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NFL Week 18: OverReaction Monday - the final week of the regular season

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 8, 2024 4:40 pm

NFL Week 18: OverReaction Monday - the final week of the regular season

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 8, 2024 4:40 pm

A weekly staple on ‘The Rich Eisen Show’ since 2018, ‘Overreaction Monday’ is now also an extended podcast with Rich and Chris Brockman debating the latest in the NFL. Today’s topics:

1:30 –    Bills are going to the AFC Championship game

5:10 -   Neither 1-seed is making the Super Bowl

6:55 -   Trevor Lawrence is not the QB we thought he was when drafted #1 overall

10:20 - Justin Fields has played his last snap for the Chicago Bears

16:20 - CeeDee Lamb should be Offensive Player of the Year

20:00 - One conference will see all higher seeds win in Wild Card Weekend

23:00 - Belichick will be a playoff coach next season

26:00 - The Rams have the best backup QB situation of any playoff team

30:30 - Reviewing Brockman’s past predictions




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It is time for overreaction Monday. We are back in studio, rich eyes and along with Chris Brockman after we were apart for Christmas and new year's. Here we are. Good to see you. Just as handsome as ever. I appreciate you saying that.

And I wish I could say the same to you. Oh gosh. The regular season is over in the national football league. It goes fast. Time certainly flies. Time certainly flies on this program brought to you by our friends at Game Time. The fast and easy way to buy tickets for all the sports, music, comedy and theater events near you. Download the Game Time app, create an account and use our code overreaction for $20 off your first purchase. Download Game Time today.

Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. I used Game Time a couple of times over the break. Attaboy. Look at you. Yeah, man. Look at you. Did you use the promo code? Absolutely.

Of course you did. We got so many promo codes. It's coming out of our ears. All right. So 18 regular season weeks are in the books. We now know who are the one seeds who's in super wildcard weekend. There is a ton to overreact to is now every other team that didn't make the playoffs is news again out. Okay.

They're out, but they're news again. Cause they're already looking forward to next year. Tons to overreact to hit it, hit it. That was terrible. That was crap. That was garbage.

This place sucks. All right, Christopher, what do you have for me? Let's just get right to it. Sunday night football bills, dolphins, the bills are going to the AFC championship game. I think that is I think that is not an overreaction.

I'm going to just go and just keep diving in head first here. I'm going to go diving in head first here, even though I think that the chiefs can go into Buffalo and just flip the switch and say, could Darius Tony stay on side? I hear you could Darius Tony always got to do is stay on side and that and catch the ball and, and just, this is the, this, the bills have got, have set it all up for themselves. Certainly for a team that was five and five and then six and six, but if there's any team that showed you, you can be six and six and make the super bowl. It's the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, right?

Who, uh, who beats the Kansas city chiefs on that day, uh, uh, for the super bowl, but lost to the chiefs to fall to six and six. And so if there's any team that knows you can go to six and six and then come back and reverse results, right. Um, and so all I'm saying is the bills have an opportunity here that they haven't had in previous years, which is bring Kansas city to them, have Kansas city brought to them, bring us Kansas city, bring me the chief. And so that's the difference that makes this not an overreaction. However there's miles to go before we see them play in the AFC championship game.

Now the true overreaction is that the bills are going to host the AFC championship game because you feel that the way that the chips fall will be Flacco going into Baltimore. Can you wait like 30 seconds? Okay, sure. I don't mean to jump the overreaction Monday gun.

Um, but at this point in time, the way that they're playing, I keep saying, I said on the show, I think in early December and then reiterated it on, on our, on our main show on the flash. Can I refer to it as the flagship flag? Yeah, absolutely. Is that an overreaction with that? Um, no, uh, agent to the stars.

Jerry Sobel, it's came up to call rich eyes and show the flagship show because we have so much going on here. Um, so I've said, don't let the bills in the tournament. If you're the rest of the AFC.

Well, they didn't listen. They're in the two seat or the two seed and they've won five in a row. So they've got momentum. They've got a quarterback that has put the ball in the end zone, whether with his throwing or his running more than anybody else in the NFL this year, they have a defense that just keeps on ticking despite the licking that the football injury gods keep on throwing their way. So it does look like they are one of the best two teams in the AFC.

And if it's chalk they're in and that they don't have to go to Kansas city this year, they know they've already made that visit to Kansas city and they emerged victorious. So I'll say this is not an overreaction bills were 13 and four. Like they easily could have been dumb losses to the jets and week one, the Patriots and the Broncos, Josh Allen be the runaway MVP with the season. He's had 4,500 total yards, almost 45 touchdowns.

Who cares about the turnovers? We've seen MVPs have high interception totals. Look at Brett Favre. Look at Peyton Manning. I hear that's how close it is.

That's how good this bill's team is. All right. So I've waited 30 seconds.

What's next? Neither one seed is going to make the super bowl. That's an overreaction. And, and I, I know that it's rare that the both one seeds make it. And it's rare that both one seeds make it in consecutive years.

Here's my case. And last year, both one seeds made it. It has been the weirdest season that I can remember, right? Weird season, weird stuff happens. Both these teams rested guys in week 18.

Guess what happened? They both lost. I think the rest comes back to haunt them.

Maybe they, I don't want to say they both lose in the first, in their first game. You think both are one and done? I don't want to, I don't want to go. I didn't, I didn't say that.

You said, which means you're trying to back door it. So if it happens, you could say, I said it, how dare you? I think you can't slip that one past this. We need to make the super bowl too weird of a year overreaction of a year for total chalk overreaction because of what happened in week 18, if the Ravens and Niners had beaten the teams that they probably would have beaten, had they been full compliment, maybe would you have said this on the show today?

You're you're just, you're, you're, you're buying the Carson Wentz for the Rams hype. No, we're going to get to him in a minute. Okay. That's an overreaction. What else is Chris? Come on.

All right. They were, they were the best teams in football until the Ravens, the conspiracy of the colors. You know, that's a thing that's happened many years in a row now. And the colors theme for Miami is purple and red. So everyone's like, Oh, the script it's already Vegas. You're saying Vegas dude, Rogers on patch show.

It's been a thing for months. Not into it. Neither make it neither.

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Probably nowhere. Trevor Lawrence may not be the quarterback. We all thought when he was drafted, I think it's too early to say that 20 and 30 career as a starter. I think it's too early to say that. I think that his first year needs to be thrown out in the way that we threw it out last year. And we shouldn't discount that now that we've seen him clearly take a regressive step back, man. I was expecting a lot more from him.

I know you were, they were eight and three on the night. We thought he suffered a season ending injury seed. If they beat the bangles, I think this kid needs to get more time. I understand the way he played in college, the Ballyhoo with which he was drafted surrounding him. I understand that those players usually by now, like Joe burrow have will have already shown shore fire awesomeness. And he's not, which now leads you to, but he has yet to, which leads you to say something like this, that he's not the quarterback. We all thought he was when he was drafted. I think that's correct in saying that we thought he was a quarterback that didn't need much professional seasoning to show that he's as just as special as he was in Clemson.

Absolutely. However, if you're saying that he may not be the franchise quarterback who can win championships that we thought when he was drafted, that's an overreaction. So if you're saying you should have just been shiny out of the box, totally retransformed to Jacksonville franchise that needed a second form of tree transformation because urban Meyer was the worst head coach in the history of the NFL or the one who blew the biggest golden ticket in the history of NFL that he was handed. We were all expecting that discount that we all thought last year was the page turn.

And this year we're still turning another page. Right? I get it. I know Jaguars made it as a one seed.

I get it. I I'm, I'm not willing to say that he's not going to be all that still. Can't say it.

Won't say it. Let's see what next year is before we can talk about it in this manner. But if you're saying that he wasn't the quarterback, we thought he was a quarterback who could just immediately transform a franchise with his talent and overcome urban Meyer and already show Joe burrow first overall specialness, then, then he is not that quarterback right now, but I'm not willing to say that he's not going to be a championship quarterback in the league.

Where do you already seen that? Where do you have him tiered? Does he, he's not, he's not top. He's not top 10. Is he top 15? I think he's on the cusp. He's right around there. So he's just a middle of the road average quarterback to 500 team that didn't defend its championship after being eight and three and finished nine and eight. Absolutely.

So that he has to own, but I can't say that he's not the guy that they should start thinking about maybe not picking up his fifth year option. He's not in the Justin Fields category. Oh, rich speaking.

It's almost like you do this for a living for 30 years, but I haven't seen your rundown. I know. You know what?

That's important. Potico 2021 draft class rough year for those cats, including the one that we just including Justin Fields, who has played his last snap for the Chicago bears. That's an overreaction too. Like you could say that for sure that he's played his last nap for the Chicago bears.

Yeah, I think so. I think he needed to win that game on Sunday. I don't think it all came down to that, but I don't think it helped him. Didn't look great. I hear you. I just don't know.

Didn't look great. If, if here's what Ryan polls is going to have to do the general manager. And I know we're going to talk about this a lot in the next few months. Let's let's unpack it since this is the first now that we know, uh, what, what his entire season looked like and ended like, since I, since I do believe that I was the first one to bring this up a year ago. Okay.

So let's, let's, let's hit this. What Ryan polls is going to have to do is first off survive himself. Okay. He's going to have to be the general manager to be deciding all this stuff. And I'm assuming, I think he's done Kevin Warren, president formerly big 10 commissioner. We had John Tom Pelosero on our flagship show on Friday, say that he does have quite a bit of say in what the direction is going to be.

Right. And that includes who's the GM and who's the head coach. So if he is told you're the guy still, and Eber flutes is told you're the guy still, and that's the way it's going to run. And I think that's the way it's going to run. Then what has to happen is he's got to take offers for the first overall pick like seriously and, and, and throw it out there. And that's going to be something that I think happens at the combine too. Remember last year we found out it was March 10th when the trade was transacted with Carolina and then became official five days later in the new league year.

So all of this stuff is going to have to happen right now. And I believe Justin Fields is going to have to steal himself for a longer ride than it was last year, where he might've been told even at the Superbowl right around when we spoke to him, he might've been told around the Superbowl of you're good. And we're starting to look for what we're going to flip the number one overall pick. But that may just be because they didn't see much from Bryce young on tape and CJ Stroud. And all you gotta do is talk to, you know, anybody like who, who looks at tape college tape for a living Stroud's doing stuff on the field this year.

He didn't do it Ohio state. Like he's taken a monster. So, and that's part of the evaluation you're gonna have to make up Drake may and Caleb Williams and what have you. And if they can get a Godfather offer for the first overall pick to the point where they can supplement around Justin Fields and not have to trade any further down than say even the commanders, right? Or your Patriots at three, or there's not a lot of teams in the top 10, right now, four is the cardinals. They say they want Kyler five is the chargers. They're not trading. I think giants should move up at six. You disagree, but the giants that's out there. Well, all I'm saying, if you could make this move and not fall that far where you can still have a shot at Marvin Harrison Jr. for Justin Fields and hook him up with DJ Moore and then have all of these picks first and second round picks for this year and next year.

And what have you, then, then you have to consider it. The last thing to say here is you've got to pick up Justin Fields, fifth year option, which is half of Daniel Jones's annual salary. But then you got to figure out, is he going to be the guy moving forward? And you got to give him a contract commensurate to say Daniel Jones's or mid $30 million or something like that. I don't think he's proven himself to be that type of player. Which other team would be willing to take that conundrum on and flip you draft choices for that, right?

So you stay at one and start the clock all over again. There's a lot to discuss, but the answer is this is an overreaction. It's not that Justin Field has played his last snap for the Chicago Bears. You can't sit there and say with certainty right now on January 8th. No, that's my job.

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Learn more at slash credit card limitations apply. What else you got there? Let's do it. This team impressed me all season long, the Dallas Cowboys. I think there's a case Dax should be the MVP. Not my overreaction here. I do think this man helped him though. CD lamb should be offensive player of the year.

I don't think that's an overreaction at all. I mean, Tyreek Hill started as a house of fire and didn't, I mean, didn't finish as strong as he did the entire season and definitely didn't get stronger as the season went on. Unfortunately, a hip drop tackle that befell him in the Titans Monday night loss about a month ago, certainly played a role in that Christian McCaffrey had an incredible season. And I think he will be named a finalist, but I would give the award to McCaffrey over Tyree kill. If I was just the two of them with you there, CD lamb, not only started strong and not only played strong, but he finished strong nine straight games to end the year with the touchdown set the Cowboys yardage record.

This guy was a beast unguardable. He set the Cowboys yardage record. He set the Cowboys catch record. He scored touchdowns plural in the final game of the year when they needed it. I mean, good Lord, you can't argue with that.

Anybody who pushes back and says, that's not the case. Cause Tyreek Hills going to the hall of fame. And he was incredible in weeks one through 10, which he was, which he was weeks one through 12, you could even say, but weeks one through 18, there was one guy who did not start on anybody. Like if you were to name going into the season, top five wide receivers in the NFL.

Okay. You would name, you would name Justin. Jefferson would be one. He was number two on the NFL networks.

Top 100 going into the season. Tyree kill would be two. Yep. Okay.

Then you'd go. What Devante Adams would be a mention Devante Adams, AJ Brown. Okay. AJ Brown would be another one. Where would you, where would you put Devo Samuel might be discussed and on your list somewhere.

Correct. Trying to think let's just go through. Is there anybody else that just leaps out at you? Not, not really. I mean, you got the DK Metcalf or what CD lamb kind of be in the conversation at the end. Where is he right now?

Oh man, right now, right now, two day, January 8th, number one. That's right. Can't argue it. And I know there's a ton of people that would push back and, and what he's done is made himself that too. And you got to tip your cap to McCarthy who puts him in the slot. He puts him everywhere. He hides him.

He motions him. He's unbelievable. I got to say he is number one. He is, he is, he's the offense. He can be the offense slag. And I'm like McCarthy over the years. He is done an awesome job for Dallas commonplace. Everybody thought, okay, here's coming more out here to Los Angeles. He's going to turn Justin Herbert into the MVP. And instead you say you think Dax, the MVP, and this guy's the offensive player of the year.

And who's the one dialing up the place. McCarthy's been great. And that's why maybe we'll get to this, you know, on Tuesday later on the flagship show. Jerry Jones, not giving him assurances that he's going to be the coach next year. This is the way it is in his world. Cause he's got to figure out what to do with Dan Quinn. Hey dude, let me just tell you this. All the flowers we're handing out right now, one week from today, we're coming off of a Packers win in the playoffs.

I think we're getting ready for bill Belicheck new Cowboys coach. Oh my God. Look at you get hotter. Just get hotter.

Just wait, big boy. Okay. Uh, how about this? I think looking at super wildcard weekend. Yes.

Of course we love chaos. All the home teams aren't going to win. Okay.

Some road team's going to do it. Okay. But one conference we'll have all the higher seeds win on wildcard weekend. Okay. So the crazy thing is, is we pointed out on our flagship show the first three games of wildcard weekend, super wildcard weekend.

Um, do you have that Mike? Even, even for wildcard weekend or all AFC, they're all AFC. And then the last three are all NFC. So the bills chiefs, I really think the Browns are going to be everyone's saying the Browns, which makes me a little bit worried about taking them. I, I, I believe in the flaco songs and I know you too. I do.

I do as well. Um, I think the bucks are going to win. I, you don't think the Rams have a shot to beat the lines. I know it was announced on Monday. Sam Laporta was announced on Monday to have an outside shot, outside shot chance at playing. It's a hyper extended knee and a bone bruise as opposed to an MCL tear or anything like that. So it's a great story.

Matt Stafford, the Rams have been awesome this year, huge accomplishment for them to just make the playoffs. I'm calling this an overreaction. I don't think there's going to be chalk. You don't think one side is chalk where it's going to be Niners bucks and, and or lions at the Cowboys again, Cowboys or let me sound it out to see what it sounds like and Texans at Ravens and chiefs at bills.

One side goes chalk. I don't know, man. I'm just saying this in the history of the NFL playoffs, it is so rare for a quarterback to make his first career playoff start and have it look like all the regular season starts that led to that being the first start. Yeah. Yeah. And, and Flacco is the been there, done that big time.

Yeah. He is the king of been there. One of the greatest playoff runs we've ever seen. And he's playing like it.

So yeah, I'm going to pick the Browns, but everyone picking the Browns has me a little worried as well. You should be a little, because Stroud is a wonder kind. He's unbelievable. He's unbelievable.

Right. And, and the defense can show up in that building in a way that JJ watt will tell you the defense gets plugged into the crowd and they go crazy. And I think this kid needs is on the screen right here in Stroud is, is, is the version of, of JJ watt right now for this franchise.

I thought she was taking that town over. How good was that throw to Nico Collins to start? It was, and it'll be great as a, as we're recording this to have Michigan win on, on Stroud's home field. Nice. Got to start speaking stuff into existence, even though it might age like cheese and not wine. All right, rich couple, couple more wildcard weekend. You got any more on that? Okay. Bill Belichick. Yeah, buddy.

He's going to be a playoff coach in 2024. Okay. Sure. Okay. What are you in?

Are you sold or not? I don't know. I got to know where he's going. Oh, we can sound it out. We can sound out where he's going. Let's just look at the possibilities of where he might go. Stay put, stay put. Not a playoff team.

He's not staying put. Goes to Atlanta rumor hot rumor. They are loaded with talent.

Okay. And they have the number eight overall pick. That team is dying to be coached. Well, and not have the stupid things that plagued them all year long. They could have been an 11 win team this year. Why not? Falcons playoff team.

Okay. Commanders second, overall pick new quarterback. Do you think the playoffs if he takes the team, if he takes over the team, an actual head coach on that team, a lot of talent chargers. Oh, Justin Herbert is dying to be coached the charges job.

That means hard. Like Bella check coach Tom Brady over the years Raiders. Ooh, they have a playoff roster. They won.

How about they go eight and nine this year. Okay. You're talking me into it. All right.

But I like to say it 100%. I can't do that. Call your shots. January 8th call shot. Call my shot. Bellacheck playoff coach in 2024.

Sure. He's as good as ever, man. I'm telling you he's as good as ever. He's locked in.

He's exactly what you need. Nobody who's a hermit has no idea what's going on pop culture wise. Like I'm sure he, somebody told him that they made a movie out of Barbie. He'd be like, what? And Hey bill, it made a billion dollars.

What? He probably loved Oppenheimer though. He probably did see that because he's a history guy. I'm sure he was all over that, but you know what I mean?

That's right. And so one week after another, he just focuses on one week after another one down after another one quarter after another. And he, he knows exactly how to beat your weakness. He knows exactly how to keep a locker room engaged this year is proof of it. So yeah, put them on a, in a, in a new spot that loves him and gives them run of the place. And he's, he's got the roster already inherited that he hasn't built and he could build.

He can then add his players to it. That sounds like a recipe for a playoff team. For me, I'll go one further.

Oh God. Packers blow out the Cowboys. And then Jerry makes the move to move for him. He will never do that. They win the super bowl next year. Cowboys. It's not happening.

You're out of your mind. Jerry wants bill to break the all times win record with the Cowboys. Okay, dude, he already had Parcells there. You think Belicheck is going to follow Parcells his path? Yeah. Because Belicheck would go there and show Parcells do what he couldn't do. Take Dallas to a super bowl. Okay.

So this is happening unless he stays put, he's not staying put. Okay. What else? Last one. And this, I got to, I got to admit that one was off the rails. I got to admit I did this one literally just to troll you. The Rams have the best backup situation of any playoff team because it's Carson Wentz and you vociferously did not want him did not want Carson Wentz.

I should have went one further. What I wanted to do was say the jets would have made the playoffs with Wentz at quarterback. Let me just say this, the thing that you were impressed yet on Sunday. Weren't you the thing that, well, the thing that, first of all, the jets have their own 17 and it's Garrett Wilson and Nick who is a different cat that they might, I might've just named you the back-to-back offensive rookies of the year, but I still think it's going to be Stroud the way that he wanted to do or die playoff game in a court driven league, you know, and, and his only strike against him is that he got concussed. I mean, I, I hear you, but the thing that really did hurt me as a jet fan is to see Wentz perform as well as he did. And the one who was calling the plays was Mike Lafleur, who was the offensive coordinator for the jets the previous two years when solid took over and they bounced him because he couldn't work it out. And they brought in with Zach Wilson, they bring in another guy in Nathaniel Hackett who was worse with Zach, you know, and I, I may have culprit on, on our show today saying that, well, but I just don't know if Carson Wentz coming into this situation would have been as good as that going into a situation with the Rams and McVeigh. And I was sitting there using that as a way for me to rationalize my take as I'm sitting and watching this at home. And then I read that McVeigh's like kudos to Mike Lafleur who called the plays and I'm like, Oh my God, it's the guy that we let go because apparently we had to go for Hackett for Rogers who couldn't figure out what to do with the quarterback situation that the jets let fester instead of getting went.

So I, the one that upsets me is, is again, it's Flacco because Flacco was in your house last year. You know, you know what he could do. You know exactly what he could do. You know exactly what sort of offense would work for him. He knows exactly your organization. He knows most of the players and he's sitting at home and you're like, yeah, no, we're good. Why?

Why? And I just assumed he must've fallen off. Like they saw firsthand that he was just, yeah, it was over. And so now he sits on the couch two months longer and rusts that much longer and how he might win a playoff game, win a playoff game.

I went to maybe it'd be great. And he saves a Brown season that could have gone the way of the jets or the Vikings. And it doesn't, as a matter of fact, they are a team that I think, again, we, we mentioned it earlier. We'll say it again here on the pod, the Eagles and the other five seat, what's your confidence level and which five seeds more, more likely to win this weekend. A hundred percent Cleveland, right? So, and which, which five CDU, are you more confident in winning multiple playoffs? Yeah. A hundred percent the Browns, which five CD you're confident in. Yes.

It's because of this guy. So the Rams have the best backup situation of any playoff team. A good one, Chris.

That's a great one. You don't really care to hear the answer to that if it's an overreaction or not. Okay. All right. No, I think, I think Kyle Trask is a better backup.

No, let's talk more. Let's say Sam, Donald's a better backup, which is another way for you to troll me. In serious. Now, if Stafford would to go down early in the game, you have confidence that when's coming in and keeping the ship, by the way, if that happens, it's golf versus once. And, and one, this is the guys who go one, two, one, two in the drive. Okay. Right.

And then, and then maybe on different teams now just maybe then they win again, Eagles go on and Wentz goes back to Philly in an NFC championship game and beats them. Let's keep going. What else you got? What else you got? What else you got? What else you got? What else you got?

I'm kind of rooting for that now. Stupid. It's not an overreaction or a proper reaction.

It's stupid. Okay. Okay. Okay. I don't know. I've come up with a new category. It's only taken 19 weeks. It's subordinate.

Yes. And churlish enough to be so mean about it. And I'd take a whole season preview show in 18 weeks to get to that point. Speaking of the season preview show, let me, let me buck you up.

Thank you, rich. Because at this point in time, in the previous iterations of our program, we would take this moment to predict what we're going to overreact to next week, right? By giving you a little idea of what what's going to happen in the upcoming week, maybe tweak a little bit of our friends in the media to say, this is the cheese. Most people will take, but not us, not us only you to set me up in a very, you know, sort of tongue in cheek way.

I got your back. That's, that's the nature of our program, but we're going to switch up because what's to overreact to what it was like, what would, what would be that the dolphins stunk all along? If they get blown out, the dolphins are who we thought they were. I just don't know. I, I think that's a regular season construct.

Like I said, Jerry's going to hire. This is our first run through the playoffs. We're learning as we go along.

Yes. So you mentioned on our text chain amongst the brethren, just to you, just to me, just to me. All right. And then you mentioned it pre-show of our flagship Monday program. And then you mentioned it during the Monday program. You would like to revisit some of your overreactions from the season preview show, which leads me to believe you got some right.

Oh, not just some, because you didn't get any right in the predicting week to week business. You were terrible. So bad. So bad.

So I'll give you the floor. Let's revisit the pre. This is pre-week one labor. This one we were sitting here on labor day, labor day, labor day before we won. Yep. We were three days before the lions beat the chiefs to kind of set the tone.

So we did a, we did our preview show before the year. I had 13 overreactions. Wow. Rich want to guess how many were correct? You know what? Let's just lay it out. The first one I said, you laughed in my face. Did I really? I said the bangles are missing the playoffs. Wow.

Okay. And I said they had a really hard schedule coming out of the gate, but you didn't say Joe bros. I said, I said the calf might linger, which it didn't, which it didn't, but they did have a tough schedule out of the gate. And you are correct.

And bangles are one of the six teams that made it last year that did not this year. Yep. Okay. What else?

What else? I said, this will be Bella checks last season in new England. Now this hasn't been proven yet, but I am chalking this one up right now. This is in the L the chatter throughout the year. Okay.

All right. Right now it's in the L but it does look likely it winds up in the wind. Now I said the Cowboys and Eagles will play in the NFC championship game.

That seems unlikely. However, my next one, the Cardinals won't have the worst record this year after it seemed like they were obviously tanking in the off season. You were, you were believing in the, the Pew pew at the time of Jonathan Gannon's fireworks. I didn't know what I was thinking of who might have the worst record. That was to Rondell Moore. I thought Kyler Murray would be back and they'd win some games and they did.

This is by the way, well done here because this is when they were going to go with Josh Dobbs, who they got at last minute, like a week before the season started, it was either going to be him or Clayton tune in their season opener. What else? Rich? I said Lamar Jackson would be an MVP finalist. Okay. He's going to win the damn thing. Impressive. That's a good one right there.

That means that may be your most impressive one. I was believing in the offense. I was believing in the new look offense Todd Monken coming in. Okay.

Odell. Now this is in the clubhouse of your most impressive shot shot. There were some other really bad ones. We're going to skip all those. Okay. I said the Jags could be the one seed or they will be eight and three. I know you look good. It was looking really good.

Right? I said 10 of last year's playoff teams would make it again this year. It ended up being eight.

Okay. It ended up being eight, six new playoff teams this year. I said Micah Parsons would set the single season sack record. I don't think anybody came close this year.

I said a superstar way. TJ want led the league in sacks again. He did.

Yes he did. Oh, wow. That's two years in a row.

That's three and four. Let's see. I said a superstar would get traded before the deadline. There were no big trades this year. Serious Superbowl contender would start two and two or worse.

I looked at the top seeds here. Everybody was three and one pretty much Justin Fields will set the single season quarterback rushing record. Nope. Now the last two nailed.

Okay. I said someone will break the 63 year old rookie receiving record. Did not know it was going to be one of the other guys, but let me ask you this question. If I told you on that day, it would be Pooka Nakua. Who did it?

Would you even know what team he was playing on? Nope. Okay. Nope. Would you have thought I was making the name? Yes.

A hundred percent. I was like, were you watching Moana over the weekend? This is a season ticket holder. Whose house is it?

Chris? You should have. You should have known.

You should have known Mikey. We could host the NFC championship game. We're back, rich. And the last one, the one that I am the most proud of, right?

What is it? The most proud of I said, rich, the Packers would make the playoffs and the jets would not. Oh man. Oh man. Go pack.

Go that. I got to tell you now you were doing it just to troll on me. I kind of was, had no idea that one week later the Achilles would explode and you'd be, you'd have half that thing right on the spot. Obviously I was not wishing that. I know that. I know that. I know that I was not wishing that. Wow. Look at you, Chris.

How many did you get? I did think Jordan love was going to be really good. And I'm right about that. I think that's the most impressive one that you got. Right.

I have five, right with Belichick pending. So I think the most impressive one that you got right was Lamar being an MVP candidate. That's impressive. That's number two. Like you did. You thought it would be the jets inability to win with Rogers and Rogers being no longer himself, not him getting injured in really knows his come up and says what you were, you were, you were driving at.

Sure. Then I think the, the 63 year record of receiving rookie record, a rookie receiving record. That's impressive. The Bengal's not making the playoffs. Well, I got, I mean, you didn't think boroughs would explode for the season, but although Jake Browning did finish nicely and then the other two, you got right. Cardinals won't have the worst record. That's not bad also.

And then you haven't, you haven't gotten that one column yet ending. Good job, Chris. Thanks man.

Chris Brock, but mr. Overreaction Monday, not so good, but you're, you're long, man. You've got the storyline arc down.

That was fun. All right. That'll wrap it up for this edition of overreaction Monday. Be on the lookout for what the football with Susie Schuster and Amy Trask, Albert Breer will be their guest.

He will give you the latest on everything going on with the coaching carousel that as of right now, only two have lost their gigs from Sunday until overreaction Monday. So we're five overall five total. That's right.

So good luck. Oh my God. You just reminded me. My stomach dropped. I've taken my mind off of things.

We'll chat again next Monday, everybody. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings. Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. I mean, I dig Jay Uso because he's born out of great storytelling and he lived up to the opportunity and exceeded the LA night. He's way up on my list because here's a guy that's been around for almost ever should have probably quit a half a dozen times and he just forced his way into their life. And now he's making money hand over fist. That is a story I love. 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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