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REShow: Michael Irvin - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 8, 2023 3:21 pm

REShow: Michael Irvin - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 8, 2023 3:21 pm

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on the Steelers and Mike Tomlin, Bengals QB Jake Browning, the Colts, Rams, Seahawks, Justin Jefferson, Davante Adams, Buffalo Bills, Cowboys vs Eagles, Jordan Love, Tommy DeVito, and Tyreek Hill and the Miami Dolphins.

NFL Network analyst/Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin and Rich preview the pivotal NFC East Week 14 showdown between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles, reveals who gave him the “Playmaker” nickname, debates if Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens are the AFC’s best team, and says how Dolphins All-Pro WR Tyreek Hill compares to Hall of Famer Randy Moss.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

Screw it, I'll say it. Jordan loves the guy. This is the Rich Eisen Show. No way!

What is that? What do you think? Did he just start regressing now? Do you think? No. I don't. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

Do you think they might be just like throwing stuff at him? Let's just see where your hot is, Jordan. Earlier on the show, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. Coming up, Packers linebacker Rashawn Gary, pro football hall of famer Michael Irvin, actor, author, and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Ah yes, hour number two. Michael Irvin's on his way. Arnold Schwarzenegger after that. Words I have never said before in my life. And I just said into this microphone, and it's awesome.

I can't wait. Better nickname. Playmaker or Terminator?

That's another poll question. Would you rather be known as the Playmaker or the Terminator? I like it.

That is incredible. Good one, Chris. Throw that out there too. I mean, yeah, the four movies you chose were, what's your favorite Schwarzenegger movie?

It's T2, True Lies. What else? You chose Twins and Predator, right? Twins and Predator.

I mean, obviously there's like a dozen more, but those are kind of our four favorites, I think. Okay. So, at Rich Eisen's show, give us a call too, if you want.

Yeah, 844-204-rich, number to dial. We started the show with Chris Brockman ripping up his memorandum to the Patriots, Cardinals, and Panthers. Over. So, you wanted to get Caleb Williams. I think... Not too finny.

Yeah, I got to hope that somebody loves Drake May more or Jaden Daniels more, and Caleb drops. That's entirely possible. Crazy things have happened, pal.

I didn't know. And then I raised my hand to all the Steeler fans saying, I heard you. I hear you.

I read you. I see your frustration, and I don't think you're crazy anymore for wanting some sort of a change, because I'm not in your shoes. The shoes I'm in, by the way, I would love to have a playoff-worthy team every single year with a coach who's got a winning record every single year.

I would take that in a heartbeat. But Steeler fans are like, yeah, that's not what we want anymore. We're not rooting for 9-8, 10-7. You know, the last year that they had double-digit wins, they started 11-0, finished the season 1-5, and got bounced by Baker Mayfield in the playoffs. That was 2018. 2020. 2020. Pardon me, 2020. My bad. The fans weren't even there to see it.

Yeah, one 10-win season since 2018. Got it. Thank you. Vince in Virginia will take your phone call before we do What's More Likely. What's up, Vince?

Hi, Rich. This is Vince from Virginia. I'm a Steeler fan, and I'm just so curious about how you feel about the Steelers making the Patriots seem like the greatest show on turf, and Mike Tomlin, your favorite coach, continuing to be, I don't know, he's irritating me. I feel like the Steelers are so much better than, hey, how many non-loss seasons do we have? I think as a Steelers fan, I'm ready for a change.

I get you. So who do you want, Vince? Let's go there. I mean, anybody. Like, my goodness gracious, Brandon Staley at this point. Okay.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. All right, Vince. You know who would make that trade? Every Charger fan would make that trade right now.

I don't know if I'd run into any Charger fan that would say, no, let's keep our status quo, and we don't want Tomlin. Rich, who throws the ball 30 yards down the line on fourth and two? I mean, like, what kind of decision-making is that? That's not him. That's him delegating. That's him delegating. He's delegating to the guys who Steeler fans wanted in there calling plays because Canada was enough, you know? I mean, in an offensive league, I just feel like defensive coaches are outdated. I appreciate Mike Tomlin for what he did. All the amazing teams that we've had between Antonio Brown, Le'Veon Bell, Ben Roethlisberger, and we've only had one Super Bowl.

I mean, if Bill Belichick, I'm even going Bill Belichick, if Bill Belichick had those players, do you think they'd only have one chip? Thanks for the call, Vince. I appreciate it. I appreciate your honesty. That's interesting. Would you, if you were an owner of an NFL team, would you hire an offensive or defensive head coach?

Right now? If you were what Vince just said, he thinks that defensive-minded head coaches are not what you should hire and you haven't in the NFL anymore. I kind of agree with that.

What do you think? I think it depends on your personnel. If you've got a Patrick Mahomes, then sure, I'm going to bring in an offensive mind. But Patrick Mahomes doesn't grow on trees and defense does still technically win championships or doesn't it? Well, Warren Sapp, who, you know, I listen to, because if you don't, that's not good. He's like, defense doesn't win championships anymore.

He goes, it gives you a chance, offense wins championships. Outside of Bill Belichick, well, who's the last defensive coach to win a Super Bowl? Now, you are not wrong. I mean, because it's a quarter, it's probably Tomlin, right?

Right. Well, I mean, what are the other defensive-minded head coaches that are out there right now? You've got McDermott, you know, in Western New York, Sala, D'Amico Ryans.

Who else? I guess Brandon Staley's kind of both. I know he's calling defense, but he's a former quarterback. But you'd have to consider Staley. Staley's calling defense right now. Vrabel played linebacker.

Vrabel. Harbaugh's a special teams guy. Right. Who else?

Tampa. Todd Bowles. Yeah, Todd Bowles. Right. Dennis Allen in New Orleans. Correct.

None of these are light and fires right now. Pete is Pete a defensive guy? Pete is that, sir. Oh, yeah. Pete would have been the last one to win a Super Bowl.

Then that's the last one to win a Super Bowl, yeah. Everyone else, right? Eberfluz. Eberfluz. Don't forget him.

Eberfluz. Jonathan Gannon now in Arizona. I would hire an offensive guy and I'm like, let's find our quarterback and you just plug in. Plug in and you sit down next to him and you're like Mike McDaniel. You throw his arm around him. You give him love. You water that.

You water and you fertilize. I'm serious. Remember we made fun of Nick Sirianni with that?

Boy, is he right. That's what he did. He threw his arm around Jalen Hurts.

He wore his t-shirt and he's just built around him and look at him. Right. Ron Rivera. He's another defensive minded head coach for the moment.

Not for long. I mean, I don't mean to make light, but absolutely I would do that. Absolutely I would do that. And the only but one of the only defensive minded head coaches I'd make a change for is Tomlin. And then I would have to sit him down and I'm like, what's your thoughts on who's your OC?

Who we got here? Because that is a question I would have. But if I'm David Tepper, I am just like, please, Rooney, will you just finally want to make a change?

Because, you know, I've kind of had a revolving door around here. I'm ready to give Mike Tomlin an eight figure deal, you know, annually. I'm ready to give him maybe a nine figure deal.

Yeah. A nine figure deal. You know, I would love to tell my fan base, hey, there's been a revolving door here and everybody thinks nobody wants to work for me. How does Mike Tomlin sound for six years? You know, I think Panther fans, but other than that, I mean, I'd want to hire an offensive minded coach. All right. Michael Irvin is making his way to our studio.

Same thing with Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's Friday, which means it's time for the ever popular, always, always can't miss edition of What's More Likely. Hit it. What's more likely?

Never say never, but never. All right. What do you have over there, Chris?

Guys? Happy Friday. What's happening? What up? We've been talking a lot about this today, so let's just get right to it. What's more likely? Rich Steelers make the playoffs or Mike Tomlin is coaching anywhere else in twenty twenty one makes the playoffs.

They're not. You know how I feel about it. You know how I feel about it. And I Pittsburgh fans, I hear you. But what's more likely? I mean, something that's happened only twice in my lifetime, which is a change at head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And I'm 54 years old. Or the fact that the Steelers make the playoffs, which happens quite a bit for the Steelers. You know, habitually, historically, maybe not as often as they like. Come on. What's more likely? Steelers make the playoffs. They're seven and six. But now the eight seed.

I know that they are. I think they're going to end up having some seven company at seven and six by the end of this weekend. So they've made two changes since Nolda Cower and Cower to Tomlin. How long was Cower the head coach? I have no idea. Probably about this is what you're 17 for Tomlin.

We're right around. Yeah. What else?

All right. Backup quarterback to have a big day. More pass yards and touchdowns. Gardner Minshew. Jake Browning.

I like it. Is Gardner rear backup quarterback now? I mean, he's for sure a back. He's not going to be starting anywhere. Browning is more of a backup quarterback than Gardner Minshew. Gardner is the starter there. He's the starting quarterback.

He goes to work every week knowing. And same thing for Browning now. All right, I understand. I'm nitpicking to try and tap dance here long enough. I'll go Jake Browning. I'll go Jake. It's a big game.

I mean, Minshew. We're talking on the ground to where he runs it in. Pass yards and touchdowns. OK, I'll go Browning.

I'll go Jake Browning. I'll go that this guy has just shown you what he can do and he might be on a little bit of a roll. I have a feeling this game is going to be on red zone a lot.

You think so? I kind of feel like it's going to be a lot of points. I think that'd be great.

I want the Colts to have a big offense going into the game against the Steelers. You know, I want to see points. I'd love to call points. I'd love to. I'd love to call points on both sides. By the way, I want everyone to understand in Pittsburgh, I'm coming to your ear gate shortly.

Come to your city. All right. Six and six. NFC West Road underdog.

Hold on a minute. Six and six. NFC West Road underdog. To pull off the upset this week, Rams or Seahawks?

A lot of qualifiers. More likely to pull off the upset. Well, the Rams are in Baltimore coming off a bye.

And I'm hearing the weather's not supposed to be very good to be bad or the Seahawks in San Francisco. I'll I'll go division division. The crazy things happen with division. Not cross conference, cross conference.

Usually you don't see too many crazy. Yeah, division. It's like throw the records out. Yeah. We saw us two weeks ago on a Thanksgiving night and you boat raced us in our building. But here we come, you know, with D.K. signing his way into the end zone. You know, I don't know.

What is it? Stand on business and on business. Dude, I'll go the division game, even though I think neither are likely. But what's more likely of the unlikely? I'll go the division game more than the cross conference, cross country. What else, Chris?

All right. Fun game in Las Vegas this weekend. Vikings, Raiders. Who's more likely to have more receiving yards and touchdowns? He's back. Justin Jefferson or Davante Adams? Oh, I'll go Justin Jefferson. Davante Adams is just I mean. Here's a problem for Josh Dobbs.

Max Crosby is practicing for the first time since week 11 today, and he says he feels incredible. Hey, and he's playing and he's coming for the Pastronaut. You're talking yourself out of he's he's the ground. He's ground control for Major Josh Houston, you know.

So, yeah, I'll take Justin Jefferson, although I'm concerned about the Condor coming in the direction of the Pastronaut. Davante Adams is just ain't no college. Just chuck it deep. I know he's fine. Seventeen thirty, baby. Right.

I'll just go Justin Jefferson. All right. You know, the afternoon games on Sunday are dynamite.

This is one of them. What's more likely? Bills make the playoffs or Chiefs make the AFC championship game for the sixth straight year. Oh, I'll go. Wow.

I'll go. Chiefs make their sixth straight AFC championship game. That's more likely to play a game.

Yeah. Or one. Chris, they're not going to be the ones. Chris, they have the tie break. They're not over Miami.

You know, they're not going to be the one. They have to just have the same record as Miami. And they're just one game behind them. It's OK to the bills are currently 12. What's more likely is that the three seeded Chiefs wind up having the same record as the Dolphins.

And the Baltimore Ravens are are not, you know, in front of them. Or the 11th seeded bills make the playoffs. Come on.

What's more likely? I mean, the bills could be wildcard by the end of the weekend. I hear you. I get it. They have to beat the Chiefs to do it.

Correct. Everybody, you keep counting out the Chiefs. Everyone's sleeping on the bills. Does anybody understand three weird plays away from being nine and three pick up, if you will, at any of newsstands, if they exist in your world anymore. Time magazine and find out Karma's a boy on the Chiefs. Apparently, they were dating a long time before she even showed up at Arrowhead. Didn't she tell Time magazine, what am I just going to be on a first date, go to a football game?

She said, I'm going to I'm going to hard launch our relationship at a football game. Come on now. Karma is a boy on the Chiefs. And this is real. And it's true love. And how dare you? The bills are three weird plays from nine and three. I get it. I have made my statement.

They're really good. What else, Chris? Taking the bills this week. OK, what's more likely to be the higher total T.J. in your game, Micah Parsons, sacks or brotherly shove Jalen Hurts touchdowns? Oh, I'll go brotherly shove Jalen Hurts touchdowns. That offensive line is really good thing.

Like two. And I know he's not him, DeAndre Swift, but I'm going against him in fantasy. My team is terrible the last couple of weeks, so I think he might the run game might be a little better than you think. You ain't getting any touchdowns. I just think I think Jalen hurts. He's been getting one at least a game.

It feels like feels like it. Micah's getting three sacks. OK, that's a big call. You got one more to Monday night games this week for some reason. What's more likely? Jordan Love throws three tuddies for the third straight game or Tommy DeVito throws two. I'll go Jordan Love. DeVito has been hot.

I got it. I'll go Jordan Love. And you got another one from another man real quick Monday night game. Dolphins. What's more likely to be the longer play? Any Tyree kill touchdown reception or any field goal from week 14?

All the games. I like it. I'll go Tyree kill. So you were basically saying all we got to do is have him get a fifty eight to sixty two yard touchdown.

Fifty five plus. Yeah, I'll go Tyree. Come on. A million percent. I'm going Tyree kill, pal.

Guys, unguardable. And so just two things on this. On the back end of what's more likely since you just said Rashaan Gary, I chatted with him for the Westwood one Monday Night Football Studio show. We're going to pop that on our YouTube feed over the weekend. And to the reason why there's two Monday night games here in this week is there is not one on January 1st because ESPN is going to be showing the national championship semifinal games on that Monday night. So there is no in the NFL is like, OK, floor is yours.

Rose and sugar. So they've got two games coming up this Monday night. That's the answer to your question.

There you go. And speaking of the Westwood one broadcast, you can catch every single one broadcast for free on streaming it for free. Sponsored by AutoZone. It's all good in the hood with AutoZone. And certainly by just making sure you all know this all season long, you can listen every Westwood one broadcast of the NFL live on the NFL app by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports or on your Westwood one affiliate stations digital platforms. Kevin Harling, Kurt Warner and me all night on Monday night and all season long for free and get in the zone with AutoZone.

AutoZone's free battery testing and charging is available for free at your local AutoZone. Get in the zone. AutoZone restrictions apply. Irv's here. Michael Irvin's here.

Arnold Schwarzenegger an hour three. Come on now. Come on now.

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That's slash E-I-S-E-N or text E-I-S-E-N to 500-500 to try Audible free for 30 days. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. Good to see you, Michael. It's a lot in that Ritz.

It's a lot in that Ritz. It's unique. Everybody laugh. First time you've seen it. First time you guys saw that. Yeah. Yeah. The Death Prescott commercial. It's real. And by the way, it's on his it's on his his social media accounts. It is to try and screen.

You have a home testing for colon cancer. It is a great cause. It is great.

And it is hilarious. Yeah. And was that Ryan Reynolds voice at the end?

I think that's what it sounded like to me. Really? But the different stickers that you put on the bottom of what contains what you're, if you will, putting a sample into are all teams that he's going old timey prospectors, 49ers.

I see mammals, which is dolphins. Right. Right. And then of course, an eagle at the bottom. Right. Perfect timing for Sunday. What's going to happen?

What is going to happen? And the face at the end was Deadpool. It really was Ryan Reynolds. It's great. Right. But now it's a great commercial. And I love how it starts out when you're the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. A lot of people talk a lot of, you know what I'm saying?

Dropping the word. So it's great. Wow. It's going good.

It's great, isn't it? But boy, if this thing turns, that commercial going to turn. The dog got a button on there, right?

We had it installed a few weeks ago. All them buttons. All of that. Oh, and then they're going to be putting that on the bottom of that thing. That's what it's going to be. But let's be more positive. As long as it goes good, that's going to be a great commercial. If it goes, you know what I mean? It's going all the way.

Well, let's look at it positive. Let's say the bowl is half full. Okay? So let's go half full.

The commode is half full. That's pretty good. You know what I'm saying, Mike? That's pretty good. I like that. I like that. What do you think about Sunday night?

Let's just jump right into it. I feel good about Sunday night. You know what?

I'll tell you what. I said last week I had never been vexed and called in a game. And that was that Philly San Fran game. Just because the matchup and what Philly had done in that game was in Philly. This game, I feel good about Dallas. I feel good about where they are. Dallas is 14 straight home games. And I've heard the guys talk about this streak they got at home and how much it matters to them. So I feel good about that.

Many plans. Remember how Dallas, how Dak I should say, finished that game in Philadelphia. At a big fourth quarter, threw the ball all over the field. I need him to start this game like that and try to put Philly in one of those situations early on. But it's going to be a great game.

Well, it makes sense for him to be able to do that because of a couple things. You just saw the Philadelphia defense is exploitable. And number two, their offense is up there right now. The NFL offense, name another offense in the NFL.

You can't put anybody above Dallas right now. They are crushing it. McCarthy, when he took over the play calling, I know there was a lot of like, okay, good luck with that. Bringing that old school mentality here. But I think it worked.

My God, it worked. You have had a front row seat to CeeDee Lamb's ascension. What is different?

What is changed at all? This is the natural, you know, things for him. No, things have changed because they've given him more opportunities. You've heard many times when Troy would be doing a game and he'd say, hey, he's one-on-one. Why are we doing all this other stuff once he's one-on-one? You've got to just go back to him and throw the ball to him.

They're starting to do that more. And they put him inside and outside. They gave him more opportunities outside. Outside wide receiver, you get to do some one-on-one things. When you leave somebody inside so much and they were playing them a lot inside, you're more apt and they're more able. They're more apt and they're more able to double team you because they always have help around you. So then you start putting them out.

A lot of that stuff, man, moving them around. You see them doing now with CeeDee what they do with Tyreek Hill. Giving them, you know, tall sweeps and pitches, letting them run the ball. So now that makes a stress on the defense because you know the whole defensive point has been about CeeDee Lamb all year long.

He has to be. They still have to work on getting a better run game, a more consistent run game. And they're going to need it here in Philly because I think Philly's going to come out and say, hey, all right, we've been throwing the ball all over the yard. Let us try to slow your game down and just pound you to death.

And Dallas, you got to deal with stopping the run, I believe. OK, so there's that. And just before we move on in this conversation, what are your talks with CeeDee like? Well, I mean, what do you do?

Do you pull him aside? Take us inside what you love. Take us inside the 88 Club. You know, TJ's wearing the shirt. Right, right, right. Well, yeah.

What do you got? He has his shirt on, right? Yeah, he's got it. Right.

He has all the CDs. It's, you know, of course, Drew, Mean, Diaz and CeeDee. See that right there? I see it. You're missing somebody. And, you know, he's missing the Post Malone guy from Post Malone. Post will be offended by that shirt. You know, Post is in the 88 Club. You know, you got to put him on there.

With all due respect, he never scored a touchdown. Our group text, it's us and Post, you know, on the group text. So with CDs playing, you know, everybody's group texting, Post, Drew. Why is Post Malone in the 88 Club? Because we brought him in.

I get in the 88 Club. You know, Post came up cowboy. He's cowboy, so, you know. He's been holding down the fort for the cowboys from western Pennsylvania, Mike. Yeah, I know, but Post, you know, Post's dad parked cars over there.

He grew up as a cowboy, you know, so. All right, so Post Malone, I didn't know, I had no idea there could be honorary members of the 88 Club. Yeah, you know, you got to be able to take the number to a higher height. Okay.

You can't just come in and can't be a great asset and then just try to be a liability. Post Malone takes the 88 to a higher height. Okay, now I see it. So then what do you talk about with CDs? We just talk about the kind of year he's having. Does he pick your brain at all?

With CD, listen, CD is such, he's so tuned in right now. When I talk to him, I say, you know what 88's about? He said, I got it. Okay.

I got it. So not much needs to be said. You know, it's nothing to be said. We talked about it when we first got it.

When he first sat down and talked about it, I said, man, you know, there's a difference. When you wear this number, honestly, honestly, when you step with this number, because he was in the number two, I said, you wear number two, wear number two. But if you wear this number, it's different. It's going to give everybody hope because when this number's on the field, there's a positive, there's hope for championships. This is a championship number. Yeah, I remember when you got drafted, you told him you need to wear this number.

I remember that. And now, you know, and I think he's, I don't know, he's just, he's taking it on now. He can appreciate it. And I'm telling you something, man, he's just a great dude. When I went through something, he came, we were talking, man, and I texted him. I came, went to see him, he hugged me and grabbed me and walked off.

And he didn't know that I was going through anything. But man, it just meant so much to him. And I text him back later, I say, man, you know, that's just the power that the 88 has and what you're doing on the field. You know, I said, I know if you made this old 88 feel better, I know what you could do for kids wearing that 88. So I just appreciate you. You know what I mean? Those kind of conversations we have, too, because he's just a good dude, man.

I'm so proud of him and proud of the success he's had. Well, you divide 88 by Aikman's number, right? And you come up with 11, and that's Micah Parsons. What do you think about that math? You probably never thought about that math, right? I never thought about it like that.

You divide your 88 club by your quarterback and you come up with 11. And that's the guy right there. He's already said that we need a significant win and you need to dominate. Yes. You need to dominate someone. I don't know about dominating. You know, I would like to see that because I think, you know, there's still some things the Dallas defense has to prove. Well, in terms of that, I don't know if you covered this on Undisputed this morning because, you know, we're kind of up against you in a way. So did you hear what Nick Bosa had to say with the blueprint? Have you heard about that?

Well, I have not. Okay, here we go. This was Nick Bosa saying that he believes what the 49ers did against the Eagles offense is a blueprint that others can follow. It sounds like he is advocating that the Niners cracked a code on Sunday.

Here we go. Yeah, I mean you see it on tape though. And then obviously we put the blueprint out there. Hopefully the Cowboys watch the tape. We made Jalen stay in the pocket and escape outside instead of those big gaps and paid off. Because Jalen's looking at the rush every play.

So yeah, you just have to be disciplined and not give him that quick escape route where he could get to his guys quick. All right, blueprint. What do you think? That's interesting. That's a blueprint? That's interesting man. I got to go look back.

I got to go look at the game now and watch them do it and see it and then see if the cow. Let me tell y'all something about this blueprint stuff. Okay. You can write up a blueprint with the greatest whoever writes them up.

But if you don't have the people to perform what someone wrote then you just looking at a piece of paper with some ink on it. Come on. Let's start playing.

You know what I mean? I got to go make sure you got the pieces in place to do the blueprint to run the blueprint. We just oh got a blueprint. That's all good. We got a lot of things.

But can you actually function in to make it and there's a difference. Everybody's going to hear it and everybody's going to try. But very few will succeed with the Philadelphia Eagles. Well, but you guys have the pieces.

Cowboys going to be one of them. I mean, you know, Tank Lawrence, obviously you got you got Micah just to and then the back end. But what I heard him say is you got to keep them in the pocket. All right. Yeah. Slow ride. Don't give them those quick out the quick ends.

Now they're strong, strong and Dallas has got much better up the middle of the field with Mazzie and all those guys stopping to run everything. So it gives you a chance. But it's staying laying integrity and making sure he goes one way or the other.

It affects his ability to throw back. It sounds great. It sounds great. But getting it done is a whole nother thing. And the Cowboys do have some of that talent. OK. When you played, you disliked Philadelphia the most. Oh, see, I dislike.

Yeah, I just like them. Yeah, it was silly. But in Washington. But remember now, because we had Arizona was not beat them all the time. Between Washington and Philly. Yeah. But remember this. What Dallas going through now?

Before we really ran off with San Francisco, we were we had to deal with Philadelphia to get to our dynasty. I was literally, literally when they had Jerome Brown and Reggie White. Oh, my gosh.

Real boy. Well, I had a line and I told you I had a line and say he wasn't playing. I said, man, what's wrong with you? Say I'm hurt. So we hurt.

Jerome Brown and Reggie White. I said, where are you hurt? He said to me, somewhere in here. I said, what? You want to get your butt on this football field? He didn't want to go up against Reggie. He just said somewhere in here. You know, ain't nobody heard of.

He said somewhere in here. You didn't want to deal with that. So getting over this Philly hump is one thing. And we did it before. We'll do it again.

Then you got to go and deal with that San Francisco hump. The famed Jimmy Johnson, right, and Buddy Ryan. Didn't he say that he got his fat butt back in the locker room? You were on the field for that game, right? That was a scary team, though, dog. What, the Eagles? The Eagles team back then, it was Eric Allen. They had Waters, Andre Waters. God bless them. You know what I mean? Think about it, man.

Seth, Clyde. They had some boys with dogs on that team, man. We had to overcome them.

And that's what Dallas has to do. You never had to chip Reggie White, did you? No. Never. I ain't chipping nobody.

Ain't nobody. Ain't nowhere in none of my contract where they going to incentivize me to chip. So that chip is out.

You better get somebody else in here. That's Nova Chek's job. That's Nova Chek's job. I just want to catch the ball. That's Wynton's job. Like me, I used to tell them I'd do one thing and do it right. One thing and do it right.

But this can't get rich. I'm telling you, this game going to be a good game, man. It's going to be a great game. Dallas needs this game so bad. This is such a bigger game for Dallas than it is for Philadelphia. You think so? Oh.

Well, I mean... It ain't close. It ain't close. Philly could bury the Cowboys in the East for this. I mean, not bury for the season, obviously, but basically the Cowboys.

And that's why I'm sure you're saying it's a big path because the Cowboys' path, if they lose this, goes through a wildcard visit to the NFC South winner, just like last year, and then potentially another visit to Philadelphia or San Francisco or maybe even Detroit. Maybe I don't know how it's going to work. I'm not okay with any of those visits.

I'm just not in San Francisco right now. You know, but there's other visits. I'm okay with it. So that's why I say it's more important to Dallas, just for the mindset.

I don't care if Dallas has to go back to Philly. You are out of bounds. The commercial, I say it in commercials, just got to stay in bounds. You win that game, got to stay in bounds with that. That's it.

That's a close game. You played it there. You can go back up there and win that football game. So I'm not overly concerned with that.

I'm just saying you need your psyche right. You need to do this here, right here. And here's the funny part. You have this record at home.

Now, protect it, and if we do it right and it falls back, maybe you can get that thing coming back through home where you can lock it down. But I'm not overly concerned with them going back to Philly. Are you concerned that when we pick this game on Sunday, there'll be five stars in the bottom of the screen? Oh, no. No, no, no.

It won't be five stars. No, no, no. I think there will be. No. No, no, no, no. No, you don't want it to be that way.

No, I don't think it'll be that. Oh, I do. I really don't think. I do.

No, no. No, Kurt will find something wrong. You do know that you know the only the only person who can catch you right now in the pick standings. You're looking at him right here.

I'm only three back. Everyone else is. Everyone else is fine. It's like first alert. They have fallen.

They cannot get up. Mooch, Lone Wolf, the Patriots and the Jets last week. Yeah. It's it's a it's a it is a it is a sweet week that we will never forget.

This week. But my job. Oh, so we got it. You said great to do this.

Do you understand this? I love him. I love him. Rich took me. I'm the leader. I'm the leader. But Rich took this thing. Yes.

And made it made it great. He's the only one that can catch me. They just just glossed over that. I'm Lee. No. No. No.

Here. What I what I what I what I. I work with this master over there. I know that way.

Master communicator. Yeah, that's right. You know what I mean? What I plan to be is the seahorn of this thing, which is to just lock it down.

What do you think? See all of you. I'm Michael Irvin. That seahorn man.

Why is it disrespectful? J.C. Seahorn was one of the greats of your era. I love seahorn, but I don't want the new generation to ever think and to be given these stories, these figmentations of other people, imaginations that are not anywhere near the reality of any man.

Shut me down. Name Jason Seahorn. I don't know. So why do we keep bringing up Seahorn Island on Game Day morning? I don't know why we keep doing that.

Hey, what do y'all think of Deon, Del Green, all them dudes who really tried, who really tried. What do you think? They say all that work I put in is Jason Seahorn getting all these props. All right. Do I have you to the end of the hour? Do you got to go?

Yeah, I know. Come on, man. We'll go to the end of the hour. Let's take a break.

I want to talk about the rest of the NFL. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Studio Hour number three. That's Michael Irvin right here on The Rich Eyes.

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Download game time today, last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. Back here on the show, Michael Irvin is here. Our radio audience returns shortly. Arnold Schwarzenegger's coming here. Have you ever been in an action movie? You've done comedies, right? Yeah. Yeah. Not an action movie, Rich.

I always wanted to do an action movie. Well, I mean, there's still time. Yeah. You think so, Rich? I still time.

Action movie, will it require me to actually do the action? I'm running for ads. No, no. I'm cutting on these knees. No, no, no, no.

I mean, you could do the shirt off thing, you know, even though I don't know how he does it. If I ate like you, you'd roll me out here. This guy's metabolism. Different DNA structure. Is that what it is? Yeah.

Different DNA structure. Seriously. What'd you do? Like in the back? There's like three open chips. Kurt, I'm starving.

In our green room. I know. I'm starving. What are they feeding him on, Pico? I don't know. Is it baby fox spread? Is that what it is? I don't know. You could turn your own microphone on.

You're the sound guy. Baby fox spread. Baby fox spread. That's funny. No, but I try to do that eat when the sun up thing. You know what I mean? I try not to even eat breakfast. I'm up so early all the time, so I don't try to eat like early, early. You know?

Nobody just dumped all the needs from the liver in the morning. Okay. That's your... I need to learn. Yeah. But I mean, I see the way you eat sometimes, but you can do an action movie.

Let's get over an action movie. I want to get better though. I really do.

I want to be better. But then I'm so busy. I'm on the road all the time. I know that. You just eat what you got to eat when you got to eat. Don't worry.

You're doing fine. Because I eat it for energy. See, some people eat for pleasure. That's mooch. I'm eating for purpose. Understood. That's not mooch. That's not mooch.

I'm just eating to get energy to go do what I got to do. That's perfect. That makes sense.

Total complete sense. Michael Ervin here on The Rich Eisen Show. We're back on the radio show. Michael Ervin here.

We're just talking on our Roku channel feed about maybe being an action hero, film star like Arnold's coming in. Did you put up the poll question? What would you rather be?

I did. We put up a poll question. Would you rather have the nickname of the playmaker or the Terminator? What are people voting on right now? Right now... Terminator is a cold nickname. Sorry, Ervin.

It's 6436 right now. Terminator is a cold name. Terminator, yeah. And you can take it anywhere. You can take it anywhere. Terminator is always cool. But you can take Playmaker anywhere, too.

Yeah, you can. Because you want to be a playmaker. Now, I would think now in this world, as sensitive as the world is, that people would want to move away from wanting to terminate in Terminators and come on back to a playmaker.

You know what I mean? In all walks of life, go be a playmaker. Be a playmaker for your kids, be a playmaker for your parents, be a playmaker at work, be a playmaker in your social life, be a playmaker.

In all walks of life, be a Terminator, be a Terminator for your kids, be a Terminator for your parents. That doesn't work. I think Playmaker works better. Ladies and gentlemen, vote for Playmaker. I'm Michael Ervin and I have paid this much of pay.

But I love Arnold, I don't want to get it, you know. I've never asked you this question, who's the first to call you the playmaker? Winston Moss. Winston Moss, remember Winston Moss?

Of course. So this was in college? Right, in college.

I just got in there. I remember Eddie Brown and Stanley Shakespeare had just went on and everybody was wondering who's going to be the Miami wide receivers. I was, you know, just a freshman and we were outside making plays, I was outside making plays and then Winston still goes, okay, there's a playmaker right there and it just stuck from there. There's a playmaker right there, I'll never forget that. And practice.

And practice. And it was over. And it was over. Now he didn't know a few weeks before that, I'm studying film and Jimmy walks by, man, oh my God. Jimmy Johnson.

Jimmy Johnson was still a good bong, chill bong now, walked by. I was just a freshman and he said to me, he said, hey, he said, hey, son, this is Michael. I said, what's up, coach? Because, you know, my coach had talked to him, I just lost my dad, working hard, I just want to play football, try to get to the league. He said, son, he said, you're up here working. And I said, yeah, coach, getting ready. He said, boy, the whole, everybody's wondering what are we going to do at wide receiver? He said, wait till I show the world, Michael. So wait till I show them you. Don't let me down.

Oh, they got this place called Mahoney Pearsons, they're about 40 flights. I put on a 40 pound vest, I went up that thing so fast, up and down, up and down. I wasn't going to let them down, man. So you know, it was just, man, it was, that was a moment, man. And then I went out and started making plays. And that's when he called me a playmaker. Jimmy did? No, no, Jimmy was, we're in the meeting room, Jimmy was talking about, we got to find playmakers, we need people to make plays out here. And then later on, I'm studying, Jimmy walked by and he said that to me.

And then the next week in practice, I was making plays and Winston said, there's a playmaker. That was it, dude. I was over. I was stuck. It took off. I felt so good about it. I liked it. That's good.

What? Playmaker. And here we are in 2023.

With the playmaker. And still around. You are definitely that, sir.

Thank God for that. Michael Irvin, you're right on the Rich Eisen Show. Okay, so who's the best team in the AFC? I interviewed Odell for the show here.

Okay. Sunday, Odell Beckham yesterday. Boy, what a day yesterday was.

I was all over the place in Miami with all these appearances and getting the shows in and the interviews in. But man, I really like, and it was an interesting interview because I really like what I heard from him and the development because I've been going crazy about Lamar Jackson's development and how now I see some of Patrick Mahomes and how he's sitting in the pocket and he's really focused on the upfield. And I said, and he and I was having a conversation and I said, how has it been?

He said, it's been an adjustment. And I thought it made me think about it, I said, wow, you know, I imagine so because Odell, and I didn't think about it, Odell is a route running wide receiver. Lamar never really had a pure route runner like that.

So all of his receivers have had the second and third routes catching passes. Like Lamar never was comfortable saying, I'm trusting you to get the square in. Throwing it early.

Never was comfortable saying, I'm going to throw this bang eight before I see you open like what Troy and I did, you see what I mean? So now Odell comes when Odell's open, it's not something he trusts. So then he had to make an adjustment, but Lamar has to make that adjustment. Now Lamar sits in the pocket and he's and he's getting the ball out and I'm like, wow, now I believe they can take down that thing in Kansas City because they come with physicality. You know, the run game, they come with a physical run game and you add Lamar to kiss, move around ability and what Patrick Mahone has up the field.

Yeah, that could be, that's dangerous right now. I got, I like Miami. I like Baltimore. I like Miami because they're just so explosive, right?

I like Baltimore because they're just so physical. So why not Kansas City to figure it out? Well, listen, you, you, you see, how many times have they been counted out, but there's only so much weight, uh, Mr. Atlas can carry and Mr. Atlas has been carrying that thing boy.

And we keep just putting more and more weight on them. And that's Patrick Mahone's, you know, I say it earlier, this is going to be a hard year for Travis Kelce. He's having a great year, but he's going to be beat up after this year. He'll feel, he'll feel more physically beat.

I just, from all the tellers, he kind of looks already, no, no, but I'm talking about from what happens on defense on the field too, you can see because they know rich, if you just slow him down, it slows his whole thing down. So who's the answer. Rasheed Rice, Pacheco. He's coming.

What are you saying? So he's a good player too. He plays hard.

He runs hard and Rice is coming and Rice, if he gets here before the end of the year, gets here, then they'll have a shot, but he's not here right now. Okay. He's not here right now.

All right. And the Dolphins, you, you, you think that they, they can win it all too? We did not see that, but we had the debate about, because Wes Walker said that Tyreek Hill's, I guess, basically better than Randy Moss. Did you guys not talk about that?

We have not, sir. Do you, do you, do you, and I, listen, I said this, I understand what Wes Walker's saying. See, we see Randy Moss, 6'4, he runs a 4'3, he's as fast as Tyreek, he said, oh, why wouldn't he want to die? You build a passing game around Randy Moss. They have built the whole offensive system around Tyreek Hill. You can't build the whole offensive system around Randy Moss.

This dude is different. And as long as he's the only team, they are not out. I was, I, you know, I was so upset with Kansas City, man, because they cheated us. You don't think they cheated us? How would you let Tyreek leave Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce?

I wanted to see that for the next five years. Well, and I think everybody thought that he's going to go to Miami with Tua, new coach. Well, it's nice knowing you, Tyreek. And it's a totally different ball of wax.

And you thought he was going to be gone and out to here? Right. Certainly. And then he's coming out and saying, hey, Tua is just as good as Mahomes, if not a better thrower of the football, and then McDaniel comes up with this release that that that Kyle Shanahan kind of refers to as a cheat, a cheat release, you know, where you kind of bend it right up to the snap, a little like a CFL type sort of release. And the way that they figure it out and the way that Tyreek is smart enough to to kind of change things up mid, mid, mid, you know, snap almost, right?

You know, it's it's it's it's unique, you don't see it. But the danger of it all, the danger of it all is that little joker will catch the ball full speed running across the middle. See little jokers like that didn't do that. You know, little jokers, man, it's just so, oh, yeah, it's fast, but it's small, they're going to be running through here, you'll knock them out. That little joker be running across the middle, wide open, as it be gone, I'm getting scared of nothing. This kid is a different dude right now. I mean, it's a different dude, man. He has seen routes, slant routes, anything, and he takes him and go, it is a phenomenal thing, man.

That dude's a phenomenal player. But if you had to put your marker in the 20 seconds I have left, Ravens is what you're saying. I like the Ravens. I like the Ravens right now. But Tyreek, he'll keep Miami in it.

No, no, I mean, but if you had to put your marker, obviously, it's wide open, which is kind of wonderful. All right, Michael Irvin, you're the man. Everybody catch him on game day morning, undisputed at Michael Irvin, 88. He's the playmaker.

Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Irvin. He said that. I love it. Enjoy my time. There you go. Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming in studio in hour number three. I would not go anywhere, obviously, if I were you right here on the Roku channel and this Rich Eisen show radio network, which we still have about a minute plus to go here. So real quick, I've got 90 seconds. You came in my ear and you said you popped in my ear and you said the following is Tyreek Hill a Hall of Famer?

Oh, yeah. Tyreek Hill is definitely going to be a Hall of Famer. I don't see him slowing down, even if he stopped right now. I think he would have to put him in the Hall of Famer. There's no doubt, man. Just stop playing, man. You can project, you can project out and you can say if something catastrophic happened to him and he got hurt, he was saying, come on, man.

What we saw, that was just mind blowing. You still put him in the Hall of Famer. So you think one day it's going to be the Nitski Luncheon and it's time for Tyreek Hill to get his in that room? We're going to stand up and somebody's going to say Cheetah.

Cheetah, come get your gold jacket. You think so? What? Oh, no doubt. The dude changing the game too now, dog, he's changing this game and it really is phenomenal. Like you said, they expected him to go to Miami and they didn't expect Miami to be where they are right now.

And he just turned that whole team around. Did you guys see that announcer talking about Tua and how different he is now that he has Tyreek Hill, you know, and how much more confident he shows? I mean, it's special to watch.

McDaniel and Tyreek have kind of changed to his career path. That's for sure. No doubt.

No doubt. Michael Irvin here on the Rich Eisen Show again, catch us on Game Day Morning coming up on Sunday. And we're back with Arnold Schwarzenegger, an hour, three and a moment. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson 2. In 1995, when WCW announces they're going to be live and head to head with Monday Night Raw feels like this would have been something Vince would have kind of laughed off. No, we did not like them moving to Monday nights. There were a lot of hotels. They all carried CNN, TBS and TNT. Vince was convinced that Ted Turner had deviously done this deal to get in the hotels and keep us out. Something to Wrestle, wherever you listen.
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