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REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 2, 2023 4:32 pm

REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 2, 2023 4:32 pm

Rich joins the show from Germany where he’ll be doing the play-by-play for NFL Network this Sunday, and previews with guest host Andrew Siciliano Week 9’s top games including his Dolphins vs Chiefs matchup, Cowboys vs Eagles, Bills vs Bengals, Seahawks vs Ravens, Chargers vs Jets, and Giants vs Raiders.

TJ Jefferson offers up his Week 9 fantasy football advice with tips on Texans QB CJ Stroud, Titans QB Will Levis, Bears RB D’Onta Foreman, Cowboys TE Jake Ferguson, and Patriots QB Mac Jones.

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This is The Rich Eisen Show. The Rich Eisen Show. With guest host, Andrew Siciliano. Siciliano? That's actually the real way to say it.

When people say my name properly, over the phone, I thank them. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. It's over! The Rangers have won the World Series!

We battled all year, we battled all postseason, and we're finally reaping the words of it. Earlier on the show, Jets running back, Breeze Hall. Coming up, host of The Rich Eisen Show, Rich Eisen. And now, sitting in for Rich, it's Andrew Siciliano. Hey everybody, it is not yet the weekend, it is almost the weekend, but I thank you for watching The Rich Eisen Show. My name is Andrew, I am here today and I'm here tomorrow and a little bit next week as well, because Rich is in Germany. We have a game coming up tonight, I think Will Leviss and the Manet's eating Tennessee Titans can go into Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers. More on that, Who's Up, Who's Down coming up a little bit later. Let's say hi to Chris Brockman, and Instagram star Mike Del Tufo, and TJ Jefferson as well. Man of the Dallas Cowboys, who I pointed out earlier, only Dak Prescott in the last 20 years as a rookie quarterback has gone in to Pittsburgh and beaten Mike Tomlin, TJ Watt, and others.

Can Will Leviss do it tonight? Let's, however, look ahead to the game coming up on Sunday, it is the weekly game of the year, and it is fantastic. It is the Miami Dolphins, it is the Kansas City Chiefs on the call, the man whose name is on the wall right here, live from Germany, Rich Eisen. I asked earlier, good morning Rich. Hello everybody, greetings from Frankfurt. Good evening. Will your hotel room look as good as the one in London?

I have no idea, that's really up to you guys, if you want to yelp it out, go for it. I like the lighting Rich. I like the wall. Got the lighting on. Thank you for making the bed, I mean. The lighting.

I think it looks good. I didn't make it. I just flew, guys, I flew in, I flew in and went immediately to see the Dolphins. I just zoomed with the Kansas City Chiefs who are leaving, I believe, later on tonight to get here tomorrow. And I'm fired up, it's just really awesome. And let me just give you some nuggets that I got from the conversation with the Dolphins. We chatted with Jalen Ramsey and then Tyreek Hill and then Tua and then Raheem Mostard. And Tyreek Hill is fired up for this game.

He is very excited. He was saying that he's still in close contact with Mahomes and Kelsey and a bunch of guys in Kansas City. And Kansas City is known for playing man coverage, which is something he loves to torch. And I think he expects to see man coverage again and he is ready to go. He said he has a goal of 2,000 yards this season with 18 touchdowns.

I know, right? Well, he's halfway there. Yeah. He's halfway there. So through just eight games, first guy since 1961 to do it. 2,000 yards is a goal.

18 touchdowns is a goal. He has eight right now. He's particularly fired up. And just for us folks here on the Rich Eisen show, not just in the studio, but those who watch us and listen to us as much as you kindly do or hopefully do. I did, in fact, bring up to Tua Tungovailoa the fact that my favorite version of him is salty to it. And let him know that.

And told him that I particularly appreciate when he claps back and he looked at me like I was absolutely insane. Oh no. Hold on. Rich, are you there? We lost you for a second.

His picture froze and then the audio. Yeah. That was a first.

We're going to get Rich back. Salty Tua, not to be confused with Salty Tuna. True.

Okay. Which Salty Tua were we most recently interested by? Was it the I hate hard knocks Tua? That one? Because when they announced that recently.

That's to be expected. He was asked, what do you think? And he went, did you see that video? I did not see the video. So they asked him on the podium, Kam Wolf, our colleague at NFL Network, asked him, hey, they just announced hard knocks in season.

What do you think? And he went like this. So he didn't think much.

I don't know about you, but that looked like money. I'm not exaggerating. He couldn't find the words. Oh wow. 10 seconds. He's a very polite guy, so he doesn't want to get too mean.

He went about 10 seconds and then said, sorry, I don't know if that was a reaction you thought you'd get. I'm not a fan. Yeah.

I'm not a fan. Yeah. That's coming later this fall that the specific date announced.

And that's the end season. Yeah. We have Rich back in Germany. I don't know what happened. We were in the middle of the Salty Tua conversation. One thing that we already know.

One thing we already know is that German Wi-Fi not as good as London Wi-Fi. Salty Tua. Salty Tua. Okay.

Yeah. Salty Tua. I told him that I love the salty version of him. And he looked at me like I was absolutely totally crazy. And that's not part of his upbringing.

He never talked back to his elders as he said. But, you know, he said that sometimes it is made known to him what is being said and that sometimes he does like to take the gloves off. And I said, that's great. I need more of that. And told him that the Salty Tua segment is one of our favorite segments to run and more popular segments.

I don't believe he's going to take that and mean now he's going to, you know, go ahead and start programming our show for us. But it was just neat to see him. He couldn't have been more relaxed and comfortable and happy. And this team is raring to go. And we just were Zooming with the Chiefs. And the thing that I gleaned from this conversation is that it sure seems like Andy Reid, when we spoke to him, he was very, you know, Andy Reid businesslike. But from some of the conversations that we had with his players subsequently, it does appear, Travis Kelce let us know. And we'll mention this on the broadcast that Andy Reid had some choice words for the team coming off of their loss in Denver. And Mahomes has echoed those sentiments. And the team is locked in from those comments earlier this week from their coach. There's been a challenge put on the table after that road loss with the turnovers and dropped passes in Denver.

So I'm really fired up about this, to say the least. Five turnovers in that game. And I know a lot of people, Rich, want to go, well, Patrick Mahomes had the flu. They'd beaten him 16 in a row, or he had never lost a road game in the division. Eh, they were just due. They looked so off in that game. Look, also the second time they had played the Broncos in three weeks.

Something's got to be said for that as well. And give Sean Payton credit, give Russell Wilson credit. But they did not look like a championship team at all. No, they didn't.

They absolutely 100% did not. And that is something we're going to see. And we will find out if this is in fact something that will fire Kansas City up. But they are very well aware who's coming in and that it's Tyreek Hill. And that it is this offense. And the defense, we spoke to Jalen Ramsey. He said that a lot of things that are going on with this team reminds him of the championship year he spent with the Rams in Los Angeles. And he genuinely feels that he and Xavian Howard on the same field are going to be stout enough to see if potentially Vic Fangio can release some sort of evil in the direction of Patrick Mahomes. And interestingly enough, though, the Kansas City players essentially were saying, hey, you know, the defense that we just saw in Denver is very similar since it's Vic Fangio's old unit in a way. They feel like they just got some very valuable, if you will, reps, even though it didn't yield a win for them. I just loved talking to stars of the game, pro bowlers of the game, fantasy football stars that are going to be out there on the field on Sunday morning for so many people in the U.S. to just take in an early window that is just setting up for a huge week nine with so many other great contests.

There is a great game in every window, all four windows, this one being, for my money, the game of the year right now. I'm curious, Rich, if at all it came out, maybe it didn't from the Dolphins. Do they hear the fact that their only two losses have come against the only two good teams that they have played?

And yes, I would think that they would relish this opportunity because this one does set up quite well for them against a Chiefs team that looks very mortal on a prime stage here to to get that monkey off their back. Let me give you the answer to that question. I have written it down on my on my board here. Jalen Ramsey, quote, people don't believe we're great.

And I asked him why. And he basically said, because a lot of people think we haven't beaten enough winning teams. They haven't. So, yes, they sure they sure have heard it. And they would love to serve notice internationally that that that is not applicable, that they are a great team right now. And again, very prideful men, very prideful men, very talented players all over the lot. And you can honestly you could already feel the the energy here. It's awesome.

It's great. Is did Tyree kill give any insight on what his celebration might be going into the stands? Is that legal in Germany? Do we know anything about that? We did not ask. We did not ask him that, although he was rocking a a pencil thin mustache, which one member of our team.

No, no, no. One member of our team said to him, hey, the mustache looks good on you. And he literally said this was his exit line. He says, I'm preparing for my post playing career. That's what I was going to say. I'm like, is he is he getting ready for his work in the valley, the West Valley when he gets done? Truly said that and then left.

And in front of Tua and everyone else, I said he just boogie knighted out the door. These are exact quotes from the production meeting for NFL Network. So it's certainly in the regard of best matchups for week number nine. While I have some time here with you guys, I'd like to deliver what I've been delivering last few Thursdays. I've got a top five list internationally from Germany all the way home to you. Let's do it.

Most intriguing matchup. Can you do it in German? All right. I need the music, Mike Del Tufo. I need to hear it all the way across the globe. And now I hear it and it's awesome. Number five on this list is the I'll tell you what.

This is amazing how many great games there are and how difficult it was to order them. When you've got the fifth game being the Monday night game, which in the last couple of weeks has been the number one game on the list. I'm going Chargers, Jets. I think this is a big game for both teams. I think the Jets coming off of that ugly win, but there's no pictures in the standings, trying to go to five and three with their next game going to be in Vegas against a Raiders team in complete flux right now. And they can go to five and three and send the Chargers to three and five, take a two and a half game lead on a team that they might be jockeying for wild card position with later on this upcoming winter. I think this is a huge game. Justin Herbert versus Zach Wilson to stout pass rush defenses coming at you. That's number five on this list.

Number four. The leaders of the AFC North are welcoming in the leaders of the NFC West and a couple of weeks ago to be like, wait a minute. The Niners aren't playing in Baltimore.

It's the Seattle Seahawks coming to town. The Seattle Seahawks at five and two, taking on the six and two Lamar Jackson led Baltimore Ravens. Can the Ravens stay on top of the AFC North by going to seven and two? Can they enter the seven win club later on in the afternoon of a morning in which one of the teams here in Germany will break that ceiling first as an AFC team? Or can the Seahawks take advantage of the bye week of the San Francisco 49ers and go to six and two over the five and three Niners? Can the Seahawks go on the road in a very tough place to play? You saw what the Ravens did to their last visitor in the Lions. They just pounced all over them.

I can't wait to see this game, a hard hitting defense on both sides of the ball. The Hawks Ravens number four, number three. This is wild. Now we're getting into rarefied air because this this would have been number one in pretty much any other week. But on this week, it's number three. And it's the the bills of the Bengals.

I'm putting the number three on this list. There's so much intrigue, obviously, around both of these clubs. The Bengals are four and three with a complete arrow pointing up. The bills have been middling back and forth between outstanding in weeks two through four and then inconsistent, but still winning five and three. Do they have enough on their defense with so many injuries there?

They got Rasul Douglas, who is fascinatingly enough, hilariously enough put on the the the injury report as did not practice the other day with the designation of just got here, which was outstanding and fun, fun stuff from the Bills PR staff. And the Bengals, as we all know, look like the Bengals for the first time in San Francisco this past week, like the Bengals of the last two years. They're number three. Bills and Bengals on this list. Number two. Sorry, TJ, the varsity is number two.

Oh, wow. Cowboys and Eagles are number two on this list with Dallas playing the way that they just played, wrapped around the by sweeping Los Angeles around there by and then the Eagles. The Eagles, I know they haven't played as well as Dallas over the last three weeks, but this is throw the records out. And Dallas versus Philadelphia late window on Fox. If the Cowboys win this game, they're not at first because they won't have enough wins to get there, but they'll even up the loss column with Philadelphia and then have a much easier stretch between now and the next time they face Philly. While Philly has to take on San Francisco, Philly has to take on Kansas City. It is a tough row to hoe for Philadelphia over the next week. That next few weeks, they need to win this one. They need to hold serve at home and we'll see what Dallas can do. As we all know, they started the season with a road division win against the Giants. That's number two.

And then maybe I'm a little biased. Maybe there is an eye and rich and Eisen, but an international series contest first ever played in Frankfurt, Germany. It is six into Miami versus six into Kansas City. It is all that plus the biscuit. And then just for all of us here at NFL Network, getting to broadcast this on Sunday, it will take place one day after we celebrate our 20th anniversary. So it's big for the network. It's big for the league. It's big for Germany. It's big for the international scene. It's big for both of these teams, because this could be the difference between playing the AFC Championship in Kansas City or Miami.

With all due respect to Jacksonville and Cincinnati and Baltimore and everyone else who thinks they can be the one seed right now. This is huge. That's my top five. Most intriguing game. Oh, sure. We'll get one more.

I'll be straight up, guys. It took a while for me to find the one other intriguing game. I almost threw Arizona and Cleveland on there just in case Kyler Murray might somehow play, you know, and I've been in meetings. That hasn't been there hasn't been any news on that. I don't believe. No, no.

Deshaun's back at the practice field and actually back on the podium, which if you want to read into that, he's on the podium today. Maybe. I mean, there is a chance there's still a chance it's Kyler and Deshaun.

Now, if that is it, then obviously this would be the one more. But the Raiders doing what they did this week by axing their coach and general manager and putting Antonio Pearson as their interim head coach and the first team he faces is one of his former teams and the Giants who are sending Daniel Jones apparently to Las Vegas. This one intrigues me. I'll be straight up just to see what happens with Aidan O'Connell. Could he possibly start lighting it up in a way that Jimmy G could not? I mean, talk about a complete reversal. Of course, what the Raiders just did over the last 72 hours makes this game one of the more intriguing ones on the list, despite the records.

And that's my top five list for you right there, gentlemen. I'm with you. And that Cowboy Eagle game is fascinating on so many levels as well. Coming off the fact that the Lions looked as good as they did rich on Monday night. Now they get a bye. There is, if you map out the schedule, and I realize we're only at the halfway point, there is a clear path to the Lions getting the number one seed in the NFC. When you look at what the Eagles schedule is, they get the Cowboys this week, right? Then they get the bye. Then they go at Kansas City, Buffalo, San Francisco, at Dallas, and at Seattle. I mean, that is a five-game gauntlet where all five teams are conference championship game worthy. Oh, yeah. That's ridiculous.

One million percent. That's why, you know, they got to take this one down for Dallas, too, because it gets tough. And Dallas' schedule is much softer, if you will, during that stretch. As is the Lions. You know, so that's one way to look at it. And the other aspect, again, of the intrigue of the Las Vegas Raiders is making their change at quarterback.

And then, you know, in a way, not having the social media team somewhat read the room. I think we have the tweet. The Las Vegas Raiders. There it is. Happy birthday, Jimmy Garoppolo today. Where shall we send your cake? To the bench? And I'm sorry.

I'm sorry to do this, but it is somewhat simple. I think we have an exclusive photograph of what they got Jimmy for his birthday. There you go. Look at that. Is that one of the heated ones? It looks like it.

I don't know. You know, I mean, you got to make sure he's comfortable. It is his birthday. You know, it's kind of special. Want him to be comfortable. Hey, I'm happy that you're there.

And you're safe and you're comfortable as well. I just want to tell real quick a 60-second version of our Sunday together. And I think you mentioned this on the air Monday. So we're watching games together at NFL Network. Let's do this. Let's do this.

Let's do this. Go ahead. Because I know you're going to get fired up. It all ended well.

I could tell you're getting. I'm ready for this. This is a good story.

It's a happy story. So we're watching games together. We have like a theater at NFL Network.

If you looks like a movie theater, we have all the games on and we're all in there watching someone's running the remote and moving games all over the board here. And it was pouring rain. The Jets and Giants game was flat out ugly.

I believe had 75 punts in it, a new NFL record. And when Tommy DeVito, Syracuse legend comes in, I said to Rich, it was gallows humor. It wasn't like, hey, your team sucks, buddy.

It was gallows humor. I said, yeah, yeah. By the way, by the way, by the way, hold on a minute. While we're watching your brown, screw it up.

No, no, no. They hadn't started yet. They were a late game. And I said, man, imagine the headline of Tommy DeVito beats them. And it wasn't like, ha ha, your team's losing. But no, you kind of took it that way.

Understandably. No, it was it was it was it was, you know, negative Nelly Andrew. It's what it was.

Negative Nelly Andrew, which Andrew, which you can admit and all your friends can admit and negative Nelly Andrew shows up. Sometimes we all have, you know, and I didn't I didn't need it. I didn't need it clearly. I was watching. I get all that was happening.

I get it. You know, I didn't I didn't need this. Well, could you imagine the headline? You were fired up screaming at the Jets. You know, I was you were you were pretty fired up.

I was getting ready for I was getting ready for my trick or treat. Not as a banana on the streets of San Fernando Valley. I'd like that one immediately. So double double double tap. That's why he will fight. Yeah. So you know, but I turn to Andrew. I turn to Andrew. I'm like, can you please not manifest that? Can we just not manifest it? And then DeVito scores and then right.

And then DeVito scores. And I looked at you and you wouldn't even you wouldn't even make eye contact with me. I don't remember that part.

But I do remember this. After the fourth down sack in which you were pretty fired up, the Zach Wilson didn't throw the ball away. I would have been as well. I left.

He should have. You decided to get up and leave. Understandably, your game is over. So you leave. A few minutes later, I'm preparing because I was doing a double dip.

I'm getting ready for my next show to go downstairs to stage five. And all of a sudden we look up. Graham Gano missed the field goal. Honestly, I stopped watching.

My focus went elsewhere on the big screen. And then all of a sudden people realize, holy heck, Zach Wilson's got twenty four seconds to pull this out. No, he's going to do it.

Well, then he completes that first one. And then all of a sudden we realize this is happening. So somebody goes, where's Rich? Rich left. Like somebody get rich on the line. He probably doesn't know this is happening.

That's true. I'm about to leave. I'm in the front row. Mooch Mooch always sits in the front row. So so I was like, call call, Rich. So I swear to God, Rich, you didn't see this.

Mooch does this. Pulls his phone out and goes, Siri, call Rich Eisen. Just like this.

The front row. Siri, call Rich Eisen. Like ordering the blue plate special at four thirty in the afternoon. So it rings. And then he has you on speaker. He's trying to get you on speakerphone. So he's like doing this. Right.

So he gets you on speakerphone. Rich, Rich. They're going to they're going to they're going to send it to overtime. You're like, huh? What are you listening?

No, no. Turn it on the radio. And with everyone making noise in the background. Oh, we lost Rich here with everyone making noise in the background. Mooch is doing play by play. And it was it was a great moment.

And then obviously Greg Serline hits the field goal and they send it overtime and they win it in overtime. Let's see the old man Mooch and we love Mooch. And it was all the ones, too, where he was holding the phone out like this. Right. Whatever.

Watch the game Sunday on NFL Network and NFL plus plus on NFL dot com. It's like Rich said, I'm back. Rich is back. We are back. You know me. I can't I can't I can't I have trouble saying goodbye.

Yes. There was no way he wouldn't hit us. But anyway, thank you, Andrew. Thank you. I just I just was so thankful that your negativity didn't manifest itself all the way to the end. And now next time when I see you, you know, I can't wait to sit down next to you while we're watching the Cleveland Browns game.

Nobody should ever do that. You know what I mean? Like, boy, I can't I can't.

Can you imagine if the Browns lose it this way? That's the way that's not how I said it. That is not how I said it.

No, that's not it. I might be over over exaggerating. Can at any rate. Thank you. Let's leave on this one quick note. We're way over. Can we come to an agreement here?

Yes. I probably didn't take the right tone. And you were also probably really fired up and angry about your team that it maybe came across to you the wrong way. You shouldn't have said what you said the way you said it at any point in time ever. And I was too sensitive.

Yes. These are two things that these two things can be like any couple. Both can be both can be true. We both realize what happened. We both step away and we're both happy that just one.

And you came out and subordinate and churlish. Correct. I agree. All right. You're in the chair. So we could have been that mad at you.

This is true. Oh, stop. This is all good to chat with you. See you.

See you. Hey, brother. Yeah, that happened.

That's amazing. I didn't think it was that bad. I just went like because he was I said it. And after he got he was so fired up about something that Zach Wilson did or something. Or maybe there was like they're on their third string center.

Right. Something like that at that point. And I'm like, man, can you imagine?

Because she was all fired up. I thought I was kind of like feeding into how angry he was. Sure.

Man, can you imagine what the headline is that I lose this one like this? And then he jumped in like, whoa, I thought I thought we're on the same page. I thought you said it was all right, Spider.

Yeah, like exactly. All right. Hoskins, let's go to break break.

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And we have a Game of Thrones theme to it. What's the first one, Chris Brockman? The first one is your favorite Game of Thrones character. Khaleesi, Jon Snow, Jorah Mormont. Start bench cut. You have to start one, bench one, and cut.

I'm starting Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains. I'm benching Jorah and I'm cutting Jon. You can't have any rivalry, Jon.

He's trying to hit his hand, but he's trying to get in there. We got to cut Jon. Didn't see that coming. The nastiest MF'er on Game of Thrones.

You have to start one, you have to bench one, and cut one. Ramsay Bolton, Walder Frey, Joffrey. This is nastiest. I mean, you got to start Ramsay. He's the worst.

I mean, he is awoke, right? He's the worst of all time. I'm going to bench Joffrey because he's close.

You know, the stuff that he did. I mean, Sansa's put up with all this crap from the men in her life. She's a big better man. Exactly. And so I'm going to bench Walder Frey. He's up there, but his death was exciting. So you cut him. He's out. Well, which he actually was, in fact, cut. Right.

Literally, from all that. Okay. And then we'll just do one more favorite movie, okay? Three choices are Shawshank Redemption, The Fugitive, You've Got Mail.

Start, bench, cut. I'm going to start The Fugitive. I mean, Tommy Lee and Harrison Ford, fantastic.

The best, right? I'm going to bench Shawshank. Phenomenal movie as well. And I'm cutting You've Got Mail. She loves You've Got Mail.

It's not even the best Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan movie. Exactly. Yeah, but it's modern times. Online and all that stuff. That was like a phone call on a radio show. Yeah, but you've got dial-up.

You've got dial-up email. Come on now. You guys are wrong. Such a different guy before 2020 than Aaron Rodgers. Welcome back to The Rich Eisen Show here. My name is Andrew Siciliano, sitting in for Rich, who is joining us in Germany with lovely ergonomic furniture in his lovely hotel room. This desk, however, is furnished by Grainger. With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or click or just stop by. As we get ready for TJ and some fantasy here, as we get ready for week number nine tonight, quick fantasy story for you, TJ. How would you react if this happened to you? So all our moves for my league have to be in. We have a waiver thing. Fake money, fake money.

All of it fake. $100 fake money for the year to make on waiver claims. So you have to bid on waiver claims. You have to bid on waiver claims. Right. So you want player X, bid something.

It's blind bidding. And then you find out at 5 p.m. Thursday, 5 p.m. Pacific, 8 p.m. Eastern, Thursday. 15 minutes before kickoff.

That's way too late, Andrew. Whether you get the guy. That's when we run him. Sometimes my buddy, the commissioner, forgets to run him. Rarely does it matter on a Thursday, but sometimes it does.

I digress. Very often it goes until Sunday morning, and then he realizes, oh, someone texts him, hey, buddy. And then he runs him.

You got to make that automatic, bro. So he ran him this Sunday morning. But because there was a glitch, I was trying to get Dustin Hopkins, the Browns kicker, and to make room, I was cutting a player who was in Thursday's game, even though I wasn't playing him, it wasn't in my lineup, it wouldn't process because that guy already played, so you can't. But it should have been run before Thursday, before the game.

Does that make sense? So the move should have gone through. So you were trying to cut him before the game started.

Yes, but because it didn't run until Sunday, it blocked the move. So I texted him. I said, hey, you need to allow that.

He goes, you're totally right. And so I got my kicker, and I played my Dustin Hopkins. Fine, doesn't matter. Fast forward to Sunday night or to Monday morning, I win, I win by like five. I personally don't care that much. I don't get any joy really in winning fantasy.

It's fun, but like whatever. Browns lost to Seattle. The Rams lost to the Cowboys. That was my day emotionally, fantasy, whatever. Anyway, I get a text Monday morning from the commissioner saying, hey, there was a similar issue with the guy you were playing. I had to do the same thing for him as I did for you.

He didn't text me Sunday, but he texted me later in the day. He's totally right. You now lost. What? So how, whoa, I mean, look. And I'm like, eh.

Fair is fair. I literally looked at my phone, and I just sent back the thumbs up emoji. Well, I don't care. Like, but if I did take it seriously, I would have been up there.

Yeah, but you know, you. I just don't take it seriously. Even if you take it serious or not, it's probably the right thing to do. It was absolutely the right thing to do. And for you, it was a bad circumstance. Because I'm a commissioner, and I got to deal with all, with the stuff with my guys in my league. But if he let your thing slide, then yeah, he's got to let the other one slide because it was his fault. See, I look at it as they're not even a slide. It's you should have run this Thursday, and we wouldn't have this issue.

You have to make it automatic where whatever site you're playing on, they should automatically run, and that way you won't have to worry about. Exactly. Thank you.

Human error. Commish? Thanks for nothing.

Anyway, I digress. Time now for TJ's Fantasy Football Update. This Fantasy Football Update presented by Prize Picks, our weekly fantasy football update, sponsored by Prize Picks with TJ Jeffers.

I'm telling you, no one's loving Prize Picks more than Chris Brockman. He's killing it on there. You know it. We're going to get you ready for week nine, guys, and I'm going to try to dole out some fantasy advice.

So to my DJ, Mikey D, would you hit my theme music, please? Oh, there we go. Now I'm going to tell you who's him right now, Andrew. I think Josh Downs is him. Yeah, wide receiver against the Panthers. He scored at least 13 points per game in his last four games and five of his past six outings. He has two touchdowns his last three games, and he has four games in a row with at least six targets. We all know targets are important.

The more targets you get, the better chance of fantasy success you have. And here's the other thing, Andrew. They're playing the Panthers. He's a former Tar Heel, so he's kind of going home. And that's why I like him.

And here's why I should also like him. They love him on third down. Two weeks ago when I did their game, Colts, Browns. He had, what, five for 125. I think like four for 100 were on third down.

Oh, love that. Also, CJ Stroud, quarterback of the Texans, going against the Bucks. Look, Tampa Bay has allowed two of the last three quarterbacks that they played to score at least 26 fantasy points, both average and 23 himself. Look, we like CJ Stroud. He had kind of a not so great week last week.

I think he bounces back big against the Bucks. I think CJ Stroud is also him. He's in the him category. Now I'm going to tell you who's not him.

You know, we talked about him earlier in the show today, you know, whether the Mayo thing was real, whether the banana thing was real. Will Levis is not him this week. Don't let last week's four-touchdown game fool you.

He might be good going forward. But as Andrews told you, I think twice today, only one rookie quarterback is one going up against the Steelers on the road. You know, Steelers being the home team and they Steelers haven't allowed a QB to score more than 17 fantasy points in the last three games. They played Lamar. They played Stafford and they played Tila. Plus, Cam Hayward should be coming back. If you've got a better option to Will Levis and I know Brockman hates playing guys on Thursday.

Hate it. So if you've got a better option to Will Levis, a quarterback, I'd say go for it. And also Dante Foreman of the Bears going against the Saints.

I've been telling you this all year. I just don't like people going up against the Saints defense to the fourth and the fewest running back fantasy points allowed to running backs. And again, if you've got a better guy to start, I would start him. I don't think he's him against the Saints D. And now we talk about her head or get header gut segment who might be him. I think Jake Ferguson tied in the Cowboys against the Eagles might be him.

Now, look, he's got four games to share with almost 10 fantasy points. And the Eagles have allowed opposing tight ends to score that many points. We're talking Hunter Henry. We're talking T.J. Hawkinson. We're talking Logan Thomas.

They scored at least 16 points against them. Also, Chris, when I text you, Ferguson's date, one of those Cavender twins. So I think he knows he's got to like step Ferguson is that's the word on the street, Andrew. That's one. That's what I'm saying. I can tell which one I'm going to tell them apart.

I don't know which one is which. I hope he does. But I think that's enough to kind of make sure he's, you know, standing up and stepping up a little bit. So he might be him and Matt Jones. I think about this this till this morning when Hoskins told me he was starting Matt Jones.

And I'm like, but why? Well, Washington gave away their whole defense. I'm like, that's a good point, even though he lost Kendrick Bourne, the commanders did part with two of the top pass rustlers this week. So and also, Chris, I forgot with those guys, they were still number one in fantasy points allowed.

So I think maybe you'll be happy this week. Matt Jones might be him. Pop Douglas, Keyshawn Bootay. There you go. The Mario Davis. Keyshawn Bootay. Yep. So definitely that's just my fantasy help this week.

And I hope it works out for you. Do do you know the Cavender Twins as the college basketball players or the new girls in wrestling? Both. OK. No, no. Actually, like, were you aware of them before they got to wrestling or they got to the OK, but I'd never seen him play. I just knew him from Instagram.

Gotcha. So many things I could say about them. No, about wrestling. I know you don't like wrestling, Andrew. We know I'm hitting T.J. A thousand people showed up to so.

I get it. Our fantasy football update with T.J. sponsored by prize picks. The number one daily fantasy sports app ready to test your skills. Join the prize picks community. You must be present in certain states.

Visit prize picks dot com for restrictions and for details. All right. Coming up next, the latest on who did and who did not practice today and what it means for your week nine. We talk in practice.

Yes. Not a game. Not a game. We're talking about practice, Philip. We're talking about practice, not a game, not the game that I go out there and die for. We're talking about practice. The football season is underway and believe podcasts are talking about it. When he went home and went to sleep, Michael Parsons was terrorizing him.

Believe has podcasts covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams too. If you're producing 15 points a game, that's something that is definitely disheartening. Side line to sideline, end zone to end zone as a quarterback, I would expect him to be acting like that. Take the accountability. Put that on yourself.

Don't put it on your teammates. Search BLEAV podcasts wherever you listen. Half redneck, half posh, 100 percent fun. Trey Crowder and Corey Ryan Forrester try and learn fancy culture in putting on airs.

The host of the Medium Popcorn Podcast, Brandon Collins and Justin Brown. OK, so Paddington 2 had like 100 percent of ride tomatoes for you. You guys ruined that? Justin came in and like took it down like two points because of his rating. That's the time we started getting death threats. Yeah, I'm not surprised. People worship that movie. Putting on airs.

The podcast is on YouTube and wherever you listen. You're 6'7", correct, is that what you're wearing? Correct. OK. And you're from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Born and raised. So did you ever try football? Almost. Did you see you out there on the field and as a tight end or something like that or. Oh, yes. Yes.

Been been from Tuscaloosa. You know, it was, you know, we've seen football day in and day out. So as a child. Yeah.

You want to do what you see. And that was my goal and plans, you know, until I was in college and I had a daughter that was on the way that was born with spina bifida. So, you know, it's just like to say like for me, it's like sometimes when you have plans because how God help other plans for you and those plans that I had set for myself. Yeah.

He's seen it in another light, a different way. And I found one of my purpose, you know, at that point in time, my life coming up, having a child that was born with a disorder, you know, it was very tough. It was difficult being that you young yourself and you only pray for a healthy child. And then when you don't get that, you got to you got to you got to you got to set responsibilities and do what you got to do as a as a human being in general and as a father. You know, and I love being a father. You know, if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be in boxing when, you know, I'll probably be, you know, in football or basketball or something like that. But having her, she changed my world completely. And and I'm forever grateful for because I wouldn't be in this position. I probably wouldn't be here, who knows where I'd be, you know, without my children and their blessings. And people say, when you have kids and not playing that, you know, there's a mistake, but no child is a mistake, you know, and I just love being a father is number one for me. You know, even my two year olds understand boxing, all my kids will be at the fight. Yeah.

And my two year olds say, I want to go see Daddy Boom Boom. Rich has been shut down the stretch we come, by the way, you're getting me tomorrow as well with rich still in Germany and Monday and Tuesday as well. We'll say Guten Morgen each of those days. You know, a little German. I do not.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch. I do not. Stream the NFL TJ Westwood one for free, sponsored by AutoZone.

Yeah. Ball season long. You can listen to every Westwood one broadcast of the NFL live on the NFL app like tonight, for example, or by asking Alexa to open WWO sports or on your Westwood one affiliate stations, digital platforms. You could stream Kevin Harland and Kurt Warner and rich for free, and you can get in the zone AutoZone. The free AutoZone fix finder service can help you find a fix for free.

Get in the zone AutoZone restrictions do apply. Phone calls. We haven't taken any phone calls. Let's do it. I'm going to call here as I left on my computer to look at the names in the screen here. Jimmy in San Antonio. Jimmy Jimmy. Nothing my friend. What's up with you? All right.

Siciliano. Is that correct? That's good. Talents. Happy.

Jimmy. I hate the word talent, by the way. Like I do.

I hate it. Funny joke. For those who don't know, talent is what like in the media business, the TV business, especially you call the on air people. That's just industry speak the talent I get at this. I think it implies, Jimmy, that the other people you're working with aren't talented, which I don't like. They are. Well, that's why that's why they get less mic time.

Let's be honest. Eh, whatever. I get mic time all the time. Yeah, he does.

He also controls the mics. So, okay. So I've got some Spurs talk.

Brockman. Yeah. But I took the Spurs over twenty eight and a half wins a thousand dollars.

And when Wendy is making that that look easy, but they're just not a good team. I know. But twenty. All I need is twenty nine wins. I wins.

You watch them. I can't believe Jimmy. They won that game against the Suns. How many wins do they have right now? Two. Okay. Two.

So your count your count your money with two five hundred. Yeah. No.

No. Okay. All right. All right. Give me a look. I'm pulling for you, buddy.

I'm pulling for you. Well, okay. Second question, Brockman. Isn't Rich's brother a lawyer?

Rich's brother is a lawyer. Yes. Yeah. I can hear it in the family genes when they bring up Michigan and he gets very defensive. Insanely, right? Oh, boy. He got a little uncomfortable yesterday with with Bruce. But I was just laughing. I think this whole thing is insane.

The how often do you cross-examine your guests? The new stuff today, Jimmy, where there are seemingly photos of a very young, clean-shaven Connor Stallions on the sideline as early as twenty eighteen. And there is another video making the rounds today. And this was from last year's Ohio State game, where Connor Stallions is standing behind coordinator Jesse Minter, defensive coordinator. At this point, the game is seven three. Buckeyes have the lead first quarter and you see Connor Stallions. You can clearly, if you read lips, he says, run right. It's second and nine. And then Michigan immediately calls a blitz.

They crash both safeties to that side and they stuff it like, oh, that's not a good look for the victors. It is not. And again, you can't convict on Twitter videos. You cannot. Rich will not allow it.

He will not let that begin. Well, I mean, the court record, all playful chiding about rich aside. I mean, it's one thing to have every amateur detective taking screen grabs of games that they found on YouTube from the last how many every years and saying, can't you read his lips? Right. That's actually what he's saying.

Jimmy, thanks for the phone call. That's actually what he's saying. And it's another thing to prove that anything there is done illegally.

Like, for example. I said earlier, every team has that guy that's really good at looking at the other sideline. Why do some teams have three or four kids calling in signals?

You don't know which one's hot, right? Because regardless of whether or not Connor Stallion's is standing on the other side of the field, teams are sensitive. They know that the other team is trying to figure out what it is they're calling. So just because there's a video of Connor Stallion's in the in the Ohio State game saying, hey, run right to Jesse Minner doesn't mean that that information was gained illegally. It doesn't. You can't prove that. Right.

Maybe you can, but you can't prove it with that video is my point. So that only shows so much. But let me tell you, there is a lot of smoke there. I'm guessing there's a fire. There's a lot of smoke. A lot of it. Lots. You can't really see the field. There's so much smoke, lots of it.

And then what do you do? Like I personally think Ohio State is the better team and Ohio State is going to win this year. But I thought that last year, too. Right. Didn't matter.

Dealer like. And this was the crux of Bruce and Rich's conversation slash debate. You know, Bruce threw out kind of hypothetically. Would you rather if you're a Michigan fan, would you rather have this team punished with a postseason ban? But these kids had nothing to do with it. Or would you rather kids usually have nothing to deal with it, by the way, Jim Harbaugh be suspended for the rest of the year and then let this team go on.

And if they win the national championship, they win the national championship. That's often the case when it comes. You always hear that argument when it comes NCAA or college athletics punishment. It's always, well, these kids have nothing to do with it. Usually that is the case. Most of the time.

Sure. The kids are the victims in all this when it comes to taking away postseason opportunities. Scholarships, postseason bans, et cetera. Or do you, if you're the Big Ten, cross your fingers and hope Ohio State takes care of this issue and they don't make the playoff and they don't play for a national championship, that it's Ohio State knocking out Michigan. Usually you would hope. Pretty big hope. It's a big hope.

I was just going to say. It's a big hope. Like I think Ohio State's the better team. I do, but they have a young and inexperienced quarterback. Michigan's got the quarterback edge here. Big time. Okay.

A Heisman Trophy candidate. Yes. So then what do you do? Hope is not a plan. It ain't a plan.

What do you do? Tony Petitti is in a really tough spot. He's a really bright guy who's in a really tough spot. I should tell you as well that those injury updates, I promise you, here they are. So Deshaun Watson is practicing today. He's throwing with the media there, taking videos of it.

He was on the podium today. To me, these are signs he is going to play on Sunday if the arm holds up. Just because he let it go today in practice doesn't mean he's going to feel good tomorrow.

I think it's trending in that direction. Josh Allen is on the practice field today, and Sean McDermott within the last hour said he has nothing that would lead him to believe Josh Allen is not good to go Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. I think the more intriguing thing is, is DeMar Hamlin going to play? Not that he's going to play a massive factor in the outcome of the game, but McDermott said yesterday that it's a football decision only as to whether or not he plays. They are in Cincinnati. You have to wonder, is it an emotional decision as well? Talk more about this tomorrow.

He's only played three games this year. Regardless, I am back tomorrow. I look forward to you being here as well on The Rich Eisen Show. For decades, Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications. Today Rolling Stone Music Now takes over in podcast form. We have Michael Azerrad, who was Nirvana's very first biographer. I'm not sure how many people realize how many of the best songs on In utero were written way beforehand. To be fair to Kurt, he was also a new father. There was a lot of stuff distracting him. It wasn't just drugs, although that was certainly a major factor. Rolling Stone Music Now, wherever you listen.
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