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What to make of Jalen Hurts calling out his Eagles teammates?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 19, 2023 3:10 pm

What to make of Jalen Hurts calling out his Eagles teammates?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 19, 2023 3:10 pm

12/19/23 Hour 3

The MMQB’s Albert Breer and Rich discuss Jalen Hurts calling out his Eagles teammates after Philadelphia’s MNF loss to the Seahawks and if Matt Patricia can fix Philly’s defense as the new play caller, Aaron Rodgers announcing he won’t be making a comeback this season after all, which NFL coaches could be looking for new jobs after this season, and why Arthur Smith’s job could be safe despite a disappointing season from the Atlanta Falcons.

In ‘Overreaction Tuesday’ Rich weighs in on Falcons Head Coach Arthur Smith’s hot seat, the New York Giants’ QB situation, Browns HC Kevin Stefanski as Coach of the Year, Baker Mayfield’s Buccaneers future, the Eagles struggling defense, and Josh Allen and the surging Buffalo Bills.

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Learn more at slash credit card. Limitations apply. Brian Gumbel, Super Bowl champion and NFL On Prime video analyst, Andrew Whitworth. Coming up, senior writer for the MMQP, Albert Breer. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Our number three of the Rich Eisen show is on the air. If you missed the first two hours, you missed Brian Gumbel zooming in in advance of the series finale of Real Sports on HBO tonight at 10 Eastern Time. I mean, they bridged the HBO to Max era. That's how long they've been on.

And it is the longest running HBO series. Do you think our pleas to Bryant, do you think they hit home with them at all? Well, I think, you know, what what happened with Bryant was human, heartfelt. We said, don't go. We didn't quite reach, as we mentioned, Van Gundy hanging on to Alonzo Mourning type depths. We told him, don't go.

We can't have you go, you know. But right after that, when he said he couldn't see himself doing it for three more years, you're kind of like, OK. But we also subjected him to our conversation in this segment before he joined us. He overheard Chris Brockman asking the most pertinent question that was asked of this show today when Jerry Jones, we played the sound bite of him saying that he was in bed watching the Monday night game about the doze off and then, you know, was so excited by the result. It was marvelous. Marvelous is what he called it.

You were wondering what the what his sleeping attire is. Yeah, absolutely. And we had a back and forth about it. And Bryant overheard that.

He was giggling. I'm very proud of us. Yeah. And you. Thank you.

You're welcome. Andrew Whitworth was in studio all of our number two. If you missed any of it, we re-air on the Roku Channel, Channel 210. As soon as we are done, Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask take over the podcast set and interview Kevin Harlan, who called last night's huge comeback win for the Seattle Seahawks. And the Philadelphia Eagles are now in a three game losing streak.

And that's no question. The first item up for bids and talking to our friend from Sports Illustrated, Albert Breer, back here on the program. How are you doing, Albert? Good to see you, sir. Hey, Rich.

I just on a personal note, I'm going to miss real sports, too. That was dude. Right. I mean, I think it was when I was a kid. I mean, it's like it's the same power that shows unbelievable news. It's sad for journalism. You know what I mean? Like that's the type of show that I really feel like is dying that we need. You know, it's I think with Florio that said it earlier today, it's 60 Minutes for sports, you know?

So, yeah, it sucks that it's going away. And big shout out to Bryant and the crew for all the work they did over the years. No doubt about it. No doubt about it.

So my first question for you is, please interpret for me the word committed. And the reference Jalen Hurts was making with that word, what it appeared towards his teammates. Yeah, I think it's you know, it's always interesting when a player does this sort of thing.

And, you know, normally you won't see it as, you know, a guy punching them between the eyes that way. But, you know, Jalen Hurts is I mean, seen as like a generational type of leader, you know, just the leadership qualities he has. He's A plus. And so he's got a good pulse for where that team is.

And I don't think culture has ever been the issue there. You know, like they've got such a great leadership group. It's not just Jalen. I mean, they've got the four guys, you know, they're sort of core four, the two defensive linemen and Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox and two offensive linemen and Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce that have been such important pieces for them. So I don't think that's ever going to be like a bad culture, at least while those guys are there.

The way I interpret it was more the details. And we need to be on it. And we need to, you know, basically be handling this as if every week is the Super Bowl. And it's interesting because I talked to Naxiriani about this a couple of weeks ago, where they feel like every team, because of who they are now, is treating the Eagles as their big game, you know. And there's an adjustment that a young team has to make when that becomes the case, you know. And, you know, the Bills have dealt with it for a while. The Chiefs have obviously dealt with it for a while.

And the Eagles are there now where they're everyone's big game and that can take a toll on you. And if you are slipping on details a little bit, those things start to show up. So I don't think that there's like a huge accountability issue in that locker room.

It's a really good locker room. But my sense would be that what Jalen's getting at is a little bit more about they have to be on all the details this time of year. Well, again, the word committed means that somebody could be on the details they choose not to be is really what the inference is right there.

And you're saying that that is not an appropriate read? I mean, I know. I think it's certainly there's certainly there's certainly that piece of it where it's like there could be individuals that he is calling out there and those people know who they are, you know.

And so, you know, again, like the leadership they've had there is so strong that I don't think it's like a systemic issue is what I'm saying. Being on the details means everybody, you know. And so if there are three or four or five guys that are important players in the team that aren't, you know, I think that this is Jalen's way of saying get on it now, because if you don't, the season is going to be over a lot sooner than we hope. What's your reporting on the coordinator change or at least the play calling change on the defensive side of the ball to go to Matt Patricia, Albert?

Yeah. So my reporting on that, you know, it's it goes back, I think, to January and that their plan, if they were to lose Jonathan Gannon, was to try and make Vic Fangio their next defensive coordinator. He was a consultant there. And because of the timing of Gannon being picked by Arizona as their next coach, it didn't really work out. You know, Fangio had already committed to Miami. You know, Gannon was planning on taking Nick Ross, who's really well thought of in the organization, but maybe wasn't seen as quite ready to run the defense with him to Arizona. And so they sort of middled it where they they went and got, you know, a guy who was once Vic Fangio's right hand man and Sean Desai. And Sean's incredibly intelligent. But this is a new system.

This is a new voice. And, you know, you had, you know, like a few off seasons now of building for Jonathan Gannon's system. And I just got the sense something was lost in translation there. And, you know, really where the where the problem showed up most for them was on third down. And I know that like people there felt like they need a little jolt on third down and they were a little too static on third down. And if there's one thing Matt Patricia can bring to the mix, it's, you know, being complex and difficult to deal with in long yardage situations. That's one thing he was really good at in his years in New England as a defensive coach.

So that's what they're trying to do there. You know, what does it mean after the season? It's a great question, you know, because, you know, it would obviously be almost impossible to go back to Sean Desai now. And chances are he's somewhere else next year. Do you go with Patricia full time after this or do you jump back in and start a new defensive coordinator search?

I think all of that would be on the table now. And again, you know, you look at like how they flip their defense versus their offense. And offense, they promoted their quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson. You know, Kevin Petullo, who was their passing coordinator last year, has an elevated role. And they've been just fine on that side of the ball for the most part. On defense, there's been more problems.

And I think a big part of it was, you know, the timing of everything in January and then maybe shaking up things a little more than they need to be shaken up. You know, when you went to replace Jonathan Gannon. Albert Breer here on the Rich Eisen Show. While I was talking to Andrew Whitworth here in studio, Aaron Rodgers made his usual Tuesday appearance on Pat McAfee show and said it was not realistic for him to be 100 percent healthy to be medically cleared.

What do you why why are you smiling at that one? Well, if you want to be a skeptic, you know, the skeptic is going to say that he was never that he was never he was never really going to come back. But I think he was making a real effort to come back. That's why I'm laughing, because it's like a lot of like there's that skepticism, you know what I mean? Like it exists out there over whether this was ever real and was this being done to kind of build drama and everything else? Well, I just want to hold on a second.

Was it ever real? Because we need to be sure here. And I want to make sure that you're completely honest. I mean, straight up about what we were referring to here. You're saying skeptical about him ever being able to come back. Not that because, you know, there's the crazy stuff out there that he never really tore his Achilles fully.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. OK, I just want to make sure we're all clear here. Just to be clear, Aaron, you we we all believe that you tore your Achilles. We do believe that. Well, there's a lot of tinfoil. There's some tinfoil and there's some hats out there, even though I mean, I saw his calf twitch on national television. And if it didn't fully tear, then what the hell happened all season long?

But that that is clearly not the case. So, yeah, he said that it's he's not medically cleared to play or he doesn't believe he will be, which means the window for him to play this year will officially close on Wednesday. He did also give a full throated endorsement for Robert Salas coaching Acumen and Joe Douglass's grocery shopping and and and the roster that's there. And he said he always wanted to play two years. We always envisioned playing two years for the Jets. And this one was a loss season. So two more years might still be on the menu. What do you what do you make of all that in terms of the way the Jets are are moving forward with their coaching staff? Yeah, well, the way that I've I've said, like a lot of people have asked me, like, are the Jets coaches, is their staff safe? Right.

Like and I my answer has always been as long as Aaron's coming back, they are. And I think the reason why is because, A, this is a situation he picked. B, he and everybody else felt really good about it on September 12th. You know, going into that game or September, September 11th was a date, I think, right? Yes, September 11th.

Yes, September 11th. So everybody felt really good about where they were going into the game and going into the season. And I mean, if you really look at it like the roster is pretty good, you know, and I think we've seen evidence of that. Now, the offensive line is going to need some help in the offseason, but they should have the tools to do that. And obviously, like the backup quarterback was an issue this year. But how many teams are able to survive having a backup quarterback? Well, don't answer that question, because I mean, the team that they're seeing next week is Cleveland. They're seeing Cleveland next week and I'm pounding the table for Kevin Stefanski being coach of the year. But do go on, Albert. Do go on.

No, but no, no. But I think like, you know, that sort of catastrophic injury is going to sink a lot of teams is the bottom line. And so, you know, I think the feeling is like Joe built a pretty good roster there. Sal has done a good job keeping the team on board and keeping the team playing hard. And Sal is a defensive guy. His defense has been pretty good over the course of the year.

They built a good defense there. So it's not like he or Jeff Albrecht, the defensive coordinator, would be in trouble. And then you could maybe say, well, all right, like, what about the offensive coordinator? But that's Roger's guy, you know, so Nathaniel Hackett's probably going to make it because he's Aaron Rogers guy. And so, you know, I don't think that there are going to be any coaching staff changes. I don't think there's going to be a front office change because I think that this is sort of what Aaron Rogers signed up for. And this is what Jets ownership is going to give him. And, you know, if he wants to come back and play in twenty five and this doesn't look good in twenty four, maybe we're talking about something else.

But, you know, I do think like a lot of people, yourself included, feel like something was taken away from them on September 11th and they want a chance to see what it looks like full on. And, you know, presuming, presuming everybody, you know, that the rest of the rehab goes well and everything else, they'll get that chance in twenty twenty four. Well, at least, you know, Joe Douglas stood firm on not coughing up the first round pick, otherwise they'd be like the Panthers. No first round pick for a quarterback that, you know, wasn't even there.

I don't know. Bryce Young is clearly there. I'm just saying a lost season with their quarterback. That is so important. It's a great point.

Rich, you know why? Because this is a like like this is a good tackle draft. OK, so if they're say the Jets wind up with the sixth or seventh or eighth pick.

Right. Rather than having a second rounder, that could be Joel from Notre Dame. That could be Olu Feshanu from Penn State.

Like that could be a Maris, a Maris Mims from from from from Georgia. Like this is seen as a really good tackle draft. Like those first two names, Alt and Feshanu are considered like franchise level left tackles. So if like the fallout of the Rogers injury is that you get his left tackle for next year.

I mean, obviously, you'd rather have had Rogers this year, but I mean, it's not a bad consolation prize for having done the deal the way that you did. Albert Breer here on the Rich Eisen Show from Sports Illustrated. Let's dive into the final three weeks of this season. Identify for me, if you don't mind, coaches that you believe are coaching for their jobs right now.

Albert? Well, I would say Ron Rivera, but I think that one's over. OK. You know, so I think that, you know, it would have taken a then this isn't Ron's fault, but like a new owner is always going to want his own guys in there. Right.

Like so well, like I think that that one's over. We have Washington. So we have Washington, Carolina Chargers and Panthers as the ones that are open right now. You got the Raiders too. You get the Raiders Raiders. Yeah. Did I say it's in Carolina and Panthers? That's all good. Keep going.

Also, the first time for me making that sort of brother. So if I'm like kind of like going through it in my head, the coaches that would be coaching for their jobs over the next few weeks, I do this by division in my head. You know, I think a mutual parting is possible in Pittsburgh. Not likely, but I think it's possible in Pittsburgh that everybody says this is a time to make a change. You know, maybe they try to get something from Mike.

But I certainly think that that would be one that if you're looking for your like curveball surprise, that could be it. Wow. Does Pete Carroll retire in Seattle? I don't think so, but I've heard a lot over the last few weeks in these circles, like the people who work in these circles and the coaching carousel circles that, you know, would Dan Quinn be the successor in Seattle if Pete Carroll were to hang it up after this year? New England.

And again, this sounds weird. Pittsburgh, New England, Seattle, that those would be changes. But New England, obviously, I think I think that one is it is hurtling towards some sort of mutual parting. I'm just trying to think of who would be up in the air. You know what the other ones would be? I think you have to look at the NFC South teams.

And I think Arthur Smith makes it. But Tampa, New Orleans, whoever doesn't win that division. And it sounds funny saying that, too, because, you know, if you're close to winning the division, maybe you shouldn't be in jeopardy. But I think Tampa, New Orleans are two where you could see changes if those teams don't win the division. So Todd Bowles, if the Bucks don't win the division, Dennis Allen, if the Saints don't win the division. So, you know, I think as you start to go through it and you talk about potential mutual partings, potential retirements, you can get yourself up into that eight to 1010 range pretty quickly as far as how many openings are going to be out there. How about Antonio Pierce? Is he coaching for his job? What do you think? Yeah, I think that this is it sounds like this is going to be they're going to cast a pretty wide net, you know, in Vegas. And that Mark Davis doesn't want to lock himself into anything right now.

Sure. But but I would say one thing that gives Antonio Pierce a chance, right or wrong. I think Mark Davis had some regret over not at least giving Rich Pisacchia another year. If you remember that year, everything they'd went through. Oh, God.

Really, really difficult, right? Like and it wasn't just the John Gruden emails. It was Henry Ruggs. It was the Henry Ruggs.

It was Damon Arnett. It was all the stuff that was happening off the field there. And he was able to kind of unite the team and bring them together and get them in the playoffs. And, you know, look, they went to the mat with the Bengals. The Bengals wound up in the Super Bowl.

They were, you know, whatever, two, three minutes away from beating the Bengals in Cincinnati. So like I think there was some regret on Davis's part over not at least like, hey, like maybe we can like run it back at least one more time with the group that we have. And so I think that would cause him, you know, at least to consider Antonio Pierce as his next head coach.

Not saying that it's going to happen, but if they look good over the next three weeks, I would say that that could be on the table. So you just blew right past Arthur Smith. What gives you that indication there? By the way, I love the guy. But when you when you when you score as many points as there are fans in the stands for your opposition, you know, and lose to a one win team, that can that can make an owner of a team quite ornery.

So what do you got for me on that one? I think Arthur, first of all, I think Arthur is like a really, really bright coach. And I think he's going to find success as a head coach somewhere in the NFL, whether it's Atlanta or somewhere else. And I think Arthur Blank knows that it. The problem is how they screwed up the quarterback situation.

Like, let's call it what it is. Like, I think that that's a pretty good team outside of the quarterback. And I'd even go so far, Rich, as to tell you conceptually, I agree with what they've done at quarterback, which their approach internally between him, Terry Fontenot, everybody who's been there the last three years, their approach has been we are better off treading water at quarterback than going all in on what we don't truly believe in, whether it's the Deshaun Watson thing, which they tried to go in on that one, but didn't want to give him a fully guaranteed deal.

Lamar Jackson, they were scared off a bit by the injury stuff and felt like if they played the way that they felt, they'd have to play with Lamar, that the injury stuff would catch up with him. Like, their philosophy here has been build up the team and be patient in waiting to find the right quarterback to go all in on. And then when you find that guy, like Andy Reid and John Dorsey did in 2017, then you go all in. But if you go all in on a quarterback you're lukewarm on, you wind up being the 45 win NBA team, right?

The good, not great team that can't get over the hump. So conceptually, I agree with that. The problem is if you're that picky over three years and you don't have one, you end up looking like they've looked this year, which is like they can't get out of their own way at that position even if they are talented everywhere else, as important as that position is. And so I do think, like Arthur Blank is of a mind, to give Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot another year, but there will be tremendous pressure on them to get a quarterback this offseason. And the whole idea, Rich, is to not pigeonhole yourself into a single offseason to find a quarterback.

Like the logic goes, like that's how E.J. Manuel winds up going 16th overall. That's how Christian Ponder goes 12th overall. Like if you like manufacture, like here's our franchise quarterback, but there's not really there one for you, you wind up making a mistake. But that's where they're going to be this offseason, right?

Like they have to find one. You were one mention away from Jake Locker there. And so what about what about the idea that if the Bears go and use the first overall pick on a kid that Justin Fields, that this would be a perfect spot for them, right?

Yeah, he's from Atlanta. But that would be the perfect fix to everything you just said, Albert, what do you think? I think it makes some sense. And I think he would be a good schematic fit for for Arthur Smith. So I would just say based on how Justin's played, you go all in on him.

You know what I mean? Like I could see the trade and that makes some sense. Are you willing to tie your job security to Justin Fields or and I think that this would be a decent idea.

Do you say, OK, we're going to trade for Justin Fields and we're going to draft one in the first round and that'll give us a good shot, at least one or the other of with one or the other of making it work? I don't know what you have to call when you have to cough one up for four fields. I mean, when you think one, I don't know if you'd have a couple one up. OK, I don't know.

I'd be surprised if you had to cough a one up. I, I don't know. I don't know. Will be that the other problem they have to in the first round now is and this is an issue is are they too good? You know what I mean? Like, are they not going to be in striking distance of trading up? Like, I assume whoever gets the first pick is taking Caleb Williams and whoever gets the second pick is taking Drake May.

That's the way it looks right now, at least. If you're them, can you get into range to get a Jayden Daniels or J.J. McCarthy or whoever's going in that range? Like, can you can you can you get in that striking?

Are you in striking distance to get up high enough to get when you really like? I think that's a fair question. Again, I haven't dug in enough to know how much the guys beyond Williams and May how or how high they're going to go. But I think it's a fair question.

And they're going to be it's going to be challenging for them to to find one this offseason, because it's not like you can snap your fingers and make an Aaron Rodgers available. That doesn't work that way. Albert, you're the man. Thanks again. Always appreciate us chatting it up.

You know, absolutely. Thanks. Right. Happy holidays to everybody else.

Same to you as well. Right there. It's Albert Breer, everybody right here in the Rich Hyzen show.

Yeah. Albert's own colleague at Sports Illustrated has Jayden Daniels going sixth in a mock draft yesterday to the Giants. To the Giants? What are you going to do with Daniel Jones? What are you going to do with Daniel Jones? More importantly, what are you going to do with Tommy Cutlets? Yeah. Oh, Tommy Cutlets is just back in autographs today.

They gone. Excuse me, not Tommy. Daniel Jones. I don't know what his contract. Are you just going to cut him? They paid him, guys. They hurt.

He's coming back from an ACL injury. All right. I mean, let's see. Let's table that for the moment.

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That's how we're going to break over Reaction Monday on a Tuesday when we come back. Stacking Benjamins with Joe and his good friend OG not only has great financial insight, it's laid back with humor too. Joe talks with Stacking Deeds cohost Crystal Hammond. I've always been a fan of nosy neighbors. I want nosy neighbors. They can tell you what's going on 10 times faster than you would know. Again, what's she talking about Doug?

Really? We're repairing neighborhoods, but then we're into nosy neighbors and I built a career off of that. Find out more by searching the Stacking Benjamins podcast, wherever you listen. Get an inside look at Hollywood with Michael Rosenbaum.

Let's get inside of my father, John Glover. We watch Talk Phil and most of these episodes I never saw. I didn't watch the show. You never once saw yourself on Smallville.

In the beginning, I used to look at myself all the time and love to, and then as I get older, I stopped. Why is that? I don't know. Maybe because I'm older. I was going to talk to you about that because you're 79. Yeah. How old do you feel?

11. Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum, wherever you listen. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I'm at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. This show Steve Harvey to our Roku Channel audience, a clip from back in the day. Do you know? Browns fan.

Who is he is indeed. Do you know who is our first guest on Friday show? Two of them together in studio.

I do. First hour. Cedric the Entertainer and Anthony Anderson together.

Are you rich? I'm glad you're laughing because I'm starting to laugh already. They're going to be out of control. Together. Mike, are you going to be here?

I am actually flying back east on Friday. I'm very sad. It's too bad. Because Ced's my guy.

Is he? That's shit. Oh, no. Ced's my guy. Okay.

Good to know. Wayne in North Carolina, you're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Wayne? You there, Wayne?

Oh, no. Yes, sir. There he is. What's up, Wayne?

He's back. Hey, how you doing? How are you? What's on your mind?

Yes. I was at the Carolina game and I seen that picture of you. I was kind of calm as if there's a lot more people in there. I would say anywhere from five, maybe close to 10,000 there.

Oh, I thought you were going to stop at five to 10,000. I thought that was it. No, no. It was... Yeah. Where were they? Were they all peeing at once, Wayne? Because, I mean, I don't know. Were they buying a hot dog at once?

I don't know. I mean, I imagine every stadium looks like that at 11 o'clock on a rainy day. Okay. Before the game. But I come in right before kickoff, because I sit out there and get wet for the game I played. I understand. But it was a great game.

It really was. And I was expecting everybody to be talking about how Bryce proved he was the number one pick with a 90-yard drive to seal the game with seven minutes to go after the inception. Well, here's the thing, and Wayne, get ready for the narrative, okay? That Bryce Young has proven he's not worthy of the first overall pick.

But we have seen Troy Aikman in the Hall of Fame after winning one game in his first year of his career. We've seen it before. And then we'll just have to find out who's coming in. We'll just have to find out who's coming in, is all I'm saying. We got to keep him clean, and the receivers have got to get open. We need a little more speed on the outside. Absolutely. And we need to try again to stay healthy.

I'm sorry to the ones we got, they just ain't up to par. Well, I hope... We were talking about it yesterday, and I didn't mean to impugn your fandom, but you were being there. And I appreciate you giving us the skinny. Thank you for the call, Wayne.

Five to 10,000 people were there. It's kind of interesting here. If the Atlanta Falcons do wind up being a landing spot for Justin Fields, if the Bears decide this time around to do what they decided against last year, if they say the kid we see first overall is too good to pass up, and too good to pass up, not only because his talent, but it starts the clock again, and removes us from the decision of picking up Justin Fields' fifth year option, that we don't have to make this decision. Someone else can, and we start the clock again with somebody that we think is even more next level than Fields, even though he may not be as good a quarterback in 2024 as Fields clearly would be, as a three-year vet entering his fourth year, right? And if they go ahead and make that decision, allowing Justin Fields to be free for Atlanta to go get, and Atlanta would say, we'll pick up his fifth year option for sure, and he's got one year to basically prove it here.

It's expensive, but he's definitely better than Desmond Ritter, and he's definitely better option than anybody else that we'd be able to get maybe, what, 10th overall, or what have you, that they're able to hold on to that and improve their situation for Justin Fields and Vijon Robinson's second year, and they can make that move. And if that's something they really, really would like to have happen, then they might have screwed it up by losing to the Carolina Panthers and letting them win again. Think about that, because that brings the Cardinals and the Patriots back into play. You're back in, Chris. Your memo, you need to scotch-tape it together. Mike, we'll borrow yours. Yeah, I will give you, see, I'm good, I keep paper, here, we're back.

By the way, he keeps paper. Paperwork, I said. I said paperwork.

I was handing it to Brock when I stopped, so I said paperwork. There you go. You want me to bring that to the broadcast meeting with the Patriots? Not particularly. I don't want to bring it either. Isn't that the bill? Not particularly. The Sunday night game, the big game for the NFL Network fandom, it's our last game.

Many zappy returns. I don't know what the tiebreak is, so if the Pats and if they all finish with three wins. I think it goes to the team with the easiest strength of schedule. I see. Because you were terrible with the easiest path.

The toughest path, you are actually punished for it. So right now, the Panthers and the Pats have the same strength of schedule. You're close, pal. We're so close to number one. And the funny thing is, again, it's not so funny, that Atlanta, if Atlanta wants Justin Fields as a fix, they should have won that football game.

To keep Carolina in that spot, so the Bears are the ones who have that. You know there's no tank. There's no tanking.

No one tanks. So there you go. All right, here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Overreaction Monday on a Tuesday. Hit it.

Hit it. That was terrible. That was crap.

That was garbage. This place sucks. Overreaction Mondays. Monday.

On a Tuesday. There we go, everybody. Hey. What's up, guys? Everybody good? We're great.

We're just talking about it, Rich. The Falcons will have a new head coach and starting quarterback next season. I think that's an overreaction at this point in time. I don't know if Arthur Smith's going to get fired. We'll see what happens over the last three weeks of the season and see just how prickly that leaves Arthur blank.

See if he's itchy. I don't know, but I think you're going to get a new starting quarterback next season, unfortunately. I mean, we just had Albert Breer on the show saying what we just even opined about moments ago that if the Bears choose to take a kid first overall at the quarterback spot, making Justin Fields expendable, and you flip him to Atlanta, he's like, would you rather, if you're the head coach there, do you want to hook your career up to Justin Fields? My answer to that would be more than Desmond Ritter.

And what are you going to do? What free agent quarterbacks are going to be this year? I don't see one that's going to be game changing enough to say, OK, let's fill up the seats, everybody.

Get your season tickets right now. Justin Fields coming home to Atlanta might be that guy. Again, that's a lot of moving parts to basically say Arthur Smith is going to probably keep his job, I think. But a new starting quarterback, if you just kept it at that, I would agree. But that wouldn't be overreacting, would it, Chris? No, of course not. What else?

Of course not. Let's stick with the draft thought here. The Giants, they're going to trade up to take a quarterback.

What are the... I don't know how many times you keep knocking at this door. Well, I'm right. So I know that, TJ, how many times is he going to keep knocking at this door? And I respond to him, I would be stunned if the Giants don't return with Daniel Jones next year. When is he going to be back to play? I don't know. Is he going to run it back with DeVito or Tyrod Taylor?

I don't know. Is it possible that he could be ready for the football season? I think so. Really? I think so.

I mean, it was... So Kyler Murray came back week 13 when he got injured, you know, right around this time last year, right? So week 12. It's entirely possible he's back for the playing season.

November 8th, he was out. I don't think the Giants are trading up to take a quarterback at all, sir. I think that is an overreaction. They can get out. I mean, you could have Daniel Jones, hey, you know what?

Don't worry. He's probably... Just cut him. Cut him. And cut him after next year. Cut him after next year. $20 million debt. So they're going to use a draft choice. On a guy for the future.

Yeah, absolutely. They're going to use a draft choice, wouldn't you? If you're a Giants fan, nothing about Daniel Jones excites you as your franchise quarterback. Yeah, but you're not... The fans aren't in charge. The fans aren't the coach. The fans aren't the GM or the owner. That's couched up all the money. Coach, GM, owner, proven.

They don't know what they're doing by giving the guy $160 million in the first place. You keep knocking on the door. That is an overreaction, pal.

Where's my man in Portland? I owe me a steak, TJ. Yeah, you're very good on that, Todd. All right.

You mentioned it last hour, Rich. I think you're dead on. Kevin Stefanski should be coach of the year. I don't think that's an overreaction at all.

Normally you throw stuff that's a little bit more off the wall. This is straight up, man. Four different quarterbacks they've all won.

Count them. Nick Chubb gets his knee blown out in the first month of the season. Holy cow. And again, somebody had to say, hey, Jim Schwartz, let's get you here in Cleveland and figure this thing out. And they couldn't have just been throwing money at him. He had to believe in who the HC is. And this guy, he's awesome. He's great. He's dialing up plays. He's got Flacco looking like the Super Bowl MVP Flacco.

He's got 939 yards in three games. Dude. That's insane. Absolutely.

I would vote for him right now. And you say the odds on favorite is the guy I predicted going into the year in Dan Campbell. So this is how convicted I am of this belief is that I'm willing to look like I'm a savant and throw it away like it means nothing. And you know me being right is what's the most important thing here. It matters so much to you. That's how convicted I am of this is not an overreaction. Rich, I know other things that matter most to you and thank you, sir.

And those are your sons. That's why I'm here to say Baker Mayfield is the Bucks franchise quarterback. I think so. Maybe not. What are they going to move on from him? Or he might.

He was on a one year, right? He could go out and get himself another job somewhere else. Why?

Why? He's proved it. Now he's going to go to a better spot. He's going to upgrade a little better spot.

He's going to upgrade. They have Chris Godwin and Mike Evans. They should resign him and sign Evans, rip the knob off and move forward and figure out the rest of it. Come on. Come on. Baker Mayfield absolutely has found a home.

You don't ever want to be the guy after the guy. And he's proven he can be the guy after the guy that goes whoever was going to be the next quarterback after like Kyle Trask was basically everyone thought that would be the guy. They drafted him.

Let's go. Let's go to Baker because Baker needs a home. He was sitting there all alone on the couch with his dog saying, you know, please scratch my belly. And he winds up there. And the number of times it's just like he wanted to go to Indianapolis or the other spots and I don't blame him for wanting to get to those spots and he lands there. This is he's been a revelation. He's been awesome.

That is not an overreaction. He scored 40 points in the fantasy playoffs last week. Go for it, man. It's great. He's my boy. He's my quarterback.

All right, we hit on this at the beginning of the show, Rich. The Eagles defense. They're going to be the reason they don't win a playoff game this year.

So as opposed to what? That'll be the offense is the reason why they don't? Hurts being hurt. Probably being injured, right? They don't take the ball away enough.

They're not sacking the quarterback. Also, the guy on the screen is probably the reason I could have told you as soon as I heard that he was the new D.C., I told you Seattle's winning the game. Why? He stinks. What happened? What happened?

Well, he gave up 4000 yards of offense to Nick Foles in the Super Bowl. OK. That's what happened. Still not over that one. All right, also, that's that's not an overreaction, you know?

That's not an overreaction. A game, though? You're saying they won't win a game. They're not going to play a playoff game. Not one.

Nope. They're playing right now with all the mistakes that they're making. And I just said Baker Mayfield is the future quarterback of this league. And I was saying to you yesterday, if Dallas winds up in Tampa, you know, they're going to be taking on a Tampa team that was better than the one that they lost to last week. And your response was like, well, the Cowboys are better.

And I say it like that. No, no, no. The Cowboys are better. But I didn't say it like that. No, no.

The Cowboys are better. I didn't do. I didn't do it.

My kids. How my kids talk about me was just like, you heard how Cooper Cough told my dad told me to take care of Wilson. But I sound like that. I mean, you did. I mean, I didn't tell him. You did tell him to take care of Wilson.

I strongly suggest it. He could have had C.D. Lamb in his incredible season. Oh, it's my fault.

Garrett Wilson. All I said was, are the Cowboys that better? Didn't the Bucks and Saps shut down the vet? They did.

And then they opened up the link the same way. He's very proud of that fact. Well, they're going to end the Eagles 2023 season. What else, Chris? Last one, guys. The Bills. Oh, baby.

Circle of wagons. The Bills are the best team in the AFC. I mean, what? Ravens fans won't like to hear this. Chiefs fans won't like to hear this.

Who beat the Chiefs? Excuse me, sir. Look, I don't care. Let me explain to you, because we've got Josh Allen on the screen and you know how I feel about him. And he's the Mandalorian quarterback, right? I was saying like he's the one who's going to steal your soul. He's coming for your soul.

And that's the guy who was showing up for sure. If James Cook keeps doing what he is doing, which is basically playing like Christian friggin McCaffrey, where he is finding the crease and turning three yard gains into 30 yard gains, and he is coming out of the backfield and proving to be a matchup nightmare that you cannot cover, then it doesn't matter. You understand what I'm saying? It doesn't matter if Stephon Diggs is suddenly not going for eight for 105. That was the problem last year in the snow against Cincinnati, that Stephon Diggs didn't get the ball and Allen didn't get it to him. That is removed from the table if number four is doing what he's doing.

That's the fix. And defensively, they're getting steamrolled, these opponents in front of the Bills. So I don't think that's an overreaction right now.

I don't. Now the Ravens can prove me wrong and they can prove me wrong Monday night. And you know, I think the Ravens are terrific. Bills fans sent me a clip of the post 2022 draft where you said James Cook was the number one sleeper pick of the whole draft.

Yeah. Well again, he ruined my New Year's Eve. My beautiful daughter Taylor saw me that night. I even took a picture and put it on Instagram of me. She gave me New Year's beads saying, here you go, Daddy. You don't look happy. I remember. Happy New Year. Like I wasn't. James Cook's fault. Yeah.

So I covet what I saw is what I'm saying. Overreaction Monday, that'll wrap up for this segment. You could check it out on our podcast version of it.

I'll say we're getting a, we got a little hint that we're been nominated for a podcast award on that front. I don't want to say any more than that because apparently that's been embargoed for years at this point. Is it really? Yeah. It got out.

What is it? What do we got? The sports podcast awards were best American football show.

Oh, American football. Okay. Very good.

Well, you know why? Those are two red blooded Americans up on the screen. Congratulations. Now, while we got them, that's right. We're the Frank Pantangeli of sports podcasts for football. Congrats guys. Thank you. Thank you. Listen. All right.

That's an overreaction. Uh, when we come back, we will set up a, what the football for you as well. Eight four four two Oh four rich number to Donald.

If you want to sneak in a call. All right. We're back here on the rich eyes and show. All right. We're all, we're all one big happy family, including Susie Schuster and Amy Trask. Get ready to do what the football.

Good to see you ladies. We're having a totally inappropriate conversation. And I had to say, you know, Susie, these mics might be live. Okay. They were. And all right.

No, they were a lot. All right. What?

No, they're not. Is this thing on? Okay. What I miss. Hi Chris. How are ya? I'm great. Hey, how are you?

Hey, how are ya? Where's your belly zappy sweatshirt? Did you get it? Did you get it from fanatics?

Did you get yours? No, he stinks. Actually you should get half a Jersey.

Cause the first half he's dynamite. That's true. Good. That was very well done. That was very well done. Like a half shirt.

Like a Zeke. Exactly. We're having our own conversation. They're having their own. I know.

So your guest is Kevin Harling. I am so excited about this. I know. He's awesome. I know you're excited about it. We have his call from the Jackson Smith and Jigba call on Westwood One last night.

We cut it so you can use it for your podcast. Thank you. Thank you very much. Here you go. Seattle down by four. Third down and ten. Thirty three seconds left. Shotgun snap.

Three man rush. Lock throws. Long pass. Down the far side. Over the shoulder. It's grab.

Smith and Jigga. Touchdown. Touchdown. Seattle touchdown.

The Seahawks have taken the lead. Twenty eight seconds to go. I got goosebumps. I got goosebumps listening to him. So fun to watch in the booth too. He's like I've been in the booth with him with Kurt. It's amazing to be in the booth with those two. It's insane. He's the best.

Well he makes everything sound exciting. Yes. I feel like we should do what you do all the time which is like drop him some things just to read out loud. Oh let's do that.

Let's do that. Do you think he'd be so annoyed? No. He's a sweetheart. I think he's totally up for it. And you know his dad, right? Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah.

Bob would be in the owners meetings. Oh yeah. Right? Oh yeah. You have to pull that out today. You know that, right? I think I should. You have to. He gives you the information you need and he delivers it with a passion that is so sincere. There's nothing pretextual about it and it gives me goosebumps. Yeah. I actually you know I listen to him all the time when we're driving around after baseball practice on Mondays and Thursdays and I kept thinking why haven't I asked him to be on yet? And then of course I had the prescience to think about it before the game last night. Yes you did. Which I'm very excited about.

So no one knows but it wasn't even reactionary. We actually planned this. And it actually works out because you should ask him too. His schedule is insane. He did the... This week is actually easier because normally he does his Sunday CBS game than he does the Monday night Westwood one. And he's been doing Tuesday night NBA on TNT. Tonight he's in the Warriors. Who are the Warriors playing tonight? Celtics on a West Coast trip. He's calling the Celtics Warriors tonight. Oh no. Oh no. Here we go. Here we go. This is an entire Celtics discussion.

Oh boy I really screwed that up. Oh yeah we're leaving town. Yeah Coop's not going to be around. Lakers on Christmas Day. Clippers on Saturday.

It's alright. Are you going? I'm cheap so I'm going to the Clipper game.

Oh yeah. You may have a better game. A much better game. They're playing so well.

Lakers tickets have gone through the roof ever since they hung that in season. Did you see that yesterday? We didn't even talk about that today. I didn't even talk about it.

Too much shock. Well if you want, you guys can go to the archives and I did have a discussion with Shaquille O'Neal about that last week so just saying. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too. 1995 when WCW announces they're going to be live and head to head with Monday Night Raw feels like this would have been something Vince would have kind of laughed off. No we did not like them moving to Monday Nights. There were a lot of hotels. They all carried CNN, TBS and TNT. Vince was convinced that Ted Turner had deviously done this deal to get in the hotels and keep us out. It's something to wrestle, wherever you listen.
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