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REShow: Louis Riddick - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 20, 2023 3:18 pm

REShow: Louis Riddick - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 20, 2023 3:18 pm

ESPN’s Lous Riddick and Rich discuss the NFL Draft stock of USC quarterback Caleb Williams, why Houston Texans QB CJ Stroud likes like anything but a rookie, the continuing issues with the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense, and which team he sees coming out of the NFC this season.

Rich weighs in on the Brock Purdy and the 49ers’ offense that was firing on all cylinders in their Week 11 rout of the Carolina Panthers.

Rich reacts to Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley getting testy with the media after their latest loss in a game that was very winnable. 

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How are you and your mates viewing this rematch, Jason? This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Everyone who claims that she's Kingdom. I know I'm not viewing it as a rematch. I think that every year is different. For us, we're just really trying to focus on who the Chiefs are this year. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Earlier on the show, two-time Super Bowl champion and Greenlight podcast host Chris Long. Coming up, ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Boy, do we have lots to chop up from this weekend of college and professional football. And we're getting ready for a huge game tonight on Monday Night Football.

We've got the Eagles and the Chiefs. That's on the family of networks of ABC and ESPN and also Westwood One. We've got Kevin Harlan and Kurt Warner on the call on Westwood One tonight. And I will be in the studio playing back some of our conversations with Chris Jones and Jason Kelsey. And also, Kurt's the first guest on tomorrow's program to discuss what he sees with his own two eyes tonight in Kansas City. Lots of fun on tap for the rest of this week as well.

Fun show already. Chris Long in hour number one. We've got Chris Brockman and I staying after class for overreaction Monday. We'll post that as soon as it is done. Well in advance of kickoff tonight. Chris Brockman, Mike Del Tufo in their spots.

TJ Jefferson is also here in his spot. And you, where you are at 844-204-RICH. Number two dollars. A couple of phone lines open. Trust me, we are going to empty the phone banks for the rest of this hour. We have some time. My head coach Jim Harbaugh is talking right now.

So we'll see what he has to say about that. It is Michigan-Ohio State week. We just chatted about Caleb Williams.

And what appears to be his final game as a USC Trojan. And joining us right here, one of our favorites from ESPN. He is none other than Lewis Riddick back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you doing Lewis? I'm good man. How are you? I'm doing, I should say, feeling good Lewis. Good to see you over there.

Good to see you. So let's just jump right into the college football conversation of the day. Caleb Williams, Caleb Williams not meeting with the media. Is that a red flag that would cause you to think twice about drafting him, Lewis?

No, no. You know, you know how this goes Rich. Sometimes we, we like to look for ways to tear down guys when they've kind of reached a certain level, a certain level of notoriety. You know, when we're talking about on the field and off the field. And with Caleb, look, it's been a real frustrating year for him. I think obviously he's got, he's garnered some headlines, his family's garnered some headlines in terms of, you know, things that maybe family members have said about where he would like to play, where he wouldn't like to play.

So now any time that you can wind up, you know, picking at a guy like this, especially when it comes to how maybe he handles his public persona, we're going to pick at him. Look, whether he answers questions or not for me is not going to determine whether or not he can make the right read on third down and move the chains and or score points in the red zone. If there's no other like major red flags with this young man, which I don't know very much about him, then I wouldn't be looking at something like this as anything other than it's been a very frustrating year for USC football.

It really has. And for a guy who is as talented as he is, as much as they have struggled defensively, as much fire as his head coaches come under, I'm not really. You know, I'm not really one to make those kind of sweeping judgments against the guy, because at the end of the game, at the end of a frustrating season, the season that's coming to an end, he decided, you know what? I'm done. I'm out. I'm out of here.

I just I just want to go home. You know, I don't. There's so much other information that that's going to need to be gathered about him as far as what kind of person he is and what he would how he would handle being the face of a franchise that a small snapshot, a small moment in time like this. That don't really mean a whole lot to me. Now, if there was a long history of doing this. Then maybe obviously you take it into consideration, but no, I'm not one of those people who gets all up in arms about that.

Yeah, I promise my guys here, I would lead off our interview with that and that you would laugh at the notion and I appreciated the chuckle. So I so I didn't really need to go into all that. I just said, let's move on.

This guy doesn't lie with that kid, man. I mean, seriously, you know, so. All right, then let's jump into NFL week 11 action. What sticks out to you the most from Sunday's play in some of the wins, some of the losses? Anything that you think leaps out at you that is of note?

Lewis Riddick, what is it? Yeah, you know, I think, you know, literally sitting on my couch for an entire day yesterday. I mean, I did not move except to get something to drink. Bless you. Tell me about it.

But my family looks at me like, man, what are you going to do anything today? No, I'm not going to do nothing like zero. I think the continuing maturation rich of C.J. Stroud right before our eyes is something that I don't know if we can really overstate. OK, just what he has shown relative to what we usually use as excuses for young players when they underperform.

OK, by this, I mean this. Here is a first time head coach, first time play caller Bobby Sloane, because terms of, you know, offensive coordinator is actually calling plays. He has a he's with an organization that's really trying to get it right.

Right. Trying to get things turned around. So people thought and I thought as well, you know, look, there's going to be some growing pains when you're talking about maybe offensive line play the explosiveness of the perimeter weaponry. You know, we'll see how the running game goes relative to the offensive line. The defense is, you know, D'Amico is going to have the defense going, but, you know, they still have to prove themselves. The division is getting better, et cetera, et cetera. So maybe maybe there's going to be, you know, a little bit of some lumpiness for C.J.

Yeah, not no lumpiness whatsoever. Now, he had he hit some bumps in the road yesterday, but I think yesterday he showed why, like during the draft. I don't know how the discussion went for you guys on your set that night, but I'll tell you, look, it was really pretty much a consensus. Everyone who I talked to at ESPN and, you know, you know, I love all the dudes there, but people were like, look, we got to take Bryce, man. We got to take Bryce off schedule playmaking ability, the Heisman Trophy lineage, how mature he is, et cetera, et cetera. I was like, I am taking C.J.

Stroud. And I'm not taking it just because of the Michigan game. I mean, because of the Georgia game in the semifinals. But because if you look at his career, especially over the previous two years, this guy is a beautiful passer and he is as composed as you can possibly be. And I know he's had one of the best wide receiver groups in all of college football. But I'm telling you what Ryan Day tells me and what Brian Hartline tells me and what I can see from my very own eyes and talking to him at his pro day. This dude is franchise.

It's written all over. Of course, you know, you hear the Ohio State quarterbacks don't pan out, blah, blah, blah, all the nonsense that really doesn't mean crap. When you start talking about Ohio State quarterback, like, what the hell does that mean? Right.

If they're cursed or something, that's just. To see him elevate other players in a way that you expect two, three, four or five year players to be elevating people when they are the elite of the elite. To see him doing it as a rookie with a rookie head coach, a rookie signal caller. Why, you know, a rookie wide receiver and a guy like Tankdale. I mean, the way Damian Pierce is running the football, he had a beat up offensive line for much to see.

It's just like it's like, damn. This kid is really, really special. Well, I mean, we were talking about it at the combine, Lewis, you know, sitting there with with Daniel Jeremiah. And again, you know, you know, Young didn't throw at the combine. Stroud, Stroud did.

So did Richardson. But every single time that Stroud spun it, it was picture perfect. It was honestly and it was and you know how it works at the combine, it's a total random as to who's catching it in terms of their who's in line next.

And there's different talent levels of who's in line next. Didn't matter. Didn't matter at all. And he was absolutely the best that we saw there that day. And, you know, and by the way, I know you, you, you, you mentioned your Michigan first, not Georgia, but he the two losses to Michigan, not because of Stroud. I mean, he threw for 700 yards combined in those two games against Michigan.

And what he did against Georgia was was spectacular. So the question I have for you is, is how far can the Texans go here? You know, I mean, they are a surprise team, but soon they're going to start playing cold weather games and teams are not going to be as surprised to see them. How do you how do you see them moving forward from here? Well, I think, look, they've already shown they've already shown the the the cream of the crop in the division, so to speak right now, Jacksonville, that they can deal with them.

And they're going to have to deal with them again here. I believe what this week was this week. So I'm sitting there going two weeks. Correct. Two weeks. You had me saying, you know, it's taken on Denver. They've taken on. No, that's this week.

Pardon me. It's Texans against Jacksonville. Yep.

And then they're all against Denver. Yep. Yeah.

So it's I really I think. That is the game that has so much significance and has much intrigue now that you would have never thought maybe that would be the case earlier in the year or at the beginning of the year. You know, say for Jacksonville, which you knew that this year they needed to take a step and they're taking it. That's another team that is taking leaps now because Trevor is taking leaps. The defense is taking leads. Doug Peterson and that staff press Taylor call in place.

Everything is starting to work in Jacksonville, too. So this game all of a sudden becomes one of those that really infuses a lot of a lot of excitement into the conversation surrounding that division. But for Houston, how far can they ultimately go? Look, I don't I don't know if they're ready to, you know, in big moments in sudden death tournaments, so to speak, as I like to call it in the playoffs. Are they ready to really deal with. The Buffalo's, the Kansas City's Ravens, the Ravens, when they're healthy, you know, if they're going to be held relatively healthy by the time we get to the playoffs, are they really the Miami's?

You know, when when it comes down to that kind of format, I don't know, but I'm not betting against them anymore. I'm not just because, you know, D'Amico, D'Amico is special. Will Anderson's a special guy, a special guy, even before you even get to the player part of it. And Will Anderson is exceeding my expectations for him, especially when you're talking about his ability to affect the game on third down, which he did at Alabama. I didn't think he'd be able to do it at a super elite level, but I think I may be wrong just because of the guy that he is and the worker that he is.

But what C.J. has struck, you know, with with Tank Dell and with Nikko Collins, I mean, I'm just like, he really is putting it on his back. And his comments after the game this past week when he says, look, it's like the best shooters, like when he when he referenced, you know, Steph Curry, I believe. And he said, look, I'm going to keep slinging and I'm gonna keep shooting. I'm not deterred in any way, shape or form by what happened to me.

Like, it's not that wasn't just hyperbole in this day and age of look at me that we all exist in. That's for real. No doubt. No doubt. Lewis Riddick. I'm sorry.

Yeah, that's just different. Absolutely. Lewis Riddick here on The Rich Eisen Show. You're wearing your Pitt Panthers lid right there. I understand you're repping. You're repping.

Let's talk about, I guess, their their neighbors in in Western P.A. What what is wrong with this Steelers offense play caller quarterback? What do we got here, Lewis?

What's happening? It's it's this this has been there's been just questions surrounding Canada now for going back to Ben's days, Ben's last years there in Pittsburgh. And philosophically, whether or not he really had the right plan relative to what their personnel were was at the time. And now is he able to really call plays situationally that highlight the best players on their football team and really allow them to really be more explosive down the field?

You know, primarily the utilization of George Pickens. Like, why was he why did he disappear late in the game yesterday? Like, why wasn't he why was he not targeted late in the game? How can he not be targeted? And then there are obviously there's questions surrounding Kenny in relationship that be in picket in relation to to Mack Canada. And whether or not now people are questioning whether or not Kenny Pickett was someone who was way overdrafted and just doesn't have it, as they say. As we all know, it's never just one or the other.

More times, it's usually a blend of both. Matt's not getting it done. Kenny's not getting it done.

It's just not matching up with the they should be better than what they are. And then ultimately, the question is going to be. And I've heard this question surrounding that candidate for years now. Why is Mike so fiercely loyal to?

Why won't he move on? Why won't he make a decision like Sean McDermott made with Ken Dorsey and say, look, ultimately, you're responsible. You can't it's not like Mike can't have some of the same questions that other people have have articulated about him. And as I've heard, I mean, we all have sources, we all talk to people and I've heard this like like this is a real thing in Pittsburgh.

It's a real thing externally and internally with that organization. Like, why is he continue to be? But Mike is loyal to him for some reason, man. And I'm telling you, it's almost it's not the same situation as it is with the Jets as far as, you know, an offense that's inept and how it bleeds over into the performance of the defense. But it's going to start to become that.

Now, Mike is the great is one of the great leaders of all time in the NFL, and he won't allow it to fracture this football team. But sometimes you can't help it when you're often when one side of the ball is not carrying their weight. Sometimes you just can't help. And what happens is guys on the other on whichever side of the ball is outperforming, they start to lose their stinger, man. They just start to lose their attention to detail.

They start coming apart. You saw it happen right before your eyes yesterday with the Jets. The defense just lost it. Sauce Gardner lost it.

Jordan Whitehead lost it as far as the ability to take. And you know what that is? That is a real thing, man. And people are like, oh, the Jets are just overhyped anyway. The defense was never that good. I'm like, that's not what you're seeing happen is those guys have said, you know what?

Even though I don't want to, it's starting to affect my performance. And you just hope in Pittsburgh. I mean, how many more times can they just pull things out in the end? How can they Mike Tomlin their way out of things before that luck runs out and he has to make a change? I don't know, man. You know how you know how Mike is very convicted. And I just don't I don't I think it's going to catch up to him. A couple more minutes. You saw yesterday.

Yep, absolutely. Couple minutes left with Lewis Riddick. You could put your chip on one of four teams in the NFC Eagles, Lions, Niners, Cowboys. The one chip you place is what?

Lewis Riddick. Where do you place it? In the end, I'm going to put it on. I'm going to put it on the Eagles in the end. But I thought that this would be that this season, the Super Bowl was going to be a rematch.

I thought I was going to be sitting in Philly going at it again. The Niners look pretty good, man. I mean, they're coming off there by they do crushing. They do.

They do. And I love the acquisition of Chase Young. I love it. I love the pairing of him with Chris Kocerik, that defensive line coach in San Fernando, I think is one of the very best.

And when you're back with your guy, when you're back with Nick, the way like that and you have Erica, that's that's hell on wheels right there. Don't get behind San Francisco. You don't have to play from behind because you were in big trouble. It's the same way in Philly. You see how they can do it, too.

And that's why I think that's a battle of the Titans right there. But you can't count out Dallas because they've got a difference maker of their own. And what Daron Bland is doing right now. Holy cow.

Yep. You know, and if Dak is on. Then, hey, in Detroit, Detroit is the team that's the that's the team that because of what Dan has instilled in them, you can never count them out. They showed great resolve yesterday. They shouldn't have won that game. They shouldn't have won that game. But they found a way to win it because I think, see, that's the next step in their maturation is mentally.

Now, they believe they believe and that's very, very dangerous. But I'm still riding with Philly because I think when Philly is healthy. The defensive front makes up for maybe some of the deficiencies that they may have in the back end because they are just so dominant.

I mean, it's just unfair what they have accumulated up front on both sides of the line of scrimmage. So I'm going to ride with them. But that is going to be just think about the thing about the carnage that's going to be left when those four teams are done playing each other in the end.

I mean, it's just like that's like having four great heavyweights, just absolutely knock the crap out of each other and somebody's going to be left standing. That'll be fun. It sure will. All right, Louis, thanks for the time, especially coming off such a taxing Sunday for you. As you can see, man, I'm about as I'm about as chill as it gets today, dude. Thanks, as always. Appreciate it.

I always love talking ball with Louis Riddick right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Philly. Dallas.

Lions, Niners divisional round in the NFC. Sign. Where do I sign?

Right. Where do I sign for that? I'm just talking about just four best that are happening right now.

Where do I sign for that? For best for best that's happening right now. And you've got Ravens, Dolphins, Chiefs, Texans in the AFC. I just want to put this out in the ether right now because the Texans are playing. Without it, I mean, the Browns to Jags, I know, but at best ball right now, best ball right now. Jags looked pretty good yesterday.

I get it. But the Texans. Hey, man, he could keep sleeping on because they chose second and third and they got a rookie coach and play caller and quarterback and wide receiver. Right.

Not sleeping. The Texans did what they did to Cincinnati and then they did what they did to Arizona. What happened to Tampa? And you could sit there and say, that's no, that's the Browns too.

I'll just throw it out there. The reason why I mentioned the Texans, too, right now. It's a little more of a toss up in the AFC. I got it for that fourth seat, right? Because the three seats are Miami, Baltimore, and I think those seats are pretty secure. And Kansas City, right? You're saying how about secure? I think so. Not secure. I mean, you're talking division.

But in terms of a team that comes out of the sniffing at smoke would be Buffalo that you don't want to see. Right. But, man, Cooper Evan Eisen, 12 year old in my house has told me for three weeks now, and I'm going to finally bring it here. He's predicted Lions Texans in the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, Nevada. All right. Hold on a second.

I can't even imagine. He keeps saying to me, Dad, Lions Texans. He told this to me before I left for Germany.

So he may have said it to me when I was dressed as a banana defending his honor, you know, on on on trick or treat night. That's how long ago it was. I don't know if I see that Super Bowl.

Dude, I don't think anybody does. But out of the out of out of the mouths of babes, stranger things have happened. Texans are 28 to one to win the AFC. And the Lions are plus four twenty five if you parlay them together. Rich, that's a don't say that to him. Gambling.

Don't say that to him. Put two bets together. I'm not I'm not I don't want to teach this to my son. That is one hundred and fifty one to one. Oh, how dare you?

Five bucks. Do what you wish. I don't I don't condone such behavior. And certainly when it comes out of the mind of my 12 year old, I dare you. But he's saying that. And every single time the Texans and Lions win, he looks at me, goes, Dad. Dad, I mean, you should have mentioned this three weeks ago.

We probably could have got better out. Yeah, that's all I'm saying. I don't know.

I was in Germany. And plus, as you know, that's telling stories about me being a banana trick or treat and getting into arguments, defending my son's honor as a New York sports fan. Fascinatingly enough, he's a Patriot fan. Wait till he goes to college. Hey, Cooper, your favorite teams, Celtics, Patriots, Yankees.

Oh, like who the hell are your parents? It's not going to go well for him. I know. Oh, well, because he's a brilliant boy. There is that guy. Yep. Might have been the night he told me Lions, Texans.

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Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. All right. Jim Harbaugh quote, With all the outside noise, our locker rooms in one piece.

Like my locker rooms, like my mom's bathing suits in one piece. Is that a real quote? That is not a real quote. That is indeed. You made that up Rich. No, he's referencing Ted Lasso.

Hey, man, he's letting his smile be his umbrella right now. By the way, Sudeikis has said in the past that some of Lasso's persona is based on Harbaugh. Oh, really? Hey, listen, man, that game against Maryland was a tough watch. And I think for the first time we saw we saw, you know, Harbaugh not being on the sideline. I think it it does appear to be affecting J.J. McCarthy.

His spirit animal's not there. He's he was obviously every, every, every time they don't make a first down, every time. Maryland makes first downs and scoring touchdowns. Michigan gave up their first points in the third quarter all season against Maryland. You're sitting there going, well, if that happens against Ohio State, that's a wrap. It's crazy. It makes you, it just gets in your head.

When it's Ohio State week and it's right before Ohio State, it gets in my head. That's for damn sure. That's for darn sure.

I just got to hold my breath that there's not another drip, drip, drip coming out this week. Just let everything be. Let the locker room stay in one piece.

Let's go. Your school's gotten a new coach coming up, huh? You know, Baber's gone. Major bummer. His entire, I blame myself for this.

I blame me. It's never been this ever since I surprised you on your birthday. What was it, three years ago? Three summers ago? Three or four years ago.

Three Julys ago. I think it was July of 21 maybe, right? No, it wasn't 21. It was either 19 or 20. I had him call in to surprise you on your birthday. As a matter of fact, it was 19. Was it what it was?

Yeah, because I was still sitting over there. He revealed that you didn't get anyone to call me for my birthday on that year. I'll fix that. Anyway, program went downhill ever since he called us. Did a nice thing to wish you.

Happy birthday. Two winning seasons out of eight. Just not acceptable. I know Syracuse is a tough place to recruit now. We used to get all the great players from the Northeast to New Jersey and sprinkle some from Florida and out on the West Coast and it just doesn't happen anymore. We can't compete.

Just put Tommy DeVito on the locker room. Dude, he wasn't even good for us. He's doing better on the Giants. He was better at Illinois. Dude, he got his ass beat yesterday and kept on ticking. I know. That was a gutty, gutsy W. That's what happens when you're bored in Livingston, Rich. Is that what it is?

St. Barnabas Hospital. I had no idea. They just make them different?

Yeah, they make them different. You say, Mike, you're built different. Let's go to Pete in Hilton Head. What's going on? What's up, Pete? How are you? I'm good. How are you doing?

Sorry for that introduction, but what do you have for me? Let's change the tenor. I called a few months ago and I was telling them how the Jets were going to suck, like the Mets would suck, and you guys all laughed about it. Of course, I was right. Well, Pete, Pete, hold on a minute, man. I mean, if Rogers was playing, you think they'd suck this bad right now? You think, to use your phrase, it would look that bad?

It would look something else. But I thought it was something over the weekend. Remember Watergate?

I do. Okay, when Nixon cheated to win the election, it was stupid. He was going to win anyway. And I use that analogy against what Michigan's accused of, that they were supposedly doing this against teams they were going to kill anyway. And now it's just their own backfire. It's like a Watergate football story. Maybe so.

I know it's a dumb analogy. No, no, no. I understand what you're saying is that there's a scandal because somebody's hubris got the better of them. And we just need, and thanks for the call, Pete, we just need to know who's hubris it was.

That's all. Because, again, everyone assumes it's Harbaugh directing it and that every single video that Connor Stallions took was pristine and perfect. And every single time that they used the information, it was 100% to the effect of Michigan's benefit every single time. And all I would just say is I need to see the full investigation when it all comes out. And then one last thing on it, you know, because I saw some of the pushback of me saying I feel bad for the kids.

What about all the other kids that got cheated against and all the coaches that wound up getting fired? Some guy who I've never heard of told me to F off. Like it was really, you know, and it gets retweeted in my timeline and it's, you know, F Rich Eisen and all that sort of business.

Thank you, sir, for your anger. But honestly, obviously if it did affect other people's lives, that's terrible. But do we really know? Did that really happen? Like coaches got fired because of it? Who got fired? Who got fired?

Scott Frost. He got fired because of what happened against Michigan or about everybody else. Who else got fired? Name me the names of the coaches that got fired. And do me a favor.

Take a look. You know, I might retweet this out because somebody put it in my timeline. All the touchdowns Michigan scored against Ohio State over the last two years. Somebody put it together in a video in the last two wins. Do you know what the scores? A lot of touchdowns. Do you know what the scores were in the earlier parts of those games? Michigan was down at the end of the first quarter I think in both games. 14-13 coming out of half.

Let me just tell you this. Is somebody who sits there and bites their nails down to the cuticles during these what feels like half hour long commercial breaks that happen all the time in college football because college football doesn't give a rat's ass how long their games take. And you're sitting there and you're biting your nails down to the cuticle and you're like really are we going to take another commercial break after the touchdown just got scored because that touchdown drive was so long we needed a commercial break after the kickoff and then there's another timeout. We'll take another commercial break and I'm biting it down to the cuticles and I'm like if we were cheating against Ohio State and using their plays against them couldn't we have gotten a better lead?

I would have loved to have sat more in a rocking chair. Well they have good players too. They do. Don't they? So, long story short. I don't know why that was so aggressive. No, no, no. Because it's my point. They've got good players too. They are good.

And maybe, just maybe, it wasn't so tilted in Michigan's favor because they had the plays. Let's get it all out there at some point please. And hopefully I would just love it, you know, to just let's focus on this game. Can we do that? Obviously, if the circumstances change because we learned something else about, you know, Uncle T or Auntie M or whatever, you know. I've been Uncle T for years now. So.

I haven't really given anybody any money though. I'm just glad the locker room is in one piece. Like Jim Harbaugh's mom's bathing suit. Don't want to think about Harbaugh's mom in the bathing suit. How dare you.

He put it out there. Pete Carroll just said he thinks Geno Smith will be able to go Thursday night. The back end of the Thanksgiving triple header is a dandy, as they would say. It is the first meeting between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks. And, man, I mean the schedule makers are like, let's do this.

Let's just do this in short order. They face each other two times in the next three weeks. And in between is a visit to Dallas for Seattle. And then after that, Seattle plays Philadelphia.

So the next month is really when the rubber's going to meet the road. Whether the Seahawks have a chance to win the division. Or be a wild card.

Or maybe Jadios, muchacho. Like out of the mix. If there's another team that can somehow come from the sniffing it mosh pit. Is this the difference between Seattle winning their division or being that seven seed that goes to visit San Francisco or Detroit? Or Dallas? Or Philadelphia, right?

Like that's the rubber meetin' the road. So I think they need Geno. That would be pretty good. Unfortunately for them, it does appear that the vaunted Brock Purdy slump, the pumpkin, is a gold-plated carriage once again. Unless the pumpkin was the outlier. Because Brock Purdy, everybody, is slingin' it. And the San Francisco 49ers came out of their bye week that they sat on for a week with a three game losing streak.

And must have all looked themselves in the mirror or they got obviously healthier. It helps to have Deebo back even though he's hardly doing anything Deebo-like. Like takin' over games with runnin' it and catchin' it.

It was Ayuk who was knighted by Purdy. And Kittle, right? And McCaffrey got in the end zone again.

And Purdy is just absolutely on point, not makin' any mistakes. Those fourth quarter interceptions, those moments where he did not lead up to snuff, those are gone. Now, so is San Francisco havin' a play from behind. We will see. When San Francisco say maybe is behind in Seattle on Thanksgiving night.

Or the week after that, San Francisco is down in Philadelphia because that's week 13. We'll see. My money's on Purdy playing the way he's playing right now.

And the other was an outlier. As you know, I've always been capin' for him. I love him. You know, and it's kinda odd cause Purdy after the game, you know, it was mentioned to him that he had a perfect passer rating. Now again, I have no idea what the hell that is. Okay, cause he missed passes.

It wasn't like he was flawless. I don't know how this metric works at all. Which is why ESPN came up with a QBR, like I'd understand that better. I don't know how this works.

Yeah, they're both confusing. You know, cause it's like what, 158 point something? .3, 158.3. Who knows?

How'd you get to.3? How is that perfect? You know what I mean? Why isn't that 160? The number is imperfect. Why isn't it just 100? I don't know.

ESPN's QBR is out of 100. You know what I mean? I don't get it, don't understand it.

All I know is that the last two quarterbacks for the 49ers to have such a game were named Montana and Young. Oh, wow. I get that. That I understand. It's not like, in all due respect, we were talking Ritay and Mullins.

Ritay. Second mention of him today for three hours. There you go. So, it's really odd though that Purdy would just say, you know, things like, I did this and puff his chest out and beat his chest.

Oh, wait a minute, I'm told it was the exact opposite. There you go. Yeah. I mean, what an honor. Yeah, what an honor, but at the same time, I feel like, you know, there's still some plays and stuff that I wish I had back, so I'm not completely content with just that, but thought it was a great game with the guys around me, the coaching and the play calling, all of it.

So, that's a testament to the team, really, so. We'll put you to sleep with this post-game comment. Yeah, wake up. What happened, sir?

I'm back. Chris Brockman's sleep take. There you go.

That's our new fantasy team name. Hey, listen. Who cares?

About... Babyface assassin, baby. Yeah. Here we go.

Niners are... Helps when everybody's wide open. I bet. Well, it's the schemer who you think is going to fold in the fourth quarter at some point.

It's happened every single time. Okay. Got it. I know.

I have a perfect passer rating when it comes to him folding in the playoffs. It sounds like a man who lives with a diehard Falcons fan. That's what it sounds like to me, in part. Not saying you don't have your own ideas, Chris. Thank you, Rick. Just saying you're very influenced. Thank you. So, we'll see what happens the next time they're down in the fourth quarter.

Can Purdy do it? Because that's the conversation. And then you look at the rest here. Next three weeks, rubber's meeting road for San Francisco. Here we go. At Seattle on a Thanksgiving night, then at Philadelphia. That game, as we know, has been circled by both parties for months.

And then home for Seattle again, with four games at the end, with a home date on Christmas night against Baltimore being the one that jumps out at you in terms of difficulty and importance. That game's not a primetime game against the Eagles. It is.

It's against the Eagles? Oh, no, no, no, no. That'll be late window Fox, pal.

Oh, that's an artist's game of the week. Are you kidding me? Wow. Are you kidding me? As you know, Fox doesn't care about too much.

That they care about. Yeah. That's protected.

Oh, that'll be late window, pal. That's protected. Wow. So. Yeah. Long story short, we're paying rent in Purdy's world again, and all the people who just jumped off. Okay. Please. He is a godsend.

An absolute godsend. And by the way, I see the Jets fans too, like, you know, they should have gotten rid of Zach Wilson. Like the Niners got rid of Trey Lance, you know, like the Cardinals got rid of Josh Rosen. The minute they saw he wasn't that good, they pivoted. Honestly, the Jets pivoted to Aaron Rodgers. Their owner said yes to tens of millions of dollars more to paying this guy. They coughed up draft capital for this guy.

They got all the free agents for that guy. They pivoted. Trust me, if they had a Kyler Murray, they'd have pivoted.

If they had Brock Purdy, they'd have pivoted. They got Rodgers and the football gods said, we're going to kick you in the nards and then eviscerate your offensive line. So Thanksgiving, it'll be carved up like a turkey. And again, I will be consuming as much turkey as possible during that 49ers Seahawks game. So the tryptophan coma will last through the entirety of the Friday Black Friday game.

I don't have to watch it. As Tyreek Hill deuces all over MetLife. Where is A.A. Ron right now? We'll find out. 844, 204 Rich, number to dial, more your phone calls.

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OK, so Paddington too had like 100 percent of rind tomatoes for you. You guys ruined that? Justin came in and I took it down like two points because of his rating. That's the time we started getting death threats.

Yeah, I'm not surprised people worship that movie. Putting on airs. The podcast is on YouTube and wherever you listen. Back here, AutoZone, check out the NFL tonight and for free on Westwood One all season long, sponsored by AutoZone all season long. You can listen every Westwood One broadcast of the NFL live on the NFL app by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports or on your Westwood One affiliate station's digital platforms. Kevin Harling, Kurt Warner on the call tonight, Kurt on the show tomorrow. First up in the first hour, Tuesday, and I'm in the studio all season long for free and get in the zone with AutoZone.

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Restrictions apply. Billy in Jacksonville, Florida. We'll take your call.

It's been hanging on for almost two hours. What's up, Billy? What's up, big dog? What's going on, big dog? I love you guys. What's up, brother? What's on your mind? Billy.

I'm a diehard dolphin. Okay. And? And I see us on 11th and 3th. We got the Jets twice in a month because we had those who did start to spank and we got the Titans who did start to spank by Jacksonville. Mm-hmm.

Well, I live in Jacksonville Beach. Yeah, I know. But... You got Dallas at home and then you're at Baltimore and home for Buffalo.

What's the last three that's gonna be the tough one? Oh my gosh. We're talking Dallas Cowboys, Christmas Eve, Santa, give me a present.

Mm-hmm. I'm with you, Billy. Billy. I moved from Frankfurt, Germany, where you just were, in 1971, to the undefeated season of the Dolphins.

I was 13 years old. See, there you go. And now I went to Frankfurt, which means they'll be undefeated next year. That's probably your thing. Outstanding. All right, Billy. Have a great... I love you guys. Thank you. You have a great Thanksgiving, bud.

I appreciate everything you all do. Right back at you. Thank you, Billy. That's Billy and Jacksonville, everybody. Thanks, Billy. Thanks, Billy. A round of applause for Billy. Sounds like he's enjoying his Thanksgiving Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving. Yes. All right. So remember that whole Mark Andrews is done for the season thing? I do.

Hold that phone. Just a couple days ago. Well, John Harbaugh says, recent tests on the ankle, it wasn't as bad as initially feared. There might be an outside chance he gets back at some point in time. There is some optimism, he said. So one, Harbaugh's talking about his mom's one piece, and the other one's talking about Andrew's multiple piece ankle not being broken badly enough.

How about that? So that would be huge news for Baltimore. That said, Andrews will not be out there for the Ravens next game, which is out here in Los Angeles, California, and anybody in the area that loves themselves and Ravens football will be there on Sunday night for the whole country to watch the Ravens take on the Los Angeles Chargers, who have had problems stopping offenses. We all saw what happened with the Lions, and their offense unfortunately couldn't score more points to be straight up. The Lions had the ball last, won the game. And then Jordan Love, he looked really good on Sunday and wound up winning the game over a Chargers team that had a lot of drop passes.

A lot of drop passes. And some mistakes on the offensive side of the ball, but Jordan Love looked like a world beater, which led the media to talk to their media savvy coach. One thing about Brandon Stanley, he's always been affable with the media and terrific with the media, always.

But that seat must be getting really hot for him, because when he was asked about calling the plays and being the main play caller and what's going on on defense, this was his answer to the question about maybe no longer doing it. His defense has struggled all year, and he's made it back to when you got here, and he started to meet any kind of significant changes, do you keep saying the same things, and doing the same things? Do you still, I guess why- I have full confidence. Like I told you, and like I told you from the beginning, I have full confidence in our way of playing. Full confidence in myself as the play caller, in the way that we teach, in the way that we scheme, full confidence in that. We got to bring this group together and do it consistently.

And that's where it's at. So you can stop asking that question. I'm going to be calling the defenses. So we're clear. So you don't have to ask that again. I think your fan base are here full confidence, right?

Everything that you're doing, they see the product in the field, they would see a disconnect. I'm not here to talk to the fan base. I'm here to talk to my players, the locker room. I know that we give ourselves a chance to win every single week with the game plans that we have. Okay. And we have done it here. You guys act like we've never played good defense. That's not the truth.

That's not the truth. You act like we haven't made any improvements today in the run game. We played outstanding. We're rushing the quarterback well. What we got to do a better job of is in the passing game.

And that's where our full attention is, and it's where it will continue to be. There are a lot of other things that caused us to lose today. It certainly wasn't our defense. It was the way we played as a team. We didn't play well enough on the red zone on offense. We dropped too many passes.

We gave up a few killer sacks. We did this as a team. Stop making it about one unit, because that's not what happened out there today. Our team lost, and I am fully responsible for it, and I take full responsibility, but we lost as a team today. And that's the storyline.

For him, that's a full blown rant for him. He's usually very comported, man. I'm concerned about the Chargers. I just am. I am, because again, they lose close games. Probably their sixth loss is by three points or less. It's always on the razor's edge, and it's always a decision that's usually a fourth down that he makes.

Doesn't go their way. I mean, Quinton Johnston had a touchdown in his hands. Couldn't grab it. Keenan Allen had a touchdown in his hands. Keenan Allen.

He dotted him between the numbers. I know. Didn't grab it. I was wondering if that was a sun issue on that play. But it just is one of those things where it's just with Brandon Staley, I don't blame him for beginning to chafe here, because this is, I believe, is one last shot. I would get that sense. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings.

Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. Too much time is spent discussing talent's age. The younger demo is just as excited about a Paul Heyman or a John Cena or an Undertaker or a Becky Lanchard. I don't care what their birth certificate says. They're going to draw a younger demo because they're fun to watch and they're great entertainers. 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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