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REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 26, 2023 3:19 pm

REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 26, 2023 3:19 pm

Rich gives thanks and shows his appreciation to all involved in his winning a Marconi Award and reacts to the possibility of Sam Darnold staring for the 49rers this week against the Cincinnati Bengals in place of a concussed Brock Purdy.

The guys react to the big night in the NBA including a Luka Doncic triple-double overshadowing Victor Wembanyama’s San Antonio Spurs debut, and Kristaps Porzingis sticking it to Knicks fans in his first game at MSG as a member of the Boston Celtics, and Rich comments to the latest reporting on the Michigan spying allegations.

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Oh my God, you guys are my favorite. This is the Rich Eisen Show. The one and only Rich Eisen. I know what I'm talking about. That's the headline.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Magic Johnson, he kind of summed it all up for me. Tonight we learn the world champion Denver Nuggets are going to be very tough to beat in the NBA playoffs. Breaking news, you learned it here in the playoffs. In the playoffs, by the way.

Magic's already jumping ahead to late April. Today's guests, CEO and co-founder of SMAC, Constance Schwartz Marini, Pro Football Hall of Famer Bill Cowher. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Well, hey everybody. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show.

We are live in Los Angeles, California. Right here for everyone to take this show in. I am literally sitting down in my chair, fresh back from Los Angeles International Airport from New York City. I just flew into Los Angeles and boy are my arms tired.

That's exactly why there's some hardware on the table. We're not going to apologize for winning. Thank you very much. Thank you very much, Coach Tomlin.

As a matter of fact, Coach Tomlin's predecessor, Bill Cowher, is on this show in hour number three. How about that? Rich, that's great and all, but did Seton Hall win? Seton Hall did not win. Yes, we did. No, you didn't. We did too.

Did you? I don't care. Listen, I just want to start this show, if you don't mind, with a moment for us. And that's not the Craig Kilbourne phrase.

It really is for all of us. Right here for our radio audience, those who are listening on this Rich Eisen Show Terrestrial Radio affiliate, Sirius XM, Odyssey and more on the desk is a Marconi award from NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters, for the network syndicated personality of the year for yours truly. And what I have here on the desk is a testament to the hard work of everybody here on this program. You, Chris Brockman. You, DJ Mikey D's and D's Nuts and Jay Feli, who sits in that chair.

You, TJ Jefferson. This is also a way of me introducing everybody on the show to start this program. So, and everyone that's currently listening, watching in the back, Mike Hoskins and, you know, Don Bowie, former coordinating producer of this show, who's now sitting in the director's chair along with our friend, John Monaco and then R.J. Herrera in the back and Adam Chudwin in the back, Liz Wailed, Sarah Jackson, everyone at home, Sean Mitchell and Jordan Sherrow and Ken Tullo and D'Lo occasionally going in and sitting in for us. Everybody who works on this program, I thank all of you for sticking with me and us and the fact that, wow, I'm looking at this right here and our burgeoning podcast business that we have as well.

Suzy Schuster was sitting in this chair. Amy Trask, us, Chris Brockman, you, TJ, got something coming in the chute. We keep talking about it. We're threatening to do it. We're going to do it.

We'll talk about that when it actually comes to fruition. I just want to thank everybody and especially the folks at Westwood One for sticking with me and us and then all of you who are going to hopefully call in at 844-204, Rich being the number to dial here. It's your listenership. It's your fandom, if you will, of this program that keeps me energized to keep coming back to work and like, say, wake up at the ass crack of dawn and fly on a plane to get back here just in time. I mean, Chris Berman would even say that's too late to sit in the chair right before I truly was putting my earpieces in as we started the program.

But anyway, I just hate missing this program. And I'm always here thrilled to be here for you. And I can't believe that this this award sitting on the desk. I believe it. I believe it too, Rich.

Congrats. I mean, I'm a radio guy. All right. Hey, I'm a radio man. I should cut my ear while I talk.

He literally did walk in just as the show was starting. So you really haven't had a chance to properly say congratulations. All right. Appreciate it. Thank you.

So awesome seeing one that man. Appreciate you saying that. Thank you to everybody. Let me place this aside, if you don't mind.

I'll start on top of on top of Susie's notes from yesterday. Let's start with the news that I was hearing and reading about just as I was getting set for the Marconi Awards last night. And that is Brock Purdy being concussed at the end of the Monday night football game. And, you know, his final two his final two possessions of the night ended in interceptions. And the last one was just an airmail that went right to the Minnesota Vikings. And it's the type of mistake we have not seen Brock Purdy make.

And this is not an excuse that I'm making for somebody who has been accused. I've been accused of of treating him like one of my own children, although he didn't zoom in with Susie yesterday trying to make heads or tails of you throwing the NBA cast of cocoon forward him for Jason Tatum. So two of the top 10 players in history. OK, got it. All right.

Did you like that one? And you're saying I'll flip your porzingis, who only dominated New York City last night. I was when I got back to my hotel room and was seeing if he was climbing the Empire State Building. Holy crap. Yeah.

Rich after recent, you know, 75 or seven. I'm just saying. OK, very good. All right. Calm down.

Sounds good. So Brock Purdy was concussed. And it's one of those things where it's like, well, you got concussed on what play to get. Because I didn't see him get sacked.

Right. And then I saw the video, I think Florio popped in on at Pro Football Talk, which is a must follow for everyone if you don't follow him. And boy, did he get just smoked. Jordan Hicks might get suspended for that or might get some sort of a fine for that, sort of just jumping into the pile headfirst like a like catapulted the crown of his helmet right in the direction of Brock. Or just look at these plays. That's why Brotherly Shove is a potentially dangerous play. That's why, you know, these quarterback sneaks. Once upon a time, Patrick Mahomes had his kneecap turned to the side of his leg. But at any rate, so his bell gets completely rung. Yeah, he got blasted. And it appears that Brock Purdy will not be able to go on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Kyle Shanahan, the head coach of the 49ers, had this to say on the subject, man. Starting getting symptoms on the plane. So we found that out when we landed. We were all pretty asleep, but then he got all checked up today or yesterday, and now he's in the protocol. Does he have enough time to clear protocol in order to be available for the game on Sunday? Yeah, he does have enough time.

Just got to go through the process. When you watched the film, where do you think he heard it was the quarterback sneaks, man? Possibly. We don't know for sure, because he didn't start getting into the plane.

So I don't know exactly, but I'd probably guess that. Yeah, and it was. I mean, there's no question about it if you see the video. And yeah, he may have time to clear the process if it was last year or the year before. There's been no announcement from the league, but I think there's been an apparent change in the concussion protocol. Not a single soul who has entered the concussion protocol this year has been able to come back the very exact week in which he went in or was concussed.

That's not happening yet. The last one was Kenny Pickett last year, 2022. He got concussed week six. He played week seven. That is the last guy in the NFL. So it's over a full year's worth of regular season games since somebody got concussed and was able to make it out of protocol in order to start.

So it's Sam Darnold. It's going to I mean, I would be stunned if it's not Sam Darnold versus Joe Burrow and the Bengals who are playing their best football of the year. Which, to be honest, straight up isn't saying a lot because their their previous football of the year was un-Burrow-Bengals-like. But they still went into their bye week winning two in a row. And Burrow says he's 100 percent. And he does come out of this bye week at three and three. And they are now apparently clear, it feels in Burrow's mind, of the preseason calf strain that put them behind the proverbial eight ball from which they now emerge from their bye week at three and three, taking on a Niners team that's lost two in a row for the first time since week six and seven of last year. The last time a player went into the concussion protocol, one week came out the very next week to play.

So it seems like it's going to be Sam Darnold and Chris Brockman. If I could reopen our overreaction Monday podcast. And redo it.

Or just the end of it for those who haven't consumed the overreaction Monday podcast. First of all, why not? Secondly, I don't mean to be aggressive.

I've got a Marconi here. I'm feeling my oats. Secondly. We end the podcast by predicting what we're going to be overreacting to as a National Football League media and fan populace. After the upcoming week's games.

If I could reopen that podcast and say. And provide a new prediction of what we're going to overreact to, I would say the following. Sam Darnold should be the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers moving forward. I mean, I'm telling you, Sam Darnold runs the offense just as good as Brock. I mean, that's not strong enough. Not strong enough, because I think we can all assume he will. Well, I think we can all assume that I assume he's going to light it up. I assume that he's going to perform well enough for the 49ers to have a good shot at.

If I can continue to keep couching this, of snapping their two game losing streak. Brock Purdie's had two bad games and really Sam Darnold comes out three hundred three tutties and then bam suddenly. Purdie again, if Jake Moody had only kicked that 41 yard field goal to beat the Browns.

This would be less of a frying pan into fire situation. Yeah, but he didn't. But he didn't. I know.

I get it. But is anybody doubting that Sam Darnold's going to come out of the box on Sunday looking like he's been in this offense his entire life? Is there any. I mean, maybe. Is anyone is anyone doubting? Is that what you're asking? I am asking that maybe. Well, what would give you any reason to believe he's going to come out in everything that I see with my own two eyes and know what always happens with this team? You know, Sam Darnold. Yeah.

OK. I think he's going to come out and perform well. And Debo won't be there.

That won't be helpful for him. But McCaffrey will be there and the Bengals are going to have their hands full. I know everybody's thinking, oh, it's Sam Darnold up. They've lost two and roll up. They don't have Debo up.

Trent Williams is banged up. That sounds like a recipe for disaster. No, I know. I will. I will take the other side. And I might go down with this ship. And it's kind of funny because I've been you know, I say the Bengals are we're going to win the AFC North and and I do like being right.

Don't go. OK. But that will be my prediction. Darnold plays well. Forty niners. Would you take the Bengals if you were sitting on the NFL game day morning set, as I will have to do in three days? Would you take the Bengals on Sunday morning? Yeah. If you want to gain some ground and maybe I'm already in first place.

So when you have picks to play with. Yeah, I would take the Bengals off of off by playing well. Burrow coming back strong. Sure. Looks good the last couple of weeks. OK. Would you take the Bengals?

You're wearing kind of their colorful hat right now. Absolutely. All right. I'll take the other side. And when we when I stroll on here on Monday and we're on the air on Monday, I would be stunned if the question isn't, well, maybe Darnold's better.

You know, maybe Darnold's the guy. So are we still overreacting or is this like? No, I'm telling you what everyone is going to overreact to. OK. In advance, I'm putting it out there.

What if everyone could reopen that podcast? That's what's going on. I am very confident that Darnold's certainly with a whole week long. Is this a Jets thing?

You're just trying to manifest good things for Sam Darnold. This has nothing to do with the Jets. I've got my own Jets problems. I got my own Michigan problems. I've got my own.

I mean, my my NFL world is now suddenly less intense than my college football world right now. You know, you ain't got no problem. What? What? Oh, please. What if hear me out? OK. Darnold Balls.

Yeah. Gets traded to the Jets. Stop it. And then he takes him to the playoffs.

You know, you're just trolling. Maybe Darnold Balls and you pick him up. Maybe you take him. Then suddenly you unwrapped Sam Darnold in Germany against the Colts.

How about that? And Max coming off his best game. Now, now, now he's just trolling. What are we doing? I don't think that Darnold's showing up on Sunday. That's what I'm saying. This may be the last chance he gets in the NFL to be a starter, to be honest.

Well, I mean, this is a perfect this is why he's there. This is why Lance is on the sideline in Dallas. For this start, for starts like this, they were much more comfortable. Clearly, when they traded the quarterback who they traded so much capital for to go all the way up and draft.

And they flipped him to Dallas for five for fifth. Clearly, they thought Darnold was better suited for this Sunday. And we'll see why. We'll see why. At any rate, that's my two cents on the subject matter.

Two things. One, has the NFL without an announcement essentially made an announcement that if you are concussed one week, we won't see it for another? Seems like I mean, sauce gardener last week, but before the Eagles game was like, I feel great. And I guess the Jimmy Garoppolo, the the lead.

Well, I guess the the proxies on behalf of the league and the players association like, yeah, no. And that means we won't see Purdy, which means we'll see Sam Darnold. And I would proffer to say he's going to be exactly what the Niners hoped him to be and will come on the air on Monday and the overreaction will be.

It should be Darnold's gig, not Purdy's, because that's the way this world goes. And I will love when I'm right. And if I'm wrong, I will just say I was wrong. Look at my Marconi anyway. Is that wrong? Like this is a jumbotron called the Rich Eisen Show. It's hard to be humble. Well, I'm stunting.

I can feel it. Thank you. And thanks to everyone again in the studio, in the home studios of the Rich Eisen Show. And of course, wherever you're taking in this program. Also on the Roku channel, which is free on all Roku devices, select Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV.

The Roku app and the Roku channel dot com. Rich, this show is your first foray into radio, right? I used to sit in for my first foray into radio was, well, we'll talk about that later. I want to take a break here. I've got a top five list. I'm going to do I think I'm going to do my top five today. Hoskins, I think I'm we're having a production meeting right here, a live on the air since I was flying in.

I've got my top five most intriguing games I'm looking forward to because we've got a full show tomorrow. Let's get that in everyone's ear gate and eye gate to use the Michael Irvin phrase today. Constance Schwartz Marini, a longtime friend. And you might have heard her name. She runs Smack Entertainment. And you definitely see the fruits of her very hard work behind the scenes on behalf of clients like Michael Strahan, who's only become, you know, the Dick Clark of his generation. And then Dion Sanders. She's the one who kind of said to me, I want to coach.

And so many more folks that you whose work you enjoy. And with Dion pulling into town Saturday to take on UCLA, she's in town. So she's going to be sitting in the guest chair first in our number two. And then there's your calls at eight four four two oh four rich number to dial. I'm going to hydrate.

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I'm like, I'm not going to do anything like that. So what was the category talk us through this? It's called Network syndicated personality of the who is in there with you. There were a bunch of hard-working individuals from around the United States who are not in the sports talk business. Okay, so you were you were that was the only one credit.

That's even more impressive man. Well, I mean look I'm just so honored to be I mean having one of these before an Emmy just means a lot because you know, we work really hard coming here every day all of us. But anyway, so I'll be straight up with you. So I thank everyone that was there for Westwood one Susie and then Jerry Sibowitz agents to the stars who was there and I got off the stage.

I'll swear to you shoot you straight. I'm like, I did not say anything about my team and they were like I was gutted to the point where they're like, do you want to go back on stage and if you don't mind I just basically said it's more it's just as important to me that these people get out of here before 9 o'clock. Does that mean because you know, you know how I feel, you know how we all feel right now running running time. So I immediately through I immediately went on Instagram and I don't like and I'll say something on the show as well because I do love all you folks and I put this up there. You know, Jerry took it no photo credit and and anyway, so I apologize to him just shooting you straight up.

We got okay, and I know you know how I feel as well. And then here's my favorite response that I saw amongst all the responses to this Instagram post the del tufa win the macaroni award from Ben Hine. Whoever you are Ben.

Well, Ben Hine underscore don't forget the underscore. Well done. Did you win the macaroni award?

Now? I'm hoping that that has to do with the the pasta conversation yesterday. I mean, I gotta think so. Yes, we forgot macaroni and cheese. So I guess the answer is the answer and spaghetti and meatballs. By the way, I'm like walking around and my phone is blowing up with like you guys forgetting pasta dishes. I'm like I'm out of the chair back here in the Rich Eisen show radio network sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by again. I got back to my hotel. It's in Midtown Manhattan in Times Square. Look out the window and you can see the Empire State Building.

It was lit up next colors. I thought it was no was next colors as was Madison Square Garden. Still, when I drove past the garden this morning on the way to 34th and 8th. Yeah, on the way to the Midtown Tunnel to get out to JFK.

It's 345 in the morning. But interestingly enough, the Empire State Building turned the next lights off. When I opened the window, I'm like they're the next lights. No, because I was gonna take a picture of it to show here today to lead off our our our our NBA conversation. But I guess was that a Celtics thing? Was that a Porzingis thing? What was it?

They should have lit it up green. The big man was back, dude. Oh, baby. Like if he's if that's the Porzingis you get. 77 and five. In all seriousness, if that's the Porzingis you get. Honestly, if we can get 65 games of that from Porzingis all season. One seed, NBA Finals. Here we come.

One seed, huh? Okay. Yeah.

Well, Jalen Brown didn't exactly light it up. Exactly. Okay. Look at that. 38 and four blocks. Jeez.

Yeah, man. 15 in the first. Kind of a slow third quarter and he really took over. He scored nine straight in the fourth at one point, including a huge three to put him up for good.

Great. Couldn't have dreamed of a better debut for the big fella in New York. We're number eight. Antoine Walker's old number.

I need him to wiggle out there at New York. They were booing him in pregame. How do you like me now? Dude, that was great. And I kind of sensed as I was again coming back from the awards right around the area that the Knicks hadn't won because there weren't Knicks fans all over the street celebrating like they won the NBA championship like last year's home opener.

Little different vibe. Still they hung tough. It looked like it was going to be a blowout at halftime and they played great. Jalen Brunson is just one of my favorites. Quickly had a good game too. I might have to start playing him in the fantasy league. I didn't play him because I thought like, you know, he's going to sit behind Brunson, but maybe this is a new IQ that can actually play significant minutes.

He played 28 minutes last night. So there's that. I can't explain, but I cannot as we continue our NBA conversation here, eight four four two oh four rich number two doll if you want to have a conversation today. I cannot show the exchange amongst our fantasy text chain last night when Chris Brockman pointed out to the individual who had a chance to draft Luka Doncic in our league.

That's also me. I passed on him to for Giannis. Okay, but for some reason you just decided to send it in his direction on our our text exchange because you had him last year, but he had MB. He had the second overall pick. He took MB instead. I mean that I mean, so it's kind of dicey that you would even talk about MB like he's a no, I know that. No, I know that and we're going to see him. Finally, he and Giannis do finally get on the court tonight.

30 point triple doubles. It's all right, so we don't get points for troubles. That is so funny that you decide out of everyone because I passed on him. Chudwin, Adam Chudwin passed on him. You went sixth. Cooper passed on him. Cooper took Tatum, right?

Had a nice night, right? So and then and then Smich got him at sixth and then. You find his direction like say something like you when you when you don't when you don't take Luka, but you take MB or something like that in the draft. Imagine taking a beat over Luka. Right, that's what you're sexy. And then you responded like, you know, Luka went six and then you dropped a D word on him, which is you don't want blue ever, you know, and so.

Here's the deal, when it comes to like trash talking, I'm with it like I'm like the right person to come at. But how about Luka? He comes out of the box. What a terrible way that season ended for Dallas last year. Terrible. When they still have a chance to make the playoffs, one of those dumb and dumber outside chances, and then they they just DNP them.

They quiche on them without, you know, sending him completely home for good. The MPCV, I mean, they have what a great way for them to come out thirty three, thirteen and ten in the Smichapeluza from our fantasy league, because he also in the second round went and got Victor Wembanyama. So it's kind of kind of neat how things work out. The baseball ALCS was Texas versus Texas. And this NBA game is Texas versus Texas game.

Wembanyama is just going to be a must watch because because various things. The hype and then let's just say this, he stands out on the screen, you know, you could see where he is on the court. He's I mean, absolutely, you know, easy to pick out, you know, fifteen, five, two steals with just a one block. So not that early is an interesting played twenty three minutes.

Yeah. So it's just going to work him in. Yeah, well, he got just shooting over everybody like, you know. If you're a guard and you're trying to, you know, jump out at him on the perimeter, like forget it, he's never going to get a shot blocked. Rich, I was telling Chris this pregame or pre show. There was two plays where when we contested a three pointer and he was in the key when he jumped at the person shooting the three and he still kind of got in the face.

He's in the key like you should not be that long and be able to jump that far. See, now, if this was the if this was the NFL, it would be is Wembanyama, you know, really going to dominate this league, right? You know, the whole week to the next seven. Well, I'm right.

We have a whole week to kind of talk about it again. Exactly. You know, and then and then tonight it would be like, oh, who's the MVP, right? Yeah.

Giannis or Embiid? Yeah. Because it's been because it's been two days since Jokic played. And we forgot about that already.

Oh, Denver where? Should we have a segment like if the NBA was the NFL? Sure, like NBA hot tips. Where we just overreact to it like there's not another game coming. Although after tonight, the Bucks and Sixers don't play again until Sunday.

Yeah, we don't want to tax them. It's only been a whole offseason. Yeah, you guys chill when everyone else in the league get our points. It's not it's not a fantasy thing. It's just it's just interesting. But just a fun to see, though, a fun opening night.

Fun, fun, fun couple. What else stands out? What else stands out to you guys on this front here? Clippers did their thing. Clippers. I mean, I think it's that's kind of what we expected out of Portland. Kind of they're going to be young. They're going to be young. They're going to have moments, but they're going to probably lose more games than they win. And Clippers really showed out, though, that was a really strong start for them to.

Yeah, they didn't have Terrence Mann out there either. You know, Paul George. Great game. Twenty seven. Twenty seven.

Twenty three. Donovan Mitchell had a game winner last night. He's doing Donovan Mitchell things. How about Harrison Barnes putting up thirty three on the. Right. He had twenty seven in the first half. And you're like, whoa, we're going to have 40 out of the gate already.

Like the beam. Right. They're back. Kings. The Pacers put up one forty three yesterday.

That game was wild over the Wizards. Is Zion the. Hold on a second. Is Zion.

I have no idea what you're going to say, but it's probably right. If Zion was a Russian nest egg piece. OK. Would he be the outermost piece or would he just be the innermost piece?

Just the largest version of that. No, I think he's probably just the second. Like he's not he's not Oliver Miller. Right.

Right. So where is he? But he's Jack.

So he's either the second or the. Oh, he had some alley oops last night, T.J. My God. Someone on social media said he was fat, but he does look fat. Kind of look.

Are you kidding me? Like we all should look at that. He looks like small fat. He looks like a dude.

But he still has the hops man. Who's incredibly athletic and built like a dean. That's going to be a good team. How about this team? How about this team? Here's your higher registered team for the NBA. OK, I'm just going to call it right here.

OK. Oklahoma City Thunder might do some things for sure. You know, I mean, like that's your that's your that's your high register out there in the West. Well, we saw it. We saw Shay kind of had to break out. He got thirty one and ten. I mean, he was first team NBA last year.

Josh, goodie. Yeah. I mean, I was coming back up. I mean, just look out for them in the West. Certainly with John Moran out for the first twenty five games.

Should I keep going? I'm with it. They have a real good chance to be a top top four team in the West. You know, I know we're all talking about, you know, the Suns and two L.A. teams and the defending champs. I know everybody loves Luca and Giannis and for MVP. But, you know, low key MVP.

She killed just Alexander, man. Well, after one game, I called Devin Booker. Look, we've already forgotten about that. Oh, forget that. I don't even remember that. Well, Suns Lakers tonight, Rich.

Oh, then let's talk about it and see what I'm saying. Like this was the NFL. It's the first time we get K.D.

versus LeBron in five years, by the way. Really? Is that right?

Because Kevin has been hurt. And then you got the Pacers putting up a buck forty three. And then Rick Carlisle gets himself apparently a contract extension. All right. We're off and running here, man. The magic.

We're off and running. That's the Rockets are going to have one of those seasons. Right. Yep.

Fact. And how about the Cavs to care business? Something we'll talk about with Miles Garrett, the new minority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cam Thomas doing his thing again for the Nets.

Dude, is that guy just going to be like lighten it up all the time? Crazy stat. He has picked them up. Nice.

He has more 30 point games for the Nets than like anyone in the last two years or something. Heat with a one point win over the Pistons. All right. You guys make fun first big night in the NBA. It was fun.

It really was. So we got that going for us. Let's go to the phone line real quick.

Del Tufo, take this. OK, what are we doing? Publicists to the stars. Oh, my gosh. There's Zach. What do you got, Zach?

What's happening, buddy? Rich, I wanted to call you and congratulate you on your award. Thank you.

I wasn't able to get to you before you got to the office. And I wanted to be amongst the many to congratulate you. Thank you. That's what a good publicist should do is call into the show of somebody like myself and tell me how great I am. I appreciate that.

Wow. I also want to speak about Lincoln Riley. Well, you got this floor here. You want to carp on Lincoln Riley?

What do you got? I would like to talk about how great USC is for a few minutes. I know it is all talk.

Oh, no, it's fine. It's college football season, too. What do you got in your mind, Zach?

So here's here's what it is, Rich. I mean, this is like this is the greatest year ever, because now he's doing the thing where he's hiding again. He can't come to practice. He's not feeling well. Did you know that the offensive genius that is Lincoln Riley in his last four games since they started playing real competition, that he's been outscored 82 to 60 in the second half and two of those touchdowns, by the way. One was a pick six and the other was a six yard drive.

So they're averaging their offense is averaging five and a half points a quarter with the offensive genius that is Lincoln Riley. You know, that is fantastic. I know this is a this is, by the way, if we're all quiet right now, this is an ax grinding all the way from Norman, Oklahoma, to to the the valley where Zach is calling in. Son of Mal from the valley calling in right now.

Well, yes, I believe I called you when he left. And I was like, listen, this is the greatest thing for Oklahoma. Maybe, you know, we can be SEC ready. We can actually have a chance at the guy. You know, any time a guy you lose a guy who gets outscored in the Big 12, one hundred and thirty one to one on one over the course of the season, you can't make a defensive adjustment, play defense. And oh, by the way, Rich, do you know the year that you helped Joe Burrow to seven touchdown passes in the first half?

They rewarded Alex Grinch with a raise, a 10 percent raise on this guy. Zach, how about by the way, how about him utilizing my Marconi win to call up as an excuse to just rip the shreds out of it? Just grind his axe. I'm not even we're here for the spike in my soul. In my soul. But more importantly, I am very, very proud for you. You've done a great job and keep up the great work.

Run. Tell that, as they say, in your business. Thank you, Zach.

Appreciate it. There's my boy, Zach Rosenfield. I'll take my answer off there. Publicist decides I have no answer.

It has no retort. I will just say this, too. And thanks to the call, Zach.

Appreciate it, brother. The drip, drip, drip, drip, drip involving my alma mater does not stop dripping. I mean, whoever is out there orchestrating this. Because it seems like there's some form of orchestration here. Has been brilliant. In tarring and feathering.

The University of Michigan football program. And now you can make the case. He did it to himself. If this is in fact happening. If this is all that we're reading about with this guy writing his manifesto, was allowed anywhere near this Shembekler Hall or this program.

And what? It is just insane. Speaking on behalf of all of my friends, colleagues and fellow alums, we're just texting one another for freaking out. There's just no other way to put it.

I will always shoot you straight on this program for freaking out. And then you read it in The Washington Post that. Did you read this latest in The Washington Post?

What's that? That this all comes from an outside the University of Michigan firm. Knocked on the NCAA's door and say, hey, we've got all this video and data from Michigan computers and how this guy was uploading videos that he was having his minions apparently take via cell phone camera of the opposing sideline, buying tickets cost this much.

There's a list of teams that they were going to visit this year to do it this year. And the outside firm basically told the NCAA, we have something we'd like to meet. And it's just like, who is the outside firm, which The Washington Post did not ask that follow up question or report on it? Who who hired an outside firm?

Or is it something to do with the assistant coach that? Left the school or got fired and his laptop was involved in something and an outside firm was looking at that. And they go on the laptop and find all this stuff and then volunteer to reach out to the NCAA about other things that they found. Who hired the firm? Who who is this person or group of people? And then how did they get internal Michigan numbers? Or is it just this lone wolf, dude? And and and this and Jim didn't know anything about it, like he said, and Michigan can't say anything about it.

Because they haven't been officially charged with anything. There's nothing to respond to except the drip, drip, drip that comes out. And again, I just sit there and I read all this stuff and I'm shaking my head and I'm like, why? With all of these talented kids that I saw without this system in place, ripped out root and branch. Prior to the Michigan State game, destroyed them. In a way that. My alma mater hasn't destroyed this team, like dominated.

With a kid who is one million percent talented enough to win the Heisman Trophy on his own. I don't get it. Nor do anybody in my. Circle, and we're all like talking to each other.

It's like a it's like a. You know, a therapy group where you don't you don't get what that they would attempt something like this at all. What do you mean? I mean, college football teams are always looking for an edge. Anyone in business is looking for an edge. I mean, just look back to Watergate. I mean, Richard Nixon was going to win forty nine to one and he still did all this illegal stuff. So right.

But I don't want to have my school equated with what Richard Nixon. No, of course not. Of course not. But it can't surprise you that it's something like this is going on. The Astros are looking for any type of edge.

They were the best team in baseball that year. I don't want my school associated with anything like that. And I would love to hear some pushback. But I understand why there isn't any pushback, because there's been nothing put on their table like this is exactly what you're accused of.

And and the only answer, the only retort that can be had right now by the University of Michigan football program is to go out without this guy in his Michigan manifesto that he apparently wrote, thinking he would run the program one day. OK, that's a different level of what I'm saying. It's just like what is happening behind the scenes? What is real? What is not? We don't know. We're just reading all this stuff and just texting one another. Is this real?

Is this possible? What is happening? And hopefully we'll get our answers on this front at some point.

But the only answer is to go out and absolutely obliterate the opposition. And if anybody's out there was an asterisk here that, well, the guy who apparently was doing all this stuff. That supposedly helped everybody, because all this stuff is and again, I know I'll be accused of being a homer, but this is you know, this is my team, so understand where it's coming from in that respect. But I shoot you straight.

This is how I feel like. Forget about, you know, the touchdowns. Michigan still gave up to Dion's point.

You still have to stop it. Forget about the touchdowns. Michigan scored on offense. And again, as Todd Blackledge said earlier, this stuff benefits a defense in a way when an offense in the league so many times in college football, they go to the line, then they turn and they get the sign from them from the sideline about getting in the right play. And that's when Michigan can get your signs and get your team in a better play.

To stop the other one. So now that that's all gone. You know, forget about the Donovan Edwards 80 yard scores. Forget about all those. Those don't matter. That gets taken away by the cheating.

So the only answer is because this has been ripped out. Rudin Branch is to destroy Purdue, go into Penn State, punk them, go into Maryland and say, yeah, this whole business of trap game, trap this. Every game is a trap game for us now because you think we're trapped in the world of we can't do it anymore because we were cheating that whole two year stretch. We didn't lose a Big Ten game. Go into Maryland, destroy them and have Ohio State come in and destroy them too.

Because, you know, all of these schools have changed up their signs and you've got a month now to prepare to change up your signs. Destroy them to go to the Big Ten championship game, destroy them, then win two more, go 15-0. And then, you know, the inevitable that everybody thinks right now is that Harbaugh is going to go to the NFL anyway. As I saw a report on, you know, the Michigan blog activity that is a last dance type feel going on at Michigan. Somebody from inside the program saying, yeah, like this is it. But what happened? Didn't you say he was close to an extension?

He just was. Yeah. But again, the reason why it came out, it's not like the NCAA caught wind of it and like started opening an investigation. There's an outside firm went to, according to the Washington Post, went to the NCAA and said, we need to meet. Who is the outside firm? Who paid for the outside firm?

Why was the outside firm looking into this in the first place? It's like a Tom Clancy novel. Well, I mean, honestly, like what what is it? And there are no answers.

And I'll shoot you straight. It is a therapy session with every single Michigan fan that I know. We're all hoping that there's going to be a moment where, yeah, it's not as bad as it sounds or. We're on pins and needles that, yeah, this is all a fact. All of it's truthful.

None of it's an axe being grinded from an outside source that hired an independent firm. And Michigan can't say anything or doesn't. And, you know, there's a lot of 30s for this 30 that I'm interested in right now. We will take a break.

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Go to safe place to sleep. Dot org today. Susie Schuster and Amy Trask present offbeat conversations and expert sports commentary as they ask, what the football? When my family found out how long it took me to figure out why Charles Woodson named his wine intercept. They said there's a reason that you had trouble in school. You know, not everyone knows, you know, what I think about a little intercept. They don't know that I play football. Well, what I've learned is a smooth defensive back can make smooth wine. That's what it's all about. What the football with Susie Schuster and Amy Trask.

The podcast is available Tuesdays wherever you listen. All right. You guys, you want to handle this because Taylor's not feeling well. She's home and Susie has just asked me for the Disney plus log in. So that means this is important. Yeah. Business. Nice.

I know. What is she dialing up today? I have no earthly idea, but you know. She's on the Roku platform right now.

She must be on one of the TVs that just got a new Roku thing in there. So well, we heard this yesterday. I mean, let me text it.

Go ahead. When we were talking to Cooper, he was like, he was like, yes, we were on our way. We were on our way to school.

He was load managing yesterday. I know I watched the segment live, by the way. It was just I mean, come on. They were going to school yesterday and they said Taylor started to get a headache and then they turned around and went home. So so we knew this was brewing with with.

She's all right. I mean, it's just like one of those things because we're we're considerate people. We're not going to send our child to school if she's less than. So I mean, look at school is the thing you realize as you get older is that school is kind of dumb.

And like you don't have to go every day and pay attention as much as you do. So like, don't try as hard in school, kids. It doesn't really matter. No fingers now.

I just I would hope no child that heard that takes the issue is here. All right. But I'm right. I mean, don't try. Don't try as hard as you think you need to just get by. Get on to the next level. Like life is more about experiences and picking up, you know, learning things along the way that you don't learn out of a textbook. I mean, I will agree because school a lot of school is just memorization. Yes.

You know, I suck, which you don't really do. I just again, I just I just want the same intensity when your child becomes these ages. I just want that. I mean, I'll tell it to him straight how it is. It's it's totally true.

Fantastic cage. Maybe work on your three point shooting and reading defenses and your short game. But not not the but memorizing what happened in the war of 1812 doesn't matter. He's got a point, by the way, that should scare you. But your opinion on education, he agrees.

Tell to follow the man I want while your sister was like the head of education. Exactly. Exactly. Back here in the rich eyes and show radio network. For those of you who missed what we had to say on the Roku Channel, you missed nothing. I disagree with everything that was just said on the Roku Channel. And I apologize to the audience.

What's the Volstead Act? Oh, I don't remember. Exactly.

Because it's memorization from high school. This guy, Alan Dallas. How you doing, Albert?

What's going on? First and foremost, congratulations on the Marconi Award. Thank you, sir. Chris, do you know who the Marconi Award is named after?

It's the guy who invented radio. There you go. Did you learn that at school? No, absolutely not.

Chris Brockman. Hey, he just Wikipedia'd it. No, he didn't.

No, I'm looking up the Volstead Act. OK. Yeah, Marconi. I mean, that's an elite elite. I am honored, sir. I'm honored. I'm honored. You know, my Don Imus, Don Imus, WANBC and all that stuff.

That's that's great stuff. So, Richard, you don't you don't think that that Michigan's got a monopoly on this this type of behavior, do you? I don't know, man. I don't know. And I don't know if Michigan- I'm going to set you straight.

No. OK. College coaches don't come up with original thoughts, man. They all learn this type of stuff from other people.

And I bet that there's programs across this great nation scrambling to cover up their tracks and this type of stuff. So, you know, like it's it's stupid. But, you know, he's going to have the program's going to pay the price of this because this is this is this is like this is almost like the Belichick behavior.

You know, like they don't like that type of stuff. And unfortunately, hopefully they win a national championship this year for you, for your sake. And that's the that's the only answer right now, because Michigan cannot respond. Harbaugh put out a statement in there, you know, and they're going to buy this week, Al. So they don't play this week. So there's no meeting with the media this week. It's like perfectly timed for them to be away from many microphones.

Some players spoke. But and again, thanks for the call, Al. I appreciate it.

And the kudos here. Call me naive. You can call me naive, whatever. But, you know, Jim does talk about being a Michigan man and and doing everything on the up and up. And so I, I, I believe him. I will trust in what he is saying until I get concrete evidence to the otherwise.

And I know you could say all these reports are concrete evidence. Fine. At this point in time, like I said, I'm just shooting you straight.

We are all a Michigan Wolverine nation that at least I know of. It's a therapy session every time we get together. And just when they start playing games, they just got to beat the crap out of everybody because they have this guy's gone and the system is gone. And if you're still using your same hand signals again, forget about us. It's anybody else. You know, anybody else. So what else? What else can I tell you?

Somehow, some way I got this through security. Yeah. Explain that, because, you know, when you go over there and you kind of touch it, the point on that is pretty sharp. That doesn't really, you know, it's heavy. It's like what's going on? That's the thing on the movie someone would use to I don't know. I just don't know if it because it's clear or whatever I put in my bag, went through and I just, you know, gave the nod. I gave the head nod to the person who was looking at the material went right through. Question.

Now, I'm not going to stop. They stopped somebody in front of me and somebody after me. Did you see what they got stopped for? One was like some dude had razor blades in his job kit. Wow. The question is just like, hey, really? OK, I'm like, oh, I got is a Marconi.

OK. Wow. Like real razor blades. All I know is as I was leaving, we do somebody behind me was cursing as their bag got removed. And then as I was leaving, I saw the guy in front of me say, yeah, those the razor blades are right there.

At which point, I'm like, it's four in the morning. I got to get to the gate. Yeah. Get me out of here. Yeah.

Wow. And I stayed awake waiting to board the plane, because, as you know, I love boarding first. First thing, watching Seinfeld bloopers on my Instagram. Oh, Frank Estanza.

All of them. Just fantastic. So that's my morning. And then I sat right down here at eight fifty nine fifty Pacific time.

Well done. And here I am. Bill Cowher. I could see he's on with Pat right now. He's making rounds. You know, he's on he's on the show icons that I voice here. You watch me voice into this microphone. Yes.

That's where I do this. Mike's very kind enough to stay after class. And he's got an MGM plus technical weeds here. He's got full blurry background.

Yeah. What do we adjust him to? We like not the pleasant New York City background that you had yesterday.

He's just full blurry. I don't know. Maybe he doesn't want to let you know where he is. I didn't mind.

I didn't mind letting you know where I was. Where could he be? I have no idea.

He's got his house. Yeah. He doesn't want to show you the background.

Do you want to demand demand on board? Having on a zoom with a blurry background similar to when you call in going full speaker phone. It's a similar thing. It's I think it's a little disrespectful. Is it? Yeah. We want to see what's back. He's probably got a cool background.

I don't know. Right. He could be in a hotel room, too. I mean, Schefter does his zooms with a hotel room in an unmade bed behind him.

And the ceiling. I got to call Schefter. I got to call Adam and say, Adam, we got to up your zoom game, but you're only on like a million shows. But our number two coming up, we got to call him up.

It's like at least cover the put the covers and move the pillows. The CEO and co-founder of Smack Entertainment, Constance Schwartz Marini is in our green room right now excited. We have we go way back like a car seat. We do we once I think was it we get to the airport together. We shared a car ride to the airport together or no, it was it was in Canton. I think we came back from one of those could have been Dion's party. Dion and Marshall had their had their right.

Dion had Nelly and Prime had Snoop. It was under the same tent in Canton, Ohio. Insane. That was.

A nut was insane Hall of Fame party. Yeah. Yeah, I got in trouble because I what do you mean you got in trouble like a post show thing and I'm like I ran over to the party.

I'm like, oh my God, go to the party. You left your post. Oh, yeah. In the truck. Oh, yeah.

For NFL Network party to go to the party. Yeah. Well, you should get yelled at for that. By the way, we were done. We were off the air.

Rich was done. So then why would they yell at you? Why would they yell at you? Because it was like, why would they yell at you? Mike? I yell that a lot.

Mike in my life. Why would they be upset with you? Because I left early because I left early like they wanted me to like do work like strike some stuff. I'm going to party. It's my boys.

Oh, excuse me. You don't you don't ask Mike Del Tufo to strike anything. No, we're going. Mike Del Tufo doesn't strike.

He's not scared. No, he walks out. You strike. He walks.

He walks. We all know that. Every Monday, Rich Eisen and Chris Brockman react to what's happening in the world of football on overreaction Monday. Dolphins final four AFC team.

Oh, that is not an overreaction at all. I'm with you. You're in. I am in.

The other three final four teams. If you ask me to call my shot, this is the overreaction limit podcast. Call your shot. Entertainment purposes only.

Unless I'm right. Yeah. Chiefs. Dolphins. Bills. Ravens. Ravens. Final four. Overreaction Monday. We'll see you next time on the podcast, wherever you listen.
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