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What the Football with Suzy Shuster and Amy Trask: 9

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 7, 2023 6:45 pm

What the Football with Suzy Shuster and Amy Trask: 9

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 7, 2023 6:45 pm

Suzy and Amy discuss CJ Stroud and Josh Dobb’s standout performances from Week 8, the aftermath of the Raiders cleaning house, react to another disappointing performance from Zach Wilson, and much more from the NFL week.  

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Last minute tickets, lowest prices guaranteed. Amy, I'm in a cranky mood. It's Tuesday. Rich is in Germany and in the middle of two games. First game, amazing. An amazing, great game.

9.2 million people watched the Dolphins Chiefs in Frankfurt, which was kind of crazy. Crazy and exciting crazy. And by the way, I'm cranky too. I don't know why. And really, I don't have reason to be cranky, but sometimes don't you just get cranky when you don't have a reason to be cranky? I just woke up in the wrong side of the bed today. And I just woke up annoyed about everything.

Okay, but Rich is gone. So the whole bed is yours. I don't know about you, but when I sleep, I literally sleep in maybe the smallest square footage. I can make my bed so easily, but I can't sleep that well when he's away because my ears are open, three kids, two dogs.

One of our dogs, Dylan, the dog, white English cream, golden retriever, rescue. Of course, of course. Comes in every day like a rooster at 4.05.

She leaves Cooper's room, she sneaks out the door and she wakes me up. And so I've been up since 4.05. Okay. Hold my beer.

Not the freeway, but the time. Hold my beer because I've been out of bed since 3 AM. Woke up. And so, Suze, when I wake up in the middle of the night or in the wee hours of the morning, here's how my brain works.

I lay there in bed thinking I really should fall back asleep. And then I start thinking, I wonder how deep the Mariana Trench is in the ocean. And I wonder what the circumference of the earth is. And I wonder what the distance from one planet to the next.

I really think about these things. And then I shake my husband awake. I'm like, how deep is the Mariana Trench? And he rolls over and he's like, it's three in the morning. And then I'll say, what's the circumference of the earth?

I cannot go back to sleep if I don't know the circumference of the earth. So then I just get up and start looking all this stuff up. So really, you should just call me at four in the morning or up.

Listeners, she does send the earliest emails of all time. And like, I get up early. I'm up at 5.30 ish.

As Chad Johnson would say, child, please. Yeah. I mean, you get up insane hours. I think 5.30 is reasonable, maybe six o'clock on an off day. That's like half the day is gone.

I need to be out of bed up by five. By the way, while we're on the topic of bed and life and sleeping, I need to just share with our podcast listeners and viewers something about the restroom here at the Rich Eisen studio. So you walk into the restroom and of course, there's a toilet because it's a restroom. And hanging on the wall behind the toilet is a giant picture of Bill Belichick. And it says, do your job. I cannot use the restroom here without walking in and seeing that picture.

Do your job. There it is right there. I actually have the t-shirt. I think I wore it already on this podcast. And I wore it the other day to Taylor's basketball game. And she went out there and lit it up. So I'm saying maybe because she's in this league here run by a fellow mass hole named Karen Goldberg, who I love so much, Goldie's league. It's an all girls league clearly.

And it's really aggressive. It's great. But I wore my do your job shirt and I felt really good about myself. And that's a little teaser because we will talk a little bit about Bill Belichick, whether or not someone else is going to do his job for him next year. Little look ahead. My brother may have tweeted in a question because guys today, here's what we thought. We're both salty and cranky. Why? I don't know. Like, I don't know.

We don't sleep that much. The coffee wasn't that great today. The Patriots suck. I'm tired of like the Jets, like Aaron Rogers, crapola, like come back already or don't, you know? So I'm kind of like salty today because all the, you know, poor Rich is in Berlin and he's watching his Jets just look awful.

And I'm just, I'm cranky. I'm thinking, why didn't they just get a new quarterback? Why didn't they just get somebody out there? Like, why did they make Zach Wilson go through this?

Did they really believe that he could do this? Why have such a great defense? A moment the Jets could be happy about. I get it. We started this season, our very first podcast, we talked about Aaron Rogers and we saw him out there and everyone's freaking out on the internet because he threw a 58-yard warm-up pass, three-step drop.

I get it. The kid, Aaron Rogers, if he wants to be a modern miracle of medicine, he already is. We've heard him. Like, you know, somebody asked me, you're coming back. He said, give me a couple of weeks. Maybe they'll come back.

I don't know. But I watched last night's game and we're taping this on a Tuesday, as you all know. And all I could do is feel bad for Zach Wilson. And I know everyone's like, oh, don't be an idiot. He's making all this money. But I'm in a bad mood so I can be allowed to do whatever I want to do.

Look, if they bring Aaron Rogers back, and I don't know if they will, I don't know if they can, they better find a way to protect him because the last thing you want to do is put him back there and have him re-injure himself. And by the way, you've just said you're cranky about the Patriots, Rich is cranky about the Jets. You know who's not cranky? Raider fans.

Oh, I know. And guys, we know this is not a Raiders podcast, but this is what we have to say. We told you. They listened. Clearly, the Raiders are out there watching every single episode of What the Football because this is what happened, right?

I mean- Warren Sapp came on and said- Warren came on and said, fire your coach. How we long had some smart things to say. It's been a topic that, you know, they probably did listen to us. Well, who doesn't?

I mean, God, we're the only people setting it straight. But basically, Amy, what was your reaction to the celebration in the locker room? Guys smoking cigars and, you know, Devante Adams has an NBA ref come up to him. We actually have it. We're going to play this for you right now.

That's awesome. That's an extra Fowler who's there. And they're basically talking to this NBA ref who can tell just from watching, you know, the game, how the chemistry's changed in the locker room. Well, and when you read or heard the quotes after the termination of the head coach, Devante Adams talked about a happy feeling in the locker room. Max Crosby talked about it.

Hunter Renfrew talked about it. It was very, very, very apparent that there was a tremendous weight taken off the player's shoulders. And you saw it in the performance on the field, and you saw it in the celebration in the locker room. And as you can imagine, Susie, I've been asked by umpteen people what I thought about the firing. And it was absolutely unequivocally the right thing to do. But I will note it was very, very costly.

Now, sometimes you have to spend money to correct a mistake. That was a costly hiring and a costly firing. Doesn't mean it wasn't the right thing to do. It was.

And I want to make clear, I'm not equivocating on that. It was the right thing to do to fire him. But that was a costly error. You know, the numbers that are being reported and these don't reflect or include other terminations that have gone on in the organization since then, including a COO and some others, it's upwards of $85 million. You add that to the amount they had to pay Gruden in a settlement. That's a lot of money. That's a lot of money. Where's all this money coming from? You know, great question because people think there's unlimited supplies of money. And look, these teams are worth an exorbitant amount of money. And the revenues every single year are tremendous.

But make no mistake about it. However you cut it, $85 million is a lot of money. So the Raiders now are on their eighth head coach in 13 years. Even I can do that math, I hope, correctly.

I'm not even going to try, but do the math in your head. That's a lot of head coaches and I hope they get it right. So again, was it the right thing to do to fire him? Absolutely unequivocally. Was hiring him a very, very expensive mistake? Yes, it was. Yeah.

I mean, we talked about this off camera. We're going to have to take a hiatus on discussing the Raiders head coach at the moment just because we're both such dog people and there's a little bit of a past there that is dragged into the conversation. So let's just wrap it up by saying great job for Devante.

Wishing them all the best as they move forward. And I love that NBA ref coming over. How great is that? I mean, it's just so funny.

You just see how like the chemistry of a team is so palpable. You can tell. And by the way, we've seen this for years and years, but boy, I'm glad that you were able to kind of button that up because it is a lot of money. All right, so let's move on from the Raiders because obviously we've got, well, there's a big game coming up this Sunday that Rich is going to be panicked about again. Oh, I might have to bet Rich ice cream. Yeah. Will he take that bet?

Remember when we bet ice cream on Raiders Patriots and you had to buy me ice cream? Yeah. I'm going to do that with Rich. Yeah, do it.

Okay. He would be more than happy to do that. And it was funny because he said, do you want me to zoom in today? Should I zoom in for you guys? Because we had originally talked to Marshall Falk about coming on today.

He's going to come in actually in studio next Tuesday. And Rich said, well, why don't I zoom in? And I said, no, I think we're going to just chat today. We have a lot to talk about.

We wanted to get some questions in from some listeners and viewers. And he's like, well, I don't mind. And I was like, we're cool. We're going to chat. He goes, are you sure? And it was so sweet.

And I was like, no, as you'd say, hold my beer. I got a podcast. I just thought something in for the rich eyes and show the next two days and he will be zooming in for that as well. And Marshall is going to be joining us. We just all decided it would be a lot more fun for Marshall to do it in person rather than on zoom. And by the way, you know, you mentioned that rich just did that phenomenal, phenomenal broadcast from Germany. Actually, you didn't say phenomenal, phenomenal.

I'm saying it was a phenomenal broadcast. But that meant you were home on game day with no rich. So how is game day different in the Schuster Eizen home when rich is not there?

Let me explain to you what I will never do again in like my life. I will never watch games with him on a Sunday. The way he watches games, it is nauseating.

He's got in his office and God bless him. Three TVs. He splits the two on the left and the right into quadrants. I don't even know how to do that. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

He watches nine games at the same time. I don't know. And I don't want to know. I can't.

So I think this is maybe some difference between how men and women think this is my theory. Like I watch a game and I want to follow the narrative of a game. Oh, not me. How do you watch? You know, they always, there's that stereotype that women like the stories associated with the game. I don't want stories associated with the game. I want X's, O's, downs and distance.

I want to know whether it's man or zone, rushing three or four. I'm not interested in stories. But anyway, please go on. Can you do that at the same time though? He watches all the, and he's, he's got that stupid clicker and he's bouncing from one thing to the other. And then I don't know which game has got going on.

He's got the volume coming from here and this one over the left. I don't know where to look. I feel sick to my stomach. I get nauseous.

I leave the room. So that's how we watch games on Sunday. And by the way, sorry to interrupt you.

No, I'm not. And by the way, like I got like baseball and Camarillo half the time and I've got to be in a basketball game and I'm trying to like take care of our house. I'm lucky if I watch a little, that's why Sunday night to me is nice. It's one game I can watch it. Monday night football, I'm in the car picking up from baseball.

So I listened to the second. So like Kevin Harlan is like my favorite. I mean, it was funny because last night on Westwood One, Brenda Warner was in the booth. She never goes, she never watches Kurt. I don't think she's ever watched Kurt work.

She, I think she was falling asleep in the booth because they were basically razzing her the whole time. But that's how I watch. Okay. So in the olden days, you know, you just had one remote control and you clicked on the TV and you watched a game. And if there were games on multiple channels, you could just go back and forth.

Well, now, as you know, I'm in the studio very early in the morning on Sundays for that other pregame show on CBS Sports Network. My husband now knows, and he is so good to do this because when I get home, he has all the different remote controls set out for me because I mean, it's Susie now, you know, you need one for Roku and one for this and one for that. And there's like a zillion remote controls. And some of the stuff is streaming.

And I realize I sound like an old, old, well, I'm not even going to go and say what I was going to say. But I just want one remote control. I just, so my husband has the remotes set out for me. So when I get home from the studio, he watches the whole show and then he goes and works out, but he labels him. He's like, you use this remote for this TV and this remote for this TV.

And if you want to stream, you use this. You don't have to have it like this. It's not like that anymore. We have one remote.

We don't. Yeah. It's on YouTube TV now, which I can't believe.

See, I'm so sorry. I'm saying YouTube TV because you're going to say they're not paying. I'm like, if they're not, well, no, but you know what?

There's the Rich Eisen show, YouTube channel, and we are promoted on that. So you're allowed to say that. So I ask my kids to put it on because I don't know how to do it. And they put it on and I can watch games. So basically your children are doing for you what my husband's doing for me.

Cooper's basically putting it on, choosing the audio, and then he sits there and he does what his dad does. And I'm like, what the hell are you doing? Stop.

I can't watch these games this way. That sounded like New England. Like stop, stop.

Like who? New England. I was like, stop. That whole New England thing. So annoying. But I will say this. I can't watch with Rich.

It's infuriating. So what I like to do is make him go to his office. You should actually put a GoPro on Rich on Sunday.

And Rich, I'm going to put a tracking device on you. All right. This is really getting, we're really heading in different directions here. So what else should we complain about? I still have room to complain about the Jets more.

You saw that Carson Wentz got signed by the Rams. I think that's an interesting late season, mid season, actually only mid season edition, but like I still wonder. I think interesting is a very diplomatic word. Okay.

So what would you call it? I don't like it. Why? I've never been sold on Carson Wentz. And look, I understand they need to add a quarterback and I understand what week of the season we're in.

I'm just not wowed by it. But who else is there to get though? That's the problem.

Like there's the same couple guys that are out there. We are, I mean, we are not in a place right now where it's a very depth, a deep well. Well, and that goes to the point we discussed a couple of weeks ago, which is, this is why I think they should push the trade deadline back in the NFL. The season's longer now. It's no longer 16 weeks.

It's 18 weeks. And as I shared before, so I won't belabor the point now. I sat in those league owners meetings for almost 30 years and the trade deadline was a hot topic because there were some owners who thought, and this was even before the season was 18 weeks, push the trade deadline back so that teams that are in contention still have an opportunity to sign people. And there were other owners who said, no, we don't want players rented and we don't want fire sales, but your point is well taken, Suzy.

They had to make an addition and they chose what they thought was best. I'm just not wowed by him. You know who I am wowed by? Some of the quarterbacks we saw play last week.

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Not all titles currently available. Yeah, because Amy and I were talking about how important we think some of these young quarterbacks are as they emerge. And I was just saying that I look back and I think about when Charles Barkley used to say that athletes aren't role models. And I think that was the beginning of a strange time for him because people, Charles has had maybe the greatest turnaround of almost any athlete that I can think of because he went from that bad boy, athletes aren't role models, and now look at him, he's a great role model.

Tremendous. And I just loved CJ Stroud taking the time to talk about his dad being incarcerated. And he came off of one of the greatest rookie performances of all time. And he wanted to take the time to talk about his dad and to talk about how he felt like the prison system was unfair and his own experience having a dad who's incarcerated.

And he took the time away from what is undoubtedly the highlight of his rookie career, maybe his entire career, this massive win over the box with the Texans. And he chose to take his time and talk about prison reform. And I just love the fact that he had the wherewithal and the vision to take a stand. I just hate it when people don't take a stand. So he's my guy that I was excited about. I truly believe that if you have a platform, you have to use it.

Well, and I will turn to the guy that excited me last week, but I will tell you, I agree with you about CJ. And I took a class in college on prison reform. And as part of that class, we took, I guess you'd call it a field trip. And we went to San Quentin.

And we went to a prison up in Vacaville, which is also a medical facility and medical prison. We're trying to it's where Charlie Manson was for a while. Charlie, Charles Manson, excuse me, let me not be so you're good friend.

No, good friend. Oh, my gosh, I grew up terrified of that whole Manson thing here. And I grew up in Los Angeles. And that was that left a mark on a lot of people.

Just the fright, not the whole, you know, there were people who were murdered by them, but it cast a shadow on on a lot of people. But CJ is right. Prison reform is long overdue in this country. And I learned that visiting San Quentin and visiting the prison in Vacaville and taking this course on prison reform.

And I won't belabor the issue now. But the fact that we allow in this country, people to run prisons for profit is utterly, utterly insane. It's just wrong. Their prisons shouldn't be a business.

If our goal is to rehabilitate people and give them another chance and get them right, then incentivizing people to run prisons for profit is just dumb. Well, I just thought that I love the fact that he took that opportunity and that, you know, the single game NFL rookie passing record in that win over the box. And I'll give you the numbers in case you're at all curious, but 470 yards, five touchdowns. I just like seeing a young man step into the spotlight like that. So that's that was kind of like in my bad mood prep. I kind of thought I wanted to highlight the work that I think he's doing and be appreciative of it.

I agree with you. And now to further lift your mood, I will point to someone that I was just wowed by. I'm enamored with him. He's phenomenal.

Josh Dobbs. He stepped on the field last week. He didn't know most of his teammates full names yet. He had never taken a snap under their center.

They had never heard his cadence and none of the receivers had caught practice pass for him. But he went on the field and he led that team. Just it was magnificent. And there's something else absolutely magnificent. And I love this about him even more. My dad was an aerospace engineer. He would have loved him. My mom was a scientist and loved everything having to do with NASA.

She would have loved him. He did an internship for NASA. The NFLPA has a magnificent, magnificent internship program.

Shout out to you Nolan Harrison for the work the NFLPA does with these internships. He interned for NASA. And I absolutely love that NASA, one of the NASA accounts, put out a tweet congratulating him on the win and the nickname they now have for him, Pastronaut. Get it? Passing? Astronaut? Pastronaut?

Get it? Anyway, Josh Dobbs, Pastronaut, intern at NASA, on the field a leader. I am rooting and cheering for this young man to to succeed on the field and off. But what about the other nickname which is the Dobb Father? That's fantastic.

I don't, I was not aware of that one. You know it's funny when you go to do games if you're a broadcaster or sideline reporter, you get to pick in advance who you want to interview. And I always would pick an offensive lineman because those are the guys that usually, you know, those are the brains on the field for the most part. Now I'm not, I mean I can hear Ed Reed saying how dare you.

I can just think of like plenty of guys saying like how dare you. But I would always want to talk to offensive linemen because they were the smartest and those are the guys like doing kind of the craziest things and those are the guys with a dual degree in chemistry and microbiology while they were playing football and what have you. But Josh Dobbs, I mean he's breaking the mold. I read this funny thing about him and Gardner Minshew and they were like basically going back and forth with who did better on the Wonderlick. You know, obviously you know all about the Wonderlick. The Wonderlick of course is kind of like, wouldn't you call that like the IQ test of the National Football League?

Well you're asking the girl by the way who just was never ever good at standardized tests. So yes it is and there's a lot of controversy about the Wonderlick and one thing I've never been able to stand is when teams have leaked Wonderlick information that's just absolutely wrong. But yeah those two have had a wonderful wonderful exchange and if I were Josh Dobbs I would just look at Gardner whomever and say yeah NASA intern. I rest my case.

It's so cool. Well I wish them both good luck because again those are like two young guys we would really like to follow and wanted to highlight. Before we go on we're going to take a lot of questions. We have some questions from some of our viewers because we were going to have Marshall Falk on this week. I think Rich promo'd him a couple times. So did I.

And you did. Marshall got stuck on a flight to Salt Lake on the way to New Orleans. He's speaking at a speaking engagement in New Orleans on Thursday. You know he's from there. He'll be on the Rich Eisen show on Wednesday with me but he's going to come in studio to make up for this and I just love him for that.

So he's going to be here in studio next Tuesday which I believe is the 14th. So we just thought we would just chat today and take questions because we really appreciate that we're building this chemistry and building this community for what the football. So in a second we're going to take questions.

First I'm going to talk to you about game time because they're so great and they're so wonderful and they've been with us since the very get-go and I love this app because I can see my way around it and I've told you guys this before it's just I have so many kids and I have so many people to make happy and so many things to go to. What I like about it is I don't have to guess. I can't do numbers. I don't have a math requirement in my college. I have no math degree.

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you want to go first no you can go uh i think all the stories are overhyped i really do um there are some good stories there are some important stories but i sometimes think the hype around the stories is a little bit much now by the way i'm just not a hype girl i'm not a hot take girl i'm not a yell and scream girl i like a reasoned and reasonable discussion um you know the the question is very very apt because there has been a lot of hype around the dak issue um but i'd be hard-pressed to just name one because i think a lot of stories get too much hype i think the jets story is everything to me i mean i started the show talking about this but over hype is this you know is erin coming back this season i mean the the tizzy that most of the football world is in because the guy walks on the field with supportive shoes and throws a couple warm-up passes erin himself went on i think it was pat mccaffee saying this is how his stress reliever getting out there the guy's got a rocket we understand he's got an incredible arm that's why he's there but the way people are panting to know whether he's coming back and to me i mean to have a defense as good as the jets have and to put it to such waste the way they are and by the way garrett wilson every week just creating majesty is that a word it is now i think it is i think it is he's incredible every week every week he's making he's like and he makes a play appear and it's just i think that to me is the hype that i can't steal all right here's another one for you the will bill belicheck be back will he be back as a head coach will he be back as a head coach slash gm will he be in charge of purchasing the groceries to use the bill parcells euphemism will he be back at all you know well let me let me interrupt you there because we have a question that's just that exact thing um from one kind of meld them together and do them together okay one scott shuster 11 which i mean wait a minute oh boy here we go hi amy where will bill belicheck be working next year and any chance he would agree to work with a new general manager in new england so they can avoid drafting stiff like tae kwon thornton nikil harry and juan williams first of all shouldn't that question have begun hello amy please tell my lovely brilliant sister that i say hi she's from new england there's there's no there's no uh there's no uh formalities there's no icing on the cake in new england well we'll answer that question in two ways then because as to the first question you read i do think that this is one of the overhyped stories but imagine that people in new england overhyping something go figure as to the substantive issue that one scott shuster has raised um the answer is we don't know what robert and jonathan craft are going to do in new england what i do know from having worked with both of them for a lot of years is it will be a thoughtful reasoned reasonable decision it's not going to be you know spur of the moment it's not going to be just emotionally done they're going to think this through and one of the things that we're going to do and one of the issues is do they keep bill as a head coach and divorce the gm responsibilities and give it to someone else or do they move on entirely i would like to see bill stay there i think bill is a tremendous coach give the gm responsibilities to someone else i saw video i'm sure you did too on the internet of bob craft and his son jonathan and jonathan seems to be mouthing the words like they got to be better and of course they have to be better they have a lot of seats in that stadium right now they have people not used to being losers well and that's what they are right now well i think they have a very big decision to make at quarterback actually i don't think it's a hard decision um it's an important decision maybe that's a better word for me to use they have an important decision to make at at quarterback um do you remember that movie um come on and half the way um and a wind tower the the devil wears yeah the devil wears do you remember that scene where the character says what i'm hearing is blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and she's moving her hand up and down and she says what i want to be hearing is and then she draws her hand across her lips as i have to say miranda priestly said that of course there you go every time mac jones talks i think of that scene from the devil wears prada what i'm hearing is blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and what i want to be hearing is nothing just go and i get it i get it he has responsibilities he has to talk to the press but the platitudes that come out and just enough they've got an important decision to make it quarterback i don't think he's the answer there but you know it's funny it's always new england that has to do with shopping for groceries and i go back to the old parcells thing because parcells of course bill parcells one and two he's like if i'm gonna what it was if i'm gonna cook in the kitchen i want to shop for the groceries and it's what do you think it is about these coaches that want to wear both hats john gruden is another example of that john gruden was a very good coach not good at building a roster not good at player personnel decisions and look every one of us has things at which you know that we do well and then we have things we don't do well and i think the best leaders and the best business people and the best in every industry are people who recognize i do this well but i don't do this well and defer to others yeah i think i mean if i were i don't think i'd want to do both would you want to do both if you could be back in the if you could be upstairs but in a different role would you want to be a gm and coach i think i'd want to i'd want to have a gm that i could really work with who got me but i would be like get the hell out of my coaching room get out of my conference room go find me who i want but i don't think i'd want both would you here's the four most important words in business and you've heard me saying before communicate collaborate cooperate coordinate and that's what you would want in a gm and head coach role if you've got and you don't even need to call it a gm maybe it's a head of player personnel maybe you know but you want people who work collaboratively and and who communicate well and look i said it before we all have things we do well and things we don't did you notice earlier i didn't do math on air because in our very first podcast together i did the math wrong and it's so funny for somebody whose job it was to run numbers you're not gonna oh okay the first time al davis walked into my office it wasn't the first time he walked in my office i said that poorly when he walked into my office one day and for the first time saw me counting on my fingers the expression on his face i mean he's looking at me like you're in charge of our financial statements and our banking relationships and our our accounting and our audits and she's counting on her fingers but i do i count on my fingers we got another question from mlb fun one did any other sport nba mlb nhl ever try to pry you away from football would you have ever accepted a job in another sport if asked and as always hi well first of all thank you very much for saying hi and hi i was not pursued by mlb nba nhl but when i gave notice and left the raiders i was contacted by a number of other nfl teams and oh come on susie there's confidentiality do i really want to get you sued no please don't i don't have the time yeah um but the answer is no and i was a raider and to me that wasn't fungible and there were umpteen people i worked with and knew throughout my career that worked for teams both on the football part of the organization and the other you know business roles although football is a business in its whole but people throughout organizations whether ceos cfos gms coaches um and i'll leave coaches out of this because they get fired regularly and they do move around a lot but exempting coaches all the other roles i knew a lot of people who moved from team to team to team to team and one day they'd be wearing the you know the red of the 49ers and then the green of the eagles or the green of the eagles and then the red of the chiefs and that was fine for them but to me being a raider wasn't fungible i was a raider and i didn't want to go somewhere else i hear you i hear you i would much rather be a gm than a coach i don't think i don't i love live and i love pressure but i think i i would rather be up there if you had to coach the players if you had okay you go to all these different games you go to basketball you go to football you go to um soccer if you were told right now you are the coach of a professional team what's so fun what sport would you want to coach and it can be any sport it can be an olympic sport it can be a team sport it can be an individual sport what sport would you want to coach that makes it so much harder i thought you were just going to talk about the big four okay fine answer that um okay i'm thinking so many guys on a football team i'd have to remember their names um i mean if you do baseball you know you get to sit around a lot and you get to like you know spit chew tobacco so you get to spit and you get to like you get to throw fits you don't spit i spit do you spit but you swear a lot and i spit yeah you do yes i'm running i spit oh well you're human but i mean i don't spit on anyone and i make sure i don't spit near anyone and i can't believe i just admitted on the podcast i spit but i grew up in the earl weaver era of just spitting and kicking and having a fit i kind of like that so i i think i could do that i i think you get the cool clipboard if you're coaching the mba and you can draw like i always like i used to always peer over the shoulder of the coaches and i'm like what are you doing i'm like i want to see what you're writing and one of them once wrote big letters get out that's what a ref once did well no a ref actually once handed me a pen i was sitting courtside in oakland at a warriors game and i didn't like some of the calls and so every time the ref would make a call i didn't like i'd you know oh that was a bad call oh that was horrible oh that was terrible and the guy turns to me and says here's a pen keep a list i'll review it after the game i think it was go away susie i think it's what he wrote it wouldn't get away i think it was alvin gentry i used to sit in alvin judge that's hilarious now this podcast is off the rails i used to sit in his sorry alvin he used to have bootleg copies of movies in his office should you really be sharing that sure so i guess the statute of limitations is right and so in the lakers and clippers would have double headers you know there's a couple hours in between so you'd have to hang out at staples center waiting for the next game to start and alvin's like oh come watch movie and he'd have like bootlegs it was crazy maybe he just got us you know academy pre-screens they were so not pre-screens anyway i digress i feel so much less cranky now uh i feel less cranky this is like i do too you know what i i'm not cranky anymore well this is what i would say this podcast is starting to get long so why don't we do this because i just feel like i don't want to go too long guys i know somebody said oh you guys can't go too long but we don't want to you know we want to be there for your commute or for your run or your walk or whatever you're doing so i don't want to go too long this is what i would like to do can i invite you guys to send in more questions we love it we think it's super fun and um you know we will be able to be back with you next tuesday and we will have marshall fall because we mentioned but i do feel less cranky maybe it's just talking it out and bitching and moaning in front of a microphone that feels like a lot less expensive than going to therapy but maybe it's just that maybe it's just that i'm here and i made you not cranky because you made me not cranky and by the way susie you're absolutely right if you want to tweet questions i'm sorry are we supposed to call it x now i won't if you want to access questions or if you want to put them on the rich eyes in youtube channel um yeah send your questions so thanks again for taking in this edition of what the football we are thrilled to be with you every single week we hope you will tell your friends download and come back and listen to us next tuesday have the most incredible week everybody i will see you this week on the rich eyes and show how wrestling really works and how you get the ratings eric bischoff and conrad thompson explain on 83 weeks too much time is spent discussing talents age the younger demo is just as excited about a paul hayman or john cena or an undertaker or becky lantern i don't care what their birth certificate says they're going to draw a younger demo because they're fun to watch and they're great entertainers 83 weeks on youtube or wherever you listen you
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