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REShow: Hour3

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November 14, 2023 3:12 pm

REShow: Hour3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 14, 2023 3:12 pm

Rich reacts to the Broncos improving to 4-5 on the season and what Sean Payton’s latest win means for Denver’s rapidly changing locker room culture.

In ‘Overreaction Tuesday’ Rich weighs in on Dak Prescott as NFL MVP, the resurgent Denver Broncos, the tail spinning Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, the 49ers, Zach Wilson and the Jets, Titans RB Derrick Henry, and more.

Rich weighs in on the possibility of Deion Sanders leaving Colorado to take the Texas A&M job after Jimbo Fisher’s firing, and reacts to the latest in the Michigan cheating allegations that saw Jim Harbaugh saying his Wolverines should be “America’s Team.”

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What would have happened in the media if Roger Goodell suspended a coach 20 hours before kickoff? This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Oh, and doing it on a national holiday so courts are closed. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Wait for it suspended before a full investigation was complete because that's what's happened to Jim Harbaugh. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, NBC Sports Boston Patriots insider Tom Curran. Coming up, actor and comedian Rob Riggle. Academy Award nominated actor Michael Fassbender. And now it's Rich Eisen.

What an hour we just had Rob Riggle in studio and Michael Fassbender on Zoom doing it. We hadn't played Celebrity True or False in a long time because of the actor strike that's now over because, you know, we couldn't talk about past filmographies or TV shows because those were being struck by the Actors Guild of which I'm also a member. And so to be able to, it's been a while since we walked in that park. Been a while. And man, did he tell some great stories.

Yes. That was awesome. And we are appreciative of that. Tom Curran and I are number one talking about the state of the Patriots and what's going on there. And if you missed it, we re-air on the Roku Channel, Channel 210 as soon as we're over. There is our podcast all three hours, every single day thanks to the Cumulus Podcast Network.

You can listen to it whenever you want. And then there's our video on demand service part of the Roku Channel, the Rich Eisen show collection is a very fancy name. Our YouTube page, slash rich Eisen show. You can also see our podcasts that we deliver every single Monday and overreaction Monday. And then later on today, what the football, Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask are here. And we know that because there's an insane amount of food. I think Sue's brought half of some bakery.

I got some blueberry lemon cake right now. Marshall Falk is going to be there in studio guest today. So as soon as we're done here, they record and you can catch that later on. We're about to do overreaction Monday, the segment here, because we couldn't do it yesterday.

We're going to do it today. There's our phone calls as well, but I do want to spend some time on the team that won on Monday night. Now that's what happens a lot in our day and age is a handful of teams that if they lose, it doesn't matter who beats them because the fact that this team lost is the story. Yeah. TJ, the team you root for falls in that category.

Absolutely. I mean, you could go ahead and beat the Dallas Cowboys and play the best game of your entire season. And if you're not a team that's supposed to beat the Dallas Cowboys, well, then guess what?

You're not being talked about. Hey, that's because it's the Cowboys have lost the state of the Cowboys. What's going on with the Cowboys. That's not our fault either. I get it.

But that's, you know, I mean, we're insanely popular. That's why when the Chiefs lost on opening night, I started the show. I zagged and talk about what was going on with the chiefs and whether this is a problem for the chiefs. I talked about how damn good the lines looked, but today came on the air and went all in on the bills because they are five and five and five splitting their first 10 games in a Super Bowl contending season coming in. And then they fired their offensive coordinator about a half an hour before we came on the air, Ken Dorsey out, Joe Brady in.

And guess who will help bring that about? The once upon a time staring 0-4 right in the face Denver Broncos who started 0-3. And boy, there was a hard 0-3. I mean, I mean an awful hard 0-3. That's what happens when you know you give up 70 points in falling to 0-3.

So many points. The Dolphins just scored again is the phrase that you always would say in the media and the Broncos followed up that boat race destruction at the hands of the Dolphins by falling down 28 points to the Chicago Bears, the equally 0-3 awful looking Chicago Bears and man, did that look dark, but who knew it was the darkness before the dawn because look who's four and five now. Three wins in a row. Sean Payton's Denver Broncos and man, bless this guy, man, Russ looks totally different. Does he look like the Russ of Seattle?

He does not. Troy Aikman even said he doesn't think he moves around like the Russ from Seattle and that's occasionally if you want to nitpick right now, which is amazing because there was a lot to pick on last year. Now they went from picking on Russ or the media did or everybody in the fan base picked on Russ. Now we're nitpicking, which is a sign of what you needed to do. Let's move it on from picking on Russ to nitpicking Russ, which is sometimes he just appears to just run a little too fast.

Doesn't hang in there. If you got a nitpick. We're nitpicking. But he is absolutely making Russ-like throws. The touchdown to Courtland Sutton is one of them. Rainbowing it in. Unreal pass.

Okay. And it looked like, where is he throwing that? Oh, he's throwing it away. No. It looks like he was throwing it away.

Nope. And then Sutton dragged the toe in what was initially not a touchdown, ruled a touchdown. And then the first of two missed extra points, which was Denver's issue. They did everything right except put the ball in the end zone. And you have to credit the Bills defense on that. But you have to credit the Denver Broncos not quitting on this season, quitting on Russ, quitting on their coach, quitting on themselves. They didn't do it.

And that was the question. Did they quit on their coach? Did they quit on Russ? Did they quit on themselves in Miami?

They're four and five. Javonte Williams coming back from his knee injury last year. He looks like, what would you say? Is he Peyton's Camara here? Not as much out of the backfield, catching as much as Camara. But they ran the ball over 30 times last night. It was a concerted effort to run the ball. They ran the ball over 30 times last night. And Russ is making, you know, he's not throwing it too deep, but he threw some chunk plays last night on some third downs with Jerry Judy.

Sutton made some nice third down grabs. Just looking this up, he's 23rd in pass yards on the year. Only 1,800 pass yards, 6.9 per attempt. Not a great stat, but he is fourth in quarterback rating. He is being very efficient. Lowest interception total of any full-time starter for the whole year. Only 4, 18 touchdowns.

He's getting it done right now. They didn't quit at the trade deadline. They didn't trade Sertan when the whole free world thinks that maybe he's available.

I would love to know what the Broncos were offered because it had to be like multiple, you know, first and second day picks for him. And they said no. They didn't quit on it. They didn't quit on Judy either. Although they, I don't, I don't know what happened in the trade deadline or not, but this team also Vance Joseph, the defensive coordinator gave up 70. Everyone thought, okay, they'll throw him overboard.

Nope. I mean this defense, they, they were, they're, they're tight. They're playing some really good football, the Denver Broncos right now.

They are 4-5. Again, Denver wound up almost falling to 0-4. They, they, they, they fall to 1-4 after the Jets beat them. They've beaten Kansas City, Green Bay. They've beaten Green Bay, Kansas City, and Buffalo. They're 1-5.

Yeah. They're 1-5. They've beaten Green Bay, Kansas City, and Buffalo. And look who's next on Sunday Night Football. And you're like, why are they not flexing out of that?

Right? Look at that game now, brother. Two weeks ago, that was, what are we doing? Broncos to go to 5-5 at home against the Josh Dobbs experience.

I'm here for that. The team with the longest winning streak, active winning streak in the NFL pulling into Denver next week. And if Denver wins that one, they're home for Cleveland on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. How fun is Denver at Houston looking like right now? They play three in a row on the road, including a Saturday game that I'm, I'm going to go out and say, you know, of the five games that NFL Network has, apparently on the docket, we, we get three of them for that week, week 15. Broncos at Denver at Detroit is I think one of them.

And then Christmas Eve, that one I am definitely calling. There's no flex out of that. It's on NFL Network, New England at Denver. Then you've got the Chargers and then the Raiders. That could be a big one at the end of the season. Congrats to the Broncos playing themselves back into relevance, contention, and you, you could easily say these three last wins, four out of their last five, 100% a sign of a culture change and a page turn in Denver. Kudos to them. Give it up. Gotta give it up. They went to Buffalo when the Bills are, are, are absolutely looking at this game as a get right game and a game where they're, they're going to pivot and go to six and four and have a shot to win this division.

And instead they, they hit them in the, they hit them in the traps. They got lucky at the end where the Bills are putting a 12th man on the field. I get it, but Got lucky, but you know, home prime time games, you're supposed to win those. And for Denver to go in there and take that one, that was pretty good. And again, Russ getting it done, man. Russ getting it done, winning football games.

So congratulations to the Denver Broncos on that. Okay. Ready to do it, Christopher? Born ready. Unready to do it yesterday. Let's go.

Because I was on a flight 11 hours from Frankfurt to Germany. And this may be the new way of doing things. We'll find out. I kind of dig it. Overreaction Monday on Tuesday.

Hit it. That was terrible. That was crap. That was garbage.

This place sucks. Overreaction Monday. All right, Christopher, what do you have over there? What's up, Rich? You good? You good? You good? You rested? All right. There's a lot of food over there.

You should get something to eat. Very good. You were just talking about this team. It's taken nine games, but Sean Payton's bet on Russell Wilson has paid off.

I think so. Let's be straight up, man. They had no choice. They had no choice.

Salary cap, contract-wise, they had no choice to make it work. And right now, Russ, last year, we were wondering what's going on with him. He has totally had the wheels falling off his wagon. And this year, you know, the wagon's got wheels and him versus Josh Dobbs at home next week on Sunday night to go to 500?

A million percent. This is something that we saw that night at the Super Bowl when we were at the Wheels Up party, you know, looking at the two of them having dinner together and wondering, is this really how's this going to work? You know, Sean Payton sitting there with Russ and Ciara and look at them now.

They're four and five. And absolutely, there's no question in my mind that Russ is a better quarterback this year, without a doubt. So one in five, we're wondering, are we going to see Stidham soon? I can't say that this is an overreaction right now. They had no choice but to make it work this year. It's not like they had a choice where, OK, you're out. But it's working.

So I'll say that's not an overreaction at the moment. What else you got, Chris? TJ, this is for you, buddy. And you know what?

I saw this kind of going on Sunday as well. We should be talking about Dak Prescott in the MVP race. He has over the last month been superb. Yeah. And anybody who's got him in fantasy will understand that. Oh, that's me. You do, right? Yeah. OK, I got him in the little Trulio best ball.

I know you do. And he's been terrific. The last month he has been superb. And the Dallas Cowboys, I guess you could say, since that loss against San Francisco, the Dallas Cowboys against the Chargers and then the Rams and then at the Eagles, where they came so damn close and he eviscerated the Giants, eviscerated the Giants. Next up is at Carolina, home for Washington on Thanksgiving and then that Thursday night against Seattle at home before taking on Philadelphia on the Sunday night in week 14.

It's all mapped out. And hey, Irv was talking about it, too, on game day morning a couple of weeks ago when they were taking on the Eagles that day, saying, even if we lose today, the schedule can break our way. And the next time we see him, we could be in first place as the Philadelphia Eagles during this entire process off the by. They're at Kansas City, home for Buffalo, home for San Francisco at Dallas. So 7th in yards, MVP, 4th in yards per attempt, 12 touchdowns, two picks.

Third and passer rating, third and QB are getting it done right now. I'll give it to you. I'll give it to you. We'll see what happens moving forward.

But right now, I mean, this snapshot in time. Sure. Why not?

Why not? Everyone's talking about a rookie and CJ Stroud being so great, which he is, that he should be an MVP talk. So got to throw Dak in there, too. Well, the thing is, Chris, not to interrupt, but Dak's accomplishments, what he does right is never as accentuated as when he does something bad in the media. So if he has a bad game, that's all we're going to hear about. But now he's playing well. And all I'm hearing is, well, you should have won these games and you lost to the Eagles. So no matter what this guy does, it's just going to be like a goal line is consistently going to move. If you take every quarterback in the NFL, they all get too much blame and not enough credit or too much credit, not enough blame, all of that stuff.

But nobody in the NFL wins in spite of him and loses because of him in the eyes of many than Dak Prescott. This is a fact. I'm holding the flowers. Well, I appreciate it. I just want that. Well, and again, this is the first of two times in this hour we'll be talking about America's team. There's one in college as well. That's coming up.

What else, Chris? Rich in the AFC, 16 total teams, obviously. Yeah. 14 teams are still alive in the playoff race. Wow.

That's awesome. Titans are not one of them. They regret not trading Derek Henry at the trade deadline. I honestly don't know if Derek Henry's presence there is because he did not restructure his contract. He could have been the one to have held those cards. So I can't sit here and say that they had a chance to do it and then didn't and thus regret it now.

So I'll call this an overreaction. You'll never regret having Derek Henry on your team, honestly. And you have no idea what they were offered.

And you have no idea if they were offered anything because his contract wasn't redone in time. Although I, it wouldn't have mattered for me if I could get Derek Henry, you know, do you think Ken Dorsey's fired right now? If you put Derek Henry on that team, probably, I don't know. You know what I mean? I don't know. How would Ken Dorsey, I mean, how would Derek Henry look on the star on the side of his helmet?

It wouldn't have affected the result against the Giants, but maybe down the stretch. What else you got over there, Chris? This might be my hottest one yet, Rich. Oh boy. What a setup. Josh Allen. No longer a top 10 quarterback.

That's crazy. I won't go there. I can't go there. He's making too many mistakes. He's making too many mistakes. He does have more interceptions than Mac Jones now.

13. Those turnovers in the NFL since 2018. I got you. Favre used to do that too.

Peyton Manning, as you know, as a young player, did it a lot. I get it. I get it. But his, honestly, you want to walk down the, I mean, if we took the time to walk down the list of who you would take over him. Playing better this year. This year. I'll just push back on that.

I'll say that that is an overreaction at this point in time. You want, you want Brock Purdy over Josh Allen? This year?

Right now? I'd put Josh Allen in San Francisco. You asked San Francisco fans for that.

And first of all, they would tar and feather you for even saying it. But come on. Yeah. I'd take Josh Allen over Brock Purdy. CJ Stroud? Well, I mean, again, to win a game right now. I mean, honestly, I would take CJ Stroud over, over that because of how young he is and how, you know, precocious he is and how Jared Goff. I'm just calling this an overreaction and asking you to move on.

You don't want to piss off the mafia. I'm happy to piss anybody off, but you know, I, I, I will just say that's an overreaction. Josh Allen is still a top 10 quarterback in the NFL. And I, I would take him on the jets right now.

I'll tell you that. Well, cause you have number 32 on your team. No, he's not 32.

He's 31A, sir. Don't talk about TJ's flight seat like that. Nice.

Wow. That's like this guy's big chair. Look at big chair Brockman over there. 32A is still kind of near the front. What else is Chris?

Hey guys, he's 31B. Reports of the 49ers demise, eh, a tad premature. Yeah. Correct. Okay.

Yeah. It helps when you play a pretender this week, but excuse me. I don't know why you keep on carpet on the Jaguars like that. I don't get it.

You did it on the overreaction Monday podcast too. Listen, sir, Trent Williams, Deebo Samuel. It helps when those guys are healthy.

Brandon Ayoot, George Kittle, Christian McCaffrey, Kyle Juszczyk, Brock Purdy. Now you got chase young meeting at the quarterback with Nick Bosa. Like it's the big house in 20, in 2019. You know what I mean? Or 2018 or whatever the hell it was. So come on, you know, get out of here.

Warner and all those, they are an insanely talented bunch that went through a rough stretch and patch. San Francisco. What else we got right here?

Hold on a minute. Home for Tampa. Good luck. That's going to be a fun trip. Thanksgiving triple header nightcap at Seattle at Philadelphia home for Seattle.

Let's go. How about Christmas day? Home for Baltimore too. That's going to be fun. There's going to be some fun 49er games moving forward. What else you got over there, Chris? Rich, this is a near and dirty. You're hard. The Jets.

Sticking with Zach Wilson. It's gotta be the most head scratching decision of the entire 2023. It is not. Let me explain what the hell's happening here. It's all about when eight is coming back. Okay.

That's it. So 2024. I mean, they had a whole year this year to figure it out. The whole idea was to have Zach sit behind eight, two behind eight, learning from eight. They have, they will never do to their offensive coordinator what the bills just did to theirs. Because the guy who's sitting on McAfee's show today and is sitting at home until he is going to the Jets games doesn't want a code red pulled on his offensive coordinator. That has nothing to do with an actual quarterback to play the position. But Carson Wentz, I wanted no piece of him at all. Zero piece of Carson Wentz. Zero piece of Carson Wentz.

Wait till he has to play for the Rams and looks awesome. Great. Because that could have been yours. Josh Dobbs could have been yours.

Dobbs, I would have wished they could have gone for. That's that's one. Okay.

That's one. So, but just game after game after game. I know, but it's not, dude, you have a playoff team. Is it Zach Wilson's fault that there were drop passes? Is it Zach Wilson's fault that they were, that there were penalties? He's not helping. He is not. He made that awful read that Spillane just walked in front and ended the game. Correct. He is one of these very tough to watch guys, but the fact that they're not putting in the end zone, I don't think is all on him.

And I want any piece of Carson Wentz. Dobbs is another one. That, that one is, is, is something that I don't get.

I don't understand. And it, so there are circumstances that are extenuating. And I think that everything has to do with making sure Rogers understands they're ready for him when he's ready. And on top of it, they feel that Zach Wilson just needs to sit and learn from this guy. And that's, what's the plan the entire time. And they're going to stick with it, that this kid, unless he completely screws it up, but he hasn't really done what Mac Jones did the other day. And I don't do that to push back. This is nothing like that. I mean, they're both, like you said, they're 31 A and B in the rankings. I don't think Zach's that bad, honestly. It's tough to watch though.

And the fact that Jets fans are like, put in Tim Boyle, put in, put in, put in, you know, Simi. Okay. All right. Really? When, when do you want to do that in Buffalo?

So what you want to do against the dolphins on Black Friday? Okay. I mean, I don't know.

Maybe, maybe they'll be, they'll, they'll, they'll have no choice, but if not, when you got one, yeah. Last one. So there we got 10 teams currently in the playoff hunt at 500 or worse, still alive. I think three of those are going to make the playoffs. Okay. That's not a bad idea.

You could take a, take a look at what, 500 or worse or worse. I'm talking about in the NFC, it's saints, bucks, commanders, Falcons, AFC. But one of them is going to win the division.

AFC, you're looking at Colts, Bills, Raiders, Chargers, Jets, Broncos. Give me three of those. That's not a bad idea. I don't, I'm not going to say that that's an overreaction. That's not a bad one. Wow.

The stretch run is going to be well done. So we did overreaction Monday, the podcast yesterday, as we do every single Monday, please go and find it wherever you get your podcasts or check it out on our YouTube page right now. You may do that. It's brought to you by our friends at game time and the same thing as well for what the football, as soon as we are done today, Susie and Amy will be out here interviewing Marshall Falk in studio brought to you by our friends at game time.

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. Welcome back to the Rich Eisen Show Radio Network. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger is the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. The Texas A&M football program will have a new coach as Texas A&M bounced Jimbo Fisher and owes him so much money on his contract that even Bobby Bonilla is going, wow, that's a lot. And so apparently he's going to get like a $7 million a year check for the next seven, eight years. He gets 19 million upfront. That's the initial buyout and it's where the money is coming from is interesting, too. So the 19 million comes from the donor fund.

Of course it does. And then seven million a year for the next seven years is literally slashed from the athletic budget. Which is crazy. That's nuts.

And there's no offset. So if he takes another job, that's crazy. He still gets paid from Texas A&M on top of the new job.

That's a lot of Christmas trees in front of the house. Why would you ever work again after that? Because you love coaching. These guys are junkies. I mean, yeah, you love coaching, but like, so it deals like that when you get deals like that and you get to coach in the SEC like that.

So then that would make it an attractive job. And you know, first, you know, Stephen A went all in about Dion. Like immediate, like Dion should go there. And Dion was asked about the gig.

Oh, he was. Let's hear what Dion has to say. I mean, I want to win. I want to win a game. So you think I really do sit down and think about that kind of stuff.

Like what strikes me about that, about myself, that you guys really think I sit down and say, ah, yeah, Stephen A, yeah. Hey, come on. Come on.

I'm good. Like, uh, we got to win. Let's, let's focus on this week. And we play Friday. So we lose a day of practice.

So we got to focus. So Dion, you know, I, I haven't spoken to him and I don't ever want to speak for him. You know, Colorado was there for him. And I think, I don't know. I wouldn't know if he'd want to sit here and think about it when he's all done with the season. And if they come in his direction, him and the SEC would be insane, insane, back in the state of Texas, where obviously he lived for many years with Oklahoma and Texas. Joining the SEC next year. I know, I don't know. That would just be insane to see, but just knowing him, he kind of digs it up there in Colorado, likes fishing.

Like, you know, I guess you could fish and wear cowboy hats in Texas too. I don't know. College station. Just everything we talked about the first month of the year too. Cause you know, that hype was go with the young, go to the NFL, you know, take after it's somewhere in the SEC. It just doesn't seem like that's interesting to him.

How about Dabo Swinney? He was asked the same question two days. Here's his answer. Man, I'm just focused on this job.

Always have been and just trying to, trying to find a way to beat North Carolina. That's it. Must be November. That's all I can say. Everyone's just focused on the task at hand. Must be November. 76 million and not work.

I mean, what are we doing? Honestly, that is a sweetheart of a deal. And, and I mean, your agent could go in and basically say, we'll take that.

Like Rick, Rick Dalton. That's the contract, the one that you had. And their answer could be, well, you know, we, we don't, we don't have it.

I mean, like our budget, our budget. And, and, and my response is the agent would be, well, there's gotta be a banana stand somewhere. I don't know if they get the arrested development reference, but there's, there's a, there is a Texas, there's an Aggies bananas, banana stand and go find it.

Find it. I mean, Oof, one guy that's not being asked about the Texas A&M job is my coach, Jim Harbaugh. And so it, you know, I'm not a legal expert, although I do have an unsigned sports law degree from Tulane and forgot to sign it when you bestowed it upon me.

Thanks, Gabe. But I do have a sports law degree and I'm just kind of, you know, I've been around a block with temporary restraining orders, you know, and you're, you know, you're being suspended and you're, you know, no, no, no, no. We're, we're being around the block covering that sort of stuff. Rich, I knew what you meant. We're, you know, Hey, somebody gets suspended after an investigation is complete and you're, you're, you're like, well, I don't agree with it.

So I needed temporary restraining order. Ezekiel Elliott is one, Tom Brady, right? Another. He's happened. So, you know, been around the block with the covering in the NFL. So when Michigan asks for a temporary restraining order and the answer is like, I won't do it next week. It's just like, well, wait a minute.

There's something called irreparable harm. And, and we're trying to avoid it by not having our coach sidelined by the big 10, despite a, uh, an investigation that's incomplete. We're not going to wait for the results of the investigation. We're just going to act now.

Why? Well, because of what we've had already seems so damning and plus, you know, a bunch of coaches and athletic directors are getting on these conference calls and yeah, there are bitching and moaning at me and I'm a commissioner of the big 10 and I'm, I got to do something. And the temporary restraining order from the judge, by the way, everybody thought fixes in the judge. I don't know which one it's, it's kind of crazy. The reporting on this is so all over the map. I don't know which judge actually delivered the order here, but it's now it's coming up on Friday and there's a hearing on Friday. And I'm assuming that we'll get a decision before Saturday's Michigan game at Maryland, unless that means we're going to have a second week of Jim Harbaugh getting on a plane somewhere and finding out in flight, either he's going to be able to coach or not, or maybe we'll have to wait till 90 minutes before we'll find out you're not coaching again. It's crazy again. There's no complete investigation.

And for everyone on ESPN yammering, I mean, I don't know what happened with fine bound one minute. He says, this is a witch hunt. Next minute. He's like, Jim Harbaugh is a cheater. Okay. Clearly he's heard some different, maybe, I don't know if he has then present it because I'd like to, I'd like to see it all, you know, presented before I've never heard of a suspension before a complete investigation ever be like putting someone in jail before they start a trial.

So Michigan goes to North, you know, to, to Penn state and comes up with a win. And I know you started the show. You love Sharon Moore crying and dropping. I mean, he worked, he, he, he, he worked go blue.

It was the most absurd thing I've ever seen. So he got, I mean, he, all right, Jim Harbaugh didn't die. I know that's I think Mark Freeman tweeted that one out too. I get it. But you know, I would imagine, you know, when you find out 90 minutes before you're coaching in front of 107,000 and an undefeated season is placed on your shoulders, might be a little pressure. How else am I playing a high school offense?

Might be a little, well, might be a little bit of pressure on you, you know, and, and, and you're relieved and your microphone's put in front of your face and your emotions run wild, but okay. You have your way of looking at it. Obviously I do have another way of looking at it. Jim Harbaugh had this to say about his team overcoming adversity in front of the whole watching nation of America. The perseverance, you know, and then the, just the stalwartness of these guys. I mean, yeah, Watson, I would have to say, I mean, everybody, it's gotta be America's team. It's gotta be America's team. America, America loves a team that, that you know, beats the odds, beats the adversity, you know, overcomes with the naysayers and, you know, critics, so-called experts think that's my favorite kind of team. And yeah, watching it from, from that view on the television, it was finally people get to see what I see every day. Is he doing a bit?

No, you know, he never does bits, you know, he truly believes it. Let me just explain something. Let me just honestly, let me just say this. I couldn't have been prouder watching the way that Michigan, the kids, the players played on Saturday. It was, it was awesome in terms of being a fan for as long as I've, I've been just seeing the way that they handled their business and conducted themselves was incredibly pride. I was bursting with pride and this photograph that went out of Blake Coram. Oh my God, that is insane.

If NFTs are still a thing, that should be an NFT. And I love this kid, you know, he, he called into this show to announce he was coming back with his knee injury and he's so great with his NIL money locally and donating it. And JJ McCarthy as well. I mean, I I'm so proud of them, immensely prideful, especially, you know, when Manny Diaz was having his fun with here's the signs, you know, time to hear you on third down, you know, all that it was, it was great, but I can safely say that sitting in a chair like this one and having a platform as fortunate as I'm have, I have to have here and also on social media, we in the university of Michigan and our fan base are the only ones who feel this way about this team, the rest of America in many ways does not because straight up the adversity that's here. Again, this guy is suspended before there is a full and complete investigation, nutty nuts. And I said that on the video when I shot it on the field on Saturday at the Patriots walkthrough in Germany, anybody out there, you're having fun about Harbaugh and you're having fun about Michigan and your Manny Diaz pointed your wrist and doing all this stuff and saying that everything's got an asterisk like many people on ESPN are saying and all that stuff. You're saying right now, fine, your school could be the next one where everybody else starts complaining at the commissioner to the commissioner and says X, Y, and Z and then suddenly your school has to deal with a suspension before a full and complete investigation. But this door has been opened because this guy, Connor Stallions was allowed to wear the block M on his shirt and be on the sideline and do what he did. And there has to be some accounting for that and some consequence for that period.

End of story. Is this the proper consequence for it? I don't know, cause there's no investigation that's complete yet. So all of this stuff is out there and this adversity has been allowed to happen because this guy was doing whatever the hell he was doing. But we don't know who directed him to do it. We don't know if he felt compelled to do it, pressure to do it, or he just did it cause he thought this is a way that I get to follow my dream of being coach of Michigan one day is to prove my worth in this various aspect. And by the way, a lot of other teams have signed Steelers on their roster as well.

Not excusing what this guy did cause what he did apparently is 100% not copacetic. So the scorn and everything else and the predicament that Michigan is in right now is self created. So to call Michigan America's team is it's quite a dot connecting, but I love it.

It's Michigan versus everybody right now. And if that works for these kids and go for it, bet as the kids would say, okay, go for it. I did love that tweet.

Go for it, go for it. But I totally understand why there's a lot of eye rolling and a lot of like, get out of here with that. I hear it and I understand.

I understand it completely. Totally, totally. It's, I mean, look, it, depending on how bad it goes and how far the reach was and who knew what and when, I mean, it's, let's find out before you suspend somebody understood, but you know, you're up there with Astros, Patriots, all the legendary cheating schools. And so it's just like, all right, here we go.

And we'll find out if that's warranted or not. You know what I want to see? Here's what I want to see. And I'm sure it exists. And the fact that it hasn't leaked out yet and it hasn't shown up on an ESPN show yet is stunning. The actual footage. I want to see it. Well, I want to see it. I want to see it because don't you think the NCAA would have it and it would be part of whatever investigation is complete? I want to see it.

They have to have it. I want to see it, but I want to see all of it because you know. What does it matter? Because what does it matter? Because I just want to see, I want to see it, but it's the act of doing it. Yeah.

That's true. But I still want to see it. I still want to see it because like I told you, I'll say it again.

The number of times you go on vacation, you say, would you mind taking a video my family? And it's just like, you get the phone back. It's the ceiling. It's the sky. You see, you see half of your child's head and someone you're, you know what I mean?

You, you, hey, would you mind taking pictures of me and Madonna? You know, I could never have been hired. In all honesty though, like he would have had to have gone down to like choice D to try and sit. Like it was one of the, I forget who it was. Somebody tweeted out like, this is the view that Connor Stallion's had of Penn State sideline. This I'm sitting in the seat. I'm like, great reporting. Great.

So you do have a great sight line. What was gleaned and who knew about it and what was done with it? That's what I want to know. And that's what everyone else is assuming was done pristinely. Every step that was taken was not only done pristinely, but done 100% with effect. And we're assuming that's what it is. We know how floppy this guy's been. That's what, which means exactly.

So everything else was honestly, I think to myself, is it like badger slinging stuff and breaking bad? I don't know. I don't know.

I was wearing like Bobby Valentine on the seat of the sideline. So, but, but let's suspend it before the investigation is complete. Let's do that. And that's, that's the adversity that they're overcoming. But I understand that people are like, well, the adversity is kind of in your own making, but that said America's team, baby at Maryland, let's take a break and finish up this show in a moment right here in the rich eyes and show. Yeah. As a quarterback, I would expect them to be acting like that. Take the accountability, put that on yourself.

Don't put it on your teammates. Search B L E A V podcasts wherever you listen. Half redneck, half posh, 100% fun. Trey Crowder and Corey Ryan Forrester try and learn fancy culture in putting on airs. The host of the medium popcorn podcast, Brandon Collins and Justin Brown.

Okay. So Paddington too had like a hundred percent of ride tomatoes for you. You guys ruined that. Justin came in and like took it down like two points because of his rating. That's the time we started getting death threats.

People worship that movie putting on airs. The podcast is on YouTube and wherever you listen, let's go to phone lines, Jeff and Detroit. What's up Jeffrey.

How you been? Listen here. I'm going to tell you something. I got to start off with your video and the segment that you just let loose gave every Michigan fact. That should be an automated response to when somebody asked about Michigan, your response and your, your, the sentiment that you display, man, is just, Oh my goodness. As a Michigan fan, that's all it needs to be said is exactly what you're talking about because it's ridiculous how you just go and you just suspend them off. You know, you don't know anything for sure.

You don't know anything for sure. Well, the one thing we know for sure is this guy was buying tickets in places and, and you know, and my favorite, my favorite pushback, I gave this to Murph the other day when he's pushing back about it, I said, my favorite part about it is the one place he didn't buy tickets was Wisconsin. I mean, what's more offensive? He bought tickets to Iowa, but left Wisconsin alone. Come on now. Fantastic. Hey Jeff, look, that's all great.

But like the big news of the day is I got a strain named after me. That's the most important. You might've missed that. He's in law enforcement. Be careful.

Oh, he was. Okay. Avenue baby. That's what's happening. You guys are great. Listen, I got a football question for you.

Yes, sir. If I'm talking to Rich Isen from today called Rich Isen back at the beginning of the 2022 season and told him the Detroit lions could host the playoff game. Bill Belichick could get fired in the next game or two, or the Raiders are on another quarter. I mean another coaching hunt because the coach got fired. Which one would you not believe?

I would not believe, um, Belichick could get fired. That's, that's the one I would be. That's the one. That's the one. Um, good one though, as always, uh, Jeff, you, you caused me, you pause, you pause the show and caused me to think about something.

Thanks for the call. That's why we love, uh, Jeff and Detroit. Also his long time fandom of ours. That's a good one. Yeah.

Well, how would you answer that? Lions hosting a playoff game. Raiders are on a new coaching search because McDaniels wasn't working out or Belichick would be on the hot seat and definitely 100% the end of his tenure is apparent.

It's obviously Bill. I mean, coming into this season, you thought they'd be a 500 team, maybe not a playoff team, but he's talking about the beginning of 2022 though. That's the beginning of last season. Even still, that's what I'm saying.

Even still, come on, come on, come on. You definitely think Mac, especially coming off of Mac Jones's year, the year before 3800 yards, he was doing the Gritty and Vegas touchdowns. Like, although I did think McDaniels was going to work in the rate with the Raiders, but I would have believed that it wasn't beginning of 2022.

Yeah. Dan Campbell, you know, beginning the, you know, his, his, his policy of Fava beans and a nice football Chianti. Good players. And you would have, I would have believed that, okay, Dan Campbell's getting it done. If a former Lion came in. I would have believed, okay, McDaniels is going to have a tough time of it again. Or Belichick would be two and eight. Yeah. That's the hard one.

Get out of here. And Mac Jones would be benched. Tom Kern started this program saying his belief is that Mac Jones will be the third inactive quarterback when they come back from the bye.

I was going to do that as an overreaction, that they should just start Will Greer the rest of the way. But that's going to happen. Exactly.

That is more and more likely it seems is happening. Yeah. What a show. Wow. Bruce Feldman on tomorrow.

We'll talk about America's team with him. Welcome back, man. Oh, it's been fun. I mean, I imagine didn't bring me as Bierstein, but other than that.

That is correct. Not even a pretzel. No, no. But there's a gluten free one over there. Don't eat it.

I had one. What's worse? They're not gross. You like this guy. There's much worse.

They can. Okay. Rich is going to bring back a soft pretzel from Germany.

Nope. You get one of Del Tufa's gluten free ones. Oh, you guys.

That's called a bait and a switch. These pretzels are making me thirsty. For decades, Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications. Today, Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form. We have Michael Azerrad, who was Nirvana's very first biographer. I'm not sure how many people realize how many of the best songs on in utero were written way beforehand. To be fair to Kurt, he was also a new father. There was a lot of stuff distracting him. It wasn't just drugs, although that was certainly a major factor. Rolling Stone music now, wherever you listen.
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