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REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 8, 2023 3:20 pm

REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 8, 2023 3:20 pm

Patriots fan Chris Brockman reacts to New England blowing their chance at the #1 overall draft pick with a Thursday Night Football win over the Steelers, and Rich weighs in on Pittsburgh fans raging against Mike Tomlin following their team’s 2nd-straight ugly loss to a 2-win team.

NFL Insider Tom Pelissero and Rich discuss if Mike Tomlin is on the hot seat after the Pittsburgh Steelers 2nd-straight ugly loss, Sean McDermott’s job security amid the Buffalo Bills’ disappointing season, Zach Wilson’s mindset as he resumes the New York Jets starting QB job, if the Philadelphia Eagles should sit Jalen Hurts until he’s 100% healthy, and if Trevor Lawrence’s ankle sprain will keep him sidelined for Week 14.

Rich previews the huge NFL Week 14 showdown between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles that has huge NFC implications.

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JR Sports Brief

Screw it, I'll say it. Jordan loves the guy.

This is the Rich Eisen Show. What do you think? Did he just start regressing now? Do you think? No. I don't. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

Do you think they might be just like throwing stuff at him? Let's just see where your hot is, Jordan. Today's gasps. NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. Packers linebacker Rashawn Gary.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin. Actor, author and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yep, that's right. Arnold Schwarzenegger is in studio hour number three. That's him coming on the air.

And then Michael Irvin in studio hour two. Tommy P, Tom Pelissero's first up telling everything going on in the National Football League. Such an exciting Friday show and we're thrilled that you're here with us on the Roku Channel as well as this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate.

Smart enough to have us. It is so fun to be on Sirius XM and Odyssey, our podcast listeners. We're excited for today. Arnold Schwarzenegger, we've been cultivating this caper.

It's kind of like our Lufthansa heist for quite some time. Liz Weld has been tracking him down for years and he's got a new book out and he's going to be coming here to talk about his new book. I'm holding a copy.

Be useful, Seven Tools for Life. Arnold Schwarzenegger, we will have maybe the most in-depth Celebrity True or False segment in the history of our program with Arnold later on. It's going to be great.

844-204-RICH is the number to dial on the show. I'm going to switch things up a little bit and start with you over there, TJ Jefferson. Good to see you, sir. I mean, the Playmaker and the Terminator. Yes.

In the same show. It's for you. I've got my Terminator 2 movie poster. I need an autograph. I'm just saying it's going to be a great day. And you've got your 88 Club shirt on. I've got my 88 Club on for the Playmaker.

Drew and Michael and Dez and CD and whoever comes next. That's right. All right. You got that one ready. The Bill Walsh of audio is on it.

I'm on it. How are you, Mike Deltufa? Good to see you. I'm doing well, Rich. And last and certainly definitely not least anymore, Man of the Hour. Let me grab this. Ladies and gentlemen, round of applause and congratulations to the resident New England sports irritant and big time fan himself.

Congratulations to Chris Brockman, New England Patriots winning that game last night. Told you, Chris, they weren't taken taking doesn't exist. Told you, Rich. Yes, Christopher. Guys.

Yeah. This is the worst day of my life. Yes, stop it. This is worse than the time when I was 11 and I made an error in the Little League playoffs to cost us to our team the win. This is worse than Aaron Boone and the helmet catch combined. This is the worst day of my life.

Is this worse? This memo. It meant nothing. Nothing. Get rid of it, dog. I hate it. It's stupid.

It meant nothing. Nobody read it. Did you see the memo about this? I'm so angry.

Where some of you had to eat the peanut butter sandwich adult to worse than when I had to eat Del Tufo's hat. Did you get that memo? No, nobody got it.

Nobody. You know, Zappi didn't get it. He didn't. Ezekiel Elliott didn't get it. He did not.

It was Hunter. Henry's friggin birthday yesterday. Hey, happy birthday to him. He did not get the memo.

You should have given it to him for his birthday. You know how I know that they didn't want to win? Did you see the clip at the end? Bill walking off and he gives his other son, not the Psycho Steve, but the other son.

By the way, who's been terrific with this defense. He gave his son a high five. Bill looked pissed. He knew what happened. He knew they blew it. He fist bumped one of his players.

He did. Yeah. I miss that. How about this? How about this? By the way. Well done.

Epic rant for Chris. This is the worst day of my life. No, it's not. No, it's not. Because Bailey Zappi could be your guy. Come on.

Get Zappi. Dude. He, he stinks. Didn't get the memo.

Are we sure? He's not Matt Jones. Stinks. Did you know that this is how Bailey Zappi did not get the memo to tank so he can get Caleb Williams in New England. Bailey Zappi came out last night and he became the first New England Patriot to throw three touchdowns in a game before halftime since Tom Brady in 2018. He came out, Bailey Zappi came out like, like Tom Brady, like, you know, his number four times three, the number of touchdowns he threw in the first half. You know what that equals?

That's eight. He was BZ 12 last night, Bailey Zappi. And by the way, remember I told you how Frank Gore scored that touchdown for the Jets to, to win a game for their first time in that 2020 season in Los Angeles and, and, and, and how, you know, Hey, Jets fans don't think about that one very much. All we're doing is just looking at Trevor Lawrence, having some superhuman strength where he can come back from a high ankle sprain in five days, which it looks like potentially he's going to be able to do. Maybe Zeke is your, uh, Frank Gore in all seriousness, I told you the Patriots were not going to tank. Thank God the Steelers stink and they did not tank last night. They don't, they want to win. They want to win out pal. So for what? Get ready to get the 15th pick in the draft, get ready, get ready, get ready.

Drake may might be your guy, by the way, not too bad, Marvin Harrison, I would be into either of those, but guess what? I don't believe put up the, put up the draft standings right now. They're going to win another game this year.

Yeah. I think they will watch. They're going to beat the jets to get like the fifth pick and not get anybody. I mean, the new England Patriots tackle.

Nobody's heard of. I mean, their next game was the flexed out gaming against Kansas city. And then they're at Denver. I'm calling that game on Christmas Eve. They played the jets are at Buffalo, um, right there.

I mean, you're too still. So a week away from us beating the chiefs and then I'm going to come on the show and be like, we're making the point. That's why the root of, uh, of fanatic is fan, you know, stupid, the dumbest win of the year, dude. I'm telling you. And by the way, the defense without all these players and awesome, they'd be terrific G terrific. The offense. Nope.

Nobody knows. And Belichick has not forgotten how to coach pal. Well, he should be the coach next year. Just not the GM. I got it.

I mean, Daley Zappi was throwing it and this is what he had to say, by the way, how could you deny this? This sweet individual, this sweet looking guy. Yeah. Come on now.

Here you go. Um, you know, it comes from those guys, you know, they helped me out a lot. Uh, they, you know, they deserve, you deserve today.

So to be able to have this moment and have it with these guys, to be able to go out there and have a game that we had, you know, is awesome. I'm telling you, man, you're getting their brains beaten in there in new England. He's emotional. Come on, Chris. Look at the bright side. No.

Absolutely not. All right. So let me take you off the griddle.

Thank you. Cause I'm going to put myself in the griddle. You were getting it last night, listen, listen, as you know, uh, I'm a big fan of Mike Thomas and have been talking about him on this show for years, going to the hall of fame. I think he's a hall of fame coach and Steeler fans who, um, who are, um, I guess the only appropriate way to put it chafing at the lack of championship caliber teams. And you know, in the same way that you, Chris saw the Polaroid fading of Caleb Williams in a Patriot uniform, going back to the future, the memories of the championship runs and being in championship games on championship Sunday and having super bowl possible teams in front of them.

And way back when it was called Heinz field, um, those memories are fading. And when I come on the air and I say, Hey, Steeler fans, you are out of your fricking minds if you want Mike Tomlin out as head coach and that he would get a job and two seconds flat. And I say such a thing after the Steelers lose a home game to the two wind Cardinals. And I sit here and I Cape and I Cape hard for Tomlin. And then within 48 hours, he loses another home game to a two wind team to become the head coach of the first ever team to be above 500 and lose back to back games to teams that are eight games under 500 or worse, um, not exactly back in my play. And Hey, Steeler fans, your thumbs were working hard last night because my Twitter feed was, what's the word for it? Fugly. The kids might call it. Look up on the screen right there. Uh, Chris Mueller, I guess, uh, some of Tomlin's best work, eh, at rich Eisen, uh, sloss boss 12 called me a clown boss.

There was a lot of that. A girl has no name. I like that. We look for game of Thrones fans, I guess. Uh, but the Ian name is a three. Will you be presenting the coach of the year award to Mike Tomlin at the 50 yard line following the game? That was a good one.

Stay by your phone, man. I may need you. Here you go. Mike Tomlin, Vansville four 12 Vansville.

Tell us again how great Mike Tomlin is. Please. We need to hear it.

And then the letters G F Y full Elon Musk on me right there. And let's see how earth responds to that. Okay. We're not done. We're not done. No, I took a screen grab of just these three in a row strung together. I mean, it was nonstop.

Some of these aren't safe for work. Tim bends. Just remember Pittsburgh. None of this is Mike Tomlin's fault. Just ask rich Eisen and Mike Greenberg. And we're all idiots.

If we ever criticize him. Wow. So green, he was now lumped in.

Okay. I didn't know that. Has he been caping for Tomlin?

I guess that's the jet fan in us. What is your response now? You seeing it yet national talking head idiots and Brian Morin called green and I tweedledy and tweedled up. Now here's the fascinating thing. I don't mean to laugh this being X or Twitter, what do you think all seven of those individuals have in common? Oh, I could guess pages were private. Oh, great. No, I'm going to say, Oh man, it's Twitter.

Did they or X did they have the blue check Mark that they paid for? No, no, no, no. Okay. Here it is. When I clicked on every single one of their pages. I saw the words follows you.

So thank you. They all follow, which means they're seeing what I'm saying, which is, as you know, in a position like this, the most important thing, better than being right. Look, I totally understand that this looks brutal and I could sit here and make excuses that Trubisky is not the guy who's going to lead you back from an 18 point deficit. The fact that you were in an 18 point deficit, Trubisky did have something to do with that. And the thing that is troubling the most, and I'm going to see Mike Tomlin in five days. I'm going to see him in five days in Indianapolis. Cause I'm, you know, by the way, Steeler fans, you love me so much. Guess whose voice you're going to hear on Saturday.

This is amazing. That'd be me. You would have thought we played this, but we didn't.

That'd be me. I'll be calling your next game, Hey, sloss boss, let me clear my throat. So I'm coming your way into your ear gate, Kurt Warner and I, we're going to be sitting with him and, um, and, uh, I, I, I will profit to say this man, like, you know, the thing that I'm concerned about the most, and I will ask him, Deontay Johnson, just letting the ball roll around and not get on it a couple of weeks ago. And George Pickens looking completely disinterested. Part of it may be that the routes that they're having him run, aren't like, you know, too damn deep either he's running hitch routes at the line of scrimmage. And the play calling last night on third and two, just before the two minute warning, that's where you run the football. You got a free time out on the backend.

If you don't make it. And then the fourth and two play with the game on the line, did they not know the down? Is it possible that the down, they didn't know they thought it was third and two there? Cause why in the world is he throwing a 50, 50 jump ball with the game on the line, Chuck and Doug looking for a PI flag about, and by the way, that was not PI.

No, I don't think that was great coverage and a good non-call well with these refs nowadays, you never know. I totally get it. Like that rests on, I'm sure Tomlin would be a guy like that's on me.

Ultimately the buck stops here. And so you're seeing some of these things that you don't ascribe to a guy who would have his, his team completely buttoned up. And I totally get Steeler fans have not seen a 10 win season since that 11 and 0 start when they went one and five to finish in 2018.

And that's not what you want. So I understand your frustration and I understand that, you know, you've heard this from Tomlin before. This is what Mike Tomlin had to say after this mind boggling and crushing loss on Thursday night to the two win Patriots. Mike, with back to back losses against these teams, where do you guys go from here?

What is the direction? We get ready for our next opportunity next week. That's what we always do. Obviously this stings, but we'll be back. Mike, at any point did you consider playing Mason in the game?

I didn't. Mike, what gives you the confidence that you guys can be back after two losses? This is what we do. This is who we are now. This is who we are.

And this is what we do. I mean, Steeler fans have heard this before and they would push back saying that's not who we are. And Tomlin's not saying that we're a team that struggles against two win teams at home and have blown a six and three start. Now a seven and four record is seven and six would back to back losses at home to two win teams in a span of five days.

That's not what he's saying. What we are is we're just going to block out the noise and put our noses to the grindstone and try and win a game in Indianapolis on a Saturday against a team that is playing better and is now ahead of them in the standings. Tomlin Steelers are now eighth in the seating at seven and six with some two tough road games to finish up in Cincinnati.

You know, hey, that team, if Browning shows up, they, they're going to have trouble putting up points there. So I totally understand. So let me just say this to the Steelers fans that are ready to jump down my throat and did, by the way, all night long at Rich Eisen.

It's a bird thing. Thank you for following. Um, is, you know, when I say that you're out of your frigging minds, um, I totally would understand why you would have Tomlin fatigue and I'm wondering if Tomlin has fatigue with Western Pennsylvania too. I'm going to bet when I see him in a few days, he's the same guy. He's the guy that said they block out the noise and, and that, and that you, you want to see different results. I totally understand that.

I totally get it. But if you fire him, go ahead, make David Tepper's day. Are you serious? If he's again, um, this may, and they may say, rich, I understand what you're saying, but let's, let's get something new in here because this ain't it anymore. Do you think David Tepper who bought the Panthers after giving up his minority stake in the Steelers, wouldn't be, that would be the guy he would generationally enrich on the spot, on the spot with Tomlin want that gig. I don't know. Is this sort of stuff going through his head right now? I doubt it. So I guess let me down my great, let me downgrade my you're out of your frigging minds, but he's been out of Steelers have been out of a sticky situation like this before.

See what happens over the next final four games. But I hear you, Steeler fans. I hear you. And unfortunately for those that, that, uh, uh, don't like what I have said, they get some more of you.

Yes. You'll be hearing from me on NFL network. Here's the deal. Your wordplay is always great. So I can't wait to see what you're going to say during this game to reference it.

Because it's not, it's not about me. When I call these games to be straight up with you, it's about the game and about servicing the fan about what I'm seeing and how I'm calling it. And I want you to hang with me for three plus hours. And I love Steeler fans. You know, I love Gardell. I love Manganiello. I love every Steeler fan that I know. I love that city. I love the team. I love the organization. I love their coach.

I don't love their results right now. Yeah. I gotta be straight up about it.

And I totally understand why they're frustrated and angry and want to change. And you know, I didn't say that three days ago. I hear you. Well, you have more information today than you had. But I didn't mute him. And I didn't block a single soul. Oh, good for you. I didn't. Good for you.

Because I'm not going to tell Sloss Boss, I don't care for you, sir. Who is the one who told me GFY? The Fansville guy. Fansville, yeah.

Fansville. GFY. Somebody typed that in.

And then like spaced it out. So it went down. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It went down. But look, it was actually nice enough to not actually put the actual word in there.

So that means something. Well, I'm sure some people did. Oh, yeah.

I was reading them too. I'm sorry. Sloss underscore Boss 12. My bad. I can't leave that out. Make sure. Give him a shout out. Give him a follow.

He thinks I'm a clown. Like Tomlin. Oh my gosh.

All right. Tom Pelisaro is going to join us next and I'll give the Steeler fans what they want. I'll ask him straight up.

What do you what? What might the Steelers ownership group be thinking about Tomlin and what's going on in the field? Hit on the horn, guys.

I will also ask him coming up next about what is going on in western New York with the Buffalo Bills head coach and and also what happened with the Jets. Michael Irvin, our two in studio. Arnold Schwarzenegger, our three in studio. Come on.

844-204 Rich. What's more likely also Tommy P when we come back right here. Tom Pelisaro.

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Visit slash eisen or text eisen to 500-500 that's slash E-I-S-E-N or text E-I-S-E-N to 500-500 to try audible free for 30 days. Back here on the Rich Eisen show, you know, it's Thursday night, poker night, you know, for me, and as soon as the game was going in the wrong direction, you know, which was right away, I didn't arrive until right away. I didn't really because, you know, it was with Tay and the kids at home, Susan's doing a whole bunch of stuff for the we divided in Concord, so it was a little late to the table Thursday night. And so I missed the first half of the game seeing it. I was listening to it.

Iron Eagle, Ryan Leaf, by the way, on Westwood one, it was amazing. So second half is when I sit down, I look at my phone and just like, Oh God, it was like 21 to 10. And it was bad. I mean, my phone was just like blowing up from Steeler fans. And then when things got worse at the end, it was on like Donkey Kong. And so a couple of times it was on me and it was delayed, you know, and a couple other guys were on their phones too.

They put a rule in place that it was a fine if you were caught on your phone and you were not playing in a timely manner. And I was the worst at it. I was the worst at it. So I had to focus.

But a couple of times I'm like, guys, I'm collecting Steeler fans tweets pooping on me. Okay. And I got to send it to my guys at home. Yeah. All right. So I'm working here.

Yeah. I did a little halftime wellness. I saw that. I was just like, look at you taking videos at home, give the people what they want.

A lot of people. It was very nice. Everyone was checking on the welfare of my TV, because you had mentioned, because I had mentioned that I was going to smash it with your Roku remote with my, well, yeah, yeah. Well, with anything heavy nearby brick, did your TV survive the evening survive the night?

I had to think about my family and how they would react if they came home, I didn't want to explain that. So your son is becoming impressionable, sir. That's right. Well, he's coming to me for you got to grow up.

That's right. Well done. We're back on the rich eyes and show radio network sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Granger has the right product for you call click or just spot stop by Tom Pellisero and his usual Friday spot is here on the rich eyes and show. How are you Tom? Doing fantastic. Rich.

How are you doing? Well, my Twitter timeline's a dumpster fire from Pittsburgh Steeler fans because I did my usual caping for Mike Tomlin this week saying that if you want him out, you're absolutely out of your minds. And then they went ahead and lost two consecutive games first team ever to lose back to back games according to the prime video broadcast of at home to two teams under 500 by 8 games and they have above 500 record that's never happened. So I guess let me give the the Steeler fans a piece of red meat they want. Is there anything possibly happening in Pittsburgh in regards to the head coach Tom?

You have a historically patient ownership group in Pittsburgh rich there's not a whole lot that in their entire history has really disrupted their course of action. We've also seen Mike Tomlin pull out of tailspins in the past. This one's unique because as you mentioned, you know, there has not been a lot of examples of losing to two teams like this particularly at this stage in the season. I think you also have to remember they lost their starting quarterback in that game last week. And then this week they had a backup quarterback in Mitch Stravinsky and they very much looked like a team that you know had lost whatever they seem to gain that first game after making a coordinator change in terms of the rhythm and timing and tempo.

It was gone again. You have other things. I mean George Pickens not necessarily firing off the line at all times obviously something we saw that with Deontay Johnson a couple of weeks ago to there's a lot of little breadcrumbs of there's something that is amiss to a certain degree. But historically these have been things that the Steelers have worked out in the offseason. Mike Tomlin's got a tremendous amount of power within the organization in terms of running the entire football operation. He has not been one himself to make rash types of decisions and changes. But certainly I think in this near term here Rich you have to scrutinize you know do you play Mason Rudolph.

Do you try to make some type of a sea change at the most important position. Kenny Pickett I know is hopeful that he's going to miss even less time than has been reported maybe only one more game after this. So maybe you at least get your quarterback back. But at the same time you look at the AFC playoff picture it's so condensed right now and these past two weeks have really cost you your ability to surf some through something like not having your quarterback for a couple of games. Well I said at the top of the show Tom discussing it just moments ago if the Steelers do that or the fans get what they want on that or those fans who want that get what they want.

It's like go ahead make David Tepper's day. I mean literally would that be that would be an offer in Tomlin's inbox I would think in about 60 seconds right. I mean but but this does just still appear to be fanciful in my mind when it comes to Pittsburgh.

No question. You know I mean put it put it this way Rich I would be shocked if the Steelers fired Mike Tomlin. I would certainly be very surprised if they would even consider a trade of Mike Tomlin. And I'm not sure that there's another job out there that Mike Tomlin would look at you know absent the money factor which he's very well paid at this point in Pittsburgh.

But other than that where else are you going to go and really be able to run things and not have somebody breathing down your neck at all times and know that our Rooney and the Rooney family has been very patient through the course of time. He's got a really good job in Pittsburgh. Having said that there's there's not a lot of coaches who go 17 years in one place and last night you happened to be looking at the two survivors in Mike Tomlin and Bill Belichick who both have had a tremendous amount of success. Belichick has won a bunch of Super Bowls. Tomlin's won a Super Bowl.

They're both always there. Tomlin's had a never had a losing season. We know all the statistics here. But you also have a level of patience in Pittsburgh that doesn't necessarily exist someplace else. My belief Rich would be that the only way Mike Tomlin is not coaching the Steelers in 2024 is if he were to broach that discussion first and even then I'm not sure that that's really something that the Steelers would would want to entertain. And then you know in losing to both Arizona and New England two at the time two win teams now having three wins in just a span of five days in Pittsburgh it does appear the Steelers have sealed the first overall pick in the draft for the Chicago Bears through Carolina unless there is something monstrous happening in the next five weeks Tom.

You know I mean that that I believe we can say with closer certainty than anything else. You know listen the Panthers offense looked better last week. They looked like the quarterback looked like he had calmed down a little bit in the first game since they made a coaching change but the idea that they're going to rattle off several wins here is probably asking a lot from a team that you know currently has won in the win column. So yes then that leads you to a lot of interesting discussions here in terms of what the Chicago Bears would want to do. Remember they've also they currently I believe would own the number six pick as well.

So you're talking about multiple top selections to remake your entire organization. Do you look at that as a chance to go out and you know depending who's making the decisions at that point to go out and put your stamp on your own quarterback. Do you potentially depending what happens with Justin Fields these next handful of games. Could you convince yourself that maybe you don't need to take a quarterback up the top up at the top and instead you go another year with Fields and maybe you draft one later or you can serve those resources and then use those other two top picks on other guys who can immediately help your team and the Bears have played better rich on defense in particular over the past month. Montez sweat has really made an impact. And if you're Matt Eber flus and Ryan polls you're saying OK listen look we need to upgrade the rush.

Look at the impact that's making. We need a little bit more time to get this thing right. There's interesting conversations that are going to happen there on a lot of different levels between George McCaskey and Kevin Warren and obviously a polls neighbor flus. And then it all is going to come down to the decisions they're going to have to make into February and March and April. But what their plan is at the quarterback position and then in turn what some of those quarterbacks who potentially could be drafted up there decide to do and where they do and maybe don't want to go. Tom Pelissaro here on the rich eyes and show let's talk about what's happening in western New York Ty Dunn who is a longtime reporter covering the bills on his site. Go long a three part series on Sean McDermott and what's going on with the Buffalo Bills behind the scenes quite a lot of tea being spilled in in those three parts including a story that McDermott once upon a time used the 9-11 attacks as a an allegory for his team to what I guess follow the teamwork aspect of what the attackers on 9-11 I guess we're showing how good teamwork can can can lead to a goal it was mind-blowing to read this and he apologized for it in a press conference yesterday is this an old story but what is going on up there and how does it play into the final five weeks in your estimation for the bills. We heard Sean McDermott address it yesterday after Ty Dunn's story came out it's something that he said four years ago he said that he realized that it did not land and immediately apologized to the team for it but if you zoom out here Rich there's a lot happening here in Buffalo just over the past month they lose a nationally televised game because they got a 12th man on the field goal unit and Denver gets an extra kick the next day they fire the offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey they installed Joe Brady they get the seemingly inevitable one game bump they play better the following week but then go into their buy at six and six then during the buy you have your high-paid pass rusher Von Miller arrested on a domestic violence allegation he is currently back with the team not on the exemplars because there's been no formal charges filed we still don't have clarity on whether he's playing then you have your head coach at the podium days later and I would fairly say Rich you never want to have a lower third graphic on TV like the ones I was seeing this morning with your name and 9-11 in it that's probably a place you don't want to go particularly when you're one of the highest paid people and the head coach of the only football team that is in New York State and this is all against the backdrop of you need a win this week against the Chiefs one of your rivals and a game that I think everybody had circled as this is an AFC playoff AFC Championship potential preview and yet both these teams right now are in desperate straits if the Bills lose this game now all of a sudden you're talking about they probably have to run the table just to get into the playoffs as a wildcard so there's a lot of different tentacles to this there is certainly going to be scrutiny on Sean McDermott he signed for I believe four more years the Bills do owe him a lot of money absent extenuating circumstances I would not think that this was really within the realm of likelihood let's put it that way of them making a head coaching change in the offseason but you know the example that I always go back to Rich and there's nothing that's close to a comparison of the exact circumstances here but a few years ago a couple of years ago Joe Judge at the end of the season the Giants were not going to make a change there were stories that came out saying Joe Judge is safe he'll be back for another season and then Joe Judge did and said enough things over the final weeks of the season that it got to a point where there was just no way that you could sell publicly that this guy should still be the head coach I'm not saying Sean McDermott is getting even close to that but you always have to look at these situations and just see is somebody going to judge Joe Judge themselves down the stretch and you do start to have enough pieces in place in Buffalo that you at least have to ask the question of are they going to come out play well get a big win this week if they don't then all these other things that maybe were bubbling below the surface start to come to the forefront even more. Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, NFL Media Group, few minutes left with him here on this Friday. What did happen with Zach Wilson and the Jets in the quarterback spot and everything over the last five days? He is starting on Sunday against the Houston Texans who bring in their second overall selected quarterback who is doing very well so and it's Robert Salas I guess protege in a way D'Amico Ryan's coming in as a head coach so there's a lot of storylines to pull on for this one but what happened with Zach, Tom? Here's what I would tell you that did and did not happen okay Rich I would say the things that did happen from my understanding I think like anyone Zach Wilson who's been benched multiple times in New York wasn't even supposed to be playing the season takes over a team trying to learn an offense that's new on the fly actually played pretty well when you remember that Rich like out of the gate you're kind of sitting there after those first few games going okay he's not it's not off the charts not pro bowl level but like you can get by with this with a really good defense then all of a sudden you hit a rut he gets benched he gets pulled out I think it's only natural for a quarterback or any player any person to have certain feelings about you know the way that things are playing out and maybe blow off steam and vent to various people but at the time that the the report came out that Zach Wilson was reluctant to go back in the lineup it was a Monday Robert Sala and Zach Wilson had not even had a conversation about the possibility at that point and within an hour or so after that Zach Wilson went into Robert Sala and said listen this is BS I want the ball I want to be out there if you'll let me and Robert Sala still had to sit back and think about it for a couple of days but when your options are Trevor Simeon who we know what Trevor Simeon is he's a veteran player he's a really smart guy you know but if they thought he was giving you the best chance to win he would have been playing by now he certainly would have been playing over Tim Boyle he signed Brett Rippon like five minutes ago or you've got Zach Wilson who maybe Rich you know maybe this is the thing and I think we've kind of been waiting for this so if Zach Wilson gets a little bit ticked off about everything and just gets back to playing with the completely free manner in which he was playing at BYU back in 2020 and just slinging it around and taking chances and he was a guy who when he was drafted everybody knew what he wanted to call confidence or cockiness whatever he was right on that line and when things don't go your way and when you become a back page punchline and when you get benched and all these other things happen I think it's it's human nature that you lose a little bit of that so if I'm the Jets coaches and I'm not in that room but if I'm the Jets coaches I'm absolutely challenging Zach Wilson on every front here it's not you know early on it was okay just play to the defense just don't make the big mistake now it's dude we're we're basically done here we got no chance if you don't come out and make some plays so just go out there play like you and maybe it ends up ends up being a great story we'll find out this week it's not going to be easy they got a lot of problems going beyond the quarterback including using 13, 14, 15 offensive linemen whatever we're up to right now but you know if Zach Wilson can come out and just make a couple of plays that'd be a couple more plays than the Jets offense has been able to make in recent weeks last one for you our colleague at NFL Network David Carr you know certainly got out there he was definitely our most aggregated colleague of the week I don't know if there's such an award but when he suggested Marcus Mariota should play while Jalen Hurts gets better and that at Hurts isn't seeing the field very well and is definitely not a hundred percent is Jalen Hurts hurt what can you tell me going into this huge Sunday night week 14 game in Dallas Jalen hurts is not a injury report right now he had a knee injury earlier in the season it's been described to me as a bone bruise those are injuries that just the only way they really get better is with rest and Jalen Hurts has not rested a whole lot so you know on some level is he managing that a little bit again I'm not familiar with his body I'm not in the training room but I think it's fair to say that you know you're going to do something just to try to keep the knee in good shape if you were getting treatment on a regular basis that's something that have to disclose on the injury report they've said that that is not the case and so you know to a certain degree you you kind of have no choice but to take those things at face value but in terms of you know Jalen Hurts the way that he's playing and the the style of football that they have to play with them I have not seen that I have not heard that everything that I've been told is that he's okay he did come out of the game last week but that was for a concussion check and he came right back into the game I don't believe that there's there's certainly not anything that is a significant detriment to how the Eagles are game planning right now with Jalen Hurts they're still running tush push with them which you'd think if this were some debilitating type of an injury that's one thing that you would you would take off his plate you know they got a big game this week there's no doubt about it I would argue that there's more on the line in this game for the Cowboys than the Eagles just because if the Cowboys lose this game on Sunday night we're waking up your show my show every show out there is gonna be talking about the Cowboys you know losing another game to a winning team and is this another sign that they can only beat the you know the bad team that you have you know those conversations are absolutely inevitable for the Eagles it's a big game because you can cement okay whatever was going on with us we're finding ways to get the job done we're control the NFC East now we're playing for the number one seed the Eagles have had some bounces go this way that they're this year there's no doubt about it but as you're getting deeper into the season here this is a team that's absolutely in position all their goals are out there in front of them and you know Jalen hurts whatever he is or is not dealing with is not the thing that's holding them back and Trevor Lawrence game time decision I just heard in my ear from Doug Peterson which is amazing it's for a different quarterback there's no way Doug Peterson or excuse me that well Doug's probably not playing quarterback but Trevor Lawrence who wouldn't be playing but he's got you know people always laugh when like in pre-draft scouting reports rich we'll have stuff like you know he's got loose ligaments and things like that watch the two hits that Trevor Lawrence has taken the past two years where he's gotten bent and his foot's going one way and it's like going the other way you tell me that guy's ligaments aren't a little different than yours in mind my foot is off and it's still on the turf right now if I get bent like that Trevor Lawrence you know he's got a high pain tolerance he's walking around without a boot without crutches if anybody is going to get themselves onto the field this week it's Trevor Lawrence but the Jaguars also even though I know their AFC South leads down to one game but you also have to make decisions you're still in a good spot to get it to the playoffs you got to be you got to be careful with it but we've seen other quarterbacks you know play with high ankle sprains in the past it's not impossible Tom thanks again man appreciate it enjoy seeing you on the insiders and we'll chat again Sunday you be well thanks and of course being a jet fan hearing how Trevor Lawrence is maybe superhuman and and and maybe being back for his nine win team in his third year as quarterback I'm just remembering that Frank Gore touchdown for the Jets against the Rams that's a big one man I'll never forget that you know what a what a what a what a big day that was and Chris that's what just you should remember last night you know those three touchdown passes you know I remember let's take a break and focus on the Sunday night game a little bit before Irv walks in here obviously he's gonna be all about the Eagles and the Cowboys Michael Irvin hour two but when we come back what is at stake 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wait to tell him i wonder how many people tell him the running man is their favorite movie of his because that's mine running man's number one and i know that number one one number one i just love it maybe i'll put up a poll i don't know maybe that's the game show guy in me with richard dawson is the evil game show host that's great whitman price and adad won and then we found out it didn't win very much you know not one but two future governors in the film jesse the body venture became the mind and also the governor of minnesota jim brown brown uh three words at the time when i was watching the movie three of my favorite words in my uh entire world maria conchita alonzo hey no okay it's just great up a poll based by the way also on a stephen king novella absolutely you know your favorite arnold movie what are our four oh i i you can leave mine out because i know i know i'm a i'm i'm definitely in the minority like t2 true no no i think you gotta go the main terminator true lies total recall and then you gotta throw in one of his comedies kindergarten cop or twins kindergarten cop there's so many there's so many you gotta go don't you have to go predator predator terminator true lies and terminator i think is better than the original right t2 was on last night robert patrick by the way diehard michigan wolverine fan for by the way you know last time i saw robert patrick was getting off the plane in frankfurt germany wait really yes he was on my plane to frankfurt he comes up like robert that's wild that's amazing all right put it on uh on our on our x feed twitter feed at rich eyes i don't know if you realize this robert patrick was also on the monaco trip oh and there you go are we doing twins or kindergarten cop twins whatever you want i think twins over kids sounds good okay uh i want to hit this here what's at stake sunday night eagles and cowboys you're going to see it and i'm sure game day morning we'll have who needs it more who wants it more whatever blah blah blah eagles have just lost and if they want to get this one seed they gotta win this they have to win it they gotta stay in front of the san francisco 49ers as long as they possibly can they gotta get that 11th win they gotta do it if they want to be the one seed and they don't want to leave philadelphia and they want to prove to everybody that the ups and the downs that they wound up having ups against kansas city against buffalo and then finally the roof caved in against san francisco they want to prove that they are that team they win this football game and they tell the cowboys you are not the winners of the nfc east and you don't have a one seed it's us that have the best chance at that and stay in front of the san francisco 49ers who have mostly winnable games in front of them with the exception of the ravens coming into san francisco into santa clara to wrap up the christmas night triple header and the eagles have that ability to go into dallas last year don't forget jaylen hertz missed this game it was gardiner minshew was thrown all over the yard and i remember michael irvin and i and the rest of the game day crew we were watching that game in the basement of acra sure getting ready to call stealers and raiders on christmas eve night we were watching that game and irv was to use a jerry jones phrase nervous as a cat and he was just couldn't believe that gardiner minshew was carving up the cowboys and obviously we all know you know the cowboys eventually prevailed but it still wasn't enough for them to overtake an eagles team last year that seemed to be the best in the nfc and then proved it and damn near won the super bowl against the the chiefs and they need to sort of channel that as for dallas exactly the way i just described for philadelphia they need this one they need this one because if they want to win the division and have a shot at the one seed they have to have it they can't fall any further behind san francisco they can't right now they've got the same record as san francisco and that's not good enough for them because san francisco already beaten them and if they don't want to go to san francisco and they don't want to go to philadelphia again win this game because in this day and age where home field advantage doesn't seem to be very much anymore and in this building where the cowboys never seem to have a home field advantage ever since opening it up in this cavernous jones mahal where enough of the fans of the other teams coming in dallas would be able to get enough tickets in there to make enough noise and there wasn't enough noise from the dallas cowboys fans because it was this cavernous spot and that they would have trouble punching down on opponents that they should punch down on and punch out those days are over they have won 14 straight football games in this building they have a serious home field advantage yeah and if they win this game at home 15 straight wins and they have the ability to win this division they would have the ability to win this division they would match the number of wins as the philadelphia eagles they have tough games at buffalo at miami home for detroit so there's a very difficult crucible coming up next and a gauntlet coming up next get this win in your win column and have the ability to win this division and have this one seed because if you lose this game you have now lost to the niners and gotten swept by the eagles the one seed is gone and the division is gone and you will have to be the five seed going into the nfc south champ we saw that last year understand you do that and then you're gonna have to go visit philadelphia you're gonna have to go visit san francisco again even if you get through detroit for an nfc championship game man do they have to have this one that is what is at stake on sunday night football on an bc michael irvin in studio coming up so i don't think there's anything more plain language than that and the issues that the seattle seahawks had against dallas that allowed dallas to prevail in a game in which their defense was given up big plays all over the lot that seattle could not convert on fourth and short you know who's not going to have problems doing that this weekend the greatest fourth and short third and short second and short whatever short team in the history of name the down and short because gino smith didn't have a push play and the eagles are coming and the fourth down problems that the cowboys saw their opponent have and used to their benefit that was the difference in the game seattle couldn't convert on fourth and short dallas scored points turnover on downs for one points for the other end of story dallas wins that will not happen when philadelphia strolls into town the as nick suriani says the first and nine team when they get the ball to start or get a fresh set of downs it's first and nine front not first and ten so that's not happening and you know what philadelphia is not going to do call a play that allows mica parsons a free release on a do or die moment in this game that's not happening either so dallas needs to be on its p's and q's and let's see what the eagles do when they come to town oh man i can't wait for it i'd love it to be starting right now and i'm sure michael irvin feels the same he's coming up arnold schwarzenegger after him what's more likely and your phone calls also next two hours you love lala kent on vanderpump rules now get to know her on give them lala i don't know that i would call it respect that i have for sandoval but the world hated him he still went out performed shows with his head held high he showed up to the reunion when we all were going after him like he didn't skip a beat the way he's handling it if i were in his position and i said it straight up to the entire audience thousands of people i would tell you all the and the room was dead watch what lala is talking about on youtube or search for give them lala wherever you listen
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