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Kyle Hamilton And Roquan Smith Are Locker Buddies

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 21, 2023 4:53 pm

Kyle Hamilton And Roquan Smith Are Locker Buddies

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 21, 2023 4:53 pm

12/21/23-Hour 1

Rich reacts to Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa getting testy with the media when addressing the ‘Miami can’t beat good teams’ narrative ahead of their Week 16 showdown with the Dallas Cowboys.    Rich reveals the most intriguing matchups for NFL Week 16 including Ravens vs 49ers, Cowboys vs Dolphins, Browns vs Texans, Bengals vs Steelers, Lions vs Vikings, and Jaguars vs Buccaneers. Ravens S Kyle Hamilton and Rich discuss his improvement in his 2nd year in the NFL, the Notre Dame-Michigan rivalry, how Hall of Famer Ed Reed and teammate Roquan Smith have influenced him, and facing the 49ers on Monday Night Football in a possible Super Bowl preview. 

Rich reacts to the NCAA notifying his alma mater Michigan of recruiting violations charges on national signing day while Ole Miss’ top signee showed up on campus driving a Lamborghini.

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Is the brotherly shove on the verge of extinction? I don't think so. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Changing the rule that a ball that's fumbled into and through or out of the end zone.

There's a possibility that this could truly be changed. We do need to take a look at that. Today's guests.

Raven Safety, Kyle Hamilton, Pro Football Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk, Brown's wide receiver Amari Cooper, Comedian Brad Williams. And now it's Rich Eisen. That's right.

That is correct. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. 844204 Rich, number to dial. Get in while the getting's good. Call us. Let's have a good chat today.

We've got three hours. Just us. And then, you know, some guests. One of my kids is on the show today, and I don't mean Zander Cooper or Taylor. You guys have referred to him as one of my children, because when I start talking somebody up and loving the guy and watching him play and I talk him up some more and then you guys say you kind of like him. And then I start talking about him more. There's three of those, right?

Oh, yeah. OK, there's Brock Purdy, there's four Baker Mayfield, Baker Mayfield, Baker Mayfield was first, then Brock Purdy and Brock Purdy. And now it's Kyle Hamilton. Jalen Hurts also. Jalen Hurts.

That long time ago, he was he's already I'm an empty nester compared with him. He's already flown the coupe. So Kyle Hamilton of the Baltimore Ravens is on the program today, right in the middle of this hour. Amari Cooper is on this program.

The Cleveland Browns taking on the Houston Texans later on this weekend, big time stuff. Also on this program, the comedian Brad Williams will stop by in studio. He's got a new comedy special called Starfish that drops today and we'll explain why it drops today later on in this program. And also in the show, just because he's in the area, maybe it's because tonight the Rams are taking on the Saints to kick off week 16 on Thursday Night Football, just up the road.

One of the old time great Rams. His name is Marshall Faulk. He'll be stopping by in studio. He's just like, yeah, I'll be in town. I'm like, well, you want to come on?

Sure. OK, that's how it works. That's how things work around here. Hall of Famers just drop by.

They just stop by. And last yesterday's show is one Hall of Famer saying, you know what? I'm going to hire the other Hall of Famer.

And that was Dion with Warren Sapp. So lots to talk about on this program today. And we've already heard some voices. Good to see you over there, Chris Brockbridge, DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts. Good to see you. How are you? Good to see you. And then good to see you, TJ Jefferson.

How are you? Well, the Rich Eisen Show or Hall of Famers just booked themselves. That's true. You got to love it.

That's how they do. And then later on, you've got fantasy advice. Couldn't be more crucial. I mean, could be more crucial in the fantasy playoffs to do as I say.

Not at all. Really? Yeah, I mean, I'm out to I lost eliminated.

Huh? Eliminated. I didn't I chose not to get cute with it. I decided to go with the horses that got me there instead of maybe making some moves because I figured I could take the loss better.

If that said, though, you're you're you're fantasy advice can't be missed, right? I would say that's OK. There you go. I'm trying to help you out.

Thank you. So lots to talk about on this program today. And you got to put it all aside. Every deck. In this house.

Or this ship, if you will, or this yacht gets cleared. The minute Salty II shows up to a microphone, that's about it. And it's kind of funny now, kind of funny now because it's taking on a life of its own, which I love. I'll be straight up when I know about it, because I look at my Twitter feed and people are like, Salty II showed up today. Rich, it's like we get tagged in every kind of video. DP has his I-team, right? Yeah. And we have our Salty II team. Oh, yeah.

Folks like Rich, Salty II has just showed up. And I'm like, OK, let me see what's up. And I even told him when I saw him in Germany. And I told him that, I don't know if you know, but I talk about you on my show a lot when you show up at a microphone and, you know, get all salty.

Say it with your chest. And Tua goes, yeah, basically, I don't think that's, you know, me. By the way, he's holding a small little toy figurine in his hands because it's his kids and he travels with it when he's away from his little small child. And he's like, yeah, I don't think Salty is me.

And I'm like, boy, do I feel like an idiot. But he points to the end of the table. Anne Noland, the senior director of football communications, is there, because any time you're in a broadcast meeting, a member of the team's communication staff is sitting in the meeting. And when it's somebody of Tua's stature, well, you know, the very top of the flowchart sits in that room, certainly when the coach does as well.

And Anne's one of the best in the business. And he says she's the one who tells me what's going on outside, because I don't I don't listen to that stuff. I completely block it out. But when it I guess when it raises to the level of Tua should know about this, she informs him. Interesting is what he said to me. So I'm like and afterwards she confirmed to me. That she does, in fact, tell him every now and then when we talk about Salty to us. So hello, Anne.

What's up, Anne? Here we go. Here we go. Because, as you know, we even talked about it yesterday because Mike McDaniel delivered the soundbite of the year, I think for him, about the narratives, it's a narrative driven business in which we reside and play in this pool every day. That the Cowboys visiting the Dolphins is the battle of. Who have you really beaten on the road versus?

Yeah, but who have you really beaten with all due respect? He said with all due respect, he's already told every single one of his players that if anything other than beating the Cowboys is brought up in a press conference or media session setting, you have the absolute right to tell them. To F off, with all due respect, F off.

Yes, with all due respect, we have that full drop. Well done. You, Mike, come on, people. Well, it's my last day. It's his last day of the year.

It's my last day of the year. So you're locked in. Oh, you're not doing your banking on your phone during seven days.

Even here. Oh, you've got it. OK, very good.

Wow. He's putting his phone away. Yeah, he's done. Banking is done.

He's seen all the cat videos he needs to see. Yep. So that's the whole setup to to, I guess, being. Subjected to the conversation. That. He's a sum of the.

Parts around just roll the footballs out and I guess last week he did it without Tyreek, but he had Jalen Waddle going wide open and stuff like that. And that he's not all that because of who's around him. And the sum of his great season is not all that because just put anybody back there. And he was asked about this narrative. And that's the lead up to today's edition of Salty Two.

I don't know about you, but that looked like money. At the end of the day, whoever's in there, we all trust that we can get it done with those people. Even when I wasn't in there last year, like. That was the mindset that that those guys had. Like, OK, like two is down. We can't do anything about it. Tyreeks down like we can't do anything about it. We got to go out there. We still got to play. Those guys don't care that Tyreeks out like those guys didn't care that I was out last year.

It doesn't matter. We got to go out there and play. And I think that should tell you a lot about about the guys that that were out there. You know, everyone wants to make this like I keep saying everyone wants to make this about me, about Tyreek. Like, please keep pushing it to Tyreek, like make it about Tyreek. I understand that my platform and who I am in this league as a quarterback makes me, if you want, polarizing whether I'm the best, whether I'm the worst, like I could care less, like I don't listen to it.

This is my bearer of bad news and no, I hate to say I hate to say that, but that's my bearer of bad news. If anyone has something to if if anyone has something bad to say about me. But at the end of the day, like I really don't care.

But if she does share it with me, I mean, I keep receipts. We all we all have have have a way of how we do things. But like all the narratives about it, I am. Yeah, sure.

I am only good with Tyreek and that you're right. I am. That is the only time I'm at my best. You're right. I'm only good when Jalen's in.

I could care less about it. Like, sure. If Jalen and those guys are not like, I'm only as good as Raheem Mostert allows me to be like, that's that's what the narrative needs to be.

And we're able to win games and we're able to go where we want to go as a team. I am the worst football player, if that's what you want. Like, I don't care. Like, I really don't.

So whatever it is, whatever you need on your show, like take clips out of what I just said. Do it. Do what you need to do like that. I'm just here to do my job.

And my job is to help our guys win games. Well done. Gosh. So he already knows I take clips like that. I was I told him straight to his face.

Yeah. And he mentioned Dan. I'm telling you, that's what he told me.

And right there. So here's what I have to say about this. First of all, when he said when I told him, I like it when you're salty and he's just like, I don't think I have it in me. That was the most verbose way and sweetest way of following his coach's advice and telling the media anything other than the Cowboys this week. F off with all due respect.

That's what he basically just said. He's too nice to you're too nice. Just say, yeah, you know what?

I stink without all these other guys. I keep receipts. I hear what you're saying and tells me what you're saying.

I'll give her a little shout out. But I you know, I hear you and you know what? It feeds me. It feeds me. I go out there and it feeds me because I'm going to go out there and do the best that I can do, because I know that I could look my kids in the face and say, I tried my best. Dad did their best.

So you could even work in the niceties in there. Just say it. Just say it with the chest. I hear all that you're saying, which he does. He keeps receipts. Where are those receipts? Where are the receipts? Are they as long as the receipts that Robert Sala said he once upon a time kept about everybody talking about the Jets?

Because those receipts, I would tear those up and just throw them out. But long story short, yes. But we live in an era, we live in an era where we just can't appreciate who we have in front of us. It's the truth in this media world. Last night, our friend who talks from Cheesehead TV, right, Aaron Nagler. He's a diehard Packer guy. And he talks about the Packers nonstop. And he loves football. Aaron loves ball. And I saw it.

I follow him on on on the X machine. And he retweeted somebody showing footage of Joe Montana making sick throws and saying, you know, give this man today's media landscape and you'd all stop calling Brady the goat. And that's his way of giving Montana flowers. But I responded or in this media landscape, they'd be like, Joe's just a game manager because anybody could do it with Montana and Clark and Craig. John Taylor. And I know I'm mashing together different eras of of Montana dominant quarterback football and Brent Jones or or or or or wait for it.

Wait for it. The topic bar on the bottom of our media screen would be always more important to the Niners dynasty, Walsh or Montana as Montana left. And Steve Young is there. And like, can young really do it now?

Young felt that. Remember the thing NFL films take the monkey off my back? I think it was Gary Plummer who took the monkey off his back after he eviscerated the San Diego Chargers.

It's Stan Humphries and Bobby Ross. Remember that? Oh, yeah.

And so. Tua's in the wrong age. And instead of everybody sitting here and saying about Tua, we thought your eggs were so damn scrambled that you were nuts to play this year. And in this football world.

Where everybody is on quarterback two, three or in the case of Cleveland four. Tua has answered the bell instead of having it rung because he did work on stuff in the nonplaying season. And he does have a coach who is scheming his head off and he does have the weapons, but he's finding them. I mean, the whole business you hear with Purdy, you know, he ain't all that.

I hear that all every single week because I talk about my boy here. Oh, McCaffrey. He was so wide open. Anybody could throw it to him. And nobody notices Purdy pirouetting out of the pass rush in his face. And instead of panicking like many other young quarterbacks might or make the wrong decision, he pirouettes out, finds enough time, throws against the grain off against his body's grain and finds McCaffrey. Oh, Debo ran. All he has to do is throw three yards and Debo runs it. Yeah, because he's got a coach who can scheme this stuff open and he's hitting in his back leg and he's making the throws.

The alternative is he doesn't. And we're all talking about how they blew it with Trey Lance and how Shanahan ain't all that. And Tua's just living in that era.

He's the avatar for it along with Purdy. Right now. And I understand the narrative, but you have to win. You have to win. And this is a game they have to win because if they slip up this week or next, while the Bills eviscerate, to use that phrase again, Easton Stick and Bailey Zappi as we expect them to, they're showing up in the Dolphins house in week 18 with an opportunity to win and become the AFC East champ and send the Dolphins on the road. That is what is at stake, and that is why the coach is saying anything other than the Cowboys F off. Just Tua can't say that.

It'd be great if he did. He's just so sweet that that's his version of salty, which I love. I love. With all due respect. So, yes. That's how we start today's program. Love it. Let's take a break here on this show. Kyle Hamilton and my top five most intriguing games.

And in the world where somebody shows up to sign with a college football team and a Lamborghini, another team has the NCAA leaked something on signing day over cheeseburgers. I think you can guess all of where I'm going with that right here on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Let's talk Audible people. Audible lets you enjoy all of your audio entertainment, all in one app, titles in every kind in all categories, wellness, best sellers and new releases, as well as podcasts and originals. And Audible members can keep one title a month from the entire catalog.

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Learn more at discover dot com slash credit card. Limitations apply. All right, we're back here on the program. We got Kyle Hamilton joining us in 10 minutes time. Marshall Falk walking in the door in 40 minutes time. Sweet.

Comedian Brad Williams in two to an hour and 40 minutes time. There's cookies here. That's right. The the the folks at D before E, which is a top notch, which is why we use them set designing organization. They did our set. Our beautiful set, they sent us cookies as a go figure that and they're great cookies. So good.

Thanks, Dave. So, so good. What's going on over there? Are you going to have any? I can't eat. I'm not.

Come on, Rich. What do you mean? It's your body. Well, now, you know, I stay away.

I've eaten enough. Susie and Amy on Tuesdays. You know, it's it's bad, but it's just I went off to know for an answer when Mike says no. Yeah. Basically, she forces them. Yeah.

Basically, boys, you and eating. Yeah. Yeah. But they're really good. So I can't get like. Yeah.

What do you it's a time of year. You just got to factor it in. Yeah. You have to factor. I can't factor stuff.

If you can live your life, baby. It's a factor. I can't factor. You have to factor. You got to factor that in.

Got a factor. I can pass. Good for you. Good for you. I'm good.

You are. Where are you going? Where are you going? You're going back east. It's not home. I'm home. This is home now. OK, I've officially been here more than half my life now. OK, so you're going back east, going back east.

Jersey, Jersey, New York, Jersey. Hey, OK. I haven't seen the tree in a long time. Take a little tree. You're going to go to the tree. I love the tree.

The one I'm going to say Rockefeller or the one that you want, the one that you wrapped your police cruiser around. No, that tree's gone. That doesn't exist. Boy, that tree's been removed. That's wrong. He's right.

It's not wrong. Right across from my old house. People skate around it now. Oh, yeah, I can't. That tree's gone? That tree's gone. Well, there should be a plaque under that tree for you. Yeah, it changed my life.

I wouldn't be here now. Attaboy. Attaboy. The Rich Eisen Show radio network back on the air with our Roku Channel live stream. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. Kyle Hamilton joining us shortly. Chris Russo is a top five things he dislikes about Christmas lists has gone viral and for good reason. It was a mad dog is just a perfect, perfect drop in once a week.

Guest slash foil slash analysts, whatever you want to call it. Stirrer upper on on first take with Stephen A. Well, you could see just, I think, relishes and joys everywhere that comes out of mad dog's mouth to challenge him or or or be beyond additive to first takes world. He left one thing off.

Oh, because it was a tremendous list. Throws his poor nine year old mother's arm under the bus. I know there's a lot of personal stuff that is where he it was, I think, kind of therapy for him. I don't know. Chris, do you need to see somebody like, you know, there's a doctor, Melfi and Queens, I'm sure. But he used it as a very therapeutic moment for him. It is, you know, the thing that I dislike and we don't have around here.

We used to have it at ESPN all the time. Somebody because everybody in your office setting, people bring in food. Yep. OK, there's the tin of popcorn that is broken up into four thirds. Yeah. Third, right. Caramel, cheese, butter.

Right. That people put in the setting of a shared environment of office people and people just grubby. So it is the grubby fingers of your coworkers that Chris left off and that people like at least the cookies that we have here that are brought.

Susie brings individual stuff and Amy brings individual stuff. It's not stuff that you just like. It's like it's not like a bowl of M&M's. Like I just stick it right back in like double dipping. Yeah, like double dipping, double dipping, you know, forbidden. What are you going to have that you're going to have that as a drop?

Well, I don't know. I could see what you're up to. Don't make me second guess my my hosting here that you're going to use it against me.

That's now it's like a is it a gift for a gift coach gift coach, coach, coach, but it is like me going. OK, very good. Whatever. I'm just explaining to you that people have no sense of what their hands have been in. And what they're putting in for the rest of us. Yeah, it's not fair.

It's not great. So this time of year, there's lots of stuff going around. You know, kids come home from school. It's like a friggin Petri dish. You know what I mean?

So I'm just saying I'm trying to I'm trying to let everyone understand. That's what I don't like about holiday time. I guess food in the office that is shared. That is not individually wrapped. And I don't think you could fit that on on on a screen. It wouldn't look good on this now. Right.

That's what I'm saying. But well done. Lord, it was great.

Well done. I have a top five myself. It's not I have a top five myself. Let's get to this before Kyle Hamilton joins us from the Balmer Ravens. It's my weekly Thursday visit of the top five most intriguing matchups of the upcoming week. Hit it by one, two, three, four, five. Rich's top five.

All righty. It has been forever and a day since the Detroit Lions won their division. It's been so long.

I mean, you could you could do your typical price of gas. Was this the Oscar winner? Was this? Oh, yeah, for sure. What?

Ninety one, right? It's been a long time. And that time can finally come to an end this very weekend. If the Detroit Lions go into Minnesota and take out the Minnesota Vikings and it is on. Lions and Vikings play twice in the next two weeks. It is possible that the Vikings have designs on winning this division because they have the Lions twice in the next three weeks. And in between that game, the Lions play the Dallas Cowboys in between that game. The Minnesota Vikings have these suddenly not all that Green Bay Packers coming into their house on a Sunday night. So let's see what happens in this game and see if the Lions can overcome the big Nick energy that the Bengals were able to overcome with Mullins.

Let's go. Can the Lions win their 11th game and win the division as everyone expected them to? That's number five on my list of most intriguing matchups of week number 16. Number four, we just found out moments ago prior to this top five that Jamar Chase has been ruled out for the Cincinnati Bengals visit to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So that means no burrow, no chase. And Jake Browning is like no big whoop because of the way that he's played first quarterback to win three of his first four starts for the Cincinnati Bengals since Boomer Esiason in 1984. Coming into Pittsburgh to try and keep the Steelers in a complete and total tailspin with George. George Pickens is saying, I don't want to be tank deal.

I'm not blocking on the goal line. And Mike Tomlin's like, we're working on it. And Steeler fans are like, well, we're working on finding a new coach. That's basically what it is, just an absolute Hunger Games scenario that is playing out right now in western P.A. And it's got to stop with Jake Browning coming into their house and then they sweep the Bengals.

And by the way, the crazy thing is they could sweep the Ravens, the Steelers by the end of the the the year, by the end of the season. So who knows what could happen in this one? It is fascinating. And that's number four on my list. Number three on the list.

I'll give you a hint. Whose autograph is on this football? Whose autograph is on this football that's been in the Rich Eisen Show studio for so long it's deflated? By the way, don't I should have shown this to Troy Vincent when he was on the show yesterday.

Cool, baby. Joe Flacco, number five when he was on the Baltimore Ravens. But now Browns fans are like, we love you, Joe, going into Houston to take on the Texans. If I told you Browns and Texans would be a huge game because Flacco's coming to Houston, this would be this was circled like Deshaun Watson's going back to Houston.

He long gone. And it might not be C.J. Stroud in this game either.

And this is huge, huge game between the Browns and the Texans that fascinates me. D'Amico Ryans and Kevin Stefanski. This is maybe your coach of the year battle for some.

I have named Stefanski coach of the year in many ways, although I had Harbaugh at the Thanksgiving break, and that's not too bad of an idea either. That's number two on the list. Number three on the list. Number two on the list. We talked about at the top of the show, the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys, the Battle of Dallas at Miami, which is a battle between, yeah, who have you really beaten on the road versus who have you really beaten? Period.

Narratives galore. The Dolphins need to get a shot at the one seed. They win this game. They have to certainly with the Ravens on their docket the next week, the Cowboys coming off of the disintegration in western New York. They have the Lions up next. Huge. Just a monster late afternoon window game.

But the number one game is the the obvious. Everyone is billing this. I do believe appropriately so at this moment, a possible Super Bowl preview and a possible preview between the two MVP candidates that can win it all.

Ravens and Niners. Oh, boy. What a way for this week to end and Christmas Day triple header to wrap up on ABC Monday Night Football. Holy cow. I cannot wait for all of that. Do you think we need one more? Why not? All right, we'll get one.

I'll give you one more. I'm going to go Jaguars at Bucks. I'm going to go the battle between the two teams that are leading their respective south divisions. And the Jaguars have taken a downward tailspin and Baker Mayfield and the Bucks have gone nothing but straight arrow pointed up. Both teams are, yes, leading their division, but have company with teams with the same record. In the case of the Jaguars, two other teams in the same record in the case of the Bucks at present. The Saints have the same record with the Falcons right behind him.

That is intriguing, to say the least. And that is your top five most intriguing matchups of week 16 here on the Rich Isons show. Let us now turn our attention to Ravens Cam. I have been fascinated watching this young man play football, and I can't believe the Ravens were so fortunate to have him drop to them because he was dominating the combine in the state of Indiana, where he played his college football from Notre Dame.

Now on the Baltimore Ravens, joining us here on the Rich Isons show is Kyle Hamilton. How are you, Kyle? I'm doing well.

We got you now. All right. See, good to see you. How are you? I'm doing well. Feeling good.

You got a big game this week. How are you guys doing? Well, I'm great because, you know, I have really become a fan of watching you play and having you on this program delights me.

I'll be straight up with you, you know, just come and walking in through the front door. How has your advancement as a player been feeling like to you, Kyle? Well, first off, I appreciate that for bringing me on as a Michigan man. You know, it's kind of there's a little beef here between Notre Dame, Michigan, but I'll leave that at that. But I think my progression as a player this year, I think it's honestly just the maturity thing in terms of just getting reps with anything else, like anything else, playing football, seeing more plays and being out there for more plays, playing against more people, you get better. I feel like I've made that progression this year, so I got a long way to go, but I'm excited to see the future. OK, well, first of all, I want to address that elephant in the room that you brought up. I mean, if you don't mind, I'm a Michigan man, which means I'm a professional and I can place all that other stuff aside when I can see talent ascending.

Like I see you ascending, Kyle. And also, I can take that position because I know deep down in my core and in my soul that Rudy was offsides. So I know that. You know what I'm saying? That makes sense to you? Yeah, I'm following along. So by that answer, you believe Rudy was not offsides, is what you're saying, Kyle?

I believe the statistician counted as a. OK, OK, and the reference is so OK, good enough. There you go. And we're seeing we're seeing too much offensive offsides these ways these days anyway.

So, you know, we've got to give the defense one. So then how how are you? How do you how are you used? I mean, are you freelancing yet, Kyle?

Definitely not freelancing. I feel like if I was freelancing, I would get a stern talking to you from the coaches, but they kind of our defensive staff used me in a plethora of ways, and I appreciate them for trusting me with the responsibility that it takes to play different positions and play them well. They prepare me well and prepare me in different places. Give me a good amount of reps at both spots and go out there and just feel like I execute a lot of different places.

But it also stems from the whole difference at the same time. You know, guys being able to come in and play safety. I'm playing nickel. Guys mean come and play nickel from playing safety. Guys up front getting pressure, allowing us to make plays in the back end. And I think that's kind of our whole defense and motto.

Everybody working together. So what do you mean you'd get a talking to if you were freelancing? Well, I think if I was out there, there's just freestyling. They would probably know.

And, you know, I think our defense is so disciplined in the sense of everybody has to do their one of eleven and do their part for us to be successful. And if I was out there freelancing, yeah, it would be a not fun conversation. The only reason why I would even ask if you're freelancing is because you're everywhere. You know, that's that's that's why I ask that question. You know, I think I think it's a little bit of both. You know, it's they trust me to go out there and make plays.

Don't be a robot. But at the same time, they're putting me into a lot of different spots and trying to get the offense on their toes. So whichever way they want to use me, if that's in the back end, your last image, that linebacker level, whatever it may be, I'm I'm all for it. And whatever is the most successful for defense. So what do you like playing the best? Where do you like it the most? I still haven't really figured that out, honestly.

I think they're all about equal right now. It's it's kind of fun just bouncing around. You know, you don't get you get to do a lot of different things. I get the blitz.

I get the cover. I get to play in the post to see everybody in front of me. And I think it just makes me really aggressive in what I'm doing and allows me to go out there and showcase my skills. So the defensive coordinator, just for instance, just to choose him, you're saying is smart enough to notice your multiple talents and put you in the best position to succeed. Is that what you're saying, Kyle?

Yeah, for sure. OK. And where did the Ravens get that defensive coordinator? Where did he come from, Kyle? I think he was on the team that lost in the playoff by margin.

I think it was from that team. No, no, no, no, no. That's not that's not the way I would refer to the school, Kyle. That's not the way. Be careful. I'm pretty sure I forgot the name of him, but I mean, because it's your head coach, your head coach is involved in this as well.

Don't be careful, Kyle. You know, yeah, I'm OK in line, but I mean, I'm going to always wrap my Notre Dame blue and gold. I understand that. I understand that. So when did you realize that you had a special skill set? When did that happen for you? I don't think I really knew what I was able to do until probably my second year in college, freshman year coming from high school.

You don't really know what to expect. And I was still 6'3", 185 pounds soaking wet. So I was being pulled out there. But as I matured and played more my freshman year, I got a sense of or a grasp of what I could do. And then sophomore year, a defensive coordinator used me in different positions.

And that's why I kind of got the sense that I could move around a little bit. And I'm here now. Have you any contact with Ed Reed? Has he reached out to you? You with him?

Any chit chat with Ed? Not recently, but I've talked to him a few times. I talked to him once pre-draft. I saw him in L.A. during Super Bowl week.

And then as soon as I got drafted, I came to Baltimore and we FaceTimed and we talked a few times after that. He's the best, isn't he? He's just the greatest.

He's like a wealth of knowledge. So who do you model your game after? Again, I pews Ed because obviously he's a guy in the back end that did so much. And I think he freelanced as well at some point.

He felt compelled and lateraled and did all sorts of crazy things after picking off. But he's not your size at all. So who is your model? Who do you model your game after, would you say?

Yeah, I mean, when you're Ed Reed, you can do a little bit more than what the coaches are saying you do. But I think growing up, and I said this recently, I was always a Sean Taylor guy. And obviously he passed away.

Sad story. But I feel like he was a bigger guy who wasn't super animated. Just went out there and did what he's supposed to do. He's physical, could cover, and he's a good teammate. And I feel like that's somebody who I would want to model my game after. And he's just one of my all-time great safeties. And obviously great defenses work together. What's your relationship like with Roquan Smith?

What's that? Roquan is, he's another Georgia boy like myself. So he's from middle of nowhere, Georgia.

I'm actually from the city. But he's really cool. He's been the same guy since he walked in the building the first day after getting traded into when he is now.

You're going to hear him every time he steps in the building because he's nonstop talking all day long. And he's my locker buddy. So he's right next to me every single day. He's always got some little joke to poke me with in the morning and some little jab. And we just go back and forth.

It's a good relationship. Okay. Can you repeat the one he came up with today? You got one from me today?

What happened today? I was getting a massage this morning. And he walked in and was like, oh, look at little Kyle thinking he's in the Bahamas getting a massage on the beach. That was his name this morning. But you're taking care of your body, Kyle.

You know, this is not, it's not like, you know, you're requesting, you know, a certain type of oil or anything like that. Like this is for real. You're getting ready to play the back end against the 49ers. Kyle? I think it's just a part of, I'm the younger guy and I'm 22 and he's like 39 years old.

So he's on the way out and he's trying to hang on. I like your moxie, Kyle Hamilton. I knew it. I knew it. So watching film of the Niners, they all jump out at you, right?

I mean, 23, 19, 85, just to name 11, just to name some numbers. What's the challenge here for you on Monday night? Yeah, I feel like the whole year they've just been giving teams just matching problems because they have so many guys they can go to on that side of the field and a great quarterback at that leading them. So I think it's up to us to be aligned correctly. And our coaches have had a great plan that they set up for us to match up with them. And I'm excited to go out there and play because it's obviously a great team.

It's going to be prime time and on the road. So it doesn't get more hostile than that. Well, I don't want you to give away the game plan, but those numbers I just mentioned, do we see you on marking any of those guys? Pretty much?

Yeah? Probably all of them, honestly. I think the way our defense is going to be set up, you know, everybody's going to be everywhere. And I think that's what makes us so unpredictable.

And we have a multitude of things that we can do. What's it like going against your MVP quarterback in practice? It's fun to watch when it doesn't count. You know, you really made that throw. And I remember the first day I got here, he threw a ball past my head and I was like, if that didn't mean the head, I would have been out for the next week. Because he's so strong and he just moves that we haven't seen before. And I'm glad he's on the Ravens because I don't want to play against him. Yeah, it seems like he'll wear you out, you know, that he can do that. Especially if you're, I was talking to D Lyman during the Jaguars game about it.

I'm just like, I'm so glad that y'all aren't over there because you would be so mad trying to chase him around. You have a sack and you don't have a sack and he throws the ball down the field 50 yards and now it's a touchdown. I don't know if you saw that. I forget who was the Jaguar, but they caught a replay of the Jaguar looking at Lamar who had just run forever and then made an incredible play. I think he screamed at him like, how? You could read the lips, right? Did you see that, Kyle?

Yeah, I think, yeah, I did see that. It was actually funny, but I think we're a little spoiled being around him all the time, seeing it every day that even when we get in the game, we're like, oh, it's Lamar being Lamar. But sometimes you got to take a step back and really appreciate what he's doing out there and how it's just unprecedented. Well, again, I know you're just, you know, still new to this NFL thing, but it's so rare to have a game like the one you're playing Monday night from the one seed versus one seed to MVP quarterback already against another guy who can be the MVP quarterback this year, including yours and the whole country's watching Christmas night. This is and everyone's saying this is a Super Bowl preview as well.

How are you viewing this game Monday night? It seems cliche, but it's just it's another game. We can't ignore all the hype around. I mean, it's going to be on primetime TV, Christmas night and San Fran to 11, three teams, pretty much like scriptwriters just wrote this one up. But we are going to go out there and treat it like a normal game and play our game.

And we're going to come out hopefully with one. All right, Kyle, who's got it better than you? See, see the Ravens, the Ravens do that, too. But it's a Michigan thing. Come on. No, no. Excuse me. Yes, it is. He's way too smart. It's a Notre Dame. It's a genius. You stay out of this. This is a horrible thing.

Okay. Jim did it in San Francisco. Jack has been doing it forever. John does it for the Ravens. It's a simple question. You could choose to answer it or not. Who's got it better than you, Kyle?

I'm not sure about. I love it. Kyle, I really love watching you play, man. Keep keep bawling out.

Keep bawling out. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Let's do this more often. Thank you, Kyle Hamilton. That is the Baltimore Ravens safety. Nobody. That's the answer. The word is nobody. Okay. Good to see you, Kyle. You be well.

Happy holidays to the Hamiltons. No body. He wouldn't even do it. Wouldn't even entertain. Does he not do it in the locker room when John does it?

He might. What? Like, not saying he's like looking around. Oh, my gosh. All right. Let's take a break right here on the rich eyes and show eight four four two oh four.

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What do you want? Steroids? I'm actually on steroids. Brian Cranston.

Last flag flying in select theaters. Now you're gonna have to disqualify this show because of your steroid use. You know what? I thought about that before taking that steroid. Now, wouldn't it be disheartening if you took the steroid and you had the best show ever? Then you go, oh, my God, I have to take more steroids.

How can you go off the steroids? Since you and I last spoke here on the show, your Dodgers went to the World Series. There was that five hour game that went in. That was insane. I was insane. And I am proud to say I stuck around to extra innings for that night.

I did see some people in this town, people that you would know, people that we have all seen on television. Call them out. I can't do it.

Do it. I can't. You're on steroids. What the hell do you care?

I do have that as a fallback position, do I not? But I would never do that to you. Your Honor, I was on steroids at the time when I made that comment. When somebody from Arrested Development got up.

Yes. Oh, Jason Bateman. You've been in your face, Jason. There's a lot of people I'm disappointed with. Will Arnett. Wow.

But it wasn't. It just amazes me seeing and breaking in Better Call Saul. The number of characters whose demise eventually is met because of your character is me. I know exactly.

It is remarkable. I unfortunately have that association. If I spend any amount of time with someone, they end up dying, surprisingly. So I would suggest you get life insurance. You know, you want to protect your family and everything. Everything you do that.

OK, sorry. Every time Krantz is on back here on the Rich Eisen Show, eight, four, four, two or four rich numbered adult here on the program. I just want to say this. I appreciate Kyle Hamilton and his distaste for things, Michigan, because the feelings mutual for Notre Dame. Yeah, I mean, you got Notre Dame when Notre Dame and Ohio State, pardon me, the Ohio State played this year.

I was saying, is it is it possible for the media that we get? Yeah, right. Can we can we please have both teams lose? And, you know, Notre Dame lost multiple times the game, not having 11 men on the field, but one and then Ohio State law one, but then lost because Ryan Day went all ham on Lou Holtz. So, you know, it's it's it is Michigan versus everybody these days. And I know you you roll your eyes at that sort of thing.

Yeah, because it's absurd. So but but you tell me, OK, the NCAA delivers. Their their letter to Michigan on National Signing Day. Their alligator, notice of allegations for recruiting violations that Jim's already served three games for, and they're like, well, he didn't talk to us.

He's put us on a pay no mind list. And that's part of the violations and all that stuff gets dropped in a letter to Michigan on on on signing day. That's what they're focused on in the NCAA enforcement world when and I know.

This stuff is just off the charts, and I'm not saying this is illegal, but it's it's it's unique to see. Let's just put it this way. The top JUCO signing in the United States of America. Deon Smith showed up to his signing at Ole Miss in a Lamborghini.

We go and by the way, good for him if he's getting all that cash to wherever he's getting the cash, I would. And I'm that age I'm getting a Lamborghini and I'm showing up in a sport coat and I'm sitting down. I'm riding up in that Lambo and I am surrounded by loved ones and I'm signing a letter of intent and I'm going to go kill it in the SEC. That's this is not against like you do you. But we're seeing high school recruits flip on verbal commitments.

Why? Because they want to go to other schools because it's it's nicer weather. It's nice that I mean, are we really just going to this is not in any way, shape or form enforced or with rules to make sure these kids are going to get the money that they're promised or how much money is being given. Let's figure out a level playing field for everybody. But no, let's let's let's give this piece of paper to Michigan on the day of the National Signing Day.

And you tell me there's not an ax being grinded against Michigan. And I understand don't have the violations. Speak to the NCAA when they're asking you to speak. Don't flip them the middle finger and not say a word.

I know what you're saying, Chris. Don't do it. And then you won't get the letter on the day of signing day. But this is what the NCAA is spending National Signing Day doing while everything else is absolutely off the rails and not because the kids are getting paid. It's because there's no rules about who gets paid and whether these kids are going to get all of the money and the playing time and schools can't. This is nuts at this point next year.

This is going to be the 12 team playoff time of year. It's crazy. And nobody, that's what Chip Kelly is saying, let's all come together and figure out what the rules are, what the NIL is, what the transfer portal is, what we're paying kids to make sure that they're getting paid, but they're going to get all the money that they're supposed to get. And the NCAA is like, yeah, sure. OK, so all these kids sign in one place or verbally commit in that one place, and then they're going to flip somewhere else.

Why? Is that all on the up and up? We're all we're sure that's all on the up and up. You're accusing Ole Miss. I'm not accusing them of anything.

That's what it sounds like. That's not what I am. I am not accusing them of a single thing. I mean, zero. The guy literally said in the statement yesterday, it's not about cheeseburgers. I understand what the guy said in the statement.

You know, it's kind of wild that you you know, I know you take an adverse position and I understand what, but you don't think there's an ax to grind at all. Like this is on this day is when they pop that one out on this day. It's the same reason stuff gets dropped at four thirty on Fridays. But why not last week? Why not three weeks ago?

Why not a month ago? Maybe it wasn't done. OK. Crazy. Not about cheeseburgers.

I am sure it is not. What's about lying and misleading and all that stuff? Cheating. Understood, Chris.

OK, sure. Everything else is on the up and up, but this is what they're spending on this day doing. And I'm not saying it's Ole Miss. I'm sure everywhere in the United States where all this crazy stuff went down yesterday does not require the NCAA. Let's take a look at that. It's the Wild West. The NCAA has blown it. So thank you for saying that.

Thank you. But against one other team, they're focused on this. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to 1995 when WCW announces they're going to be live and head to head with Monday Night Raw. Feels like this would have been something Vince would have kind of laughed off. No, we did not like them moving to Monday nights. There were a lot of hotels. They all carried CNN, TBS and TNT. Vince was convinced that Ted Turner had deviously done this deal to get in the hotels and keep us out. Something to wrestle wherever you listen.
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