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REShow: Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 11, 2023 3:37 pm

REShow: Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 11, 2023 3:37 pm

Rich zooms in from London, England where he’ll be calling the Ravens vs Titans on NFL Network this week, and discusses the wild line of questioning throw at Penn State Head Coach James Franklin this week, weighs in on the #1-seeded Baltimore Orioles getting swept in their ALDS series by Bruce Bochy’s Texas Rangers, says what the Dallas Cowboys should do on the NFL trade market to shore up their shortcomings, reacts to the latest ‘Bill Belichick Press Conference Moment,’ and reveals his latest NFL Power Rankings.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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That's slash gift guide. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Please welcome Anthony! Anthony! The Rich Eisen Show with guest host Andrew Siciliano from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. You would take Zach Wilson right now over Kirk Cousins.

Them riding with Zach is the best way to go. Earlier on the show, Box Sports NFL insider Jay Glaser. Coming up, host of The Rich Eisen Show. Rich Eisen. Box Sports college football insider Bruce Feldman. And now, sitting in for Rich. Anthony!

It's Andrew Siciliano. And yet, why am I here right now? Well, because I am the host of The Rich Eisen Show joining you from a conference room in London, England.

Right in the middle of weeks five and six of the National Football League season. Lots going on internationally, lots going on domestically, and I'm thrilled to be here. Andrew, it's kind of funny, sitting in for me, but I'm sitting in for Andrew, sitting in for me. Like an Escher painting that's going on right now.

This is awesome. Because I'm calling a game this weekend, which is why Andrew's sitting in for me. But Andrew's also calling a game this weekend, a Big Ten game on NBC. So that's why I'm sitting in for him, sitting in for me. Does everybody make sense of what the hell's happening right now on The Rich Eisen Show?

I'm also rich. I'm also a little confused because we've gotten so used to seeing you from your room with that painting in the back of whatever it is. Now we got this shelf behind you with those bowls.

What are those things behind you? You know what? I decided what was missing from my appearances on the show from London was pottery. So the funny thing is I spun them myself all day long. I was right there at the wheel, sort of, you know, with the Everly brothers in the background. Yeah, you know, so I decided, you know, why not make some pottery for my appearance on the program? I'm here all hour, guys, because Andrew's, I think he's, here's, here's, there's, this is a team effort.

This is a team at first of all. How are you, Chris? Good to see you. Good to see you, man. Jay Felley in his spot. Good to see you, TJ Jefferson.

How you doing? So, Rich, I'm just playing unchained melody in my head right now, looking at your work. That's right. That's right. London is rainy for the first time since I've been here, but thanks for asking. London is rainy. It's supposed to be sunny, though, and 50-something degrees, supposed to be a little bit of a chill in the air on Sunday when the Ravens meet the Titans. The Ravens have not only already been here for a day, but they've already had a press conference.

They're already making themselves at home, and the Titans are coming in on Friday, just like what the Bills did, and I don't know. It's not too late. I do, personally, but just watch, you know.

Here's the perfect example. Last year, did I say this? Stop me if I've heard this, if you've heard this before, but last year in Munich, the Seahawks came over and arrived Thursday night, and the Bucks arrived at the same time, and the Seahawks were bouncing around. I mean, we went right to their practice.

They went straight from the airport in Munich, right to the Bayern Munich facility, got out there, and they were bouncing around, and Pete Carroll was bouncing around, and we saw how they were, and how together they were, and how fully engaged they were, and full of energy, and then we visited with the Bucks the next day, and they were all like buttoned up. Brady was, you know, quite miserable to be quite straight up honest about how things weren't playing very well, and we had no idea what was going on in his personal life at the time as well, and we all got together that Saturday at the meeting saying, man, this is a Seahawks team that came in with four straight wins, and they were bouncing off the walls, and the Bucks are just saying, how are we gonna try and start playing some good football, and if you recall, it wasn't even a game. They just smacked the Seahawks in the mouth, so I don't know. I have no idea what's gonna happen on Sunday. Yeah, I was thinking about maybe adding the Titans and fantasy just for defense, you know, maybe kind of stream it a little bit, because the London games are usually a little bit low scoring, but hearing that they're not getting there till Friday kind of kind of red flag. I don't know, and they might be a completely different unit than the Bills who came in a little banged up, and then, you know, what can make you look jet lagged?

Losing Daquan Jones and Matt Milano in the first quarter of a game, you know, when you've already lost Trey White, you know, and you didn't travel with Greg Russo. Like that can make you look a little jet lagged, like you're not on your proper timing, so I don't know, man, and that's going to be part of my power rankings later on. It'll be the first international heckling in the history of the Rich Eisenfeld power rankings.

Can't wait for that. I don't know, man. I think the league now five weeks in is starting to kind of take form at the top end, so I don't know how much heckling we're going to get this week.

Okay, but that'll be later on. Here's something that I saw today that I had to bring to everyone's attention, certainly with Bruce Feldman joining in hour three with Andrew, who, if I'm not mistaken, is currently chatting with Marvin Harrison Jr. in advance of Ohio State and Purdue. So, I mean, Andrew will be bringing you the latest of the best wide receiver in college football, with all due respect to everyone else.

And Bruce Feldman is going to be joining Andrew in hour three of the show. Did you guys see James Franklin at his press conference this past year? Did you guys see this? We did.

Convo pre-show about that. Yeah, we passed that around between the three of us. It is. Well, this is, you know, in this day and age, when we're watching football, sometimes fans, and I don't know who this member of the media is, and I feel bad to call it out like this, but the soundbite elicited from James Franklin is truly an all-time classic, because so many times you hear, as fans, and I get in my Twitter feed or X feed, what do you want to call it, and, you know, hey, Dak's missing receivers, you know, like we had Kurt Warner, you know, I think I think we talked about it yesterday with Kurt Warner on how I retweeted a video of how Dak has some receivers who aren't running the right depth at route depth, and the play call is kind of on the wrong hash mark, and that won't cause Dak to look bad. And then you see me retweeting Kurt's, you know, Hall of Famer Kurt Warner's very reasoned quarterback confidential video, pointing out how it's not all Dak's fault, and then the answers from the fans are like, yeah, but he's missing tons of receivers, Rich, like you don't watch enough football, and things of that nature. And then so to hear an actual question from a similar vein of fandom for James Franklin to basically be told your quarterback is not performing the deep ball very well, your offense isn't cutting off the top of the defense very well, your offense needs to go more vertical, coach. So why not just give it a whirl, you know, once or twice in the game, just put it up 50-50 ball, see if your receiver comes down with it, just to show everyone you can do it. Yeah, exactly. Makes kind of sense, right? A little bit.

Until you ask, yeah, until you ask an actual coach and professional play caller and schemer of offenses, this question, here it is in its full glory, James Franklin of Penn State. Hey, good afternoon, James. Hey, Corey.

A follow up to what you were just asked there about Drew. Is there a balance though, between, hey, we need you to throw the ball deep, no matter, just take a shot. Don't, don't overthink it. Take a shot. We need to see it. We're going to call it. And we need you to get some confidence in doing this as opposed to even giving a young quarterback the chance to say, Hey, just check it down.

If it's not there. I don't really understand what you're saying. Cause we would never like, I'm like, my skin is curling. When you say, just drop back and Chuck it deep, no matter what, like, like that is like, I don't even know what you're, I don't know what you're saying. It's like, you're speaking like from a post pattern, take the shot, throw it, no matter what, give your receiver a chance to make a play on a ball.

Even if he might be covered 30 yards down the field, maybe you think he'll be open 45 yards down the field and like Godwin did, or with Jahan or KJ. We've like, like, I still don't like you're speaking Japanese. Like, like we have never done that.

Just throw the ball up and maybe he'll be open and maybe he'll catch. Like my skin is like, like, like you're making me uncomfortable. Like I don't, I don't know what you're talking about. So yeah, we, we, we would not do that. We would never do that. We've never thought about doing that as a head coach, as an offensive coordinator, as a receivers coach, I coached the receivers. I didn't want them to do that. So no, no strong. No, like, no, like, yeah, no, I'm hoping we can cut this out.

So this doesn't even like get out into the universe. It's so amazing. When I first listened to this, uh, I, at first I thought that James Franklin was the crazy one. And then now on the third, listen, I'm just like, what kind of question was that? Richard 750, Chris is like, what's wrong with James Franklin?

And now at 10, 10, he's like, oh, wait a second. It wasn't James. It wasn't James. No, I mean, I, I, I, I gotta be honest with you. Um, that was a very emphatic answer from the coach. Um, if I'm not mistaken, the, uh, the person in question is, uh, who asked the question has responded. Is that, is that what I'm to be told? Oh, no way. Yeah. I, I, I don't know if that's actually the case, but, um, uh, I'm, I'm trying to determine, uh, the outcome of, of everything here. Um, other than to say, uh, James Franklin is not going to throw it deep just to throw it deep.

Um, and, uh, this is this the way our, our world goes, it seems, um, where this seems to be, uh, an easy fix. And I've never been, um, you know, that much of a James Franklin fan, just because again, uh, come November, it's going to be on and, uh, and cracking between my, my team and, uh, and Penn States. Um, but that said, uh, that is a heck of an answer from, uh, from the coach right there to say the least strong.

No, just a strong, no, we're not going to do that. I also believe that we've all heard way dumber and obviously dumber, but worst questions in that too. He really kind of went off on them a little bit. It wasn't worded properly. I mean, basically what the guy, the question is, is, Hey, why don't we try to stretch the field more by just taking more chances? But he made it sound like just throw it up there. I mean, I don't know.

See what happens. Yeah. I mean, well, apparently this fella Corey Geiger is, uh, is, is saying that he's getting, um, uh, you know, crushed and now I feel bad about bringing this up on the program. And I feel bad too, because Corey Geiger, if I'm not mistaken, is from Altoona and he's very good at his job.

Oh really? All right. So let's give him an attaboy and say, he deserves, you know what he does. Let's, let's just call it second down, um, and run and run the ball. Let's run the ball.

Let's scheme it. Let's come up with a little play action pass. Let's try to figure this out, but let's definitely not throw deep. You know, I kind of the answer was a little, it was a little demonstrative and I don't think the question was that bad.

Well, again, the whole, maybe I'm just sticking up for Corey. The whole question is, is like, I'm sure that the, the lack of, uh, uh, deep ball, um, is something that I think is maybe a third rail subject for the coach and the team right now. Um, you know, I haven't watched a full Penn State game to be quite honest with you. So I don't want to sound uninformed. I'm just assuming that this is something that gets brought up and just the whole idea of why don't you just give it a try.

Um, it's something, uh, the coach is not really interested in. So, you know, um, there's that, there's that. So maybe you not loving Penn State must've just saw that this morning. And this is the greatest thing I saw that I'm like, it's going everywhere. I'm like, let me see what this is. And then I, on the way to doing the NFL network, NFL total access hit tonight with Kurt Warner in front of big Ben and the parliament. Um, I showed it to Kurt and, um, you know, what did Kurt say? Kurt's like the king of, you know, uh, yeah, that's so easy. They're just, just throw it in the air, you know, let's see how it goes, you know, like w why would you even, and he's the guy again, whose videos are like, you're on the wrong hash mark.

The down and distance is off for this type of place. Certainly when you're running it at this depth, like that's, you know, what Kurt's about at any rate, just figured I'd throw that one out there. Uh, all right. So let's take a break here on this program.

Uh, when we come back, uh, Michael Irvin said something, um, to Susie and Amy Trask, uh, on what the football yesterday about DAC that kind of leapt off of the screen to me when I saw it. Um, and by the way, everyone should go get that podcast as well as overreaction Monday, wherever you get your podcasts. Um, and, uh, and so there'll be that. And then the first international running of my weekly power rankings.

I am from London, England with a bunch of fresh pottery behind me. That's all next. This is the rich eyes and show. Do you love sports? Do you want to stream the biggest games, the best match-ups and the most edge of your seat, jaw dropping, heart pounding moments, all live. Well, you got to get peacock. Peacock has the most live sports NFL match-ups you can only get on peacock college fan.

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Go to to learn more and join today. Susie Schuster and Amy Trask present offbeat conversations and expert sports commentary as they ask what the football. When my family found out how long it took me to figure out why Charles Woodson named his wine intercept. They said, there's a reason that you had trouble in school. You know, not everyone knows, you know, when I think about intercepting, they don't know that I play football.

Well, what I've learned is a smooth defensive back can make smooth wine. That's what it's all about. What the football with Susie Schuster and Amy Trask. The podcast is available Tuesdays, wherever you listen.

Ah, yes. Back here on the Rich Eisen show. I'm sitting in the conference room and good old London, England. What's going on there, guys? What do you got for me there? No, not a whole lot. You know, I'm still discussing, you know, the press conference there.

We yeah, we're talking about little much on Franklin's part. Actually, TJ said that didn't you just you literally just said this when your book came out. What year did your book come out?

I booked 2007. Yeah, I think. Wow.

Great job. Well, that's it's guy Corey Geiger wrote a piece about TJ's book when it came out. I'm pretty sure Corey wrote. I feel terrible now. And like in the commercial break, I just saw like, you know, the number of people that are, you know, saying, yes, the bad question move on now. Now, I just made a whole segment of it.

I feel bad, but I actually don't think it's that terrible. It could have been worded differently. But, you know, this guy, Corey, just tweeted out all these examples of just random deep bombs to Chris Godwin and these guys back in the day. So it's that it wasn't a terrible because I'm sure I don't think they're random. That's that's Franklin's point.

They're not random, but obviously they're not doing it this year. So, yeah, because maybe they don't have somebody as talented as Chris Godwin, which is what, again, is why that's probably an issue. And, you know, well, yeah, Hamler, too. That's not a bad one. Yeah. You know, those guys are pretty damn good. Those guys are good.

High register John. You know, so. All right. How was dinner last night? Looked like it was delicious drink. Yeah. I had dinner together last night. Yeah.

Like it's just kind of cool. It's one of those moments where, you know, obviously I've known him for ever in a day, but I'm not going to lie, I sit there and I'm like, OK, so what did Kurt? I don't think Kurt's not a drinker, is he? Yeah, he had a drink.

Oh, he did. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he's not a you know, he's like a body might is my temple type of guy.

No, no. He can let loose a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. You should hurt him.

Just one drink. He started cursing his head off. Yeah, right. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show on the Rich Eisen Show Radio Network at the Rich Eisen Show Desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger has the right product for you. Call click Grainger Dotcom or just stop by. Andrew Siciliano is off the set. I'm filling in for the man filling in. That's what's happening. So he's amazing.

Is he in the green room like zoom in with Ohio State? Yes. Literally right now, we could go back there and crash it, I guess, if we want it.

No, we don't have to do that. Also, Richard, Andrew found a hundred dollar bill in a coffee cup by your desk when you just earned money back there or something like that. It's not true, but it's definitely true. OK, really? Yeah, I think it's a fake hundred, though.

I think it's one of the not like a funny money, but we were just like, wait, what? We want to say I got it. I got to catch the next flight home.

This is amazing, Rich. I'm just going to tell you this for all we've gone through on this show to be able to have the zoom to see you there. There's no delay. You're looking good. Chris is there. I'm there.

Jason's there like this is amazing. This is fun. This is fun.

And don't do folks do God knows what in Las Vegas right now. Is that what he said? Oh, that's where he is, huh? Yeah, I think he's that's where he concerts tonight that he's going to.

Wow, that is cool for like the. Yeah, I'm I'm chatting tomorrow with the Ravens. I've got the Ravens are awesome. They you know, they they got the coach.

I got John Harbaugh, Lamar Roquan Smith. Remember, it's Kwan, as he told us when he called in the one day. So when you see him address him, his dad, he'll think, hey, Kwan, remember, how are you?

It's my man. Yeah, that's like, oh, that's like, oh, what up, Rich? Remember, Kwan?

Yeah. So should I say my name is Erd. You know, I know my man right there. Definitely not shorten my name for the back end of my full name. Call me Erd Kwan. I'll be on that would be an awkward and weird. I don't think we get any information out of him if I do that. Hey, let's talk a little baseball real quick.

You want to do that? Sure. Just because it just popped in my head here real quick.

Sorry. So yesterday I had caught the replay of the game on Sunday and I made sure to catch the last 13 seconds. I heard the David Spade shout out. I made sure to record it just so I could catch it this time. So that was great.

Okay. Did you record it on your phone and then put it on social media? I was going to, but then I know you guys get weird about that. So I decided not to.

So the world will just have to, you know, if you saw it, you saw it. And if you didn't, you'll never know what happened. Well, did Sarah text it to you because she recorded it and sent it to Spade. And then he voice memo'd back like, oh, I walked out of the room for a second. And when I came back, he said left coast, but this is the coolest thing ever. So he didn't hear it.

He missed the specific name shout out to him. Why would he leave with 15 seconds to go? Why would he do this? Well, he was actually up watching the game, I think. And it was over at that point because they were kneeling. So he went to go get something to eat or whatever. Well, I think he has trouble sleeping after the, the emergency broadcast system hit his phone and he said it hit him in his head and there was all sorts of lasers that came out of his phone.

He spasmed that thing. Yeah. Yeah. Chris, is it, is it wrong to say the following? Oh, well, whatever you're about to say, you got to ask the fact that you addressed me, you know, that I'm going to say, no, it's not wrong probably. Okay. That your Red Sox and my Yankees won as many playoff games as the Rays and the Orioles this year.

I know. Is that wrong? Is that wrong? Is that wrong? And the Blue Jays.

That's right. I shouldn't, I shouldn't leave them out of, of all that right now. Here's the thing. I feel bad. Cause again, again, I know so many O's fans, our buddy, Josh Charles, we'll never forget who never forgive me for something like that.

Back in the day when the ringer actually allowed some of their people on our show, Mallory Rubin was there, you know, and so, you know, we had a band by the ringer. Um, it seems like it, I think, I don't know. Now when like, you know, if I know you wouldn't root for Ohio state, but when, if they do make the national championship and you don't, you do kind of want them to win. Cause that's, you know, kind of big 10 pride. Were you secretly rooting for AL East teams in the playoffs, even though?

No, no, no. I actually, I wanted the Orioles to go deep because I think it's a great story that they lose a hundred games. Then they win a hundred games just a couple of years later.

And they have all these young kids and everything like that. But, oh my gosh, you know, again, sports can just make people petty. Um, and I guess I'm one of those people right now that the number of times the Yankees would get their butts whipped by the Orioles this year and rightfully so they were a better team. They're better equipped, they're better run.

They're a better rostered, they're better everything. Um, that, that I would just be scrolling through and just like all sorts of smack from these folks, like, you know, like they've been the 27 Yankees for the last 15 years, you know, and, and now, you know, in the rays after the Yankees lost to them, you know, and they were like, yeah, we, we don't think much about teams that are 10 games out, you know, got that little smack talk and the Jays were smacking towards the Yankees as well about how things have changed. And, you know, they're not the team to beat anymore, all true things. Um, but when it came time to, um, what's the word for it, uh, walk the walk or win the win, um, no bueno zero, zero point zero. And, um, and, uh, man, we were talking about this the other day, Bruce Bochy now, uh, sweeping the Orioles out to get to the American league championship series for the Texas freaking Rangers.

Right. Um, is just one of the most remarkable achievements, uh, managerial achievements. And interestingly enough, I saw a stat on Jason Stark's Twitter feed, by the way, that, um, interestingly enough that the Orioles were the first team to not get swept at all in a series in the regular season, but get swept in the post-season the last team to do it was the 98 Padres managed by Bochy didn't get swept during the regular season at all, but the Yankees swept them four games to none, uh, in the world series that year. Um, so the fact that Bochy is doing what he's doing is unbelievable. And it looks like potentially it's going to be an all Texas American league championship series, uh, with the Astros, uh, being on the verge and they should get Costanza there, right.

For that sort of thing. You tell them, you know, I'm not coming to Houston. Um, and then of course the Dodgers being on the verge, the Phillies and the Braves are just must see television. It's, it's been an interesting post-season. And obviously if the Dodgers get swept out by the time in Paxton, what in the world do they do?

Like what, where do they go? We're going to have our annual is Dave Roberts coming back, you know, conversation that seems to be it, but it also seems to be, you know, I mean, how is it his fault that a Mookie and Freeman go one for 13 in the first two games of their series, you know, how, and that Kershaw, um, has such a terrible outing and then, you know, Bobby Miller doesn't do very much. Now it's on Lance Lynn, everyone, uh, to try and stave off the sweep. So that's, um, that's some interesting stuff right there from, uh, from the playoffs. I kind of wanted to hit that just kind of hit me, just wanted to talk about that.

Um, all right. Uh, another item up for bids on what the football, uh, Susie Schuster and Amy Trask every Tuesday have a podcast, um, that is on our YouTube page, as well as where you, all you get your, where everyone gets podcasts, including all three hours of this show overreaction Monday on Mondays as well. And, uh, the rich eyes and podcast network with cumulus together, put these out, um, and, uh, their guest this week was Irv. And I knew when Michael agreed to do the show a couple of weeks ago, this would come after the Cowboys and 49ers and would lead to a fascinating conversation. No matter the result, I'll be straight up with as much as I think the 49ers are the best team in football.

And they're sitting atop my power rankings for weeks now, and we'll get to my latest power ranking shortly. Um, I didn't see a 32 point loss and beat down coming. Did not see that coming thought the Cowboys would make a better game of it. So I thought the Cowboys were, were better equipped maybe this year coming in.

Um, and, uh, instead it was more Purdy Palooza and everything else. And despite, you know, as we mentioned on yesterday's show and earlier today, uh, Kurt Warner showing on his QB confidential video that I reposted on, uh, on social, the, um, the fact that it's not all DAC, it's some play calling. It's some poor route running.

It's, it's a whole mix and mishmash of things. I think Orlovsky put a video out of, uh, DAC's final interception that went way over the top, throwing into double coverage that there was nothing for him to do. And you're 30 something points down. It's, it's time to come up with it, to try and come up with a, um, uh, at some points, I guess, or a pull, um, a Penn state and just throw it up no matter what. So, um, and it came down with an interception long story short is, uh, Irv was asked the magic question cause it we're, we're in the full on throws. Obviously I'm not seeing the, uh, split screen, um, you know, conversation, uh, that's happening on sports television. Uh, but I'm just assuming it's a, it's a conversation about DAC and confidence in DAC questions again, another year of it.

And Susie asked that very question to Michael Irvin on what the football with, uh, Amy Tresk. Do you think we're ever going to see that? Like what's your level of confidence in DAC Prescott confidence in that executing what you have around him. If you have what's adequate around him, I can believe he can do that. If you're asking me, do I have a level of confidence that DAC can do what Patrick Mahomes does? No, no, but I don't have a level of confidence in that.

You see what I mean? Patrick Mahomes, the way he's buying time, he's getting you a second, third or fourth play within every play, you know, DAC doesn't move around and doesn't have that kind of, uh, just possessed in his game and always looking at the field and making all those off, uh, off target throws. And, you know, he just doesn't have that, but, but you put the right people around that you put a solid team around that. And then yes, that can win football games.

They don't win championships. Now the question is, because you, listen, when we start breaking this down, you make one or two things you say, okay, I either got to go get some more players around the quarterback, or I got to go get a new quarterback. And I'm going to tell you something right now.

You rather search for the players around the search for a new until you can find a church by the better, better player than that Prescott. I don't care if people always talk about, do you believe in that? We can't get it done. That's all we got right now. That's what we got. Yeah.

You better believe it. Let's get the people around them is the reality. Michael, you are singing my song because in essence, you just said my words, which is, and do what before you can decide, if you want to move on from DAC, you got to ask and do what? I'd say Amy and Susie for what the football where all podcasts can be acquired great conversation started here because here's the and do what, um, go into the trade market right now. And first order of business, I would be to try and get some speed. And I know you say you already got it with Brandon cooks. You got to get more, look at the dolphins, man.

That's what the day and age is. Just get fast, get fast. You got Pollard. You got, you know, and, and the guy, uh, honestly, I don't know why the jets for some reason have decided they have no use for me. Cole Hardman, uh, if the jets are making him available and I'm the Joneses, I'm, I'm the front office, I'm calling up Joe Douglas and say, what, what do you want? Um, and, and bring him in and start, you know, using him in certain ways that we saw the chiefs use him.

And for whatever reason, the jets have decided not to use him, um, or uninterested in using him. That's what you've got to do. You do have to get the players around him. And the fact though, that Michael here in 2023 is saying, do I have confidence in Dak? You bet.

I do. Do I have in confidence in that he's going to be like my homes? I don't to me that that one struck me like the proverbial ton of bricks, Dak at age 30, after what we saw from him early in his career, where he was extending plays and making remarkable throws, like the one to CD lamb and overtime in new England is a perfect example. I'm sure you remember that Chris, right? And those types of plays that he made coming back from his leg injury, um, against Tampa, where he's like, I'm going to take the team and throw them on my back. And we're going to start winning some games with me, extending plays, you know, making all sorts of decisions that put pressure on the defense, um, that that guy is, he's not confident that that guy is there anymore. And he's, he, he thinks that he is a, a more than, uh, capable quarterback to win games, win playoff games, and probably even have a championship.

And I still believe that, but to me, he's basically saying that Dak is not the guy who is going to just essentially doesn't matter how you change the roster. Just give them one guy like Kelsey and we're good. And just keep on churning out the rest of the roster with McKinnon's and, uh, Pacheco's and you know, what Rishi rice, uh, Tony, um, you know, last year Juju Smith, Schuster, those folks, my homes has gotcha. And I guess they're thinking, all right, CDs, their guy and Pollard's their guy, but they seem to need more here. And, um, in a system that, you know, we're assuming will suit Dak, but through five games, it's way too inconsistent because you're seeing how well they're playing against offenses that are sputtering with quarterbacks that aren't seeing the field very well, both Joneses and Zach Wilson at the time when he came in. But if you're taking on teams, um, like the Niners or the Eagles twice or the dolphins, you're going to have trouble.

You got to get faster and you've got to get some points on the board and you've got to get a system that suits him. And the fact that he said this made me think this last thing, and then I'll throw it to you guys to chop this up that who are those types of quarterbacks who are right now, you know, in year eight, year seven, year eight, year nine, who are performing well with the scheme and the personnel that fits the scheme and their abilities to perform very well. The people I'm thinking are Jared Goff in Detroit, Gino Smith in Seattle. Um, who else is out there that's performing similar to that? Well, who's been in the league that long too. I mean, that's what I'm thinking.

It's a very small group. Like what year is this for Lamar? You're five, six. You know, uh, it just, but Lamar I think is of the echelon of game changing. I can throw the team on my back with my play.

If you just want to cut me loose, I can do that. You know what I'm saying? So I would throw him in a different mix here, but that's who I'm thinking like, is Dak going to be one of those guys that you need to hit the scheme? You need to hit the roster right for him to win a championship or make a deep run or, or be a playoff team. Like, is that the Dak that we're seeing now? Well, kind of like Matthew Stafford in LA when they won the Super Bowl. There's another good one right there.

There's another good one right there. Have superstars around him. With a coach that taps in. Correct.

Exactly. And then kind of scheme it where everyone's kind of open on every play. Whereas when Dak took over for Romo and came on a burst on the scene, we thought maybe he's, you know, the next V guy, you know, and, and instead we've seen since then Mahomes do it. Josh Allen do it.

Burrow do it. Justin Herbert seems to have the skill set to do it. Although Dak has had more, you know, playoff success than Herbert. We've got to say that, um, that this is what I thought of when I heard what Irv had to say to, to Susie and Amy on, uh, on what the football and he's also, you know, uh, you know, goes deep into, um, so many different other aspects of the Cowboys loss to the 49ers talked about who he thinks the MVP of the, of the, uh, league is through five weeks. And also told a great story of how he first met Emmett and then how he once upon a time thought about getting into coaching. But did he, did you hear who apparently talked him out of that and told him to stay in broadcasting? I did see that Roger Goodell, which is a story I never heard before. And you know, that's what happens when, uh, when, when you start a podcast network, you start hearing other stories.

So that's what the football go get it where all podcasts can be acquired, um, with Susie Schuster and Amy Trask and, and Michael urban. So, uh, let's take a break right now. We'll come back and, uh, we'll do the power rankings. I've got them. And then we'll hand things back to the guy, uh, who's filling in for me as I fill in for him and Andrew Siciliano. That's how we're rolling the break right here.

I'm in London. I'm here. You're there on this edition of the rich eyes and show millions of listeners and thousands of five star reviews rave about the hit podcast series in the red clay, the unbelievable story of Billy Sunday, Bert, the most dangerous man in Georgia history. He was a whiskey man, bank robber hit man. He was a murderer.

He's also my father. Seasons one and two are available to binge right now. And bonus episodes are coming soon.

Imperative entertainment presents in the red clay, get the podcast wherever you listen. Hey guys, still sitting here in London. Hey, hey, have you ever been like overseas or anywhere for like 10 days? Like what's the longest trip you've ever had? It's been a week.

I went to Europe last year for a week. Hey, how's the weather out there? Yeah, it's raining. You want to come home after a while, right? It's just like, well, has your body adjusted? And see, you're going to get to the point where you fully adjust to being over there and then you're going to come back here and you're going to be screwed up again for like a week. Yeah, I know that's going to be great. She got that going for you. So, hey, but I'll come to work at two in the morning and I'll say, where are you guys?

I'm sure your kids will be like super patient with you while you readjust and understanding. Where are you and Sarah watching the game tonight? Where is that going? Well, it's a two o'clock start. Oh, is it? Okay. So, you know, I kind of hit the gym after work usually. So I'll, so I'll be home like the third, literally, figuratively good flex. Yeah.

Maybe I'll go to the driving range. The thing is, if it's a close game or if the Braves are losing, I got to give her space because like, she takes it seriously. Like you, she's way worse than me. Oh my God. Way more intense. That can't be possible.

Way more intense. That cannot be possible. See, the thing is like when my team, if one of my teams is losing, I'll just be like, close game's over. Like, I'll be so negative because that's just the New England, you know? Oh, it's so negative.

But then she's just pacing around, kind of freaking out and going nuts. And so game three is tonight. It's for today, right? Game four is tomorrow. Yep.

Right. And then game five. When is game five? Saturday? It doesn't get to game five, but I just, I just want to know, because if it doesn't pan out well for the Braves, I'll bring her back some pottery. Yeah.

Game five would be Saturday. I'll spin her something. That's nice of you. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network with a live Roku channel stream. I'm Rich Eisen sitting in London. So there's a couple of sound bites I want to get to before my power rankings. How about them? Rich, can I just throw in one more point about Dak?

Sure. I'm just wondering, you know, if you look at the year that he got injured with his foot, like the Cowboys offense was kind of on a historic pace to start that season, similar to what we're seeing with the Dolphins in terms of points and yardage. And you just wonder, because then he followed that up by coming back.

But then he had the hand, the finger. I'm just, it just doesn't seem like he's fully there. And the injuries just kind of been such a hiccup.

It seems like he hasn't overcome those. That said his first game back from the injury, he was remarkable. And then, you know, I'll, I'll speak for you, TJ, if you don't mind me saying the Cowboys had the best offense points per game wise last year, and he won a playoff game. They ended Tom Brady's career. In fact, everyone seems to forget the Dallas Cowboys are coming off of a playoff win season. They don't get credit for that.

Cause he didn't make the NFC championship game again and came up short of making that game again. And so there's a different measuring stick for them. And unfortunately for them coming into this Sunday game, they were supposed to be a lot closer. They were supposed to have closed the gap on the team that, you know, eliminated them last year. And instead they got pumped. So that's why we're having this conversation right now.

And we will see what happens on the Monday night against the charges. It's a pretty damn big game. So, so that said, when Irv's like, yeah, I'm letting that dream of him being the next Mahomes go, it kind of hit me.

I'm like, ah, okay. So, so, but it's not as if he can't win and he can't be the quarterback of a high flying offense. You just gotta have, you know, Zeke and Cooper and, and the other guys together and CD.

And so basically throw it to CD. Like he's a, he's a number one receiver like AJ Brown, you know, where somebody out like they, like the borough did with Jamar chase. Like let's figure out how to scheme that guy open and get him the ball and let him be the playmaker and take the pressure off of four. That's the answer, you know, along with maybe going out in the trade market and getting someone like me, Cole Hardman, if he's there, you know, for some reason, the jets don't want to use him. Speaking of the jets, my head coach, Robert Sala and his defense with big Quinn and Williams right up front in the front seven that they constantly keep churning guys on that line to keep them fresh incomes. Now the Philadelphia Eagles and the brotherly shove. Let's see if the jets are going to be the latest team to get shoved over on that line.

Robert Sala was asked about stopping the play. That is all the rage in the NFL for only one team. Uh, you know, a lot of respect for it because there's other teams trying to do it too.

But, um, you know, the reality is there, I mean, they're really good at it. I mean, it feels like the quarterback is wearing a bulletproof vest when you look at him, he's got all that padding on, but, uh, you know, whether they get it, we're going to do our best to try to stop it. And, you know, quarterbacks got his, and they do a lot of stuff off it too. They got reverses, they got pop passes, they got stretch plays, they do a lot.

So you got to be sound, you got to be disciplined. So we'll, we'll, we'll do our best in that regard. And, but if the quarterback carries the ball, we got to give him 11 kisses and just figure out a way to do that.

So 11 kisses. I like that. All right. What do you think guys? I love it. I think that's funny.

I think this is a big game, a true, uh, you know, testing point for you guys and Zach. Hell yeah. Yeah. Hell yeah. Hell yeah.

Yeah. I can't wait. It'll be fun. Uh, until the game starts and then we'll see what happens. It's going to be another late night for the kid here, man. It's going to be another late night for the kid on Sunday where I'm hoping it's not after midnight. I'm like, really?

I stayed up for this. Uh, meanwhile, um, lots of, uh, starting over talk as we all know from, uh, new England head coach, bill Belicheck. And the question is starting over. Does that mean a change at quarterback for the new England Patriots, which leads to this is I think the most historic edition of bill Belicheck press conference moments in the history of bill Belicheck press conference moments. Today's bill Belicheck press conference moment. Well, we prefer to win Yeah. We're not making any changes. You don't think maybe that could benefit from a mental break or something after the last two weeks? Um, thank everybody. Look, this part of the game play every week.

By historic. I mean, that was the closest we've come to the open and close music and animation, as we say in the television business being longer than the soundbite itself for the first time. Bill was like starting to say, I think everyone could use a mental break or something.

Like, didn't it seem like he almost said something like that? Mental break, man. Gosh. Got to put, got to play every week. This is it, man. Him versus McDaniel's coming in with Mac Jones, where he wants upon a time famous famously did the gritty in the pro bowl in that stadium, right?

Hey, Mac Jones is a pro bowlers rookie year. What's going on? Maybe they can get you Jacoby. Mars can throw you on this time.

I have no explanation for what happened. Well, I mean, it's going to be, it's gotta be Mac. Let's just see.

I mean, if you've seen the stats on baby zappy, he has been terrible. Come on. Let's go.

Mac. It's got to work with him or not. And you just got to keep going with him. Yep. You got to get through it.

Growing pains, man. Again, we may have just missed. We need to look at the video. We need to look at the all 22, like an old eighties movie, maybe Mac Jones and Zach Wilson switched bodies at the end of that game when they went and yapped each other up. Maybe it was just something magic, which is old tan or something like that. And said that when they went to Jersey swap, they actually just swapped bodies. Yeah.

Maybe that was it. All right. Are you ready for the very first international edition of you heckling me during my power rankings?

Yeah, baby. It's time for power rankings. I'm in London. The guys are in Los Angeles, but our zoom technology is so good.

They can heckle me in real time without a delay. All right. I've got 10 teams on this list. There's only one new one on this list. As you pointed out earlier, Chris, the things are kind of settling in here, kind of separating and settling in at 10, because they crushed the bi-week as a matter of fact, Baker may feel one on his bi-week.

It's just was his alma mater. Baker and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are three and one, and they are number 10 on this list. I can't take them off this list just because they're on a bi-week and nobody really looked as good as the bucks have looked over the first four weeks in this past week for me to just leap them above except one team. And it's a team that I called winning a game here in London. Number nine on this list back on the list are the Jacksonville Jaguars folks. If they can play like they just played in London.

And I don't mean by having a team completely jet lagged while they've been used to the time zone that they're playing in for a full week. I'm talking about Trevor Lawrence making great decisions and throwing some beautiful footballs to Calvin Ridley and Christian Kirk and Evan Ingram and Zayd Jones and Travis Etienne. He found multiple different receivers multiple times. Etienne with a hundred yards on the ground and two scores. Ridley with a hundred yards in the air. Trevor Lawrence with 300 yards in the air and guys like Josh Allen balling out and the rest of that defense a little a luacoon and the rest of them just balling out everywhere.

This Darius Williams guy is going to miss playing in London. He had a pick six against Atlanta and a high point pick of Josh Allen in Tottenham. This was an impressive Jacksonville Jaguars weekend. They're number nine on the list. TJ your Cowboys are still on this list. They're down two spots. They're now number eight. This is the lowest I put the Cowboys all year long.

I just need to see something from them and if they lose to the Los Angeles Chargers, I might have to drop them off the power rankings top 10 entirely. That's just really that. I don't know why they're on it in the first place.

Oh hey. Because I still I just still can't I can't quit them. I still think they're very talented all over the lot. I need to see more from them. They're still on the list and they're behind the Seahawks who are still number seven. No change for them right there. They are number seven on this list and they're coming off of a bye week.

I still like what I see out of them. So I'm keeping them in their same spot number seven down four spots because I am genuinely concerned about their health coming out of their loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars where no Matt Milano for the foreseeable future and Daquan Jones. I know Sean McDermott said there's he's not calling him out for the season, but I I'm genuinely concerned about how many injuries on this defense. The bills have suffered. They've got to get right game against the Giants, but I've got the number six on this list just because of how injured they are down four spots and I put the Lions up three spots.

I said yesterday. I've got to think real hard about putting the Lions in my top five and I've done it and they've got a big game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They're going to go on the road. They are Road Warriors and they're now beginning to start showing their teeth and their fangs and their claws at home as well. I love the way golf is playing.

David Montgomery is killing it. The rest of this team is just absolutely buying what their crazy coaches selling. They are number five on this list and everybody else moves up one spot except the the top. I'm keeping the Dolphins in the top five. They go up one spot at fourth overall. Then you have the Eagles up one spot third overall. I'm still keeping them behind the Kansas City Chiefs because I believe the Chiefs are just unbeatable until I see somebody do it again. And even though the Eagles are undefeated. I still think the Chiefs are at two certainly Isaiah Pacheco as I've mentioned multiple times. He gives them a totally different dimension and if Holmes is going to start finding Rasheed Rice the way that he found him. Maybe that's the kid that's going to come to the floor and number one still sitting atop this list like the colossus that they are playing like the San Francisco 49ers at five and oh and that's my power rankings entering week six and exiting week five right here on the Rich Eisen show.

What do you think? There they are. There is a list right there for you top to bottom and the only one that fell out were the Ravens and we'll see if they can put themselves back on this list with a win over the Titans.

Those are my power rankings. I didn't hear much of a booroo peep out of you guys internationally. Did you get caught up in customs with your heckling? And you know there's not much to really complain about there.

I had too much of a problem with the governor. Not I'm sure you know Seahawks fans might be like hey we beat the Lions and we're behind the Lions. Well yeah I think they I think the Lions are are a top five team in the NFL right now.

All right that's it for me. I'll be back on Thursday's show Andrew Siciliano returns in a moment but I'm still here with us chickens on the Roku channel. I mean maybe you could have dropped Dallas out and had Atlanta at 10 or come on man. Atlanta plays Dallas right now. You think Desmond Ritter is going to be able to handle Michael Parsons in that front?

Really? He looks better. He played a great game.

He looks better than Danker at the moment after one game. I mean Kyle Pitts almost you know he and I almost traded bodies with the way that he was playing so well. I'm in London.

He thought he was in London. Him and Drake London coming off their best game so they look better than Dallas. And in the way that I've been working out you might think I'm very Pitts like. Oh Cleveland could have won the bye even though Deshaun is a little banged up.

I'm not gonna do that. I already had a couple of teams on a bye week just stay put so that's my power rankings. Bruce Feldman's in with Andrew. Is he done with the Ohio State University?

Yeah I think he's done and I think Bruce is almost here so we're gonna talk some college in the third hour. I'm gonna go grab some dinner. What do you got? What's for dinner tonight?

I have no idea. I'm gonna grab some dinner and a lathe so I can work on woodwork for tomorrow's program. A plane. Belt sander. Just make sure you leave with all the fingers that you came in there with. What do you think? What do you think of my work guys? I mean seriously. Really impressive. Very prolific guy that's here doing other work.

Very proud of you. I mean I like that. I like that green number in the back upper right.

Bring some of those. Yeah you like the still life? I'm gonna paint some still life. You did a great job with that green apple behind you too. You made that happen. Thank you sir. All right guys. Have a good rest of the show.

Enjoy. Every Monday Rich Eisen and Chris Brockman react to what's happening in the world of football on Over Reaction Monday. Dolphins final four AFC team.

Oh that is not an overreaction at all. I'm with you. You're in. I am in. The other three final four teams if you ask me to call my shot this is the Over Reaction Monday podcast. Call your shot. Entertainment purposes only.

Unless I'm right. Chiefs. Dolphins. Bills. Ravens. Ravens. Final four. Over Reaction Monday. The podcast. Wherever you listen.
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