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REShow: Adam Ray - Hour 3

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November 10, 2023 3:52 pm

REShow: Adam Ray - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 10, 2023 3:52 pm

Texans RB Dare Ogunbowale tells guest host Andrew Siciliano what it was like being pressed into kicking duties last week where he nailed a 29-yard FG to become the first non-kicking specialist to split the uprights in an NFL game since 2004, says why he’s not even the best athlete in his own family, and marvels at the poise and leadership of rookie QB CJ Stroud.

Comedian Adam Ray joins the show in-studio to discuss the state of his beloved Seattle Seahawks and much more.

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This is The Rich Eisen Show Show Show Show. With guest host Andrew Siciliano live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Rich you are the sexiest man of the year now.

You don't have to be, don't twist your, you don't have to have your arm twisted. Rich Eisen. Earlier on the show, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero, Ravens safety Gino Stone. Still to come, Texans running back Dario Gunwale. Comedian Adam Ray. And now, sitting in for Rich, it's Andrew Siciliano.

Which would be me. How's everyone doing? Good? It's a good Friday, a positive Friday here after, we had a game last night of all the games that were played this week. Last night was certainly one of them. It was the Bears. You can add a 16-13 win over the Carolina Panthers. And with that win, because Carolina now falls into the number one overall pick potentially.

If you want to look towards that, the Bears own that pick and they have the fifth pick as well. And Frank Reich says today on the podium, maybe he will take back play calling duties. He didn't really say that, but he didn't shut the door on it. Anyway, I digress. There's a lot going on there. We'll get to all that stuff coming up in a little bit. And comedian Adam Ray in studio here coming up shortly.

Chris Brockman. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.

Jason Fella. Hey. Hey. TJ, how are you?

Okay. And a hello to this guy in Houston now. I think the voiceover might have messed up his last name.

We'll say it the right way. He is, he's the man of the hour. Not named CJ Stroud in Houston for the Texans.

He is Texans running back Daray Ogunbawale and he joins us live from the Texans building. Daray, what's going on, man? How's your week been? It's been a fun week, man. How you doing? Oh, we're doing well.

You're smiling. It has been a fun week because in a week where there were so many cool moments like Josh Dobbs, what a cool moment. You had one of those moments, Daray, where in the fourth quarter you put your team ahead.

Let me, let me say this again. Running back Daray Ogunbawale put your team ahead with a 29-yard field goal and it didn't just barely get over. Daray, you drilled it. How cool was that? It was cool, man. It was cool.

The stadium was loud. It was, I mean, it was a good time. It was a dope experience. Fun to see all the reactions from my teammates and coaches, man, but it was special. It was a dope moment. You also put a kickoff in the end zone. I know it was from the 50, but who cares?

It doesn't matter. You put a kickoff in the end zone. The looks on the faces of your teammates and your coach, D'Amico Ryans, on the sideline, dude, those were priceless. Priceless.

Priceless. I mean, that made the moment the best right there, man. Just everybody coming off the sideline, screaming, celebrating the shock.

Some guys being surprised. It was special, man. It was fun.

It was a fun game. Did you see Baker Mayfield's look? Have you seen that tape? Yeah, I saw that. Yeah, I saw it. He kind of just went like, oh, okay. Wow. And look, and to Baker's credit, he marched them down the field and threw the touchdown to Kate Otten and then CJ Stroud came back and marked you guys down the field and you guys pulled it out. I know Kaimi Fairbairn still banged up.

Manny Mendola, who has been there in the past, is now in the building. Are you lobbying to kick this week in Cincinnati? I'm not. I'm not.

Why? I'm gonna leave that to the pros, man. I'm an emergency kicker. I'm not a backup kicker. I'm an emergency kicker.

So, in case of the emergency, I got you, but I'm gonna leave that to the professionals, man. They're too good at their job. I mean, Evan McPherson's the kicker for the Bengals, right? He's got that swag.

He came in as a rookie a couple of years ago. Do you not feel, Dara, don't you feel that you could match him kick for kick? The swag part of it, I got it. He's a great kicker.

Like I said, those guys, they're the best at the world at what they do. It was good to be able to fill in for my boys and help us win the game, but I'm gonna stick to what I do best. Okay, joking aside, you obviously played soccer as a kid, right? That's where that came from?

Yeah. Were you a good soccer player? I was a good soccer player, man. I played up until I was a sophomore in high school, but I was left midfield.

You know, I like to cut inside, you know, do what I had to do, go far post. So yeah, I was a good soccer player back in the day. Has anyone given you grief that that was actually, your kick was 29 yards. It looked good, but it was shorter than what an extra point would be now? You're the first one to say that.

I mean, I knew it, but you're the first one to actually say it out loud, so I appreciate that. The only reason to break it up is I want to know your range, Dara. So in college, we had like a little kick in competition. I kicked the 45 yarder. I mean, granted, it wasn't in the game, but it was 45 yards, you know, from the 35.

So I've nailed it. So I would probably say that that's that's the farthest I put on tape. So I don't know if it can go much farther than that, but I would have been good from an extra point. I know. Okay, man, I'm impressed. I was also impressed by CJ Stroud. And I think you guys, I mean, you guys have seen it every week, but what he did last week, like four 70 and five TD's, and it's not just the stats. It started what we were talking about before. You guys got the ball back. I mean, Baker and the Bucks thought they won the game. And then he calmly marched you guys down the field. Like you got the cover two hole shot to the sideline where Tank gets his feet down.

The touchdown, he just calmly looks off to safety and fires it into the end zone. I mean, he's doing like 15 year veteran stuff. It's special.

It's special, man. And we get to get in front row seat at every week, man, just because the way he comes in and prepares, you know, his, like you said, his poise. I mean, you see a lot of quarterbacks come in with talent and all that stuff, but the poise, you know, he had going down the field, the command he has in the huddle, the confidence he has in himself and in the offense and the play call. I mean, it's contagious, especially now it's been fun to watch him grow. And obviously him being the quarterback and being able to be our leader. I mean, it's a privilege to be able to play with him and it's fun.

Tell me how it's contagious. Just everybody's feeling the confidence, man. He comes into the huddle, he'll bark up, bark out the play call and guys running to the, to the line or getting set because just the way he kind of exudes that confidence, man, is everybody's feeling it.

Everybody's feeling it. And like you said, when you have a rookie just playing that calm and poise, I mean, you have no choice but to be calm and poise while you're out there just because you're leaders like that. So that's exactly what you need on an offense.

And this isn't a shot. You guys have had all kinds of injuries, both in the backfield and on the O-line as well. But statistically, Dari, I'm sure you guys are probably sick of hearing this. You guys aren't really running the ball, right? So he's doing this when everyone knows he's going to throw.

Right, right. Yeah, we played against some good run defenses and they've been able to shut us down, honestly, in the run game. And like you said, CJ's just been able to go out there and still take advantage of what they're giving them and finding those ops. And it's been fun to watch, for sure. It's been fun to watch. Let's talk about this week. This is kind of, and you guys have had a few of these, but you know, people are kind of realizing you guys are in this conversation now for a wild card.

I'll say it, you don't have to. How big would this one be if you can go into Cincinnati and pull it off? It'd be big.

It'd be big, you know. We got the confidence. We know that we take care of our business, you know.

Good things happen. That's how it's been in the past, you know. We just got to go out and execute. But like you said, it's a big game for us, you know.

To be able to go two in a row, get a little roll going. Obviously, against a great opponent like the Bengals, you know, the past couple years they've had. And so, yeah, it's a good test for us and we're excited for the challenge. I assume you went home Sunday night and celebrated, obviously, but probably turned that Bills-Bengals game on.

What'd you see? Some good football, man. Some good football. Good defense, like I said. They're a tough defense, you know. They don't really have many holes, you know.

They play really sound defense and so it's gonna be fun to try to execute against a tough defense like that. So, I'm excited for it. All right. One more thing.

Let's talk about you one more time. For those who don't know, your sister's pretty darn good, too. She won a couple of national championships. You're smiling.

You should be. I know you're proud. Won a couple of, I'm sorry, won a national championship with a couple of shots, both in the semi-final and then the buzzer beater, obviously, in the championship game for Notre Dame. Arike plays for the WNBA Dallas Wings. She is a baller. Who's the better athlete? She's got it.

100%. She's the better athlete. I mean, we both work hard, but when we just talking about just being a better athlete, being better than your peers, I mean, it's Arike by a long shot too. She's just special, man. And being able to be her big brother is a blessing. You know, every time I get a chance to talk about it, I just get so proud cause she's the best at what she does. You know, she's the best at what she does.

Just a perennial all-star led the league in scoring. Like you said, Natty champ. Um, yes, it's fun to be able to be her big brother, but yeah, she's she I'll give it to her. I'll give it to her. Can you hope I, I hope I hope past tense, but I can still, I can still do the song, but, um, back in the day, can she kick? Cause I know she played soccer too. Could she have made a 29 yard field goal? Uh, I don't know about in that, in the moment, but she, she definitely, if you tee it up, she, if you give her a couple of chances, she'll knock one through. But, um, coming off code like that, I don't know. I don't know. I have to ask her actually.

I don't know if she could knock that down. Like I do. I think that's a show TJ. That's a show, right? Absolutely. Yeah. One-on-one who's winning.

You were your sister though. Lately. We only time we play one-on-one is a little three dribble thing. So I'm out.

That's the answer I'm gonna go with. If we, if we played more dribbles, you know, I don't know. Like I said, that, that, that's a show. Hey, uh, Dari, we had Geno stone on last thing for you. I promise we had Geno stone, the safety of the, of the Ravens on at least league and picks six before he went to Iowa. You're a big 10 guy. You went to Wisconsin. You mentioned kicking in college there.

You won that thing at practice. Um, you know, what's going on to the big 10 right now. Yeah. Yeah. Everybody wants to be in the big 10. Yes. Everyone wants to be in the big 10, but that's not what I meant. I met with Michigan here. Oh yeah. Okay.

What do you think of the Michigan thing? It's weird. It's weird, man.

Every time you hear a new story or read a new article, it just gets weirder and weirder. Um, I don't know. I don't know. I lost to Michigan when I was playing. So I was just, I scored against Michigan though. So, so they didn't have that signal.

They didn't have that. It's a weird story. Like, have you questioned Nico Collins? Like, no, I haven't.

I haven't. Um, I guess I could go, yeah, I could ask him and get back to you on what he says, but yeah, I haven't really paid too much attention to it. Obviously it's just more of a outside, outside looking in kind of funny story to read. But, um, it's, it's weird though, man. This is definitely a, some that I haven't really heard in college football, but, um, I'm sure it will get resolved soon and, um, we'll be able to laugh about it or be past it.

I don't know, but it's, it's definitely a weird story, man. Go ask Nico. Yeah. See, I got you. See if, see if he's got Connor Stallion's name in his phone.

See if they're Instagram friends. Yeah. I'm not suggesting Nico did anything wrong. You know what I'm saying? Just, just curious, you know, we're trying to, we're trying to be an investigative show as well. Absolutely.

Dario Goomba Wally, who had a fantastic Sunday in the text and try to continue what they got going on the road this week in Cincinnati. Dari, thanks for being a good sport, man. Continued success. Absolutely. Appreciate your family, man. Thank you, sir.

Dario Goomba Wally from the Houston Texans. Oh man. Like everybody's got a story, right? Everyone's got, got a story about some underhanded thing that may or may not have happened while getting ready for a game.

Everyone's got one. And everyone has somebody on their team, by the way, or on their staff, that's really good at decoding signals. It's nothing. There's, there's nothing wrong with trying to figure out what the other team is doing. Matter of fact, that's most of game prep, is trying to figure out what the other team is doing. Tendencies. It's, it's about sending people buying tickets, trying to figure out what Andrew's doing and, and, and doing this, right?

Thought there was another spider. And then taking it in. Well done.

Call back and then taking it in. See, I only have an app, an iPhone 11. I can only go six X on you, but it looks pretty good. Yeah. You only have 11. Please stop. Stop your game up. I'm poor.

I have a child. See, but that's the other thing. When Rich was saying, Hey, like he was joking, I can't even frame my shot.

And look, I was on the road in Cleveland and I was on one of our NFL network shows, NFL game day preview, which you could watch with me or truly on the NFL channel noon Eastern coming up this week on Sunday. And I was trying to frame my shot. I had the same problem. Rich had, but I felt like saying to him, well, any teenager could frame the shot better than you or I could. Because that's what they're good at.

They grew up with these things, these things. I'm like a grumpy old man. Now I think I'm pretty good on the iPhone. I even know how to use cap cut. Now I'm pretty good at it. Whoa. What's that? See showing his age over there. I'm pretty good at it. Our social team here in the rich eyes and shows going, bro, really great. Then why do you keep asking us for clips? You edit them next time. But any 20 something, which Connor stallions is, and I, and it's, if he's employing 20 somethings, they're really good with these things and they really help.

And you could film things. I don't know what the deal is. I just don't know what the deal is. But this idea that there is no there's, there's no evidence, but we don't know what the big 10 has guys.

We just don't know. And the reason we're talking more about this right now is because Hey, you've been looking at the Twitter while I was talking to Dari, anything they're showing, uh, Jim Harbaugh getting on the bus. Okay. That's kind of the big clip that's going around.

Okay. So here's the situation right now. Michigan is boarding the plane, right? Or they're going to the airport to board the plane.

Yep. And they're going to get on the plane and they're going to fly an hour and a half, roughly not far into state college, happy Valley. And they're going to get into the valley and they are going to play a football game tomorrow against James Franklin and the Penn state Nittany lions. It is without a doubt, the biggest test to date for a Michigan team that for the most part has not had a very difficult schedule. And that is putting it nicely. It's a big deal.

Penn state ranked team with only one loss that one loss to Ohio state. Yeah. Three versus 10 in the playoffs. It's a big deal. And everyone thinks that today is the day that the big 10 will hand down discipline to Michigan.

I'm with rich. I don't think it's fair to suspend a coach at 35,000 feet. Seems silly a day before the game. Yeah. A little much. I don't think it's fair when he lands to be told, Hey, go home, turn around and go back home.

You can stay, but you can't coach to get heck out of happy Valley. I don't think that's fair. Now. I also don't think, let's just play this game.

Michigan's guilty play with play long, but they're not guilty this week. Okay. Like the idiocy to still be doing if it actually happened, whatever it was they were allegedly doing this weekend. I don't think they're that bold. So if you know, you're going to discipline them, I don't care if you do it today or on Monday, I think it's unfair. If you do it today, you can wait till Monday because I think it's a safe assumption. And maybe I'm wrong that whatever it was they were doing then they're not going to do this weekend.

Is that cool? Anybody seems like you're skeptical, but I don't buy this idea that you can't punish them because there needs to be a, what, a six year investigation. The NCAA does sing at a, does things at a glacial pace, glacial because they'd rather let everyone else take care of it. Right. And because so many of their decisions don't make sense because it seems like they make them up as they go.

And they're challenged in court. I'll say this. If, if John Harbaugh is suspended today, like there's going to be a legal challenge by Michigan and they will probably find a judge to let him coach tomorrow. Jim Harbaugh. Did I say John?

I meant Jim. I have no evidence that John Harbaugh is a cheater. The Ravens might sue. I do not think he's a cheater in any way, shape or form. They beat the Browns tomorrow.

It will not be by cheating. Okay. Tomorrow, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Rosemont horizon. Do you guys know game time? I love game time. Game time. Cool. Game time.

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Go to for the terms, create an account and put in rich, the game time app in your app store down the street. Go find it. Cool.

Got it. Coming up that guy, Adam Ray in studio, straight ahead. That is definitely disheartening sideline to sideline end zone to end zone as a quarterback. I would expect him to be acting like that.

Take the accountability, put that on yourself. Don't put it on your teammates. Search B L E A V podcasts wherever you listen. Half red Nick, half posh, 100% fun. Trey Crowder and Corey Ryan Forrester.

Try and learn fancy culture in putting on airs. The host of the medium popcorn podcast, Brandon Collins and Justin Brown. Okay.

So Paddington to have like a hundred percent of ride tomatoes. You guys ruined that. Justin came in and like took it down like two points because of his rating. That's the time we started getting death threats. People worship that movie putting on airs. The podcast is on YouTube and wherever you listen, I got to bring this up since we haven't spoken, uh, the cart, you know, the cart, what I'm talking about the cart, you know? Okay. My cart.

Yeah. What, what, what, what, what happened? Did you go up to the cart and ask for a ride to take care of your business or like, what happened? I would never ask for a ride to the locker room, but no, what happened?

People, people never asked for money too, but when, when you presented for me, I'm not going to say no to it. So I came off the field. Um, I come off the field, uh, like two plays, three plays before that. And I told my coach like, Hey, I got to take a number two.

Like you're not looking good. And then we got a first down and got close to the red zone. I was like, you know what?

I'll, I'll hold it. So we ended up scoring and I come back to the sideline and the trainer and the head trainer and the head equipment guy was like, Hey, there's a cart down there ready to take you into the locker room to go to the bathroom. Cause we're playing the Detroit and it is a hike from the locker room to the field. And plus we're on the other side. So I was like, you know what?

You can't miss the opportunity like this. So, you know, up the tunnel I went and the rest is history. I just know I left my mark in Detroit. DK, you gave a scare to everybody who loves you and roots for you. I mean, you know, seeing you carded, we're like, wait a minute, what's going on?

And then what a relief, you know, to use another analogy, uh, as well. I mean, did you have people after the game saying, what the hell did you do that for? Just walk everybody after the game. I was like, bro, don't scare us. Like I was not, I wasn't worried. So y'all should be worried. But I, I watched the video and I wasn't smiling on the way to the locker room. So that's probably why everybody was a little worried. Yeah. I mean, we, we, we saw the tweet.

You're like the, that clench walk wouldn't have made it. That's what you, that's what you tweeted. And we were wearing white that game. It's a Friday ahead of week 10 after, uh, the bears dressed up, had the foot in orange yesterday and they went and they beat the Carolina Panthers 16, 13.

And with that got the number one overall pick in their hands, at least for now. Um, I'm Andrew, by the way, rich is back, hold on. Rich is back Tuesday, right? Back Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, and back at his rich eyes and show desk, furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Granger has the right product for you call or click or just stop by. You ever have those moments where somebody says, Hey, it's great to see you. And then you go, I think he meant great to meet you. And then use, you have that like awkward moment. You're like cramp this person. And then you realize you had, and then you have egg on your face because, Hey, you're the jackass.

How did you not remember that? I just had that moment with our next guest, Adam Ray in studio, cause Adam walks in and goes, dude, it's great to see you. And I'm like, and you saw the look in my face and I meant it.

I don't think you get that a lot. I think people just, but I walked in with a lot of like, dude, Andrew drew. I even thought about going with drew and my folks call me drew. Yeah. Yeah. Not Andy, please.

But drew would be great. Andy. I probably deserve Andy after treating you that way. That takes you back to your toy story days. Yes. Don't need that.

Yeah. Andy, did you get like reprimanded as Andy? Oh my no, my mother yet.

My mother reprimanded others. If she ever heard them call me Andy, that's a no fly zone. No way. Never been an Andy. Matter of fact, like if you were to yell in my face, Andy, I wouldn't even know that you're talking to me.

I would like, you might as well be Frank. You're yelling. So your mom, if it's okay. So if someone yells at you, Andy, then your mom just shows up, uh, unannounced to, to this day, to just kind of the frying pan, put people in Choco. Yes. The frying pan. That was your weapon of choice.

Wow. I didn't know you guys as a kid, but let's get into it. No, my mom was more of, um, yeah, she named me Adam because she didn't want me to have a nickname. And, uh, first of all, they couldn't see my wiener on the sonogram. So they were, uh, going to call me Rachel, which would have been terrible. Cause then I'm living in those shadows.

Everyone's like, Hey, Rachel, so can you make bolognese in under eight minutes? And I'm like, Oh, cause of the show. Cool.

I get it. But, uh, and then I don't know actually when they said that it showed up on the sonogram. I, you still can't really see it, but it's, it's, it's fine. It's not, it's a, have you kept the film? Uh, the film of the sonogram. Oh, you know, I don't know. I'm not a big sonogram guy.

And that's the third time I've said that today, but I, I, a friend of mine's wife actually just gave me a hard time for not commenting on her sonogram on Facebook. And she was like, I can't believe like, I've, it's my first time. Like, what are you? And I was like, what do you want me to put? What does one supposed to say?

That to me seems so early. I'm like, what do you want me to put? Like, I hope it doesn't look like that on the way out. Like, like that's, you know, like, or, you know, and he's got beautiful eyes. She's like, those are balls. I'm like, well, I can't tell. So this is why I didn't want to comment.

You're setting me up for failure. Anyway, we were talking about you forgot to mention is that last time I'm here now, sans dwarf, Brad Williams, our friend of the show. One of my best buds, great comedian, look them up or check on your coffee table. We met through Brad. Yeah. How did you meet Brad?

I met Brad years ago at K rock. Oh, great. Okay. So I used to do Kevin and being morning show KRO Q formerly used to be the morning show for 20 years. They were amazing on KRO Q and I would do Mondays with them wrapping up the NFL.

Cool. And I met Brad, I think at one of the K rock acoustic Christmases or a weenie roast or something like that foolishness foolishness. Maybe that was probably the comedy show.

They do April foolishness. And there is a video somewhere. We talked about this when we did your pod, or maybe it's only stills of Brad beating me at ping pong.

Oh, geez. How tall is Brad? Four foot four.

And I'm not I'm, I'm five seven. I swear with shoes on and Brad beat me at ping pong. Yeah. Brad beats you at anything.

It's, it's, I don't want to say demoralizing. He lost a limbo competition in Mexico. We went on a bro trip to Mexico before we both got married and he lost a limbo competition to, I think a woman that was, I mean, it wasn't even like attractive how flexible she was, you know, she was like bending in ways and everybody though was kind of losing their mind.

Cause they were like, the dwarf lost the limp. Like all he had to do was squat a little and walk under the pole and he still lost because she, she somehow, you know, floated herself into a panini and, and went, can you still say that? And she, and she went under the pole when I was on the bar mitzvah circuit that story out. Go ahead.

When I was 13. Yeah. This is a limbo thing to this bar mitzvah.

Yes. We both been bar mitzvahed when I was on the limbo circuit at 12 and 13 in Northern Virginia and Oh, what a circuit it was. I was undefeated at limbo.

You are, I never lost. Yeah. I was, this was 1987, roughly five, two with a mullet.

Maybe, maybe four 11. You had a mullet in 87. Let's go. Yeah. Name ended in a vowel.

And then, and I was Jewish and I won, I won it for you every single week for you. I don't know that I could do that anymore. Yeah.

I don't know. Limbo is not really, I don't think it's even an ESPN 11 type sport. Like you'll see Cornell and bowling, by the way, if you get a chance to watch the bowling on ESPN, I think it's two or three. I think they throw bowling on two or three.

It's intense and not so much the bowlers they're dialed in. It feels like, you know, it's muscle memory. It's second nature to them. But some of the guys get real fired up when they like, when they get three in a row, it's there's, there's a lot of the tiger like that. And, and some of the mustaches, I mean, they all look like they're about to get a DUI.

Let's just start with that. Anyone who bowls professionally, it looks like they've, you know, anyone who's just like, I can't wait to get my fingers in that. Like, it's just, I don't know, a little slippery to me, but that being said, a great sport limbo, I don't think though, has ever reached the popularity of such. And people watch pickleball.

They do. Pickleball is fun. I played pickleball in Seattle, was just up there to see my Seahawks, which I thought they were going to turn a corner and beating the Browns.

It was a great win. I was there, felt the energy. Bill Nye, the science guy, raised the 12th man flag, which I feel like I got to be pretty close if we're getting Bill Nye to raise the flag. And that's what knocked on Bill Nye.

Bill Nye is the science guy, but I was like, oh, I bet it'll be Marshawn today. Or it's like, cause we were doing the throwbacks, right? We released the throwback jerseys. And those were amazing. Oh, they should be every Sunday.

They're incredible. But, you know, and Bill's a Seattle guy. I mean, would have thought, you know, even Largent would have been a cool choice, but anyway, we took care of business. And then last week, I don't know if you saw, but I did. Yeah, it was over early.

It was over early. And look, any given Sunday, we've got a new week, but man, I guess you know who you are when you play teams like that, right? When you play the Ravens like that.

So, so Adam Ray is here by the way, and I'm a Browns fan by the way. So I, that one was, it was tough for me because the Browns should have won that game in Seattle. What do you think of, of the blatant hold DK Metcalf on the game winning touchdown by JSA where he's literally lifting Martin Emerson's Jersey off his shoulder pads. Is that your, they should have given it to Marsan on the one. No, I mean, it's a mid season game that may or may not factor at the end of the year, but, but he's literally ripping his Jersey off.

Yeah. I mean, it looked like a hold from my vantage point, but also I don't know. It goes both ways. Of course it does.

It could have, of course it does. I feel like people are holding every play all the time. There's no way you there, the speeds and the strength that these guys are working with. There's no way anyone is taught, you know, I'm trying to hearken back to my offensive line days of, of getting under and then keep your hands inside. You're going to get away with it. Right.

Hands inside, hands inside. And you're not supposed to hold on a little bit, but it's like human nature to when you're supposed to be taught to try to drive and control a 320 pound, whatever, man, that if he starts to pull away, you're going to know, wait, where are you going? And let's let, you know, and add on top of that, what if you have abandonment issues? Then you're just like, no, my dad left when I was nine. I mean, so I, if I was still playing football, I didn't, cause I quit to play Danny Zuko in Greece, my sophomore year, high school.

And, and try to make a joke about it too. I went up to my coach and I was like, coach, I can't play this year. I gotta, I can't memorize the playbook.

I gotta memorize the, the lyrics to Greece, lightning. And he was just like, you know, in so many words, get out of my office. And then he brought, and then he brought his kids to the Sunday matinee and he saw me wear all this makeup and a leather jacket. And he was just like, well, he didn't suck.

And I was like, I thank you. But shout out to Greg to cone coach to cone through a water bottle and a kid's head. But he, look, nobody's perfect. But yeah, I think we're, I think it was a, it was, it could have gone either way, but I think DK, thank God it didn't go against him because I don't think he can handle anymore. Like what is DK doing? Another fine and another, yeah. What, what, what are you, not that it would have been fine for that.

I don't think so. How do you feel about DK? Just, you know, kind of having a, I am who I am type attitude. I, I play how I play. If you're going to get upset that I, you know, get a little too emotional.

I like DK. I think Pete and I would say the same thing probably. And I'm not putting words in Pete's mouth.

I think he's pretty much already said this. You cannot get cheap shot penalties like that week in, week out. Because A, you're going to get fined. B, you're going to hurt the team. Did you tell that to Pete? You could have, hold on, you guys, you were, you and Bert, right? So we're at practice.

Oh yeah. Bert Kreischer, the machine, a true human legend and rock star asked me to come up and do the climate pledge arena within Seattle. And then the day before he was like, we're going to go to Seahawks practice. And I was like, get out of here, dude. And I didn't know what was, what that really, you know, contained, but we caught kickoffs. DJ Dallas was out there letting us catch some balls. And then Pete came and talked to us for about 20 minutes.

You had DK and Gino and Gino walked through the hallways at one point. And he was like, don't I know you? And I was like, I think I saw some YouTube video. I was like, yeah, man.

And then he was super great. And then Steve Rabel, who's the Seahawks, voice of the Seahawks, is a buddy of mine. And it was cool because I had met Pete and I tried to, in so many ways, let him know I was at SC while he was there.

You know, I was at SC, 01 to 05 during the 30 for 30 Trojan war, like that whole time. And then, so Pete going to Seattle was such a special thing. So I tried to relay that all to him and, and he made some joke to us. We were like, you coming to the show?

He's like, nah, I'm going to go see the Taylor Swift movie tonight. And then we didn't laugh. And he was like, I'm joking, guys.

He could have done it. And then he made, he made some Tay Tay reference later. And, and, but I'm, I'm talking to Rabel cause he'd interviewed Pete and Pete just comes by on a scooter, you know, he famously scooters around the Seahawks facility.

I mean, he's agile as, as all hell, but he, he just scooters around to get from, he's just always moving and shaking. And so he comes by and he just goes, Adam, and he remembers my name and didn't give me a hard time right after I had told him that I knew his daughter from, from USC. And I tried to let him know that without, you know, I was like, I didn't know your daughter from college. I know that happened, but I know, you know, so, and I think he, you know, took it at face value. And so he scoots by and he grabs my phone and he goes, Adam, what are you still doing here?

What are you still doing here? And it was like, you remembered my name. And then he, I was talking to Steve Rabel. So I was like, am I actually talking to Steve Rabel, which made me look cool in front of Pete. And he goes, Steve, leave him alone.

I'm talking to my new best friend. And then, and then he hands me the phone back and scoots away. And I go, I go, Pete, Steve has you as his desktop screensaver. And he goes, he should. So he skates away, like waving backwards. I mean, I, you know, the guy just does it all.

I love Pete. And years ago, what year was it? It was maybe right before he, what year did he leave to go up there? Like 09?

Okay. So his last year at SC, I was at 710 ESPN here in LA. And I did every Tuesday, we did the show, our, our, our 710 midday show from heritage hall. And I did the Pete Carroll show, like the coaches show that we would tape that hour there.

And then it would air on the pregame show on Saturday. And that was not the easiest year for them if you recall, but he was genuine. He, he wore the losses. Like, I mean, you could tell it, it, it wore him down, but he never said, you can't ask this.

You can't ask that. He couldn't have been cooler. And still to this day, he is that same guy. And yes, he has the scooter and yes, he moves real slowly. But when he's out on that field, man, and the cameras are on, he is gonna, I mean, he picks up the speed, he's throwing passes. He's got the energy.

I mean, he's never gonna let you see him slow down ever. I don't even know if he sleeps. He might sleep standing up. I don't know. I wouldn't surprise me. Yeah. Also, don't you just get to a certain age to where you just don't need like, my stepdad is 81 and he, he'll take like, he'll get four hours sometimes and have like, p-type energy or he'll do the like seven minute power naps. And that's the thing, seven minute power naps? Yeah.

Yeah. He calls it seven minutes in heaven. And I'm like, that's not what that is. But he, my stepdad, I can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving. He pitches me movies all the time. And he's just like, all right, so I got an idea. First of all, he gave me great marriage advice. He was like, I got two very important words for you.

Yes, dear. And then I wrote that, I was like, I got some advice for you. Marriage is like a shoe. You try it on. If it doesn't fit, you grab another shoe. I was like, well, you did leave mom to start a new family when I was eight.

So that checks out. And then my step-uncle, my step-uncle hit me up, which having a step-uncle is kind of weird. It's like, how, like he, his connection was like, my sister, you know, stuck with your dad and like, and, and so, but he hit me up on Facebook was like, Hey, if you ever find yourself in Scottsdale, I know a massage parlor that takes Bitcoin.

And I was like, this is why we don't talk a lot because you say stuff like that electronically and it makes me want to delete my account. But I digress my stepdad, George, the last movie when I was home over the summer in Seattle, he was like, he's like, all right, so Sandra Bullock, she's on the Space Needle and there's, but the Space Needle is going to blow up, but, but so Denzel Washington, he's just there as a visitor, right? He's there with his family, she's in the Space Needle. And so then all of a sudden, you know, aliens come out of nowhere, right? Cause everyone likes aliens.

I'm like, yeah, no, I don't think anyone hates aliens, but they're not, I don't think they're looking for them. And especially in a, in a Sandra Bullock movie. And he was like, but it's a funny, it's a, it's an alien comedy because Sandra Bullock's in it. I'm like, well, she's not known for alien comedies. And they're like, well, but now she will be. And I'm like, I think it's time for one of those seven minute naps George, cause this movie is going nowhere, but that's what happens. I'm sure you guys get that all the time with people wanting to either pitch you sports opinions or ask you about certain money lines or like, what's the, what's the equivalent, I guess, for a, a comic actor that's getting pitched a joke, right? I mean, everybody, the one I always get is like, you're walking through the airport is, and then somebody stops you.

It's like, Hey man, who's going to win the Superbowl. Nice. If I knew that, I wish I knew that. If I knew that I probably, you know, wouldn't be in group four boarding this plane right now. Whoa. Group four. Yeah. Do you ever get Southwest sea group? Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

Southwest sea group. It's truly some of these people have not even been on a plane before they're foaming at the mouth. They're like, some of them come up to you. They're like, I'm C 177.

Are you? And you're like, I'm C one 74. And they're like, I think I'm actually supposed to be in front of you. And you're like, we're both hanging off the wing, dude.

I don't know what you're trying to pull off right now. Sea group to me is like, I don't know. They're all wearing shin guards. They've got like mayonnaise on their sweatpants. And like, I heard one guy say, say once in secret was like, I hope they got potato salad up there. I was like, have you even been, have you flown Southwest? We're maybe going to have to share peanuts. Spirit airlines is always the worst.

If you're, if you work at Spirit, I feel bad for you. They, the seatbelts, they it's just two of the same side. So they just scissor each other. The flight attendants are blind. There's pee already in the toilet. The pilots high five. When they land the plane, it's like, act like you've been there before.

Fellas. Anyway, but the Seahawks said that you can have a good shot to go to the super bowl. I would have said this too, too, too, but they wouldn't fly on spirit to get there. No way. No, if you do fly on spirit to the super bowl, that's well, I don't think any, what would a team do?

I guess if they found out they were flying spirit, like their plane broke down and they just would make it there. Let me ask you this. Do the Seahawks have a legit chance to go deep in the playoffs? And I guess absolutely. Yeah.

If Gino stops turning the ball over, man. Okay. Follow-up question for all you guys. Yes. How, and I'm sure you've talked about this.

At what point do you consider drew lock or cause you're not going out to get anybody else. Didn't you say this earlier? I said, Gino hot seat. It's heating up a little bit.

It is man. And I think Pete, I mean, dude, Pete is just so big on like not turning the ball over and sign Brett Rippon today. Did you see that?

We did. Yeah. Practice squad, Brett Rippon. You're collecting former Bronco quarterbacks. Wow. Okay.

Uh, yeah. Russ might be Russ might be, there's no world where Russ comes back. We'll sign Rick Meyer before Wilson and drink five. If you're playing the Rick Meyer drinking game. Wasn't his name? Rick Meyer. Number three traded to the bears. Like the second overall pick, he was the second overall pick.

That's when we had Joey Galloway and Chris Warren. Correct. All right.

They're yelling at me. Uh, Adam's got dates coming up. You're not going anywhere.

Um, Duluth, Minnesota, Appleton, Wisconsin, Rochester, Minnesota, Davenport, Iowa, starting November 16, 17, 18 and 19, the big Midwest tour. And coming up next, you had a chance to go through Rich's insta Instagram. We went through Rich's Instagram. Uh, my buddy, uh, Brockman over here, uh, follows me on Instagram. I do this thing where I post pictures.

I take pictures of people off the airplane and I write funny captions about who they look like. And so we're going to do that with riches. That is coming up next. Don't worry. Don't worry. No, not yet. Not yet. Adam Ray's here.

Everybody is the rich eyes. This guy over there, Brockman with his red Sox cap over there. Do you have the David price sound that when he was bitching about David price after the Yankees beat him up in, what was that game to play?

Go for it for bill Burke. I want him to quit. I want him to retire on the spot. He's not going to go.

That's what I want. He was terrible part of you. So furious at David price, but you were, you were kind of feeling good though. Like you're getting it off your chest.

Like you couldn't see what I'm saying. That's what what's with, is there something about another sports fan that, that sees that guy? I don't know.

Just like I'm maybe I'm just a much more sunny disposition type guy. This is about him. This is about how great he is. Oh, I didn't. Now I see where this is going. I was confused. You know, rich, I, I, okay. You spoon fed it to me.

I want to tell you some rich on all of sports shows. I go on. I think you are the nicest, most pleasant, respectful to other fan base. No, I just think it goes back to like the tea party. You know, it goes all the way back to like, like you don't feel represented. You feel like you're taxed.

You feel like you feel the job. You haven't been represented in the sports universe. It's always great when I have another teammate come in to studio. Cause I'm teamed up against two on one with the New York. Don't you hate anytime? Like there's a big Boston game, what they show. They always show like lighthouses, lobster fishermen, and Paul Revere. Like, Oh yeah, that's Massachusetts.

I didn't see, I never saw any of that. You know, who goes to a tourist attraction in your own city. Exactly. You only do it when relatives come to town. Do you want to go to the USS constitution? Oh, do you have a great time? I'm going to go to a dive bar. Where do you want to go next? You want to go to cheers just to let you know, it doesn't look like that when you go inside.

So just take a picture outside. Back on the Rich Eisen show, Andrew Siciliano sitting in for Rich with Adam Ray sitting in the chair. And we just had Bill Burr playing us in here on the Roku channel as well. You and Bill have this thing. So my favorite comic he's unbelievable.

I think he's a lot of people's favorites. He's unbelievable. And you have an unbelievable Dr. Phil. I was watching last night. And so it's Bill interviewing you as Dr. Phil, right?

Flip it around, flip it around. Yeah. So, so I started doing during the pandemic, you know, I was trying to just find ways to create content and stay active really, and just not go crazy, which was inevitable. And so a friend of mine who I'd met on the one season MADtv reboot on the CW, exactly. And so Jen Aspinall, this amazing makeup artist who was on SNL, the original MADtv Westworld winning time. She's, you know, she won an Emmy for doing my Pam and Tommy Jay Leno makeup.

She's a gangster. And so she did me up as Dr. Phil. And I started doing all these, you know, just fun podcasts. And so it got to a point where I was like, I should do a live show because it's really fun, just character and heightened impression. And so I was doing a monthly show at the store and I hit a burn. I was like, I want to do something different and not just do another standup show. I think I might want to do this live Dr. Phil show.

And maybe you come on and be the guest. And he couldn't have been more pumped. I mean, he sent me like nine voice notes being like, dude, you just got to really come at me for my rage. You got to be like, this next guy hates everybody. And he just wanted me to go, he wanted me to go harder in the paint on him during the show, but it ended up just being this really fun, you know, live, almost podcasty type thing. And it was just like, he went on this long rant at one point. There's a great clip of this on my Instagram where he's ranting about the Catholic church and Nazis and all this stuff.

And then there's just, it's about a, about an almost two minute rant. And then I just take a beat and I just go, you're going to go see the new Indiana Jones and that got a big pop and that really broke him. And so it's just real silly and, and, and just, you know, tangent filled, but I did another one with Adam Devine and, and Andres Holm. And then we have one on November 21st with Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino. And then, and then who knows, maybe we'll get Andrew Siciliano on one. Dude, let's go.

You lean into it, man. I was watching on YouTube this morning. One we had was like the Aussie guy in the crowd.

And what's like, why are you here? Because like Australia is burning down. Yeah. Oh yeah. This was, that was an old clip. Yeah.

Of when I think the wildfires were happening. Exactly. Yeah. And so he brought that up immediately and I was like, well, thanks for bringing the energy down.

Bummer filled fellow in the front row. Phil Dr. Phil is so, I mean, he just launched, he's going to do his own like network and which is smart. I mean, he's so, oh yeah.

He gave his whole video is like my wife, Robin and I, you know, people can't get enough of, of what I'm trying to put out there and what I'm trying to put in you. Okay. Don't be weird about it. Okay.

I'm not Gatorade. I'm not inside of you yet, but I'm trying to be because thoughts turn into dreams and dreams turn into reality. And as my friend, Andrew, Andy, don't call them that as mama will drop kick you right in the, in the nether regions.

And you know what I'm talking about in between the legs, it rhymes with nutsack. And what I'm telling you right now is if you think big, you're going to be big. Okay.

And yeah, we all deal with weight issues. Okay. Sometimes I'll lay in bed. I'll put a brown sugar pop tart under my pillow. Okay.

For the tooth fairy, cause she's got diabetes. We'll be right back. So he's launching his own network because you know, people can't get enough of that. Adam ray for my tour dates. I got a special live from Portland on my YouTube. My next special be coming out very soon.

The Dr. Phil live shows on YouTube. I guess subscribe to the YouTube channel, Instagram, Tik TOK tour dates about last night, my podcast, which Andrew has been on and, and go Hawks. Rush has gone. So someone's got to say, go hogs Gino.

We're still with you, baby, but don't screw it up this weekend because I got 30 bucks on the game. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. Too much time is spent discussing talents age. The younger demo is just as excited about Paul Heyman or John Cena or an undertaker or Becky Lanchard. I don't care what their birth certificate says. They're going to draw a younger demo because they're fun to watch. And they're great entertainers 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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