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REShow: Jordan Seaton - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 7, 2023 2:35 pm

REShow: Jordan Seaton - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 7, 2023 2:35 pm

IMG Academy’s 5-star OL recruit joins Rich in-studio and revels why he’s committing to Deion Sanders and Colorado, predicts Buffaloes QB Shedeur Sanders will return to Boulder next season, and more.

Rich weighs in on the red-hot Packers and how far QB Jordan Love can take Green Bay this season.

Rich previews the most intriguing matchups of NFL Week 14 including Eagles vs Cowboys, Bolls vs Chiefs, Rams vs Ravens, Seahawks vs 49ers, Colts vs Bengals, and Broncos vs Chargers. 

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Learn more at slash credit card. Limitations apply. Check this out. This is The Rich Eisen Show. I said I wasn't going to talk about the Jets again after the Black Friday disaster. Here I am every time I think I'm live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Eventually stays like a before The Rich Eisen Show. Zach Wilson is back, not just back.

He's a starter for the rest of the season. Today's guest, Colorado football recruit Jordan Seaton, Timberwolves point guard Mike Conley, actor David Oyelowo. And now it's Rich Eisen.

That's true. I'm here and hopefully you're there. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial. Tons of phone calls to be taken in this hour. And we are thrilled to be here on the Roku Channel live, as well as this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey.

That's live. We have our podcast listeners. We say hello to whenever you want to listen to this. We appreciate that and we appreciate the follow right there. We kick off our number two with an individual I have not met before. And I am thrilled to have right here on The Rich Eisen Show, fresh from the IMG Academy in Washington, D.C., a five star recruit, one of the top linemen available, if not the top lineman, based on many of those who measure such things in college football.

He is just committed to Deion Sanders, Colorado Buffaloes. Please welcome to our program Jordan Seaton. Good to see you, Jordan. How are you?

Thank you for having me, man. I'm doing good. That's good. That's OK. You guys can clap. It's all right. We got people here. I agree.

That's a very clappable moment. You know, here's what I'd like to do to start this interview, if you don't mind. You know, I've got my own, you know, gear. Do you have your own gear? I got my eyes in the back. OK, go get it in the back. Go get it. Twins? I think we should be twins. Let's do it. I have this straight from, you know, the man himself. Hold on a minute. I got my my blenders. Hold on. Here we go.

You tell me how this works. You tell me if I look like a Colorado Buffaloe to you. Oh, you buffed down, baby. He was buffed down. It changes the person. Is that right?

Like to you, like one second. I was somebody. Now I'm transformed.

Just rich eyes in the buffalo. That's right. OK, come on in.

You can just walk in there. Here we go. Hand it off. Here we go. Let's see if it transforms you. Look at your camera right there.

You want to look straight into it. Put them on. Oh, yeah. Now we cooking. Now we cooking.

Now we cooking. Are we coming? We are. We're here. We're here. We're here. OK, I think we should. Should we conduct the interview like this or what? I mean, we can just let's do this. Let's try the first half of it.

Yeah. OK, how are you doing to me? I'm fine.

It's a good day. Why did you why did you choose Colorado? I chose Colorado just because of, you know, the opportunities that they have there. I didn't want to go somewhere and just be another guy. I wanted to, you know, make history and start from the ground up because, you know, like your mother's cooking and start from scratch.

Best ever. You start from scratch, you do it good. You know, it comes to some now in terms of tradition.

So you got to start somewhere, though. And obviously Colorado had some heat on it this year. Did you attend any of the games? Which which games did you go?

I've been up there twice, but my personal personal personal favorite game was Colorado against Colorado State. You were there for that. Yes. That was quite a night. Yeah. Lasted all night.

It lasted. So what was your impression? So you're from Washington, D.C., right?

You're from the mid-Atlantic. Yeah. So what was your impression of going into the Rocky Mountains? You're there, you know, and older and it's all it's all on. What was your impression of that night?

Beautiful. If you've never been there, you got to get there. I went to the top of the mountains, got to see the view of the city, got to see the facilities, got to see everything. Denver is beautiful.

People other people may say it's not. But for me, it's beautiful day. You get the wind with a cool 60s, 70s breeze.

OK. Yeah. Well, you know, it does get a little cold. Oh, yeah, definitely is cold.

But it's a it's a it's a dry cold, right? Yes. So they say, OK, very good. So you were there that night. And what a night that was. I mean, from this is where these were born that week, right?

Yes, sir. And then and so then you saw the crowd, you saw the game, you saw obviously Colorado have its hands full in a way that a lot of people weren't expecting. You saw them get through it.

You saw Travis Hunter get hurt as well. What was your impression by the end of the night? Did you know that that was the spot for you at that point in time? Not at that point in time.

But when I was when I was on my visit, I kind of said I could see myself here. I see what Prime's doing. He just needs a couple more guys because it's a team. It takes 11 guys. Every person got to do their job. So he's on a good track to where he's going. Of course, no doubt about that.

Oh, look, he's wearing the same glasses, too, right there. So what is it like being recruited by Deion Sanders? Oh. Blessing, you know, he's a Hall of Famer, you know, everybody knows his background.

Yes. Being recruited like that, it definitely takes. Takes a lot of hard work. They're going to say you're not going to look at you if you weren't good, you know. So being recruited by somebody like him. Hey, man, it's just blessing to be able to get coached by him and. Hey, man, what does he say to you? Like, give me give me some of his lines that he was saying to you. And when I say lines, obviously, that sounds infused like that.

He doesn't mean it, that he's got. But he's he's got lines for days, you know, like. And I've you know, I know him for a long time. I worked with him for a very long time. I was around him for a very long time. And he he's he's got a unique way of expressing himself, as well as putting things in perspective in in the shortest amount of words. Yeah, I'm wondering what he was what he would find.

Most interesting about that. He'll tell you something real through a joke. Like it'll it'll just be like, well, baby, you got to do this.

You got to do that. Like and then he'll make it something funny and I'll be like, I get where you're going. So I feel like just him being able to relate to the player and that makes everything easier.

You know, some people can't if you can't relate to somebody, you can't get your message across across. OK, I've got Jordan Seid here on the Rich Eisen Show. OK, this may be the oldest thing I've ever said to somebody of your age, but I got to take these off so I can actually see. Is that wrong? No.

OK. Even though I look great in them, of course. OK, so when did you know you wanted to play football? When did that first start for you? It started about when I was about eight years old, nine years old. I started playing.

You start off flag football, started playing tackle. Um, well, were you always big or did you have a growth spurt? I was always chubby, fat. OK, that was a chubby fat guy. Around maybe seventh, eighth grade, I started to kind of not slim down, but, you know, less than a baby fat. And then 10th grade, 11th grade, I went from 350 to 290.

You went 60 pounds the other way. Yeah. OK. And now you are what to I'm 295. 295, right?

295. Yeah. OK. And what is your forte? What is your what did I do? Yeah.

What do you what do you do? So what are you going to bring to Colorado or what I'm going to bring? Yes, I'm going to bring a guy who's motivated to win. You're going to get a guy that's going to do all he can do for the program and for that university. And a guy who's not going to let Shader just get tackled and tumbled on and all type of craziness that will never happen again. OK, so I don't mean to put you in a position, but I'm going to.

You strike me as somebody who can handle the heat. You just said Chador. Does that mean you're going to protect for him next year?

Is that what you're saying? We're going to see him. OK. All right. There you go.

We're going to see Chador and he can use you. I mean, and I know you you understand what you represent, right? Like in terms of who you are and what your standing is in the yes, scouting community that you chose, Colorado is significant. I'm wondering if you can put that into words that you know that, right?

Yes. I mean, the impact that I have is going to be it's going to be a big impact. I'm going for the best of the best. The best of the best will come. Like I said, if you're a dog, you want to play for Prime.

If you're not a dog. You're just not playing for Prime. OK. Who else did you consider? I had Alabama, Ohio State, Florida, Tennessee, Oregon, you know, every school from. The best Alabama to Harvard. OK, so you were you were Harvard was was that I had every school. OK, every offer, every offer. How many offers did you have? Stop counting after 50. Who was the first you stop counting after 50?

Yeah, I love this. You know, did his Dionne ever told you the story of of this scouting combine? Did he tell you? No, tell me about it. Tell me about it. Tell me about it.

OK, so he told this story about the scouting comp back in the day. You know, one day I'm knocking on, you know, plexiglass or whatever for you. You'll see this one day that nowadays they will. Everyone's going to want to speak to you. Right.

In the same way that you stopped counting at 50. This is what it reminds me of the story. Every team's going to want to sit with you. OK. So it's all going to be scheduled. Like you're going to look down in a laminate. It's going to be hanging around your neck. And you'll see this team is going to be meeting with me here. This team will be meeting with me there. I got I got 10 minutes here.

Then I go to this room. It's all scheduled. When Dionne did it, though, it was a total free for all.

It wasn't scheduled. Scouts from all the teams would be standing there waiting for you to come out of a room of, say, the Steelers and pull you into their room. And you would just go from room to room to room. And there would be fights sometimes between coaches about, no, that's my guy. I got him now. It was nuts.

That's why there's now a laminate that makes it nice and scheduled. So Dionne would get pulled into a room and he immediately asked, where are you picking? And if it was too low, he would walk out of the room. He would basically say, I think the Giants pulled him in and hand him like this thick book, you know, for a test. And he says, where are you picking?

They're like fifth or sixth overall. And he goes, yeah, you don't have a chance at me any turn. I'm not going to be there. That's next level. I'll get there soon. That's next level. That's Dionne. Now, it's not true, though, that he ran his 40 and then left and got into a waiting car to go to the airport.

That's that's like a fish story that's told all the time. But that's what it reminds me of when you're like, yeah, stop counting at 50. And Dionne's like, well, you're not going to get there. And I would say to him, you know, like, well, maybe a team could trade up for you. You ever think of that?

He goes, no, I don't think that. So maybe you guys are two peas in a pod. Two peas in a pod. I think that's what it is. Yeah. That's what I'm in.

See, I'm in seat. Yeah, I mean, see why you gave him top billing means you're smart. And then you chose him over Ohio State, which means you're really smart.

I went to Michigan, by the way. Oh, did they recruit you to? They have.

They did. OK, but you still are. Oh, really? Yeah. OK, well, you're at prime now.

Oh, yeah, I'm a prime. So OK, that's all the way up to. OK, so then so then what do you give me your give me your your your plan, your dream scenario here?

My dream scenario? Yeah. Give me that. What do you bring in?

15 to 25 elite guys and players. Field time guys. Um, Big 12 championship. Mm hmm. Um, so dare to win the Heisman or somebody on my team to win the Heisman on this team that I'm coming to.

Because you have protected or blown open the holes for. Yes. OK. So run the ball for the most yards and the Big 12 league. Whatever there is in the Big 12, we will accomplish it. Um, I'm going to start with Big 12 first and then we will work up for a national championship.

And then next level. Yeah. OK. Is are you a Washington fan or what are you actually a Dallas Cowboys fan? Oh, I was a Washington fan. TJ Jefferson over your right shoulder liked you right off the bat.

You got a fan? What? How about them Cowboys, man? Now, did that help that Dion played for the Cowboys, too, in this process at all or what? No, I forgot about that. He did do that. Yeah, he did. Yeah, he did.

Yeah, he did. Dion would tell you, too, he's a five down player. First, first down, second down, third down on defense, fourth down on special teams. And he comes out and plays first down on offense.

He was a five down player, Dion would say. Not many could do that. No, not many could do that. That is you are you are not wrong. So, OK, so you're a Dallas fan in the mid-Atlantic.

Yes. That's lonely. The story happened over Thanksgiving.

My mother bedded me. I had to clean the dishes if the Redskins won. OK.

But Dallas Cowboys won. So. You just sat there and watch your mom clean the table.

So what you did, whoa. I didn't watch her all the way. She looked at me. She looked at me like, you're going to make me clean these dishes. So I still had to go clean. But, uh huh.

The meal was so funny. Oh, man. OK. And where is mom? Where is she today? Mom's working right now. Where is she working? Daycare. OK. Is that what that's what she does for a living?

OK. Well, one day we can address that matter for sure. Yes. Congratulations. You know, you've got a journey ahead of you. You got a lot of hard work, too.

Yes, sir. You know, that's that's why Dion, I'm sure. And again, you're seeing right now with the transfer portal and all this stuff. And some kids have left Colorado.

And, you know, I and so folks are like, well, who's who's sticking around for Dion? And then you show up. That is significant. Like that's in the narrative of things. Your presence there is big. Yes, sir.

You know, and what you what they can do with you is going to be pretty significant. So, yeah, I can see it. You're jumping out of your skin right now. It looks like I didn't get no sleep last night about it. I couldn't sleep.

It was just like, I can't believe this is about to happen. Right. So, OK, blessed to be in this favor. Well, listen, congratulations to you on your decision. I look forward to seeing you do your thing.

Thank you for being here. And OK, let's do this one more time. Twins. Here we go.

Twins. Oh, yeah, I agree. I agree. That's the look. That's it. That's it. Look at us in a blender right here on the Rich Eisen Show.

Jordan Seton, everybody. The newest Colorado Buffalo is here on stuff. Hey, Prime, if you're out there watching Con, everybody out there in Colorado.

Buffalo Land. Thanks for joining, sir. Oh, by the way, season two of Coach Prime airs tonight on Prime Video right here on Roku. Check it out. Check it out. Special with Discover.

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Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. So I guess you're sticking. I don't think that's a surprise, but why would he not stay?

I don't know. The NFL beckons. Everybody's saying you start now and you get closer to that. That second contract start the clock.

Also, you'll come in. The injuries are in the NFL with quarterbacks these days. We're in the mid fifties now with starting quarterbacks this year. Why wouldn't you door Quinn Ewers? They could probably play right away, but I don't blame him for staying. I I'm not saying them. I mean, by the way, that's not official or anything. We're just you know, everybody thinks Dion's going to wind up in the NFL anyway, even though he said he has no interest in it.

He told us to that himself. Let's just say Dion winds up in the NFL. What are the odds that he winds up playing for his father?

Rare, right? So, yeah, you got a chance to play for your dad at least one more year. Yeah, right. I mean, talk about special. Doug Peterson coached his son on last Thursday. It was the first time it happened in 100 years in the NFL. That's so not so it's interesting meeting this young man. I love that.

I stopped counting at 50. And he said Michigan's still recruiting him, right? Because I mean, you know how it works. Remember we remember Arch committed to Texas. And when we're like, let's get Sark on the program. And they're like, yeah, he's he cannot you'll come on. Right. But he cannot talk about Arch Manning until he signs. Right. So that's why you're you're not.

Trust me. Season two of Coach Prime's tonight on Amazon Prime. Right. Prime Video airs tonight.

You saw Dion in Dallas last week. That was to help promote on Prime Video that night. And and the you know, the portal hadn't opened up yet.

None of that stuff had opened up yet. So he went. If you notice, I don't think you see him everywhere anywhere today. Because there's nothing to talk about. He cannot talk about that young man that just walked out of here. Now I can talk to him and put on the blenders.

How do I look? Seriously? I mean, you don't answer that. I mean, you know, it's work for you.

I'll answer. You know, you can't say nothing negative about when you say work for me, it blocks out the light or I'm saying they were like, look, it worked for you. You agree? They do look good.

However, that that sweater combo is not great. Well, I mean, are you saying Brunello and blenders don't mix? Yes. Yeah, I wouldn't say Brunello.

Is that the color? No. Oh, this guy. I don't Brunello Cucinelli, sir. I get everything. Everybody needs to stand down. That's not rich people's stuff.

It is not rich people's rich people's stuff. I get new Nello. What does that mean? I think my new yellow free Nello is free Nello. Yes, I like Nuno. I mean, come on. That's gangster right there.

If I could curse, I would. Great. Thank you. Appreciate it. Let's go to phone lines.

844-204-rich number to dial. Leon in Traverse City, Michigan, beautiful part of our country. What's up, Leon?

And I was just calling in and, you know, how I talk about how they have thing for TV, how they're looking at it, for the best way they look at it. Oh, you're talking the college football playoff is what you're saying. OK, so do you have your four for the NFL, Leon?

What's that? Do you have your four for the NFL like we did? No, I do. OK. Do you want music, Leon, when you tell us the four? Go ahead. OK. Leon accepts the music. All right, Leon, I'm going to walk you through it. What did he say? What did he say?

No, you have is your first seed in the NFL playoffs due to the Leon and Michigan Committee. What do you have? Who's one? San Francisco. OK. Number two, Leon and Michigan Committee. What is next? Philadelphia.

All right. The Eagles. Number three, because of the TV and the way they did it, they kind of like screwed over Florida. I'm going to go. Dallas is going. Now you like Leon in Michigan, right?

I never dislike. OK, that's true. The way I've said it, to set it up that way. My bad, TJ and Leon. All right. So your fourth is great for TV. A third rematch of that conference. I agree. I agree. Everyone wants to see Philadelphia and the Eagles played and the Cowboys play each other like Sunday night.

That's why NBC has it. What's the fourth one, Leon? The fourth one, I would probably put in Baltimore.

I just think at this point with the way they do their stretch, that they do that. I think they're probably the one who has the greatest competition against San Francisco. Well, Merry Christmas to you, Leon, because that's the final game of Christmas night is Ravens and 49ers. Thanks for the call.

Leon in Michigan, Leon in Traverse City, Michigan. Well done. Chiefs out. You had the Chiefs as the two seed. I had them as a four and they were out on both of your now both of your playoffs. I didn't want to put them out.

I just want to put that out there, brother. But you have to think the college football playoff committee wanted Florida State out like they had it in for them. They wanted that. No, they knew that they were finished either way in terms of being argued against the you imagine if they had no SEC teams.

And I mean, literally. Would Feynbaum have led the led the charge? You know, Feynbaum's like like Braveheart. He's still getting shot by Floyd coming up to the committee like Braveheart. There's no holding. No, they're not holding.

They're not holding. Let's go to a hobby in Santa Ana, California. Are you there, sir?

Yes, sir. How are you doing? What's going on? Well, first and foremost, the youngster that was that was just on with you guys, much respect to him, and he held himself down very humbly, very respectful. And just he seems like he's got a big future ahead of them. And that's the way Dionne likes that's that's the way Dionne likes him. He likes him humble with the dog in him. And, you know, obviously, everybody thinks that he just wants glitz and glamour. He wants dogs.

But he also wants kids who are not going to be afraid of the spotlight and have a good, humble sense about it, because you can tell he's got that humble confidence about him. Oh, that's it. All right. So do you have a final four playoff hobby in Santa Ana, California playoff committee? You've got one of those years? I do, Rich. I do, Rich. I have four. I can give you six if you want, but we can.

Oh, no. Sure. Oh, no hobby. Let's please.

If you're offering six, I offer music. All right. Here we go.

Hobby. I will take it. All right.

Here you go. Your top ranked team in the NFL playoffs is? OK, number one, just like you guys were saying, you know, let's get out of the way. OK, because right now they are the number one team.

San Francisco 49ers. OK, give it up. OK, number two, I don't want to, but I got to give them their respect. I'm going to start off with no go to number four. Oh, sure. Go ahead.

All right. And number four team, I'm going to put the Philadelphia Eagles. OK, the Eagles and the Niners again. They beat the Chiefs.

But they will lose on Sunday. OK, what do you I think I'm picking up. Are you a cowboy fan, Harvey?

I possibly so. All right. I mean, I'm putting on connecting dots. I'm a doc. I'm a professional doc connector. All right. So you're there for a reason, sir.

Thank you, sir. You want to go to now? You want to go to where do you want to go here? You went from one to four.

So what do you want to do? Number three, OK, we're going to go ahead and put the team that's atop the AFC right now, the Dolphins. Yes, sir. OK, I like it.

All right. That offense is looking so ridiculously explosive. OK, OK. And the defense is getting better there.

The defense has not topped off yet, but they're, you know, they're still figuring some things out. OK, so do we want to go five and six here and keep the two as a suspense? What do you want to do, Harvey? What are you on?

What are you on here? Yeah. Oh, you know, like they were saying earlier, shake it off. OK, number five. So chiefs are five. He's lost to the Eagles, Rich.

I'm aware of that, Harvey. But how dare you? How dare you put Taylor Swift in a corner? How dare you put Taylor Swift in a corner?

Nobody does that. OK, who's six? You know, who's six?

Six. It's like my man Chris said, the Ravens. They're a good team and all.

They look good most of the time. But, you know, who's going to get that? OK, so who's two? Who's your two? Well, sir. Who's your two, Harvey?

We will see why the Dallas Cowboys are number two. All right. All right, Harvey, thank you for your two cents. There you go. There he goes. America's team. I like these guys are everywhere.

Everywhere. I mean, Jordan Seaton is a cowboy fan from Washington, DC. I love that story. His mom bet him if Washington beats Dallas on Thanksgiving. You got to do the dishes. Cowboys win their fan base and then halfway halfway through the cleanup process, she gets she gives him the look like you're not going to let me do you're not going to let me pay off this bet entirely, are you?

Now, we all know that look fantastic. Rich, I'm telling you, Barr, New Jersey idea that had a Dallas Cowboys room when I DJ there because that was there were that many fans in Jersey. And those people didn't tip. Well, is that why you hate them?

I love they were actually a great room. But don't go in there if you're a Giants fan. Yeah, you're not welcome. Don't request songs either. Right, Mike?

Yeah, no, you could do that. Let's go to Bob in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Hey, what's up, Bob? Hey, thanks for taking my call, Mr. Rich Eisen.

Thank you, Jefferson. All you out there on the panel in Los Angeles, Sunshiny, California. What's up, Bob in Oshkosh, Wisconsin? What's up?

Well, I'm kind of calling about our NBA tournament game. I'm calling from your Tyrese Haliburton hometown here. Is he from Oshkosh?

I didn't know that. He's from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He attended Oshkosh North. How good was he there? He must have been really good there. He was pretty good.

Okay. Watching this kid through his progression has been crazy. He is unbelievable. I've known his mother since, like, kindergarten, for real. Wow, Bob.

Since he was a little shaver, yes. Okay. All right. So we're rooting for him over the Bucks tonight, or what are we doing?

I love my Giannis, but I hope if Tyrese wins tonight, it'd be very good, too. Okay. All right.

I can double down on you. You know Mr. Sam Houser over there for the C's? Sam Houser.

Some childhood friends with his father. Oh, man. Look at this. Bob, man. My gosh, I didn't know. Bob in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, brought to you by 23andMe. I had no idea.

Six degrees of bad. Did you hang up on Bob? Did you hang up on Bob?

Bob's hair. Okay, no. You gave me this look like you were ready to get him out. Be careful.

I wasn't getting him out. All right, Bob. Now, let me ask you this question. How about Tyrese goes triple doubles and the Bucks advance? How does that sound?

What do you think? We good with that? I could go for that. Okay. But if Indiana beats Milwaukee tonight, it'd be okay, too. The folks here in Oshkosh, it's a pretty good vibe right now for Mr. Halliburton.

Okay. We're all pretty proud. And you're psyched about your Packers, too, Bob. I bet, right? You're psyched about your Packers right now?

I'm pretty much pretty happy with them and I'm not really ready to put them on the panel yet, but they're headed in the right direction. They are. Bob, thanks for the call. That's Bob in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Now you make this and there you go.

Well done. Packers fans, I mean, have got to be out of their skulls right now. Although, you heard him say we're not putting them on, what did he say, on the panel just yet? Did he mean the six that were our playoff committee in the NFL? Is that what he's referring to? Yeah. Man.

Halliburton's so good. Let's go to Brandon in St. Louis. You're here on the Rich Isaac Show. What's up, Brandon? Hey, good morning, fellas. So I called it... Oh, first of all, Brockman, low key popcorn, great dinner option.

Way to go. Brandon, Brandon, Brandon, there may be children listening and viewing. Popcorn is not dinner, Brandon. Oh, it's all right. I'm a new dad.

I have it all the time, even when my wife is in the house. Wow. Brandon, let your freak flag fly, sir. Popcorn for dinner.

What's going on? Charlie Brown and the crew had that for Thanksgiving dinner, remember? Popcorn at the table.

So I called in before the season started, predicted the Packers go nine and eight. Hold on a minute. Oh, hold on. Let me get this. Oh, I think you're on to something.

Rich documented each and every one of these barriers. Where's my booklet? Look in the drawer there. All right, keep going. Keep going, Brandon.

I've got an overreaction Thursday. Oh, yeah. Hold on a minute, Brandon.

I found it. Hold on a minute, because I write it all down. Hold on. Hang on a second, sir. Thank you, I am.

I am. Hold on a minute. There it is. Brandon and St. Louis. By the way, let's see if you got it right. You had them losing to the Bears at first.

Come on, man. And then you had them losing in Atlanta, beating the Saints. Weren't they one and two? They were one and two, right? Where they lost in Atlanta, they beat the Bears, but then they lose to the Saints at home? No, they beat them. They were two and one.

We got up on the screen. Then you had them losing to Detroit. You were right about that. You had them winning against the Raiders.

That one lost. Then you had them losing to the Broncos after the bye. Correct. Then you had them beating the Vikings in the Rams. You got those right. You had them losing at Pittsburgh. You got that right. And then you had them winning against the Chargers, but losing the next two. Okay.

Now you had them winning four out of their final five. You might be right there. Brandon, look at you.

Former quarterback of my favorite team once said his name is escaping me right now. I think we could run the table. Okay.

We could win the NFC North. Is that an overreaction Thursday? Is that what you said? For sure. Yeah. Winning the North.

I don't know. You could run the table, but I don't think that's enough to win the North. Yeah. You're three behind. You're three back.

That's too deep a hole, but you run the table, you will be the seven or six seed nobody wants to face the proverbial such team. But I think you had too much popcorn for breakfast today, Brandon, but you take care. There you go. That's Brandon St. Louis.

Jordan loves the guy. All right, screw it. I'll say it. What do you think? He's just start regressing now. You think?

No, I don't. I think right now he is in a meeting room somewhere in a film room and they are, I mean, do you think they might be just like throwing stuff at him? And I don't mean figuratively, like literally just to get ready for all the objects that are going to be blitzing him the minute he steps on the field on Monday night.

Right. Let's, let's just see where your heart is. Jordan, do you know who your heart is? And by the way, he might know who his hot receiver is. Will those young receivers know that they're the hot and turn around and be in the right spot for Jordan love.

That's the question. That's what the giants are going to test Monday night. And they're going to test and they're going to test to see if can that, can that, can the running backs block? Can they do that?

Cause there's going to be more people coming and more people coming and more people coming because that's what they normally do. And by the way, then Minnesota is going to have their say about that one too. Don't you think?

And a week 17. So you'll have more challenges coming his way, but does, does he look like he's gonna wilt in the spotlight? I don't think so. No, sir. No, sir.

He's got some good receivers on the squad. That's what I'm saying. But will they be young enough to know, Hey, I like they bet they need to be on their quick game, Ps and Qs quick game better not suck to use, you know, a phrase that you might be familiar with in new England. I am. Yeah. And you know, and then of course, Tommy DeVito is going to have, uh, a lot of Gary coming his way. So there you have it.

So that's seven and six. I mean, you can't just, they're not that they're good, but are they good enough to just ascribe them wins that they should get? Are we, are we there yet for Green Bay? No, I kind of feel we're not, but I kind of feel like that they're that good.

It can be because they're young. Cause as long as you were healthy and you can rush the passer and you can protect the passer and you can run the football and you've got a coach who can get in his bag. If they run the tables, Matt Leflore, the coach of the year, probably not.

Then who would be, why would you give it to D'Amico Rines over Matt Leflore? Just because we thought the Texans would stink. Well, everybody thought the Packers would stink. Aaron Rogers not walking through that door. They were, they were discarded. They weren't, they weren't winning the division. They weren't making the playoffs.

Yeah. But we thought the Texans would have a top five pick in the draft. So which would go to Arizona, man. And then after the giants, I love talking Packers football home for Tampa at Carolina. Then there's that Sunday night at Minnesota. Now they got to win that one. Cause if they do, they got a tie break over Minnesota that could cost Minnesota the playoffs period that could knock them right out and they could supplant them as the six seed.

And then home for Chicago finished that one off too. My gosh, could they go five and one in division? They go five and one in division and finish up 11 and six.

And you don't think that's a coach of the year right there. Make the playoffs. They got that.

They got that out there right now. And it's exciting because you can't sit here and say that that's impossible. Let's take a break. I've got my top five most intriguing match-ups of week number 14. And then we've got Mike Conley of the Minnesota Timberwolves and David O'Yellow O of the new hit show on Paramount Plus, Lawman Bass Reeves.

That's coming up here on this busy Thursday. Get an inside look at Hollywood with Michael Rosenbaum. Let's get inside of my father, let's get inside of my father, John Glover. You know, we've watched Talk Phil and most of these episodes I never saw. I didn't watch the show.

You never once saw yourself on Smallville. In the beginning, I used to look at myself all the time and love to. And then as I get older, I stopped. Why is that? I don't know. Maybe because I'm older. I was going to talk to you about that because you're 79. Yeah. How old do you feel?

11. Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum, wherever you listen. Stacking Benjamins with Joe and his good friend OG not only has great financial insight, it's laid back with humor too.

Joe talks with Stacking Deeds co-host Crystal Hammond. I've always been a fan of nosy neighbors. I want nosy neighbors. They can tell you what's going on 10 times faster than you would know.

Again, what's she talking about Doug? Really? We're repairing neighborhoods, but then we're into nosy neighbors and I built a career off of that. Find out more by searching the Stacking Benjamins podcast wherever you listen.

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Lowest price. Guaranteed. Guaranteed. Guaranteed.

Okay. I have my top five and that requires you to play the drop. Hit it. High five. One, two, three, four, five.

Richest top five. My top five most intriguing matchups of week number 14. And it starts in a spot where everybody about three weeks ago said, why? Why would this intrigue you? Why would Colts at Bengals intrigue you? Well, look what it looks like right now. Seven and five Minshew at six and six Browning.

Who'd have thunk it? Prior to the season, it's like, okay, let's see what Anthony Richardson is going to look like in week 14 against Joe Burrows, Cincinnati Bengals. At that point, I'm like, is it possible his calf can hold up?

How long ago is that? Jake Browning coming off of a 32 of 37, 350 some odd yard performance in which he also ran for a touchdown. Taking on an Indianapolis Colts team that, go figure this, could be eight and five without a lot of Jonathan Taylor and without mostly Anthony Richardson.

This is huge. Certainly if you think tonight, the Steelers will improve to eight and five. And if the Bengals win this to go seven and six, this would be a huge tiebreaker. Right now, the Bengals are deep 11th right now in the AFC playoff picture standings. They would leapfrog potentially maybe the Bills, maybe the Broncos. If you think they're going to lose to the Chargers definitely the Colts because they'd have the same record and a tie break over them. And then there's the Colts. They can go to eight and five and really solidify their position. And I'll tell you what that would make Steelers at Colts quite the game for Kurt Warner and I to call in week 15 on NFL network.

Number four on the list. This kind of feels like the last chance saloon for the Seattle Seahawks at the 49ers. Let's see how San Francisco follows up their huge win. The game that they've been circling for ever. Now they come home to take on a Seahawks team that is still reeling over a bunch of fourth down mistakes or inefficiencies in Dallas. That offense looked pretty damn good. Genoa had a good game, but they need this. They cannot fall to six and seven.

It's just that simple. They, they, they would be swept by the Rams and then swept by the 49ers to go six and four. That is a hard tie break and division, a hard tie break in the conference once upon six and three to go lose four in a row. And then we'll see what the Niners do. It's entirely possible. They will join the Cowboys and Eagles in the 10 win club by the end of the week.

It's entirely possible that that does happen. And that would make them the one seed. So let's see what happens when the Niners and Seahawks take on each other. Number three, I'm putting this one more intriguing than that one Rams at Ravens. Let's see what the Rams can do coming off of another win.

They're back to 500. If they can go into Baltimore and knock off the Ravens in a spot where they boat raced Detroit, they boat raced Seattle. They did take one on the chin from Cleveland, but if the Rams can go in there and win this one and get to seven and six, that would vastly improve their playoff standing.

Although it's empty calories for tie breaks. Cause it's an AFC team, but boy, would that put a serious marker on the table for them. And then the Ravens coming off of a buy. This is what you would maybe consider a winnable game.

And they need this one to go to 10 and three. Certainly if you think the dolphins have an easy one on Monday night against the Titans to stay in front also of Kansas city and also stay in front of Jacksonville, who they're going to see in week 15. Now that is a pretty darn big football game with a lot of stakes, Ravens and Rams. It's fun. Aaron Donald taking on that stout running game of Baltimore. I look forward to this.

It intrigues the heck out of me. Number two is Bills and Chiefs. I think this one kind of speaks for itself, but you understand what this means for the Bills. If they win this one, it doesn't get easier for them with Dallas at home and Los Angeles next, but man, to put this one in their rear view mirror with a win would be incredibly significant and set themselves up for a nice run even potentially at the division. Don't forget that they have already beaten Miami. All they need to do is catch Miami in record. Now they're way behind right now and they with a win might not even get any closer, but it would be over if they lose this one for the division. And the Kansas City Chiefs, this is just for narrative purposes. I don't believe they're in danger of losing their division. And I think they would be in danger of maybe losing the one seed in a way. If again, they fall too behind in that regard with four to go, it's huge.

I mean, and obviously the history and the quarterbacks and the Nance and the Romo of it all in front of the entire country. And then number one, speaking of the entire country, it is Philadelphia and Dallas. Philadelphia wins this. Dallas is eliminated essentially from the one seed and also from the division. They would sweep them. Dallas would have to be one better than Philadelphia in order to win the division. They would then have already lost to the two teams in front of them for the one seed. Philadelphia would be an 11 win team.

They would quiet all the naysayers from David Carr to everyone else and say, we're cool. We're good. This division is ours. And we're printing a home playoff ticket. They have an opportunity to actually win a playoff spot with other results. And then Dallas, based on all of that, like I told you, they would be out of the running for the division in the one seed. However, if they win this one, they would have 15 straight wins at home. They would have a huge chance of winning this division. And even I think an outside chance of winning the one seed, don't forget, they'd have to be one better than San Francisco at the end of the day, which I believe is a tall order. But it's definitely in the realm of possibility if they win this one and all that nonsense of who have you really beaten except the Jets and the Seahawks at home. And as being the only teams above 500 that you've beaten, they were one game over 500 each time. How does it sound to beat a team eight games over 500? And plus they would really send Philadelphia reeling.

Okay. They would really get a lot of question marks in between the temples of some Philadelphia Eagles with this win. And that's my top five. All right, we'll get one more. And I said it earlier, when I was referring to the Colts and Bengals and them needing to win that game to improve their playoff standings. If you think the Broncos lose here in Los Angeles, and this is the last chance saloon for the Chargers, five and eight would wrap it up. That would wrap up the division. That would wrap up the wildcard.

That's it. Nine and eight might give you a spot in the wildcard race in the AFC. Maybe, maybe, most certainly not with you having lost to the Broncos. Nah. And I know they play them again later on, but this is last chance saloon.

This is it. Chargers are now in must win, got to win pretty much every damn game territory. And for the Broncos to bounce back after their loss to the Texans to win this game would be massive for them because they have to go to Detroit next. And they're in the middle of a three game road streak that they started with a deflating loss to Houston, who they can't lose sight of terribly because they don't have the tie break against them in the wildcard race. And the Texans are taking on the Jets.

So, this is huge and intriguing because of it. This is the top five most intriguing matchups of week 14. Phone calls coming up.

Mike Conley of the Timberwolves coming up. The star of Lawman Bass Reeves on Paramount Plus, David Oyelowo is stopping by here on the Rich Eisen Show set. That's hour three. Lots of fun. And again, 844-204 Rich number to dial. Love seeing the phone lines lit. We will take some calls in hour number three. Why not? That's coming up.

We're still here on the Roku channel. I could have named a few other ones too. What else looks good to you? I mean, there's a huge NFC South battle as well. Yeah, Bucks Falcons, huge. That's for first place.

That is huge, right? I don't know. Jets and the Jaguars are just not intriguing to me. I'm just sorry. Yeah, that was about it. Jets Texans, you mean?

That's what I say. Jets Jaguars, my bad. Jets Texans. Jags Browns. Jags Browns, I was going to go in that direction.

I was twitching in that direction. But Flacco versus CJ Beathard kind of scared me off. Is Flacco starting? Why wouldn't he?

I don't know. With all due respect to DTR. He was pretty good. Why wouldn't he? I mean, from off the couch to almost beating the Rams on the road.

I'd be surprised if they go to the kid. Oh, Trevor Lawrence did practice, did he? Did I say yes? Oh my gosh. That would be unbelievable.

That guy could hardly get up the tunnel. We'll be on ankle watch tomorrow. All right, Mike Conley's joining us. We got a member of the 16-4 basketball team.

Surprise team in the league this year. Yeah, it is, right? Yeah. This is gonna be fun. Look at us having an NBA player on. Look at us. Patting myself on the back. You know Kilbourne's watching, so he's got to be excited. Should I text him? What should I ask Mike Conley?

Yes. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson 2. 1995 when WCW announces they're going to be live and head to head with Monday Night Raw.

Feels like this would have been something Vince would have kind of laughed off. No, we did not like them moving to Monday nights. There were a lot of hotels. They all carried CNN, TBS, and TNT. Vince was convinced that Ted Turner had deviously done this deal to get in the hotels and keep us out. Something to Wrestle wherever you listen.
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