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Mike Tirico: I Really Love The Way Baker Mayfield Is Playing

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 18, 2024 3:58 pm

Mike Tirico: I Really Love The Way Baker Mayfield Is Playing

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 18, 2024 3:58 pm

1/18/24 - Hour 1

Rich reacts to Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys decision to retain head coach Mike McCarthy despite another early playoff exit.

NBC Sports’ Mike Tirico and Rich discuss the Detroit Lions’ emergence as a legit Super Bowl contender, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ chances to reach the NFC Championship Game, what to expect from Patrick Mahomes’ first road playoff game as the Kansas City Chiefs travel to Buffalo to face Josh Allen and the Bills, and the impressive playoff debuts of Green Packers QB Jordan Love and Houston Texans QB CJ Stroud.

Rich and the guys weigh in on Bill Belichick having a 2nd interview for the vacant Atlanta Falcons’ head coaching job.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Learn more at slash credit card. Limitations apply. This is the Rich Eisen Show. I can't believe I'm saying this, man, but I'll say it anyway.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. My warning to Buccaneers fans is that we're going to kick you in the teeth. The Lions will have a much better plan. We're going to buy the kneecap off on how to beat the Blitz than the Eagles.

Where are they going to be the last ones standing? The Rich Eisen Show, today's guest, Emmy Award winning NBC Sports broadcaster Mike Torrico, NFL Network reporter Jane Slater, legendary rapper and actor Snoop Dogg. And now it's Rich Eisen. These are facts. These are all facts. Everything you just heard are facts that we're having Mike Torrico and Snoop Dogg on the same show with Jane Slater also joining us from from Dallas. Those are facts.

This is the Rich Eisen Show. That's a fact. I'm sitting here. That's these are all facts. We spit facts on this program.

Eight four four two oh four. Rich is the number to dial. There's no question that you can dial that whenever you want and have chats with us. Lots to talk about today.

No doubt about it. Live on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show, Terrestrial Radio affiliate Sirius XM, Odyssey and more. Our podcast, all three hours available for you to listen to whenever you want.

There's no way to avoid us. Our YouTube page closing in on seven hundred thousand subscribers. We greatly appreciate seeing our Facebook numbers go up. Our Instagram numbers go up. We keep on throwing out the content. You keep taking it in. We really greatly appreciate it. Eight four four two oh four.

Rich is the number to dial. Good to see you over there, Chris Brock. And what's going on?

Not much, man. Good to be seen. D.J.

Mikey Diaz in Deez Nuts is back. Oh, how convenient. Why? Because there's an A-list star coming in an hour.

Number three. Is that how it works? You think?

And and because the greatest drop that involves Mike Del Tufo, that doesn't involve, I guess, Bill Belichick telling him to do his job. Yeah. What to do with your boy? Big Snoop D.O. Double G coming at you live from Los Angeles. And my D.J. D.J. Mikey D. D is in Deez Nuts. He's coming in today. There you go. Off the top of his head. And so Mike Del Tufo, all of a sudden you're back to work. Someone else can make sure that that let me get this right. A Grand Valley State game on F.S.

one is going to sound great. Come last night. Oh, OK. Sorry.

No, sorry. Oh, pardon me. Oh, pardon me.

Oh, OK. I watched that. Thank you, T.J. How did it sound?

I mean, I had muted. Mike, Mike, did they win last night? Of course, T.J. Jefferson. Good to see you, T.J. That's of course, back to the block Snoop Doggy dog funkier than the duck. He's coming in.

Come on now. He's got he's got a new movie, The Underdogs, which is going to be streaming next week exclusively on Prime Video. He plays a youth football coach.

Nice. And he does that in real life as well. C.J. Stroud played in the Snoopy League. So there's lots to talk about with Snoop. He's a diehard Steeler fan. League is amazing.

It is absolutely. He used to coach against the current coach in Colorado in the Snooper Bowl every single year youth league. Dion versus Snoop.

So there's lots to talk about with Snoop when he joins us in our number three. So the Dallas Cowboys, I told y'all I love being right. I told you Jerry Jones wasn't going to do anything.

And I'll tell you right now, Jeff Flory is not going to do anything either. Now, they're never they're never going to win. That's one way to look at it. They'd be happy with losing. It's the that's one way to look at it.

There's other ways to look at it. And in terms of the Dallas Cowboys, the famed. Jeff, for gift, what is it? It's Jeff, right? Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. The famous not a giraffe, OK, that you see on Twitter, the Alonzo morning.

It's one of the most famously used gifts out there. And I probably use that a thousand times where he's staring at. He's staring like something bad is happening right to the Miami Heat. And he's staring out into the abyss, shaking his head, and then something pops in his head.

And it's not just that may be right after all. That's the Dallas Cowboys. That gift is the Dallas Cowboys.

For instance, for instance, shaking your head. I cannot believe we won 12 games again and never made the conference championship game. As a matter of fact, we're the first team, according to ESPN stats and info, to win 12 games, at least in three straight years, and never make the conference championship. Then the head strike is, I guess, oh, we did win 12 games, three straight years.

We did win the NFC East. Here's another one. Here's another one.

Here's another one. Man, I cannot believe Dak looked like that in the playoffs. He was so terrible. He could be winning the MVP this year anyway. He's never played before.

I got another one for you. I mean, we led the league in points this year. Can't believe we lost that playoff game. We're in the league in points this year. See what I'm saying? There's there's there's lots of head shakes and there's the head nod.

Mm hmm. Mike McCarthy's just never going to win a championship. He did win one in his fifth year in Green Bay.

And next year, you know, it kind of be year five coming up. Dallas Cowboys kept Mike McCarthy. I told you all they were going to do it.

Because he did do enough for Jerry Jones to sit there and go, oh, if I fire him, I've got to go into the mosh pit with the Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers and the Las Vegas Raiders. And I'm behind the eight ball. All these teams have already gotten through a handful of head coaching. Candidates and interviews.

I I'm not going to put myself in that mix, am I? If I fire my coach, I also fire the play caller. And you're shaking your head and you're like, if I fire the coach and fire in the play call and then you shake your head. We did have the number one scoring offense in the NFL this year. And if I fire this guy, this is the guy who, you know, who hardly seemed to be able to get C.D. Lamb the ball in the playoffs, even though we I know we did, you know, get nine catches for 100 yards from him.

And he is the offensive player of the year potential. It just nonstop shaking your head over what it is. And then when it all comes down to it, Jerry nodded his head and goes. I got a coach here, won 12 games, three straight years, and I got a guy who coached and called the plays way better than Kellen Moore did. Facts. Those are facts. And the fact is he didn't want to go ahead and pull the trigger on Mike McCarthy and his play caller and start the process again.

He doesn't want to do it. And everybody thinks Jerry Jones is just a shoot from the hip guy or what shoot first and ask questions later type guy. Because unfortunately for you, T.J., in his Hall of Fame career, the coach who he didn't have patience with, the coach who he should have kept figuring out how to make it work with the coach he then fired way too soon was the best one you've ever had in terms of putting trophies in the case and creating an identity. Now, you could say you also had the greatest running back of all time behind one of the best. Quarterbacks the Cowboys have ever had and best wide receivers the Cowboys have ever had all that helped and best defense and offensive line.

And there is a roster there, but this roster is no slouch either. That's the problem is he fired the wrong one and is held onto for way too long some of the wrong ones. And the question is, Mike McCarthy, one of the right ones or one of the wrong ones, and there's that Alonzo Mourning gif again, you're shaking your head. Ah, the three straight playoff losses. I mean, what the hell was that last play for Ezekiel Elliott after we couldn't get a snap off in the previous playoff loss? And then this one, the youngest playoff team in the history of the playoffs comes in and blows the doors off us after another 12 win season. And we finally got two home games in our back pocket to try and get to the NFC Championship game for the first time in 28 years. And we not only do we not, but we also have one of the best road, a run of the best home records in the history of the Dallas Cowboys and came up with an absurd number of blowout wins. Eight of them, 20 or more, and we're one of only four teams to ever do such a thing in a home season in the history of the NFL. And we're the only ones to not make the Super Bowl. And we don't even get into the wild card round. Head shake.

Nod your head, mom. According to the statement, Jerry Jones quote. Mike has the highest regular season winning percentage of any head coach in Cowboys history, and we will dedicate ourselves in partnership with him to translating that into reaching our postseason goals. Certainly, Mike's career has demonstrated postseason success at a high level, and we have great confidence that that can continue.

Called the Sunday loss shared by everyone here. Not just coach McCarthy, our players, our coaches, our front office and myself. There is accountability for our results. I am accountable for our results. The only thing is you, Jerry, can't be fired.

The coach can be. So you're anybody who's asking me, what do I think of this? I'm shaking my head and then modding it.

Because you're shaking your head. This is not it. When since one of the Dallas Cowboys start touting regular season winning percentage on your grease board, TJ, how about them Cowboys? It doesn't say in the regular season in the small print underneath it, right? No, no, no. Go on. So that's not what it's about for the Dallas Cowboys.

Shake your head and then you nod your head. Well, this guy has won a championship before. I mean, it was a long time ago, but, you know, they did win 12 games for a third straight year and he's called the place pretty damn well. And Bill Belichick, is there any opportunity for him to be there? Yeah, but is there a guarantee that he could give you a better playoff result?

Potentially. But are you going to blow it all out? Go through all the interviews. Take it probably all the way to the Super Bowl.

Figure all that stuff out. I don't think Jerry had the stomach for it straight up. And he's way more patient than you give him credit for. And because we think he's impatient because way, way, way back in the day, he made one of the most impatient, irrational, gut, angry, personal, professional moves in the history of NFL ownership in telling Jimmy Johnson, you're out, Barry Switzer, you're in. And ever since then, that informs the way we view Jerry Jones, and he is way more patient and loyal than anybody gives him credit for. And we will find out because it appears McCarthy will have no contract extension either going into the season. I don't know if they're going to make that announcement either, but he's got one more year left on his deal. And they sent him out there today to answer the questions because Jerry put out a statement and Mike McCarthy held a press conference about an hour plus ago and said this about the message for the fans. And his players.

My message would be this. We have established a championship program. It's just not the world championship. Yet we know how to win. We know how to train to win. We have the right people, but we have not crossed the threshold winning playoff games. And it's extremely disappointing to be sitting here talking about it. But, you know, I know how to win and and we will get over that threshold. I have total confidence in it, and that's why I'm standing here today. And then with your trajectory trajectory, you had at Green Bay.

Winning the Super Bowl in year five. Do you see this program they built here being on a similar path? Yes. There you go. Thanks, John. But I didn't expect to lay up today. That's for sure.

Well, that bounce pass for the bunny was John Michauda of the athletic. Year four is next year for McCarthy, right? So. I guess he would need another year. I guess he would need another year on his contract. Is Jerry going to let him coach?

So you got. With just one year on his contract is a is a lame duck coach. So those are the options you keep McCarthy, everything is the staff, you keep the staff. You don't have to go through all of these coaching interviews, even though it is the most decorated group of available coaches that I can remember. You don't have to make these changes.

You get the play caller staying input in place. Who knows? Maybe you get Dan Quinn back for the defense because the defense performed so poorly. Some of the owners around the league might now suddenly blanch at hiring guy. They would have fell over themselves to hire last year. And the players apparently have given a vote of confidence to McCarthy and to them.

I would say, well, I think you better play better because this guy ain't coming back if you fail again. Only problem for Cowboys fans is Belichick won't be available. Will Jim Harbaugh be available? Maybe he goes back to Michigan and then and then decides he does want to go to Dallas after all, he isn't.

I don't know. Vrabel won't be there. He ain't gonna be there. Tomlin may be there, he just met with the media today in Pittsburgh.

We'll play some of that later for you today. He's going back to Pittsburgh for one more year, at least. I bet you they'll sign him to another extension there.

Because you don't want to coach as a lame duck coach. And I guess is that the way they're going to go? Are they going to sign him to one more year?

Maybe they should. If you're going to go with McCarthy, just cannonball into the pool, man. Give him one more year instead of having the questions of are you going to be here next year or not? And all you got to do is just eat one year of your contract. And that's what I'm sure your point is, Chris. What's more likely, that we're back here a year from now in this exact same situation where the Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl?

Let's be real. Well, it just depends on what happens when they hit the playoff field. And do you believe Mike McCarthy can coach a team and get them ready? But the bottom line is, he's not the one trying to find C.D.

Lamb. He can scheme it open. He's not the one whose defense, according to Dan Orlovsky, all you got to do is look at his Twitter feed and he says that they can't handle pre-snap motions. OK, well, is that McCarthy's fault?

I don't know. This is all stuff that Jerry Jones has got to look this guy in the face, and he made a decision and he decided, I'm not going to go at this juncture into the pool of trying to figure out who the next coach is, rip it all out, root and branch and start again. When we had the top scoring offense in the league and a quarterback that can win MVP, and we saw 12 wins on the board and it all went to crap, which is why I think at the end of the day, the Philadelphia Eagles are just going to go, we almost made the Super Bowl podium with this guy last year, everything went to crap. Am I going to start interviewing coaches right now when everybody's coming out of the divisional playoff weekend?

Am I really going to start that process? So it's easy for for us to sit here and go, fire him, he's out. There's a long ass process that goes with it that I don't think the Cowboys really wanted to countenance. So they'll run it back with Mike McCarthy and that drama will just be there every single week next year. And that drama would have been there for any new coach too, because that's what comes part and parcel with the Dallas Cowboys who are now going to be no championship game appearances into next season, 28 straight, maybe counting 29.

Wow. This is after they were in probably the first half of the NFC championship games through 1995 in the history of the NFL. 844-204, Rich is the number to dial. We'll ask you your two cents on a TJ and anyone else from Cowboys nation, but we're going to take a break. And first up is Mike Torrico, who's calling the divisional round game in Detroit. After calling the wild card game in Detroit, he also called the chiefs win over the dolphins in the freezing cold in Kansas city.

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Visit prize for restrictions and details. Welcome to talkville, the ultimate smallville rewatch podcast. Karen, what you got? Hi guys.

Karen from Australia with a quick question for season three talisman. That knife wound was so powerful. Tom, what was it like to do that scene with John as your director? It's great that I was with those people because when your eyes are closed and someone is supposed to going to stab you in the chest, you have to really trust that they're not going to hurt you. So I was in good hands with John.

Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen. So you're not going to ask Snoop for anything, right? Like you've had enough, it's been about eight years.

No, that's the good of drugs. You're good. And I've known him for so long. What do you mean you've known him for so long? Uh, in the old days when I was, uh, before I was working a lot of sports, I did entertainment.

I worked on the tonight show and he used to be on all the time cause him and Jay were good friends. Okay. So I got to sound mix him many times. Okay. He's such a good guy.

Love. He's do a dude. He's such a, I know it's been how long since he's been here in this studio forever since cause he did super bowl. We gave him credentials for super bowl 50 and this is super bowl 58 coming up.

So that's been eight years. He was probably on the first year we were on, right? He was here in 2016, 2016 right before the combine cause he was outside and uh, right.

He watched at and tight. And that's where he, he drew this, the play that we have on the grease board over here that says do not erase. That was actually, uh, the fall in 2015, 20. So that was his first appearance. It's been a while. Yeah. Been too long.

That ends today. You did celebrity picks with him in NFL network right back in the day. The most, one of the most famous early moments in our history is when he came on to talk about youth football, which was at the time a major initiative for the NFL and uh, there was a split screen. He was in studio in Los Angeles and we split screened him with Paul Tagliabue and it was, so it was Snoop and Tagliabue in a split screen on NFL network.

That happened and um, we were, we were just like screen grabbing it back in the day. Snoop's been on three times. But not since our Super Bowl in San Francisco. He was on, oh, then that's the fourth time. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

Cause he was at the Super Bowl show in Arizona. I wonder, would you want to be credentialed for this year? Would he?

Yeah. I'll ask him again if he wants to do it again. Do it.

Do it again. I'll be back. That's the best. Back on the Rich Eisen Show Radio Network. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you. Call Click. We'll just stop by. This is amazing. See, he calls a Detroit Lions home playoff game first in 30 something years, 32 years. And now he's calling another one. He's kind of the voice of Detroit Lions playoff football on NBC and getting set to call that game against the Buccaneers to kick off divisional playoff Sunday is my longtime buddy and friend from the Peacock Channel app as well as NBC Mike Torrico. How you doing Mike? How about it?

Good morning bud, how you doing? I know two games in a row for the Detroit Lions in the playoffs after not having won in 30 plus years. What was it like in that building? You obviously you know as Collins with pointed out live in the state of Michigan and I'm no doubt surrounded by all these Lions fans Mike. Yeah congratulations on your Wolverine.

Thank you sir, appreciate that. What a week I don't think the state has ever had a better football week with Michigan winning the national championship for the first time since 97 on Monday and then the Lions winning a playoff game for the first time in 32 seasons. It was obviously great scene, great atmosphere, emotional people, longtime fans. I'll tell you what the coolest parts were. Cold day, people in an hour and a half before the game watching the Packers Cowboys to the big screen and the Green Bay Packers the rival for the Lions being cheered loudly when they would score touchdowns everybody fully cognizant of a loss by the Cowboys meant what we have Sunday a home game for Detroit for the second straight week so that was one part and then 45 minutes before the game I'm down on the field I was talking something from the Rams they looked at me and said there's a coach said have you ever seen a building this full at this point before kickoff and I said no and then about ten minutes later go back up to the booth Stafford comes out and gets booed golf comes out and gets cheered and it was almost like being at a UFC fight or a hockey game they just started chanting his name like 50,000 people 45 minutes before kickoff I've never seen that at an NFL game so that gives you a sense of how special the atmosphere was and in the game the game was easily the best game of super wild card weekend just in terms of the competition in terms of everything else that was going on off the field in the back story the game was I you even you use the perfect word Stafford's slinging it he was slinging I mean nobody throws a prettier ball at different angles like him and obviously for him to do that under these circumstances were remarkable what a great game it was Mike yeah watch watching him from when he got drafted rich watching a lot of those games where the Lions weren't winning I loved watching him play and I thought he endeared himself to people around the league or anybody who was a Detroit fan the first year in NFL films had a mic he gets knocked out busts up his ribs against Cleveland I can go back in I can go back in and going for two gets up it goes back in throws it is in a ton of pain and they they win the game I think it was 39 38 or something like that and it was a lot like that on Sunday he get beat up battered looking up at the ceiling of the stadium which he's done 500 times but kept coming back for more I love watching him play I loved it with the Rams did this year what less need the general manager Kevin Demoff the team president obviously Sean McVay with those guys did they kind of rebuilt it around some big studs you know when you're doing a remodeling project let's studs in McVay and Donald and Stafford and they rebuilt around it and the Rams are back and that's I think it's great for the league and I think it's great in general that they turned around took the cap hit and survived which is a lot like the Bucks right the Bucks for 80 million underwater in the cap for this big hit this season was supposed to be yeah we'll see in a couple years and never in the final eight a game from the championship game go figure yeah Aikman definitely pointed out during the game that they were over capped that they indeed they needed someone to step in and Baker Mayfield was that guy and now here he is coming to Detroit where he's in the role of underdog which is exactly the role he relishes and then there's the Lions as well I'm what's your favorite Dan Campbell moment you've had already in in the broadcast meeting room I've never had a broadcast meeting prior to a game with him I imagine he's dynamite Mike it's the same thing easy he's the same way he's the same exact way that he is on camera same way is at the podium he is consistent I'll give you one rich so there's a policy conference it's kind of a state conference at Mackinac Island which is the island that connects or really is between excuse me the lower the Upper Peninsula of Michigan it's held in May I was there hosting a panel it was a sports athletes and people in sports and leadership and Dan Campbell was one of the guys there and I got spent some time with him away from football away from the questions about your quarterback or your offensive line and he's a smart guy he's not a meathead he's not a no three yards and bite your kneecaps and all the stuff we talked about with him he's a really smart guy to think rich as you're looking at these seven eight whatever it is openings for head coaches what do we talk about a lot not coordinators and what's your game plan what kind of program you're gonna bring in we're talking about leaders of men we're talking like guys who can lead an organization with a clear vision and focus and I can't think anybody who defines that better than Dan Campbell and it's an all the time definition from him when it comes to that so that's why I'm very pro Dan Campbell for the short term what he's done and the long term going forward Mike Torreco joining me here prior to calling Lions and Bucks on divisional playoff Sunday here on the Rich Eisen show and then again yeah I mean Mayfield is coming in this is a team that just eliminated the Eagles and they did it with relative ease despite having you know obviously some holes so coming in here I don't know if you've had a chance to chat with the Buccaneers yet what your two cents are about the NFC South champs to take on the NFC North champs here we will we will over the next day I was just watching them this morning go watching back the Lions Bucks game from week six in Tampa that the Lions won 20 to 6 I think it's a much improved Tampa team from then I really love the way Mayfield is playing the offensive line has come together it's a movement on that line coming into the season and I think they've played better as the year has gone on vita vea had a good game in the playoffs against Philadelphia and that back end has had some injuries and now everybody's healthy and it's given Todd Bowles multiple players to play in different roles in different places so I really like when this team has especially Mike Evans and Chris Godwin you know you go to those guys on a regular basis and the Lions have struggled over the last four games Justin Jefferson twice CD lamb in the Saturday night game in Arlington and then last week you know who had a rookie record playoff game for passing yard receiving yards so I think this will be a pretty close game maybe a tough game and I think the team that runs the ball better and dictates what they can do in the past game it controls the clock like most playoff games probably the team that'll walk away go into the NFC Championship game which which just sounds crazy right Detroit and Tampa Bay right to two longtime downtrodden franchises two teams that have become a home for number one overall quarterbacks who didn't make it with their teams and now somebody's gonna be one away from the Super Bowl kind of cool story there doubt about it Mike Tirico here on the Rich Eisen show and now Lions Rams game was the second in two nights that you called on NBC I guess family of networks you got it you streamed one and then you broadcast another just so you're aware from my point of view on the couch you sounded just the same streamed on the internet streaming experience tell you yeah there's no difference for us I'll tell you the one the one funny part of the night for me I really I wasn't joking I had no idea where Taylor Swift she's right spot well I didn't know where it was I just I really am looking down the third quarter going why are these people holding their cell phones up to me and Jason Garrett taking pictures and then they'll kind of do the game come back you look down oh wait a minute it must be Taylor she must be above us yeah director Pierre Musa had the camera move I didn't know so it's good to find out I came way more informed and the Peacock audience got a little extra additive bonus for that for a second you thought karma was a boy being streamed on Peacock and then you learn you know that's it next level as we used to say back on Sports Center it's killed born used to say that's next level good show no post no post of the 11 o'clock Sports Center highlight pages and there'll be no post me it was a good show nice basic I'll tell you what the Chiefs are it's gonna be fascinating watch along the road I think they're ready for it too that they looked different they look kind of playoff in tune a little bit we met with Kelsey he feels like there was a little bit extra juice he didn't play the week 18 game didn't go for that another one more thousand yard season I like what what they have and Buffalo's defense got beat up in that game on Monday it's a short week for them even though they're home so after our game I'm gonna be excited to get to a TV and watch that well that's gonna be you know in the history of my homes and Alan they've really built Manning Brady type rivalry and it'd be great to see one of these games in Orchard Park and see how my homes plays up there yeah I started the show on Wednesday Mike by saying we've seen my homes in every possible role in his career we've never seen him in the role of road playoff villain the guy who's gonna come in and quiet the crowd and break 80,000 hearts at once right like we've never seen him do that before we've seen him break the hearts of half a stadium in a neutral site Super Bowl we've seen that we saw that last year in Arizona's the Philadelphia Eagles fans were all crying around me in the section I was sitting in we've never seen him do it and of all places it's in Western New York where bills fans are relishing finally having him in their house for a change I can't wait exactly and he's won so many games I think the record something like 85 and 25 right he's won so many good road games tough environments sure I don't think he's gonna blink for a second right the question is how do the other people around him play right I know Kelsey's gonna play well as well as he's played over the last few years whatever that is at this point you know how are the other guys gonna do on the road in this environment I speak of the young receivers are they gonna come up with the big plays or not where she rice is a real-deal weapon I thought rich if there was a takeaway from week one of the playoffs Jamir Gibbs Sam Laporta Rishi rice puka Nakua a bunch of rookies came in and played at a really high level we was talking about playoff game and how you're gonna deal with it men a bunch walked right in and didn't blink and had just as good a game as they did in the regular season so something to keep an eye on as we go forward these guys don't flinch they're not worried and they jump in there and have the big impact as well and then there was the first game on NBC that that preceded the one on peacock Stroud he's out of it go and then Jordan love in Dallas I don't know if you saw these numbers this is wild they have the same exact stats Mike with the exception of Stroud had two more passing yards than love everything else the rating is is the same it's pretty nuts right pretty nuts for first playoff games rich you know it's a copycat league we talked about that all the time you guys something like that on game day morning on a regular basis when is someone going to look at this and say you know what the way to do this is the way Green Bay has maybe not sitting for three years draft a guy late first round like your guy JJ McCarthy right like Mike Michael Pennix out of Washington let's draft a guy and let him sit for a year let's see the last couple guys we've done that Jordan love looks like it's worked out fabulously that's three years but also Patrick Mahomes didn't play that whole rookie season waited until Alex Smith was finished played the one game the meaningless week 17 game at that point and it's gone on it has looked back maybe instead of throwing the guy in week one week two listening to the the fervor in the chat maybe somebody looks and goes look Jordan love Patrick Mahomes yeah there's something in common we waited didn't throw him in and you're benefiting from that now I know the salary cap and it's easy on a rookie quarterback with the contract and all that stuff makes a difference I'm telling you there's a reason that they play with the poise they do once they get their opportunity with the draft coming to Detroit it's all coming up the Michigan right now it's kind of crazy so not to let to everyone in on a little too much on the sausage it gets made but you are as I let you go you are going to go see Aiden Hutchinson you're sitting down with number 97 for the pregame show okay that's the pregame show now I okay I'm not going to do charades with him okay you know I'm not gonna try to take a game day morning schtick got it but this is it's a weird day for me because Sunday we have a three o'clock start yes that's the first game we're usually the night game so I get to watch game day morning all the pregame shows the early games the late games and I have to tell you the charade segment might be the first Michael Irvin's reaction last week was somewhere between hysterical and troubling he did react like he wanted some fourth Super Bowl for the Dallas Cowboys it's just because of the Pictionary with him drawing he draws so poorly it's so terrible it is truly the worst thing that's ever been created with a marker and and and the fact that he got one rights to win it all he did react in a way that was as you said hilarious and also troubling at the same time and he drew the he drew the bus he drew the bus because we've been using that as an analogy for the misery machine that the Cowboys have been in that they're ironically enough still in which might be brought up to Michael on Sunday a handful of times or Saturday first probably more than anything else on Saturdays to watch the Michael misery index as you guys go through the show it's gonna be great it's relentlessly bring it up thank you I will say in all seriousness you know I'm afraid of everybody who's on that show really the joy of that show is you laugh I mean look you're on for four hours you guys are there dang it six you're on the air at 6 a.m. local time the West Coast but yeah you will laugh and there's news is information you get all the stuff you need but there's just fun and it's a reminder this is entertainment it is serious my business but it's good to laugh and I look forward to those segments that just I sit there and I just cry it's hysterical thank you good stuff I appreciate that you tell Aiden Hutchinson I said hello Mike okay and say and because he's the one who started this thing he's the one who kind of started turning the the ship around and changing the culture and and putting Michigan back in the playoffs and are you okay if Harv's goes to the NFL yeah oh come on yes because if he goes let's just say and let's say he goes to the Chargers you know there's that beautiful lake at SoFi Stadium that's man-made he can walk on that as far as I'm concerned he can walk on it right now Mike come on you know what I mean like come I think I think a lot of people around the Michigan program feel the same way that you know we don't want you to go watch you stay right 15 years in the legacy but if you go you gave us our trophy gave us our you gave us the sweatshirt we can wear forever we don't have to hear that hey if the most wins all time you ever won a championship since 97 all that stuff kind of gets pushed away for the next 10 plus years and that's like you know what thanks good luck you're always welcome back here that's right anytime yeah any that's the way I feel Mike I look forward to seeing you do your thing as always I love you coming on thanks again Mike of course you get that's Mike Torico at Mike Torico NBC on Instagram and by the way great flex with the with the Masters mug keeping yourself hydrated throughout this interview Mike well done I appreciate that my friends Mike Torico everybody right here goodbye friends hold on does it let me know if it's the same thing close the Rich Eisen show mug the same flex as is a Masters mug because if I'm not mistaken close I don't know if we could rack it back if we have the opportunity to do it but is is there a Masters logo underneath on the bottom because that's a great idea oh man sure cuz then we could that means we need to put a little running man logo underneath I think you don't need any more look I thought I noticed that at the very we can't rack it back right now okay I think they're also rich I feel like I think show mugs more readily available than a Masters mug to get cheaper very talking about I mean rich eyes and shop calm saying it's more readily available that masters org doesn't have the ability for you to buy one of those mugs I have two of them what do you mean course I've purchased here you have to buy in person guys you don't understand what he just said he has two of them no no that's not you don't you gotta look deeper with Mike don't that's very superficial surface level what he just said he paid for something I broke one because another one and then got another one for my friends so I think it went from free that worked the Masters so I have one free one I originally had for something I never heard that phrase before it did just kind of go over I mean again no I don't everything I'm not cuz my pants were paid for I don't know if Mike is doing this because Snoop was our correspondent for Super Bowl 50 that he's wearing his Super Bowl 50 hat that's how I do it and he got that for free no comment from Chris Brockman okay we'll take a break eight four four two is that is that a Masters logo at the bottom just went off light bulb just went off you got to put a running man underneath the rich eyes and show mugs now make a note guys I also love the story that you've told and if you wouldn't mind telling the audience here as well at the combine when you would be pulled into rooms and you didn't know which room you were being pulled into by which yeah yeah I was I was I was you know it come back in back in that day everybody was reaching for agents was in the hotel everybody was everybody you can't be in a hotel you can't be on the premises then it was everything as well so I'm backing away from crowds and people trying to grab me and I backed into this room and the Giants was there and it was the Giants room and they had people sitting down taking these tests what do they call these things oh yeah like the psychology yes right I mean the thing was dead dick man and I sat down and they gave me this thing and what is this they say it's this test and you know we need you to take it I said oh what picker do you have it's like the tenth I thought I'd be going for it and then let's just get into it here I mean Belichick said he watched you run the 40th and that you ran it and then ran into the tunnel and is it true that's not true okay you did not run into a waiting car and being taken no because I had more interviews and all of that no that story just grows and it is it is it that's not true I did everything that I was asked to do now I didn't lift I ain't doing out of that because Jerry Rice to this day had laid across my arms bitch pressing you know I don't know where that comes I love it you say that when you're watching the defensive backs I wait reps of 225 what have you ever said man well if that guy would have got one more rep you'd have been there on that play out of three cones real like nothing to do with nothing so I didn't do any of that stuff right yeah well it all worked out yeah slash rich eyes and show for our full archive I'm back here on the rich eyes and show okay everybody Ian Rappaport just tweeted out moments ago Bill Belichick will have a second interview with the Atlanta Falcons this week no let me tell you this you don't call Bill Belichick in for a second interview to tell him yeah we're going to different we're going in a better hey Bill thanks appreciate the time all this time you go down this road only to say we're going with Jim Harbaugh we're going with just and and I don't want to use another name because it would just sound disrespectful right to the other name because the other name can turn into Bill Belichick I pointed out again Raheem Morris once upon a time at age 32 got a coaching gig won ten games in his second of three seasons with Tampa and it was the only ten win season for Tampa between 2006 and Tom Brady and everyone looks at it that potential higher as being less than because he ain't Bill he's not Harbaugh he's not even Vrabel he doesn't have a coach of the year award in the last three like Vrabel I'm just saying Pete Carroll had a shot first with the Jets and the Patriots and then 14 terrific seasons with Seattle Mike Shanahan was a Raiders head coach before he became a two-time Super Bowl winning head coach for the Denver Broncos Belichick had his run in Cleveland then look at it so I'm not denigrating when I say you don't tell Bill Belichick let's talk for another time we have some follow-up questions for you bill can we see your resume and again you weren't here Mike the other day because you were too busy working faders on Alcorn State or whatever you were doing we ran those jokes and so sorry no by the way it's one big mad mad lib I'm just gonna yeah I guess it's now corn I don't know so TJ you said a Halliburton well what you say the the meeting a coaches interview with Bill Belichick goes with like what you know how Halliburton briefcase much like when you popped open Marcellus Wallace's yeah briefcase the light beams out and he's got and I said six but I didn't even count the two he has an assistant so eight rings right that's the name of the boat right that's his resume and that's my job interview boom open so then what's the second interview with Bella maybe he forgot the other two rings is the first bring them all we want to see them all yeah so the first I said six because I go yeah I do have these you know you know also said Rich McKay and Terry Fontenot are gonna be in the meeting also because this meeting with everybody talking now we're talking staffing now we're talking what does the rest of everything look like if the team president which I think is making McKay's still that's his still his title yeah and then the general managers have been brought in yeah for an office personnel because he's not going to Dallas he's not going to Dallas I thought that was a great part of what the football with Susie and Amy this week where Amy's like hey listen I know Jerry Jones two of them can work together Jerry and Bill Jerry's like I'm not I'm not gonna I'm not gonna go down that road he decided that with McCarthy staying put does Dallas play Atlanta next year oh great question because that I mean this is the sliding-door moment because I started the show saying they do oh boy I'm telling I'm telling everyone I'm telling everyone because I'm seeing McCarthy get eviscerated everywhere and I understand why because you can't win 12 games in the NFL only to lose in the playoffs where you can't get a damn snap-off because it appears you don't know you've got to give the ball to the umpire to spot and you can't then get back to the playoffs with a 12 win season and lose by having a final play for Ezekiel Elliott's career in Dallas look like that and then you can't follow that up with a 12 win season and lose at home after you haven't lost a home game in 16 games to the youngest team in the history of the playoffs and give up the most points you've ever given up in your franchise history in the playoffs and then keep your job can you well the answer is apparently yes apparently it is yes because Jerry doesn't want to go down the road of hiring someone else and changing everything certainly on the offensive side of the whole where everything worked because you'd have to go through a hiring process just to get to Belichick and if Belichick's having a second interview with Atlanta right now you're too late what Bill's gonna wait he's gonna pump the brakes tell Arthur blank I'm not coming because I got to talk to Jerry that's dicey so that's the sliding door here for a lot of Cowboys fans but if Bill's going for a second interview this sounds like to me like okay so how will everything work yep and if that old those pieces land who are you bring your staff if that wasn't somehow covered in the first meeting I don't know why it wouldn't but that's kind of one of the first questions if I'm an owner and I'm talking about like who's your staff this is the way we do things here are you comfortable with that because these are sort of the lines I don't really want to change here these work for me I'm a successful man you understand as another successful man this is the way I want to do it now we're just gonna bring everyone in so everyone's on the same page so we're completely collaborative how it's gonna work soup to nuts from PR to community outreach to draft to rostering today of game situation to analytics to who's making the smoothies around here you know like all of it smoothies are huge oh that's a big deal so yeah you don't just have a second interview to say no thanks and bring in the president and GM and president I mean like yeah dude this is happening and so Dallas will come in to Atlanta and I'll be like you could have had him yeah we're assuming a bunch of other teams as well I'd said a quick question though because when I hate to bring this up because I'm a fan of this guy and if I say this it's gonna be giving some type of yeah oh nice can I tweet this out to what a whole lot of people that I probably don't agree with have to say but why is it that in the national media today we're all up in arms that the Dallas Cowboys are retaining Mike McCarthy and yet on the flip side everyone's okay with Mike Tomlin staying with the Steelers like what is the difference in these two stories everything that the Steelers fans have been complaining about seems to maybe have some warrant to it but like do is it because we like Mike we're okay with that but now we're going to well which Mike you're referring to Tomlin Tomlin yeah because it's the Dallas Cowboys and no these things we're gonna crack like take down our pants and crap on with two things first of all just real quick the Steelers have been in the AFC championship game since 1995 to they've won a championship since 1995 with two different head coaches 95 was a long time and then and then no no I'm giving you the whole point of this three is the Steelers haven't had a as good a roster as Dallas honestly Steeler fans would kill to have you know one of one of the offensive games that they won by 20 just going away with one hand tied behind their back this year instead of what Matt Canada was putting out there for way too long but I understand your point there too you know Tiffany franchises that have had a lot of problems I'm just saying it's I get it kind of popped my head no and I totally understand it but did you but you also can't complain about the heat on the franchise when you come on the air with your grease board every week you bring up things like a grease board it is a dry erase board okay sorry but I was which part of me a dry erase board which I want to look here three and the feet I don't just hold this up on the games they win understand this is the Dallas Cowboys it's the only all the things that we talk about me holding a dry erase board seems to be very little on as to why someone at home would go oh my god I hate the Cowboys no talking heads that consistently start every show it's indicative of the Dallas Cowboys are talked about win or lose and it is the only franchise when they lose the entire media doesn't wait for the coach to talk the entire media waits for the owner to talk the only franchise and that's but that's the heat that's being brought on by Jerry because of the way that he operates and that's because of the Dallas Cowboy fans you're everywhere stellar fans are everywhere they are it's also expectation level okay Steelers have one 12-win season since 2012 Dallas has five since 2014 maybe you should switch coaches McCarthy used to be a toll taker in Western PA I'm just saying and Tomlin Tomlin might want the change of pace with another owner who's very patient that would be great just swap roles I love it there you go boom yes consulting you love Lala Kent on Vanderpump rules now get to know her on give them Lala I'm obsessed with the fact that GQ has named Kim Kardashian Man of the Year you're upset about it I suggest you do better than if there were a Cosmo Woman of the Year and it was a man how would you feel well that would just be lies and name a man who's doing better than women right now and you can give him Woman of the Year until I see that watch what Lala is talking about on YouTube or search for give them Lala wherever you listen
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