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REShow: Rich Eisen (from Germany) - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 9, 2023 3:04 pm

REShow: Rich Eisen (from Germany) - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 9, 2023 3:04 pm

Rich checks in from Germany with guest host Suzy Shuster and reveals his NFL mid-season awards for MVP, Offensive and Defensive Players of the Year, Coach of the Year, and revises his Super Bowl matchup prediction. Suzy and the guys reax to Eagles C Jason Kelce being named a finalist for People Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ list by having some fun with magazine covers they’d like to be on if they were living their best lives.

TJ reveals his NFL Week 10 fantasy football advice with tips on Cardinals WR Hollywood Brown, Buccaneers QB Baker Mayfield, Browns QB Deshaun Watson, Raiders WR Davante Adams, Commanders WR Jahan Dotson, and Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy. 

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Learn more at slash credit card. Limitations apply. Some guy walks up to me. He says to me, This is the Rich Eisen Show. Aren't you Susie Schuster's husband?

No. With guest host Susie Schuster. I want to take a minute to talk about Caleb Williams. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. This is a kid who just wanted to go to his mom. When did him need to be comforted?

Become a sign that he's soft. Earlier on the show, Yahoo Sports columnist Dan Wetzel, two time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning. Coming up, Marconi Award winner Rich Eisen. And now sitting in for Rich, it's Susie Schuster.

Hey, everybody, back for the third hour of the Rich Eisen Show. Susie Schuster, thrilled to be back here with you. Chris Brockman, how are you? Hey, Susie, how are you? I'm OK. You're a couple of sheets to the wind there. You got a couple of drinks in your in your gullet. You feeling good about yourself?

It's a Thursday. We got this game tonight. I got to get myself through it. So I'm going to pour you a double shot before we leave this building.

Goodness gracious. I'm gonna have to sleep here. Mikey D, how are you today?

I'm doing well. I'm like, I'm pacing myself. And TJ's a little drunk in the corner. Nah, I'm straight. Donkey! Donkey!

All right, that's it. I'm not TJ to laugh. You're downright giggly. We're having a great time. This donkey thing, man, I'm watching the Manic Castle and that donkey pumped up. It was just like a popped up. It was just like a wait. What what did I just see? I can feel it.

And you know, it's so funny. I was driving and I was listening to somebody else interview him because Eli is clearly making the rounds for Quaker and for the pre grain tour. And by the way, Cooper Eisen, big fan of the Quaker, just saying.

But maple sugar on top, strawberries, blueberries and walnuts. But I heard and they didn't ask him about the donkey. Like, how do you not ask him about the donkey? Rich joins us now from Germany.

I mean, Rich, wouldn't you have asked Eli Manning about the donkey? Yeah, and Coop, by the way, is also a fan of the Manic Castle. He loves the Manic Castle. He does love it. But I bet you he was at baseball.

He didn't see the donkey on the Manic Castle. I will show him that. That made it here, you know, because Schwarzenegger's big here. It's funny you mentioned Schwarzenegger.

That's what Oleg, my my my bike tour friend mentioned yesterday, how he learned. I asked him how he was so fluent in English being a Russian national. And he said the Beatles. He said that all the Russian kids wanted to know what the Beatles were saying. And then and then he said Schwarzenegger when he started making all the movies. Yeah, they were all like, they want to know what is he saying? So I didn't tell him about the donkey.

I thought, you know, that had been too much for our first meet together. But but he's out there watching. So what's up, Oleg? How are you, Oleg? Oleg, Oleg, Oleg, Oleg. Oleg the goalie.

He's a legend back in the day. Rich, you miss Oleg, don't you? I can tell. I know how you get wistful. You get emotional.

Rich gets attached to people very quickly. Understandable. Oh, my gosh. Maybe you should fly Oleg over for like maybe it may be like a what if he could be your Vegas Super Bowl correspondent? Like maybe instead of JB Smoot, you could go to Oleg this year.

I don't know. That's not a bad idea. We should bring him to Vegas.

That would be really fun. Oleg needs to be in Vegas. Oleg on media night. Yes. Oh, yes. Media night correspondent Oleg.

Rich, I'm just saying I come with croissants, champagne and great ideas. And ideas make this happen. He's going to do. You're listening. You know, like, oh, God, now the requisite amount of we'll put the requisite amount of euro aside.

That's right. The budget for that. What's going on, honey? Not much. Just hanging out here on a Thursday night back at Frankfurt. I got met you.

We got the Colts tomorrow. Never met Shane Steichen before. So meeting him, Jonathan Taylor, the guy.

I mean, you know, we were caping for him quite a bit during the summer. Yes, indeed. Gardner Minshew. I get to meet with Gardner Minshew tomorrow.

That'll be good. And you're a big fan of his. You like his personality. Oh, my gosh.

Absolutely. No doubt about the cut of his jib. I do like the cut of his jib.

I'd love to have that jib cut myself for even five seconds of my life. Who are you talking to from the Pats? Do you know yet? Yeah, it is Bill and Mac Jones. David Andrews, I believe we're meeting with him. OK. And Peppers, I believe, on the defense.

So I'll see. I'll see Jabril there. That's who we're meeting on Saturday. We're meeting them at the stadium. They're doing their walkthrough at the stadium. Bless them. That's I haven't seen the team do that yet. And in either of the international series.

But they're doing it at the stadium. Rich, we used to get some sense. Will you let Gardner Minshew know that he is the number one quarterback birthday party that you would go to if given the opportunity? Yes, I forgot about that. To bring that up. That power ranking. Yeah, power ranking that made our that made our Emmy reel. Yes, sir.

Last show. So maybe you'll get the invite to his. I'll let him know.

Yes. I'll find out when his birthday is. We'll figure that out. And then I need how many plus how many pluses do I need?

I need at least five six. Right. The two of you. Who else? D.J. Mikey, J. Feli, J. Feli, Adam Oleg, Oleg, Oleg. Oleg's in now.

He probably is down. Plus eight. Just say plus eight to be generous.

I'm plus eight. Yeah. Sounds good.

Sounds good. So you know, you asked Eli how you know, you asked us how Eli was. He was great.

Yes. He did tell us that Pete used to comb his hair with a Sharpie in high school. My follow up was who had bigger game in high school?

You or your brother? The answer was there an answer was like a push. Basically, they played two sports to really worry about trying to spay game. Oh, so he he he he demurred.

He demurred. He did throw his brother down the river a couple of times or under the bus or whatever the expression is. That's why people love the Mannings. They love that sort of stuff. Well, I try to tell him that watching the game last night, I was watching the Warriors Nuggets game and I had Zander trying to sit on Cooper. I had the ladies committing three murders, not one, two, but three murders of so-called indestructible toys in front of us.

And Taylor was belly flopping on top of the two boys. And I'm just trying to watch a game. So it's like a regular night in our house. Is that what it was like for you growing up? And he said, basically, yes.

OK, cool. And and Archie and Olivia are are looking very healthy. So obviously, you know, this this keeps you young. That's what I'll say right there. So that's true to say that. But you remember that. You remember that dinner in New Orleans, don't you? When I'd come down to that was for that was for the Summerall Award.

That's right. For St. Jude. And I think that's a legendary charity dinner that Cheryl D. Leonardo's puts on every single year.

And I hosted that. And the thing that you and I both remarked is we'd never been around. What Cooper Cooper before and we'd never been around him before. And and he he's he's the oldest.

And you could see Peyton and Eli defer to him as if he is the oldest. And that's always that that blew us away seeing that dynamic play out in person. Yeah. And that solidified our cover. That's right. Exactly.

Really? So at any rate, do we have awards to get to? We have midseason awards, Rich. OK, because it is I believe Jets Chargers was the exact midpoint of the season, that it was the exact halfway through the number of games played. So tonight is the first game officially of the second half of the twenty twenty three season. And what a game it is to kick off that half.

But what do we decide to do here? All right, Rich, we're doing MVP, offensive player of the year, defensive player of the year, coach of the year. Because we didn't do rookie because I think it's obvious it's C.J.

Stroud at this point. That's correct. And then we're going to do a Super Bowl mulligan.

Ah, Super Bowl because, you know, I always get that on NFL Network on Thanksgiving Day. Right. Right. So you're you're giving it to me three weeks earlier at the midway point. At the midway point. Just if you want to review, if you want to go back on your earlier pick, it's fine if you're not OK. OK, go for it.

All right. So I'm going to start I'm going to start MVP. I think this was my MVP when we at the beginning. I still think it's Jalen Hurts. The Eagles are the best team in the league. Hurts is leading that offense. A.J. Brown, you could say offensive player of the year.

Sure, I'm here for that. But Jalen Hurts has been awesome and the Eagles are great. And so I'm going with him offensive player of the year.

I don't think there's any any argument. It's Christian McCaffrey. I know the 49ers have lost three in a row, but this guy scored a touchdown in every game of the season. He has four more receiving nine on the ground.

He's been phenomenal. It's Christian McCaffrey, defensive player of the year. I love Myles Garrett.

I think it's him. He's second in the league in sacks. He's a half sack behind the leader right now. And the Browns have a phenomenal defense. And as we head into the second half of the year, I think that's a unit that's going to lead them to the playoffs. While Deshaun Watson gets himself back up to speed, coming back from the injury coach of the year. He was my pick before the season, and I still think it holds with how bad they look on offense.

But they have five wins. It's Mike Tomlin. Love the job Mike Tomlin is doing this year.

He's my coach of the year. Now, my Super Bowl pick before the season was Eagles bills. Was Eagles bills?

I'm changing it. I think we're on a collision course for a Super Bowl rematch. Chiefs and Eagles. I'm still taking the Eagles to win this year. That's my Super Bowl mulligan. TJ, you're up.

What do you got? All right, Chris. Well, I'm with MVP. I'm going to go with Lamar Jackson of the Ravens. You know, Lamar doesn't right now have the gaudy numbers, right? But the way the Ravens are playing and I know you can use that. Well, who have they beaten type thing because I heard the other shows saying it. But the fact is, you can only beat who's on the schedule and who you're playing.

Right. I feel Lamar had a lot of pressure on him to come through and be successful this year. And I think he's doing it.

Like I said, the numbers aren't as gaudy as others. He only got nine touchdowns, even though he is leading the league in completion percentage. I feel his numbers will go up as the season goes on. I got Lamar as my MVP Offensive Player of the Year.

I'm going to stick with the guy I picked in the preseason. That's the cheetah Tyreek Hill. I just I feel like there's really no way to stop this guy.

Yeah. There's no defense. There's nothing because when a man is that fast, what can you really do?

How do you simulate that? Like, how do you stop him? And he's been putting up the numbers. McCaffrey also, obviously, another great pick. He scored touchdown after touchdown after touchdown.

But I just feel like Tyreek. There really is no defense for this guy whatsoever. Yeah, yeah. One hundred yards in nine games. It's ridiculous. We thought two thousand yards was kind of crazy. Doesn't look so crazy now.

It looks like he's going to do it. Defensive Player of the Year. You know, a few weeks ago, I came on a Monday and helped this whiteboard and said he was MVP of the league. Obviously, we know that only goes to the quarterback. So maybe it should just be quarterback of the year instead of. But Myles Garrett, I have him as my defensive player of the year for obvious reasons.

He's a monster. And there are some great defenders this year. You know, of course, you know, T.J. Watt, of course, my guy, Micah Parsons. But, you know, I'm going to take the feelings out of it and say Myles Garrett as the defensive player of the year coaching there was tough because I wanted to go Mike McDaniels tough. I decided to give it to D'Amico Ryans. Nice. The Houston Texans right now.

They kind of made me change the culture there. And the Texans look like going forward, they could be a team that, you know, could give some people problems. Maybe not this year, but I think going forward, I kind of like where they're at with the CZ Stroud. Will Anderson with D'Amico. Yeah, four and four right now, if they knock off Cincinnati this week, a team who's on fire, then I think you're really going to start to see the chatter for D'Amico kind of get a little louder.

So and if I'm a Texas fan, your future is looking really bright, very good. And Super Bowl matchup like it pains me not to say the Cowboys. You know, I really want to say it, but I'll just keep it real. I've got my MVP, Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens taking out. Oh, do I have to say it? The Philadelphia Eagles, I've got Ravens. That's going to leave a mark there. I'm not happy about it.

I don't want to say I hear you, but I guess this is why we hang out together, because my list is kind of a mixture of of the two I just heard. The MVP, I went back and forth preseason. It was Mahomes. It might wind up being Mahomes by the end of the year anyway. I thought to myself, is it Lamar Jackson?

And it very, very well could be. But I'm going Jalen Hurts, too. I think he is the personification of what this team is all about. Don't forget, he had AJ Brown and his grill early on and he started finding him and he has fed him and he has been happy. And Devante Smith has been fed and he has been happy. And the running game is terrific, in part because of a lot of the holes that I think his passing game opens up. And then let's not forget the most unstoppable play I think we've ever seen in the NFL. There's two offensive linemen up front in Dickerson and Kelsey.

You have a lot to do with it. But every single coach I speak to says, get yourself a quarterback who's 240 pounds and he is hurt and he plays hurt and he shows up and he doesn't complain and everybody takes their cue from him. He is the most valuable player in Jalen Hurts, the Offensive Player of the Year.

I'm going with Tyreek. And I you know how I feel about McCaffrey and he's carrying one of my fantasy teams right now. But when somebody has a thousand yards through the first eight games of the season and first time since 1961, you got to pay heed. And he has been unstoppable. And I know the Chiefs, you know, ripped the ball away from to stop them.

And so maybe what I'm saying is figurative. But he's the Offensive Player of Year. In my mind, the Defensive Player of the Year.

I'm going Miles Garrett, too. He's got nine and a half sacks. Same as Max Crosby, same as T.J. Watt, Daniel Hunter leads the league in sacks at 10. But I mean, I've never seen anybody create a pre snap penalty because two players are traveling with him. I've never seen what happened in that Titans game. I've never seen what happened with him practicing a crossover dribble over the center before he wreaks havoc. I've never seen anybody leapfrog over a long snapper like him and not get called for leverage.

He is just a freak. And he is without a doubt the Defensive Player of the Year. In my mind, coach of the year, I went back and forth. I thought to myself, Doug Peterson, what he Peterson, what he did in after going, oh, one and two after starting one and two, what he did in London to go to a no there, then come back short week and come back, win a game without a buy and then short week in New Orleans, then go into Pittsburgh and they've won five in a row. That's coach of the year stuff. I'm interesting, interested in what you said about D'Amico Ryan's.

But technically, you have to be above 500 in my estimation to do this. I'm giving it to a guy who caped for his quarterback, even when the quarterback was saying, I don't want to be there anymore and tweeted it out just as his butt was hitting the seats at a press conference and then suddenly kept things in for somehow kept things going for this quarterback to come back, hired an offensive coordinator to switch things up, saw his top running back go out right away with an Achilles injury, has this defense playing out of their minds. And I'm going with John Harbaugh. I think he is coach of the year right now.

What they are doing in Baltimore, getting better each and every week means he is coaching his butt off. And I'm going with John Harbaugh as coach of the year. And I'm sticking with my pre-season Super Bowl prediction of 49ers over Chiefs. I'm sticking with it.

There's no reason for me to jump off it right now. I'm thinking the Chiefs are going to be very tough to beat. They are the one seed right now in the AFC.

Patrick Mahomes, it was amazing in our research for this game in Frankfurt and Orlovsky mentioned it on the air several times. He's never played a playoff game on the road. Did you know that?

No, that's great. Yeah, some Super Bowls, right? That's the only time he's not never played a playoff game in Arrowhead is the neutral side Super Bowl. So they're going to be a tough out at home. Obviously, they've been knocked out at home by the Bengals and also by New England. So I'm sticking with them and every team always goes through adversity. Don't forget, Tom Brady's Bucks were 500 on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend and then didn't lose again. So I'm still believing in the Niners and their talent. And I'm sticking with my Super Bowl prediction. And that's my mid-season award docket. You're from Germany. Love it. So I have different awards, Rich. Oh, things that are interesting to me.

I'd love to hear it. I was kind of thinking about the sexiest man of the year, a word and, you know, I thought it was a shame that you weren't nominated. And, you know, obviously, we know that Travis Kelsey's brother, Jason Kelsey, he likes to say the important Kelsey. He was nominated as the sexiest man of the year. He did not win. He did not win, which Patrick Dempsey did. Oh, that's your guy. Dreamy. That's McDreamy McDreamy from back in the day. I mean, I don't see him, you know, playing on a line anywhere.

I think Jason Kelsey would have been the natural choice. I think you could have been. But Rich, since you didn't get it, honey, Smitch was nice enough to make this for you.

Oh, I see. There he is, sexiest man alive. And honey, the ladies, I think you look great. I think the ladies of the Rich Eisen Show, Sarah and Liz said to me, did you pick out Rich's outfit? I said, no. And what did you say? I said, no, I bought them both. But that you put them together and I and you are, as Mike Hoskins tells me in my ear, tell him he's the sexiest man alive.

So wait, wait, what was that? Rich, you are the sexiest man. Now, you don't have to be don't twist. You don't have to have your arm twisted.

Well, he also he also has a. I love how they assume you dress me like, you know, matching the giraffe color to the giraffe color like the animals back in the day. You know, but I chose it myself. I definitely try. But I did, of course, vet it past you saying, what do you think about me wearing this for chiefs in the. Well, you're not a dumb man. You're very smart. Well, what you didn't vet ahead of time was least sexy man of the year.

And say thank you to Mike Hoskins and Smits for this one. I think it's sexy because you had the balls to walk through Studio City, California, through Studio City, California, dressed like a banana and still getting into a sports argument. That's not a fight. That's just like, well, he was this man was getting all over Cooper for wearing a jet jersey. Ridiculous. Well, I mean, inaccurate information about the Yankees as well. You know, so Chris Brockman, you don't go unscathed. Chris Brockman.

I action hero. OK, as it was five years on the cover of Forbes magazine, sports betting has lost that in nearly five years. Well, that's not like three over five hundred on sneaky games, guys. Come on. OK, we're in the black.

Nobody gets out of here in the rich guys and show T.J. man of the year. He's mad. We're not showing his shoes on the cover, but trust us, they are. OK, Mikey, Mikey in the cover of Yachting World, he's going to need a bigger boat. Retired audio goat sails off into the sunset. That's ridiculous.

He's going to need a bigger boat. That's a good. Oh, wait a minute. Hold on a minute.

Thankfully, we have the technology placed in just for this week, just in time to be told all the way from El Segundo, California, to my ear here in Germany. We have one for you, sir. Oh, no. Yeah. And the cover of Cosmo. I like it.

Why does it say mom, wife, podcaster, empire builder mimosas? They're not just for breakfast anymore. Call it speeding. I quit driving so slow and get the F out of my way. That's good. Yeah.

And what to do when your Tupperware gets kidnapped. That's great. Let me tell you something.

Here's why. Here's how the boys know me here. Yes, Mitch knows enough to put a picture of me that is slightly old and slightly out of focus and fantastic. And I love you, Sean Mitchell, for that. Thank you very much. Mitch specials all around.

Orange for everybody. Fantastic. Fantastic. All right. That was amazing.

By the way, one last thing and then I will let you go. I reached out to Jason Kelsey the other day to ask him what he's remember that moment. It was number 93 on the Cowboys. I don't know that is. But the Fox broadcast had him basically go up to him and just yell at him. Did you remember that?

Yeah. That tight shot right up against like just like started screaming in his face. So I sent him a picture of the cocaine bear yelling, you know, and saying like, what were you doing? Screaming in number 93 face last night. Just saw that. And he wrote back. Ha ha. I was actually laughing like a maniacal villain, oddly. No clue why I did that. The sexiest man alive, wow, of the Philadelphia Eagles. So you know what?

I'm just reporting exclusives here from from Germany. We thank you for that, Rich. By the way, your son has been texting me nonstop. Mom, could I have an Uber to please, Mom, Mom, Mom, while you got him, tell Cooper to respond to my trade. It's not Cooper. Oh, no, no. Cooper would never pull his phone out of his bag during a school day.

I don't know. He's thinking about it, though, with Durant and and LeBron for. No, he's not. No, he's not changed. It's LeBron straight up for no LeBron statistically better than Tatum this year.

What do you guys are not? I told you he got the shoes. He's all in his Celtics fan. He's not going to trade that. Tell him to respond. Make me a counter. He doesn't want to make you a counter because, you know, you try to screw him every time.

I'm beating the brakes off of him this week. So he's like, oh, Mom, I'm losing again. By the way, he finally won a fantasy football. So he's saying, yeah, I woke up the other day. It's a dad.

I won. Exclamation point. So by the way, he is. So your son, he's going he's doing he's got the double whammy today. He's got a basketball practice. And then he and his three buddies get into a car and go to baseball practice. So he's got the double whammy, right? And they were picking up turkey sandwiches.

I was like, that's not happening. What do you think he took with him in his bag for dinner tonight in between the two games? What's your favorite thing to eat?

My favorite thing to eat? Yeah. That goes into a baggie. Pizza.

Oh, it goes in. Oh, I don't know. Are you serious? Have you been away that long? Jesus. No.

I don't know. I had a pretzel on a train. What do you want? Peanut butter and jelly. Hey. Fantastic. What a child. Great.

This is great content here. All right. Goodbye. Hey, what are you doing tonight? Are you done for the night? Are you heading out?

What's going on? Oleg meeting you in Frankfurt? Nope. That's what I got.

I got him. Yeah. I'm doing nothing. You're looking at it. Who's doing the game? Actually, no.

I'm calling in a mad dog in an hour and a half. Oh. Yes. Yeah.

Because you can't have enough. I'll be unchained. Who's doing the game with you this weekend? Just Jason McCourty and yours truly with Sarah Walsh and Stacey Dale's in the sideline. Nice. Very fantastic. Fantastic.

Orlovsky sent back to his employers. So, that'll be that. All right. And then you're back on Monday. Monday afternoon. Yeah, but I'll be on tomorrow's show to do what's more likely.

So, that'll be Friday and then Sunday's game. And then Monday, I'll be back in studio to do overreaction Monday pod with you, Chris, fresh from the plane. I won't be here tomorrow, Rich. Andrew will be here.

It'll be great. All right. Cheers to you. Bye. Cheers to you, Rich Eisen. Hi, brother. Good night, Frankfurt.

Okay. Mike, you're so proud of yourself. Occasionally, I hit it. You really hit it there, sweetheart. You really hit it there. We got the baby monitor in front of me and Mike, and Rich just completely finished the rest of his glass and then gave us a thumbs up.

He's like, Fraulein, I'll have another fantastic. All right. Let's take a break. Let's do it. When we come back, who knows? We're off the rails. Something.

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The host of the Medium Popcorn Podcast, Brandon Collins and Justin Brown. Okay. So Paddington 2 had like 100% arrived tomatoes for you. You guys ruined that?

Justin came in and like took it down like two points because it was raining. That's the time we started getting death threats. Yeah. I'm not surprised. People worship that movie.

Putting on airs. The podcast is on YouTube and wherever you listen. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show, I'm sitting at The Rich Eisen Show radio network at The Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger's got the right product for you.

Follow and click or just stop by. Now with our new weekly fantasy football updates sponsored by prize picks. Here is T.J. Jefferson. Hey everybody. Let's get you ready for week 10 of the fantasy season. DJ Mikey D. Give me my theme music and yes, my sneakers are dope. We got the Jordan 11 Jubilees on. Just wanted to show that to everybody at home. Put your shoes back on. You know who's him this week, Chris Brockman.

What do you got? Hollywood. Hollywood swinging. Marquise Brown, my receiver of the Cardinals. Look, Kyla Murray is back.

Last year in six starts as the number one for the Cardinals with Kyler under center. Hollywood averaged 18 PPR points and three touchdowns. Now Kyler Murray's back. I think this might be time if you had Hollywood stashed, if you were starting them and you weren't really happy with the results, I think now you'll start to get happy because Kyler Murray's back. Those two have a nice little thing going in from last season.

I think it will keep up this year. Hollywood Brown is him. You know who else is him? Baker Mayfield, believe it or not. Listen, listen, Baker scored 23 points last week, which is the fifth time in eight games that he's had that many and the Titans this season, I think.

Let's see here. Two quarterbacks have scored 19 or more fantasy points against him, which isn't a lot. But the last time Baker faced the Titans, he passed for over 300 yards and four touchdowns. So he might have a nice little taste for the Titans. I'm going to say roll with Baker.

Don't be afraid. Put him in your lineup. He'll be him this week. Now, you know who's not him?

I don't think the show. I'm watching this him this week against the Ravens. Look, the Ravens are number one in fantasy.

Fewest fantasy points allowed to oppose and quarterbacks. Josh Dobbs is the only quarterback with more than 20 against them. And look, he's the past or not. He's gone. I'm not liking the shine this week against the Ravens. He ain't him.

Have a seat. You know who else is in him? Believe it or not, guys. Davante Adams against the Jets. This Jets deal is very amazing, as we know. He scored eight or fewer points in four of his past five games, and he hasn't scored a touchdown in like six, seven weeks. The Jets secondary is number one in the fewest fantasy points allowed to opposing receivers. I think Steph Diggs and I said, I think I know is the only receiver to score a touchdown against them this year.

Did you know that? So Davante Adams, for as great of a player he is this week in fantasy, he ain't him. He's not him.

Now the header gut section. Sometimes you've got to, like, go with your gut and say, this guy might be him. Jaha, Jaha, Jaha, Jaha, Jaha, Jaha, Jaha. Johan Dotson.

Remember that song about you from back in the day? Oh, Johan Dotson. My receiver, the commanders against the Seahawks. He has 26 targets in the last three games, which, you know, we all know if you have that many targets, that's a lot of volume coming at you. Your chances of being fantasy relevant are much higher. I like Johan. at least 17 and his three of his each of his last two games and also Seattle's allowed 11 receivers to score at least 13 or more fantasy points so sneaky good hair I think Johan Dodson might be him and also Jerry Judy believe it or not look I think maybe he took Steve Smith's word words and kind of used them to to help fortify himself look Buffalo's allowed nine receivers to score at least 14 fantasy points this season Cortland Sutton low-key is having a pretty decent year I think Jerry Judy can be the next guy up and like I said I'm gonna use my gun on this if you got Jerry Judy don't be afraid to start him he just might be him and that's my fantasy advice for week 10. Well our fantasy football update is sponsored by prize picks the number one daily fantasy sports app ready to test your skills join the prize picks community must be present in certain states visit for restrictions and details yeah that's a tough week fantasy too because you got a lot of teams on buys with a ton of heavy hitters in everyone's lineups chiefs dolphins eagles obviously every top team is loaded with players from those teams also the rams on a buy but yeah obviously and I wanted to say really that Prescott is him because I feel with Tommy DeVito our defense is going to just well the defense is him this week yeah but you know it's like obviously when we do these fantasy things I want to give you the obvious picks because you should be starting that you should be starting my homes you should be starting Christian McCavry every week so that's what this is to help you maybe guys who you're on the fence about put them in your lineup no doubt get that success how you doing over there and fantasy yeah five and four I still feel good about my team I'm a real high scoring team but I'm trying to work through I got AJ Brown on a buy this week you know there's news out of Cincinnati that Jamar Chase and T Higgins did not practice today so if Tyler Boyd is available in your week I have him so I'm going to start him anyway but if he's out there might want to snag him up in case those guys have to miss on Sunday because that I think that's going to be a shootout right Cincinnati and Houston I think that's going to be a high yeah I would hope so now that Joe's back yeah now that Joe's all the way back Bengals are hot you saw what CJ Stroud did last week that has the potential to be a pretty high scoring game I've got tanked L so I'm hoping for exactly tanked L uh Noah Brown and case Nico Collins is a banged up you're gonna want players in this game does that qualify as like a sneaky good game or what is that that might be that might be still good I think that's gonna be a pretty good game that was on Rich's uh top five list and I kind of agree with that I think that's going to be a pretty good game you got both teams Bengals are on the rise we think they're going to be contenders uh Texans are trying to get into that playoff mix so I think that's gonna be a pretty good game of course I got tanked L and Dalton Schultz I'm starting them both so I really hope that this is a big game yeah absolutely yeah I wouldn't know how to do this this is so complicated too many numbers you'll figure it out yeah it's like it's like unfrozen caveman how have you gone how have you gone this long I don't understand and not been in a fantasy league because now cooper's super into it yeah I kind of imagine Taylor is like a year or two away from wanting why can't I have a fantasy team you know what I mean I'm not that popular I'm not even in a book club like I have friends that are in a book club and they'll like rub it in I can say this because they won't watch the show but like I'm smart now you're friends I can be in a book club they're all in book clubs are they really reading the books yeah they're really reading the books nerds and they're getting together to discuss them with white wine done white wine you lost me by the way like it's what's girlier than a book club with white wine nothing nothing I'm like pour me a vodka on the rocks and we'll talk no I'm not that uh yeah see Mikey you and I come on you and I think alike exactly we know I mean we've known each other a long time not drinking white wine yuck no not even if it's intercept I won't drink white wine champagne I mean I'm no dummy tj champagne there's I mean there's some low totals this week like tonight's total I just go back to the games for a second 38 and a half tonight is the is the total also 40 and a half saints vikings 39 and a half packers stealers 39 and a half titans bucks 38 and a half browns ravens 39 and a half giants cowboys giants may not score and then monday night jets raiders 36 and a half that's the lowest nfl total of the year no it's that's paltry it's a bad number by the way it's a lot of bad low scoring matchups this weekend or a lot of great defensive football I know I it's not that not as exciting though I mean that's tj it's like we want to we want to see some I want to see some makeup on it that's all that's true uh highest total week not surprising lions chargers that game should be a shootout it's so fun that'll be totally fun yeah that'll be a real fun game um if you're looking for tickets you need to find new ways to find tickets yeah I always need you want to go to a game always need tickets so you want to go to a show my kids like three different shows all the time it's like mom I want to go here I want to go everywhere I'm like I can't keep up I need an uber for my own account it's only one of you but when I'm buying the tickets I go to because I can see where they're sitting and I know that they're not going to screw me at the last minute with weird numbers or adding percentages they're going to give it to me straight I'm going to know how to find my tickets and I'm going to know my views from my seat and the best price is guaranteed on gametime app and you have to do it this way so browse through the app and then decide where you're going and then ignore your kids and go where you want to go I think that's the bottom line they've got deals on the tickets right up until the start of the event best for me they have tickets even an hour after it starts so it is the best place to find last minute seats when your kids unappreciatively ask you to go somewhere so take the guesswork out of buying tickets with gametime download the app create an account use the code rich r-i-c-h for twenty dollars off of your first purchase restrictions apply visit for terms again create the account redeem the code r-i-c-h for twenty dollars off download gametime today last minute tickets lowest price guaranteed still laughing at myself for having read the westwood one I've never in 30 years done that before and I worked with some doozies who Ron Burgundy their way through a broadcast is the football season is underway and believe podcasts are talking about it when he went home and went to sleep michael parsons is terrorizing him believe has podcasts covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams too and to be only producing 15 points a game that's something that is definitely disheartening sideline to sideline end zone to end zone as a quarterback I would expect him to be acting like that take the accountability put that on yourself don't put it on your teammates search b-l-e-a-v podcasts wherever you listen stream the nfl on westwood one for free sponsored by autozone all season long you can listen to every westwood one broadcast of the nfl live on the nfl app by asking alexa to open wwo sports or on your westwood one affiliate station's digital platforms that is right stream kevin harland kurt warner and rich eisen all season long for free and get in the zone with autozone the free autozone fix finder service can help you find a fix for free get in the zone autozone restrictions apply I'm not gonna lie a little bummed out that nothing came down with michigan while I was on the air yeah I kind of thought we were gonna get some today Bruce was here yesterday bruce fellman from fox and the athletic and he said you know maybe in the next 18 to 24 hours it's coming gone it's been 25 hours now and we got nothing dan wetzel an hour one from yahoo sports we got a great interview with him if you missed it you can see this repeat on roku or you can listen to it on the rich eisen show youtube page or you can do whatever you want but I'm just bummed out that we can't use our breaking news animation or our sound effects I wanted to chew on this one guys and if it goes down right after we get off the air I'm coming back tomorrow do you want to call in tomorrow if that happens yeah of course I do done locked it in yeah just to flex and show I can do you want to call Andrew and be like hey I just let you know something happened in the studio the show's cancelled what if what if Andrew calls in and it's like don't show up huskins I don't know what happened like all four of my tires what happened I'm stuck he lives too close so he could still probably walk here yeah he likes hiking just that's true don't let him get chased by monkeys yeah I will just be very jealous if uh that's how I lose the breaking news do we have a phone call here rooster in Austin Texas how are you they come to snuff the rooster he's up hey that's my song how y'all doing how are you Matthew McConaughey's brother because then his brother rooster I am not I I would love to take McConaughey out on one of my five star electric bike tours here in Austin Texas and I'm inviting you and the whole crew to come on a free tour don't you ever find yourself here in Austin I'm a former school teacher 25 years and now I do these five star tours and I absolutely love it oh that's fantastic what's your favorite favorite site in Austin oh there's too many to tell you about I can show you things that the locals tell me they have never seen and they've been living here for years fantastic fun I make them educational because of my former job and it's truly phenomenal I'd like you to check out my instagram and check out my pictures and my videos rooster underscore tour underscore guide and it's with good vibes tours the only heat bike tours in Austin with good vibes and I'm a huge 49er fan and this is our year all right rooster well we really appreciate the call in and we'll check you out and uh no electric bikes for you guys I'm just saying like that's a let's lame I think electric bikes are cheating I mean you gotta pedal you gotta pedal people on electric bikes you can't pedal you don't really pedal it's like it's like having a rocket use the motor no you can do both you can choose to not I had one I say had because someone decided didn't need it so they stole it but I used to have one and yeah you don't have to you can completely turn it off but the bikes are kind of heavy so it kind of helps but yeah you don't have to rooster just broke the Amy Trask rules which is unless you're paying us we will not um we will not broadcast or uh support your financial endeavors Amy gets really very particular about it on what the football which you can listen to or download wherever you find your podcast look we're of the people here if rooster wants to call in and promote his business I personally I hey I'm checking out rooster's Instagram right now how's it look this guy looks like a good time is it is it Oleg but with a wig on I would love it if Oleg called right now that would be tremendous he's probably hammered it's like nine o'clock what's your percentage that Oleg shows up in Vegas and is a part of the Rich Eisen show hi I'm willing to bet that Roku Joe right now is creating an Oleg fund somewhere this guy's coming to Vegas at 51 percent it's over it's better than half odds I'm just so glad I brought this up because the look of sheer joy on this man's face to be able to show Michael Jackson and blanket at that and by the way Chris when when I went there like 2000 I think three like I said we're getting the tour and we're looking at the Brandenburg gate and it's you know historic and no I didn't know and then the person with us was like by the way you know when Michael Jackson held the it was right and me and my boy were like wait what like yeah so that you would even remember that happened that you and rich are cut from the same cloth because it would never even have occurred to me that's where it all went down well rich brought it up oh tj brought it up and was like you know you got to go check out the hotel where Michael Jackson dangled right away did this guy was listening and like yeah and brought it up culture though you know that like more than anybody there's just certain things that I think all of us just have these weird things that for some reason we memorize or we remember and like maybe no one else would it's just I don't know it's just how your brain works this is very German I said to rich when he was going to Berlin I said you've got to go see and I don't remember if it's called I don't remember the name of the museum but it's the ishtar gate which is one of the most famous pieces of art that was actually taken I think from Pergamon and brought to Berlin and it's incredible and I when I went there with my mom years ago I went straight there and just had the greatest time said rich go so he shows up at the museum and it says closed for either the next three or thirty years this is what it said it's like reopening in three or thirty years was this 2020 or whoa oh this is recently he went yesterday or the day before because they're in a renovation but can you imagine he's like well he sees that it's closed for renovations and he thinks maybe it'll be open on Thursday and it was like maybe not it was like it's either going to reopen in your lifetime or it's not or your grandkids can come that's right I'm surprised we didn't get some more like food reviews from him he's been very I think for rich very judicious in his food posting well that's because Brockman shamed him yeah shamed him just because Chris didn't like it I didn't mind I gotta say he needed to be kind of like yo bro like relax in the food relax relax relax first off he's a dude what does that matter dude shouldn't post pictures of their feet and nobody cares what you're eating I agree with that the feet I don't agree with wait a minute why would you post a picture of your feet anyway people do ask people who are I mean like on an airplane at the beach and like show their toes in the sand I think that's that whole like flex them at the beach when they show like the water and their feet so they can show they're actually at the beach just tilt the camera up right six inches so we avoid the toes see your feet I don't agree with the the food thing yeah what's up with that look Anthony Bourdain made a career out of food rich is not Bourdain he cooks pancakes that's it like what do you cook everything why you said that in a lower he said that like it was a michelin you said that there should be a new thing lower register you're like everything everything everything I'm just saying what do you make he what do you make on your Italian vacation he posted everything that went in his mouth what do you make what he what would you like that's actually good make everything what would you like what do you make uh killer breakfast I can smoke any types of meats he does he does make a mean brisket I can't front you know it's so funny I wouldn't know because he's never made any any of these things he's rolling off I can't front his brisket is delicious really yeah I wouldn't know because he's never made any when he comes to my house Suzy where's the brisket where's the brisket I went to your house and brought chicken wings and made them you did wow yeah I don't eat chicken wings yeah can't eat any meat on a bone won't make it anymore meat on a bone oh I can't the idea of like no chicken wings oh it's disgusting I can't I can't hold a bone it feels too scary wow Taylor she's a carnivore interesting good yeah I had I made dinner last night which sit down everybody I made dinner last night I just for the guys you see like get in the kitchen like you ordered dinner it's okay I actually made it last night thank you very much I made New York strips look at you look at I mean that's some fancy stuff and I made uh and I did make a couple lamb chops just to try to get my kids eat something that's not sounds like pizza and uh and and Taylor sat there with this sh eating grid in her face like with a boat she loves her total carnivore I mean like I can't do it I can't eat it off a bone wow can't eat a chicken wing ever this has always been a thing since I was little clearly you can I can cut it off I can't but I make a great steak for all of you who think I should go back to the kitchen I make a great steak peanut butter and jelly well then I say you go back to the kitchen make a steak bring it in for us right steaks tomorrow oh but she's not gonna I don't know Andrew's here let's see if Andrew brings Andrew right now bring us Andrew Siciliano I love you uh it's been so fun sitting here for two days and I'm gonna go back to the kitchen now see you guys next Tuesday on what the football with Amy Trask do not miss it Marshall Falk will be with us in studio goodbye everybody how wrestling really works and how you get the ratings Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks too much time is spent discussing talent's age the younger demo is just as excited about Paul Heyman or John Cena or an undertaker or Becky Lanchard I don't care what their birth certificate says they're going to draw a younger demo because they're fun to watch and they're great entertainers 83 weeks on youtube or wherever you listen you
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