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REShow: Jason McCourty - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 15, 2023 3:21 pm

REShow: Jason McCourty - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 15, 2023 3:21 pm

‘Good Morning Football’ co-host Jason McCourty and Rich discuss Bill Belichick’s uncertain future at the New England Patriots head coach, if the Kansas City Chiefs’ defense will take them to another Super Bowl title, why Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins struggle against winning teams, if the Buffalo Bills firing Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey will solve their many woes, how Deshaun Watson’s season-ending shoulder injury will impact the AFC North race, and more.

Rich and the guys react to Draymond Green putting Rudy Gobert in a headlock during a scuffle between the Warriors and Timberwolves and debate how much the NBA should punish him for his latest on-court transgression.

Rich weighs in on the Buffalo Bills firing OC Ken Dorsey after their Monday Night Football loss to the Denver Broncos, and Houston Texans QB CJ Stroud.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. This has got to be America's team. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. This has got to be America's team.

You truly believe it. We at the University of Michigan and our fan base are the only ones who feel this way about this team. Earlier on the show ESPN college football and NFL analyst Robert Griffin III, Fox Sports college football analyst Bruce Feldman. Coming up, co-host of Good Morning Football, Jason McCarty. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. What a great chat with Bruce Feldman. Boy do I love our chats every single week. As I said to you in the commercial break, Chris, TJ, you might have overheard, but I'm like anytime he starts asking me, well, what do you think about this Michigan thing? Our conversation begins to percolate and cook a little bit.

Time for the pressure gets a little higher. What do you think? Well, interesting. That you would ask.

I have some thoughts. Great stuff with RG3 and our number one. If you missed it, we re-air on channel 210 on the Roku channel. And it's great. And it's free on all Amazon Fire TV. It is free on the Roku app. It is free on the It is free on all Roku devices and couldn't be more fired up to be here on the Rich Eisen Show to radio. Terrestrial radio network or to radio network.

A great way to just, I guess, shorthand it. Sirius XM, Odyssey and more. We say hello to our podcast listeners who listen whenever they darn well please. It is your right to listen to us on demand as well. Listen, when you spend an inordinate amount of time with another human being in Frankfurt, Germany, it's tough to quit them.

I'm not going to lie. And so joining us now right here on Zoom is the co-host, one of the many hosts, terrific. Good morning football program on NFL network. My booth mate for both games in Frankfurt, Germany, Jason McCourty here on the show. How are you doing, Jason? I'm doing great. I woke up Tuesday morning.

I had to have breakfast without you, Rich, and it just didn't feel the same. It's a void, right? You would agree.

It's a void. You know what I mean? I would say 100%. So you miss me. Of course. Okay. Thanks for joining.

That's all the reason why I want to have you on just to confirm. Plus also, are you waking up at two in the morning too? Is that what you're doing? One in the morning, 12 right now? The jet lag, you know? It hasn't been too bad.

I spent all day Tuesday at home and then today was back on GMMB. So up at 4.30. So two, two, 2.30, 4.30, it's all around the same. So I'm up and out. That's right.

That's right. Your schedule is normally a little bit nutty anyway. So what is your takeaway from the Patriots Colts game that we called, Jason? Oh man, to me it was the ending of the game and everything that we said at that very end of the game describing the Patriots season. I think that's been the biggest takeaway.

I said it this morning on the show. I do believe at the end of the season, I think they blow it up. I think Bill Belichick is coaching somewhere else next season. I think he's going to continue to do so. I think he's still chasing those wins to get to all time.

So I don't know. There's just a lot going wrong right now in New England's uncharted territory. I think you have a franchise in the last 20 years that they don't know how to lose. I say that kind of funny where there's organizations where I won't say it's learned behavior, but you figure out how to muscle through it. I think just the organization where this is very hard.

Nobody's been through times like this or understand how to deal with it. Yeah. And you know, I had Tom Curran on the show yesterday, Jason from NBC Sports Boston, and he said his guess, and he's got a pretty educated guess there, is that Mac Jones will be the third quarterback the rest of the year. Will Greer will take the bye week to get the reps and he's going to be the starter. And that Mac has essentially done, what'd you say, Chris, about the Boston Herald is reporting about the locker room? The Herald is saying that Mac has lost the locker room 80, 20 are kind of done with him and ready to move on.

Well, and I don't think we got the sense of that in our, in our conversations, but then again, you know, I don't know how much telling tales out of school they would do with the broadcast team before the game. But does that surprise you hearing that about Mac after what we saw? It doesn't surprise me with him being benched at the very end of that game, but I'm with you, Rich, of being down there talking to them. There was no feeling that going into this game.

They were at their wits end and it was like, if Mac doesn't perform, we're going elsewhere. But as that game unfolded, he threw that interception that we're kind of looking at each other. Like, I have no idea why he threw that ball the way he did to put Bailey Zappi. And I think you said it right away that he hadn't thrown a pass since the New Orleans Saints game and you're putting him in to now go win the game, win this entire thing with less than a minute to go. Once you do that to me, it's hard to come back from that and come out of the buy and say, all right, we truly believe in Mac Jones and he's going to be our guy.

I talked to Tom Curran yesterday too. And I said, I wouldn't be surprised if Will Greer is the guy because you know, they don't believe in Bailey Zappi because they've gone back and forth last season with those two guys. And then he was released at the end of training camp this year. So they obviously thought that Bailey wasn't the guy that's going to take over and be that. So you brought Will Greer in. We watched the way he ended the preseason in Dallas. Why not give him a shot? But I still, with Matt Jones, and I'm not saying he's the guy, but three offensive coordinators in three years, the weapons he has around him, they sure haven't done him any favors to help him play at an elite level.

Jason McCordy here on the Rich Eisen Show. Okay, and let's just briefly hit on the game that we called two Sundays ago, Dolphins and Chiefs, since these are teams that are still sitting, you know, atop their divisions entering week number 11. Chiefs defense, give me one that you think is even better in the NFL, or do you think that they are the best such unit in the NFL, Jason?

What do you think? I think they're right at the very top in that, but I'm not going to crown them as the best. The Cleveland Browns to me, they just have been pretty dominant. They come up with some huge plays when they need be. They were down 14 in that game this past Sunday to Baltimore, come up with a pick six to continue to close that gap and eventually win that game. But Kansas City has been unbelievable. I mean, they were up 21 to 0 in that game against the Miami Dolphins, whose offense has been one of the best in the NFL this year, and it's been fun to watch because I'm a DB, and you get, I get a chance to watch, we got a chance in person to watch Lagerius Snead and Trent McDuffie. Those guys have been unbelievable for them in the back end, along with obviously Chris Jones and Karlovskis and all those guys up front, but what Spagnola has done with this defense just to be able to dominate as the offense is kind of behind this season has been really fun to watch because we haven't seen that since Mahomes has been there. It's been the offense putting up 40 points and the defense just holding on, and this year they've been unbelievable.

Well, I mean, and you know, I've got Chris Jones, by the way, he's just been booked for our Thursday Rich Eisen show. The Dolphins, you know, when we met with Mike McDaniel, he even said it, he said it to the media, he said it to us, the narrative if we lose, this is that we can't beat winning teams, and that is not going to be a narrative that I think they're going to be able to squelch this week, despite the Vegas Raiders having turned it around with Antonio Pierce. Why do you think the the Dolphins have issues against winning teams, Jason? I think it's still learning how to win, making those plays in those plays, in those moments, and the Buffalo Bills game was ugly. They weren't really in that game from the start of it. The Philadelphia game was a good game. It wasn't, it went back and forth a little bit, but the game we were at, the Dolphins didn't go down 21 to 0 in that game, which was on because you thought Kansas City was a team that was going to come out sleepy because of when they traveled to Frankfurt and the whole nine, but they're in a hole 21 to 0. They fight their way all the way back amongst a turnover that leads to a touchdown, everything that transpired, and then that last drive, Tua has a throw that just is a terrible throw, falls short, and then the last play of the game, he drops the snap, and I think those are the plays when you're playing against winning teams.

It's not going to be perfect. You're not going to put up 70 points, and it's going to be a blow. It's going to come down to those crucial moments. Who can make the play? And so far this year, the Miami Dolphins haven't been able to make those plays. I think that's what it comes down to, learning how to win in those crucial moments. A lot of times the game comes down to a two-minute situation. You're either defending somebody to not score or you're trying to go score, and for them to beat a good football team, they're going to have to figure out ways in those moments to come up with those plays.

Jason McCordie here on the Rich Eisen Show. You just mentioned how the Dolphins are having trouble closing games against winning teams because of maybe the little things that are not getting done. The Bills seem to have been crowned as the team that cannot get the little things done right, and now Ken Dorsey has been bounced in between weeks 10 and 11, Jason, and it's a short week.

The Bills have the Jets coming up on a Sunday after a Monday night loss at home. How do you think that's going to change anything with Joe Brady calling the plays for the first time for Josh Allen? To me, this felt like panic in Buffalo right now, and you can criticize Ken Dorsey and say the offense hasn't been as good, which it hasn't in the prior years, but you look at it when your quarterback's leading NFL in turnovers, that's going to force you to not be as good of an offense. An offensive coordinator does not control that, and then on top of that, I don't know if Ken Dorsey gets fired if they win that football game against the Denver Broncos, and as you go back and look at that game, there was two calls of blitz zero, one leading to a pass interference that put the Broncos in field goal range, and then they had 12 men on the field, which led to ultimately the game-winning field goal. Ken Dorsey has absolutely nothing to do with either of those plays, so you can get on him and say they didn't do X, Y, and Z. They played well enough to win a football game on Monday night in prime time.

They fell short. Sean McDermott calls the plays on defense, especially in coordinator, but whoever's fault it was, you don't really have to sub on a mayday situation where they're going for that field goal, force them to make the kick. So some of those issues that transpired to me weren't even Ken Dorsey's in that one game, and you're getting rid of him. I think it's panic of a sense of like, we got to do something to figure out why we're at the record that we're at, but I'm not really convinced that now all of a sudden it's not like Joe Brady can install a brand new offense. If we believe that he's just going to call plays to a stint where now this Buffalo offense is going to blow up with the same weapons inside everybody else around, I'm not too sure of that. Well, you're also the perfect guy to ask this part of the Buffalo Bills equation question here. As a defensive back, formerly in the National Football League, also a brother playing in the league, can you interpret Trevon Diggs' post during the Monday night loss about his brother, 14, got to get up out of there?

What's your interpretation of this? I hit Deb up right away because my eight years in Tennessee, we never made the playoffs, and I went to Cleveland, didn't win a single game. At no point did that Deb ever take to Twitter and say, we got to get number 30 up out of there. I would have appreciated it if he could have gotten me somewhere else, but you look at this and you're like, all right, Trevon's on another team. He's just talking to his brother, but those guys are close. You got to assume some of the things he's saying is coming from Stephon, and I'm not saying he wants out, but he's obviously frustrated.

We saw that in the off season, so it's very interesting to me. At the same time, if I'm the Buffalo Bills, Trevon Diggs is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. Any given Sunday when he steps foot on the football field, he dictates the other team's defense. He's not going anywhere. I don't care what his brother's writing on X.

He can do an Instagram story, whatever the case may be. Trevon's here. He's our guy.

We love him. We'll do whatever he needs, but if I'm Buffalo, Trevon's not going anywhere. I will ask you, Jason McCourty, before I send you off on the rest of your Wednesday, the question Chris Brockman asked me at the top of the program, to power rankings, give me your power rankings of the AFC North teams now, and this is a division that every now and then over the last month has entered a playing week with all four teams in a playoff spot. Right now, the Bengals are the only ones on the outside looking and sniffing it, as we say here on the Rich Eisen Show, but now with the news of Deshaun Watson being done for the year, how would you power rank the AFC North teams? Yeah, AFC North, I'm gonna start from number four. The Cleveland Browns to me are number four at this point, and they really looked good in that second half comeback. Deshaun Watson didn't throw an incompletion, but without your starting quarterback, I don't see them beating the other three out in that division. The third team, I'm going with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and I know right now they have a better record than the Cincinnati Bengals, and Kenny Pick has taken care of the football, but he also only has six touchdown passes. They're conservative, they're finding ways to win, but I have the Bengals ahead of them at number two. I think with Joe Burrow being healthy, I know they lost that game in Houston, but I just feel like Burrow looks like himself, Lou Annaromo is a mastermind on defense. They're going to figure things out the closer we get to the end of the season, and then number one is the Baltimore Ravens. Somehow, they just figure out how not to lose the game in the fourth quarter.

They're going to win the entire thing this year because they've dominated for three quarters throughout probably the last three seasons, and somehow or another, they find a way to fall apart defensively, offensively in the fourth quarter, but I still think Lamar Jackson has looked really good this year, and although Sunday wasn't great, and that defense is one of the best in the NFL as well, so I do think Baltimore is number one in that division. Jason, I truly did cherish the time that we got to kind of get to know each other because you're on Good Morning Football on the East Coast. I'm out here on our on our West Coast fort, if you will, and calling the games. You're awesome at it, and I had a blast. I truly did. You're terrific at it. I appreciate it. I did too. I got a chance to share the booth with an absolute legend, so it was an honor to sit down, ask you questions, and just listen to your journey as well.

I appreciate it. I thought you were referring to Orlovsky for a second, you know, because he is legendary in many rights. Do you want to ask Jason the question you asked me about his eating habits in Germany? Because I didn't see him eat this in the many breakfasts that we had and other snacks. I don't think. We were just wondering because Rich was talking, TJ here. What's up, brother?

Good to meet you. What's up? We were talking about pretzels, and I was like, well, you and Jason, did you have pretzels together? And he was like, I don't think they put the plate down.

I don't know. You took a picture with it, but I didn't see you actually consume one of the pretzels, Jason. No, I took I took a few pretzels down. I wasn't. Dan was the one eating just plain chicken breast.

He said he can eat just nine chicken breasts. Nothing on it. Plain as day. I took a few pretzels. The donuts we had Sunday, though, those surprised me. There was filling in the middle of it. And usually when there's a hole in the middle, there's no filling in the donut.

So when I bit it, it was filling all over it. I wasn't a fan of that. So I left the donut. You are not you. You're not a custard guy, is what you're saying.

Oh, it surprised me. Like if there's a hole in the middle, there's not supposed to be anything inside the donut that lets you know before you. But I don't want to be surprised when I bite into my donut. Now I understand you want to just straight up. I understand.

I'll be straight up with you, too. That was a pleasant surprise for me. I didn't expect it. I didn't expect it.

But it was awesome. Like I said, getting to know you. I look forward to doing more with you and keep on crushing it. We'll chat again soon, Jason.

Will do. Appreciate it, Rich. That's Jason McCordie right here at Jason McCordie. Just delightful. He and his wife, we got a chance to meet and it was great. It was really, really good. So he's referring to the Sunday Chiefs Dolphins. They brought in this huge plate of pretzels. I Instagrammed out a picture.

They looked amazing. Right. And that's where, you know, Orlovsky picked the salt off of it. It's just like, what was this chicken breast thing? I don't know, man. It's just or everything that you heard about eating is flat out true. All of it is not in any way, shape or form, slanderous, libelous, whatever you want to say, printed, talked, all of it.

True. But on this past Sunday, they brought in a plate of glazed donuts, chocolate and vanilla, both of them with some sort of stripey glaze on top of the glaze. It was vanilla stripes on the chocolate donut, chocolate stripes on the vanilla donut. And the donuts, as he said, they were not like Boston cream sort of. Donuts with no hole in it. They had the hole. These are typical donuts with a hole in it. And I had I was starving and I went and I, I grabbed it. The vanilla one, I went for the vanilla one with the chocolate stripes, right? Took a bite into it. And it was custard filling now around inside.

I can't do next level. Bakery. Wow.

Boom. Yes, I don't like the cut. He didn't like it. He was surprised because you don't normally have an inside round donut.

Boston cream. Somebody's just like, you know what? We got to kick this up. They were watching the bear, I guess, during the fall. Marcus came up with a new.

I just found it funny that Jason's like Eden. He and I didn't discuss it. We did an entire four quarters of action without discussing.

Did you taste the donut having glaze on the top and custard in the middle? I mean, inside is a full. But like Chris says, you know, watching GMFB, it looks like he's still in enough shape. He'd go out there and give you 15, 20 plays where you can use him this year.

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Visit for restrictions and details. We're about to play a game with Chris Brockman and Mike Del Tufo over there where I will read out the facts. They will guess whether it's true meta or false meta and then you will confirm. Okay, let's do it. Here we go. The Rich Eisen Show presents real meta. That's a three.

I wore number 37 for the Lakers because Michael Jackson's album thriller was number one on the billboard charts for 37 consecutive weeks. True meta. No way. Fake meta. That is a hundred percent true.

That's true. I knew it was three weeks, but I wouldn't guess. Next one right before his comeback with the wizards. I broke, uh, I broke two of Michael Jordan's ribs in a pickup game and delayed his comeback by three months. I was so upset about it.

I didn't leave my house for days. True meta or fake meta. I think that's true. I'm saying true.

That's true. I love Michael Jordan. One of my, probably my favorite player. You broke his ribs. It was on accident. It was a summertime pickup game and it was a intense game.

In 2010, an art show honoring me was held in Toronto, Canada and titled lovable badass. False. True.

That's true. Last one. Last one in 2010, I was cited for driving a race car with an expired registration down a city street or fake meta based on his reaction.

I'm going to say true. I got to go true to it was an indie 500 car was fun. How did you fit in that thing? I didn't really fit. I was real like this and hitting the gas in my one little pinky toes.

We got to get him back and do that again. Oh man. That was funny back here on the rich eyes and show radio network, sitting at the rich eyes and show desk, furnished by grange with supplies and solutions for every industry. Granger has the right product for you.

Call click or just stop by salmon, Indiana. You're on the rich eyes and show. What's up, Sam? Hey, rich.

Hey guys. So I was lucky enough to be able to go to this, uh, Colts Patriots game in Frankfurt, Germany. And I had a fantastic time.

Um, well, cause you're from Indiana. Yeah. So I know it was not the best turnout for the game, you know, 10 to six, but just the whole experience in general was a once in a lifetime chance. Um, started Friday night, the Colts had rented out this place called Chicago meat packers there in Frankfurt and Jim Ursa ended up giving away like $4,000 or 4,000 euros in trivia questions. I love it.

He's, he's, he's awesome. By the way, when I said you're, cause you're from Indiana, I wasn't, you know, making fun of your home state or town. I'm saying that you saw a win, you know, could you imagine flying all the way across there and watch him with the Patriots fans? Oh, I know that last, that last drive when Bailey's Abby went in, I actually got a little bit nervous for a second.

Cause I thought, you know, they might turn something out on this last drive here. But, um, Sunday we had, there was a pregame event we went to, I was lucky enough to meet Edron James Hall of Famers from Colts history, uh, went to the game Sunday and I sat next to, uh, uh, German cheesehead Packers fan, uh, decked out in full regalia and a Croatian, and a Croatian, uh, Patriots fan. And we, you know, we talked the whole game about American culture and how we enjoyed watching football games.

And I was lucky enough to see the, it result with a Colts win. So I will say though, I thought going there when the stadium was, they said it was a small stadium, about 48 to 50,000 people. That's, um, that's, that's a small stadium compared to NFL places, but sitting there, it reminded me a lot of when I was a kid going to the RCA dome with it being also a small venue, you know, like 50, 55,000 people. And it brought back a lot of old memories of being a kid watching those, those classic Colts in the 2000s. It's a neat, it's a neat environment, right? I mean, where you're meeting people from Europe who love football and you're just chit chatting and they're talking you up, you're talking them up, um, you know, and you're seeing like a United Nations gathering all, you know, instead of, you know, diplomats from different countries, it's just people from different countries wearing, you know, Derek Henry throwbacks, even though the Titans aren't in the game and, you know, um, Greg Lloyd to steal her jerseys and, yeah, I love it.

It really, everyone should take the time to go to an international game if they can do it. Oh, for sure. I'm waiting for the next time the Colts do something like this, maybe again in, in London, if they play the Jacksonville Jaguars over there, or, um, maybe a new venue somewhere, another country, either, you know, Spain, Ireland, I'm here in Spain is next.

And thanks for the call, Sam greatly appreciate it. That's what I'm hearing. That would be so cool. I'm here in, uh, Madrid, I believe is potentially next for next year. Yeah.

Or, or, uh, Brazil. Are you showing the road, rich? I have no idea. You know, when I interviewed Robert Kraft, he, you know, he it's, again, like I said, the Saturday night, the Sunday nights and Monday night games in Germany kick off at two in the morning.

Yeah. And, and it's just really tough for, for a, for any team to play there and, and, and you would sometimes hear, well, you're hearing that a team from London or Germany could just go on a month long road trip in the States and be based out of say South Carolina on the East coast or North Carolina on the East coast, just be based there and then travel around the country. And then like, but what player wants to do that? What player wants to go, you know, tell her wife and children sitting in a foreign country that they've all moved to. So you can play football there. I'll, I'll see you in a month, you know, like no player is going to want to do that. And then the competitive imbalance of like, okay, you're on a month long road trip, but then the competitive imbalance of, of teams then flying out for a week, getting used to a time zone that everyone else has already fully adjusted to for a month.

It just doesn't work. But what does work is exporting the sport to different cities around the world and having a full compliment of games, uh, go international. You get a handful in London, a handful in Germany in different spots, and then try it out in other countries, man.

Uh, would you imagine like an NFL game in Paris or Rome, or you just keep going. Rich, let's, let's talk about this Brazil thing because if you do Brazil, I'm going with. I'm sure, you know, I'm sure, you know, I'm just going to be honest with you. I'm sure, you know, a bunch of people there.

I have seen pictures of people who live in Brazil. I see what you're saying. Okay. On the rich guys. Thank you very much.

So I'm just not creepy at all. So here we are again. Um, here we are again in 2023 and it just feels like groundhog day. Once again, uh, talking about Draymond Green's on-court comportment behavior activities and how completely, um, beyond the pale, some of his, uh, physical assaults on others, uh, are going to be handled by the commissioner. It really is just like a mad lib, change the names of the teams, change the names of the players, change the body parts that he is, uh, connecting with or using in his own right to connect with other body parts.

It really is a mad lib. And, and then, and then cue the Draymond Green response. I am who I am, and this is who I am.

And no one's ever going to tell me to be who I am. And then you can cue up, um, his response on his own podcast. And then you will, uh, also get ready to queue up his hall of fame induction speech. Cause that's where he's going to wind up. Um, maybe it'll take him longer because of everything else that I'm talking. Honestly, I don't know. That's my reaction to it, my reaction to it, you know, and, and him taking a guy who appeared to be at the time, a peacemaker, again, I'm not in the scrum.

I'm not seeing everything. And I know Steve Kerr, who I love and adore and trust in every way, shape or form, believe me. And I know he's maybe a coach trying to be there for his player. Um, you know, saying that, I guess what go bear was, uh, but the bottom line is you cannot take away anything, but having Rudy go bear in that headlock for as long as he had it is just untenable, completely not part of basketball. Shouldn't be part of basketball should never be part of basketball and should earn Draymond green, some form of lengthy punishment. RG three said 25 games earlier in the show.

I think that's a little excessive. Uh, but I mean, you know, when you see Denzel Perryman in the league, getting in the NFL, getting three games for six incidents, apparently over a span of a handful of years, I we've lost track of the number of incidents. You can actually peg the number of incidents that he's had in the playoffs based on, you know, um, different locations.

They're all in Northern California too. You know, I mean, uh, him sitting out a game against the, uh, the, the calves and the finals by watching an Oakland A's game across the street with Marshawn Lynch. Right. You know, obviously what happened last year in Sacramento.

I mean, honestly, I don't know what to say other than here we are again. And, um, has he talked yet? I haven't seen it. I saw, I saw an Instagram post that was before, right.

That was from over the weekend. So he was obviously getting ready to roll. This is by the way, Rudy Gobert, um, after the game made it seem like, um, he was expecting it and, and that Draymond did it because he didn't want to play in a game that Steph Curry wasn't suited up for.

Check it out. It's kind of funny because it's a different game. I was telling myself that Steph is not playing, so I know Draymond is going to try and get injected. Because every time Steph doesn't play, he doesn't want to play as well. It's a guy's step, so he's just like doing a big game to be injected.

It's all good. What do you think when you saw the video of it? Nothing more. You know, it's just a clown behavior. You know, I'm proud of myself for, you know, being the bigger man again and again. Um, you know, and yeah, you know, he doesn't even deserve me putting my hands on him. You know, I think he's just, you know, my team needed me tonight and I did whatever, whatever I could to, you know, keep my cool and show that I wasn't making the situation worse. And I do hope, you know, that the thing is going to be done because that's just clown behavior, you know. Not much to say, you know, just clown behavior. Clown behavior is what he says. And, um, you know, how about that? That it wasn't a, it was doubly unprofessional behavior, um, the physical aspect of it.

And then the, uh, he's accusing him of saying he, he knows we're not going to win without Steph. So why am I out here? So I'll just get ejected. That did happen within the first 90 seconds of the game. Yes. I looked at the screen.

It's a zero score yet. Remind me of Earl Weaver, that famed Earl Weaver ejection at the top of the first verse, you know, at that famed YouTube video. I mean, it's just, it seemed like Draymond had this in his head. Oh, oh, this is happening. Great. He immediately went like someone was coming.

I was tweeting about it last night. Here, your first instinct can't be, I got to put this guy in a choke hold. What is going through your mind? Well, he's, I mean, go bear is seven, what, two, seven, four. I know, but that's another thing too, like his body weight. What if his body weight twists in a certain way? And he's, uh, you know what I mean? Like, that's dangerous. Draymond is jacked and he's got this guy by his neck. Yeah.

You're Adam Silverwood. Is it a week? At least, at least 10, at least 10 games, 10 games, a lot, man, because this isn't like Xavier McDaniel when he choked out West Matthews back in the day, like two hands firmly around the neck. But it's a different day though, where back then, back then the NBA was kind of like a wild West in a way that, that, as you know, David Stern came in to put his stamp on things and said, we're not doing this for staring at someone after a dog.

Yeah. That's nuts to this, this behavior. You can't have it. You can't have it.

This is a guy with a long checkered history. See you later. I don't know. I feel five is probably the five is what that's like. That's like a week and a half. No way to the end of the year.

We'll see you in 2024. Adam Silver is going to be like, it was a reverse choke hold, right? But at no point did it ever feel like something was going to happen. But at no point did it ever feel like super violent to me.

Like, I don't know about that. It looks like it was like, you know, everyone already made all the jokes. So, well, I mean, Gobert kind of just gave up. He was like, OK, bro, like, what are we doing here? I know when you give up to see that's why I didn't just seem to get hurt to like a violent. It was just kind of funny. I don't know, man.

He doesn't want to find her. I'm not saying he didn't do it. I'm just saying like, I never looked at it and thought like, oh, man, this is going to get out. It was like, well, and then it got chippy with the Lakers last night, too, huh? Like almost a few minutes after. I know there's only one thing going on.

The only thing that's the same, the only comparisons you were or draw lines you can draw between the two. It's just there's maybe they're reacting to the what that weird floor, the in-season tournament floor. Do you not like the floor? I don't know. I don't.

What did you say? It looks like a bowling alley. Like set up the pins. That's a big pin.

Go Bears a huge, huge, huge head. This is the in-season tournament. What does that mean? What does that mean? Do you know how it works? Tell me how it works. What's the pool play? How's it working? I do know how it works.

So what were the stakes for that game last night? Can you explain it to me? And I'm good. I'm good at things being, you know, understanding things. So there's six groups of five teams.

That's 30. Okay. You win your group during pool play. You're automatically moving on. And then you got the eight and then three other top teams like wildcard.

And then bam, you got a little quarter. You got a tournament. Okay. So these games count as regular season games. However, if you make it to the final four, those are two extra games added on to your season.

So if you play the whole year, which most players don't, you could play 84 games. Okay. Five hundred K to the winner.

Great. The 12th guy at the end of the bench, it's a lot of money. You know, you know where the money should go to? To the people who have to deal with the floor. You got to pick up the floor. You got to put on a new floor. Did everybody get like a floor, a different floor? Are there 30 different floors or 29 different floors? No, the 30 different floors. Because the clipper floor has got to be different from the Laker floor, right? Correct.

But also somebody saw it was somebody's job during the off season. Let's come up with a floor. Hey, here's what we're going to do. We're going to come up with a new floor.

Oh, really? You know what they should do? You know what they should do? They should take those people who make up the new floors and come up with an idea to put coaches back in suits and ties again. Now that I'm for. Nobody wants that. Everybody wants that, except the coaches. Well, I'm not a coach. I don't want it brought to you by name. Name some the local Martinizer, you know, Martin, what's that?

You know, dry cleaning. Oh, you should do that. Yeah. By the way, with the tournament, though, it's more than just that. They take in points. They take in point differential.

They work all this up. It's like the soccer, you know. OK, great.

Excellent. Well, it seems like the players are getting a little chippy. And the only reason was kind of more intense. Is that what it is? Because they want to win the in the in-season tournament. You know what it is?

You want to be the first so badly. Steph sat it out last night. NBA Cup was injured. Who sat out?

So Steph wasn't in. He's hurt. He's hurt. Is he?

I have him on my fantasy team. Is he back tonight? He's hurt.

No. OK, that's what happens in the NBA. If you get one ankle injury, you're out for five.

No, I got four, five guys with sprained ankles all out two weeks. Oh, I'm sorry. What am I supposed to do? You know what you're supposed to do? You know what I'm going to do?

Because my fantasy team is stinks right now. I'm going to create a new floor. Well, I got to say this floor is a bottom two spots. I know. Is it karma? Karma is more than a boy on the Chiefs.

I could take out both eyes and guys. I didn't want to feel like I owed it. I know that. I know that so much. Don't take it out of my son.

Father. OK, don't take it out of my beautiful 12 year old. Look at that. Let's set up the pins and roll it down the alley. That looks better than some of the other ones. Like the war, the Nuggets one was like all blue. It's bright.

It's like it has a little streak down the middle. Fifty two eighty. Is that how many feet above sea level they are? Yeah. OK. Yeah. Very cool.

I don't know. It is great. It's different.

It is different. All European fans love it. 710 split with Colbert. You'll never miss. That should be a guy.

Every team should have a number seven and a number 10 and they should play split on either side. Have you ever hit one of those? Once upon a time, bowling on the green in Staten Island, New York years ago. All right. We'll take a break here on the program.

Some interesting takes on what the football yesterday one involving the Texans and Marshall Falk on the Bills. Oh, yes. That's next. This is the rich eyes and show.

It down like two points because of his rating. That's the time we start getting death threats. Yeah, I'm not surprised.

People worship that movie. Putting on ears. The podcast is on YouTube and wherever you listen. The football season is underway and believe podcasts are talking about it. When he went home and went to sleep, Michael Parsons is terrorizing him.

Believe has podcasts covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams, too. And to be only producing 15 points a game. That's something that is definitely disheartening.

Sideline to sideline, end zone to end zone as a quarterback. I would expect them to be acting like that. Take the accountability. Put that on yourself.

Don't put it on your teammates. Search BLEAV podcast wherever you listen. Do you guys follow a an account on the hellscape? At art, but sports I do. OK, it is unbelievable. So whoever runs this account is a genius.

Well, topical of our last. Conversation, this is the rendering of the head of Saint John the Baptist on a charger by Andrea Solari in 1507. Yep, that's the real painting on the bottom.

And then last night's headlock, whoever does this account, they're so fast like this happened in minutes later, he had this up. So I wonder whoever or she whoever does it, is it like an A.I. thing where you take a screenshot and put it in and out comes the the paint? That's kind of what I'm or is somebody just really incredible, like our history? Susie is an art history major.

She will look at things and go that I've seen something like that before and whatever, you know, and she will know paintings and histories and whatever. I don't know. I think the speed at which this person is posting them makes me think A.I..

So it's Allen Iverson running. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I was going to hit. What are you scrolling? What are you scrolling over there?

Are you seeing what I'm talking about? It's such a good account. It is. This is kind of funny. This one of Jason Tatum laying down and it's funny. That's impressive.

It's good. In 1507, they decided to foreshadow Draymond's headlock of Rudy Gobert. 2023.

There it is, 2023 in the top, 1507 on the bottom of the screen. I know on our our Twitter, I put the clip of Lou Ferrigno choking out Jason. That's right. I love you, man.

I love you, man. I saw that was funny. Well done.

Good job. That's a different sort. You know, one's Renaissance. You're a Renaissance man back here on the Rich Eisen show. So here's my, you know, two cents on the firing of Ken Dorsey.

It really all depends on on how. Josh Allen's doing and all with all due respect, I mean, like this is a quarterback driven league and I think we even have sound from the head coach yesterday saying something similar to that effect. Honestly, if I have no idea what's going on behind the scenes, I have no idea if what Trayvon Diggs is tweeting is have anything to do with Allen and Diggs or whatever is going on, whatever is going on between the temples of this quarterback, you know, and whatever is going on in the field where he's having some interception itis turnover itis. You know, maybe that's what the coaches is after right here.

Check it out. Where do you see Josh right now? Just just mentally? Yeah, I mean, probably not where we'd like him to be. And that's that's natural based on some of the results that we've gotten this year, some of the results he's gotten, some of the turnovers in particular. And but I'm confident that he'll find it. And I think, again, just some of the new energy around our offense.

My hope is and my aim is that it'll create a little bit of confidence, clarity and ability to anticipate it as opposed to in some cases react. And I think that's what a part of playing the quarterback position is all about. He did say Josh Allen recently that Joe Brady, speaking of Brady, the quarterback coach, now the new offensive coordinator, a lot of juice to him.

And honestly, nobody knows what's going on behind the scenes at all. But the coaches decided 10 weeks in to shake it up. And, you know, RG3 said and Jason McCourty said, essentially, it smacks of panic.

Because you're switching things up. And the question is, would you have done this had there not been a 12th man on the field for that game missing, game ending, and then ultimately winning field goal for the Bills? The Bills won that game. If there wasn't a 12th man on the field, would you have fired Ken Dorsey coming off a win being six and four?

And if the answer is no, then why are you doing it now? Because the results oriented business and they are five and five. And something's up with Josh Allen and Marshall Falk on what the football with Suzy Schuster and Amy Tresk, available where all podcasts are required, without doubt, said that this is something that the coach felt desperate to do. It is a desperate time. And this is just only a potential gateway to his own firing if it doesn't work out. What do you think's happening in Buffalo?

It's typical. You know, head coach is starting to feel it. They're getting a new stadium. You want to go into that new stadium, a winner. In the AFC, like Buffalo's the oldest team.

They seem young, but the clock is ticking. Last year, Leslie Frazier wasn't good enough. This year, you get rid of Dorsey.

Obviously, Dable's gone. And now they're going to put Joe Brady in the mix as if that experience in Carolina went well. The guy did a great job in college. And let's be honest, Joe Burrow is Joe Burrow. I don't care who's calling plays for him. And right now, Sean McDermott is grasping for straws. He understands. When the offense, according to go, and the defense, according to go, you're next.

Pretty soon. You're not getting to hire another OC and another DC next year. This family, is it the what?

The Pagulas? They want to win. And they've given them the money, and they've done everything to win. Clock is ticking. Clock is ticking. Only seven games left this year, too. And you got to wonder, if they miss the playoffs, do they blow the whole thing up? And the question is, honestly, right now, how is Josh Allen feeling? Because if Allen's just feeling guilty that Dorsey just lost his gig, and he's going to take that somehow, some way into a game, I have no idea. Again, this is all speculation. Completely. But you have to sit here and think that, as Marshall pointed out on what the football, last year was the DC, this year it's the OC.

And if neither of those buttons get pushed to the satisfaction of ownership, then it will be the HC. Seven years he's been there. Five and five. Third toughest schedule here on out.

Clock is ticking indeed in Western New York. One other point made on what the football, I thought Amy made an interesting one talking about the Texans. And her point is this. Do you remember last year? You do.

That's just, trust me, you will. But I'll start it this way. Remember last year when Lovey Smith spit his last breath at the ownership and management suites of Houston by winning a game in the final throws of the season, knowing he's going to get fired, winning a game that cost Houston the first overall draft choice. And Amy's point is everyone's saying how Lovey was hurting Houston. And it was his best move on behalf of the Bears in years, right? And even some on behalf of the Bears than when he was coach of the Bears, as the Bears wound up with the first overall pick, and they wound up trading it to Carolina. But all that led to CJ Stroud going to Houston. And Lovey, as we all were ascribing to him, bitterly, ruining the Texans opportunity to pick first overall, wound up bequeathing, at the end of the day, CJ Stroud on Houston. And Houston, using the pick they got from Cleveland in the Deshaun Watson trade traded up to get Will Anderson. And this team is now five and four, looking pretty damn good.

So I ask you guys to end this program in the few minutes we have left. Would you rather be the Bears having an opportunity at the first overall pick this year? Because Carolina is so terrible. We're just taking Carolina out of the equation.

Sure. Would you rather be the Bears having the opportunity to pick first and maybe even second or fifth or fourth and deciding what to do with Justin Fields from there on out? Or would you rather be the Houston Texans? Stroud in, Will Anderson in, you don't have a pick next year. Which position would you rather be in?

The Bears who are definitely in the middle of what appears to be a lost season this year, but with a ton of capital coming up in a draft with all these kids next year, but you don't know how good they will be. Or you're Houston, you get Stroud and Will Anderson. DJ Moore also part of that deal. Correct. Yes, sir.

That's tough. Houston. TJ, let me ask you this from the Watson trade. They have three ones coming their way from the Browns, right? I think they've got this year's draft. And do they have one more after? I don't know next year, maybe. But again, who would you forget that? Forget that, man. I guess I guess because you don't have you don't have your own one next year.

Yeah, I guess because you have that number one spot and it looks like it's filled for the next 15 years, I guess I'd rather be Houston. That's the thing. Justin Fields is starting this week.

Right. But you still jury's still out on him and they're going to remember last year. It's just like, do you pitch fields for Bryce Young? And they didn't. And Bryce is struggling at present for Carolina to the point where the the Bears may have the first overall pick again.

And not of their own making. And they'll have an opportunity to swap out fields for another first overall quarterback. This time, it's potentially Caleb Williams or Drake May or whomever.

Whoever. I would rather be Houston, too, because you know who it is and you know he can do it. And it doesn't appear to be flukey. And you also got Will Anderson, too.

And you're five and four. And you got the coach, right? It does appear seems like the coach is locked and all of it. At the time, we were all like, Lovey just screwed him. Lovey knew what he was doing. Apparently, Lovey screwed the Texans, helped the Bears. And instead, what it wound up doing is put the Carolina Panthers in it in a spot that they at this point didn't push the right button, it appears. But the Texans, everybody thought Lovey screwed over the Texans. They got C.J.

Stroud. Lovey was an opp, man. We thought he was screwing up.

He was screwing the Bears. Just a fascinating everybody get what the football with Susie and Amy. It's great every week. This week as well, where all your podcasts can be acquired. That'll wrap it up for this show today. Bill Burns Studio tomorrow and Chris Jones of the Chiefs. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings.

Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. Too much time is spent discussing talent's age. The younger demo is just as excited about Paul Heyman or John Cena or an undertaker or Becky Lanchard. I don't care what their birth certificate says. They're going to draw a younger demo because they're fun to watch and they're great entertainers. 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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