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REShow: Mike Conley Jr. and David Oyelowo - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 7, 2023 3:10 pm

REShow: Mike Conley Jr. and David Oyelowo - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 7, 2023 3:10 pm

Timberwolves PG Mike Conley and Rich discuss the popularity of the NBA’s In-Season Tournament with players and fans, what makes talented teammate Anthony Davis so unique on and off the court, what it’s like to try to get a shot off against 7’4” Spurs’ rookie phenom Victor Wembanyama, what could have been for former Ohio State teammate Greg Oden who went #1 overall in the 2007 NBA Draft ahead of Kevin Durant, and more.

Actor David Oyelowo joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new Paramount+ series ‘Lawmen: Bass Reeves,’ how he prepared for his memorable role as MLK in ‘Selma,’ why he finds the blood and violence of MMA relaxing, and more.

TJ offers up his fantasy football advice for NFL Week 14.   

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Learn more at slash credit card. Limitations apply. Check this out. This is The Rich Eisen Show. I said I wasn't going to talk about the Jets again after the Black Friday disaster. Here I am every time I think I'm live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Eventually stays like a before The Rich Eisen Show. Zach Wilson is back, not just back. He's a starter for the rest of the season. Earlier on the show, Colorado football recruit Jordan Seat coming up.

Timberwolves point guard Mike Conley, actor David Oyelowo. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes, hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We're pleased to have you phone in this hour. We'll take your calls.

844-204-Rich is the number to dial. As you just heard, the actor David Oyelowo, we just had a nice chat in the back there. You may know him from his work playing Martin Luther King Jr. in the brilliant movie Selma.

He is in the new show Lawman Bass Reeves on Paramount. Plus, it's Paramount's most watched series premiere globally this year. And you can check it out on the Roku channel, which is where you can see us every single day.

844-204-Rich is the number to dial. We've had a good time. Tonight is Patriots and Steelers.

And I came on the air and I offered a mea culpa when I heard about the NBA in-season tournament. I'm like, good luck scheduling the semifinals in Vegas on the night of an NFL Thursday night game, certainly between the Patriots and Steelers. And it's 2-10 New England with Bailey Zappi taking on the Steelers with Mitch Truberski, coming off of one of their worst offensive games ever. So how about that?

My bad. The Steelers are a touchdown favorite tonight. What are we doing?

Well, I mean, all they got to do is score one then. That's what you're saying. Yeah. And joining us now here on The Rich Eisen Show, however, is a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves, the NBA's best team at 16-4. Look who's joining us right now, Mike Conley Jr. How you doing, Mike? Good to see you. Well, thank you.

Good to see you. So let me just jump right in about this NBA in-season tournament. It just feels as if the players were into it from jump.

What would you say about that, Mike? Yeah, I think it was accepted across the league. I think something fresh, something new gave us all something to kind of push for, fight for early in the season. And I think it's been really good for the fans. You come in and it's set up kind of like a playoff atmosphere. And you're just not used to that being in November, December games. So it's been good. Did you have to take some time to get used to the floor, Mike?

Yeah, for sure. I don't think I've played on too many floors like that colorful. And the lines are a little funky. It's a couple of times I almost like step out of bounds, run out of bounds, run up high lines. Just not accustomed to that kind of thing. My question would be like, did you think you're in the middle of the court thinking you're stepping out of bounds? You're like, wait a minute. I don't think I was anywhere near the end line here. Right. You know? Yeah, it was a little crazy.

And you kind of had to look down and double check sometimes where you're at. But we got used to it. So why do you think the players bought in on the NBA in-season tournament? Well, I think obviously people talk about the money, the teams that would be rewarded to the teams if you win it or just make it to Vegas. But I think we're all competitors at the end of the day. We're all pros, but we all want to win something. And having another thing to strive for, to call yourself an in-season tournament champion and guys across the team get paid a certain amount. It's all a competition, a love for the game.

So I think that's why it's been accepted so well by the players. And that's why you're getting the kind of effort you're getting from the guys. And obviously, while that's going on, you're going through the rest of your regular season schedule right now, having just beaten the Spurs last night to go 16-4. What is clicking for your team this year, Mike? I think number one is our defense.

We've been trying to make that our identity from day on. And a big part has been Rudy. Gobert has been awesome.

Ant's been playing like a superstar all year. Kat, Jayden McDaniels, when he's been out there healthy, we've got a really deep roster of guys, a lot of talent that play both ends of the floor. And our chemistry has gotten a lot better since I got here last year. Just a few months I was here last year, I got to know the guys a little bit better. So having a full season to start the season with them has been good. And we're just trying to win one game at a time right now.

And right now we're doing that. What's your favorite Anthony Edwards story, Mike? You had to look around, huh? Yeah, I got to look around.

I got to make sure who's in the building. No, Ant's unique. He's a unique guy, man. He's a funny dude on and off the court. I think the one that happens probably every game is that he gets double teamed a lot, triple teamed sometimes. And he'll go and he'll still shoot a shot like a fadeaway or something like that. And he'll miss it or maybe get knocked out of bounds. He'll come over to me and be like, man, I probably should have stepped back with my left foot on that one and shot it that way.

I was like, nah, you probably should have passed it. You know what I'm saying? So just trying to get him to understand certain things. But he's like that. He's such an energetic guy.

He's he's all about being aggressive and scoring and just real fun to. Is it true he's given you a nickname you don't appreciate? Yeah, they they call me a bite bite here for some reason, man.

He he was talking to after the game interview and just made it up on the spot, said he'd been calling me that for like weeks and I'd never heard it before that day. So now I hear it when I walk into any arena, like on the road, people I hear bite bite coming from the fans. I'm like, no, this bite bite.

Why is it bite bite, Mike? Why is that? I would ask you this.

You and I have the same question. I have no idea why that came from. Like, it has nothing to do with me. Like, I hadn't you know, it's nothing to do with my I don't bite things. I don't like growl or anything. It's nothing like I don't know.

It's weird. I mean, I mean, you're a 36 year old man. You're, you're, you're, you're, you're a vet, man. I mean, you're in your 16th NBA season, right? What season are you in?

17. So like, you don't, you don't need this nonsense, Mike. You're an OG. You know what I mean? I'm cool. I'm cool with like unk and OG and like all that, all that stuff that signifies like, you know, just the, the stature that you're at, you know, bite bite feels like, like I'm talking to my kids. So it's a little funky. Well, I mean, Anthony Edwards does strike me as a child.

You know what I mean? Like he's just a man child, obviously. How much, how, how good can he be? I mean, obviously you've been around and you've seen greatness. Like how, how good do you think he can be?

Mike? Oh man, I honestly think, uh, you know, he could be one of the best players in our league. Um, if not the best player in our league at some point in his career. The, the, the, the thing that I think sets him apart, um, one is his ability, you know, to, to take over games on both ends of the floor. Like he's probably one of the better defenders I've ever seen on the ball. Um, and he's not afraid to guard your, your best player, you know, the superstar on the other team.

And that's not common today. Um, and so to see that kind of competitiveness from him, and then like I said, offensively, like he's not afraid to shoot over one, two, three guys. Like he wants to, he wants to live and die by, you know, his way. He doesn't want to, um, you know, go out any other way than, than him having the ball and making sure that he gave our, gave our team the best chance to win. And, um, you know, those are what those great guys have is that, that killer instinct down, you know, down late in the game.

Then he's kind of got all that. Speaking of taking over games late, Mike Conley Jr. Is it true also that you occasionally to deliver important information to the team during a timeout late when it's particularly intense wind up sitting in the coach's chair? Do you do that, Mike? Is that true too?

Yes, I do. Um, yeah. The funny part about that, I just realized I did that, uh, probably about a week ago. I think Jada McDaniel's told me, he's like, man, you realize every time we start messing up and it's late, like you go sit in the coach's chair and like grill us.

I was like, nah, I didn't know that. Now I started looking back and I'm like, every other game I'm coaching, I'm probably just blacking out at the time. I'm not even thinking about grabbing guys, jerseys, like telling them what to do. And um, so yeah, that's my thing. I guess now is, uh, you know, when, when push comes to shove, I gotta, gotta put my coach's hat on. So what does coach have to say about that? I think, uh, coach, coach appreciates it. He sits, he sits back there and, you know, and waits for me to leave. He gives me my time. Um, and then, uh, you know, he gets to do what he does.

So he's never like tapped you on the shoulder going, Hey, that's, uh, you know, my, uh, my seat you're in. He needs, he hasn't done that. He hasn't done that.

He has. And I, you know, I kinda kind of brush them off like this. Hold on. Hold on. I got, you got to give me 10 more seconds and then, uh, you know, let him, let him, uh, do his job. All right.

Very good. Uh, Mike Conley Jr. here on the Rich Isaac show, a few more minutes left with the guard of the 16 and four Minnesota Timberwolves. So, um, how has the league changed from when you came in?

And, uh, one is a lot faster. Um, I think when I first came in, it was a lot more post up, um, half court sets. You know, you had a lot of, you know, guards that posted up, uh, big guards, the Chauncey billows, Baron Davis, like guys who just physically bigger.

Now it's like, you know, long, skinny, athletic, you know, wings and guards and kind of people who can play every position. And, um, the three point, the three pointer obviously has, you know, changed the game. You know, what Steph has brought to the league, um, and analytics portion of the league, like it's, it's made the game faster, more spacing. Um, the, the rules defensively changed where, you know, it's a little bit less physical. So, you know, it's a little bit more of a advantage for the offense. And so there's a lot more points being scored. So it's, uh, just a, just a little different, different league, different pace.

And, um, you've had to adjust over the years and some rookies wind up being seven foot four, like the one you saw last night. Right, Mike, pretty much. Yeah. Yeah. And then you run up on, you know, the victors of the world.

There's many of them. Was that the first time you've eyeballed when Boniyama yourself? Uh, second, we played them about a month ago and, um, I went home just as impressed as I was the first time I was like, man, I haven't seen anybody like that before.

And some of the stuff he can do is pretty amazing. So did you, uh, I wasn't able to catch last night's game in its entirety. Did you, did you, uh, challenge him at any point in time last night? Uh, so I had an opportunity and, uh, I turned it over because I took one dribble and I was like, yeah, I'm about to just float this to the room and just make this bucket over him. And then he kind of like faked me. I tried to throw a pass instead and he stayed on the ground and stole it.

And I was like, man, that don't happen often. He kind of just completely took me out of my game. Was there any point where go bear pulled the team together saying, we're not going to let this kid be the best French guy on the floor tonight? Did you, did you, did that happen at any point in time last night?

Not verbally, but you could tell, um, by the way he approached the game during the game, it meant a lot to him. It did. Huh? How about that? Okay. Oh yeah. That's like, it's like, it's like his guy. So he's, he's, I don't want to lose it to my guy.

Okay. Did he trash talk him in French? Did you overhear anything like that?

No, I didn't hear anything like that, man. Rudy was, uh, he was pretty locked in. I'm sure he was. I mean, if he did, I wouldn't understood it anyway. He's just out there doing his thing.

Last one for you, Mike. Um, you know, the, what could have been for your college teammate, Greg Oden, I just want to give you the floor on that, how good he was and what, what, uh, could have been with him. Do you think, uh, man, um, I probably think about it more than anybody, but it, it was, um, just such an opportunity to be around a guy like that and see, um, you know, somebody who has so much potential and in a league that has changed so much, I think he would have adapted really well throughout his career. I think he'd still be playing, um, at a very high level because of his athleticism, his ability to, you know, finish and, and soft touch with both hands. And, uh, he was a team guy and, and you don't find too many of those bigs that can do all those things. And, um, just wish that he would have had that opportunity and stayed healthy enough.

Cause you know, when he was healthy, he was a force and, uh, there'd be a lot, you know, who knows that the history books might be rewritten a little bit and he could have been a part of some, some great teams. How did a guy from Indianapolis wind up there? How does that happen for you? Oh man. Um, honestly we, uh, it was our last college visit. You know, I had, I had visited Wake Forest right before that, like a week before and I was like, yeah, I'm committing to Wake Forest. I'm gone.

Like there's no question. And, uh, my dad was like, man, just take one more visit. You and Greg and you know, Daquan Cook's already there. You should go visit Ohio state just to do it.

You, you and that might have a great relationship. So they, all right, I'll just go just to go. Um, I went there, we went to a Saturday night football game. They played Texas.

I think it was Vince Young or it was quarterback at the time, but massive game. I saw all those fans and people and like the, the city just shut down. I was like, man, this is like college.

Like this is crazy. So like I just, from that point I was like, I don't want to come, I want to be a Buckeye and experience this every, uh, every weekend and, um, and make this basketball program something special. Okay.

I hear you. So you do follow college football then, right? Mike, I do.

Okay. Has anybody made you aware of where I went to school prior to this conversation? Mike?

I hope it's not the school I'm thinking of. Well, I mean, you could say the word, Mike, you could say the word. I really can't. I can let you say the word, but I have an idea. You listen, the first letter in the city that you wear frequently, sometimes on the chest, you can say the letter M when you're taught, what are you, it's not the inner soda Timberwolves. When you mention it to other people, like what's team do you play for? Or I played for the X in a soda Timberwolves.

Really? I just say, I just say I play for the wolves. I don't even say, I don't even close. So you can say the word, even wolves.

You can say the wolves. I can't even finish it though. No, no, no, no. I can't do that. I mean, you're not Ike Conley Jr, right?

When you sign your checks. I am. It depends on the conversation right now. That doesn't, I'm Ike Conley.

I'm in the Minnesota Timberwolves. Like I'm all that. All right, Mike. Good to see you. Let's do this on the regular some more. Congrats on the great 20 game start.

Obviously, you know, it's a marathon. We appreciate the time. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Appreciate it. Y'all got to go.

You bet. That's Ike Conley Jr. I'm trying to be respectful right here on the Rich Eisen show. That was awesome. I must say this is the old ESPN Sports Center community coming together. The information about Anthony Edwards, nicknaming him bite bite. And he doesn't like that nickname and the fact that he occasionally will find himself sitting in the coach's chair during timeouts at the end of game. Both of them given to me in the commercial break via text by Lord Kilby himself, a diehard Timberwolves fan. Craig Kilborn immediately hit me back when I said I've got Mike Conley on what should I ask? So I took that information and it made the interview better. See, we're it's just it's a team team effort.

People helping people. One more piece of NBA news from last night to hit before we take our break. The boat race W by the Dallas Mavericks last night on the Utah Jazz. I mean, was a 50 point win, right? Yeah, 55, 147 to 97. I mean, that is tough.

Yeah, that is tough. Did you hear how Utah Jazz Will Hardy spoke about that 50 point loss last night? Sound bite of the year. It lasts. I mean, we only have a few days left to get in on that race, right?

In 2023. But here it is. Hit it. That was a that was an absolutely horrendous performance from start to finish. That was a masterpiece of dog. There you go. Dog ass. That's fantastic. By the way, it just harkens me back.

But that's a fantasy name. A masterpiece of dog poop was a by the way. No, no, no. What it was, Mike, I don't know if you probably we grew up in the same area on W any T Channel 13. My parents and I would always turn on the masterpiece of dog poop. That's where I would watch upstairs down poop. You know, I crappiest.

Oh, my God. It's a great it's a great it was a great miniseries on masterpiece of dog poop. I poop. That sounds like it was a triumph.

I say master piece of dog poop that I poop on. By the way, if you're a player on that team, can you push back? I mean, they did score ninety seven. It's not like they scored fifty seven or. But if you give up one hundred forty seven now that you could say kind of counterbalances the yeah don't ninety seven events. You know, I mean offense.

They were still right there. I didn't look at the numbers, but ninety seven points. Good out. Good output. Most nights. Do I change my team name now? It's pretty good.

Hardin's warm, mixed nuts. Based on that was the the when we were talking about he would be on a private jet flight to come to. Oh, no, that's what it would. Now, here's what it was. It was he was just sent home at the gate.

Yes. Of the plane he was going to get on. And we were like and the Sixers were like, you're not coming here because you got to stay home and rehab because you're supposedly hurt. And then we did start describing other things.

He wouldn't get on this flight, right? And like Hardin's warm mix nuts. And by the way, you know, who's warming up right now is James Harden. Well, the clips is a whole.

Well, Harden is for sure. So. All right. That's our coverage of the association. Say again, Tyler said it would take ten games around game 13. I got it.

It's fine. I mean, this is we're marathoning, but that's pretty much Pacers tonight. The total is two fifty seven, highest in the NBA in 30 years. Is that right? But the over.

Absolutely. What's higher, the number of points in this game tonight or snoop right now or the number of total penalty yards and Clete Blakeman's next game. Oh, where's Clete this weekend? Hold on.

Give me I'll check in the break wherever Clete Blakeman is. In that game, total penalty yards of that game. All right.

All right. Or total points in tonight's Bucks Pacers game. Clete pulling it up, pulling it up. Clete is at Broncos Chargers. Total penalty yards, Broncos Chargers.

Or total points of tonight's Bucks Pacers game. Holy jeez, that is a well done. Thank you, sir. On the fly. On the fly interviewing, getting Killborn tips. Really good. Assimilating it in my Q and A with Mike Conley Jr. and throwing a break. What was Clete's game last week?

Oh, was the Seahawks Cowboys. OK, that was round two and change. David Oyelowo is coming out here on the Rich Eisen Show. We'll talk about Lauman, Bass, Reeves and MMA. He's into UFC.

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Visit prize for restrictions and details. Thank you so much. Yeah, and that's what you see at the beginning of our show. You see him fighting on the side of the Confederacy. He is enslaved at that point. He comes out of enslavement.

He lives with Native American tribes for a number of years, including the Seminole, the Creek, the Choctaw. That's where he learns a lot of the skills he employs when he eventually, after being a farmer for about 10 years, becomes deputized as a deputy U.S. Marshal, goes on to have a 32 year career in law enforcement with over a thousand arrests.

But the thing that's truly impressive is the proximity of being enslaved with now having the authority to arrest white people, some of whom still think of you as a slave. And, you know, you can only imagine how terrifying that could have been. And then this show is going to be about other lawmen and also villains other than what we're seeing right now. That's the idea of this show and success. That's the idea.

I mean, I think there's a general consensus that someone like Bass Reeves should have had a show, a film, a myriad of things done about them. And so let's go find who are those others who have been sort of fallen between the cracks or on the fringes of history that shouldn't be and make shows about them. Not to get too ahead, because obviously we're still in what we're talking about right here. Have you already identified with these? Yeah.

You know, like you say, you don't want to jump too far ahead. We only just found out about it being the most watched show globally on Paramount Plus a few days ago. How about that, right? It's pretty great. Pretty great. So I imagine Paramount are going to want to do more, but that's still fresh paint.

They want answers, I'm sure, at some point. And obviously playing a character of significance and wanting to do that character justice. This is, I imagine, nothing compared to playing Martin Luther King Jr., one would say? Oh, it's up there.

It's up there. I mean, any time you are in any way now going to be part of the legacy of a historical character of this level of import, you know, it's a burden. But I try to, I can't afford to think about that.

You're never going to please everyone. And all you can do is go in and do the best job you possibly can. If I can say that after engaging in an endeavor like this, then I'm happy and I can truly say that about this. Let's talk about Selma a little bit here. Again, in 2014, you played Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in that awesome film. How did you prepare for that role?

How did that happen? Well, I was, weirdly enough, a beneficiary of just how long it took to get the film made. Bass Reeves took eight years, obviously, since 2014 when it first came my way. Selma, I first read the script in 2007. And like you say, the world wasn't seeing it until 2014. And I became one of the elements that really pushed to get that film made.

But because we had so many false starts, but I was absolutely determined that it would happen. I was doing research. I was reading. I was talking to people all through those seven years.

I also had the privilege of being in films like Lincoln and The Butler and Red Tails and The Help, all in the meantime, all of which was giving me historical context for Selma. So who were you reaching out to? Did you reach out to anybody from Dr. King's orbit? Yeah, I spoke to Andrew Young, who was his right hand man. And I spoke to him a fair bit. I spoke to John Lewis, who has since passed away. But there were so many people who had their own specific relationship to him. And what we mostly know are the speeches and the public persona. But to speak to people who actually knew him, his children. I spent time with all of his children as well, talking to them about him. And so that was all incredibly helpful. I have to ask about John Lewis a little bit more. The Good Trouble, you talk to you about Good Trouble and things of that nature.

What happened historically? Yeah, he did to a certain extent. But my John Lewis moment was we were shooting Selma. I hadn't had FaceTime with him at this point when we were shooting. And a PA came to my door and knocked, said, I have someone here to see you. I was in my trailer. And I stayed in character the whole time we were shooting. You did?

I did for the three months we were shooting. And so the PA knocks, someone here to see you. I open the door and it's John Lewis. He's visiting the set. Did you not know he was on the internet? I didn't know.

I didn't know he was visiting. And you can only imagine what that feels like. But as I say, I'm in character. I'm talking as him. I'm sort of moving like him.

That was just my process. And John Lewis sees me and out of his mouth came the words, Dr. King, it is so good to see you again. And I just, I just didn't know what to do with myself because I could see him completely time machine like go back to somewhere else. And I just, in that moment, I was Dr. King for him.

And it was just the most precious thing. Did you stay in character? I did because you know, for me, I had to go and do a scene and I was about to do a scene that he was going to stay for.

It was the scene that we had done this recreation of an Ebenezer Baptist church scene. And thankfully I was so nervous about him literally being there, but there was a thunderstorm and we suddenly had to shut down till the thunderstorm passed and then he had to leave. And I was like, thank you, Lord, you love me so much because I would have been terrified to do a speech in front of him. So at some point though, when he said that to you and a quiet moment for yourself, you're like, okay, I think I've got this role nailed. If he said that to you, because I'm sure somebody must have given him a heads up. He's in character. This is what he's doing. This is his job. And he obviously understands what you were attempting, but he didn't, I mean, he didn't have to say that to you.

He didn't. And I will never know. I just hold that as such a precious moment. But another person with whom I had that kind of moment was Bernice King, Dr. King's daughter, who was on the fence about a film being made to be perfectly honest. And I went to the King museum in Atlanta. And again, I didn't know she was there, but her office is there and we were just doing a tour and someone said, Dr. King is here to see you. And I was like, what?

That's so, what do you mean Dr. King is here? And it was Bernice King. And she saw me and she gave me her blessing. I wasn't in character then.

It was before we started shooting, but I'd put on the way, I'd shaved my hairline back and she saw me and I could see in her eyes also that she was, she was co-signing. Amazing. David Oyelowo here on the Rich Eisen show. Okay. How does somebody from Oxford sound like Bas Reeves? Like what's your, like who are you, who are you drawing from here? What do you, what do you got for me? Yeah, yeah, no, it's a good question.

Well, you know, that's, that's, that's my job. You got to go find the character. We listened to a lot of recordings from the early 1900s of people who had been enslaved during that era. So who would have been about Bas's age in the 1860s, 1870s. Now they have the sound, but they've lost their teeth. They have that old people, raspy thing. So you're now having to sort of clean that up and decipher what the accent would be. And I worked with a dialect coach called Denise Woods and yeah, we built the accent from there.

Okay. How tough is that to lose your, your accent? I mean, you know, it's, it sounds wonderful. I mean, you sound erudite, you sound wonderful. Like you're classing up the joint, but you have a bunch of sports people on here, you know, it's like asking them how they do what they do. It's that 10,000 hours, you know, I went to drama school, a lot of what we did was breaking down accents and I've done a few of them now.

So, you know, it's just, it's just that muscle. You're a pro. See how he's classed up in my seat, you could just say, Rich, I'm a professional. Why the hell are you asking that?

You know? I'm a pro, Rich. I'm a pro. Thank you very much.

You don't ask basketball players, how do you shoot? I got it. I understand. And you're a fan of UFC, huh?

Yeah. Big fan. Big fan.

I love it. It's weird. It helps me relax. I don't know why. I know. I know. My wife says the same thing.

It helps you relax. Yeah. Here's my theory.

You see, people are getting their asses handed to them. Exactly. Exactly. But it's finite. You train, you have a goal, you have three-minute rounds. Sometimes it's a three-round match or five and it's finite.

With making movies or TV shows, Bass Reeves, Eight Years, Selma, Seven Years, you don't know when you're going to get. But this is clean and there's something just. A knockout is just. It's like, okay, I'm moving on.

Who gets knocked out next? But do you, again, you like the violence of it? Is that what you're saying too? I don't see it as violence.

It just feels pure to me. Okay. I know. You're looking at me like my wife looks at me, which is a bit weird thing to say. I'm trying to understand.

I'm trying to compute. She's as confused as you is what I'm trying to say. I'm not going to lie. Does she watch with you? She watches me watching it because my whole Saturday is just MMA.

Really? Yeah, yeah, yeah. How are you watching MMA then? I mean, are you getting off the couch?

Oh, I know. I'm on the couch. I'm just going from match to match to match to match. So who's your fighter?

What do you like? Oh, gosh. Well, I love Israel Adesanya.

I was so upset when he got beaten by Sean Strickland recently. He's been here a couple of times. Oh, yeah. I love his personality. I love it. He's great. His personality, but his fighting style.

So unique, so poetic to watch. He's an artist with his fighting. Volkanovsky is another favorite. He's become a favorite. Leonid Edwards is a fellow Brit, current welterweight champ. Looking forward to the Colby Covington fight soon. So yeah, but there was this amazing era when it was Kamaru Usman, it was Israel Adesanya, and it was Francis Ngannou.

As a proud West African myself, that was a pretty cool moment. Do you ever want to try it yourself at all or no? I think I'm past that moment where I could, you know, I'm an actor, not the face, not the face. It's the moneymaker. Careful with the moneymaker.

Exactly. Very good. New episodes of Lawman Bass Reeves airs Sunday, exclusively on Paramount Plus, which you can also catch right here on the Roku portal and platform.

Lawman Bass Reeves is Paramount Plus' most-watched series premiere globally this year. Tell me about role play, sir, before, and the Book of Clarence. You got a lot going on. Oh, yeah, yeah.

A few things. Yeah, role play is a cool action comedy I've just done with Kaley Cuoco, and we're a happily married couple until I find out she's an assassin. And that's always going to put a wrench in any marriage. Yes, it will.

Putting a wrench is one way to put it. Yeah. Sure. Okay. So that's coming out January 12th.

And also on January 12th, and that's on Amazon Prime, but also on January 12th in theaters is the Book of Clarence, which is a sort of irreverent, but yet in a weird way, reverent telling of the Jesus story, but through the eyes of doubting Thomas's brother, Clarence. Clarence? Yeah. Okay. Yes. Are you Clarence? I'm not Clarence.

I'm John the Baptist, who has a real problem with the fact that Clarence is a false prophet. Yeah. That's a wrench too. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. He's a wrench in the whole Bible story. Man.

So you're Bass Reeves, Martin Luther King Jr., and John the Baptist. Yes. Look at you. That's called range.

That's what that's called. I'm a pro, Rich. I'm a pro.

You said you want to be the lone ranger. You have range, sir. You bet. You are a pro. Thank you. David Oyelowo, congrats on everything going on in your career. Thank you for being here. Thanks for having me.

Let's do this some more. You got it. Certainly sincere neighbors with Brockman, that's what we decided, right? Yeah.

I didn't see no Tarzana. How about that? Let's see. That's my guy. He's got, you have four kids, right? I have four, yeah, yeah. He's got one, but he's not home right now.

He's alone. No, I'm solo. Yeah. Really?

Where's your child? Yeah. Great question.

That was a great question. We'll talk about that offline. That's all right.

No, no, no. His mom are in Georgia where her family is. Yeah. She's doing standup tonight.

So she's performing. So he's by himself. Oh, wow. I don't know. I mean, he used to come to my house for dinner all the time before he got a life. Oh.

But- And a second fiddle to the kid. I don't know what you're doing tonight. Oh, wow. You can bring the- This is nice.

I don't know. The Brockmans and the Oyelowo's can get together and- You want to watch some Thursday Night Football? It's on Prime Video. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's do it.

It's Thursday Night Football, the home also of role play. It's Prime Video. Yeah. Here you go. Coming up. All right. There you go.

Yeah. Good to see you, sir. Thank you for being on here. Thank you for being here. You too.

All right. We'll be wrapped up this show in a moment. Stacking Benjamins with Joe and his good friend OG not only has great financial insight, it's laid back with humor too. Joe talks with Stacking Deeds cohost Crystal Hammond. I've always been a fan of nosy neighbors. I want nosy neighbors. They can tell you what's going on 10 times faster than you would know. Again, what's she talking about, Doug?

Really? We're repairing neighborhoods, but then we're into nosy neighbors and- Yeah, build a career off of that. Find out more by searching the Stacking Benjamins podcast, wherever you listen. Get an inside look at Hollywood with Michael Rosenbaum.

Let's get inside of my father, John Glover. We watch Talk, Phil, and most of these episodes I never saw. I didn't watch the show.

You never once saw yourself on Smallville. In the beginning, I used to look at myself all the time and love to. And then as I get older, I stopped. Why is that? I don't know. Maybe because I'm older. I was going to talk to you about that because you're 79. Yeah. How old do you feel?

11. Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum, wherever you listen. Hey, everybody. Make sure you talk to your Alexa. That's one way to put it. When you want to watch the NFL, I mean, listen to the NFL for free on Westwood One Radio, sponsored by AutoZone. You could stream it all season long. Listen to every Westwood One broadcast, the NFL Live, including Thursday night on the NFL app or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports or on your Westwood One Affiliate Station digital platforms. Kevin Harlan, Kurt Warner, and me all season long for free and get in the zone with AutoZone. AutoZone's free battery testing and charging is available for free at your local AutoZone. Get in the zone.

AutoZone restrictions apply. Jimmy in San Antonio, you're here on the Rich Hudson Show. What's up, Jimmy? What's up, Jimmy?

Hey, I want to give my NFL top six, but first I just want to say, Rich, Jags Brown's is the best live album, Letters from Florio ever did. Nice. I like it very much.

I don't know. Jags Brown's, Letters from Florio. I like it. I like that. Well done. I like it. Okay.

So here's my spin on the top six. It's going to be with Friends of the Show. Are you going to do it? Are you going to do it? You got your top six as if you're, again, this is Jimmy's playoff committee, as if you're choosing NFL teams like the college football playoffs did theirs. Is that what you're saying?

And yes, actually with a spin of Friends of the Show. Number six, Jeff in Detroit. Oh, wow. Okay.

I think that's a little low, Jimmy, but okay. What else? What else? Number five. Yeah.

Coach Mike McDaniel. Okay. Okay. All right. I see. Now you're going.

Now you're all over the map. We appreciate it. Okay. Number four. Yeah.

Over Street and Rudd. Okay. Okay. Okay. It's Stone Street, but we're good.

Maybe you had a little bit of that alcohol. It's okay. What else? What else?

It might be TJ plus number. Nice. Nice.

Jimmy Kathy, Kathy in Philadelphia is in the playoffs along with Stone Street and Rudd. Okay. All right. Number two. Yeah.

It's me, the Dallas Cowboys. All right. All right. All right. Number one. And number one.

All rise. Oh, wow. Well, it's only fitting because the Niners are first in everybody's playoffs.

And so Terzo represents the Niners. Well done. Well done, Jimmy. Thank you for the call, brother. The great Jimmy in San Antonio. Well done.

That's funny. I'm at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. Hey, you ready for your fantasy picks? TJ Jefferson, are you ready? I've been ready. I know you have.

All right. Brought to you by our friends at prize picks. Hit it. Hit it, please. DJ Mikey D, you play my music.

Oh, there we go. So we're going to get you guys ready for week 14 of fantasy. And, you know, here's the deal, right, Chris? You know, you're playing and Richard playing pretty much got your rosters settled if you're going to the playoffs. But I'm going to try to help you pick up some guys, kind of get your hey, these are some guy weeks here. And by the way, I had Tank Dell and Brian Robinson Jr. out. So I'm I'm all ears.

If you think there's somebody out there. But the thing is, last week was probably the worst week because, you know, the bills, some other teams are out a little bit easier. But we're going to start with who I think is him this week.

And I tell you what, he's a guy who rich wants to hang out with him, go to his birthday parties. Gardner Minshew is going to be him this week at the Bengals. OK, Gardner Minshew. Yeah, I saw that last week's game at Tennessee. You know, he delivered a standout performance. He had twenty three fantasy points. The Bengals D is allowed five of the past six opposing QBs to score at least twenty on them. So I think it's going to look good for Gardner. I mean, it could even be a shootout.

I don't know. But I'm liking the Colts right now. And I think Gardner is going to be him. Also, a guy I've been you know, I've been talking about him a lot, but I don't think I've ever put him on this list.

I'm going to do so today. That's Courtney Sutton, wide receiver for the Broncos. Cruellen Sutton low key has been balling this year and no one has been mentioning this guy. He scored a touchdown in six of his past seven. He's got nine on the year, and I think he'll have a great chance to score against the Chargers. The third and most points giving up the fantasy wide receiver. So, of course, I'm going to give him his flowers this week. He's been quietly having a great season.

I think that's going to continue. Now, who's not him? Huh? A couple of guys.

But again, you could look at this as, you know, a Homer ism. But the Andre Swift of the Eagles, that's all that's up. Oh, not him.

You know, what does it do? He was held in less than 10 points in three. Let me get this right. Three of his past four games, including his first meeting with Dallas. He had 43 yards rushing in, I think, 31 yards receiving Jalen Hurts. He's taking all of the goal line.

All right. Carries Richard today. This brotherly shove is getting hurts all the rushing touchdowns, and it's really hurting his running backs like Swift.

So I feel because of that, Swift is not him. It's the vulturally shove is what you're saying in this case for sure. And plus the Dallas defense, you know, they've been on point all year.

Brotherly vulture vulturally shove is better. You know, the Cowboys number three and fewest points given up to opposing running back. So if you've got a better option, roll with them.

If you've got to take use them, then use them. But I'm not liking his chances. Also not him this week.

Unfortunately, Calvin Ridley, we heard Trevor Lawrence, what he practiced today. He's probably not going to. Well, ankle watch is coming up. Be careful coming up. So this is, you know, contingent on T. Law not playing.

Just make sure you're monitoring the situation. Looks like Christian Kirk is also going to be out. That means all the emphasis is going to be on Calvin. This Browns defense is number two of fewest fantasy points allowed to opposing receivers. So I think I think I love Calvin, but I think he's going to be in for a long day.

And I'm going to tell you to stash these guys. I'm just going to give you three guys who if you've got some room on your roster, even if you don't put them in there because injuries do happen. Tyjay Spears running back for the Titans. Derek Henry was supposed to have a concussion. Now he doesn't have a concussion.

I don't know. But I'm telling you, this guy on the screen right now, Spears, pick him up, stash him if you can. Also to Elijah's Elijah Moore of the Browns because Joe Flacco and don't even speak it with Elijah Mitchell. I need Christian McCaffrey getting bubble wrap now.

Don't even speak that. And I'm just saying, Elijah Mitchell, just have him, especially if you are a Christian McCaffrey owner, make sure you have this guy just in the case. And I'm not wishing injury on anyone. I know just on the off chance that McCaffrey does have an injury.

You want to protect yourself with Elijah Mitchell. And that's my hymns and not hymns and pickups and all that for this week and fantasy. And that fantasy football update is sponsored by prize picks. The number one daily fantasy sports app, ready to test your skills. Join the prize picks community. Must be present in certain States.

Visit prize for restrictions and details. This may be, I think them are most important job as RES Consulting, unless we're ever reached out to, you know, RES Consulting was created for us to tell owners of NFL teams, hire this person. You don't need a frigging consulting firm.

I can do this for you. That's how RES Consulting was born years ago. And now it's morphed out and we have different, different ways of helping out. Yeah.

Different silos. You want to call it? Maybe our most important silo is ankle watch. I mean, last year we were all over the Patrick Mahomes ankle watch. I think we helped it get better actual, but we were all over it. Now we're back again.

That's right. We're at Trey Lance's ankle watch. Now we're on Trevor Lawrence's ankle watch. And we noticed yesterday he was in a, in a wrap and open told sandals a choice. I mean, honestly, if you need to, if you need to have something elevated or compressed or you needed something clearly one would say supported, that ain't it.

A wrap and an open toed a sandal just showing you that I think it's good. There's actual B roll. Oh, remember burrow? We had, it was calf watch with burrow. Yeah. What do we have? What do we have? I have not seen this yet. Oh, okay.

Oh, I said a full sleeve here with the brace, the brace on the other one. This guy couldn't even walk. He's walking backwards.

Do you think he's doing that on purpose? Now he's walking one step forward for the radio audience. Now he's going to, oh, he's moving around.

All right. And there we go. Plant leg.

Plant leg. He's starting. I think he's showing off.

Yeah. I mean, this is a guy who couldn't, he couldn't walk up a tunnel. He was walking so gingerly, but he didn't want the cart. No cart. He didn't want the cart. No cart.

Didn't want the, he was gutting it out from the first second. Is he starting this week? Yeah. I don't think so. Judging from that, you don't think so. I don't know, man. I mean, look, he's walking backwards again, which is a choice. I think he's showing that off. He's like, I'm all right. I don't know.

And then let it rip. It's only Thursday. High ankle sprain though?

It's still a high ankle sprain, dude. All right, moving around. All right. All right. Maybe it's coming early. I need to see Friday.

I'm reserving judgment. Guys, again, this is the most important service we provide in certain, in certain ways. No doubt. So I think we just, you're saying start? I'm saying, I'm saying start.

Start. No doubt. I'm saying, I wish I would have seen that video before I said sit Calvin. It's a fluid situation teaching.

It's a fluid situation. Guys, tomorrow's show two in studio guests, their names are Michael Irvin and Arnold Schwartz. Hey, what Michael Irvin in studio Arnold Schwarzenegger in studio. That's no joke of a Friday program. I will definitely be here tomorrow. Yeah, you better. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules.

Now get to know her on Give Them Lala. I don't know that I would call it respect that I have for Sandoval, but the world hated him. He still went out, performed shows with his head held high. He showed up to the reunion when we all were going after him. Like he didn't skip a beat the way he's handling it. If I were in his position and I said it straight up to the entire audience, thousands of people, I would tell you all to **** and the room was dead. Watch what Lala is talking about on YouTube or search for Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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