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REShow: Jordan Palmer - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 22, 2023 3:11 pm

REShow: Jordan Palmer - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 22, 2023 3:11 pm

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich previews the NFL’s Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday games that include Packers vs Lions, Commanders vs Cowboys, 49ers vs Seahawks, and Dolphins vs Jets.

‘The QB Room’ podcast’s Jordan Palmer and Rich discuss the early success of Houston Texans QB C.J. Stroud and the early struggles of Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young, how new Buffalo Bills OC Joe Brady will impact the rest of Josh Allen’s season, if the Cincinnati Bengals offense will continue to hum under backup Jake Browning after the season-ending wrist injury to Joe Burrow, and why Tom Brady was “spot on” with his NFL “mediocrity” comments and how teams can better prepare young players and backups to be ready for starting roles.

TJ reveals his fantasy football advice for NFL Week 12.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

Over here.

Have you guys played tennis before? This is The Rich Eisen Show. What'd we say, a 24 hour period? 72 hour period?

About a 3 week period. It was a couple days back. I thought I could get at least one point off of Alkorash. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Alkorash, one point.

No chance. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, NFL network analyst Maurice Jones-Drew, Fox Sports college football analyst Bruce Feldman. Coming up, quarterback consultant Jordan Palmer. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, indeed it is. It's hour number three of the show. Great conversation with Maurice Jones-Drew and hour number one when we also gave our Thanksgiving food hot takes. And the phone calls have been lit ever since then and we're thrilled about it. We're about to take some more phone calls in a second. And hour number two, great chat with Bruce Feldman. Also, the only thing better than my chat with Bruce Feldman was my accurate power rankings I delivered at the top of hour number two. In front of your podcast viewing or listening pleasure.

Same thing with overreaction Monday, every single Monday. What the football with Steve Mariucci, the guest of Amy Trask and Susie Schuster on Tuesday. Please get that wherever you get your podcasts. And that's includes all three hours of this program. We greatly appreciate everyone's pay.

We're thankful for it, as we would say. Jordan Palmer is joining us in about 20 minutes time to talk about CJ Stroud's remarkable ascension. In Houston, he is also the throwing coach for Jake Browning. And what a story.

In Cincinnati, they're five and five. Joe Burrow, poof. Jake Browning in.

And I'd love to know what he knows about this kid because the Bengals have a ready-made team right now. And just give me what, 80% Burrow? Right?

100% Browning, 80% Burrow. If that's what we got, who knows? They're taking a run. They're taking on the Steelers. It's going to be a fun weekend of football. And then, of course, Tom Brady saying there's mediocrity in football.

The quarterback position, I think, would be front and center for that subject matter. Lots to talk about with Jordan Palmer. It's going to be a great chat.

844-204-rich number to dial before we get to what's more likely, Thanksgiving version. Jimmy in San Antonio, everybody, our long-time friend. What's up, Jimmy? What's up? How you loving, brother? Well, let me tell you, my backhand is strong.

It's definitely two-handed. Attaboy. My old tennis coach is Tim Dirk.

He was the original Spurs Coyote mascot. He taught me two-handed backhand. All right.

That's quite a mad lib, Jimmy. Didn't expect all those proper names, but okay. Well, you respect the verbal. Okay.

I do. What's on your mind? Well, first, I want to give you a compliment. Rich, my man, you're a solid seven in El Segundo. Solid seven. Thank you very much. I'll take it. I'll take it. Thank you.

And? Happy Thanksgiving, you guys. Same to you, Jimmy. You know, thanks for taking my call. I've never told you that before.

And there was a reason. I was just being rude. Sorry. No problem. Thanks for taking my call, guys. And I want to wish you all the best.

Del Tufo, your audio grab. That was so timely and awesome. Thank you. What are you looking at right now?

What are you looking at? I was getting it for you, Jimmy. Well, guys, have a great weekend.

Adios. Let's go to Martine in New York. What's up, Martine? Hi, Rich.

My name's Martine, and I am a new fan, the gentleman I spoke to before getting on the air with you. And thank you for taking my call. You bet. You told me that what I had to say was, I said, Is this good enough? You said, Go with that.

Go with that. Okay. So what you're about to say, Martine, what you're about to say was Adam Chudwin approved our call screen. Okay. I'm glad Adam Chudwin approved me. Okay.

Tell him thank you. I started watching football in July because I watched Quarterback on Netflix. Okay. And it consumed me. And I turned into a Kansas City freaking fanatic. Rich, I watch YouTube clips, specials all day long. I watch you now because I discovered you on YouTube. I know more about football than my kids do. I read Football for Dummies. I watch every game.

I could even pick out what the defense is going to do like Patrick before they do it, which is kind of a little bit of an exaggeration. But I just wanted to thank you because you're my favorite. You're right up there with Nick Wright is almost as much fun to watch as you, but I have you at number one. Martine, I appreciate that. I greatly appreciate that. And you chose wisely.

Also, I'm sure you're in New York. There's not a lot of options at Quarterback right now, but you chose wisely by rooting for Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. You're going to enjoy most of the times you root for them. You know what I mean? I am enjoying it. From what I've watched and all the games I've watched and all the replays of everything, I know they're having a problem with the wide receiver, you know, Roman. Hopefully they'll figure it out.

I know all this feedback I would get on that. But I love Dobbs. Minnesota is my second team because of Kirk Cousins being on Quarterback. And Dobbs is like a Christmas present. He's such a cool guy.

Okay. And so does that mean you're just like Googling Marcus Mariota? Because I think we're not seeing him anywhere. No, I'm talking about Kirk Cousins was on Quarterback. No, Mariota was the other Quarterback on the Netflix. But I watched the Minnesota Vikings because I like Kirk Cousins. And then when he got hurt and Josh Dobbs took over and I followed the story of Josh Dobbs being thrown around the league from team to team to team and then how they won the last couple games with the exception the other day. And loving Josh Dobbs.

And then two quick trivia things and I won't keep you. When I was, I bartended my whole way through college and I grew up in Rockland County, New York, which borders Saddle River, New Jersey. And my buddy was Lawrence Taylor for years.

So how are you not into football if your buddy's with Lawrence Taylor? Because I was a bartender party animal and all the rumors were true. Did you work at LT's?

I DJ'd there a couple times. Oh, that's wonderful. Martine, thank you for the call.

Greatly appreciate it. Martine and Del Tufo might know each other. They don't know each other. Martine, call back. There you go.

Rumors were true, she just said. Marcus Mariota is on the Eagles right now. He's the backup to Hertz. By the way, an outstanding backup Quarterback. Outstanding. Yeah. They lost Minshew to the Colts and they get Mariota.

Great. You know who could have gotten Mariota? The Jets. Don't get me started. Friday's going to be long.

And not prosperous. Alright, let's do it. A Thanksgiving version of What's More Likely. Hit it. What's More Likely?

Never say never, but never. Alright, what do you have over there, Chris Brockman? Alright, alright, alright.

Quickie, not that long. Five topics here. We got the Thanksgiving games and then Friday's Black Friday games. And then what we're also going to do is another version of What's More Likely after class because we're off on Friday. We'll post it on Friday on our YouTubes. Yeah, for the whole weekend sweep. Alright, here we go.

We're servicing crowds. Seven and three road contender. Most likely to get knocked off tomorrow. Niners or Dolphins?

You don't know what you're getting out of Tim Boyle, Rich. I mean, have some confidence. What's More Likely is that the Seahawks beat the Niners. No Kenneth Walker banged up Geno. I get it. I get it.

I get it. Of course it's more likely that Seattle wins a division game at home with Geno and Zach Charbonnet. Get out of here. Geno's banged up. If I'm sitting here saying it's more likely that the Jets with Tim Boyle with the offense still being the same coordinated offense, that is as dreadful as it comes behind an offensive line that's as porous as any, you know, any piece of cheese on your Thanksgiving table.

I don't know. I was trying to come up with another more traditional Thanksgiving food that had holes in it. You know, let's just say the Jets have more hole. Offensive line has more holes in it than a gravy boat. There's two holes.

There's the one at the top and there's the one that the gravy comes. All right. Anyway, I'm going with the Niners. It's more likely the Seahawks win. What else, Chris? Never know.

All right. Wide receiver, more likely to go off for 150 in a tuddy, C.D. Lamb or Tyreek Hill. Oh, I will go C.D.

Lamb. Hey, you know, I mean, the Jets defense is this past week in western New York, notwithstanding outstanding. And let's get sauce, let's get read, let's get the rest of that secondary make or the defensive line causing Tua to have to hitch. And I think the Dallas Cowboys go off.

Quite frankly, I think this is going to be an ugly one. Oh, really? I do.

I do. And and all I know is that, you know, obviously I'll be very busy on Thursday. So what I'll do is I'll keep an eye on Magic Johnson's Twitter feed for the score. And of course, context and how the score came about.

Of course. What else, Chris? Mount Rushmore, more likely to be the higher total times Sam Howell is sacked or total touchdowns in the Packers Lions game.

Good one. I will go Sam Howell sacks. Sam Howell not sacked as much as he was earlier in the year. The last three games, three, three and four. Yeah, just throwing that out there.

Yeah, I'll do that. I have no idea how the Packers Lions game is going to go. I mean, I got a little hitch in my giddy up there based on what I saw with the Bears did to Detroit and that Detroit needed to pull one out of its orifice.

Good Moxie on the comeback. What else, Chris? More likely to be the higher total to a passing yards versus the Jets or Heat Knicks combined score on Friday.

How about that? They're playing each other. Miami's playing. You want to tell me and you want to tell me where the place where the Super Bowl is and there's no plaque or signpost for Mo Green, despite him creating that town. What the what the combined score and the estimation of those esteemed individuals would be totals have been around two twenty five to thirty this year. Oh, except for when the Pacers play. I'll take the two of passing yards.

Yeah, I'll take two of passing yards, but the Jets are going to hold him below 220. I don't know. It's a good defense. One of the Heat Knicks play each other on Friday. Oh, OK, very good. Isn't that cool?

Yeah, both days. Miami playing in New York. Isn't that great? All the sports. Well done.

Isn't that awesome? I wonder if the because who went first? The NBA. The NBA. First NFL, I think. OK, what else?

Chris? Yeah, I thought that was pretty clever. I want to go passing yards. I'm genuinely concerned that that Friday is just going to be blackout Friday for me. I mean, it's be five o'clock.

It's going to be it's going to be five o'clock somewhere really early for me out here on the West Coast. All right. Last one. More likely CMC, more total yards or Amenra receiving yards. Oh, this is my poker league fantasy football conundrum here this week. These are the two. These are the two of the gentlemen that have me eight and three in that league dominating.

I don't hear a lot of chatter from my friends this year in the same way that I've heard it the last several years. I'll go I'll go I'll go CMC more total yards. I think they're going to have to lean on him. I think they're going to lean on him. So that's where I'm going with that one. CMC total yards.

Amenra receiving. I know I'll go. Obviously, somebody somebody who is as terrific a runner and and pass catcher as CMC. I'll just the math alone gives me the opportunity to get above Amenra St. Brown's receiving yards. Well, you know, he's not coming out of the game. Kyle Shanahan refuses to put up. I don't know.

Elijah Mitchell got some run last week. First time. I know. Great.

I need them both. Good luck. Thank you, sir. You don't really mean that, do you?

I mean, I'm not in your league, so you can win. That's very kind. You're so kind. So that's a what's more likely Thanksgiving triple header and Black Friday Dolphin Jet edition of What's More Likely. We're going to give you on Friday.

You can check out our YouTube feed. A more traditional, if you will, because it is a tradition. Right. What's more likely and that's when I'll also give my opinion on Michigan, Ohio State. I'm holding my powder at this point in time. I've got things to say before that game. Let's take a break right here on our program. When we come back, Jordan Palmer throwing coach for so many, including, as you see on the screen there, Trevor Lawrence.

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Furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you. Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by as our friend Jordan Palmer, the quarterback guru and quarterback throwing coach, joining us once again here the day before Thanksgiving on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you doing, Jordan? I'm doing great. I'm fired up for this slate of games this weekend. I don't know about you.

I am. I love that we got games typically on three days a week. This week we got them on four. So the more the merrier. That's right.

That is correct. So and I've got one on Saturday for college, Jordan, that I'm I'm getting ready for. Getting ready for that game. I like Michigan in that matchup. I saw a stat that was, you know, some, you know, the team that rushes for more yards is like 21-0 or some crazy stat.

So if that's the case and the team that runs the ball better wins the game, then I like Michigan. Well, I mean, and, you know, I guess this Ohio State spot is a good way to jump off into our conversation about C.J. Stroud and what we're seeing in this league from him and how remarkable he has looked for the Houston Texans. I had Kurt Warner on the show yesterday. I'm like, hey, man, and all the tape that you're seeing, give me the quarterback that's seeing it the best and slinging it the best consistently from jump all the way to week 12. And he said, Stroud, that was the first name out of his mouth.

Why is it working so well for him? Do you think, Jordan? Well, I think it was a great situation. I have my co-host on my podcast, Kyle Allen, was the backup and starting a couple games last year. So I'm very, very familiar with the state of Houston Texans football 12 months ago. Yes.

So one, the turnaround in general starts with D'Amico Ryans and goes on the way down there. But I think adding a couple of pieces on defense with Will Anderson, but Tank Dell in the third round, that's actually a guy because I've trained Clayton Tune out of Houston. So I spent a lot of time with Tank Dell. I was I told a lot of GMs, watch out for this Tank Dell kid.

And I'm getting some some texts every now and then. But I think it was just adding the right pieces to allow C.J. to be able to have a very rhythmic passing game. And I think that's probably the goal of everybody. So it kind of sounds dumb to say, look, you know, they want their quarterback to be in rhythm.

Like, of course, everybody does. But they really they got the personnel to do it and the way they've installed it. And it just it fits with him because that's a lot of what they did at Ohio State. And then the part of his game that's evolved probably and I've been around C.J.

since he was like 16, probably faster than I thought it would is his ability to buy time, create time and space. And so you're just seeing great movement by him and he's just constantly remaining a passer. And he called himself a ball placement specialist going through the draft process. And so far, he has completely backed that up, whether he's on time or whether he's off schedule. So why do you feel the opposite is happening with Bryce Young so far this year?

Jordan, I just think there's too much on his plate. There's obviously pressure from being the number one pick. That's nothing new. But there's just so many holes on that roster. And similarly to working with Kyle Allen and understanding Houston's what's going on in the building in Houston, I work with Sam Darnold. So I very well understand what's been happening in the building in Carolina. It's not that they're missing a whiteout. It's you know, it's not that they're missing D.J.

more. There's just holes across the board. And you can go back to that draft a few years ago when they selected, you know, everybody on defense for the entire draft. And so I just think that there's a whole roster overhaul that needs to happen. And when when that's the case and you've got a quarterback that's not playing well and certainly not the first high draft pick rookie quarterback to have a bad rookie year. I mean, we saw this two years ago, Trevor Lawrence.

But I think there's just so much on his plate. And the reality is, is his game is to not run around and create and solve all these problems at this NFL level when there's that many holes. So blame will be pointed at the coordinator and the head coach.

But the reality is, is that that roster is a long ways away from being competitive in this league, regardless of who their quarterback is. And the key thing moving forward, just like what happened with Trevor Lawrence, Trevor has a dumpster fire rookie year, all the Urban Meyer. And then the next year he was able to reset.

It didn't matter. And they went to the second round of the playoffs. So, you know, Bryce having a tough year, even if it gets worse, I think it has no effect because of his self-confidence, because of how he carries himself and how he approaches the game. I don't see this lingering into his second year. It's just a really tough way to start your NFL career.

And let me keep picking your brain, Jordan Palmer, on your unique insight and a lot of things going on in the NFL right now. Josh Allen diagnosed for me what has been another interception late in year. But now a change in offensive coordinator that proved in just his first game with Joe Brady calling the plays to have a more efficient game, it looked like.

What's your diagnosis of what's going on there with him? Well, this was a pretty tumultuous offseason, you know, with the uncertainty of digs. And last year was big, you know, just was tough losing Brian Daywell. And you can try and replace a great coach. You can try and replace a great player.

But it's typically very difficult to do that when you have somebody who's elite in that role. Again, whether that's offensive coordinator or that's Matt Milano at middle linebacker, it's difficult to replace those things. But I really think that Buffalo is poised right now to go on a run. You know, we heard Josh on the sideline saying I'm back and I don't know that ever went away.

But when you feel pressed, like you have to make a play is when decisions that you want back end up creeping in. And I think those are behind him. And I'm excited to watch, you know, Josh. And I've been around Joe Brady a lot.

You know, I've worked with Burrow for five years. So at LSU and then he was with Sam Darnold in Carolina. And I think Joe Brady, one of the best parts of Joe Brady is he keeps things simple. He lets players make plays.

He can call. I mean, LSU and I know they have superstar receivers and the number one picket quarterback, but they ran four verts like multiple times a game because they didn't they weren't worried that the quarterback was just going to chuck it up in the air again. But let Joe Burrow work the pocket, make off schedule throws or take something when it's there on time. And so I think if Buffalo heads in the direction of simplifying things and allowing some of these young players to play faster, you're going to start seeing guys like Shakir who had a big game the other day.

Some random guys step up. We all know what Steph Diggs can do, but we're going to start seeing some more plays being made in the ball coming out of Josh's hands quicker and potentially Josh running the ball, getting back to the style of play that Bill's Mafia loves. But the whole idea that Allen had to do too much that was supposed to be removed from his plate with the overhauling of the run game. I know Damian Harris got hurt, but, you know, Latavious Murray being there and Cook being the lead back. Dalton Kincaid being added in the draft because he's a red zone specialist. So where where did some of the doubt just start to linger into a guy whose game is like all world? You could see it.

But where did that come from? Well, I think we all saw the Monday night game to kick off the season when Aaron got hurt. Josh turned it over and also the Jets. But there was a pass there where Josh was playing really good football. I think he was still leading the NFL in completion percentage.

Whether he is today or was up until a week ago, it's the same thing. Either way, he's played a lot of balls. But, you know, certainly when they can get under center and they can line up and run the ball effectively, which you can say about any team, including your Michigan Wolverines, then you're in a position to force the defense to play the way that they don't want to play. They don't want to play single high and have to stop the run because it's going to be really difficult to cover stuff on digs. And so I think the more that they can get those chomp yardage, James Cook is coming around more, Latavious Murray is really just kind of over reliable and is just always there and takes advantage of opportunities. But I think this offense, if they continue to trend towards being able to run the ball effectively, also with Josh, they're going to get more of the one on one opportunities down the field for Gabe Davis and Steph Diggs and these other young players that are coming along. Jordan Palmer here on the Rich Eisen Show quarterback consultant QB room podcast with Kyle Allen.

And again, the summit tour. We'll get to that in a second right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Another story that's come home to roost in the NFL. Unfortunately for Cincinnati and Joe Burrow, that you have some unique insight in is Jake Browning is about to get his first career start for a Bengals team that is five and five weapons galore because this team was set up to win now in what was Burrow's last year of being an affordable on the salary cap contracted quarterback. What's your insight on on Jake Browning for Bengals fans here?

Rich, I'm bullish on this. We can spend the next 10 minutes talking about how devastating it is for Joe, for the team, for the fan base. But I think everyone everyone sees that the same way. It's just an awful situation all the way around for Joe. Not being able to play a complete year due to an injury. But this past offseason. So I've known who Jake Browning was, but I didn't really I didn't watch him a ton in college. And then he went on draft that he wasn't in my draft group and didn't honestly didn't didn't know what team he was on two years ago. And I've been working with Joe for five years.

And so after they got a chance to work together for two years, I got hit up by Jake this past offseason and ended up spending basically January to July with them. And, you know, it was almost week by week. I started going, wait a second, this dude is really good.

Like he can spin it. His movement, a lot of, you know, a lot of stuff that we work on happened quickly. And then as I got to know him better and do a little bit more research looking back, I kind of looked at it through the lens of how I evaluate draft picks. So right now, before we got on the Zoom, I was talking to an agent about a quarterback. They're recruiting. But this time of year, that's what I'm doing.

And so I break everybody down on time. I take for the draft. I want to have an opinion and I can't wait until the draft.

I got to do that in November and December. So I'm right in the thick of studying college guys. Well, when I look back on Jake's career, several of the things that I look for in a quarterback. I saw in Jake and one of them is, and this might sound silly, but at any point in this guy's career, was he like a baller? And I don't even care if it was high school. Did he like run around and make plays and like be the reason they won the game? Jake Browning threw 91 touchdowns his senior year in high school. That's a California State record at a good school in Folsom. So he was completely dominant in high school.

And then you go look at Washington. Great staff, some good receivers, all that. He's a four year starter. I mean, he's he's almost a four to one touchdown interception ratio. He was offensive player of the year multiple times, won the Pac-12 two out of three years. Like he was a great college football player and he was making plays. And those receivers we thought were really good. Guys like Dante Pettis, who got drafted in the second round, get to the NFL and it's like, no, that that's not what they were really good college players. But I think Dante's on his fourth team.

And so you go, well, wait a second, maybe a little bit more credit for Jake. And what I saw Thursday night when Joe got hurt and just think about this happened to Zach Wilson week one. This happens when a guy gets hurt in the game. The starting quarterback gets hurt in the game and he's out for the year.

And you know it. There's this feeling as a backup and I've lived it where it's like I'm not going in for the end of the game. I'm not going in to finish off the game. I'm the starting quarterback for the rest of the year.

As of this moment right now, that's a heavy it can be exciting, but that's also a heavy moment. And what I saw Jake Thursday night in front of everybody on the road in one of the most difficult places to play. Nothing change similar to Joe.

Nothing change. And just put a drive together, execute, use his legs, make some plays on the run. And then very telling that touchdown pass you through to Jamar Chase. I don't know if everyone was watching at the end of the game, but it was like a fade and then he turns over his outside shoulder.

There's a lot of names for it. That is a throw that is 100 percent timing. That was the first time he'd thrown that ball to Jamar. Because when you're the backup, you don't work things like that with the starting receivers. So the first time he's attempted a throw that is 100 percent feel and timing, it went exactly where it was going.

So I'm bullish on this. I think Cincinnati's offense is going to look really good with Jake Browning at the helm. And the other thing that backup quarterbacks sometimes do not are not afforded is when you take over for a bad team that's out of it.

You get bad play from teammates around you. They're in it. Statistically speaking, the Bengals are in it and both of his receivers are in a contract here. He is going to be playing with highly motivated teammates on offense and defense. So I think he's set up to have a very successful run here.

Wow. Jordan Palmer here on the Rich Eisen Show. You were you were going to be a popular man in Cincinnati with that opinion.

But obviously, you know, it's very well founded, you know, like it's you're not just pulling a lot of stuff out of thin air right there. So let me just hit you with the Tom Brady statement this past week here that there's a lot of mediocrity in football right now. And part of what he's saying, I think, is borne out of the fact that we constantly see new quarterbacks in the NFL over and over and over again. There were sixty eight different starting quarterbacks in the NFL last year.

Jake Browning, you just mentioned, who has got, as you said, a good skill set. Tim Boyle making his first start for the Jets. These are two new guys starting this week. It's going to be fifty two different starting quarterbacks in the NFL this year. I kind of feel like you are not only getting kids ready to be starters, maybe in the in the pros, but you're getting backups ready because the kids are the backups now. It's not like folks like you don't really exist in the NFL anymore from your playing career, you know, with what I'm saying. So why why is this happening?

What's your two cents on why we're seeing this churn right now? And so many unready, if you will, green quarterbacks are getting in games and in situations where teams need them to win playoff position contests. Well, I think Brady kind of referenced it. I don't have the quote memorized, but it was something around the lack of development. And he was, I think, probably saying across the board, but certainly just on the quarterback side of things.

But also, you got to go early in the process. And I had on my podcast, Dan Orlovsky came on a couple of weeks ago, and one of the things that he pointed out is he thinks there's a lot of lazy coaching going on and lazy coaching or lazy development either way. But what happens is from, let's just say, a throwing mechanics standpoint, it is the furthest thing down at the bottom of the totem pole for coaches in college in the NFL. Because if you're a college football coach, you're an offensive coordinator and and quarterbacks coach, let's say, which is really common. Whether you're the quarterback coach or you just have the clicker in your hand in that meeting, either way, you coach quarterbacks. Those guys and a lot of the best coordinators in football right now. That's that's the setup. If you write down the list of everything that offensive coordinator in college needs to do over the course of a week, regardless of what time of year it is.

Fundamental mechanics of the quarterback is really far down the list. It's why there's an industry for guys like me, because if they have an additional hour, they're going to go watch tape or they're going to DM a recruit or they're going to do some media. There's just there's so much on their plate. And then they have constraints. It's not all their fault. They have constraints over how much time they can spend because of the CBA, because of the rules in the NFL, the 20 hour rule. So they're limited on time, handcuffs, so to speak.

And of the list of things that they got to get done that day, mechanics just falls across. And I'm uniquely positioned to have this opinion because when I do draft prep, I'm also another way to look at that is I'm getting that college's finished product. And this draft class all have worked with a quarterback from the 50th college and several schools multiple times. The last couple of constant quarterbacks. And so you have time constraints with NFL and college coaches on their ability to work on those things.

Then you have no connection. The strength staff, the physical therapy staff and the coaching staff, they're not coordinated or synced. So the quarterback coach doesn't really know what's going on in the weight room and the weight, the strength coach who works with the quarterbacks, he's never been in the quarterback room.

And it's not an indictment on one team. This is at 32 programs in the NFL and every college. Rich, the bulk of what I do now is consulting for colleges. I come in and I call it interdepartmental communications consulting.

I coordinate those groups for people and come up with an actual development plan. So when Brady said that and it was on the ticker the other night, I took a screenshot of it and it's going in my deck because he's spot on. And this is a systemic problem. And the laziness comes because these high school kids are so much more developed coming out than they were before. But the mechanics slip through in college, they get drafted high.

There's no time to work on those things. They just let the quarterback go in isolation and work with people like me. But then it's not integrated. And then all of a sudden, poof, throw them out on the field and we're going to judge you in real time in the moment. So it's just it's a systemic problem. It's not an indictment on the coaches or any into any one person.

It's an old way of thinking. And I think we're starting to have I certainly have a revolution in terms of how we're looking at quarterback development. Well, I'll tell you what, if I again, if I'm an owner in the league, I want to handle this. I've got a big meeting coming up in two weeks. What do you got?

What do you got? Well, just in terms of presenting this to the owner, not to the office. OK, to an owner in the National Football League, because you go, Jordan Palmer, because if I'm an owner in the NFL, I want to fix this problem because there but for the grace of God goes my team. And the way the cap is working, I'm not going to, you know, pay a veteran to sit there. I'll just bring in a kid and hope he's ready, you know, if I get there and then and then I put the kid in and he's unready. And I'm probably sitting there going, damn, we should have had the veteran.

You know what I mean? There's also opportunities to find out, one, get experience for backup quarterbacks. Right.

And two, find out if he should be your backup quarterback. So the L.A. Chargers is a perfect example right now. I think that they have like a two percent chance of making the playoffs or something.

Right. They got Baltimore at home on Sunday night football. Set aside Brandon Staley for a second and what's going to happen there. But let's say they, as they probably will, get beat by Baltimore. So now they're statistically removed from the playoffs. If I'm the Chargers, I need to figure out if Easton stick is good or not more than I need to win two more games.

So let alone Justin Herbert's hurt. So one of the key decisions that I would if I was sitting there talking to an owner, what I would say is you got four or five, three, however many games left her at that point. This is a good opportunity to see if you should remain if Easton six should be your backup or if you should address this elsewhere. And it's not I don't know if you asked me if I thought Easton stick was good.

I don't know. He's only played in the preseason, but you got a really good roster, one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. I would use this season, not OTAs, to see if this guy is my should be my backup as much as extend him or if we should move on. And so I don't think teams do a good enough job of taking advantage of getting a guy meaningful reps.

Right. The end of the game. I mean, I can go three.

I went three for four at the end of the game when we were going to smoke. But that doesn't mean I can start. And so I think teams whiff on opportunities to evaluate and get reps, meaningful reps. I got it.

I hear you, Jordan. But the NFL should not have December like the product doesn't get better. Right. If if the Chargers are taking on a team, let's just take leaves.

This is an example. I love this conversation. You know, like, see, again, the Chargers have Buffalo week 16 at home and you're a team like Cincinnati. And you've got to you've got to get past Buffalo or you're trying to get past Buffalo. Buffalo is trying to get a playoff spot. And in this game, now they've got to deal with Easton stick instead of Justin Herbert. How does that make this product less mediocre?

You know what I mean? Like the league should not be in a position of using actual regular season games at the ends of seasons to to evaluate kids like there. Maybe there's a spring league. You put money in a spring league. I'm not saying create another NFL Europe because I know scouts don't want to and teams don't want to fly across the Atlantic to see their their prospects.

I don't know. The the USFL, XFL, all that stuff. Like, let's go.

Like, that's the way to do it, isn't it? Well, and I'm the executive director of quarterback development for the XFL. Look at us potentially both potential merger with the USFL. And I think it's, you know, I can talk on and on about how great of a job they did there. But if I want to know and we're just, again, talking about Easton stick here, if I want to know that he's that I can lose Justin Herbert and we're good.

There's only one way to find that out. And that's starting an NFL game. So I hear you on the level of play. But they do this anyways.

I've been on like a two and 14 team before that rookie six round pick linebacker is starting the last three weeks. They've got to see if he's good or not. Right. Right. And even even with we saw it happen in Arizona. So they the trade deadline came. They shipped Josh Jobs to Minnesota. We all know that.

Right. Kyler Murray had been practicing, but wasn't ready to go 100 percent, whatever it was. So it was a perfect opportunity to put Clayton Tune in the fifth round pick rookie and give him a run and see what it looks like. And so teams do this.

I just think they need to have a focus on this season. At what point are we going to find out if this is if our two is worthy of being a two and how are we going to get him reps that are relevant for games? And then there's teams where no guys played a lot like Josh Allen's backup, my co-host Kyle Allen.

I don't know. He's got like 20 something starts. They know what he is, you know, and then there's there's really good backups where we know what that guy is. I know what Jamis Winston is. He goes in the game in New Orleans. I don't need to evaluate that. But there's there are teams that have very green backups and game reps. Look, I spend the whole offseason doing drills with guys.

It's helpful. But if you want to get good at quarterback, you need to play. QB summit dot com. The twenty twenty four summit tour has been launched quarterback transformative weekends for quarterbacks in middle and high school. Eight stops around the country selling out fast to go to QB summit dot com to get your spot.

Great Thanksgiving to you, Jordan. Let's I'd love to have you back on in December because I want to talk draft with you. That's when things really rubber is going to meet the road here. So let's do it. Let's do it. All right, brother. Appreciate it. Happy holidays. You bet.

Same to you. That's Jordan Palmer right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Can you imagine if the Chargers going into that Saturday week 16 game?

Decides to use. That game against the Bills as an opportunity to check on Eastern Stick. I mean, you imagine are they out of the playoff fund? Yeah.

Just his scenario. Could you imagine if they did that? Bills need it. Other teams need the Bills to lose so they can get it. And it's Eastern Stick.

It's not Justin Herbert. They wind up blowing out the coach. They just say the season's over.

They need to see what they got for Eastern Stick because it's better to see him get reps against the Bills for real than it would be to see what happens in preseason or in in the spring. Really? You imagine what would happen?

It would be off the charts. Not ideal. Again, the NFL shouldn't be having using their regular season games like that to see if backups can can work. Yeah.

844-204-Rich, number to dock. TJ Jefferson is going to give you his fantasy advice going out the door for our Thanksgiving weekend. That's something that is definitely disheartening sideline to sideline, end zone to end zone as a quarterback.

I would expect him to be acting like that. Take the accountability. Put that on yourself.

Don't put it on your teammates. Search BLEAV podcasts wherever you listen. People worship that movie putting on airs. The podcast is on YouTube and wherever you listen. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show game time tickets.

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Lowest price guaranteed. This is irrational thought on fantasy. I've got four players going Thanksgiving and it makes me nervous. Yeah, but it doesn't matter, right?

They're going to play over the next four days. Yeah, it's different. It's just it's so crazy. I'm with you, though.

But it's irrational. Thankfully, we have the rational voice of T.J. Jefferson. It's now time for his weekly fantasy football update sponsored by prize picks. T.J. Jefferson, you have the floor. Hey, let's get you guys ready for week 12.

T.J. Mikey D. Give me my theme music. Oh, there we go. Listen, guys, at this point, your team should pretty much have come together and you're ready to make in theory.

Nice. In theory, ready to make a nice little playoff run. So we're just going to throw some names out there that might be stop gaps for you. And as him this week, I got a running back from the Cleveland Browns and that is Jerome Ford. I said Jerome's in the house.

Watch your mouth. Look, the Broncos has been the Broncos defense has been better lately, but it's still allowing over six yards per carry since week eight and Jerome Ford's averaging 11 points per game over his last three. Now, that's not, you know, incredible stats, but that's good enough to get you through a week. So I say if you have Jerome full confidence starting him, I think he'll get the job done. Also, Brockman, believe it or not, you know, who else is it going to be him this week?

I have a feeling your boy DeMario Douglas. Oh, I can't believe I'm saying this, but he's the top wide receiver in New England for whatever that's worth. He scored 10 plus. That's a gutsy play pal. It's a gutsy play. But he's seen he's seen a combined 23 targets over that time. And as we know, heavy targets mean there's a chance that you can put up points. And he's in a good spot to produce this week against the Giants over the last four weeks.

Only the Eagles and Pats, believe it or not, have allowed more points to wide out. So if you got DeMario Douglas, I'm going to tell you right now, I got to feel it. He's going to be him.

It's called zappy, crackle and pop. Right. Who's not him? Who's not him?

Believe it or not. And you probably do believe it with Aaron Jones, friend of the show out. I'm going to say AJ Dillon. You think you want to put him in there? But AJ just hasn't been getting it done this year. And the Detroit Lions have allowed the six fewest fantasy points to opposing running backs. And what's more, guys are averaging just three point five yards per rush against them. I don't want him going up against Ian Hutchinson and the boys. I'm telling you right now, A.G. Dillon, he ain't him this week. And also Terry McClure. Maybe this is like, you know, personal.

No, maybe you get an existence, TJ. You know, the Dallas Cowboys defense is really good. Let's just say that. We're really good. And Maclaurin, his longest catch last week was, I think, 11 yards.

And prior to that was like 13 yards. I'm not expecting a big day out of Terry McClure. And guys, he's not him.

Now we're going to get to the head or gut. You know who might be him? I was kind of thinking this in Jordan Palmer kind of made me go, maybe. OK, believe it or not, I'm going to say Jake Browning.

OK, here's why. As we found out, this man threw 91 touchdown passes in a single high school season. He threw two hundred twenty nine throughout his career, which is a record. And I tell you what, not one of those receivers he played for, Rich, are as good as Jamar Chase or Tyler Boyd or T. Higgins, who will eventually get back. So if you're in a predicament, if you're in a tough spot, roll with Jake Browning. I think he's going to surprise you. OK, that's the fantasy advice for week 12.

Well done. Our fantasy football update is sponsored by prize picks. The number one daily fantasy sports app ready to test your skills. Join the prize picks community. Must be present in certain states.

Visit prize picks dot com for restrictions and details. And again, because I'm so nuts about I've got. I'm on raw sun God, Kittle and CMC and Aubrey, the kicker for Dallas.

There's a forest. I know. I know. But I'm like, that's four guys out the gate already. It's driving me nuts that, you know, tomorrow it's make or break. You know, like your one third game on Thursday. So I might play Keaton Mitchell instead of Javante Williams just to have a Sunday night.

I'm nuts. Hey, that's sort of thanks to to everybody who is on the show today. We're going to stay after class and give you previews for Thanksgiving. That'll be on our YouTube page. The same thing with my Ohio State, Michigan preview and thoughts of what's more likely. Jake, but of the Big Ten Network, I'm going to chat with him. He's raising money based off the big game. That'll be on our YouTube page on Friday. I'll also maybe do some videos based on the results of Thursday's games. Have a happy Thanksgiving, everybody who's listening. I don't care what their birth certificate says, they're going to draw a younger demo because they're fun to watch and they're great entertainers. Eighty three weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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