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Patrick Queen: Everybody Is So Locked In And So Focused

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 4, 2024 3:15 pm

Patrick Queen: Everybody Is So Locked In And So Focused

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 4, 2024 3:15 pm

1/4/24 - Hour 1

Rich breaks down the myriad AFC and NFC playoff clinching scenarios for the NFL’s Week 18.

Ravens LB Patrick Queen and Rich discuss Baltimore’s Super Bowl aspirations, how they were able to dominate the San Francisco 49ers and Miami Dolphins this season, how former LSU teammate Joe Burrow compares to the likely NFL MVP Lamar Jackson, and more.

Rich and the guys react to a report that Lakers head coach Darvin Ham could be on the hot seat amid L.A.’s skid since winning the NBA’s In-Season Tournament.

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Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I think the lion's got screwed. He's reporting. You can't convince me otherwise.

And the fact that the league says, hey, it's on the players, that's the biggest BS in the world, especially when you demote your officials. You know, that's an acknowledgment of doing wrong. Today's guest, Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen, Steelers cornerback Patrick Peterson, plus Colts receiver Michael Pittman. And now it's Rich Eisen. That is correct.

Can confirm. And there I am. Hey, welcome to the Rich Eisen Show. Live on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show, terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM, Odyssey and more. We say hello to our podcast listener audience out there on the Cumulus podcast network.

We've got a ton of different podcasts for you. Overreaction Mondays out there. It's still very, very germane because we're still overreacting to what happened last weekend. Getting ready to overreact to what we're going to be seeing this weekend. Charles Davis on what the football with Suzy and Amy.

That's out there for you. All three hours of this show. We've got three players, Patrick Queen of the one seed AFC North champion Baltimore Ravens is first up. Patrick Peterson, Peterson of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who need to beat the Ravens this weekend and then get some help in order to make the playoffs as a 10 win National Football League team in the regular season.

He joins us at the top of our number two, our number three, Michael Pittman, junior of the Indianapolis Colts, who last year at this time were flat out dead in the water. They are in a defacto playoff game in week number 18 beat the Texans. They're in lose to the Texans. They are out. That is the way we are wrapping things up on this Thursday for you. But we've got three hours until all that. I've got my top five most intriguing games to look forward to.

There's our phone lines. Eight four four two oh four rich number to tell. I have completely set the table for you. So that's now I turn to Chris Brock and say, how are you, sir? Good to see you on this Thursday.

You said it. I'm going to eat. How are you, Jason Feller? How are you? What's up?

Mike Del Tufo is I don't know. OK, T.J. Jefferson. Candleslid. Good to see you. I'm tired, man. I was up in the middle of the night watching Wrestle Kingdom 18 from Japan.

So are you doing exactly exactly. We're watching Wrestle Kingdom 18 from Japan last night. Nobody knows that it didn't start till.

Well, wrestling fans know Chris. It starts in the middle of the night. Started at one a.m. So I'm a little tired right now.

Do you tell us, Tim Horton, you know, is that what you did? Yeah, OK. It's like the WrestleMania of Japan.

They'll be ignoring guys, please. Very good. Great.

I know that, but I know ito. How do you? Well done. Yeah.

Domo arigato. Thank you, Mr. Roboto. Those people know they help on. Hey, here's what we do here on this program. We let you in on on things you might not know. OK, we try to set the table, as I say. We we give you access. We make you smarter. That's what we do here on this program. Try until we act completely stupid, which is probably going to happen in two minutes anyway.

You mean we haven't started that and haven't started that yet? No. So here's what I'm holding in my hands right now. I've given you each of you gentlemen of this. Well, you remember this when you used to work at NFL.

These things are great. NFL research comes up with grids, color coded grids. Here they are playoff clinching scenarios. Depending on every single game that actually counts in the playoff, clinching scenarios for week 18. Here you go. I'm holding the AFC one up in my hand.

I think I've been given that to Mr. Hoskins. As a matter of fact, there it is. There is a lot of purple because all 32 different playoff scenarios and how things can play out in the AFC this weekend. Baltimore is the one seed and there's a lot of red in the three seed because the Chiefs have clinched the three seed change. And in Cleveland, there's a lot of brown in the five seed.

Hey, and that is because they are the five seed. And that is why Tyler Huntley and Blaine Gabbard and who's starting for the Cleveland Browns this weekend? Oh, man, I forgot. Is it is it Mike Mike Sipe, Brian Sipe, Brian? Yeah, Jake Driscoll.

That's who it is. OK, for the Cleveland Browns. That's who's starting in for Cleveland because they've clinched. Spurgeon win.

OK, very good. I will coach the NFC playoff seedings are so whacked out. It's kind of cut and dry because in the AFC, lots have been clinched and there is only a handful of scenarios as to who can make the seven seed or the four seed or the six seed in the in the NFC.

It's so whacked out. There's thirty two permutations for seeds one through five. Sixty four for seeds for six and seven. OK, there you go. That's so great.

And that's how we needed two pieces, two pieces of paper to figure out how how the the end of the wild card race is going to be figured out in the in the NFC. And we're here to simplify things for you. You know, if you were here, we'd hand you these color coded charts. And then I would ask you for your glasses because I forgot mine at home and I'm freaked out about it. But I'm going to I'm going to get through this three hour program.

OK, because not only do I need it to see anybody who watches on the Roku channel, you know, it's it's something I grab. And then and then and then literally halfway through the show, I'm like, I can't see through them because I put my fingers all over the lenses. I'm going too deep now. Now I'm too deep now. Now I need to simplify.

I told you you need to turn into Fred G. Sanford and have a drawer full of glasses. I got it. I got it. So I'll simplify it for you, certainly for the NFC first in the NFC.

All right. There are 64 scenarios for the four, six and seven seed. The four seed is kind of simple. If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win, they are the four seed and they're in the playoffs.

If they lose, then the winner of the Saints and the Falcons win the NFC South and they are the four seed. So you got that. But unbelievably, Tampa has no scenarios. Let me make sure I'm getting this right.

I saw all this before the show. Make sure I'm getting this right. Yet Tampa has zero scenarios in which they're the seven seed. So they're either in is the four or they're out. Wow.

OK. The Atlanta Falcons have zero scenarios where they are the seven seed. They're either the four or they're out for some reason.

Don't ask me why. As Billy Joel once famously said in the Glass Houses album, the Saints have two scenarios in which they could be the seventh. Hey, here we go. So I'm saying there's a chance. You want to read those off and and because the Bucks have a playoff clinching scenario with the time, but the bottom line is here's the deal. The Saints can still make it even when they lose.

I don't know what to tell you. Well, no, they they win and then they're in as the as the seventh seed. Yeah, they involve Arizona winning because it's a playoff clinching scenario involved, like with the common opponents or whatever. Yeah.

When you lose, I win. And I promised I'd try to make it simple for you. And so here you go.

Well, don't be confused. There are of the 64 different scenarios for the six and seven seeds. The Rams are in all 64 of them.

They've clinched. The Packers are in 38 of the 64, just over half. OK, 16 of the 64 scenarios, the Seahawks are in six of the 64 scenarios the Vikings are in. And in the in the scenarios for the New Orleans Saints to make it as a seven seed, pardon me, there's four different scenarios where they can make it still. And so that's your chances of your team getting in the playoffs as a wild card in the NFC. The Bucks can't make it as a wild card. The Falcons can't make it as a wild card.

But the Packers, Seahawks, Vikings and Saints can. Make sense. Thank you. So what is that?

No, it is not. It is not in the AFC. Thirty two playoff clinching scenarios. Half of them, half of them have Miami showing up in Kansas City for the wild card. Oh, bottom line, if the Bills beat the Miami Dolphins, the Miami Dolphins, if they lose, they're locked as the six seed. So on Sunday night, when you're watching that game, if the Dolphins lose, you get Tyreek Hill going to Arrowhead and super wild card weekend. Let's go.

Correct. 20 of the 32 scenarios have the Jaguars in. Half of them are the Jaguars winning the division. The Jaguars have scenarios in which they lose. They're in as the seventh seed in the American Football Conference playoffs.

And if you could pop that that AFC color coded chart on the screen for those watching on the Roku channel, that's the teal you see under the seven column. See the four Jacksonville scenarios where they can lose their game in Tennessee and still make the playoffs. OK, now then, 16 of the 32 scenarios that you see on the screen have Houston, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis in. Pittsburgh could wind up being the sixth seed as well under certain scenarios. And Pittsburgh and Jacksonville have clinching scenarios where they lose their games and still get in. And you know how that happens. It all involves a whole bunch of stuff that I will just quickly make as understandable as possible.

Jacksonville makes the playoffs in the AFC if they lose under this following scenario. Here we go. Let me get it for you here.

Oh, my gosh, I got papers everywhere and I don't have my glasses, damn it. OK, here we go. Thank you. On the screen, the playoff clinching scenarios that if they tie and the Steelers lose or the Steelers and Broncos lose and the Texans and Colts don't end in time.

All right. So the Steelers go first against the Ravens and then the other clinching scenarios for the Pittsburgh Steelers, where they can lose and still make it, is if Jacksonville loses, Denver wins and Houston and Indianapolis doesn't end in a tie. So I think we're going to see Pittsburgh in the playoffs. Well, that's entirely possible because, again, they're taking on a Ravens team that is not starting their MVP quarterback. In the Ravens, not starting. Lamar Jackson, however, however, this is why I'm leading up to this whole.

Punch for you. The team that has the most on the line this weekend, I understand the Indianapolis Colts and the Texans are playing a playoff game. Whoever wins is in and whoever wins might be in is the. AFC South champion, if the Jacksonville Jaguars lose the next day in Tennessee, and you just saw yesterday we ended the show with Mike Vrabel giving a very impassioned speech about why it matters for them to win this game in Tennessee despite a lost season full of losses. I understand that Shane Steichen and D'Amico Ryans can go to the playoffs and go to the playoffs with a home playoff game as division champions in their first season as head coaches in the NFL. That's a lot on the line, right? Jordan Love can make the playoffs by beating the Bears and putting ownership of the Bears in his name.

Scratched out Aaron Rodgers in week one, and he can continue to Sharpie that in to the ownership of the Bears as the quarterback of the Packers in week 18. That's big. Obviously, the NFC South is up for grabs. That's big. Pete Carroll would love to make the playoffs. I understand there's a lot on the line for everybody, and that's what we do in this business is talk about what's at stake and everyone could use it.

However. There's one team that has the most on the line this weekend, and it's the road team in the final game of this weekend and regular season. It's the Buffalo Bills. I left them out of this whole spiel about the scenarios and how many teams can be in and how many teams can be out. And what are the odds and how many teams are in how many scenarios and all that stuff of the 32 playoff clinching scenarios in the AFC? Again, this color coded chart I started with right here.

Very simple. Twenty eight of them have the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs. Twenty eight of the 32. There's only four scenarios in which the Bills do not make the playoffs. And they are a team that can win the Super Bowl this year. There are three on my power rankings list, and they have been living there for damn near a month. They are playing some of the best football in the NFL, and I know they struggled against the Chargers and the Patriots and the Chargers and the Patriots are in the top 10 of the draft.

Some top five, maybe. I get it. Games are tough to win in December and January when you're supposed to win them and the other teams, as again, you heard from Mike Vrabel, they want to win. No, your team's not tanking.

All right. They are playing some of the best football and out of everybody that I just mentioned, with all due respect to Green Bay and Seattle and to everybody trying to win the South divisions in their respective conferences and Pittsburgh. Which team were you talking about as possibly making the Super Bowl and winning it this year that could be out this weekend?

That would be the Buffalo Bills. And they're going into Miami. Which would be the two seed if they win. That's it. Miami is either the two seed or the six seed. If you put up that color coded chart one more time on the AFC, you take a look and you see the Miami. Blue light blue. It's either in the two or the six.

That's it. They're either hosting. The Texans, they're either hosting the Colts, the Jaguars, Pittsburgh, they could be hosting Buffalo still, by the way. Buffalo has a chance to be the seventh seed. So the way that the Buffalo Bills are out, there is only four scenarios where they are out is if they lose. Because you could see Miami, would you want to be hosting Pittsburgh or Jacksonville or Indianapolis or Houston or even, you know, Buffalo? Or would you rather be visiting Kansas City? I understand the way Kansas City looks, but you want to take that chance that they don't flip a switch.

Gotcha. So Buffalo needs to win it because they could be the two seed. And here's the scenario in which they're out. If Pittsburgh wins in Baltimore.

OK. And we've already established that's feasible. Yep. And then the Houston and Indianapolis game does not end in a tie. Somebody wins it.

I would say that's possible. I would say most likely there'll be a winner. Then we go into Sunday. Watching Tennessee. Because if Jacksonville beats Tennessee to become the AFC South champions, that's possible, right? Yep.

Yeah. Then Buffalo loses their out. Oh, they would enter Sunday night football in your either the two seed or your home.

And you're out. And this entire season where you finished up playing some of the best football and they could go in and lose a game like they did in Philadelphia, looking like world beaters, but a mistake here cost them at the end. Does that sound like a Buffalo Bills scenario to you? With their MVP quarterback lighting it up and the coach makes the offensive coordinator change middle of the season and it seems to work and it still doesn't put them in the playoffs. And as I told everybody in the rest of the AFC weeks ago, do not let them in the tournament. And four teams that have everything to play for Pittsburgh, when they take the field on Saturday, the Texans and the Colts when they take the field on Saturday night and Jacksonville when they take the field on Sunday and the Titans and the Titans acting as if they have everything to play for. But Jacksonville goes into Tennessee and they win their games. Buffalo has to win to make the playoffs, otherwise they're out or they're in as the two seed.

I've never heard of such a thing. And this is the season that they were supposed to win it all. And they enter week 18 in a very feasible. They've got to win or go home, which is why NBC and the league chose this game, not just because of all the stars on the field and that you could either be the AFC East champ or most likely again, 28 of the 32 scenarios have the bills making it.

But the other four scenarios sound pretty damn feasible. And if the coach, when maybe he made the offensive coordinator changes and everyone's talking about Sean McDermott was out of options. If they didn't make the playoffs, does he get saved just because they played so damn well all the way through to the end? I mean, there's a ton at stake right now. That team more than all of them.

And the rest of the AFC is with him, because I would be rooting for those four scenarios where the bills were out if I were the rest of the teams in the American Football Conference playoff boat. Let's take a break. Baltimore Ravens are going to put Patrick Queen on our screen right now, and that rhymes. Honestly, I'm spinning words and I have no glasses.

Like Blind Fury. There's a Christmas tree in the window, too. Oh, fantastic.

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Learn more at discover dot com slash credit card limitations apply. All right, back here on the program, our radio audience will return in less than two minutes, and that's when we'll bring in Patrick Queen. And again, just for my own edification, Chris, you were watching the Ravens check in on our zoom.

Yeah, I don't have that capability. I'm I'm watching what our competition's up to and everything else that's going on. And I got I got our full camera mix. Is there is there you say there's a Christmas tree? There is still a Christmas tree at the Ravens facility. So what is like, again, we talked about the ornaments and everything. We talked about the cut off of Happy New Year, Happy New Year.

You Larry David thought yesterday. Right. Is the the Wednesday two days you get two days to wish people Happy New Year. And then you don't say Happy New Year to anybody anymore. And you think it's a two week thing?

I think you get about mid-January as long as you haven't seen them yet. I got it understood. Right. I mean, it'd be weird if I said Happy New Year every time I saw you.

Like I said it to you, I think the first time I saw you. And that's it. That's good. It sticks. That's good. Right.

I mean, it sticks like your candle. That's what you're allowed to do. You don't know when Del Tuvo comes in. This is do we say I think on Monday I'm going to say Happy New Year to Mike.

It's the first time I've seen him. OK, is he here on Monday? We don't have no idea. Actually, do we know?

You should be here. OK, good. Well, that's conditional phrasing. Yes. So what's the cut off on having a Christmas tree? Great question. That's a personal preference.

Personal preference. Ours came down on the 26th. Really? What? Dude, that's that's insane. That's a that's a steel curtain.

That's an iron curtain that just comes straight down. That's insane. Christmas is over.

Yeah, but you got to let the boy revel in the basket and honestly, a little bit. Don't you have the tree? We put our trip the day after Thanksgiving. I mean, it's been 10 days since it's been 10 days after Christmas now. It's been up a whole month.

OK, it's 10 days. You had a few. You were the after Christmas. OK, well, Thanksgiving, boom, we came up. Whatever it is, the Ravens, it's the we're all paying rent in the Ravens world right now. Anyway, I'm into that.

Yeah, you know what I mean? So the Ravens are like no one's telling Steve Bishati what to do with history back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. I don't know of a single power ranking list that doesn't have this team number one. Who doesn't have this team number one? I mean, they're not a legitimate list. It doesn't matter. I mean, they they smoked the 49ers on Christmas night and then they they filleted the mammal because, again, the dolphins are not fish. All right. They're mammal.

And then put it all together. The other way to ask the question is, who's got it better than them? Nobody. You can thank you for saying it. He won't say because he just can't he just can't do a hardball thing over there. Like Kyle Hamilton couldn't. But this guy's an LSU champion. So he knows what it's like to win a national championship.

And now he knows what it's like to be the number one seed in the AFC playoff. Once again, Patrick Queen back here on the rich. Good to see you, Patrick. How are you?

I'm good. Appreciate it. Is that a Christmas tree over your left shoulder? Yeah, it is. It definitely is. I mean, I mean, it looks like a small Christmas tree.

I'm not going to lie. It's just a small ornament to your left. That's what a small tight ends that we got.

So, you know, they go. Is that what it is? Is that that's is that Isaiah Likley's tree? Is that what you're saying?

Isaiah Likley, Marc Olga, all the small guys on that side of the boat. Are you in the tight end room? Like what room are you in right now in the room? Is that right? OK. All right. Very good.

It's a small. I don't know. I mean, listen, this is your world, man. What is it like to be on this team right now, Patrick? Well, it's exciting, but at the same time, it's just like we saw everybody so locked in and so focused, like just the energy is great.

You know, it's something that I haven't done since I've been here and something that haven't been done since 19. So just where we're sitting now right now, then got Pittsburgh this week. So, you know, everything, everybody's just fired up right now.

OK, everyone's fired up right now. And how are you approaching week 18? So I approach every week, just make sure my body is right, make sure my mind is getting ready to go out here and just get another win. OK, just go out and get another win.

What did you do to San Francisco that others seem to have had problems doing? They tackle for four quarters and then affect the quarterback. I think with the line they got, it's kind of difficult to get there, but we have faith in our D line and they did a terrific job and we just play coverage behind them.

We did what we do and we needed to bliss with bliss, but we rarely had to do that. Well, going into the week when you're looking at film of Brock Purdy, what did you think you could exploit? Just trying to get pressure on him, like he can make every throw on the field.

He can make all the reads. And we just knew that we could get pressure on him and just keep the pocket on him and not give him clear lanes to throw, that we could definitely affect him. OK, so, you know, because the general sense in my industry, Patrick, is that Brock Purdy got exposed by you. And I understand you would think that you have the MVP quarterback of the league on your team. And I think that will be proven correct at NFL Honors the Thursday before Super Bowl that you'd like to be playing in. But what do you say to people that think you exposed Brock Purdy?

How do you respond to that? I mean, our defense were playing great like that all year. And, you know, he just had to be one of the guys that we had to affect.

And that'd be the outcome. But I still think he's a great quarterback. I still think he's definitely should be like that in that running for sure. I think Lamar obviously should win it.

But I think Brock Purdy still should be in that running. OK, and then what were you able to affect against Miami so successfully? Oh, man, it tells them what Miami does and what San Fran does that I can't say right now, just in case we have to see those guys again. But it's just like I said, you just got to affect the quarterback, honestly. You just got to get your D-line and get into those lanes. Just play coverage. Just don't let anybody get behind you and just have the tackle for four quarters. No, and again, I understand you might have to play Miami again.

And then obviously anybody that might have thought that this match up on Christmas night would have been tighter than the one that we saw would like to see a rematch in the Super Bowl. But you just said there's tells. I'm not asking you to tell me a tell, but you're saying.

You've seen something. Yeah, you just got to hit those guys for four quarters. That's it.

And if it takes longer, do it for longer. It's really just come down to this football. They got to be a physical game. It's a physical sport. That's what they got to be. OK, what's your favorite Joe Burrow story, Patrick?

Hmm. Actually, my favorite Joe Burrow story probably was the day he came in the first time we had our conditioning test. He came in with his long hair.

Everybody called him sunshine, making fun of him and stuff. And the guys just blowing the conditioning test out the water. Like we all prepared for it and we're all there gasping.

I remember me and Devin used to like do the races during the conditioning test. And Joe is like right there, stuff is still running with us, talking a little trash every now and then. Everybody's getting water and just like, no, I don't need no water.

I'm good. And he just came in and blew it out the water. And it's really from that point on, we know who we know who Joe was going to be. So was that the only day you called him Sunshine Patrick? Oh, it probably it probably lasted like another week. And he cut his hair. So, oh, I see.

OK, it was a hair thing. So you so he showed up, you know, I guess out of the portal from Columbus, Ohio. Any and you you weren't expecting much. I mean, what was your that was your first impression of Burrow?

Yeah. So I came in with Miles Brennan, a five star quarterback, everything. So, you know, obviously when you come in with somebody in your class, you want that guy to be the player. And, you know, you hear about Joe coming from Ohio State and it's like it's going to be this quarterback competition is like, well, how am I going to win? But then the way Joe came in is just he took over. He took over everything, honestly.

He did. And so it was there outside of the conditioning moment, a moment on the field of that national championship season where you you thought to yourself, this guy is something else. Yeah, I think maybe it was the Florida game and it was going back and forth, back and forth half the time we go in. And I think they're up by seven or top one or the other. And he comes in, he was like, if you all are going to score anymore, I promise we're going to blow them out and showing up at the halftime, come out guns blazing, touch down to Jamar, touch down to Clyde. Just everybody scoring.

Everybody scoring. Any similarities between Joe and Lamar that you can point out? I think their confidence in it and knowing what they could do.

I think that's the biggest thing. Both of those guys play totally different, but also can make every single play on the field. It's just when you see those guys step on the field, it's just like that swagger about something. I don't know what it is like. You could never say what it directly is, but it's like this.

Just the energy they have. And so Lamar this year does appear to have taken another step. Obviously, he's won an MVP before, before you, you know, got there to Baltimore.

So you don't have that frame of reference of what he looked like. That season to this one. I understand that. But you are a linebacker of note for a defensive unit that is balling out. So what have you seen differently from, say, maybe even last year or the previous two years to this year with your quarterback, Patrick? I think he just got complete control of the offense and knowing everything about the offense and knowing what he can do and what he can't do. And the things that he can't do is not very many things. And when you just see him step on the field, it's just like everything, like making the checks, making the reads, going through every single progression, if something out there just taking what he could get, not trying to force anything. It's just he's playing a real dominant at the quarterback position right now.

And that's why we got all the faith to just go out there and get the stops and get the ball back in his hand as fast as we can. And walk me through your relationship with Roquan Smith. Quan, as he told me to call him.

What about what about you and Quan? Next time you talk to him, call him Rohan. Rohan, let me write that down. OK, what will happen to me if I call him Rohan?

Patrick, give me a full heads up, please. Nothing's going to happen to you. He might get a little hot, but nothing like that might get a little hot.

Get a little hot. Let me make a note of that. OK.

So Quan and Quan and Queen Q squared. What do you what's your relationship with him? Great guy. He's just like this right inside of me. Oh, he's just I mean, just a force. He always got some jokes every single day.

He come into the facility, he got a new joke that we swear he gets from like a movie or something that you go home and watch. But he claimed he doesn't. He claimed he just got that much knowledge upstairs.

And we all highly doubt that. But I mean, a great guy, a great leader, fierce competitor. He just got that switch. As soon as he stepped on the field, he's a whole different person.

So somebody I highly respect and I highly love. What do you mean he's a totally different person? Like in the facility, he's joking 24 seven. Never got a straight face.

But then as soon as we get on the field, that switch flips quick. Any of the jokes are safe for work. Can you tell me them one of the jokes? OK, I think they got to stay in the house.

All they got to stay in the house. OK, very good. Understood. Very good. Well, you know, what slipped out of house, Patrick, was John Harbaugh's dance moves after you clinched the one seed.

Yeah. Um, you want to give me a critique? Quick critique here, Patrick? I'll give him one out of ten. One out of ten because he tried. He was having fun.

OK, he was having one out of ten. Did did he need treatment after it? You know, I think he actually cut his hand open. So did he really cut his hand open? Yeah, he had blood gushing from his hand. He just wiped it on his forehead and just. Wow. Yeah, well, that's a battle case for war.

Wow. What he cut his hand on something on the floor. I guess his watch, I guess his watch. He was doing like some kind of like dance with his little arm moving inside his arm or what it was. Oh, my, I had no idea.

Drew blood. That's how that's how off kilter his dance moves were. OK. Should have been dancing.

OK, but hey, everything's good, though, obviously in in your world. And, you know, he's off to the national championship game Monday night. Did you know that?

I know that I did not. He's apparently going there, his brother's coaching in it. You know, that's that's that's my school. Patrick, you have any advice for me? Got any advice for me? Just enjoy the moment. That's all I can say.

I enjoy the moment. OK. Well, I was planning on going out there Monday night like Odell and handing out hundred dollar bills. Did you did you get any of those? Did you get any else that night? I don't recall that night. All of a sudden. Oh, my God. He's got to leave the zoo all of a sudden.

Don't recall. OK. And now it does your teammate. That's pretty wild in the crazy. It is crazy. I mean, just seeing them for the second after the national championship game, then seeing them now and just being able to actually hang out with them, see the type of guy is just I think he's a guy that everybody needs in the locker room. He's just easy to mess with with his teammates and stuff. And then on the field, he still got it. Everybody was saying he watched him.

He still make plays that people scratch their head to. So last one for you, Patrick. Before I let you go out of this zoom here, what would it mean for you to add a Lombardi to the national championship you won at LSU? It would mean the world.

I won one in high school, won a national championship in college. So winning this one, that would be the big three. And just to see everybody accomplish their common goal. But that's probably the biggest thing. Just seeing everybody, family happy, seeing them happy, knowing that everything that we've been working on for so long, just, you know, finally come to pass. Well, who's got it better than you, right?

Nobody. There you go. Well done. You know, Carl Hamilton wouldn't finish that sentence because he's in an ordained guy and he thinks it's a Michigan thing. Did you know that? You got to tell him to grow up.

He acts like a baby sometimes. OK, you tell him that and you tell Rohan I said hi. Will you please? Oh, OK. Take care, Patrick. Thanks again. Yeah, I appreciate it.

Yeah, it's that Patrick Queen right there in front of the tight ends room Christmas tree little tree on the Rich Eisen Show. The little tight ends kept calling them little. Listen, they're teammates.

Let him let him know they're they're all good. So I learned a few things. OK, here's what I learned. All right.

The tight ends have a little Christmas tree in their room. Yeah. Mm hmm. Here's what I learned. He suddenly has a fuzzy memory when Ben Franklin comes up from that night. Hundred dollar handshakes.

Very, very, very, very fuzzy, fuzzy memory. Get the game. Look at the video. I am.

Here's another thing. I am not calling Kwon Smith, Rohan. Yeah, I was going to advise against your attorney. I recommend not doing not doing that.

The second he said it, I was like, you probably think he could, but I don't think you should. Lamar has full control of the offense. And I will say this again.

Because we talked about this. Yesterday with the Schefter. And he's just like, you know, why didn't other teams approach the Ravens and put them in the rock in the hard place? Or if I go fully count, full, full count the endo, nobody went out, nobody, nobody reached the Ravens.

The one to get rich, not one team. OK. And then but last year, week 15, Saturday. Afternoon game on NFL Network, sitting in a room with Kurt Warner, talking to John Harbaugh, who again, find yourself. In your life, someone who loves you as much as John Harbaugh loves Lamar Jackson.

I'm telling you, every word out of his mouth is effusive. Every story is this guy's unbelievable. And under that construct, he told a story of how Lamar sometimes would make a play where he doesn't know how he sees the receiver.

He's like fourth, fifth on the progression. He's running around, makes an unbelievable throw touchdown. And I'll say to him, how did you see that, Lamar? And he would say, just playing ball coach. And then. Same game, he would just make a throw where he throws it in a window. He shouldn't.

And it's picked. And he'd say to him, like, why did you throw that? And he got the same answer, just playing ball coach. And at dinner that night, I turn to Kurt Warner, I'm like, is that a good thing? Like, is that a good thing? And he goes, well, if you get more of the the touchdowns and less of the interceptions, then yeah, it is. But like, if you want someone playing from the pocket more than running around and creating plays out of the, you know, their orifice, then not so much a good thing.

This year, you're getting neither. And the ones that he is creating, because he's hanging in the pocket and he's seeing the guys, he's doing more than just playing ball coach. He is killing it. Again, look at I believe it was a touchdown when they were down against the Rams and a two point conversion. Those two throws that Lamar made, I thought on the spot, I would have handed him the MVP right then and there, because against the Rams, who we have already learned subsequently, I believe is that the last game the Rams have lost or the only game they have lost in the last couple of months was that game in in Baltimore.

They are a tough out, man, and I think the NFC is going to learn it. Lamar. Lamar played out of his mind against the Rams when the Rams were.

We're throwing it all over the bank. Yeah, the Rams won six out of seven. The only loss is against Baltimore in overtime due to a special teams play.

Yep. A punt return for touchdown, a walk off one of only two this year, the other one being the Jets over the Bills in week one. Listen. So Lamar has, in fact, when you hear like he's got full control of the offense, that's not what you were hearing over the last couple of years. Or the offense wasn't, you know, as diversified enough for him to. Play the way that he is playing right now, whichever way you want to look at it, it's all good in that neighborhood right now.

And the last thing that I learned is. Niners and dolphins have some tells. Niners and dolphins have had some tells. When I asked for the follow up, he's just like, I'll just hit him four quarters, OK? But he's like, we may play him again.

Yeah, we may play him again. These playoffs are going to be insane. Insane. Eight four four two or four rich number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen Show phone calls, and we learned a new word here in Los Angeles. Oh, disjointedness.

I don't know. And there's some disjointedness going on around here. Not around here, just down the street for the Los Angeles.

Like, oh, down the street, you're in El Segundo. Where where there's no disjointedness here. We're fully jointed here.

Double jointed. Welcome to talk about all the ultimate small rewatch podcast. Karen, what you got?

Hi, guys, Karen from Australia with a quick question for season three talisman. That knife wound was so powerful. Tom, what was it like to do that scene with John as your director? It's great that I was with those people, because when your eyes are closed and someone is supposed to going to stab you in the chest, you have to really trust that they're not going to hurt you. So I was in good hands with John.

Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of Talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen. I have a few questions about Cincinnati that you might have to know if it's true or false, you're from Athens, right? I am, yeah. It's a three hour drive from Cincinnati, right? Two, two and a half.

Oh, with a lead foot. Yeah, pretty much. OK, I've got four aspects of Cincinnati. And I want to know if you're already ready to figure out about this city. Just I'm just picking that city out of the blue. Yeah.

OK. True or false Cincinnati, true or false with Joe Barr, everybody. True or false, it's Cincinnati.

That's with Joe Barr, everybody. True or false, it's the birthplace of Academy Award winning director Steven Spielberg. False. Is that true or false?

I have no idea. It is true. I know that. All right. That's number one.

Play-Doh was invented in Cincinnati. True or false? I'm going to go out on a limb and say all these that you're saying are true. OK, it is true. Now, just hold on a second. Just because you can read a defense doesn't mean that you can read me right now.

This pre snap. Cincinnati is the site of the United States biggest celebration of Oktoberfest. That's true. OK, you see, you do that right then and there. I know about the parties, you know. Yeah. Have you been to an Oktoberfest? OK, are you going to have to talk about it with your team first?

Let's talk about it with your team. And the number one radio station in Cincinnati is WKRP. That one, I have no idea. Before his time, it's false. There's a famous TV show called WKRP in Cincinnati that is way before your time.

Have you never heard of it at all? Gosh, darn it. I am. I'm older than most college college football players, but I'm not that old. I mean, we've heard you're older than Lamar Jackson.

Yeah, he was in my recruiting class. Yeah, OK. A couple couple months, I think. And if you had one choice of a meal, would you pick crawfish or spaghetti with chili? Oh, crawfish. Really? I don't like I don't like I don't like all the Cincinnati cuisine as far as all that stuff.

Not yet. Great. Great. I might.

I might learn to like it, but we'll see. OK, very good. Good old Joe Boro back in the day.

Sunshine, Boro. Stream the NFL and Westwood one for free, sponsored by AutoZone. You can check out every single broadcast of the National Football League from Westwood one live on the NFL app by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports or on your Westwood one affiliate stations digital platforms.

Get in the zone with AutoZone and that streaming is free, the free AutoZone fix finder service as well can help you find a fix for free restrictions apply. Get in the zone. AutoZone. All right. Let's go to Jeremiah in Alaska. You're on the Rich House show. What's up, Jeremiah? Well, you need to turn your radio down, sir. Turn your radio down. What's up, Jeremiah? Well, I had to get a speaker here. There you go. What's going on?

Well, you know, just driving, driving to work, driving my, you know, three hour drive. Let's go fix that stuff. Yeah.

Look at broken stuff. OK. Yes. All right. So what's on your mind?

Well, I cannot see Russia because well, I actually live in Soldotna, which if you guys ever look at a map of Alaska, Soldotna is like the ball sack of Alaska right down there in between everything. But I used to live in Ketchikan, bro. Hey, Ketchikan. Hey, I've been there. So what's on your mind, Jeremiah?

Josh Allen is overrated. That's a triple play. Oh, my God. You just did the triple lindy. Oh, my God.

What are you talking about? I'm talking about I mean, yeah, he's he's won a couple of playoff games, you know, but he has never made it to the dance. I mean, I don't want to say people are greatly rated that have been to the dance because I mean, let's all talk about Rex Grossman. You know, he was at the dance, the Super Bowl. And yeah, a lot of people don't even know who the heck he was. But anyway, the Bears have a penchant of putting people into the Super Bowl that, you know, are not legacy players. I don't mention Jim McMahon. You know, he's got a ring, but but everybody talks about Josh.

I don't like he's so good, but he can't make it to the dance. Well, you know, he has yet to. But I don't believe in thanks for the call, Jeremiah. You you you keep on driving straight. I'm just going to obviously push back. Push back. There are many quarterbacks who are overrated, but that ain't one of them.

Oh, rich top five overrated quarterbacks go. Stop it. All right.

I just. Honestly, the 13 seconds in in in Kansas City, was that Josh Allen's fault? No.

OK. I mean, not the fact that they were up with 13 seconds ago. Did Josh Allen have something to do with that? He threw an absolute got it. OK, very good.

Yeah. By the way, that was a triple Lindy right there. And by the way, also our coordinating producer, Mike Hoskins from Western New York, diehard Buffalo Bills fan, who also represents this show. Mike, you represent this show as well as anybody else around here with the way who you are behind the scenes. Folks may not know who he is behind the scenes, but you do not come on the Rich Eisen show. Drop an S-bomb. Refer to somebody, let's just say like a Sopranos character, Johnny Sack, and then besmirch Josh Allen. And get away with it.

I think Mike Hoskins is kind of GPSing where the heck Jeremiah and Alaska is right now and pull him over and give him a talking to. Oh, man. Yeah. But by the way, great job.

You jumped on the dump button, man. Well done. Well done. Good job.

Good job. Yeah, I'll push back on that. Well, speaking of overrated. Oh, are the Los Angeles Lakers that?

Oh, well, because Shams Sharaniya of the Athletic. Put out a story after the Los Angeles Lakers lost again last night. They've lost nine of 10, right? Nine of the last 12. Nine of the last 12. Yeah.

OK, nine of the last 12. There you go. Yeah. And he introduced two very interesting words here. Joe Von Bua, also in this double byline story. Lakers coach Darvin Ham's standing in question amid locker room disconnect colon sources. And in the article, six different sources with direct knowledge of the situation.

Calls it a deepening disconnect. Between Darvin Ham and the Lakers locker room, which was shut after last night's home loss to the Jimmy Butler-less Heat. For a players. Or a team meeting, pardon me, that players only. Darvin Ham was in on it, a team meeting after the game.

And when the locker room opened up, LeBron left, didn't speak. He got one. Austin Reeves spoke, called. Oh, here we go. We got it? Or Austin Reeves spoke.

Here you go. Let's let's play. Austin Reeves having this to say after the game.

What's the buyer blank in your locker room right now? Oh, we're losing. That's any time you lose, you know, the vibe should be off. You know, if I went in there and the vibe wasn't off after, you know, the rough stretch that we've had, then I'd be concerned. That's really it, you know, I don't expect for us to, you know, be happy with that. We've played so until we figured that out.

You know, the vibe should be off. Well, when you're losing and you are. You are now playing a 10th different starting lineup of the season. Yeah, they're now the 10th seed in the West.

That's a game under five hundred. And so, of course, we're all going to sit here and say LeBron's not happy with Darvin Ham. So he's going to have to speak, honestly, of the optics.

That's the optics when for sure, when when there's six different sources saying this in the athletic and you don't speak leaving and you are LeBron James and everybody thinks you're in charge anyway, which. You got to speak. Right. Got to talk about it, man.

It's still early January. And the two words that they used in this piece, disjointedness. I looked it up, lacking order or coherence. The state of lacking unity or there's another word for it.

I think Austin Reeves used it. And then the other one is, like I said, it's a new nadir. I love that word. That is a great word.

Nadir. That's a low point, baby. I know what it is. You know what it is?

Low point in the fortunes of a person or organization. You know what it is? I can put my finger right on it. It is the curse of the in-season tournament banner. The banner, by the way, ever since the banner. No, the banner. You can't take that away from the banner state.

They're going to take it down. It's because you've what? Because you've lost nine of twelve since since since hanging the banner and putting plastic over your lockers in Las Vegas, as if you have just won it all. If they don't even make the play in, dude, if they don't make the play in, in-season win can't make the play in. The banner is never coming down.

It's never coming down. Honestly, since winning the in-season tournament, this all happens because they look like world beaters. Yeah. Completely cohesive. It was rigged so they would win. They were jointed. They weren't disjointed.

They were jointed. Full David Stern conspiracy. Oh, stop it for the Lakers. Yeah, like Tyrese Halliburton is going to go for that as he beats the Bucks again last night. Ballin. By just like smoking the Bucks again.

Yeah. Smiling as he goes down court, like that guy's going to go along with some sort of theory like yours. But honestly, like ever since that happened, what are they just resting on their in-season tournament laurels? Well, they peaked. Does this mean Darvin Ham's going to lose his job? Well, I mean, this is six sources with direct knowledge, raising questions about the head coaches standing. It's not like the standings where they're 10th now. Find the Warriors.

All right. If they don't even make the play in, what's more likely the banner comes down or Darvin Ham is out of town? Banner's not coming down. They worked too hard for Darvin Ham's gone before that banner comes down. Meanwhile, make fun all you want of the banner. And we are right now.

Clearly, I wish I won the banner that's standing up there. That's not going anywhere. Yeah, but if the boss doesn't like you, you got to go like if reports comes out that Rich Eisen is upset with Jefferson, then guess what? You're going to turn on this TV and T.J. Jefferson ain't going to be here.

I'm not going to be here. So Darvin Ham. Darvin, I mean, 12 games after hanging an in-season tournament banner, his standing is in question due to six sources close to the situation. There's six and 13 on the road. That's four different four less sources than the number of different starting lineups they've had.

Yikes. And now Ham said in all fairness, he's pointing to injuries. And a lot of these players are saying, no, no, no, it's it's blank. Whatever Austin Reeves said, it's disjointedness. There it is. Curse of that banner, dang banner. Look at this craziness.

That's a shame. Yeah, I feel for them. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala. I'm obsessed with the fact that GQ has named Kim Kardashian Man of the Year. You're upset about it. I suggest you do better than if there were a Cosmo Woman of the Year and it was a man.

How would you feel? Well, that would just be lies. Name a man who's doing better than women right now. And you can give him woman of the year. But until I see that, watch what Lala is talking about on YouTube or search for Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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