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NFL Week 6: The Overreaction Monday Podcast with Rich Eisen & Chris Brockman –

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 16, 2023 6:48 pm

NFL Week 6: The Overreaction Monday Podcast with Rich Eisen & Chris Brockman –

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 16, 2023 6:48 pm

A weekly staple on ‘The Rich Eisen Show’ for years, ‘Overreaction Monday’ is now also an extended podcast with Rich and Chris Brockman debating the latest in the NFL. Today’s topics:

1:45      We can all calm down on the Brock Purdy MVP talk

4:15      The Lions are the best team in the NFC

6:00   Ravens’ offense is too inconsistent to make them AFC contenders

8:10      Now we’re seeing how much Shane Steichen & Jonathan Gannon meant to Eagles’ success last season

10:30    If Aaron Rodgers returns this season the Jets can make the AFC final four

13:05   There’s still no clear-cut Super Bowl favorite

17:00    Josh Allen playing like a madman is not sustainable for a Super Bowl run

19:00    Tyreek Hill will have 2,100 rec yards and win Offensive Player of the Year

20:30   The Jaguars are playing the best football in the AFC right now

22:25    The Rams will be the NFC West’s 2nd playoff team

24:00    Kirk Cousins stays put; takes Vikes on a playoff run

25:00    Belichick should retire after this season regardless of Pats’ record

28:00    NFL Week 7 headline predictions




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Yes, it is another edition of Overreaction Monday, week six style back from London. I am your humble host, Rich Eisen, along with my colleague, my hot take friend, Chris Brockman. Good to see you over there.

Hot take friend. Hey, Rich. Great to see you, man. Welcome back.

Good to see you. This episode of Overreaction Monday, as all of them are, brought to you by our friends at Game Time, the fast and easy way to buy tickets for all the sports music, comedy, and theater events near you. Download the Game Time app, create an account and use the code OVERREACTION for $20 off your first purchase.

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. I am literally off a plane. I could see it. You're like very comfortable looking. It's fantastic. I'm jealous. I just arrived from London and just in case anybody is wondering or what have you, before we get to our usual, as I say, espresso shot of takes for this show, I am sleep deprived. I am jet lagged, but I just checked with customs in the jets victory.

I watched cash in at 1240 in the morning, London time on my laptop. I sure as hell did. You bet I did. And I checked with customs. It still counts.

So I'm very excited. Hit it. We'll get to it. That was terrible. That was crap. That was garbage. This place sucks.

Overreaction Mondays. All right, Christopher, you have the floor. I got the takes. All right. We're not going to start with the jets, but believe me, believe me, we'll get to it. Okay.

Last week I know I said, I said that this team would beat an all star team. Yes. Yeah.

People really were into that one. Well, and I know he's your fourth son and all rich, but we could all calm down with the Brock Purdy MVP talk. All right. Let's just chill out for a sec. I just want to start with this.

I want to start, I want to start with this. Be careful. Brock Purdy has been booked to appear on the rich eyes and show Thursday. Okay.

So be careful. He's going to be on our show this week. I said he was top five. I said he beat an all star team.

Let's just calm down with the MVP stuff now. Well, he definitely, um, like most quarterbacks needs their, his all pro, uh, left tackle healthy. He needs his all pro, you know, Swiss army knife of a wide receiver healthy. He needs his all pro running back who is also a Swiss army knife.

Healthy. Imagine he needs those three guys to be better than what he appeared. However, however, he did get his team in position to win a game and I had my tweet all lined up. What was it going to be?

Josh, Josh Moody wins in Ohio again. Oh man. It was all set up. Just ready to go. Ready to roll.

Are you saving that in the drafts or did you delete it? But he did get his team in position to win a, that wasn't the I'm going to take my team and throw them on my back and win a game when everything's going south and the defense isn't playing well and three of my playmakers are, uh, playing, you know, um, I guess, uh, or my three best guys aren't playing. And, um, and George Kittle probably had three guys around him and the Cleveland Browns were terrific defense. Great on defense.

So I will just say this is a clunker. Let's see how it goes from here. Um, is that a game that Mahomes could have won or would have won? Josh Allen could have won or would have won. We'll get to Josh Allen in a minute. Um, so we can calm down on the Brock Purdy MVP talk for the moment. Thank you.

That was my very long winded way. I can't just say that's an overreaction and move on, but, uh, yes, that was not, uh, that's not one that if he does, uh, win place or show in the MVP votes later on this year, they will not be talking about that week six game in Cleveland. Correct. I agree with you. What else last week? I said this team was the best team to overtake the Eagles. I think the lions are the best team in the NFC.

I knew you right now. I literally was thinking this total yards, seventh and total defense. They are balling. They are the best team in the NFC right now. I mean, you cannot sit here and call this an overreaction. You just cannot do it.

You cannot say it at all. I mean, Jared Goff is playing out of his skull. He's playing. You know what I say about the sun? God I'm on Ross St. Brown, right?

Yes. I'm concerned that Montgomery's banged up and Jamir Gibbs has not been able to answer the bell for two weeks. Um, their defense is balling out. You know how I feel about Aidan Hutchinson.

I had a man crush on him before Dan Campbell. So they are playing superb football, superb football and with the Niners banged up and with the Eagles having just lost the lions have the same record as those other two teams. And right now, if they played San Francisco the way that San Francisco is banged up and the way the lions are, would San Francisco win still? I know. I mean, it's, it's up in the air. So you can't sit here and go, no, I mean, San Francisco is the best team and Philadelphia is the best team and they're destined to be ticketed for the NFC championship game. Again, not with the way these lines are playing and believe in what's being sold.

They are buying it from their coach. So this is not an overreaction. There's an argument to be had whether it's true. Sure. But this is not called argument Monday. It's called overreaction Monday.

Different show, probably just as good, but it's overreaction Monday. What else you got over there? Okay. You, uh, you saw this team, uh, just yesterday over in London.

I did. Ravens get a victory over the Titans, but Ravens too inconsistent on offense to be real AFC contenders. They are, they are not gonna light you up for 30, 40 points.

They're just not going to do it. Um, I'll tell you what the Titans, when we spoke to them, Kurt and I in our meetings leading up to the game, um, they were talking about number eight, obviously. Right. And they were talking about number four, they were talking about Zay Flowers. That was the guy they were talking about in the end zone yesterday for the first time in his career, um, as a pro.

So, um, there's an explosive element there. They're running game is really consistent. They are really consistent running the football. And Lamar Jackson is really consistent, not turning it over. I know he, I know through an interception and he's has been fumbling a lot.

He didn't fumble it on Sunday. This is a real good team. And what they are is consistent on defense. I know you said on offense to be real AFC contenders. They are real AFC contenders because that defense can turn anybody on, on, on, uh, offense into a more jumbled bunch. The Ravens against the dolphins would be a team game. I'd love to see Ravens taken on the lions this week.

He is a total slobber knocker. I'll say right now that this is, you know, this is, this isn't, I want to see less drops. I want to see, I don't need five Justin Tucker field goals inside the, or inside the red zone. They are inconsistent on offense. I do believe they are real AFC contenders having seen them in person. Okay. And, and they've got it.

They've got a lot going for them a lot going for them. That is consistent. So I'll call that an overreaction just to be a little bit, sounds good. Um, I guess inconsistent so far since I've called you, you, you started with two agreements, which is very rare. So what else you got? I thought I, I thought I'd shake it with the Purdy. Yes.

Okay. Uh, we've been saying this about the Eagles now for a few weeks and it finally bit them yesterday against the jets. Shane's Deichen and Jonathan Gannon were more important to the Eagle success than we gave them credit for last year. Last year, Eagles second and points per game this year, their seventh last year, seventh and points per game allowed this year, the 16th last year, first and yards allowed this year, their ninth DVOA second, last year, their seventh this year, they have gone down in every measurable statistical category on offense and defense. And I think that's a result of losing their two coordinators.

I'll call this an overreaction. I'll just say at this point in time that when you lose two coordinators or as clearly as talented as these guys, again, the, the Cardinals lead the league in Moxie, that's for sure. Uh, and, and Moxie victories, you know, I don't see those in the standings either. Uh, uh, it's still too early to say that they're not going to get to the point where they've gotten in previous years. And AJ Brown has lightened it up. He is phenomenal.

Yeah. And so the deep passing game, as far as I'm concerned, that is fine. Goddard has actually come along. The running game looks terrific. That brotherly shove. They didn't try it once against the jets. They didn't really didn't have an opportunity. They didn't have an opportunity. Um, but it wasn't, it wasn't, it wasn't very shabby and it certainly wasn't brotherly to overturn a touchdown that had no clear obvious angle to overturn it during a commercial break that I was celebrating it.

Not, not disagreeing with you. So, uh, I'll just call that an overreaction to say that, that, that they were terrific at their gigs and any team that loses both coordinators is going to have to go through something and they're going through it, but they're five and one. And, um, and I'll just say, I'll just leave it at that.

Where do you have them among the three five and one NFC teams? You'll have to stay tuned to my power rankings on Wednesday. Oh, what a two day tease. You know, I have to think about it, dude. I just came off for a 10 hour flight. What were you thinking about for 10 hours? I don't know.

Um, you know, sleep. All right. Millions of listeners and thousands of five star reviews rave about the hit podcast series in the red clay, the unbelievable story of Billy Sunday, Bert, the most dangerous man in Georgia history. He was a whiskey man, bank robber, hit man. He was a murderer.

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The podcast is available Tuesdays wherever you listen. You did stamp and watch the jets last night. Congratulations. Let's let's talk about them for a second. Great win by the way. Congratulations. Do you mean that?

Not really. Although it takes you further away from the Pats in the, in the draft next year, which is fine by me. If Aaron Rogers, you see the pictures of him thrown before the game. What is he doing out there? Just throwing him. He has no boot, no nothing. Look at this guy.

He's out there just winging the ball around before the game. This guy, he did surgery like two days ago. He looks good.

He's a modern, he's a modern Marvel miracle of modern science. Imagine that. Imagine that he comes back this year, rich, which I think he's going to, right. Doesn't it seem like he might, the jets can make the final four in the AFC.

I, I think so. I mean, what do the defenses is championship caliber. Can we agree on that? That they beat the Eagles. They beat the Eagles without their three top corners and picked off Jalen hurts three times. Okay.

All right. Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Jalen hurts. You would agree. Those are three good quarterbacks. Yes.

Yeah. I know picked them off eight times this year. How about this in those games? Zach Wilson threw only one interception. There were nine interceptions in the three games and Zach only threw one. I would have, I would have taken the over, knock me over with a feather.

I would have taken the over on that. But again, let, let's just say this. This is the reason why, you know, along with Zach Wilson playing better, why I said from one of those shows from London this week saying, I don't know if I really want to trade for anybody at the quarterback spot right now. This, this is going well. It's an upward trajectory. He's not pooping in his helmet. He's actually playing his ass off. And on top of it, we're seeing Aaron Rogers get better.

So what are they going to do? Just blow that whole thing up and say, Aaron, you look great. Your rehab's going great.

Appreciate you showing up. Right. Well, Kirk cousins has it from here.

Really? You know, get out of here. So, but if he comes back this season and we're assuming he's not rusty and he's looking as great as he looks and he can do the neck up stuff much better than Zach Wilson and most anybody else he can do at the position. Yeah. That's not, I don't think that's an overreaction at all. Let me throw out a what if for you.

Okay. What if Rogers is back for week 18, you know just by week 18, what if that game for the jets is to make the playoffs, right? And what if new England loses that gives bill the all time loss record.

What a game that would be what a storyline or it would give them Caleb Williams. Cause that's how it's going right now with the bills and dolphins up next. But that's for tomorrow. We'll talk about that on Tuesdays. I know what I'm just, I'm just front line.

You don't have an overreaction Monday on your Patriots, do you? Oh yeah. Yeah, I do. Okay. Keep going. I want to save that for last. Give me one more.

All right. One more before halftime here. Rich after six weeks, six weeks, six weeks concludes tonight with Dallas and the chargers after six weeks. It's obvious. Rich, there's no clear cut Superbowl favorite. After six weeks, it's obvious there is no clear cut Superbowl favorite. You watched the games yesterday. You've seen things have gone the last couple of weeks.

I'd agree with you. San Francisco struggles in Cleveland. The Eagles lose at the jets. There's also, what was the bills doing last night? There's also a, uh, I guess where, where do you draw the line of where nobody can, where, where you don't think they're, they're out win it.

They're out. Yeah. Where do you draw that line somewhere, somewhere through, through the NFC and AFC Souths? Is that where you draw that line?

Yeah. No one, no one from the South. So you started from the, if, if, if the standings are the AFC East to the West, the North and the South, right. And the NFC East with the, with the North and the South and the West, you could take a line starting at the middle of the AFC South, like a Superbowl Mason Dixon line. Is that what we're doing? You could leave pretty much you, you, you gerrymander it to crop out the Patriots. Sure. And then you, you'd lower it down to include everyone in the AFC North. Then you pop it up to get the Titans out. Right.

Cause the Texans, the Texans, you can't, but they're not going to win the Superbowl. Okay. All right. And then, and then you pop it up to go halfway through the AFC West, right. Or do you, or you just get the rate or something because they back to 500.

Absolutely not. I want to see what the charges look like tonight. And then you, then you, then you go to the NFC and you go halfway through the NFC East. Yup. And then you go through what, three quarters of the, of the NFC North.

Yeah. There's only one North team. And then you go halfway through the NFC South. No, no, no South team is winning the Superbowl AFC or NFC.

And then you go, and then you go include, you know, the West, you kind of get the Rams a little nod just cause they wanted two years ago. Yeah, exactly. Looks like he's, he hasn't missed a second.

Is he back or what? I don't think that's an overreaction. Here are the odds. Let me tell you who you like right now. Here are the top six Niners, four to one chiefs, five to one Eagles, seven to one dolphins, nine to one bills, 10 to one lions and Cowboys are 13 to one. And then of course, if Aaron Rogers gets healthy, look out, look out, probably good value on the jets right now.

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. All right. All right. Second half. Unfortunately you deferred. So I get to, no, I'm just kidding. We're a second half. Okay.

Okay. I get to ask the first overreaction giants bills last night. This was a, this, this spread got up to 16, the highest in the NFL this year. That that's crazy. But did you see what happened at the end?

Yeah. I should have won because they should have called holding in the end zone on Walmart, but the bills offense, I'm so confused. Mike Hoskins, you can explain it to me off air. Josh Allen playing like a madman and just running around back there. That's not sustainable for a Superbowl run.

It's not sustainable for anybody for a Superbowl run. Why are you throwing Josh Allen out there? Cause that's how he plays. It seems like he prefers to do that. He's just running around in circles. He's stepping up. He's, he's winging the ball around. He's jumping. He's faking jump passes. Like he threw.

I mean, you could just take out his name. Touchdown didn't help anybody last night. Whoever that guy was, his first target of the year.

What are we doing? Josh Allen. I need consistency out of this guy. When is it going to happen for this dude? When is he going to put it together? Well, let's see if he's healthy. That's number one.

Number two. When's he going to put it together? I mean, dude's in first place right now.

So what do you want from him? He's not in first place. I mean, second place right now, right behind one behind the dolphins. One behind the dolphins.

Here they be. But still, I mean, I mean, which offense would you rather have right now? The dolphins, obviously I'd rather dolphins offense over any offense in the NFL right now. I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm not going to say they can't have a triple coverage. Like, come on, they've got to get better. They've got to get consistent. They got to get better.

Just like everyone else. You can't have anybody else running around like a madman for super bowl run, but he is the one that does it. And we just like, Oh, that's just Chris Collins. Well, that's just Josh being Josh out there. Eh, it's not going to win any playoff games.

That's not a good Collins worth imitation. It sounds like you're very disrespectful. I need to cough.

I don't want to do it on them. What else you got? This just in. Yes. Tyree kill is awesome. He's going to go for 2100 yards and when offensive player of the year, I think you might be right.

He's only what? A hundred something yards shy of thousand right now. 114 yards in six games.

I hear you. He's on a pace for 2,300. So I knocked 200 off. No, I, I, I hear you. He may not even need 17 games to get to 2000.

I'm not remember when he said, Hey, I'm going to get 2000 and we were all like, dude, what are you broken bro? Give me some. Yeah. We'll see you in Van Nuys instead. Like bro. Unbelievable. That was a boogie nights reference. I got that.

Thank you dude. What am I going to sit here and say that that he's, he's killing it right now. He's killing it in everybody. And I'll tell you what, when he went out against Carolina, I thought, well, there's a hamstring and then he shows back up like 160 yards. Then he's doing, but he's doing backflips, you know, by the way, from, from the NFL was the NFL social account. So a member of the NFL with a phone standing right there in the end zone, give me that. All people he's just grabbed the phone. Yeah. Is he going to get fined for that?

I hope not. Cause the NFL is just like, you know, that's going to be an ad. That's what the guy's there for is to videos for the social media account. And he grabbed the phone. It's not like he planted the guy.

It's not like Joe horn where he took my phone and put it underneath the stanchion of the upright. So that's not an overreaction, man. I can't, I can't under, I can't under or overestimate anything.

This guy is doing right now. What else you got? Remarkable man.

All right. You know, one yesterday, big 37 points yesterday and it was a little banged up and they put on thirds of a Trevor Lawrence's ball and the Jaguars have won. You saw them last week. They've won three in a row. They are playing the best out of any AFC team right now. Well, Trevor's banged up.

I'm a little concerned about it. He's playing the best out of any AFC team right now. I mean, let's not forget about the chiefs doing what they're doing, dude.

They've won five in a row. Which offense would you rather have right now? Chiefs or Jaguars? Well, ETN is, is lights out. ETN is, is a pro bowl running back in the AFC right now. Yeah.

I think I agree with that. I mean, maybe another one. I think we got to have Raheem Mostert on there. Raheem Mostert would be one.

Let's name three, right? It's no one in the AFC. I mean, unfortunately Nick Chubb is out, right?

It's not, it's not Breese Hall right now. Not yet. You know, there's no one on the Patriots.

Nope. You know, there's no one on the Bills who's lighting it up, running back. Who else?

Geez, nobody in the North. Josh Jacobs isn't yet. I mean, Austin Eckler, as of this taping, is playing his first, hopefully for him, full game tonight.

Hopefully. I mean, ETN is a, is a pro bowler. And you know, I gotta tell you, I was so impressed meeting Josh Allen prior to the game. We chatted with him of the Jaguars. That dude is just a beast. He is outstanding at his position because everyone talks obviously about Trayvon Walker being the guy who is the first, you know, overall pick.

But dude, he's awesome. Josh Allen's terrific. And the, and the Jaguars look terrific, but I just don't sleep on the chiefs here. I mean, you could make a case of Jaguars are playing the best out of an AFC team right now, but there's one that's on a five game win streak and it's the Kansas City Chiefs who just keep on winning and they might have the best defense in the NFL. You heard what I had to say there. So what else you got over there?

Okay. They won again yesterday. This team, they're three and three. They're hosting the Steelers next week.

I think they kind of win that game. The Rams are going to be the second NFC West playoff team. I still think Seattle's a terrific team. Seattle's a really good team. What was going on inside the 10 yesterday with Seattle?

I don't know. It was a little concerning. I thought they'd play early window games on the East coast for West coast team are never easy. And they were in that game that all sorts of chances to win that against the Bengals team, as you know, is just, you know, ready to start winning consistently.

Um, I think the Rams can make the playoffs. That is for sure. Cup is just amazing.

And then there's some Owen cup, you know, who looks just like Cooper. And you know, I mean, we call it last week. That's why I'm concerned about their running game right now being banged up and they have some tough games ahead of them.

Stafford looks a little bit like the old Stafford, but you got to love how you say that's from two years ago. I'll just call that an overreaction schedule coming up. They're home for the Steelers, which I imagine will be a majority Pittsburgh crowd at Cowboys at Packers heading into the bi-week. I think they can win two of those three. I think they can beat the Steelers that might have trouble with the Cowboys upfront. Certainly if they don't have Karen Williams healthy. I think the Rams make the playoffs, but I don't sleep on Seattle being the second NFC West. I took, I feel like they took a step back yesterday, Seattle. That's a tough spot.

That's about the Rams lost there too. What else you got? Good call.

All right. A couple more. Uh, now that Kirk cousins, isn't going anywhere. Vikings are going to make a playoff run. I don't think so.

I don't think so. You see the defense did yesterday. They play San Francisco next. I think that's an L and I think the rest of their schedule is going to be tough too. So they got the lions coming up as Alexander Madison looked good. Jordan Addison finds the end zone cousins. Look at that picture.

It's laser focused. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's an overreaction. He's liking that. That's an overreaction of beating the bears.

What Tyson Bajant almost went over the top like his dad, you know? Nice. Well done.

Um, he, they had a shot to, to win that. Um, I'm not buying the Vikings just off of one win over the bears. Trust me. I get it. I hear you.

That's an overreaction. What else? All right. Last one. Ah, that's one.

It's a moment for me. Uh, Teddy Bruce. He is right.

Belichick should retire to this season no matter what the Patriots record is. Bruce. He said this, I missed it when he said this over the weekend. Yeah.

I don't know. I forget if it was on ESPN or a local Boston show, but no matter what they asked him, what, uh, what do you want to see that happen the rest of this year? And Bruce, he was like, look, like to see bill coach hard, maybe get four or five, six wins and then fish with me in Nantucket next year. Wants to see bill, bill hanging out. I don't know if Bill's going to, I don't know. Forget about Shula. Forget about any of the records for the guy. I'm seeing him in three weeks in Germany.

I'll let you know. Is he going to be the coach? Is he going to be there? I assume he will be.

No, I know. I assume he will be, you know, it's just getting, it's getting worse. Every week seems like it's getting worse. How about Mac Jones throwing that ball, air mailing it and Romo who never uses words like horrendous called it a horrendous throw by Henry was wide open.

Total regression. I don't know what the hell has happened. And maybe, look, maybe that game's a little bit different if the Zeke touchdown isn't called back, but I don't know. I can't sit here and say that you have a chance to drive the field, get yourself into position to get a game winning field goal and you get a safety. Yeah. Well, max Crosby went through two, two individuals. I just don't, I don't know. Maybe he should retire as the general manager.

That seems to add the bare minimum. This is a major third rail subject matter, but it's just getting louder and louder and more and more every week because they keep losing and they're going to, it's just terrible. Don't see the winds anywhere. They're going to be one. So week seven is, is Miami, right? Yeah. No Buffalo, Buffalo, Miami, then Miami. Right. So that's, that's one in seven.

And then who do they play after that? I don't know. I was at Hoskins if you're the only reason why I'm saying that schedule because then the only reason why I'm saying that is because then, then I get to see him, uh, it's against Washington at home because then I get to see him against Gardner Minshew Washington and it's two and seven and then we're going overseas for, it's going to be a bunch. Oh my gosh. Frankfurt.

Oh yeah. That's three wins maybe at the most, right? I don't know. I, I, I will not. And then it's against the jets. I cannot speak for that man ever.

I cannot do it. And I have no idea if he just loves coaching so much or if this season is just going to beat it out of him and I'll just say, what am I doing this for anymore? But why would he want to end his remarkable one of a kind career off of a season like this?

Why would he want to do that? If Bob Kraft gives him no choice, you don't think there's another franchise that would take him, hook them up with a younger quarterback every year. There's what? Five to eight teams that fire their coaches, right? If you just want to speculate now, who's going to take a chance on a guy who's in his early seventies, somebody who wants to sell tickets and have Bill Belichick be the coach. So I'm going to do that. All right. Good overreaction stuff. So it's time to predict what we're overreacting to next week. Mine is that the Cowboys are in trouble. Okay.

We don't know if that's, we don't know if that's happening yet because that game hasn't happened yet. Who do you like tonight? I do like the Cowboys. You do. Oh, I kind of like the chargers off, off abide Eckler's back. So what do you got?

What's your prediction? All right. Throw it up there.

Cause I forget it is a long date. Oh, no. Connell's taking the Raiders to the playoffs. Here's the deal. Jimmy G is going to be out.

He's got this weird thing going on again, right? So I know who you're came in and, and, and I don't like where, but they give this kid a full week, right? They're buying the bears this week. They're they should be able to beat the bears. O'Connell kind of lights it up a little bit and you're like, all right, let's just go with the kid.

The rest of the way. O'Connell V Bajant. What a matchup, right? Put that on Sunday night football. Can we flex into that? O'Connell has taken the Raiders to the playoffs.

Whatever's the opposite of flex is what that looks like Derek over in that photo. We're in the four. It's ridiculous. All right. So I'm going to stay at the same well here. My future overreaction next week when we're sitting here on a Monday is the Eagles are in trouble. The Eagles are five and two. They've lost two in a row.

The dolphins are going to go up to Philadelphia. And I think a little bit, I think that yeah, the offensive inconsistencies that you were referring to earlier, something's going on with the Eagles, man. What's going on with them? I don't know what's going on with them. I don't know. The worst game you've seen hurts play.

Um, no, we saw, we've seen some other ones too. Like we had a bunch of turnovers last year, but I mean that last interception, he threw a right to your dude, but I mean, well, run the ball, run the ball and give Zach Wilson a little less time. The play calling. That's the coach. That's the coach, but they're not in trouble. The Eagles are in trouble.

They're not in trouble. Um, all right. Great overreaction Monday, sir. Good to be back. I will be back on the rich eyes and show rest of this week. As I mentioned, Brock Purdy is a Thursday, a guest.

That's right. Dan Patrick is our first guest on Tuesday. Josh Gad as well. He'll be zooming in. Um, Susie Schuster and Amy Trask are next up from this podcast set with what the football, um, Susie will be paying off her bet. I saw Amy's tweet about it. Yeah.

Patriots losing to the Raiders. All right. That'll wrap it up. Thanks for taking in this edition of overreaction Monday for Chris I'm rich. Adios.
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