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REShow: Maurice Jones-Drew - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 22, 2023 1:09 pm

REShow: Maurice Jones-Drew - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 22, 2023 1:09 pm

Rich breaks down the playoffs landscape, question marks and locks for the NFC and AFC.

NFL Network analyst Maurice Jones-Drew and Rich discuss his UCLA Bruins’ rout of the USC Trojans and if Chip Kelly should be on the hot seat still, if Dorian Thompson-Robinson can lead the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs, how the AFC South will shake out between the Jacksonville Jaguars and upstart Houston Texans, and more.

Rich and the guys offer up their Thanksgiving Day food hot takes featuring an inflammatory opinion on pumpkin pie. 

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Have you guys played tennis before? This is the Rich Eisen Show. What did we say, a 24 hour period?

72 hour period? Okay, where I thought I could get at least one point off of Alkorash. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Alkorash, one point.

No chance. The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests, quarterback consultant Jordan Palmer, NFL Network analyst Maurice Jones Drew, Fox Sports College football analyst Bruce Feldman. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Oh, yes. Hey, everybody. How is everybody today?

The day before Thanksgiving, 2023. I am your humble host of the Rich Eisen Show sitting here in Los Angeles, California, home to Mount Rushmore. It is great to be here today for all those calling in. 844-204-rich. Number to dial.

Who is on the L.A. Mount Rushmore? Oh, let's do that later. Wow. Isn't it funny how we sit here for like an entire hour? What are we going to talk about today? And it just all we're going to do that later. OK, we're going to do that. Well done. How about us?

You just got to get on the air and start to start talking. One of the many things of which sometimes for which I am, many things I am thankful for. Thank you.

I mean, Arnold might be on the Mount Rushmore. Yeah. All right. Welcome to this program. 844-204-rich. Number to dial.

Listen, so many people are home. You're you have time to call. We've got time to take your phone calls. Yeah, we'll take them all.

All right. 844-204-rich. Number to dial. We've got Jordan Palmer on the show quarterback consultant. We haven't spoken to him in a long while. And one of the many reasons why we're having him on is because of this conversation that we were kind of tracking for a month. Seeing all these quarterbacks suddenly get starts in the NFL because. Starters can't stay healthy and then sometimes backups can't stay healthy and they're starting rookies all over the place in the NFL this year. And you got two more starting quarterbacks entering the fray that has not started a game yet this year. There's already been 50 different starting quarterbacks through 11 weeks in the NFL.

Two more are coming. Tim Boyle is coming down the prime the Amazon Prime delivery shoot on Friday for the Jets and then Jake Browning for the Bengals and Jordan Palmer is Jake Browning's personal throwing coach, which also plays into the lot of stuff that Tom Brady saying about coaching being lazy. And you know, I guess college and professional coaches don't have the time because of reps and limited access to players getting getting the professional throwing coach community a lot of roofs over their heads and Jordan is Jake Browning's throwing coach will get him on. He's been working with Josh Allen back in the day. His thoughts on Allen, CJ Stroud and more. It is Michigan Ohio State weekend.

And of course, there's a lot of other things going on in college football. Bruce Feldman in our number two first up is going to be Maurice Jones Drew in a moment. First of time, I say good morning here in Los Angeles to you, sir.

Chris Brockman. How are you? Good to see you.

I'm great. What's up? D.J. Mikey D. Rich. Good morning.

As in D's nuts. It's a full week for you. Yes. You feel well. Well, it's not a week. Just three days. OK.

I mean, TJ Jefferson candles lit. Good to see you. What's up, fellas?

How are you? OK. It is it is Thanksgiving week. And Bill Parcells said all the time that the NFL season doesn't really begin until Thanksgiving hits, because that's where you know what you need to do to try and make the playoffs, you know, to try and protect a playoff spot that you've already worked so hard to earn for yourself right now in terms of positioning.

You need to know what's going on. And then, of course, the weather gets colder and the rubber meets the road and a lot of desperation hits and you got to dig deep and all that. And it's time to take a look at our snapshot of the National Football League entering week dozen in this now 18 week long league for a regular season. And what we see is an NFC that's top heavy. And last year we saw an NFC with the Eagles and the Niners and the Cowboys resting at the top. Last year, as Tom Brady was in his final throws with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and we were all wondering, is it possible for Brady to catch fire with the Bucs in the same way that he did the first time with the Bucs when they were at 500, losing on Thanksgiving weekend to the Kansas City Chiefs and then turning around, not losing the rest of the year and beating those same Chiefs in the Super Bowl. And the answer to that was no, that did not happen. And the Vikings, we were wondering, can the Vikings take their shocking NFC North win and make some hay with it?

The answer turned out to be no, Daniel Jones beat him. That actually happened last year. A lot of people can't believe the Giants were a playoff winning team last year and forgot the Cowboys were a playoff winning team last year. And so it's kind of the same situation that you have right now with the exception of remove the Vikings and insert your current two seed Detroit Lions. Yep, the Lions shocked everybody in that first game against the Kansas City Chiefs and then the question was, what would they do with it? How does winning seven of their next eight, seven of their next nine sound to you after that? They're eight and two. First time they're entering a Thanksgiving week with eight wins since their last playoff winning season of 1991.

If you missed Barry Sanders on yesterday's show, it's on our YouTube feed and also the Roku channel, Rich Eisen Show collection page. The Seahawks are there again and so are the Cowboys again, sitting in the wildcard spots hoping to win a division that they eventually did not win last year. And there are the Vikings again. There are the Vikings again with the NFC South being a total wide open race, just like last year with the exception of the Saints now in the division leading spot with two other teams just a half, a full game behind them at four and six, including the Buccaneers. We have the commander sniffing it, but they're going to might be sniffing a four and eight record as they go into Dallas and Thanksgiving.

And that's your situation again. It's the Eagles sitting at the top with the Niners going to go visit the Eagles in a couple of Sundays. That'll be an important contest. The Lions wind up playing the Cowboys later on this season. The Vikings and the Lions have two games left with each other. It's Josh Dobbs, who's the starting quarterback there.

He's on Monday's program and the Packers visit the Lions on Thanksgiving tomorrow. And again, it's, it's kind of more of the same as last year where you're wondering, is it possible for the Cowboys to win the division? We'll see when they face the Eagles in a couple of Sundays also, you know, that is pretty big as well. So we'll see what happens when the Cowboys face the Eagles actually, just to be completely accurate, that game comes in week 14, as the Dallas Cowboys will take on Seattle next week.

Their next two games are on Thursdays, same with Seattle who takes on the Niners on Thanksgiving night. So could have a total replay. Absolutely could have the 49ers and the Eagles in the NFC championship game again, just like we're going to see in Philadelphia in week 13.

That's your NFC. I mean, who can come out of the sniffing at mosh pit to throw their hat in the ring? Would they be able to make it to the division round? Would they be able to even make it to the NFC championship game and knock one of these four teams out that we've just mentioned?

I gotta be honest with you. Highly doubt it. Highly doubt it. I don't know who's going to catch fire and start winning games and make the playoffs and go in and win a playoff game on the road and then go into a divisional round and beat Philadelphia in Philly or beat San Francisco in San Francisco.

Don't see it. Beat Detroit in Detroit. Then there's the AFC.

I'll tell you this folks. I did not see this coming and back and forth I go on, is it the toughest division? I mean the toughest conference in football because we do see a ton of five and five teams. We do see these teams when they do take on NFC teams. The only team that you see on the AFC screen right here that has not beaten an NFC team this year are the Patriots. They're not even on the screen here because they're so terrible with just two wins. And you look at the Jets and the Chargers and the Raiders and the Bengals. I mean certainly we were talking about a lot of these teams as possible playoff teams this year. Who's going to be out?

Who's going to be in? Because the Jets are definitely going to make the playoffs with Aaron Rodgers and he played four snaps before his Achilles snapped. Burrows out for the season now. The Raiders have Jimmy G as a third string quarterback now.

He's not even close to playing. He's done as a Raider unless there's going to be a huge injury rash there. The Chargers, highly disappointing. They're looking up at the Broncos and the Colts. And the Bills have been remarkably, shockingly average at times. And their record shows it. They're even behind a Steelers team that's been outscored in every single game that they've played this season to the point they made an in-season coordinator or coaching change for the first time since FDR was telling us about fear itself, 1941.

They're six and four. And look who's six and four also, the Texans. I'll tell you this, folks with the Browns at seven and three and Deshaun Watson hasn't even played more than what, six of those games. The Chiefs having just lost, the Ravens are the only eight win team. The Jaguars and the Texans this week is for the AFC South. And if the Texans win that, they can win a division title after being second and third overall on the clock this past year. The Dolphins are sitting there right now also at seven and three. I'll say this, I just mentioned these teams. If you put it up one more time, that AFC standings, Ravens, Chiefs, Jaguars, Dolphins, Bills, and I'll throw the Browns and the Texans in there also. Don't you think any of them can beat the other team in their house on the proverbial any given Sunday? In the same way that on the NFC, it's just like, I don't see teams coming out of nowhere and winning a divisional playoff game or a championship weekend playoff game in someone else's house. You think the Browns go to Baltimore, can't win that game again, even with DTR? They could.

Defense is good enough. The Ravens, do you think they can go into the Chief's house and beat the Chiefs in the same way the Eagles just did? Do you think the Chiefs can go into Baltimore and do it to them there? Do you think the Browns can go into Kansas City and beat the Kansas City Chiefs there?

That's maybe one of the largest stretches. How about this one? Do you think the Jaguars or Texans can go into Baltimore and beat the Baltimore Ravens in the back? I do. Okay. Do you think the Texans can go into Kansas City and beat the Chiefs?

Normally, you'd say no, right? But if you look at the Chiefs offense in the second half of these games, 0.0.0, it's a full Dean Wormser the last three weeks. Stroud, Tank Dell, Nico, Devin Singletary, they're putting up points. And for anybody that's sitting here and thinking, you're out of your mind, Kurt Warner, who throws around compliments for quarterbacks like manhole covers that have been welded shut on an F1 course race in Las Vegas, Nevada. When I asked him on Tuesday's show, name me the guy you're seeing on tape who is seeing it and spinning it consistently well, more than most, maybe the best out of anybody from week one to week now.

He said, CJ Stroud. So the AFC, I think we are full on shrug emoji entering week 12, Thanksgiving, Thursday. And in the NFC, I think you can pretty much say who the final four is going to be. In the AFC, I have no earthly idea. Only if Mahomes has to play his first playoff game of his career on the road. First conference playoff game in someone else's house, not a neutral site.

It's kind of wild that that's been the case. So that is the state of play entering your Thanksgiving week and weekend of 2023. We're going to have a Thanksgiving version of what's more likely on this program. Just you're going to throw at me just what's more likely scenarios for the three games. Are you going to include the and the Black Friday and the Black Friday? Yeah.

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, all in one. So you're saying I should prepare myself. Everyone should steady themselves for a Tim Boyle. What's more likely? I don't know if he's specifically mentioned, but generally speaking, yes, Boyle.

You should have not confirmed nor denied. We might have lost the Boyle viewership. Got to think of everything, Chris.

Dang it. I also have my power rankings for the week. TJ Jefferson has your fantasy advice.

I imagine it's getting tight for some people. Not us in the fantasy footballers sleeper league. We're too clear of the field right now at nine and two. Dominating. Waving high to the guys there in the state of Arizona who Tyree killing it is not even fair. Oh, we have we have dropped. Oh, yeah.

I think we've been fined for taunting. Well, Brotman doesn't wear socks, so that's another fine. But that just shows everyone how expert our opinion truly is. True that. True that. So that's later on in this program.

Jordan Palmer as well. Also on this show, our Thanksgiving food hot takes. Do you have one, Mike? Or did you not pay attention to it? You did. Yes, Rich.

Have you delivered it to the guys so it can be graphically supported later on? Yes. I'm sorry. The only reason why I asked that is because as I was asking that, you had your hand on the remote to try and change the channel of some of the things. What are you doing? There was a call. We're about to throw the break. There's a college basketball game. Who cares?

I was like, I don't want to watch. I do. We're talking. You're administering the sound, excuse me, or as, as one of your colleagues on baby Fox might say, I'm speaking, I'm speaking, I'm speaking, guys, I'm speaking.

Don't speak to me that way. So you're talking about sound and Mike actually is in the field of sound. All right. So I'm just saying you are part of this broadcast. He was going to tell me in five seconds, change the channel to requiring you to play some music.

Yeah. And I'm watch. Watch as he plays music, New Jersey thing, say, watch for something and listen for something. That is as new Jersey as it gets MJD when we come back, let's talk audible people. Audible lets you enjoy all of your audio entertainment, all in one app titles in every kind in all categories wellness, bestsellers and new releases, as well as podcasts and originals and audible members can keep one title a month from the entire catalog.

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Granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by look who stopped by one of our favorites. One of my favorites, number 32 in your program, number one in your heart and eight clap for the man who watched his school save chip Kelly's job against USC, Maurice Jones Drew, my colleague from the NFL network. How are you MJD?

You know, Rich, anytime you could send a Heisman trophy candidate, possibly the number one overall pick out the way we did, it's always going to be a great weekend in the household, the Jones Drew household. Yeah. Always going to do that. How do you, cause to help me with this, cause you know, Michigan, Ohio state's coming up on Saturday.

And I sometimes require some form of medication to get through it. What about you? How are you watching UCLA USC? Walk me through the Maurice Jones Drew watch experience. Well normally I don't really, I can't watch it cause I'm either traveling with the Rams or traveling for work.

This weekend got lucky Rams were on a buy, so I got a chance to sit down and watch it. And you know, I have a nice glass of, you know, flavored margarita, you know, some snacks around and I just really enjoyed, now my text group, my UCLA group chat will be all over the place, right? It's all over, you know, are you the voice of reason? Are you the voice of reason in that text chain? Are you the voice? Like what, what's your voice in this text chain, text chain, Michigan text chain.

I've got one of those, you know, it just keeps buzzing. So I don't even speak and I just read all the comments and I may put an LOL in there here or there, but then, but the reason I don't speak it is cause I'm normally yelling at the TV. Like, why are you doing that? What are you doing?

How do we let him get this out? Why are we allowing him to scramble up in the pocket and throw the deep pass? Right. Even though, you know, they had three yards rushing, right? So you know how it is.

You become more of a fan of it, but I'm excited. Those kids played their hearts out. They played really well. They've kind of been battling with the quarterback thing all year, but you know, at the end of the day, your season's always good if you beat USC. And then we had, we played Cal this week in another rivalry that a lot of people don't know about. So hopefully we can dominate them as well. Do you think Chip deserves to stay?

No, I think so. A lot of people, UCLA is completely different than SC or Michigan. You know, you're part of the UC system and the UC system, there's some, there's some things that you have to kind of work around more than most schools. I think Cal's dealing with the same thing as well. And he's done, I thought he's done a really good job. They've recruited well, they've got some players in there, you just got to keep going. And so to me, I like what Chip is doing there.

I love their new DC. Is it Anthony Lin's son who's doing an awesome job and hopefully we can keep him because I'm sure he'll be up for some head coaching job soon. And what a, what a great weekend for UCLA, writ large MJD after beating USC, Dorian Thompson Robinson gets his first career start knowing he's getting it all week long, pretty much, and looked far improved from the guy who got eviscerated by the Ravens in his first start. What do you think the Browns can do with DTR from here on out with a championship ready defense otherwise? Yeah, I think they need to continue to force him to get, to try to push the ball down the field.

I love that they have Amari Cooper there for him somewhere he can lean on, David and Joku as well. But it's going to be the Cleveland's always going to be a running game first and then play action pass, throwing the ball down the field. You want to, with that type of defense they have, you want to run as much as you can shorten the game that allowed DTR to kind of grow throughout the game. You've seen that a lot with a lot of young quarterbacks, but I think the difference with DTR is that he's seen a ton of football, he's seen a ton of different coverages, and he can utilize his athleticism. And if he can utilize his athleticism, that'll be another thing for the Cleveland Browns to keep going and to give first downs and possibly score touchdowns in the red zone.

So as long as he keeps getting comfortable and they keep progressing them throughout the offense, I think DTR will be fine for him. And I just started the show by saying the AFC is wide open in a way that I don't think the NFC really is. Like, we could pretty much say who the final four of the NFC weekend is going to be for the divisional playoffs, right?

Right. They might be a surprise, but you're looking at Dallas potentially beating the NFC South champ to maybe make it Dallas at Philadelphia with the Lions and Niners having at it themselves, unless there's some other rearranging of those deck chairs. The AFC is different. If you could put your marker on just one AFC team, it would be which entering Thanksgiving weekend? Ooh, after the Chiefs on Monday night, which I thought they dominated the game to lose that game because of the drops, I'd have to say the Baltimore Ravens.

I think the Baltimore Ravens, even though they lost Mark Andrews and there's a hope that you can get them back, the way their defense is playing, the way Lamar Jackson is playing, the way they're running the football and they have five first round receivers. Now they may not be the household names they once were or the first round picks that we thought they'd end up being. They still have a ton of talent in that receiving room. And to see the way Lamar is playing right now with that defense and you have the greatest kicker of all time, to me it just seems like if they're in a game, you know that your kicker is going to have a 90% chance of making that type of kick no matter where it is on the football field or whether you're in and you have a chance to win. So this may be the first time, Rich, too, in the five years of Patrick Mahoney, in the six years of Patrick Mahoney being the starting quarterback, that the Chiefs may not be the one seed in the playoffs. That's a big kicker too. Now they have a favorable schedule down the stretch and they may still get that one seed, but imagine that if Patrick Mahoney has to have a road playoff game, which would be the first time in his career he does that.

Yeah, that is the case. I mean, I believe there may have been one of the seasons in that stretch where they weren't the one seed but wound up without being, you know, but got the benefit of having the one seed bounced in time for them to still host an AFC championship game. I think the Titans might have been one of them. That was it.

But, you know, I hear you. That said, had, you know, MVS grabbed the touchdown or Justin Watson squeezed the fourth and 25 ball that hit his hands, I mean, I could keep going on and on. I know Kelcey might have contributed with a fumble in the red zone. I don't know. The Chiefs, the Chiefs are still the Chiefs and you look at the rest of the schedule, the rest of the way, you're looking at 12, 13 wins, which still may be good enough for the one seed.

You know, I completely agree with you. I think the Chiefs, my only concern is they lead the league with 26 drops. We heard that over and over on the Monday night thing, but it's not just the drop, it's the critical drops, right? MVS, that's a critical drop to win the game. You dropped that or a third down drop early in the game. It's just, it was a Kelcey had a third and two drop that got him to fourth and two, right?

And he's able to complete that. It's just the drops in the critical moments that kind of take the momentum and the energy out of the offense as they get going. And yes, you have Patrick Mahomes and yes, he can overcome a lot, but eventually those drops are going to come back and bite you in the behind. And I just, I don't know when that's going to happen or, you know, does that happen in the divisional round? Does that happen in the AFC championship game? Does that happen late in the season in week 17 and 18 where you lose a game that you shouldn't lose so that you can get the one seed?

I just don't know, but there's just been too many consistent drops by this receiving core and these players on the team. My colleague, NFL networks, Maurice Jones Drew, who's going to be on NFL game day kickoff Friday at one Eastern time in advance of the Dolphins Jets Black Friday game on prime video right here on the Rich Eisen show. And it's so crazy to predict stuff, man, because prior to the season, if I told you the Jaguars would be in first place entering the Thanksgiving weekend, you'd say, yep, that I can see, but we'd be talking about them coming off of a destruction of the Titans that had Mike Vrabel fielding questions about his job security. And they would be going into Houston needing to win this to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Texans who would take over first place on Thanksgiving weekend.

Now that's the rub. What do you think about this current game for both teams in the FC South, Maurice? Rich, listen, even when I played back in the day, the Houston Texans were really good or we were really good.

It didn't matter. That game was always tough for the Jacksonville Jaguars for whatever reason. And this is, it's just one of those ones where they lost 37 to 14 early in the year. And as a young team, and I'll say this, I think the Jags offensively have the most talent in the NFL. I think the Jags defensively have one of the most complete defenses in the NFL. The question that, well, the thing is that they're young and they're still learning how to play together.

And as they continue to grow, you know, they're going to have to go through some adversity. Well, this is going to be one of those adverse moments against the Houston, Texas team that you lost to that put 37 up on your defense, that stifled your offense, which we saw the Niners do a couple of weeks ago. How can you handle the success against the Tennessee Titans? How can you prepare this week to go into Houston with a young quarterback, who's an MVP candidate playing lights out, even though he turns the ball over, he finds a way to win. How can you go out there and beat a team that's kind of riding a lot of momentum now that comes down to your quarterback play, it comes down to how you're going to utilize Calvin Ridley and Christian Kirk. How are you going to get Travis ET in the ball? And then Evan Ingram has to step up and have a huge game, I think in this one.

And then defensively, you have to be able to cover Tankdale. I think they're going to get, they possibly can get Pierce back this week, who has one of the greatest, angriest runs against the Jags last year, right? So there's going to be a lot of situations for the Jags defense and offense to step up and make plays.

But I think the end of the end of the day is this, and no one's talked about this. The Jags throughout, well, I think it was OTAs, the Denver Broncos cut Brandon McManus, who's still one of the top kickers in the game. And he's, he's been kicking very well. If it comes down to a field goal and the Jaguars have an opportunity to win it, I think they have the edge in that one. I don't know. The Texans have a running back who can kick it.

They do. Right. Well, listen, Rich, let me, let me say this to hold the whole, um, evaluation of the running back position. Yes, sir. You know, again, the more we can do, we can do everything we can block. We can run. We can catch. Now we can kick. What else do you want us to do? Pay us all three phases, man.

All three phases. It is unbelievable. Did you ever kick, uh, only in a Pop Warner, never got a chance to do it after that. So what, what, what was the Pop Warner Maurice Jones drew field goal range? What was the range? Oh, it was, I mean, we had to score and we had to score.

It wasn't, it wasn't good. I was the punter and the kicker sixth grade year we, and every time we'd punt, they'd tell me to act like I would run and then pun it or just take off and run, uh, field goal kicking was a little spotty though. And I under, like I said, I understand what, like, if the game was on the line, how that heart rate gets high, you gotta be able to bring it down and, and, and focus on the things I miss majority of them though, for sure.

So let me just revisit this before I let you go here. So you're saying Trevor Lawrence, Travis ETN, Ridley Kirk, Jones, Zay Jones, and Evan Ingram. That's the best offensive collection of weaponry in the national football league. They're just young.

And that's why we don't talk about them as the best weapons that you really, you're saying that. I mean, if you look across the league, rich, look at, look at some of the teams and then what they have, you talked about three receivers, uh, two possible number ones. And Christian Kirk is a thousand yards, even Calvin Ridley, Evan Ingram comes in as an another receiving threat at tight end. Zay Jones is a deep threat who has made some amazing catches and big plays throughout his career. Uh, Travis ETN at one point was leading the league in broken tackles.

I don't know if he's still doing that at all now, but he still has the home run hitting ability. You have a quarterback who can make every throw and run and run the ball as well as he went for the Tennessee Titans, two passing touchdowns and two rushing. Just tell me any other team that has that right now. What you're going to, you can chime in TJ maybe the lions. Uh, who's our second, who's our second receiver? I mean, they got Amman Ra, it could be Jamison Williams, right?

Laporta. But he's the Titan. He's talking about the whole, hold on. Yeah. Okay. What about the Eagles?

When Goddard's healthy? Yeah. What were they at? I would say the Eagles are close. What about the Cowboys? They're close, but who's their third receiver?

Who's the Eagles third receiver? That's a good one. Okay. Yeah.

Let's keep going. The Cowboys have CeeDee Lamb. Yeah. But the, you know, uh, of Tony Pollard isn't, I mean, he finally scored a touchdown this last week for the first time since week one. Right.

That wasn't, that wasn't, that hasn't been good. ETN, ETN's a Pro Bowl running back. Uh, so they, you gotta have a Pro Bowl running back and a young stud quarterback.

Right. I mean, who else? Let's keep going here. What about the Dolphins? What about the Dolphins? What about the Dolphins? The Dolphins have, uh, who's our tight end? I don't know who their tight end is. And I think that the two receivers are Tyree Gillen doesn't matter who their tight end is.

Does it matter? You know what I mean? Okay. We're going to think complete. We got to have someone at the tight end and doing something Niners, Niners, the Niners are close, but I think Zay Jones is better than Jennings.

And that'd be your third receiver in that situation. You got anything here? You're awful quiet over there. I'm just thinking who else? I mean, I want to say the Patriots, obviously. Nice.

Seattle, Seattle has, Seattle has a nice trio of receivers, but I don't, I think, uh, Evan Ingram is better than whatever tight end they put out there. Right. Right. Yeah. Right. Um, let's see. Okay.

Look at you. I mean, we haven't mentioned the chiefs because, all right, what do you think of that, man? You know, do you think when it all comes down to it, the chiefs lack of deep threat is going to finally come home to roost or passing game threat is going to finally come home to roost in a way that it didn't last year?

Is that really what we're thinking right now? I just hope that they develop those guys. Uh, I think Rashid Rice is a really good player, but he needs to develop more. Sky Moore has to show up more consistently. Um, Canderas, Tony's a great weapon, but how do you, how do you put them out there?

Do you put them out there as a runner receiver? Like what is he for you consistently? Uh, to me, you know, everything else is about Travis Kelsey, right?

Like he has to be the, the straw that stirs the drink, uh, for Patrick from her home. So I, I trust, and I guess this other thing, I trust Andy Reed. I love what the chiefs have done all the last goes, so much so that the chiefs have like jumped up in one of my, my top five favorite teams. They jumped up number three, but I just don't know how I'm sure it will happen. We have to wait to see.

I just don't know how they're going to do it though this year. So the, the two in front or Jacksonville on the ramps, that's one and two. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. They paid me. They paid me the most. Right.

It's all about the Benjamins. I get it. I get it. All right. I'm JD. Oh, by the way, I would have had borough, not gotten hurt.

You could put the bangles in there, certainly with this kid, Tanner Hudson now catching the passes, but he's doing at the tight end position in Cincinnati. Right? Yeah. You made it stop and think, which is all I, all I ever ask of you, MJD, but you always do that for me. Thanks. I appreciate it.

Thanks for the zoom. Have a great Thanksgiving and we'll see you on NFL network on Friday. You guys too.

Enjoy it. You got it at MJD on social media at M dot Jones drew 32 on Instagram and on NFL game day kickoff Friday, one Eastern two hours in advance, a kickoff of prime videos. First ever black Friday game dolphins jets.

He stopped us there in our tracks. Now I'm just scanning every team right now because you got it. The tight end is the conundrum, the tight end, the chiefs check that box. Their conundrum is wide receiver. I still think the bills could be, well, who is the third wide receiver there? Shakir, I guess, but that the third round receiver has gotta be better than Zay Jones and the tight end has got to be better than Ingram because each is going to beat most Dave Davis. Not better than Christian Kirk Dalton Kincaid though is probably better than Ingram in terms of past James cook is better than Travis each end. No, no, no.

Look at him being that guy, right? It just comes down to travel. Lawrence. How about this one? Hold on a minute. I should have pushed back.

Get them back on the phone. How about the Texans Stroud Dalton Schultz, who's a running back single Terry's been dominant the last. Do you ask anybody going against him in fantasy the last two weeks? I'm talking like right now, snapshot, hold on Del Nico Collins and Robert Woods. Now, Robert Woods isn't better than Zay Jones Jones now this year, it's in the realm. It's the thing where you go to the third wide receiver.

That's where a lot of times they're by receiver, which is where Cincinnati is there and Tyler Boyd's as good as any of those guys. Yeah. I didn't mention the jets. No. Thank you. Why would you? All right, let's take a break. We're going to, we're going to start pissing some people off.

How so? Because people are getting really serious about their Thanksgiving food and their takes. Oh yeah. When we come back, each one of us has come up with our Thanksgiving food take that we know is going to be red hot for some.

That's next. This is the Rich Eisen Show with my power rankings, Bruce Feldman and a Thanksgiving what's more likely still to come. The football season is underway and Believe podcasts are talking about it. When he went home and went to sleep, Michael Parsons was terrorizing him. Believe has podcasts covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams too. And to be only producing 15 points a game.

That's something that is definitely disheartening. Sideline to sideline, end zone to end zone. As a quarterback, I would expect him to be acting like that. Take the accountability, put that on yourself.

Don't put it on your teammates. Search BLEAV podcasts wherever you listen. Half redneck, half posh, 100% fun. Trey Crowder and Corey Ryan Forrester try and learn fancy culture in putting on airs. The host of the medium popcorn podcast, Brandon Collins and Justin Brown.

Okay. So Paddington 2 had like a hundred percent of Rotten Tomatoes for a year. You guys ruined that? Justin came in and like took it down like two points because of his rating. That's the time we started getting death threats.

People worship that movie. Putting on airs. The podcast is on YouTube and wherever you listen. Back here on our program, 844-204-rich number to dial. Let's take this phone call. Diane in Florida. You're here on the rich eyes and show what's up, Diane.

Hi Rich. What's going on? Well, I'm having sleepless nights.

Do I start Trevor or CJ? Oh, and they're going against each other. So this is not just a fantasy question. This is a quality of life issue for you is what you're saying. You got it. Okay. TJ, you've got your fantasy advice later on. Is either one of these gentlemen him in your fantasy later on, I went outside, didn't hear who she, she said, CJ and Trevor, she's got them both that she has to choose between the two.

I know which advice I would deliver or either of them him in your later on in your, in your CJ, like he's an obvious picks up and never make him him in a fan. I got it. Okay.

Very good. If that's who you got, he's hot, right? Yeah. I don't know how you sit CJ Stroud at this point. I know Trevor had his best game of the year.

I think statistically. Yeah. I was going to zag. I was going to say Trevor. You really would. I think the Jags win this game. It's a dome.

The road means nothing. That's a loud ass crowd, pal, dude. And Diane, uh, you got two CJs and a Trevor. I don't know if that makes any, uh, you know, you want to don't, don't say Trevor. Cause if you say Trevor, Mike, I'll put it as a pole and she won't sleep tonight. Understand?

No, I haven't slept since, um, last Sunday or last Monday night. Okay. I got it. All right, Diane. I, we, but we all say Stroud. We're going to put it on a poll question right there for you should Diane and Florida starting fantasy. There you go.

At rich eyes and show everybody. There you go. You bet.

We just want you to sleep Diane, but thank you for being awake for these three hours. That's what I'm going with. Okay. There you go. There you go. It's Diane and Florida. Everybody round of applause for her. He's just on the roll. Let me tell you something.

It's up. In my time of Thursday night football, in my time of Thursday night football, no crowd was louder based on what one player did, where they're the player's activities and exploits on the field were attached. Like the matrix directly into the crowd. Number one was Marshawn Lynch in Seattle. Anytime he did anything significant, it was the loudest I've heard a crowd. Number two was JJ watt in Houston. That is a loud crowd.

And I know I'm pissing off. Well, rich, didn't you have Thursday night football in Denver? Well, I mean, Tebow is playing. Did you have foot, you know, Thursday night football in, in CA in Kansas city.

I have, it was really loud in new Orleans. I'm just talking about what one player does there. And I'm, you know, and if Stroud becomes that guy and he's the quarterback, so it's a significant advantage. I would say eight, four, four, two or four rich number to dial, or it could be it's Thanksgiving. As we all know on Thursday, and we're going to tread into very dicey waters here, certainly when there are phone lines open for fans to react, react to us at eight, four, four, two or four rich, we have each come up with, we flipped it on its head. Normally we don't go glass half empty here.

We look at skies and see blue, don't see clouds. We look at glasses that's half full, but this time we're going to flip it. And instead of telling you our favorite Thanksgiving food or side, we're going to tell you one that we don't appreciate and come up with our hottest Thanksgiving food hot takes and Chris Brockman, since you are the one that pisses the people off the most, we'll have you start.

Do what I can. What do you got over there? Here we go. Thanksgiving. Chris Brockman's Thanksgiving hot take.

Obviously huge. You love Turkey. If you like ham, I don't begrudge that.

You know, it would be, it would be chic to be like, Oh, cranberry. That's gross. Obviously. That's the hot take stuffing. What are we doing here?

Oh my God. Stuffing is such a waste of calories. All it does is fill you up when you could be using your stomach space better and more efficiently on other things, other delicious sides, more, an extra scoop of mashed potatoes, a little bit of cream corn, some broccoli, that extra piece of pumpkin pie later on, and maybe a fourth or fifth cocktail.

You see what I'm saying? I don't need the stuffing taken up the room. So I'm so fat.

I roll off of the couch into my bed. It's a real estate issue. I knew you would come. Correct. Stuffing. Don't need it. That is insane.

Don't need it at all. Wow. Mike. I know you don't agree.

You're shaking your head. What's your, what's your Thanksgiving food hot take? Brockman. Send cranberry sauce back to the locker room and doesn't come back on the field, as Dion would say. Should cut it from the team. Just like leave.

Wow. Not even, not even bench. Walk.

You're not bench. No. What is it? Is it a taste issue? Is it a, it's disgusting. Is it a texture? It's a texture.

It's a texture issue. It's disgusting. There's nothing positive. What's it for?

Useless. Okay. Cranberry juice.

Good. Cranberry sauce. You sound like my kids. You sound like my kids, like my kids who take the tomato off their hamburgers and then jam ketchup on it. I hate tomatoes too, like that.

I love your kids. You can't have ketchup without tomatoes. I like tomato sauce. Raw tomatoes. Gross. You guys are crazy. It's a texture thing. TJ Jefferson, your hot take for Thanksgiving food is what?

What do you have? Yeah. Brockman on the stuffing thing. I mean, we roll with dressing usually and that's made with cornbread. It's a little bit different.

When you say we, what do you mean by we? People in my household, my people, just wondering, speaking of my people, uh, yeah, look, we're talking desserts on Thanksgiving and I know everybody, everybody loves pumpkin pie. This pumpkin pie.

Let me tell you something, man. Sweet potato pie kicks pumpkin pies, but it's eight days out the week, 365 days a year. Sweet potato pie all day, every day over pumpkin pie. And if you ain't never had sweet potato pie, you need to get Linda Jefferson to make you one because she got, she got the recipe from Easter Pearson. My grandma who made the greatest sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie doesn't even register with my people.

DJ Jefferson, let me take that hot take and raise it up about 1 million degrees in temperature. Okay. Yeah. I will take pumpkin pie and say it is trash. You are comparing it to another pie. And I will just say it's trash. I will throw it in the trash.

I will take it and throw it away. Pumpkin pie is absolute trash. What are we doing? What are we doing making pie out of a pumpkin? Deliciousness right down the mouth.

Awful. There is less pie. You're saying no stuffing with gravy and the turkey juices all baked in.

None of that. That's trashy, baby. To make room for trash. Just takes a nice chunk out of the pie.

Yes, it does. Take the whole pie. Take the whole pie. There's less pie on the table if it's pumpkin trash. Finally, pecan's the best.

Pecan pipe pecan. I see you, TJ. I'm telling you. You're taking pumpkin.

You're taking pumpkin. And we agree. I am your people.

And you, sir, are mine. Holler at your boy. Holler at your boy. That's my man. All right.

What say you? React to us. Holler at your boy. 844-204-rich. Number to dial. My power rankings when we come back.

And then Bruce Feldman on the latest of college football and there's a lot of latest. All right. Yeah. There you go. I'm sorry, Mike.

Sorry, everybody. Playing music. That's hot. Take is driving me like, what are we doing here? That's the one time I wish you were staring at the TV with a remote.

Watch him play the music. By the way, Kurt Warner's the Northern Iowa is up six on North Carolina, right? So can I tell you guys a funny story? Back when I was in junior high, I went to a pit game with my neighbor who were pit fans and we got to the game. They're playing Northern Iowa and there was this drunk frat guy who was passed out in the seat before we even got to the stadium and he woke up like five minutes into the game and looked at us and go, who are we playing, man? Northern Iowa. He's like Northern Iowa. Like he couldn't even believe that there was a Northern. How'd you get in here?

He didn't know who was playing. Can't have a school anymore. North Iowa. Northern.

I think Kurt may have been on. All right. South Iowa. Which is what? The quarterback.

Which is the hottest track, which is the hottest hot take? Stuffing. Necessary.

Waste of calories. Cranberry sauce. Delicious. What are we doing?

Oh, these are all yes or no? Pumpkin pie. Delicious. Trash. There you go. See. And then who should Diane in Florida start in fantasy?

Trevor Lawrence or CJ Stroud. We're a full service here at the R.S.R.E.S. Consulting. Full service. Go get it. Fantasy, food, hot takes, interviews and more. What you need. God bless our fans.

The phone lines are completely full now. We've angered some people. So I'm going to take some calls after my power rankings and then group here on The Rich Eyes and show. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings.

Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on Eighty Three Weeks. Too much time is spent discussing talent's age. The younger demo is just as excited about Paul Heyman or John Cena or an undertaker or Becky Lanchard. I don't care what their birth certificate says. They're going to draw a younger demo because they're fun to watch and they're great entertainers. Eighty three weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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