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REShow: Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 7, 2023 3:23 pm

REShow: Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 7, 2023 3:23 pm

Rich joins the show from Germany where he’ll be doing play-by-play for the NFL Network on Sunday and weighs in on his New York Jets “total abomination” of a loss on Monday Night Football to the Los Angeles Chargers, says if he actually wants Aaron Rodgers to return to the field this season, and previews his big day in touring Berlin…on a bicycle.

Andrew and the guys react to James Harden’s Clippers debut that resulted in a 111-97 loss to the New York Knicks and weigh in on Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin’s excellent response to Pittsburgh WR George Pickens scrubbing the team from his social media.

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Learn more at slash credit card. Limitations apply. This is the Rich Eisen Show. With guest host, Andres Siciliano. You know, one last thing on Josh Dobbs. Dobbs back to pass on third down. Fires to the end zone.

Touchdown! Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. He is basically making his career as the, well, man, we're out of options. We need your quarterback. Earlier on the show, co-host of FanDuel TV's Run It Back. Michelle Beadle coming up. Pro Football Hall of Famer Charles Woodson. NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger.

And now, sitting in for Rich, it's Andres Siciliano. On a positive Tuesday, we are nothing but back slapping and big jokes and positivity. Lot of giggles today, man.

Today. No, no, we mean that. I mean that. I'm not joking. No, we're having fun. We are. We are having fun today. You know, that's what's making the fun. And I'll say this to Brockman, to Jason, to TJ, to Hoskins, to Liz, to Sarah, to Erica, to everyone who's working here today.

It is great to work with people that you can laugh with and you love working with. And I'm lucky to have that at NFL Network as well. Steve White Jr. is truly doing game day final or game day final, right?

That's what we call the show. Game day final last night on NFL Network after the Chargers beat the Jets and then you guys here today. I'm the luckiest guy on Earth.

Today, today, today, I consider myself, self, self, the luckiest man, man, man on Earth, Earth, Earth. In all seriousness, Charles Woodson coming up in about an hour. Michigan Man Hall of Famer and the subject of MGM's NFL Icons, MGM Plus set to air, voiced, by the way, by Rich and Brian Baldinger will be here coming up next hour. The world's most interesting former offensive lineman, Brian Baldinger, world traveler, presenter of Baldy breakdowns, Baldy's breakdowns on the Twitter and the Instagram. Those are so good. He is so good. Those are so good.

Sometimes his camera works a little shaky, like sometimes he forgets to edit the video and then you see like all of a sudden he drops the iPhone and you're looking at his flip flops and his bare feet and that's on the end of the video after, you know, he breaks down Keenan Allen's big catch, but regardless. Anyway, sitting in here for Rich, I'm told is ready in Berlin after a day of what looked like rich, fantastic tourism, amazing sightseeing live from Germany. Happy Tuesday to you, sir. Thank you. Yeah, I'm I'm chiming in right around dinner time Tuesday night.

Kind of you to, you know, talk about my day of of getting out and about. And part of the reason why I was able to do it is because I slept like a baby. I did. I told you guys, I told you when you're like, hey, the Jets game, what time does that start your time?

Two a.m., you're going to stay up for it. And I gave you the two words. Hell no.

Hell to the most thing you've ever. No, no, because I thought there was a great chance of some sort of reverting to the offensive mean or, you know, just 2022 roosting on the Jets offense all over again. And sure enough, I woke up this morning and I, you know, grabbed my phone, put on my glasses, looked at it and saw that saw the headline that the Jets referring to their offensive output is, quote unquote, inexcusable. And I'll be straight up with you.

I might have awakened the people here in my hotel just laughing because I'm like, yep, yep. Because why would they struggle against a team that has one of the worst defenses in the NFL statistically, despite having talent all over the lot? Why? Why?

Why? Why would they struggle when they got Bryce Hall and they've got Garrett Wilson and they've got, you know, Zach Wilson playing statistically well of late? And then the tape heads like Kurt Warner, my colleague in the booth from this past weekend, Dan Orlovsky, we had Daniel Jeremiah, who I adore and respect greatly, saying, you know, Zach is making throws and getting put in situations that are very difficult for him to actually go ahead and and convert. And sure enough, that's what happened last night.

And so twenty seven to six is the final score. And I got to tell you, at that point, I'm like, all right, I'll just look at the highlights of it and see all the all twenty two types, including Orlovsky show offensive schemes that weren't good enough and throws that weren't good enough. And everybody, everybody chipped in fumbles by Zach and Garrett with a with a drop.

Right. There was a drop in the end zone as well by the Jets. It was a whole host of, you know, slipping up. And I honestly thought this to myself, guys, I don't know if you discussed it earlier, but how in the world does a team like the Jets with as smart of people in the room, including Aaron Rodgers?

I assume he's not in the room, but he's in the Zoom. So how how are we how are we struggling? How are we having this sort of problem? How are we not getting better?

Appreciably? We saw it. We saw it. We saw it starting against Kansas City of all teams and of all games on a on a Sunday night against the Chiefs defense that I just saw hold down to a pretty damn well here in Germany. And they've been doing as mentioned how this is a team that has one of the top defenses in the NFL.

Saw saw him beginning to improve and then winning in Denver. And then I mean, this is one of the two things I thought waking up this morning is the Eagles have to be looking at this saying, how the hell do we lose to this team? How the hell is this the team that we lost our one game to?

That's number one. And the other one, just to complete the thought that I've been talking about over the last couple of minutes, how does this team struggle with all these smart people in the room or in the zoo? And somebody who has to explain basically his name to people, learn the names of the people he's throwing to bring the offensive line around him in the middle of a game, you know, live football, if you will, bullets flying, have to bring them together in the middle of the game to tell them, this is my cadence.

This is what it sounds like. How does that guy and Josh Dobbs show straight up to Minnesota and put damn near all 31 of those points against Atlanta in a good defense in its own right? How does he do that for the Minnesota Vikings in just five days? And this guy and Zach Wilson and this offense with Nathaniel Hackett and this offense with all those talented players looks like that on Monday night.

I don't think there's an answer for it. I don't know if the answer is out there, but I saw what you tweeted out, Chris. And, you know, and I'm sure Jets fans are sitting around saying, could have had Josh Dobbs here too. If you want to cough up what, like a six, they coughed up a six to, to Arizona for him. He was available.

He's sitting out there. Why don't you go do that to try and at least put some pressure on Zach or at least take some pressure off him. And I saw that tweet and it's a very good thought to be straight up with you, Chris, because why, if he did that in Minnesota, in the middle of a game that he wasn't even starting and he just got there to Minnesota and he looked like that and he's getting game balls and Hosanna's in a locker room, like he got in Minnesota and Zach Wilson and this offense has got to go back to an otherwise championship ready defense and go my bad. Once again, it's just a total complete to use the sports talk phrase abomination on that front. The three game winning streak right before, right before the trade deadline was fool's gold, right?

It led them rich into this idea that they could survive and get there. Maybe. And I think part of the reason of this too, uh, is, is also it's Aaron Rogers. It's Aaron Rogers that, that basically right now, um, I can't, and the reason why I say it's Aaron Rogers is that they have him in their mind's eye.

They spent the trade deadline not going after Josh Dobbs, but apparently going after Davante Adams to try and bring him here. And in a way I see what I saw last night and I understand he didn't light it up with Aidan O'Connell right there, but he has the same number of wins right now as these New York jets have right now. And that's a, that's a, you know, it's when I say Aaron Rogers, I'm not putting any blame on him.

I'm saying that they are still putting all their eggs in his basket to return this year to the point where, um, you know, uh, Robert Solow was asked, are you going to replace the play caller? And he said, no. And part of the reason why is because that guy on the screen right there wouldn't appreciate it. Wouldn't like it that that's his guy right there.

And he's got to turn to his guy and basically say, do you see that I have no crutches on? Do you see that I'm flinging the ball 50 yards, although nobody's rushing me and I'm not going to get hit, but do you see this? If you want me back, everybody in here, he even told McAfee, the jets have to be quote unquote alive for him to do that. And the problem for them is now they had an opportunity to be a half game out of first and in front of one of the teams that they've already beaten in the Buffalo bills. Now they're behind the Buffalo bills.

They have to leapfrog them. Now they're going to be behind the Los Angeles chargers on the, in this playoff hunt. This team could have been seventh in this playoff picture. Instead, they are 11th behind the Texans and the chargers in the bills. This meets makes them less possible to be alive for Aaron Rogers. This makes them less in the mix later on this year. And the reason for this is based on all the all 22 guys that I see is there is zero imagination. There is zero pre snap motion.

Pretty much. There is nothing that the jets are doing to create some sort of havoc and question for the Los Angeles chargers defense. And the question is why, why, and the one last thing on Rogers while I'm just on a roll here. I hope he's, I hope he's coming back. I heard, you know, overheard him say that he told during James, give me a few weeks when during James is, are you coming back? It would make obviously this season that much more interesting.

All the jets have to do is hover around that seventh and final playoff spot for this to possibly happen. I don't know, man. Did you see the shoes he was wearing last night? Did you see those? I mean, those are the shoes I wear when I've got lower back pain. You know what I mean?

Like that's, you know, like they look like the athletic equivalent of whatever DeSantis is wearing. You know what I mean? You're right.

You know, like I, so I can't really put too much. It is election day, right? So I can't put too much doc in any of this. I hope this is there to actually help him, um, you know, get back because man, last night, it's just a frigging shame seeing this defense ball out and due to Justin Herbert, things that doesn't really usually happen to Justin Herbert. And they did give up a couple of touchdowns to Eckler, but that one at the end was just window dressing, man. Um, you can't keep three and outing your defense back on the field and expect results. And the jets defense keeps giving you results and they are balling out. And I hope that that vaunted brotherhood feeling that they keep talking about and, and, and truly mean, uh, I'm not, when I say keep talking about, it doesn't mean that, uh, it doesn't exist.

It does. They need it because off of a loss like that, that is beyond deflating. And now they're going to go to, to, to Vegas where the Raiders feel like, you know, they've just been liberated. Um, and, and then, you know, they have to go to Buffalo and then Miami, it doesn't look good.

That's a debt. That is a crucial loss that the jets suffered last night. And, and then I guess, let me just say this for the chargers. They are now in the realm of, okay, that's two in a row, but who is it against?

Right. Again, that jets defense is nothing to sneeze at. That is something that they, that they, they did their best to get through and they're playmakers. I mean, good to see Eckler back in the end zone, a couple of times like that, that catch I saw Keenan Allen make last night is truly one of the best that's out there. Um, and then the defense has got guys all over the map that you have to tip your cap to that when you've got a struggling offense that doesn't appear to be throwing much imagination your way, take care of business on the road, in front of the whole country like that line of the night from Troy Aikman saying Robert Sala, he's, you know, surprised that his, his beard wasn't turning gray because mine certainly would have, if I was staying up till four and 30 in the morning, watching that Troy, Troy was on a bender. Rich Troy was going all in. You could sense his disgust in the first quarter.

And by the end of the game, he was, he was ripping and he made the point. He goes, everyone says, wait until Aaron Rogers comes back. He goes, I don't think it matters. He goes, this is a bad team.

He goes, it's a bad team with a good defense, but I don't know how much better they would be with Aaron Rogers. And as for those shoes, I told these guys, I spoke to Aaron, saw him briefly at the breeder's cup here in, in Santa Anita, in Southern California on Saturday. He's moving just fine.

You know, he gave me the same, what he tells everyone. Yeah. You know, I'm getting better, getting better. But those are kind of those, those shoes your, your grandfather would wear, you know, walking around the house. They're, they're not meant for playing football, but he's moving fine. Like anybody who just walked in and didn't know the guy in the purple suit was, they would look at him and go, wow, that guy's really dragging his leg. He looks fine, which is great.

No one is chasing him. Really? I mean, cause you know, again, the team that I just saw lose here in the Miami dolphins are, are a team that leads the league in quarterback hits. When, when you put the jet schedule up again, one more time, if you don't mind, I think they have a, the dolphins late in the season.

Actually, no, that's not true. They have the dolphins on black Friday and he won't be back for that. How about, how about that one? Let's just say he comes back.

What at Cleveland? Really? You're going to have a guy that is TNF game to do the math. That's a two months away, eight weeks removed from wearing shoes like that to having miles Garrett come after you three days after Christmas on TNF.

Okay. You know what I mean? I, I just don't know if that is even smart for him, even smart for him, because if he does want to play next year and the jets are clearly keeping the light on for him in, in ways that that, um, you know, they're bending over backwards.

They damn near true. I can't, how much do you know how much Davante Adams wants to cost the jets? If they, if, if the Raiders actually said yes, honestly, don't you think it would have been at least a one back to, to, to Vegas for him? Can you imagine the look on Davante's face last night too, of Zach Wilson overthrew him three times?

I, I think he's, he's fortunate on that. You know, I, I don't want to go full name of here, man. I, I, cause again, I, I just don't know, uh, again, um, I, I'm not a film guy. The film guys are really laying it on Nathaniel Hackett's feet today. And, um, and so they've got, uh, they've got a short week. Here comes Vegas. Maybe they could turn around and look great. It means crazy things have happened in that town. I'm sure you have it as for the playoff seating.

Um, just, just one little, uh, one little thing. The guys in NFL network research crunched the numbers last night doing game day final, like what could have and what might happen. They actually would have jumped to the sixth spot last night. Cleveland would have gone to seven. They would have had Cleveland on conference record. So they would have been in the sixth spot this morning and feeling good game back in the wind column for what it's worth. Look, but brother they've come back from their bi-week with a lucky win over the giants.

Yeah. And then last night, there's no reason to sit here and think this team is in any way, shape or form, uh, ready to make a run. Uh, you know, take a look at the quarterbacks in front of them. Give me one that you would take Zach Wilson over.

Give me one. I wouldn't. I wouldn't. You wouldn't. I wouldn't Herbert Stroud, Allen burrow, uh, the Sean, um, then pick it, you know, you'd, you'd, you'd have to, you'd have to, you know, pause there for a split second and then look at his fourth quarter numbers to, uh, Trevor Lawrence and then Lamar and Mahomes forget it.

You know, I I'm not saying it's over there four and four, there's lots more to be played. Can he go on some sort of a run or a tear? I'm just wondering why Josh Dobbs is able to do it in a 48 hour period. Maybe it's because he is the past or not as he's apparently being called right now. It's amazing. I love that. That's great.

Yes. That's the past or not apparently is a, is a nickname being thrown out for him because he's a, he's brilliant. He's a rocket scientist. That's why he's able to do this on short notice. Kevin O'Connell can get in his ear and say, that guy's running a post. You're right. The guy on your left is run, you know, a curl route, go for it, uh, kid.

And then he can start, he can turn into, you know, Lamar Jackson. Uh, again, I I'm, I'm, I'm, um, all I'm saying is I'm very thankful that I was able to stroll around here in Berlin today, uh, feeling good, um, because I was not, uh, uh, battling, you know, 90 minutes rest because I stayed up for that last night. Not, not to rub it in, um, no, cause I'm not, but it did have that. No, no, seriously. That was an awkward preface. Let me explain what I'm going to say.

They were in it. And that's what I know is frustrating is the entire game. You and I were texting about this and it's 14 to nothing. Like all they need is just that one touchdown, get that one score. And then you go into the fourth quarter and you're just waiting for the strip sack. You're waiting for the tip. You're waiting for the deflect or the deflection of the overthrow. Like we're in it, but they couldn't.

And that's all you were begging for. And the fact that you mentioned the Kansas city game since the Kansas city game, they have three touchdowns. They've been on one play drives.

I know one play drives. So I'm sure you got the rest of your show to go. I just want to tell you what I got on tap for tomorrow. Cause you're not going to believe it.

No, let's do it. Oh, what do you got? Okay. Cause you know, I strolled around a Berlin today. Um, I went to a museum. I actually saw artifacts. It was great.

I loved it. The Brandenburg gate. Um, and again, I, I, when I strolled through that, I'm like, you know what, like 60 years ago, couldn't do this right now.

Couldn't do this. Obviously I was thinking to myself, you know, like 90 years ago, uh, I wouldn't be able to just be walking around in the city at all. Um, but in going to see these incredible artifacts and, and what have you, and again, walking through the Brandenburg gate where, you know, uh, East and West Berlin, um, was divided, uh, by a wall. Again, it reminds me to tell everyone to go out and vote today.

It is election day. Um, that's a public service message, but, uh, tomorrow, the reason why I went to the museum is because, um, Susie, who's, uh, sitting in the host chair of the next two days. Um, she says, uh, she's going to ask around for a guide, uh, for me to stroll around the town and the stroll be the key word.

She came back with a bike tour of Berlin. Oh, very cool. And uh, yeah, well, that's just, you know, um, not my bag, you know, I love it.

It's Siciliana. I love it. You're sweetheart. You're like, that's good idea. Cause maybe that's the sort of thing that you are now. Now TJ's on the screen because TJ knows, uh, as well now, it wouldn't be my default to, you know, grab a bike and uh, you know, start pebbling around town like that.

But you know, uh, again, as soon as is a saying, you know, Hey, get out of your comfort zone. You should go, you should do this sort of thing. So I am tomorrow hopping on the bike, going on a bike tour stands a rich dude, do the opposite of what you would normally do. I'm here, right? I'm here. I'm going to museums.

I'm Instagramming out artifacts instead of food for the pretzel picks. Don't let Brockman bully. I haven't done that here, but, uh, yeah, man, I, uh, I got that coming up, um, tomorrow. So wish me luck. It's apparently, it's apparently 12 kilometers already looked it up. That's over seven miles of biking. That's not very far.

That's a stage for me. Let's put it that way. What was with the winter attire today? I looked up the temperature. It was only in the mid fifties.

No, sir. You, it was a, it was in the low forties in the, in the, in the shade. What do you mean?

What are you talking about? What are you giving me crap for this? It was cold. It was cold. I was cool.

He gave you grief earlier. It was nice, but I said, no, no, no. Brockman said it doesn't look that cold. And I said, hold on.

Who cares if it's cold? That, that scarf and that hat go well together. That's a good look. Yeah. Thank you.

Thank you. I'm uh, I'm, I'm bringing, you know, uh, I'm bringing my eight game here to Berlin. I'm just surprised you weren't wearing a giant logoed Rich Eisen show hat.

That's all. I'm actually disappointed that you weren't wearing. We don't have that gear yet. Uh, you know, next year, next year in Munich, um, you know, Hey, listen, tomorrow I'll be biking. Uh, I don't know if that lid goes on underneath the helmet.

It may not be a good look for me, but I'm doing it. That's tomorrow. Nice. That's a tease right there tomorrow.

Yeah. So that'll be fun. Susie will be, and I'll give you the contents of my bike tour.

Three and a half hours, 12 kilometers. Wear a helmet, wear a helmet, take lots of pics. I got my helmet. I'll get my helmet.

Safety first. All right guys. And you got to see that. And if you were at the Brandenburg gate, you got to see the hotel where blanket was hanging out of the balcony with Michael. Is that the one? Yes.

Yes. What's the name of the hotel? I forget the name of your face in the gate, the way you were at the hotel to Rome. Is that what I passed by? One that looked like TJ's walking tour of Berlin, probably a little bit different than the one you're going to get the biking tour of all of Michael Jackson's weird Berlin moments.

That'll be tomorrow. Yes. You know, I don't know what the hotel was, but baby, that's it. Thank you very much.

This was called the hotel ad lawn. Kupinski. Okay. Oh yeah.

I did pass by that one. Yeah. Okay. Across the street. Yeah. There's a Starbucks on every corner in Berlin. 20 years.

And they speak better English than us when you walk in. Fantastic. I think I'll go past that on speed four. Or is it, is it gear?

Is it gear for be careful on the cobblestone street bikes? What am I doing? I'm getting out of my comfort zone. That's what I'm doing.

That's what travel's all about. Do it, Rich. That's awesome. Very good. All right, guys. Have a good rest of your show. Be safe. Good day, sir.

Power rankings tomorrow from in one piece. Yes. I do think it's cool. Honestly, getting out of your comfort zone when traveling is always a good thing.

Whether it's walking into a restaurant you would never walk into if you were in the States or a museum or a bike tour. Like it's good. It's always a good experience. Yeah, no doubt.

Yeah. You don't want to go there and eat the same food you eat at home. You don't want to go. Don't go to a like, Hey, I love my Starbucks, but like when you're overseas, I don't go to a Starbucks. You could try the local coffee shop.

Right. But yes, I have been to a Starbucks in Berlin because there was right one right next to my hotel. And I walked in, hadn't said a word, had not said a word. And the girl behind the counter looked up and said in perfect, better English than I speak. Hey, how you doing?

What do you need? It's like they have their radar. They know you're American before you walk in. Same thing in Amsterdam, where they speak better English than we do.

You walk in, they can tell they know you're American immediately right away. Yeah. Hey, what can I get you? Oh, who me? Sure.

Fucking to me. Yeah. You, what do you need?

What do you, what do you got? Oh, speaking of bikes, the bikes in Amsterdam. It was just an Amsterdam. Yeah. But you got to be careful as you're a pedestrian or any city in Europe. I will run you over.

Yeah. Like you had to be careful. There's the bike lane over there.

And if you're just meandering off the sidewalk and walk into the bike lane, getting yelled at that, not you're getting run over, run over, and then you're getting yelled at. And then it's like, ding, ding, ding, ding. You got here that ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. What's that ding?

Why is it thinking? What? What is that? And then pal splat. All right.

Positive. Coming up next Tuesday splat. Coming up next. James Harden is the system.

How'd the system do last night? Well, that's coming up next on the rich eyes and show on a positive Tuesday. Rich eyes in here. Let's talk about door dash because we talk about it in our household all the time. Susie and I always go to door dash whenever we need some terrific food from our favorite restaurants with timely responsible professional drivers, delivering the food right to our house in a timely fashion. We use door dash and now door dash is made even better with dash pass. Dash pass is the one membership you need to get the most out of door dash in everyday life because dash pass members get zero dollar delivery fees and up to 10% off eligible door dash orders, including groceries, drinks, personal care items, and more dash pass makes delivery even more worth it. Helping members save more than $35 per month on average. So put a little joy back into your schedule.

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Half redneck, half posh, 100% fun. Trey Crowder and Corey Ryan Forrester try and learn fancy culture in putting on airs. The host of the medium popcorn podcast, Brandon Collins and Justin Brown.

Okay. So Paddington too had like a hundred percent of ride tomatoes. You guys ruined that? Justin came in and like took it down like two points because it was raining. That's the time we started getting death threats. People worship that movie putting on ears.

The podcast is on YouTube and wherever you listen. You told a story about the Genesis of all right. All right. Yes. All right. Here's where that comes from. So days confused.

Yes. Genius film. I'm in the right bar at the right time. And a guy goes, Hey, you haven't done any acting.

You might be right. Just right for this part. Legendary cast director and producer, Don Phillips. I come back and they do what's called a makeup and wardrobe test, meaning they're shooting another scene one night. I'm just going to show up. Director's going to step off the set and come and look and go, great.

I approve. Well, he comes and looks, he goes, geez, this is, it's great. He goes, listen, you're not scheduled to work tonight, but we're over here at the top notch drive through.

And you think Wooderson might want to pick up on the redheaded intellectual. And I'm like, sure. And he goes, want to shoot it? I'm like, sure. So I go get in the car, shoot my first scene ever in a film of your career of my career. And, um, I had been listened to a lot of seventies rock and roll at that time.

There was a certain live recording of a Jim Morrison concert in like Amsterdam or somewhere where he barks at the crowd. All right. All right. All right. All right.

Four times real aggressively though. I'm not thinking about that, but this comes back. So I'm in the car and I'm like, who's my man. I'm nervous about to hear act. Who's my man. Who's water. And I said, well, I'm about my car. And I go, well, I'm in my 70 Chevelle. There's one, I said, I'm about getting high. I said, well, Slater's riding shotgun.

You know, he's got a do-boy rolled up. There's two. I said, and I'm about rock and roll on.

I said, well, I got new June stranglehold in the eight track, man. There's three. And I hear action.

And I look up and in my mind I go, and I'm about chicks. I got three out of four. Let's go get the fourth. All right. All right. All right. That was it ever said on screen.

All right. Good stuff there. Hey, it's energizing everybody. This is the rich Eisen show desk. It's lovely. Love the topic.

See through, see you through to the screen. It is a well-made piece of furnishing. Yeah, buddy. It's furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger has the right product for you call or click Anybody watched the NBA last night? Sure did.

Okay. So I hear Joel Embiid went off for 48, including a Sixers record 29 in one quarter. That's pretty cool. So the Indiana Pacers scored a 1980s like total of 152 last night. I mean, not to give short shrift to the Sixers who put up one 46 and beat only played three quarters as well.

I know. How about the fact that the Knicks beat the Clippers one 11 to 97. I am not judging the Clippers on only one James Harden appearance.

That's my job. He went six of nine from the field. It's not like he took 28 shots. It's not like he dominated the ball. 31 minutes, only nine attempts.

Okay. But the result wasn't there. I was watching Aaron Rodgers warm up, throw 50 yard passes in orthotics at MetLife.

What I miss from this. Did it work? Doesn't look like it. I mean, after one game.

Oh, no, no. You're the clipper defender. Brockman.

Did it work? I have no idea. I didn't see a single second of this. I'm literally just looking at the box score. All four guys scored in double figures. Paul George don't like the two of 11.

Again, I'm just looking at the box score from watching it. I can tell you that, you know, you could tell Zoo Zoo our center. He was not used to getting and I think I may have text you.

I text my boys. James was dropping dimes early and probably positions in places at Zubat wasn't used to getting the ball. Sure. You could tell there were three times in particular where he should have taken the ball and went to the rack and he kind of froze. I don't think he was used to getting the ball in that position.

So I think that's going to take time. Harden didn't go out there looking to four shots. He went out there really to, you know, be a playmaker. So who's playing the one in this?

Because they all started together. Harden, Westbrook, Kawhi, Paul George and you mentioned Zubat. So who is kind of running the show yesterday? It seemed like Russ was primarily bringing the ball up the court for the majority of the game. Well, he shot eight of 13.

Yeah. I mean, look, it was a lot of turnovers for the Clippers yesterday. Guys, a lot of shots. Andrew, they had wide open looks. They just shots weren't falling. Twenty two turnovers. Twenty two turnovers. Yeah.

Harden did definitely go out there and tried to be a distributor. Now, is that going to continue? How is this going to work? I don't know. But I think it's obviously it's going to take some time.

There's a first game that those those guys have played together. So I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and the let's let this play out. Let's see.

But like you said, only nine shots. It wasn't like he was going up there, you know, just looking for his own shot. He was looking to get everyone involved. What I just did, which is step aside to you, TJ, somebody who watched the game, who cared about the game, who could give legitimate analysis is what is not going to happen on the majority of shows that you watch. Definitely.

Well, yeah, we know that works. And this is by, I think, all the screaming heads doomed to failure. So every time the Clippers go out there, almost like what we were talking about with Beatle before with the Cowboys, bear with me. I know the Clippers are not the Cowboys, but it's this, well, they lost or even if they won, did it look right? Did James Harden miss too many shots?

Look at his body language. It's almost like a circus. And I know that it is not the number one NBA story out there.

I am just fascinated to see a, how it goes and be how it is covered. Speaking of how things are covered while watching the jets and the chargers last night, I did see this tweet as the Lakers Laker were in Miami battling the heat. Chris, would you like to read this aloud?

Sure. It's from sham Sharanya, our friend insider Laker star Anthony Davis had a spasm of his groin and is attempting to see if he can return for the second half first heat per sources. I had to read that four times yesterday. I was like, wait, what is groin of his groin of his groin?

I've never heard that in my entire spasm of his groin. No idea. What does that mean?

All I know is we're watching the game at work last night and somebody had this tweet out loud. What? And we all just went, what? How about this?

Anthony Davis aggravated a groin injury. He's attempting to play this sham is just, John's just messing with us at this point. Like that's very interesting way to work that I'm driving in here today. I'm on the phone with Hoskins, Michael Hoskins, our producer in the other room. And I said, Hey, uh, pull up sham's tweet from last night. Oh, I didn't see that. Okay.

Pulls it up. And literally all I hear is, I don't know what that is. I've never heard an injury described like that. Put it this way. If Jay Glaser came on Fox, Fox's pregame show on Sunday and said, Hey guys, I know he wasn't on the injury report, but Patrick Mahomes is having a spasm in his groin this morning. This morning.

That's what the weird. He may not be able to go because again, repeat he's having scoopage, a spasm of his groin. Gotta have scoopage there.

My green is spasming. No, not around. Not around. No, not on. Oh, not near.

Oh, take a preposition of not like a bulging disc, a bulging. What kids Google it. One of the greatest sports center things. Hey Chris, can I, can I just give a shout out to some, we were talking about the clipper game, you know, I think last week when the trade went through, we're talking about what this might mean for the Clippers. It just goes to like some of our YouTube fans who, yeah, we are football heavy here. We know that, but a lot of times we taught basketball and people act like, just guys don't know what they're talking about. So I admit sometimes I don't watch that much, but TJ, we watch a lot of basketball. So Rick says this last week, he said about PJ Tucker. He specifically said at some point, PJ Tucker is going to sit in the corner, hit a three and win a big game, right?

Sure. There were so many comments on our YouTube under that video that you guys are crazy. PJ Tucker doesn't do blah, blah, blah. Do you know the stat from last night was since 2006, no NBA player has taken or made more corner threes than PJ Tucker. And yet when we said it, everyone come on the comments like he doesn't shoot corner threes. You guys don't know what you're talking about.

That's also basketball Twitter too. You want to get an argument going. I mean, basketball's the greatest conversation piece where this guy's better than that piece. This team's are, this guy's better than that guy. This team's better than that team.

Like it's anything you say, I mean, Oh, absolutely. Anything you like calling a hall of fame or a hall of Famer. Oh, somebody else is better. I just said he was a hall of Famer. Yeah.

But these five guys were better. I don't care. I just mean in Springfield, there's a little setup for him. Speaking of his accomplishments. Yeah.

But somebody else is better. Okay. Cool.

I love it. He would have whooped his ass in his prime. I didn't say he wouldn't. Just yeah. No, look, I do watch the NBA. I'll be honest with you. I watched TNT Thursdays more than I watched the rest of the NBA schedule. I used to full disclosure. Like when I did a daily show like this and I did one for over a decade.

Yeah. I watched the NBA every night when I did 7 10 Los Angeles here, local radio, the Lakers station. I watched the NBA every single night because Tom Brady could throw 11 touchdowns on Thursday night football. And Friday morning we were previewing the Lakers game that night in Orlando. Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. That's what we were doing.

So I had to watch the NBA all the time. It is hard. I mean, look, we're not taking ditches here to when your job is only one thing football to watch everything every night and maintain a life at home. That is why. And I mean this, I'm not just saying this to kiss his rear end because he's in Germany and I like doing this show when he is not here. That is, it's really hard to do this show as rich or anyone, anyone on the other shows pick your favorite national talk show host to be a master of everything to be able to have that conversation. It's a lot of information. It's a lot of a lot of opinions, a lot of. Yeah. And I'm glad you admit that, Andrew, because a lot of times these guys on these shows will get in situations where they argue and make it seem like they've watched everything. And then it goes viral when they say something wrong.

Your show comes on at 6 a.m. Eastern. Therefore, you were not watching the Clippers game last night. So why make it seem like you were? But some of these guys really will make it seem like they watch each other. It's impossible. And some people do. Some people sit in their basements and they watch everything and they, you know, they don't know the family.

That's fine if that's how you want to do it. That's why I really do mean it like for rich to be a master in the NFL, right, to be at the top of this profession and come in here and have opinions as as to how Bruce Bochy worked his bullpen the night before. It's hard to do again. None of us are digging ditches here. We're watching sports.

We're really, really, really grateful for it. But somebody's got to do it. Mine as well be when I got out of the national talk show every day kind of thing and realized my job was Red Zone Channel and NFL Network every day. And then that's what your primary focus becomes your watch the NBA. But I'm not going to expend the emotional energy into it. You're also a huge baseball fan. I'm a huge baseball fan. I watch the Guardians need the Indians every night, right? But playing fantasy helps playing fantasy helps you stay on top of all these things.

Anyway, I digress. Speaking of the National Football League, Mike Tomlin was on one this morning. What Mike Tomlin had to say about his wide receiver that took all his Steelers stuff off of Instagram. Next, the football season is underway and believe podcasts are only producing 15 points a game.

That's something that is definitely disheartening. Sideline to sideline, end zone to end zone. As a quarterback, I would expect him to be acting like that. Take the accountability. Put that on yourself. Don't put it on your teammates.

Search BLEAV podcasts wherever you listen. Do you not believe the Tuck rule was appropriately applied as it was written in the ruble? I do not.

I do not. I watch the news a lot. You know, a lot of times you'll have, you know, two economists on television and they'll be talking about their economy. One will say the economy is doing great and one will say it's in the tank. But you're like, oh, these are economists. They both have the same facts and figures, same numbers.

How can they have differences of opinion, right? Two plus two is four. In our case, two plus two is still four, but they added one. So two plus two equaled five.

Why? Because they were able to add their own interpretation into it. So they took a play two plus two is four, a fumble. They added their own interpretation and made it into incomplete pass. So if me and you were in the court of law and you're arguing that his arm was going forward, I would say, well, show me the part where his arm's going forward.

You would show the tape. You see his arm going forward and then you'd bring it back. And then I say, well, tell me when did he fumble? Did he fumble while his arm was going forward? And you would have to tell me, no, he brought it when he brought it back into his body.

Hence the tuck rule. Correct? Yes.

Okay. So was he bringing it back into his body or was it into his body? So there's the technicality to it. So he wasn't bringing the ball back into his body. When I hit him, he had it, both hands on the ball. It's in his body.

He ain't bringing it back into his body. It's a fumble. Two plus two is four unless you add one. And then it's five.

See, I thought you meant two plus two is five because that's how many Super Bowls Tom Brady is. I like that. I can dig it. I can dig it. I can dig it.

I love the fact that he's won five Super Bowls. I'm happy. And I'm actually happy for him. This guy.

This guy hates my guy. Charles is going to beat you up, wouldn't he? Now, I would pay to see that fight. We're talking up there how I don't watch the fight game much anymore. I'd pay to see that fight. Well, me versus Charles Woodson?

Yeah. Why? That would not be fair. Not that I want to see you injured. Well, that's what we have. What did you say? I'd like to see that fight. Thank you.

It would be entertaining. Is this for the monkey story joke I made? You can't get over that. Brockman did say, I'm not much bigger than a monkey earlier. That's not what I said. That's not what I said. And what did you say? You said you were short. I just said you're a little guy. I am. You said the monkeys were little guys.

And I was like, well, you're being chased by monkeys. Yes. It's okay. Charles Woodson joins us coming up in about 15 minutes. He is a winemaker. Have you had his wine?

Yes. And his bourbon. Oh, baby. Oh, I haven't had the bourbon. I'm going to write this down and ask about it. I might put a bottle here somewhere.

There actually is, I think. You know how much I like his wine? So I never check bags. Intercept wines. I refuse to check bags. Same. Ever.

Ever, ever, ever. It makes me angry to check bags. Coming home to the Super Bowl meant some years ago, the Minneapolis Super Bowl, I had a bottle of Charles Woodson's wine that was given to me. Intercept wine. And I'm like, oh, I'm not going to leave it here. I had to check a bag.

I checked a bag just for his wine. Worth it. Such a hard life. I live. Yeah, I know. All right, let's get to the Steelers. Mike Tomlin is the only coach that speaks on Tuesday. Who cares?

You ask? Well, we that cover the NFL know when the coaches speak. Mike Tomlin is alone.

He has the stage at noon Eastern every Tuesday. We haven't seen the Steelers since last Thursday when they beat Will Levis and the Tennessee Titans. They hung on fourth quarter as scripted. Kenny Pickens marches him down the field. They then forced the interception there on the shot to the end zone with no time left or whatever.

A few seconds left and they win the game. It was notable, however, after George Pickens was barely noticed by Kenny Pickens during that game. George Pickens number 14. You know, pick it to Pickens. That guy Mercurial.

Let's call him wide receiver from Georgia that fell to the second round for. Well, now you know why issues. George Pickens scrubbed the Steelers from his social media.

The Steelers are now back on his social media, but this is the first time that Mike Tomlin had been asked about it since like breathing. It's easy. I know it's a cute story for you guys, but it is. It is a pebble in my shoe to be quite honest with you in terms of the things that I have to do in an effort to get this group ready to play this week. Our focus is on the Green Bay Packers and what we're all going to do in this football game. And I can't state it any plainer than that.

Reality television the way you guys follow social media and write stories about it. He looks so bad, man. So pebble in my shoe.

I believe what he says and I believe that he believes what he says. But what's left out there is let's say the video of when Deontay Johnson scored the touchdown that he's celebrating like it Shawshank because he hadn't scored a touchdown since no joke. Ben Roethlisberger was quarterback and George Pickens who lined up on the other side of the formation touchdown went to the right. He lined up left, just turns his back and walks to the bench while everyone is celebrating.

That was me five yards on me. Everyone is celebrating with Deontay Johnson and George Pickens is just walking off. George Pickens was the first one in the locker room, the first to leave by all accounts by everyone covering the game.

So that stuff is real. And George Pickens, who was the most talented receiver in last year's draft fell to the second round for these reasons. That's why you asked, why did he last to the second? Because of this talk to the people of Georgia, not a bad guy, but I mean, this stuff happens. This is who he is. So it is a legitimate question or line of questioning.

I think for Mike Tomlin, but I do give Tomlin credit. He finds a way to turns thing, turns thing around, turn, take two use, take two, turn things around a, it protects his player B. It makes the media the bad guy. See, it changes the topic.

So he's good at that. And yeah, I'd expect to see George Pickens get thrown at frequently this week when they play the Packers at Lambeau home game. No, no, no, no. In Pittsburgh, I beg your pardon. Yes, it should be a Steeler victory Packers.

Not a great team. The Steelers, however, had been out gained in eight consecutive games, the eight games they've played this year, and they're five and three somehow through no idea how those eight games eventually you would have to think there's a regression here and that their luck isn't always coming in and that they lose one of them. I just don't think this is the one in which it happens, but I love Mike Tomlin. We call him Tuesdays with Tomlin in the NFL Network newsroom here. You know, usually his opening soliloquy is roughly between 10 and 12 minutes before he takes a question. He comes up with great phrases and Al Michaels was referring to this during the broadcast last week, like division of labor.

His availability will depend on his availability during the week. I'm messing it up, but things like that. He's also have a hit list of Mike Tomlin drops. We're not going to apologize for winning. That's one of our favorite ones.

I may need you. Keep going, Jay. Play them all.

That's sucky. You know what that was about? What's that with the high wide damn agenda?

I don't know. Yeah, he's great. I will let his availability be our let his participation be our guide as to his availability. We want to have participants not hostages.

Yes, we want volunteers, not hostages in the current geopolitical climate, maybe not the best line to use on the podium. Well, that was a couple of years. Yes, a couple of years, but he uses that line all the time.

He is a joy. And anyone that wants to hammer Mike Tomlin because he hasn't won enough Superbowls go around and look at the other teams and what they are dealing with and then call me back. So there's that never had a losing season for George Pickens, and they have never had a losing season at any time.

All right. Other stuff around the NFL today. It is George Davita, George DeVito, Tommy DeVito, who's moving forward as the Giants quarterback and the Giants really are stuck here because we're beyond the trade deadline and no one's walking in that door.

What are their options? Colt McCoy is an option. I'm just throwing the name out there.

I haven't mentioned. Carson Wentz is an option. The idea that the Giants would go sign Carson Wentz.

Think about that. Think about Carson Wentz back page headlines. If the Giants were to go sign, it is not going to happen. I'm not saying they're tanking, but if you're the Giants and you're facing this proposition, Carson Wentz, let's see how many games we could win. Or if the draft were to happen right now, we're picking four. Why bother?

Which one are you choosing? Exactly. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings.

Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. Too much time is spent discussing talent's age. The younger demo is just as excited about a Paul Heyman or John Cena or an undertaker or Becky Lanchard. I don't care what their birth certificate says. They're going to draw a younger demo because they're fun to watch and they're great entertainers. 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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