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REShow: Josh Gad - Hour 2

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October 17, 2023 3:18 pm

REShow: Josh Gad - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 17, 2023 3:18 pm

Rich and the guys debate how an NFL franchise in London would or wouldn’t work, and if the 5-1 Detroit Lions are legit Super Bowl contenders.

Actor Josh Gad tells Rich what it’s like to finally have some hope for his beloved Miami Dolphins after years of looking up at the New England Patriots dominating the AFC East, his reaction to the Miami Heat missing out on Damian Lillard and to Jimmy Butler’s “emo” hairdo, and discuss his new Broadway show with Andrew Rannells ‘ Gutenberg! The Musical!’

Rich and Cowboys fan TJ debate what more Dallas must do to reach the NFC Championship game this season.

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This, this is the Rich Eisen Show. Herbert on a third and ten. Shotgun snap. Rose intercepted.

From bad to worse. Game over. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. That last play with Quinn at the end on the interception, was there a miscommunication?

Yep, I threw it and I picked it off and made a good play on it. Earlier on the show, host of the Dan Patrick Show, Dan Patrick. Coming up, actor Josh Gad.

Plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

844204 Rich is the number to dial here on this program to have a conversation. Overreaction Monday, the podcast version of it's been up for almost 24 hours. If you haven't listened, why not? You can also check it out on our YouTube page. slash Rich Eisen Show.

What the football with Susie and Amy. I'm going to be out there for you to listen to and view later on today. I believe I'm going to be stopping by as a guest.

I don't know how in the world they booked me. Don't you want to go home and sleep? I can't right now.

Really? Yeah, I don't know what time it is, dude. Gosh.

I don't know what time it is. But I'll tell you what, that was a fun excursion to London. I bet. That stadium, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, you've been there. I saw about, we got there late because we missed a train, but yeah, we saw a Premier League game there once. It's a beautiful stadium. It is awesome.

Unbelievable. I'll tell you this, because the International Series, let me just hit this briefly here, and then we'll talk about the rest of week six that I've yet to really comment on because I was on a plane flying home. I love the passion for the game that the UK fans have and the folks in London have. The reaction time from fans, they're on it. They don't need anything described to them. They get the game. They totally understand it. They totally get it. They're not cheering when they shouldn't and they're not cheering longer when the play is over, when there's a flag out. They totally get it.

They understand everything. The passion and the singing, the karaoke. The singing is really cool. Unreal. They were bellowing out Mr. Brightside from the Killers. Sweet Caroline. They're coming back from break and they're still chanting during second and eight and third and sevens.

It's great to see. I just don't know how it would work with a franchise there. And I know the commissioner has mentioned about having a Super Bowl there. That would be wild.

That would be absolutely wild. And it would have to be earlier. It would have to be, I think, kickoff would be three hours earlier than the usual, six Eastern. It would be three Eastern so the game could start around eight o'clock at night London time.

But that's not the issue. The issue is just maintaining a competitive aspect for a team in London, a team in Europe. And I've heard, why not have them have a place on the East Coast that they'd go and work out in and play like a month's worth of road games.

And then they'd have a month's worth of home games where teams would come visit them. And I don't know how sustainable that is because I'll tell you what, watching the Bills sleepwalk through the first three quarters of that game when they arrived on a Friday morning in London against a team that had already been there a full week in Jacksonville. I mean, the Jaguars fans who thought I was rooting for the Bills.

It's kind of crazy. I knew I did a great job because I saw a Bills fan saying you rooted against us because you're a Jet fan. And Jaguar fans are just lighting me up that I was just going all goo goo gaga over Josh Allen and the Bills and not talking about the Jaguars.

Even though just take a look if you want to watch it back coming out of halftime. I'm like, the Jaguars are playing terrific football here. Yeah, I saw the conference, you know, but but be that as it may, but you got the Joe Buck treatment.

Now, Joe, now I know how you feel. You know, although people weren't like accusing me of rooting against the Cowboys last night thinking that I was, you know, that Joe was me, you know, like that happened a couple times for Joe and calling being accused of bias and a game he's not calling. But, you know, again, seeing this competitive advantage that the Jaguars had, this is no disrespect to him. They played a better game. They had a better team.

They had a better day. But a team that's already been there a week against the team that had just arrived. And the Titans just arrived. The Ravens were there all week. The Ravens last time they went to London showed up on a Friday morning. They threw they they they they did their business all week long. They flew out on a Thursday.

They arrived on a Friday. And then they got waxed by Jacksonville 44 to 7 to this day. The worst loss of John Harbaugh's 16 years as coach there.

So they decided to do the exact opposite. It's kind of funny when we sat down with with John Harbaugh and talk to him prior to the game. We're like, what was your philosophy?

Is there science and anything that, you know, you deal because science? We got our asses kicked the last time showing up late. We just decided.

So I'm like the full Costanza. Just do the opposite. They did the opposite. They showed up on a Monday night and they were there all week.

And you know what they looked like? Completely rested all over the Titans. So I don't know how a team can come and play a game in London against the team that's that lives there. What a competitive disadvantage that is.

It's period. Certainly if you're going to come from the middle of the United States or the West Coast, I don't see. And then just growing the game to growing the game to which I know is crucial. And I'm thrilled to be a tip of that spear. I understand that I'm probably speaking in a way that some folks in 345 Park Avenue are not terribly pleased with, but they know me. I know them.

And, you know, I never sit here thinking, oh, gosh, I hope I'm not upsetting, you know, my boss. But I woke I didn't see Dallas versus San Francisco until the next morning when I watched it, you know, in highlight form and then watch some of it back. Yeah, that's much. But I know what you're saying, TJ is having fun, but I'm talking about the most important big games. Are played starting kickoff one in the morning. One of the morning.

How how how are you going to do? It's just it's a credit to these diehards in London and in Germany that they're up on it, staying up all night. I watched the end of the Jets Eagles, which, by the way, turned out to be, according to Jimmy Train, I saw coming before on the air, the largest audience for a game this year.

Twenty six. Yeah. On Fox, late window, late window and and Eagles Jets. I mean, that's the Amtrak corridor between two incredibly passionate fan bases. You know, that game ended at twelve forty in the morning.

I stand up. We were we and there were some other games going on, you know, late window that that were fascinating as well. Watching it.

I've never had more Scott Hansen in my life. Susie got totally exposed to the witching hour watching the game pass, which, by the way, is very well done overseas as well. Look, they're trying to sell the sport. I totally get it.

I'm very excited to be the tip of that spear. I just don't know how it would work to have a London franchise. So what I think is it being attempted, although I have not had these conversations, is you build an international schedule, have half a season in London where they get to see maybe the Jaguars twice. Anybody else that wants to come over and do that twice?

Great. If not, you get to see a whole host of players. The folks at Tottenham on Sunday watched Lamar Jackson do Lamar Jackson things. They watched Derek Henry on a direct snap, do Derek Henry things. First time the Ravens gave up a rushing touchdown all year, King Henry went to the left.

He scored there. They saw some really talented players do their thing. Travis Etienne, the week before. Josh Allen, you know, didn't have a terrific game, but he did. Find Stéphane Diggs several times.

Gabe Davis. I mean, they saw some great stuff. Germany is going to have the Chiefs and the Dolphins in two weeks. AFC Championship game. I mean, very exciting. And then following it up with all that excitement with Patriots and Colts. Listen, it's going to be a lot of football placed on the international stage. I'm hearing Spain might be next. You know, they might go to a different hemisphere as well. Put together a 10-game, 12-game international series, four windows of football. Who would sign up for that domestically?

So. Meanwhile, back here in the States with the Eagles and Niners losing. Look who that opens the door for a nice little one seed path to the basket here. If they keep doing what they're doing. Your Detroit Lions. Our Detroit Lions. I love watching this team play. You keep thinking they're that plucky team from Detroit. Because they'll keep hitting you in the mouth. And they've done everything that Dan Campbell said that he would do.

With the exception of the cannibalism, right? They've really done that. They have built it. How good is this team? And David Montgomery's had a terrific season.

He's now going to be out for a couple of weeks. So have Craig Reynolds come in and hit the crap out of the box. As Amman Ross St. Brown is catching one over the middle. And he goes all the way around the end for a score.

Tiptoes down the side. Jared Goff. Everybody scoffed about Goff.

And I totally understand why you would. Again, he was the Bambiata cow. That watched Carson Wentz have more success early on in his career. Carson Wentz was talked about an MVP candidate. He was going to win that year. He blew his knee out. Leaping for the end zone head first in the Coliseum. With Aaron Donald closing in on him.

Bad career choice. He goes out. Eagles still win the Super Bowl. And Goff winds up making the Super Bowl himself a couple of years later. With a Rams team that is coached by the Svengali of all offensive Svengalis of the current day and age.

And that guy decides, I'm going with Stafford instead. And they send him to Detroit. And your initial thought is that is the NFL Siberia. And look what he's done in the NFL Siberia.

Field Yates tweeted this out. His last 17 games. He's completed 67.6% of his passes for 4,473 yards. 29 touchdowns. 4 interceptions. A line of 13 and 4. And those 17 games. The reason why we choose 17 games is because you know that's a full NFL season at present.

These lines could go 13 and 4 this year. For sure. For sure.

I had a man crush on Aiden Hutchinson well before Dan Campbell. Okay. And I understand. I understand.

I might, coming up on tomorrow's. On tomorrow's power rankings. I might choose another team above the Lions right now.

Because even myself, I'm trying to get to saying the Lions are better than the 49ers. If they play the 49ers minus McCaffrey or minus Debo and McCaffrey like the Browns did. Lions are going to win that football game. I believe.

I think so. If McCaffrey's back and Debo's back and the full strength and Trent Williams can stand there and try and block Aiden Hutchinson like he blocked all the Cleveland Browns from beating the crap out of Debo Samuel prior to the game. Then the Lions might have some trouble. Certainly if they've, I can't even say if they go to San Francisco because this team for some reason just, not for some reason, I think it's the coach and it's just their makeup. They're, they're rallying on the road.

And Goff is supposed to be the guy that you can beat outside of a dome. And they're going on the road. They go to Tampa and they, that wasn't close to being a game.

It just wasn't. And you look at the games they have left this weekend at Baltimore, man, is that great. Isn't this great on a week that we're looking at Miami versus Philadelphia and that could be, you know, 40 to 30 or whatever it is that this is a game that could be like 17, 14 swapping paint and hitting the crap out of each other. Cause that Ravens defense I saw on Sunday against the Titans is top three in the NFL. Absolutely. If they're healthy. Roquan Smith was literally everywhere.

Sorry. And then, you know, home for Vegas on a Monday night, dude. And by the way, Lions fans are showing up everywhere.

They might have to go silent snap. Again, the Chargers in week 10, when the Lions go visit, then comes the, maybe the softest part of their schedule, which is their division. They've got five games left in division. And you could see their toughest game in division. They've already won at green Bay with all due respect to Minnesota game against Dallas back half of that schedule at chargers at Dallas. Right.

And, and, and again, you want to talk about beating golf. You want them outside in the cold. The only one that's outside in the cold is at Chicago week 14. Everything else is at home or in a dome in a dome.

Matthew Berry said this when we were talking about fantasy, go get him for fantasy at Baltimore is outside at Chicago is outside. Everything else is in doors where the track meet can go and golf can just sit back and pick you apart and I'm telling you, you've got to believe in the short Detroit lines. You know, we've got a new radio affiliate coming up in grand Rapids, Michigan. We're launching next week. I did an interview with them today.

Nice. And you know, one of the, one of the, one of the hosts asked, you know, you know, is there a come down to earth game for the lions? And I'm like, what's come down to earth. This is a real team. This is real. This is real. Come down to earth is what you're going to lose three more times before the end of the season.

You guess what you are 13 and four, which is what golf is over his last 17. This is real folks. This is real. So the conversation about can they be the one seed? You bet they can. You bet they can as the Eagles and Niners play each other and the Eagles play the Miami dolphins and the Cowboys twice. And the Niners have two more games with the Seahawks coming up.

Hell yeah. They could sit back and watch the Eagles and Niners beat each other up. And then they play some tougher opponents and sneak past. And even if they don't sneak past the 49ers, do you think the 49ers would like to see the lions come visit them for a divisional game or NFC championship game? Hell no, not the way that they're currently playing. So stay healthy, stack wins to use the phrase that Dak said last night and sit back and watch it because they're for real.

I think they've proven that over six weeks. Let's take a break. Josh Gad of the great new play on Broadway called Gutenberg the musical. So it's a musical obviously because it says the musical. Oh, that's a dead giveaway.

On the marquee. A diehard Miami sports fan and you know, he's your guy. Olaf. Yeah, I know. I know.

Mikey, contain yourself. You like his character. You like warm hugs. I love warm hugs. I know that. I do. Josh Gad.

Let's talk dolphins and heat and his new musical coming up next. Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask present offbeat conversations and expert sports commentary as they ask, what the football? When my family found out how long it took me to figure out why Charles Woodson named his wine intercept, they said, there's a reason that you had trouble in school. You know, not everyone knows, you know, what they think about intercept. They don't know that I play football. Well, what I've learned is a smooth defensive back can make smooth wine.

That's what it's all about. What the football with Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask. The podcast is available Tuesdays, wherever you listen.

Millions of listeners and thousands of five star reviews rave about the hit podcast series In the Red Clay. The unbelievable story of Billy Sunday Burt, the most dangerous man in Georgia history. He was a whiskey man, bank robber, hit man. He was a murderer.

He's also my father. Seasons one and two are available to binge right now and bonus episodes are coming soon. Imperative Entertainment presents In the Red Clay, get the podcast wherever you listen. So I'm just getting a text from the producer of the. London games in the Germany game about we're learning when the teams are going to be available to us. All right.

It looks like both. It looks like the Dolphins are getting in first and the Chiefs get in late on the week. Again, I would I would counsel any team. Get there. Get there.

Get there. We're meeting and I fly in that Thursday. I'm leaving after the show Wednesday in two weeks.

I fly in Thursday. So I'm going to be totally jet lagged out of my skull meeting with Mike McDaniel. We're meeting right away. He's going to be all over you, dude. It's going to be great. He's going to know.

I mean, I can't wait. Jet lagged with Mike. That would be a nice podcast. Don't you think? That's pretty good.

Don't forget to ask Tyreek about his post playing day plans. Yeah. Sure. Yes.

You know, you might want to skip that. He's got some big ideas. It's going to be a big, bright, shining star. Yeah. What I understand. Big, big, big, bright, shining star.

He's going to move in a torrent. You know, it's funny. It's funny.

It's funny. It's funny because it seems like every time they break the huddle, he's ready to shoot the scene. Oh, yeah. You know what I mean?

Jack, he tells Jack, I'm ready to shoot the scene. He's telling. And then sometimes he has some defenses that they want to five or 10. Yeah.

Well, I'll tell you, you know what it is, retiree kill for the defense. It's a YP. Yeah. It's a YP. It's a Baker's dozen.

It is that. I'll tell you that. Are we done?

30 seconds. I mean, we can keep going. Tyreek Hill tells him to fill his heat. That's a great name. Fill, fill, fill, fill my heat. Who's his chest Rockwell?

That's what I want to know. Buck Swope. Buck Swope. Buck Swope. Buck Swope. Buck Swope. Buck Swope. Buck Swope. Buck Swope. Buck Swope. Buck Swope. Buck Swope. Buck Swope. Buck Swope. Buck Swope. Buck Swope. Buck Swope.

See the Buck Swope of that offense? Oh my God. All right. We're done.

Stay out of the donut shop. We're done. We're going to tap out.

We're tapping out of that conversation. Okay, everybody? I don't care, Rich.

Just go back to your homes. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger.

With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Is our next guest ready? It's Cosmo. Oh, fantastic. I cannot be more excited because he's a delightful individual. He's a delightful individual who loves his Miami sports and we love him.

And he's in Gutenberg, the musical right now on Broadway. Good to see you, Josh Gad. How are you, man?

So good to see you. I love you guys talking about my Tyreek Hill of my Miami Dolphins and his very big post-Miami ambitions. Plans. Plans. Yeah. Very big plans.

Yes. I'd like for him to keep it in the pants for a couple of more years so that he can use his hands for other things until he's ready to retire, but I'm very excited for him. It really has changed the dynamic, not only of Miami Dolphins sports, but just Miami Dolphins, Florida fandom in general. It's been a long time since we've had, I would say since LeBron, since we've had somebody like this that just changes the dynamic.

And now obviously with what's going on with Messi, it's just been a really remarkable time to be a fan of Miami sports. It has been that to say the least and Tyreek Hill, he just gets better each week. It's wild. It's wild. It's better each week where he doesn't do anything but score touchdowns. I was saying Tyreek's gift is he makes everybody around him better and faster somehow. It's really crazy how much speed we've got.

It's wild. Well, it's the coach too. I mean, he's- Mike McDaniel. By the way, he's funny. Have you ever chatted with him and you're getting a chance to meet with him at all, Josh? He's funny.

I can tell. I'd love to get stoned with him. He seems like he's always taking edibles before he does an interview, before he wakes up to start his day. I am such a big fan of his. I love how he's just so unorthodox with the way he handles reports, with the way he handles press, with the way he handles talking to his team. I think that I've been hearing a lot about this lately, and I think it's pretty accurate that there's a very good chance Tuatunga Bailoa is not our quarterback without Mike McDaniel having his back. I think that's been the greatest aspect of his otherworldly coaching skills is he bet on this kid at a time in which everybody in the press took a lot of cheap shots and said, this isn't the guy. It's been remarkable to see Tuatunga get confidence, to see Tuatunga overcome some of the challenging setbacks of last season, and to go out there and just know that he has the skill set to do this, and that he's got a coach who believes so fully in him.

It's really fun to watch this here. I think you're absolutely right. I think that Mike McDaniel coming in was to his, I guess, saving grace. Obviously, his talent and his heart has a lot to do with it as well, but I just remember when McDaniel was hired, there was that video of him on Air Ross FaceTiming with Tuah, and even then, I think most everyone thought, I know we did here, that this is an act, right? This is just his way of avoiding the subject matter of the departure from Tuah that was inevitable in Miami, and instead, no, he meant every word, and then Tyreek Hale comes, and he's like, he's as good as Mahomes, and everyone's like, yeah, right. Which everybody was laughing up, and it's been remarkable to see Tuah buy into that.

It's got to be so hard. As an actor, I've dealt with my fair share of criticism from reviewers, from fans, when you do a performance, and you can't help but take some of that in, and to psychologically overcome so many people, both professional and in the fandom community, including a lot of Miami fans, doubting you or doubting, not even your skills, but your ability to stay upright, and to come back stronger than ever, to put your head down and go, I'm going to shut up, all the noise, that, to me, is almost as remarkable, if not more remarkable, than what he's doing on the field, because it's very hard to tune all of that stuff out, I would imagine, and it's been really incredible to watch him grow and mature. Absolutely, and we've been saying here, we want salty Tuah. Whenever he has a press conference where he bows up a little bit, we have a segment called Salty Tuah, where we just give that sound bite, but it's not his nature, he's a sweetheart, but I kind of want him to just puff out the chest and go, damn straight, I'm going to come for you with 400 yards.

Salty Tuah is kind of like salty butter, you get a little taste of it, but it's very light on sodium, it sort of gets the job done, but it's very sweet still, it's sweet even though it's got some salt to it. And I know also, it's kind of amazing, just to bring this full circle, that Mike McDaniel is a successor to Don Shuler, for whom Edible was a 30 ounce steak at five o'clock, you know what I'm saying? You know what I mean? It's crazy. Oh God, I do love a good Shuler steakhouse. Yeah, it is, and I grew up, I've told you this before, but I grew up, you know, I started off as a New York Giants fan, you know, Lawrence Taylor was kind of, you know, there was a period where my best friend was a Giants fan, so I kind of came into football fandom watching that. And there was that infamous Leon Lett Thanksgiving game when the Dolphins played, I think it was in 93, and that was the game that made me fall in love with Miami Dolphins, and I've never looked back, and that was Shuler kind of towards the end of his prime. But I got a couple of years in there where I just so fell in love with that team and that coach. And, you know, after, how many coaches have we had in the interim, everybody from Dave Wanstett to Joe Philbin, you know, to Joe Philbin, it's been kind of lonely and depressing.

And to finally have somebody who comes and not only can do the job so handily, but seemingly loves to do the job. It's been, it's been remarkable and it feels like we have a reason for hope, you know, for a fan base that has had very, very little reason for hope in 30 plus years. And it's a wonderful notion, but that said, in the opposite spirit, I've noticed you drinking from a mug, Josh Gad, during this interview a couple of times. Are those the Tears of Patriots fans that you're drinking up right now, Josh, right now? Are you drinking up the Tears of Patriots fans? You know, what's, you know, what's really nice is it's always good to have something to soothe your throat when you have been screaming for so much of your life that an organization has had way too much dominance over you and your fandom it's, it's, I'm not going to lie. It hasn't been difficult to cheer against the evil hoodie and his and his lack of quarterback skills right now that, that he's employed there.

It's it's been fun. You know, I think we've had our asses handed to us for so long that we forgot what it means to like actually not see the Patriots on top. But my heart does go out to, to all Patriot fans kind of you guys have had enough success in championships to last a lifetime, spread the wealth, spread the wealth kids, Josh Gad here on the Rich Eisen show, we'll get to Gutenberg the musical in just one more second. I want to talk to you about your, your Miami Heat and the, the run that they went on.

Do you have to? Well, no, I mean, look you know, I know you didn't get Damian Lillard, but you still have you know, the team that is always lurking, right? I don't know what your thoughts are. It's the team that's always lurking.

I want to, I want to, so I, I said this to a friend yesterday and I, and I want to pitch it to you and I want to ask your opinion on this. So I'm worried, I'm a little worried about the psychology of the, of the Miami Heat makeup. And what I mean by that is when you've got a superstar like Tyler Hero, who I can imagine feels betrayed, and you've got people like Jimmy Butler, who's been promised, you know, a superstar player now for two years, what do you think that that has any effect on the chemistry and the makeup of the team psychologically? Do they start to sort of, does, does doubt start to linger into the locker room is my fear. You know, Lowry's name keeps coming up in trades. And I just worry that like the chemistry and the makeup of the Heat culture, which is why we always seem to achieve, could be in jeopardy as a result of some of the, you know, opportunities that have been lost, but the opportunities to also unload teammates who may not be happy that their names were associated with unloading.

That's an excellent question. I guess the playing season will be the only way to see if it comes out in the wash. I will say that if, if Jimmy Butler basically coming to blows with Eric Spolstra during huddles of actual games, isn't going to tear this team asunder, then perhaps trade rumors involving players that are still there watching Damian Lillard show up in another spot might not break you up. Just because the culture as it's known is Spolstra and the team and Riley, you know, I mean, I imagine that will see you through. I just don't know if the seeing you through against a Celtics team that's as loaded as the bucks is going to be. The problem is, the problem is everybody got better and we, on paper, we did not, we did not get better.

In fact, we lost pieces. So I think as a Heat fan, we're a little concerned, but we also know that like with Jimmy Butler anchoring our team and Bam Adebayo, we're always in contention somehow because they just will it into existence. And it is the strength of Spolstra and it is the strength of this incredible organization and this heat culture that seemingly everybody wants to play for. Well maybe it's also the power of EVO, right, Josh? The new character?

Yes. What did you, again, as a thespian, an actor, and somebody who understands roles very well, what did you think of Jimmy Butler's choice of new character EVO that he showed up with the hair and everything else at his press conference, Josh? I really appreciated it.

I really appreciated it. If I were to try that same hairstyle, I would look like Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men. With or without the vacuum, with or without the vacuum, you know? Yeah.

Just with a coin toss constantly happening. I am definitely always interested in what, you know, new personas are the anchor of our organization takes on. As long as it keeps him from getting bored playing basketball, he can do anything he wants with his hair and I will support it. Well in that respect, Josh, because, you know, we love you and because we knew we'd be discussing it, we have already mocked up a photograph of you with that hairstyle. Oh yes. I love it. What do you think? What do you think?

So that's, I think the first adjective that comes to mind is terrifying. The second thing that comes to mind is a question, which is why? Why do this to your audience? Why do this to me?

Why not is the more appropriate question. What do you, I mean, we can, I'll send that to you. I'll send it to you so you can have it. I would actually rather you not. I would like all images henceforth of that destroyed. That's pretty, that's pretty upsetting.

That's pretty upsetting. All right. So the split screen, you don't want to even see the split screen. We even have that ready. Oh, let's see it. Let's see it. Let's see it. Okay. I mean, we can have that ready for you. It's coming up. There we go. I mean, brilliant. Right there. I think that's a buddy buddy. That's your next musical right there.

By the way, that could be it, Jimmy. I'm going to, Rich will give you my number. Let's talk. Let's do it.

Let's make it happen. I have an idea for, I have an idea for a movie nobody will see. There it is coming soon to a theater near you. Let's Josh Gad, I told this to you many times. The first time I was introduced to your talents and awesomeness and essence was seeing the Book of Mormon on Broadway years ago, 12 years ago, you and Andrew Rannells were just brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Thank you, my friend.

So to see the fact that you're now back together again on Broadway in a musical is awesome. Gutenberg, the musical, or do I pronounce the exclamation points? How do I pronounce this? Because there's two exclamation points here.

I would like to hear, I would like to hear the pronunciation if you were to take on the exclamation points. Gutenberg, the musical, how does that, does that work? It energizes it more and I think it gets your audience slightly more invested in it.

So I appreciate that. I love doing Gutenberg, the musical, I call it the Hamilton, I call it the Hamilton of our time, even though Hamilton is the Hamilton of our time. And it's one of these, it's one of these shows that sort of popped into my lap out of nowhere. I was talking to the director, Alex Timbers, about doing one of my favorite musicals of all time, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, and I was desperate for a decade to come back and there was, nothing felt right. And then, you know, we sort of ran into rights holders issues with Forum and one day Alex writes me and he goes, have you ever heard of Gutenberg, the musical, and I said I haven't.

He goes, something I directed off-Broadway years ago, I'd love to send you the script and the music, take a listen to it, and it's about these two guys, Bud and Doug, who have written a show about Johann Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, but they know very little about musical theater, they know very little about the subject matter, and they're doing a one-night backers audition to try to basically get a famous Broadway producer to produce this actual show. So very meta, and at first I was like, this sounds insane, and I read the script, and then I said, this is insane for all the right reasons. I absolutely loved it, and I said the only person I would ever dream about doing this with is my Mormon co-star Andrew Rannells, and he goes, it's funny you should mention that. I sent the script to him too.

So he played us into his hands, and here we are three years later, and we're having the time of our lives. The response has been effusive, we just opened officially this past Thursday, and reviews and audiences alike seem to be going head over heels, so it's been amazing, and I'm having the time of my life being back on the stage. I cannot wait to see it.

Honestly, I'd love to come to New York specifically to see that. You better come, and by the way, bring the kids. My seven-year-old and my 12-year-old just saw it, sorry, my nine-year-old and my 12-year-old just saw it. They listened to the Rich Eisen Show, so I'm worried about them calling me up and saying we don't know our ages, but they came to see it.

They lost their minds. It's really fun. Well, you two guys together, honestly, I'll see anything, and certainly something that says, the meta you said, it sounds so inspiring as well, and the James Earl Jones Theater. Do you ever meet James Earl Jones? Do you ever meet him? I have met. I met James.

He came to Book of Mormon. I actually think more than once, and we got a picture with him, and he's such a brilliant and lovely individual, and actually the first time I ever met James was I was in high school. I was in middle school, and he came to speak at our school, and I had never known he had a stutter, which is wild, and he started stuttering in the middle of talking to us, and he started talking about how his entire life he's had this stutter. It really spoke to me because I was overcoming my own difficulties at that time, and I was really taken aback by somebody who was just so open about their own need to overcome something that felt insurmountable, and for me, it was anxiety.

For him, it was this stutter, and that has always stayed with me and left such a giant impression on me for most of my adult life. Beautiful, and now you're doing a musical back on Broadway with Andrew Rannells in James Earl Jones Theater. Everyone should go see Gutenberg, the musical. That's another way that I can say it, and again- Yeah, I love that you gave both words, exclamation point. Well, I mean, I pronounce the punctuation.

That's what I do for a living. Why don't I get to see a picture of you with the Anton Chigurh era? I think I have it. Don't we have one? Hold on a minute. We did that. I mean, this is all material, Josh. We're going over what we did a couple of weeks ago, but I'll rehash it for you just so you could see. Oh, great. Yeah, you can just text it to me.

It's not pretty. I can put it out there. In the meantime, just again, Chris, Gutenberg is not... It's the printing press, not Steve, right? Oh, I thought it was Steve. That's what he was talking about. You must get that a lot. No, Steve Gutenberg often gets thrown out there as a subject matter that people think we're sending up, but it's not Steve Gutenberg.

It has nothing to do with Police Academy or P. It's all about the guy who printed the first part. Okay, very good. All right, Josh, greatly appreciate your time. Gutenberg, the musical- Love you guys.

Thanks for having Josh, Gad, and Andrew Rannells. It's great to chat with you, buddy. Let's connect again soon. Always. Always a pleasure.

Come to New York. I'll see you very soon. You got it, brother. That's Josh Gad, everybody, right here on The Rich Eisen Show.

That was fun. He cracks me up, man. We'll see him at the Super Bowl?

I think it's possible, isn't it? We might get a preview this weekend. Dude. The one who Tua versus Jalen. It is the Saban Bowl. Roll Tide number one. Here we go.

Devante Smith, the one who Tua hit in the end zone, sparking the end of the Jalen Hurts era in Alabama, for the most part, is there for Jalen. It's the Saban Bowl, bro. It's great. It's going to be awesome. We will take a break.

844-204-rich, numbered down here on The Rich Eisen Show. Oh, boy. Look at that. There you go. That's what you need to send to Josh right now. All right.

Let's get it. That's unfortunate. What's the oldest Olaf fan you've ever come across? Oh, man.

I've come across people in their 90s. Olaf fan. Exactly. Yeah. Do you have all the stuffed animals, have all the …? Oh, yeah.

You'd be surprised. Olaf connects multi-generationally. I mean, there are people who are in their 80s and 90s who have Olaf paraphernalia, who let me know how important that character is to them.

I think the reason that so many people connect to that little guy is there's a sense of like childlike wonderment that I think a lot of us forget that we have, even when we're older, and it reminds us of the purity of looking at the world if our glasses have full optimism that Olaf brings to the table. How many Olaf items do you have in your house? What's the grand total? I have the full-size one. Okay. Then every miniature. Yeah. I have like the full-size one, and then I have multiple. I got a mug.

What's the grand? I'm thinking one, two, three, four, five. Oh.

Probably six. I'm going to have to sign something for you. Yeah. No. Totally go. All right.

I'm going to put you on the spot before I go. How would Olaf term the drafting of Tua Tungo Vailoa to the Dolphins? Can you tell me what Tua thought about that draft or beating the Patriots and knocking them out of the bye week position? You got something for me on that front, Josh Gad? I love everybody usually, and I can tell you that it never gives me joy to see any team down on the duck, except that that team has the New England Patriots, who've had it coming for a long time. So bye-bye.

Have fun in the gutter. Ladies and gentlemen, that was fantastic. Hi, it's slash Rich Eisen Show for everything that you need. Let's talk about game time, folks. I love using the game time app. It is so easy to buy tickets using game time.

Again, I'm thanks to you, Mike, going well, I mean, you see all this video from the sphere in Vegas already checking out when Susie and I might be able to steal away to go see you too right now. And you can see everything right there on your app. You could see the pricing, the all in pricing.

You could see the view from your seat. And again, it's just a couple of taps to go and buy tickets. It is so easy to use.

It is ridiculous. We all have an account through the Rich Eisen Show's relationship with game time, and we are so thrilled that we can do that and tell you to just follow our lead. Download the game time app, create an account, use code Rich for $20 off your first purchase.

Restrictions apply. Visit game for terms. Again, create an account, redeem code R-I-C-H for $20 off. It is the lack of frustration that makes it so easy to use and you want to go back. It's like a pretty looking app too.

When you're on it, it's just as pleasing to the eye and certainly the deals are as well. Download game time today. Last minute tickets, lowest price, guaranteed. Let's go to the phone lines. Nathan in LA.

We haven't spoken to Nathan in a while. How you been, sir? How are you, Rich? I'm good. What's on your mind? Welcome back to the States. Thank you, sir.

Appreciate it. What's going on? My question was, I was wondering what you thought about seeing Jimmy Johnson in attendance last night at the game. Troy quickly pointed out that he rarely even comes to games unless he's working the game. So I thought it was interesting to see him there. He doesn't come to games regardless of who's playing. Now here he is in the Dallas game.

I saw the video of him talking to Jerry Jones before the game as well. Look, low down on the list of, I guess, storylines that people talk about for the Dallas Cowboys and it crops up every now and then when somebody else gets put into the Cowboys Ring of Honor other than Jimmy Johnson is why he's not there yet. It's time. It's way past time. It's kind of ridiculous that he's not there.

I don't know. I have no idea what's going on right there, but it was thanks for the call, Nathan. It was good to see him. There was a funny moment where Irv is waving from one suite and there's Jimmy in another suite and there's Troy in the booth and I think Emmett zoomed in with Andrew Siciliano in the third hour yesterday. Interesting to see and the question is, can the Cowboys get back to that NFC Championship game this year? If Dak plays like that and they can come up with a win on the road in the playoffs that they have not come up with in a long time, they can do it. But it looks like they're going to have to do it at Detroit at Philadelphia or at San Francisco.

Will they be able to do it? And there's a lot of football between now and then they got to stack enough wins just to get there and then take care of, I guess, someone from what the NFC South or someone from the South. So right now Dallas is five and Tampa is four. But that's basically what, just like last year, they'd have to take care of somebody from the NFC South if they are the top wildcard team, as we expect them to be, and then they're going to have to be what the 5C would go visit the, the, the, the, the one, maybe now, right? Five would visit the one, assuming the two and three advance just like last year, they might have to go to San Francisco or Philly or yeah.

I don't know. It seems unlikely, but they, I don't, it's just, you know, where they should go get, why not get Fournette, get him, get him. I'm kind of shocked that we're entering week seven and Steve still doesn't have a home.

There was a report that he was visiting Buffalo to possibly join the practice squad, but I don't think that's happening now. It just seems that they're missing one, one guy, right? They're missing Amari Cooper.

Wow. That's what I said a few weeks ago. Yeah, you kind of nailed that I thought. I mean, they might not have been able to pay all these other guys if they kept Cooper at 20 mil a year.

Maybe. But, you know, Brandon Cooks, that was nice to see him, TJ, get involved, get involved a little bit. Got a lot of targets, caught a touchdown. Offense is very conservative. I mean, some, yeah, I know it is, but that's what McCarthy said.

I'm going to make a bad political joke now, but I won't, but it's just so conservative man. And it's like, you're, you're playing not to lose, right? And I get that. And at some point you got to start taking, I don't want to sound like Corey talking to the Penn State coach about just throwing, just throw it up in the, but you know, at some point it's like, you feel like let's open this offense up a little bit. But if you get the win, that's all McCarthy wanted to do that. He wanted to run it more than the number of times that they would run first down, run second down. And they were running right into the line, but it doesn't seem like they're running the whole life.

That's what I'm saying. If they are running it, if they are going to commit to running it, if they want to run it more, if they want to be more conservative, then go get, go get Fournette and roll him downhill. Not a bad option. Or if New England is done, go get Zeke. What flip a five or a six or a seven, a bill, you don't think bill would take that for Zeke right now? Probably.

I mean, if they're, if they're done, if they wind up. I haven't seen anything out of him this year that would make me go, the last game he played pretty well. He had some burst. It got called back.

It got called Vegas, right? It was kind of nice. But I mean, why settle?

Why not ask for a Maundrie Stevenson? The Patriots are going to be in a fire sale soon. So she brought me not like the way you're thinking right now, dog. That's what I'm saying. Like they, they, the Niners showed you when you go and you're aggressive and get someone like McCaffrey to add to the mix. That's a total difference maker. Yeah. Okay. The Dolphins say, oh, it's great to have waddle here, right?

It's great to have all this speed. Let's go get Tyree kill, honestly, like there is some benefit to that. Right. And you do sometimes look at the chiefs offensively say they're missing somebody. Well, with the defense and Mahomes and Kelsey, it doesn't matter. And Pacheco is becoming more of an important piece, right? So that you look at the Eagles, they're like, okay, let's get AJ Brown total difference maker. Dallas is just, who's that next guy? Like get that next guy, get that guy. Who's that guy in, in, in the current trade market. Could it be, I'll throw another one out there. Ooh.

Derek Henry. Oh. Where you just say, screw it. Screw it. I mean, the Titans are getting there. I mean, if Jerry Jones is saying I'm 80 and I need to win one more and I'm going to do it. Just screw it. Flip what you need to the Titans and put the star in the sign of Henry's helmet and say, now, now folks will be like, oh, okay.

You w you want to commit to the run. You certainly have done such a thing. And now you want to see Dallas come to San Francisco, Philadelphia, or Detroit. Uh huh.

Okay. Now you're changing your opinion. The aggressiveness who is going to be terribly aggressive in the next few weeks for trade deadline.

And it was going to be aggressive and breaking up their team as well. 8 4 4 2 0 4 Rich number to dial third hours, just for us overreaction Monday, my top five performances and more, you know what I'm saying? I hear you, man.

And the Titans might be, I didn't get a, by the way, meeting with the Titans, didn't get a whiff of that zero meeting with Vrabel was delightful, delightful. Did you call him your son or something? I did not doing the other Ohio state, I did not. I did not bring up Michigan at first, um, you know, where we were in the meeting and he told Jamie or at all, how much his wife loves watching her on good morning football and how she's been, you know, she's great.

She's awesome. I let that pause. And I said, do you want to have any opinion on the rich eyes and show at which point Kurt jumps in?

He goes, can you just let Jamie have a moment? That's what Kurt said. At which point Vrabel said, no, my wife is, doesn't like a lot of Michigan people. That's what he said. And I'm like, Oh, okay. That's right.

We were talking about Ohio state before I was confused if it was the Ohio state or not. At which point, you know what he said? Nothing. Awkward silence. Terrible. Fell flat.

We moved on to football, but he wasn't as well. He's got, you know, he's got the red ass in him a little. He's great. He's terrific.

He's great. He zero whiff of anything of like, yeah, we're about to break this thing up. If we don't win zero, they should start to think about it. I don't know. A little bit of a rebuild. I also heard you dropped there.

There's an I in rich and eyes into which Kurt replied. Yeah, I've heard that. I might've said that before it's called recycling. Everyone should do that.

It was a new continent. Every Monday, rich Eisen and Chris Brockman react to what's happening in the world of football on overreaction Monday dolphins final four AFC team. Oh, that is not an overreaction at all. I'm with you. You're in. I'm with you. The other three final four teams. If you were asking me to call my shot, this is the overreaction podcast, entertainment purposes only unless I'm right, uh, chiefs, dolphins, bills, Ravens, Ravens final four overreaction Monday, the podcast wherever you listen.
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