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NFL Week 13: The Overreaction Monday Podcast with Rich Eisen & Chris Brockman –

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 4, 2023 4:41 pm

NFL Week 13: The Overreaction Monday Podcast with Rich Eisen & Chris Brockman –

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 4, 2023 4:41 pm

A weekly staple on ‘The Rich Eisen Show’ for years, ‘Overreaction Monday’ is now also an extended podcast with Rich and Chris Brockman debating the latest in the NFL. Today’s topics:

1:15    Chiefs will go winless in the playoffs

4:45    Cowboys are winning the NFC East

6:45    AFC North is getting only 1 playoff team

9:20    Lions D isn’t good enough for a deep playoff run

11:45    The Bills are making the playoffs!

16:00    The AFC South is the NFL’s most competitive division

20:00    The 49ers are going to be the NFC’s 1-seed

23:45    Patriots’ D is proof Belichick should be back in 2024

26:00    Either Rams or Packers will pull off a Wild Card Weekend upset

28:10    Buccaneers will win the NFC South

30:50    NFL Week 14 headline predictions




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It's time for another edition of Overreaction Monday. Rich Eisen along with Chris Brotman.

Hey Rich. Almost 13 weeks in the books of the 2023 season and this show, as always, is presented by our friends at Game Time. The fast and easy way to buy tickets for all the sports, music, comedy, and theater events near you. Download the Game Time app, create an account, use the code Overreaction. $20 off your first purchase. Restrictions apply. Visit for terms. Download Game Time today.

Last minute tickets, lowest price, guaranteed. How are you? How are you over there, sir?

I'm great. What's going on, man? I don't know. I'm ready to overreact to stuff or tell you to, you know, slow your roll. I'm ready to spit some takes.

No cap. As Mooch said that. You don't even know what that means. I know what it means. It means I'm not kidding. It means I'm spitting truth. Right.

Right. You know, Mooch said no cap. Did I caught you? I caught you. Then he followed up by saying no to Neil.

And I thought it was serious because that sounds like something that sounds like something Mooch would say. All right. Are you ready to do it? Let's do it.

Hit it. That was terrible. That was crap.

That was garbage. Just like overreaction Mondays. All right, Christopher, what do you got? I see you got your sheet of paper.

It was really funny. All right, let's start. Let's start on Sunday night.

Let's start Sunday night. Green Bay looked great. Chiefs did not. For the first time with Patrick Mahomes as starting quarterback, the Chiefs will go winless in the playoffs. Give me a break. That's what it looks like watching this team play.

They do not look like a winning playoff team out of here. I would say it's more likely to mix our mix show. Okay. Um, I guess lexicon together here. It's more likely the Chiefs make the AFC championship game again, then go winless because even if they lose, they look like Chris, one of the two best teams in the AFC.

Chris, when the rubber meets the road, when the rubber meets the road, even if they are not the one seat. Okay. Doesn't look like they will be. All right. Let's just give that to you. Okay.

That for the, that for, uh, for this year, they will not be the one seed going into the AFC playoffs. Okay. Whereas right now, as we are recording this, they are not in the one seat.

The four seat. Well right now. Okay.

Right now. Correct. As if Jacksonville loses Monday night, Jacksonville will be the four seat. Right. Correct.

All put together. They would have to welcome in the Steelers or the Colts or name anybody that's in Texan Browns, Texans bills, Broncos. Okay. Into their house. Okay.

I don't think the bills are the seventh seat. I, I, okay. We'll get to that in a minute. Sure.

Fine. They would have to lose that game. You really think one of these teams are going to come in? I think when you watch Kansas city play the last few weeks, they've lost three out of five. What outside of number 15 gives you confidence that they're a playoff winner. I say to you, even he has not been great.

Patrick Mahomes. I say to you, I say to you that it is entirely possible that this team is not the one seat, but it is more likely that they would win one game at home, have to win one game on the road for the first time in their playoff lives and still make the AFC championship game, which by the way is entirely possible. If they're the two seed, they'd still host. Anyway, we haven't seen Jacksonville play on Monday night yet, but you think they're better than the Jaguars right now. They're better than right now. I'm not talking right now.

I'm talking down the road, but what I'm talking right now, this is my reaction right now. That's an overreaction. Okay. I disagree. I know you do, but I mean, right now you're saying we can absolutely with certainty make the case.

That's the idea of the segment. Make the case that Kansas city is going to go over one and done for the first time. They don't scare you on offense.

Not yet. Who's coming. Who's going to save the offense. Mahomes, Kelsey, Rashid Rice, Isaiah Pacheco, good enough to win football games. Good enough to win a football game at home against a whole host of teams that might come in.

So, and I don't think the chiefs are going to wind up the four seed either, but I'd say what's more likely that on the screen, what you are saying right now to our podcast listening audience is a certainty, not an overreaction or the chiefs make the AFC championship game. Anyway, I think that's, I think this is more, we will, we will see the rubber meeting the road. Put this up as a poll. Get an inside look at Hollywood with Michael Rosenbaum. Let's get inside of my father, John Glover. You know, we've watched Talk Phil and most of these episodes I never saw. I didn't watch the show. You never once saw yourself on Smallville.

In the beginning, I used to look at myself all the time and love to, and then as I get older, I stopped. Why is that? I don't know. Maybe because I'm older. I was going to talk to you about that because you're 79. Yeah. How old do you feel?

11. Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum, wherever you listen. Stacking Benjamins with Joe and his good friend OG not only has great financial insight, it's laid back with humor too. Joe talks with stacking deeds.

Co-host Crystal Hammond. I've always been a fan of nosy neighbors. I want nosy neighbors. They can tell you what's going on 10 times faster than you would know. Again, what's she talking about, Doug? Really? We're repairing neighborhoods, but then we're into nosy neighbors and I built a career off of that.

Find out more by searching the stacking Benjamins podcast, wherever you listen. Let's move on another hot, hot team in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys. They're going to win the NFC East. Dallas isn't, I can't sit here and say that's, that's still an overreaction. Philadelphia has got a tough, I think Philadelphia has a tough go of it in Dallas. He's been playing with fire for a few weeks now. They've been kind of begging to lose a game and they got, got far more difficult games for the final month of the season than Philadelphia.

It's just that simple. Philadelphia has got both games against the giants wrapped around a home date with Arizona while they go to Seattle for a Sunday night game and look at Dallas's schedule for our podcast listening audience. It's at Buffalo at Miami home for Detroit at Washington. I mean, well, we know Miami can't beat good teams overreaction.

Detroit's kind of a fraud and so is Washington. So there's three more wins at least. Okay. Philly begging to get got.

Maybe that's four and one down the stretch for Dallas. Okay. Okay.

Christopher. Nope. Nope.

Interesting. I think this is an overreaction at this point in time. Can Dallas win it?

Sure. Overreaction right now. They're a game behind Philadelphia. They've got to beat Philly. And then they've got to get one game better than Philadelphia with games against Buffalo, Miami and Detroit.

And the only team that's a playoff team left on Philadelphia's schedule is on the periphery right now on the outside, looking in with some bad tie breaks, going against them. And that's Seattle. Sorry. So who's playing better football right now, Dallas or Philadelphia?

Obviously it's Dallas. Okay. I know that that's what will lead you to, to give me that topic bar. I say it's an overreaction. All right, good. I don't think you think it's good. Well, I mean, I disagree. I think that's just a phrase that you're saying to move on. It's totally fine. You can just go moving on.

You can just pull up, just go full Brian. Yeah. Moving on, moving on. The AFC North rich. We thought they were going to be awesome coming into the season.

It looked like not just coming into the season, midway through the season. It looked like at one point they might get all four playoff teams. Well, guess what? The AFC North is only getting one.

I don't know. I'll push back on that and say you're saying, so put it up one more time. The AFC playoff standings, please. And so I can read it off to our, again, listening audience as well, that you're saying for the AFC playoff picture, no, the AFC playoff picture, right? Did I say NFC or okay. The AFC playoff picture you're saying Steelers and Browns will be out.

See ya. And they're replaced by who bills and either Texans Broncos. No, I'm going to go Texans bills. We're going to get to that in a minute. I think AFC top four in any type of order, Colts Texans bills in some kind of a while.

I'll buy it. I'll say this is not an overreaction. What happened to the AFC North? Well, they got their quarterbacks lopped off half of them, three of them as of right now, the starting quarterbacks for the AFC North in week 14 will be Mitchell Trubisky, Joe Flacco and Jake Browning. Whereas a month ago it was Kenny Pickett, Deshaun Watson and Joe Burrow. I mean, what are you, what are you, what are you asking?

What happened? I mean, the Ravens are just like putting, you know, bubble wrap around Lamar Jackson, wherever he's walking around. Right. So, all right, I'll buy that right now. All right. So that would mean that would mean the AFC East gets two and the AFC West gets two.

Oh, hold on a second. And then the AFC South gets two gets three gets three. Yeah.

Okay. I think Texans and Colts have Colts have proven that they're good enough. The AFC South gets three and the AFC East gets two and that leaves two division winners. And the West gets one and the yeah. Right. The West gets one, but you just said, okay, there you go. All right.

Yeah. Man, if, if Kansas, if Denver had won over the weekend, if the Denver won over the weekend, you can make a case that they were going to win the West. If the AFC South gets three and the AFC North gets one, then next year's overreaction Monday to kick off the season, you should just go completely off the wall because I would never have seen that coming.

No, absolutely not. AFC South gets three, AFC North gets one in the overreaction Monday season kickoff show this year. I would have, I would have kicked you off the set. Our pilot episode. When it got picked up, when it got picked up, we would have been one and done the green, the green light would have gone red on a spot. You can't make this up.

Okay. Bounce back the lions bounce back look good. I thought you were talking about Don, the security guy for bounce back, by the way, Dom picked up a check Leonard at the airport. Did he really, there was a picture of him going around. Oh my gosh. I love it. Tom's back on the gear. Dom is back.

Okay. The lions defense. Not good enough for a deep playoff run. Deep playoff run. Meaning when a game, maybe when two deep playoff run means NFC championship game, right? It's not good enough to win a playoff game. Really.

I was just given deep just to be respectful lions. If they finish four, they should, I mean, three, they should rich. They just gave up 28 to the saints. Yeah. They got smoked by the Packers look pretty good.

This is now three weeks concern is high. I can't sit here and say they're not good enough to make a playoff run because the offense can overcome something like that to wind up in the divisional round to make a, to make a deep playoff run. You're talking about make the NFC championship game divisional round is not a deep playoff run. Nah, but it's still winning a playoff. It's a playoff run. Still a big deal playoff run means you're in the final four.

But do you think their defense is good enough to beat the Rams? So we're deep. I'm stuck on the deep.

All right. We'll take deep out. I'm rolling in the deep. Don't overthink it.

What does that mean? Their defense isn't good enough to win a playoff game. Maybe I should have rephrased correct.

So do you want to, you want to fix, you want to fix it? That's not good enough to win a playoff game. Then that's an overreaction. They could still win a playoff game. Jared Goff can go off. The Rams are going to go on them and I'm on Ross.

St. Brown can go off and that running game can go off and win. And when, you know, once upon a time, Kurt Warner beat out Roger in his first career playoff game in overtime, it was like 50 something to 40 something. I remember that. Okay. Wasn't it 40 something on a defensive score of touchdown. Yeah. I remember that below. So why can't the lions defense to beat the Packers again in the playoffs or the Rams that just put up a trust is a strong word. It, we now fix the topic bar. That's an overreaction.

Rolling in the deep. I'd agree with you. See, if you want an agreement, you shouldn't have fixed. You should have stuck. You should have stuck with the original plan. It's better when we don't agree to be honest. All right. What else are you done with it? Yeah, I'm done with it.

Not with you, but done with the done with that. The biggest winner from week 13 is a team that didn't play the Buffalo bills won the bye week. They're going to make the playoffs.

All right. Let's let's put up the AFC playoff picture again. Think about all the teams in front of them. They all lost Denver lost the chiefs lost who they're going to play next week. The Browns lost only the Colts and the Texans won. So they're a game back, but I think Texans will make the playoffs.

I think Buffalo can sneak in and get that. So what did I say to you the last couple of weeks when you're giving me one topic bar after another, the bills are dead. The bills are finished. The bills stink.

I told you the scenario has changed. I'm going to agree with you. And this is even recorded before the Jaguars might make the Bengals five and seven. The bills looked dead now off the bye week. They're alive.

Of course. And if the Bengals go to five and seven, then, then, then it's a clean sweep of awesomeness with the exception of the Texans winning. But obviously the, the, if the Texans and Broncos had tied, that would have been that, that would have been a, the ultimate w that would have been good. You know, or the Titans beaten the Colts, but I get, I get your point.

The Steelers and Browns lost. And, and that's good enough. That's good.

I mean, that is good enough. All the bills have to do is go to Kansas city, beat the chiefs, and then they get through, they get through to a softer part of their finishing schedule. And my point is by watching Kansas city play on Sunday night, Buffalo going in there next week now looks more like a winnable game. And then Buffalo has after the, oh, that's not true. They got Dallas at home at the chargers home for new England at Miami. Well, that's not a very soft schedule at all.

What am I talking about? Miami can't be good teams. I still think that they're good enough.

I love Josh Allen. They're going to be healthier. I think they're, I think they figured things out on offense. The bills go four and one down the stretch.

Say they win that game in Miami. Even three and two, I think nine and eight is going to be good enough in the seventh seed. I really do.

I really think it. So I don't know what tiebreaker they'd have over. They have had a good week on the buy.

I agree with you on that. They won the buy week. Well, who else, who else were they? Who else were they battling in the bi-week?

Yeah. I mean the bears, you didn't even think about the bears lost the bi-week cause now I get what you're saying. The bills did get some results breaking their way.

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. I feel like that was our halftime and that's even way more entertaining than watching people shove footballs from their chest through the holes of open, a large soda cans. What is your take on this? Should Dr. Pepper and whoever oversees this, should they force them to throw it overhead a million percent like an actual football overreaction spot on. Great. That should be a topic.

But I always thought I was alone in this. The soda people should force them that it is illegal to shove falls like you're like, you're trying to pass around the perimeter of a basketball three point line. I'm glad we're, of course you should have to throw overhand overhand hand on the weights.

Let's go. And you can't go sidearm either. Like the referees should not just be standing there to count.

They should see the arm angle. Boom. That one doesn't count. Wave it off. Wave it off. Sorry. I love it. Thank you.

Not an overreaction. Thank you. That's a bonus. I'm glad who knew? I'm glad we agree on that.

I get mad. So, uh, so second half, here we go. Let's make our adjustments. AFC South most competitive division in the NFL.

Well, um, let's just see here. I feel like this is the college football playoff committee. Who do you want to play? Who do you not want to play? Right.

That's what he said. They said they made the decision. You don't want to play Alabama. Oh, you're in, you want to play Florida state. Well, they're out.

I don't think so. That's the way they said that was part of their metric for best teams. So give me a division where there's three teams.

You don't want to face. I think the, the NFC West NFC, the Rams, the Seahawks and the 49ers. Okay. Hold on a minute. Maybe the NFC North has got the Packers, the lions and the Vikings quarterback by my, uh, my new son, Josh stops. Uh, okay. No, no, we're signing this out.

We're sending it out. The NFC South we're out. We're not even going to talk about it now. All the NFC North.

Now we can't talk about it. Yeah. They're toast. Well, they have three playoff teams, right? Currently the AFC, not when it's all said and done chiefs Broncos Raiders chargers.

I mean, how are you? Can't go the East. Um, most competitive division. I mean, when it's all said and done, they might have three playoff teams when before the year we thought it would, they were a one just to play. You want to play the Colts or the giants.

Okay. Who do you want to play the Colts or the Rams? Who do I want to play? That's this is the college football playoff committee metric. This is the litmus test.

I don't understand what that means. They said when they decided to put Florida state at home and Alabama in book, Oregon said part of the part of the conversation they had in the room was they turned to the coaches who were on the committee and said, who would you rather play? Who would you rather not play? And when they mentioned, who would they rather not play the team that they put in? Well, that's fine. So it's what I'm saying.

Okay. Who would you rather play? Cause the culture team number three, correct? Would you say the Colts and team three, or you're not saying the Jaguars and the Texans are team three culture team. Would you rather play by the way, if this is college football playoff committee, they kick the Colts out.

Cause they're on their backup quarterback, but that's neither the whole season. I'm trying to get to this fax. I'm trying to land. I'm talking out my answer.

Like I'm on millionaire. Okay. And I'm not calling a phone or a friend cause barely paying attention over there.

No, no, you're not paying attention. All right. I think you'd rather play the Colts if you're in the Rams.

All right. Would you rather play the Seahawks? I think I'd rather play the Seahawks.

Get out of here, man. Come on. You just saw what they did on, on Thursday night against them. They don't have a running back right now.

Kent Walker's out in Charbonnay's. So Zach Moss over DJ Dallas is the, is, is the answer that to your question, whether it's an overreaction or not. I think so. Okay. They're kind of even the Western North. Would you rather play the chargers or the Colts?

Interesting. Well, I know the charges are going to do something stupid. I think I'd rather play them. They just put up six points. I'd rather take on Keenan Allen and Justin Herbert and Austin Eckler hoping that they continue to step on their lightning bolts. Is that what you're saying? It's pretty washed.

It's not washed. I think I'd rather play the Colts. Okay. So I'd rather play the chargers because they don't have a coaching disadvantage. Are you trying to back up your player?

I'm trying. You really would rather play the chargers. Yes. Then the Colts. I know the Colts could score 30 points.

Can the chargers. I'll just say that this is not an overreaction because we're so close to, you know, not being able to get an answer. That's a good one. You made me stop. I just wanted to say the South is good. And you make an argument.

After we thought it was going to be garbage. You can make an argument. I would go on FC West. All right. Certainly the Arizona Cardinals. They just went into Pittsburgh. They have two wins. So now it's an overreaction.

All right. Speaking of the NFC West. Oh, that's why the Pats are in the second spot. We're going to get a franchise quarterback, Rich.

49ers are going to be the one seed in the NFC. Oh, I believe so. For sure.

Dude, that's not an overreaction at all. Come on. They now have, Oh, this is this, this, this may be the easiest one of all year. Really? Are you kidding me of all year, dude, the teams that they can, that can beat them out for the one seed. Okay. Are the following the Eagles, the Cowboys and the lions. Right.

And they have the lions are playing without a doubt right now, the least consistent football going into the final stretch where rubbers meeting the road is to use the one seed. Correct. Yep.

All right. The Detroit lions remaining games. They're outdoors. This is their last outdoor game of the year in Chicago. That's that.

And then they're all inside home for Denver, which is a night game on, on NFL network triple header two against Minnesota. That's getting Justin Jefferson back and then at Dallas. Okay.

That's a very tough stretch. Philadelphia. We've already discussed earlier on and what their remaining schedule is and what the Dallas remaining schedule is. Yep. The good part about San Francisco for San Francisco is the only team they haven't played yet and have a tie break over straight up is Detroit, Philadelphia and Dallas. The, if you will, I don't think it's arguable to toughest competitors in this one seed race for them.

Yep. They have beaten them straight up. All they got to do is have the same record. They already have the same record as Dallas. And they're just one behind Philadelphia, which all they have to do is slip up once. Now San Francisco has got a tough game to wrap up week 16. It's the last game of week 16, the Christmas night, triple header finale against Baltimore, which is potentially a Super bowl preview. You can make that case for that. For sure. The rest is real winnable for them, home games against Seattle and the Rams, and then visits to Arizona and the mountain time zone.

And then Washington, which we all know is a complete wall. I mean, Terry McLaurin had full blue Tarski, no targets, no, I mean, no catches. I got my cardio and no targets. I mean, no catches, right? No targets, no catches, no yards.

He said, at least I got in my cardio. Unreal. So yeah.

And they, you can make the case. They there, once they hop on a plane to Washington and they go home, they, they don't have their next plane flight is to Vegas to play the Super bowl. They're in the Western Pacific time zone.

They step out a little bit because technically Arizona is in the mountain time zone right now, dude, that's the easiest one right there. Maybe in all 13 weeks, plus our season preview show easiest to agree with you. Not an overreaction at all. All right. Bonus last week, I said Brock Purdy was going to be an MVP finalist. You said overreaction.

What do you say now? Brock Purdy is the betting favorite for MVP. Is he really three to one over everyone else?

Everybody else. Wow. Good for him, man. Uh, yeah. Um, I'm with you. I'm with you for him to go back into Philadelphia, into that place with any, any doubts in his head about any bad thoughts, any bad juju, any bad mojo, four touchdowns, 300 yards.

Get out of here. No picks. As I said on Monday show, he's Bambi with fangs. They blitzed him 10 times yesterday. He was 10 for 10 with three touchdowns.

Good luck. He knows where to go with it. The coach knows where to scheme it. He's balling and his players know how to get open.

He's balling. What else? All right, rich, the Patriots are bad. They're bad.

Not an overreaction. They're bad team. They're not bad on defense.

The defensive prowess of the paths right now. Proof Belicheck should be back next year. Do you believe that?

Let me flip the script on you. Do you believe that? I kind of do.

Here's what I do. I kind of proof it's proof that he's not, I kind of know toast. I kind of do. Actually it proves that he's still outstanding. Their defense is dude without you and Christian Gonzalez. Right.

And they've caught a couple people. Dude. I think bill, I think bill should be back next year. You really think that I kind of do what happened? I don't want him as the GM.

Let's redo the personnel and the player development. That's what I said earlier. Was it last week on the show or on the pad? I don't know.

I can't remember. We do too much, but you know what? I kind of think bill should be doing content for everybody.

We do. I told you what's more likely is that he is that is that he's back under a construct that the crafts and he craft, if you will, together, right where there's going to be a lot of hard conversations that need to happen, but bill needs player personnel decision taken away. Let them just coach bill. Especially if we get killed, especially if it's cable Williams, if we're in the one spot, oh, it could be like, he could be the NFL's Greg Popovich having the heavens open up. And one of the greatest talents, the draft is produced in, in, in a long time, just dropped in your lap. It would be exciting for the fan base because there hasn't been a lot to be excited for this year.

I don't know. I saw Sully and Fitz, you know, getting all hammered, you know, rooting on Bailey's Zappi. It was like as if Caleb Williams isn't in your grasp. It was a torrential downpour. The stadium was half full. There was not much else to do. I know except drink and root for Zappi.

They were getting zapped for Zappi. Oh, baby. What else? All right. Oh, you're not all, I mean, bill has not forgotten how to coach defense is good. Good.

They're terrific. What's that stat? Three straight 10 points or less allowed, but still lose all games.

First time since the Chicago Cardinals in 1938, 38 setting records, setting records this year. Like I told you the crafts and Bella check do not want to tank. They want to win these games in the worst way. Well, they're not going to all right. What else?

All right. Either the Packers or the Rams are going to upset someone on wildcard weekend. I don't think that's an overreaction. I think they're both making it. And then one of them is going to win a game, both making it. So you think the Vikings are out Vikings are out and the Packers move up.

Yep. And the Rams Rams are seven seed right now. The Packers are seven. The Vikings are six. The Rams are eight. Great. I think Vikings are out. Justin Jefferson. Great.

Who's thrown on the ball. Yeah. I think the, and the lines might personally take care of that. Yeah. Cowboys are going to stay five. Well, maybe, maybe Cowboys move up to one. Seahawks could sneak into those Seahawks can sneak in. I have more faith in the Rams. I don't think the Seahawks win in San Francisco, but they could beat the Eagles at home and then see Philadelphia. And then Seattle's finale is at Tennessee, which Jeffrey Simmons was announced. He's going to miss multiple weeks of the knee injury. Tennessee season is over.

Right. Then they're home for Pittsburgh. And then they're at Arizona.

I mean, they could finish up, you know, Pete could be chomping gum like nuts. And then everyone else's maybe their offense could be fixed right now. Rams offense looks really good.

Karen Williams, really good. Did he give me a first round running back and fantasy next year? Well, certainly the way he's playing obviously Puca and Cooper cup staff look great. I know. And then Aaron Donald can get record game.

I don't think that's an overreaction at all. Now, the real one would be that they both did it. They both want to play a game.

One of them beats, one of them beats because they're not going to get to five. Whoever loses the NFC East is going to be visiting the winner of the NFC South. Right. Right. That means the lions would go down. And that would mean San Francisco or the Eagles would go down to either one of these.

Both dude, if you really want to throw something out there to be crazy, you're not, that's not even overreaction Monday. That's too hot. That's too hot. That's Kelvin. That's Kelvin. That's Kelvin hot, too hot.

But one of them does it. Kelvin Elster. We're on, we're on, I don't know why I just want that.

What else you got? Last one. Speaking of the NFC South, you just mentioned it. Falcons are in there right now. Ah, bucks are going to win the NFC South.

Oh, you're talking my language. Congratulations, by the way, Baker Mayfield and his wife. I saw that they're expecting their first child on a beach with a dog. I love it.

Very, very Apple pie. Mike Evans, by the way, Mike Evans going to the hall of fame. I don't think that's a stretch. It was a 10 years in a row, 10 straight, 10, a thousand yard seasons. He's amazing. They're going to win the NFC South. He, by the way, Baker, let's, let's Cape, you know, I like to Cape you love Cape and dude, I mean, dude, he's answered the bell every single game.

He has, he's gotten his ass hit. Yep. He's hung in there doing it without Chris Godwin right now. They're there. They're in this mix for this division.

A million percent. They play the Falcons in week 14. And I think, and I think they're way better than the saints. They're better than the saints and the Falcons.

I just didn't impress me Sunday against the jets enough, but barely Tampa. I think Tampa is going to do it. Yeah. They've got, they've got, um, coming up Atlanta.

Yeah. That's a big green Bay Baker going by. Remember when Baker went in with the Brown and the Browns on a Christmas and balled out and there was a flag, the Donovan people's Jones got interfered with and they didn't get called. Oh, I remember that home for Jacksonville, then home for new Orleans and at Carolina. Can they win three out of those five, three and two?

Well, one of them better be at Atlanta. That's what I mean when this week coming up, split the rest. What's that?

What's that? Put them at eight and nine. You got Atlanta's remaining schedule. Let's pop that one up there. I love this stuff.

You know, I, I live for this stuff. Atlanta's at Carolina home for Indianapolis at Chicago at new Orleans. Oh, they got three out of their last four in a road. You know, Carolina is going to get somebody, you know, it they're going to, they, you want it.

The Texans, how that's still crazy to me. I don't know. I mean, I don't know. I'm just saying you can't sit here. I don't love what I see out of Atlanta right now.

It's tough to just say this is a total gimme, but I'll just say Tampa. I'll just, I'll just, I'll agree with it. Why not?

I just, why not? I can't get enough of Mike Evans right now. He's great.

What a phenomenon with Baker. I got it. All right. So a well done, sir. Way to put me in positions.

Way to be out of your gourd as well. Well done. Trying to do all right.

It's now time to predict the future at these. Yeah, you are. I got mine, right? You dead.

I think so. You'll tell me in a second. Okay. What else?

Uh, so mine this week, put it up there. I can't quit this team. I just can't do it. I think the chargers are not dead yet. Okay. They're not dead yet. They're going to do it. They're going to make it interesting. The chargers. You say they're going to be sniffing her. They're going to beat.

They're going to beat Denver. Okay. Okay.

And then what's the rest of their schedule at Vegas home for Buffalo at Denver home for Kansas city. See you later, pal. This thing's over.

Not dead yet. Okay. If you tell me nine wins is going to be in the mix. I think they can get a nine.

They're five and seven. And you still rather play them over the Colts. How do you, how do you, how do you jibe with the stuff you're saying? I don't remember my previous check. I'm just moving on. Next take. Next take up. Next take.

Charge is not dead yet. I appreciate your moxie on that front. All right. My prediction last week was the loser of 49ers and Eagles would be in trouble. Well, you're running. Is that not the narrative today?

Yeah. But I said on the air on our main show, I said, Hey, Eagles fans do not sweat it. The Eagles have been flirting with disaster for like six weeks, but they've won them all. And we've told him how gritty this team is.

Of course. What an incredible win it was in Kansas city, followed up by the grit of coming back on a Bill's team. That looked like I'm with it.

They went back to the future. Right. And Hertz left the game for a minute yesterday.

And so Mariota watch. And I, you know, so I was right. And I'm going to be right about this one too. Next week is overreaction. I'm not good at these is the Eagles are in deep trouble.

They're in deep trouble. Okay. And they now have the same record as San Francisco and Dallas and now, and the Cowboys and San Francisco is now the one seed. Now here's the thing, San Francisco would be the one seed because they have the tie break over all three, but they'd still be in first place over Dallas. So they had the second tiebreaker tie break after, after the division and they each have one winning conference record, right? Conference record Dallas would be seven and three Philadelphia would be six and two. Okay. Which means every single game Philadelphia plays from here on out is in conference at Seattle to against the giants and home for Arizona.

Okay. So all they'd have to do is win out. And if Dallas wins out with their remaining games, they'd still be the division winner, right? They would still be, they would have a better conference record because they, the one loss they'd had would be against the jets. Okay. As opposed to a conference opponent. Got it. Again, remember who Dallas is lost to, right?

Dallas lost at Arizona, at San Francisco, at Philadelphia. Right. So they have three. Correct. So Philadelphia would not be in deep trouble. Okay.

I got it. They'd be in deep trouble for the one seed. Right. But they'll still be the two seed.

Right. And they could still write the ship and play tough football and win a big game on the road in Seattle and then finish up with three straight wins. They're still not going on the road. They're not a wildcard team.

Right. That would still be Dallas. Dallas could be a 13 win a wildcard team. By the way, ready for Rams at Eagles, wildcard weekend.

Hackers at Detroit. Detroit again. And then Dallas at Atlanta or Tampa. Or Dallas at Tampa. Tampa rerun from last year. Right. Except Brady out, Baker in. And we're out. Thank you for taking in this edition of Over Reaction Monday brought to you by our friends at Game Time. For Chris, I'm Rich.

Have a great week of overreacting or reacting properly. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala. I don't know that I would call it respect that I have for Sandoval, but the world hated him. He still went out, performed shows with his head held high. He showed up to the reunion when we all were going after him like he didn't skip a beat. The way he's handling it, if I were in his position and I said it straight up to the entire audience, thousands of people, I would tell you all to **** and the room was dead. Watch what Lala is talking about on YouTube or search for Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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