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REShow: Bruce Feldman - Hour 2

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November 1, 2023 4:13 pm

REShow: Bruce Feldman - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 1, 2023 4:13 pm

Rich reveals who he thinks the Raiders should pursue as their next head coach and weighs in on the Atlanta Falcons naming Taylor Heinicke their Week 9 starting quarterback.

FOX Sports/The Athletic’s College Football Insider Bruce Feldman and Rich discuss Arch Manning’s future with the Texas Longhorns, Ohio State being atop the initial CFP rankings, the latest in the Michigan cheating allegations, possible punishment for Wolverines’ head coach Jim Harbaugh, and debates Rich on the extent of the head coach’s knowledge of staff assistant Connor Stalions’ alleged cheating transgressions.

Rich recounts his night trick or treating with his kids that featured him, dress as a banana, arguing sports with another neighborhood dad.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Happy Halloween. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. What's your assessment of Brock Purdy? Where are the turnovers coming from?

He's forcing you know he's trying to make too big a plays. Earlier on the show ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky. Coming up, senior writer for the MMQB Albert Breer. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

Obviously it's not Halloween. It's November the 1st and we're here on this Wednesday edition of the Rich Eisen Show. We already chatted with Mike Florio. Breece Hall of the Jets coming up in hour number three. And in this hour our weekly Wednesday chat with the voice of college football from Fox Sports and the athletic Bruce Feldman who spoke to no fewer than what 50 unnamed coaches and individuals around college football to talk about how they think Michigan's current predicament should be viewed.

Really interesting article. And so clearly there's lots to talk about with him including the first college football playoff rankings that came out. We just discussed that. The top of the show for those who are just joining us right now and I know we're just coming on the air in Las Vegas, Nevada on our radio affiliate there, Raiders Nation. We say hello to you and I know you're wondering oh okay middle of the night decisions in Vegas normally don't go very well as I mentioned at the top of the program and I think a lot of Raiders fans certainly the one that held up that sign in Detroit during the Monday night loss to the Lions in which Jimmy Garoppolo looked terrible and kept being that turnover machine that has him leading the league in interceptions with nine despite missing two and a half games and then missing you know two times Devonta Adams or touchdowns the fan held up just fire Josh and the owner clearly saw this sign and agreed. He said say less. And Josh McDaniels is gone after a year and a half on the job his hand-picked general manager Dave Ziegler gone half year and a half on the job and I know when speaking to a lot of Raider fans they feel Mike Mayock was substandard in his role I believe differently obviously I am biased I was been around his acumen of evaluating talent for a decade and a half as the NFL network is celebrating 20 years on the air this coming Saturday and to have him in the building and then send him packing after a team that he helped build with Rich Passaccia at the helm as the interim head coach with everything going on with John Gruden and then Henry Ruggs at the time as we all remember what was going on with him off the field and this team makes the playoffs and damn near beats the Bengals they had a shot to put it in the end zone to make sure Joe Burrows blossoming didn't wind up with a Super Bowl appearance that year man Rich Passaccia the guy would write handwritten notes and talk to players in a very meaningful manner and the team was rallying around each other and that special feeling that was going around that building despite the unmitigated disaster that had befallen the franchise that they stuck together and made the playoffs and damn near won a road playoff game Mark Davis decided we're not going with that we're gonna try and create Patriots West and what a bad decision that was I know TJ you said in the first hour it should have kept with Rich Passaccia that might be hindsight being 20-20 but I was saying at the time why not him yeah it was seven to five right why not stick with Mayock and instead maybe the guy who was in the building that day they almost beat the Bengals could be the the way through my fellow Staten Islander Luanna Rumo might be a no-nonsense dude to stick right there in that division if I want to beat Patrick Mahomes and I'm sick and tired of Mahomes beating my brains in and Mahomes has an opportunity to pick confetti out of his hair as a back-to-back champion in my building next February how about taking the guy who defensively has prevented Mahomes from making a Super Bowl how about that guy how about a guy that has spent many a moon coordinating against Andy Reid and Mahomes and then the Chiefs having issues in those games I kind of dig that idea as you're starting to think down the road who might be the next guy or let's see what Antonio Pierce does he might shock you but they've decided to go with Aidan O'Connell which makes total sense trust me as a Michigan Wolverine fan in the Big Ten championship game that I thought in the Big Ten championship game that I thought and we all thought after beating the Ohio State for a second straight time we all thought um hey this thing's going to be a cakewalk against Purdue Aidan O'Connell was making great decisions getting the ball out quickly and he gave Michigan a good first half but maybe Connor Stallions was just had his uh had his wires crossed or something never according to so many people out there never know okay that's true we do never have it on the sideline who knows but I think the kid looked great in the pre-season I know pre-season is pre-season but the minute the minute they decided to go with Brian Hoyer instead of Aidan O'Connell in Chicago was definitely one of those moments where like what is this dude thinking you know what is he thinking that was the one for me you know while while Chicago's starting their undrafted free agent right and Tyson Bajan and he beats you it was and and then after Hoyer threw a pick six then he puts O'Connell in the game it's just like really what's that about to me it just read like I don't want a quarterback controversy we paid Jimmy G all this money uh you know Aidan O'Connell got to start earlier because Jimmy was hurt yeah okay so we put O'Connell in now and what if he plays great and we win well now I have to answer all these questions about are you gonna start the kid what about Jimmy but you're the guy with four and a half more years left in your contract you're saying it's my way which is what Mark Davis basically said when he handed the keys of the store over to them them being him and Ziegler a year and a half ago and it was obvious to everyone that Jimmy G isn't the guy or wasn't the guy or couldn't be the guy Howie Long was the guest on What the Football with Suji Schuster and Amy Trask yesterday and you know obviously the firing happened a few hours later but this is what he had to say about the quarterback situation Raider great to Raider great and Schuster great I think Jimmy is kind of a reliable stop-gap measure I think the young guy was like I think they took him in the fourth round is a guy that Josh McDaniel you're anytime you're anytime you're you're you're looking at talent your head coach or your GM you're going to draw on what you had in the past well this guy looks like art or this guy plays like Gene or this guy could be Ted Hendricks this guy could be Howie Long whoever it is I think for him that guy probably reminded them the most of Tom Brady you know the size the style of play he's a pocket guy who can move a little bit but he's not a runner smart guy poised I just don't think they had the pieces in place right now and then you what ends up happening is frustration sets in frustration sets in with wide receivers like you get a Devante Adams who's you know probably a Hall of Fame wide receiver who's used to playing with a great quarterback he came there to play with Derek Carr and Derek Carr's no longer there and you know you take last night last night he's he's open on a couple of what would have been really big plays potentially touchdown plays and can't get the ball there that's right so now they're going Aidan O'Connell perhaps because you know Garoppolo is going to cost money on your cap and be on your roster next year if he gets hurt and that's what he does in between occasional erratic play and occasional stellar play by the way Howie also previewed Eagles Cowboys on Fox on what the football get it where all your podcasts can be acquired but this makes total complete sense see what you got in the Purdue kid and if he if he loses football games with all due respect to Max Crosby and all due respect to Devante Adams and all due respect to all those proud veterans on that team Marcus Peters who had a pick six we can go on and on and on and on Colton Miller right but if you don't win a lot more games there's a kid here at USC that would look great in silver black and in Las Vegas Nevada I'm sure he'd want to go there you know what I'm saying yeah so you know we say he's the next Mahomes how about getting the next Mahomes to take on Mahomes and stick him with a coach who might bring in a coordinator perfect for him in the burrow style while he continues doing what he does defensively and has the plan to beat Mahomes that's just just throwing it out there caping for my fellow Staten Islander that's my man right there it's a good call Luanna Rumo just throwing it out there man right there good call I went method man he's gonna be top of the wish for I think he will be I think he will be and that's why another reason why the Bengals should win right now because this is the last year I guess that burrows on his rookie deal right I mean his his extension kicks in next year right exactly and and and they and they were fortunate to keep uh that their their staff was somehow not rated yeah one other quarterback change that's made today one that I think Christopher you and I saw coming anybody who watches Atlanta Falcons football saw coming and one of the reasons why I picked Atlanta to win the division this year is I thought at some point the Atlanta Falcons whether it was by injury to their quarterback that they're hoping is the future or too much erratic play up and down play for the young quarterback who they hope is their future that eventually the Falcons would hit the rest of the league with the Heineke and it's happening Desmond Ritter got hurt in last week's game for the Atlanta Falcons and they are now at four and four after the Falcons had a frustrating experience in Arthur Smith's revisit to Tennessee and sure enough Heineke comes in the game and the offense looks crisper and that's what this guy does and he does some crazy ass things sometimes he's got some Fitz magic in him I'm not gonna lie to you he does have a lot of the Fitz magic he's got a touch of the Fitz magic takes chances and which is a problem you know it's a problem but it does pay off at some time and Arthur Smith is deciding to go with Heineke do we have that sound back actually we do hit it you know just for this week you know just with all the variables you know just kind of considering the last 72 hours and what we feel is good best for this week for us you know against Minnesota Taylor will play this week just for this week I mean he's dipping his toe in the water he doesn't want a cannonball straight in you're like he's not it's not like the caddyshack pool scene here because I guess he doesn't want to be held holding the baby roof at the end you know what I mean like I mean okay fine just for this week hey Minnesota's defense is no joke but it's ready if Ritter's available and ready then why aren't you playing him exactly and so he's just look friend of the program I root for the guy sometimes his face needs to be told to smile a little bit when he then he shows up on McAfee show and he's a laugh a minute like you know it's like you know it's like a two drink minimum like Sarah Tiana you know so um hey listen whatever she's so happy whatever you got to tell yourself fine uh I think it will show that um this this team's gonna start moving the ball and how about giving Bijan like 25 touches what are we doing here right like can we just how about just anything in the red zone when you get to the red zone maybe give the ball to your best player why not running I feel I shouldn't offer advice like this because Arthur Smith is a smart offensive guy who doesn't need my advice how about how about what the Lions did with Jamir Gibbs how about let's start a game with six touches for Bijan Robinson on the first drive just just maybe to show everybody I I can do this you know we're just keeping them fresh it's a long season we do have you know Al Gier here we got you know the uh the original here um jack of all trades Cordero in Cordero Patterson but how about giving number seven the ball like Jamir Gibbs got the ball from the Lions where we're just gonna give it to you and hit it again and hit it again like Hans Gruber one more time hit it let's see what happens let's see if the Vikings can handle that put a little Bijan on the Heinecke mustard hot dog right let's go I mean I'm ready let's go let's feature him like the lines just featured Gibbs with a little bit of Heinecke and I bet you suddenly Drake London is gonna be wide open honestly Kyle Pitts down the seam like let's go right Van Jefferson I thought was a nice pickup I think like they have an offense that can hit you with the Heinecke I dig it it's time I mean it's time it's time that I but I keep thinking what Jared Goff said you got to give somebody three years but I don't think you get three years anymore Josh McDaniel's just got a year and a half yeah like you can't give people three years anymore people don't have three years anymore coaches don't have three well it's not just the coaches and I don't mean to blame this this is not an Arthur Blank thing like Arthur Blank might be like do whatever the hell you want to do we have no idea but but there's a locker room of guys like Kaleis Campbell in year 2015 for him and they can win this division and he's balling out and the rest of that defense is balling out let's give that defense an offense run by somebody else for a week just a week just a week but I think this is Heinecke's gig man and maybe it will serve Ritter to watch it Atlanta home for Minnesota at Arizona oh that could be Connor Murray's return then a bye home for New Orleans oh man Falcons Saints that will be for first place I would profit to say as we're sitting here right now three weeks removed from it first of two times at the Jets their finale with Tampa at Carolina home for Indianapolis at Chicago at New Orleans pretty favorable schedule damn straight it is you know it's the division is there absolutely a home playoff game is there and for one week I think he's made the move that I I felt has been inevitable four weeks and and kudos to him for holding hold and see if your kid can start and see if your kid can start matriculating but let's take a break here 844-204 Rich number to dial Bruce Feldman is here let's talk college football with our weekly college football guest on this front from Fox Sports and the Athletic Rich Eisen here if you love football as much as we do here and want to be in the game every day there's something the guys on my show 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going this week austin texas we got ut hosting k-state should be a good game uh no quinn viewers we don't expect this weekend malik murphy will start again so k-states played well when are we going to see arch manning why haven't we seen him yet what do you think i don't think he's ready what's the plan for him my guess is they will reevaluate in the spring where he's at question is does quinn you or his leave because he could he could leave and jump in this deep quarterback class and then it's like well malik murphy who they know has talent but hasn't played a lot he didn't play a lot in high school will he be able to show enough i think that's the quarterback battle next spring if yours leaves and i'll just say too i mean the manning family has a history of paying attention to their family members and what their standing is or where they're going this is fine they're they're they're cool with just this kid sitting maybe even two years that he was being in there and he's not playing i think they had to know that situation going in really i mean i don't think it was a surprise like when yours was considered by a lot of people no i know that highest rated this year but another year after that well did they think you were just going to bounce after one year okay i mean they knew caleb and drake may were probably going to be at the top of this draft so arch will just not get drafted for another three years after that or we'll just play oh he'll be one and done in texas i think the question is if you if you're them and they've clearly bought in to steve sarkeesian as the quarterback developer in that system do you just jump because you are getting itchy to to get on the field you know like what are the better alternatives i think what what would be interesting here is obviously with the portal you can make a move question is you know he's probably going to be unproven as a college player if he were to and again i've heard nothing that says he's he's looking to bolt if he's not the guy in 2024 when they make the move to the scc we've got uh bruce feldman here from fox sports and the athletic here on the rich eisen show back at the rich eisen show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger is the right product for you call click or just stop by your two cents on the first college football playoff rankings are what uh ohio state is number one that may surprise some people go i don't think they're the best team in the country they have the best resume they went to notre dame beat that team that's a good notre dame team they beat penn state that's a top 10 team and then even last weekend they went to wisconsin and beat them by two touchdowns i get it it's not a great wisconsin team but that's still a five and three wisconsin team if you look at georgia the next team there georgia's best win is against a three loss florida team that all three of their losses have been double digits and florida squeaked by southcon also georgia had its hands full of south carolina south carolina is two and six so if you ask me head to head do i think is better i think georgia would win the game but if we at this point we got to go on resume at least and then all this stuff is going to sort itself out as we get further in of course you know and michigan and uh has not played anybody right that's that's the the general sense of things um there was a quote i i saw from boo corrigan about how michigan's off the field scenario and situation and connor stallions and sign stealing and all of that didn't play into the ranking at all saying we really see it as an ncaa issue and not a cfp issue so what what did you make what do you make of i'm not surprised i don't think the cfp committee wants to wait in and be the jury on that i think they would much rather have either the big 10 which has the leeway to do it or the nca do something if they don't i don't think the cfp now there may be somebody on the committee who sits there and goes you know in my head i'm looking at it going they've had an unfair advantage now the flip side of that is when they play penn state in two weeks next week and when they play you know thanksgiving weekend against ohio state those teams are going to come in you would think either wristband it up or completely aware of all right they're not getting our stuff we're going to change whatever make adjustments whatever's going to happen in that game is going to happen and you would you would think that it won't bear out but i mean the irony in this is that all the teams they've played now they've dominated everybody michigan yeah michigan but no is no one has been totally good on their schedule at this point but all those teams you would think they didn't probably would not have needed to have any any added intel well that's and that's the whole frustrating element of it obviously everything you know that i've been talking about with my michigan friends and my fellow wolverines and fellow alums it it it's a wide range of emotion disappointment embarrassment frustration like you know everybody has a set of eyes i mean daniel jeremiah came on this program one of the most respected people that i know in in our community that that that straddles a line of analysis and scouting and everything like that he he's like you know sign stealing had nothing to do with aden hutchinson beating the crap out of the tackle that was across from him a couple of years ago and that they're dominating in the trenches and things like that which is why like what why why the hell was this guy connor stallions free to do what he was doing that's the ultimate question here that i have and i know you've just done a whole survey with we talked to we myself and maxwell my colleague at the athletic we talked to 50 college coaches many head coaches but from every conference in in major college football how long did this take this was a pretty much around the clock for the last week okay this was put everything else on the back burner we're getting this done this week and so we started it early last week on the athletic on the athletic and we wanted to really get into context so on a scale of one to five one being not a big deal five being very serious rated how serious do you think this is um only two of the 50 coaches that we spoke to felt like it was under a three most of them felt like it was very serious uh then it was from 2021 on how much uh if at all credit do you does this take away from what michigan did obviously michigan was two and four in the pandemic year um or two and and they're and they didn't even play ohio state right and then they go from that to they've just dominated the conference now obviously and i agree i did dj and bucky's podcast a week ago and both were in alignment and i respect those guys greatly by the same token we talked to a lot of college football coaches does it affect aden hutchinson you know but it definitely could affect you have a shot play you have lined up you know exactly when to do it you have pressures that you're gonna you know know where to where to bring it from all sorts of things these are coaches who are some are in the league some are not but they're all high level coaches to know because we had asked them at one point how many points do you think a game this could be worth if it's a real operation some set as many as 21 and that's a big number like i don't care what the college football player is if you ask like a handicapper that no player is worth 21 points um in college football and this is was fascinating to see the biggest issue and it goes back to your question was so connor stallions a naval academy grad lifelong michigan fan desperately aspiring to rise up in the coaching ranks with a 600 page michigan manifesto or something like that that's the that's the report yes is he took a i know this part this part i from you know our own reporting took great pride in his reputation as a signal stealer now if he's doing it in game just based off of the intel they intel they maybe had from tv copy going in or anything like that most schools have some operation or some person who's trying to do that the part where you cross the big line is if you're going in person to do the scouting some and some of the people we talked to in the survey did say they have had instances where somebody from another school had come to their spring game maybe filmed them we've heard of stuff where people had spied on walkthroughs a handful of us we have not heard the degree of things that apparently connor stallions was doing like like holding a laminate with everybody there's a central michigan thing if that's him looks really dubious what the hell man but then the other part of it where a bunch where a bunch of coaches had issue with this because one of the questions we asked is how is there any case for plausible deniability for jim harbaugh here now first of all the nca is not going to go on that because the nca says you were responsible for everybody who works for you this is a moot point when it comes to potential violations and the punishments for it yeah because other coaches have been now have been dinged for what their underlings do and saying you didn't know you should you should you should have known right but the part that so a couple of coaches i talked to and these are head coaches in this case were like i don't know everything that goes on in my building you know and these are one of them was a sunbelt coach their building is quite honestly a lot smaller than michigan a lot less people the the the thing people have called out is why is this guy who was has worked in the recruiting department no headset worked in the recruiting department why is he next to uh jesse minner the defensive coordinator while the game is going on talking to him in the middle of this that looks suspicious why is he next to jim harbaugh i've had head coaches go there's no way a guy like that is going to be in my space while a head while a game is going on it just it strains you know credibility beyond belief to them that those things look really dubious and if jim didn't know it's like okay how are you so sure why are you why are we leaning everything on this guy that he is so prominent you know i talked to another coach who in the in the big 10 who was like you know we heard they had this navy seal guy who was like on profile you could say okay here's a guy who maybe could have a next level a military background yeah that and i talked to people who've been at michigan who said he was really good he had an uncanny knack for this well maybe this is why did anybody wonder why it's obvious that it's it's not uncanny it's you know it's it's what's the word for it it's it's it's it's hammy it's like it's uh i was saying before it's it's it's um it's like one of my kids who who eats something he he shouldn't and then leaves the cabinet door open and crumbs trail to his room i mean it's it's hand-handed it absolutely is incredibly sloppy i had what is he doing and so i mentioned this on our big noon show the other day one of the coaches i talked to said they basically think they should get they should get punished alone for being stupid about how they did this they should not have gotten caught for years except they basically but the bonus second the problem with that is that means that hardball was directing it now what's the proof on that now i understand you're saying it's strange credulity that this guy's stand it could be it it could be just hey guy's got a naval background he's really good at this and you never wonder why is this guy so good at this i guess he he was saying i'm looking at the tape i looked at the tape and i saw this you're looking at me like that too and i understand that that's the way you're looking at me like that and and and so but but we're finding the fault line and what needs to be proven and what doesn't need to be proven that's what i'm saying here and so when are we going to hear anything about the other thing that the other thing is jim harbaugh this doesn't happen in a vacuum right like jim harbaugh still has an nca investigation from recruiting bodies from the covet dead period that was on him you know i think the other thing that is operating here is are we giving him the benefit of the doubt on this now we say we we're not the nca right we're not uh well you know they're not gonna no but i think ultimately it's as much the big on the big 10 right now because they're the ones who have the leeway to jump in ahead of time now and do what takeaway wins i don't know if it's takeaway wins here's what i would think and this is something you know like people are not oh 100 on this do you punish the team and what did jj mccarthy have to do this now i the thing that i think more people buy in is harbaugh needs to be disappointed for this does that mean harbaugh gets suspended for the rest of the season while this goes on if i was a michigan fan quite honestly i would rather much rather have that's that uh played out than my team right i don't i don't think a postseason bowl ban is my own opinion from talking to a lot of people yeah seems like the the optimum way to do it now if they can play if if there's an investigation going on you find out that the coordinators you know again the jesse minner stuff the defensive coordinator that does not look good from them just the optics of it that doesn't mean he's guilty of this of course but again this is a guy who's like this wasn't a former head coach who happened to me this isn't like hey we got cliff kingsbury over here is a decorated you know a long time football mind here mind here we have a guy whose title is he works in the recruiting office who connor stallion connor stallion that's already like dude i i have no idea this smells really bad for michigan i i i that doesn't mean that doesn't mean jim harbaugh that's what i'm saying it smells bad for michigan and i understand it looks bad when you see him what do you think what what do i think what do you think i don't know what's happening though i don't know and you don't know completely what's happening you have spoken to 50 coaches who believe they know nobody knows i need to see an actual investigation but that's what's going on announced and that's that's what i need to see the question is what i also need to see michigan has suspended connor stallions already i don't want to see him again honestly i don't want to see him ever again i don't know why he was within a hundred million miles of shambekler hall honestly if tony petite the commissioner of the big 10 said hey right now yeah we're going to suspend jim harbaugh for the remainder of the season pending this investigation what would you think of that um i would have a problem with that why because you're suspending connor stallions and he's supposed to be responsible correct because he's the one that's venmoing people that you have the receipts for and he's the one that apparently folks are like i'm a division three coach i mean i actually got money to sit at a nebraska game or whatever like so yeah we don't know what jim has done and until we know what jim has done we're not suspending him in advance like that you're suspending this guy and jim is responsible for that guy i'm saying okay uh so let's just put it this way would you uh agree that if michigan runs the table and eviscerates everybody in the same way that they'd eviscerate everyone else with connor stallions ripped out root and branch there's no asterisk to it i don't know if i would go that far because i don't know what they rich i don't know exactly what they're what they're on the hook for right now i wouldn't that's what i'm saying so you're going to suspend you're going to suspend harbaugh without knowing what's on the hook the reason why i'd say it might be a more viable scenario is because you already have jim under investigation for something else you i mean that's three years three years for it that's not what the nca was going to say and by the way like that is a significant thing all right let me push back here too ncaa first of all okay secondly i'm saying the big 10 here okay big 10 is different big 10 is different secondly who's doing the reporting on this independent firm that knocks on the ncaa door and say oh guess what we found some lunatic that's running around with tickets you know and cell phone cameras who's that person who's that entity that's a great question that is a great question that's what i like but no but no but that doesn't absolve it doesn't absolve it doesn't absolve that's a little what about ism stuff going on though it's not what about ism i'm not saying but i you don't think it's a key ingredient to all this to find out what's going on i think it's a piece of it but i also don't think it doesn't absolve anything understand what i'm saying it doesn't absolve anything but it's kind of an interesting it's curious it is very curious and look i'll be i'll be honest have you ever heard of that first of all so an independent firm knocking on the door of the ncaa and nobody in the media is asking who people are the independent firm people because i know before and i'm trying to think who had that it was a piece on that i'm seeing where connor stallions bought his tickets that is i'm seeing him dressed like a clown on the sideline of essential michigan feeding frenzy on because i know our my colleagues at the athletics spent a bunch of time chasing that yes and the washington post was able to get out before we could get in the print they got it that it that that's how the ncaa found out about it but you i read that washington post piece over and over and over again not even a split second was there an art was it even a line about well you know we we have not determined who's hired it was just it was just a firm rich because they're not as they're not as sloppy as connor stallions and stallions wasn't this which means what they don't have it so they don't they don't even put in a line we're gonna blast it out because we don't you know like there's there are people have theories because i know i've been on these same slack exchanges with my colleagues about as we've as we've tried to report on this you can't just push everything out there to that degree but i again i think some of this is because they were so brazen and sloppy who's they they is michigan because it's connor stallions who works there i mean it'd be different if he didn't but he did and he was prominent last year for a a recruiting analyst yeah he's just please i i totally understand what you're saying like you know i i get what you're saying and that's why it's a timely situation certainly if you're putting out there is a supposition bruce feldman that harbaugh should be suspended for the rest of the year michigan should go on this magical run with the interim head coaches or whomever right that's worked in the basketball the program st fisher you know hung a banner i i get it i understand it but what what are you hearing is michigan going to give him a contract you hearing that yeah i mean we've heard that that's in the works i that would honestly surprise me because jim harbaugh has there's a couple of things that are going on here um jim harbaugh did dances with the nfl before now he's gonna have and look he he told me this this was you know like in the summer i feel like i have 20 guys who are gonna get drafted this year by the way he's not wrong he might not be wrong no but all those guys are going to move on right like whatever happens this year if they win the national title if they go to a playoff whatever it's a really it's a it's a borderline great team we're gonna find out right but they're probably not going to be anywhere near as good next year you're still got the nca on you from the covid dead period sanctions who knows how this thing is going to play out i just sit there and go if you're jim harbaugh and you can get to the nfl right now we heard he bombed the interview with the vikings two years ago and it didn't work out with the with the broncos but he was you know he's a proven unlike almost every guy who came from college football whether it's urban meyer or matt rule um he was wildly successful as an nfl head coach yes sir only guy who's coaching the college football playoff game and the super bowl you know so he's like to me it's like now whether he ends up i know we talked you talked about uh luanna rumo being the next guy at the raiders i don't know you know there's gonna be a bunch of jobs that that i suspect will come open or might come open sure that jim harbaugh has some ties to already and he can have his personnel guy um inserted right away like uh for sure like whatever plan he was placing so in front of other i don't get i don't get how michigan would set up and go okay we've had all this drama with jim harbaugh yeah we know he's a really good college coach but we're gonna we're gonna roll through with this with the nca and just say hey we're good with all this i to me it doesn't make that much sense from both sides of this it really doesn't you know it's like jim harbaugh's been there a long time jim harvard never stayed anybody anywhere a long time in coaching um he's got the nca all over michigan which they absolutely are so it's not if it's if the ncaa all over michigan is not a college football playoff problem and michigan goes on a run and eviscerates every opponent without and they're not going away by the end of this by the way it took them six years to get on kansas and this is going to we still got the the covid thing is not going away but then what would it go away if harbaugh's coach of the raiders it probably would really because he's gone so then it's a personal thing it's not an institutional control thing he's the one in jail seriously no no no no i'm just i no no you're looking at me like i'm crazy you're saying i'm looking at them no no no no hold on a second you gave me a look you and i have done this long enough where i know the bruce feldman look you you gave me a look like when i said oh so if he goes everything else institutional control the institution we're cool with it but if he goes oh and forget what cheeseburger what what cheeseburger what connor stallion's uh ticket buying program oh i'm serious that's what is that don't ask me to don't ask i'll be the last person who's going to stand here and defend the ncaa okay so i don't you know but if you do that then i understand no i'm not no i'm not defending the nca i'm just telling you how the ncaa's track record is and i think if jim harbaugh's yeah it's like look this is not the this is not a apt comparison but like tennessee couldn't throw jeremy prude under the bus harder to the point i was like like you know that don't hurt us hurt him i got it yeah and i just think to them jim harbaugh is much more of a case than michigan would be let's not say michigan wouldn't get anything unless he didn't know and you're saying how could he not know and if he didn't know or he didn't care to know those are two different things or he had nothing to do with it and we don't know the problem for jim harbaugh is it doesn't work that way the ncaa understood there's bylaws that are put in that you even if even if there is you are completely oblivious to what connor stallions was doing right like i my hunch and i don't know this and none of us know this for sure is he did not know the scope of what connor stallions was doing and how he was doing i can't believe connor stallions was doing everything that he was doing that he's alleged to have done it's very you know like this will be a term that this will be a term that will resonate with you which is it's very galuli like you're not wrong which isn't which is the embarrassment part of of that anything jeff galuli like would be related to the michigan football program that's the embarrassing part about it oh i'm sure it is you know but i want to know honestly like every day i come on the microphone and i speak from the heart and i speak from the gut i need information and we need it fast certainly if asterisks are going to be applied operate faster you're not and you don't want well then the big 10 you're saying the big 10 acts first that's why i think the again that's why i think the big 10 may have a more realistic chance say look you suspended a guy who works for you immediately these are the circumstances this you've already had jim sit out games if i was a michigan fan if i was you i'd be like you know what i'd much rather have you suspend jim harbaugh than do something to the team well guess what i'd rather win the natty and show and show everybody that we can win the natty with everything excuse me ever no no conestellians is gone he's gone who cares all these information doesn't just disappear and these guys don't wave the men in black thing so they forget about it excuse me excuse me tommy lee jones excuse me no i mean all right but but all of these teams risk banding up you don't think ohio state's worked on a whole different uh um sign situation oh i'm sure honestly they got six weeks trying to remedy where the hell were the signs there conestallians great job man so all i'm saying is you know it's it's it's very convenient for people to say well they they had everybody's signs except tcus well i had everybody's signs i mean honestly what when when curvy smart said what he said yeah i didn't see any indication of sign stealing because they beat the crap out of michigan that's why so all i'm saying win the natty go on a run we still don't know what jim knew or not prove in it prove it to me see it i want it i want that information before i sit here and go absolutely he should be suspended i think they rip it out root and branch they've done it go rip everybody a new one win the natty and then we'll deal with it then i have a question for you any thought in your head i might get fired over for your riches so worked up he made you say this is mike no we speak the same northeast language this is the way i talk no stop i'm kidding okay very good who knows i'm right no i just know that you know uh bus i don't know every podcast you go on is that a lack of institutional control for me you know you just don't tell me basically he's the conor stallions of the rich ising show not me thanks for coming on this is what we call a real conversation would you say okay enjoy uh what is it texas you said kansas state texas k state we're there very good enjoy it uh we'll see you down the road that's uh our next week penn state michigan that's right i'll be in germany i'll be in germany because you know i'm i'm i'm scouting for uh michigan's uh bundeslieger program yeah that's next right here on the rich isin show rich isin here let's talk about door dash 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signing up for dash pass with code rich isin subject to change terms apply sign up for more become a dash pass member today the football season is underway and believe podcasts are talking about it when he went home and went to sleep michael parsons is terrorizing him believe has podcasts covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams too and to be only producing 15 points a game that's something that is definitely disheartening sideline to sideline end zone to end zone as a quarterback i would expect him to be acting like that take the accountability put that on yourself don't put it on your teammates search bleav podcasts wherever you listen i see a lot of things back here um a number one halloween peeps that's from last halloween those are those are a year old and my mom sent i think you have to eat them on camera like right now yeah yeah yeah those are like those are like nuclear holocausts that last by the way is anyone else gonna have one of these are you gonna absolutely not no what else is under there you're learning your lesson right now by the way they're still soft of course is it empty yeah why are you keeping the box how's the peep yeah how's the peep what are you keeping the bike bring them yeah are you serious no i'm curious what a year old peep looks like what else is under there oh it's a four-year-old halloween candy is a week and a half away i'm getting ready i was stocking up how many shirts are under there all right one yeah t-shirt two regular shirt three this is ridiculous hold on keep going we call it brockman's hobo dude what are you doing wait hold on six this is crazy there's more no way seven gillian this is insane eight this is like what's this is this a shirt nine oh my god uh we've got some pullover more shirts of my own i got a hat dude a spoon that he stole from a water bottle oh my god this is a lab coat dude oh more rowdy roddy piper the rest of it's not magic eraser this is unbelievable what i just bought some of these at home depot they're great oh ah the delightful gillian jacobs back here on the rich eisen show you know it's kind of funny that bruce feldman's just like saying something along the lines of you know you're concerned whenever i get all riled up or whatever because that's just that's me that's the way i talk fired up it's the east coast in me you know and it it does put some californians off you know it does susie's the same way like susie will say something and some people like is she angry she upset i'm like no no that's us that's her yeah and so i had a moment like that last night uh-oh trick or treating oh geez trick or treating with the kids in the valley okay cooper eisen hey you know he's out of all three of our kids least into the dress-up part of it right yeah but he want to be part of it the the trick of treating the candy he's all in the dress-up he's just like he's not he's not gonna be the candy honestly like zander is thinking about next year's costume today all right he's a showman my daughter is also into it she was kylo ren you know just great cost cooper i gave him my jets jersey that they sent when rogers signed yeah yeah yeah and so i got a i gave him the rogers jersey and then he put uh a uh a wrap on his left foot okay so when he walked up to some dude some guy's spot you know in the valley he didn't see the ironic wrap on the foot like he just saw jets jersey and started giving him crap about new york fans and all that sort of stuff now i had a little bit of a roadie bit of a roadie with me okay that's necessary a little roadie i had a roadie last night okay so i had a roadie with me and i just went up to him i'm like you know uh you know what i try to have fun with it i'm like you know what he's a jet fan give him some more candy and he goes well just he's they said something along the lines of like he's kind of lucky to get it being a new york fan and i just finally said to him who's your team sir and he goes lakers and dodgers and i go i go dodgers and he goes yeah dodgers and i'm like the yankees had the same number of playoff wins this year as the dodgers zero and he goes the yankees have all their championships before 1970 and i'm like 1977 78 96 98 99 2000 2009 i kept going wait a minute you did all this dress like a banana like a banana i did not see this that was my life last night wow i did not at which point zander zamor starts to like pull me away and god bless him he goes dad you should talk about this on your show tomorrow i'm like absolutely i was steaming i was steaming like i wanted to go back i turned to cooper i'm like i hope you took that dude for all his twix man i hope you clean them out take one of his kit kats dodgers get out of here speaking of asterix dude yeah exactly i almost want to go back i'm like and the yankees the years they won they played 162 kurt gibson might you know that was last night i had a sports argument on the streets upside in california as a banana oh my god yeah man don't mess with me that was this picture before it's free i was in the mood oh the dress is a banana dressed as a banana wow how absurd must that have been oh my god but the dude's like dodgers i mean lakers i gotta stop you know hey come on they burned it no no no they burned it but dodgers don't give my son crap about being a new york fan you're a doctor fan and he says yankees haven't won they had all their championships before 1970 and a lot of them before 1970 but get out here so as as i'm walking down the street i keep naming years year year year and zander's like kind of pulling me away i had that moment dude yeah don't that's your full new york sander accused me of being tipsy and i'm like no no you know what i am an angry new york sports fan getting that and plus look he's he's giving your brother crap throwing a run yeah where are you this is a banana by the way were you a little tipsy though because i mean i mean it was not the pinot noir talking yeah we had the hot mold wine in the water bottles did you i mean you got it i've got it halloween you got it after a while this kind of gets repetitive so here's another house it's the same candy too there's someone else dressed the tower swift oh yeah here we go but you didn't see little john snow out there it was cooper was the only aaron rogers out there with a with a walking boot oh my god and i was the angry banana did he have ayahuasca with him or for decades rolling stone has set the bar for entertainment publications today rolling stone music now takes over in podcast form we have michael asrad who was nirvana's very first biographer i'm not sure how many people realize how many of the best songs on in utero were written way beforehand to be fair to kurt he was also a new father there was a lot of stuff distracting him it wasn't just drugs although that was certainly a major factor rolling stone music now wherever you listen
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