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Baltimore Ravens Are The Best Team In Football

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 2, 2024 3:01 pm

Baltimore Ravens Are The Best Team In Football

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 2, 2024 3:01 pm

1/2/24 - Hour 2

Rich weighs in on Lamar Jackson and the Ravens’ statement rout of Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins and the possibility of Baltimore facing former QB Joe Flacco and the Cleveland Browns in a Wild Card matchup, breaks down the Pittsburgh Steelers’ playoff chances, and ponders Russell Wilson’s future with the Denver Broncos after being benched by Sean Payton for the final two games of the season.

In ‘Overreaction Tuesday’ weighs in on Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens, the reeling Philadelphia Eagles, Joe Flacco’s incredible comeback season, Jordan Love and the surging Green Bay Packers, Washington Huskies QB Michael Penix Jr’s NFL Draft stock, and the thrilling overtime finish in the Michigan-Alabama Rose Bowl.

Rich reacts to Sean McVay and the Rams clinching a playoff spot on the heels of their disastrous 5-12 2022 season.

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Learn more at slash credit card. Limitations apply. Everything that we went through this entire year, it made us unbreakable. Today's guests, Pro Football Hall of Famer Charles Woodson, plus latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Ah, yes.

Yes, indeed. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Live on the Roku Channel once again, back here on this Rich Eisen Show, Terrestrial Radio Affiliate Network, Sirius XM, Odyssey and more news on our podcast network coming up. Don't miss that. Please stay tuned for for more content from our factory that's coming your way. Eight four four two oh four rich number two dials. Speaking of Susie Schuster and Amy Trask will be coming your way into your ear gate for their their terrific pod. What the football?

Their guest is Charles Davis, the awesome, terrific Charles Davis, nicest guy in the world. Charles Davis called the Baltimore Ravens destruction of the Miami Dolphins. They followed up, tearing the forty niners to pieces by filleting the dolphins. I didn't say fish because, again, it's a mammal. Dolphin is a mammal, right?

We are we need to be accurate in every way, shape or form. OK, yep. So when everybody says they fried the fish.

No, they didn't. It's a mammal. At any rate, can't fry mammal. I mean, it's not it's not recommended.

Yeah, it's just frowned upon. But that's what the Ravens did. Best team in football, the Baltimore Ravens, they have taken that mantle from the San Francisco for now. They snatched it, snatched it Christmas night like the Grinch. He went into San Francisco's Whoville and said, what, where and when Ville. That's what they did. Who used to snatch Crabtree's chain?

The keep to leave. Yeah, they snatched it like like the keep to leave. Snatch Crabtree's chain like Deebo snatched Red's grandmama.

Yeah, my grandmama gave me that chain. And what did they do? Following up a Miami Dolphins team that comes off the Dallas Cowboys win at home, they beat them up.

They beat them up. Honestly, we're talking about to his shoulder right now. Tyree Kill was limping around.

There was no waddle and no mostert. I'm sure Dolphins fans will hang their hats on that. But the Ravens didn't have one of my boys, one of my sons, Kyle Hamilton.

He was out. And they were all over the Dolphins. Oh, man.

All over them and kept on like Hans Gruber. He hated again. It's another great Christmas story, right, Chris?

Christmas. I'll tell you what, man. You know, ever since I predicted Lamar to be MVP in midseason on the show here. He's that. It's over. It's over. I don't think he's going to play this week.

It's very over. I don't think his fans are hoping he won't. I don't think he's playing this weekend. I don't think he's playing Saturday.

Let me ask you real quick, because me and my uncle Buck were talking about this. Do you play him at least a few series just because they're going to have a week off? You're not going to see McCaffrey either. You're not going to see no. McCaffrey's already ruled out.

I know. Already not playing. I don't think you play him. Just the point, because he's going to be out a full week after. I don't know.

Who cares? So at least ask certainly the way that we saw Tyler Huntley throw against the Dolphins throwing in the let me just say this. Any Dolphin fan that is just like, hey, what are you doing? Still trying to score when the game's over.

You won 70 to 20 earlier this year. Yeah, you can't say nothing. And Mike McDaniel is just so happy and so likable that it's a pass for everything. Honestly, honestly. And it's just like, well, what are we supposed to do?

Like the game, there's still more time left on the clock. What are we just supposed to start taking knees? Of course you're not.

You're going to keep playing football, certainly when you might need Tyler Huntley in the playoffs, like, say, last year. Honestly, like your head coach of a national football league team, you're not. This is not, you know, you're not asking for what?

Is it a 401 C to try and it's not charitable contributions. Look at you. I mean, tax season's coming, you know what I mean? Like, you know, you're not like, hey, can we get a receipt for that?

Kneel down. Can we get a receipt for those four running plays we just called and wrote a punt the ball back to you? Yeah.

Get out of here with that. You won 70 to 20 earlier this year. So the Ravens are the number one team in football. They're the number one team in the AFC. And we talked about it on the overreaction Monday podcast, Chris Brockman and TJ, you're flying back. I don't know if you've heard that one yet.

Get it wherever you get your podcast or on YouTube. Yes. I'm saying because you're looking at four teams have already clinched the playoffs. Ravens, Dolphins, Chiefs and yes, Cleveland Browns. We were discussing which is the team that can beat Baltimore in Cleveland. Which team doesn't this Baltimore not want to see a divisional playoff weekend. And right now, if the season ended today, as they say, Bills and. Dolphins, the Bills would be playing the Kansas City Chiefs in the super wildcard weekend. Super, super. Except for the fact the season doesn't end today.

Sunday night, last game, 272 is Bills and Dolphins. Oh, baby. Great finish. Oh, man. Come on. And let's just say the Bills keep on winning the way that they keep on winning. They'd be the two seed. The Ravens wouldn't see the Bills on divisional playoff weekend. The team that they might see on divisional playoff weekend more than anybody else. On the Cleveland Browns, let me just say this. If you think Matthew Stafford. Going to Detroit on super wildcard weekend is the juiciest playoff matchup that could possibly be out there. I think you need to rethink what you think steak looks like. Mm hmm. Because the Browns going into Baltimore.

Alone, just to the history. If they walk into Baltimore with Joe Flacco as their quarterback, playing the way that Joe Flacco is playing right now, I don't think you can make this thing up. Because Joe Flacco is the story nobody saw coming. And is the story of the NFL season, maybe top five of the entire NFL season right now. The way that he is playing, the way that he is cooking, the way Kevin Stefanski's offense is like built for this guy, the way that the play action can work with the running game, working the way that it is, the way that David Njoku has suddenly become a major problem at tight end as he should have in a way that he always should have been.

Yes, sir. That he hasn't been right coming out of the campus in Miami, the king of New Jersey, right, coming through the Miami hurricane system. And he's now.

Absolutely unstoppable. And then there's Amari Cooper. What say what?

What? My only regret is for some reason I didn't pick him up for my fantasy final. I should have seen him torching the Jets on a Thursday night.

I should have seen that one coming down to Pike. What he did on while we were gone, lighting it up for 200 plus yards with Amari Cooper to take care of business in week 16. In Houston, by the way, which can make the playoffs, but not threatening the Cleveland Browns. Because they're an 11 win team. And then doing to the Jets in just one half of football to the point where Flacco could take a nap. During the game.

I you can't make this up. The Browns can go into Baltimore and end that season. They've already gone into Baltimore and won a game this year with Deshaun Watson. And this offense, the way that Flacco runs it is way better.

Then the way Deshaun Watson has been running, it's better with Flacco. Facts. This is not an overreaction. I don't believe in healthy, although I'm sniffing around the edges, I believe, of a subject matter that's about to be hit of overreaction Monday on Tuesday, Chris.

OK, I'll jump off of that subject matter for the moment and just say this. Cleveland, the way it's playing. Can go into Baltimore and make it a very dicey day. Now.

It does appear that there is a possibility. That the Ravens can ball this up and use it to their. Advantage, nobody believes in us, which number one seed teams would love to use, love to use that. We know how Flacco can be beaten. We saw it.

Lamar Jackson can sit here and say, well, there's a reason I got drafted around here. Let me show you on and I'm an MVP. And this is the way we're doing things around here, Joe. You're old.

I'm new. That's going to be insane. If that happens and Harbaugh, you know, can ball it up and use it to his advantage. As the number one seed, because Harbaugh's know how to do that, don't they, as the number one seed with 13 wins. Well, Jim's now got 14. I'm just saying, who's got it better than them right now in the NFL world? The answer is nobody. I just love what I'm seeing out in the AFC North.

One more thing about the AFC North, if I may. Sure show. OK, thank you. Hmm. What's that sound? You hear that sound? Do you hear the sound? You know where I'm going with this sound of silence? It's the sound of silence. Do you hear?

Anything right now, friend, that's the noise on my Twitter feed the last two weeks from western Pennsylvania. Isn't that interesting? Oh, yeah, you're kind of got all the answers out. Interesting. I don't know. I know I'm engaging the answers right now, which didn't go well for me for a three week period.

It didn't. That's true. They're spiteful. Look, who's in the playoff mix? What a Stones W up there in Seattle with the Seahawks playing as well as they've been playing, feeling that they're going to make the playoffs in the NFC is a seven seed, which they may still, by the way, Seattle at Dallas. That's a pretty nice week after Thanksgiving rematch in the middle of January. But look what Mike Tomlin's offense is looking like with Mason Rudolph.

Look at them putting up 30 burgers like it's nothing all of a sudden. Right. Like where'd that come from? Yeah. Mason Rudolph, man. Look at that.

It's like a healthy Rudolph starting. And by the way, why not? Yeah, you got to keep rolling with me, which is what you get when you got a coach like Mike Tomlin who can sit here and go. I'm making the decisions. We're not going to apologize for winning. Right.

I'm making the decisions. I know we use the first round pick on Kenny Pickett last year and he's got to work out right because first round quarterbacks that don't work out. That's a problem, Fred coach. Not when you're the Pittsburgh Steelers.

You got a coach like Tomlin's like, I'm playing a hot hand, even though I technically should have played that hand a little sooner with Mitchell Trubisky. I get it. He's not perfect. That's the argument.

He's not perfect. I get it. I was just there.

That's the argument. I know. They were 0 for Trubisky. And, you know, I know why wasn't Mason playing all this time. Now, Jalen Warren scoring touchdowns and two from Nagy. He's balling. Right. By the way, he's clicking and the defense is doing its thing.

Defense is nice. Now, I understand what the answer will be. If you only did this, you only did that. Then 10 and seven might be better than missing the playoffs, which they're going to do. It does appear. If I imagine Indianapolis and Houston don't wind up a tie. I mean, the playoff scenario, do you have that for the Pittsburgh Steelers? There it is.

Thank you. They got to win at Baltimore and have the Bills or Jaguars lose Baltimore. They buy your phone, man. I may need you now that that that's it. They have to win and have the Texans Colts tie or the Jaguars lose. The Broncos win and the Colts and Texans does not end in a tie.

All right. So there's more than a dumb and dumber chance. Yes, what you're saying. So if they win at Baltimore and have the Dolphins beat the Bills. Steelers are in.

Look, the bars are playing. They should win this game against by the way. By the way, crazy things happen. As you've noticed, crazy season, crazy things happen. And so I understand what's coming. I'm setting myself up for one more thing. Steelers go to 10 and seven.

Don't make the playoffs. And the Steelers fans are like, oh, where do we put the banner of Tom and not having a losing season again? Where do we put that banner?

Some people. Where does that banner go? Does it go up next to the old ketchup bottle? Is that where it goes?

Rich? I get it. I get it.

But right now, right now, that may be coming down the pike to me. But right now, when we hear zero because Tom and just keeps waving that wand late in the season, abracadabra be what's he doing with the play cone? What's he doing playing pickings? What's he doing doing this? What's he doing doing that?

Winning in Seattle in week 17. Yeah, I was surprised. I was surprised. You're telling me there's a chance. Yeah, I am. I am. I am.

That was hot today. AFC North football catch some three teams may make it. Steelers, Browns as as a five seed with 12 dubs. They could be a dozen win five seed.

Yes, sir. That's the way it could go, because they I think they beat the I think they beat the Bengals. And then there are 12 win five seed taking on the AFC South champ. I I'll take the Browns in that one.

Yep. I'll take the Browns in that one. And then the Browns will be sitting there assuming the two and three seeds win their football games. They walk in a Baltimore on super wild card weekend.

Oh, am g wild card weekend away. And we might get our Tyreke Arrowhead revenge game. Yeah. Yeah. If they wind up right. So the Bills win. They're the two seed Dolphins of the six. Tyreke Hill goes into Arrowhead on the same weekend that potentially three six has Stafford going to Detroit. Yep. And then if everything breaks like chalk, with the exception of the Browns winning, which is not chalk, although in my book it is, they will be favored in the game. So it's not. Then Flacco throws in the Baltimore.

Let's go. Right. Like this is, this is an ether that's down the road. It's in the smoke. It's in the smoke.

It's in the smoke. And by the way, Kevin Stefanski, one last thing in the history of the Cleveland Browns, I saw this stat duty, NFL network research to Browns coaches. Only two have had multiple seasons of 11 or more wins. Their names are Paul Brown and Kevin Stefanski. That's it. Schottenheimer, Ritigliano, all those guys, they did not have multiple seasons of 11 wins or more, not Belichick.

Paul Brown and Kevin Stefanski. How about that? I think what else is amazing about this is, Chris, I can remember like before week 11, you wrote out, you told us you were looking at X and hey, the Joe Flacco is going to the Browns. People are like, oh, OK, cool, great. Who cares? Right. And no, it was dismissed.

No one even cared. And now look, it's this is this Brown story is incredible and I'm here for it. It's great. Game time tickets. Get the app on a mobile device right away because you can get tickets to name the event. That's a sporting event, comedy, music theater in any area. Go check it out. And you will see seats right there on your phone.

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Learn more at slash credit card. Limitations apply. Hey, everybody, we're back here on the Rich Eisen Show. There's one more angle of my celebratory moment in the Rose Bowl. By the way, the number of texts I got from people last night, as if I played or congratulating me, it honestly it felt like a birthday. I might even get it. I just got a text from a friend of mine right now.

The great Eric Champnell, who hates to do comedy with it, Michigan. He said he got 78 texts from his friends. And he says he doesn't get that much love on his birthday.

That's easy. That's why I did comedy with him. He's a funny man. All right, here's the video of Dave Portnoy shooting. And we were right next to him. There's my nephew, Jackie's high five and him. He reaches over Cooper.

There I am. Cooper doesn't know who Dave is, right? Excuse me, the entire game, because Jack knows exactly who Dave is. Of course, of course. Jack's a Syracuse student at present. He was telling Cooper that the guy in the maze jacket has a million dollars on the game.

And the number of times Cooper would turn to me throughout the game going, he's got a million dollars on this guy. Yeah, yeah. It's a big bet. Do you have to explain to him what a millie is? Millie? Yeah.

I think, yeah. I mean, like, it's a lot of money. A lot of money. He wins a millie. But the number of times, like during the game, he's just like that. And I'm like, wait a minute. There's like a third down.

There's a fourth down. He goes, Dad, he's got a million dollars on this. Yeah.

Dad, I know you're happy, but he's got a little wing mattress back. And I'm like, and there's certain things on Barstool. You should not be looking at. No, I'm just kidding. But we are having our fun. Me and this stool pres. I just never saw you too.

A bright jacket. That's a tag team I never knew we needed. Right?

But we do. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Let's take a couple of phone calls here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let's go to Derek in Missouri. You're here on the program. What's up, Derek?

So, Rich. Yes, sir. So I reported to Brett Allen that I was eligible and I'm still ready for response three days later. So I haven't gotten one from him.

What's going on with him? Okay. Good to know you're on it though, Derek. But so I want to get to the point straight out.

Okay. I believe Russell Wilson's days in Denver are outnumbered just because with the way the season has gone, I mean, don't get me wrong. What's a season much better than 2022? Yes, but the fact of the matter is I just don't see the future being long term for Wilson going to be the long term guy and the contract that he got was too much. We gave up a lot for him first round picks that we could have used to build towards the future. And my dad keeps on asking me, what do we do for a quarterback?

What do we do for the future going forward? I say we got to go for a quarterback in the draft. Maybe so. Maybe so. Yeah, we have to. I mean, at this point, we have to go and pick up our own guy and not pick up somebody else's pieces moving forward because we need to get a Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson or Bronco Purdy. Plain and simple.

That's the way I see it. Well, thanks for the call, Derek. Greatly appreciate it. As you know, I was in the booth for Denver's loss to the New England Patriots. Never called a game before where I looked down at my phone and somebody's begging me to show one of the teams a memo. That was weird. Sorry, Rich.

No problem. I could still focus on the task at hand. And it was a wild night. Big finish. Chad Rylan making a field goal after he missed everything.

Oh, my goodness gracious. Worst kicker in the NFL. Except for that 52 yarder, pal. And Russell Wilson might be sitting there going, what happened? And except for the fact that all I'm hearing from my colleagues and maybe we'll get somebody on tomorrow to discuss it, is that this concept of making sure that they're not on the hook for guaranteed money in 2025 and he needed to reconfigure his contract, this was being discussed with his representatives during the summer. This wasn't just brought up in the bye week. This was something that was brought up in the summer and he didn't engage in it.

And it's his right to not engage in it. I signed this contract. What do you mean? And and then apparently they revisited it during the bye week.

I don't know. He said that they threatened them with a benching that clearly didn't happen. And then he went on a winning streak and made it a season.

And then when he lost, when the Broncos lost that night on on Christmas Eve night and it looked like they were really out of the running for the playoffs, that was going to be the end of it. And so put it all together, they can't run the risk of him getting hurt. And suddenly all the decisions they're thinking about making about him are decided already.

Decided already if he gets hurt. So you look at the math and it's entirely possible, by the way. That they decide to just stick with them.

I don't think that's going to happen, quite honestly, because you can't bench somebody for the last two weeks and throw Jared Stidham out there and say, come back like we believe in you now. But if you look at the numbers for 2024, it's going to cost them as much. To get rid of them as it would be to keep them. I mean, that's the phrase in divorce, right? It's cheaper to keep them.

So I don't I don't know, at least from our perspective as a man, that would be the phrase. Yeah, it's a 35 million dollar cap hit for next year. Dead cap, 85 million, according to. Well, but again, if they cut them, they could also spread that out over a couple of years. The cap number goes up.

He could be a June 1st. Right. Where they split it up over this year and next.

They don't have to take their full medicine now. But, you know, it sure looks like it's over there. And the broadcast crew did not get any sense from Sean Payton beforehand that he was done with Russell Wilson. You know.

In that broadcast meeting beforehand. So I it sure looks like it's over. That's that is for sure a game.

Well, the fact that Sean Payton was screaming and rest his face a few weeks ago like that, that was the first indication. You heard when Marshall was here, Marshall says that one thing he cannot handle is when you go over everything prepared and you don't nail it. And that's what he thought the argument was over. And yet he almost wins the game. But, you know, it doesn't you the number of times where they won the game because, you know, half of a struggle, three quarters of a struggle, and then ball goes up and he throws it to Courtland Sutton for a touchdown.

And then and then things change. But that's how Russell Wilson plays. And you should have known that when you acquired him. He is not an on schedule Broncos. One, two, three throw guy. I think what one thing you could say for sure is Sean Payton has made a decision that Russell's not his guy.

Yeah, that's what it appears like to me. And I'm Peyton and Daniel Hackett kind of run similar timing offenses. And Russ is not a timing player. I think I don't I don't think he wants you to mention that coach's name in the same breath as Christopher.

I'm just saying the type of offense, though, it's very similar. So so it does appear to be over. Yeah. And the other thing, too, is Ross, you can blame me. You?

Yeah. Oh, because last year I was in the booth in Pittsburgh for the Christmas Eve game on NFL Network. Derek Carr. And the Raiders lost in the Raiders then benched Derek Carr for the final two weeks of the season because they didn't want to run the risk of getting him hurt. They benched him for Jared Stidham. Then this year I'm in the booth for Christmas Eve. Broncos lose and then bench their quarterback for the final two games to not run the risk of getting him hurt in favor of Jared Stidham. So it's my fault.

And Jared, I'll take just what, two percent, whatever, whatever your agent's giving you. And next year, when I'm calling Christmas Eve, I don't know if there's going to be a Tuesday night game. You're saying the starter better be worried? Well, I'm just saying head on a swivel and the backup quarterback game.

Oh, no. Backup quarterback. If it's not Jared Stidham, you're starting. Let's guess what veteran it could be that could lose their gig on Christmas Eve. Just walking in, who's calling the game? Let's guess. Who's calling the game? Stafford Stafford.

Get out of here. The first thing the schedule gets dropped. Wherever Jimmy G's winding up.

New England. Just don't be doing a cowboy game on Christmas, please. Dude, Jimmy G might be starting. He might be the bridge quarterback. By the way, that could be Russell's job next year as bridge quarterback somewhere. Somewhere.

Pittsburgh, Atlanta, New England, Chicago. Maybe. Nah, they're going Caleb. Or sticking with Justin Fields. Nah. Well, so that's what's up with this, man.

I think they stick with Fields. That's what's up with us. Four minutes. Four months to talk about it. We do. We do, by the way. And that is a major source of conversation. Now that the Carolina Panthers officially did not get the memo.

844-204, rich number to dial. Let's do it. It's overreaction Monday on a Tuesday, that was terrible. That was crap. That was garbage.

That's why it sucks. Overreaction Monday on a Tuesday. All right. I like it. We're the only ones applauding.

I know, right? Hey, guys. Why do I applaud, you know, animation? We're excited.

You know what I do? I applaud high quality production value. Absolutely. Okay. Come on.

Yeah. Hey, everybody. Happy New Year. Hey, Merry New Year. Everybody good? I'm great through beef time. Great.

Rich, who's great? It's going good in Baltimore right now. The Lombardi Trophy is the Ravens to lose. I'll agree with that. I'll agree with that. It's theirs to lose. Does that imply they already have it? Yeah.

Someone's got to take it. I would say everything plays out. They're going to win.

Then I'll call that an overreaction. But if they are the ones that you believe is most likely to win it and all they have to do is keep playing the way that they are playing and they will win it. Yeah, I will say that they are the favorites right now.

If you think that they are a lock to win it, then I'll push back. So what are you saying? I'm saying it's theirs to lose. I'm just asking you, do you believe they already have it? Seems like it.

They're playing the best. Is he using conditional phrasing over and over again or what? My phrasing is on the graphic. I mean, that's how he sees it. All right, so it's me.

It's open to my interpretation. Literally how I typed it out last night. This Lombardi Trophy is the Ravens to lose. Yeah.

And then I hit send. I think they are the best team in the NFL. Well, they have snatched that from the 49ers in the same way that, as you said, Akib Talib once snatched Michael Crabtree's chain several times while he was wearing a 49er. Yeah.

So I will say this is not an overreaction. What else, Chris? The NFC South is a disaster. One team has to win. There's three who are eligible, but I think whoever the winner is, the NFC South winner is beating the Eagles on Wildcard Weekend. I'm just going to sit here and say the Eagles are going to get it together.

What evidence do you have? I know that. I know. I know. I know they look terrible.

I get it. I'm always this team in green. I don't know. Maybe Slade comes back. What have you done with the team that was 10 and one?

Maybe Slade saves the day. I don't know. I don't know. Because that defense just, you know, although... How about I know why the defense stinks? How about the kid from Illinois going the distance on a pick six from his own three yard line? How about that one? That was impressive. I know.

Sidney Brown, brother of Chase. And then Gunnar Olszewski takes the punt back. What is going on? I'm going overreaction here. That's going to be a game.

You can't sit here right now and say, you know, suddenly, what? If suddenly the Falcons get in and they're going to hit him with a Heineken? Baker Mayfield.

Not Baker Mayfield from last week, but the one from all the previous weeks. I get it. Boy, do the Saints have the Bucks number or what? How about the Saints?

And the number is zero, by the way. Why can't the Saints do it? I get it.

I hear you. I still feel the Eagles have too many talented guys. Throw it to 11. Can we throw it to 11? Where's he been the last few weeks? I don't know. And the funny thing is that the fans, they all want it to. It's it's so all over the map. You need him to run and you need to throw it to 11.

And they don't do anything like that. Sirianni Hazzi. Get out of here. What's next? This is this is nice. I mean, you're going to love this.

OK, yeah. We love the Flaco Sans. Flaco Sans. Oh, baby. By the way, trademark. Chris Brockman. 2023.

Yes. We love the Flaco Sans. You know what the Browns should do? The Browns should trade Deshaun Watson.

Start Flaco next year. How can you argue with this? They look better about cash money, though, Chris.

It's a lot of Kwon. Great. You know who's got a lot of money? Jimmy Haslam. Well, somebody he says trade trade. So guess what? I don't know who's the trade partner.

There's an offset here. The Browns pay half his salary. Someone goes, what about the Falcons? They were in on him anyway. Right. You agree to a situation where the Haslam's pay half. Arthur Blank picks up the other half. Why not? Now the Browns wipe their hands free of Deshaun Watson.

You got Flaco. He went to Super Bowl. They're building him a statue anyway. How do you think about if he went to Super Bowl? Then yes, I think about it. This is that's a done deal, dude.

How is this not? Think about like coming back next year. Nick Jobs coming back next year and add him to this offense. Right now, the Flaco works perfect. And by the way, if you're saying, well, Flaco's like this is part of the Flaco science, I can't believe you're sitting here thinking he's just a statue back there. Dude, how about him taking one in the grill on Thursday night?

He got hit in the face, escaped the pocket to his left against the grain and found Jerome Ford for the touchdown. All right. I'm 40 next year, though. And listen, this is in every all Browns fans think because the way I reacted and acted and was all over to Sean when everything was going haywire in his civil lawsuit days, they think I hate him and I'm take every opportunity to carp on him and try and knock him down a peg and then extrapolate that to my feeling about the Browns writ large, even though, you know, that's not true.

I mean, you did like him. I'm going to buy this one. How do you not? That's the ultimate in playing the hot hand. Let's see how the rest of it plays out. Like, say Flaco goes to now, what if he beats the Ravens?

Right now, the way he's playing, he's the best quarterback in the last month. But I find it interesting. See, Atlanta was interested in him to begin with. Right. Let's go that way. See if you'll go halfsies. Halfsies, hey, you made this outrageous contract. You pay half.

We'll pay the other half. We'll take. How old is he? He's going to be 39 on the 16th of January. Great.

39. Hey, man, run it back. Run it back. Run it back. The Flaco Suns. Good one, Chris.

They're going to be 12 and five. I'll buy it. Come on. I'll buy it. I'll say that's not an overreaction right now. All right. You know, can we revisit this on our pod for when we do a season ending? Sure. I'm sure it's all over.

It's probably like, yes, dude, throw me the ball. Dude, this offense looks like it is operating far more efficiently and far more potently with Flaco in a month than it did with Watson for a full defense. Obviously, he was rusty and he was suspended and he was hurt and all of that. OK, got it. I don't know.

Sean's last good year was a long time ago. All right. What else?

Boy, you stopped me in my tracks with that one. You have. What else? What else? Jordan Love's going to lead the Packers to a playoff win.

All right. That's an overreaction. This kid's amazing. He's been spectacular.

You can't we hit this on the pod. You can't extrapolate touchdowns to how great he's going to be in his career and what he's got 30 touchdowns this year. 30 touchdowns this year. Aaron Rodgers in his first year as Packers starter, 28.

I got it. And there is more Brett Favre in his first year as Packers starter. I got 18 touchdowns. 30 is playing way too inconsistently. That defense man doesn't matter.

They're going to score 35 every day. Is Jaron Hall walking through that door when they're in Dallas in the first weekend of the wildcard weekend? No, but Mike McCarthy is.

And we know what he does in the playoffs is the defensive coordinator walking through that door. If they facing CD lamp with the Packers. Okay, that's all I'm saying. So it's a team game. I'm going to call this an overreaction at present, even though about a month and a half ago, I'm like, they are going to they're going to be the real team. You don't want to face. I don't think you want to face them.

We'll play in the playoffs. Did you just ask for him? I ain't scared of nobody.

Okay, except for the team. He's just loving our new drop. He's loving that new. He's loving the new Jimmy Johnson drop. You're feeling the feelings back, man. Feeling it was pretty cool.

Yeah, you can hit it if you hear it. That's the new one. Jimmy's 80. Yeah, get it done. You got one more couple of college ones real quick. Real quick.

Okay, what do you got? I know your guys won an overtime yesterday, but college football should adopt the NFL overtime rule. I'm not down with the college. I've never liked the college overtime because it takes punting out of the equation. By the way, Alabama had a major advantage in the punting game. By the way, two feet away from a safety, maybe touchdown advantage at the end of that game. In the Rose Bowl and overtime removes it. I was happy to remove the punt game from the equation. You sure were. So anything that takes the punt game out, you know how I feel.

Hashtag for the brand. Of course, three phases of hundreds of people, too. Not two.

Yeah, and Michael Pennix. He's playing himself into the first round. Oh, I think that's I think he's already there, don't you? I don't. You don't know.

Most box have a middle second. He's got injury questions. He's an older college player. Most most scouts saying, okay, those are great.

Again, we'll discuss this. I wouldn't call this an overreaction right now. I wouldn't call that. I'm sure I'm going to hear nonstop during the national championship game next week. Michigan versus Washington from the 12 year old to my right or left, who is a diehard Patriot fan because of his mother. Will J.J. McCarthy or Michael Pennix be the next Patriots quarterback? Not too early for both those guys, but that's what he'll be saying. Too early. He wants he wants he wants J.J. McCarthy in a Patriot uniform in the worst way.

We want to tell Cooper Jane. OK, well, you could tell him yourself when you're offering him a trade that he won't take in our fantasy basketball. He's an idiot. All right. Did you just call my 12 year old son an idiot? No, he called he called the GM of the decision not to take my offer at the beginning of the season is proven to be idiotic. Not your son.

The GM of the team is who he is. All right. Separation. That sounded like fighting words to me. Understand what you're saying.

I offered him a genius deal and he turned it down. I mean, if you feel you got to swing on them, then I'm here for it. There are in terms of in terms of people in the world that you can't talk that way to my face about this. Well, I mean, just in terms of males, Cooper, Evan Eisen, Zander Kip Eisen, Baker Mayfield, Brock Purdy and Kyle Hamel.

You don't you don't say those words. Jalen hurts, too. Like like I said, he was. Yeah, well, and that's why that's why when you said to me before moments ago, the Eagles are going to be one and done at the home of the NFC South champ. I had a pushback art.

I appreciate that. You guys want to be calling my son an idiot part of the GM? His GM moves right now on the record.

This when we go to commercial just loving when we come back. Podcast news. Podcast news. Rich Eisen Podcast Network News. We're adding we're adding a new member to the family. Shake up the world. Wait till you hear who it is.

That's next. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Welcome to Talkville, the ultimate small rewatch podcast. Karen, what you got? Hi, guys.

Karen from Australia with a quick question for season three talisman. That knife wound was so powerful. Tom, what was it like to do that scene with John as your director? It's great that I was with those people, because when your eyes are closed and someone is supposed to going to stab you in the chest, you have to really trust that they're not going to hurt you. So I was in good hands with John.

Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of Talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen. It was ninety six and it was the week before the Michigan Ohio State game. You know, I got to practice. I wasn't feeling well. My back was a little tight and I told the trainer, you know, my back is not feeling right. He was like, oh, you know what? Don't worry about it. So, you know, we're in practice and he calls me over a couple of times. Coach Carr. Yeah.

Yeah. You know, he was like, you know, you're not paying attention. He said, hey, if you're not going to pay attention, then you can just leave. And I turned around, I walked out the field, walked into the locker room, put my clothes back on, I walked to the dorm and I was like, man, I'm transferring. I'm out of here. You walked out on Coach Carr and Michigan practice Ohio State week saying I'm leaving.

I'm going to coach Carr's office. You know, he asked me a question. He's like, you think you justified yourself by walking off the field? And I was like, yeah. I was like, I don't, I don't think you had to make an example out of me. He was like, you know what?

You're not playing this week. I walked back down to Vance Bedford's office. He was like, I told you, just go down there and just apologize.

You know what? Picks up the phone. I don't know what he's doing. Ms. Woodson. I told this boy to go down there and apologize.

And that's all he had to do. Here, you talk to him. So I'm talking to my mom. She was like, what's, what's the problem? Like, you know, you know, my coach wants me to go down there, go down there and apologize. I'm like, I'm not apologizing. She was like, Charles, she said, I understand. I know, I know you're mad and you're angry. She said, if you're not going to apologize for yourself, then do it for me.

Oh boy. Come on, man. So I said, okay, I get up, I go down, get it for mom.

I did it for mom, man. Apologize to coach. He said, well, you know what? Good Charles.

You're playing this week. My hall of fame friend coming up in 10 minutes, talking about everything back here on the Rich Eisen show, 8 4 4 2 0 4 Rich. Number to tell, just got a call saying I have to hold off on our podcast.

Oh, that'll be for another day. 8 4 4 2 0 4 Rich is the, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, number to dial right here on the program. Terzo and I will all rise.

Let's take your phone call. What's up Terzo? How are you, sir? Doing well, guys doing well.

Happy new year to the, to you and the rest of the group. So Rich, um, I'm happy that I was on the same, uh, same side as Mr. Portnoy on the, on the Michigan, but I didn't have that many zeros attached. Nice.

Okay. So it was, was it a Hyundai? It was a Hyundai. It wasn't a Millie. It was a Hyundai. Is that what it was?

Yeah, it was, it was, it was, it was about a unit. Yeah. Okay. Nice.

Not a boy, not a boy, but I was happy to, I was happy to root for your team and it's going to be a fun game next week. Okay. Uh, but I do agree.

I do agree with you. Like these games are so long. I didn't get to bed till 1230 watching the, uh, Texas Washington game. And it feels like I've got, I'm more on my phone than I'm actually watching the game, which takes away from a lot of the fun of it. Yeah, I hear you. I hear you, but what are you going to do?

And so what are you going to do, man? And the only, the only thing that, like, I think your suggestion is great is just try and, you know, allow for Dr. Pepper to have their, their screen time, but cut out the three minutes of, of commercials. I don't know what it is. It just takes too long, but I think we're, we're in the minority. I don't know who's complaining about it. I know I do. I know my 12 year old was like, couldn't believe that we were taking another commercial break in the Rose bowl. And, you know, obviously sitting at home, you're watching commercials.

You get to go up, get up and go somewhere else in the stadium. You're just staring into space, you know? So, but I happy new year to you, Terzo. Congratulations on, uh, on your Niners winning the one seed. So that's good news. Well, and the fun part about that is I wish we could knock out the Rams this week.

You might, uh, you know, but, but, oh no, the Rams scrunched. So I think we need to buy a clinched. Yeah.

Yep. And so if we do lose though, my Niners go 12 and five and that's what I predicted. There you go. Then that's what, that's what matters most is being right. As you know, thank you, Terzo and Iowa.

Happy new year. Who's ready for Carson Wentz for Sam Darnold on Sunday. Could be that could be that battle of the second and third overall picks of the draft. I think that's kind of a sneaky fun QB matchup guys auditioning for jobs next year schedule right there, Ravens and Steelers. Steelers need to win it and then hope for a tie in the night game. Or if not, then hope for a bills or Jaguars loss.

The Jaguars are in Tennessee or assuming Trevor Lawrence is going to be back for that. And then there's the bills and dolphins. I mean, that's the one that, uh, could put the Steelers in the playoffs. That might be a winning in scenario for Buffalo, man.

And it's amazing. They could be either like if the Steelers win crazy, hold on a minute. Let's say the Steelers win and that that game doesn't end in a tie on on Saturday night between the Texans and the Colts. The bills dolphins could be an elimination game for the bills.

The bills are either out or in is the two seat. We were talking about that as a wild scenario and that's possible. Crazy. I love it.

That's possible. It's the perfect cap to an insane season. In general, in general, a scenario in which a team is either the two seed or out just kind of encapsulates what crazy year this has been. But again, that's the quarterbacks refereeing. They win the division with a win.

It's amazing. They win a division with a win at Miami. I've never seen a playoff scenario like the one on the screen right now for our radio audience. It says Clinch AFC East division with a win at Miami. And there's no other scenario under which they can clinch the division win. But they do not clinch a playoff berth with a win. They need other results to clinch a playoff berth.

If they lose. Right. Just a playoff straight playoff berth. Right.

Right. So what I'm saying is that normally you see a win and other scenarios to clinch your playoff spot. There's a clench of straight playoff berth. If they lose, they need other results. So this is a scenario where their win, they're the two seed and they clinch a playoff berth, by the way, with a tie against the Dolphins. Dude, this is nutty. And of course, the Dolphins lose.

Basically, the bills can go into the playoffs with a possibility of two home playoff games in western New York or not make it at all. How insane is that? Wow. And one other thing.

What's that? How about the Los Angeles Rams clinching a playoff spot by week 17? How about that? How about they're in? How about Puka freaking Nakua? He's going to come out with a receiving record.

Dude, he's unbelievable. They are in. The Rams are in. And unless something absolutely haywire happens, where the Cowboys wind up losing and the Eagles get in or whatever, and the Lions somehow win, let's say the Cowboys and Eagles both lose and the Lions win. That's the only scenario under which the Rams don't visit Detroit to start the playoffs.

Stafford's going to Detroit and Jared Goff's taking on the team that sent him to Detroit. Four staffs. That's it. That's nuts. Crazy.

And then the sniffing it. I mean, who's going to be seven to go visit Dallas? Who's that going to be? The worst team possibly. Green Bay, baby. I mean, Green Bay at Dallas.

I mean, that will be a lot of memory lane video to set that up. You know, that's for sure. Charles Woodson coming up hour three.

More of your phone calls. Don't go anywhere. But the Rams made the playoffs and nobody thought that was possible. Everybody thought that that letter, the COO, the team president of the Rams, my buddy Kevin Demoff sent everybody in March after the new league year where they trade away Jalen Ramsey. And everybody's wondering, oh, the Rams are just going to have to pay off their credit card for their Super Bowl win and their toast because Stafford's done and McVeigh thought about leaving and who's going to run the ball. And they were too banged up on offense and all these draft choices they have are going to leave them too green and they're in the playoffs. And by the way, they can win that first round game. And who do you think San Francisco wants to see last walking into their house for divisional playoff weekend is this team built to basically beat them. With a coach that is locked in on how to beat them, despite having such trouble doing it in the regular season.

I love it. Well, the playoffs are set up to be lit crazy Puka Nakua, the great Rookie of the Year, potentially offensively and his Stafford, the comeback player of the year, if you want to use it as any the way that this award used to be for players coming back from injuries, as opposed to mediocrity or lack of opportunity, Los Angeles Rams are in and we're set for our number three on the Rich Eisen Show, my pro football Hall of Fame and Michigan Wolverine legend friend Charles Woodson coming up. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings. Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. I mean, I dig Jay Uso because he's born out of great storytelling and he lived up to the opportunity and exceeded it. The LA Knight, he's way up on my list because here's a guy that's been around for almost ever should have probably quit a half a dozen times and he just forced his way into their life. And now he's making money hand over fist. That is a story I love. 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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