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Deion Sanders Wants His Kids In The Same Draft

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 20, 2023 4:44 pm

Deion Sanders Wants His Kids In The Same Draft

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 20, 2023 4:44 pm

12/20/23 - Hour 3

Colorado Head Coach Deion Sanders tells Rich where his sons Shilo and Shedeur land on his latest ranking of his kids, how NIL money had reshaped college football recruiting, how the Buffs’ roster will look very different next fall, why he can’t wait to add Hall of Fame DT Warren Sapp to his coaching staff, tries to convince Rich to part ways with the Bald Brotherhood, and more.

Actress Shelley Hennig joins Rich in-studio to discuss her popular Netflix series ‘Obliterated,’ what it was like meeting John Travolta, her lifelong love of the New Orleans Saints, and more.

Rich breaks down which NFL teams can punch their ticket to the playoffs in Week 16.

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Learn more at slash credit card. Limitations apply. You know, I think a mutual parting is possible in Pittsburgh. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Identify for me coaches that you believe are coaching for their jobs.

Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Washington, Carolina, Chargers. You got the Raiders too.

And again, it sounds weird, Pittsburgh, New England, Seattle, that those would be would be changes. Earlier on the show, NFL executive vice president of football operations, Troy Vincent. Fox Sports college football insider, Bruce Feldman. Coming up, Colorado head coach Deion Sanders, actress Shelly Hennig. And now, Rich Eisen.

Yes, it is. Our number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Already had a great chats on this program. Bruce Feldman in our number two, talking about the college football world.

It is signing day today. And then our one Troy Vincent, the head of football operations of the NFL, talking about the future of the brotherly shove and then the fumbling through the end zone rule. We also talked about the fine schedule that the NFL appears to be having on players using their helmet offensively and defensively. If you missed any of it, we rear at the top of this hour on the Roku channel. There's our YouTube page.

There's our Rich Eisen Show collection page, a video on demand service. There's so many different ways to keep up with this show, including our podcast for your ear gate overreaction Monday, which is a what? We're nominated for best football podcasts. Great American football podcast. Thank you very good podcast awards. We're proud of that. What the football with Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask. Great conversation with Kevin Harlan prior to him calling the Celtics and the Warriors last night on Turner, fresh off of calling the Seahawks win over the Eagles. That's there for you all three hours of the show as well.

Eight, four, four, two or four. Rich is the number to dial Shelly Hennig, who is one of the stars of the hit show on Netflix obliterated. She's going to come out here in studio. She's a diehard Saints fan.

We are told the Saints are taking on the Rams tomorrow night, but it is National Signing Day and we're all just paying rent in this man's world. He's the Sportsman of the Year for Sports Illustrated. He is also one of our favorite people on planet Earth, a dear friend, as well as a man who's on Amazon Prime Video. Coach Prime is the latest season. Catch the first three episodes of that on Prime Video.

New episodes dropping every Thursday until the season finale, January 4th. He's got a book coming out. He's a great Deion Sanders. How are you, Prime? Humbleness. How is Suzy, the kids, my nephews and everybody and the dogs? They are coming at me for not mentioning the dogs. No, you see, the dogs are well.

I'm just going in reverse order. They're doing great. I think of you every single time I say hello to security dogs in the airport because you always had fun at my expense. And that's the only way to put it.

It's the only way to put it. You're passionate about the security. Kids are great.

Suze is great. They wanted me to say hi to you. How are your kids? My kids are great.

One just came in. Chidor, the quarterback, to make sure all these linemen are coming in. OK, he's not checking on your well-being. He's checking on his well-being and my son, Junior, is filming his butt off, you know, collecting content. I think Shiloh is at home chilling, Bossy's at home chilling and Deondra's in Atlanta doing her thing. OK, and that's in no particular order, right?

You haven't seen your latest ranking system for them, Prime? Yeah, right now, Shiloh is the guy. Shiloh had a great year and he's been a great son. He really has.

He really has. Well, I mean, Shidor's staying, Deon, doesn't that? Shidor is, but, you know, behind the curtains, he's not he's not sunning like he should be. OK, by the way, never heard that used as a verb before. Never.

That's a first for me. Hey, Shidor out there, tell them come here. He's not sunning as well as he should be. He's not sunny. Sometimes he thinks he's the father. Oh, really?

Yes. OK, so you got to plan a vacation and his stipulations for the vacation. Like you you can stay with Shiloh, you know, the boy's vacation. You stay with Shiloh and me and Bucky and stay together. Why?

We had to get separate homes. Why? Like what?

We're too old to be sitting in the same. I know what you're going to do. You know, that'll does that. Those kind of things that will get you downgraded.

That'll get you downgraded. I totally understand that. All right. And picking up the check, picking up the bill and stuff like that.

He's he's handsomely paid. Absolutely. And I hope that. So he and I and the daddy stuff.

OK, that's very pretty much figured that. When did when did when did you guys decide he was staying? Because at last you and I spoke, it seemed like he might go. It was never a decision. It was never nothing to make. OK.

It was. Yeah, it was never deciding that he ain't even your dad until he's over. Like because I want my dream. I want my both of my kids to go in the same same draft. Oh, OK. So that's that's part of the plan.

OK, right. And I put pressure on Shiloh because I tell Shiloh who had a great year, who is projected really high as well. I don't want you just sitting in the back room on draft day. I understand that. Waiting on your brother to be drafted.

I want you like, you know, which one of these guys going first? That's that's the impact I want him to have as well. And he had a great year.

He killed Deion Sanders here on the Rich Eisen show. OK. And so you're just basically sitting there just like an election returns to see. Is that what today's like? I almost fell asleep.

I almost fell asleep. You know, he's here and he told me it's almost like draft day for for the pros. It's like a draft because this is his first one that he's ever sat through in college.

He's never been through. So it's like the same thing you. But you're not drafting.

You're waiting on the call ends. And, you know, like some of the older guys, the guys in the portal, you know, they don't get up till a little later and they get older. They're more mature. You know, you know, they go, hey, man, get up, man, go, let's go, let's go.

Come on, go get up. And the young kids, the young kids from high school, they are doing their thing. Which is what? Just waiting around before they grab a pen. So what it is and you. Well, you know, they have the stuff planned out.

They want to do it sometimes at school, sometimes at the crib, sometimes with their loved ones and family members. You know, they got a whole whoop to do. Right. I understand that. I understand. I'm sure you do. Absolutely. Do you like this system?

Do you like it? Because a lot of your colleagues are not really keen on portals and and and everything else and how this is like free agency. This is like a free agency month right now. This is free agency for us. Right. At high school is the draft.

Yes, that's that's what it is. Some some schools are better suited with the draft because they have more. Collective money to extend, but it's getting to the point now, man, it's pay per view.

It's pay per view. All you have to do is look at except Washington did a great job. And they are well coached. They were down machine this year.

The top schools are the ones who's who's who has the biggest budgets, man. Is there any like NASCAR is getting like NASCAR? What do you mean? What do you mean? You said pay per view and then NASCAR.

OK, what do you got? I'm not a big race guy, so I don't know the intricate details of race or anything. With race, horse racing, whatever. I was told I don't know how and you make a check me on this when you right or wrong.

Most of those teams with the largest bag normally finds they sell themselves to the winner's circle. Right. You say something now, this is this is the black man talking to a great about NASCAR. You're right. You know, I've got to, you know, it's not on my lane.

Dionne, I call AAA to change a tire. You're talking to the wrong guy. I don't know.

Neither do I. I have no idea. Uncle Rich wants to say hi. What's up, man? How are you? I haven't seen you in person in forever. How you been? Good. We got to catch up one day.

I would love to do that for sure. Your your dad says Shiloh is currently number one on the list of his children, because behind the scenes, you're not all up to snuff on the sunning part of it. Now, Salo probably is.

He probably talks to dad a lot more. You know, I'm around them when I'm here for for a long period of time. So, OK, so you're fine with that. You were just at the house for during the week.

Yeah, I was at the house. That's what I'm saying. So when I spend time with him, it's in like segments, you know what I'm saying? Sure.

I understand. So so you're you're cool with the ranking, but you feel like maybe he doesn't have all the information. Is that what you're saying? Did I pick up on that? Yeah, well, Salo deserves to be first right now, so it's fine.

He could be first. I accept what's going on. Yeah, he has a lot to do with what's going on.

All right. And you're coming in every now and then to see how many offensive linemen are coming in to protect you. Is that what I'm to understand as well? I'm on the phone with them every day. They have a group text list. That's how they found out. Well, they they I'm giving up a whole lot of information. One of the guys that decommitted, they checked them on the group. Now, yeah, that's basically what happened. But I'm like, if everybody's in, they say they and they got to be men of a word.

They can't get off the text list. Yeah. OK, so somebody somebody you get kicked out of the conversation is what you're saying, right? OK. Yeah, this is definitely loyalty. That makes sense because everybody's putting everything on the line for this next season. And, you know, you got to have confident guys around. You can't have indecisive people around you. That makes sense. Certainly when you've got to make your decisions based on your confidence in them. That's what you got to do.

You just moved up on the depth chart. Yes. Yes. Yes.

We're back. You're welcome. Should do it.

You're welcome. Rich, can you address the situation with vacationing that he don't want to stay with his dad anymore? Like he wants he and Bucky to have a place in me and Shiloh have a place.

I don't think that's right. Well, you know, should do. I think out of all the dads that you could stay with, I think he's one of them. You know what I mean?

And planet Earth fathers who you would want to actually stay with in general. That's the guy should should or. Nothing, nothing. I feel like we're at an age now where we have to, you know, have our own separate. Yeah, I'm kind of. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, it's a break when he wants to separate.

Yeah, he's a grown man. I want to make some decisions. OK, but there's some financial decisions that have to be made. What we're going to do now, ladies and gentlemen, you can't make those decisions.

No one. Somebody's got to put the bag on fair to somebody. Yeah, it's called it's called a security deposit. You know what I mean? That's what it's called. We say they don't need to do what they don't need to holler at you at the end of the conversation. We don't need to holler at you.

Somebody don't need to holler at you. This is the greatest. All right, you door. Thank you. Appreciate it. Good to see you. Always good to see that vacation. There he is, ladies and gentlemen. Yeah, it's something special, guys. He really is.

He is. I can't. How can I ever have a bad day when my daughter's here? All three of my sons here, my sisters here, my mother's here, my nephew's here. I mean, everybody. I mean, I can have a bad day. I can't have a bad day. I look at beautiful mountains. Weather's impeccable. I think we have over 300 days of sunshine in this beautiful state, in a beautiful city.

How can I hack? And we got the most radical fans I've seen in a long time. I absolutely love it. I really do.

I'm coming this weekend. You know that, Dion? I'm calling the game.

Yeah. Denver in New England on NFL Network. Kurt and I are coming.

Yeah, we're coming. I'm not watching from Texas. I watch you from Texas. I was about to say, how come look you up? OK. I'll be fishing.

OK, very good. Hey, speaking of fishing, I got this photograph, Dion, from a gentleman named Warren Sapp. Or as it says on his diploma, Warren Carlos Sapp, he sent me this photograph of his diploma. Rich, you're going to make me tear up, man, because I'm so proud of the big fella. You know him and you love him.

We know him other than how the world know him. And you talk about a huge teddy bear. You talk about a huge teddy bear. He has this huge bravado that's going to scare you off if you allow him to.

But deep down and you don't even have to go that deep. He's a teddy bear, man. And to see him go get his diploma, because I know what he wants to do. He wants to coach on his staff and he wants to be a part of the staff. And he is going to be a part of this staff. But he is unbelievable. The kids love him.

Oh, my God. They love him when they just see him. When they see him, they light up like a Christmas tree.

One of the most beautiful sights I've seen was first at the practice. One day he was just he just came here to kick and came here to see me. And he was in the hot tub because, you know, his body still banged up as well.

At first it was one guy. Look down there, 30 minutes later, you got the whole defensive line in the hot tub and he's holding court. And he you know how he's animated like John Madden, and he's he's doing all his antics and he has captivated all their attention and they're hanging on to every word. And he has so much to give, man.

And I can't wait. I can't wait to see him on a daily basis. Well, he said he says the same thing about what you're seeing when he's talking to me and when we're talking to each other, like he really is into this idea of joining your staff and being somebody who's kind of like a Sherpa to these kids on the defensive line.

Yeah. And not only that, but everybody, I mean, even the offensive lineman, they gleaned from him, too, because he's he's so thought provoking that he could tell them, don't don't let the defensive lineman get you in that corner at this point, at this point. I mean, he's that he's a wealth of knowledge and he's hilarious, man. He's the biggest outdoorsman I've ever seen in my life.

I would have never guessed. I know. I mean, right now I was texting on the way in to say, hey, is it cool if I talk about this and show this picture on TV? And he didn't answer his phone because he was in a duck blind kind because he's duck hunting.

He just sent me a picture. He's duck hunting. That's what I mean. And then by the way, taking a selfie and I'm like, man, you know, let's let's not go full Dick Cheney here. You know what I mean?

Like everybody just put the phone down. Let's focus, you know. But now he's rich. He does everything that black folks don't do now.

He does. And he's inviting me to these places. I'm like, I'm not doing that. I'm not I'm not hunting at night on a boat with a born arrow. I'm not doing that.

Nowhere near alligators. I'm not that's not who I am, Seth. I'm not doing it. But he is going to join your staff. Is that going to happen? That will happen.

It better happen. He wants it. He wants it. And I told him he's got a new Nick. I got him a new you want it. Right.

Exactly. I told him he's got a new nickname. He's the cum laude killer is what he is now. Cool.

Laude killer. I figured you would call it, you know, you're infectious with everybody. You give everybody you understand everybody, all our different personalities.

That's why you were the greatest ringmaster ever. But he. He has so much to give and there's so much in it, man, and I love when he just extracted candidly to everyone. It's crazy. Like even just see him in a hallway talking to parents, you know, it's unbelievable, man. He wins.

He sure does. So before I let you go, how are you coming out of this past season? Prime, what are you thinking about?

What do you think? We won in every aspect, but on the field. We won in every aspect, but on the field and on the field, we've accomplished some wonderful things.

We've got our butts kicked twice. The other team, we were within three to seven points. So we just didn't know how to win.

And we didn't have enough firepower. We had we just addressed every need we had every thought that we had that we can improve. At this time last year, we improved the previous team in this time. Well, this time last year, we improved the previous team. And today we approve that team that we improved.

If you can understand that riddle. So we got better. We're getting better today. These guys are still calling me and we're getting better as well. So they're they're calling you, texting you, saying I'm coming. That's basically what you're seeing.

OK, I'm coming. Yeah, we get on there. We zoom call them or put them on the big screen. And they're with their families. They're with the high school.

They're with their girlfriends, fiancees or whatever. And they're coming, you know, and it's a beautiful thing because we addressed all the needs. I'm looking at so many during offensive lineman and defensive lineman. And that's mainly what we need. We have some dog receivers, a couple of quarterbacks here.

Oh, my God. Pass rushers. We've addressed every darn need that we had. And we're not done rich because the ball games are still to be played as soon as those games are over. Soon as that clock hit zero, these guys are going to have somebody hit that button and they're going to get in the portal.

Then you have the summer wave as well. So we still have a couple positions that we got to address. We've already addressed them, but, you know, we'll deal with the consequences of that of that later because we know they're coming. And so that's your philosophy is just show everybody what you did and what you're doing. And obviously you've got your your documentary to show everybody what's going on behind the scenes. Coach Prime is on Prime Video, new episodes dropping every Thursday up until the season finale on January 4th. You got your book coming to I love the book. I wish I had. Let me see where is the book Elevate and Dominate.

Twenty one ways to win on and off the field. Available on March 12th. It's marketing right there. That's great. Look at you.

That is that is marketing. God, that's the most handsome. I guess we're rich.

He has a full head of hair. Right with me, Rich. You could be right there together. So I could have been sports. I mean, I love the way you look.

I mean, nothing wrong with you. Look, I mean, you got to have an air look, but we could have been right there together on the Sports Illustrated cover. Is that what you're saying for sports sportsmen of the year? You could have been there.

It should have been. I got a sportsman of the year, and I understand that. I mean, because we're truly impactful.

But both of us could have been comeback players of the year. See, I think that too follows it. He knows what I'm talking about. He holds our humor. Well, because we could.

Well, because if he took off his hat, he'd show you that he's done in his hair now. Oh, you stopped. Yeah, you should have seen that. Do you just add a top and not the sides? No, no, no. That's where that's the way it looks now.

I was dying the whole thing and I was getting abused on the show. No, you guys were making the top black and not the side. That's salt and pepper. I got the perfect hair.

It's like that's the way it is. It looks good. Well, the last time he showed it the last time it would have matched his shirt. And we got T.J. Show off the blenders. Go ahead. Show off the blenders.

He's got it working right now. Hey, hey, hey, look, I mean, you look great. You look great.

The shades are unbelievable. Let me ride with you for a minute. You know, come on now. Oh, is that product available? I don't have mine.

This is 1996 all over again. What color? You got the black one?

Oh, my bad. We always have product. We have product. Well, and you could put the other ones back on because I got that to see. Rich, you look so darn good. God, you look good. This is all I got left.

This is it. But you look good, Rich. It works for you. It works for you. And guess what?

Suzy loves it. Thank you for saying that, because sometimes it's in question, as you know. All right. I know. I'm in a portal right now. No, I had to get in the portal to make sure I check out the guys. We're getting out of the portal. Understood. That's that's not the plan. I had to make sure they are who they are.

Yep. There may be an eye on Deon, but you are a team. You're all about the team.

And the cum laude killer is coming to the staff. So we established that. OK, well, let's chat next month. I always want to talk to you. You know what I miss the most? I know I got to get out of here. But what I miss the most is when you went on vacation, not that you went on vacation, but I got a chance to be rich eyes and for a day or so.

Yeah, probably. So one of my one of the things I take pride in the most is is that when, you know, you were here, you interviewed Morgan Freeman on the show. You conducted an interview with Morgan Freeman. And that is he scared me because he was real serious. Like, like, like he had that Morgan Freeman look to him, but he did. Oh, don't smile a little bit.

This is not a scene like nobody saying scene like, come on, work with me. Love you, Prime. Good rest of your day. You be well.

Bless those dogs. You got it. That's the man. Yes, indeed.

Two four is the man. And by the way, TJ, you got a split screen with you and you and your blenders. Dionne and his blenders would have thought in 1997 when I was sitting in the footlocker, Pittsburgh and Dionne came walking in the store because I'd had this moment with it.

Like life is weird, man. It was great. It's great. All right. Let us take a break.

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You never once saw yourself on Smallville. In the beginning, I used to look at myself all the time and love to. And then as I get older, I stopped.

Why is that? I don't know. Maybe because I'm older. I was going to talk to you about that because you're seventy nine. Yeah. How old do you feel?

Eleven. Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum, wherever you listen. And we're back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by for those listening. We just showed a clip of the show obliterated top 10 on the Netflix TV shows that they can offer since its premiere on November 30th. And one of the stars, Shelly Hennig, is here on the program. Again, a funny, funny show. Also, it's it's just an interesting hybrid, this program.

And for for those, I guess the the hybrid would be what hangover meets Mission Impossible or something like that. And then you add the show 24 because the series takes place over the course of 24 hours. Now, the show 24 back in the day, I don't know, were you a fan of 24? I haven't seen it. OK, I know the I know the setup. OK, so the setup of that, if you ever see it, the crazy thing with Kiefer Sutherland on the show always had cell reception, never went to the bathroom, never ate, never ate.

We never saw him like sit down and grab a meal or anything like that. So imagine that times like 10 for the show obliterated. There's a lot of things you can point out, but it's an action comedy. And so, you know, there there's a lot of drinking. I mean, there's a lot of consuming on this program.

Yes. Don't eat all the guacamole. Guacamole is dangerous, very dangerous on the show.

There's it's laced with mushrooms. And my good friend, Eugene Kim, who plays Paul, I've known him since I was 17. The night I met him, I was wearing a Von Dutch hat. Actually, that was the night I met my first celebrity and it was John Travolta.

Oh, yes. OK. And I was like, I was talking like fan. I was like, oh, my God. Well, it was funny because I had been introduced to these like actors.

I was not I was Miss Teen USA at the time. And I was at this event and this actor. I was like, so you live in L.A. Like, do you meet celebrities? Like, what's the deal? And he's like, duh. He's like, but we don't act weird when you, you know, see him, I promise you, 10 minutes later, John Travolta comes out of the elevator and I go, hey, what's up? And the actor that I was talking to was like he was completely panicked. I was like, you really?

Yeah. OK. And how was John? I was so sweet.

OK. I might have told him to watch Miss Teen USA that I was Miss Teen Louisiana. I wasn't even Miss Teen USA yet. I might have yelled Miss Teen Louisiana, Miss Teen USA and gave him the date. Like, watch it.

Shameless. And maybe. Well, he was like, congratulations.

I hope you win. And you did. Yeah, I did. How about maybe it was John Travolta? They could have been the karma of Travolta at that point in time.

So look who's talking. That's that's that's the one. And my dad's weirdly like not to make it like a sexist thing, but my dad's weirdly obsessed with Grease.

So oh, oh, because he loved Olivia Newton-John. Well, that's totally understandable. That's why I know. I know. So we watched that.

But look who's talking. I totally forgot. I'll be straight up. I totally forgot Travolta was in that to be straight up with you.

Yeah. Because Pulp Fiction, that's not that that's another one typical. Hey, you be you. I'm just being me.

Because, you know, I would go like Saturday Night Fever. But honestly, I don't even know if I've seen that. Oh, OK. Mm hmm. All right.

These are these are myself canceled. No, no, that's not true. That's not true. There's still time. Hold on.

You're just meeting us. But Rich likes to movie shame. I don't know if it's true. That's untrue. Really?

I don't like to move. You shamed me and Bruce for Casablanca, which came out in 1942. Excuse me. I said before.

I'm sorry, Shelly, I don't mean to take up your valuable we consider Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day at my house. So I don't shame. I said, have you seen it? And then when you said no, I wasn't like, you're a moron. I didn't say that. I didn't shame today.

I didn't do that. Do you think Die Hard is a Christmas movie? No. Again, these are terrific moments.

I thought we were going to be friends, right? Die Hard is not a Christmas movie, correct? It's it's it's an action film. It's the first thought is action that takes place.

You know, it's like it is obliterated a Vegas show. I mean, Vegas is definitely a character within the show. It's a very important piece. Correct. To the story, which makes it extra fun. Correct. Yeah, it's a it's a character for sure.

It's great. So it's a Vegas show. This is not a Christmas movie.

It just happens to happen during Christmas time. That's now. Now I'm sure you want to argue, guys. Come on. That's that type of show.

That's that type of show. Wait, I have a question. Who's the biggest name dropper here?

Great question. It's not me. It's what are you talking about? It might be me. I said John Travolta. It's not John Travolta. I said John Travolta.

It's there's it's one of these two. It's either Richard, Mike. T.J. knows the most celebrities, but he doesn't like to drop their names.

You like to bring. I dropped the name, by the way. He knows everybody. And he knows Nick Zano, my amazing co-star and obliterated. And he told me you're a huge Dallas Cowboys fan.

Yeah. You know, we were text D.M. and last night and I was like, hey, do you have any stories that we can share with Shelley? And he goes, yeah, man, she's a huge Cowboys fan. Now, I just read our notes and I'm like, she's a Saints fan. I'm like, well, wait a second. Is he setting you up?

He's causing mass chaos, like in the show. And you may know where you like. I know in Nick, because Nick has been rich. You know how I feel about the Cowboys. But I told you I got to a certain point where I had to stop. And it was like he loved to read my Facebook post where I would just lose my mind. I'm not like that anymore.

But he was a very big proponent of it. So I can see why he probably did that, which is to set you up. Set me up with her so I could say, hey, you're a cowboy fan. And she would have responded. How would you have responded? I would respond. I'm a huge Saints fan, right?

Otherwise, my family would disown me. OK, and are you that's where you're from? Yeah, from New Orleans. OK, so I get this all the time because I'm from New York City. And they say, you know, you don't sound like you're from New York.

You don't sound like you're from I will on Saturday when I go home. Like it's a problem. It just comes straight out. It is real thick. It is.

And it's not like country. It's it's pretty Cajun. Mm hmm. Yeah. OK. My like, I feel like my brother, you'd laugh at this, but like I need a translator sometimes. Like I when I'm bringing other people who are not from Louisiana, it's really hard to understand the accent. But it's really special. Can you slip right back into it or what? What can you do for me?

I mean, usually when I say like when I'm drunk. Oh, I get it. Where are you going? Where you at? Where you at? OK. Where your mom and them?

Your mom and them. There you go. Yeah, that's good. Those are those are just a few. It's New Orleans, too, right?

And we just drag out our words a lot more like a slang, too. OK, it's yeah. I mean, the Saints are in town tomorrow night. I know.

I'm not able to make it. Well, you know, I'm traumatized. The last time I saw a Saints game in Los Angeles, it was with the Rams and it was when Breeze hurt his finger and was hit it right on Aaron Donald's helmet. Yes, I remember that.

And it really messed with the grand scheme of things. And then the no call in 2019, I was at the Superdome. You were I was there for the NFC championship game. Going to go to the Super Bowl, right? You were going to go to the you were it was.

Let's just put it this way. High probability that you're going to in Atlanta, of all places. I know, which is our you know, that's it. That's our rivalry for you to go and win the championship in that building and for Falcons fans. That's they would consider it be fouling the new stadium to. Yes.

To say this is their house. Yes. Having that opportunity. Amazing. Right. I'm at that game and we're thinking like this is happening.

Yes. And what's important to remember is we won shortly after Hurricane Katrina. And actually, when we won, my mom and stepdad were at the Super Bowl and my mom called me and she was like, honey, this is more exciting than when you won Miss Teen USA. I was like, I was dying. How did you take that? I loved it.

I mean, I you know, I'm the only girl and I have two brothers. So like, I get a lot of, you know, attention. I was like, it was it was lovely. But it was really like winning that Super Bowl when we did was it meant more maybe than, you know, one would expect. I was in the house for both of those nights for the Super Bowl win in South Florida in 2009, calendar year 2010. And then back when the Superdome reopened after Katrina, I will never forget that night. It was one of the most special nights I've ever been a part of for my job with the NFL. And when Michael Vick fumbled the ball out of bounds in the first opening drive and everybody was screaming and yelling.

It was the loudest I've heard a building. And then and then it rumbled and then it fumbled out of bounds. And then everyone. Oh, and they thought that that meant, you know, Atlanta was going to maybe score or get it first down or whatever. And then they've wound up punting.

And then it was blocked for the touchdown, which now has the Steve Gleason statue. I'm getting goosebumps just even talking about it right now. Just being in the building that night.

There's nothing like it. Yeah, there it is. There it is at night. So and then that led to a couple of years later, the Super Bowl.

Yeah. And so, OK, so you were, however, in the Superdome, the night of the the no call. And I mean, it was loud. It's the loudest stadium and we're very, very celebratory city. And everyone was super excited.

And then this silence that hit was and everyone was in shock. So is that why you're not going tomorrow night? Because you feel you have a motion. Yeah, I look, it's rough being in L.A. And like, I've got a lot of people that know the Rams and the I've got a lot of people that know the Rams and oh, but like, I can't wear the gear. But is my stepdad like it's really upset, but like I'm in L.A., but I'm going to remain a Saints fan. OK, I mean, that makes sense.

I mean, these guys have season tickets that they sell off to people like yourself for the opposing team because he needs money. Well, I mean, I don't know. By the way, I will be straight up with you. The nobody drops names in this studio like that guy over there. I do. You are the best one. What's your best name drop? Oh, Liza Minnelli.

Oh, that was the last thing I expected to come out of your mouth. That is wild jobs. I was I was basically a cast driver for when you first moved out because I became a teamster because my uncle had connections. And I drove Liza for a film for a month. Where did you drop her off at one night? Scott Baio's house. Stop. How about this?

Is this like the greatest mad lib ever? You're like, what's your biggest name drop? Proper name, Liza Minnelli. Where did you drop her off one night?

Scott Baio's house. And did you pick her up from there the next morning? Yes, I did. There you go.

Amazing. How's that for a story? Good for them. She was just like doing arts and crafts and watching what was ever before Netflix. No, that's right. Yes, they were chilling and they were chilling. And it was I think it was the arts and crafts of shame. That's what you were trying to. Was it Netflix?

I was still watching VHS tapes at that point. Yes. Speaking of which, congratulations on the success of Obliterated.

Thank you. It looks like that's what I'm just saying. Like you're having fun shooting. I imagine, right? It was it was a lot in the best way. You know, as actors, we don't always get fully challenged.

We're not always needed for everything. And this show needed every single one of us to bring so many different talents. I mean, then they found out I used to dance. So then they added a dance sequence in one episode and we had to learn, you know, tactical training. I'd never shot a gun before.

I know I'm from Louisiana, but I had never touched a gun. And so there was that. We took that very seriously. But it's really funny. It's kind of like it takes it back to the early 2000s, like summer blockbuster comedy hits where it's not super precious. It's super fun.

You literally laugh out loud, like, I mean, don't watch it with your young kids. But it's really I feel like something we can benefit from right now. And the show actually has a lot of heart. And it's there's a real threat in the show. A nuclear bomb is going to blow up Vegas. And we have to locate and deactivate the bomb. I play a CIA intelligence officer. She's in charge of the special forces team. She's calling all the shots. I got to be super bossy, which was really fun. And we find the nuke.

My co-star, Nick Zano, plays McKnight. He decides, let's get messed up and celebrate. I'm hesitant. We wind up celebrating in Vegas, using the government's money. Then I get a call and it was a fake nuke. The real nuke is still out there and we are now obliterated.

And we have to go and find the nuke and deactivate while we're obliterated. And everyone's on a different concoction of things. Yeah.

And my character, even though she's like the bossy straight least girl, she she gets pretty obliterated in the first episode. And it was funny, I had a meeting with Netflix and they were like, we've never seen someone play drunk so well in our lives. Oh, and I immediately thought of New Orleans like, again, very celebratory city, like alcohol is a part of everything.

We're always celebrating something, even funerals. And so when they found that when they were watching that coverage, they were like, we want to make Shelley's character drunk more in the series. So I actually got to have fun as more fun than I originally thought.

I was signing up. Well, that's fantastic. It's incredibly bingeable. How how many you watched it? Two and a half days when my family was out of town.

So I was home alone and I had time to burn through it all. Now that's a Christmas movie. Yes.

Yes. There's a camel involved. Rich, there's a camel. There's a lot of there's something crazy.

And everything happens. Gremlin is involved. There's a gremlin. Thank you.

Available on Roku because Netflix is on Roku, just like we are right now. Everybody check out Obliterated. And Shelly Hennig here on The Rich Eisen Show. Follow you at Shelly Hennig on both Twitter and Instagram.

You want to drop one more name before before she goes? No, you know somebody on Obliterated, right, Mike? Oh, Tony, Tony, Tony, a stuntman, a Russian arms dealer, Russian arms. OK, you know that they killed it.

Nick actually has a phenomenal fight with him that he. Yes. Literally beats the OK. Yes. So he's legit. Yeah. No, you're all legit. You're all number ones.

Have you ever met anybody who knows Tony, the stuntman and Liza Minnelli? No, he's like a unicorn. Right. You are so versatile. You are a unicorn, Mike.

But we already knew that. Shelly, thanks for coming on. Thanks for having me back. That's Shelly Hennig right here on The Rich Eisen Show. We'll wrap up this program in a second.

More by searching the Stacking Benjamins podcast wherever you listen. You played in the World Series of Poker with Matt Damon to prep for the role of worm and rounders. I we played in the World Series, Matt and I not to prep. We after the shoot, the we were done with the film. No kidding.

It was part of the run up promoting the film. We both played along well. And the coaching we'd gotten from Johnny Chan and Phil Hellmuth and a lot of these other guys stood us in good stead. And I got some good cards and won a few hands and everything. We both had very like dramatic exits. I I actually played a Johnny Chan tip. I played pocket nines when I was on the button and ended up with kind of I bet it as though it was an ace king or something like that. I got a middle flop. I got a nine and a 10 and then I got a second 10. So I had I had a pretty much unreadable full house.

Yes. And I got beat by four tens. Get out of here by a guy named Surinder Singh. He quadded tens against tens against an unreadable full house. And when I called and I had more chips than him. When I flipped the boat, the whole table exploded.

They were like, he's going to take Surinder Singh out of the tournament. And he flipped quad tens. Unbelievable.

Yep. It was it was incredible. I was going to say, do you remember the hand? I remember everything.

How could you not remember the details of it, too? But but he said to me later, he goes, he goes on 99 out of 100 times. He goes, you know, he could say I had no idea that you had that hand. I was blown away.

That makes it worse, though, worse. I still as we're talking about it, we're talking about it. And I'm having the Saving Private Ryan moment where everything goes silent again. And, you know, I was trying to play it off, but I just even a gut shot when they talk about being gut shot. I was gut shot.

That is the definition. Check out our YouTube page. Everybody back here on the show is delightful. What a fun show. We were all over the place today, huh? Shelly Hennig and Deion Sanders this hour alone.

Love it. So I turn to my phone and taking a look at all the updates from NFL Network, from from the news department, the assignment desk and what have you. C.J. Stroud, not practicing for the Texans today. Yeah.

Yeah. Will Levis not practicing today. The first team refs go to Ryan Tannehill, who would start Sunday, according to. Mike Vrabel, if they can, if Levis cannot go, Brian Robinson, no practice for him in these. That's a big fantasy play right there, if he can. Antonio Pierce, interesting choice of words here, because he coaches in Las Vegas, said if he was a betting man, he thinks Josh Jacobs would be back Monday against the Chiefs. OK.

So keep that in mind. And the Saints said Chris Olavie is going tomorrow night. He's up.

He's back. This is big, right? These are all big pieces of news.

Yeah. In terms of who makes the playoffs and who doesn't. I have playoff clinching scenarios.

Hey, hey. What are we going to do first? The AFC, we're going to do the AFC for the Ravens. The Ravens, if they win on, well, let's put it this way. If Cleveland loses in Houston, then they know a win at San Francisco clinches the division. Cleveland's the only one that can get them. It looks like from this playoff scenario.

Let's go with the Chiefs next, if you don't mind. The Chiefs have a playoff scenario where they beat Vegas, they they win the West. It's all over and they have a home playoff spot. So my home plays at least one game in the playoffs, not on the road. That won't be his first of the wildcard weekend won't be his first road game. Right out of Miami, dolphins will know whether they have a chance to clench the east. They'll know they'll have a chance to clench the east. If Buffalo somehow trips up against Eastern Stick and Coach Jiff.

I think it's Coach Jiff. Yeah, yeah. But straight up win against Dallas. They clinched a playoff berth and they could tie with a bunch of other results. You know, also as a playoff clinching scenario in the AFC Patriots, your Cleveland Browns, your Cleveland Browns. But oh, my gosh, wow, I can read all that. They win at Houston and basically all hell's got to break loose. Oh, my God.

Obliterated has to come. That's right. Look at all that radio audience. I'm not even going to I'm not even going to tell you.

My marriage settlement agreement was less. There you go. Look at that.

Well, well, well, well said. Joe Flacco today. But who he was like a science. Maybe he was asked if he could win comeback player of the year. He should. He was asked that question today. With all due respect. Ready for his answer? I haven't heard it yet.

Here it is. Who knows what constitutes as a comeback? I've only played three games. I mean, it's kind of crazy. Yeah, right. Exactly.

Come back from, you know, not going to training camp and busting kids around. I mean, who knows, you know? By the way, that's tough to come back from. Yeah. Yeah.

You know, it's taking kids places. That's a lot to come back from. And by the way, Geno Smith came back from from from the bench. So it's already been a president said it doesn't have to be an injury. Anything's possible.

And his his hair is as elite as his game. He said he wants to play next year. Why not?

Why would you? The playoff clinching scenario in the NFC. There's two of them that we got here, right? Since the Cowboys clinched one. The Lions can clinch the NFC North if they beat the Vikings. That's it. That's it.

That's easy. They got a home playoff game. The Lions clinched a division first time in a gajillion years.

That's a lot easier to understand than the Browns. And if the Rams or Seahawks lose, they clinch a playoff birth straight up without the results. And the forty niners have a scenario to clinch it all. The whole one see the whole enchilada is if the Eagles, Cowboys and Lions all lose prior to them taking the field against the Ravens as the final game of this week. They could take the field knowing a whenever the Ravens wraps up the one seed with two games to go. That could happen. Hey, I need McCaffrey and Kittle to play full games against the Washington commanders next week for my fantasy. If I make the finals rich, we need we need some wins out of the other teams.

OK, they got to they got to play for something week 17. Also, for me, for you, for me, forget about the last five kids. So when he says driving kids around, he's not a player. He's not kidding.

And by the way, you know who deserves an award? This is Mrs. Flacco, who's like, I'll take care of all five. You go, you go play football again, Joe Boys. And so you got to imagine there's four kids. They have four boys and a girl. I got to imagine there's a lot of youth sports and drive.

Oh, my God. Well, for all five of them, she's. Taylor played more sports than than than most in our household. Come back part of their comeback. Damn straight Joe Flacco. Keeping it keeping it all on the straight and narrow here. So you said we featured two comeback players of the year on this show.

Yeah, Dion and Flacco. Yeah, yeah. It's just one hour.

Just this last hour. This is why this is why we get nominated for things. You know, I agree. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules.

Now get to know her on Give Them Lala. I don't know that I would call it respect that I have for Sandoval, but the world hated him. He still went out, performed shows with his head held high. He showed up to the reunion when we all were going after him like he didn't skip a beat the way he's handling it. If I were in his position and I said it straight up to the entire audience, thousands of people, I would tell you all to **** and the room was dead. Watch what Lala is talking about on YouTube or search for Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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