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REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 7, 2023 2:29 pm

REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 7, 2023 2:29 pm

Rich previews the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots, and the guys borrow from the College Football Playoff and name which 4 NFL teams would make the postseason if a selection committee made the choices.

Yankees fan Rich react to his beloved Pinstripes landing All-Star slugger Juan Soto in a trade with the San Diego Padres. 

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Learn more at slash credit card. Limitations apply. Check this out. This is The Rich Eisen Show. I said I wasn't going to talk about the Jets again after the Black Friday disaster. Here I am every time I think I'm live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Eventually stays like a before The Rich Eisen Show. Zach Wilson is back, not just back.

He's a starter for the rest of the season. Today's guest, Timber Wolf's point guard, Mike Conley, actor David Oyelow, plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen.

That's correct. Welcome this edition of The Rich Eisen Show here on a Thursday in December twenty twenty three eight four four two oh four rich number. I'd like to hear from you today. We have a conversation.

I'm quarter zipped up, ready to roll for the next three hours. We're hoping you join us right here on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more. We say hello to our podcast listeners, our podcast every single day, all three hours available for you. One, two and three.

Listen to all three. We appreciate hitting the follow button. They're also part of our RSS feed. The overreaction Monday podcast still out there for you. Tonight's Thursday night football game between the Steelers and the Patriots will not date a single aspect of it whatsoever.

It'll still be completely overreaction Monday proof like it was right in your inbox on Monday, eight four four two oh four. Rich number to talk about the Thursday night game, Susie and Amy Trask and what the football that's out there as well. My guest on it talking quite a bit about the big game this very Sunday, Philadelphia and the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night football. Good to see you over there, Christopher Brockman. How are you?

Rich, I'm great. What's up? D.J.

Mikey, it is nuts. Good to see you at your post. T.J. Jefferson, Candles already lit.

Good to see you. Candles lit and beat had 50 last night. Let's go. And beat had 50 last night. Luca had a triple double by halftime. Right. First quarter. Right. He looked terrific. The rest of the NBA was back out there. Congratulations to Luca. Just had his first child. Hey, how about that?

So he's on no sleep and he's dropping triple doubles. So I guess what is that telling the folks at F.S. one? They don't know what they're talking about.

If you have a baby, you can still triple double in the state of Texas. Apparently. Is that what you can do? OK. Right.

Because Dak looks pretty good. Oh, he is truly one of the dumbest takes that hit my inbox in the past few years. Really dumb. OK. Yeah.

At any rate, that's for another network. That's baby Fox. That was you know, that's like infant.

That's like embryo Fox. That's how bad that take was. Hey, speaking of bad takes, I'll own this one. When the NBA in-season tournament was announced and it took a lot of like a understanding. I mean, I know they wanted to make the early regular season games feel bigger, count better in the mind's eye of the fan that I got. I just kind of just trying to figure out, you know, making it like the World Cup with pool play. And how does that work? And if you, you know, you play four games and pool play. And what if you go on three of the first ones, you already know you're out. What are you going to do in the World Cup? You know, they're trying, you know, you don't want to go back to some of these countries and when you're tanking.

Right. Some of those countries are very serious. They're run by people that are there.

I'll show you a tank. It's in a very small, remote part of our nation. So I didn't understand that part of it. But then I finally got it. And then I looked at the schedule and I saw, OK, so they're playing the semifinal games and the finals in Vegas that I get because, you know, the NFL is playing its final game in Las Vegas, Nevada this year. And you've been there. I have been there for the draft. It's amazing. And I've been there for an NBA All-Star game.

It was insane all week and then even worse, trying to get out of town back when it was McCarran Airport. And I'm saying you've been there to play some dice, too. Oh, not in a long time, sir. Oh, really?

Really? I wish. That is verboten, sir, as the National Football League might point out. Oh, my bad.

No, no, no dice. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Literally and figuratively.

But at the time, I was seeing it in myself. Oh, wait a minute. December. On a Thursday, that's the NFL. What's the NBA thinking about?

Then I looked up, what's the week 14 kickoff on Prime Video that you could see on the Roku? I might not have said that exactly in the air in my head, but I looked it up and I saw Patriot Steelers. I'm like, man, big game.

Look at the Moxie out of the NBA here. All right, we're going to create something new that it's difficult to follow and understand. And and and we're going to we're going to have two of the most important games to make this thing work and cash up against Patriots and Steelers.

Good luck to you. I even came on the air and I basically said, OK, we'll see how that works out. Yep. So let's say 12 facts. And here we are. Right. Here we are.

December 7th. Here we are. Here we go. And, you know, and there's a game tonight. There's a game tonight. And it's Zappi v. Trubisky. Hey, all right.

And I'll raise my hand in typical Del Tufo style and go, my bad, I can't have everything ready. My bad. And listen, Lakers, pelicans is interesting to me.

Yeah. And we'll see what happens when the Bucks and Tyrese Halliburton collide in Las Vegas tonight. The Pacers. But I didn't see this one coming. Now, the Steelers, this is a big football game tonight for the Pittsburgh Steelers. For them.

Yeah, it is a well. Hold on a second. Let me let me finish. Let me finish. All right. Because they have a memorandum on my desk here. And I, I understand.

Let me grab that. OK, so the Pittsburgh Steelers, this is a big football game for them tonight, seven and five. And in the AFC playoff picture. They have to win a home game against the two win team that can't score a single point. They didn't last week.

This is what we would call a bunny. And I would never say that for a Bill Belichick coach team coming into town. Never. But they are to call the Patriots banged up is an offense to the great health care system of Boston, Massachusetts. All world, by the way. Yeah, absolutely.

Mass general. OK. Among others. Yeah.

Come on. And the Browns are seven and five and the Colts are seven and five and the Texans are seven and five. And the Broncos are six and six and the Bills are six and six and the Bengals are six and six. And you got the Patriots in a two win situation with Ramondre Stevenson now out to add to the host of players who are now out. And Mac Jones, so buried on the bench that it will take a considerable.

Car wreck to have him play a game tonight. And this Patriots team is coming in, limping in on a short week on the road in Pittsburgh. This one, and I know it's it's an offense to anybody who plays the NFL and certainly the legends who are coaching against each other tonight to say this one is a gimme. And certainly if you're telling me T.J. coming from Pittsburgh, P.A. and I'm seeing the reaction to me saying multiple times this week, you're out of your mind if you want to get rid of Mike Thomas. Yeah, they still offense. And the pushback has been last few years when I've said it, people were kind of like sort of like, you know, the Alonzo morning jiff of shaking their head and go, well, you got a point in the right sites, right?

This year, it's been ferocious and saying, not this year, no more. But there's seven and five. And they should be eight and five by the end of tonight, which means there's still that five seed walking into Indianapolis next week. For a Saturday game that I'll be calling on NFL Network. A big one. So that's what's at stake there.

What's at stake for the New England Patriots? I have it right here. Do you have it right there, Mike? I'm not asking you to grab the paper. There's there's a button. There's a button that you should be hitting right now.

There's a button you should be hitting right now. That's OK. I wanted the paper and the OK, just just give me the job.

Did you get that memo? I do have it. Yeah, I want it. Yeah, OK. They're going into this game tonight. New England to win it, pal. And I can see a scenario this evening.

Hey, you say sure all you want. I could see a scenario this evening. Where the Steelers with Truberski are still sleepwalking on offense and Bailey Zappi shows up and Zeke Elliott shows up and, you know, and Belichick's defense is as good as it's been the last couple of weeks. And the points challenge Steelers are points challenged tonight and New England strolls out of their points. Challenge Patriots. How I get a team points in the last I know that they're that they are the first team since the Chicago Cardinals of 1938 to lose three straight games in which they have given up 10 or fewer points. I could see a scenario where they come up with that dub tonight, and I'm just telling you this.

The Patriots want to win this game in the worst worst way. Just a reminder to everybody out there is like Caleb, this Drake made that. And by the way, you're already hearing. Even from my buddy Orlovsky, I think, is the one out there wondering about the height, how tall is Caleb Williams after all? Oh, geez, really? Are we going to get a shot at the combine? Well, hand size, height, all that business.

Jayden Daniels should go number one. Is that coming in the next few minutes? I already told you the way it's going to work.

Yeah, I already told you how it will work out tonight. Nobody wants us to win. OK, that's not true. I get that the organization wants to win.

Everyone who has a check signed by R.K.K. and they want to win the game. Yes, they do. The millions and millions of the fan base do not. They stink. They're going to keep stinking for five more weeks.

They're not going to score a point tonight. Maybe you'll have your Frank Gore moment tonight. Maybe Zeke is your Frank Gore. And again, the Frank Gore, the three yards and a cloud of dust.

No, Frank Gore. I keep telling you, as the Jets are starting, Zach Wilson again this weekend. And Trevor Lawrence is already showing his superhuman ability to come back from an injury that looked like it was season ending.

And now he's strolling around with a wrap on wearing open toed slides, coming back two days later to say it's not so bad. Maybe I'll play this weekend for the Jacksonville Jaguars or miss only one game with a high ankle sprain, blah, blah, blah. Check in for animantium. Frank Gore scored a touchdown here in Los Angeles against the Rams. And the Jets are high five in. And they were all psyched to blow up their chance at Trevor Lawrence and Zach starting this weekend.

Here's what they have. This is what's going to have Frank Gore. Let me tell you what.

Here's what's going to happen if the Patriots win tonight. I'm going to need a new TV in my living room because I'm going to throw my remote through it. How big is your remote?

Big enough. I mean, it's the old old DirecTV remote. Oh, OK, John. Oh, it's old with the double A's in there for extra heft.

Those things were heavy. OK, luckily, he's got another one of those up there, Mike. He's got another TV next to it.

So if you crack one. Wait a minute. You don't have you have Roku's giving you devices. What's going on? I'm going to break my TV. That's what I'm trying to say tonight. Wow. Don't do that.

Those those those videos that go viral and someone loses a bet or misses a kick or something. That's going to be me. Oh, it's subordinate. And Charlie, let me come over here.

Certainly, Roku feels that way. Don't win tonight. That's all I'm saying.

Where's my camera? Do not win tonight. Zappi, you got the memo.

Did you get that memo? I need three turnovers minimum out of you tonight. OK, I need the ball on the ground. I need zero points. He's not going to do that.

Go Patriots. Well, he might not do that. But you know who might do that is T.J. What?

He'll probably take you up on that. Come on. Yeah, because they want to win this thing. They have to win it.

He'll he'll get a few sets. They don't have to win. No, they do not have to know the Steelers. Oh, the Steelers. I thought you meant that's why I was like T.J. Watto.

How are they going to let the Steelers have to win? Let me tell you something that's a winner. Exactly. Just one last thing on this subject matter. Just to close this thing up here. Out of and I was around it in Germany, I'm going to be around this team again for week 16.

By the way, on Christmas Eve. Patriots at Broncos. That's the last game I'm calling for NFL Network this year.

We'll be there, Kurt Warner and I in the booth, and I'll be around that team and around them in Germany and around this team. They are definitely, I think, a little bit shocked as to how this has fallen apart so quickly. On the opposite side of that scale, as you know, Chris are a whole legion of fan bases that are taking those tears and filling up their mugs because the Patriots were standing in their way or kicking their ass up and down the block for those 20 years of Belichick and Brady doing it together and the whole host of soon to be future Hall of Famers that haven't been named yet and deserve to be in there because of that two decade stretch of dominance. You said like that on purpose?

Yes. The Steelers fan base has to be very high on that list. And we'll take no prisoners this evening, and I bet Tomlin.

We'll channel that. I mean, the flip side of the Steelers lose is that again, those Tomlin haters. This is as low as the Patriots have been. Pre Belichick, I mean, go back to this is Dick McPherson Patriots.

This is how low it is right now. This is the 92 season, the worst team in the league and the number one pick the next year. Could have seen it coming and hear that team strolls in tonight. Yeah, but the best part about the NFL, too, is Richard are ready to roll. You could turn it around in a year. Look at the Houston Texans. You could turn it around in a week, in a short week between scoring no points at home against the Chargers and marching into Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and winning a game that you've been told through a memorandum from Chris Brock to not do. I mean, go get your stapler.

I'd bet my house there's no way the Pats. Wow. Be careful. Hey, Milton.

I mean, I'm home alone, so I know that we got to talk about that. You know what we're going to do next? Well, first of all, let's go through the guest list today. Our first guest is a very large individual. He is strolling in here, I imagine, with his new Colorado Buffalo's gear. Yeah, his name is Jordan Seaton. I remember he kept on saying, you need a little that Dion watching his son getting his.

Back broke, back broke and all of that destroyed it. They need more sand in the pants. Yeah, we knew that early on.

You know, in the line, it's certainly an offensive line play. Well, he got some sand. He got he got a seat. He got Seaton, and I don't mean Dan Patrick's.

No, this this gentleman is six five to eighty seven. He might he might fill up this entire chair like Whitworth style, right? Oh, yeah, he's coming in our number two. He's the new Colorado Buffalo. He's the number one offensive tackle available in this year's recruiting class.

That's what they need. And he's going to go to Colorado. So Prime got himself some sand in the pants, and he'll be here in studio in our number two. We've got an in-studio guest in our number three, David Oyelowo. He is the star of the new Taylor Sheridan show, which means it's already a monster hit on Paramount Plus, which is available right here on Roku and the Roku Channel. He plays the lawman Bass Reeves.

And he will be here in studio in our number three. You may also know him from his work. He played Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma, and he's a Brit. And I can't wait to I love when we have Brit actors and actresses here.

And I'm like, where do you come up with the American accent? So I like who they do it so well. I know they do.

And they make us look dumb. I'm going to work on straight up. I know. Oh, and Mike Conley, Mike Conley will be on the program will be on the program from the 16 and four Minnesota Timberwolves.

Hey, oh, man, they're ball. And we'll ask him all sorts of questions about what's going on with his team. And and then at some point, I will ask him if he follows college football.

So that'll be great. Nothing personal, nothing personal. I'm just wondering, it's a lot of questions. Just want to hunt and peck. Do you follow college football?

What did you go to be great? And so speaking of college football, when we come back, this is going to be fun. I wouldn't miss this if I were you.

And I'm not just saying that because it's my job to keep you through the commercial break we're about to go to on this. This, by the way, the big lead winning radio show of the year, right? Yeah, absolutely. Appreciate the big lead for giving us a shout out and great.

Right. Do we get an award for that? We get something much like Del Tufo's. They gave us a nice write up. You get a certificate.

I actually have a certificate. No. Do they send us something? Oh, it's a very nice write up. It was very nice.

Great write up, man. I think it's just like they clearly taken our program out in the back. Yeah, they've seen the show. And so or heard it since where the radio shows here. Right. At any rate.

We have mentioned multiple times. What if the NFL had a playoff committee that would choose the four best teams? And, you know, where would that place the teams that have backup quarterbacks see you?

You know, would we do the same thing? So what we're going to do next, all four of us have created our own playoff committee of one with the NFL. And we have our final four to make the playoffs like right now. Unfortunately, right now, I know again, Chris Brockman would love the season to end. Well, not right now. You'd need one more loss to you got to be better than you got to be worse than Carolina.

Like I said, they're going to win one more game. But when we come back, we're going to have our own playoff committee. Oh, I also.

Yeah. The final four, all of us. And who are we leaving out? Who would you leave out, by the way?

By by by by using your hands and calling in eight, four, four, two or four rich number to dial to tell us about that. I've got my top five most intriguing matchups of week number 14. It is getting late for a lot of fantasy leagues. This is the final regular season week for many people.

And so T.J. Jefferson, your fantasy advice could not be more crucial and important. Yeah, I'm going to give you some handcuffs. Urgent. Oh, really? Yeah.

Very kinky. All right. That's next. Our college football playoff committee. Brockman is not even making eye contact with you now. Can't do it.

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Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. So I saw this on the old X machine the other night, and I thought it was a funny comment, although obviously not at the moment when we thought that Trevor Lawrence was significantly hurt for the entire season. And now that we've seen him show up. Well, that is podium yesterday with a mere bandage wrap on his high ankle sprain, and he's not even in some sort of a boots, he's not even in something. Isn't even in a high top shoe. There's some slack. He's just letting that ankle freak flag fly, man. Right. Wobble, wobble that baby out. But you're like, hey, those wraps can be tied or whatever.

Open toed sandal. That's a choice to basically say I'm OK. And I saw the tweet, like, hey, good thing, you know, like, you know, the college football playoff, it wasn't a good thing is the tweet was the college football playoff committee has just eliminated the Jacksonville Jaguars from the playoffs. Yeah, I mean, they lost the quarterback. And I was again saying over and over and over again, poor Florida State's defense, you know. Did they break their own start and quarterback's leg? Did they concuss their backup quarterback to the point where now a third stringers in there looking less than in the playoff committee is like, yeah, well, forget the fact that the defense held Jeff Brahms offense to less than 20 points, which I think Bruce Feldman said hadn't been done in years.

When he came in on Wednesday, I don't know, be that as it may. I'm like, good thing the NFL doesn't have a college football playoff committee. And you came in and you're like, hey, what if we became players? Like, hey, what if we became that, Chris? That's right. So what we have done is we have created all of us, our final four.

Entering week 14, if the playoffs started today, this would be the way we would do it in the NFL if there was a college football playoff committee. And it's interesting. What are our metrics going to be? Right. You know, is it just straight record? Do you have to have a division crown?

Is it for television purposes, the most entertaining match up? You never know. So here we go. All four of us have given it right. It's me. And it's you, Chris, and it's you, Delta phone. It's you, TJ.

All of us going to give our final four. I like the music. Now we're going to switch it. Oh, we're going to switch. Oh, you played the wrong music. No, you just raise your hand.

Pre-game music and then I have a game music. Start. Watch. OK, here we go. I'll go first. Drop that. Here we go. Chris, you're up. What do you got? Here's my college football playoff committee final four.

If it was for the NFL. Oh, look at this on the screen right there. It looks like it looks like it's amazing. All right. Here we go.

Yeah. My number one seed. They are number one on my power rankings. I believe they're going to be number one on everybody's rich NFL playoff committee final four.

It's the San Francisco 49ers. They're the one seed. OK. OK, next up, your two seed. Again, if we selected NFL playoff teams like college football, my two seed are currently the 10 win Philadelphia Eagles. They're still the two seed right now.

All right. Next up. It's the three seed, right? This is how ESPN did it. They did one, two, three, and then went to six, then announced the four and the five, right?

Correct. OK. OK, my number three seed. I have them in my power rankings as the highest ranked AFC team. And I think television wise, people would love to see Jalen Hurts versus Lamar Jackson, the Baltimore Ravens are number three.

Now, whoa. By your reaction, that means you're afraid to play the Ravens, right? You're not acting surprised. You're acting like you're scared to play the Ravens, because that was the reaction I was hoping you would give, because that's the reaction Michigan had when they saw Alabama instead of Florida State.

All I'm saying. Next up, Michigan. Next up. Number six.

Yes. This team did not make it. They're going to be playing for all the oranges in the NFL. Number six are the current one seed in the AFC, the Miami Dolphins are six. Oh, there's six. So now I'm revealing five next.

Is that what it is or four connects for next? The team that has made the NFL playoffs to play them, San Francisco forty niners in the first round. Are the Kansas City Chiefs. They have made it, which means the Dallas Cowboys are out.

Five. And here's my reasoning. You had your whole Cowboys whiteboard up. You look at these frozen Cowboys are out. Chiefs are in. I think America would love to see a rematch between the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Niners like their Super Bowl from a couple of years ago.

And in terms of television, in terms of what more people would like to see. Clearly, you don't care about the Dallas Cowboys rate a lot. But there's one person that outrates the Dallas Cowboys when she shows up. Come on, son.

In a stand, you bet. Come on, son. I'm not kicking Taylor Swift out of the NFL playoffs. No way. No, how rich is the Kansas City Chiefs.

Karma is a boy on the Chiefs, and he's making the playoffs. TJ, you're up next. I only won't participate in this. Phenomenal. All right.

TJ, rich, believe it or not, we were very simpatico on a lot of these. All right. What do you got coming in at number one? Look, man, it is what it is. I think that's the way we should all put the Niners up first. It's like, look, man, it's what it is. It is what it is. The thing about the Niners is, I'll give them props. This is a very strong team, and they're very loaded on both sides of the ball. And they got a kid from Altoona, Kevin Gibbons, number 90, that plays on the defensive line. He grew up across the street from my mom for a few years.

So that's a little known fact about him. So I got the Niners at one. Number two, look, again, 10 and two right now.

You can make an argument. We are simpatico. Number one, they got the most wins in the league, but because they did get handled in such a solid way on Sunday, I got to put the Niners when I got to pick the Eagles, too. All right. So who's three coming at number three? This was tough.

Three through six was all pretty hard. But I'm going to stick with you on this one. I'm going to say it might be Lamar's time to shine. How amazing would it be, even if that's the Super Bowl at the end of the year? Jalen Hurts and Lamar Jackson in the same field, I think would be it wouldn't be my preference.

I understand what you're saying, but it would be a good game. OK, so now who's six? Let's go. Now we got to go to number six. Now, look, much like the college playoffs, guys, I wasn't sure if maybe like if something happened to like four or three, maybe six or five could pop up into one of the four spots.

I don't know. But I just knew if I was going to make a list, I could not leave these guys off at eight and four. And that's that's the Kansas City Chiefs. Chiefs are six. OK, I'm there. All right. So who's four?

Who makes it? T.J. Jepa. OK. Oh, just he's grabbing. We don't need any type of suspense or anything. OK, Mikey, could you could you help me with this, brother?

No, I don't think you could do the music and the drop. OK, I mean, good, good, good. Let's move this over this way so that people at home can see it. I got the Cowboys in at four and I got the Dolphins in at number five. OK. All right. Mike Del Tufo.

What do you have over there? I love it because I am way different than you guys. And I think this is but understand this is what we wanted to begin. Exactly. OK, I'm way different because I'm thinking TV. I go because I work in sports television. Oh, my God. I got to think TV. What does that mean?

It's got to think TV. So my number one number one is I'm simpatico with everybody. Very good. San Francisco. So who's that San Francisco number two? Number two.

Number two. I'm going I'm pulling it a little because they are actually the second best team in the league and Miami. OK, OK. Third, you got South Florida wrapped up. By the way, you just want to dress like you dressed at the Super Bowl years ago. And you go back there and have the casinos. We want to go.

We want to go because of you ready for a sequined jacket at this point, because I can get you the reservation of Prime 112. You don't have to. OK, I see. All right. My my number three.

Philadelphia. OK. I have to.

But of course, it makes sense. Now, number six, six, they're out and you guys are going to laugh. But it's they have to be because they're not they're not in the top four. Baltimore, they're hanging. They're hanging outside there. I don't think they're going to make it past the Ravens are hanging outside.

I don't think they make it past these other teams. The Ravens are out. OK, all right. Number four. Do the right thing, Mike.

OK, you know exactly what I'm doing, TJ. The Cowboys are four because they they're there. OK, OK, and the other team. Sorry. Yes, chiefs are going to shake it off, baby. Kansas City. Look at you dropping that.

All right. I like it, Mike. But so we're using the same six teams here.

I can't wait to hear Brockman. It's going to be where you're the guy here. You talk about college football playoff committee. Got it right. Right. Got it right.

They got it completely right. Got it right. So this one is very important that you nail this.

Yeah. And back your play, obviously. OK, Chris Brockman, go for it. Mike, respect your Moxie. You did a great job.

Thank you. 49ers are number one. Obviously, they got five thirty to strike the victory, which is no more in the league. They deserve it. They're the best team when healthy in the NFL.

Now, number two, unlike the college football committee, I believe, Rich, it's a TV show, but also the defending champ gets a chance to defend their title. Oh, my God. You see, the Chiefs look at you are number two. Are number two.

Oh, my goodness. Because when healthy, the Chiefs host a game in Arrowhead. They're going to host a game in Arrowhead.

OK, they're the best team. Finally, you gave my home to home the home field. Yeah, he deserves it. By the way, I have no idea if that's the way our crazy system would work. You give him home field.

All right, so that's it. OK, Chiefs are two. He deserves it.

And why? Why does he deserve it over the number three team? Strength of Victory Ridge point four nine oh for the Chiefs. Well, you did your math three three oh for the Dallas Cowboys. I need the Dallas Cowboys in my playoff. Also, got to have a possibility that they make the Super Bowl for ratings. Cowboys, the three spot Cowboys, Chiefs, by the way. By the way, if Taylor Swift showed up to a Cowboys, Chiefs game, would every television set break?

That's the question. There'll be a lot of Super Bowl. That's why the Cowboys have a better record. They got to go on the road.

But I think the victory you can be redeemed, your son, Sean McManus. They're all on their hope chests right now that that would be the Super Bowl. Chiefs, Cowboys, Vegas, Vegas, Taylor Swift, us, us. So that's right. Yeah, we're fifth.

We'll be there. All right. Sorry. Number six.

What do you got? Number six. They're having a great season. Love their quarterback. But nobody wants to watch him play the Baltimore Ravens.

Nobody wants to watch the play. They're not aesthetically pleasing. They're not aesthetically pleasing. That is not going to rate.

Oh, my goodness. I didn't know what it's not going to race here. Not going to rate.

Oh, it's it's ugly football. Not going to rate. Nobody cares.

That's odd. Nobody cares. All right. So who makes it down? All right.

Here's the deal. Niners, obviously one of the most exciting dynamic teams. This team is the second most exciting and dynamic team in the league. The Dolphins and they have scored the most points in the NFL.

Well, they do everything. They've got a great young coach, great young players, probably the MVP in the league in Tyree, kill the Miami Dolphins. The cheetah makes it number four. All right. And I got the Philadelphia Eagles are out. They're out. The Eagles are out. No cheesesteaks. Eagles are out. Caitlin hurts his baby. We watch Marcus Mariota play quarterback in the playoff.

What are we doing, by the way? How about him saying that defending champs deserve to be in just because of that alone, because Sarah is going to let you back in the house. Anyway, it doesn't matter. You don't have to do that.

You don't have to do that just because she's a bulldog fan. Come on. You have to say that you don't.

You're just not one of the four best teams. OK, this guy, Capen. Well done.

Well done, everybody. I would like to say I just think I just think, my God, you tell twofold. What did you just and you guys leaving the Ravens out, you put the the you put the boo in court ratings on this one. Get out of here.

You don't want to say, though, I love the Cowboys beat the Eagles this week. I want to switch up my four. All right. You know, we can do it.

You know, we could do is we could open up the phone lines here like we did the old, you know, schedule game. Give us your give us your top four. I like it. Eight four four two oh four. Rich never to tell us.

Let's go. Disappointing you, Rich, because I left the Cowboys out. Yeah, dude, the Chiefs have a division title right now. What are the Cowboys just saying? You know what I mean?

I can be upset. Ravens are division winner. Yeah, you got the Cowboys out.

Eagles are leading the division. Rich doesn't care about the doesn't care about four division leaders. Doesn't care about ratings.

I've got a Super Bowl rematch. It doesn't care about ratings, says a guy who put the Chiefs in specifically for Ravens for the ultimate rating. Yeah, he cares about ratings, honestly, if there's anybody who will outrate the Cowboys, it's the Chiefs.

I don't think with Taylor Swift, by the way, Taylor Swift is saving democracy. OK, what's the reason about that right now? Get out.

What? Just say what are we good? I'm putting the Chiefs in for ratings when we come back. Hey, listen, and if anybody out there who thinks that Brockman is just a little bit too much for them or just a little bit too much by by by taking your team out like that. When we come back, we're going to talk a little baseball and it's going to be fun.

It's going to be a lot of fun. For who? Oh, for me. Oh, yes. And Mike, that's it.

What a setup. Jackson. Get an inside look at Hollywood with Michael Rosenbaum.

Let's get inside of my father, John Glover. You know, we watch talk, Phil, and most of these episodes I never saw. I didn't watch the show.

You never once saw yourself on Smallville. In the beginning, I used to look at myself all the time and love to. And then as I get older, I stopped. Why is that?

I don't know. Maybe because I'm older. I was going to talk to you about that because you're 79. Yeah.

How old do you feel? Eleven inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum, wherever you listen. Stacking Benjamins with Joe and his good friend OG not only has great financial insight, it's laid back with humor, too.

Joe talks with Stacking Deeds co-host Crystal Hammond. I've always been a fan of nosy neighbors. I want nosy neighbors. They can tell you what's going on 10 times faster than you would know. Again, what's she talking about? Really?

We're repairing neighborhoods, but then we're into nosy neighbors and build a career off of that. Find out more by searching the Stacking Benjamins podcast wherever you listen. Back on the Rich Eisen Show. Check out tonight's game on Westwood One radio because you can listen to the Westwood NFL on Westwood One for free. Sponsored by AutoZone all season long. Listen to every NFL game on Westwood One on the NFL app by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports or on your Westwood Run affiliate stations digital platforms.

That's right. Kevin Harling, Kurt Warner and me all season long for free and get in the zone with AutoZone. The free AutoZone fix finder service can help you find a fix for free. Restrictions apply. Get in the zone.

AutoZone. It's odd. I just went in the back and said hello to Jordan Seaton, the newest member of Colorado Buffalo's football program. And, you know, he he came up to here on me. The my shoulder.

He was sitting. So Deon's got a winner. Big man.

Big man. Nice. Indeed. So he'll be out here shortly. We'll chit chat with him because he's got to you know, he's got to protect that house.

You know what I mean? All right. Phone lines are lighting up. 844-204-rich number to dial.

We'll take them in a second. So Chris, you are you're Han Solo right now, right? Han Solo. Sarah's in in Georgia doing or she's performing. Yeah. So she's visiting her folks and then also performing in Atlanta tomorrow and Saturday. So go check it out if you're in that area. But yeah, just me and the dog.

And the Christmas tree. So how how is that for you now? That's what this is the way you used to live your life all the time. Oh, yeah, of course.

OK, no dog. Just me. No, no, just literally.

Just literally just me. Right. And I go to your house on the weekend. Right. You know, right.

We'd feed we'd feed you. Then you would go do whatever you wanted to do, whatever you wanted to do. Yeah. Right. And then, you know, then you start cohabitating. Uh huh. And then you have a child. Yeah.

Now you've been in that child dad world for coming up on for almost four years. Right. Yeah.

So. Where are you in the they're not there for, you know, scheme of things, because this has happened the last couple of years during Christmas time. First time.

Yeah, of course. Usually it's cool for about a day, day and a half. And then and then it's like, oh, man, like, where is everybody? Where is everybody?

I miss them. It's empty. It's lonely.

I haven't eaten because I'm not there to cook for myself. Yes. So it's just kind of like and I'm not eating cages leftovers. Yeah. So yeah. So last night was actually cool. And I took a nap for the first time forever. Tell me what that's like. I fell asleep on the couch and it was it was that's glorious.

No, I mean, I take I take 10, 15 minute power. It was about a forty fiver. Oh, my God. I don't even know what that is. It was it was tremendous.

It's beautiful. I don't even know what that is. What about the the realization of how little. You have in your life to determine your own schedule. You know what I'm saying?

When when the void is there, you just you realize what? How did I live so long? I didn't have to do pick up making my own choices. How did that?

How did that happen? Dinner, bath, reading books, didn't have to do any of that. Yeah, I took a shower like six. I was pretty much ready for bed by six thirty. OK. Are you leaving just things around the house you normally wouldn't? Yeah.

In places that you would never dare to even think of. Definitely left a cup left my glass out. I had some wine last night watching Netflix.

And you didn't even rinse the cup, did you? No, it's literally still on the tray with the red bottom. Oh, great. Yeah. Mel, get to it when I get home.

You get to it when you get to live in his life. I literally took what was out of the dryer laundry and just why I was out of socks. And then I just I threw what was in the dryer just on the floor. It's still there on the floor.

Now, hold on a second. Are you just showing off now or because, no, I actually just you'd even just say just to do the smell test on the sock and just throw it back on. Because really, who's to know?

Who's to know? Normally, I did. I did. That's the way you used to live your life. Yeah. Now you're doing laundry.

Twenty four. Who are you? What's happened to you? I'm a better man. Rich, what do you guys think about hearing this since you're not in this world? I love it, man, because that's how I live my life.

Do what you want. I had popcorn for dinner. It's great. How did you sit on that key fact this entire time? I was saving I was saving the button for us, by the way.

That's a big finish. By the way, microwave. It's not bad.

I microwave popcorn. Hey, you know, I'm living my best life right now. As you know, the Jets notwithstanding, I'm just, you know, just living my best life with the Michigan Wolverines. They're America's team, as we all know, fighting for all that's right in college football, being being being the being the villain. I've never rooted for team as the villain being comfortable with it right now. I kind of dig it.

Kind of live in my best life right now. I get Mike Conley of the Timberwolves is coming on later on, and at some point, even though his team 16 and four and he's doing great, I'll ask him if he follows college football. It'll be great.

Stay tuned for that. You're not going to be happy to alienate every V Ohio State buck. I don't really. I haven't yet.

Oh, and then, you know, last night, Juan Soto becomes a Yankee and saw that. I'm like, all right, who do we give up? Then I see, you know, I don't see the name Volpe or Peraza.

I don't see any of them. I mean, there's Michael King is good. Michael King's really good. Yeah. He's really good at him at the end. I mean, Brito, Brito had a game or two last year, you know. The other pitchers, I'm assuming, are really good in the system.

I don't know. And Higashioka getting Higgy with it is is he's a he's a very serviceable catcher. But I'm like, OK, we didn't even give up Alex Verdugo. So the Yankees got the prize player from the Mookie Betts trade from Boston.

To come to the Yankees. And I honestly thought you would yesterday were like, they're just going to flip them like they got them to just flip them. That's what everyone was saying.

I thought he was the Jeru holiday of the situation. Yeah, for sure. All right. Nope.

And nope. He's going to be in left and Soto being right. And judge will be in center and. And so this tweet that the Yankees put out, this this stays with the exception of the beard will be gone. But to take one last look at Verdugo's beard, because that'll be gone. Yeah. See you later.

But guess what? Doogie's staying in the Bronx, in the book town. And and and and so I'm just sitting in my in my head, how does this lineup go, man? The Soto protect judge to judge protect Soto and, you know, Stanton, where does he go when he's healthy? Oh, yeah.

You know, I'm just I'm just I'm kind of doing it like Brian Cashman to salute, sir. Well done. Rich. It's not my money.

It's Star Insurance's money. Well, this is the last year of his contract. He's a free agent next year, which is maybe why you don't think they're going to sign him. We'll see.

Who knows? Might not want to be there. He might want to grow a beard. You might want to grow a beard.

May want to go play for the Mets. I doubt that. I mean. Tony, nothing like this.

We go to work and they say you can't have facial hair. I love it. Well done on Casper.

Get him in the system. Get there and let's go. I love it. Rich, if you told me I couldn't have a beard on the show, I don't know. I'm not that crazy. I don't know if I could do it.

That's a George M Steinbrenner, the third thing. But that's the one way, I guess, that house like his dad. No beards, no facial hair, whatever. Just rake.

Just be healthy and rake. I agree. You know, I mean. And so Coop and I were sitting there last night.

This, you know, Coop says to me, so I'm just lying there with him as he's getting rid of all the socks. Oh, he's going to go to college and he's going to people are going to say to him, well, your favorite teams. And he'll say he'll say Patriots, Celtics, Yankees. And they're going to be like, who the hell are you? We're sort of weirdo.

Are you weird? And I'm like a great, brilliant one. He's like, what will be what will be John Stirling's home run call for Juan Soto? I thought that's a very good question, son.

Very good question. And I'm like, what is it going to be? Soto Grande, right?

He had no idea what that was like. It's a town long. If it's if it I don't know. One baby one. I don't want I don't I don't I don't know. Delicious.

I don't know. Or if it's if it's if it's if there's nobody on base. Soto goes solo solo. You know, I can't wait.

So I'm saying and you got to go. He got off to a slow start last year, but he ended up having a really big, good season. Thirty five, one or nine when the league and walk. You know who had none of those stats last year or 10 on base? The Yankees. He was sixth in NLMV.

None of them. Let's get Yamamoto in here and let's go to work now. Oh, bring that.

Keep your hands off of you. Yeah, that's where he's coming to Boston. Let's go to work. OK. Now, he'll be in New York. Just not with the Yankees. What's Verdugo's home run call? He doesn't hit that many, so can't wait.

Not going to hear it that often. The Yankees today, we're waiting on Ohtani, waiting on Ohtani. It's going to be a long wait. All right.

Jordan Seton, the new Colorado Buffalo, is physically here in studio. That's hour two. And I see all the phone lines like, hey, everybody who's hanging in there on stay on hold, we're going to get to you in hour two. It's all about us. And the best thing about us is no, no chance about us. He's not listening. He's not listening. It's not listening.

The best thing about us, though, is it's about us. I was worried. Travis Etienne's brother out of the portal. You see that?

What did you say? Trevor Etienne, who's Florida's running back, Travis's younger brother in the portal. You know, Travis called that after a Florida loss. He goes, little bro got to get out of there.

He tweeted a few 1,500 yards and 15 touchdowns. You know what it is? Guys, it is for this crazy agency. He's going to Colorado.

Watch. Are you ready for that? By the way, every December is college football free agency. Are you ready for it? Kids have earned it. So I am. Yeah. Tell you, it's wild.

It's free agency. Did you see the number? There's been 400 more kids entered the portal than last year.

Did you see the number of Michigan Wolverines who have entered the portal? Are you doing a bit? I'm not doing a bit. Oh, is it a lot?

I hear what? A lot or none, right? I say zero. Zero.

I have no idea. It's zero. Exactly. There's no way. Zero.

Why would you leave point? Well, I mean, if you think your coach is a cheater and he's going to go to the NFL. But nobody does except for everybody, except you. I mean, what do you mean? Nobody does. What do you mean?

Nobody does. It's all said and done. And Michigan gets their title and put a pin in this. Let's put a pin in this. But what are you talking about?

Put a pin in it. Jordan Seaton coming up. And. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to 1995 when WCW announces they're going to be live and head to head with Monday Night Raw. Feels like this would have been something Vince would have kind of laughed off. No, we did not like them moving to Monday nights. There were a lot of hotels. They all carried CNN, TBS and TNT. Vince was convinced that Ted Turner had deviously done this deal to get in the hotels and keep us out. Something to wrestle wherever you listen.
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