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Rich continues the Michigan celebration with Bill Burr

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January 9, 2024 2:28 pm

Rich continues the Michigan celebration with Bill Burr

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 9, 2024 2:28 pm

Rich and the guys discuss how the Tennessee Titans firing Mike Vrabel impacts the already nuts NFL coaching carousel.

Actor/comedian Bill Burr, a Michigan football fan, and Rich discuss the Wolverines beating the Washington Huskies for the national championship, and says he’s tired of hearing all the Wolverines’ detractors calling them out for the cheating scandal that got Jim Harbaugh suspended for three games this season, and weighs in on Bill Belichick’s future with the New England Patriots.

In ‘Overreaction Tuesday’ Rich weighs in on Jim Harbaugh’s NFL future, Davante Adams to the Jets, Mike Vrabel replacing Bill Belichick as the Patriots’ head coach, Lamar Jackson, Lions OC Ben Johnson, Michael Penix Jr’s NFL Draft stock, the return of Draymond Green, and Stephen A. Smith hanging with Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter at the College Football Playoff final. Please check out other RES productions:

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Limitations apply. You guys are going to go back in time. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Joining me here on the Rich Eisen Show, the new head coach of the University of Michigan, Jim Harbaugh. Go Blue, Rich!

Exit! The Wolverines have won a national championship. The Rich Eisen Show. Hey folks, who has it better than you right now?

Nobody. Earlier on the show, co-host of Bussin' with the Boys Podcast, Taylor Luan. Coming up, Pro Football Hall of Famer, Troy Palamalu. And now. I can't believe what just happened. It's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air when I said I can't believe what just happened. That was last night after Michigan won the national championship game against Washington.

Now I'm saying the same thing about the news that's out of Tennessee. The Titans have fired Mike Vrabel. And that happened in the middle of our conversation on live Rich Eisen Show air with Taylor Luan in Nashville.

You know, he loves Vrabel. He called it a mistake. That was after Blake Corum joined us on his way to the hotel to go to the airport to go back to Michigan. What a first hour we just had.

Whoa. And joining us in about 20 minutes time, Bill Burr, who's a Michigan fan, is going to join us. Maybe the Patriots will announce something about Belichick while he's on air live. Because like I said at the end of last hour, if the Patriots are thinking of moving on from Belichick, and that has been the hot word since the Patriots came back from their loss in Germany, and that's when that was the end of the Mac Jones era and the Bailey Zappi era, if you will, began. If they are thinking of moving on from Bill, well, Vrabel's the guy they'd move on from Bill for right now, I would think. This adds quite the ripple in the coaching carousel pond into which the Maison Bluestone was catapulted into last night when Michigan won the national championship and Harbaugh accomplished his mission to return to campus, lending all thoughts to believe that he's going to go, too.

I think we have that soundbite of him answering the question last night of whether he's going to be going now. If you wouldn't mind calling that up, because the coaching carousel now has an opening in Carolina, and Scott Federer, the general manager, was fired there. So if they want to hire a coach like, say, Belichick or Harbaugh, and I imagine Vrabel might enter the pantheon of I want to choose my own grocery shopper, certainly since a new general manager is brought in, and then two years after he wins coach of the year, he's sent Packin. The Raiders have a coach and general manager spot up as well. The Chargers are sitting out here. Who wants to coach Justin Herbert? Pretty much everybody, right?

I'd imagine so. And now here comes Harbaugh into this mix. Belichick might be in this mix.

Vrabel is now in this mix. Rivera is out. And, you know, obviously he's out in Washington, D.C. He's a two time coach of the year. I don't know if anybody's going to hire him.

But there's a ton of options out there. And the question is, is Harbaugh going to be one of them? This is what he was asked after winning the national championship game against Washington last night. I just want to enjoy this. I just want to enjoy this. I hope you give me that.

You know, can a guy have that? Does it does it always have to be, you know, what's next? What's what's the future?

You know, like I said the other day. Yeah, I hope I hope to have a future. Hope there's a tomorrow, a day after tomorrow, you know, next week and next month, full college next year.

And, you know, just one last thing. Just I got two great loves. My love at work. You know, the people I work with, coaches, the staff, players and the love I have for my family at home. And just means a lot to a couple of the kids here right there.

Jimmy, Grace, Sarah, Johnny, Jack, Katie, Addie. They're just the loves of my life and my brother John being here, my dad, mom being here, you know, and then to be here with our team and that's those two families together celebrating. It's it's glorious.

It is just beautiful thing. So that was his answer last night. It's got to feel I mean, for Jim Harbaugh to wake up today, national champion at his alma mater, exactly what I was envisioning. And all of us in the Michigan community were envisioning when he came back to campus to take the job after he and San Francisco part ways. And he's waking up today as a national champion, national championship coach. He can write whatever ticket he wants. You know, there's a contract on the table from Michigan for a gajillion dollars, I bet.

And Daniel Jeremiah, did you see that? He said that on NFL Network yesterday that if if that thing sitting there on his table and he's putting his coffee on it, you know that that means that he's gone, you know, if there's a nine figure contract on your table, you're like, what is this? Oh, yeah, let me rest my coffee.

He's not resting his coffee on it. But I understand what he's saying. And options are open. Don't you think every NFL owner is calling Don Yee, his agent, to say, what do you what do you what do you want?

What do you need? We'll give it to you like today. And Vrabel is now out there, too, and Belichick might be out there by the end of the day or by the end of the week. Whoa, not to mention all the hot coordinators of Ben Johnson kind of leading the way, the Detroit OC. I mean, it's a wild coaching carousel right now. It's going to be crazy the next couple of weeks. And there may be one or two or three other places that haven't had their jobs open yet.

Yeah. Adam Schefter said seven to 10. We're at six right now. Belichick could be seven.

Who are the others that we're not expecting right at the moment? Just the fact that we're saying Bill Belichick and we're having a watch to see if he's going to lose his job. This is like mind boggling. I know it is.

This is like I can't even believe you won the national championship. So anything's possible. Anything's possible.

But this is just in a sense, it doesn't even seem right. Well, I'm looking at you. I'm looking at you.

I'm looking at you. We would have to have a catastrophic loss. One and done to the Packers. And I'm talking not by a field goal. I'm talking by we'd have to go and get everything pushed in. Like three touchdowns. You know, pushed in.

Can't wait for this weekend. And I personally, I don't see that happening. But here's the thing about Dallas that I don't understand. And I totally understand that that you've got a coordinator of Dan Quinn's quality.

You want to keep him need to keep him. Well, I mean, and if money is all that it would take to keep him, Jerry's got it. And there's no salary cap on what you can pay somebody.

So it depends. We had to talk about him if he's happy, if he's happy, where he's at, doing what he's doing. And he's being compensated more than fairly.

Right. Why leave? Because the head coaching jobs will always be available to him year after year if he wants to do that.

But I also don't understand where we got. We need him for our defense. We can't have him leave because the next coordinator won't be as good.

We had need consistency. Let me ask this question about McCarthy and the Cowboys. Why isn't that a priority for the offense after what McCarthy just did this past year? So why is why you because the narrative you hear is like they can't get they Jerry will not let Dan Quinn leave the building.

Because Dan Quinn constructed that defense into the beast that it is now about the beast of its offense right now. Well, who's saying McCarthy's going anywhere? Well. Like you're looking ahead.

I'm looking ahead because we just talked about who who else could be. Looking for a new coach, I just because because they have been told wins a year. We woke up today. We woke up today thinking Vrabel was going to get fired in Tennessee. He didn't make the playoffs. He didn't win his division. He hasn't won 12 games a year like Mike McCarthy. I don't say that he deserves it.

Done enough to keep his job. And I don't think that's even a question. I'd be shocked even if they lose by two touchdowns if Mike McCarthy gets fired. Wouldn't you? What if Belichick's out there? I mean, in theory, that sounds good, but. I'm just throwing things out against the wall.

And I know I'm talking about people's lives and livelihoods. But but I didn't expect Mike Vrabel to be available today. That's for sure. I mean, you're going to you'd fire McCarthy for 70 a coach, 11 years his senior. Like how much longer? And that's why if Vrabel is available at 48, you can have him until it's Belichick's age. If you're New England, it's very true.

Any team. Let's take a quick phone call here on the Rich Eisen Show. John in Orange County, California. What's up, John?

Hey, Rich, we're about the same age. I think I'm a class ahead of you and I'm alum from the University of Notre Dame. So I miss our opening season. Me, too. Me, too.

I think those should be rescheduled. But I guess I got to say that. Guys like you guys there on your show and Dan Patrick and some of you guys that we've gone through the years with from Sports Center on to your current shows, you guys become part of our family. You know, I've been sitting here last few months working on some projects and watching you on a regular basis, and I was excited for Michigan to win for you as I bless you, John, for anybody else. And I know that there's a part of you deep inside that that tears up as a Notre Dame guy. I totally understand what you're saying, but I think you know what I mean, too, right? I mean, it's a marking of time and big sporting wins for you. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. And you hope you can share this with our kids and they can go to a school where they can experience this.

And I'd encourage all parents, push your kids to somewhere where they can live this life and enjoy this and carry it with them for their years to come. You know, a lot of people don't know this, but Michigan, their students back in the day taught Notre Dame how to play football. There's such history with Michigan that people don't understand. It's really, you know, with Notre Dame and Alabama and some of the key schools, there's so much there. And it's just as a rival, as we get older, you come to respect these things a little more.

And, you know, players like, you know, I used to have Johnson and Ervin were at Miami. They used to kill us. I couldn't stand them. But but now I love these guys.

I love listening to them. Thanks, John. I appreciate you saying that. It's really because that was my my opening statement of the show and I appreciate you calling in.

Thanks again. That's John in Orange County is just that again, it's it's crazy guys that you hate. You suddenly don't mind listening to or cheering for like, you know, like me. I mean, the Notre Dame guy rooting for me was a Cowboys fan. You know, the triplets are my favorite players. And yet I didn't like Miami. I didn't like UCLA and I didn't like Florida. So I didn't like Ervin, Emmett or Troy. Now look at you. Strange bedfellows, isn't it? They turn out to be my three favorite players.

Well, speaking of things that that make you happy. Look who's joining us now live on The Rich Eisen Show right now. Our friend Bill Burr. Hey, what's going on?

What's going on, Bill? Look at us. Congratulations, Rich. I'm very happy for you and all the diehard Michigan Wolverine fans. I've always been a passive one. I've had family out there, but I'm not going to sit here and gloat because I didn't go through those Appalachian State years like you.

So congratulations to you. I do have the upstate scars. I do. You know, I've got them.

They exist. But do you have family in Michigan? That's that's the connection I used to. I you my grandparents grew up out there and they long since passed.

But, you know, way back in the 70s and 80s, I used to go out there and, you know, they lived, you know, right down the street from Ann Arbor and everything. So it's impossible to escape that influence, you know? Yeah. So you went to the big house as a kid.

Is that what you're saying? I didn't go to the big house, but I used to watch the games. I'm talking like the, you know, the astroturf and Anthony Carter was my favorite player. Number one, who then went to the Michigan Panthers and won, I think, the only first USFL championship with Bobby A.

Bear. That's I go back then. And then he went to the Vikings. I want to say he did.

I was a huge Anthony Carter fan, great wide receiver, and he used to return kicks for touchdowns and everything. That's back when Woody Hayes was still coaching. And Bo, the 10 year war, him versus Bo. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. I probably I probably caught the last like three years of that. And that's still my favorite documentary of all time, talking about the rivalry between the two of them.

It was hilarious because that was like during the end of the curse of the babe and they were making such a big deal out of Red Sox Yankees. And then I watched this Ohio State, Michigan thing and I was like, oh, my God, like that coach literally like Woody Hayes, like wouldn't even say Michigan. I mean, that's just oh, this is a whole other level. It's totally like right now it's it's a school up north, you know, and now I see on Twitter anybody who tweets at me, they X out the M in Michigan. And it's just like, you know, grow up.

And now, you know, no, you got to enjoy that. It's thrilling them. It's killing them. They are miserable. I know.

Isn't that great? Yeah, they're miserable. They you know, and they're still trying to find their footing with their new coach, you know.

And I mean, they literally played you this year without your head coach, which I thought, oh, that's going to be a disaster. And it and it didn't happen. And I would just like to put to bed that whole. You know, you're not stealing signs, you're attempting to steal science. Yes.

Yes, Bill. And it is a skill. It's a skill.

All right. Look, I mean, this is how I look at it. Yeah.

If you can hire the Michigan's former linebackers coach for just a month and talk to them about their playbook. I don't think somebody with binoculars or a camera trying to figure out what a picture of a box of weak checks and Dorothy Hamill and an arrow mean. I mean, just sit there and ask, oh, that's why they won the games. Oh, is it? And that's another thing, too, is every single team you watch when they talk, they go on like this.

They got stuff up, everybody because everybody is doing it. So, you know, Michigan paid like a huge price. They lost their coach for three games. And I'm sure there was I don't know how draft picks and stuff work, but I'm sure there was some sort of sanctions. Usually when that happens to a football program, they nosedive for a little while. And you guys turn around and won the championship. So but I wouldn't pass put it past Buckeye fans whining about it because that's that's a part of the college football tradition.

Yes. This time of year is Ohio State fans crying about the refs or how they should have made the playoffs and yada, yada, yada. And evidently they're sort of the new Notre Dame. Like remember Notre Dame when we were growing up, they acted like everyone else was on steroids except for them. But somehow their players were the same size. There's always that one.

God loves us the best and we do everything right. School, you know, the Cowboys were that for a long time until they all got caught doing blow. That was the 70s, though, that was back in the 70s. They didn't all get caught, though.

But, you know, I'm with you on on obviously I'm with you on the whole Connor Stallion's thing, because, again, they did break the rules. The question is, is what to what effect? And we still don't know.

And everyone assumed it was to the maximum possible most damaging effect against them and the best possible effect for Michigan for for in the exact moment. Because, again, my point, as you pointed out, what is it, a box of wheat checks, Dorothy Hamill and an arrow. You got to make sure that you know what you're looking at. How many times are people on a vacation and you're taking a selfie and somebody walks up and says, oh, I'll take that picture for you. And then you hand them your phone and they hand back the most unusable photograph or video that's shaky. Right. And so this guy hired people and venmoed him 100 bucks saying, go and shoot this video of somebody else's sideline.

How do we know what the hell they shot? You know what I mean? Like, I don't know. I don't know.

I think it's I think it's like Colin holding where you can do it on every play and all of that. So I don't I look at it. Look, if that's against the rules, then you should be able to hire a former coach for a month.

At least you got to pay him for a year is all I'm saying. I'd like it. None of it. Nothing makes sense. But I don't know. I'm happy for you guys.

Thank you. It's us. Bill finds their footing with their coach because it's never good. Like the Ohio State Michigan game sucks when you guys sucked.

It's not good. It's like, you know, you want to it's kind of like being a Red Sox fan. If we win the division, I want the Yankees to be good. I don't want them to be, you know, a mediocre team.

I want them to have a great team. So there's a there's a feeling of like satisfaction. So whatever I will say, though. I'm very impressed, you know, with Michael Pennix. Is that his name?

Yeah. And, you know, all the injuries he's battled through and the injuries during the game, the guy just kept going. And also their receiving corps, that Roma, what's I don't know.

Roma doons. Oh, my God. Really good.

He's outstanding. Yeah. But and I got to do my one little nitpick of the game, please. That just that just makes me feel like I've aged out of watching football because I don't understand it. When Michigan went forward on fourth down on like the Huskies, 47 or something.

I know the analytics and everything, you know, that's like everybody's excuse now. But I'm a momentum guy and it's like you got them on the ropes, punt the ball. So not only do they go for it, they don't get a great defensive play by that quarterback. Then you go into like this soft defense and you essentially concede a field goal because you all of a sudden you're so worried, you know, you're going to get burned on like a touchdown, which I understand what they're receiving crew.

They definitely got open a lot. But and then all of a sudden they're down and they got four shots at the end zone. Then you end up giving up a touchdown. I don't understand, like going for the kill shot in like the end of the second quarter.

Like it doesn't exist. No, I know. And so in had Michigan not intercepted Pennix in the opening drive of the second half, Washington could have tied the game up by scoring on each side a half. You know, and it's a completely totally different game. And analytics does not take into into factor momentum in the psychology of that, because I'll tell you, when they scored that touchdown, you know, we ran through that defense or whatever. I was like, oh, my God, this is this is going to be it's gonna be like last year's game.

It's gonna be another snooze. And then they went for it, didn't get the fourth down. And then they went down and they go for it fourth and goal, which also makes no sense to me. John Madden take the points.

So I was proved right and wrong on within like two minutes. I was I was nervous coming into the second half when they had the ball. I had seen enough. And, you know, they had a couple of missed throws because of some pressure and stuff. I'm like, these kids are getting open on Washington as much as the score looked pretty lopsided, especially with that last touchdown when they, you know, panics had to kind of force something to try to make something happen. It was a lot closer a game and a lot scarier, at least when I was watching it, because he too bad. They had a couple of receivers there.

It was really weird. Like we had, you know, they had like the same amount of receiving yards as we had rushing. And then it was sort of flip flopped, like we couldn't seem to pass and they they couldn't run.

Yeah, it was it was a dicey one, no doubt all the way up until the fourth quarter. Before I let you go, Bill, I don't know if you heard wherever you were, but the Titans just fired Mike Vrabel and the Patriots are apparently meeting in short order. The Crafts and Belichick, I know you were very full throated for wanting to keep Belichick last appearance here.

Would you would you want Vrabel instead? Where do you stand on this front today? I don't know, I think so much of this stuff was just media driven and everything and just like because they just like saying, what did I see? I saw the other day on Instagram are the Beatles overrated and it's just like the ultimate clickbait. You're going to get all the boomers be like, the level of influence that they have cannot be measured. And then you're going to get all these young kids that grew up listening to rap, soul people music.

And then they got they got what they want, a bunch of people interacting on their app. And I feel like sports journalism, because of the amount of places people can be watching now, it's just all about creating all of this stuff. I would much prefer if if they could sit down with Belichick and maybe he agrees to let somebody come in and be a GM and we can build like through the draft or whatever. But this look, these things are always hard when I look at it, like, you know, all the great coaches I saw growing up, Don Shula, Chuck Noll and all of that stuff, you know, they always did. It's part of coaching that just becomes a point where I don't I don't know.

I don't know. I just I'm sad that if it's over, that it's over. I love Bill Belichick.

I love Mike Brabel too and everything. But like, I mean, how do you replace this guy? But then it becomes also, are we all hanging on to law? I don't know. I hate this question. I don't blame you.

It's a tough one, brother. But in the meantime, we bask in the glory of the University of Michigan being a national champion. I followed LSU more than Michigan, but I always, you know, had Michigan in my heart because of growing up. You went to the Rose Bowl, Bill. Did I not see a photograph of you and your you? You went to the Rose Bowl. Yes, I did.

I did. I did go to the Rose Bowl and I look, I root for Michigan. I root for LSU. I'm a pro football guy. So like that, that's my team in the south. That's my team in the north.

But I'm not going to sit there and be like, oh, I got like I stuck through, you know, all of these years. But also, I want to say congratulations to the Washington Huskies. They had an unbelievable season. And I hope they keep going over that. I heard all this stuff about how great their coaches are. I hope they all don't get picked up and go somewhere else.

It'd be cool to see Washington come back next year and try to avenge the loss. Bill, you're the man. Thanks for taking the time today. Thanks for reaching out.

All right, Rich. And for the congrats. Thank you. Right back at you. All right. Go Bruins.

I'll see you. There you go. That's Bill Burr, everybody. Chime in. What was that?

The box of wheat checks? Yeah. Dorothy Hamill in an arrow.

Dorothy Hamill in an arrow. That is so funny, man. Huh? When did they get you on one of those signs next year? Oh, whatever. Yeah, Rich's head. I don't think Michigan does those sign things.

Some teams don't. I don't know. All right. Let's take a break.

What's more like... Pardon me. Overreaction Monday on a Tuesday. Oh, Tuesday. Oh, yeah.

Let's do it. And phone lines are lit. 8-4-4, 2-0-4, Rich. Never to tell. Here on the Rich Eisen Show.

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Visit for restrictions and details. This guy over there, Brockman with his Red Sox cap over there, do you have the David Price sound that when he was bitching about David Price after the Yankees beat him up in what was that? Game two? Play, go for it for Bill Burke. I want him to quit. I want him to retire on the spot. He's not going to do that. I didn't go that hard.

That's what I want. He was terrible. Part of you, so furious at David Price. I'm so furious. But you were kind of feeling good though. Like you're getting it off your chest. Like you couldn't.

It was therapeutic. See, that's what I'm saying. That's what, what's with, is there something about. Name another sports fan that sees that guy. I don't know.

Just like I'm, maybe I'm just a much more sunny disposition type guy. Were you screaming at Harbaugh? This is about him.

This is about how great he is. Oh, now I see where this is going. I was confused. No. You know, Rich, I, okay, you spoon fed it to me. I want to tell you something, Rich, out of all the sports shows I go on, I think you are the nicest, most even-keeled, pleasant, respectful to other fan base. No, I just think it goes back to like the Tea Party. You know, it goes all the way back to like, like you don't feel represented. You feel like you're taxed. You feel like a taxed sports fan. Do you feel the gem? Don't you love that feeling? You haven't been represented in the sports universe. It's always great when I have another teammate come into studio, because I'm teamed up against two on one with the New Yorkers. Don't you hate anytime like there's a big Boston game, what they show, they always show like lighthouses, lobster fishermen, and Paul Revere like, oh yeah, that's Massachusetts.

I didn't see, I never saw any of that. You know, who goes to a tourist attraction in your own city? Exactly. I only do it when relatives come to town. I want to go to the USS Constitution.

Oh, do you? Here's where Cheers is. You want to just stand in line down there? Have a great time. I'm going to go to a dive bar. Where do you want to go next? You want to go to Cheers?

Just to let you know, it doesn't look like that when you go inside, so just take a picture outside. Every Bill Burr appearance is cherished on this program. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Jeff in Detroit here on the Rich Eisen Show. Jeff, how's everything in Detroit, sir? What's up? Hey, what's going on, guys? Where are you? Well, by the way, are you in a library now, doctor's office? You're sounding very Barry White right now, Jeff.

I'm getting ready to step out right now. Yeah, we need full on Jeff in Detroit. Is he in the barbershop?

Yeah, this is hilarious. Where is he? He can't be in the barbershop. Don't worry, we'll tap dance till we get the full on.

We want this to be up at Spinal Tap 11. He can't be in the barbershop because he would talk that mess. Where's he? It's a long walk here, Jeff, in Detroit. Where are you?

Where is he? This is as long as Matt Jones' walk from the green room to the draft stage. Okay, listen. Come on. We're national champions.

You're my outside voice. You already know. First of all, you were the first one to start talking about Jim Harbaugh. I was.

Coming to Michigan. Fact. And we didn't believe it. We got the victory. We did everything we were supposed to do.

Everything was against us, and now we can say we are national champions. That guy, Jim Harbaugh, is so oriented with his players. The first thing he did when he won, put a pair of Cartier glasses on. That is a sign of respect from young to old, from I guess it's like passing the math. So it's like a thing that we do here in Detroit. And the first thing he did was put some Carties on in front of everybody.

And if you notice, some of his players had them on too. It's like we pretty much love you, coach. We know that you are the man. And when I tell you, Ann Arbor, Michigan, needs you there for that parade on State Street North, South State Street, I mean Packard, the whole... You couldn't go anywhere. Kids were all over the place. If you go online and look, videos of just Ann Arbor just being engulfed in just joy. I have to...

I can't wait to find out about this parade. That's for sure. Thanks for the call, Jeff. Go blue, buddy. Thanks for the call. I guess Deon's not the only one with glasses in his program, right?

They can't even Pikachu. Harbaugh said he's getting ink. I think we've got that soundbite before we get to overreaction Monday on a Tuesday.

15 an hour. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Because he was saying... The players are saying all year long, if we go 15 an hour, you need to get a tattoo for it.

And he was asked about it last night. Yeah, I said that I would get a tattoo. I have no ink on my body, no tattoos anywhere. But I did say that to our players, I said, we go 15 an hour, I'm getting a tattoo that's 15 an hour.

And I'm going to put it out probably on the shoulder, I don't know if it's my left or my right yet, right-handed quarterback, I'll probably get it on my right. And then an M too, an M that's a Maize and Blue M, also that signifies 1,000 in Roman numerals. Can't tell you what that means to us too, that we reached 1,000 wins this year. And what are we at now, 1,003, 4, I lost count, 1,004, 1,004, 4. One of my favorite number. Yeah, you wore number four in college, 1,004, we're talking Roman numerals and ink.

God, we are all living in Jim Harbaugh's world right now. And I'm going to go here. Are you going to get a tattoo? No, no, I shouldn't, I shouldn't, I'm going to go in this direction is what I meant.

Please, get out of here. I got a guy for you. No, thanks. No, thanks. I'll hook you up. Excuse me.

I'm going to go in this direction. Okay. Do you think it's, was it ironic or perfect that we're talking about tattoos on the day Michigan gets its national championship? Oh, that lands, that word is infused in the school down south. Well, it's BS what happened to that.

I understand. In this day and age, crazy, crazy. It was BS at the time. It's crazy that that is what cost Ohio state back in the day, crazy trestle and all her other crazy. That was such a joke. When you think about it now, right?

But Harbaugh going to get that tattoo on, by the way, when 1,001 was the game winning against Ohio state. Oh my goodness. I can't believe we're living. Honestly. I don't know if they're going to invite me to do the jacket dinner and can't know I was here. I don't know if I'm going to get that invitation because they know what's coming. That's why you will be invited.

Oh, you think, oh, it's going to be, should I put on my Cartier's? You're outnumbered. Yeah. You're outnumbered in that building. I don't know.

Then it'll be a perfect night of Michigan versus everybody. Some security. I think. Okay. I told you, I got, you got a, you need a tattoo. I got you.

You need security. I got you. So that's what we're going to do. We're going to take a break so we can have a nice bit of runway for overreaction Monday on a Tuesday. Let's do it.

Let's do it. That's next right here on this edition of the rich eyes and show. Welcome to talk about all the ultimate small rewatch podcast, Karen, what you got?

Hi guys. Karen from Australia with a quick question with season three talisman. That knife wound was so powerful. Tom, what was it like to do that scene with John as your director? It's great that I was with those people because when your eyes are closed and someone is supposed to going to stab you in the chest, you have to really trust that they're not going to hurt you.

So I was in good hands with John. Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talk Ville on YouTube or wherever you listen. All right, everybody back on the rich eyes and show.

I need to, um, I need to send the zoom link to our guests. That's going to join us top of the third hour. That's how we're rolling. Desmond Howard is going to join us.

Hey, nice. So I still can't believe we were on with Taylor when Vrabel got fired. I can't either.

It's so crazy. Well, the bigger part is we can't believe Vrabel got fired and we were talking to if we had a ranking. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Sorry. I'll rephrase.

Still can't believe Vrabel got fired and then we were talking to Taylor, one of his best players when it happened, when it happened, time slot, we're on at the right time for the stuff to happen. Hold on a second. Just keep, keep talking so I can, I can do this. Just emailed you.

Just email link. Nice. All right. There you go. I'm back. You know what I'm doing?

I'm, I'm hosting. Um, you know what? I'm just emotional day for you. You know what it is? You know what it is? You know what it is? I'm, I'm more aware, you know what I mean?

Of life. You've got some Cartier's on you. Oh, last night my wine tasted better.

I bet it did. Well, I wanted to ask you how you were feeling today cause you know, I did some research on the wine that you posted. Yes. Good stuff. Oh, the juice. And that was a big cup.

So you know, the juice, it was like a big goat filled with wine. Pop up on the screen who I was pouring for as well. Yeah. Go ahead.

Just put it up. Uh, this is my watching buddy last night. Hoskins, pop it up. There he is. Oh yeah. Oh, that's why the good stuff came.

All right. I also thought you were watching the game with Mark Ruffalo. Susie sent us a video.

No, it's my buddy, Jimmy Yaffe, long time, uh, university of Michigan, uh, man. Well, at first look, I was like, we're just trying to make, no, no, no, two eight was there last night. I'm on fire. Oh, you have no idea back on the rich eyes and show Peter and Korea has been hanging on for a long time. What's up? Are we talking about the Korea or Korea town? Hey guys, how y'all doing?

Happy Tuesday. Are you calling from the Korea? Like the country? Yes, I am. Actually.

I am in South Korea. It is, uh, well, we didn't think you were in North Korea, Peter. I mean, I think it would have a difficulty getting an outside line, you know, but I understand here's called before. Right. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. That's called a few times. I'm a big fan.

I've been with rich, you know, since the, the bad Ohio state days when they won like what five or eight, you know, I remember those a while ago, that was a while ago, Peter shoes anymore. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Been away a long time. I'm here. I'm here.

You know, the peak rich now because you know, Michigan is one of the national game. Yeah. Congrats. Big fan. Yeah. Happy. Happy for you.

Thank you. Um, you know, I know you've had some struggles with the jets this year. So obviously, yeah. It's obviously, obviously some good stuff, good way to bring in 2024. So I hope you get to be with friends and family to brag and, uh, and they can all hug you when Harbaugh leaves for honestly, if he leaves, that makes him happy. He's made me happy. He's accomplished the mission, Peter. I mean, the players are just awesome to root for and they are good, man. Uh, you know, and, and thanks for the call, Peter.

I appreciate it. Um, I, I wouldn't be surprised if there's at least a dozen to 15 Wolverines at the combine this year. Now that was the, the number we were hearing before, right?

Didn't Joe Klatt say that when he was here in the summer? Yeah. Right? Yeah.

I think you got 15 guys get drafted. I think that defensive front is no, honestly, both sides of the ball. Did you just talk about the game for a second?

I like both sides of the ball. I thought it was really impressive against Alabama. And last night, the way you were able to just dominate, dominate, and it just kind of wasn't even close. And I thought it was too close because the Michigan offense sputtered in the second quarter. We talked about it with Bill bird Harbaugh's decision to punt with five minutes to go in the first half or, and then pull it back and go for it and then not make it with Washington having the ball first on the other side of halftime, opened the door for Washington to tie the game in two possessions. Well, and I mean, look, Pennix, not his best night, kind of picked a weird spot to have his worst game of the year.

Well, I think he misses Roma Dunsay on that, which would have been a touchdown on the fourth and short play. I, a couple of things there. I think you have to credit the Michigan front for speeding Pennix up. Yeah.

It took all day to just stand back there and pick, pick them apart. And, and to my watching buddy last night, Susie, let me know she was going to surprise me that Marshall Falk was coming over to watch the game. I had no idea he was in town, no clue at all. So it was a surprise that she's like, Hey, Marshall's coming. And Marshall showed up and he's like, I had to be there to watch you because I mean the number of game day mornings you were there as a segment producer, I would stroll in with my tail between my legs and Mooch would be, oh, you'd be watching the iPad and the meeting like, Oh yeah, man, you're living and dying. So I was glad he said he wanted to be there for, for the moment.

That's cool. He said that the missed throw to a Dunsay was on a Dunsay, not on Pennix because he said, right. So he threw it outside and they did hit on that very same play later in the second half. Um, but Marshall also thinks Pennix is a real pro. Really? Yes.

Interesting. Because he is an elite pre-snap processor, elite pre-snap processor. The fact that he walked out with holding his side and holding, you know, and being beat up and he was only sacked once or twice. He did have the, it looked like he got a high ankle sprain there in the third quarter.

And the interception to start the second half. He is a tough kid and he's battled through a lot of injuries and fast. He gets ready and he flicks it.

He flicks like he's got a Michael Vick kind of dude. He's got some serious game and he's a fascinating prospect. The other thing that scared me before the game is Marshall's like, he's 24, he's going to come into this game like a grown ass man.

He goes, and I'm like, what do you mean? He was, you remember, he said, when I played, I looked at a 24 year old as an adult, right? You know, when he, when he was dominating at San Diego state, that's a real grown ass man. And so he's an interesting prospect. He's an older prospect, but he can process, he can read pre-snap what the hell's going on. And last night he got a real, he got a real welcome to the NFL moment from that. That is as close to an NFL defense as he's ever faced, I bet.

But Pennix, I think has a nice future and I can't wait to see him spin it at the combine as well. All right. It's a, it's a Tuesday. Let's get to it. Overreaction Monday.

On a Tuesday. That was terrible. That was crap. That was garbage.

This place sucks. Overreaction Monday. All right, Christopher.

Oh, I stepped on it. What do you got over there, Chris? Hey, what's up guys? Everybody good?

Rich, the Harbaughs are going to face off again in the NFL playoffs in the next two years. Okay. Well, get out of here, man. What do you mean?

What do you think? It's going to be Ravens chargers. Is that what you're saying? Ravens Falcons, Ravens Bears, Ravens commanders. Well, Ravens in the playoffs, if it's Ravens bears, Ravens commanders, you're talking to Superbowl. You said NFL playoffs.

So it's more likely that if Jim does take the gig in the rate with the Vegas or the chargers. But I mean, if you're talking about a super, another horrible again in two years, I mean, obviously who's got it better than them still won't do it. Okay. That's not my thing.

All right. Two years. I'll, I'll, I'll still call it an overreaction because wherever Jim goes, he's going to have to, it's going to take some time to instill this program. I would think what if he goes to the charges and he goes, that's ready made. I think if he goes to the chargers, then this is, this is more likely than not. But at this point in time, we don't even know if he's going to the NFL. So how dare you?

And we know Kellen Moore's coach. I'm not there yet. I'm not there yet. Yeah. Right.

That ain't happening, pal. You keep saying that. I just want to be right. What else, Chris? All right.

So I had this one written last night, but now I have to change the phrasing. Now that we know Mike Vrabel's future with the Titans, the Patriots should do whatever it takes to go get him as head coach. I don't think that's an overreaction. And I feel this way about Belichick that he's the greatest of all time and there is no better in game preparing for a game guy in terms of experience and in terms of acumen.

But if you got a 48 year old man right there, I mean, seriously, you can have, you can get Vrabel in there and have another 20 year run. Absolutely. So I don't know how to handle this. This is, I mean, even Bill Burr was saying he didn't like the question. You know, I know you love Belichick, but would you take Vrabel over Bill? And he basically said, after trying to answer for 90 seconds saying, I don't like the question because Belichick is Belichick and it's disrespectful to talk in this manner.

But my job as a host who has takes, am I a taker? Not really. I mean, you know, I don't think that's an overreaction.

The guy's got a red jacket, man. Yeah. He would have you guys at hello.

I mean, I I've been talking about him all year. And you could set up the front office in the manner that I think you're you're happy to set it up. Yeah. Right. And if Jerrod Mayo wants to stay and keep building his resume or he can go elsewhere.

Yeah, of course. What else, Chris? Rich, did you see like we like to look at social media for clues about players and situations. How about Jersey numbers with Garrett Wilson changing his number from 17 to five?

This is a sign the Jets are getting after Devontae Adams. All right, whatever, dude. Are you really going in this direction here? For real?

Everyone's talking about it. OK. All right. Why did he say he's changing it to five?

Apparently he wore five at Ohio State. No. OK. I'm sorry that that program just doesn't you know, it doesn't factor in my thinking. Understood. You are five at Ohio State.

I'm going to get to that part of my of my celebrations soon rather than later. Guys, let's focus. I don't know. I mean, if Rogers has one more year left in him, I mean, you got to go for Devontae Adams. But why would the Raiders cough him up? Well, you could get picks back and whatever. Top wide receiver, you know, I mean, I don't know. No, Garrett Wilson just wants to probably get back to, if you will, who he is and go for. I think this is an overreaction. So you're going to tell whoever's taking the job in Vegas, we're trading where we need to make Aaron Rodgers happy or we're getting, you know, we're getting enough draft capital for our first offensive player.

So welcome to Las Vegas. You don't have Devontae Adams anymore, even though he's under contract for a long time around here. But Adams, 31, 31 years out of here. That is not the way to hire a new head coach. Next up, that's an overreaction.

You're going to love this one. OK. The quarterback facing the most pressure heading into the 2023 postseason, Lamar Jackson. That's a major falsity.

That's false. What pressure? What pressure is this guy feeling?

Being a two-time MVP with more MVPs than playoff wins? He's got a ton of road ahead of him. See pressure. And I don't think I don't think this guy's felt the pressure today in his life. Maybe that's the problem. That's not a problem. Get out of here.

I mean, if you want to go under the pressure cooker, it's the guy to my right. No. First of all, they're the number one team heading into the playoffs, right? Yeah.

OK. So if you're the best team heading into the playoffs, which I don't believe he's under pressure. But if we're going to play this game, then yeah, wouldn't the MVP who's playing for the best team feel the most pressure to win this? Hasn't had any playoff success? Josh Allen?

Josh Allen is just because he won't he won't stare the obvious in the face. You want to flip this on me for some reason. I don't want to flip it on you. I'm flipping it on Dak Prescott as a representative. They have the two seed. They have the best number one seed, excuse me, MVP, Rich.

Give me the best a better set up in terms of roster and and seeding that the that the Cowboys have had in Dak's era. Period. End of story.

They haven't. This is it. It's all set up. It's all set up. You've reported tonight. You've reported for you've reported as eligible for the usual Dallas Dak Prescott pressure conversation.

And Irv keeps talking about the the curse of Jimmy Johnson is gone. Sure. Fine. Uh huh. But I don't think Lamar has felt pressure a day in his life. What else, Chris? Thank you guys for falling into my trap of playing that game.

Thank you. Michael Pennix played himself out of the first round with his performance last night. I don't know about that. I don't know of his performance. He faced a stout National Football League style of defense last night. And he took the hits, man, and they kept coming and kept coming. I was he had me scared last night.

I'm not lying. I mean, I believe in the Michigan defense and the Michigan, you know, fortitude. But he was flinging it around and he was surviving and advancing damn near every snap. And he was pre snap processing his head off.

I was impressed with him last night, actually. I just you know, I don't have first round grades in front of me, et cetera. But I'll push back on that as an overreaction. He might wind up being a first round pick and many people might not have migrated that high going into that game either. That's true.

That's true. What else, Chris? Last one. Last one.

Last one. What the hell was Steven A. doing in the box with Jordan and Jeter? Like, what was that? What do you mean? What was that?

He's Steven A. Smith. I wouldn't be surprised. Why would I not surprise you?

Because this guy thinks he's on the level with Jeter and Jordan and even Travis Scott. What was that last night? Was that not his box? I don't know. He's there. I see.

I see. You wouldn't even wonder whose box. It could have been. It could have been Jordan's box. It was.

It was Jordan's box. We sure? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Why wouldn't you hang with those guys? Come on. Steven A. Smith. He's not Jordan and Jeter. In his world, he is, though. In this world, you think... Well, how?

By the way, you don't think Jordan and Jeter would want to hang with him? Come on. I found that a little surprising. Am I the only one? I believe you probably are. I think you are.

How about him being so surprised that we're pushing back together? Wow. I thought you guys would be with me.

No, I'm not. I mean, you... I'd want to... I wanted to be in that suite.

Yeah. Me too. You guys would have been if I were there. I would have been if I were there. Brockman and TJ. I'd have to go.

I have a couple pairs. You know? All right.

I'm wrong. I don't know. Some kicks. I was like, what? I was like, what is he doing there?

He's great. What is he doing there? He probably went in more than one box knowing Steven A. Maybe.

Because he thinks everyone wants to see him? Yeah. How about... By the way, another part of Harbaugh's amazingness.

I was kind of baffled. How about Michigan being the first ever jumpman team to win a national championship in college football? Yeah. That was 2016. They were the first college football team that came on board. I mean, what a brilliant move that is.

Also when the number four hit him in that video we just watched and he put the four together because that was his number like that when he talked about the tattoo, that was all pretty cool. Well, by the way, maybe Steven A. got in that suite because it was Tiger's ticket and then Tiger ditched and Jordan was like, hey, I got an extra one. Although I'm sure Steven A. had a credential and he could go wherever he damn well pleased last night.

Yeah. I mean, come on. Steven A. carries... Oh, and I had to tell Marshall why Jeter was in the suite. He's like, why is Jeter a Michigan guy? And I'm like, he had a cup of coffee with the Wolverines, used the school essentially to get a bigger signing bonus out of the Yankees. I mean, didn't he...

He got... He went to class there. Didn't he take a class there? I don't know how long he was on campus.

I think it's a race for a shorter time on campus. Him or Madonna. Does Jeter have a key at that hotel?

I don't think he does. But Madonna does. Madonna does.

And you know who else? Rich Eyes. I have one. Dickie Eyes from Staten Island. I've got a key.

I do. Desmond Howard has one, too, he's next. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings, Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. I mean, I dig Jey Uso because he's born out of great storytelling and he lived up to the opportunity and exceeded it. The LA Knight, he's way up on my list because here's a guy that's been around for almost ever, should have probably quit a half a dozen times, and he just forced his way into their life. And now he's making money hand over fist. That is a story I love. 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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