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Mitchell Schwartz: Chiefs are impressive and a little surprising

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 29, 2024 3:23 pm

Mitchell Schwartz: Chiefs are impressive and a little surprising

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 29, 2024 3:23 pm

Rich recaps the wildest moments from the Kansas City Chiefs vs Baltimore Ravens AFC Championship Game, and the Detroit Lions vs San Francisco 49ers NFC Championship Game. 

Former Chiefs All-Pro OT Mitchell Schwartz and Rich discuss Kansas City’s return to the Super Bowl, how Travis Kelce went from immature hothead to future Hall of Famer, and what Patrick Mahomes can prove with a 3rd Super Bowl title.

Rich and the guys debate if Chiefs TE Travis Kelce has surpassed 49ers Hall of Famer Jerry Rice as the G.0.A.T. receiver in NFL postseason history, and put to bed the much-debated conspiracy theory about the colors in the Super Bowl LVIII logo determining which teams would play for the Lombardi Trophy this season.

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Learn more at slash credit card limitations apply. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Every single person I mentioned won a championship in their careers. The Rich Eisen Show. That's what the legacy is at stake for Lamar Jackson, Mr. Not Quarterback enough.

I felt like if we wouldn't take the ball over, we definitely would have had a shot. The NFC Championship game will forever be remembered for the decisions that Dan Campbell made in the second half. Just crushing the Rich Eisen Show earlier on the show. Two time Super Bowl champion and Greenlight podcast host Chris Long.

Still to come, Super Bowl champion, offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three, the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Eight four four two oh four. Rich numbered a dollar hit on all four teams. And that's all that played on Championship Sunday.

So I'm out of teams and I mean, what a great way to start our number three of our program. Thanks for listening, everybody. Thanks for everybody listening. We started about how Brock Purdy isn't going to get a lot of attention paid to his performance because of Dan Campbell's decision making.

Everyone's going to lay it at his feet. Well, somebody had to take that door slightly ajar and jam it, you know, fly straight open. And so there's that we've got. That was the top of our number two. We just hit the Ravens. I don't understand how they only ran it six times at running backs.

I just don't get it. I don't know how that happened, but it did. And the Chiefs are just the champions of the AFC again, making a Super Bowl now for the fourth time in five years. The only other teams to do that were New England. Back in Brady's final throws there as the quarterback, it wasn't in his early days, that was three out of four.

This is four out of five. Those are the years that Brady shocked the Falcons, lost to the Eagles, wound up and beat the Rams and also beat the Chiefs, beat the Chiefs. Yeah, yeah, I thought the Patriots may have done the bills, did it four years in a row.

So that's how you do four to five years. Unreal, man, what the Patriots did back in the day and the fact that we're comparing the Chiefs to them just shows you how dynastic they are. And Mitchell Schwartz, who is part of those Chiefs runs of a great play on that offensive line, is going to be joining us in about 18 minutes time for his two cents on it. Jeff and Detroit, let's give you your hug. What's up, Jeff? Jeff, I know, but you there, Jeff? I swear to God, I just got out the bed.

I just got out of the bed from 10 o'clock last night. I'm going to tell you like this. I'll roll with the punches. I'll take this any day because Lions fans are usually done sometime around the end of the season. And this was a beautiful run. It just hurts so bad because I see people celebrating and going to Las Vegas and my homeboy has the crib down there. Come on, we get we were getting plans together like Chris said. It's just it really, really hurts because my entire city was up. You've never seen a city up like this when the Pistons won, when Michigan won, nobody, because so many Lions fans have been waiting for this for so long. We live by Dan Campbell.

We die by Dan Campbell. I wish you would have took the points. I'm still sick about it today. It feels like you wake up and you realize your girlfriend broke up with you, wake up the next day.

She's still gone. It's just it's that feeling in the pit of my stomach right now that has me. I cry. I'm not going to lie. I shed it a couple of tears because it was right there. You saw it. You tasted it.

I was thinking about I mean, and as far as your question goes. Which would I rather have done, got blown out or lost to how we lost? We did Detroit Lions. We Detroit.

Give us the way that we lost any day and two times on Sunday, because guess what? We know what it is. We we're going to try to get back here, you know, and we had never experienced that before. So this ride was just spectacular.

It really was. It's just it just hurts as good as it felt. It's bad as it hurts right now.

I feel like the reverse of the turns on Iowa on the flip side of that right about now. Well, we knew one of our favorites would would be bummed today. And unfortunately, it's you, Jeff. But thanks for the call here. We gave you the hug, the Rich Eisen Show hug, you know, and then tap tap.

And did you really cut him off? Wow. I can't believe you quick fingered Jeff on the worst day of his. Unbelievable, man. Wow.

Football year. And you just hung up on the man. Wow.

I thought we were done. Mike, you need to personally call Jeff. I will text off air.

I have like an hour. So you're sorry. Unbelievable. Who's on line three? I can't see the name. Who's that? Is it Mr.? What do we got there? Mr. T?

We have right there. Meister, Mr. from Puerto Rico. You're on the Rich Eisen Show. Hello. Yes. Thank you. Hello. Yeah. What's your name? Yeah, Mr.

I'm from San Francisco, but I live in Puerto Rico. I just wanted to say what's up to the guys, the rest of the blue and hardball, of course. And congrats on being an award winner or award finalist for the sports podcast group for the overreaction Monday. And I hope you guys win it.

But I just want to point out two quick things that, you know, everybody wants to associate. I catch that 51 yard catch with luck, whereas I think that it should be more associated with more of an Edelman type concentration play because I use hand without stretched and blocked the defenders point of view, which then caused it to bounce off that face mask. And then the concentration and wherewithal to come up with a big play in a big moment means more than the luck that should be pointed out. And the second thing is just simply we know that Mahomes is going to be the best ever. And he's the only person who will ever come close to Tom Brady's elegance, everything, winning everything. But he does it better. But he's not going to win every year. And, Rich, you just said last hour, it's a narrative driven league and I'm sorry, but Disney call him up, write the right. If we have the two wins coming back, the comeback critics can't talk. And then if Brock Purdy beats Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl, he does it doesn't mean he's the best in the league.

It means that he is a winner and the criticism needs to go away. I'm with you. Take it where it goes. Well, thanks for the call.

Really appreciate it. There we go. There's Mr. in Puerto Rico. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. With a trick up his sleeve.

Great band. So is he saying you're when he lives down there? I don't know. I don't know. All right. I've got a top five list. Are you ready for everyone to hit this?

I appreciate everybody getting excited about this. It's top five championship game moments. Hit it by one, two, three, four and five.

Riches top five. All right, everybody ready? Here we go.

I need some of that music to get me in roll here. Number five on this. It's very rare to see a stat line where the quarterback has not only thrown a pass. He's not only run the ball, but he's also caught the ball. And it's very rare to see in a play by play sheet anything that reads Lamar Jackson pass received by Lamar Jackson. Thirteen yard play.

It's kind of like allow myself to introduce myself. Lamar Jackson's 13 yard tip drill is number five on this list. Number five. Well, I mean, wait till you see. OK, listen, it was bananas. I mean, it was something else. And outside of the touchdown drive, it was site for sore eyes because after they scored the touchdown and then the Chiefs took the lead and then Lamar had a sack fumble.

And then back they came and man, they needed it and they didn't get anything more than just the seven from that second drive of the game. So this is just an oddity. Let's just put it that way. That's number five on the list.

Number four on the list is above this, believe it or not. When a quarterback takes nine seconds to throw the ball and I'm shorting it, it was like nine and change. But Patrick Mahomes in this game, when it was tied at seven apiece and the Ravens had just scored. And it's it's a play that the Chiefs needed, because if it wasn't going to be caught, it was going to be a Butker field goal.

And it would just be a ten seven game. And the Ravens defense would feel like they just got off the field and stopped Mahomes or at least improved on their first defensive possession where it was a touchdown. Instead, Mahomes runs around for nine full seconds and then flips it up to Travis Kelce somehow like a duck in the air. It looked like it could have been shot down if it was Skeet and Mahomes flips it up to her. Only Kelce can get it.

You thought like there's no way he's going to get it. And then he did. That was one of the most remarkable moments of the day because it kept the drive alive and then it wound up being a 16 play drive that put the Chiefs up for what wound up being for good. Fourteen seven was the score after that drive. That's number four on this list. Number three, it's kind of a collection of moments because you could have made three different moments from the subject heading of Dan Gamble. Like that's that's it. Dan Gamble is the nickname here that we know when Dan Campbell decides to go for it, when the rest of us think that's a little nutty.

And then the analytics say you should go for it. But the moments on fourth and two when they're up 14 instead of taking that 17 point lead again, seven minutes and change in the third quarter or down three now, fourth and three from the 30 yard line with just seven something to go in the whole shooting match instead of going for the tie, he goes for it again. And then running the ball on third and goal when you need to reserve every time out you have and then not getting it, which led to what we all know is a try on fourth down that did work that led to an onside kick. All of those moments together are something that Lions fans will be talking about. And it will be of note when I think he steps to the stage two Thursdays from now in Las Vegas and collects the Coach of the Year award. You really think he's going to win? I do. I do. So that's number three on the list, but I don't know.

I don't have a vote, although some people are very upset with the way I'm thinking of voting, or at least I said I was going to vote for certain awards. Number two, right here on my top five moments list for Championship Sunday is the first play of the fourth quarter. It was the Zay Flowers fumble, and this was essentially it because it looked like he was scoring when Lamar Jackson found Zay Flowers streaking across the middle and Le'Jarius Snead trailing in coverage. It looked like he's about to get right in the end zone and he leaps for the end zone instead of, I guess, running through the goal line. I know there was contact going to be there, but Le'Jarius Snead with the play of his life, knocking the ball loose just before Zay Flowers crossed the goal line. It was a great call in the real time by the officials and took all of about five seconds to have it confirmed. And when the Chiefs recovered in the end zone, that was basically it. You could sense it. All the air came out of the building, even with it being just the first play of the fourth quarter. It looked like the comeback was about to start for the Ravens or at least to make things uncomfortable for the Chiefs. But that was number one. Number two, number one, the number one championship game moment from Championship Sunday of this remarkable football season.

I'm trying to I don't know if this nickname is going to fit, but as you know, I always try to nickname it. The ayuk oop is the way I'll call it. Ball up in the air after Dan Campbell makes the decision to go forward on fourth down instead of making it a 17 point game. They do not get it. And the Niners cash it in with a deep throw down the middle of the field. Picture Kendall Vildor of the Lions has the ball encircled in his arms.

Shout out to this photographer and this still photograph. It's unreal that this winds up being a 51 yard grab for the guy in red rather than the lion clad individual who seems to have the ball ready to catch. It changed everything. The momentum flipped. It was an opportunity for the Niners fans to get out of their seats for the first time, pretty much since McCaffrey scored in the first half.

It was dead quiet in that building. All my Lions friends who were in the building were texting me like it's a librarian here. It's unbelievable what's happening here. Eminem's flipping birds to everybody that's trying to talk to him. And so this was the moment that changed everything and probably gave the Lions fans their first stomach drop of the day to go, uh oh, is this really going to happen to us up 14 on this day when we were up 17?

And the answer turned out to be yes, as we know. And those are my top five moments of Championship Sunday right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Want to hit it, Mike?

Is this what you normally do? You think we need one more? Especially when we're going to Las Vegas. I was like, it's coming, right? Especially when we're going to Vegas.

We're going to have another one, yeah? That one more, as we all know, was necessary to pull off the Vegas heist. Brock Purdy's Magic Legs. Three scrambles for Brock Purdy. All of them for first downs.

All of them were huge. One of them was on the drive that led to the game-tying touchdown on 2nd and 11, a 21-yard drive that got them inside the 5-yard line. From outside the red zone a second time, a 2nd and 6 scramble with the game tied at Detroit went from the Detroit 23 to the Detroit 13, it led to the go-ahead field goal. And then when Dan gambled and did not go for the game-tyer and it left the Niners an opportunity to take a 2-score lead on a 3rd and 4 from the middle of the field, he scrambled 21 yards. And that led to the touchdown that eventually was the game-winner. Every single time Brock Purdy took off with his legs, it was a first down.

And then his fourth run of the game, quote-unquote, was a minus 3 yarder that we're not mentioning, except for the fact that it was in a victory formation last play of the game that sent them to the Super Bowl, largely in part of the way Brock Purdy played. And those are my moments of Championship Weekend. Hey, and Game Time wants to let you know you can get your big game tickets through them.

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. We'll be back with Mitchell Schwartz to tell us what he thinks of the Chiefs run in a moment. America starts the day with America in the morning. Hi, I'm John Trout, your host for the latest news, politics, entertainment, business and weather.

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For Meg, I mean, Washington. I'm Jennifer King. I'm Clayton. I'm Kevin Carr. I'm Archie Zaraleta. Concise, accurate and fresh each day. America in the morning, the podcast available wherever you listen on the Bigger Pockets real estate podcast.

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I've done half as many as you. It is more about strategy than it is about just finding whatever the new buzzword happens to be. Bigger Pockets real estate podcast on YouTube or wherever you listen. We're back here on the Rich Eisen show, eight four four two oh four rich number to dial as soon as the radio audience returns, that's when we'll welcome in Mitchell Schwartz, longtime NFL veteran of the Kansas City Chiefs. And I know what better way or better to turn to to say, what do you think of this and this being the Chiefs turning into a dynasty? It's basically what it's it's straight up.

That's what it is. I mean, Andy Reid as well. I mean, I don't get himself. I don't get the read like might retire talk.

I'm really following that. I want to think I think it's just, you know, what? Why would anybody like why would Kelsey retire? Well, unless they just they're tired unless they just don't want to do it.

Because it is such a lifestyle that they're they don't want to live anymore. I get I would understand that. But Kelsey, I understand more than Andy Reid. I don't know, maybe he wants to travel with his grandkids, who knows? So Belichick, she says that was this real. I can't imagine that would be it. By any stretch of the imagination, he Andy looks engaged, he looks I mean, he looks the same, I know, but Adam Schefter is talking about is he really he's going to think about it, and it depends this that it's just like, wait, what?

Where is this coming from? What better way to to go out and back to back to Andy Reid coaches another five years, he's going to have the all time wins record. He win another Super Bowl or two. It's really unbelievable. He's now one behind, he's tied Tom Landry for most Super Bowl appearances, one behind Shula.

He's fourth in regular season wins, second in playoff wins, tied for third with conference championship wins, and the only other coach in NFL history to win 25 or more playoff games is named Bill Belichick. That's it. That's it. Andy Reid putting himself in completely rarified air, to say the least, back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call We'll just stop by. He's a Super Bowl winner with the Kansas City Chiefs, longtime veteran. Let's get him back on the program. Mitchell Schwartz back here on the show. How are you doing, Mitchell? I'm good. It's a good morning to be a Chiefs fan.

I bet it is. I mean, what are you thinking of when you see what they did yesterday, Mitchell? It's impressive. It's, from my eyes, a little bit surprising, just given the gravity of where we were, you know, basically a month ago, and that loss after the Raiders game, and what looked like kind of the bottom of the Pat Mahomes and Andy Reid tenure together, and then all of a sudden, five weeks later, you, you know, beat a pretty good team in a, you know, very cold night.

You go on the road, you beat, you know, semi rival, then you go to what everyone knows was the best team in the NFL throughout the course of the season. And I think you play really well, really physical and, you know, control that whole game. So it's impressive. And, you know, we're going to keep writing stories about these guys. And it's been fun to watch. Well, I mean, but you know, these guys pretty well inside and out.

So I'll be straight up. I'm kind of surprised you would use the word surprised because most, you know, Chiefs I know are like, yeah, this is, this is part and parcel of these guys who, who won't take no for an answer, you know? So the, so the mindset and the mentality, not surprising at all. I was getting into it with Baltimore fans a little bit throughout the last couple of days, they're saying that even though Baltimore is not like outright talking smack, what they're saying is still going to be perceived as smack talk from Kansas city. And with the way Pat internalizes things with the way this team operates, that's going to be seen as session is going to be taken as such.

So, you know, we'd see all these grades throughout history, creating things to keep themselves motivated to want that little extra bit of edge going into a game. I knew Kansas city would come up with that mentality. We saw the Justin Tucker kerfuffle before the game.

Again, not surprising. I just didn't think from the big picture perspective, the way the team had played that they could beat three straight, you know, good to great teams in the course of the playoffs do it with no bye week. I guess they had the buy in week 18, a quasi by, but they were a team that made mistakes every single game. And even the Buffalo game, the Nicole fumble, like there are mistakes throughout the course of a game. And Baltimore felt like the most well-rounded team they're facing this year at their place. That if you make one or two of those critical mistakes, those turn into game breaking mistakes, but that didn't happen.

The team came out physical that came out fast and they dictated the game from, from the beginning. So that part wasn't surprising, but the lack of the mistakes catching up to the chiefs was a little bit of a surprising part for me. So let's just, uh, I want to pull on the, that string that you kind of dangled out there a little bit about my homes being Jordan, like in, in internalizing or taking in what really isn't a slight and perceive it as such to stoke a flame. You got a good example of that from your playing days with my homes, Mitchell, where you saw it.

Well, the, the interesting thing is that you don't see it all the time. I think he keeps that so internal, but even with his teammates, even with his teammates, he keeps it internal. Well, you hear stuff throughout the week, like, you know, Hey, you know, they're saying this or they're saying that, but there wasn't really anything too egregious where you felt like it's kind of feels like a reach there. I don't know where he's going, but I think when you see it, you know, you see the finger counting for the Trubisky pick when we were playing, uh, Chicago, that surprised me. I didn't expect him to like, feel like he felt the need to say, Hey, I was way better than this guy in the draft.

You picked me 10th. Uh, you know, we saw last week against Buffalo, the players kind of driven back a little bit about that good luck comment. Um, so if you kind of follow the team close enough, you can see snippets of it here or there. He's not as outward with it as some guys are, but throughout the course of a week, the team is talking to each other. And you're all saying like, Hey, do you hear what this guy said?

Hey, Baltimore saying this, like, we got to defend ourselves. I think coach Reed doesn't often go to that measure, but every now and again, if a team does say something or he sees something out there in the media world, he will say like, you know, Hey, this is what is being said about you guys to kind of use that as some motivation. So it's a, you know, Pat, coach Travis guys that use that as fuel internally.

They don't necessarily pull on that often, but when they do, uh, it tends to work out pretty good. Have you ever been the one to tell my home something from the outside world that you, you, you knew was stoke a flame or anything like that? Not necessarily from that perspective. I feel like he's because he's such a fan of sports and I think we've seen that in terms of like his interactions and on social media and he loves to go to basketball games and all that other stuff. I think he just is maybe more online than people realize and can see stuff that floats through more than people realize.

So it wasn't that I had to go to him and say like, Hey, did you see these guys said this thing? He, for the most part has seen all of that. Um, you know, he's not a guy that says, Oh, I don't look at stuff or I don't do this. Like he, I don't think he really gets asked about it. It's just, um, you know, he's someone that's so aware of the sports world in general because he's a sports fan. I don't know how he could live his life loving all those other things and then not also hear stuff about him in particular because he's so out there.

So plugged in. So he must have been aware of all the narratives about, um, the pass catchers on his team, letting them down. Right. And I mean, I had Rashee Rice on the program last week, Mitchell, and he's like, yeah, we didn't really talk about that in the, in the receiver room. I kind of try to chip away at that, but, um, um, he said they, they don't, they don't talk about it, but I'm sure that had, that had to have gotten back to the team.

Oh, it did. There's, there's a clip of MVS being asked about, you know, what's it been like to kind of work through this and the narrative that's out there. And he kind of put it back on the reporter and said, what are you talking about? You know, he didn't want a vague question. He wanted the person to say like, what are you specifically trying to ask me right now?

So those guys know that exists. I think the cool thing that we've seen, especially these past two weeks, the MVS making huge catches is Pat, maybe during the course of the season, lost trust in guys in certain spots or trust in the rhythm of the offense, but whatever it was after that Raiders game, he seemed to have recommitted to, I'm going to do my job. I'm going to throw it to where they're supposed to be, and they're going to do their job. And everyone just kind of recommitted to the fundamentals of, I mean, it sounds bell checking obviously, but I'm just going to do what I'm supposed to do.

I'm not going to try to make a hero play. I'm not going to try to do anything that I'm not supposed to, because whenever Pat's at his best, it's within the rhythm of the offense. And then he adds a special flair on top of that, but it's not backyard football from the jump. And so there seemed to be, you know, kind of that recommitting from the entire team.

Like, let's just strip it down to our fundamentals and the essentials and we'll build it back. And we saw that in week 17. We saw that the Miami game, Buffalo game, and you know, they are peaking at the right time.

I'm not a huge, you know, quote unquote momentum guy, but this does seem like a team, not that they're turning it on, but they have that kind of playoff focus and mentality and definitely don't want to be counted out. And it's been pretty cool to see. So what was Kelsey like when you first got to the Chiefs? Mitchell, did you arrive at the same time? Did you beat him to the team yet? No, he was there a few years before me. So he was kind of established. So I walked in there and you know, he was, he was Travis Kelsey and he's the same guy.

I'll credit him and Pat. Their lives have changed tremendously over the last decade. Obviously Travis is this year in a different way and they're still the same guys. They're incredible people.

They don't think of themselves as better than you, or there's people beneath them or things like that. They're always more than happy to share their time. I don't know if you asked Rashid about it or he talked about it, but Travis is a mentor throughout the course of the season and taking him under his wing early in the season and trying to get him up to speed.

So those guys haven't changed at all. Travis blew me away with his mental ability to conceptualize football and to see everything on the field. And I think until he met his match and Pat and the way they see the game and the way they're able to free flow, we knew how good Travis was, but we didn't necessarily know how special he was from a mental perspective. But, you know, I can remember in walkthroughs, you know, Travis and I kind of talking, making jokes and quarterbacks kind of calling the play.

Travis isn't really listening. He's off in a different world, but he's still able to like hear enough of it and get to the line and know what to do. And just like feel out football where, you know, most guys can't be somewhat distracted and also hear a play call and know where to go and the shift in the motion and the routes and all that stuff. But he has such a brilliant football mind. That was the thing that I really took to when I first got to know him. When I first got to see him is just how easily he sees football, the space. You know, he's just kind of on a savant level in terms of taking it all in and knowing where to go. Is that why he's so wide open all the time? I'm serious because the number of people that I've asked the question to, can you explain to me how Travis Kelsey is always open?

Because there's no doubt defensive coordinators, linebackers, safeties, everybody is circling 87 before they play the Chiefs and 11 targets. He caught all of them. I mean, the number of times that he's, you know, I know the Spanos has owned the Chargers.

You could say he does. You know what I mean? Like, so can you explain it to me?

Is that what you're alluding to? Yeah, it's, you know, easier to get open when you don't have to run where the route says it is on paper. He just, he feels things. He understands space. He knows that if, you know, there's a clip from earlier this year where Pat comes back to the sidelines and he's like, Travis wasn't supposed to do that. He was supposed to break outside and somehow I knew he wasn't and I just threw it to him. And they, you know, it's a touchdown. It's in the back of the end zone. He's supposed to run a corner route. And Pat knows before it happens that Travis isn't going to run the corner. He's going to take it over the middle. And they both adjust at the same time. And unless that clip came out, nobody would know that wasn't the intended route.

And these guys are doing this all the time. Travis is like Gumby out there. He just kind of floppy and moving around and loose and he finds the void and a seam and he sits down and that's he and Pat see the game the same way. It's like they're both in the booth from the top down, seeing all the space unfold. And he just has such an incredible ability to to do that. And even from, you know, when a coach reads quotes a few months ago in terms of Rishi Rice and becoming, you know, Mahomes friendly out there.

It's that understanding of where guys are, where I need to be relative to maybe what the specific route combination was supposed to be. But if this guy's playing in a certain spot and he feels space, find the space. And that is the definition of what Travis Kelsey does.

He finds the space. Well, were you there in the times when Reed kind of needed to calm Kelsey down? Were you were you there at that time before Kelsey kind of, for the lack of a better word, matured and became this grown ass man that's now, by the way, ahead of Jerry Rice in metrics on on the playoff stat sheet. Career wise, it's crazy, Mitchell. Yeah, I didn't realize how close he was to Rice. And I mean, Rice is like the revered guy in terms of statistics across the NFL and the fact that Travis has passed him now and and catch us in touchdowns is wild.

I was there, I'd say, in the middle part of Travis's career. So there was some maturity going on. And I think he we've obviously seen he likes to have fun. He likes to be himself. And one of Coach Reed's mantras is show your personality.

But you can only show your personality for so much if there's some negative sides to that personality. So there was a maturing. There was an understanding of what he meant to the team, to the franchise, how guys looked up to him. You know, I don't know that maybe in the middle of his career, years four or five and six, he really understood how much of a leader he was, even if the quarterback's always, you know, like the true leader of the team. That's the voice that you hear the most.

That's the guy who kind of resonates. And Alex Smith was great at that. Mahomes is obviously fantastic at that.

But when you're successful, as Travis is, then when you're as great of a guy and guys look up to you from the personal and football level, there's a lot on your plate responsibility wise. And guys are seeing how you act. They're seeing how you are in meetings. Are you paying attention? Are you a guy who likes to nod off?

Are you showing up on time? All those little things. And, you know, he did have a little bit of maturing to do, and he's done that exceptionally well and turned himself into a pretty awesome guy. Yeah. Mitchell Schwartz here on the Rich Eisen Show. And again, him saying that he wanted to win this past game, Kelsey, more than any game in his entire career.

It just says it says it all. You know, when you talk about being a leader and showing the way it needs to be done for the lack of better way of the chief way, right? That, yeah, you've got a couple rings in the case. You have one from your time with them. And you've been to Super Bowls the last few years with the exception of one. But you want more, you know, because more is better than what you currently have. And for everyone, there's no question it permeates.

It definitely permeates the room. And Chris Jones is another such guy, I believe, on this team. So my question for you is, here we go. It's the Niners again, right? And so how do you think that matters in any way, shape, or form before Super Bowl 58 is a rematch, Mitchell? I think it gives both teams extra motivation. Not that, you know, the counters, why do you need extra motivation in the Super Bowl?

But again, we talked about mentality-wise and kind of using everything that you can. From the Kansas City perspective, they want to show that the first Super Bowl was the way it was supposed to be. You know, obviously the 49ers felt like, you know, they were kind of controlling the game, not had the game locked up, but were in control of it in the fourth quarter, get the interception. You know, potentially if an offensive series or two goes differently, they can bleed out more clock and win the game. So Kansas City's perspective, you know, we want to show that we're still the dominant team, that we're going to beat you guys again, and that we deserve this and we own the NFL. And from San Francisco's perspective, they're trying to make amends for, you know, five years ago. They're trying to prove that this incredible team they've built, I think four conference championship appearances, now two Super Bowls in five years, that they're as good as everyone has said that they are and that they can prove it in playoffs. And in an interesting way, you could look at Kyle Shanahan's career as a coach right now and compare it pretty similarly to Andy Reid's in Philadelphia, where you look at four championship games in five years. He's now in the second Super Bowl and maybe some late game clock management stuff. Maybe there are some decisions that you'd like to take back, but everyone knows is a great coach has had a ton of success, but hasn't won the big one. And there have been some questions about, you know, how you do it in the big moments. And so, you know, they've got a lot to prove and it's going to be a really fun matchup.

All right. So what is Mahomes going to perceive as a slight here? I mean, because the next two weeks is just going to be Mahomes of Palooza. You know what I'm saying?

What could possibly be now construed as a slight, do you think? So I don't think he needs that every single time. I don't think that he needs to find one to go into a game. But the motivation is I'm going to prove that I'm the best quarterback. I'm going to prove that I'm the best guy that's ever done this through six years of my career. And, you know, there's all the talk of Mahomes and Brady and comparing the stats and comparing the first six years as a starter. And, you know, I think he just is going to want to prove himself and he's going to want to get that hardware. And, you know, he has aspirations of being the guy that everyone talks about in football lore and football history is the greatest ever do it. So if San Francisco says something that, you know, they shouldn't have said an oppressor, then I'm sure that will be used from the team perspective that, you know, hey, they think they're better than us or hey, they think this.

But going into the matchup, you know, I think he's got all that internal feel, all that internal fire to prove himself and to keep showing what he can be on historic kind of larger scale level. Love it. Mitchell, thanks for the time, man. Let's do this again. Maybe if you're free, you know, sometime early next week, you'll break down in advance of what the Super Bowl may look like between these two teams. Really appreciate it.

Absolutely. Would love to. Thanks for having me. You got it, Mitchell.

Thanks again. Mitchell Schwartz at Mitch Schwartz, 71. Go follow him. Certainly if he's going out there and telling Ravens fans, don't say that in advance.

I can't I can't get enough of just telling you. Do you think enough kids these days know who Jerry Rice is? I'm serious. Not to maybe they've heard the name. I don't know if they're doing on YouTube deep dives or anything. He's on commercials. No, I know that.

And I'm not doing this other than just try and let everyone know. No, I mean, this is a big deal. Travis Kelsey passed Jerry Rice for most catches in the history of the playoffs. Also an eight fewer games. Jerry Rice played twenty nine postseason games.

I'm not mistaken. And Kelsey just played twenty one. I mean, Edelman, who is one of the greatest playoff receivers ever. He had one hundred eighteen catches. In the playoffs, in his career.

To the point where people talk about him as a Hall of Famer, right? Correct. Correct.

All right. And then there's a debate as to whether he is or he isn't. And we're going to see him at the Super Bowl in Vegas.

He's scheduled to be one of our guests. Great. A hundred eighteen catches. Unreal. That's a lot. Right. So that's a lot, including one of the most incredible games that he had against Seattle. Right.

Without his game against Seattle. Yeah. Then Malcolm Butler doesn't mean anything. Right. Yeah. Right. And the Boston Knee Party, I believe, is a nickname we had for that catch against the Falcons. Right.

Great nickname. Better catch. Hundred eighteen catches.

Jerry Rice, one hundred fifty one in his career. Edelman was trying to catch Rice and he didn't come close. Yeah. Edelman was second in like everything. Right.

For receiving. Travis Kelsey just passed Rice. He's got one hundred fifty six. And he did it with an eleven catch game in the conference championship game. Do we understand what we're seeing here with him?

Unreal. In terms of most one hundred receiving yard games in the history of the playoffs, he's now got eight tied with Rice. You know who couldn't catch him again? Julian Edelman had six. Ty Irv, who had six. And of course, Kelsey and Mahomes now with seventeen catches together for touchdowns in the playoffs. Mahomes to Kelsey seventeen times. That's now two more than Brady and Gronk. Honestly, Montana to Rice is just going to be a long ago memory.

At some point. Now he's got if he has a four touchdown game in the Super Bowl, he'd pass Rice all time on in terms of. Kelsey needs that Super Bowl MVP that Jerry Rice and Julian Edelman have.

The only thing. Well, I mean, if Kelsey get like let's just use this game, for instance. If Kelsey gets eleven catches on eleven targets in the Super Bowl like he just had in Baltimore, would that make him the MVP of the game or they give it to Mahomes touchdown? They'd still give it to Mahomes.

I don't know. I mean, Mahomes was just kind of a ho hum performance. Twenty of twenty five in the first half for one hundred and sixty one yards. You know what I mean? He set a record for most first half completions of his career. Only had the one touchdown to Kelsey. I don't know.

I think Kelsey might get it just because it's kind of in the year of Kelsey. Wow. Well, guys, I mean, so to speak, let's be honest. Well, it's part of this. You know what's going to happen? All right. Very good. Yeah. Yeah. I want to ruin it. All right. So what what is that that you have over there?

You keep holding up as the script script. But what is it? It's just like it's it's just something that you printed out that NFL thing and it's blank pages.

This is legitimately I got this through my sources, you know, and it's told me everything. You know what? When we come back, I'm going about the Cowboys. I knew about the Lions.

You know, I didn't know about the colors. When we come back, when we come back, everybody saying that, you know, this is in the bag, the reason why the Chiefs made it to the Super Bowl, because the league wants to get Taylor Swift to the game in the worst way, that they're willing to risk their entire reputation to put the game in the bag for the Chiefs. OK, that I'm going to blow up as if the Chiefs making it doesn't blow up one conspiracy theory. I'm going to blow it to smithereens. You think just to put it to bed? Yeah, I'm going to. By the way, we we should bring that to Vegas just in case we can get Keegan Michael Key to actually sign a copy of that script.

I can't leave the show and everybody to sign trustworthy. And wherever Keegan is today, he needs a hug. He was at the game. He might not come. I think he was at the game in his Sanders.

Barry Sanders. Oh, man. Gamer.

Was he with him? Just flipping everybody out. You guys wouldn't know what Brock Purdy does in the second quarter. Oh, gosh. Oh, my God. Let's take a break here on the Rich Eisen Show. Stop it.

Don't feed the animals. All right. Back here, still on the old Roku Channel radio audience will be returning super impressive. Kittle was just nonexistent for three quarters yesterday. One target. They took him out of the game. Yeah. You know, that's the whole thing with people saying no show like the Ravens no showed Lamar.

No showed the Chiefs made him no show. You know what I mean? It's not like he didn't try. You know what I mean? Honestly, like everybody forgot there was a man. They know showed the Ravens didn't show. It's just, you know, it's a phrase. The one way in the Ravens didn't show was composure. They know showed in the composure department. You know what I mean?

And it's like, you know, an Irv was going, you know, this, that. The other thing about on game day morning, he was he was funny when when Justin Tucker came out, was warming up and and right on the goal line. And I'm like, you know, I watched Justin Tucker warm up when I was calling the Ravens Titans game in London, and I didn't see him on anybody's goal.

Does he do that? He wasn't sitting there on the one yard line right in front of Ryan Tanala as he's warming up with patent goes. He wasn't doing that. I mean, he might have a different approach at home and in Europe might be too. Now, Irv was saying it's just like he goes, well, where was that in London?

You made my point. This is his home. He can go wherever he wants to go on in his home.

And he was like going to show them where he's going to be. And he's like, when you go, he goes, when when a guest comes into your house, like they don't tell you where your pots and pans are, you know, you know where your pots and pans are. Facts. At which point I let him know, I don't know where all of them are. I don't. I don't. So you know what I mean?

But but that was some of them. This is his point. Like it's his home and he's going to prove it.

But I get one fugal, one extra point on the day. That's it. And all it did, I mean, back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, we're talking about Justin Tucker warming up in front of Mahomes. And he's like, well, I didn't understand it.

Like, you know, you're you're stretching right in front of Pat Mahomes deep, like forty nine yards on their side of the field deep into it. Did he get there first? I don't know, man. I don't know. So many dumb, silly questions. It's just. Well, Tucker kind of laughed it off. He said it was all silly. I know you said, but I don't think the Chiefs thought it was silly. I mean, Kelsey took his stuff and flipped it away.

And this was after Mahomes flipped it away. The it being that, you know, triangle stand. Yeah. And that's the one thing. It's just like it was it was fun and funny until all three of these guys are going to be roommates one day in Canton.

All right. They're all going to be roommates of the same room one day in Canton, Ohio, and they can laugh about it back in the day. But on this day, it was I think it was serious. And and that's the one thing, the whole thing, no show, Ravens no showed. Their composure no showed.

I was stunned by it. You know, run game no showed the run game, no show that kind of. But the Chiefs showed up, which is maybe why you're thinking the Ravens no showed. I think Lamar showed.

It's just the end. They had a better game plan. They beat him. The Chiefs came in and beat the Ravens and you tip your cap because what we're watching is a dynastic run. Why no Steve Spagnuolo high head coaching buzz?

I think it's because it was such a major flop with the with the Rams years ago. I get it. I know. Maybe maybe it'll start. I know, you know, one one's putting on a clinic.

I know people who love the fact that there's no Spagnuolo head coaching conversation or cheese fans. You keep him there. Yeah, but it's this guy's really rolling out. Keep him there playoffs. He's killing it again. Also, just for just to put this in perspective, you're saying that Tucker, you're guaranteeing him as a Hall of Famer. Yes. It's only five kickers.

I get it. In the Hall of Fame. He'll be he'll make six or seven after Vinatieri gets in. Vinatieri's got to get in. Vinatieri will get in first, then he'll be seven. Oh, please.

I think he makes it. Listen, there's a lot of tinfoil in this world and a lot of people make hats out of them. Outside of the sports world, but in the sports world. Wait a minute. The NFL absolutely wants the Chiefs to win. The number of people who at NFL officiating in tweets at me like I'm in charge.

OK, right. Like NFL officiating, you know, the Chiefs get all the calls and all this stuff because the Chiefs, the NFL wants the Chiefs in because Taylor Swift is one million percent. The most important commodity for the NFL to get to the Super Bowl more than anybody else.

And if that's the case, then then what about the so-called color scheme of the Super Bowl having purple in it? What happened there? And also, did Meeko Hardman not get the memo, you know, in Buffalo when he fumbled it?

Remember this whole conversation? That there's purple and red. It's been like four in a row. OK. And the Lions were up 17. So the red in San Francisco wasn't going to make it. For a while. And then the purple.

What happened there? You know, purple didn't make it. So it's red. It's red and red. Red and a lot of red. Red and red.

Red Dawn. Before all this, though, I reached out to a high placed individual in the National Football League to ask this individual. When did you come up with the logo for Vegas? It was announced the logo for Vegas the day after the Chiefs beat the Eagles when the Arizona Super Bowl Committee handed the ball to the Las Vegas Super Bowl Committee.

That's when this came out. Oh, so at the time, we should have just figured it was Ravens and the Chiefs, right? But I'm so like, so how did you come up with the color? And the color scheme apparently is, quote, We knew we had to uncover something unique and truly special for Super Bowl 58. The theme taps into the feeling of modern royalty and the two teams battle for the crown. Purple is a color tied to royalty throughout history and made perfect sense as one of our anchor colors for this year's look. Finally, if the online theory was true, the following teams would be eligible for Super Bowl 58.

Pointed out this individual. Red, Bills, Patriots, Texans, Titans, Chiefs, Giants, Falcons, Niners, Cardinals, Purple, Ravens, Vikings. The Vegas, the Los Angeles Super Bowl apparently color scheme was inspired by blockbuster movie making. I was told by this league individual the Roman numerals were a camera lens reflecting the colors of an L.A. sunset in Arizona.

The numerals were a window into the desert sky and the red maces below. So there you have it. People are crazy. It's not conspiracy theory, but it's people spending a lot of time on what the colors need to be based on where the Super Bowl is. But well, they got the four teams, right?

They were close. So in a couple of time, let's go back. Let's research what the New Orleans Super Bowl colors are. OK, so you said you said purple for royalty, where everyone acts like Taylor Swift is like America right now.

So that's kind of OK. Get out of here. So it's the Chiefs. So someone will say, oh, wait a minute, the color scheme in New Orleans, we can figure out who's going from the AFC in the NFC.

We'll find out. Well, one of them is the color of beads. I mean, there's a color of beignets. That's all it is. One's the color of turtle soup.

The other one's the color of gumbo hackers and through the lens, you know, a French quarter next year. There you go. That's royalty for you. I see case closed. Take off your tinfoil.

You can see look inside those crooked lines. The Rolling Stone Music Now podcast gets inside the biggest stories with Rolling Stone senior writer Brian Hyatt. And here's Lil Yachty with Tierra Whack. I've never been to a fashion show.

I never did any Paris fashion week, New York fashion week. And I'll tell you why. Because I would always go to events and people would say to me, oh, man, Yachty, man, I love your music, bro. I should be like, what song? I didn't even at the time, I didn't love my music. I was like, I'm in a room with all these artists and they all respect each other. No one respects me. Rolling Stone Music Now, wherever you listen.
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