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OverReaction Monday: The right 4 teams made it to Championship Weekend

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 22, 2024 5:04 pm

OverReaction Monday: The right 4 teams made it to Championship Weekend

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 22, 2024 5:04 pm

A weekly staple on ‘The Rich Eisen Show’ since 2018, ‘Overreaction Monday’ is now also an extended podcast with Rich and Chris Brockman debating the latest in the NFL. Today’s topics:

2:15 –   The right 4 teams made it to Championship Weekend

5:35 -   Buffalo needs to at least call Belichick to gauge his interest

8:30 -   The Ravens are winning the Super Bowl

11:45 - If Chiefs win SB, Travis should retire and to into HOF with Jason

14:30 - The Lions are America’s Team

18:00 - Josh Allen will never reach the Super Bowl if he stays in the AFC

23:30 - Baker Mayfield should explore his options before re-signing with the Bucs

26:00 - Either Packers or Texans make AFC/NFC title game next season

27:20 - Mahomes will win as many rings as Montana and Bradshaw

30:45 - The only way Purdy silences naysayers is to win the Super Bowl





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It is time for an overreaction Monday with the divisional playoffs in the books. We know who the final four for the right to play for the Vince Lombardi trophy will be.

Chris Brockman to my left. I am Rich Eisenfeld to be here on this edition of overreaction Monday brought to you by game time, the fast and easy way to buy tickets for all the sports music, comedy and theater events near you. Download the game time app, create an account and start buying tickets using the code overreaction for $20 off your first purchase.

Download game time today. Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. Oh, baby. I got to tell you this weekend of football that we just witnessed, the divisional playoffs was one of the most entertaining weekends of football. I can remember in some time and not just because, you know, we saw some intense action on Sunday.

Wildcard weekend was kind of a bust, kind of a dud. And I understand the first game of the weekend, the boat race went on and the Ravens, uh, overtook the Texans and didn't make that much of a game, but just seeing it tied at the half. And then obviously the last three games of the weekend where the 49ers dodged a major bullet. And now they're hosting the lions who had a really wild crowd around them again for the right to go to San Francisco and play, even though green Bay almost made it a home game too for the lions this coming weekend. But that game was somewhat in doubt towards the end, uh, after the lines took a two score lead. And then of course the, the chiefs and the, and the bills championship fight nuts.

It was indeed. So I'm sure there's tons to overreact to because lots of narratives were reinforced and lots were exploded as well. It's time for this post divisional playoff weekend edition of overreaction Monday.

Hit it. That was terrible. That was garbage. Just like overreaction Mondays. All right, Christopher, how about it, Rachel, let's start the right four teams made it to championship weekend. The right four teams made it to championship weekend. Well, uh, I, I mean, I'll just push back on behalf of Buffalo bills fans everywhere, but no one really thought they were one of the best four teams all season, right? Well, I mean, all season, nobody thought the chiefs were the one of the best four teams all season either.

You know, I mean that that's part of the drama that played out in Buffalo is that the bills season that everyone thought wasn't going to be much because it was six and six. They had now not lost a game since beating Kansas city after Thanksgiving. And they looked terrific. And finally had the chiefs in their house and were ready to find deliver the coup de Gras that everybody thought was coming because Kansas city couldn't do a damn thing on offense that looked anything like their championship years. And they showed up like their championship years on offense in Buffalo. And so you were saying all season that the chiefs were going to make the AC championship game.

I pushed back week after week, but that's what ended up happening. So, I mean, you could say the right four teams finally made it because they're the four teams that made it. And in the NFL, you are what you are and results matter, but these were the four best teams all season. Dallas was one of the best four teams all season. They were dude, I understand, but who did they beat? They were one of the best four teams all season. They were a two seed. So they were the two seed in the NFC for a reason. I believe I saw on a press release that Mike McCarthy has the best regular season winning percentage in Dallas Cowboys, regular season history.

What's it got? So I'll just push back and say, you know, I mean, you want to talk about narratives to the Dallas Cowboys making a championship weekend finally, and being able to maybe make a super bowl by taking on the 49ers. Now that would be the narrative of all narratives that I think Fox sports TV executives would have paid for. Yeah, but the Lions don't get hosed by the refs. They're the two seed in the NFC. And then they didn't get hosed by the refs solely.

Their coach stubbornly kept going for it at the two point conversion line, even though that was at the seven yard line. I'm just pushing back. No, I know you're pushing back and I am as well. So I'll just push back on behalf of Bills and Cowboys fans out there to say, hey, you want to talk about right four teams made it based on regular season play. One of the hottest teams exiting the post the regular season Buffalo Bills and one of the hottest teams throughout the regular season, the Dallas Cowboys, they didn't make it. But if you want to say this is a way to say that when the four teams that make it are right for competition and making games interesting or competitive, sure, I get it.

But on behalf of Bills and Cowboys fans out there are Packers fans who thought they had a chance and it looked like they were going to do it again to bounce the two and then one seeds and back to back weeks. I'll just push back and say that's an overreaction. All right, Rich. All right. Buffalo. Yeah.

They need to at least call Bill Belichick and see if he's interested. Just, just, just lobble you like a you up text. You know what I mean? You up? You want to come over? So are you saying like, it's one 40 in the morning, sneaky and pass security bill you up.

Got to at least think about it, right? What if you're, if you're the Pegula family, just one second, just, just say that you just got to switch it up. That one of the things that needs to be changed as the guy that changed the defensive coordinator and to himself and the offensive coordinator and to Joe Brady, man, I'll, I'll push back on that.

I'll push. No, you don't. I don't think you do. What's the downside because Josh Allen said on Monday, and again, I'm using public facing statements. I don't know what's going on behind the scenes.

Clearly they do. And if there's anything that's an alarm bell that the chemistry of the team was somehow off and not addressed, if any of the other stuff that the unnamed coaches that were talking about how tight he is or anything like that led to the reason why they lost yesterday, then sure. But Josh Allen said that Sean McDermott never steps in the way of keeping the offensive side of the ball from being something that he's comfortable running. And Joe Brady was the right call at the end of the day, the results showed that the offense took off and the team took off and somehow some way this team kept on keeping on despite having one major injury after another on the defensive side of the ball, which is McDermott side. So I'll sit here and say, if, if the, uh, you know, Belichick sitting out there, do you really want to bring him to Western New York, blow it all up, start from scratch there to bring him in, to put in his way of doing things. Cause it's different from the McDermott way of doing things for the next three to four years of Josh Allen's career. And you think that's better than now just because bill is bill.

And you also have a front office that appears to be choosing the right groceries too. I don't know if you blow it up. I just don't know if you blow it up. Now, when he bounced, Joe Braid bounced Ken Dorsey for Joe Brady and they were, you know, six and six. And if it wasn't working out and they didn't make the playoffs, then I totally understand it. But dude, they were sitting on the two minute at the two minute warning in the catbird seat. They also couldn't stop the chiefs on Sunday. So, but no, I think you're going to learn potentially nobody's going to be able to do that.

Maybe, maybe, you know, it was just, no, I'll call that an overreaction. Now your ideas don't have to wait. Now they have everything they need to come to life. Dell technologies and Intel are creating technology that loves ideas, loves expanding your business, evolving your passions. We push what technology can do. So great ideas can happen right now.

Find out how to bring your ideas to life at slash welcome to now. Welcome to talk about the ultimate small rewatch podcast. Karen, which guy? Hi guys, Karen Apple M from Australia with a quick question for season three talisman that knife wound was so powerful. Tom, what was it like to do that scene with John as your director? It's great that I was with those people because when your eyes are closed and someone is supposed to going to stab you in the chest, you have to really trust that they're not going to hurt you. So I was in good hands with John.

Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talk Ville on YouTube or wherever you listen. What else are you? The you up text got me loud.

That was a funny line. Love it. Thank you.

You're welcome. There's some love for Baltimore. The Ravens.

They're going to win the super bowl. Oh, I'll call that. Uh, you know, I mean, is it entirely possible? Yeah. But really after what we've seen of the other teams that are coming in, they're not the most impressive team this past week. I get it.

I understand. Do they not have the MVP of the league? That's run attack. That's defense that you've seen. So you don't think the chiefs can come in and knock them off. I would be surprised if the chiefs won. So you don't think the 49ers can play a better game against them?

Rock. Purdy needs to play better. I agree. You don't think the lines can shock them. Maybe of all teams. I wouldn't bet against it.

Yeah, I would. I would bet against it. So you think the Ravens are there? I mean, the Ravens are winning the super bowl based on the fact that they both raised the tax. I would say based on what I saw over the weekend and how they played to finish the season and how the other teams looked in winning. If you ask a Ravens fan right now, they'll be like, hell yeah, well, I think they're winning the super bowl, but they're downright nervous about the results over the next week for sure. And the next two weeks after that, I don't know, brother, I can't sit here and say for sure they're winning the super bowl.

I can't buy into that. Well, you picked the Ravens to make the super bowl. Did you pick them to win it? I did not. Okay. You took San Francisco.

I did. But I think if they play, you saw the way the 49ers play and it gives me concern. I might have to switch that in the same way that I, I know the Ravens made the super bowl, but I just saw a chief's team that looks dynastic. That looks like, yeah, not only did the regular season not seem to matter offensively, it actually helped us get our minds right for this. They, they, it looks like they're healthy, scratching Kedarius, Tony, and I'd remove me Cole Hardman from their diet too. And I would just say, let's go with the guys that we've got here and the system that we're running here. And let's just batten down the hatches and tighten the rotation. Just like Pat Riley would in the playoffs. They gave up a lot of rushing yards to Buffalo and now they're playing a team that kind of specializes in the second half.

They kind of shut that down. I I'm I can't sit here and say, you're saying based on what we're seeing right now, you are putting your marker on the Ravens and they're definitely winning the super bowl. That's what I'm saying.

Right. And I call that an overreaction despite me thinking, and I'm, I might have to rethink in the same way that I'm like, you know what? I said, the bills don't let them in the tournament. So I'm going to, I'm going to wrap my play right on that though, but I wasn't right in the result. Was I, I mean, they were, like you said, they were two minutes from when I know, so I believe the Ravens can win it a million percent. I think that they have, you know, if you had to say who has the best odds of winning it right now, I would choose them.

But to say, they're definitely winning it based on just what I've just seen. I got to call that an overreaction. Okay. But, okay. I you're old for three.

Well, according to you or I'm three for three. All right. I know I just said the Ravens are winning the super bowl. Okay. Yeah.

But if the chiefs win this, I love overreaction Monday, how you are allowed to just blow in whatever direction you want to win the wind to go. Okay. Sorry.

Let me interrupt you. So if the chiefs win the super bowl, Travis Kelsey should retire. So he and Jason go into Canton together. Oh wow.

Oh man. And just go into Canton together together brothers together on the first ballot, deliver their speeches together shirtless drinking beers. How awesome would that be?

What a great idea that would be. Look at that photograph that we've got on the screen for those who listen to this pod. Look at that. That is like a, that's like a painting. I think I saw that art, but make it sports. They found a perfect painting for it and just seeing him there. And again, it was remarkable when you thought, uh, and I'm sure when Kelsey scored, there's a whole bunch of people who were like, Oh God, they're going to get, and he put up the heart sign. Like he's, he loves doing it for Jason.

Oh no, I don't think so. And he does that. And everyone thought, okay, CBS is going to go find the cutaway for Taylor Swift and for the, and it's Jason Kelsey with his shirt off like a bear, like just like that, like that MGM lion, you know, at the beginning of all the movies, I'm just roaring. And that's why I tweeted out and I'm like, does that ruin anyone else's entertainment value? I guess it's okay to have a cutaway of him celebrating Kelsey's touchdown. Just I love this idea. I'll just say it's, that's not an overreaction. I would react exactly that way. I just don't know.

I just don't know if Travis just wants to keep playing because he's so damn good at it and he's making a ton of money at it and he loves playing. And, and I mean, the best way to go out, everybody says is to walk off into the sunset because you've won it all. That might not be the best way to do it.

The best way to do it is doing it after winning two in a row and being the first team to go back to back since NFL network's first two years that we were on the air when Brady won his second and third Super Bowls, I believe 38 and 39 were those Super Bowls. So I love that idea. And then the two of them deliver their speech together. Great. It'd be the most memorable Hall of Fame speech ever. I like it, Chris.

I like the way you're thinking. All right. You bought me on that one.

Well, you always have me at hello. And it's whenever a Kelsey's involved, you know, whenever is a Kelsey's involved, Richard just mentioned a roaring like a lion, the Detroit lions are America's team. I kind of dig that one that's remaining in the place right now. They're America's team. I buy it. Dan Campbell, the crowd that, that 80, 90 year old season ticket, older guy, the blue collar aspect of it, you know?

Yeah. That because, you know, obviously America, as I, you know, believe it to be, it loves an underdog and the chiefs just won it last year. The Ravens won it 10 years ago. It's been a long time since the Niners have won it on our flagship show, as we say, but they've been the favorites all season. We just had Steve young on and Steve young is the last quarterback to bring the trophy to 49 or faithful. But they, when they take on the lines, did you know, do you know the exact number of NFC, the NFC championship games that the 49ers are playing in what this one is for them? I don't know.

17. This is their 17th NFC championship game appearance. And Detroit's what?

This is, this is Detroit's second. They, they, they were in the NFC championship game in that 91 season where they won, you know, uh, the division and they won a game to make the NFC championship game. And then they got smoked by Washington and Joe Gibbs. And so, yeah, they've never made a Superbowl. They're one of the few franchises that's never made a Superbowl. There have been multiple franchises that have since been born that made Superbowls since the line started playing. So I, I buy that, that if there's any that many, uh, folks in this country will be rooting for because they want to see it happen and how Detroit is a city regenerating in real life. And we're going there for the draft.

And Dan Campbell had a very impassioned speech about, um, what Detroit football means and what he's trying to build there as a culture and how it mirrors the society there. Uh, I kinda, I I'll buy this one too, you know, for, for divisional playoff weekend, for sure. Game time tickets, go and get the app and put it on a mobile device near you.

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Download game time today. Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. Christopher, our halftime celebration of game time tickets is concluded. Let's finish up strong.

All right, let's go back to Buffalo, rich. And I don't like saying this, but I have to. Josh Allen is never going to make the super bowl as long as he's in the AFC. Stop it. Dude, you really believe that?

You really believe this? He should ask for a trade. No, it's going to have to because they're not going to just let him stroll with the NFC.

It's got a Phillip rivers type smell to it. If rich run, we talked about this before the season, okay. Before the season, all these great AFC quarterbacks, some of them are going to miss the playoffs and some did.

How does he get past all these guys? Patrick Mahomes, Joe burrow, Justin Herbert, if he gets Jim Harbaugh or a new head coach, come on, look at all of these AFC quarterbacks. How, how are they going to do it? This was their best shot.

They had a home playoff game against Kansas city, right? And, and so we're going to have the same. We're going to have the same narrative next year, you know, next year, I'm going to hold back. I'm going to hold back and make sure I don't overreact to anything all season long. What's the fun in that. I understand that takes some of the fun out of it, but I, I, I, I just podcast here, rich.

No, I I'm, I'm talking about, you know, obviously you and I can have conversations. It's your job to overreact here and it's my job to reel you back in. But Justin Herbert, I mean, give me a break. I've got to see it at least once from him before I even say Josh Allen gets hurt every year. I've got to see it once from Aaron Rogers is a 40 year old.

Before I say Josh Allen can't get past it's still his division. Well, Joe burrow, hasn't been able to stay healthy for more than three, two seasons. No love for two. Honestly, no love for two. He took care of tool when it was the chips on the line.

All right. You know, and so come on, man, he's going to be, how is he going to do it? He's an eight. First of all, he's played his best games and they still lose. He's the AFC favorite already going into next year. Again, he's won it.

What is it? Four years in a row. Now it's their division.

Now he is that guy, which means home playoff game. At the very least, let's see what happens. Let's see what they can do to affect some, uh, some change. They already found some, some, uh, offensive, I guess, breathing air that they didn't have over the last year. Plus, let's see what they do with a full year with him and Joe Brady together. I'm not ready to say he's never going to win a super bowl.

As long as he's in the AFC better wide receivers, Steph digs it's over. Well, what they have to do is build a team, build a team. And I, maybe that's what they're attempting to do. Unfortunately, again, they got so many of these guys hurt. It just does appear to be, and I, you know, TJ described it in our flagship show Monday as making excuses for Josh Allen, that we don't for other quarterbacks, but he's so consistently terrific in games that they lose. It's very difficult to look at him and say, he's the reason why they lost with, I guess, in, or as a large hand and reason why they lost with the exception of that, that game against the Cincinnati Bengals last year in the divisional round and the snow. But the excuse that you can easily make is, you know, they just watched one of their teammates damn near drop dead against this team, like three weeks before. I mean, this is just so much crap that always seems to go on.

Let's hope that they have a season completely removed from all of that. Go back and build a team to go take out my homes. Now you could sit here and say, he'll never make a Superbowl. As long as he's in the, I guess you're saying, as long as he's in the same division as my homes or conferences, my homes, we may learn, as I mentioned at the end of the day, that, that just like, you know, what, um, Patrick Ewing calm alone, um, even Elijah won because Jordan Drexler, I mean, you could keep going down the list of all time. Greats that didn't get through because Jordan was there.

Okay. Until Jordan left the scene for a couple of years and then returned and became the scourge of everybody else's NBA life. And the same way that tiger kept so many other guys from winning it all for such a long period of time, we may look at my homes that way at the very end. But Joe burrow popped through once. And why not Allen? He's just as talented as Joe burrow. And he's a hell of a lot more durable than Joe burrow. And, and let's get a team that can somehow beat my homes.

I don't know how to do it. I'm not a general manager in the league, but I would sit down and figure it out. And I think Dalton can cage one that helps. James cook is one that helps Joe burrow pop through on his rookie deal. Both these guys aren't on that anymore. I got it.

Neither is my homes. Also, if the chief's player just falls on the ball, instead of trying to scoop and score, Allen has the game losing turnover on Sunday. You know, I guess ifs and buts candies and mutts, if the, my grandmother had will, she'd be a wagon. I don't know what I there's that that's, but that is the vagaries of playoff football is it does all boil down to this down that down. You sometimes don't know when those two minutes to go. She cares opening the end zone and make the throw. Well, I mean, it's third down, hit the check down and get the first down and keep it going, set up a fourth and short.

Well, this is a different conversation than you saying that he's going to retire with never being in a super bowl because of the he's in the wrong conference with the wrong team. And I'll push back and say, that's an overreaction. You got it.

What else? Let's talk about one of your sons, Baker Mayfield was awesome. Awesome. This season, not an overreaction.

He was great on Sunday. Yeah. He should explore his options before recommitting to the box. Don't commit to the box right away. Where are the other options?

Let's let's let's game this out. There are teams that need a quarterback. Give me the other options. Go to Atlanta with bill bill liked them. Pre-draft right in 2018. Hold on about Minnesota, new England, Minnesota, Minnesota. Why would you go to new England right now? In all honesty, what if they don't take a, what if they take Marvin Harrison third overall and then Baker could be the I don't know. I think he's just going to, I bet you, he loves the area, loves the note state tax. What about Seattle? Would you rather have Baker or Geno Smith? I don't know.

Who's the coach there. Okay. So that's what you're saying is bide your time. I'm saying, wait, don't, I mean, Oh, I'd love to be back, man. I'm all for leverage.

Don't talk too soon. I'm all for leverage place. I'm all for free agency.

I mean, I don't know. I, I, I, I, I'll buy this. Okay. You pay him 30 million a year.

I'm I'm I'm with you. This is not an overreaction. Like what if they let Mike Evans walk?

Yeah. And a bunch of other guys don't return. What if Mike Evans goes to Buffalo? Cause they need him and he's gone. Well, I mean, honestly, NFL game day morning, every single time Mike Evans popped up on the screen, warming up for the game in Detroit. Cause we were, we were taking everyone to kick off that game with our four hour show every single time Evans popped up, but he just was, he just talking about how it would be great to see him in Dallas, the star on the side of his helmet. Oh yeah.

I know that. So texting him, Hey, I don't blame you. I'm all for, I'm all for leverage and I'm all for making sure I get mine. And I also want to make sure that they can bring all these guys back, run it back, continue on with the, uh, continue on. Maybe does he lose his offensive coordinator and Dave Canales on this day of our podcast taping meeting with the Carolina Panthers for a second time. So yeah, I think he needs to see all that, but, uh, but they offered him a spot. He took advantage of the opportunity. They gave it to him or let him run with it. Let's put it that way.

And, um, maybe he likes living there. So I can't sit here and say, you know, I just want to recommit, but it's not a bad, I'll buy that one though. I just want to throw that out. What else?

Uh, rich, we mentioned it on the flagship show. You said it, who are you buying for next year in the future? Packers are Texans.

I'm going to say either green Bay or Houston. They're going to make it the championship Sunday next year. Oh, um, uh, it's just, it's, it's so difficult to say that you can do it again, man. It's so I, it's so difficult to say you're going to do it again. Um, next championship Sunday next season, winning one of these two teams makes the final four next year.

I, I don't know. He used to be both these teams could have won 10, 10 at the half green Bay had it and gave it away. I know that last year you could have had, if this podcast existed last year, you'd be Jacksonville is going to make it to championship Sunday next year.

And then look what the hell happened. You know, uh, you know, Hey, Joe burrow is going to make it to championship Sunday. It's going to be burrow versus my homes every single year from now on, you know, and now Lamar's raising his hand and saying, I'm putting myself in this mix, which adds to your point that Josh Allen may be in the wrong conference. I'll push back and call that an overreaction. I just know, I know the way this thing's work that you need to take advantage of windows immediately.

If you want to say next two seasons, three seasons, give me more cushion, but that's not what overreaction Monday's about. That's not fun. All right.

What else you got? All right. Some love for the champs, rich Patrick Holmes, what 13, uh, 13 road play 13 playoff wins or something before under the age of 30 passed on Brady. It feels inevitable that Patrick Holmes will win as many super bowls as Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw. I think so. That's four. Oh yeah, absolutely.

I don't think that's an overreaction at all, sir. We are watching potentially a dynasty being born right now. This win in Buffalo is exactly what was missing from there. You know, repertoire it was missing from it because the reason why it was so full is because they, they kept on winning enough to either get the one seed or have the fortune of having any teams that were seated in front of them, knocked off prior to the AFC championship while they were too busy winning multiple playoff games in a regular, in a, in a, in a single post-season he's now won multiple playoff games in five straight post-seasons.

That is the most all time. And this is, as you know, year six of him being a full-time starter and his six straight AFC championship game, that alone would be sounding dynastic, but potentially going to his fourth super bowl in his career at this point in time and possibly going either two for four or three for four in those super bowls. That is what dynasties are. I mean, that is what you're talking about. And going into Buffalo after this regular season, made it look like, all right, now they're a little over the Hill.

They're a little ragged around the edges. Now, now they really miss Tyreek Hill. And then, you know, they not only dispatched Tyree kill, Oh, it was the cold. And then they go up to a freezing Buffalo and pull off eight plays of 20 or more yards, big play after big play, big play.

He almost averaged 10 yards and attempt in Buffalo, Patrick my home. It was really impressive. So of course it absolutely feels inevitable that my homes will win by the end of the day, because there's going to be a second act here. Yeah.

Okay. And it's going to go cause he's, he's way younger than Kelsey at some point, Kelsey won't be there for him and maybe next year. And that's when he's going to have to find his new Gronk or his new Edelman to from his previous, you know, Welkers of the world. And hopefully he'll be fortunate enough to not have to have a new coach. Hopefully Andy Reid's going to be as, you know, filled with his vitality as he appears to be and just coach deep into his seventies and just keep on racking them up.

So I'll buy that a million percent. I don't think we're overreacting. He's going to wind up with four in the case by the end of his career. He may, I mean, this is exactly the start you need to have to even get in the conversation with Tom Brady. Yeah, totally. By the end of the day.

Absolutely. Imagine if he plays till he's 45, like Tom it's 27, right? And he's 28 right now. He'll be, yeah, he's 20.

He'll be 29 at the start of next year. What else here? All right.

Last one, rich last one. Let's talk about your other son. The only way Brock Purdy will silence the naysayers, the Amy Trask of the world, if you will, is if he wins the super bowl. He's Amy already said that, uh, after she said that of the eight quarterbacks playing divisional weekend, there's seven terrific ones and Brock Purdy, by the way, sitting in that very seat that you're currently sitting in, did you leave something in there? Is it the seat? How hot is that seat for the takes?

Um, he's got to win the super bowl. And she already said that, you know, Hey, that was a great, uh, final drive, but, uh, absolutely, absolutely. That's the way it's gotta be. Oh, cause there's a lot of naysayers in the world.

There's a lot of people. Even I was given pause based off what Amy was saying and a bunch of other folks who I really respect were saying about Purdy. And then he performed that way in the rain, you know, with his wiping his hand, going back and mid drop back. It didn't look good for the exception of one first half throw to kiddo for a touchdown, which was beautiful. And then the final drive, you know, and the rest of it was really shaky.

Nerve-wracking is what Steve young called it on Monday show. And, uh, cause he said that the Packers had the Niners beat. It looked like the Packers at the Niners beat and so love through a couple of picks. And then Purdy made that final drive that he looked really terrific in and he's finally done that.

But even going to the super bowl and falling short, then he's just what Garoppolo 2.0. Oh yeah. Like I said, the floor for Purdy is seven minutes from a super bowl win. So I understand that. And that that's particularly unfair for somebody who's going through just his first full NFL season, his starter.

All right. And that's maybe what we saw is a greenish quarterback still, despite his winning ways and his really a superlative performance is what Steve Young, right. But we, we, we may be seeing somebody who's still trying to grow into the moment because the NFC championship game, don't forget, he was there for a cup of coffee before son Reddick blew up his throne arm.

Correct. So this is going to be, all he's going to do is last into the second quarter of this game on Saturday night. And he's that's his new ceiling, right?

To use your floor ceiling combination. So yeah, I think for the naysayers who think he's not the guy that he's got to go to the super bowl, a, and then winning, certainly if he's going against an alien, as Steve Young referred to quarterbacks who can throw it and run it and do everything athletically like Mahomes and Allen and now Lamar Jackson being in the AFC championship game, you're going to see that will be a narrative for the super bowl. If I can finish up this show, cause that's your last overreaction Monday topic is, uh, you know, sometimes we finished the podcast in, in the, well, not sometimes during the regular season, always like, Hey, front loading the, the, uh, what we're going to overreact to. I'll front load a narrative for you right now for the super bowl, it's going to be a clash of quarterback styles. Can you win a super bowl in an era where Mahomes Jackson, Allen burrow burrow is not really a runner per se, who can be a two-way threat, but the dynamic, but if you look at golf and Purdy, they're very different than Mahomes. Oh yeah.

That's what you're going to see a contrast in styles. Can you win it with guys who are killing you with their efficiency and quickness of getting the ball out right against somebody who can do that, but also extend plays and kill you with their legs. Also like that is going to be a full on conversation. Certainly since there'll be a lot of the game managers, game changing conversation that we've seen already this year, that is coming super bowl week and leading up to it too.

When we're all bored out of our skulls waiting for the game to hit. No doubt. All right.

Great job, Christopher. You got it. That'll wrap it up for overreaction Monday, Tuesdays, what the football with Susie Schuster and Amy Trask, Amy will be in that chair.

I don't know. We'll find out if she does it again, but it's two straight weeks talking about Dennis Allen from that chair the week before, uh, Andrew Whitworth is there in studio guest for that show. And then of course, overreaction Monday on a Tuesday, part of our Tuesday, rich eyes and show, and the rest of the week, enjoy leading up to championship Sunday.

We'll chat again next Monday. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings. Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. I mean, I dig Jay Uso because he's born out of great storytelling and he lived up to the opportunity and exceeded it. The LA Knight, he's way up on my list because here's a guy that's been around for almost ever should have probably quit a half a dozen times and he just forced his way into their life. And now he's making money hand over fist. That is a story I love 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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