care about and that you've been in the trenches with, that you can learn from and trust. Because I'm entrusting my career in his hands and he's entrusting what he does into my hands. My job was to make sure that Troy stayed upright and then if it was cover two, I need to run the ass out of cover two.

If it's cover three. Right, right, right, right. And literally when we say trust, because there were games, man, I remember we were playing Washington and I hurt my ribs. And Emmett would say, just stay out there. I said, man, I could barely breathe.

He said, they don't know that. Just stay out there. That's what you told me. You just keep the safety out there and I'll run. And they told me the same thing.

In the New York game, when he hurt his shoulder and I'm like, dude, we need this game for the buy. And he's in there, can't go no more. I said, they don't know that. Just stand back. So they can blow the box, I'll catch the pass. They don't know that you stay in your box. And they weren't supposed to give me the ball anyway. They lied to me.

Right. They handed the ball. Kept handing it to me. But you kept telling me.

No, here's the philosophy. The greatest game I've ever seen, I remember going to him in the locker room and grabbing him and crying. I said, dude, you gave us something. He was like, I said, dude, you gave us something. He said, Michael. I said, man, no, man. He said, Michael, my shoulder, man. Get off my shoulder. I said, oh, my God. You thought he was crying with you, but instead you were crying with your shoulder. It was funny, man.

We had some moments. So then how do you get the philosophy? How do you instill that philosophy? See, if you don't have it initially, there's some people that got it. Yeah, naturally.

And it has it. I mean, Kobe getting the statue today. You think somebody had to instill this in Kobe? Kobe want to whoop your butt at any and everything. You know what I mean?

Kobe Bryant from the Lakers. That's what makes him great. If I can't, if I can't, something has it, but everybody doesn't. But the ones that don't, I need a coach to help instill it. See, Jimmy had guys that had it, but when Jimmy used to give pre-game, pre-practice speech, we're like, Coach, we don't got to get pick all these pre-practice speeches all the time. We're wasting time.

Let's get to it. Coach said, I ain't talking for you or him in a tour. I ain't talking them. I don't need to talk to you, Joker. But what about the fifth or third dude?

I need to get that Joker ready to practice, you know? So he was always working the bottom up. The bottom up. We're going back to the bottom again. We started from the bottom up.

Now we're here. Yeah, he was always working the bottom up. Well, the interesting thing is the game in Germany that I was calling between the Chiefs and the Dolphins, the Chiefs had just lost in Denver. And it was Mahomes' first division road loss. He'd not really lost at all in division, actually.

He's won at pretty much every division game. And the Chiefs came in that week and we heard that they had one of the toughest weeks of practices and they felt like they had just lost the Super Bowl. And when you hear that, and now I'm hearing what you're talking about, and we're potentially watching a dynasty in the making this Sunday if they win, right? You could even make a case that we're watching it already being built even if the Chiefs lose this Sunday. I'm kind of putting it all together that there's a certain difference, you know, that it takes to do what you accomplished and what the Chiefs are on the verge of accomplishing, you know?

That's what I'm thinking. It definitely takes a difference. It takes the, and Michael touched on it, the will to want to be different.

And if you're not in that vein, then you're not working towards the ultimate goal of becoming a champion anyway. The will to be different requires you not only to seek out wisdom and understanding how to prepare yourself, how to train and everything else, I had to learn some of these things myself as a true rookie in terms of how Michael worked out. Michael was one of those slick jokers that worked out with the team, then come back later on in the evening and work out by himself. Yeah, he was a little similar.

He was a little similar. Yeah. Just to give myself a little edge.

I asked the question, why did he do that? He told me I needed to have an edge on my opponent. So I'm like, okay, I get it. That makes some sense. I need to do the same thing. I need to get myself ready so I can run and carry the ball 25, 30, 40 times a game.

So I started doing extra stuff as well, watching the workout in the weight room, doing a single leg squats with Mike Baworsik and everything else, and just concentrating on single leg movements and isolating both legs and getting them both strong. I had to figure that out. So wisdom is sought after. You seek after wisdom so you can have an understanding of how you need to prepare yourself. Young kids these days, they already know it. They already know it. They don't seek wisdom.

Not from people that really care for them. It's some beautiful thing they shoot for Instagram. Some little motion they do for Instagram, I'm like, yeah, come on, man. Get out of here with that. Let's go get some real work here. Go run some real routes.

Get some real work here. And don't even start running routes to after you've conditioned. So you're training now for the fourth quarter. Each of them want to get out here and start running routes right away. Like you ain't going to be that fresh. Come on, man. Prepare for the fourth quarter when the game's on the line. That's the difference.

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We talk about celebrities all the time. They're the most talked about ones, but when you start talking about the everyday normal person that walk around, we're losing lives left and right. This is one way that we're trying to help people by spreading awareness so you can have it in your house, in your car, in your gym bag, wherever, in your first aid kit, et cetera. So that's what I'm doing, Narcan and Emergent.

You can find the Narcan nasal spray on Amazon and in retailers nationwide, and you can visit for more information. Yeah, it is. Thank you, Rich. You're a professional. That's what it is.

The pro, the best of the best. Listen, there may be an I in Rich and Eisen, but there's three Is in Michael and Irvin. I know, I know how this works. I got two Is.

I know that. That's it. Let's get it together and we've got one more than Michael.

I'd like to take a break, come back, and I've just cleared it with everybody in your groups that you can stay for one more segment. We'll talk about the Super Bowl. Let's talk about this here. Let's do that. Absolutely.

In Las Vegas. That's right. You're my last gig of the day anyway. Okay, good. So why not? We'll drink what we had.

A drink of tequila would be fun. That's right. Well, you know. I didn't bring it today. I'll be back out tomorrow. Emmett Nerve back again before Charles Woodson stops by with his spirits and Kurt Warner.

That's how we're rolling today with a what's more likely before we go out the door. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, a couple more minutes until our radio audience returns here on our Roku Channel feed. I got Emmett and I got Irv here together. Deon was just here as well. That's great. When he came, that just changed. What changed?

Anything change? Obviously, he'd already won, but you know. What it did though, it freed up our defense. Think about it. We had Deon on one side, Charles Haley on the other side.

Deon chopping off half the field, Charles Haley chopping off the other half the field. So you had guys that were just crazy. Yeah. Yeah.

And you know what? They did they think. They did they think consistently week in and week out and we didn't have to stress over it because we knew what they were bringing to the table.

And so all we had to do is just do our part and finish games. I know Deon told me a couple times that he called himself a five down player. I'm like, what do you mean by that? And he goes, three downs on defense, one on special teams, one on offense, right?

You know, like five down player. I'm like, okay, sounds good. He is as talented a guy as you would ever meet and listen, getting Deon to come over, you know, I was recruiting him heavy after all of the championship stuff, man, to bring him over. It was so perfect. When we got Deon, it was all perfect, because, you know, we were already Hollywood anyway. You know, Deon came and got a hold and attached to that and it was just great stuff. I'm going to tell you, because people don't give these guys enough credit.

We talked, Rich, just like you said about their talent. These are two very smart football players, smart dudes that have changed game, changed the game. Deon, I remember going up against Deon and then the first time because I was trying to bully him at the line of scrimmage. He's the first DB that said, okay, he put a leg back, one foot back. If I've got you in position with both legs, you're standing parallel, I'm in a running position, I know I can run through you, because the laws of inertia says any object hitting the same object, giving them the same weight, the size should move the object. I'm bigger than Deon, I'm going to hit him, bam, and go through him. Deon, after feeling my weight a couple times, said, wait a minute, and he put them legs back and now I said, ooh, that battle just changed, because now force meets force. Little things like that, you'll see DBs pick it up. Deon started all of that.

So yeah, he's a brilliant, brilliant player, but he also was a technician in his game. All of that baiting, he let you think you won. He did it to me in college. I beat him on an out and up. Dude, this dude was a beat. I mean, I said, oh, I got him, and the ball was in the air, I said, come on, ball, stop messing around. The joker ran the ball down, pushed me down, caught the ball, and was running the other way.

That's when I knew I was dealing with something different, man. He's a brilliant dude, man. He's smart. Charles Hayley, the same way. Yeah, smart football player.

The same way. You don't think it crazy. Crazy is I don't know what. I mean, literally crazy, but real smart with a game of football. One of my favorite moments, and by the way, we're back on our radio with Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith. One of my favorite moments working together with you and Deon on the set of NFL Network was when at one point it was brought up, the NFC Championship game. Was it pass interference or not on this very photograph that we have here up on the screen? Was this passing? And he's like, you were like arm bar, there's an arm bar, and he's like, no, I was breaking up the pass. The two of you spent whatever, Emmitt, the rundown blew up.

The rundown blew up because it was on. Deon don't even let me talk about it anymore. I ain't talking about no more, Mike. Let it go, Mike.

Let it go, let it go. It's over, it's over, it's over. That's pass interference today. Every day. That's pass interference today. Every day. That's pass interference today.

That day, this day, the next day, the days before that, and the days after this. All of it was pass interference. Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith here on the Rich Eisen Show. All right, Super Bowl 58 is going to come down to what, Emmitt?

What do you have for me? I think it's going to come down to McCaffrey having a total yardage of about 125, 130. You think he'll have that, Irv? You think McCaffrey is going to have 130? He didn't get the MVP. They'll win, he'll get the MVP, no doubt. If he has that.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But he'll have those opportunities. He's going to have those opportunities. He'll have those opportunities. I don't care if it's in the air or on the ground.

Well, first of all, some of it's going to be on the ground. You're not getting into, let's take Brock Burdie and let him out pass. Patrick Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes. You're not getting there.

You're going to be a fool to do that. So now you're going to come back and say, let's run this football, and the babysitter can get the little baby the MVP. You see what I mean? And that's a great story when your babysitter can help you. I think that's a great story. I love Kyle Shanahan, and I think that's just a phenomenal, phenomenal story. So yeah, I think McCaffrey will have that, and I think if they win the game, he certainly should get that. Yeah, and Deebo, don't think he's going to do it by himself, but the beautiful thing about what I love about the 49ers is that they run a variety of formations, and in each formation, there's a variety of run plays, and they're all interchangeable, whether it's McCaffrey in the backfield or Deebo in the backfield, or McCaffrey out wide and Deebo in the backfield running, doing motions and everything else, they are creating matchup issues for everyone. And one thing I know about McCaffrey, you got to match up that linebacker, and that linebacker got to be able to run with him.

And out on the island, I'm going with him all day. All right, what's going to be great too, Rich Ocho on the other side, watching that Travis Kelsey Fred Warner fight, that's going to be a great battle. I think the greatest battle of all is on the sideline. Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan, though, I guarantee you, I guarantee you, you're going to see something, some design, something fresh, something new that comes in from each offense, that's each one of them toting a feather to the other, saying, look at me here, look at me here.

They're brilliant, brilliant men at what they do. I can see Kansas City and Travis Kelsey running in this direction, and him turning around and then going back the opposite direction, and the ball being thrown on the other side already. I can see that happening. I can see that happening. I can see Travis Kelsey even catching a pass and looking to throw to somebody else.

They're going to do something, they're going to do something that's outlandish. If Travis Kelsey is a tight end option pass, I will remember this moment for the rest of my life. That actually happens, you know what I'm saying? Or if he has to make a Kadarius Toney type play to win this Super Bowl. That's what I'm saying. That's what he's also talking about. The Kadarius Toney way, he threw the ball back there, Toney was offsides, he scored touchdown, but he was offsides. You know what I mean? So he may pull off his, of course, Kadarius ain't really been back on the football field.

He's going to have to throw it, maybe to receive rights to somebody, because Kadarius just hadn't been able to get back on the field. You know, he came out and said there's nothing wrong with him. No, no, there's something wrong with you. You kept dropping the damn ball, that's what's wrong with you. That's why you're not playing. Like, no, I'm helping, man. I don't know what they're talking about.

Oh, we know what they're talking about. You ain't healthy. You got bad hands, that's a sickness that you can't get on the field with. We got to keep you off the field.

Bad hands don't work. If your job is wide receiver, that's occupational hazard. That's what we call it, right? That's what they call that.

But I like Kadarius. Throw me the ball, Coach, throw me the ball. You can't win. So are you taking the honors? I'm trying to pick up what you're putting down. You are? Yes. You are. The trophy is the NFC team, and we need to get the trophy back on our side. That's all.

Although the Chiefs are originally from Dallas, I'm taking the 9. You know what? Boy, you're really getting it now. You get in this business somehow, some way to make sure you win. That's pretty good right there, what you just did. You win on Dallas, and you win on the NFC.

That's pretty good. So I know we're going to be doing this for eight and a half hours on Sunday, Michael, on NFL Network, and you'll be asked what you're saying. But I'm conflicted on who wins this game, because of what I always talk about.

There's a difference. I believe the 49ers have the skill, but I believe it's hard to match that will of Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and what they do over there. And they perpetuated it and instilled it in others, man. The way they came out in that Baltimore game set the whole stage. They tossing around, just been talking stuff, get out of here, you know. We coming in here to bully, and then they did that first half. So boy, that will is different. I don't know.

I'm really conflicted on it. Skill or will, which is most important. Here's the will for the 49ers though. We saw what they did to the Cowboys in week three. And we also saw them bouncing back last time, I mean, in the NFC Championship game. That will, both games, so that team is built to withstand a whole lot. And that defense, I love that defense. They got Trey on one side, and they got Bose on the opposite side. Neither one of them had a great game in the NFC Championship game.

Neither one of them. But you put them boys out there, they play hard. I like their defense.

It is game, yeah. It's going to be a good game. But the thing that I think will separate the Chiefs from the Niners is going to be the experience of the Chiefs and the inexperience of the Niners. How they prepare right now leading up to this game, will they exert more energy leading up to the game?

Or will they wait and let that energy crescendo the day of the game? And I thought it was interesting that Patrick Mahomes said to all his guys, listen, let's not try to hit Las Vegas, let's focus on winning and I'll bring everybody back out here. You know what I mean? I mean, that was smart.

Very smart. But why did he feel he needed to say that? There are two sides to it. Maybe he heard some rumblings about, boy, we're going to hit that here man hand. And he tries to bring them back home, you know.

But boy, I can't wait to see it. Because what he's telling you is him and Travis Kelce ain't going to let this get away like that. They're doing everything they can. Which is a tribute to the quality of leadership. That's on that team. Which is why when you guys were talking about earlier before that if you either have the desire and the hatred of losing or you do not, and if you haven't been through the crucible of losing, you got to have a coach that puts it in, and remember that coach went to Washington, tried to put it in him, and tried to coach him hard and put winning in him and they puked it back.

Boy, we don't want that coach, we don't want that. They regurgitated it and complained and everything. You can't complain your way to greatness. You got to put in the work to go ahead. And you got to go through it. You got to go through it. You cannot avoid it one way or you got to go through it. for more information on what Emmett is talking about through Emergent Solutions to tackle the stigma around opioid use and accidental overdose through the rescue campaign.

Nasal sprays available on Amazon and in retailers nationwide. Nerve and I, our pregame show started 10 minutes ago, so we've got that going on. Our number three, Charles Woodson is going to join us here in studio as will Kurt Warner. Our number two here from Vegas is in the books.

We're still here on Roku for about another minute plus. Can you pop that photograph up one more time of Jimmy? Just leaning in to you two guys and you're just loving it. And look at it, look at like the presidential quarterback back there just like because he was perfect. And he's smiling, looking at you guys do your thing. And he's just sitting back there because he was really influential in making this happen.

I was about to say this recently, let me tell you something, man, you got about a minute plus the love that those who share right there, and especially they just start great. But where they are today and the love they have, I just that wouldn't have happened without Troy. I'm going to tell you right now, there are things Troy did that would not have happened without Troy.

And I, you know, I just love him for it. And Troy doesn't talk about that. No, he shouldn't. And he won't. And he won't talk about it.

And he won't. But trust me, we know, we know, we know there's no way that happens without Troy. And I just, again, I just love how he leaned into the two of you guys.

He knew exactly where to fall when he stuck the landing on his speech with that. How about them Cowboys one more time. I it's truly one of my favorite pictures of the football season right up there. And I know you were psyched to be there and what a big, what a game that was against Detroit, which almost made it here, obviously, then we got a big, great, well, thanks for coming here, guys. Thank you, guys. I cherish it.

I cherish it. That's for sure. That's Emmett. That's Michael.

Again, Michael's going to be on NFL network and 88, 22. Oh, yeah. You're dap it up right there on the rich eyes and show Charles Woodson's coming up next. And here's Lil Yachty with Tierra Whack. I've never been to a fashion show.

I never did any pairs fashion week, New York fashion week. And I'll tell you why. I would always go to events and people would say to me, Oh, man, Yachty, man, I love your music, bro. And I should be like, what song? I didn't even at the time, I didn't love my music. I always feel like I'm in a room with all these artists and they all respect each other. And I feel like no one respects me. Rolling Stone music now, wherever you listen.
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